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RARIUS, RISK: admin @ PP 4, 20 & New Draft & Pan dir list sent: 14.1.14.

RASCH, JOSEPH: Joseph Rasch, listed by Joe Kopsick . Recipe for Panarchy Delite | Students for a Stateless Society -
Jun 1, 2011 - “Panarchy is a conceptual term first coined by the Belgian botanist and economist Paul Emile de Puydt in 1860, referring to a specific form of ...

RASMUSSEN, DOUGLAS: Douglas B. Rasmussen, dbrlogos @ - Gian Piero de Bellis - update - December 2014

RAWLINSON, TRAVIS: He liked my Facebook remar:

REASONOVER, LES: I am still studying panarchism. It is a very interesting concept. Any strategy that gets us to a society free of force and based on voluntary relationships is desirable. What did you see in Lew's article that you disagree with?" - Les Reasonover – He liked my remark: John Zube: As voluntaryists, they should be in favour of voluntary and competing governments and only opposed to territorial governments with all too many involuntary subjects. - Les Reasonover: Most native Americans had voluntary relationships and competing governments were common. John Zube: The story on Chaco Canyon is one example of Native people oppressing and plundering one another in the most violent and base ways. – Their tolerant history should be written up. The intolerant history of most races and tribes is already all too well known. – JZ, 3.4.14. – He also liked my remark to “Statism Is Slavery”: On Facebook, 3.6.14: John Zube: That is true only for all territorial States. Not the state systems or governance systems of the future, all only for their volunteers and under personal law. And they would have to be good enough to withstand the competition from many much more free systems of anarchists and libertarians, which, by their very nature, they would mostly be quite unable to do. Think of the Post Office. In hundreds of years of monopoly it is not become efficient and cheap. Now it is exposed to the competition from at least email, faxes, phones, computers, parcel delivery companies and private document exchanges. - Les Reasonover liked: John Zube: Freedom to compete in every sphere now monopolised by territorial States or to drop out of wrongful but imposed burdens, laws and institutions of territorial States. Free markets, voluntarism, freedom of association, experimentation and contract in every sphere, not only in economics, for all those, who prefer this for their own affairs. All governmental actions against innocent people and at their expense and risk are "wrongful foreign interventions". - Facebook.

REED, BEN: Ben Reed - BenReedOriginalArt at Paintin' Stuff - Added to PANARCHIST INTERNATIONAL by Joe Kopsick over a year ago

REEVES, TOM: Some of you may be interested in this special virtual issue of the Publius journal, featuring works on federalism by Vincent Ostrom and Elinor Ostrom, both champions of de-centralized governance:

RESEARCH PROJECT ON POLYCENTRIC LAW: Research project on polycentric law. - The University of Helsinki (Finland) funded a "Polycentric Law" research project from 1992 to 1995, led by professor Lars D. Eriksson. Its goal was to demonstrate "the inadequacy of current legal paradigms by mapping the indeterminacies of both the modern law and the modern legal theory. It also addressed the possibility of legal and ethical alternatives to the modern legal theories" and "provided openings to polycentric legal theories both by deconstructing the idea of unity in law and re-constructing legal and ethical differences." The project hosted two international conferences. In 1998 the book Polycentricity: The Multiple Scenes of Law, edited by Ari Hirvonen, collected essays written by scholars involved with the project. - WIKIPEDIA

REYNOLDS, MARK ARNOLD: Mark Arnold Reynolds: The world is in the throws of a paradigm shift. One similar to the time when men rejected the divinity of kings and switched to a representative form of governance. The shift will go from that form to a form that has been in the making for thousands of years. One where YOU will be responsible for your actions, where voluntary association will be the norm and violent coercion the abnormal. Where those in the future will look back on "representative" government with disdain due to the sufferings it had caused humanity during it's tenure. A shift that will allow you to live by natural law (rules) but without rulers. The time where the "law written on our hearts" will be the law of the land rather than some man made oppressive statute. When loving your neighbor as yourself will be the way and where it will be understood that violating someone in their life, liberty and property is wrong. A world of understanding between the races and religions that as long as someone isn't harming another that it is "ok". Those things which are "illegal" now will be looked on as an archaic system of oppression that kept man back from his full potential for thousands of years. Private defense will become the norm where you can contract with a private policing force to "enforce" natural law. Robbing, raping and pillaging, the hallmark of modern representative government will no longer be tolerated. A world of freedom, where mankind can not be held back from their full potential. – Facebook, 6.1.14.

RHEINGOLD, HOWARD: The Virtual Community, Minerva pb, 1995. I marked many passages in it. – The virtual communities ought to be free to quite and really opt out of the coercive territorial, political, economic and social systems, often misnamed societies or communities and asserted to be representative and by consent. That would mean e.g. tax exemptions for their members and free contracts for public governmental services (e.g. road usage), which they still have to use or wish to subscribe to. – JZ, 11.7.98, 21.1.14.

RICE, KYLE: Kyle Rice - I Don’t Know as I am in the service of the one that is called god. Added by Joe Kopsick to PANARCHIST INTERNATIONAL over a year ago.

RICHARD, AGYEMANG: Agyemang Richard liked my remark on Facebook, 29.7.14: Consumer protection would be most improved if we first achieved consumer sovereignty towards all kinds of governmental "services", now only monopolistically offered, out of compulsory tribute levies. This should be done in combination with free enterprise competition even when it comes to the provision of all governmental "services", i.e. under a free market, laissez-faire, free trade, free exchange, freedom of contract, freedom of association and experimentation, including also full monetary and financial freedom or personal law or full exterritorial autonomy in this sphere, as a matter of free individual choices and of free group choices for societies, communities and governance systems of volunteers, starting with individual & group secessionism and ending thus all territorial monopolies, with their artificial and imposed borders or frontiers. To all people only their own choices, systems and preferences, always at the own risk and expense. We cannot rightly ask for more but should also not strive for anything less than this liberty, this basic right, this foundation for peaceful coexistence of the most diverse groups in any country. This tolerance and voluntarism does already work very well in all spheres where it is realised and by now taken for granted. - John Zube – He had commented: Unfortunately the capacity to protect the consumer from the government is in the hands of those same criminals called government. - 'For lack of knowledge my people perish'. – Upon: Nizam Ahmad shared Libertarian Party UK's photo. The text of this photo: Many people want the government to protect the consumer. A much ore urgent problem is to protect the consumer from the government. – Milton Friedman

RICHEY, SLIM: I would love to see a system where Individual Sovereignty is recognized and respected." – On Facebook, 2.11.13. – slimrichety @ - S. R. liked, 6.5.14: John Zube Free markets should certainly include all the "public services" now monopolized by territorial governments. – Facebook, 6.5.14.

RISINGER, DON: Les Reasonover – He liked my remark on Facebook . John Zube : As voluntaryists, they should be in favour of voluntary and competing governments and only opposed to territorial governments with all too many involuntary subjects.

RITZ, EDITA KICAITE: Edita Kicaite Ritz – She liked my comments on Facebook, on panarchism, monetary freedom and choices for immigrants, e.g.: John Zube Freedom of contract and association, even personal law choices for immigrants. Let them make contracts with employers, landlords and customers for whatever services they do have to offer. But to do not grant them any automatic entitlement to Welfare handouts at the expense of the general taxpayers. But also remove all laws against all their rightful self-help efforts. Neither monetary nor financial despotism should any longer be legally forced upon them. That would greatly help to release their creative and productive energies for their benefit and that of the general public. – Facebook, 3.6.14.

RIVAZ, JOHN DE: PARACHIES: Pararchies or parallel archies, abbreviated. – A suggestion by John de Rivaz, Longevity Books, West Towan House, Porthtowan, Truro, Cornwall, TR4 8AX, U.K., 1.1.92. - PANARCHIES, POLYARCHIES, ALTERNATIVE NAMES OR TERMS

ROBERT, CHRISTINE: She liked my Facebook remark, 3.1.15.

ROBERT REVOLT EDUCATE: Robert Revolt Educate - Lake Forest, Illinois - Added by Joe Kopsick to PANARCHIST INTERNATIONAL over a year ago

ROCKWELL, LLEWELLYN H.: PANARCHISM: In 1919, Ludwig von Mises said that the idea of secession could make democracy pro-liberty. He proposed, as a restraint on civil government, that 'no people nor any part of a people shall be held in a political association it does not want.' - Absurd, everyone said, but today we see that the principle of voluntary association is tenable and just." - Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., in speech, reproduced in CHALCEDON REPORT, July 1998, p.21ff. - Lew Rockwell .com (LRC) - PRIVATE LIFE: to bring about a society where private life is held at a premium, and where no autocrat or despot, democratically elected or not, is allowed to run roughshod over the private pursuit of prosperity and security.” – Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr., CHALCEDON REPORT, July 98. - Lately Rockwell has published on his website a few excellent secessionist, panarchist and monetary freedom articles by Michael S. Rozeff. – JZ, 6.4.09. – Maybe more such pearls can be found in the archives of the many other libertarian authors that he does also offer. I wish there were a contents list according to their ideas and proposals. – JZ, 11.4.09, 27.2.11. – - anti-state•anti-war•pro-market - US Hates Crimean Secession - Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. - With a 79% turnout, exit polls predict a 93% yes vote. Also, Venice may vote to secede from Italy; Quebec from Canada; Scotland from the UK. - I am for all of these, through my own preference, like Mises’s, is for individual secession. NB: Mises also held that “no people nor part of a people shall be held in a political association it does not want.” - 3:17 pm on March 16, 2014. - Email Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. - The Best of Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. - ROCKWELL, LEW: US Hates Crimean Secession – - - Mar 16, 2014 - I am for all of these, through my own preference, like Mises's, is for individual secession. NB: Mises also held that “no people nor part of a ... - PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, META-UTOPIA, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, DEMOCRACY, MISES, AUTOCRACY, DESPOTISM, IDEAS ARCHIVE, INDEX TO, ABSTRACTS & REVIEWS OF ALL LIBERTARIAN WRITINGS

RODE, CHRISTIAN: Christian Rode - U.T. – German & English – 2012: christianrode @ - Christian Rode - Autodidaktische Studien - Added to PANARCHIST INTERNATIONAL by Joe Kopsick about 4 months ago

ROZEFF, MICHAEL S.: Panarchy: Some Foundations, is just one of several excellent articles of his on this subject, in his huge collected of libertarian essays. - ROZEFF, MICHAEL S.: Michael S. Rozeff - msroz @ - GPdB - - anti-state•anti-war•pro-market - Panarchism and Anarchism - “Anarchism is not a romantic fable but the hardheaded realization, based on five thousand years of experience, that we cannot entrust the management of our lives to kings, priests, politicians, generals, and county commissioners.” — Edward Abbey - Panarchism is the moral realization that entrusting the management of your life to kings, priests, politicians, generals, and county commissioners should be at your risk and cost and only at your risk and cost, not those of unwilling others forced into your territorial government. - on June 9, 2013, Email Michael S. Rozeff - The Best of Michael S. Rozeff - Essentials of Panarchism – Rozeff - "No and No. I do not want to dismantle the welfare-warfare state. I do not want to abolish it. I want to make it voluntary." Michael S. Rozeff – Quoted on Facebook, 30.1.14, by Nizam Ahmad

RUANE, LARRY: LarryRuane1:21 AM - Gene, this is great; this is exactly what I am too, but never knew the term! I used to argue with non-libertarian friends and relatives that government should be much smaller, or even abolished. After years of resistance, it finally sunk in to me that these people want to live under their current governments (local, state and federal), and viewed my proposals as attempts to force them to live in a different way. They view government as a entity with great value (although imperfect), and reacted to my suggestion as you or I would if someone proposed to dismantle or Google (assuming you like those companies). Besides the "minimal state" functions, they also like the insurance (e.g. FEMA), charity (food stamps), and consumer protection (FTC) functions, even the ones they don't benefit from directly. - So for the last year or so, I have been saying, fine, have your government "your way;" I have no intent or desire to stop you -- but at least extend the reciprocal courtesy of letting those of us who feel differently to opt out in peace. Without having to physically move. Make it voluntary, that's all we ask. (I make an analogy to being able to switch cell phone service without moving.) Yes, I would give up my right to vote, but I'll survive somehow. - I then mention the corollary that people should also have the right to join together and set up their own similar institutions (competing governments). - It is amazing how sympathetic people are to this idea, compared to the previous one (restrict or abolish the their government). Some raise practical objections (such as the free-rider problem), but I usually overcome them using the moral argument (everyone has the right to not join an organization), and some practical arguments too. - You might say these people are panarchists who would choose to continue their association with the current government. Which is good enough for me! - One thing I don't emphasize (or usually even mention) is that in a competitive environment such as this, governments would, over time, probably tend to cut way back on the extra services (especially welfare), due to competitive pressures. But that wouldn't be for me to decide (since I would not subscribe to such a government). - Try this with your friends some time. I bet you will get good results too. – Replying to panarchist blog notice by Gene Callahan. - LarryRuane1:21 AM

RUDDER, CHRISTIAN: I consider myself an panarchism advocating anarchist. - The Democrats Are Doomed, or How A 'Big Tent' Can Be ... - Mar 30, 2010 - One could quibble with the names I've chosen, but I feel that, in a broad sense, they .... Moreover I consider myself an panarchism advocating anarchist. ... Just to provide an alternative interpretation, I'll note that people's party ...

RUTH, DOUGH: He liked my compilation of Names & Terms for Panarchism, Polyarchism etc. on Facebook. - Doug Ruth



SALE, SAMO: Samo Sale - Gimnazija Foca - Added to PANARCHIST INTERNATIONAL by Joe Kopsick about a month ago. - SALE, SAMO: work, the care of home and children, petty quarrels with neighbors, films, football, beer, and above all, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult …. - George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four - Samo Sale - They have the right to make these choices for themselves but not the right to impose their kind of governance with their votes territorially upon and peaceful dissenters. John Zube - Well, I completely agree with you. - Samo Sale – FACEBOOK, 22.3.14. – He also liked my 13.12.14 FB note.

SALIMUDDIN, QUAZI: John Zube No territorial State is or can be rightful and free enough. Above a certain size they are all essentially warfare States. Even local governments can be very despotic and exploitative and monopolistic in many ways. - Quazi Salimuddin - 2 mutual friends - John Zube Q. S.: Glad that you are considering the voluntary and personal law or anarchistic - polyarchic alternatives. See e.g. However, when it comes to maligning Islam, do not the various intolerant Islamic sects and their infighting and their intolerance towards the believers of other religions, do an all too thorough job of it themselves? If they were all tolerant of their differences and of the faiths of other people, then they would promote what is good or, possibly, best, in Islam. Many years ago, I do not have the reference on hand but reproduced it, somewhere, in my Peace Plans series, I found an instance of "instant" Muslim justice regarding street brawling. Instead of watching and cheering on the fighters, as often happens in "Christian" countries, soon a cry went up: "Remember, you are all brothers!" Thereupon the surrounding people tore the fighters apart and brought them to the nearest Kadi for sentencing. Is that still happening in Islamic countries or is that good tradition all too forgotten by now, just like the peaceful coexistence between Muslims, Christians and Jews, which existed to a large degree in the Ottoman Empire? - - Quazi Salimuddin Mr John Zube, In ME Muslims are engaged in infighting because they want to bring down the old order and establish a new order, democratic order. The path to democracy is very difficult and it has been made more difficult by regional and international players who thinks democracy in that region will threaten their vested interest. So, they train, arm and employ various groups to derail the struggle for democracy. These vested interest groups with a view to discredit the democratic movement they propagate the barbaric act of the armed group. One can criticize what the Muslims are doing in ME but propagating Islam a black ship is ill motivated. Peaceful coexistence with different religion and races is hall mark of Islam. All Muslims through out the world eagerly waiting when the vested interest groups will let us off their hook so that we can all live in peace. Mr John you know better. - - John Zube Dear Quazi Sallimuddin, territorial democracy is not a good enough solution in any country. None of them has so far declared and realised all individual rights and liberties, either. The voluntarist path to peace, freedom, justice and prosperity is much easier, once it is clearly seen by all the diverse groups. It has the very long tradition of personal law on its side, voluntary membership, individual and group secessionism, by which the diverse groups can peacefully sort themselves out in affinity groups, each doing its own things only among its voluntary members. In many countries they do this already in thousands of private groups in all spheres not monopolised by territorial States. Nothing else is involved than full freedom of association, contract and experimentation, so far already taken for granted e.g. in the natural sciences, in technology and in communication techniques. The primary job for the diverse groups of Muslims, as I see it, is to become tolerant enough themselves and to renounce the aim of world conquest. They are still very much neglecting this self-improvement task. On the remaining flaws of all religions I do recommend reading H. L. Mencken, Treatise on The Gods, second edition, 1959, Alfred A. Knopf. It should make all religious people much more humble rather than ambitious and power hungry and less interested in fighting people with different beliefs and different economic, social and political preferences. Infighting is the worst possible way to bring down any existing powerful system. Infighting can be avoided by choosing the personal law options for all the diverse groups as the ideal to be striven for by all. No territorial power regime can offer all the diverse human groups as much. See e.g. and and do a search for personal law. - - You say: “Peaceful coexistence with different religions and races is the hall mark of Islam.” - What evidence can you offer for this statement from current history? After centuries of bloody warfare Christians have at least become tolerant towards their different sects and towards most other religions. They try to spread their notions now only through persuasion, no longer by the sword. Personally I do not know any intolerant Muslims. One is a close member of my family. But I do not deny the existence of still all too many quite intolerant Muslims. And I do not know any Muslims or any other religious people, who clearly recognise ALL individual rights and liberties and do respect them. If a God or Allah exists and is the father of all human beings, as his children, then, surely, he wants equal and full individual rights and liberties for all of them, like any good father. To assume a partiality in this respect would be blasphemy. All the “holy” texts have been all too much distorted, changed and misinterpreted by power-hungry priests of all kinds. We know all too little of the original teachings of the prophets. Are e.g. the rights of women and children sufficiently recognised by all Muslim sects, more so than by the Christian ones? PIOT: Panarchy In Our Times or: To each the governmental or nongovernmental society of her or his choice. - - Quazi Salimuddin Mr John Zube, thanks for your very detailed and informative comment. Mr Bishop, other than democracy in ME what solution you prescribe for those countries in ME ? Hope it is not total annihilation ? About peaceful coexistence it is an aspiration. History gives evidence that peaceful coexistence is possible in Islam. - - Q. S.: I do agree with you. The historical experience with personal law alternatives for the diverse groups have simply to be consistently expanded to all groups of volunteers merely wishing to do their things among themselves, in consistent expansion of experimental freedom, freedom of contract and association into all spheres presently wrongfully and coercively, at best in some forms of democracy or republic, but still not rightfully, monopolised by territorial States. The best examples are only to be expected from from those few pioneers, free to set them and free to invite others to join or imitate them. Groups of stupid or irrational people will lend to eliminate their organisations themselves by their own costly failures, just like inefficient factories and other businesses do eliminate themselves. They get no more new members, investors and customers and the old ones will defect from them, disappointed, sooner or later. A peaceful process, harming only those, who insist on making their mistakes at the own expense and risk. - JZ, 28.8.14.

SALIN, PASCAL: PS. Prof. Salin is still teaching at the university of Paris IX Dauphine, where he is also director of its Centre de Recherche en Théorie économique Jean Baptiste Say:

SAMOSURFER, PERI: Liked my comment.

SAMUELS, LAWRENCE: PANARCHISM: If a man is truly free, he is able to go to hell and back without raising his hand for permission; he is free to dig his own grave as well as erect his own paradise. To be free is to be able to choose voluntarily, under no threats of violence, where to work, what to eat and how to spend his time and wealth.” - Lawrence Samuels, leaflet: What Is Libertarianism? You Own Yourself. – Panarchies of volunteers are the organizational forms of freedom for people who do not want to live in isolation but in one or the other kind of society or community of volunteers, even one of statists doing their own things only to themselves, all without any exclusive territories. - JZ, 7.4.84, 16.4.08. – SELF-OWNERSHIP, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, VOLUNTARISM

SANDERSON, KATCHA: sandcat @ - Showed interest in panarchism in 2 letters. INVALID email address by 10 12.13.

SANSCRAINTE, JOE: Joe Sanscrainte Take back the night at! - iNations - No Borders, No Rules - - All you need to get started is your "iPerson" Name (this is what you will be known as in iNations), a Password, and an Email Address.

SARTORI, ROB: He liked my comment on lobbies.

SASHA: Sasha @ librtee [TWITTER] says: February 5, 2012 at 3:39 am - Please note that I am not an Ayn Rand objectivist, and find something basically abhorrent about some of the places she goes (although I agree with her on some areas as well). - There is strong evidence that people want to help the poor and create a good world for everybody. The continued popularity of voting for liberal social parties, for instance. - Libertarians generally don’t believe that the state is a legitimate vessel for delivering social good, because it is too dangerous and prone to abuse.  If people want in their hearts to help the poor, why don’t they band together and help the disadvantages, instead of passing off that responsibility to assuage their consciences? The proper vehicle for helping those unable to help themselves are, basically, communities. People coming together to help each other on a personal level, in towns and cities. Also, families, churches, collectives, communes, etc. - The government taking a huge piece out of everyone’s money and pretending to solve the problem makes people much less likely to actually get together and help each other themselves. - Listen to the RAW clip posted above. RAW is a voluntaryist, a market anarchist, an anarcho-capitalist, a panarchist, an anarcho-libertarian, a rothbardian, even a no adverb anarchist, etc. His views match mine very closely.

SCHMIDT, STANLEY: PANARCHISM: Now that people are no longer effectively confined to a small geographical area, and therefore can interact easily with many more people, they often feel closer to those with whom they share interests and beliefs than to their blood relatives.” – Stanley Schmidt, p.4 of ANALOG, Dec. 1992. - POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAWS RATHER THAN TERRITORIAL OR FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS

SCHMITTERLE, DAVE: Dave Schmitterle - Added by Joe Kopsick to PANARCHIST INTERNATIONAL over a year ago. - He is at least on Facebook and in Linked-in

SCHNACK, WILL: Will Schnack - Shift Manager at Spiral Diner & Bakery. Added by Joe Kopsick to PANARCHIST INTERNATIONAL over a year ago. - He wrote a book, “The Evolution of Consent”, collected essays, dealing among other things with “political panarchism, more specifically dualist pantheism and geo-mutualist panarchism.” – - His links list indicates his position: Links: Books and Articles : Mutualism, Geo-anarchism, and their close relatives - Introduction to Liberty – Charles Sprading - What is Mutualism? – Clarence Swartz - Voluntary Socialism – Francis Dashwood Tandy - Individual Liberty – Benjamin Tucker - Studies in Mutualist Political Economy – Kevin Carson - Anarchist Organization Theory – Kevin Carson - Mini-Manuel of Individualist Anarchism - Émile Armand - Economics of Anarchy – Dyer Lum - Decentralist Manifesto – Ralph Borsodi - Let the Free Market Eat the Rich! – Jeremy Weiland - Geoanarchism – Fred Foldvary - The Natural Economic Order - Silvio Gesell – Websites : Mutualism, Geo-anarchism, and their close relatives - Race Matthews – Mutualist and Distributist - Reinventing Money – Thomas Greco, Jr. - – Kevin Carson - Jock Coats – Geo-Mutualist from Oxford - Two-Gun Mutualism and the Golden Rule – Shawn Wilbur - Center for a Stateless Society - BAD Press – Joe Peacott - Red Lion Press – Larry Gambone - Understanding Economics – Henry Georgeism Metaphysics, quantum mechanics, and philosophy - Syntropy – The work of Ulisse Di Corpo and Antonella Vannini. – His website: The Evolution of Consent is dedicated to exploring the condition, capacity, and development of human freedom. Informed by many traditions, the philosophical focus will be multidisciplinary, synthetic, and holistic, and will include ideas as diverse as theories of God, evolutionary psychology, economics, physics, sociology, and more, but will decidedly espouse and promote a doctrine of spiritual Pantheism and political Panarchism, more specifically Dualist Pantheism and Geo-Mutualist Panarchism. This is not dinner conversation with the in-laws, this is politics and religion. - You must be logged in to post a comment. – I wish I had as many details on all the others entered here. - JZ, 19.2.14. William Schnack - has Facebook page. - Joe Kopsick on Facebook, 22.12.14: Schnack unites the ideas of George, Proudhon, and panarchist P.E. dePuydt -

SCHOOLLAND, KEN: PANARCHISM: In a free land you place confidence in virtue and discovery. Thousands of creatures seeking their own goals, each striving, will create a far better world than you can possibly imagine for them. Look to the means first, noble ends will follow. Free people find unexpected solutions and those who are not free find unexpected problems.” - Ken Schoolland, The Adventure of Jonathan Gullible, Leap Publishing, Cape Town, with Commentaries by Ken Schoolland and Janette Eldridge, 1981ff, 2004 ed., p.248. - - schoollak001 @


SECESSION: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - - Secession (derived from the Latin term secessio) is the act of withdrawing from an organization, union, .... Anarcho-Capitalism: individual liberty to form political associations and private property rights ..... A girl during the Nigerian Civil War of the late 1960s. ..... This page was last modified on 18 January 2015, at 15:26.

SECHREST, KYLE: On Facebook, Market Anarchy “Without Adjectives”, 26.1.14: Maybe this place should be called "Market Anarchy with ALL the adjectives ..." - Kyle Sechrest - John Zube : Rather, a free market for all the isms and their establishments, all always only for their volunteers and without a territorial monopoly. Too many anarchists have forgotten that voluntarism is the primary thing. For those people wishing to live under a government or State, without trying to force it upon dissenters, it is the right institution for their stage of development. They are then not ruled against their will by people they dislike. Naturally, they should be free to secede from any such association. – K. S. added his like to that remark.

SHAFFER, BUTLER: SECESSIONISM: If it is your desire to bring about meaningful change, you need not waste your time trying to reform the crumbling system; you need only to walk away from it!” - Butler Shaffer, The Wizards of Ozymandias, ch.49. – As if we were already free to do so! – JZ, 19.2.05. – While he thus subscribed to individual and group secessionism, or merely free emigration, did he also subscribe to individual sovereignty and exterritorial autonomy for communities and societies of volunteers? In all too general terms he seems to be against all kinds of organizations and institutions, except private enterprises and private hobby, arts and scientific groups etc., and still only in favor of territorial but otherwise limited governments. – He seems to think that political bodies of volunteers could be all too powerful and dangerous, too, even if they have no territorial monopoly and are were merely competing with each other for volunteers. Or have I misunderstood him? I have found no panarchist writings going beyond individual secessionism in his writings. Have you? – That suggests to me the development of a suitable set of questions regarding panarchism that should be sent to potential prospects like him, outstanding libertarian thinkers in every respect but this one and, perhaps, full monetary freedom. At least one would find out in more detail what kinds of ideas and opinions still hold them to territorialism. - JZ, 3.4.09, 27.2.11. – INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, VOLUNTARISM IN EVERY SPHERE & ITS CONSEQUENCES - SHAFFER, BUTLER, bshaffer @

SHALLOW, CATHY: Cathy Shallow – She liked my following remark on Facebook, 4.6.14: Just let all dissenters secede and confine all remaining federal, State & local government systems to their remaining volunteers. That would cause the least friction immediately and also in the long run. - John Zube – Also my remark: Indeed, in every sphere! We are, by nature, individually sovereign or own ourselves and should in no way be subjected to any imposed system, rule, governance law etc., as long as we leave others as much alone as we wish to be left alone by them. Panarchism, polyarchism, meta-utopia etc. are just consistent applications of the "golden rule" in spheres so far monopolised by territorial governments. - when she had observed: Cathy Shallow Ah well, live and let live. - John Zube

SHANAHAN, BRIAN MICHAEL: Brian Michael Shanahan: Works at Hostelling International-San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf - Added by Joe Kopsick to PANARCHIST INTERNATIONAL about 9 months ago. - Brian Michael Shanahan | Facebook – JZ, 3.1.14. -‎

SHARP, SARA: Sarah Sharp - liked my remark: John Zube Only TERRITORIAL politics should be abandoned. The costs and risks of exterritorial or personal law politics are born only by its diverse groups of volunteers. - Facebook, 14.9.14.

SHENFIELD, ARTHUR A.: MINORITIES: minorities to have concurrent power with majorities, and not merely to have the hope of some day becoming majorities." - Arthur A. Shenfield in Agenda for a Free Society Law. - Until I saw that, I was not aware that he is as consistent and radical an advocate of laissez faire, perhaps the only one among the famous names of the IEA. With this statement S. has already gone in the panarchist direction. – Has he somewhere elaborated this notion? - JZ, 5.12.07 – PANARCHISM – Alas, he died in 1990! – About time that I found out! - JZ, 10.12.13.SHEEPHOGAN, WILL, Will Sheephogan – Facebook, 25.12.14, liked my comment to: Be wary of the man who urges an action in which he himself incurs no risk. – Lucius Annaeus Seneca, quoted by Gail Wiltse shared Young Americans for Liberty's photo.

SHEPARD, SEAN: Shepard on Politics: What is "Panarchy" ?? - -
Apr 27, 2010 - Somebody sent me a message on Facebook today (feel free to look me up and friend me) asking what "Panarchy" was. Panarchy is an idea ... - Shepard on Politics: What is "Panarchy" ?? - - Apr 27, 2010 - Somebody sent me a message on Facebook today (feel free to look me up and friend me) asking what "Panarchy" was. – Panarchy is an idea ...What is "Panarchy" ?? - Tuesday, April 27, 2010.

SKOUSEN, MARK: Taxation is the price we pay for failing to build a civilized society. The higher the tax level, the greater the failure. A centrally planned totalitarian state represents a complete defeat for the civilized world, while a totally voluntary society represents its ultimate success. – Mark Skousen, quoted by Thomas Watts shared Jim Wilkie's photo. – Facebook, 16.3.14. - VOLUNTARISM

SMITH, DAVID J.: Co-editor: The Challenge of Non-Territorial Autonomy: Theory and Practice, 285 pages, $ 86, Paperback, 2013, Nationalisms Across the Globe - Edited by Ephraim Nimni, Alexander Osipov, & David J. Smith. A collection of readings on non-territorial autonomy:

SMITH, L. NEIL: PANARCHISM: Man hath the right to live by his own law.” - L. Neil Smith, Tom Paine Maru, p.154. -– lneil @ - - PANARCHISM: Nothing encourages ethical practices so well as a practical alternative to evil.” - L. Neil Smith, The Probability Broach, p.245. - PANARCHISM: Peace, prosperity, and progress all grew from the concept of absolute individual rights, under a system of unanimous consent.” - L. Neil Smith, Tom Paine Maru, p.162. - MAN, WAY OF LIFE, CHOICE, LIFESTYLE, RIGHTS, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, PANARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW VS. TERRITORIAL LAWS, MAN VS. LAWS, CONSENT, RIGHTS, PROGRESS, UNANIMITY, VOLUNTARISM, PEACE & INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, PROSPERITY, ALTERNATIVE INSTITUTIONS, MINORITY AUTONOMY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, EVIL, ETHICS

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SMYKAL, EMILY ANNE: Emily Anne Smykal - New York. Added by Joe Kopsick to PANARCHIST INTERNATIONAL over a year ago

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SNYDER, TOM E., tomesnyder @ - blogger, on Facebook.

SOTIROPOULOU, IRINI: irini_sotiropoulou @ So far mainly interested in free banking aspect of panarchism/polyarchism/personal law & voluntarism. – Wrote a paper on such experiments in Greece. But that was years ago, while she was still studying. – JZ, 28.6.14.

SOTO, CESAR: Cesar Soto – liked my Facebook 8.12.14. remark.

STODDARD, WILLIAM: The right of secession would seem a better safeguard for liberty, especially if every individual person were to possess it on his own behalf. If one does not grant this right, then one would seem to have removed a key safeguard for liberty..." - William Stoddard, writer in “reason”, 3/74. - INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM – He is still alive and active in the -Libertarian Futurist Society -‎ -Bill Stoddard-Board President ... Hall of Fame Awards--Bill Stoddard ... He also has written for Reason, Liberty, Libertarian Review, Critics Quarterly, Indianapolis  ... – JZ, 19.2.14.

STOUT, JUSTIN: There is nothing that the State currently provides through theft and coercion that free human beings cannot provide at a lower cost and higher quality through voluntary interaction in the marketplace – Justin Stout, – Quoted by Benjamin Virnston sharing Voluntaryism's photo. - In Asheville, NC, United States.

STOVAL, MARK: Collectivism vs. Voluntaryism - "I have an eternal hostility to collective thinking and some think that should mean that I want to be some sort of loner. Far from it. I think the key to people living well is to recognize that humans are social beings and that they have a deep physical, psychological, and spiritual need for cooperation with others. We are meant to be members of a tribe. But we also are meant to fulfill our own individual nature and direction in life. We are meant to cooperate voluntarily and not by coercion. Slaves cooperate under the lash of the overseer — that is not what humans need or want." - "It is time for you to choose to “live and let live” and not seek to use the raw force of the gang of criminals writ large that we call the state (or government) to make others act as you would have them do. Do not support the state in any manner. Withdraw your consent to be ruled by the evil of the state. The first thing a slave must do is realize in his own mind that he is born a free spirit and that his condition of slavery is morally wrong in the extreme. Realize that it is you who owns your own body and the fruits of its labors. - Reject the state today." - Mark Stoval – Quoted by Slim Richey – Facebook 21.1.14. – As if we were already free to secede from it. – Many anarchists come close in general terms to panarchism. However, mostly they are not consistent enough to be tolerant even to all forms of statism that are practised only by volunteers and at their expense and risk, i.e. under personal law or without a territorial monopoly. I do not know as yet whether M.S. is one of the exceptional anarchists of this kind. -

STRINGHAM, EDWARD P., ANARCHY & THE LAW, Book on Polycentric Law: "Anarchy and the Law: The Political Economy of Choice" ( - submitted 24 days ago by Anenome5 – Also: “The Economics of Non-State Legal Systems”, working paper, Princeton University, 1993, Journal of Libertarian Studies 14:1 (Winter 1998–1999): 53–77 ©1999 Center for Libertarian Studies

STRITAR, GRAIG: Craig Stritar, Facebook, 9.12.14, liked my note to “Average Federal Spending per Household, nearly $ 30K.

STROMBERG, J. R.: PANARCHISM: Unlike Stephens, who took the federal Union as a joint-stock operation, Thoreau took all states as artificial and asserted his right to secede. - J. R. Stromberg, "Secession, the Essence of Anarchy ..." in LIBERTARIAN FORUM, June 1976, p.6. - Joseph R. Stromberg is a Research Fellow at The Independent Institute[1] who writes for libertarian publications. – ANARCHY, SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM

STRONG, MICHAEL: Liked Mark Lutter’s entry on Facebook, 7.8.14: Perhaps panarchy is a term we'd like to use. It's name is already meta and it's historical use is fairly similar to what we believe. -

SUITS, DAVID B.: PANARCHISM: Indeed, where there is a variety of judges, there might also be a selection of laws (or legal systems).”- David B. Suits, JLS, Sum. 77, p.200. - might be wise to choose instead more easily discontinued arrangements for law making and law enforcement - arrangements, perhaps, along the lines suggested in this paper.” - David B. Suits, ibid, p.203. - PERSONAL LAW: We should notice first of all that Locke mentions a standard, as though there ought to be but one. But a single, or even a unified system of laws may not be necessary. Indeed, where there is a variety of judges, there might also be a selection of laws (or legal systems). Even some political societies offer a choice not only regarding the person who is to be the judge, but also regarding the laws by which the judgment is to be made.” – David B. Suits, JLS, Sum 77, p.200. - PANARCHISM: there are indeed better governments than democracies, namely, private, voluntary institutions which offer their services on a free market, and which may be dictatorial, democratic, fascist, monarchical, and so on, depending on the wishes of their customers. To say that these kinds of organizations could exist as purely voluntary associations is not at all paradoxical; such organizations already exist, usually (but by no means always) in the guise of religious institutions. I suppose this puts me somewhere near the so-called 'agorist’ camp, to borrow Dance's borrowed term.” - David B. Suits, OPTION, 4/78. - A list of all those, who made somewhat panarchistic remarks and are still alive and active, ought to be compiled, on the road to a world-wide panarchist association or federation. Internet searches for them will, mostly, reveal at least their websites. - JZ, 22.1.11. – 2012 publication: New Essays on Adam Smith's Moral Philosophy Paperback - by Wade L. Robison (Author), David B. Suits (Author) – No email address on hand. - JZ, 10.12.13.

SUVERANS2: SECESSIONISM: Most Americans, when they think of secession, think only of the Southern states seceding from the Union, and as a consequence think that secession applies to States only, but in fact, secession is, and has always been an individual choice. Black’s legal definition of secession is simply this, “The act of withdrawing from membership in a group”. (Black’s 1991 Law Dictionary, sixth Edition (page 1351). That is good news for any man (or woman) who claims to be an individualist, because it means that he (or she) doesn’t have to act hypocritical by forcing, or trying to force, other individuals into seceding with him (or her). – Suverans2, posted on May 10, 2010, on – INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

SWICORD, SAM: Sam Swicord, listed by Joe Kopsick.



TAGORIST, STORM: VOLUNTARISM: Voluntaryism/agorism/anarchism: Free to live however you like as long as you do not harm innocents. Communism/socialism/leftism: You are free to live exactly how we say without any regard for your own personal dreams, desires, or interests. - quoted by Storm Tagorist – Facebook, 19.1.14.

TAN, CLARINDA: She liked my comment to an attack by H. H. Hoppe on the State.

TARKOWSKI TEMPELHOF, SUSANNE: Governed by TED, TEDxGoeteborg, TEDxTalks, added 2012-11-26: 28 years old Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof started in advertising as a young girl and has since started and sold a strategic communications company carrying out campaigns for the US Military in war-ravaged Afghanistan, and then a second one in Libya and Egypt during the Arab Spring. During her work she was exposed to the challenges of assisting in building and overthrowing governments, and the international systems and dynamics. Hence she is now exploring alternatives to the current nation-state system, specifically non-territorial corporate states. –;search%3Atarkowski%20tempelhof - Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof – Facebook, 25.11.13. – She spoke of the confusion between territory and governance, that she wanted a market for governance. - Globalization the confusion between territory and governance. … I want TED to be my government - I want to be governed by Ikea … the Talibans, the Hobbits, or Apple – I want the option to start my own government. ... I want all of you to be able to start your own government … I want a market for governments … We should be happily different from each other. I want to be government by TED. Who do you want to be governed by? - In her talk she comes close to the ideas of panarchism, polyarchism, personal law, multi-governance, individual and group secessionism, exterritorial autonomy for volunteers, all on her own, apparently, without having read her predecessors or looked up e.g. or - I can only hope that she will go further in this direction. Hopefully, she will put the full text online, somewhere. – JZ, 25.11.13. – Another entry by her today on Facebook, 25.11.13: Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof : Government haven't changed much, you're right - because of its nature as a geographical monopoly on governance. In the meanwhile, the private sector have rewired the world. Subject governance to the same level of competition and creative destruction as the private sector, and you'll see a change for the better. Much better. - Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof on Facebook, 28.11.13: I'm pro free markets. I'm pro free choice. That doesn't imply I endorse any particular economic model. I simply want people to be free to choose their own model. … The one and only thing I advocate is free markets for governance services. - When trying to impose a generic governance model on any country that isn’t very small and perfectly homogeneous, the situation tends to go sour pretty quickly — unless the government is so small or inefficient that it leaves enough places for people to live out their particular culture without constraints. Rather than a “one-size-fits-all” model of governance, though, why can’t people have their own, individual choice of government supplier? - Anyone should be able to chose his or her jurisdiction of choice, their government service provider of choice, whether it’s health care, education, security, etc. Then nobody would have to fight over the control of a specific geographic area — in this case, Thailand. There’s nothing the government provides that the free market can’t provide. - No more paralyzing protests; no more elections; no more fights. Does it sound utopian? Well, having a governance model that is supposed to fit every person in a specific geographical area, just because they happen to be there, sounds like utopian, wishful thinking to me. - Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof - The Future Of Thailand: Beyond the Generic Governance Model - - Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof - My two cents on a possible post-Taksin future in Thailand in the PanAmerican Post. – Facebook, 28.11.13. - Author at The Googlement at Author

THAXTER, JEREMY: Jeremy Thaxter - good introduction to Panarchy, the only idea to actually unite left (voluntary association ~anarchism~) and right (sovereignty ~libertarianism~) -
(Sorry, but the first few words of the quoted remark of his were accidentally deleted by me. – John, 29.1.15.) ….particularly those who understand the point and purpose of Panarchism in addressing the contradictions within Anarchism in relation to voluntary association, understood how a panarchist politics seems to call for and mesh with the of common or Natural Law, as a sort of law that matches such a system? here is a good website on it, called rule-or-law anarchism. good strategy, could be applied to panarchist ideas as well. - Rule-of-law Anarchism As you will recall from my talk on Saturday, the grand strategy of a nonviolent struggle is the master concept of the struggle, answering the question, “How are we going to win?” In this talk I would like to propose the outlines of a grand strategy for our struggle. FREEAMERICA.WS

THE ART OF NOT BEING GOVERNED: We support the Non-Aggression Principle, Self-Ownership and Voluntary Associations. We hope this page offers news and information you can use in your journey towards Liberty, opting out of the State and non-violent revolution by means of Agorism. - Description : Check out Like all The Art of... pages on Facebook: | | - Facebook, 3.4.14. Blog at

THELEMAN, REX M.: John Zube: Mass secessionism cannot be expected soon. Individual and minority secessionism could be achieved much sooner, so we should aim at it. When it comes to diet choice, is is already achieved, also with regard to reading, arts, most jobs and professions, hobbies crafts and in xyz other ways. One might say the revolution is already 90 over. Only the remaining monopolies of territorial governments have still to be ended, just like they were, largely, ended in the sphere of religion, in science and technology. - Facebook, 22.4.14. - Rex M Thelema - 593 mutual friends – liked that. - John Zube: How much more could we learn if we had freedom to experiment with our own ideas and all around us people would be free to experiment with their ideas? I mean, especially in the social sciences, in all spheres now monopolised by territorial governments. The progress in the social sciences might then become as fast as it happens in the natural sciences and in technology. Confining experiments to ignorant and prejudiced politicians - at the expense of all taxpayers, is quite wrong and even absurd. – R. M. T. liked that. Facebook, 2.5.14.

THOUSAND NATIONS, A: A Thousand Nations

TIMM, UWE: PANARCHISM: Why should not men be free to decide for themselves upon diverse autonomous communities of a social (*) kind, or religious ones. Anarchists, at least for now, can speak only for themselves. Thereby they would on principle and quite clearly distinguish themselves from the statist ideologues, who always argue in the name of all of the people. It cannot be the intention of anarchists to force upon the whole of society one common concept. Rather, they must consider the State as a human association like every other one, however, they must never accept it as a coercive association.” (**) - Uwe Timm, Gesammelte Schriften, S.207. - (*) economic or political - (**) One with compulsory membership and a territorial monopoly. – JZ - POLYARCHISM, EXTERRITORIALLY AUTONOMOUS COMMUNITIES OF VOLUNTEERS, ANARCHISM Utespero @ - Uwe.Timm @ - He sent me two addresses. – JZ, 10.12.13. Alas, deceased in 2014.

TOFFLER, ALVIN: MINORITIES: We can fight a losing battle to suppress or submerge today’s burgeoning minorities, or we can reconstitute our political system to accommodate the new diversity. We can continue to use the crude, bludgeon-like tools of Second Wave political systems, or we can design sensitive new tools of a minority-based democracy of tomorrow.” - Alvin Toffler, The Third Wave, Pan Books & Collins, 1980/81, p.436. – No minority is obliged to rule itself democratically. All other options should be open to all of them, even flawed systems. Sooner or later those, who adopt them, are likely to learn from their mistakes, since they are, under exterritorial autonomy and voluntarism, all carried out at their own expense and risk only. – JZ, 24.9.070. – Here Toffler is close to panarchism! – JZ, 16.2.09. - AUTONOMY & DIVERSITY - Born: October 4, 1928 (age 85)

TOKYO TOM: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 12 followers, 483 mutual friends, on Facebook, 23.4.14: Where do "rights" come from? What rights do we actually have? - 1. On law, consider the centuries of 'common law', rabbinical law, merchant/commercial/trade law, and internal laws of non-state peoples throughout time and today. Societies without formal governments were the opposite of lawless. - 2. There are some interesting science fiction stories on the rights of mentally evolved animals, aliens and robots. And then one can study the actual history of human societies, and their comparative experiences with giving 'rights' to children, women, slaves, defeated peoples and outsiders. - 3. In my own humble opinion, cooperation, and hence and rules/norms/mores/practices, precede formal "law" by millions of years. Evolution is the law-giver; humans are only one of the recipients, and formal 'law' is meaningful only if is based on informally accepted law or backed by compulsion. - Tokyo Tom - TOM, TOKYO: Liked: I rather hold with private and competing social insurance companies and favor the abolition of all territorial States. The remaining States should also be merely personal law societies confined to their volunteers. - JZ

TOMASI, JOHN: Book Review - Humane Studies Review- Volume 8, Number 1 Fall 1992 - Secession, Group Rights and the Grounds of Political Obligation - A review of Allen Buchanan's Secession: The Morality of Political Divorce from Fort Sumter to Lithuania and Quebec (Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 1991)

TOMASI, ROLO: Rolo Tomasi - liked: John Zube : End territorial statism - and with it all its inherent wrongs and abuses! – Facebook, 22.6.14.

TRES, ARTHUR: Arthur Tres - Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media - Added by Joe Kopsick over a year ago. - He pointed out to me two other addresses of people with ideas close to or identical to panarchist ideas. – Arthur Tres – Facebook message, 14.1.14: Also are you aware of Panarchy as described by Integral theory? It looks like a parallel emergence of the term that doesn't directly refers to Emile de Puydt or even libertarianism, but certainly shares some interesting similarities. The terminology is obscure and comes from a quite self-contained field of which I know little about. You could say it is actually very "new agey" and esoteric. But then again it seems possibly interesting bridges could be drawn JZ, 14.1.14. -

TUCCILLE, JEROME: TOLERANCE: the great human liberty, which, destroying all the dogmatic, metaphysical, political and juridical fetters by which everybody today is loaded down, will give to everybody, collectivities as well as individuals, full autonomy in their activities and their development, delivered once and for all from all inspectors, directors and guardians.” - Jerome Tuccille, Radical Libertarianism, p.32/33. –– The second of 17,700 Google search results today states: Jerome Tuccille: Home -‎ - Jerome Tuccille is the award-winning, best-selling author of more than 30 books covering a wide range of topics. King of Media (originally published with a ... - Did he anywhere stand up for full exterritorial autonomy for all kinds of utopians, reformers and believers, libertarians, naturally, included, but also xyz different kinds of statists, as long as they do not claim a territorial monopoly for themselves? – At least in the above statements he did not state any clear exceptions from his rule. - JZ, 14.4.09, 9.4.14. - ANARCHO-LIBERTARIANISM, ANARCHO-CAPITALISM, LAISSEZ FAIRE, FREE MARKET, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, VOLUNTARISM, META-UTOPIA

TUCKER, AVIEZER: Aviezer Tucker – GPdB - JZ, 28.8.14.

TUCKER, JEFFREY: SECESSIONISM: We can work with this model and, if we were allowed to, accomplish secession without ever leaving our chairs. – Jeffrey Tucker - – INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM - The Fundamental Right of Secession | Laissez-Faire Bookstore -‎ - by Jeffrey Tucker - in 2,722 Google+ circles - Oct 13, 2012 - Great article, for he expanded the initial example to individual secessionism, not tied to any territory, something that most other secessionists ... With some notes by JZ & Adam Knott – -

TURNBULL, CALDWELL: caldwellturnbull @ - Wants to write SF stories on panarchism – 3.1.14.



VACCARINO, JO ANN: Jo Ann Vaccarino - 21 mutual friends - She liked: If you really want to get along with somebody, let them be themselves. – Willie Nelson, born 30.4.1933, - Jo Ann Vaccarino shared Zero Aggression's photo. – Facebook, 2.5.14. - Also my comment to it: - John Zube - That requires recognition of self-ownership, individual sovereignty & secessionism and respect for all individual rights and liberties to the extent that volunteers wish to practise them in their own affairs. – Facebook, 3.5.14. - SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, TOLERANCE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, SELF-OWNERSHIP, INDIVIDUALISM

VAGGELATOS, DIONYSIOS: Dionysios Vaggelatos avaggelatos @ - GPdB

VERITAS, JONELLE: liked my Facebook 18 12 14 remark.

VEST, JACQUES: To each the practice of the ism of the own choice - but always only at the own risk and expense. - John Zube – Facebook, 1.7.14. J. V. liked that: Jacques Vest 11 mutual friends vapidnoises: vapidnoises - Facebook, 9.3.14. - Replies to Jeremy Thaxter - I think it is key that the questions raised here: - Questions about Polycentric law and Panarchy : Anarcho_Capitalism - - I have been talking in another sub and trying to put across the ideas of polycentric law and panarchy. I am doing a really bad job of it so...

VIRNSTON, BENJAMIN: Benjamin Virnston - Added to PANARCHIST INTERNATIONAL by Joe Kopsick about 11 months ago

VOLLSTAEDT, ERIC: Erik Vollstädt liked: Rather, democratic & territorial statism has become vehicle for statist wrongful and irrational interventionism with peaceful and rightful individual and group activities, just doing their own things. It has become the worst monopolist & coercer, based upon the majority votes of the least informed and all too under-informed and prejudiced among the voters. Among the most popular errors and prejudices is still the communist notion that businessmen or corporations or capitalists are the main enemies. Indeed, these can be granted and are all too often given legalized but wrongful privileges by the territorial States but that does still not make THEM our main enemies. Without their wrongful legalized statist backing we could simply ignore them, e.g. by not buying their products or services, by not working for them and by not investing in them. Then and to that extent they would be harmless to us. - John Zube – Facebook, 20 June 2014.

VOLM, BOBBY: Bobby Volm - Bassist at Aronious - Added to PANARCHIST INTERNATIONAL by Joe Kopsick over a year ago Add Friend

VOLUNTARISM: Voluntaryism/agorism/anarchism: Free to live however you like as long as you do not harm innocents. Communism/socialism/leftism: You are free to live exactly how we say without any regard for your own personal dreams, desires, or interests. - quoted by Storm Tagorist – Facebook, 19.1.14.

VOLUNTARYISM: Voluntaryism - Bing Videos :‎ - VoluntaryismVoluntarist FlagVoluntaryism Flag - Ron Paul Voluntaryism Voluntaryism ... Panarchism · Libertarian Transhumanism · Free-Market Anarchism.

VOLUNTARYIST, BENJAMIN: Benjamin Voluntaryist, listed by Joe Kopsick.



WALES, JOSEY: Law Without Government - September 7, 2014 · by joseywales1965 - Josey's Libertarian Page - A Collection of Information Compiled by Josey Wales - JOSEY WALES ON FACEBOOK - FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER – TWEETS: Tweets - Josey Wales - ‪@JoseyWales1965 - The Obviousness of Anarchy

WARREN, MATHEW: Matthew Warren - Added by Joe Kopsick to PANARCHIST INTERNATIONAL about 2 months ago. - He liked my statement on Facebook: John Zube Panarchism, polyarchism, meta-utopia, competing governance, exterritorial autonomy etc. is the option for each ism and faith to be fully practised by its adherents, among themselves, as long as they do so at the own expense and risk and tolerantly towards others, how want to undertake their own free experiments with their own ideas. A long but still incomplete A to Z compilation on this is at and also many related articles. One article is on the WIKIPEDIA. If you do a search for panarchy and panarchism with Google you get numerous opinions, not all in agreement with each other. I for one adhere to the original definition of P. E. de Puydt. None of these volunteers claim a territorial monopoly for their ideas and they do not recognise the rightfulness of territorial monopoly claims by others, no more so for political, social and economic groups than for religious ones or scientific or technical groups. To me it is the better half and the only rightful half of politics. All territorial politics is, essentially despotic over whole populations, instead of being confined to its voluntary supporters. - Matthew Warren - Raleigh, NC, United States · - Matthew Warren This is the coolest thing I've ever seen. - Matthew Warren Thanks for this resource John Zube.

WATT, THOMAS: Taxation is the price we pay for failing to build a civilized society. The higher the tax level, the greater the failure. A centrally planned totalitarian state represents a complete defeat for the civilized world, while a totally voluntary society represents its ultimate success. – Mark Skousen, quoted by Thomas Watts shared Jim Wilkie's photo. – Facebook, 16.3.14. – VOLUNTARISM

WATTS, TYLER A.: twatts3 @ - 2008

WEINERSHMITH, ZACH: Polystate: A Thought Experiment in Distributed Government, 2013, Some rights reserved, a creative Commons Page, - The ebook can be purchased from Amazon for around $5 -- Note that the book has no DRM and can be wilfully pirated, so I can even send you a PDF of it, if you would like to link the book directly to your website. The author says, "The new book is not DRMed. Please responsibly pirate us."

WEISS-WENDT, ANTON: anton.weiss-wendt @ - Wrote on Jewish cultural autonomy in Estonia, to 1940. – Email address undeliverable! – JZ, 11.12.13.

WELLS, FRED Jr.: PANARCHISM: Voluntarism is the opposite of coercion, and is the only kind of inter-personal relationships which allows all the parties involved to retain their personal sovereignty (right of exclusive control or jurisdiction) over their own bodies and properties.”- Fred Wells Jr., OPTION, 6/77. – In a Google search I get up to 410,000 references. There are too many people with that or a similar name. According to a snap he is now in his 70’s or 80’s & thus rather unlikely to be an active voluntaryist still. – JZ,11.12.13. - VOLUNTARISM, COERCION, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP

WENNERDAL, NICLAS: Niclas Wennerdal - Birger Sjöberggymnasiet – Mentioned by JACOBSSON, CARL, who has a Facebook page “Supporters of Libertarian Extraterritorial Secession” – Microsoft Word is once again unable to open that link. – JZ, 11.12.13.

WHALEY, DEAN: Dean Whaley - Added by Joe Kopsick to PANARCHIST INTERNATIONAL over a year ago. – JZ, 11.12.13.

WILKIE, JIM: Taxation is the price we pay for failing to build a civilized society. The higher the tax level, the greater the failure. A centrally planned totalitarian state represents a complete defeat for the civilized world, while a totally voluntary society represents its ultimate success. – Mark Skousen, quoted by Thomas Watts shared Jim Wilkie's photo. – Facebook, 16.3.14. - VOLUNTARISM

WIKIPEDIA: Panarchy in Wikipedia

WILL, ANNETTE: SECESSIONISM: A step by step disconnection from the statist forms of society.” – Annette Will, 5.12.84. – (“Eine schrittweise Entkoppelung von staatlichen Gesellschaftsformen.”)

WILLIAM, DONALD: John Zube Let all those, who are somewhat enlightened or believe that they are, freely secede and do their own things at the own risk and expense, under self-chosen personal law systems or full exterritorial autonomy. Then we would come to see as rapid progress in the social sciences as we have seen in science and technology. As it is, we are all inmates of country-wide statist territorial prison systems, mismanaged by the worst people, who tend to get to the top in such systems and stay there for all too long. All of the larger ones tend to be Warfare States and all too many of them are now equipped with nuclear mass murder devices i.e. anti-people "weapons", not tyrannicide weapons. Even that conditions is all too widely accepted as normal and justified. Are there other libertarian peace books like my own, which criticise this fundamental wrong and suggest sound alternatives? They are online at - If you should have come across a better peace, freedom and justice program, please, do point it out to me. - jzube @ - Facebook, 25.4.14. - Donald William - 259 mutual friends – Liked that.

WILLIAMS, WALTER E.: PANARCHISM: I have nothing against socialism and socialists per se. My only problem is that they want to use the brutal force government to force me and others, who simply want to be left alone, to be part of their schemes. I respect liberty so much that I am willing to grant to others the right to live their lives as they wish and ask that they permit the same to others. However, the president, Congress and the court view that vision, variously described as “natural law” or “unalienable rights”, with contempt, …” - Walter E. Williams, Do the Right Thing, Hoover Institution Press, 1995, p.46. – amazon offers many of his books, some also in Kindle editions, but not contact address. POLYARCHISM & STATE SOCIALISM.

WILLIS, BRUCE: Without the right of secession there is no freedom. Any entity that is a part of a union but foes not have the right to leave is not free.” – The famous actor, quoted by Imgur online. – Alas, the quality of most of the 207 comments, by today, is disgustingly low. – JZ, 20.1.15.

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WORKMAN, GARY: Liked my remark on Facebook, 31.5.14: Everything voluntary. To each the own system, under personal law, starting with individual secessionism, based upon full individual sovereignty or self-ownership. Gary Workman - JZ

WRAITH, PETER: peter.wraith @ - Financed the scanning of ON PANARCHY 1-24 through an agency. But it did not do a good job. So I finally did the job myself. Without his effort, I might have postponed this job indefinitely. – JZ.

WRIGHT, BRIAN: Panarchy | - Brian Wright Home Page - -
Dec 28, 2014 - First, I have come upon the concept of panarchy[1], thanks to this ... In my first Panarchy column, thanks to my discovery of the panarchy ...

WYNN, JASOON MICHAEL: Jason Michael Wynn • 3 months ago - Thanks for writing this. I think teaching the separate movements how to coexist is a noble effort, one I think that is completely largely reasonable in our life time. - Panarchism, to my understanding, also allows for states to exist as well. Of course, if your definition of a state is "a coercive group of thugs claiming extra rights", perhaps it is incompatible, but I wonder if there is a way to acknowledge legitimate social contracts (people that are actually signed on, and were not corralled into it). I have thought much on this; Topics of interest: alternative statuses and expectations for those travelling through a state (that are not signed on), ways to communicate with a group that is decentralized in any format, without creating a central mouth for a group, by a state, and ethics for individuals with any creed in a society that is infringing on the way of life of another group (peacefully or non peacefully). - I don't think that could happen in our life time to any large degree, but the ball could definitely start rolling. – He has a Facebook page and was responding to Kevin Carson’s essay on statism, corporations and panarchism, in which K.C. ignored the possibility for diverse hierarchical communities of statists doing their things only among and to their members, e.g. political party members and their followers establishing each their statist system only for them and at their expense and risk, all also under personal law or exterritorial autonomy. To that extent such statists can become allies of anarchists. Those, who do think this to be unlikely, do forget about or ignore the history of extraterritoriality, with foreign concessions and their protégée citizens living in another country, under the law of their home country and also the practice of consular jurisdiction, which existed, both, extensively, for centuries. There was also the Millet or dhimmi system for religious communities with a large degree of self-governance and this within otherwise largely authoritarian States. – There are also the exceptional cases for a few people of “diplomatic immunity”. There are many other historical precedents, which are, perhaps, not yet sufficiently listed and described together. - JZ.



YOUNG, ROGER: Video: Roger Young, I Hereby Secede (a video on personal secession) Quoted from the index to

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ZACHARY, BLUE: Zachary Blue - University of Guelph - Invited by Joe Kopsick to PANARCHIST INTERNATIONAL over a year ago.

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ZUBE, JOHN: jzube @ - John Zube. - Added by Joe Kopsick over a year ago to PANARCHIST INTERNATIONAL – Some of my writings are at - - - Facebook page. - For me full monetary and financial freedom are just particular aspects of the panarchist options. - JZ, 9.12.13.

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