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RACISM: [Before the Civil Rights Act of 1964], many governments in southern states forced people to segregate by race. Civil rights advocates fought to repeal these state laws, but failed. So they appealed to the federal government, which responded with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. But this federal law didn't simply repeal state laws compelling segregation. It also prohibited voluntary segregation. What had been mandatory became forbidden. Neither before nor after the Civil Rights Act were people free to make their own decisions about who they associated with.” - Harry Browne – RACISM & VOLUNTARY SEGREGATION VS.  FORCED SEGREGATION, VOLUNTARY INTEGRATION VS. FORCED INTEGRATION, CIVIL RIGHTS ACTS, FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION & DISASSOCIATION, DISCRIMINATION, PRIVATE VS. & OFFICIAL ACTIONS

RACISM: 1. Any argument favouring the colour bar is weakened straight away by the difficulty of determining accurately who is “coloured” and who is not. The races of the world are so mixed that any strict discrimination is made ludicrous by awkward exceptions to the rule. - 2. Generalizations about evolution, intelligence or culture possess no scientific validity. Every race is made up of individuals who cannot be classified generally. Human worth is deeper than mere pigmentation of the skin. All men are equal in the sight of God and in the brotherhood of man.” – “The Speaker and Debater”, A Teach Yourself Book, p.96.

RACISM: A man is as intelligent as he is, regardless of the performance of his co-racialists.” – Sprague de Camp, in ANALOG, 4/76. – INTELLIGENCE, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY

RACISM: A racial or religious prejudice often consists largely of basing treatment of individuals on statistical beliefs which may or may not have some validity, but even if they do are irrelevant and meaningless when applied to individuals.” – Stanley Schmidt, editorial in ANALOG, 4/84. –INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY VS. COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY

RACISM: Actress Brigitte Bardot fined £12,000 for racial hatred - - To condemn all Muslims is as wrong as to condemn all Christians and all Atheists or all kinds of Leftists. All such collectives are not uniform people but do have their intolerant and violent people, usually not the majority, and also their tolerant and non-violent ones, by now, usually, forming the majority. Holding all responsible for the actions of a minority is wrong. It is also wrong to hold individuals and any minority responsible for the actions of the majority. Isn't that by now obvious enough? I think it to be indefensible to uphold collective responsibility notions. The territorialists and their terrorists do apply it, too, atrociously and irresponsibly. Nuclear weapons, held in readiness, are one terrible consequence.JZ, 20.9.11, on Facebook. Revised: 1.2.14. -  RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE, NUCLEAR WEAPONS & COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY NOTIONS, MUSLIMS, CHRISTIANS, JEWS, ANTISEMITISM, NWT

RACISM: After all there is but one race – humanity.” – George Moore, The Bending of the Bough, Act iii.

RACISM: An end to racial strife through voluntary segregation and voluntary integration. – JZ, n.d.

RACISM: Before we commence this guided tour of the Mozambiquan paradise of the proletariat, this shining gem of African socialism, will you bear with me while I give you a few facts and figures.’ Nobody protested, so he went on. ‘Until 1975 Mozambique was a Portuguese colony. For almost five hundred years it had been under Portuguese control and had been a reasonably happy and prosperous community of some fifteen million souls. The Portuguese, unlike the British or German colonists, had a relaxed attitude towards miscegenation and the result was a large mulatto population, and an official policy of ‘Assimilado’ under which any person of colour, if he attained certain civilized standards, was considered to be white and enjoyed Portuguese nationality. It all worked very well, as indeed did most colonial administrations, especially those of the British. … your average Indian or African living today in a former British colony is a damned sight worse off now than he was then. Certainly that does [apply? - JZ] one hundred times more for your average black man living in Mozambique.” – “At least they are free”, Claudia cut in, and Sean laughed. – “This is freedom? An economy managed under the well-known socialist principles of chaos and ruination, which has resulted in a negative growth rate of up to ten per cent per annum for every year since the Portuguese withdrawal, a foreign debt amounting to double the gross national product, a total breakdown in the educational system, only five per cent of children regularly attending a recognized school, one doctor per forty-five thousand persons, only one person in ten with access to purified drinking water, infant mortality at 240 per 1000 births. The only worse countries in the world are Afghanistan and Angola, but as you say, at least they are free. In America, where everybody eats three huge meals a day, freedom may be a big deal, but in Africa a full belly counts for a hell of a lot more. … - Wilbur Smith, A Time to Die, Pan books, 1980, p.116/17. – As if even the best territorial political democracy provide full freedom. – JZ, 29.2.12. – PORTUGUESE COLONIES, COLONIALISM, MOZAMBIQUE STATE SOCIALISM, GOVERNMENTAL ECONOMIC POLICIES & THEIR RESULTS

RACISM: Black is not right. White is not right. Only right is right.” – From film, title not noted, Channel 4, 2.3.82, 2.55 am. – RIGHT

RACISM: Black leaders and white liberals have kept black Americans so focused on superficial indications of racism, that we overlook the most pernicious and ruinous use of race, that is, as an economic weapon – not just to deter one's employment in companies created by others, but to hamper the ability to create employment for oneself.” - Elizabeth Wright, ISIL LIBERTY QUOTE LIBRARY 03. – Under full employment and relatively easy sales for goods and services, achievable by full monetary and financial freedom, and in the absence of minimum wage laws and compulsory unionism and licensing, then, in most cases, racism would be greatly reduced. – JZ 10.1.08. - & FEAR OF COMPETITION UNDER CONDITIONS OF MONETARY DESPOTISM

RACISM: Black, red or yellow fascism isn’t any better than white fascism. – JZ, n.d.

RACISM: Capitalists have the least racial bias and protectionist workers often the largest.” – JZ, l75, 31.7.78.

RACISM: Chinaman, n., A working man whose faults are docility, skill, industry, frugality and temperance, and whom we clamor to be forbidden by law to employ; whose labor opens countless avenues of employment to the whites, and cheapens the necessities of life to the poor; …” - Ambrose Bierce. - The Chinese, too, are made up of many different racial groups, that created only a limited “melting pot”, without that melting being complete, even thousands of years later. – JZ, 30.4.08. – CHINESE, CHINA

RACISM: Cruelty has no color.” - From Film: Mississippi Marsala, 1991. - & CRUELTY

RACISM: Dear White Fella. Coupla tings yo orta no. Firstly, wen I’m born, I’m black!! When I grow up, I’m black. Wen I get sick, I’m black. Wen I go out ina sun, I’m black. And when I get scared, gee, I’m black. And wen I die, I’m still black. – But you shite fella… Wen you born, you pink. Wen you grow up, you white. Wen you get sick, you green. When you get out ina sun, you red. Wen you get gold, you go blue. Wen you get scared, you yella. And when you die, you purple. And you got the cheek to call me coloured!! – From the joke collection of Peter Cunningham, Blackfell-V-Whitefella.jpg – JOKES, RACISM, BLACKS, WHITES, COLOURED PEOPLE, NEGROES

RACISM: Every country can produce good men.” (“All Laender gute Menschen tragen.”) – Lessing, Nathan der Weise, Act ii, sc. 5. – Compare: „Nice people come in all colors.“ – Source unknown to me. – JZ

RACISM: Freedom of contract is a capitalistic and individualistic principle. Applied to members of different races: Merely through intermarriage racism would tend to disappear, at least in the long run. Jews who had fled to China, many centuries ago, were gradually swallowed up by intermarriage, only their religion persisted for a long time. By racial mixture and culture they all became, Chinese, too, gradually. If there had been anti-Semitism in China, then they might still exist there as a distinct ethnic and religious group. The Boers in South Africa were afraid of this natural, gradual and long-term racial integration because they knew, from their own experience, that there exists, as a rule, no sexual antagonism between the sexes. That was the motive for the racists in South Africa to pass Apartheid laws and uphold them for all too long. But laws against sexual attraction across race lines are as vain, wrong and absurd as all other laws against “crimes without victims”. – JZ, 9/75, 30.5.08.

RACISM: Full exterritorial autonomy for all those with a black or white bias, and those with a green and blue bias, too – and for those without any color preference. – But no territorial monopoly for any one of them! - JZ, 20.9.88, 14.5.08.

RACISM: Have all the clashes between whites and blacks ever victimized as large numbers as the various clashes between whites and those between blacks did? If not, then racism is not the greatest factor making for victimization, violence, and mass murder. At least today inter-racial violence just tends to get much more media coverage. As for slavery: Have whites ever enslaved as man Negroes as Negroes themselves have enslaved Negroes, especially in Africa itself? At least in the past every race seems to have practised some degree of slavery and extermination attempts against people of largely the same external appearance. I think it very likely that every race has, out of various and mostly wrongful or mistaken motives, been its own worst enemy. While all individual rights and liberties are not yet fully known and realized everywhere, I would like to know whether there is any race or ethnic group or culture of civilization on Earth that can point out more advocates of individual rights and liberties, who came up with whole public declarations of several to many such rights and liberties, public and private declarations, than were so far provided by Europeans and English speaking people in the world? I for one came across, during several decades of searching for private human rights declarations, only very few of other origins – and would gladly hear or read of more of them. – JZ, 10.1.93, 12.5.08. – WARS AMONG THE SAME RACES, SLAVERY AMONG NEGROES & AMONG “WHITES” COMPARED WITH WARS & SLAVERY BETWEEN DIFFERENT RACES, RECOGNITION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

RACISM: I will not admit that there is any race which has forfeited its right to existence, but there are certainly cultures which have.” – Poul Anderson, Conflict, p.61, in the story: “High Treason”. – Do these deserve the term “culture” or, rather, e.g. barbarism or inhumanity? – JZ, 1.2.14.

RACISM: Is there or was there as much unjustified infighting among black, brown, yellow and red people as there was and still exists among “white” people? – JZ, 8.10.88. – WARS & OTHER WRONGS AMONG ALL RACES

RACISM: It is not races but individuals that are noble and courageous or ignoble and craven or considerate or persistent or philosophical or reasonable. The race gets credit when the percentage of noble individuals is high.” – Edwin Way Teale, “January 9”, “Circle of Seasons”, 1953. – Much but not all of the higher percentages observed can probably be ascribed to the degrees of freedom and prosperity that are experienced by individuals. – JZ, 13.5.08, 19.2.11. – COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, COLLECTIVE PRAISE, INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY

RACISM: It seems to me that most racists have no individual achievements to be proud of. - So they take pride in belonging to what they consider to be a superior race, in spite of their own individual inferiority. – JZ, 10.10.94.

RACISM: Let everyone conduct his own racial policy – if he has any. – JZ, 24.9.80. – That would exclude the persecution of involuntary victims. – JZ

RACISM: Man’s Most Dangerous Myth – The Fallacy of Race, 5th. rev. edition, N.Y., Oxford University Press, 1974, 542 p., by Ashley Montagu, indexed & with an extensive bibliography. – I doubt that any racist has ever read it. – JZ, 1.4.09. - Probably territorial nationalism and power addiction have led to the suppression and murder of even more people, of the same and other races or ethnic origins. - JZ, 19.2.11.

RACISM: Morality knows nothing of geographical boundaries or distinctions of race.” – Herbert Spencer. – MORALITY, ETHICS

RACISM: Most human problems are circular and fall apart when a single trivial part of them is solved. There used to be enmity between races because they were different, and they tended to be different because they were enemies, so there was enmity.” – Murray Leinster, Sand Doom, in ASTOUNDING SF, 5/56. - ENEMIES

RACISM: No man has ever been born a Negro hater, a Jew hater, or any other kind of hater. Nature refuses to be involved in such suicidal practices.” – Harry Bridges, in George Seldes, The Great Quotations, p.453. – The best libertarian quotations from ca. 15 000 Quotations books and uncounted other freedom books remain still to be extracted and combined. – A job going obviously far beyond the capacities of a single human being. But online such a collection could be built up fast, with all the necessary corrections, qualifications and amendments. – JZ, 30.4.08.

RACISM: No man whose vision is bounded by colour can come into contact with what is highest and best in the world. - Booker T. Washington, Up From Slavery, p.170.

RACISM: Of course there are no races left. Not even the Jews have kept their blood unmingled. Successful crossings have often promoted the energy and the beauty of a nation. Race! It is a feeling, not a reality. National pride has no need for the delirium of race.” – Mussolini, quoted in C. Bingham, Men and Affairs, p.381. – It has its own kind of delirium or self-delusion. – JZ., 1.2.14. - NATIONALISM

RACISM: Our few racial subgroups, called different races, have really many more fundamental traits in common than the few superficial traits that do distinguish them. Anyhow, after millions of years they have so often intermingled that there is hardly any “pure-blooded” race left any more. I read only about a few hundred of them in one of the Andaman Islands. Moreover, the differences within each group called a different race, are individually much larger than the differences between one “race” and another “race”, especially if all the internal differences are also included. - Racist notions seem to be maintained only by people, who are not aware what really matters about human beings. – JZ, 10.5.08, 25.1.00, 1.2.14.

RACISM: People who fight don’t respect people who don’t fight. – JZ, 22.9.75. – Stand up for your rights. Fighters respect only fighters. – JZ, 23.9.75. - Most simple example: bullies. - The lack of resistance among Jews against pogroms, over many centuries, contributed to the lack of respect for them in the eyes of the “warrior” types. Not just superior average intelligence, business sense and the different religion, customs and clothing. By physical appearance most of them were and are largely indistinguishable from most of the members of other nations in Europe and in Arabic countries, where they lived and live. The Nazis felt thus compelled to impose upon them the wearing of a yellow stern, to distinguish them, not realizing that this made a joke of the Nazi’s racial hypothesis. But as competitors for jobs and business opportunities they were often hated, in many European countries, even in England and the USA, for they were not welcomed as refugees beyond their quota, even when they were already severely persecuted by the Nazi regime. Indians and Chinese in some other countries did not fare much better as local and successful and therefore hated competitors but were at least not systematically exterminated. The fear of their competition was largely a result of the effects of monetary despotism on job and sales opportunities. Mainly over the last century many Jews have learnt to fight back, when persecuted, sometimes even under the extreme conditions of extermination camps. – That earned them respect, for whatever little that is worth, among the “warrior” types. And many statists respect them for having established their own territorial State – where, alas, they repeat the wrongs and mistakes of all the other territorial statist nations. - JZ, 30.4.08. – SUBMISSIVENESS, SUBORDINATION, FIGHTING SPIRIT, RESISTANCE, ISRAEL, JEWS, ANTISEMITISM

RACISM: Probably the people of each particular skin color have slaughtered in the course of their history more people of the own color than have ever been slaughtered of them by all people with other skin colors in combination. This is only my own estimate but I have seen no figures to the contrary. Thus it seems that racial or color prejudices and intolerance are not the most dangerous prejudices although they also a very wrongful and stupid ones. – Freedom, justice and peace are not merely a matter of racial tolerance. - JZ, 8.8.98, 9.5.08,1.2.14.

RACISM: Purity of race does not exist. Europe is a continent of energetic mongrels.” – H. A. L. Fisher, 1865-1940, in “A History of Europe”, 1934. - A. Andrews Quotations, p.567. – C. Bingham, Men & Affairs, p.317. - Australia, USA and Canada are likewise made up of over 100 different ethnic groups. There are only a few hundred people left, on one of the Andaman Islands, that are, as far as we know, not of mixed blood. - Which kind of mongrels has so far killed most of the own kind of mongrels and of other kinds? Probably the “white” race. And now it is more prepared for further mass murders via e.g. nuclear “weapons” than are most of the other “races”. – Should not that fact alone give them an inferiority complex rather than a superiority complex? - JZ, 30.4.08. – Q., NATIONALISM, ENEMIES, MONGRELS BASTARDS, MIXED BLOODS

RACISM: Rabuschka’s conclusion? “Under conditions of voluntary exchange in free markets, racial tensions and conflict are kept to a minimum.” – The Incredible Bread Machine, p.106. – Yes, if one adds panarchies to all the other free markets, i.e., a free market for all kinds of political, economic and social systems, all for volunteers only and without any territorial monopoly, even for ignorant and prejudiced people, not only for enlightened ones. – JZ, 30.4.08. – MARKET, VOLUNTARISM, META-UTOPIA, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, VOLUNTARY SEPARATISM, SECESSIONISM, SELF-GOVERNANCE

RACISM: Racial Prejudice is a pigment of the imagination.” – Graffito, quoted by Nigel Rees, Graffiti Lives O.K. – Seen in Southampton. -  “… racial superiority is a mere pigment of the imagination.” – Dr. Laurence J. Peter, Peter’s Quotations, p.441.

RACISM: Racism combines territorialism and collective responsibility with the myth of the “chosen people” and is as such an indication of ignorance, prejudice, low moral sense and low intelligence. – JZ, 3.9.98, 9.5.08.

RACISM: Racism has been supported in this country not despite of, but thanks to governmental power and politics. Reverse racism, thinking that government is competent to force people to integrate, just as it once forced them to segregate, is just as political and just as disastrous. It has not worked. Its product has been hatred rather than brotherhood. Brotherhood could never be a political product. (*) It is purely personal. In racial matters, as in all other matters concerning individuals, the lack of government would be nothing but beneficial. What, actually, can government do for black people in America that black people could not do better for themselves, if they were permitted the freedom to do so? I can think of nothing. - Jobs? Politically and governmentally franchised unions do more to keep black men from good jobs than do all the Bull Connors of the South. …” - Karl Hess, Death of Politics, p.15. – So does legislatively introduced and upheld monetary and financial despotism, which makes jobs and sales scarce or difficult rather than easy to get. –JZ, 30.4.08, 1.2.14. - (*) Not one of territorial politics, anyhow. Under full exterritorial autonomy for all it could grow, gradually, or even fast. – Voluntary integration rather than enforced integration! – Imagine the antagonism that would arise if different families and friendship circles as well as businesses-, hobbies-, fan groups and sports clubs, trade unions and unions of professionals were coercively integrated by governments, even if they were of the same faith, ideology, or race! - JZ 30.4.08, 1.2.14. - NEGROES, BLACKS, SELF-HELP, GOVERNMENT, COMPULSORY INTEGRATION VS. VOLUNTARY INTEGRATION, PANARCHISM, RACIAL MINORITIES

RACISM: Racism is proof of inferiority. The superior person doesn't need it.” - Poul Anderson, Tales of the Flying Mountains, p.39. - & INFERIORITY COMPLEX

RACISM: Racism is simply an ugly form of collectivism, the mindset that views humans strictly as members of groups rather than individuals. – Ron Paul, quoted by Philippe Rouchy shared North Carolina for Ron Paul's photo. – Facebook, 19.2.13. – And that “judges” the whole groups also quite wrongly, according to a misperceived and prejudiced image of them. – JZ, 16.4.14. - INDIVIDUALISM VS. COLLECTIVISM

RACISM: Racism is the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivism. It is the notion of ascribing moral, social or political significance to a man’s genetic lineage -the notion that a man’s intellectual and characterological traits are produced and transmitted by his internal body chemistry. Which means, in practice, that a man is to be judged, not by his own character and actions, but by the characters and actions of a collective of ancestors. - Ayn Rand, The Virtue of Selfishness, chapter 17, 126. – Ancestors, whose actual character and actions are, mostly, quite unknown. – JZ, n.d. - COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, COLLECTIVISM

RACISM: Racism is the snobbery of the poor.” – Raymond Aron.

RACISM: Racism presumes the existence of the own superiority but is rather an indication of inferiority and of the fact that one has nothing better to be proud of than the membership in a particular race. – JZ, 20.6.13. – A COLLECTIVIST SUPERIORITY COMPLEX

RACISM: Real aliens or extraterrestrials would have difficulties in distinguishing our individual and group differences. – JZ, 25.1.00.

RACISM: Remember, the only good Indian is a live Indian.” – p.129 of Alfred Bester, The Indian Giver, in ANALOG 1/75. – RED INDIANS,

RACISM: Territorial nation states are one of the prime causes for racist feelings and notions. As such they cannot provide a genuine solution but, rather, prevent it. If all political powers were changed from territorial ones to exterritorial autonomy over volunteers only, then the racists could voluntarily segregate themselves as much as they like but would have no territorial power over the voluntary communities of other ethnic people and over those communities, which voluntarily integrated the different races. I for one would not want any racists in my community. – JZ, 1.4.92, 11.5.08.

RACISM: the blood of all men is of one colour.” – Edmund Cooper, The Cloud Walker, p.222. – In all races we do also find the same blood groups. – JZ, 1.2.14. - MAN

RACISM: The colour of the skin is less important than the spirit which moves it.” – Edmund Cooper, “The Last Continent”, p. 133.

RACISM: The differences observable within one “race”, external and internal ones, are larger than the differences between races. – JZ, 23.9.88.

RACISM: The fact is that most people in the world, even in Canada, are racialistic. (White Canadians luckily are not outnumbered 4 : 1; so we can afford to be self-righteous.” – Bonne Posma, in OPTION 2/77, on South Africa. – Even when people are outnumbered by another race, as long as they are not forced into the same territorial organization but can sort themselves out, individually, according to their racial, religious or ideological preferences, they need not clash but can peacefully coexist with each other in the same country and world-wide. – JZ, 30.4.08. – TERRITORIALISM. PANARCHISM, APARTHEID, VOLUNTARY VS. ENFORCED SEGREGATION & INTEGRATION

RACISM: The great virtue of a free market system is that it does not care what color people are; it does not care what their religion is; it only cares whether they can produce something you want to buy. It is the most effective system we have discovered to enable people who hate one another to deal with one another and help one another. – Milton Friedman – in  – Under monetary and financial despotism and their economic consequences, unemployment, inflation, stagflation, frequent economic crises and persistent sales difficulties for labor, goods and services, competitors for jobs and sales are wrongly feared and blamed instead of removing the causal wrongs of these economic differences. Ignorance and prejudices in action, one again, in immigration restrictions, job quotas and irrational, wrongful and often legalized compulsory discrimination for or against racial differences becomes the rule. – JZ, n.d. & 1.2.14. - COLOR PREJUDICE & THE FREE MARKET, FREE TRADE, FREE EXCHANGE, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, DISCRIMINATION, CAPITALISM, IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS, COLOR PREJUDICES, RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE, BIAS

RACISM: The most efficient action, at least in the long run, that one could undertake, in my opinion, to reduce racism and opposition to more “ethnic’ immigrants, legal and illegal ones, and hatred against “foreign” competitors, based of fear of international competition for one’s sales efforts, would probably consist in doing away with involuntary unemployment and sales difficulties by abolishing monetary and financial despotism and replacing them by full monetary and financial freedom. – JZ, 1.12.92. – Both could be introduced with the least friction by allowing them to be practised at first only among the first few volunteers for these liberties. – Under panarchism that would happen automatically. - JZ, 12.5.08. – MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM VS. MONETARY & FINANCIAL DESPOTISM, UNDER PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMMPETING GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS

RACISM: The only proper way to fight racism is to assert and promote the individual rights of all men.” – David J. Suden, FOCUS, May 68. – And to protect them, best, probably, through a militia of volunteers, for that purpose alone, and correspondingly armed, organized, trained, motivated and acting. - JZ, 19.2.11, 1.2.14. - HUMAN RIGHTS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, MILITIA

RACISM: The very fact that there are no pure races and that all peoples are mixtures proves that the voice of nature is stronger than that of race or of blood. Even the strictest castes of India were not able to preserve their racial purity. The “Nordic man” of Guenther and his followers is a purely imaginary picture. The belief in a race which unites in itself every feature of physical beauty, along with the most exalted qualities of mind and spirit, is a wonder-faith, a dream notion, which corresponds to nothing in the past or the future.” - Rudolf Rocker in Nationalism and Culture, p.325.

RACISM: There are good and bad, inferior and superior people in any race. – JZ, 23.9.88.

RACISM: There are many humorous things in the world, among them the white man’s notion that he is less savage than the other savages.” – Mark Twain, “The White Man’s Notion”, “Following the Equator”, 1897. - JOKES

RACISM: There is no evidence that there is any advantage in belonging to a pure race. The purest races now in existence are the Pygmies, the Hottentots, and the Australian aborigines; the Tasmanians, who were probably even purer, are extinct. - Bertrand Russell - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. – I read, in my 1959 printed edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, under “race”, that a few hundred people of the Andaman Islands are the only ones, who can be described as an unmixed race. – True of false? – Probably, we simply do not know with which other tribes they had mixed, far back in unrecorded history. – More or less all of us are mixed “bastards”, I believe. – Essentially, there is only one human race – in all its more or less delightful varieties. – Beauty, here, too, is in the eye and mind of the beholder. - JZ, 16.1.13.

RACISM: They believe that only they have the right to exist in the universe, that all other life-forms are inferior and must be exterminated. In their own universe they have destroyed thousands of races, and continue to destroy thousands more. – Peter David, in Babylon 5, Third Space, part of the series Babylon 5 created by J. Michael Straczynski, 1998, Boxtree, p.190. – The racists on Earth are not even aware that almost all of them are very mixed bastards, of numerous sub-species of man and that all of them have a common origin and even very many of their genes in common with the higher apes. Among humans they represent the lower apes. – JZ, 15.2.12.

RACISM: Those, who do not know how to get rid of unemployment and do not care to learn to know about it, tend to become racists – or condemn racists – rather than exploring the main cause of racism. Under full employment we would tend to welcome members of all races, working and exchanging with us and thus achieving a greater common prosperity. – JZ, 2.11.96, 10.5.08. – However, that would require, primarily, the abolition of monetary and financial despotism and its replacement by full monetary and financial freedom. Unfortunately, so far, not enough people of any race are sufficient interested in and informed on that solution. - JZ, 19.2.11. - UNEMPLOYMENT

RACISM: Thus, while it is true that the negro brain is on average forty cubic centimeters smaller than that of ‘white’ (that is to say, ‘pink’) Americans, it is equally true that the ‘white’ man’s brain is smaller than those of American Indians, Eskimos, Japanese, Kaffirs, and Polynesians, according to T. Wingate Todd’s paper onCranial capacity and linear dimensions in white and negro’ in AMERICAN JOURNALS OF PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY, vol. 6, 1923, pp. 97-194. - As regards the thickness of the skull, we have the word of M. F. Ashley Montagu (who has seen many ‘white’ and negro skulls sawn through) that there is no difference in their thickness. – Sources: Bergen Evans, “The natural history of nonsense”, London, 1947. - Philip Ward, A Dictionary of Common Fallacies, p.175. - NEGROES, BRAIN CAPACITY,

RACISM: to associate with no man who had a share in the deceitful race-fraud.” – Nietzsche’s maxim, quoted by Rudolf Rocker in Nationalism and Culture, p.440.

RACISM: To Jesse Jackson, it is to advance “justice” by restoring the wealth the white race has robbed from the colored peoples of the earth; …” – Patrick J. Buchanan, A New Nationalism, in: Llewellyn H. Rockwell, The Environmentalist Threat, in Llewellyn H. Rockwell, ed., The Economics of Liberty, Mises Institute, 1990, p.363. – How many fridges, video-recorders, cars, computers, suits and dresses did “whites” rob from the colored people of the world? – What they actually did was put up protective barriers against imports from underdeveloped countries! - JZ, 20.2.05, 4.10.07. – Products of slave labor were, indeed, taken from them. But whites did not invent slavery for African negroes – but merely made use of it, by buying slaves in Africa. Indeed, they did not set them free and they did exploit them and treated them often inhumanely. But, probably, as valuable properties, they were often treated better there than by their former slave masters in Africa. The wealth of present-day America has, mostly, other causes than the previous slavery practice. Bill Gates exploited patent laws rather than slaves. And descendants of former slaves in the USA have now mostly many more chances to improve their lives than most African negroes have in most African States now. – JZ, 10.10.07. – Most of the wealth in existence consists in products of the last few months to years, apart from the accumulated production equipment, buildings, roads etc. and most of these were not produced by slave labor, either. – JZ, 27.3.09. – How many of the mainly colored peoples have introduced full freedom of contract, association, exchanged and property, all economic liberties, in their countries? Probably Japan, South Korea and South Vietnam have gone furthest in this direction, but, alas, by far not consistently and thoroughly enough. In all countries surprising degrees of economic “wonders” could be achieved if they could be bothered to do this or allowed dissenting minorities to do this among their members. – JZ, 1.2.14. – ECONOMIC FREEDOM, ESPECIALLY MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM, COMBINED WITH PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM IN EVERY SPHERE, REVERSED RACISM, BLAMING THE WHITES FOR EXPLOITATION & POVERTY OF THE COLOURED PEOPLE 

RACISM: to like an individual because he’s black is just as insulting as to dislike him because he isn’t white.” – e. e. cummings. Quoted in Barbara Rowe, A Book of Quotes.

RACISM: To me an ethnologist who speaks of an Aryan race, Aryan blood, Aryan eyes and hair, is as great a sinner as a linguist who speaks of a dolichocephalic dictionary or a brachycephalic grammar. It is worse than a Babylonian confusion of tongues – it is downright theft. … If I say Aryan, I mean neither blood, nor bones, nor hair, nor skull. I mean simply those who speak an Aryan language.” – Max Mueller, in C. Bingham, Men and Affairs, p. 381. – Bingham commented, ibid: Mueller (1823-1900), famous as an Anglo-German orientalist and philologist, was responsible for the philological word “Aryan”, but, as this quotation shows, he flatly disavowed the distortion of his concept. That was long before Hitler’s claim of racial purity for the Nordics injected its terror into European society. No one knew better than Hitler’s partner in crime on the other side of the Alps that the claim was nonsense. “Of course there are no races left”, said Mussolini. – ARYANS, HITLER, MUSSOLINI, ANTI-SEMITISM, PURE RACES? MIXED RACES

RACISM: We are here cultivating a disease called “colour-blindness”.” – Edmund Cooper, “The Last Continent”, p.192.

RACISM: We have all millions of years of development on the same planet behind us and should finally learn at least to tolerate and be just to one another, even if we do no like each other. We do not like everyone of the same race, or even family, either. We are all largely made up of water, have the same kind of bone structure, muscles, sinews, organs, glands and brains. The differences between us are merely fractional and superficial. We could not distinguish our races by our internal organs. We also have the same kinds of different blood groups, breathe the same air, eat largely the same kinds of food and process them in the same way. The different “races” have interbred again and again, so that hardly any people of “pure” “race”, quite unmixed with others, do exist any longer. Sex is natural and so is inter-breeding, but with the choice largely left to individuals, as it should be. Thus racism is as unfounded and absurd as is religious intolerance, based on somewhat different religious doctrines and beliefs. – JZ, 25.1.00, 19.2.11, 1.2.14.

RACISM: We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we all belong to one human race. – Quoted by Clarinda Tan, sharing Psychedelic Adventure's photo. - She added: Racism is man’s greatest threat to man .. the maximum of hatred for the minimum of reason. – Facebook, 1.9.13.

RACISM: What our politicians still do not realize is that the greatest counteracting force to racial discrimination is the free market. As the economist W. H. Hutt has put it, “The market is color-blind.” If an employer can make a greater profit by employing a Negro then a white man at a given job, he is likely to do it. – Henry Hazlitt, The Conquest of Poverty, p.63.

RACISM: When she called him a racist he smiled at her. ‘In America that word is dreaded as the ultimate insult that can end a man’s political career, or ruin his business or ostracize him from society. You are all so terrified of it, and the blacks know it and exploit it to the full. Even the toughest hard-headed businessman or politician rolls over like a puppy dog and whines if you call him that.’ Sean told her gleefully. ‘This isn’t America, ducky, and here we aren’t terrified of that word. Here racism is the same as tribalism, and we are all blatant tribalists, especially the blacks. If you want to experience true dedicated tribalism and racism then come and live in one of the newly independent African states. If you call your average black politician a racist he would take it as a compliment, it would be the same as calling him a patriot. - Wilbur Smith, A Time to Die, Pan Books, 1990, p.47. – Even Albinos are not quite “white”, for at some places, like the eyes, the color of blood shows through. Otherwise none of the “whites” are really quite white, either, when living or even when dead. The label applied to them by the Red Indians was more appropriate: Palefaces. – Anyhow, skin colors are only the most superficial different aspects of human beings. People of the same skin color are internally much more different than they are by skin color – and yet, in some ways, as human beings, very much alike, so that they can and do e.g. interbreed. - JZ, 1.3.12. - TRIBALISM, PATRIOTISM, USA, AFRICA NEGROES, BLACKS, COLOURED PEOPLE, WHITES, SKIN COLOURS, EQUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

RACISM: Why don’t those favoring “racial purity” simply tax themselves to pay child subsidies towards the raising of “pure” children of their preferred race, rather than attempting to pass prohibitive legislation regarding the sexual preferences of others? – But then how much in moral and rational activities can one expect from racists? – At least pet lovers are often proud of the different kinds of dogs, cats and horses they breed and flower lovers of their different flowering plants they develop between them, somehow unaware that they are perverse enough to be in love with the sexual organs of quite different species. - JZ, 11.2.88, 14.5.08.

RADIATION HAZARDS, CELL PHONES: Nancy Fuster - Russell H. Kelley via Karin Friedemann - Five ninth-grade young women from Denmark recently created a science experiment that is causing a stir in the scientific community. - It started with an observation and a question. The girls noticed that if they slept with their mobile phones near their heads at night, they often had difficulty concentrating at school the next day. They wanted to test the effect of a cellphone's radiation on humans, but their school, Hjallerup School in Denmark, did not have the equipment to handle such an experiment. So the girls designed an experiment that would test the effect of cellphone radiation on a plant instead. - The students placed six trays filled with Lepidium sativum, a type of garden cress into a room without radiation, and six trays of the seeds into another room next to two routers that according to the girls calculations, emitted about the same type of radiation as an ordinary cellphone. - Over the next 12 days, the girls observed, measured, weighed and photographed their results. Although by the end of the experiment the results were blatantly obvious — the cress seeds placed near the router had not grown. Many of them were completely dead. While the cress seeds planted in the other room, away from the routers, thrived. - The experiment earned the girls (pictured below) top honors in a regional science competition and the interest of scientists around the world. Teens involved in plants and cellphone experiment, Hjallerup Skole - According to Kim Horsevad, a teacher at Hjallerup Skole in Denmark were the cress experiment took place, a neuroscience professor at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, is interested in repeating the experiment in controlled professional scientific environments. - - Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. - This entry can’t be automaticallyk sorted in DIS NOTES R, sort 21.6.13.rtf

RADIATION HAZARDS: According to some report, I read long ago, a mere pound of plutonium, equally split up among the whole population of the world, would already suffice to give everyone cancer. In spite of this, more and more plutonium is produced in “peaceful” nuclear reactors. An over-kill rate is achieved, there, too. And this plutonium is not stored quite safe and permanently but still somewhat accessible to corrupt politicians, officers and private terrorists. – JZ, 21.7.06 & 30.10.07. - PLUTONIUM & NUCLEAR REACTORS

RADIATION HAZARDS: Body scanners on trial at Sydney Airport - - Cassandra B.: IF you are really interested, your can find out yourself. There is natural radiation, we have learned to cope with that. We are its survivors. And there is extra man-made radiation, to which we may be adapted only after a few million years. Only the ignorant or disinterested will assume that something that is invisible and does not immediately hurt you is quite harmless. Even sunlight in excess can hurt you – and, after decades of careless or over-optimistic abuse, medics have, finally, become somewhat careful with x-rays. Even the old cathode tube computer displays and the screens of TVs emitted too much dangerous radiation. – JZ, 2.8.11, 1.2.14, on Facebook

RADIATION HAZARDS: From the genetic point of view, radiation has been compared to machine gun fire. To both, the only safe level of exposure is none.” – Anne McLaren. – That is a bit exaggerated. Man is somewhat adapted to a low background radiation on Earth and radiation from space. It even played a significant role in his evolution through mutations. But from that tolerable dose [How many birth defects are due to it? – JZ, 1.2.14.] onwards, any additional radiation falls under that remark. – JZ, 30.4.08. - Unless it is use in health or life saving medical screening. - Thanks to more sensitive films and digital imaging, at least the exposure times in such radiations have been greatly reduced. On the other hand, because of that, many more radiation tests are, probably, undertaken. - JZ, 19.2.11. There are other screening options now but I doubt that e.g. magnetic resonance and ultrasound screening are altogether harmless. I asked an ultrasound technician once whether e.g. ultrasound insect and dog repelling gadgets are harmless to humans. He assured me that they are not. I have not seen the results of any study on this subject. – JZ, 1.2.14.

RADIATION HAZARDS: Is radiation burn any less cruel because you can't see it when it happens?” - Alan E. Nourse, Counterfeit, p.255 in: The Penguin Science Fiction Omnibus, ed. by Brian Aldiss, 1961-1975. – Usually, you cannot immediately feel a pain from it, either. Our pain signal nerves were not developed against this risk. – JZ, 1.2.14.

RADIATION HAZARDS: Not on Earth, anyway, where illegal handling of radioactive material was a capital offence.” – Poul Anderson, The Stars Like Dust, p.10. – Legalizing capital offences, from abortions to nuclear weapons building, does not make them right. – JZ, 24.1.77, 30.4.08. - RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS

RADIATION HAZARDS: Other scientists began a race to find ways of making human beings immune to radioactivity, by studying the scorpions, who are able to absorb hundreds of times as much radiation as animals. - Colin Wilson Spider Word. The Tower, Grafton Books, 1988, p.340. – Where are the scientists studying how to end the nuclear war threat or at least able to find the solution, seeing that it is already published, although not sufficiently so? See e.g. my ABC Against Nuclear War at - JZ, 17.1.13. – & SCORPIONS, Q., SCIENTISTS, NUCLEAR WAR PREVENTION, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

RADIATION HAZARDS: Radiation: Any Dose Is An Overdose.” – A button slogan. Supplier not mentioned. - While not quite true, the natural background radiation is strong enough to promote mutations for development, and it causes already all too many birth defects, cancers or still-births and does certainly not have to be boosted artificially. Its artificial reduction, if achievable, would be much more desirable. Instead, fire alarms using an artificial isotope, have been made compulsory in Australia! Planned nuclear reactors for Japan, according to recent news reports, will still release “low” radiation products into the air and oceans! – And Australia is still one of the major uranium producers and export sellers! Perhaps we will get some of it back one day, processed into nuclear “weapons”, and cheaply leveling our cities and poisoning the countryside, sent either by private or by official terrorists and mass murderers. – JZ, 14.5.08.

RADIATION HAZARDS: Upon attempts to ridicule the risks or to declare them to be negligible: Have you questioned a professional radiologist about them? When their professions began they were rather careless. But they learned, from their own bitter experience. Most likely, if the present trends goes on, you will be able to eat your words – in form of more than naturally radioactive foods. – Already the nuclear above-ground nuclear weapons tests had doubled the natural background radiation, before they were discontinued. How much has it been raised since? I do not know. Do you? - JZ, 5.7.87, 14.5.08. 

RADIATION HAZARDS: World’s End. This is the way the world ends // Not with a bang but a whimper. – T. S. Eliot, 1888-1965. – Quoted in Andrews Quotes. - NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, WAR, GENERAL HOLOCAUST, NUCLEAR WINTER

RADICALISM: A radical is a man with both feet firmly planted in the air.” – Franklin Roosevelt. – That is true for many radical utopians, including him, – but, certainly, not for all radicals. Especially not for panarchists and polyarchists, i.e. consistent voluntarists, advocates of freedom of association, contract and exchange, consumer sovereignty, enterprise sovereignty and secessionism, who demand experimental freedom for all kinds of utopias that can be tolerantly practised among their supporters, always without a territorial monopoly. – Nor does his criticism apply to most of the intentional community people doing their own things for or to themselves on some private or cooperatively owned real estate. - JZ, 30.4.08, 1.2.14. – FDR, NEW DEAL STATISM, STATE SOCIALISM, UTOPISTS, RADICALS, VOLUNTARYISTS, PANARCHISTS, POLYARCHISTS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FULL FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, ASSOCIATION, SECESSION VS. TERRITORIALISM STATISM

RADICALISM: All radicals should become radically confined to ruling only over their own kind of radicals. Then they would become tolerable for outsiders. - John Zube – Facebook, 7.4.14.

RADICALISM: Are left wing politics the only ‘radical’ ones? – Terry Arthur, 95 % Is Crap, p. 9.

RADICALISM: Don't be afraid to take a big step when one is indicated. You can't cross a chasm in two small steps. – David Lloyd George – GREAT CHANGES, GRADUALISM

RADICALISM: Even today freedom is still the only truly radical idea.” - Tibor Machan, “Liberty and Culture”, p. 99. – Panarchism, providing individuals the option to be as free or unfree as they want to be, is a still more radical and much more tolerant idea. – Full individual freedom was never as yet the ideal of everybody and isn’t even today, as yet. – JZ, 12.5.08. – Will you be one of its Founding Fathers or Founding Mothers? I offer, free upon request, the beginnings of a list of these people, on the road to a comprehensive directory. At least in most countries one can already afford to be so listed. Moreover, only very under-informed people would accuse such tolerant voluntarists to be terrorists. There is, to my knowledge, no other ideology or framework proposed, which is more opposed to terrorism than this one. It is territorialism, combined with its extreme monopolism, coercion and statism, and the collective responsibility notions, which do breed terrorists. – JZ, 1.2.14.

RADICALISM: Explore the radical borders of freedom. – JZ, free after a remark in ELF, 1972.

RADICALISM: Free radicals now! – Jerome A. Smith, Wichita Falls, Texas, quoted in OMNI, 1/80. - By now most people understand under "free radicals" very reactive molecules in our food, which do e.g., excessively oxidize or burn our cells. - JZ, 19.2.11. – Most “radicals” are so far, unfortunately, not tolerant enough towards other forms of radicalism, although all forms of radicalism, moderation, progress, reaction and conservatism could be freely practised among their volunteers, under personal law or full exterritorial autonomy, in peaceful coexistence. – It works already and is taken for granted in almost all other spheres. – JZ, 1.2.14.

RADICALISM: Freedom is still the most radical idea of all.” – Nathaniel Branden, PLAYBOY letter, May 73. – Especially when it goes beyond limited territorial governments. – JZ, 30.4.08. – FREEDOM

RADICALISM: I am a Conservative to preserve all that is good in our constitution, a Radical to remove all that is bad. I seek to preserve property and to respect order, and I equally decry the appeal to the passions of the many or the prejudices of the few. – Disraeli - CONSERVATISM, PROPERTY, ORDER, PREJUDICES

RADICALISM: If a man is right he can’t be too radical; if he is wrong, he can’t be too conservative.” – Josh Billings (Henry Wheeler Shaw, 1818-1885) – Also in: Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. RIGHT, CONSERVATISM

RADICALISM: If you want government to intervene domestically, you're a liberal. If you want government to intervene overseas, you're a conservative. If you want government to intervene everywhere, you're a moderate. If you don't want government to intervene anywhere, you're an extremist.” - Joseph Sobran - VS. LIBERALISM, MODERN, PANARCHISM, ANARCHISM, EXTREMISM

RADICALISM: Laissez Fare is perhaps the most radical philosophy one can hold.” – Howard Samson, REASON, 9/72. – Yes, provided it becomes extended into Panarchism, i.e. into “laissez-faire” for all kinds of political, economic and social systems as well – all only for volunteers. – JZ, 30.4.08. – PANARCHISM, LAISSEZ-FAIRE

RADICALISM: Major flaws in government (*) arise from a fear of making radical internal changes even though a need is clearly seen.” – Darwi Odrade, quoted by Frank Herbert, Chapterhouse Dune, p.197. - Probably an invented name. – Clearly seen by whom and by how many? Are they free to secede and do their own things for themselves? - (*) With governments he probably meant only territorial governments. Once there are only exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers - then at least some of them will rapidly adopt any rightful and useful change option that is made known to them. Territorial governments may require years to decades before they do away with some abuses and some abuses, which, by now, they have already continued for centuries, including price control attempts and their territorial organization. – JZ, 14.5.08, 19.2.11, 1.2.14. - GOVERNMENT, FEAR, CHANGE, TERRITORIALISM

RADICALISM: Moderate reformers always hate those who go beyond them.” – J. A. Proude, 1818-1894. – Would that remain the same once both have the panarchist option for the changes they want? Territorially there can only be one winner, the reformer or the radical. Exterritorially both could win and demonstrate the system they prefer. Peaceful coexistence becomes possible for them. –JZ, 30.4.08. - REFORMERS, REVOLUTIONARIES, HATRED, OPPOSITION, ENMITY, ANIMOSITY

RADICALISM: Most of today’s radicals are not radicals but just barbarians.” – Pat Brookes, 9/72. – Why not let them do their barbaric things to themselves? – JZ, 30.4.08.

RADICALISM: Most self-styled “radicals” are radically wrong about the soundness of their “alternatives”. Nevertheless, their right should be recognized to experiment among themselves with them, as long as they can and want to. It will be a learning experience for them and also a deterrent example for all others, who, thereupon, will not build such traps for themselves. – JZ, 2.7.87, 14.5.08.

RADICALISM: Radicals are only to be feared when you try to suppress them. You must demonstrate that you will use the best of what they have to offer.” – Frank Herbert, God Emperor of Dune, p.28. – Why should one have to? It would be enough to grant them and all other dissenters full experimental freedom among their volunteers. – JZ, 30.4.08. – PANARCHISM

RADICALISM: The aim should not be to be more radical but more sensible, rational, logical and consistent than others. Radicalism of the ordinary type usually reveals short-circuits in thinking to the thoughtful observer. – JZ, 18.3.73. – It is, usually, not sensible, rational, logical, consistent and moral enough. However, volunteers should be freed to apply any kind of radicalism – among themselves. – Panarchism provides a safety valve against excesses of radicalism applied to involuntary victims of it. - JZ, 30.4.08. – PANARCHISM, FUNDAMENTALISTS, ZEALOTS, FANATICS

RADICALISM: The conservation of to-morrow injected into the affairs of to-day.” – Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary. – CONSERVATISM

RADICALISM: The more God, the more Devil. The Establishment is the chief cause of radicalism. – THE DIAGONAL RELATIONSHIP No. 1. – True for territorial establishments. Untrue for those which are only exterritorially autonomous and this only for their kind of volunteers. This kind of liberty would offer a peaceful realization option to all radicals and thus keep them from becoming terrorists and revolutionaries. – JZ, 30.4.08. – PANARCHISM, TERRITORIALISM, ESTABLISHMENT, STATES, STATISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, TERRORISM

RADICALISM: The notion that a radical is one who hates his country is naive and usually idiotic. He is, more likely, one who likes his country more than the rest of us, and is thus more disturbed than the rest of us when he sees it debauched.  He is not a bad citizen turning to crime; he is a good citizen driven to despair.” - H. L. Mencken. - His crime consists in considering a country and its people as an entity and in wanting to change them collectively, instead of promoting voluntary and free change for all who desire it for themselves. To that extent all territorialist "radicals" are not radicals themselves but part of the problem. Moreover, the ideals of many of the "radicals" are not, objectively, better than those ideals and practices that they fight against. Even the most oppressive and supposedly "capitalistic" countries do not forcefully prevent anyone from sharing his own property and labors with others. Even flawed, i.e., involuntarily mixed economies, do still oppose some compulsory sharing and are to that extent superior to those "idealists" who want to compulsorily share everything, especially their pennies and the pounds of the dissenting others. - JZ, 22.8.02. - He is also mostly driven by territorialist and collective responsibility notions as well as very flawed other ideas, beliefs or ideologies, for which territorialism leaves no outlet for their energies, ideas and institutions or attempts to realize their ideals among themselves. – JZ, 26.12.07. - Why drive him into desperate and violent actions rather than allowing him or her to live under a self-chosen alternative system, under full exterritorial autonomy, always at the own expense and risk only? Territorialism breads terrorists and violent revolutionaries. – JZ, 8.1.08. - & TERRITORIALISM, DEMOCRACY DISSENTERS, HATE, SPITE, LACK OF PATRIOTISM, REVOLUTIONARIES, TERRORISM

RADICALISM: The radical of one century is the conservative of the next. The radical invents the views. When he has worn them out the conservative adopts them.” - Mark Twain. - Full experimental freedom for both - and all others! - JZ, 26.11.02. - & CONSERVATISM

RADICALISM: There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the roots.” – Henry David Thoreau, 1817-1862, “Economy”, in “Walden”, 1854. – Another version runs: “at its roots”. - ROOTS OF EVIL, CAUSAL THINKING

RADICALISM: We look to the Conservative Government to move with quickening strides towards a genuine alternative society whose advance would both inspire and harness the radical urges of your young people. This will not be achieved by an 8 per cent cut in total taxation when Labour increased it by 45 % between 1964 and 1970 or in selling off small fringe sectors of the nationalized industries …” - Dr. Rhodes Boyson, editor, Goodbye to Nationalization. – I doubt that the UK or USA conservatives will be able to sufficiently appeal to all the different radicals among the youths with any single territorial scheme. However, if it would adopt panarchism then conservatives as well as radicals, libertarians as well as anarchists, republicans and monarchists and also xyz other groups of volunteers could all do their own things for or to themselves, without any outsiders having any grounds for complaints. This approach works in all spheres where it has been adopted. Only political, economic and social systems still demand, quite wrongfully and irrationally, a territorial monopoly for themselves, which leaves to numerous clashes and mutual intolerance between such contenders for territorial power. – JZ, 30.4.08.

RADIO APPEALS: On 12/13 Dec. 92 there were national radio appeals by the ABC for charitable funds for one or the other charitable purpose. The total of the contributions thus achieved came only to $ 600 000 while it did cost the taxpayer ca. $ 3 million for two days to run these appeals. I assume that the greatest expense were probably the salaries of the ABC’s participating staff. If that staff itself had been charitable enough to donate their salaries for 2 days then the appeal could have been five times as successful. Obviously, charity is not always optional for the raising of funds for any purpose. – JZ, 13.12.92, 12.5.08. – CHARITY, DONATIONS, PUBLIC APPEALS FOR FUNDS, FUND RAISING, FINANCING.

RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS: Eventually a story unfolded of twenty-five years of barge and plane disposal of radioactive trash in fifty ocean dumps off the US. Coast.” … Rosalie Bertell, No Immediate Danger. Prognosis for a Radioactive Earth, The Women’s Press, 1985, p 302. – On this and the following pages she brings details, also of Japanese dumping of this kind in the Pacific. – JZ, 29.9.07. - DUMPING IN THE OCEANS

RADIOS AS WEAPONS: refit B 52 strategic bombers to deliver the “weapons”. – From vastly higher than anti-aircraft rockets reach, the next step is to drop the “weapons”: hundreds of millions of tiny flesh-colored plastic radios, made to fit the human ear, in plastic packages that let them flutter safely to the ground. The radios themselves will be slight and sturdy. No need for a tuner, a crystal will suffer; the audience will be only listening to one station. The radios will run for a year on a hearing-aid battery, forever on a photocell, receiving broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from satellites. I’m told it’s harder to jam signals coming down from space than those broadcasts from the surface of the planet. – And what broadcasts they’ll be! Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson – in Mandarin and another half-dozen “major” Chinese languages – Leonard Read, Peter McWilliams, Thomas Szasz, dramatized works of Ayn Rand and Robert Heinlein, informing the listener over and over that his life and all the products of his life are his property and no one else’s. Maybe there’ll even be room for Suprynowicz or Smith. …” - L. Neil Smith, Lever Action, A Mountain Media Book, 2001,, p.144/45. – Under Nazis and Soviets the penalties for being caught listening to broadcasts outlawed by such regimes were often very severe. – But at least now the “mobile” phones or mini-radios and receivers are much easier to hide. - JZ, 27.3.09. – Alas, by now the technology exists for governments to listen in to phone talks and, possibly, such receivers as well, and to trace the callers and the called. – JZ, 21.6.13. - BROADCASTING FREEDOM IDEAS, PUBLICITY AS A WEAPON, DICTATORSHIPS, DESPOTISMS, ENLIGHTENMENT

RAILWAY: He’d bet over a hundred thousand dollars on the Chicago and North Western Railroad at the time of the employee takeover, and reaped … over six million from it.” – Tom Clancy, The Sum of all Fears, p.438. – That is the only hint of such a take-over that I have seen so far. – Turning it into an open cooperative as Theodor Hertzka recommended, would have been even better. - JZ, 14.9.07. – Did he report a fact or make a suggestion for the future? – JZ, 27.3.09. - TAKEN OVER BY EMPLOYEES

RAILWAYS: Sen. Robert Taft (Jr.) estimates that deregulating the railroads alone would save consumers $ 7 billion annually (roughly $ 140 per family). … - SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 9/75. - REGULATIONS, DEREGULATION

RAILWAYS: Socialist and bureaucratic government monopolies and regulations have almost killed the railways. They prevented them from becoming as efficient and they could and should have been. For instance: Only rarely was the issue of railway money permitted. – JZ, 3.2.96, 9.5.08. – See Dr. Walter Zander’s writings on this subject at

RAILWAYS: The Tables in the following pages, warns the Zimbabwe railway time table, “are only intended to fix the times before which the trains will not depart.” – “Observer” in FINANCIAL TIMES, London, quoted in READER’S DIGEST, 2/82. – JOKES

RAINBOW GATHERERS: Rainbow gatherers, as they call themselves, are "gathering" almost nothing but mere “rainbows”. – JZ, 6.1.97, 10.5.08. – I have yet to meet, read or hear of one who has something of a genuine liberation, justice and peace program to offer. Please, do prove me wrong! – JZ, 20.6.13.

RAINMAKING: I do not find stupid ideas comical or funny. For some good ideas on the subject or rain making read two books: 1. Ion L Idries, The Great Boomerang, Angus & Robertson, Sydney & London, 1945, on an artificial North/South mountain in the middle of Australia and also 2. L. J. Hogan: Man Made Mountain, Charter Books Sydney, 1979, suggested the North/South mountain. Both are simply major engineering jobs and could be self-financing, via claims against those receiving provably benefits via additional rainfall. Those interested in receiving additional rain could also subscribe to bonds to finance the labor and costs involved in both projects. But it should not be handled by the government, because that would make them both unnecessarily expensive." – JZ, 28.12.11, responding to: SAIL - AWOLNATION - - CONTINENTAL CLIMATE CHANGES

RAND, AYN: Ayn Rand, regarding money was stuck on the redemptionist gold standard as the exclusive means of exchange and value standard. On work and enterprise she considered only the employer-employee relationship and on political alternatives only “limited” but still territorial governments. – Like many others, she also misunderstood Kant’s moral and economic teachings. All her remaining flaws may still remain to be sufficiently pointed out in a special study. No one’s work and ideas should be uncritically accepted as authoritative statements of truths. No one should be considered to be a divinely or otherwise inspired prophet. Even the greatest minds have their limitations and remaining errors and prejudices. – We do not serve them well if we do not point these flaws out, sufficiently, so that these aspects of their teachings are no longer accepted. - JZ, 8.11.11, 11.2.12. – Then we will come to appreciate, all the more, their correct ideas and opinions. – JZ, 1.2.14. – AYN RAND, OBJECTIVISM, GOLD STANDARD, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, MONETARY FREEDOM

RAND, AYN: Ayn Rand, the “Karl Marx” of Capitalism. – ELF, 1972. – CAPITALISM

RANK: Is there any lower form of life than a man with a rank who’s everything with it and nothing without it?” – Sven Hassell, Wheels of Terror, p.36. – SUPERIORS, OFFICERS, ORDERS, SUBORDINATION, OBEDIENCE, AUTHORITY, COMMANDERS

RAPE: Even rapes are at least partly the result of the predominant Welfare State mentality, communism and State socialism, with its “principles” of all property “owned in common”, the predominance of “need” over the individual rights and liberties of others: “From the able to the needy!” All that wrongful nonsense is largely enforced or “financed” by tribute levies, under the threat of imprisonment, forced labor and even extermination. If needs like food and housing are to be compulsorily provided by others, if voluntarism, self-responsibility, productivity and free exchange are not considered as primary values, then others can also to be “rightfully” coerced to provide sexual services to those needing them. If the victims, the “beneficiaries” of this communist “paradise”, are unwilling to “pay their dues” to it, then they can, from that point of view, be “legitimately” coerced to provide them, just like the victims of taxes. Consent is wrongfully and territorially assumed to exist although at most the majority did actually provide it, as it is for all too much wrongful legislation.  Or “public interest”, “common good” or “service to the needy” via enslavement of the rich (“soak the rich) are taken for granted. - Exaggerated notions of the own sexual abilities accompany this kind of sexual communism. The rapist imagines that his sexual services are wanted and are satisfying his victim. (“God’s gift to women.”) From that point of view, prostitutes are despised entrepreneurs, business people and capitalists, who profit from their sex and appearance and do exploit the needy and as such are not to be respected and frequented in free and voluntary exchanges. Every woman is considered “fair game” by these “great” hunters or predators. If altruism is “obligatory” then all others are to provide for all the needs of the “needy”, even if that needs coercion to make them provide that service to those in need of it. In some communist utopian colonies women were considered as common property, in a revival of an ancient tribal tradition, men much less so, due to the ancient warrior notions of men as superior beings and women as their subjects. Being a warrior meant, to them, the right to conquests and plunder, including rapes. Their need to “dominate” also plays a large role. Love, respect, consideration, duty, responsibility? Who “needs” them, is their notion: I need it, I want it, I get it, with force, if necessary, because I am “entitled” to it. Others are to provide me with all I need.” - Is that an exaggerated notion or at least a part explanation of the attitude of these inhumane beasts and of their criminal, aggressive, abusing, assaulting, injuring and sometimes murderous actions against their involuntary victims? The rapist certainly does not recognize individual rights, liberties, duties and responsibilities, self-ownership, self-determination, individual sovereignty, private property, free exchange, voluntarism and free choice for individuals. - Should we be surprised about this seeing that even free migration and full monetary freedom are not recognized by all anarchists and libertarians and while mass extermination devices are still kept in readiness for use and considered to be defensive rather than aggressive? The anarchist and libertarian lovers of freedom, justice and peace lovers have still failed to provide, between them, a comprehensive declaration of all individual rights and liberties and a suitable organization for their protection. - Thus rape, organized plunder and murder still go on and on, by territorial governments and their statist supporters and their victims are all too often disarmed and not allowed to organize for their protection. – Under a governmental education system even the victims remain largely unaware of many of their individual rights and liberties. – Please, explain all that more concisely and clearer, if you can. - JZ, 19.6.13.

RAPE: Seeing how the territorial governments, driven by their power urges, set a very bad examples by using and abusing everybody as a tax slave, is it really very surprising when some private people, especially those “educated” by a governmental mis-education system, and driven by their sex drives, turn other people, at least temporarily, into mere sex slaves or sex objects, or, otherwise, and driven by their own private “something for nothing” urges, rob others in other ways of their freedom, rights and property or earnings? - What, if any, education or information on all individual rights and liberties, do pupils receive in 8 to 12 years of publicly controlled “education” - and in several years of university education? Are they sufficiently informed in this respect by their parents, who are also victims of the governmental education system? In public affairs all too much is “regulated” by power and abuse. In too many spheres mere “needs” or claims are officially recognized as “rights”. Each “free” vote grants also a fractional despotic vote over the affairs of all others in a country, State of local government territory. No wonder then, that under such laws and customs also some crimes with victims are committed - on private initiative. - People growing up under such a system tend to practise some private power abuse, if they can get away with it and official police “protection” allows them to do so all too often. – Do not let yourself be used and abused by others. Learn about all your individual rights and liberties and how to fight back effectively when your rights and liberties are threatened, with all rightful means. – Open slavery and serfdom have lasted for all too long. The limited slavery and feudalism of territorial States over their subjects has also already lasted for all too long. E.g., they still suppress individual and group secessionism and personal law communities of volunteers. - JZ, 19.1.86, 14.5.08. – EDUCATION, HUMAN RIGHTS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, POWER ABUSE, VOTING, SCHOOLS, IGNORANCE, KNOWLEDGE, PREJUDICES, CRIME

RATES: Fees and subscriptions for wanted services rather than compulsory rates and other taxes largely for unwanted, or overpriced monopoly services or even for disservices rendered. – 15.4.89. – TAXATION, WELFARE STATE, VOLUNTARISM

RATES: How would you rate the services of your local government if rate payment were voluntary? Would you then pay more or less or anything at all for them or even demand indemnification from the council for damages you suffered from its imposed decisions? – JZ, 14.5.08.

RATES: I presume that rates are levied only because it is harder for the payer to fiddle his returns: the house is there for all to see; but I insist that payment of rates is thoroughly unjust, against public interest, and should be abolished forthwith.” – Henry Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST, Feb. 1978. – LOCAL GOVERNMENTS

RATES: Rates are wrong. They turn us from independent local proprietors into mere tenants of a feudalistic local government. – JZ, 20.4.89.

RATES: Rates don’t rate high with me in my scale of values. I would rather pay competitive market prices for what I want. – JZ, 22.3.75. – Alas, even most libertarians have not yet sufficiently contemplated the provision of “public services” otherwise than through territorial government monopolies, called “limited” governments, in spite of their territorial monopoly. – JZ, 30.4.08. - LOCAL GOVERNMENT, TAXES ON LAND-HOLDINGS

RATIONAL BEINGS: 1.) X is a fully rational being if and only if X is a being, which acts only on maxims that are universalisable. – 2.) X is a fully rational being if and only if X reacts rationality, whether in its own being or in that of another, always as an end and never as a means only. - - 3. X is a fully rational being if and only if X acts as though he were a law-making member in a universal kingdom of ends.” – Jeffrie G. Murphy, Kant: The Philosophy of Right, p.68.

RATIONAL BEINGS: A rational agent is one who has the power to act in accordance with his idea of laws – that is, in accordance with principles.” - H. J. Paton, in the introduction to “The Moral Law”. - PERSONAL LAW, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

RATIONAL BEINGS: Hegel was not altogether wrong. Only a rational being can be free because only a rational being can make a choice between alternatives. An irrational choice is not a free choice. To act freely is to act rationally. And to act rationally is to acknowledge the necessity of nature and of history. There is no real antithesis between necessity and freedom.” – Maurice Cranston, Political Dialogues, p.137, ascribing these remarks to Marx. – NECESSITY, FREEDOM,

RATIONAL BEINGS: How can one contact with an infant or an insane person?One cannot. Let me add, however, since this question seems to be calculated as a refutation of Proudhon’s concept of contractual association – that this limitation of contract is also a limitation on law. Archic society does not apply its laws to infants and psychotics, yet functions tolerably well by inflicting these laws on all non-infants and non-psychotics. Anarchic society can safely exclude infants and psychotics from contractual association without tumbling into chaos upon this account. Indeed, the whole claim for anarchic society is that, by substituting contracts for laws, it will enable man to escape all obligations to irresponsible persons and obligate himself voluntarily only to those he considers responsible enough to reciprocate the obligation.” – Robert Anton Wilson, in a refutation in A WAY OUT. – OBLIGATIONS, ANARCHISM, RIGHTS, CONTRACTS, INFANTS

RATIONAL BEINGS: In less Kantian language, the rational being will insure that in pursuing his own ends (whatever they may be) he leaves every other rational being the freedom to pursue his own ends.” - Jeffrie G. Murphy, Kant: The Philosophy of Right, p.74.

RATIONAL BEINGS: Only rational agents or persons can be ends in themselves. – H. J. Paton, in the introduction to “The Moral Law”, p.33.

RATIONAL BEINGS: Rational beings were endowed by nature with reasoning powers and are capable of using them. (A reasonable man exercises them habitually.) They have the right to use their reasoning powers in the same way as they may use their limbs. But only when they can enjoy certain elementary rights can they make free and full use of their reasoning powers. These rights are the NATURAL RIGHTS OF RATIONAL BEINGS. They are inalienable as long and to the extent that the claimant remains rational. The minimum reasoning power, required of rational beings, is only the capacity to distinguish between right and wrong and to respect the rights of others. … Since unreasonable beings do not possess all rights, those they do have must be protected by others, rational citizens. They, too, may not be conscripted as mere things. For a volunteer peace force of the above indicated kind they would anyhow be more of a burden than an asset. – From the human rights declaration in PEACE PLANS No. 4.

RATIONALISM: I cannot comprehend how any man can want anything but the truth.” – Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, Meditations. – Quoted by G. Seldes in The Great Quotations. – TRUTH

RATIONALISM: libertarianism and rationalism are political correlates.” – Silvert, Man’s Power, VIII. - One could say the same for panarchism, but with the difference that panarchism includes tolerance also for those who are not quite rational and moral in all their ideals, which they merely try to realize among themselves, but rational enough to be tolerant about it, i.e. to respect the right of other volunteers to engage in other experiments, actions, systems and institutions. – JZ, 1.5.08, 1.2.14.

RATIONALISM: Only rarely does one get a rational response to a rational appeal, even from people who think themselves to be rational and are widely thought to be rational. – JZ, 7.11.95. – The main cause is probably the dominance of popular prejudices, errors and myths in the social science spheres. – This situation might be rapidly changed if an encyclopedia of the best refutation were provided in WIKIPEDIA fashion. – Otherwise most people get lost in this kind of jungle or labyrinth. They even still fall for slogans like: “Made in Australia!” I never noticed any mass medium arguing against it and the false assumptions behind it. - JZ, 9.5.08.

RATIONALISM: Rationalism may be defined as the mental attitude which unreservedly accepts the supremacy of reason and aims at establishing a system of philosophy and ethics, verifiable by experience and independent of all arbitrary assumptions of authority.” – Memorandum of the Aims and Objects of the Rationalist Press Association, London, c. 1895. - RATIONALIST NEWS. – REASON, AUTHORITY

RATIONALISM: While rationalism at the individual level is a plea for more personal autonomy from cultural norms, at the social level it is often a claim- or arrogation- of power to stifle the autonomy of others.” - Thomas Sowell - AUTONOMY, TOLERANCE, INTOLERANCE, LICENCE VS. LIBERTY, SINGLE CONVENIENCE VS. MUTUAL CONVENIENCE RELATIONSHIPS, SHORT-SIGHED EGOISM VS. RATIONAL SELFISHNESS

RATIONALISTS: Most rationalists, although rationally and morally opposed to dogmas in the religious sphere, seem to have fallen for dogmas in the social sciences, especially the state socialist ones, that have been, in their effects, even more murderous and destructive in our times than e.g. Christian churches have been in the past. – JZ, 12.1.95, 9.5.08.

RATIONALISTS: Rationalists are also a kind of Bible-bashers. While the believers in the Bible refer to it excessively and uncritically, the rationalists attack it excessively rather than largely ignore it as just another book. Only as long as both are tolerant are both of them tolerable. – JZ, 20.8.95, 10.5.08.

RATIONALITY: a human being shares growth with the plants and perception with the beasts, and alone has a rational element.” – Somerset Maugham - MAN, ANIMALS, HUMAN NATURE

RATIONALITY: he felt that mankind had only begun to fight the battle for rationality.” - Frank E. Manuel, The Prophets of Paris, p.49. – On Turgot.

RATIONALITY: Individuals may not be perfectly rational or far-sighted, but governments are worse.” – Prof. Paul Kerin, in THE AUSTRALIAN, 11.9.07. - FAR-SIGHTEDNESS, INDIVIDUALS & STATES, GOVERNMENTS, TERRITORIALISM

RATIONALITY: Man is a reasoning being who, by taking thought, gains valid truths about himself and the universe. – Edmund A. Opitz, THE FREEMAN, 11/72.

RATIONALITY: Rational is as rational does. – Algis Budrys, A Scraping at the Bones, in ANALOG, 5/75. – Compare: “Thou shalt recognize them by their fruits.”

RATIONALITY: The characteristic that most significantly distinguishes man from other organisms is his ability rationally to will his own actions. Admittedly, this is only a budding ability, a rarer achievement than generally believed. But, nonetheless, the rational will is a potentiality, and its progressive realization would seem to be the mark of man fulfilling his destiny, namely, coming more and more to share in creation.” – Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.9. – MAN, PURPOSE, DESTINY, CREATIVITY, WILL, FREE WILL, SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-GOVERNMENT, REASON

RATIONALITY: There is nothing rationally desirable that cannot be achieved if rationality itself increases.” – Robert Anton Wilson, The Illuminati Papers, p.6. - REASON, INTELLIGENCE EXPANSION

RATIONALITY: To know one's own desires, their meaning and their costs requires the highest human virtue: rationality.” - Ayn Rand – REASON, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, ALL FOR RATIONAL BEINGS ONLY

RATIONALITY: To the extent to which a man is rational, life is the premise directing his actions. To the extent to which he is irrational, the premise directing his actions is death.” – Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, p.944. – MAN, LIFE, VALUES

RATIONALIZATION: A group of welfare officials met in a special conference for the purpose of discussing ways and means to save money. The expense for holding the conference was $ 170 000.00 – C.F., quoted in NEWS DIGEST INTERNATIONAL, 12/75. – Naturally, such people would not consider voluntary taxation or letting the taxpayers themselves decide how their money is to be spent. Nor would they consider reducing all their subjects to volunteers only. – JZ, 1.5.08. TAXATION, OFFICIALS, BUREAUCRACY, BUDGETS WELFARE STATE, RATIONALIZATION BY GOVERNMENTS, GOVERNMENT SPENDING

RATIONALIZATION: The Minister for Postal services understand under rationalization the steady increase of postal charges combined with a steady decrease of postal services.” – Parkinson. Alas, only in a JZ re-translation from the German version: “Unter Rationalisierung verstehen die meisten Postminister, dass man die Gebuehren laufend erhoeht und die Zustellung staendig verschlechtert.“ – POST OFFICE

RATIONALIZATIONS: People rationalized. They rationalized to reduce the complex to the simple, the unknown to the understandable, the alien to the commonplace. The rationalized to save their sanity – to make the mentally unacceptable concept into something they could live with.” – Clifford Simak, Skirmish, p.143, in Strangers in the Universe. – PREJUDICES, PEOPLE, ATTITUDE TOWARDS E.G. THE NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, DETERRENCE HYPOTHESIS

RATIONING: In a world of scarcity some form of rationing is always with us. Rationing by coupon has the disadvantage of ignoring the different (and changing) tastes and circumstances of different people and firms. … Just as important, rationing is a form of coercion, forbidding people from spending their incomes in ways they prefer.” - Samuel Brittan, Participation Without Politics, p. 20. – The best form of rationing is achieved through free pricing on a free market. Rationing only through free pricing! – JZ, 1.7.92, 14.5.08. - SELF-RATIONING BY INDIVIDUALS VS. RATIONING IMPOSED UPON THEM, PRICES, PRICING, FREE MARKETS

RATIONING: In the desert of ration cards the seeds of communism are thriving.” – Ludwig von Mises, Omnipotent Government, p.221.

RATIONING: Rationing is Anti-Plenty.” – Leonard E. Read, Thoughts Rule the World, p.21. – One might, with equal or even more justification, say: Thoughtlessness or unjustified prejudices rule the world. – But price controls, combined with rationing, certainly reduced production and thus prosperity. - JZ, 1.5.08, 2.2.14.

RATIONING: rationing requires an army of bureaucrats and this is no substitute for the free market. It’s expensive to ration, it’s inequitable to ration, and it is economically dangerous to ration.” – Paul Stevens, THE FREEMAN, 11/75. – QUOTAS, PLANNING, DIRIGISM, ALLOCATIONS, PRICE CONTROL

RAW MATERIALS: Since present expenditure on raw materials is only about $ 60 per capita per year, costs of raw materials could easily triple or quadruple by the end of the century without substantially diminishing our standard of living.” – David Friedman, Laissez Faire in Population, 1972, p.35. - Did he include the price of oil, coal and water here? – At least raw food might also be considered as raw materials required for our survival. – How narrowly did he define “raw materials”? Actually, reckoned in stable values, the price of e.g. metals has gone down rather than up. - JZ, 1.5.08. – NATURAL RESOURCES, MINING

RE-DISTRIBUTIONISM: In increasing numbers, Americans believe that it is the responsibility – nay, the duty – of the federal government to take the earnings of some Americans and redistribute them to other Americans for various and sundry "good" reasons including "fairness." Citizens who know it is wrong to use force to take money from a neighbor have rationalized that it is OK for the government to do it for them. –Linda Bowles, nationally syndicated columnist. – WELFARE STATE, TAXATION & GOVERNMENT SPENDING, STATISM, REDISTRIBUTIONISM

REACTIONARIES: Clemenceau was right when he said: “One is always a reactionary in somebody’s opinion.” – Mises, Planning for Freedom, p.9. – Panarchies also for all kinds of traditionalists, reactionaries, conservatives, statists, futurists, libertarians, anarchists, revolutionaries and territorialists – as long as they are satisfied with self-governance or self-management under personal law or exterritorial autonomy. Their remaining verbal battles will become correspondingly reduced and will, anyhow, be tolerable. – JZ, 20.6.13.

REACTIONARIES: Don’t hesitate to be as revolutionary as science. Don’t hesitate to be as reactionary as the multiplication table.” – Calvin Coolidge – The multiplication table is conservative, factual, scientific and sensible, not reactionary! – JZ, n.d. & 2.2.14.

REACTIONARIES: like reverse gears in the machinery of evolution.” – W. R. Thompson, Outlaw, in ANALOG 10/90, p.156. – If they were confined to their own volunteers only, under full exterritorial autonomy and their own personal laws, then they could at least serve as deterrent examples to others. Like with all other ideologues, it is only wrongful and harmful to give them territorial power over people who do not agree with them. – JZ, 18.9.08.

REACTIONARIES: REACTIONARY: One who does not go with the flow of progressive bullshit.” – L. Z. Rollins, Lucifer’s Lexicon. – Progress towards still more territorial statism is not genuine progress. – JZ, 2.2.14.

REACTIONARIES: Tell the critics who characterize the fight for liberty as ‘reactionary’ that in the context of history coercion is clearly reactionary and liberty progressive. Tell them that the twin ideas of human liberty and the free market were born only yesterday. Tell them that allowing millions upon millions of individuals to pursue their material interests, with minimal interference from the State, will unleash an incredible and orderly outpouring of inventiveness and wealth. Tell them that lack of vision threatens to extinguish the brightest light ever to appear in the long night of tyranny and privation that is the history of the human race.” – William E. Simon - LIBERTY, PROGRESS, COERCION, FREE MARKET, HISTORY, ,

REACTIONARIES: Yes, we are reactionaries – in reacting strongly against every restriction of our liberties and in wanted many liberties restored which have been stolen from us by the legislators and bureaucrats. – JZ, 11/75.

REACTIONARIES: You are a reactionary! I wish I were allowed to be one! – For instance, as George M. Tabor said in TIME, 21.4.80: “Writes British Historian Paul Johnson: ‘After nearly five recorded millennia of floundering about in poverty, humanity suddenly in the 1780’s began to hit on the right formula: industrial capitalism.’ Production and consumption in Britain soared a staggering 1600 % during the 19th century.” – Alas, monetary despotism still largely persisted. (So did taxes and territorialism.) We had only temporary and limited traces of monetary freedom. - JZ, 9.6.82, 1.5.08. – Monetary and financial freedom are still to come. – JZ, 2.2.14. - INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION, POVERTY, WEALTH, CAPITALISM, FREE MARKETS, FREE TRADE, FREE ENTERPRISE

REACTIONARIES: You are reactionaries! – Libertarians are, indeed,reactionaries, who rationally and morally react against e.g. inflation, unemployment, oppression, taxation, conscription, bureaucracy, monopolies and the nuclear war threat, all brought about by territorial governments. They are aware that only freedom has the answer to economic, social and political problems and to the nuclear war threat. At the very least, we are not apathetic on any of these and many other questions. Only authoritarianism and governmentalism and territorialism and coercion are truly reactionary rather than progressive and liberating. – JZ, 2/75, 1/5/08. – LIBERTARIANISM,

READINESS TO ACCEPT FOUNDATION: When competing private currencies, in form of goods vouchers or service warrants, in distinct types and standardization and in convenient money denominations, can be freely offered and are offered by the providers of wanted or needed consumer goods or service, in short-term loans, especially for the payment of wages and salaries, to promote and assure the sale of this cover for these currencies, then they do represent nothing else than, on the one hand, the ready-for sale-goods and services. They would also constitute a convenient and alternative exchange medium, one which has the potential to make up for any shortage of other and conventional exchange media to pay wages and salaries with. They would thus and indirectly, get into the hands of the consumers, having earned them as wages or salaries, and enable them to pay the issuers for their goods and services. Then these exchange media would almost see to it that the goods and services thus offered do almost sell themselves. Moreover, such exchange media could also adopt a sound value standard (as opposed to the governmental paper one, almost continuously depreciated) and the issuers could, in principle and practice, price out all their goods and services in that sound value standard, provided it is also acceptable to the voluntary acceptors of that kind of “shop-foundation” money and that the laws and institutions of monetary despotism do not suppress that freedom option. In that case, that kind of competing currency could not only supply almost any shortage of exchange media but also any shortage of sound value standards. That freedom option is not impossible or impracticable but merely quite wrongfully outlawed. - Naturally, these short term loans by the shop associations to the employers will have to be repaid. They are paid, normally, by the employers transferring to these issuers the claims they have against wholesalers for goods already produced and sold to wholesalers. The shops can then use these claims (formerly “real bills” or “sound commercial bills” as opposed to mere financial bills of exchange) for ordering from the wholesales the goods they need for restocking their shops. - The arrangement between the shop association and its associated service shops would have to be different. They would get, from the shop association, short term loans in the shop currency of the association and would be under the usual pressure of a debtor to earn enough of that kind of shop association money, through their shop's sales profits, to repay their loan to the shop association bank and to make a living. Naturally, if such a service shop were e.g. a barber shop, a medical practice, a financial, engineering or architecture consultancy, it could try to issue its own kinds of service vouchers for its expenses. But it will usually find it much easier to offer its services as part of the whole range of shops in a shopping center . – Other private payment communities might use different systems. What e.g. public insurance companies could do was described in the third monetary freedom books by Ulrich von Beckerath, offered on Its money would have a contribution-foundation instead of a tax foundation. Its insurance premiums could be paid with it as well as its pay-outs to the insured. What railway companies or other transport companies might do was described by Dr. Walter Zander in a brochure offered on the same website. – It would be a kind of general ticket money for the railway with which the diverse tickets or other transport costs could be paid to it. Different methods for different purposes, people and institutions. But all would have the “clearing principle”, the readiness-to accept foundation” and sound value standard reckoning in common – or should have. - JZ, 20.11.97, 28.9.08, 19.2.11. – MONETARY FREEDOM, FREE BANKING

READINESS TO ACCEPT FOUNDATION: With a sound "readiness to accept foundation" e.g. by the suppliers of wanted consumer goods and services, not even a fractional, far less a 100% conventional "reserve" is necessary for a sound competing private local currency. If they were issued by e.g. chain stores like Coles or Woolworth or whole groups of them, then such currencies could even be used country-wide or world-wide. Start to think beyond the model of rare metal redemptionism, as at least some of the monetary freedom advocates have done already for many decades. – JZ, on Facebook, 10/12, to Sørengaard Srugis -  OR RESERVES FOR COMPETING CURRENCIES? MONEY & CURRENCY FOUNDATION WITHOUT METALLIC REDEMPTION OBLIGATION

READINESS: Once we become aware of the Law of Readiness, the reason becomes crystal clear, for the Law is exemplified whenever economic transactions freely occur. … Readiness is a phenomenon that requires freedom, and freedom is of two sorts, outer and inner. The nemeses of freedom are resistances. As I have already suggested, the nemeses to inner freedom are fear, anger, stress, know-it-all-ness, and the like. Rid ourselves of these or the Law of Readiness is inoperative. Ideas cannot flow into a consciousness that is thus barricaded.” – Leonard E. Read, “Who’s Listening?” p.23. – Positive ideas cannot sufficiently spread, either, if not sufficiently collected, orderly assembled, discussed, proven and defended against the host of popular errors, prejudices and dogmas. - An Ideas Archive and a Talent Centre would always seek for new and better ideas and talents and would also be able to efficiently market them. An encyclopedia of the best refutations would be the best weapon against many of the negative counter-forces. – Digitied “argument mapping”, as advocated by Paul Monk et al online, is still vastly under-utilized to disprove or prove certain ideas. - Underlining by me. - JZ, 1.5.08, 2.2.14. - OPEN-MINDEDNESS, RECEPTIVENESS, INTEREST VS. APATHY, CURIOSITY, IDEAS ARCHIVE, ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF REFUTATIONS

READINESS: Readiness Is All.” – Leonard E. Read, Then Truth Will Out, XII. – We have not yet assembled all the “blueprints” for liberty”, not even all of the better declarations of individual rights and liberties, all our references, ideas, refutations and other resources. Not even all of our kinds of quotations and all our abstracts and reviews and bibliographies and failed to index all or texts sufficiently, in a combined index and all our Internet links. – JZ, 1.5.08, 2.2.14. - PREPAREDNESS, KNOWLEDGE, LIBERTARIAN LIBRARY, ALL LIBERTARIAN BOOKS COMBINED ON DISKS, LIBERTARIAN ENCYCLOPEDIAS, TRANSLATIONS, BIBLIOGRAPHIES, INDEXES, ABSTRACT & REVIEW COLLECTIONS, CURRENT PROJECTS LISTED TOGETHER., NEW DRAFT

READING: A man ought to read just as inclination leads him; for what he reads as a task will do him little good.” – Dr. Samuel Johnson, 1709-1784. – Well, at least all freedom, peace and justice titles should be accessible to all who are seriously interested in such subjects. Digitally they could now be very cheaply provided in a single and merely book-sized external HDD. – JZm 2.2.14. - SELF-EDUCATION, BOOKS, LIBERTARIAN LIBRARY ON A SINGLE AFFORDABLE DISK

READING: A reader who is awake does not fall for a single author. We want stimulation from their clever heads but fulfillment we can only give ourselves.” – St.Ch. Waldecke, Gedanken ueber Anarchie, p.10.

READING: A special reading list should be electronically compiled and published for those books that have so far been largely ignored and out of print and other media – at great risk and costs to mankind. Books that we can no longer afford to leave unread. – Naturally, I would like to include my own favorite titles – and so would others. Is sufficient agreement achievable? At least one should give it a try. - JZ, 2.4.04, 19.10.07. – As for libertarian writings, already made digitally accessible see the long but still very incomplete URL list on - LIST FOR BOOKS

READING: Although most people can read, few appear capable of diagnosing the significance of what they are reading.” – Nemesis, quoted in NEWS DIGEST INTERNATIONAL, 6/73.

READING: Although they are not accustomed to the best, they are very well read.” – Goethe, Faust, Vorspiel auf dem Theater. (Direktor). – JZ tr. of: “Zwar sind sie an das Beste nicht gewoehnt, // Allein sie haben schrecklich viel gelesen.“

READING: Books give not wisdom where none was before. But where some is, there reading makes it more.” - From an adv. email. - LEARNING, BOOKS & WISDOM

READING: Do not become dominated by your reading. Instead, dominate it.“ – Lichtenberg, Vermischte Schriften, II, Bemerkungen, 15: Gute Vorschlaege und Maximen. – JZ tr. of: „Lasse dich deine Lektuere nicht beherrschen, sondern herrsche ueber sie.“

READING: Every man who knows how to read has it in his power to magnify himself, to multiply the ways in which he exists, to make his life full, significant and interesting.” – Aldous Huxley. – Quoted in L. J. Peter, The Peter Plan, p.168. – He has the best minds of the world as he teachers – if he want to. – JZ, 2.2.14. - SELF-DEVELOPMENT

READING: Extensive reading is a priceless treasure.” - Mencius. - Provided the texts are chosen with sufficient discrimination and judgment. Otherwise it rather provides a flood of prejudices, errors and myths. - JZ, 26.11.02. - BOOKS, LEARNING, STUDY, SCHOLARSHIP

READING: Have you ever rightly considered what the mere ability to read means? That it is the key which, admits us the whole world of thought and fancy and imagination? To the company of saint and sage, of the wisest and the wittiest at their wisest and wittiest moment? That it enables us to see with the keenest eyes, hear with the finest ears, and listen to the sweetest voices of all time?” - J. R. Lowell, Democracy and Other Addresses: Books and Libraries. - Your own special library might come to contain, digitally, almost all the books that you might ever want to consult and this on a single and cheap external HD, only the size of a book. – JZ, 15.5.08. - BOOKS, LIBRARIES

READING: I am of the opinion that the disinclination to read, which some people retain for their whole lives against books and sciences, has its origin merely in this that at an age, which can least bear efforts and compulsion, they were compelled to learn and bound to books.” – Locke, Gedanken ueber Erziehung, 24, 149. – JZ retranslation of the German version: “Ich bin der Meinung, dass die Abneigung welche manche Leute ihr ganzes Leben gegen Buecher und Wissenschaften behaften, ihren Grund bloss darin haben, dass sie in dem Alter, welches Anstrengung und Zwang am wenigsten ertragen ikann, mit Gewalt zum Lernen angetrieben und an die Buecher gefesselt worden sind.” – What made it worse was that these books were selected by others and they were forced to read them. Such a coercion develops a resistance in the victims and books in general are wrongly blamed rather than this teaching, indoctrination or schooling method. – JZ, 2.2.14. - EDUCATIONS, SCHOOLS

READING: In a very real sense, people who have read good literature have lived more than people who cannot or will not read. … It is not true that we have only one life to live; if we can read, we can live as many more lives and as many kinds of lives as we wish.” – S. I. Haykawa

READING: Keep reading – until you have read enough. – JZ, 10.2.88. – I am no longer tempted by most reading material that I find in bookshops. Even online there is by now more offered than I have time and energy to read, of freedom-, peace- and justice writings. However, most of them do not have the same priorities that I have in these spheres. So I may be close to my saturation point in reading, apart from some entertainment or relaxation reading. – JZ, 20.6.13.

READING: Look at the things humans do – although they can read! – JZ, 15.12.94. – BOOKS, ENLIGHTENMENT, EDUCATION, SELF-IMPROVEMENT

READING: Most of the really important information (for a free, peaceful, prosperous, secure, healthy, long, productive and creative life) can only be found in writing, sometimes, in some places. Some texts I have never encountered, even after decades of looking for them. Alas, also in this form information is still all too much out or print are largely “buried” in some unknown locations or mixed up with trivia and trash, even on the Internet. - How many people search and read and publish really discriminatingly mainly only the really important texts? These texts have still not been comprehensively listed, abstracted and reviewed and kept in print or at least been offered digitally, with all worthwhile comments, although by now this could probably be done on a single HDD. – JZ, 8.5.97, 9.5.08. - DISCRIMINATING READING, GENUINE FREEDOM, PEACE & JUSTICE LITERATURE, FREEDOM LIBRARY ON A HDD

READING: Most of the world's knowledge is accessible only through reading. - JZ, 24.4.99. - KNOWLEDGE, BOOKS

READING: Much reading harms thinking.” – Lichtenberg, Vermischte Schriften, II, 2, Bemerkungen, 1. – Unless one reads critically and makes notes. – JZ, 10.12.85. (“Das viele Lesen ist dem Denken schaedlich.”)

READING: Of bad books one can never read too little and good books never often enough.” – Schopenhauer, Parerga und Paralipomena, II, Kap. XXXI, Par. 387. - Only a JZ tr. of: “Vom Schlechten kann man nie zu wenig und das Gute nie zu oft lesen.” – Usually because one does not encounter the good books often enough. – JZ, 2.2.14.

READING: People say that life is the thing, but I prefer reading. – Logan Pearsall Smith, Afterthoughts, 1931.– Quoted in an advertisement by Natalie Delgado, in an email. – Reading is easier than to act upon one’s reading, but this does not mean that we ought to go on, forever, to read only about e.g. peace, justice, freedom and prosperity options. – JZ, 22.6.92. - Via reading, discussions, correspondence, videos, movies, theatre performances, songs etc. one can share the life experiences and adventures of many others and this cheaply and in comfort rather than in danger. – Whoever does not read or does not read enough does only live his own life – with many boring stretches or only trivial activities in it. - JZ, 31.10.07. – As far as possible so far, we should, naturally, also try to apply what we learnt through our reading and writings. Not every action is outlawed as yet and we can always try to strive to expand the sphere of freedom of action and experimentation. – JZ, 2.2.14. - & LIVING, BOOKS, READING, WRITING, ENLIGHTENMENT, EDUCATION, ACTION, EXPERIMENTATION, NEW DRAFT

READING: Read not to contradict and confute; nor to believe and take for granted; nor to find talk and discourse; but to weigh and consider.  Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested: that is, some books are to be read only in parts, others to be read, but not curiously, and some few to be read wholly, and with diligence and attention.” - Francis Bacon. – BOOKS, READ WITH JUDGMENT

READING: Reading after a certain age diverts the mind too much from its creative pursuits. Any man who reads too much and uses his own brains too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.” – Albert Einstein, Quoted by Edwin Muller, Einstein: A Study in Simplicity. – Admittedly, of reading there can be too much, simply for entertainment, diversion, relaxation or to pass the time. One should not only read sense but also try to make sense. At one stage the already somewhat enlightened person ought to think creatively, write or lecture himself or to act upon his knowledge, particularly when he is already getting on in age and further reading would merely increase his own knowledge but would not help him but rather prevent him from passing on his accumulated knowledge. Insofar Einstein was right here. - Some critics of Einstein rightly criticized him for not having read enough of predecessors and of views contrary to his own. – The widespread veneration he encountered did not promote his self-criticism. – He also represented some of the “barbarism of the specialists” when he wrote or spoke outside his sphere of competence. I cannot forgive him for having recommended the development of mass extermination devices, upon the ancient, immoral and counter-productive prejudice of collective responsibility of whole populations for the actions of their governments or for the actions of some of members of the population of a country, faith, race or ideology, more or less thrown together by chance or even by compulsion or wrongly considered to be equal in their guilt. Such mass murderous notions are even applied to babies and infants – and to the opponents of a regime, simply because they were its subjects. – If the collective responsibility notions were right, then Einstein himself, as a former German, should have been held responsible for the actions of the Nazis. Actually, many of the Jews, who had managed to escape from the Nazi regime to England, were interned there, for a while - as members of the enemy “nation”! As a child I was bombed, as if I were a Nazi myself. - JZ, 22.6.92, 14.5.08. - THINKING, ACTION, CREATIVITY.

READING: Reading does not make a man wise, it only makes him learned. – Anon. - WISDOM, SCHOLARS, ACADEMICS

READING: Reading is a process, not replaceable by anything else, to participate in the events of the world and thereby to find one’s own inner world.” – Ernst R. Hauschka. – (“Das Lesen ist ein durch nichts zu ersetzender Prozess, um durch active Teilnahme an Weltgeschehen seine eigene Innenwelt zu finden.”)

READING: Reading is for the mind the same what gymnastics is for the body.” – Addison. - JZ retranslation of: “Lesen ist fuer den Geist das, was Gymnastik fuer den Koerper ist.” - Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” – Richard Steele – How many libertarians are satisfied with just a few freedom books and a few freedom authors? – JZ, 1.5.08. - BOOKS, SELF-EDUCATION, LEARNING, STUDYING, STUDENTS OF LIBERTY, BOOKS

READING: Reading is sometimes an ingenious device for drugging thought.” - Sir Arthur Helps, 1813-1875, in 1848. – Another version: Reading is sometimes an ingenious device for avoiding thought. – Sir Arthur Helps, 1813-1875, Friends in Council. - Or avoiding its labors. - JZ, 26.11.02. - Compare: “Many read only to avoid thinking.” – Source? - Writing can at least sometimes be a device for developing thoughts. – JZ, 14.5.08. - BOOKS, VS. THOUGHT, THINK!

READING: Reading makes a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man.” – Lord Bacon. – DISCUSSIONS, WRITING

READING: The end of reading is not more books but more life.” – Holbrook Jackson. – The purpose of reading freedom, peace and justice books is to achieve more life that is worth living. – JZ, 14.5.08.

READING: The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them.” - Mark Twain. - BOOKS, EDUCATION, SELF-IMPROVEMENT, LITERACY IS NOT ENOUGH

READING: There are three kinds of readers. Firstly the ones who enjoy without judgment. The third group is formed by the ones who judge without appreciation. The middle group does critically enjoy and judging appreciates.” – Goethe. JZ tr. of: “Es gibt dreierlei Arten Leser: eine, die ohne Urteil geniesst, eine dritte, die ohne zu geniessen, urteils; die mittlere, die geniessend urteilt und urteilend geniesst.

READING: To do my part, to intelligently interpret my self-interest on the social side, requires that I draw on the wisdom of the ages. And this calls for serious reading. Francis Bacon observed thatreading maketh a full man’.” – Probably a remark by L. E. Read in one of his many books. – JZ

READING: To limit the press is to insult the nation; to prohibit the reading of certain books is to declare the inhabitants to be either fools or slaves.” – Helvetius, quoted in Sprading, Liberty and the Great Libertarians, p. 47. – CENSORSHIP, FREEDOM OF INFORMATION, FREEDOM TO PUBLISH & READ, PRESS, PUBLICITY, BOOKS, NEWSPAPERS, MAGAZINES, INTERNET

READING: Too much reading input incapacitates one for the own creative work. And with too little reading one tends not to be sufficiently creative or innovative on certain subjects but rather limps behind other and previous thinkers. – JZ, 10.12.85.

READING: Ultimately, the ones who read the best writings will, mostly, make significantly better decisions on their own affairs, as soon as they are free to do so, than those of the people who don’t read them and think that they do not need to bother about them, because they have acquired territorial power based upon their own ignorance and prejudices, supported by the ignorance and prejudices of the majority of territorial voters. – Unfortunately, the best books in the social sciences are not even offered together, as cheaply as it could now be done on a single HDD. – And not a single comprehensive freedom library exists as yet anywhere in the world. Electronically it could be cheaply multiplied a million-fold. Nor are people free to experiment with the knowledge that they gained out of such books or acquired through their own experience. Territorial laws, regulations and institutions prevent them from doing that. – JZ, 11.5.08. - BOOKS, INFORMATION, EDUCATION, ENLIGHTENMENT, VOTING, POWER, MAJORITY, PUBLIC OPINION, PREJUDICES, IGNORANCE, BOOKS, LEARNING, ENLIGHTENMENT, POLITICIANS, TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, LIBERTARIAN ELECTRONIC LIBRARY

READING: What I don’t consider worth reading: 1.) The speeches and writings of most politicians. 2.) The spoutings of preachers and other faithfuls, in most instances. 3.) The torrents of the mystics. 4.) Communist writings. 5.) Nazi writings. 6.) Greeny writings that place a higher value upon the lowest animals and plants or mere rocks, deserts and icy areas than upon the lives and activities of free human beings. – J.Z, 27.4.95. – You, naturally, have to make your own choices. – JZ, 9.5.08.

READING: You should be extending your stay among writers whose genius is unquestionable, deriving constant nourishment from them if you wish to gain anything from your reading that will find a lasting place in your mind. To be everywhere is to be nowhere.” - Seneca - BOOKS, GENIUS

READY MONEY: A cutpurse is a sure trade, for he has ready money when his work is done.” – English proverb. – It should be the other way around. Money should be easier to earn than to steal or to rob. But to achieve that we have to advance from the exclusive money of monetary despotism to the competing, optional, market-rated and diverse monies of monetary freedom. Monopoly money has a much wider circulation sphere and longer circulation period and is thus much more attractive for thieves and robbers. – JZ, 1.5.08. - CASH, MONETARY FREEDOM VS. MONETARY DESPOTISM

REAGAN: Astrology might appear an odd, even heretical hobby for a man who proclaimed himself a Christian and often cited the Book of Revelation (which had itself been dismissed by one of his predecessors, Thomas Jefferson, as ‘the ravings of a maniac, no more worthy, nor capable of explanation than the incoherence of our own nightly dreams’). - FRANCIS WHEEN, How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered the World, A Short History of Modern Delusions, Harper Perennial, London, 2004, p.125. - PRESIDENTS, BIBLE, CHRISTIANITY, JEFFERSON

REAL BILLS DOCTRINE: To facilitate the reflux of sound bills for-clearing-only, they should be “split up” or, temporarily replaced in circulation by the issue of clearing certificates in convenient denominations, just like it happens in the note issue upon real bills, under the banking principle. Then the discounting banks and other clearing centers, e.g. shop associations, can more easily use these denominations for short-term turnover-credits, e.g. to employers to pay salaries and wages with, as well as for their own salary bills and payments to their various suppliers and their landlords. Finally, the discounted bills will be paid in these clearing certificates in convenient denominations, as if they were cash. Alternatively, with these certificates credit accounts are established and then these are used to be cleared against the debt expressed in the original bill for clearing only. The original bill is to be sufficiently checked by the discounting or clearing center, to ascertain that it is based upon a real sale of already produced goods, usually to wholesalers. Maybe a deliver docket should be required. To make sure that the clearing certificates (in money denominations) issued upon the clearing bills, will not be hoarded and remain indefinitely in circulation, they should be issued only for a clearly stated period of validity, corresponding to the short term nature of the original clearing bill. Interest should also be charged for the discounting involved, to speed up the repayment or clearing of these debt. One might consider the smaller and round figure clearing certificates issued, as convenient and easily transferable cheques written out upon the account originally established by crediting and “discounting” or monetizing the clearing bill. The original bill provides one of the acceptance foundations for the clearing certificates or “clearing cheques” or clearing banknotes, the final one. But in-between other acceptance foundations become operational, e.g. the acceptance of such means of payment from their employer by the employees, in wage and salary payments, their acceptance by shop owners in payment for their goods and services, supplied to these employees, then the acceptance by the wholesalers, who had issued the original bill, in payment for the goods delivered to the retailers. When their circuit has been completed they should be cancelled or destroyed and replaced by new issues, corresponding to the continuing turnover of goods. Shops providing goods or services, could discount their own certified readiness to accept the clearing certificates with a clearing bank. However, their most suitable discounter for them would, probably, be a shop association bank, that issues clearing certificates in form of a local shop currency. – Mere verbal descriptions of such exchange media and clearing certificates, their issues, circulation and reflux are difficult. Thus I drafted and digitized, years ago, some circulation charts to illustrate their various issue and reflux and circuit options in-between. Until they appear on a disk or website, they are only available from me upon request as email attachments. - JZ, 19.4.07, 25.10.07. – My long but still very incomplete A to Z on free banking is now online at - JZ, 20.6.13. & BILLS FOR CLEARING ONLY, CLEARING CERTIFICATES, CLEARING RATHER THAN METALLIC REDEMPTION OR GOLD COIN CERTIFICATES OR CASH CLAIMS, BILL DISCOUNTS, BANKING PRINCIPLE, SOUND NOTE ISSUES

REAL MONEY: Petrol money, railway money, electricity money and properly developed shop currencies, going beyond primitive "token" money, etc., could also be forms of "real" money today, as they were, sometimes, in the past, if they were no longer outlawed. It is almost unreal to me how people manage to stick only to limited and ancient monetary practices, once very wide-spread, while continuing to ignore all other monetary freedom options demonstrated in the past and, to a very limited extent, even in our times, but now always under the threat of prohibitions and confiscations. Whoever knows only of rare metal money and legal tender monopoly money of the State, knows, really, all too little about money. - John Zube - Facebook, 27.9.12. – Even  Karl Marx recognized that, in “Zur Kritik der Politischen Oekonomie” (Critique of Political Economy), p. 129 of the Dietz, Berlin, 1951 3dition: “ … observers, who studied the phenomena of monetary circulation exclusively on the examples of the circulation of legal tender paper money, had to overlook the inherent laws of money circulation.” – Also quoted in my pamphlet Stop the Legal Tender Crime”, p.7/8, in PEACE PLANS 19 A. – JZ, 2.2.14.

REALISM: Be impossible – demand the realistic.” – An anarchist comment by the editors of THE ANARCHIST, Brisbane, 1/95. – The communist anarchists are still in the majority among the anarchists. Are they realistic? Maybe in the religious sphere but in economics? – JZ, 10.5.08.

REALISM: I do not want to discourage you – but to be realistic – i.e., neither to be too pessimistic nor too optimistic. – JZ, 22.6.92, 14.5.08. – OPTIMISM, PESSIMISM

REALISM: No utopia is so wild, so dangerous, so incomprehensible and fantastic as the reality of today.” – Christopher Fry. – JZ tr. of: “Keine Utopie ist so wild, so gefaehrlich, so unbegreiflich phantastisch wie die Wirklichkeit von heute.”

REALISM: Reality is not obligated to conform to what we want to believe.” – Michael P. Kube-McDowell, “Menace”, in ANALOG 2/84, p.88. – BELIEF, FAITH, RELIGION

REALISM: Realpolitik does not produce any desirable utopia but merely the usual messes of territorial politics. – JZ, 9.7.92, 15.5.08. – TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

REALISM: Sometimes there is a lot to be said for not being too much of a realist.” – From film “Dunkirk”. – The Nazis were unrealistic in this case, too, by relying too much merely on their air power. The evacuation of the English troops was realistically carried out largely rather by small private boats than by navy forces alone. – JZ, 14.5.08. –

REALISM: Territorial “realists” do not realize how much of reality they are missing out on and must, inevitably, as long as they remain territorialists, unaware of their realistic, rightful and free alternatives. – JZ, 1.10.89, 15.5.08. – TERRITORIALISM

REALISM: The territorial, political, economic and social reality is so far from ideal and so extensively built upon errors, myths, prejudices and false assumptions, usurped powers and THEIR coercion that it is almost “unreal”, merely some ideological or religions, mythological or statist artificial construct, the mere enactment of fantasies, dreams and spleens. Thus we should not all too often refer to it as the “reality”, as something quite real, as representing a natural, moral, free and rational world. Like enforced wars and totalitarian regimes, even democracies and “peaceful” but meddlesome “societies”, it is mere playacting, or a mere directed, edited and biased movie-“life”. – Our lives are thus almost as distorted as the lives of primitives are by their ignorance and superstitions. – We should become individually free, as actors and players, directors and editors, writers and dreamers, to act only in self-chosen roles, plays, movies or sports etc., etc. or, in other words, quite realistically, live our own lives, without scripts and rules that are territorially imposed upon us by others, which leads, inevitably to endless dissatisfaction, conflicts and intolerance. – JZ, 9.10.76, 15.5.08. – PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIALISM & ITS MONOPOLY & COERCION.

REALISM: Tyranny, like Hell, is not easily conquered.” – Thomas Paine, The Crisis, 1776. – How much can we expect to achieve when we haven’t even compiled a complete declaration of all individual rights and liberties as yet, a program for a libertarian revolution, liberation and defence, and a complete libertarian reference library, a complete libertarian bibliography, abstracts and review collection, an archive of all our ideas, a common public list of all our projects and a directory to all our talents and resources? – JZ, 15.5.08.

REALISM: When you come right down to it, nothing’s as good as you think it’s going to be.” – Robert Sheckley, Dimensions of Miracles, p.66. – And nothing is as bad as you think it is or is going to be – if only people, mainly and at first only the dissenting individuals and minorities, become quite free to do something about their present conditions, under full exterritorial autonomy and personal law. – JZ, 15.5.08, 19.2.11. – PESSIMISM, OPTIMISM, SELF-HELP, FUTURISM, REFORMS, FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF ACTION, EXERIMENTATION, VOLUNTARISM, COMPETITION & LAISSEZ FAIRE IN EVERY SPHERE, PANARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, POLYARCHISM, SECESSIONISM

REALISM: You may be sure that when a man begins to call himself a “realist”, he is preparing to do something he is secretly ashamed of doing.” – Sydney Harris. – , RED., ETHIC, SHAME, CONSCIENCE

REALIST: Evader of principle.” – THE FREE RADICAL 2.

REALISTIC OR UNREALISTIC? As for the objection that we are ‘unrealistic’, government itself is, in our view, the more unrealistic: it promises peace but delivers war. It institutionalizes robbery as its means of ‘protection’ against the criminals who might commit robbery. Its conscription enslaves us so as to force us to ‘defend’ ourselves against enslavement by foreign countries’ governments. Its police surveillance, its continually augmenting pile of laws to which no one can be safe from accidental disobedience or selective prosecution, show that in ‘protecting’ us, government actually invades farther than the alleged anti-freedom elements from which government ‘protects’ us. Government is an unrealistic, unworkable, utopian dream. It has been so demonstrated and proved countless times.” – Fred Woodworth, Anarchism, p.35. - GOVERNMENT, LIBERTARIANISM, UTOPIAS, IDEALISM, , TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, ANARCHISM, PANARCHISM

REALITY: Beliefs regarding facts are often stronger than reality and recorded proofs of facts in determining our attitudes and our actions. E.g. the various beliefs on taxation have mostly little relationship to its realities. The same applies to money, trade, immigration, war, peace, unemployment, inflation, money, statism – practically almost all of the so-called “social sciences” and their subjects. We are still religious and prejudiced, faithful and superstitious animals rather than moral and rational ones. Our misled minds ignore many facts. Our education and training multiplies errors and wrong assumptions. E.g. on laissez faire and the industrial revolution, on the Welfare State and the Warfare State, on competition, profits, capitalism, money, currency, foreign exchange rates. We can even be motivated into fighting wars and civil wars against each other. All that is nothing to be proud of. It isn’t mind over matter, except somewhat in science and technology, but it is misinformed minds that matter and decide most in the present territorial political, social and economic systems, more or less imposed upon dissenters. We are still far from an enlightened and tolerant age, one of peace, justice, freedom. Fads, fashions, prejudices, myths, errors, control all too many of our actions not scientific arguments, proofs and observations. At least not until we finally develop “social sciences” that deserve the name. And suitable reference works that effectively counter the flood or errors and support all truths sufficiently. – JZ, 6.9.95, 9.5.08. – ENLIGHTENMENT, NEW DRAFT, FACTS, MYTHS, PREJUDICES, PROPAGANDA, TRUTH, OPINIONS, BELIEFS, FAITH, RELIGION, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS, IDEAS ARCHIVE, LIBERTARIAN LIBRARY, LIBERTARIAN ENCYCLOPEDIA

REALITY: But I realize that humans cannot bear very much reality. – Frank Herbert, Children of Dune, ANALOG, 3/76, p. 50.

REALITY: California became the first to discover that it is fantasy that leads reality, not the other way around.” – quoted in M. Ferguson, The Aquarian Conspiracy, p.147. - FANTASY, IMAGINATION, CREATIVITY, INVENTIVENESS, IDEAS, DREAMS, UTOPIANISM, HOLLYWOOD

REALITY: Face reality? The only people who face reality are the ones who are too dumb to duck when they see it coming.” – From film: “Bhowani Junction”, with Ava Gardner and Stewart Granger. – JOKES

REALITY: for a working definition we’ll just say that reality is what trips you up when you walk around with your eyes closed.” – F. Paul Wilson, The Healer, p.104.

REALITY: I am working on a second book. It’s called Reality Is What You Can Get Away With, and it’s about the future evolution of consciousness and intelligence.” – Robert Anton Wilson, Schroedinger’s Cat III, p.199. – That could be considered to be either the principle of a free marketeer on a black market or of a criminal with victims. – JZ, 1.5.08, 19.2.11.

REALITY: Many realities can, deserve and ought to be changed, once they are morally, rationally and realistically seen for what they really are: real wrongs and great mistakes of human actions. – JZ, 20.4.84. – E.g., at least to some extent we have done away with child sacrifices, religious intolerance, slavery and torture, although not yet completely enough. A proper guide for all, a declaration of all individual rights and liberties is still missing. Holy books, governmental bills of rights and laws are quite insufficient guides. – JZ, 1.5.08.

REALITY: Most people are still seeing/sensing a world that vanished around the middle of their adolescence. Women, who take a new imprint at each childbirth, are less rigid than men, in this respect.” – Robert Anton Wilson, The Illuminati Papers, p.110, 1977. – Whether both statements are true and to what extent is still doubtful to me – but this is an interesting point of view. On small matters, of concern to them, women are certainly more realistic. And mental development stops for most people all too early. – JZ, 1.5.08. – WORLD VIEW, IMPRINTING, PAVLOVIAN EARLY CONDITIONING

REALITY: Reality – what a poor substitute for imagination!” – Dagobert D. Runes, On the Nature of Man, p.85. – IMAGINATION, MAN, IDEALISM, IDEAS

REALITY: Reality denied comes back to haunt.” – Quoted by Philip K. Dick, Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said, p.119.

REALITY: Reality has a habit of catching up with people and even with the law. – JZ, 1.7.76. - But, sometimes, it takes too long. – JZ, 1.5.08.

REALITY: reality is always greater in complexity than any number of finite minds can visualize - or interact with …” - Perry Chapdelaine, Culture Shock, p.135 in ANALOG 5/71. & COMPLEXITY, UNDERSTANDING, COMPREHENSION

REALITY: Reality is far too complex to be reduced to simple statements without suppression of facts.” - Murray Leinster, The Grandfathers' War, p.14, in ASTOUNDING SF, 10/57. - Mere slogans cannot contain, in most cases, all the truths on a subject – JZ, 27.3.09 - & FACTS, SLOGANS FOR LIBERTY, OVERSIMPLIFICATIONS, GENERALIZATIONS, RED.

REALITY: Reality is something the human race doesn’t handle very well.” – Gore Vidal, 1925-, in RADIO TIMES, 3 Jan. 1950. & THE HUMAN RACE, RED., NWT

REALITY: Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” - Philip K. Dick – JOKES. – Nevertheless, there are still millions of people who deny certain realities. – Their myths or wrongful and absurd laws are more attractive to them. – JZ, 8.8.08. – RED., ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS

REALITY: Reality is thermoplastic, not thermosetting, you know; I mean you can reprogram it much more than people realize.” – Wilson/Shea, Illuminatus I, p.114. – But there is also the “reality” in all too many minds of fixed and false ideas, unshakable by arguments and even by facts for all too long periods and sometimes for their whole lives. – If people had free individual choice in affairs now monopolized by governments and the free experiments of other people, with different ideas, would be undertaken all around them, they would also become mentally more flexible. But as it is, their popular errors and prejudices are often like being set in concrete and confirmed and enforced by territorial laws. We cannot, as yet, efficiently reprogram other people (I mean volunteers) or free their minds. But governments are pretty successful in instilling statism through their compulsory education system – However, we can work towards experimental freedom for all, in every sphere and tolerance for tolerant actions, however diverse. – That would offer something attractive to almost everybody. We certainly should no longer leave it to governments to define individual rights and liberties. - JZ, 1.5.08, 19.2.11.

REALITY: Reality, as Heraclitus already observed, likes to hide.” - Heraclitus, Fragment 123. – Quoted in Concord and Liberty, by Ortega Y Gasset.

REALITY: That truth and beauty, human freedom, courage, honor, honesty are the core of the truly basic realities. – That the realities which we see and touch – our material blessings – are really only shadows cast by an adherence to heavenly principles – what the Lord (*), not dictocrats, would have us do.” – Leonard E. Read, NOTES FROM FEE, 1979. - Compare his quote in NOTES FROM FEE, Nov. 79: Donald Hatch Andrews, in his book, The Symphony of Life: “I suggest that we postulate that the intangibles of truth and beauty, human freedom, courage, honor, honesty are the core of the truly basic realities; and that the supposed realities which we see and touch and feel [little things] are really only shadows cast by these truly basic dynamic forms.” - (*) Nature & reason. – JZ – INTANGIBLES FORM THE TRUE REALITY OR THE REALITY THAT WE SEE, HEAR & FEEL AS REALITY, IN HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS AS WELL AS IN NATURAL SCIENCES 

REALITY: The "reality" view of most people is all too limited and all too wrong and false when it goes beyond their jobs and private lives. - JZ, 22.8.00. - WORLD VIEW, HORIZON, KNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTANDING, IGNORANCE, PREJUDICES

REALITY: What is actual is actual only for one time // And only for one place.” – T. S. Eliot – As if the natural laws of science and human relations had no universal validity. – Within their limitations rational human beings should, naturally, have the right to make different choices or decisions for themselves, practicing their individual rights and liberties based upon self-ownership and individual sovereignty. – JZ, 21.6.13.

REALPOLITIK: crime is crime, even when you call it Realpolitik.” - W. R. Thompson, Varmint, ANALOG, Mid-Dec. 89, p.19. - MORALITY

REALPOLITIK: Next they saw a city of 550 000 men, women and children, and in an instant the city vanished; shadows remained where the men were gone, a firestorm raged, burning pimps and infants and an old stature of a happy Buddha and mice and dogs and old men and lovers; and a mushroom cloud arose above it all. This was in a world created by the cruelest of all gods, Realpolitik.” - A vision reported by Wilson/Shea in Illuminatus II, p.182. – Also a world, which does not bother to properly define what constitutes aggression and what real defence, what quite rightful war and peace aims are, who the real enemy is and what rightful targets are - after that definition. Nor did most people, even most anarchists and libertarians, bother to properly define and declare individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 1.5.08, 21.6.13. - NUCLEAR STRENGTH, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, ACCIDENTAL NUCLEAR WAR, DETERRENCE HYPOTHESIS

REASON: A crowd always thinks with its sympathy, never with its reason. – William Alger. - THINKING, RATIONALITY, MOBS, MASSES, CROWDS, EMOTIONS, SYMPATHIES, PASSIONS

REASON: A reasonable person does not pray but reasons and, as far as possible, if he is already free to acts upon his reasoning and this quite tolerantly towards all others, who merely do their own things, at their own risk and expense. Otherwise, he will strive for this liberty or right for himself and all others. – JZ, 20.6.13. – PRAYER, PANARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, TOLERANCE, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

REASON: Alas, history teaches that its actions are rarely logical and that there is nothing more unreasonable than to build upon human reason.” – Anton Zischka: Krieg oder Frieden, p.89. – Where, when and in whom was there ever complete human reason as a sound foundation to build upon? It is quite unreasonable to expect to be able to build upon ignorance, errors, prejudices and myths and to call them human reason. – At most he should have spoke of “rationalizations” and mere opinions and arguments, instead of abusing the term “reason” in this way. – We haven’t even reasoned ourselves as yet into attempting to provide an ideal declaration of individual rights and liberties for ourselves. - JZ, 2.5.08. - IGNORANCE, PREJUDICES, ERRORS, MYTHS, MAN

REASON: All writers on the science of policy are agreed, and they agree with experience, that all governments must frequently infringe the rules of justice to support themselves; that truth must give way to dissimulation, honesty to convenience, and humanity to the reigning interest. The whole of this mystery of iniquity is called the reason of state. It is a reason which I own I cannot penetrate.” – Edmund Burke, quoted in Sprading, p.64. - REASONS OF STATE, SECURITY, GOVERNMENTS, RIGHTS, POLICY, POLITICS, TERRITORIALISM, POWER

REASON: An angry man is again angry with himself when he returns to reason.” - Publilius Syrus. - VS. ANGER

REASON: Anger blows out the lamp of the mind. In the examination of a great and important question, everyone should be serene, slow-pulsed and calm.” - Robert G. Ingersoll. - SELF-CONTROL, SERENITY, ANGER, HATE, OBJECTIVITY

REASON: As the growing emphasis on feelings crowds out reason, facts will play a smaller role in public discourse.” – Paul Craig Roberts - & FACTS CROWDED OUT BY FEELINGS IN PUBLIC DISCOURSE AMONG CROWDS, MASS PSYCHOLOGY, RED.

REASON: Bayle compared reason to a corrosive powder that first eats up errors, but then goes on to eat up truth.” – R. H. Popkin, THE CONNECTION, No. 82. – One should distinguish valid criticism from invalid criticism. Once all errors, prejudices, myths, false assumptions etc. are systematically collected and refuted, truths will be much less often ignored, doubted or even attacked. – JZ, 2.5.08. - SOPHISM, ARGUMENTATION, DEBATES, TRUTH, VALUE-FREE THINKING, RELATIVISIM, CRITICISM, SKEPTICISM, EVEN TOWARDS THE CONCEPT OF RIGHT & OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

REASON: Be led by reason.” – Solon, in Diogenes Laertius, Solon, Bk. I, section 60.

REASON: Because they know not the forces of nature, and in order that they may have comrades in their ignorance, they suffer not that others should search out anything, and would have us believe like rustics and ask no reason... But we ask in all things a reason must be sought.” - William of Conches VS. IGNORANCE, SCIENCE, RESEARCH, DOGMATISM, INTOLERANCE, PREJUDICES

REASON: Blind belief can be comforting, but it can easily cripple reason and productivity, and stop intellectual progress. – Dr. James RandiLet them have their way – and suffer under their own beliefs – but only among themselves, under full exterritorial autonomy! – It would, probably, take an optimal militia for the protection of all genuine individual rights and liberties and a declaration of all of them to keep them always within these limits. – Both have to be established still. The bills of rights and the militias of governments are all too poor and incomplete substitutes. - JZ, 6.4.12. - VS. BLIND BELIEF, FUNDAMENTALISM, FANATICISM, TRUE BELIEVERS, UNQUESTIONING FAITH & BELIEF, MILITIA FOR THE PROTECTION OF ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

REASON: declaring Reason as the ‘Kingdom of God within man’.” – Gerrard Winstanley. - GOD & MAN

REASON: Does the thought of God free us from the obligation to act reasonably? – Carl Schurz (“Befreit uns der Gedanke an Gott denn von der Verpflichtung nach der Vernunft zu handeln?”) – GOD, REASON, DUTY, OBLIGATIONS, MORALITY

REASON: Every one must act in accordance to the dictates of his own reason …” - Thomas Jefferson, quoted in Sprading, p.91. - INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP, POLYARCHISM

REASON:Fix reason firmly in her seat, and call on her tribunal for every fact, every opinion. Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there is one, he must more approve of the homage of reason than that of blindfolded fear. - Thomas Jefferson - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. - & GOD

REASON: For the conduct of life, we need right reason or a halter.’ – Diogenes, in Diogenes Laertius, Diogenes, 24.

REASON: Fraud is the homage that force pays to reason.” – Charles P. Curtis, A Commonplace Book, p. 14, Simon & Schuster, 1957. – Quoted in Seldes, The Great Quotations. – FRAUD, FORCE

REASON: Free is, not he who acts upon his individual pleasure, but he who can wholeheartedly live in accordance with the precepts of reason.” – Benedict Spinoza. – Somebody else (G. B. S.?) said later: “Freedom is the opportunity to do under all circumstances that which is reasonable.” – Judging by these qualifications nobody is or was ever quite free. – And yet we largely go on ignoring that fact, which I find quite unreasonable. – JZ, n.d. & 15.5.08. – TERRITORIALISM, LAWS, LEGISLATON, REGULATIONS VS. INDIVDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

REASON: Give currency to reason, improve the moral code of society, and the theory of one generation will be the practice of the next.” – T. L. Peacock. – HUMAN RIGHTS, MORALITY, THEORY, PRAXIS

REASON: give the light of reason.” – Wilson/Shea, Illuminatus III, p.174. – Alas, how many people have it to give, on the remaining major problems? They do not even search for it but just “act” and “think” with their own personal batch of popular errors, myths and prejudices. – JZ, 1.5.08. -

REASON: Government is not reason; it is not eloquence – it is force. Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master; never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.” – George Washington. – In which country is it really held personally responsible for its decisions on war and peace? – In which country is the right to such decision-making quite denied to it? - JZ, 3.5.08. – DECISION ON WAR & PEACE, RESPONSIBILITY, GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM

REASON: he alone is free who lives with free consent under the entire guidance of reason.” – Spinoza, in chapter “On Democracy”.

REASON: He who will not reason is a bigot and he who dare not is a slave.” – Byron  - He who will not reason is a bigot; he who cannot is a fool; and he who dares not, is a slave.’ – Sir William Drummond, Academical Questions, Preface. – Quoted by L. J. Peter in “The Peter Plan”, p.49. Also in George Seldes, The Great Quotations. – RED.

REASON: Homo sapiens, the only creature endowed with reason, is also the only creature to pin its existence on things unreasonable.” – Henri Bergson, Two Sources of Morality and Religion, 1935. Quoted in Seldes. - MAN, IRRATIONALITY, PREJUDICES

REASON: How long soever it hath continued, if it be against reason, it is of no force in law.” – Sir Edward Coke, Institutes: Commentary upon Littleton. First Institute. – Should that not have been considered before the law was passed? – JZ, 15.5.08. - TRADITION

REASON: Human reason needs only to will more strongly than fate, and she is fate!” – Thomas Mann, The Magic Mountain, 1924, 6.2, tr. H. T. Lowe Porter. – Not quite true, e.g. while individuals and minorities remain territorially suppressed by unreasonable people and the representatives of these people and thus cannot apply reason in their own affairs. – JZ, 15.5.08. – PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, OPTING OUT, LAWS, PROHIBITIONS, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, POLYARCHISM

REASON: Human reason, without any reference whatsoever to God, is the sole arbiter of truth and falsehood, and of good and evil; it is law to itself, and suffices by its natural force to secure the welfare of men and of nations.” – Pious IX: Condemned proposition, Syllabus of Errors, 1867. – Quoted in Seldes, The Great Quotations.

REASON: I am sick of reasonable people; they see all the reasons for being lazy and doing nothing.” – George Bernard Haw, 1856-1950, The Secretary, Geneva. – And they see none of the reasons for getting involved. Reasonable people tend to be cowards. – JZ, 8.4.77. – EXCUSES, LACK OF INTEREST IN CONTRIBUTING TO A DECLARATION OF ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

REASON: I believe in nothing except the validity of logical reasoning and the sanctity of the human race as a whole. And my life is devoted to an attempt to respect and serve these two beliefs." - Lawrence Meynel, 'The Man No One Knew', Collins, London, 1951. - MANKIND, BELIEF, LIFE, PURPOSE

REASON: I do not grant the terms of reason to men who propose to deprive me of reason.” – Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, p.949. – The same could and should be said on individual rights & liberties. – JZ, 2.2.14.

REASON: I do not surrender my reason or deal with men who surrender theirs.” – Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, p.949.

REASON: If I go to heaven, I want to take my reason with me.” - Robert G. Ingersoll. – What chance would one have with sound reasoning against a God and his will? – Legends have it only that one could sometimes argue and win an argument against a “devil”. - JZ, 27.3.09. – GOD, HEAVEN

REASON: If men were reasonable in their dealings with each other, war would not exist, his enemies would not exist. – Defenders and Believers, A Gold Eagle Book from Worldwide, May 1986, p.91. – Are there any sound reasons or motives to maintain any territorial government, any territorial powers, any territorial institutions or laws? I do not know of any. Do you? – JZ, 13.3.12. – & WAR, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, GOVERNMENTS,

REASON: If reason is a guide then freedom is necessary to follow it.” – Sprading, Freedom, p.92.

REASON: If we submit everything to reason, our religion will have nothing in it mysterious or supernatural. If we violate the principles of reason, our religion will be absurd and ridiculous.” – Blaise Pascal, Pensées, XIV. – Perhaps this thought inspired Kant to write his book on religion. – JZ, 15.5.08. - RELIGION

REASON: In a republican nation whose citizens are to be led by reason and persuasion and not by force, the art of reasoning becomes of first importance.” – Thomas Jefferson, 1824. – Was there ever such a republic? – JZ, 27.3.09. - & PERSUASION

REASON: In order to get fair treatment for ourselves we must, as a group, require it for others, also. Thus, reason, not feeling, produced a system called justice…” - A. E. van Vogt, The Anarchist Colossus, p.27. - Even the motivations of suicidal terrorists must be explored to find out whether any injustice has been committed towards them or those they do sympathize with. A just punishment for indiscriminately murderous terrorists can only be achieved once any prior real, not imagined, injustices have been ended and restitution has been achieved as far as possible. Territorialists never seriously explore to what extent their territorialism continuously produces terrorists and to what extent exterritorial autonomy for all volunteer communities could prevent it, if it is accompanied by good enough refutations of collective responsibility claims. - JZ, 22.1.02, 2.2.14. - JUSTICE, EQUITY, FAIRNESS, RIGHTS, LIBERTY, TOLERANCE, TERRORISM, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS

REASON: It certainly cannot be necessary to throw away your reason to save your soul, because after that your soul is not worth saving.” – Robert Ingersoll, Some Reasons Why. – RELIGION, SOUL, ATHEISM, FAITH, BELIEF

REASON: It is much easier to do and die than it is to reason why.” – G. A. Studdert-Kennedy. – Dying is often easy and fast, reasoning is often hard and time-consuming. It may in some cases take much to most of one’s adult life. – JZ, 27.3.09.

REASON: It may indeed prove to be far the most difficult and not the least important task for human reason rationally to comprehend its own limitations. It is essential for the growth of reason that as individuals we should bow to forces and obey principles which we cannot hope fully to understand, yet on which the advance and even the preservation of civilisation depend.” - F. A. Hayek. - LIMITS, UNDERSTANDING, NATURAL HARMONIES, MARKET, ECONOMY, IGNORANCE

REASON: It teaches all Mankind, who will but consult it, that being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his Life, Health, Liberty, or Possessions. … [A person] may not, unless it be to do Justice on an Offender, take away, or impair the Life, or what tends to the Preservation of the Life, Liberty, Health or Goods of another ( II.6 ).” – Locke, quoted by David B. Suits in JLS, Sum. 77, p.195. – RIGHTS, INDEPENDENCE, FREEDOM, EQUALITY OF RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

REASON: Let appetite obey reason.” – Cicero, De officiis, I, 78 B.C.

REASON: let reason be the judge, and, of course, individual reason, your reason.” – Moshe Kroy, JLS, Sum. 77, p.210. – However imperfect one’s own reasoning is? – Only in one’s own affairs. – Beyond them we need a quite free market and quite free communication channels for reasoning, opinions, ideas and talents to arrive at something like a proper market evaluation of every kind of observation, ideas, arguments and reasoning. – JZ, 2.5.08.

REASON: Let us consider the reason of the case. For nothing is law that is not reason.” – Sir John Powell, Coggs v. Bernard, 2 Lord Raymond, 911. – Since there isn’t as much reason in the world as there are laws, at least not within the usurped affairs of territorial governments, most laws must be unreasonable. – JZ, 5.4.89. - By this standard most laws should never have been passed and should be repealed or ignored a.s.a.p. – JZ, 15.5.08. - However, volunteers, in their own affairs, should be free to submit also to their self-chosen personal law system, however unreasonable it is in the proper reasoning of critical outsiders. - JZ, 19.2.11. – LEGISLATION, PERSONAL LAW

REASON: Let us first of all follow reason, it is the surest guide. It warns us itself of its feebleness and informs us of its own limitations.” – Anatole France, Credo of a Sceptic, p.79.

REASON: Liberty belongs only to those who have the gift of reason.” – Leo XIII, Libertas Preaestantissimum, 1888. – Quoted in Seldes. - There is also the fools' liberty - to act foolishness in the own affairs, under personal law and full exterritorial autonomy. Statism for statists only! If anarchists and libertarians understood that, they could even ally themselves with as tolerant statists against the intolerant territorial statists. Here one should consider that statism comes in uncounted diverse factions, that under territorialism are also largely suppressed. Thus we should aim to liberate even statists into their form of voluntary statism. - Admittedly, as tolerant statists are at present still more rare than are as tolerant anarchists and libertarians. Here we should consider that it took a long time for at least a few anarchists and libertarians to accept panarchism and its tolerance and some of them who did, are still not quite sure that they should aim at panarchies for all sorts of statists as well, as a step that is a) ethically correct and b) also a rational step towards their own exterritorial liberation. - JZ, 19.2.11. - MAN, RATIONAL BEINGS, HUMAN RIGHTS, LIBERTY, EQUALITY, TOLERANCE, VOLUNTARISM PANARCHISM

REASON: listen … only to the calm voice of reason.” – Edmund Hamilton, The Island of Unreason, WONDER STORIES, May 33.

REASON: Look out! The God(des) of reason and freedom is watching you! – JZ, 10/72. – If there are any survivors – you will be judged! – JZ, 1.5.08. – If you have any children or grandchildren among the survivors, they will ask you: What did you try to do to prevent nuclear war? What did you fail to do? – JZ, 1.4.09. - NWT

REASON: Loss of reason is the true harbinger of destruction.” – Latin proverb, quoted by Alexander Solzhenitsyn in NATIONAL TIMES, May 3, 1976. – There are no reasons for constructing and keeping in readiness ABC mass murder devices BUT merely wrongful motives, false assumptions and conclusions. - Madmen are in charge of our “fate”. And we let them and do not even sufficiently question or resist their power over us but rather accepted their lies, excuses and false pretences. – JZ, 3.5.08, 2.2.14. - NWT, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PECE

REASON: Man is a reasoning rather than a reasonable animal.” – Alexander Hamilton. – Quoted by L. J. Peter in “The Peter Plan”, p.95. – Should one leave the beginnings, the labor and the conclusions of reasoning to the occurrence of emergency situations or should all blueprints for liberty be made readily available to all and also sufficiently discussed - long before an emergency situation occurs? – Should we train ourselves for the realization and maintenance of liberty, justice and rights, just like soldiers are trained, all too often, to ignore or infringe or suppress them? - JZ, 3.5.08, 2.2.14. – MAN, MILITIA TO PROTECT INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, IDEAS ARCHIVE, LIBERTARIAN DIGITIAL LIBRARY, PROGRAMS

REASON: Many are destined to reason wrongly; others, not to reason at all; and others to persecute those who do reason.” - Voltaire – Lack of reasoning is usually the result of an individual choice, and all too bad one. – JZ, 1.4.09. - RED.

REASON: Men reason to strengthen their own prejudices, and not to disturb their adversary’s convictions. – Ashley Dukes, 1885-1950. – Don’t women often do the same? – JZ, 3.4.14. - ARGUING, DISPUTES, PREJUDICES, RATIONALIZING, REFUTATIONS ATTEMPTS

REASON: Moral perfection is an unbreached rationality – not the degree of your intelligence, but the full and relentless use of your mind, not the extent of your knowledge, but the acceptance of reason as an absolute.” - Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, p.983.

REASON: Moreover, the Life of Reason is an ideal to which everything in the world should be subordinated; it establishes lines of moral cleavage everywhere and makes right eternally different from wrong.” – George Santayana, Reason in Religion. - Quoted in Seldes, The Great Quotations.

REASON: Most people are more inclined to believe in miracles than in reason, liberties and rights. – JZ, 25.2.78, 1.5.08. – MIRACLES, FAITH, BELIEF, PEOPLE

REASON: My god was Reason, though, a much more demanding deity than any the savages worshiped. If it was to deliver any miracles, I would have to work for them.” - W. R. Thompson, Second Contact, ANALOG, 4/88, p.54. - GOD & MIRACLES

REASON: My mother had heart, my father, sense. I have neither. I merely try to be just and reasonable and believe that sound ideas can be made to work. – JZ, 14.3.78, after hearing: “My father was orthodox, my mother practical, I’m neither!” in film: “No Place to Run.”

REASON: Nihil quod est contra rationem est licitum.” – Nothing which is against reason is lawful. It is a sure maxim in law, for Reason is the life of Law.” – Overton, 1546, quoted in DANDELION, Fall/Winter 80, p.10. – How I wish that this were the case, as a rule. But to which percentage of all laws does this rule apply? Nevertheless, as dissenting individuals and minorities, we are not yet free to secede from the avalanches or wrongful laws and to establish our own alternative communities under personal laws preferred for ourselves, as free and reasonable or as unfree and unreasonable as we wish them to be, always at our own risk and expense only and without claiming any territorial monopoly. – JZ, 15.5.08. – PANARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, VOLUNTARISM

REASON: Nothing can be lasting when reason does not rule.’ – “Nihil potest esse diuturnum cui non subset ratio.” – Quintus Curius Rufus, De Rebus Gestis Alexandri Magni, iv, 14, 19.

REASON: Nothing has an uglier look to us than reason, when it is not on our side.” - Lord Halifax. – RED.,

REASON: Nothing is to be done without reason.” (“Nihil sine ratione faciendum est.”) - Seneca, De Beneficiis. Bk.iv, sec.10. – That would exclude e.g. dancing, singing and sex without procreational intention, just for the joy of it. – JZ, 2.5.08, 19.2.11. –

REASON: O Youth, alas, why wilt thou not incline // And unto ruled reason beè thee, // Since Reason is the very straightè line // That leadeth folk into felicity?” – Thomas Hoccleve, La Male Règle, ca. 1430.

REASON: One is either largely motivated by the eggs between one’s legs or the one’s in one’s belly or by the one sitting on one’s neck. I for one prefer the ones coming from the one on my neck. Your egg-head might not give you sufficient thrills. With mine a new insight, idea or quite fitting expression gives me the greatest thrill. Actually, our brains are also most important sex organs. Without them neither emotions nor sexual pleasures could be felt at all. But they are good for much more and all too often they are left all too much unused or under-utilized. – JZ, 2.1.82, 3.5.08. – BRAINS, SEX & THE PLEASURES & SATISFACTIONS OF REASON

REASON: Passions and emotions direct mob actions: only individuals respond to reason.” – Leonard E. Read, Vision, summary of chapter 14. – INDIVIDUALS, MASSES, MOBS, MAJORITY, PASSIONS, EMOTIONS

REASON: Raison d’état is a polite name for an ugly thing – the divorce of politics from morals.” – G. P. Gooch – Territorial politics is, by its very nature, separated from morality. – It always lords it over many kinds of dissenters, not only criminals and aggressors, as it rightly could. – Government are much more concerned about their own security than about that of their subjects. - JZ, 3.5.08. - POWER POLITICS, REALPOLITIK, REASONS OF STATE, STATE SECURITY, MORALITY, TERRITORIALISM

REASON: reason – the specific glory and power of man.” – Aristotle, quoted in Will Durant, The Story of Philosophy, p.75. - MAN

REASON: reason … is the essence of the moral act.” – Auberon Herbert, A Politician in Sight of Heaven. – MORALITY

REASON: Reason (or rationality) is an obstacle to the immediate reaction upon instinctual “judgments”.” – Nietzsche – (JZ tr. of: “Der Verstand ist ein Hemmungsapparat auf das Instinkturteil.”)

REASON: Reason also is choice.” – Milton, Paradise Lost (1667 ), 3.108. – And the better one, too. – JZ, 15.5.08. – CHOICE

REASON: Reason and action are congeneric and homogenous, two aspects of the same phenomenon.” - Ludwig von Mises. - If this is true, then this is a rather rare phenomenon: True reasoning combined with quite reasonable and free actions. - JZ, 22.8.02. - Provided that reasonable people are free enough to act. Which they are not in spheres still monopolized by territorial governments. – JZ, 26.12.07. - Genuine and sufficient knowledge is not power but it can create sound influence. – However, the thinker and the activist are not always sufficiently combined in the same person. They, too, need largely division of labor between their talents and the exterritorial freedom and rights required for their fruitful cooperation. - JZ, 23.1.08. - & ACTION, FREEDOM OF ACTION, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE, LAWS, TERRITORIALISM, POLYARCHISM

REASON: Reason and Ignorance, the opposites of each other, influence the great bulk of mankind. If either of these can be rendered sufficiently extensive in a country, the machinery of Government goes easily on. Reason obeys itself; and Ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it.” - Thomas Paine. - The machinery of territorial governments has little to do with reason and much with ignorance, prejudices, stupidity and wrong premises. All too often it enforces the obedience of reasonable beings to irrational commands of ignorant people. I have never heard about any territorial government that was quite reasonable in all its ideas, opinions and actions. Have you? - JZ, 23.8.02, 19.2.11. - & IGNORANCE, GOVERNMENT, WARFARE STATES

REASON: Reason and virtue alone can bestow liberty.” – A. A. C. Shaftesbury, quoted in Leonard E. Read, The Love of Liberty, p. vi. – Provided one does not let certain kinds of “Christians” define either of them. – JZ, 3.5.08. – Individual rights and liberties are not meant for and do not apply to unreasonable, intolerant, aggressive and criminal people, who do not respect the individual rights and liberties of others. – We must come to effectively defend ourselves against them, restraining  or killing them, if necessary, in self-defence. – JZ, 20.6.13. – INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

REASON: Reason can wrestle // And overthrow terror.” – Euripides, Iphigenia in Aulis, ca. 405 B.C., tr. Charles R. Walker. – Armed, trained and organized reasonable beings could often do even better. – JZ, 20.4.85. – MILITIA, HUMAN RIGHTS,

REASON: Reason cannot command anything without a sensible purpose.“ – Fichte, Die Bestimmung des Menschen, S.142. (“… denn die Vernunft kann nichts Zweckloses gebieten; …“)

REASON: Reason demands tolerance for the under-informed and unreasonable people, as long as they do their own things only at the own expense and risk. – JZ, 20.6.13. – TOLERANCE, PANARCHISM, DOING THE OWN THINGS FOR OR TO ONESELF, CHOICE, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION, CONTRACT & EXPERIMENTATION

REASON: Reason deserves to be called a prophet; for in showing us the consequence and effect of our actions in the present, does it not tell us what the future will be?” – Arthur Schopenhauer, Further Psychological Observations, Parerga and Paralipomena, 1851, tr. T. Bailey-Saunders. - Why bother about any other prophets? Most of them were unreasonable! – And whatever they taught was not completely and accurately recorded or remembered. - JZ, 15.5.08. & PROPHECY

REASON: Reason in man is rather like God in the world.” - St. Thomas Aquinas, - Opusc. 11, 1 de Regno, 12. - As if God were a reasonable child, rather than a careless and willful one, often in a tantrum or out for revenge, on the “principle” of collective responsibility. - In the present world reason is certainly not all-knowing and all-powerful. But those, who believe that they know a bit more than others do, should at least be free to act at their own expense and risk – as exterritorialy autonomous panarchistic volunteers and pioneers. We do not learn enough from the failures of territorial politicians. Both they and their victims rather look for scape-goats and supposed culprits than reasonably examine causes of failures. – JZ, 27.11.02, 27.3.09, 2.2.14. – GOD, REVENGE, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF ACTION, PERSONAL LAW VS. TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, POLITICIANS

REASON: Reason in my philosophy is only a harmony among irrational impulses.” – George Santayana, Persons and Places: The Middle Span, 1945, p.4. - Not a harmony but a self-chosen restraint. – JZ, 15.5.08. – Did he rather mean freedom and tolerance for irrational impulses as long as they are engaged in only at the own expense and risk? - JZ, 22.10.08.

REASON: Reason is not measured by size or height, but by principle.’ – Epictetus, Discourses, ch.12, sec. 26. - PRINCIPLES

REASON: Reason is the aptitude to examine a proposition as to the correctness of premise without being influenced by established prejudices or traditional thought patterns.” – Dagobert D. Runes, On the Nature of Man, p.74. – THINK, PREJUDICES, PUBLIC OPINION

REASON: Reason is the crucible in which is determined the value of ideas, and no one who was ever truly great has accepted ideas which were not tested in the crucible of reason, or rejected those which stood the test.” - R. Ward Hemens. - Theodore Schroeder, compiler, “Free Press Anthology”, 1909, Sec. III, ”Laconics of Toleration and Free Inquiry.” – IDEAS

REASON: Reason is the mistress and queen of all things.” - Marcus Tullius Cicero, Tusculanae disputationes. - If that were true, then its royal and territorial rule leaves much to be desired. - At least within territorial governments it has remained perpetually a pretender or aspirant only. The worst still tend to get to the top. Even the philosopher kings, like Marcus Aurelius and Friedrich II, had their major flaws. - JZ, 27.11.02.

REASON: Reason like science, grows by way of mutual criticism; the only possible way of planning its growth is to develop those institutions that safeguard ... the freedom of thought.” - Karl Popper, The Open Society and its Enemies. – The same applies to morality or ethics and the knowledge of all individual human rights and liberties. Freedom of thought must not only exist in this sphere but also sufficient in sufficient publicity and opinion exchanges. Not all powerful and cheap electronic media have so far been sufficiently used for that, from the humble floppy to external hard disks, for collections of texts up to large libraries of freedom books, even a complete freedom library on a HDD, libertarian ideas collections, bibliographies, abstracts and review collections, links and projects lists. Never before could libertarian writings be published so cheaply and comprehensively – and yet, the freedom lovers seem to lack love of freedom to tackle this job, systematically and comprehensively. - All this would be still not enough without freedom of action and experimentation. So far the supposedly “open societies” have not been open for secessionists or for immigrants. – Not even open-air free speech centers have been established in all cities and the old coffeehouse tradition for discussions among intellectuals has almost disappeared. Can e.g. telephone, email- and Facebook options be a sufficient substitute for frequent personal meetings in one’s vicinity. A calendar of all of them still does not exist either, in most cities and districts, although it could, by now, be published very cheaply online or offered as an email attachment to subscribers. – Only a fraction of all that could and should be done for the spread of libertarian ideas has been done. - JZ, 26.12.07, 27.3.09, 2.2.14. - SCIENCE & CRITICISM, PUBLICITY, TOLERANT ACTION & EXPERIMENTATION, NEW DRAFT, ENLIGHTENMENT, FREEDOM LIBRARY

REASON: Reason misleads us more than nature.” – Vauvenargues. – Rather flawed reasoning than reason. – JZ, 2.5.08. – RED., NATURE, POPULAR ERRORS, MYTHS, DOGMAS, PREJUDICES, FALLACIES, FALSE ASSUMPTIONS & CONCLUSIONS, REFUTATIONS ENCYCLOPAEDIA, IDEAS ARCHIVE

REASON: Reason prescribes natural and international law.” – View ascribed to Cicero, by Gibbon, Vol. 10, German edition of 1802, p.231.

REASON: reason requires that every claim put forward by authority should first pass before its own tribunal.” – Auberon Herbert, in Mack edition, p.242. Laws and regulations are still mass-produced without a sufficient check on whether they are constitutional or in conflict with individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 2.2.14. - LAWS, AUTHORITY, CLAIMS

REASON: Reason the only oracle of man.” - Ethan Allen. Title of pamphlet, first free-thought publication in America. – Oracles, too, did not express their truths clearly enough, quite unmistakably. – JZ, 27.3.09. – Just like our legislators. But at least the oracles kept their saying short and few and far in-between. – JZ, 2.2.14.

REASON: Reason unites us, not only with our contemporaries, but with men who lived two thousand years before us, and with those who will live after us.” – Lyof N. Tolstoy, Of Reason, Faith, and Prayer, 1901. – And with those who will live after us? That will happen only if we write down or otherwise record all that we have learnt from our experience and our reading and if we manage to prevent the nuclear holocaust. - JZ, 22.10.08, 19.2.11, 2.2.14.

REASON: Reason, justice and fairness – never had they enough influence on Earth to guide the advisors of mankind.” – Edison, at 15. – Only in a JZ re-translation from the German version. – Or rights, and opportunities to be freely applied at least exterritorially, under personal laws, among those who are already at least somewhat reasonable, just, fair and tolerant. - JZ, 19.2.11. - JUSTICE, FAIRNESS, FREEDOM OF ACTION

REASON: Reason, not authority, establishes truth.” – Sprading, Truth, p. 15. – Too many lies and popular errors have still all too much wrongful and official authority behind them. – JZ, 20.6.13. - TRUTH, AUTHORITARIANISM

REASON: Reasonable arguments can do much.” – Schiller, Iphigenie in Aulia, 1013. (“Vernuenftige Gruende koennen viel.”) – But only if they are not hopelessly outnumbered by unreasonable arguments, while one has not on hand authoritative references against all of them. Even if one has the time and opportunity to effectively answer a few of them, one will become overwhelmed by the number and variety of the rest. If consulted as an arbiter in every public meeting, the text from an electronic encyclopedia of this kind could be thrown up on a large screen. Thus fast, enlightenment of others and self-enlightenment would tend to occur and less people would carelessly utter popular errors and prejudices in public before having consulted such a reference work. After consulting it, they would often have their views changed and thus omit their former objections. – Public oral and written discussions would be much more fruitful. – This correction process may have been the intention of the former large encyclopedias. But most of them failed woefully when it came to the “social sciences”, by supporting themselves rather than refuting popular errors, myths and prejudices in these spheres. - JZ, 15.5.08. – Moreover, so far the already somewhat reasonable minorities were not free to opt out and do their own things, exterritorially, under personal laws, thus providing light towers for all others. - JZ, 19.2.11. - PREJUDICES, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS, ENLIGHTENMENT VS. PUBLIC OPINION

REASON: Rebel, n. A proponent of a new misrule who has failed to establish it.” – Ambrose Bierce. – Correct, mostly and by their very nature, for territorialist rebels. Not necessarily true for rebels aiming only at exterritorial autonomy for volunteers. Even if their system were objectively flawed, it would do them good to be able to practise it and it would also be instructive to outsiders. – JZ, 3.5.08. – REBELS, REVOLUTIONS, TERRORISM, TERRITORIALISM

REASON: Return to Reason, a book title by Paul Lepanto and a slogan used by the Committee to Reestablish the Gold Standard, 1974.

REASON: since man is endowed with reason and has social instincts, the State in all forms is an unnecessary evil.” – Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, p.71, on the view of the Greek Stoics. – But those, who behave unreasonably towards basic rights and liberties of others, must become defensively ruled, controlled, restrained or governed and this more effectively than any territorial government has so far managed to achieve. – JZ, 30.3.95. - Alas, these Stoics, too, seemed to have suffered from their territorialist views and thus never managed or even tried to establish non-territorial societies that would have practically demonstrated their views. But at least, as Marshall states, “… the Stoics considered themselves citizens of the world.” – STOICS, STATES, TERRITORIALISM, COSMOPOLITANISM, MILITIA

REASON: Somehow, they felt, reason would prevail.” – Ralph Bradford, THE FREEMAN, 11/75, p.648. – That is almost like a faith in a benevolent God or government. As if “reason” were an independent and very powerful entity, acting on its own and sparing us the trouble to act reasonably. Not “let reason prevail” but: “make sure, as far as you can, that reason prevails”. – Remove, as far as you can, all obstacles to its realization. Apply it yourself as much as you can and make all its resources as widely accessible as you can. – Do not put e.g. the availability of life- saving medical knowledge or even war-preventing and liberation knowledge under copyrights patent restrictions. - JZ, 3.5.08, 19.2.11. - TERRITORIALISM, SECESSIONISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS

REASON: the capacity to weigh and make choices; what distinguishes human beings from animals, and what human beings use to deny the validity of this distinction.” – Thomas Szasz, Heresies, p. 61. – Do they use reason or merely clever sophistry to deny this distinction? – Even some animals consider and do make their choices, although not as well-informed and reasoned-out ones as intelligent human beings should make on all affairs affecting their own lives, rights & liberties. - JZ, 15.5.08, 2.2.14. – SOPHISTRY, POPULAR ERRORS & PREJUDICES, IGNORANCE, PUBLIC OPINION, ENLIGHTENMENT, EDUCATION, “SOCIAL SCIENCES”

REASON: The choice is yours. Be even less than an animal by discarding reason while having few if any of an animal’s restraining instincts – or be more than an animal by recognizing and using reason, rights and liberties as you major “weapons”. – JZ, 17.6.77, 1.5.08.

REASON: The comprehensive state sees no reason why it shouldn’t change all our traditional morals and relations, however ancient, to suit itself. - Joseph Sobran - Maria Sabine Paulina - Since there is no reason in territorial States they do not see reason but only territorial statism.  - John Zube  – Facebook, 6.1.14.

REASON: The first great step lies in recognizing the importance of reason; the second, so much more difficult, is to recognize reason’s limitations.” – Dagobert D. Runes, On the Nature of Man, p.74.

REASON: The human reason is not able to comprehend everything but everything comprehended by reason is true.” - Christian Michel. - If no false premises, fallacies and rationalizations are involved but, truly, only facts and reasoning. - JZ, 16.6.01, 11.2.02. - MAN, HUMAN BEINGS, TRUTH

REASON: The moment will come, then, when the sun will shine only on free men on this earth, on men who will recognize no master but their reason.” – Condorcet, quoted by Chris Tame in JLS, Sum, 77, p.217. – MAN, LIBERTY, FREEDOM, MASTER, GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM

REASON: The moral man is that man who is voluntarily committed to reason.” – William F. O’Neill, in summarizing Ayn Rand’s philosophy, p.41.

REASON: The moral of the tale is the power of reason, its decisive influence in the life of humanity. The great conquerors, from Alexander to Caesar, and from Caesar to Napoleon, influenced profoundly the lives of subsequent generations. But the total effect of this influence shrinks to insignificance, if compared to the entire transformation of human habits and human mentality produced by the long line of men of thought from Thales to the present day, men individually powerless, but ultimately the rulers of the world.” - Alfred Whitehead: from: Science and the Modern World, quoted in: - Bruce L. Richmond, The Pattern of Freedom, Ljus English Library, vol.12, Stockholm, 1943, p.69. – Underlining by me. – JZ - VS. POWER

REASON: The most formidable weapon against errors of every kind is reason. I have never used any other, and I trust I never shall.” – Thomas Paine, quoted in Sprading, p.74.

REASON: The power to reason correctly on general subjects is not to be learned in schools, nor does it come from special knowledge. It results from care in separating, from caution in combining, from the habit of asking ourselves the meaning of the words we use, and making sure of one step before building another on it – and above all, from loyalty to truth.” – Frank Chodorov, quoted in GOOD GOVERNMENT, 12/77. - TRUTH

REASON: The semblance of reason is often more attractive than reason itself.” – Dogobert D. Runes, A Book of Contemplation, p.112. – PREJUDICES, PUBLIC OPINION, RED., PLAUSIBILITY, PREJUDICES

REASON: The usual human brain can take in only so many facts, ideas and opinions, arguments and conclusions. Then it switches off and largely lets its faith, myths, popular prejudices and errors and personal preference dominate its conclusions. Compare e.g. the abortion, free will, and anarchism vs. limited government debates. All too often even a short and self-contradictory or very doubtful idea or assumption is simply and thoughtlessly uttered as if it were a real argument. (E.g.: “free vote”, “government by consent”, “representatives”) All too many are simply not yet self-thinking, rational and moral beings, in matters going beyond household, hobby, sports and work topics. They are mastered by wrongful or misleading phrases, ideas and words, rather than mastering them. The governmental education system was and is an almost total failure in this respect. – JZ, 7.8.91, 15.5.08. – ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS, IDEAS ARCHIVE, NEW DRAFT, ENLIGHTENMENT

REASON: There are some men who turn a deaf ear to reason and good advice, and willfully go wrong for fear of being controlled.” – La Bruyère, Characters, 1688, 4.71, tr. Henri Van Laun. – As if it were something shameful to be controlled by reason, rather than being uncontrolled by it. – JZ, 15.5.08.

REASON: There are two modes of acquiring knowledge, namely by reasoning and experience. Reasoning draws a conclusion and makes us grant the conclusion, but does not make the conclusion certain, nor does it remove doubt so that the mind may rest on the intuition of truth, unless the mind discovers it by the path of experience.” – Roger Bacon, Opus Majus. - Opportunities for reasoning are much easier to obtain than freedom to experiment to gather knowledge, especially in spheres monopolized by territorial governments. – JZ, 12.9.07. - EXPERIENCE & KNOWLEDGE, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, SECESSIONISM, POLYARCHISM,

REASON: There is nothing more profitable to man than to live by the guidance of reason.” – Baruch Spinoza, Ethics, 1674, pt.iv, prop.35. – Under territorialism it is certainly not always possible and profitable and often even very dangerous or impossible. E.g. for inmates of concentration camps. In some ways all territorial Stats are prisons. - JZ, 19.2.11. - PROFIT, CONDUCT OF LIFE, MAN, GUIDANCE, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

REASON: There is nothing proper and peculiar to man but the use of reason and exercise of virtue.” – Benjamin Whichcote: Moral and Religious Aphorisms, 1753. – Without full freedom of action he cannot freely practise either. – JZ, 10.7.86.

REASON: There’s a mighty big difference between good, sound reasons and reasons that sound good.” – Burton Hills. – Motives that sound or seem good. – JZ, 1.5.08. - RED.

REASON: There’s a new tribunal now // Higher than God’s – the educated man’s!” – Robert Browning, “The Pope”, The Ring and the Book, 1868/69. – GOD

REASON: Therefore, that state is the freest whose laws are founded on sound reason, so that every member of it may, if he will, be free; that is, live with full consent under the entire guidance of reason.” –Spinoza, p.415. – Territorial States are founded on power and prejudices, not reason. Has Spinoza’s utopia every existed anywhere? – Could it be territorially organized or at most only exterritorially, among a few and very reasonable volunteers? – JZ, 26.6.92, 15.5.08, 19.2.11.

REASON: They are so in love with Reason that they have completely lost contact with common sense.” – Robert Anton Wilson, The Earth Will Shake, p.234. – To whom does this really and fully apply? I do not know of a single one. However, I do admit that men do not live for abstract principles alone. They are not to be sacrificial animals, not even for them, no matter how reasonable they sound or really are. However, if some people do sacrifice only themselves for their principles then such sacrifices will tend to improve the human race, as inspiring examples widely reported. But, generally, the survival principle should be applied first. This often says: Retreat or surrender and survive and fight another day, under better circumstances, for what you know to be true. Leave others to their self-chosen chains or dirt. But this is not a supreme principle, either. – JZ, 8.6.92, 15.5.08. - COMMON SENSE, PRINCIPLES, MARTYRDOM,

REASON: Those persons who live in obedience to reason are worthy to be accounted free: They alone lie as they will, who have learned what they ought to will.” – Plutarch, Quoted by John Wise, A Vindication of the Government of New England Churches, Boston, 1772. – Quoted in Seldes. – FREEDOM, WILL, OUGHT, DUTY.

REASON: Those who will not reason, are bigots, those who cannot, are fools, and those who dare not, are slaves.” – Lord Byron, quoted by Sørengaard Srugis shared LearnLiberty's photo. - Facebook, 23.7.12.

REASON: Time makes more converts than reason.” – Thomas Paine: Common Sense. – Seldes, The Great Quotations. – One could say the same about panarchism. Free and successful actions, observed from close-by, convert more easily than do mere words. – JZ, 3.5.08. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

REASON: Tis in vain to speak reason where ‘twill not be heard.” – Thomas Fuller, M.D., Gnomologia, 1731, 5088. - And cannot be freely applied, at least among some reasonable people under full exterritorial autonomy, preceded by individual secessions. - JZ, 19.2.11. – … where it will not be accepted. – JZ. - RED.

REASON: To a rational being, to act according to nature and according to reason is the same thing.” – Source not noted. What seems to be a Greek version was added but I wont even try to transcribe the lettering here. – JZ - Nature, e.g. in it cruelty towards innocents, is not always a good ethical guide. It is reason not nature that prescribes ethical rules for reasonable beings. However, these rules must also conform to the nature of man. - JZ, 19.2.11. - RATIONAL BEINGS, NATURE

REASON: To a reasonable creature, that alone is insupportable which is unreasonable but everything reasonable may be supported.” – Epictetus, Discourses, 1.2. tr. Thomas W. Higginson.

REASON: To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.” – Ascribed to Thomas Paine, in H. Beam Piper, The Cosmic Computer, p. 44. – Quoted in Sprading, p. 74. – Another version: To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead. – Thomas Paine –  ARGUMENTS, RED.

REASON: To reason is to live. To live is to reason.” – LIVE AND LET LIVE, Oct. 15, 1978. – LIFE

REASON: To the rational being only the irrational is unendurable, but the rational is endurable.” - Epictetus, Discourses, I, 2. - RATIONALITY, RATIONAL BEINGS

REASON: Trying to reason with an emotional person is frustrating, because useless …” - Robert Anton Wilson, The Illuminati Papers, p.135. – EMOTIONS, ANGER, HATE, RED.,

REASON: Unto the good their reason ever is a god.” – Menander, Adelphoi, Frag. II. – GOODNESS, GOD

REASON: Use primarily reason and only secondarily arms to defend your rights. – JZ, 75. – At least sometimes an immediate forceful defence is the only real option left. – Reason also says that masses of conscripts and forced laborers are certainly not the real enemy. – Reason also demands that all the rightful steps be taken to prevent wars. – One of them is the abolition of the territorial State system. - JZ, 1.5.08. - DEFENCE, ARMS, WEAPONS, GUNS, SELF-DEFENCE, NEGOTIATIONS, NON-VIOLENCE, DECISION-MAKING, TERRITORIALISM, WARFARE STATES

REASON: Voltaire announced the Age of Reason two centuries too soon.” – Robert Anton Wilson, Cosmic Trigger, p.203.

REASON: We are indebted for all our miseries to our distrust of that guide which Providence thought sufficient for our condition, - our own natural reason, which rejecting, both in human and divine things, we have given our necks to the yoke of political and theological slavery. We have renounced the prerogative of man, and it is no wonder that we should be treated like beasts. But our misery is much greater than theirs, as the crime we commit in rejecting the lawful dominion of our reason is greater than any, which they can commit. If, after all, you should confess all these things, yet plead the necessity of political institutions, weak and wicked as they are, … So that we are resolved to submit our reason and our liberty to civil usurpation, we have nothing to do but to conform as quietly as we can to the vulgar notions which are connected with this, and take up the theology of the vulgar as well as their politics. But if we think this necessity rather imaginary than real, we should renounce their dreams of society, together with their visions of religion, and vindicate ourselves into perfect liberty.’ – Edmund Burke, A Vindication of Natural Society, p.77, quoted in Sprading, p.73. – NATURAL SOCIETY, LIBERTY, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, CONFORMISM, VOTING

REASON: We must be fortified … by reason against all adversities.” – Plutarch, Lives, Solon, sec.7.

REASON: When “people don’t act in a reasonable manner” then this means, all too often, only that the territorial governments would not allow them to do so. – The example of a few, quite free to do so, would tend to spread by voluntary adoption. – JZ, 9/72, 31.7.78, 15.5.08. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, TEACHING BY SETTING BETTER EXAMPLES

REASON: When men renounce reason, they open the way to the rule of brute force.” – Mrs. Young in her manuscript on Ayn Rand, p.11.

REASON: Who was it who used to say "we're fighting for the survival of Reasonable Man"? -Steed-Asprey? - Le Carré, The Honourable Schoolboy, p.334. – If they were quite reasonable then they would have won – long ago. Alas, the reasonable man knows his limitations. Only the ignorant and prejudiced seeks to gain power. And the reasonable people were not yet reasonable enough to strive for and attain exterritorial autonomy for themselves, by which they would be free to set inspiring examples for others. – JZ, 27.3.09. – PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, REASONABLE MAN

REASON: Whoever pays heed to the public opinion of his times will influence, with his thinking, only a few.” – Seneca – JZ translation of: “Nur auf wenige wird wirken, wer in seinem Denken auf sein Zeitalter Ruecksicht nimmt.” – “Paucis natus es, qui populum aetatis suae cogitat.” - “If you wish to subject all things to yourself, subject yourself to reason.” – Seneca, Epistulae ad Lucilium, Epis 37, sec. 4. - “Wenn Du Dir alles unterwerfen willst, so unterwirf Dich der Vernunft.” – “Si vis tibi omnia subjicere, te subjice rationi.” – Another translation, in Seldes, The Great Quotations: “If you would subject all things to yourself, subject yourself to reason.” – Quoted from Durant, The Story of Philosophy. - INFLUENCE, PUBLIC OPINION, PIONEERS, TIMES

REASON: Whoever wants to be a Christian should tear the eyes out of his Reason.” - Martin Luther. – A truly reasonable man cannot afford to be a Christian and a Christian cannot afford to be reasonable. At least we should expect mutual tolerance from both. – JZ, 27.3.09. - VS. CHRISTIANITY, CHRISTIANITY VS. REASON, TOLERANCE

REASON: With most people one cannot talk or otherwise communicate reasonable about anything but relative trivia, least of all about big and important ideas. – JZ, 22.3.07, 25.10.07. Compare: “Communication takes place only between equals.” - & REASONING, BIG IDEAS VS. RELATIVELY TRIVIAL ONES, TALKING IT OVER, NEGOTIATIONS, PERSUASION? SPREADING IMPORTANT IDEAS THROUGH TALKING & WRITING, COMMUNICATION?

REASON: You cannot see too clearly that force and reason – which last is the essence of the moral act – are at the two opposite poles. (*)When you act by reason you are not acting under the compulsion of other men; when you act under compulsion you are not acting under the guidance of reason. (**) The one is a force within you and the other a force without. Moreover, physical force in a man’s hand is an instrument of such a brutal character that its very nature destroys and excludes the kindlier or better qualities of human nature. (***)” – Auberon Herbert, quoted in Sprading, p.409, in Mack edition, p. 91. - (*) However, as Kant stated, right is associated with the authority to enforce it. – (**) You may then act under the “compulsion” of a genuine moral law, like e.g. the “categorical imperative” or the right to resist attacks against basic rights. – (***) So when I effectively defend myself, a woman or a child against a vicious attack, I would destroy my better nature rather than letting it act? Physical force of a person’s hand is also required for much productive work. – One arrives at too many nonsensical conclusions when using general terms without qualifications. A “compulsion” can also come from one’s mind and moral sense, like the clearly felt duty to resist a criminal attack, if one can, as far as one can. - JZ, 3.5.08, 3.2.14.

REASON: You have sacrificed reason to faith.” – Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, p.936.

REASON: You therefore, who wish to remain free, either instantly be wise, or, as soon as possible, cease to be fools; if you think slavery an intolerable evil, learn obedience to reason and the government of yourselves.” – John Milton. – Or to become free … JZ - FREEDOM

REASON: Your own reason is the only oracle given you by heaven, and you are answerable for, not the rightness, but the uprightness of the decision.’ – Thomas Jefferson, Writings, Vol. X, p. 178. – Is there really a difference between the rightness of a decision and the uprightness of one or is this merely a play with words? – JZ, 2.2.14.

REASONING: do not mistake clear reasoning for correct reasoning.” – Frank Herbert, The Godmakers, p.111. - RED., LOGIC, CLARITY, CORRECTNESS, PERSUASION, ENLIGHTENMENT, “ARGUMENT MAPS”, PLAUSIBILITY

REASONING: He that will not reason is a bigot; he that cannot reason is a fool; he dares not reason is a slave.” - Sir William Drummond. - Theodore Schroeder, compiler, “Free Press Anthology”, 1909, Sec. III, ”Laconics of Toleration and Free Inquiry.”

REASONING: You cannot reason a person out of a position he did not reason himself into in the first place.” - Jonathan Swift – , RED.

REASONS OF STATE: If 50,000 men were to perish for the welfare of the state, I would mourn them, but reasons of state must come before everything else. – Napoleon I, to Gaspard Gourgaud at St. Helena, Feb. 8, 1816. – What States are worth such sacrifices? Was Napoleon’s? He sacrificed not only 50 000 but around 2 to 3 million people to his ambition and his rule. Was France ruled better or worse after his overthrow? Mostly this phrase is only used for official crimes on a massive scale. Are any territorial States with involuntary members and subjects worth such sacrifices? Are any territorial States really worth any sacrifices? Are they morally and rationally justifiable? Where should one draw the line? 50,000, 500 000, 5 million, 500 million or all of mankind being risked for the survival of one or the other territorial government, a bit longer, in the safest bunkers? - The rulers take themselves very serious – but should we? - Should all of us be merely sacrificial pawns for their addiction to power? – Terrorists adopt the same kind of attitude for their “ideals”. – Why should we respect and obey terrorists in government offices? – Some historians assert that Napoleon was intentionally and slowly poisoned to death while in captivity. If so, then this tyrannicide came many years too late, considering the number of his victims. – 6.2.85, JZ, 5.7.86, 14.5.08. – STATISM, GOVERNMENTS ORGANIZING HUMAN SACRIFICES, STATE SECURITY, RULERS, NWT, TERRITORIALISM, STATES, GOVERNMENT, TYRANNICIDE

REASONS OF STATE: Reasons of State are no reasons or sound motives but merely very dangerous and false pretences. – Typically, to prevent that from being clearly seen, their details are not stated but rather kept secret. They could not stand publicity. And no principle or maxim that cannot stand publicity, if it wants to succeed, is a moral or quite rational one, as already Immanuel Kant pointed out his “Eternal Peace”, in 1795. – JZ, 14.5.08. - Reasons of State are no reasons. – JZ, 12.7.86.

REASONS OF STATE: The “logic” of irrationality, immorality and power madness. – JZ, 3/94, 11.5.08. – They do, quite wrongly, assume that territorial States do have a right to exist and that these rights are even so superior that many individuals and even millions of the own subjects and of the subjects of other territorial States may be sacrificed to preserve them. – The immorality involved is no less that that involved in former human sacrifices offered by various priesthoods. – Territorial statism is a religion and a very intolerant and murderous one, too. - JZ, 11.5.08, 2.4.09, 3.2.14. - SECURITY, HUMAN SACRIFICES, INTERNAL SECURITY, WARFARE STATES, TOTALITARIANISM, DESPOTISM

REASONS OF STATE: The euphonious has from time immemorial masked tyranny, exploitation and the determination of every ruler to prolong and perpetuate his rule.” – Emma Goldman, “There Is No Communism In Russia” (*), in Alix Kates Shulman, ed. of Red Emma Speaks, p.408. – (*) Alas, there was, rather, too much of it, of the statist and territorialist and even totalitarian kind, not of the tolerant kind, among volunteers only, as in families, monasteries, nunneries and many intentional or utopian communities. – JZ, 27.3.09. - STATE, STATE SECURITY, TYRANNY, TERRITORIALISM, COMMUNISM, EXPLOITATION

REBELLION: A little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.” - Thomas Jefferson, 1743-1826. – Peaceful individual and minority group secessionism would make rebellions superfluous. – JZ, n.d. - REVOLUTION, RESISTANCE, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL, ONE-MAN “REVOLUTIONS” THROUGH INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM


REBELLION: It's time we rebelled." - Ronald Reagan – How would he have treated rebels against his rule? – JZ, 27.3.09. - & REVOLUTION

REBELLION: Rebellion is a baser offence against society than injustice.” – W. A. Dunning, A History of Political Theories, Recent Times, p.116. – I would rather say that it is mostly a lesser offence than injustice and submitting to injustice. - What kind of rebellion? Against what kind of injustice? Against what kind of offence? Against what kind of society? - A rebellion merely against any injustice inflicted and if undertaken quite without committing further injustices, is not an offence but, rather, the right and a duty of resistance against any offence against individual rights and lbierties. – However, to achieve that kind of ideal rebellion it must not be a territorial one but an exterritorial one, a voluntaristic one, not one territorially imposed upon whole populations, contrary to the ideals of many other individuals and groups in that population. It must be directed only against the guilty persons.  – A historian should make sufficient distinctions and not generalize all too much. - JZ, 8.8.92, 28.8.92, 12.5.08. – INJUSTICE, REVOLUTION, SELF-DEFENCE, INJUSTICE, RESISTANCE

REBELLION: Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.” – John Bradshaw, 1602-1639. – From Andrews Quotes. - Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.” - Thomas Jefferson, much later. – George Seldes, in The Great Quotations, writes that it is attributed to Oliver Cromwell. Jefferson used it on his personal and official seal. - TYRANNY, RESISTANCE, REVOLUTION, TYRANNICIDE

REBELLION: Rebellion, says Camus, ‘is the refusal to be treated as an object and to be reduced to simple historical terms. It is the affirmation of a nature common to all men, which eludes the world of power.’ It eludes the world of power – that is the point, for it is always power that crystallizes into a structure of injustice.” – Herbert Read, Anarchism and Order, p.17. – Territorial power, not the self-management power of exterritorial autonomy of communities of volunteers over their own affairs. – JZ, 3.65.08, 19.2.11. – POWER, TERRITORIALISM & INJUSTICE VS. INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP, VOLUNTARISM

REBELLION: Rebellion, Spooner urges, was “No Treason”. Indeed, rebellion itself, or a government in crisis, was a sign of a dysfunctional if not a tyrannical regime; in either case, it was best ended and replaced with something better.” – Charles Chiveley, p.51, in Lysander Spooner, Works I. – REVOLUTION, RESISTANCE, PERSONAL LAW & PANARCHIES OF VOLUNTEERS VS. TERRITORIALISM

REBELLION: The word Rebellion is only a barbarian name for the exercise of Freedom and crushing out of rebellion is CRUSHING OUT LIBERTY.” – Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.72, quoting Warren. - Not every rebellion is rightful, e.g. that of Lenin and that of Hitler, Castro, Mao & Idi Amin. - JZ

REBELLION: When you think of the long and gloomy history of man, you will find more hideous crimes have been committed in the name of obedience than have ever been committed in the name of rebellion. – C. P. Snow in - OBEDIENCE, CRIMES, ATROCITIES, TERRITORIALISM

REBELS: It isn't the rebels who cause the troubles of the world, it's the troubles that cause the rebels.” - Carl Oglesby – The major man-made troubles are caused by territorialism. – JZ, 27.3.09. - & TROUBLES, TERRITORIALISM & STATISM VS. EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS OR EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOMM,

RECALL: Of course, I’d prefer anarchism. But given the situation we’re in, I’d offer two suggestions that could be implemented at once. First, I’d establish the machinery for the immediate popular recall of elected officials – as you recall an automobile that’s defective. If the President steers us into some outrageous war and then his brakes fail. I think we should be able to return him to the shop for repairs. And, second, I’d call for a new Constitutional Convention to decide exactly what kind of government to American people want, if any.” – Karl Hess, in PLAYBOY interview, 7/76. - At last here he wrote still in terms of a single and territorially defined “people” and saw only anarchism as an alternative to governments, instead of panarchistic choices for every individual. – A Constitutional Convention could now be cheaply convened online, with primary concerns directed to voluntary and exterritorial autonomy options for every individual and also towards an as complete declaration of genuine rights and liberties as could and should be assembled now. – One cannot expect such a declaration from those committed to territorially rule over whole populations. - JZ, 3.5.08. – Alas, the online constitutional convention that I came recently in contact with, seems to embrace every irrational spleen and deals, mainly with trivia, like fringes on flags! See: - JZ, 19.2.11. - PANARCHISM: FREE CHOICE BETWEEN GOVERNMENTS & SOCIETIES FOR INDIVIDUALS, UNDER PERSONAL LAWS

RECEIVING: It's more blessed to give than to receive - especially kittens.” - Bill Cosby. - VS. GIVING, GIFTS, JOKES

RECEPTIVENESS: Were they eye not attuned to the Sun, the sun could not be seen by it.” – Goethe. – Quoted in NOTES FROM FEE, Nov. 1976. – INTEREST IN THE OWN AFFAIRS, CURIOSITY, FAITH, BELIEF, CLOSED MINDS, PREJUDICES

RECESSIONS: As it was, the 1970 recession was a masochistic exercise rather than a side effect of a successful cure.” – Milton Friedman, How to Use Indexation to Fight Inflation, QUADRANT, June 75. – Indexation does not fight Inflation but expresses it and adapts to it. Once inflation is stopped indexation becomes superfluous. – Aren’t all economic crises sado-masochistic practices, imposed, sharpened and prolonged by monetary and financial despotism? – Every recession, deflation, stagflation and inflation, all caused under legalized monetary and financial despotism, which make them possible and prolong them, regardless of their consequences, is also sadistic. Putting-up with them is rather masochistic. - JZ, 17.5.76, 3.5.08, 19.2.11. - DEPRESSIONS, CREDIT RESTRICTIONS, CRISES, UNEMPLOYMENT, MONETARY & FINANCIAL DESPOTISM, CREDIT RESTRICTIONS, MONETARY POLICIES, SANCTION OF THE VICTIMS

RECESSIONS: None of my Government seems to know what to do about them.” – Reported remark of the Queen in a discussion about recession. - THE TIMES Quotes of the Week, p.175, January 26, 2002. – There are so many prize competitions. Why not some for the best proposals on how to overcome e.g. involuntary mass unemployment, sales difficulties and inflation: If the victims of these three phenomena put in each, say $5 a year towards the best answers and half of these amounts were utilized to finance research and publicity, solutions would fast be found or developed. Each person is harmed and wronged by economic crises for much more than $ 5 p.a. Under panarchism all solution attempts could be tested at minimum cost and risk. All the flawed responses to economic crises, as practiced now by governments, should also be countered by rewards for their best refutations. Perhaps the winners should also be rewarded with life-long exemption from all direct taxes and refunds for their estimated indirect taxes? – JZ, 27.3.09. – However, governments are unlikely to realize this proposal for they thrive in powers on economic crises. Even “War is the health of the State”. Territorial statism would thus be more and more be recognized not only as superfluous but as wrongful and harmful. – So, who will organize this opinion poll and prize competition. Already Henry Meulen, who died in 1978, pointed out in THE INDIVIDUALIST that there are at least 140 different crisis hypotheses and theories. Most libertarians are so unaware of this multitude of opinions that they simply subscribe to the one that first occurs to them, while ignoring all others. Is there already a website on Crises Hypotheses and their refutations a well as on sound crisis theories and their proofs, appealing for input in money and ideas and references, also to bets and prize competitions ? – A special Facebook page or blog or website could be used for this purpose, at least initially. - JZ, 3.2.14. - ECONOMIC CRISES, DEFLATIONS, INFLATIONS, MASS UNEMPLOYMENT, PRIZE COMPETITION FOR SOLUTIONS & BEST ANSWERS TO ERRORS, MYTHS & PREJUDICES

RECESSIONS: The recession need not be “fought” but should simply be ended – by stopping its main cause, namely, monetary and financial despotism. This despotism might, ultimately, constitute the worst kind of monopoly power and interventionism, because it leads to and supports all other kinds of monopolies and interventions. – JZ, 15.12.92, 12.5.08. – UNEMPLOYMENT, INFLATION, DEFLATION, CRISES, DEPRESSIONS, WARS, CIVIL WARS, REVOLUTIONS, MASS MURDERS, MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM, VS. MONETARY & FINANCIAL DESPOTISM, FREE BANKING VS. CENTRAL BANKING, VOLUNTARY TAXATION VS. COMPULSORY TAXATION

RECIPROCITY: A pupil once asked Confucius whether his rule of conduct might not perhaps be epitomized in a single word. “The Master replied, ‘Is not “reciprocity” the world?’ ” – The Analects Of Confucius, ed. and transl. by W. E. Soothill, T’aiyuanfu [Shansi, 1910], XV S. 23. – Quoted by Antony Flew, What Is Right? GEORGIA LAW REVIEW, vol.13, Summer 1979, No.4, p.1127. - Tsekund asked, “Is there one single word that can serve as a principle of conduct for life?” – Confucius replied, “Perhaps the word “reciprocity” will do. Do not unto others what you do not want others to do unto you.” – Lin Yutang, The Wisdom of Confucius. – When one cultivates to the utmost the capabilities of his nature and exercises them on the principle of reciprocity, he is not far from the path.” – Confucius, in “The Wisdom of Confucius”, Doctrine of the Mean, C.XIII, 3. – MUTUALISM, EQUAL RIGHTS & EQUAL LIBERTIES, RECOGNIZED TO THE EXTENT THAT OTHER RATIONAL BEINGS WANT THEM FOR THEMSELVES, TOLERANCE, JUSTICE, FIRST PRINCIPLES, GOLDEN RULE

RECIPROCITY: Diane Hunter Smith spoke of “concerned reciprocity” as opposed to exclusive reliance. She notes: “one does not appreciate a lecture on individual self-reliance when lying bleeding on the street or even having a flat on the freeway with no spare.” – NEW LIBERTARIAN WEEKLY No. 63, 27.2.77. – Compare: DUTY, SOCIAL CONTRACT

RECIPROCITY: equity of inherent individual rights. This cardinal fundamental principle of Anarchy, equity, coincides with the best and deepest thoughts of the religious reformers who have impressed the world, and sought to fill men with love for each other. “Reciprocity”; “Do unto others as you would wish to be done unto”, these are the mottos of all Anarchists, who see that these sayings cannot have their full effect, unless Wisdom be united to love, and the positive institutions that stand in the way of their fulfillment, be undermined and destroyed. Where equity is the base, none can rightfully rule the other.” – J. Donovan in Bob James, Australian Anarchism, p.20. - EQUITY, UNIVERSALITY, CATEGORICAL IMPERATIVE, LAW OF EQUAL FREEDOM, JUSTICE, TOLERANCE, LAISSEZ FAIRE, MUTUALISM, LOVE, LAISSEZ FAIRE, TOLERANCES, RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, GOLDEN RULEM, DOMINATION, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

RECIPROCITY: Hand me the cinnamon, and I’ll hand you the senna.” – Russian proverb

RECIPROCITY: If you do good, good will be done to you; but if you do evil, the same will be measure back to you again. – Fables of Bidpai, c.750, “Dabschelim and Bidpai”. - GOLDEN RULE

RECIPROCITY: One good turn deserves another.” – English proverb, traced by Smith to ca. 1400.

RECIPROCITY: Rawls … In his understanding, justice depends essentially on reciprocity, or willingness to deal with others as equals.” – William Stoddard, REASON, 3/74.

RECIPROCITY: That is, each individual drawing upon his own personal feelings, is in a position to know what the other party to the contract is experiencing, and hence the possibility of a mutual settlement that will reconcile the individual interests of both parties.” – JLS, Winter 80, p.85. – Only if feelings were a sufficient guide. - When it comes to just actions, i.e. recognition of the individual rights and liberties of others, especially when these rights and liberties are not yet fully declared and recognized as such, feelings, conscience, moral sense, spirit, etc. are quite insufficient guides and often very misleading. – JZ, 3.5.08, 19.2.11.


RECOGNITION OF GOVERNMENTS: All governments ought only to be recognized to the extent that they do represent volunteers. No government ought to be recognized beyond its rule over its volunteers, as representing all those peaceful dissenters, who would like to be free to opt out from under it and to establish their own government, society or community for themselves, under personal laws and exterritorial autonomy. Peaceful dissenters are all those who do not interfere with the basic and genuine individual rights and liberties of the people that they do disagree with and which these others do want respected. For all such rightful dissenters, not being granted their liberty, their self-government, their self-determination, only their own particular governments in exile are to be recognized, which aim at establishing that liberty for them by all rightful means. Those who suppress the rights and liberties of dissenters ought to be held responsible for their actions. But this should be done in most cases – tyrannicide actions excepted – only once they have been overthrown and then by the juridical arrangements of a federation of all former governments in exile, each then in charge of all their volunteers in their homeland. To maximize the effectiveness of such governments in exile against despotic regimes, the democratic or republican governments – or peoples - who recognized them, should themselves be split up into governments and societies of volunteers only, thus demonstrating the rightfulness and effectiveness of that method. One cannot proclaim as a rightful aim for a foreign country and its population what one does not know or dare to realize at home. This would also be an efficient defence measure. It would reduce animosities and dissolve targets for ABC mass murder devices. Once this liberty and this right are widely realized in the more advanced countries, many of the remaining territorial despotisms will either collapse relatively soon or become overthrown by military uprisings or popular revolutions. Due to this rightful and peaceful aim and practice, there will hardly be any infighting among the resistance groups or revolutionary groups. Their tolerance for diversity will sufficiently unite them, much more so than the symbols, notions and errors or coercion of territorial or national unity could. – Only a single alternative government in exile would not be a sufficiently attractive and representative alternative. - JZ, 4.10.96, 9.5.08. – VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE VS. TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, COMPULSORY SUBORDINATION TO STATE GOVERNMENTS

RECOGNITION OF GOVERNMENTS: Territorial governments do recognize other such governments, either de facto or de jure. But should their subjects recognize any territorial government as legitimate for any but their volunteers? For all others they are more or less despotic or tyrannical with their laws and institutions, imposed upon whole populations. – JZ, 20.6.13. – TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, Q., VOLUNTARISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, POLYARCHISM

RECOGNITION OF GOVERNMENTS: the philosophy of pragmatism, or utilitarianism – the philosophy of recognizing any group of gangsters, any puppets, as head of a country as long as they were in control of its territory.” – Alexander Solzhenitsyn, THE NATIONAL TIMES, 3.5.76, p. 27/28. – Recognition for any territorial government means non-recognition for the rights and liberties of those victimized by it, be it some minorities or even the majority. – Recognition for a territorial government should never be de jure but always only de facto. – For all their peaceful dissenters governments and societies in exile should always be formed and recognized, as long as they confine their present activities and all their future aims to volunteers only. Only for them should de jure recognition be provided. - JZ, 3.5.08, 2.4.09. – PRAGMATISM, UTILITARIANISM, POLITICS AS USUAL, EXTERNAL AFFAIRS, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUALISM, DIPLOMACY, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE, DISSENTERS, VICTIMS, TERRITORIALISM

RECOGNITION: As the Federal Government has recognized the Red Chinese and the North Vietnamese regimes, I do no longer recognize the Federal Government as representing me. – JZ, 26.2.73. - But I do recognize the victimized peoples and all their various and voluntary groups in Red China, in North Korea – and everywhere else. – JZ, 3.5.08.

RECOGNITION: China should be recognized.” - Mises Institute, Daily Article, 24 11 06, by L. H. Rockwell, Jr. – Recognizing the territorial government of China means not recognizing ca. 1 300 million people, in all their great variety. Most of them would form xyz different communities of volunteers, if allowed to do so. At least in the long run and if sufficiently enlightened, they would prefer exterritorial autonomy among their own volunteers to territorial tyranny and territorial domination over dissenters. The recognition of other communities or powers was so far usually done only by territorial powers, which themselves are wrongful impositions upon whole populations. Thus it would mean, one wrongful regime recognizing another wrongful regime and top criminals shaking hands and making “agreements” and “treaties” with each other – at the expense and risk of their subjects! – JZ, 26.12.07, 27.3.09, 2.4.09, 20.6.13. – RECOGNITION OF CHINA’S TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT VS. RECOGNITION OF ALL OF CHINA’S PEOPLE, IN ALL THEIR DIVERSITY, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES, TERRITORIALISM, SUMMIT CONFERENCES, DIPLOMACY, FOREIGN AFFAIRS, SOCIETIES & GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE

RECOGNITION: Confine the recognition of each State, government, society and community only to those with voluntary followers only and aspiring only to exterritorial self-rule. - JZ, 4.9.98, 1.2.02. - RECOGNITION OF GOVERNMENTS

RECOGNITION: Germany has had the good fortune to find a leader capable of bringing together the forces of the entire country to work as a collective body for the common prosperity.” – DAILY MAIL, 10.10.1933. – “Hitler’s worst enemies could scarcely dispute the advantages already gained from a restored civilization.” – THE TIMES, London, 14.7.1933, quoted, in Sven Hassell, “SS General”, p.162. – Even for many years after WW II the Nazi propaganda assertion, that they had fast abolished unemployment in Germany, was parroted by the democratic mass media. Professor Rittershausen pointed out that other European countries recovered earlier from the Great Depression than Germany did, especially France did. Fiction over facts, once again. – The introduction of full monetary and financial freedom after WW I would have led to a very rapid recovery for all and would have prevented WW II. But the mass media don’t want to deal with such facts. – They require too much re-thinking and the rejection of many popular errors, myths and prejudices. - JZ, 2.4.09. - FOREIGN POLICY MISCONCEPTIONS, LEADERSHIP, PRESS, JOURNALISTS, MASS MEDIA, PREJUDICES, NATIONALISM, TERRITORIALISM, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, NAZIS, HITLER REGIME,

RECOGNITION: He who seeks only for applause from without has all his happiness in another’s keeping.” – Oliver Goldsmith, quoted in READER’S DIGEST, 11/62. – SUCCESS, POPULARITY, HAPPINESS

RECOGNITION: I for one recognize all governments only as personal law associations of voluntary members and subjects and do not recognized any government as representing involuntary members and subjects who are not criminals with victims or other aggressors against that government or any of its voluntary subjects. – JZ, 17.11.88. - PANARCHISM

RECOGNITION: No territorial government is worth recognizing by all of the people subjected to it, i.e., it present and future victims. Nor should any foreign government be recognized that suppresses any individual rights or liberties. Each should be recognized only as exterritorially representing its own volunteers. No territorial monopoly should be granted or conceded to any of them nor any power over involuntary subjects – excepting only criminals and other aggressors, who had victimized any of their volunteers. - JZ, 27.9.98, 10.5.08, 2.4.09. - TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS

RECOGNITION: Non-recognition for any territorial military, tyrannical or other authoritarian dictatorial or even democratic regime and, at the same time, full recognition of all exterritorially autonomous communities, societies and governments of and for volunteers only, starting, perhaps, best of all, with recognition for all governments, societies and communities in exile, which are of that type. – JZ, 15.6.92, 12.5.08. - PANARCHISM, TYRANNY, STATE, REBELLION

RECOGNITION: Recognize the Chinese people – by not recognizing their oppressors and exploiters. – JZ, 1991/92. – The territorial regime should be recognized only for its remaining volunteers. – They should remain free to do their things to themselves. - JZ, 2.4.09. - CHINA

RECOGNITION: The true liberalism is recognition.” - Goethe, “Sprueche in Prosa”, JZ tr. of: “Die wahre Liberalitaet ist Anerkennung.” – I would rather say: “is tolerance for tolerant actions even when one strongly disagrees with them.” – JZ, 15.9.08. - LIBERALISM, TOLERANCE, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, VOLUNTARISM

RECOGNITION: There is something that is much more scarce, something finer far, something rarer than ability. It is the ability to recognize ability. – E. Hubbard, quoted in: Dr. Laurence J. Peter, The Peter Prescription, p.109. – Territorial governments do not even recognize their own disabilities and those of other territorial governments. They suffer from a severe superiority complex, amounting to a divinity complex. – JZ, 2.4.09. - RECOGNITION OF ABILITY, TALENTS, SUPERIORITY COMPLEX, APPRECIATION OF TALENTS & ABILITY, GENIUS, IDEAS ARCHIVE & TALENT CENTRE

RECOGNITION: Whitlam, select friends for yourself but not for me!” – JZ, 27.2.73. – Regarding his foreign policy. Gough Whitlam was then a State Socialist Australian Prime Minister. – He wanted us to continue with his rage when he was finally, belatedly, recalled. The following landslide victory of the other major party sanctioned that recall by the Queen’s Governor General, Mr. Kerr. – However, he should have been allowed to continue his misrule – but over his remaining voluntary followers only! – Until they, finally, one by one, would have become enraged against him, too and would have left his panarchy. – Imagine him, finally alone, standing there and still shouting: “Maintain your rage!” – Consistent voluntarism would rapidly reveal how limited the “mandate” of most politicians actually is. - JZ, 2.4.09, 19.2.11. - FRIENDS, ENEMIES, FOREIGN POLICY, DECISION-MAKING, TERRITORIALISM, LEADERSHIP, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, SECESSIONISM

RECONCILIATION: Reconciliation should not be the major aim. It is mostly just a dream or a fiction. Instead we should be sufficiently tolerant towards voluntary separatists, who do not make any territorial monopoly claims but simply want to run their own communities and societies quite independently, in accordance with their own reform ideas and preferences, customs, traditions and self-chosen personal laws. That would lead to some separate communities in the same country but also to some voluntarily integrated ones and would in no way exclude cooperation and free exchange between them and even federations of them. – J.Z, 12.7.86, 14.5.08. – Australia, originally, had ca. 250 tribalist and territorialist “nations”. – Its present mixed population might wish to divide itself into even more different communities of volunteers, none with a territorial monopoly claim. - JZ, 22.10.08. - PANARCHISM & VOLUNTARISM VS. TERRITORIAL MONOPOLIES, TOLERANCE FOR ALL TOLERANT ACTIONS, EVEN IN THE POLITICAL, ECONOMIC & SOCIAL SPHERES

RECOVERY: A complete and fast global or national recovery from a severe crisis caused by monetary and financial despotism is impossible while that despotism lasts, just like a man, who remains imprisoned and in chains, has not recovered his complete freedom. Nevertheless, most of the official and other experts have not yet considered the monetary freedom alternatives to their monetary despotism and the financial freedom alternatives to their monetary and financial despotism. A non-violent monetary and financial freedom revolution seems to be required. It might begin and spread from its success in a single small village. - But not when it is suppressed, all too soon, while this can still be done or when its practitioners imagine that it would required a considerable investment of funds, apart from the investment of brain power and printing costs involved. As long as they still imagine that full employment and easy sales would cost rather than earn them money, in their own form of exchange media or clearing certificates or clearing accounts, using their own value standards, they are on the wrong track. – Imagine an association of all retailers, small ones to supermarkets, seriously considering, studying and preparing the issue of local shop currencies themselves, also the use of alternative and sound value standards, and this as a monetary basic human right and liberty and self-help option, when governments, as usual, do not know what to do about mass unemployment and inflation, deflation and stagflation, and were to practise these fundamental economic liberties and rights in a severe depression or inflation, suddenly and quite correctly and thus efficiently, with regard to their issue and reflux policy, contrary to all legal prohibitions and legalized monopolies. – Under stable value standards and freedom from exploitative taxes, capital would then also become fast available from internal and external sources. They could thus end a crisis very fast, within days at most and thus no democratic government could risk prosecuting them for this action, if it wants to remain in the saddle. – This kind of successfully opting out from subjection - to ignorant and prejudiced territorial mismanagement - would lead to many other secessionist actions, leaving only voluntary victims to the former monopolistic and coercive territorial governments. – These would mostly dribble away, too, once they become disillusioned as well. - JZ, 28.6.03, 23.10.07, 27.3.09, 2.4.09. - GLOBAL RECOVERY, CRISES, MONETARY FREEDOM REVOLUTION VS. MONETARY DESPOTISM, FINANCIAL FREEDOM VS. FINANCIAL DESPOTISM, INDIVIDUAL & GROUP SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, META-UTOPIA, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM IN EVERY SPHERE, STARTED AT AN OPPORTUNE MOMENT WHEN THE TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS IS, OBVIOUSLY HELPLESS

RECOVERY: How could the world economically “recover” when it was never allowed to be economically quite sound in the first place, when there were always legalized meddlers at work, with or without the consent of their victims? At most the results of extreme monopolistic interventionism could be reduced to the normal results of monopolistic and coercive interventionism – as long as monopolistic, legalized and coercive interventionism are allowed to continue to operate in this sphere and this not only among volunteers but territorially enforced upon whole populations. – JZ, 12.1.85, 3.5.08, 3.4.14. - WORLD ECONOMIC RECOVERY? , CRISES, MONETARY & FINANCIAL DESPOTISM, TERRITORIALISM, INTERVENTIONISM, ECONOMIC HUMAN RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

RED CHINA: How do living standards and personal and political liberties compare in Red China and in Taiwan? Why does not the Red Chinese government try to become superior in this respect rather than militarily? How many more millions of people is it prepared to sacrifice to satisfy its wrongful territorial ambitions? It has already largely renounced its communist anti-economic ideology – but still hangs on to the political and military territorial power that it had used to impose communist ideas and practices upon the population of China for all too many years. Its rule ought to become reduced to its remaining faithful in China and in the rest of the world. It should be free to try to set a shiny example with their unanimous support and without any involuntary victims and without any territorial monopoly claims. – That effort would or should be recognized as rightful by the whole world. - JZ, 24.2.00, 10.5.08. – TERRITORIALISM, CHINA, VOLUNTARISM, FORMOSA, TAIWAN, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, TOTALITARIANISM, PERSONAL LAW, SECESSIONISM, COMMUNISM & STATISM ONLY FOR THEIR VOLUNTARY VICTIMS

RED CHINA: I call for the abdication or the overthrow of the territorial communist regime in China. It has murdered and incarcerated millions of innocent people and exploited and oppressed and terrorized the rest. It has enforced the abortion of millions. It has prepared itself for a nuclear war. It may already have murdered more people than the Nazis and the Soviets did. And none of its mass murderers has been brought before a court of justice. All kinds of governments in exile should be recognized for Chinese people, all only for volunteers and all without any territorial monopoly. That could lead to its collapse or its almost bloodless overthrow, as a regime imposed upon all the population in what it has so far claimed as its exclusive territory. It’s continuance should only be allowed for its volunteers, those foolish enough to wish to remain its victims and as long as they do. – JZ, n.d. & 10.5.08. – GOVERNANCE SYTEMS IN EXILE FOR ALL THE DIVERSE CHINESE GROUPS OF VOLUNTEERS ONLY, INCLUDING COMMUNIST & SOCIALIST ONES

RED CHINA: Instead of threatening the people of Taiwan with domination or extermination, the Red Chinese government should try to rule its present subjects rightfully and better than they do now and better than they are ruled in Taiwan. Better still, let every individual in Mainland China have only the government or society that he or she want for themselves, as long as none of them are granted any territorial monopoly. The same voluntaristic reorganization scheme could then be rightfully proposed for Taiwan and also for the rest of the world. Chinese societies and governments should also not only be proposed for China and Taiwan, on a voluntary basis, but also for the rest of the world. Likewise, societies and communities of foreigners should be granted full exterritorial autonomy in Mainland China and in Taiwan. Nor should any kinds of mixed societies and communities of volunteers be outlawed. All kinds of Chinese should also be free to become exterritorially autonomous in all other countries. When no society, community or government is granted any territorial monopoly and all of them are subject to individual choices, none of them are to be feared any longer. No kind of territorial and coercive monopolism and imperialism is justified. – JZ, 24.2.00, 10.5.08, 19.2.11. – PANARCHISM, TAIWAN, CHINA, TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLISM, IMPERIALISM

RED INDIANS: In most cases the only way for a young Indian to become a man and a warrior was to take a scalp or to count coup, which meant to strike a living, armed enemy. Until he had done so, he could not get a bride and he could not speak in council. He was literally a nobody. This is why Indians often said they could not live without war.” – Louis L’Amour, Education of a Wandering Man, p.189. - To the extent that scalps were taken by every male, to become a man, their population remained limited and thus not able to resist the waves of white immigrants. On pages 112 & 113 L’Amour also points out that the Indians had supply problems and dissolved after a battle instead of going on campaigning. The white man kept coming. - What might have happened after prolonged peace between all the Red Indian tribes? – Compare the old saw: “Populate or perish!” – Those not so warlike or custom- ridden, like the Hopi or Eskimos, withdrew or remained in desert or arctic regions and there, naturally, they could not prosper and multiply, either. - JZ, 13.9.07. – Actually, if every male would have taken one or even several scalps, the population would soon have arrived at ZERO! – JZ, 2.4.09. – At least “counting coup” was a sensible alternative to prove the courage of males. – JZ, 3.4.14. - SCALP-HUNTING & COUNTING COUP

RED INDIANS: There are so many things about Indians and their ways that were simply not known. For example: no Indian who was not present at the signing of a treaty felt bound by it. For this reason many Indians would deliberately absent themselves on such occasions. - In most cases, when a chief signed a treaty, he was signing for himself. He had no authority to force other Indians to abide by it. This most white men never understood.” – Louis L’Amour, Education of a Wandering Man, p.113. - INDIVIDUALISM & TREATIES WITH INDIAN TRIBES, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

RED INDIANS: till the great day when the whites shall meet the red-skins in judgment, and justice shall be the law, and not power.” - Fenimore Cooper, The Pioneers, p.475, Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 7th printing, 1966. – Justice would grant them exterritorial autonomy, among their volunteers, not only in the USA but all over the world. – Confining them to all too limited reservation lands – and not even granting them full exterritorial autonomy there, is essentially as wrong as confining the populations of whole countries within their artificial borders and subjecting all of them to a territorial constitution, territorial laws and jurisdiction and other territorial government institutions, i.e. reducing them to inmates of country-wide prisons or territorial “reservations”. – JZ, 28.9.07. - & PANARCHISM OR POLYARCHISM

RED INDIANS: We are no longer citizens of the United States,” said longtime indigenous rights activist Russell Means at a press conference at Plymouth Congregational Church in Washington, D.C. on Dec. 19. “We offer citizenship to anyone provided they renounce their U.S. citizenship,” said Mr. Means. - Redmond Weissenberger and 2 other friends shared a link. - Lakota Indians cancel treaties with U.S. gov’t - - Have they considered exterritorial autonomy all over the US, North America, South America and the world – for their volunteers, as well as the volunteers of all other movements, societies and communities? – JZ, 9.3.12. - INDEPENDENCE

RED INDIANS: You are little acquainted with this peculiar people, … or you would know that revenge is a virtue with an Indian. They are taught from infancy upward, to believe it a duty, never to allow an injury to pass unresisted; and nothing but the stronger claims of hospitality, can guard one against their resentments, where they have power to act their will.” - Fenimore Cooper, The Pioneers, p. 134, Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 7th printing, 1966. – Would we be as unfree as we are with this kind of mentality? – JZ, 28.9.07. - & REVENGE, RESISTANCE

RED OR DEAD? Better Bread Than Dead.” – Heading of chapter 7 in The Incredible Breadmachine, p.139.

RED OR DEAD? Better the reds dead! Or: No non-criminals dead! – JZ, n.d.

RED OR DEAD? Meanwhile, Pol Pot in Cambodia proved that the choices are not between red and dead. Cambodian intellectuals got both.” - Jerry Pournelle, in ANALOG, 12/83, p.98. – Not only intellectuals. Everyone with a primary education, everyone who could read and write was already considered to be an enemy to be liquidated. For thus he was suspected to be able to think for himself. The power-mad want only ignorant and prejudiced followers and obedient subjects. – JZ, 14.5.08. - CAMBODIA

RED OR DEAD? Neither red nor dead! Better the reds dead! – Source?

RED OR DEAD? Q: A great British philosopher, Bertrand Russell, gave his support to the view, “Better red than dead”. - A: All my life and the life of my generation, the life of those who share my views, we all have one standpoint: better to be dead than a scoundrel. In this horrible expression of Bertrand Russell there is an absence of all moral criteria.” – A. Solzhenitsyn, in NEWS DIGEST INTERNATIONAL, June 1976. – But morality is also absent in the reply of Solzhenitsyn, for the yet unborn, babies and infants are, obviously, not victimizers or decision-makers but simply victims. Why deny them a chance to opt out, withdraw, flee or overthrow a totalitarian communist regime? – What can one expect when policy decisions at the highest level are made on the basis of such flawed slogans and when not even all pro-freedom counter-slogans have been fully mobilized against them? – JZ – Compare the primitive notions upon which, on both sides, WW II was fought and the millions of victims of that flawed “thinking”. – JZ, 3.5.08.

RED OR DEAD? The starving millions of mainland China have a new slogan: “Better fed than Red.” – From NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, quoted in READER’S DIGEST, 10/62. - Also in “The Incredible Breadmachine” by Susan Love Brown et al, and quoted in THE FREEMAN, 10/75. –  COMMUNISM, CHINA, HUNGER

RED TAPE: Bureaucrat is an epithet to the general public: he requires a seemingly endless stream of paperwork – ‘red tape’ – is by turn evasive, interminably slow, haughty, arbitrary, autocratic, and is surely an ‘oppressive hindrance to favorable action’.” – Clarence B. Carson, THE FREEMAN, 1/76, p.10. - BUREAUCRACY

RED TAPE: in the case of bureaucratic pollution, red tape gradually accumulates; until the fatal day arrives when an organization is helplessly strangled.” - Dr. Laurence J. Peter, The Peter Prescription, p.16. – But taxes can support them long beyond their usefulness or supposed and assumed usefulness, even when its flaws are already widely recognized. E.g. the post office monopoly. – JZ, 10.9.07. - BUREAUCRACY

RED TAPE: Official red tape is the heaviest burden of all to carry.” – From a Japanese SF film seen on 18.2.78. – Not necessarily the heaviest, but one that is even more directly felt as slave labor than is high taxation itself. – JZ, 3.5.08. - BUREAUCRACY

RED TAPE: Red tape - nothing is real without paper to prove it.” - F. M. Busby, Zelde M'Tana, p.93. - PAPERS, DOCUMENTATION, BUREAUCRACY

REDEMPTION BY THE ISSUER: Acceptance at par -with the nominal rare metal value for the goods, services or debt payment certificates of the issuer - is much more important and offers much greater possibilities to issue and control the volume of sound exchange media than their legally prescribed or contracted-for redemption, upon demand, in rare metals, by their issuers. The ability of the issuers of exchange media to supply rare metal coins or bullion is usually rather limited, while their ability to supply wanted goods and services, priced-out in weight units of rare metals, is almost unlimited for all suppliers and issuers, however limited it may be for individual suppliers. Thus, privately or cooperatively issued currencies without metallic redemption obligation for their issuers, under the quite competitive conditions of full monetary freedom, will probably be much more successful than those formally still redeemable in rare metal coins. Without being made of rare metals or redeemable in them, they will be as good as gold or silver and in some respects even better and more suitable, precisely because they clearly distinguish between their exchange medium and that of their value standard function. Thus they do not automatically limit the amount of their circulation to the quantity of rare metals that they can be made available for their redemption, upon demand, in rare metals. Under the rare metal-weight clearing-standard their “redemption” or “convertibility” into rare metals is transferred to the free gold and silver market. But there they cannot always be exchanged at their nominal par-value - but only at their market value against the rare metals involved as value standards. That is not a disadvantage but an advantage, as a control measure. The free market rating of competing currencies on rare metal markets – and against other value standards or currencies – is a safety or insurance measure, which prevents them a) from being under-issued in most cases and b) from being over-issued often or too much. Should an agio or scarcity value show, on the rare metals market, then it would reveal that such a currency is still under-issued and more of it should be issued. In case of a disagio or discount, possibly too much of it has been issued or the currency is too little known and traded or its reflux to its issuer is not yet strong enough. Then further issues should be stopped until it disappears, unless, in its local circulation sphere, it is still readily accepted, at par, not only by the issuer and his debtors, who would be obliged or contractually obliged to accept them at par, but also in the general local circulation. Upon it getting even a local discount, a competing currency would be widely refused. Furthermore, and also in the interest of the issuer himself, further issues would be stopped for a while, by wide-spread refusals to accept it at all, until the par value is reached again. The few discounted notes remaining would then stream back, fast, to the issuer, who has to accept them at par, and to his debtors, who are under contractual obligation to also accept them at par, since they can repay their debts with them at par. - Free market rating of currencies, combined with the option to refuse to accept at all or at par, any particular exchange medium in general circulation, one that one has not issued oneself, has a pricing function, one that sorts out, so to speak, the wheat from the chaff, or distinguishes the quality currency from any that is at least temporarily inferior. Thus the free-market rating of competing currencies and their mostly voluntary acceptance or refusal option, keeps sound the volume of their issues, acceptance and their circulation as well as their reflux to the issuer, provided only that the par values and discounts are sufficiently publicized. Sufficient publicity is an essential requirement for currencies as well as for securities. It is, perhaps, even more important for currencies than for capital securities, to make them stick to their par value in general circulation, i.e., to maintain their usefulness as a “currency” that is really current, i.e. widely enough acceptable at par, with their nominal value standard, like ready and sound cash, as good as gold or silver. Legal tender power (with its compulsory acceptance and forced value) does all too often give issuers and acceptors a false picture of a particular circulation and provides too much temptation and opportunity for the dishonest issuers of forced and exclusive currencies, usually governments or their central bank. (However private, legally, this monopoly institution is. It is certainly not a competitive, free enterprise and capitalistic ones, regardless of its formal and nominal ownership. – JZ, 3.4.14.) In practice, under free market rating for rare-metal-value clearing currencies, made out of paper or plastic, only those will be widely used that stand at par or close enough to their par value most of the time, at least locally, and that will always be accepted at par by their issuers. All the others will tend to be driven out of circulation or will have only a very limited acceptance and circulation at their discount and a correspondingly rapid reflux to their issuers. – That is, so to speak, an ABC of competing currencies that is not taught in schools and universities. –– If you can express this more shortly and clearly, please, do so and send me a copy. - JZ, 26.10.05, 29.10.07. - REDEMPTION INTO RARE METAL FOR THE ISSUERS OF EXCHANGE MEDIA OR READINESS TO ACCEPT THEM AT PAR WITH THEIR NOMINAL RARE METAL VALUE? GOLD STANDARDS, SILVER STANDARDS, GRESHAM’S LAW, PROPERLY UNDERSTOOD

REDEMPTION BY THE ISSUER: As long as taxation is still allowed to be continued, as long as we are still treated as tax-slaves or tax-serfs, it does not make sense to demand that all tax payments should be done in gold coins or redeemable gold certificates. Imagine how much gold that would require for the presently current tax rates in most States. We have here a clear case of gold clearing being quite sufficient. If taxes are imposed in gold weight values then the government could anticipate their payment in its own tax-foundation or clearing-money, issued for all government expenses and then taken back in the tax payments for the next weeks or at most a year. Such tax foundation money, to be sound, need not be an exclusive currency and should not be given legal tender power towards anyone else but the government tax departments. There, by their acceptance at par with their nominal gold weight value, the government’s expenditure would finally be cleared against the claims it has out of the taxes it had imposed. Under that condition taxation would also be less of a burden, because enough tax foundation money would be issued to make the tax payment of all due or soon due taxes technically possible. Other spheres of currency circulation, with other forms of money, would not be deprived of their special means of exchange just to pay taxes with them. And one would not have to be a gold mine owner or a recipient of enough gold coins or gold certificates to be enabled to pay his taxes with them. Ideally, each payment circle of any considerable size should have its own exchange medium or clearing facility. To the extent that this is done, one is then no longer dependent upon the supply of gold coins and yet can freely reckon, account and clear in gold weight values, expressed in print on paper, in the pricing of goods, services, labor, rents, pensions, credit contracts etc. but not payable in metallic gold – except in free trading, at market rates, on a free gold market. Tax foundation alone can give a gold-par value to paper money equivalent to the tax take of the next ca. 3 months, according to prolonged and often repeated experiences. The demand for paper money, to pay taxes with, is huge enough to give them such a practical value for the taxpayers and induces them to accept such paper money at least to the amounts of their tax payment obligations. It should not be given legal tender power - except towards the issuer, the Tax Department. The practical sign for discontinuing further such issues, for the time being, is the first discount that appears somewhere. Once it has disappeared and does not quickly occur again, further issues can be safely undertaken. – JZ, 27.10.07, 20.2.11. - REDEMPTION IN RARE METAL TO BE OBLIGATORY & ENFORCEABLE OR THE BEST METHOD TO PRESERVE THE VALUE OF A PAPER CURRENCY? TAX FOUNDATION MONEY AS AN EXAMPLE

REDEMPTION BY THE ISSUER: Can freedom to issue exchange media make us independent of the quantity of gold coins or bullion that is available to us? Can we issue many more exchange media than we could redeem in metallic gold and yet keep these exchange media sound and give them the value of a certain weight to gold, i.e., keep them stable and prevent their inflation? Can we create “paper gold”? Governments have tried this for a long time and have mostly failed, intentionally or unintentionally. Why these failures? Could private competitors succeed in this? If yes, then how? - Private note issues etc. would not be monopoly money or forced currencies. They would have no compulsory value or acceptance. Instead, they would be refusable and market rated against the value standard they have adopted, other value standards, including gold coins, and other currencies – and this would achieve that they are mostly kept at par with their value standard of very close to it, and always accepted at par by their issuers. Moreover, close to their nominal gold weight value, they would be convertible into metallic gold on a free gold market – but nowhere else. For most purposes, this would be good enough. For ordinary consumer purchases, i.e. shopping, at the shopping centers that had issued them, they would be even more acceptable than gold coins would be even better than gold coins, which would need to be checked for fineness and weight, and they would also be much more easily available and much lighter for large purchases. Metallic redemption by the issuer has been bugging us for all too long and is still bugging the gold bugs. – JZ, 28.10.07, 20.2.11, 3.4.14. - REDEMPTION IN RARE METAL TO BE OBLIGATORY & ENFORCEABLE & THE BEST METHOD TO PRESERVE THE VALUE OF A PAPER CURRENCY? OR IS IT TOO EXPENSIVE & SUPERFLUOUS? IS GOLD VALUE CLEARING & GOLD VALUE ACCOUNTING, TOGETHER WITH FREE GOLD VALUE PRICING & A FREE GOLD MARKET, FREE GOLD COIN CIRCULATION & PRIVATE COINAGE OF GOLD COINS GOOD ENOUGH?

REDEMPTION BY THE ISSUER: In a free competition between gold coins and gold certificates on the one side, as exclusive means of payment and gold-value- clearing or gold0-value-accounting notes on the other side, issued and accepted at par with their nominal gold weight value e.g. by shop associations, and considering the different costs involved: rare metal for coins vs. paper and printing, I know which side I would place my bet on. The cheaper exchange media would then be the better ones, the more economic ones, the more widely produced and accepted ones. They could and would then mediate almost all possible and wanted exchanges, apart from those settled altogether by other forms of clearing or by non-cash payments, independent of the total quantity of gold coins in circulation. This could still be done at gold weight values, used as the value standard in all these transactions. In that case, the better, because cheaper exchange medium, would drive out, largely, but not totally, the worse, because more expensive exchange medium, and this without possessing legal tender power, which a really inferior currency would require under the properly understood Gresham’s Law. – JZ, 27.10.07, 20.2.11. - REDEMPTION IN RARE METAL TO BE OBLIGATORY & ENFORCEABLE OR THE BEST METHOD TO PRESERVE THE VALUE OF A PAPER CURRENCY? GRESHAM’S LAW

REDEMPTION BY THE ISSUER: It is wrong to demand also metallic redemption for any currency for which there is already such a strong demand, or such other redemption option, daily needed and used, that it is already kept at par with is nominal gold weight value on a free gold market. This applies for instance to railway-, bus-, tramway-, taxi-, trucking- and airline-money, issued by such companies, denominated in gold weight units, for their services priced in gold weight units. They and their customers might not possess a single gold coin between them. Nevertheless, they, issue their notes and accept and use them at par with their nominal gold weight value, usually soon returning them to the issuers, in payments due to them, for transport services and this at their nominal gold weight value. In this way they could daily turn over the value of tons of gold, without having to worry whether they can obtain and equivalent number of gold coins to achieve this turnover. Each of their notes would be accompanied by their readiness to accept it at face value for their transport services. And the need for transport services is so great that it exerts a great demand for their notes which would keep them at par with their nominal gold weight value. – JZ, 27.10.07. - Naturally, this also applies to other redemption options than transport services, e.g. to petrol, electricity and water money and, naturally, to shop foundation money issues. - JZ, 20.2.11. - REDEMPTION IN RARE METAL TO BE OBLIGATORY & ENFORCEABLE OR THE BEST METHOD TO PRESERVE THE VALUE OF A PAPER CURRENCY? TRANSPORT MONEY AS AN EXAMPLE

REDEMPTION BY THE ISSUER: Let a quite free market for exchange media and gold coins decide whether at least some of the soundly issued and valued exchange media could, in practice, be as good as gold. Naturally, they should not be forced upon anyone. But, at the same time, as long as not all people are sufficiently supplied with exchange media, creditors should not be generally entitled (special payment communities of gold bugs excepted) to be paid only in gold coins or in gold certificates, instead of in other exchange media or clearing certificates, at their free market value, up to the full gold weight value the creditor is entitled to, with perhaps a fair margin added, to make up for any inconvenience involved for the creditor. The debtor could hardly complain about this, because then he would, in many cases, indirectly pay just with his goods, services and labor and there a considerable profit margin is usually involved for him. The ultimate test of whether a paper-gold means- of-payment is really worth its weight of gold will consist a) in its acceptance like a corresponding gold coin in the shops and b) in its being traded at par on a free gold market. - Even if it were so little known or traded on a free gold market that there is would be traded at a discount, then par acceptance at local shops could assure such exchange media a par value as a local currency. – Naturally, those gold weight value notes or clearing certificates which even their issuer could not get anyone to accept at par at their first issue or for which the first par acceptors could not readily find further par acceptors, would rapidly stream back to the issuer to be redeemed at par in his goods or services. And if even he could not or would not do that, then he would definitely drop out, immediately, as an issuer and would be hauled before a court of justice for fraud. – He certainly could not cause an inflation, although he had harmed some people. Sound value reckoning in all other places of business would go on. His few flawed exchange media, that he had managed to issue, could not depreciate any of the others. That aspect is too often overlooked. Only exclusive currencies can cause a deflation and among these only the legal tender currencies (those with compulsory acceptance and a forced value) can cause an inflation. – If the exchange medium issued is a monopoly money, but sound value reckoning is not outlawed by a legal tender law, then reckoned in a sound value standard all prices would remain. Only the monopoly money would have been depreciated. The culprit would be obvious in this case. Under full monetary freedom good or better or more economical money will drive out the bad or inferior money. The cheapest money will then not necessarily be the worst money Nor will the best money then necessarily be the most expensive money, e.g. gold coins and gold certificates. – The free gold market is a much better, larger and risk free redemption fund! - JZ, 27.10.07. - REDEMPTION IN RARE METAL TO BE OBLIGATORY & ENFORCEABLE OR THE BEST METHOD TO PRESERVE THE VALUE OF A PAPER CURRENCY? GRESHAM’S LAW

REDEMPTION BY THE ISSUER: Redemption by the issuer in rare metal coins is not the only or best method to preserve the value of a currency against a certain weight of rare metal. It is enough to keep an exchange medium at par with its rare metal value through other measures, methods that would create a so strong demand for them, as means of payment, that they would keep their par-value on a free local gold market with their nominal gold weight value and, anyhow, as a local currency, locally as well or even more useful than gold coins, lighter in weight, easier to pay with and buying just as much. That demand for means of exchange is called their reflux to the issuer. This reflux can be very strong, as it is through taxation for taxes expressed in e.g. gold weigh values and anticipated through tax foundation money that is also reckoned in gold weight values. When accepted at par for all taxes as if it consisted of gold coins, then such paper money will also tend to circulate in general circulation at this value if it is kept within the limits of its tax-foundation, as tax-anticipation warrants. The height and enforcement of compulsory taxes will see to that. But other exchange media as well, for which there is a large need, like the daily demand for consumer goods and services, can also exert a strong enough demand for them and sufficient reflux to the issuer, e.g. local shop-foundation money and this in spite of the fact that consumption of consumer goods and services is not enforced by the law, like taxes are, but “only” by nature, our survival or enjoyment needs or wants. Thus shop foundation money can also, like tax foundation money, be kept at par with its nominal gold weight value – for payments at par for goods and services, also priced out e.g. in gold weigh units, under free choice of value standards. - Others, who could also provide a sufficiently strong reflux for the currencies they issue, could also get them accepted at par. - The right to refuse unknown or suspected or somewhat over-issued currencies, together with the competition from sound exchange media, and continued sound value standard reckoning and pricing and sufficient publicity will prevent that already somewhat discounted exchange media will continue to be issued and accepted in general circulation without limits. Anyhow, they could not drive up prices reckoned in sound value standards. Only their issuers would still have to accept them at par. Only legal tender currencies, i.e. monopoly monies with forced acceptance and a forced value (forced currencies) can drive up all prices in a country, which, by law, do have to be expressed in them. Their inflationary effects should not be taken as examples and precedents to predict the effects of optional, i.e. refusable and discountable or market-rated and competitively issued currencies with sound and self-chosen value standards and as sufficiently strong reflux to the issuer. Such sound exchange media can be issued and will be accepted only up to the amounts required for really free exchanges. Only their issuers must always accept them at par, since one must fully recognize one’s own IOUs. All others remain free to reject or discount inferior money issues and to go on reckoning in stable value standards. - Precisely the possibility of refusals and discounts will, in most cases, prevent them from being issued beyond the point where they will be readily accepted at par with their nominal value, in local circulation, i.e. beyond their sound reflux basis. - Metallic redemption by the issuers upon demand by the holders of rare metal certificates can only provide an all too limited amount of exchange media, namely that of corresponding to the commodity value of a rare metal, which is only one among millions of commodities and services that people want to exchange. - - Rare metals make only good value standards for any number of free exchanges. But as exchange media or redemption goods they can mediate only a limited quantity of exchanges of other goods and services. That is their biggest draw-back as exchange media. Only if by law they are turned, at the same time, into exclusive value standards and exclusive exchange media can their value standard function also become deteriorated, e.g. in times of their extraordinary hoarding, during currency famines, wars and revolutions, when they largely disappear from circulation as exchange media. Then numerous people become unable to pay, i.e., become unemployed, bankrupt, homeless etc. Prices decline in a deflationary way, i.e., the purchasing power of the exclusive exchange medium and value standard increases, but only for the few still sufficiently supplied with it. Prices and wages tend to approach the emergency sales level. The expectation of further price level falls leads to further hoarding, as far as possible, in the hope to get even further bargains for one’s remaining small quantity of gold coins that their lucky owners can afford to hold on to for a bit longer still. While fallen prices encourage buying falling prices deter from it. Thus deflations tend to prolong themselves. Naturally, even that cannot go on without limits and it could not happen under full monetary freedom when it is fully known and utilized. However, that is not yet the case among people who are, for all too long, habituated to monetary despotism. For a while, due to their ignorance and prejudices, they would still be victims for monetary despotism even once it is no longer legally enforced. – Monetary despotism only teaches them to hope for or demand or struggle for the money of monetary despotism. It does not permit them and does not accustom them to any substitutes for itself. Just like territorial monopolism does not permit its victims and familiarizes them with any alternative institutions to itself. Mostly it even prevents them from thinking about the exterritorial and voluntary alternatives. – To that extent both are self-perpetuating among insufficiently enlightened people, all too little interested in all their individual rights and liberties. - Is there anything really and sufficiently redeeming about rare metal redemptionism or is it only as redeeming as the blind faith in a redeeming Savior? – It deserves only to fall under religious liberty or religious tolerance. It has kept human beings under-supplied with sufficient exchange media to most of their history so that some more or less primitive barter exchanges were still considered necessary for survival. Some traces of barter exchanges still existed in Germany after WW II, e.g. agricultural laborers in some provinces, were still partly paid in grain, although Germany was generally considered as having an advanced and monetary exchange economy. - JZ, 21,7.95. 30.10.07, 10.2.08, 20.2.11, 3.4.14.

REDEMPTION BY THE ISSUER: Such obligatory and compulsory metallic cover and redemption could not provide sufficient exchange media for the free exchange of the unlimited variety and quantity of all other commodities and of all services and labors, which people produce or offer for exchange. It would be really miraculous if a single and rare commodity could provide this means of exchange service as an exclusive exchange medium for all other commodities and all services and labors. However, used merely as a value standard, it could be used in all other exchanges and this without causing any difficulties. Then most exchanges would be reckoned in e.g. gold weight values while gold coins are used only occasionally, for some transactions, by those who have them and want to pay with them. They would not have to have legal tender power since they would only rarely be refused. Some would prefer the convenience of paper money that is as good as gold, i.e., stands at par with gold coins in general circulation. Why not let them? – JZ, 27.10.07. - REDEMPTION WITH RARE METAL? OBLIGATION FOR ALL ISSUERS TO REDEEM THEIR BANKNOTES AT ANY TIME UPON DEMAND, UP TO THEIR FULL NOMINAL VALUE WITH GOLD OR SILVER COINS? THE SOUND ALTERNATIVE, SHOP CURRENCIES AS GOOD AS GOLD COINS FOR SHOPPING

REDEMPTION BY THE ISSUER: The demand for redemption of banknotes in rare metal is as full of errors and spleens as the notion of “redemptionism” in religion. Why should any banknote be covered by a rare metal cover and redeemed by coins made out of it, when its full rare metal value can be settled via clearing? Why should it be “covered” through metallic redemption when the note holder does not, as a rule, want to purchase gold coins with them, but, rather the goods or services that he needs or wants on a free market, e.g. exactly those or that kind of mixture of them, that the issuer, a shop association, might offer for his shop currency? In that very notion, namely that rare metal redemption would be required to assure and preserve the value of any paper money, the old error still persists that only gold- and silver coins constitute real money and that any paper money, when not covered by and redeemable in gold or silver, would not be real money but merely a fiat-money or a cheap or even worthless substitute. This misjudgment is even applied to many kinds of money that are so soundly and carefully issued and also so steadily and rapidly withdrawn again from circulation that they do maintain their nominal gold or silver par value with corresponding gold or silver coins! Any money so strongly in demand by its issuers and his associates, mainly his debtors, that this demand keeps it at par with its nominal gold weight value, is certainly not mere worthless paper money or “fiat” money or "cheap", “soft” or “ inferior” money. It may use the real qualities of gold or silver coins only for its value standard and the issuers and acceptors of this kind of money may, likewise, use gold- or silver weight units merely in the sound or sound enough pricing of the goods and services they have for sale. - The reflux of money or the readiness-to-accept-it like rare metal coins is one of the best value-creating and value-preserving methods possible for exchange media. It does also make it possible to increase or even multiply the sum of all exchange media and this without reducing their purchasing power. (Apart from the abolition of emergency sales prices and emergency wage payments, while high unemployment still exists among people able and willing to work.) The Quantity Theory applies only to an exclusive and forced currency, multiplied beyond its goods and service cover, especially its tax-foundation. Instead of depreciating, any money soundly founded on the readiness-to-accept foundation – for wanted or needed consumer goods and services, and thus continuously streaming back in its reflux to the issuer a shopping center, for redemption in its goods and services. Then it will be cancelled or destroyed after its sound reflux, like a used ticket, and not issued again. (That would facilitate the control over its issue and reflux.) Thus it will have to be continuously issued anew, in newly printed notes, covered by and redeemed in ever replaced consumer goods or new consumer services. It would not remain permanently in circulation but, rather oscillate, corresponding to the total to this kind of cover and redemption “goods” and thereby achieve and retain its value. First issued in short term loans, to producers, mainly for their expenses and wage and salary bills, to keep production and exchange going, and discounting their claims for already produced and sold services, and then again withdrawn by the issuer, as e.g. the goods- and service warrants of shop association banks are, would make possible larger turnovers of goods and services and would thus provide an incentive to increase production, employment and consumption, while stable value reckoning is maintained. - Naturally, one should clearly distinguish between monopoly money and legal tender money on the one side and competitively issued money that is free-market rated against a sound value standard on the other side. Only monopoly money and legal tender money can be arbitrarily and coercively multiplied beyond whatever foundation it may have, e.g., in the case of government money, its tax foundation, in the case of the Post Office its postage foundation. But one kind of redemption or backing all kinds of good monies do need, namely their acceptance for wanted goods and services, with both the money and the goods and services priced out in good value standards. It must also be possible and quite unrestricted that the claim expressed in any paper money can be freely cleared against the claim that others have against the holder of that paper money. In that case, as already stated above, a gold redemption fund and actual prior redemption of both claims into gold coin is not only quite unnecessary but would even be ridiculous or absurd. - Those people who, for industrial or jewelry or value storage purposes, want to buy quantities of rare metals can always do so on a free rare metal market – which constitutes the greatest metal redemption fund of all but will redeem any paper means of exchange only at its rare metal market value. - At most rare metal coins could be used as optional means of exchange or as means of exchange one contracts to supply, if one is willing to engage in this kind of dealings in futures. For goods like gold coins, which one has not yet obtained, are goods one can only try or speculate to be able to obtain, or hope or expect to be able to obtain them in sufficient quantities. - In no case, either, except once again, in special private contracts, should any creditor be automatically given the right or privilege to demand payment in gold or silver coins or in any kind of exclusive and forced currency, which any debtor, obviously, cannot “supply” himself - unless he the owner of a gold- or silver mine, a successful bank robber or a successful forger or lucky enough, under conditions of monetary despotism, to obtain sufficient of this monopoly money to pay his debt with it. - The role of rare metals freely used as value standards only and as such being in competition with other value standards, should always be clearly distinguished from their use as exclusive and forced exchange media. As exchange media, too, they should only be optional, unless one has contractually obliged oneself to try to use them as such for all or some of one’s transactions. The difficulties and extra costs involved in such self-imposed obligations will sooner or later become obvious to most participants, especially when they see how others will prosper without imposing such restrictions upon themselves. – What happened, once again, to the conciseness of “Slogans for Liberty” here? – By all means, try to make all the necessary distinctions in short, quite clear and hard-hitting slogans only! – Maybe it is beyond me on some topics. – By all means, do a better job if you can! And do send me the results. - JZ, 23.11.97, 28.9.08. – - REDEMPTIONISM, “THE” GOLDSTANDARD

REDEMPTION BY THE ISSUER: While it is true that the circulation of gold coins and the redemption of gold certificates in gold coins, will prevent inflation, at least until we can economically recover gold from sea water or a vast rain of gold meteors comes down upon us, this does not mean that this is the only or best means to preserve the value of a currency. By using gold weight units not only as a very good value standard but also as an exclusive means of payment in from of gold coins or 100 % covered and redeemable gold certificates, which any creditor may demand from his debtors, we introduce an often overlooked problem. The non-cash or clearing problems usually far exceed the cash circulation. If all of the non-cash or clearing transactions remain subject to the right of creditors to demand payment in gold coins or gold certificates, then means of payment difficulties will occur, at least occasionally, or frequently, during at least degrees of currency shortages or famines. These famines will, while not inflating such a currency, severely deflate it, temporarily, forcing prices down, creating many bankruptcies and many unemployed. These crises would all disappear by allowing all debtors to pay their gold value debts via gold value clearing or accounting, using for this purpose whatever means of exchange they can get or produce themselves. E.g., their own IOUs, at any time redeemable in their own ready for sale goods and services. At a corresponding discount such payments and acceptance obligations, or when they do stand at par with their nominal gold weight value in their local circulation, then they will be acceptable to most creditors and easy for most debtors to produce and use in the payment of their debts. They would thereby merely increase their acceptance obligation for such notes or IOUs, for the goods and services that they offer, in their usual business. (Naturally, such note or IOU issues, in money denominations, will become more acceptable to the creditors, probably even at par with their nominal gold weight value, if that value standard is used, when xyz local debtors, largely shops and other local enterprises, combine into a local shop association bank and issue their common shop foundation money.) In that case, those who confine themselves to gold coins and gold certificates, without confining all others to such exchange media, could not cause a deflation or currency famine, not even temporarily, since gold weight value notes and clearing certificates could then be very rapidly issued to the amounts required and always under the restraint of free market rating and voluntary acceptance in general circulation and, especially on a free gold market, with all, except the issuers, remaining free to refuse to accept them at all or to accept them only at a discount. If some creditors insist on being paid only in gold certificates or gold coins, then they should have to declare that right from the beginning and enlightened debtors would then not oblige themselves in this way. They do know that they will always be able to pay, indirectly and via clearing, with their goods and services and notes or clearing certificates based upon them, with notes, goods and services, priced out in gold weight units, but that they will not always be able to receive as many gold coins or gold certificates for them, in payments, as they would then have to pay out for all their debts. – By the way: When was it that you saw or handled even a single gold coin or received it in payment or paid with it? For me it has been a long time, more years than I can remember. – A good currency should not only provide a sound value standard but should also be in sufficient supply as an exchange medium to easily mediate, without friction and losses for either side, all possible and desired exchanges. It must be inherently protected from deflations, inflations and stagflations. Competing, market-rated, i.e. refusable and discountable exchange media can achieve that. Like tickets for performances, they can saturate the circulation but no more. Only the issuers will have to accept them at par. Under full monetary freedom any deflation can be rapidly ended or prevented by issuing more exchange media, all of them using sound and voluntarily accepted value standards, e.g. a weight unit of gold, but only as their value standards, with any desired convertibility referred to the free gold market. - JZ, 27.10.07, 20.2.11. - REDEMPTION IN RARE METAL TO BE OBLIGATORY & ENFORCEABLE OR THE BEST METHOD TO PRESERVE THE VALUE OF A PAPER CURRENCY? INFLATION, DEFLATION, MARKET RATING OF EXCHANGE MEDIA AGAINST SOUND VALUE STANDARDS, VOLUNTARISM, COMPETITION, PUBLICITY

REDEMPTION BY THE ISSUER: Wide enough spread readiness-to-accept a paper means of payment, that is measured in gold weight units, at par, as if it were a corresponding gold coin, can make a mere cheaply to produce paper note as good as gold and, for some purposes, even better. As long as it stands at par with its gold weight value e.g. in most of the local shops, it is, for the daily purchase of needed consumer goods and services, as good as its equivalent gold coin. For hoarding purposes e.g. gold-clause capital certificates would often even be better. However, I do admit, if one’s life depends on bribing a border guard to let one pass, then a gold coin would be more useful than a gold deposit certificate or a gold value clearing note. And if one’s house burnt down, one might still find a melted gold hoard but, hardly a gold clause capital certificate or a gold value clearing note. On the other hand, the paper certificates are not as attractive to thieves and robbers, not as widely and anonymously negotiable. But when it comes to either getting a job, paid only in gold value clearing certificates and getting no job – or sale - at all, should one insist upon payment in gold coins or gold certificates, then I would know which choice I would make. – JZ, 27.10.07, 20.2.11. - REDEMPTION IN RARE METALS TO BE OBLIGATORY & ENFORCEABLE OR AS THE BEST METHOD TO PRESERVE THE VALUE OF A PAPER CURRENCY?

REDEMPTION IN RARE METALS? Experience, however, shows that neither a state nor a bank ever have [sic] had the unrestricted power of issuing paper money without abusing that power; in all states, therefore, the issue of paper money ought to be under some check and control; and none seems so proper for that purpose as that of subjecting the issuers of paper money to the obligation of paying their notes either in gold coin or bullion." - David Ricardo – Oh, the misery caused by that false assumption over the centuries. As a value standard for all kinds of exchange media, the rare metals can be very useful but as an exclusive currency, even when not depreciated by admixtures of base metals, combined with legal tender laws (forced acceptance at a forced value), they, too, can do much wrong and harm. The same applies to all currencies, which, by law, have to be redeemed in rare metals coins, instead of merely reckoning in them and their market value. Only the issuer should always have to accept them at face value. For others they should have only their market value or none at all, when they make use of their freedom to reject them altogether.  Full monetary freedom vs. any exclusive and forced currencies! – JZ, 2.4.12. – Without legal tender power and a monopoly for any exchange medium and its value standard, sound value standard reckoning for all kinds of prices, wages etc. can go on. Thus no inflation of them does occur but only a depreciation of any over-issued currency, to a relatively small extent, because already small reductions in its market rate against a sound value standard will lead to wide-spread refusals of it by all but the debtors of the issuer. – JZ, 17.1.13.

REDEMPTION: Gold-Redemption belongs into the free gold market, not into the office of the issuers. This has, apparently, not yet been fully understood by any American economist.” – Ulrich von Beckerath to Prof. Heinrich Rittershausen, 25.4.49. („Die Goldeinloesung gehoert in den freien Goldmarkt, nicht in die office des Emittenten – das hat anscheinend noch kein amerikanischer Oekonomist richtig begriffen.“) - GOLD STANDARD, CONVENTIONAL VS. GOLD WEIGHT VALUE RECKONING, - ACCOUNTING & - CLEARING, CONVERTIBILITY, FREE GOLD MARKET

REDEMPTION: If required at all, then each has to redeem himself. – JZ, 14.12.89. – “SOULS”, “HEAVEN”, THE REDEEMER OR SAVIOR, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY

REDEMPTION: Redemption should always be at 100 % by the issuer (and his debtors – by contract with the issuer) but not in gold or silver but in the consumer goods or services the note holder wants, which should also be priced-out in weight units of gold or silver. – JZ, 30.3.85, 3.5.08.

REDEMPTION: The real obligation is only to deliver what is promised – gold or silver – if that is promised, or something else, if that is promised and found acceptable. – JZ, 17.7.82. – E.g. goods or services or debt payment receipts up to a certain value, stated in gold or silver value units. – JZ, 3.5.08.

REDEMPTIONISM: Redeemability in good or services that are in daily demand, and this at face value, and by the issuers, combined with convertibility at par on a free market for rare metals, is of much greater importance and value than redemption in rare metals, at any time, by the issuers, upon demand by the note holders. The former can keep at par with its nominal value an almost unlimited quantity of usable exchange medias, of stable enough value, almost as unlimited as the supply of wanted goods and services is. It could assure the sale of all wanted goods and services. The latter limits exchanges to those which can either be freely cleared or paid for only with exchange media redeemable by the issuers in rare metals. Naturally, those satisfied with as limited cash exchange options should be free to do so. But those desiring exchange options that are not so limited, should also be free to practise them among themselves. – JZ, 14.5.08, 20.2.11. – GOLD STANDARDS, CONVERTIBILITY, PARITY, VALUE PRESERVATION, FREE BANKING, MONETARY FREEDOM

REDISTRIBUTION: A fixed rule, like that of equality, might be acquiesced in, and so might chance, or an external necessity; but that a handful of human beings should weigh everybody in the balance, and give more to one and less to another at their sole pleasure and judgment, would not be borne unless from persons believed to be more than men and backed by supernatural terrors.” – John Stuart Mill, Principles of Political Economy. - POWER OVER OTHERS, TRANSFER SOCIETY, WELFARE STATE, TAXATION, HANDOUTS, SUBSIDIES, GOVERNMENT BUDGETS

REDISTRIBUTION: Allegedly, this redistribution process serves humanitarian goals, but actually it simply gives this small group of people the power to run the lives of their countrymen.” – Wm. E. Simon, quoted in Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p. 14. – TERRITORIALISM, WELFARE STATE, STATISM, TAXATION

REDISTRIBUTION: As de Jouvenel notes, Christ urged the rich to “distribute unto the poor”, but he did not tell the poor to require such distribution by force of arms. The voluntary act has moral value, while the involuntary requirement does not.” – Joseph F. Johnston, Jr., The Limits of Government, Regnery Gateway, Chicago, 1984, p.180. - To establish free market conditions, including full monetary and financial freedom, in which all still somewhat able and willing workers can get all the jobs they want and are able to do, would be helping most of the poor even more. Then the exchange of their capacity and willingness to work productively for the goods or services they need or want would become quite easy, without any artificial barriers against such free exchanges. Instead of them seeking scarce exchange media (monopolized and also unsound), competitively issued sound exchange media would be seeking them. Instead of a shortage (and even outlawry) of sound money, and a struggle to get enough of the State’s unsound monopoly money and forced currency, sound and competitively issued monies would seek out labor, a labor shortage would result and from it an increase of the monetary incomes from labor. All wanted goods and services would also become easier to sell to their potential customers, then sufficiently and competitively supplied with exchange media. – JZ, 2.10.07. - REDISTRIBUTIONISM, TAXES & WELFARE STATES, DISTRIBUTIONISM, STATE SOCIALISM, CHARITY, MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM

REDISTRIBUTION: As Mr. Ringer points out, this redistribution process is really an attempt to level all people. It is coercive egalitarianism, which is the political curse of our era.” – Wm. E. Simon, quoted in Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p. 14. - EGALITARIANISM

REDISTRIBUTION: Bertrand de Jouvenel warns that redistribution usually involves ‘a redistribution of power from the individual to the State’.” - David Boaz, ed., The Libertarian Reader, The Free Press, 1997, p.251. - TRANSFER SOCIETY, WELFARE STATE & POWER, DISTRIBUTIONISM

REDISTRIBUTION: Capital or wealth is already more or less rightfully distributed. But there are major legalized and wrongful monopolies remaining - through which some capital or wealth is wrongfully distributed. I am thinking here mainly of taxation and monetary and financial monopolies. However, there are also legalized patent- and copyrights monopolies influencing the automatic and voluntary spread of wealth in a free market, namely that based on ideas and information, which can, in our civilization, be endlessly duplicated without doing any wrong or harm to anyone. Talents, innovators and inventors can be otherwise rewarded than through legalized and already time-limited monopolies. – All the reward opportunities of a free market have not yet been fully mobilized for them - as they should be. - Instead of trying to make up for this kind of wrong by further monopolistic and centralized governmental interventionism, we should see to it that all the prior legalized interventions cease, are repealed or ignored, so that free, voluntary and rightful relationships become legal in every sphere. Then and quite obviously all further distribution would be quite just and no “redistribution” could be just or would be considered by some as necessary any longer, unless they are merely motivated by envy of those able to earn and accumulate more under freedom than the less productive and envious people are. In that case the latter are merely potential and additional thieves and robbers towards the properties of others. As for formerly wrongfully acquired and inherited riches, we can rely on their heirs to either use them productively to everyone’s advantage or to lose them soon, through wasteful spending, thereby getting their riches fast into the hands of other and more productive people. – I believe in redistribution of wealth formerly wrongfully acquired through heirs rather than through politicians and bureaucrats. – Politicians and bureaucrats sit upon the largest and unearned capital values. They rather than private proprietors ought to become expropriated. That can best be done through introducing full monetary and financial freedom, which replaces them as our “protectors” and “trustees”. – Or through privatization proposals like that explained in PEACE PLANS 19 C. - JZ, 16.9.99, 3.4.14.  INVENTIONS, DISCOVERIES, WORDINGS, WORD-SMITHS, WRITERS, STATE SOCIALISM, REDISTRIBUTIONISM, TAXATION, WELFARE STATES, SOCIAL JUSTICE OR, RATHER, SOCIAL INJUSTICE, PROPERTY RIGHTS, ENVY, WEALTH, CAPITAL, INHERITANCE

REDISTRIBUTION: even in the United States after forty years of “equalizing” social programs, the net redistribution of income toward the poorest fifth of the population has been only one percent. (110) Moreover, it is as reasonable to assign the degree of transfer which has taken place to the market as to government.” – Donald J. Devine, Does Freedom Work? Caroline House Books, Green Hills Publishers, 1978, p.146. - (110) U.S. Bureau of the Census, Statistical Abstract of the United States (Washington, D.C.); 1965, p.340; 1972, p.324. - OF INCOMES, TAXATION, HANDOUTS, POVERTY, WELFARE STATE

REDISTRIBUTION: for every person who receives more than he contributes to society, someone else must receive less than he contributes.” – Frank Goble, Beyond Failure, p.130. – In other words, property rights and incentives are ignored by any coercive redistribution scheme. – JZ, 27.3.94. - DISTRIBUTION, TRANSFER SOCIETY, WELFARES STATE, TAXATION, GOVERNMENT SPENDING, BUDGET, ZERO SUME GAMES, TURNED EVEN INTO NEGATIVE SUM GAMES THROUGH OFFICIAL BUREAUCRACIES

REDISTRIBUTION: In fact, the redistribution of wealth is a bit of a myth. In the U.S.A. in 1968, out of a total of 68 million taxpayers, 383,000 or only sixteenths of one per cent, had taxable incomes of over $ 50.000. Their total adjusted gross income was $ 37 billion, or 6.6 per cent of the total gross income reported. Out of this they paid $ 13 billion, or 36 per cent in taxes. If the United States government took all of the $ 37 billion and redistributed it among 200 million Americans, they would receive the princely sum of $ 120 each. Or an increase of 4 per cent in the disposable per capita income. (2) - Surveys by the Opinion Research Corporation in the U.S.A. have found that the median opinion of the people polled was that out of every dollar American corporations divided up between owners and employees, twenty-five cents went to the employees, and seventyfive cents went in profits. … The facts however, reveal a different story. In 1970, for example, in the U.S.A., 9 per cent of income went to profits and 91 % went to pay employees. (3) Of all personal incomes in the U.S.A. for 1970, 70 per cent was in the form of wages and salaries, less than 7 per cent was in the form of business and professional income, 8 % was interest payments and only 3 per cent was in the form of dividends. (4)” – John Singleton with Bob Howard, Rip Van Australia, p.258. – (2) Figures from Henry Hazlitt, The Conquest of Poverty, Arlington House, New Rochelle, N.Y., 1973, p.115.) – (3) Ibid p.46, - (4) Ibid, p.114. – On this subject a lot of ideologically motivated and biased “statistics” are published, especially by those inclined towards further compulsory redistributionism, out of envy or the anti-capitalist mentality. - EXPLOITATION, PROFIT, INTEREST, WAGES, WORK, EMPLOYERS, EMPLOYEES, INCOME DISTRIBUTION, POVERTY, RICHES, WEALTH, THE 1%, THE 99%, ANTI-CAPITALISM MENTALITY, ENVY, STATISTICS, EGALITARIANISM, WAGES & SALARIES COMPARED WITH DIVIDENDS & PROFITS, INCOME DISTRIBUTION, PURCHASE OF ENTERPRISES BY THE EMPLOYEES, VOLUNTARY & COOPERATIVE SOCIALISM

REDISTRIBUTION: In the socialist view, to steal from those who have much so that it can be given to those who have little, is not called theft, but is rationalized as justifiable redistribution.” – LEFEVRE’S JOURNAL, Sum. 75. - STATE SOCIALISM

REDISTRIBUTION: It is morally obscene to regard wealth as an anonymous tribal product and to talk about "redistributing" it. The view that wealth is the result of some undifferentiated, collective process, that we all did something and it's impossible to tell who did what, therefore some sort of equalitarian "distribution" is necessary” might have been appropriate in a primordial jungle with a savage horde moving boulders by physical labor (though even there someone had to initiate and organize the moving). To hold that view in an industrial society where individual achievements are a matter of public record is so crass an evasion that even to give it the benefit of the doubt is an obscenity." - John Hospers – Facebook, 19.4.13. - John Hospers - WELFARE STATE, TAXATION & GOVERNMENT SPENDING, WEALTH, RICHES, EARNINGS, PROPERTY, REDISTRIBUTIONISM

REDISTRIBUTION: not convinced that the redistribution of wealth is a proper function of a government designed to protect man in the exercise of his legitimate liberties, one of which is the ‘inalienable right” to the wealth which he produces and by which he sustains his life, protects his liberty, and enhances his pursuit of happiness.” – Kenneth W. Sollitt, THE FREEMAN, Sept. 60, p.8.

REDISTRIBUTION: Now the role of guardian has been submerged in another: that of participant in the business of citizens. Unable to create wealth, governments redistribute it. While doing so, their own employees and procedures consume about 30 per cent of the wealth that was created.” – Kenneth McDonald, Toronto, THE TORONTO SUN, Dec. 14, 1978, reprinted in THE FREEMAN, 4/79. – PUBLIC SERVANTS, BUREAUCRACY, WELFARE STATE, TRANSFER SOCIETY

REDISTRIBUTION: Redistribution is not “fairness”, it’s theft.  Liberalism – license to steal. - The Australian Tea Party, quoted by Asia Barberini shared The Australian Tea Party's photo. Facebook, 22.3.12. - Dale Ogden shared The Federalist Papers's photo. - On the other hand, Charity, where one person voluntarily helps another, is a virtue. Good people help those who are less fortunate through no fault of their own. - Facebook, 20.7.12. – CHARITY, WELFARE STATE, TAXATION, FAIRNESS, MODERN LIBERALISM, NOT CLASSICAL LIBERALISM

REDISTRIBUTION: redistribution means destruction.” – Ramsay Steele, THE MERCURY, July 80.

REDISTRIBUTION: Redistributionism is theft. - Dale Ogden shared The Federalist Papers's photo. Facebook, 22.12.12.

REDISTRIBUTION: See if the law takes from some persons what belongs to them, and gives it to other persons to whom it does not belong. See if the law benefits one citizen at the expense of another by doing what the citizen himself cannot do without committing a crime. Then abolish this law without delay, for it is not only an evil itself, but also it is a fertile source for further evils because it invites reprisals. – Frédéric BastiatTAX SLAVERY, WELFARE STATES, GOVERNMENT BUDGETS & SPENDING, SUBSIDIES, CONTROLS, REGULATIONS, NATIONALIZATION, MUNICIPALIZATION, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, STATE SOCIALISM, LAWS VS. PROPERTY RIGHTS & OTHER INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

REDISTRIBUTION: there is no moral distinction between the act of a pickpocket and the progressive income tax, T.V.A., federal aid to education, subsidies to farmers, or whatever.” – Leonard E. Read, “We never had it so good”, THE FREEMAN, Nov. 60. – PROGRESSIVE TAXATION, SOAK THE RICH

REDISTRIBUTION: Those who have nothing are always eager to share it with others.” - Lore and Maurice Cowan, compilers, The Wit of the Jews, Leslie Frewin, London, 1970, p.120. – SHARING, REDISTRIBUTIONISTS, JOKES

REDISTRIBUTION: Today our state is simply a redistributionist machine run amok, one in which a relatively small group of people keeps taking the wealth of everyone’s pockets and redistributing it for a variety of purposes that they alone deem important.” – Wm. E. Simon, quoted in Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p. 14. – At least here “the“ State is, apparently, not “his” State, either. Alas, he does not come out clearly for communities of volunteers only and under personal laws, i.e. exterritorially quite autonomous. – JZ, 3.5.08. – WELFARE STATE, TAXATION, WAR AGAINST POVERTY

REDISTRIBUTION: Whoever claims the 'right' to 'redistribute' the wealth produced by others is claiming the 'right' to treat human beings as chattel." - Ayn Rand – WEALTH, RICHES, TAXATION, EXPROPRIATION

REDISTRIBUTION: Whoever claims the 'right' to 'redistribute' the wealth produced by others is claiming the 'right' to treat human beings as chattel." - Ayn Rand, The Virtue of Selfishness, quoted by Nizam Ahmad – Facebook, 23.8.13. - WEALTH, RICHES, TAXATION, PROGRESSIVE TAXATION, WELFARE STATE, PROPERTY RIGHTS

REDISTRIBUTION: Yes, sadly, we have become so preoccupied with redistributing the wealth that we seem to have forgotten how to create it.” – Wm. E. Simon, quoted in Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p. 14. – No distributionism is more just and efficient than the natural distribution, via free exchanges, by owners with consumers, through the free market. – JZ, 16.11.82. However, full monetary freedom is required to make that exchange quite just and easy. – J.Z, 3.5.08. – And the absence of other artificial and legalized monopolies and coercions as well. – JZ, 3.4.14. – INTERVENTIONISM, LAWS, LEGISLATION, PROHIBITIONISM, REGULATIONS, RED TAPE, BUREAUCRATY, COMPULSORY LICENSING

REDUCING PROBLEMS: Reducing problems can come close to abolishing them. That applies e.g. to reducing texts on microfilm or putting numerous texts, even whole special libraries on a single digital memory disk. It applies to inflation, unemployment, taxation, public debts, limited or mini-governments, crime, drugs, alcohol and tobacco use – and overeating and under-exercising. Even war could become reduced to quite rightful police actions against the main war criminals only. On the other hand, putting megatons of explosive destructive power into a nuclear “weapon” or mass murderous power into small quantities of highly toxic chemicals or biological microorganisms can increase our problems while territorialism is allowed to create country-wide problems. The total abolition of a problem, if it were possible, would be desirable. However, reducing man-made problems to those, who volunteer to continue them among themselves, would also be a great step forward compared with imposing them constitutionally, legally, juridically and with police power upon all the population of a territory, which also leads to threats with ABC mass murder devices. – JZ, 27.6.93, 11.5.08. – LIMITED GOVERNMENT, OPTING OUT, SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, WAR, TYRANNICIDE, RIGHTFUL WAR- & PEACE AIMS, WARFARE & LIBERATION METHODS, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS, REVOLUTIONS & MILITARY INSURRECTIONS AGAINST DICTATORSHIPS, TREATMENT OF DESERTERS, POWs & REFUGEES, FREE MIGRATION, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE VS. TERRITORIALISM, THE ALTERNATIVE POLITICAL SCIENCE, THE SOUND ONE

REDUCTION OF GOVERNMENT BY GOVERNMENT? When Jimmy Carter was elected President, he resolved to reduce the size of the Federal Government. His first move was to create a commission of 175 people who were to study how this was to be accomplished. (*) Its first report: a request for 90 additional people.” – Richard Cummings, Proposition 14, p.15. - (*) Was Carter really quite unaware of how much research on this had already been done privately and this voluntarily and unpaid - by freedom, peace and justice lovers? – JZ, 14.5.08. – JOKES, STATISM, LESS OR LIMITED GOVERNMENT, BUREAUCRACY

REDUCTION OF GOVERNMENT: Reduce government to the point where no creative activity – not one – comes under its control.” – Leonard E. Read, NOTES FROM FEE, 1/75. – Including all production and all exchange activities. – JZ, 3.5.08. – This is best realized through individual and group secessionism, leading to the experimental freedom of panarchism, which allows, under full exterritorial autonomy and personal laws, a great variety of communities, societies, anarchies, limited governments and even statist governments, however all only for their volunteers and none with a territorial monopoly. – JZ, 2.4.09. – GOVERNMENTALISM, STATISM, CONTROLS, LAWS, REGULATIONS, INTERVENTIONISM VS. VOLUNTARISM, LAISSEZ-FAIRE, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, ASSOCIATION & COMPETITON IN EVERY SPHERE, PERSONAL LAW

REFERENDUM: A referendum could rightfully and peacefully introduce e.g. individual secessionism, panarchism for minority groups, abolish legal tender laws and privileges for the central bank. It could even introduce full monetary freedom for those in favor of it. – In other words, it could be rightfully utilized or wrongfully confirm the present legal prohibitions in this sphere. - JZ, 3.5.08. – However, for positive and rightful results a sufficient enlightenment of the majority would have to be achieved first. That may be much harder to achieve than full experimental freedom for dissenting minorities. – JZ, 3.4.14. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM IN ALL SPHERES PRESENTLY MONOLIZED BY GOVERNMENTS

REFERENDUM: A referendum is not, by its very nature, tried to compulsory membership in or subordination to a territorial State, the suppression of individual rights and liberties and the assumption that the majority is always right. It is just one of the avenues towards genuine self-determination via some group action. It may also be used to split a population into two or more different communities of volunteers, with each voter voting only for the community that he or she prefers. – And who could rightly object if a referendum is only used within a community of volunteers, since the objectors would be free to secede from it? - JZ, 13.9.98. – SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PERSONAL LAW, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

REFERENDUM: A referendum regarding war, peace, armament, disarmament and international treaties would only be a step, one within the present territorial political setup, towards individual sovereignty, individual secessionism and the voluntarism and peaceful competition of panarchies – communities without any territorial monopoly and under their own personal laws. Our lives, liberties, rights and opportunities should no longer be the political footballs of a few power addicts. – JZ, 19.9.82, 3.5.08. – Especially not while the nuclear war threat persists. – JZ, 3.4.14. - NWT

REFERENDUM: A referendum, like a gun, is not by itself an ideal but just a tool. Its morality and usefulness depends upon its moral and rational use. – JZ, 13.9.88.

REFERENDUM: All kinds of referenda in favor of genuine individual rights and liberties – but none against them! Moreover, the result of a referendum “yes” vote can be quite rightfully applied only to these “yes” voters, whilst the “no” vote should continue to be valid for the non-voters. So that a territorial system might be rightfully split into two or more different societies, on all subjects which permit the different practices to peacefully coexist, which is the case, I believe, in the vast majority of them. – JZ, 19.11.92, 12.5.08. – FOR VOLUNTARISM & EXTERRITORIALISM VS. COMPULSION, MONOPOLISM & LEGALISM OR CONSTITUTIONALISM OF TERRITORIALISM

REFERENDUM: Almost any referendum system is already an improvement upon a merely “representative” democratic one. – JZ, 16.12.81, 3.4.14. – DIRECT DEMOCRACY VS. “REPRESENTATION”, POLITICIANS, RULERS, ON INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

REFERENDUM: California. There the electors have the right on issues that concern them sufficiently, to by-pass their politicians and have the particular matters decided by the people at large through referenda.” – GOOD GOVERNMENT, 6/78. – But this is still only territorial decision-making for whole population. It can be used for rightful as well as for wrongful purposes. All communities should be confined to volunteers. None should have a territorial monopoly. Then it would be up to each of them how they arrive at decisions regarding their own affairs. – JZ, 3.5.08. – PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, COMPETITION, LAISSEZ FAIRE, ASSOCIATIONISM, CONTRACTARIANISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY & SECESSIONISM VS. AUTHORITARIANISM, TERRITORIALISM & TOTALITARIANISM

REFERENDUM: Even a referendum does not authorize a majority to dominate the peaceful and self-concerned activities of any minority. It only authorizes exterritorial  autonomy or personal law of voluntarism for the members of a majority. – JZ, 7.4.91, 4.2.14. - MAJORITIES, DIRECT DEMOCRACY, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, SECESSIONISM

REFERENDUM: Every rational being has the right to initiate a referendum and to decide in it together with other members of the same community about proposed laws, constitutional questions, international treaties, armament and disarmament, war and peace. – Point 38 of the Human Rights draft in PEACE PLANS No. 4. – Repeated, with over 130 such private drafts in PEACE PLANS 1589/90. - But the more we become reorganized in personal law communities that are exterritorialy autonomous, the less necessary will conventional voting and any referendum become. The main vote will then consist in individually joining or leaving such a community. - JZ, 3.5.08. – INDIVIDUALISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP, VOLUNTARISM

REFERENDUM: How many taxes would exist and how high would they be if every one of them had to be periodically approved by a referendum? – JZ, 12/92. – Q. - TAXATION

REFERENDUM: In a genuine democracy the people should have more than merely the right to determine, every few years, who is to misrule and over-tax them for the next few years. – JZ, 3.12.83. To that extent direct decision-making is a step forward. But it still amounts to territorial and collectivist decision-making instead of individual decision-making. For individuals to sufficiently decide their own fate, we do need them to be free to secede and establish, join and leave new kinds of communities that are all only exterritorially autonomous and have only voluntary members. Or to have only contractual or market-like relationships with any community. – JZ, 3.5.08. – REPRESENTATION, DEMOCRACY, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, DIRECT DEMOCRACY, SELF-GOVERNMENT, SELF-DETERMINATION, PERSONAL LAW, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE ON A PROPER FOUNDATION, PARTICIPATORY DEMOCRACY

REFERENDUM: In a pure democracy everyone votes on everything, mob rule. Ours was intended to be a republic, where we would elect our most capable men to make decisions in our behalf.” – Paul Harvey, syndicated conservative columnist and radio commentator. – Quoted by Karl Hess, in PENTHOUSE INTERNATIONAL, 2/79. – A referendum can be good to the extent that it realizes self-rule and bad to the extent that it realized rule over others who are not criminals or invaders. – JZ, 12.6.82, 3.5.08. – In the latter aspect it is certainly an “impure” or basically flawed republic or  democracy, however legal and constitutional. – JZ, 21.6.13. – TERRITORIALISM VS. VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, SECESSIONISM, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNANCE, SELF-DETERMINATION, FREE ENTERRPISE & CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY IN EVERY SPHERE

REFERENDUM: In territorial referenda I favor only those, which uphold or increase the number of recognized genuine individual rights and liberties. Otherwise, I only favor referenda which the members of exterritorially autonomous voluntary societies and communities conduct on their internal affairs, provided that they do oblige themselves to respect all the individual rights and liberties which the members of other such voluntary organizations claim and practise among themselves. No independent foreign affairs policies for any territorial politician, playing God with the rights, liberties and lives of millions of human beings. – JZ, 28.4.93, 11.5.08. – RULERS, PRESIDENTS, POLITICIANS, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES

REFERENDUM: In territorial States with compulsory membership or subordination for peaceful people I would favor the referendum option only as a means to uphold individual rights and e.g. to restrict or abolish taxation, legally imposed monopolies and to reduce the power of States. Only in exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers could referenda be used without restrictions, precisely because most of the members do already fundamentally agree with each other – and those who no longer do are free to secede. – JZ, 7.9.92, 12.5.08. – VOLUNTARISM, SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE

REFERENDUM: Is it really undemocratic to let the people have the last say when politicians disagree, as they usually do? – JZ, 12.11.75. – However, the people outvoted in a referendum decision should be free to opt out of that community and establish a community of their own, as long as they do not claim any territorial monopoly. – JZ, 3.5.08.

REFERENDUM: It makes a great difference whether a referendum restores, extends or restricts individual rights and liberties. Think e.g. of a referendum repealing conscription, compulsory voting, legal tender laws, the money issue monopoly of the central bank, the laws against individuals or group secessions and exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers, and prohibition of value preserving clauses. The right to vote or to participate in a referendum is not a basic right or liberty but a rightful tactic or strategy and an educational means to achieve higher values. – JZ, n.d. & 15.5.08.

REFERENDUM: No referendum may infringe individual rights and liberties but any referendum may extend the officially recognized individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 1.2.89.

REFERENDUM: Referendum to vote for one’s own ball and chain.” – Graffito written during French student revolt, May 1968. - Since each has the right to make mistakes only at his own risk and expense, even a referendum should not be applied to all people in a territory, nor to any of the dissenters, except to aggressors against a country and its population or other criminals with involuntary victims. – JZ, 18.11.85, 15.5.08.

REFERENDUM: Referendum, as usually perceived are “just numbers rackets”. – The last three words are by Patrick Brooks. – A referendum result can be applied, quite rightfully, i.e. without any qualifications, only to voluntary members of a community, i.e. to people free to opt out of a community. – JZ, 17.12.81. – VOLUNTARISM, SECESSIONISM, INDIVDIUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

REFERENDUM: Rights and liberties could be supported by a referendum but should never depend upon it and could never be created by one. – JZ, 39.4.93, 11.5.08. – VOTING, MAJORITY RULE UNDER TERRITORIALISM

REFERENDUM: Territorial politicians do not like the people themselves directly voting and deciding issues selected and formulated by themselves. They consider that as an infringement of the territorial monopoly they claim for themselves. Unless, naturally, they can hope to achieve thereby a wide public approval for something that they advocate themselves or they are interested in transferring responsibility for certain decisions to people on issues that they have no very firm views on or they believe that their opposition to a referendum would cost them many votes. Generally speaking, they want to be exclusive power brokers and decision-makers, supposedly great leaders. – JZ, 19.11.92, 12.5.08. – DIRECT DEMOCRACY, PEOPLE, POLITICIANS, DECISION-MAKING

REFERENDUM: That the subject is not bound by acts when he is not represented is a sound maxim of the law, and not peculiar to the British Constitution, but a maxim of the ancient Roman law: “What concerns all shall be judged by all.” – John Adams, On Behalf of the People of Boston, Dec. 20, 1765. – As if these people had been a single entity. The usual flawed assumption of territorialists. - Correct only for communities of volunteers, and there it would be largely superfluous because of their extensive agreements and their option to secede. – JZ, 15.5.08. – VOTING, DEMOCRACY, REPRESENTATION, DIRECT OR INDIRECT, INDIVIDUAL OR COLLECTIVE, VOLUNTARY OR COMPULSORY, TERRITORIAL OR EXTERRITORIAL, PEOPLE, IMAGINED & REAL ONES, IN ALL THEIR DIVERSITY IN ANY POPULATION

REFERENDUM: The New Populism. Making Democracy Work. American voters now insist on deciding the issues at home – not in Washington.” – Heading of an article by Karl Hess in PENTHOUSE INTERNATIONAL, 2/79. – DECISION-MAKING, PEOPLE, DIRECT DEMOCRACY, POPULISM

REFERENDUM: The referendum is just like the general vote. Individual rights and liberties should not be subjected to it. No referendum is entitled to deny or squash any individual rights or individual liberties but a referendum can be used to uphold them against all usurpations by politicians, bureaucrats and courts. – JZ, 14.10.95.

REFERENDUM: The Referendum is the best education of the people in self-government.” – The Speaker and Debater, Teach Yourself Books, p.126. - Provided it is kept within its own sphere: In territorial States confined to uphold and extend individual rights and liberties and not to restrict them. In exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers, it would be confined to like-minded volunteers. – JZ, 12/76, 4.5.08.

REFERENDUM: The referendum should be utilized, too, to get individual rights and liberties more widely recognized and respected than they are now, but not to restrict or limit them more than they are already, unless their decisions are to apply only among volunteers, exterritorially organized, i.e., when they are not part and parcel of territorial decision-making for other people. As mere means to multiplying and increasing individual rights and liberties they can be quite correct and useful. – JZ, 20.9.89, 15.5.08.

REFERENDUM: The significant thing about the 6.11.99 constitutional referendum was, once again, that it was about such very insignificant issues as whether the Australian Head of State of an independent Australia should be called Governor or President. (Both are chosen by a politician!) No rightful alternatives were offered nor were significant choices, as e.g., a vote against protectionism, against compulsory taxation, against the monopoly and privileges of the central bank, against legal tender, against territorial rule, against nuclear reactors and nuclear alliances, against the postal monopoly, or a vote on a bill of rights, on monetary freedom, on individual secessionism, on exterritorial autonomy, on gun rights, on the right to resist and revolt, on the right to commit tyrannicide. - JZ, 6.11.99. 30.1.02.


REFERENDUM: While it is obviously not right when the majority somewhere, by referendum and monopolistically and coercively deprives all other peoples in a territory of rights and liberties, a referendum can be rightful and useful when it recognizes rights and liberties for all peaceful people in a territory and repeals laws that wrongfully restricted them so far. In short, a referendum does not necessarily amount to majority despotism nor is it something holy or a fundamental right or liberty by itself. – JZ, 3.5.08, 3.4.14.

REFERENDUM: While laws passed in parliament should require at least an 80% majority for their passing, there should remain the possibility to throw them out again by a referendum in which 20 % of the voters are against it. When such a large minority disapproves of the law and is willing to break it then it is useless to pass such a law.” – Proposal by Robert Heinlein in “The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress.” – I would prefer to allow the dissenting 20 % to secede from this referendum decision or from the whole community, as long as it makes no claim to a territorial monopoly. – JZ, 3.5.08.

REFERENDUM: Why this impatience? Why the pressure to dispense with delegated authority and dip into the dubious pleasures of direct, plebiscitary democracy? … We have come to esteem ourselves so highly as individuals that we are unwilling to accept anyone as our delegate. … The impulse is to brush aside those intermediaries and take power back into our own hands. ...” – Syndicated columnist David Broder, quoted by Karl Hess in PENTHOUSE INTERNATIONAL, 2/79. – Well, a referendum did, so far, not realize individual sovereignty, individual secessionism and individual decision-making, but it can be an obstacle to power-hungry politicians and bureaucrats. – As such it can be rightful and useful. - JZ, 3.5.08, 2.4.09. – DEMOCRACY, PLEBISCITES, DIRECT DEMOCRACY

REFORM: All great reforms, great movements, come from the bottom and not the top. … Wherever there is a wrong, point it out to all the world, and you can trust the people to fight it.” - John Peter Altgeld. - Quoted by Madison, Critics and Crusaders. - The most complete bottom to top approach is best realized via individual secessionism and voluntary associationism in full exterritorial autonomy. - JZ, 13.10.02. - Do the people fight all wrongs pointed out to them or do they habitually ignore most such pointers? The people, as a whole, cannot be sufficiently enlightened on any point at once. But minorities among it can be - and should be free to act upon what they have learned. Then, their activities, will gradually persuade most of the rest of the people, not necessarily all of them. - JZ, 27.11.02. – The statement by J. P. A. is true for almost all cases but not for all. Some part-revolutions came from the top, somewhat enlightened kings, czars, emperors and presidents. – JZ, 3.4.14. – PERSONAL LAW, ENLIGHTENMENT,  EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM, SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, ENLIGHTENMENT, PEOPLE

REFORM: Every reform is only a mask under cover of which a more terrible reform, which dares not yet name itself, advances.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson. - "Reforms" are no longer a threat when they are applied only exterritorially and to the volunteers that favor them. - JZ, 13.10.02. - PROMISES, HIDDEN AGENDAS OF TERRITORIAL POLITICIANS, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, SECESSIONISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

REFORM: Reform! Reform! Aren’t things bad enough already?” – Mr. Justice Astbury, 1860-1939, attributed. - JOKES

REFORM: The old world must be destroyed and replaced by a new one. When you have freed your mind from the fear of God, and that childish respect for the fiction of right, then all the remaining chains that bind you - property, marriage, morality, and justice - will snap asunder like threads.” - Mikhail A. Bakunin, Dieu et l'Etat, posthumously published, 1882. - Once individuals and groups are free to secede and do their own things in their alternative institutions then and thereby they do transform or destroy the old order much more rightfully and effectively than if they tried to directly and completely as well as immediately to destroy it. - JZ, 13.10.02. - The same and other kinds of property, marriage, principles and justice will prevail in different panarchies. - JZ, 27.11.02, 20.2.11. – BAKUNIN, REFORM VS. SELF-IMPROVEMENT, TERRITORIALISM VS. EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY REFORMS: REFORMS VS. DESTRUCTION, ABOLITION, RIGHTS A FICTION? ALTERNATIVE INSTITUTIONS, VOLUNTARISM, SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW, LAISSEZ FAIRE, COMPETITION, ASSOCIATIONISM, CONTRACTARIANISM, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY & ENTERPRISE SOVEREIGNTY IN EVERY SPHERE

REFORMERS: Everyone wants to save the planet but no one wants to help Mom clean the dishes." – P. J. O’Rourke, in All the Trouble in the World. - I hold that there is much more readiness to help mum clean the dishes than there is to seriously discuss world-wide problems. - JZ, 20.2.11. - RADICALS & WORLD SAVERS, JOKES

REFORMERS: He who reforms himself has done more towards reforming the public than a crowd of noisy, impotent patriots.” – J. Lavater, quoted in: Dr. Laurence J. Peter, The Peter Prescription, p.235. - REFORMING ONESELF & VOLUNTEERS, RATHER THAN ATTEMPTING TO REFORM INVOLUNTARY SUBJECTS, PROTESTORS, DEMONSTRATORS, RIOTERS, TERRITORIALISM, SELF-EDUCATION, SELF-ENLIGHTENMENT

REFORMERS: Most of the major ills of the world have been caused by well-meaning people, who ignored the principle of individual freedom, except as applied to themselves, and who were obsessed with fanatical zeal to improve the lot of mankind. – Henry Grady Weaver in  –  GOOD WILL, IGNORANCE & PREJUDICES STATISM, FUNDAMENTALISTS, TOTALITARIANS, TRUE BELIEVERS, COMMUNISM, IDEALISTS, DO-GOODERS, LEGISLATORS

REFORMERS: Most reformers and educators need to be reformed and educated themselves, e.g., on individual rights, market economics, monetary freedom, rightful militias, exterritorial autonomy for experimental freedom, forms of self-management, alternative publishing and reading media, voluntarism, competition, property rights, militias, secessionism, self-help options, liberation-, revolution-, military insurrection- and resistance programs. Even the rightfulness of tyrannicide is, after thousands of years, not yet generally accepted. Otherwise, they will remain all too much like sectarians, religious zealots, ideological fanatics, dogmatists, party-archs or mere statist do-gooders. Panarchism would direct their energies into more constructive channels and rid them in the fastest way possible of their remaining errors, myths and prejudices. - JZ, 20.9.00, 30.1.02. - & EDUCATORS, PANARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

REFORMERS: narrow as a reformer’s mind, … “ – Joe Gores, South of Market, p.28, inAlfred Hitchcock, A Month of Mystery, Book One, Pan Books, 1972. - E.g.: Single tax advocates, opponents to vaccination, fluoridation, advocates of limited but still territorial monopoly governments, parliamentary reforms, reforms of territorial voting systems, tax reforms, which all stay very short of voluntary taxation. – JZ, 26.2.13. - REFORM IDEAS, HEALTH APOSTLES, ANTI-VACCINATION ACTIVISTS ETC., SINGLE-IDEA “ACTIVISTS”

REFORMERS: Reformer – one who insists on his conscience being your guide.” - Ken Schoolland, The Adventure of Jonathan Gullible, Leap Publishing, Cape Town, with Commentaries by Ken Schoolland and Janette Eldridge, 1981 ff, 2004 ed., p.208. & CONSCIENCE

REFORMERS: Reformers are those who educate people to appreciate what they need.” – E. Hubbard, quoted in: Dr. Laurence J. Peter, The Peter Prescription, p.153. – All too often only on what they, the reformers want or need. – JZ, 2.4.09.

REFORMERS: Reformers” remain, mostly, unreformed, under-informed, ignorant or prejudiced. – JZ, 20.12.04. – Nevertheless, at their expense and risk they should all be allowed to secede and to freely practise their reforms among themselves. – JZ, 22.10.07. – PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM FOR ALL, PERSONAL LAW, SECESSIONISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE IN A META-UTOPIAN FRAMEWORK

REFORMERS: The best reformers the world has ever seen are those who commence on themselves.” - Attributed to George Bernard Shaw. - Evan Esar, The Dictionary of Humorous Quotations, p.178 (1949). Unverified in Shaw's published writings. - True for all reforms that can already be realized by individuals in their own affairs. Untrue while dissenting individuals are not free to secede to do their own things for and to themselves. - An individual deserter or military insurrectionist cannot end a war. Mass defection and massive military uprisings, rightfully and intelligently conducted and induced and received - on the other side, against a dictatorship, can. - JZ, 13.10.02, 2.4.09.

REFORMERS: The theories and practices of radical reformers do require, in order to succeed, firstly an Ideas Archive, i.e., a proper and special market for their proposals, and, secondly, experimental freedom for volunteers. - JZ, 25.2.99. - The latter requires exterritorial autonomy, i.e. independence from all existing constitutions, laws, regulations and jurisdictions. - JZ, 27.1.02. – Thirdly, to speed up the realization of a reform, as fast as is possible, under territorialism, an encyclopaedia is needed of the best refutations of the usual popular objections, prejudices, errors, myths and fallacies. Only a panarchistic defence, revolution and liberation program can be quite rightful for all the diverse groups of peaceful dissenters! – JZ, 2.4.09, 3.4.14. - RADICALS, IDEAS ARCHIVE, CHANGE, THEORIES, PRACTICE, PERSONAL LAW, POLYARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF ACTION, PANARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, META-UTOPIA

REFORMERS: The urge to save humanity is almost always a false face for the urge to rule it." - H. L. Mencken - SAVIORS, TYRANTS

REFORMERS: There are more than enough reformers but only a few are really able to hit a nail properly on the head.” – Henrik Ibsen. (“Weltverbesserer gibt es genug, aber einen Nagel richtig einschlagen koennen die wenigstens.“) – Nevertheless, they should have freedom to act – granted to them, not over a whole country but only among consenting volunteers. That would reduce the wrongs and damages they could do but give all of them a chance to initiate and to spread real reforms, in a quite rightful way. – JZ, 12.5.08. – Most territorially imposed “reforms” have so far only led to new problems. E.g. the introduction of central banking. – JZ, 2.4.09. - PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAWS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM.

REFORMING PEOPLE: I think I am better than the people who are trying to reform me.” - E. W. Howe.

REFORMS: 1.) They could merely be the result of majority decisions or public opinion, however prejudiced these are. - 2.) They could be decisions to finally uphold some individual rights or liberties. - 3.) The could be decisions and actions to suppress particular rights and liberties. (Drug war) - 4.) They could be enforced within territorial States. - 5.) They could be undertaken among volunteers only, who have achieved full exterritorial autonomy for their societies, communities and governance systems and who do not meddle with the affairs of other such communities. – The principle: To each only his own reforms, should be consistently applied. – JZ, 3.12.98, 105.08. – VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM

REFORMS: A nation without the means of reform is without the means of survival.” – Edmund Burke. – The first step towards survival in our times consists in redefining and changing the concept and practice of nations and nation States. They are targets, motives and means for ABC mass murder devices. The most important means for reform is individual and group secessionism: All territorial nations have to become dissolved into nations and peoples of volunteers only, held together by whatever they do have in common, under their own personal law. None of them should be granted any territorial monopoly. That is the essential reform for our time. It would soon lead to the solutions for most of the other remaining problems, which can be solved by humans – through unrestricted experimentation in communities of volunteers, all doing their things only for and to themselves and thus advancing as fast as they can or want to. – JZ, 3.5.08.

REFORMS: A referendum within a community of volunteers can be as rightful as a majority decision of shareholders is. The dissenters are free to secede or to sell their shares. – However, more decentralized decision-making within companies and even within communities of volunteers can often be more advantageous. – JZ, 15.5.08.

REFORMS: All reformers are bachelors.” – George Moore, The Bending of the Bough, 1900, I. – “Almost all” or “most” would, probably, come closer to the mark. There are e.g. e.g. polygamist exceptions. The F. D. Roosevelt couple and the Clintons fancied themselves as reformers, too. –  MARRIAGE, BACHELORS

REFORMS: All reforms except a moral one will prove unavailing.” – Carlyle, Essays, Corn Law Rhymes. – All reform ought to apply only to those in favor of them. Imposing them upon peaceful dissenters would be quite immoral. – JZ, 3.5.08. –

REFORMS: All reforms should only apply to the reformers advocating them. All revolutions only to those, who wish them for themselves. They should all be turned into experiments among volunteers. Voluntarism in almost everything, including e.g. the right, duty and need to protect individual rights and liberties against all significant attacks against or threats to them. – The consent of the offenders is not required. - JZ, 6.11.98, 10.5.08. – REVOLUTIONS, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTATION, MILITIA FOR THE PROTECTION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

REFORMS: And the more men that have anything to do with trying to right a thing, why, the worse off it is. If every man was left absolutely to his own method of righting his own affairs, why, a big majority would get it done. Be he can’t do that. The government has not only hundreds but literally thousands in Washington to see that no man can personally tend to his own business. …” - Will Rogers, Autobiography, p.279. – SELF-DETERMINATION, INDIVIDUALISM, SELF-HELP, PANARCHISM, LAISSEZ FAIRE, PUBLIC SERVANTS, BUREAUCRACY, GOVERNMENT, MYOB, FREE ENTERPRISE, FREE EXCHANGE, GOVERNMENT AID, REGULATIONS, LAWS, GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS, MONOPOLIES, INTERVENTIONISM, TERRITORIALISM

REFORMS: Attempts at reform, when they fail, strengthen despotism, as he that struggles tightens those cords he does not succeed in breaking.” – Charles Caleb Coton, Lacon, 1825, 1-440. – Reforms among members of communities of volunteers only would be quite another matter. – JZ, 15.5.08. - TERRITORIALISM

REFORMS: Enough To Do at Home: … it is necessary that one’s eye be kept on his own mining, never on repairing the short-comings of others, never on inflicting one’s own unique fragment on others. Indeed, it is important not only to refrain from any overt acts of this kind, but even from all covert thoughts as well. Intentions of reforming others, regardless of how skillfully disguised, are antagonistic to one’s own explorations. Further, they cause others, instinctively, to “run around the corner when they see you coming.” – Leonard E. Read, Elements of Libertarian Leadership, p.131. – Think of the numerous vain attempt among couples to reform the partner. But at least in that sphere we have divorce and remarriage options for individuals. – Let all people pick the reforms that they like – for themselves only and like-minded other volunteers. - JZ, 4.5.08. - SELF-IMPROVEMENT VS. ATTEMPTING TO IMPROVE OTHERS & THEIR AFFAIRS, TOLERANCE, NON-INTERVENTION, RESPECTING THEIR INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY UNDER THE OWN PERSONAL LAWS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL, NOT EQUAL LAWS, RULES & INSTITUTIONS FOR ALL PEOPLE OF A TERRITORY, TOLERANCE

REFORMS: Every project in the history of reform, no mater how violent and surprising, is good when it is the dictate of a man’s genius and constitution, but very dull and suspicious when adopted from another.” – Emerson, Essays, Second Series: New England Reformers. – To each his or her own revolution or reform or system. None to be territorially imposed upon peaceful dissenters. – Even a genius does not have the right to impose his ideal or discovery upon others. – But I see nothing wrong when others freely adopt his successful methods or invention. demonstrated by a genius. We do that all the time, whenever we do e.g. use a tool or instrument that was invented by a talent or even genius, perhaps many years or even centuries ago. - JZ, 3.5.08, 20.2.11, 3.4.14. – TOLERANCE, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT FOR ALL, FREE CHOICE AMONG POLITICAL, ECONOMIC & SOCIAL SYSTEMS, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM

REFORMS: Every reform is only a mask under cover of which a more terrible reform, which dares not yet name itself, advances.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson, 183-1882, Journals, vol. vii, p.205. – Many “reforms” may be classed among the conspiracies, which operate gradually against the rights and liberties of others. We get snowed under by avalanches of “reform” laws that we do not even have the time and energy to read, far less to systematically resist. Some called them salami tactics: Slice by slice the goodness of something is cut away and disappears. Compare e.g. the initially low rates for new taxes. – Opting out from under such systems is the only practicable and quite rightful way to resist them for individuals and groups of volunteers. – Alas, so far this is still unconstitutional and illegal. Many good things are not impossible but just outlawed. - All too true for all too many coercive territorial reforms. – JZ, 7.7.82, 3.5.08, 15.5.08, 3.4.14. - TERRITORIALISM

REFORMS: Every reform was once a private opinion, and when it shall be private opinion again, it will solve the problem of the age.” – Emerson, “History”, in Essays, First Series, 1841. – PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

REFORMS: Every reform, however necessary, will by weak minds be carried to an excess which will itself need reforming.” – S. T. Coleridge, Biographia Literaria, ch. I, 1817. – Largely true, if realized territorially. Exterritorial reforms are self-containing and self-correcting. – JZ, 5.11.85. - Thus all should all be confined to communities of volunteers. Even children are largely free to invent their own games and rules for them. Why should not adults have the same experimental freedom in what matters to them? – JZ, 3.5.08. – To each his own game and voluntary game partners. – JZ, 2.4.09. - PANARCHISM

REFORMS: expecting any real improvement is like asking a drug addict to cure himself with aspirin.” – Poul Anderson, Shield, p.144. – Self-chosen doctors, naturopaths, cures and medicines as well as reforms only, rather than territorially imposed ones! – JZ, 5.3.08. – VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT

REFORMS: Governmental reforms usually worsen the problems caused in the first place by government interference. – JZ, 19.4.88. – TERRITORIALISM AS OPPOSED TO VOLUNTARISM UNDER PERSONAL LAWS

REFORMS: Have you ever noticed how statists are constantly "reforming" their own handiwork? Education reform. Health-care reform. Welfare reform. Tax reform. The very fact that they're always busy "reforming" is an implicit admission that they didn't get it right the first 50 times. – Lawrence W. Reed, economist, in THE FREEMAN.– There are great differences between territorially imposed and exterritorially chosen reforms for volunteer-communities, societies and governance systems only. – JZ, 4.4.12.

REFORMS: He scorned reform movements because they all involve the use of political power which, on examination, will be found at the bottom of the condition the reformers would correct.” – Frank Chodorov, Out of Step, p.142, on Nock. – TERRITORIALISM, INTOLERANCE, STATISM, MONOPOLISM

REFORMS: He who would reform himself must first reform society.” – George Bernard Shaw, 1856-1950. – Andrews Quotes, p.504. - All too often the one who cannot or will not reform himself tries to reform the world! - Shaw’s advice would make self-improvement almost impossible. Should one’s obesity or personal hygiene, lack of exercise, health problem or poverty be tackled only once all try to tackle such problems, likewise? – We should rather try to provide society with one improved individual. That should be within our power. Shaw himself improved himself as a writer and playwright. He did not wait until all people improved their writing. - JZ, 28.5.78, 3.5.08. – SELF-IMPROVEMENT, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SOCIETY, INDIVIDUALISM

REFORMS: Hutber’s Law was formulated by the late Patrick Hutber while he was finance editor of the London SUNDAY TELEGRAPH, and was refined by him to three words: Improvement means deterioration! Here are some examples: A Berkshire household received a note from the milkman stating: “Kindly note that as from next Sunday there will be no Sunday delivery. We trust you will cooperate with us to make this a success.” … From a Labour Party manifesto for Gloucestershire county-council elections: “ – “Rates: This was once a problem for the rich,. Because socialism has improved our way of life, it is now a problem for everybody.” – The “Peterborough” Book, edited by Michael Green. – Quoted in READER’S DIGEST, 9/82. – RATES, LOCAL GOVERNMENTS, TAXATION

REFORMS: I believe that all government is evil, and that trying to improve it is largely a waste of time. – H. L. Mencken in  - I consider it a tragedy and a great loss to mankind that even an independent thinker like Mencken remained unfamiliar with the ideas and institutions of exterritorial autonomy under personal law for all groups of volunteers. Would he have changed the course of history if he had exchanged his kind of amusement, skepticism and pessimism for panarchism? A comprehensive digital freedom library, encyclopedia of the best refutations, an ideas archive and a comprehensive libertarian bibliography, abstracts and review compilation was not available to him and isn’t even available to us now, as yet. – JZ, 27.3.12. - & GOVERNMENTS, TERRITORIALISM, NEW DRAFT

REFORMS: I wanted to change the world. But I have found that the only thing one can be sure of changing is oneself.” – Aldous Huxley. - As if nothing could be achieved through voluntary associations and full freedom of action and experimental freedom for them. - JZ, 22.11.06. - CHANGE, INDIVIDUALISM, SECESSIONISM & PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, SELF-HELP & SELF-HELP ASSOCIATIONS

REFORMS: In my estimation, more misery has been created by (*) reformers than by any other force in human history. Show me someone who says, ‘Something must be done’ and I will show you a head full of vicious intentions, which have no other outlet. What we must strive for, always! is to find the natural flow and go with it.” – Frank Herbert, Heretics of Dune, p.102. – Should it be outlawed to try to swim against the current or across it? – I do not deny good intentions of many reformers but their intention to impose them territorially is always immoral. – They should only try to set good examples for others to follow – voluntarily, if they are impressed by these precedents. -  (*) territorial! - JZ, 3.5.08.

REFORMS: in the 19th century, and again in the Depression of the thirties, there were great unfairnesses, there were, to borrow a phrase from an earlier period ‘huddled masses yearning to be free’. But ‘yearning to be free’ should have been the guiding concern for the social reformers.” – Stephen Haseler, QUADRANT, 7/77. – Instead, as territorial statists, they restricted their rights and liberties even more so than they were already. The more enterprising did at least emigrate to somewhat more free countries. But by now territorial statism has spread in these countries as well and established territorial feudalistic conditions, a new kind of serfdom, everywhere. – JZ, 3.5.08.

REFORMS: It is obvious that a free society is one in which the law concerns itself with minimizing the interferences of men in one another’s affairs, and never presumes to interject itself; and it is obvious from that rule that freedom is quite unlike the various reforms that are being peddled on any Grand Street. Every one of them is labeled with a ‘legal directions for taking’”. – Frank Chodorov, Fugitive Essays, p.397. – Correct for all territorially imposed reforms. Incorrect for personal law reforms, because they apply only to the volunteers of an exterritorially autonomous community. – JZ, 3.5.08.

REFORMS: Let him that would move the world, first move himself.” – Socrates – The need for self-improvement is self-evident and hardly worth mentioning. Then also taking an interest in the world, not just in the news as reported by the mass media, instead of being concerned only with the own person and the own small private affairs, job, family and friends, would be a first sensible step. Each reform attempt requires “self-movement”. And, naturally, it has as a self-evident precondition that one reforms and improves oneself as much as possible beforehand, under the circumstances that are imposed upon oneself, using the remaining opportunities, e.g. extensive reading. – The ruling, coercive, monopolistic territorialists would certainly like to confine all their subjects to their remaining small private options and opportunities. – JZ, 8.8.08. – EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM OF PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, SELF-IMPROVEMENT COMBINED WITH VOLUNTARISM,

REFORMS: Most reformers wore rubber boots and stood on glass when God sent a current of common sense through the universe.” – Elbert Hubbard, Epigrams.

REFORMS: No matter how disastrously some policy has turned out, anyone, who criticizes it, can expect to hear: "But what would you replace it with?"  When you put out a fire, what do you replace it with?” - Thomas Sowell -  ABOLITIONISM

REFORMS: One of the great supports of an erroneous system of legislation, is the very evil it produces. When it is proposed to remedy the mischief by adopting a new system, every abuse which has been the result of the old one becomes an obstacle to reformations. Every political change, however salutary, must be injurious to the interests of some, and it will be found that those who profit by abuses are always more clamorous for their continuance than those who are only opposing them from motives of justice or patriotism, are for their abandonment. - William Leggett - Nizam Ahmad - John Zube The best reforms could be realized only through secessionism and personal law associations. Then trail blazing will no longer be outlawed and the best examples will get followed by more and more people. That is the way progress operates in all spheres not territorially monopolized by governments. Experimental freedom for all, in all spheres! – Facebook, 7.10.13.

REFORMS: Only people who are individually free to secede can easily become reformers. The others are entangled by territorial constitutions, laws, jurisdiction and administrative regulations and public opinion or the opinions of recognized experts. – JZ, 25.8.93.

REFORMS: Pamphlet-vendors are the most important springs in the machinery of reform.” – Richard Carlyle, THE REPUBLICAN, weekly journal, V, 279, 1822. - George Seldes, THE GREAT QUOTATIONS. – Even now radical pamphlets rarely find themselves reproduced in the mass media or even mentioned. But there is space for them on the Internet and on CDs. All pro-freedom ones could, probably, be very cheaply be published together, even with all freedom books, articles and freedom magazines, on a single HD of one to several TBs. Will I ever see them so combined? – JZ, 15.2.08, 3.4.14. However, once reformers are free to secede, they will only have to struggle with the difficulties involved in their reforms, undisturbed by those, who do not believe in them. – JZ, 15.2.08. – My pamphlet series, PEACE PLANS, of which 1779 issues appeared, until 2002, alas, most of them only on microfiche, has certainly not led to any reforms that I am aware of. – JZ, 28.309. PAMPHLETS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM

REFORMS: Rayformers … is in favor iv suppressin’ everything …” - Mr. Dooley. – Most “reformers” are in favor of suppressing almost everything smelling of individual liberty. – JZ, 8.11.78. - Compare the “successes” of prohibition and anti-drug laws. And government efforts against poverty, unemployment and inflation and for peace. – JZ, 3.5.08, 28.4.09, 3.4.14. - JOKES


REFORMS: Reform must come from within, not from without. You cannot legislate virtue.” – Cardinal James Gibbons, Address in Baltimore, Sept. 13, 1909. – Quoted in L. E. Read, compiler, FEE: The Free Man’s Almanac, for Feb. 9. - Reform must come from within, not from without. You cannot legislate for virtue. - James Gibbons - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. – It must be a voluntary action, together with other volunteers, not a coercive action against dissenters. – JZ, 4.5.08. - To each panarchy of volunteers its own reforms! – JZ, 25.3.12. – LAWS, VIRTUE & PANARCHY

REFORMS: Reformer: “He wants his conscience to be your guide.” – Dr. Laurance J. Peter. – Quoted also in CHANGING TIMES

REFORMS: Reformer: A member of the meddling class.” – Anon.

REFORMS: Reformers like to play God, as far as their power goes. – For instance: “I would have created a better world.” – JZ tr. from the German version of a remark by Alfonso the Wise: “Mejor habria you hecho el mundo.” – ‘(“Ich wuerde die Welt besser gemacht haben.”) – Since, usually, they cannot impose it upon the whole world, they try to impose it upon a whole territory, where they live, and all its population. They might even try to impose their supposed ideal, namely territorial democracy, upon the whole world and this by force of arms, thus reviving imperialism and colonialism. Upholding exterritorial autonomy for all dissenting minorities would be quite another matter; it would make friends, not enemies. It would not lead to any nationalistic wars but liberate all volunteers to do their own things but only for and to themselves. – JZ, 4.5.08. – PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL, TOLERANCE VS. TERRITORIAL DOMINATION

REFORMS: Reforms through the law, i.e., voting, politicians, parties, judges, lawyers, policemen, bureaucrats? Or reforms rather in spite of them, largely ignoring them, as far as one can? – JZ, 29.8.96. – Until we can finally legally and constitutionally opt out under their reforms we are not free enough to undertake sufficient reforms of our own. – JZ, 10.5.08.

REFORMS: Significant reforms, genuine improvements, through parliaments may take decades, sometimes centuries and some haven’t occurred as yet. Moreover, the few positive steps that were taken - were all too often reversed or restricted again, by contrary legislation, due to vested interests or popular ignorance, errors and prejudices. Alas, the same wrongs and mistakes were repeated over and over again by legislators. As opposed to this experience, any reforms via tolerant experimentation among volunteers only, could be realized by them almost instantaneously, once they are no longer territorially and legally or illegally suppressed. If very successful, then they could and probably would be rapidly copied or adopted by other groups of dissenters. Applied among volunteers only, they would also tend to last much longer among them. – JZ, 21.7.91, 12.5.08. - If they are successful. If they are not, then they are likely to be discontinued fast, unlike territorially imposed "reforms" that failed, e.g. like Prohibition and the War against Drugs, Progressive Taxation and Compulsory Schooling. - JZ, 20.2.11.

REFORMS: social reformers who saw the state’s power as the perfect model to copy.” – Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.173.

REFORMS: Territorially, for whole populations, reforms are difficult to impossible to achieve soon. Exterritorially, for their volunteers, they could become realized almost immediately and, through the successful examples they would set, progress in the social sciences and their application in personal law and institutions for volunteers could be come very fast. – JZ, 20.6.13. – PROGRESS, PANARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

REFORMS: That bias against his own countrymen to which the reformer in every nation is so liable, because upon the reformer their defect press very closely and obstructively, while he has no reason to observe the same or worse defects in other nations.” – John Morley, 1838-1923. The same applies, largely to revolutionaries. But terrorists manage, all too often, to blame other governments and peoples for the difficulties still existing in the own nation and among the own population, and are disinclined to ascribe them to territorial rule and coercion, radically healable only through individual secessionism, personal law and full exterritorial autonomy for volunteers. – JZ, 4.5.08, 3.4.14. – REVOLUTIONS, TERRORISM, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY

REFORMS: the discovery, first made by Tocqueville, that reform is just as likely to unleash as to prevent revolution, it was pointed out that most well-meant reform moves and regulations have ‘perverse’ side effects which compound rather than alleviate the social ills one had set out to cure. - Albert O. Hirschman, Interests, in: The New Palgrave: The Invisible Hand, ed. by John Eatwell, Murray Milgate & Peter Newman, W. W. Norton, 1987/89, p.165. - Here, too, reforms and revolutions should be distinguished when conducted under territorialism and under exterritorialism. The above is true under territorialism. Under exterritorialism all reform experiments are tolerantly conducted among volunteers only and at their expense and risk. That makes them tolerable and learning experiences for the participants and the outside observers. Then revolutions are also peaceful and quite non-violent, consisting essentially of the one-man or volunteer group “revolutionary” experiments of individual and minority group secessionism and full freedom to experiment under personal law, without any territorial monopoly claim. At most some groups of volunteers secede at the same time in order to enable them to do their own things among themselves. – JZ, 24.2.12, 27.1.13. - & REVOLUTIONS, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM, NATIONS, POPULATIONS, TERRITORIALISM, SOVEREIGNTY, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS, NATIONAL INTEREST

REFORMS: The greatest reforms, which could now be accomplished, would consist in undoing the work of statesmen in the past, and the greatest difficulty in the way of reform is to find out how to undo their work without injury to what is natural and sound.” – W. G. Sumner, What Social Classes Owe to Each Other, p.102. – Let individuals and communities of like-minded volunteers choose their own systems for themselves. Then they would no longer clash with each other and could only blame themselves for their own mistakes. – JZ, 4.5.08. – PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL, VOLUNTARISM VS. TERRITORIAL &  COERCIVE “EQUALITY”.

REFORMS: The most eager reformers had to learn that they deprive themselves of all power when they race ahead of the slowly advancing masses. Upon any revolution a reaction always follows.“ – Wilson, Der Staat. – JZ re-translation of: “Die eifrigsten Reformer haben lernen muessen, dass sie sich selbst jeglicher Macht berauben, wenn sie den schwerfaelligen Massen zu weit voraneilen. Auf eine Revolution ist stets eine Reaktion gefolgt.“ – What is true for territorial reforms, imposed on whole populations, is not true for reforms which volunteers chose for their own communities, under personal law only and without claiming any territorial power. – JZ, 15.5.08.


REFORMS: The reformer should convince the consumer – not rule the producer.” – Charles R. LaDow, THE FREEMAN, 3/74. – The reformer should try to convince others by his own and quite tolerant experiments among like-minded people, just like a scientist or inventor would. – JZ, 4.5.08.

REFORMS: The Reformer, a pre-Civil War publication, was opposed to reform: that was its reform.” – Louis Filler, A Dictionary of American Social Reform, Philosophical Library, New York, 1963, in the preface, p.1. – All “reforms” to be applied only among those who are in favor of them!” – Panarchism! – JZ, 9.9.08. – VOLUNTARISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW

REFORMS: The reforming zeal is good; but with too many of us it takes the form of wanting to reform others, to persuade them to accept our own standards and ideas.” - IPA FACTS, 12/68. – Their persuasion attempts are rightful and harmless. Their legislation attempts and dictatorial usurpation, all based on territorial notions are wrong and harmful. The population of one territory should never be presumed to be one people that ought to live under the same laws and institutions. – JZ, 5/73, 4.5.08. – Compare, for instance, how members of “one” nation try to distinguish themselves e.g. by their fashion choices and hair-styles. No one wants to be just another blue ant. However, in too many spheres our individual preferences are obstructed by wrongful legislation. – JZ, 20.10.08. - TERRITORIALISM, PEOPLE, PANARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR ALL COMMUNITIES OF VOLUNTEERS.

REFORMS: The spirit of improvement is not always a spirit of liberty, for it may aim at forcing improvements on an unwilling people.” – John Stuart Mill, On Liberty, 1859, p.3. – Correct for territorial reforms, incorrect for the voluntary and exterritorial ones of panarchies. – JZ, 13.5.08.

REFORMS: The Thurians ordained that whosoever would go about to abolish an old law, or establish a new one, should present himself with a halter around his neck, to the end that, if his proposal were not approved, he might be hanged at once.” – Michel de Montaigne, Essays I, 1580, - [Thurians = a people of Southern Italy.] – An unnecessary cruelty if the proposal is not for a territorial reform for the whole population but merely for an existing community of volunteers or for a proposed one. – 15.5.08. - Simple alternative: Let it be applied only to himself and like-minded people. That is the only kind of “noose” or opportunity he needs and is entitled to have. - JZ, 9.7.86, 15.5.08. – PANARCHISM

REFORMS: The true reformer is one who understands the art of reconstruction by “the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken may remain.” (Epistle to the Hebrews.) – James Platt, Excelsior, p.78.

REFORMS: There are some remedies worse than the disease.” – Publilius Syrus, Moral Sayings, 1st. c. B.C., 301, tr. Darius Lyman.

REFORMS: There is no place (*) for social reformers in government posts, for these positions endow them with coercive power, which they mistakenly use to achieve their “reforms”. Reform, to be meaningful, is a volitional turn for the better to which coercion is obviously antagonistic.” – Leonard E. Read, The Coming Aristocracy, p.63. – VOLUNTARISM VS. TERRITORIALISM - (*) There should be no place for reformers in territorial governments. – JZ, 3.5.08.

REFORMS: There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things.” - Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince, 1513. – Reforms under territorialism should be distinguished from reforms under territorialism. – JZ, 28.3.09. - INNOVATIONS, IDEAS, CHANGE, VOLUNTARISM, SELF-HELP UNDER FULL FREEDOM TO UNDERTAKE IT

REFORMS: This must be said: There are too many “great” men in the world; there are too many legislators, planners, founders of societies, leaders of nations, fathers of their country, etc., etc. Too many people place themselves above mankind in order to guide its footsteps; too many people make a career of being concerned with mankind.” – Bastiat, in G. C., Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.246. – Apparently, he thought here only of territorial States and societies. There cannot be too many reformers, who merely want to experiment among like-minded reformers. Most of their reforms may be quite worthless or harmful – but only to them, under that conditions. Others might set successful pioneering examples for the rest and there would be no justified complaints against them, because they would also spread only among volunteers. – JZ, 15.5.08. – PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

REFORMS: This was proof to my father that reform was mainly only a conspiracy of prehensile charlatans to mulct taxpayers.” – H. L. Mencken, Happy Days, 1880-1882, New York, Alfred Knopf, 1947, p.251/52. – Quoted by Rothbard in The Ethics of Liberty, p. 187.

REFORMS: Thoreau said that if he saw a reformer coming his way he would run for his life. He had no need for reform. The man who identifies axioms with himself wants no preacher, while the preacher will have no influence with those who are constitutionally incapable of axioms. If the reformer justifies his calling on the ground that through education moral values - that are lacking - may be instilled, the answer is that all experience denies that possibility. Education can present choices, it cannot make decisions. No pedagogical system has ever succeeded in eliciting values which do not exist in the person.” – Frank Chodorov, Out of Step, p.204. – Should we oppose the abolition of conscription, of price control, of central banking, of taxation, of compulsory schooling, of territorialism, and the introduction of completely free trade, the destruction of all ABC mass murder devices and the adoption of a comprehensive declaration of individual rights and liberties? – JZ, 3.5.08. 

REFORMS: Those who are fond of setting things to rights, have no great objection to seeing them wrong.” – William Hazlitt, Characteristics, 1823. - Alas, they usually don’t see the wrongness in their own reforms. Especially when they apply them territorially upon involuntary victims. – But they do find much wrong with the reforms of other reformers. – They act just like religious zealots, who consider all the other religions to be wrong but are blind to the flaws in their own. - JZ, 13.5.08. - TERRITORIALISM

REFORMS: Those who have given themselves the most concerns about the happiness of peoples have made their neighbours very miserable.” – Anatole France, The Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard, 1881, p.2, tr. Lafcadio Hearn. – Is that true also, e.g., for all utopian colonists? – JZ, 13.5.08.

REFORMS: To give up the task of reforming society is to give up one’s responsibility as a free man.” – Alan Paton, The Challenge of Fear, SATURDAY REVIEW, Sept. 9, 1967. – Attempting to impose even the best reforms territorially upon all of the population is wrong and provokes resistance and is contrary to the responsibilities of a free man. Even the best reforms, not to speak of the worst of them, should only be applied to volunteers. Among them they would get their best chance – and would not interfere with the lives and preferences of outsiders. – JZ, 13.5.08.

REFORMS: To innovate is not to reform.” – Edmund Burke, A Letter to a Noble Lord, 1796. – But it can be part of a general reform movement, whenever the innovations are undertaken only among volunteers and at their risk and expense. Indeed, this would be the fastest way to achieve better and better reforms for most. – JZ, 5.4.89. – Innovations and reforms only for the innovators, reformers and their adherents – i.e., exterritorially, under personal laws! – JZ, 3.5.08. – PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF ACTION, RIGHT TO MAKE MISTAKES, VOLUNTARISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW

REFORMS: Try to reform the own life, not that of others, unless they happen to agree with you. – JZ, 28.10.94. – TOLERANCE, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

REFORMS: Tyrants have no conscience and reformers no feeling; and the world suffers both by the plague and by the cure.” – Horace Walpole, Letter to the Earl of Strafford, June 26, 1790. – No feeling or no sense or no moral sense - and so even the well-meaning reformers become territorially tyrannical themselves. – JZ, 9.7.86, 2.4.09.

REFORMS: What libertarians will find most attractive about Belloc’s essay is his anticipation of the thesis that state-enacted “reform” will usually function to protect and solidify the positions of those most dominant at the time these reforms are enacted. Such reforms will convert current and uncertain economic advantages into more permanent legal privileges.” – Erick Mack, in REASON, 12/98. – Compare the experience with regulations. Almost all governmental constitutions, laws, regulations and jurisdictions are territorial, i.e. outlaw competition in their sphere and grant privileges or monopolies and with them produce victims. – JZ, 3.5.08.

REFORMS: when will these world savior types learn some elementary economics?” – Poul Anderson, The Avatar, p.52. – WORLD SAVIORS, ECONOMICS, IGNORANCE, PREJUDICES, REVOLUTIONARIES, ANARCHISTS, ECONOMICS, LEARNING

REFORMS: While there is always room for improvements, there is never a sufficient excuse for making matters even worse than they are, even though only with the best intentions – except among tolerant volunteers. They deserve what they choose for themselves, as long as they are willing to put up with it. – JZ, 17.10.96, 10.5.08. – PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM

REFORMS: With what form of oppression do you propose to replace the existing form?” – Pareto, quoted in RED & BLACK, No. 4, 1972.

REFORMS: Young man, behold the fate of a reformer.” – Voltaire, to a young humanitarian, pointing to a crucifix. – JESUS CHRIST

REFUGEES: 57 Million of them by 17.8.95, according to ABC radio news. Ca. 23 million of them through desert formation. The reporter called them “environmental refugees”. – Regarding the latter figure we should take into consideration that many desert areas have been made productive through irrigation. However, while a monopolistic money system, combined with protectionist policies, makes the sale for additional food difficult and uncertain, the monopolistic, coercive and inflationary central bank paper monies make also stable value clauses in investments impossible and thus long term -credits for large irrigation schemes difficult to impossible to obtain. I hold that in this sphere, too, governments are greater enemies than nature. People should also not be confined to scratching out a bare living in near desert areas, while not all fertile lands are sufficiently utilized. People have been escaping from agricultural activities into towns and cities for a long time, thereby increasing their standard of living – if free to do so. Mainly national borders and monetary despotism, on top of the usual anti-economic interventionism, have inhibited that natural development. People have been chasing after scarce monopoly money instead of competitive but sound currencies chasing after more workers. Inflated monopoly money has also distorted all free exchange relationships. How fast would these millions of unemployed refugees – and the other unemployed - disappear under full monetary and financial freedom and become relatively prosperous through productive employment? Faster than most people can imagine. Now they are largely perceived and treated as a burden, rather than as assets to become fully employed, increasing their and our standard of living, and becoming “exploited” as some call it. – With regard to them, employers are no longer employers. - JZ, 9.5.08. – MONETARY FREEDOM

REFUGEES: A refugee is one who leaves, through force or desire, everything – EVERYTHING – just to find freedom and safety again.” – Willis E. Stone, May 75. – Just a greater degree of freedom and safety, while the old conditions have become intolerable for him. Full freedom is not yet offered in any country. If it were, the old territorial regimes would collapse relatively soon. – JZ, 4.5.08. – IMMIGRATION, ASYLUM, UNEMPLOYMENT, PANARCHISM, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE

REFUGEES: Allow the dozens of millions of refugees in the world to be paid for their productive work with privately or cooperatively issued vouchers, in money denominations, for goods and services now ready for sale in abundance, but hard to sell for monopoly money, also using sound value standards in them and permit the goods and service providers to price their goods and services also in these sound value standards. Then most of these refugees will soon find productive jobs, so paid, and their unemployment problem and their confinement to refugee camps, will soon be over. Once these unemployed can thus readily get jobs, the native unemployed and their potential employers will demand the same right for themselves. Full employment for all able and willing to work could thus be achieved and thus much of the opposition to free migration and of asylum to asylum seekers would soon disappear. We should also not automatically grant them all the benefits of our “Welfare States” but permit them their own welfare services, at their own expense, while exempting them from that part of all our taxes now financing Welfare State activities for all. Then the taxpayers would also have no reason to complain about handouts to immigrants. Moreover, to the extent that their customs, traditions, ideologies and beliefs are different from our own, we should allow them, on an individual and voluntary basis, the choice of their own exterritorialy autonomous communities under personal law, not only the practice of their own religions and various cultural activities. Those, who would still be opposed to them, should be free to segregate themselves in their own exterritorially autonomous communities, not welcoming any or only particular immigrants. Those without such prejudices should be free to establish their own integrated communities, in which all kinds of peaceful and productive immigrants are welcomed rather than despised or ignored or looked down upon. This world, each continent, each country, belongs to all the peoples in the world and none of its territories belongs exclusively only to one kind of people, especially not seeing how mixed their races, customs, languages and traditions already are. But, let all of them segregate themselves or integrate themselves on a voluntary basis as much as they like, even though most of their children and grandchildren might soon come to find some of their voluntary segregation attempts ridiculous and opt out of them. – JZ, 29.12.92, 7.10.08. – MONETARY FREEDOM, FULL EMPLOYMENT, ALTERNATIVE MEANS OF PAYMENT FOR WAGES & SALARIES

REFUGEES: Any refugee from any dictatorially ruled country should be automatically granted refugee and asylum status in any relatively free country, any time, but this without any automatic claim to tax supported social services. Nor should they be automatically subjected to the territorial laws of the guest country, unless they want to personally adopt them. They should, especially, not be subjected to the laws of monetary and financial despotism that cause unemployment and inflation, sales difficulties and bankruptcies. They should be free to adopt their own laws and institutions for themselves but not authorized to impose them, by majority votes, upon any dissenters. Then they would soon be recognized as great assets and allies in the host countries, rather than as burdens or competitors for jobs and sales. – JZ, 12.12.94, 9.5.08.

REFUGEES: Believe the refugees from the governments, not the governments.” – Ed Weber, 4.7.90.

REFUGEES: - If they were not subjected to Australia's territorial laws then they would not be dependent upon us for long! Then they would be free to establish their own self-supporting systems and to maintain them. Then and soon we might even come to envy their freedom and wealth and claim the same chances for ourselves." – JZ, 8.8.11, on Facebook. - & ASYLUMSEEKERS, UNDER EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY RATHER THAN TERRITORIALISM & ITS LEGALIZED DESPOTISM

REFUGEES: Everyone escaping a dictatorship is thereby automatically a GENUINE refugee, to be granted asylum and not merely to be rejected or even incarcerated as an “economic immigrant” or as an “illegal immigrant”. – JZ, 28.12.94, 9.5.08.

REFUGEES: If governments would get out of their way and that of all other people able and willing to work productively and to trade freely and stopped “caring” for them, as if they had only mouths and not minds and hands, then even millions of recent refugees into a country would cease to be a problem for that country and become an asset instead. Then they would be welcomed as workers, professionals, traders, customers, clients etc., as productive and self-supporting people, who would help to increase the wealth of the country to which they fled. For instance, much of the ready-for-sale goods and services in any somewhat developed country (not stricken by a natural catastrophe or civil war, war or revolution) could then be turned into alternative currencies, which could express an enormous demand for additional employees and would greatly increase turnovers and the need for additional goods and services. If sufficiently explored in advance, such alternative currencies could be introduced within hours and not only employ millions or refugees and deserters and of then superfluous public servants, but also millions of formerly unemployed or underemployed. In the absence of an issue monopoly and legal tender and freedom in the choice of value standards, the good alternative currencies would drive out bad ones and any existing bad currency, reducing e.g. the government’s paper money very soon to a sound tax foundation currency (with a stable value standard), helping to clear the government’s tax takes against its government expenditures. (While any government and its finance is still continued. At least it should become reduced to its voluntary victims. – JZ, 4.4.14.) In this form it could even anticipate its tax returns for the next 2 to 6 months – until its issues showed their first small discounts. Then further issues would become impossible or would be discontinued in its own interest. Currencies “based” upon “government assets” or public debts for medium or long terms would then become impossible too, because they would be greatly discounted or altogether refused and the other and sound private currencies would be preferred to them. Good currencies, with a sound and short-term reflux foundation, would drive out the inferior ones, those without such a demand for them. The supermarkets and shopping centers could become the main lenders for short-term loans to pay wages and salaries with their local shop currencies. They could then also pay their own employees, tradesmen, some suppliers and running costs with their own exchange media. All that would greatly boost and ensure their turnovers. – Inflation, unemployment, deflation and sales difficulties are the price to be paid for a uniform monopoly currency with legal tender power i.e. forced acceptance and a forced and fictitious value. – To facilitate that development, the refugees should not be automatically subjected to the laws of the country they fled to. Instead, they should be able to select their own personal law system, i.e. and for their own voluntary communities, societies, governance systems and federations also full exterritorial autonomy, if they desire this. – They might be welcomed by their kinds of rightful and alternative governments in exile that they choose for themselves and that have already established exterritorially autonomous communities established by prior refugees and immigrants. - JZ, 22.1.90, 14.5.08, 20.2.11, 4.4.14. – MONETARY FREEDOM, FREE BANKING, FULL EMPLOYMENT, SHOP CURRENCIES, UNEMPLOYMENT, SALE DIFFICULTIES, TAX FOUNDATION PAPER MONEY.

REFUGEES: Immigration barriers are crimes against humanity, especially for refugees from unfree countries. They are enforced by walls, fences, naval blockages, capture and incarceration and the threat of or practice of deportation back to the regimes from which they fled. They are largely motivated by of the effects of monetary and financial despotism upon employment, usually quite wrongly ascribed to the immigrants and refugees. With full employment achieved, largely through full monetary and financial freedom, releasing the monetary demand for the labor of the unemployed and of the immigrants (mainly in form of standardized and typified goods and service vouchers, using stable value standards, issued by the providers of goods and services, an expansion of e.g. the shop currency system used in Australia in consumer credits), the antagonism against immigrants would largely disappear. They would then no longer be perceived as competitors for the scarce and at the same time unsound and depreciating monopoly money of the government. Such changes could come gradually and yet fast, the voluntary and panarchistic way, simply by allowing immigrants and national dissenters to apply their own principles and practices in this sphere, in their own spheres, under their own personal law. At least some of these experiments would succeed and set examples that would be followed by others, when they are ready for them. Without the money issue monopoly and legal tender power for it, i.e. under voluntary acceptance and the refusal option and under free market rating or discounting as a possibility, good money would drive out the bad money and would be in sufficient supply for all desired and possible exchanges, to the extent that they are not settled through free clearing or non-cash transfers. – To the extent that the money of the government is good enough, e.g. has sufficient tax foundation, it would not have to be afraid of competition against it. It would not need an issue monopoly and legal tender power. – This competition would see to it that it confined itself to sound issues of its own currency. - JZ, 18.7.95, 10.5.08. – MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM, FULL EMPLOYMENT, STABLE COMPETING CURRENCIES, GRESHAM’S LAW, FEAR OF COMPETITION FOR JOBS & BUSINESS, INSTEAD OF REJECTING MONETARY & FINANCIAL DESPOTISM &, THEREBY, THEIR HARMFUL EFFECTS

REFUGEES: It costs $ 400,000 to kill a Vietcong, but only 30 cents to save a single refugee.” – Rev. H. Perkins of the Australian Council of Churches, 8.7.67. – And for $ 100.000 or less each, as a reward for their defection, we could have had lots of deserters from the Vietcong and, under monetary and financial freedom, could rapidly turn them into producers and even taxpayers in Australia or Vietnam, instead. Many would also have been satisfied merely with being offered full freedom, instead of merely a less despotic dictatorship in South Vietnam or a still all too flawed democracy in Australia. Then they would not have to cost us any reward money but would help us to increase our standard of living as well as theirs by further division of labor. Saving a refugee and letting him have all his rights and liberties need not cost us anything, at least not in the medium and long run. Considering them merely as mouths to be fed is absurd. – How this reverend arrived at the 30 cents figure is not known to me. - Free trade and an open arms policy would strengthen us economically, while mass murderous fighting weakens us, not only through the costs of fighting and the bloodshed on our side, but also economically. We should rather trade with these “enemies”, mostly conscripted, misruled and exploited poor people, abused as human sacrifices by their rulers, instead of becoming peaceful producers and traders, whether they are still in their home country or immigrate into our country. - JZ, 27.7.92, 14.5.08, 4.4.14. – DESERTION, IMMIGRATION BARRIERS, DEFECTORS

REFUGEES: It is, for example, illuminating to consider the role of refugees and immigrants in promoting enterprise. The Jews driven from Spain and Portugal in the late fifteenth century, the Huguenots expelled from France in the seventeenth century, the English Nonconformists who emigrated to America, the Chinese communities scattered around the Far East, the East African Asians who came to Britain in the early 1970’s – all have been a rich source of enterprise and wealth-creation.” - Margaret Thatcher, Statecraft, 2002, HarperCollins, – p.421. - & IMMIGRANTS,

REFUGEES: One pub drinker to another: These refugees are frugal, hard working, industrious. – Reply by the other: Too right, mate. I don’t want them either. – Molnar, 30.6.79, THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 30.6.79. – IMMIGRATION, JOKES, ASYLUM SEEKERS

REFUGEES: People who vote with their feet.” – BERLINER ILLUSTRIERTE

REFUGEES: Refugees escape from one national incarceration at home only to get all too often and for all too long incarcerated abroad, in supposedly much more free countries. From one nation-wide prison into another country’s prison camp and this in the so-called “Free World”! – JZ, 29.5.95. – To me it is obvious that at least monetarily and financially it is not free enough to welcome all refugees as additional workers, soon to be fully employed, with as much overtime work for them as they are willing to put up with. Under that condition they would also not be hated by the natives and maligned. – But how many of the unemployed and of the refugees show a serious interest in full monetary and financial freedom? The sanction of the victims applies here as well. – JZ, 9.5.08.

REFUGEES: Refugees, defectors and deserters from despotically ruled governments, war zones and civil war areas voted with their feet. We should respect that right to vote and not restrict it via immigration barriers and concentration camps for illegal immigrants or even via deportation, work permit and green card requirements. Neither immigration not emigration should be legally restricted. They are basic individual human rights and liberties. But we should go beyond that kind of voting rights and our usual party-political territorial voting rights. Our own dissenters should be free to vote themselves, individually and via their voluntary groups into whatever constitutional, legal, juridical and other institutional and personal law systems they prefer for themselves and we should grant the same right to all legal and illegal immigrants. – The result would be a large number of very diverse and free experiments in the political, economic and social spheres. All would be undertaken only at the expense and risk of these volunteers. Most of them would be failures or disappointing - but a few would succeed. And their successes could then be spread – by voluntary acceptance – very rapidly to most if not all others, shocking a few people but delighting most of their voluntary acceptors. Thus we could turn Australia rapidly into the most free and most “lucky” and prosperous country in the world, a shiny example for all other countries. The different points of view of the refugees, defectors and deserters would constitute valuable input to this kind of free experimentation. We would enjoy not only the opportunity to taste their different dishes. That we do already to a large extent, through the officially accepted immigrants. They would not be perceived as a burden by others or as dangerous competitors. No one would be taxed to support or participate in their experiments. We could all learn very much from each other, from their and our failures as well as successes. Progress in the social sciences might become as fast as is in the computer sphere. Everyone could rightly complain only about his own errors and mistakes, his own choices. E.g. mass unemployment and inflation could then be done away with - even within hours to days, as fast as people are capable to comprehend and apply successful changes, reforms and abolition of legal restrictions on creative activities. If perceived as shop token money or a ticket money for wanted goods and services, the comprehension of monetary freedom alternatives would be accelerated. Any shortage of tickets for available seats can be rapidly overcome by ticket printing. And no more tickets will be printed, for each performance than seats are available. We would get consumer sovereign choices towards all kinds of public services and free enterprise production options in their provision. Free market and free contract choices would be extended into the spheres that were so far still territorially monopolized by governments. We could thus establish the first genuine paradise for workers, entrepreneurs, investors, innovators and consumers but also for cooperators and partners in all kinds of self-management schemes. – Those still believing in territorial politicians and their platforms could retain them, exterritorially and under personal law, for themselves, at their own expense and risk. As far as I am concerned, they would be welcome to them. They deserve each other. - JZ, 23.7.95, 9.5.08, 4.4.14. – PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL IN ALL SPHERES – ALWAYS ONLY AT THE OWN RISK & EXPENSE. IT WOULD TEND TO LEAD TO PROGRESS & PROSPERITY UNLIMITED.

REFUGEES: Their totalitarian or dictatorial enemies murder, imprison, exploit or impoverish them. Our “democratic” and “free” governments “only” imprison them if they manage to escape their victimizers, and do so using terms like “detention for illegal immigrants”. – If our States and societies were really free and well enough enlightened then we would welcome them with open arms, as liberated people, helping us to become even more prosperous. - JZ, 22.6.93, 12.5.08, 4.4.14. – IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS, IMMIGRATION BARRIERS, ASYLUM SEEKERS

REFUGEES: Why are innocent refugees, as a rule, fleeing, - apart from natural catastrophes? They are trying to escape certain degrees of territorial domination leading to political, economic and social conditions that they find unbearable, to territories whose populations are somewhat less maltreated. Alas, there is as yet no country in the world where they would escape all legalized territorial domination and exploitation. If there were one, then it could soon set many attractive examples to the people of all other countries in all spheres of human activities, which were so far monopolized by governments. Its population would rapidly grow and its influence would be felt in the rest of the world by all its successful experiments being freely copied in the rest of the world. – JZ, 23.6.93, 11.5.08, 4.4.14. – EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM VS. TERRITORIAL DOMINATION, LAWS & INSTITUTIONS

REFUSALS TO ACCEPT THE GOVERNMENT’S FORCED & EXCLUSIVE CURRENCY: Everyone should be free to refuse to accept in payment or as full payment any deteriorated medium of exchange or any other currency that he distrusts and to contract for payments using other means of exchange, non-cash payments or clearing and the use of other and better value standards. No more forced and exclusive currencies and legal tender laws. – This freedom option or choice should also be applied to all other “services” offered by territorial governments. – Everyone to be free to refuse to accept what he considers to be a disservice, also a gift or what is offered as a gift – anything that others suppose would be for one’s own good. Also full freedom in the free enterprise, cooperative, self-management or mutual aid supply of all other wanted and rightful services. – JZ, 1976, & 4.5.08, 4.4.14. – MONETARY FREEDOM VS. MONETARY DESPOTISM, FREE CHOICE OF GOVERNMENTS & SOCIETIES FOR EVERYONE – EXCEPT CRIMINALS WITH VICTIMS & OTHER AGGRESSORS, FREE COMPETITION IN THE SUPPLY OF ALL WANTED SERVICS & FULL CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY TOWARDS THEM

REFUSALS TO ACCEPT THE GOVERNMENT’S FORCED & EXCLUSIVE CURRENCY: Refuse to accept the government’s paper money at all, except for tax payments you are still forced to make to the government. Or accept it only at a discount against whatever you choose as a standard of value together with your partners. – JZ, 1976. – MONETARY FREEDOM VS. MONETARY DESPOTISM

REFUSALS TO ACCEPT THE GOVERNMENT’S FORCED & EXCLUSIVE CURRENCY: What if politicians printed money and nobody used it?” – Stormy Mon, Imagine Freedom, p.138. – Also in his: A Liberty Book, p. 55. – That would also have to be part of a rightful and effective tax strike. – JZ, 4.5.08.

REFUSE TO BOW TO AUTHORITY: Every fact of science was once damned. Every invention was considered impossible. Every discovery was a nervous shock to some orthodoxy. Every artistic innovation was denounced as fraud and folly. The entire web of culture and “progress”, everything on earth that is manmade and not given to us by nature, is the concrete manifestation of some man’s refusal to bow to Authority. We would own no more, know no more, and be no more than the first apelike hominids if it were not for the rebellious, the recalcitrant, and the intransigent. As Oscar Wilde truly said: “Disobedience was man’s Original Virtue.” – Wilson/Shea, Illuminatus III, p.241. - REBELLION, REVOLUTION, CHOICE, DISOBEDIENCE, INNOVATION, EXPERIMENTATION, VOLUNTARISM

REFUSING TO JOIN: the peculiar democratic privilege of refusing.” – William Tenn, Brooklyn Project, p.160 in: James Gunn, The Road to Science Fiction, # 3, From Heinlein to Here. - Alas, even territorial democracies have still not fully recognized and realized that right in all spheres legally monopolized by the government. - JZ, 20.2.11, 4.4.14. - OR TO REMAIN ASSOCIATED, SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM

REFUTATIONS ENCYCLOPEDIA: Bad and discredited ideas, it seems, never die.  Neither do they fade away.  Instead, they keep turning up, like bad pennies or Godzilla in the old Japanese movies." -- Murray N. Rothbard in Making Economic Sense

REFUTATIONS ENCYCLOPEDIA: There are so many good to excellent and fit remarks, arguments, observations and replies in the sphere of social sciences, to counter the numerous errors, prejudices etc. in this sphere, that an individual cannot keep all or enough of them always ready in his mind for all situations in which they are needed. We all need digital encyclopedic guides to them, which are affordable and portable or accessible online. – JZ, 22.7.13, 16.8.13. – ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF THE BEST SHORTEST REFUTATIONS, PRESENTATIONS & COUNTER-ATTACKS OF POPULAR ERRORS, MYTHS & PREJUDICES, WHCH ARE OBSTACLES TO PROGRESS, DIS NOTES & SLOGANS FOR LIBERTY:

REFUTATIONS ENCYCLOPEDIA: There is no error so monstrous that it fails to find defenders among the ablest men." -- Prof. John E. E. D. Acton

REFUTATIONS: Opponents believe to refute us when they repeat their opinions and do not pay any attention our ours.” - Goethe, “Sprueche in Prosa”, JZ tr. of: “Gegner glauben uns zu widerlegen, wenn sie ihre Meinung wiederholen und auf die unsrige nicht achten.” - OR MERE REPETITIONS?

REGIMENTATION: economic variety, i.e., the coexistence of collectively and privately conducted enterprises, will not adversely affect the economy. But economic variety is, on the contrary, the true manifestation and indispensable precondition for a free society. Regimentation … works out inevitably to the detriment of the people. …” - Augustin Souchy, quoted in LAISSEZ FAIRE REVIEW, 3&4, 1974. - Did he envision exterritorially autonomous enterprises of volunteers or only the usual business enterprises? - JZ, 20.2.11. - COMPETITION, PLANNING, DIRIGISM, DESPOTISM, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENT, COLLECTIVISM & FREE ENTERPRISE, ALL ONLY FOR VOLUNTEERS, TOLERANCE FOR TOLERANT ACTIONS, DICTATORSHIPS, DESPOTISMS, TYRANNY, DICTOCRACY, AUTHORITARIANISM, GOVERNMENTALISM

REGIMENTATION: For mental health a man had to be assured of his free will, and over-regimentation is deadly in any society. With men psychologically suited to colonize, it is fatal.” – Murray Leinster, Sand Doom, ASTOUNDING SF, 5/56, p. 17.

REGIMENTATION: Man’s “freedom to arrange his economic life as he pleases is deteriorating as various ‘New Shakes’ … ‘New Deals’ … ‘New Frontiers’ … and ‘New Promises’ gradually pave the way toward a totally regimented society.” - Robert G. Bierce, THE FREEMAN, 11/73.

REGIMENTATION: This is an autobiography of ideas – the ideas of a brilliant nonconformist who wants no part of a regimented society in which men’s minds are conditioned to ‘non-thinking’ “ – From the cover of Frank Chodorov’s “Out of Step”.

REGIONALISM: John Zube : Regionalism still amounts to wrongful territorialism. Its decentralization does not go far enough. Only individual secessionism and individual voluntary associationism can lead to genuine societies and communities. - Jim Demyanovich : For some, individual secession is their end goal, for others, regional autonomy is what they seek. I don't propose a one size fits all solution for our state generated disaster. To do so would make me a Khmer Rouge style National Anarchist. - John Zube : Under individual secessionism and personal law choice everyone would get only the "ideal" which he or she thinks is ideal for them. That is what panarchism, polyarchism, meta-utopia, exterritorial autonomy and competing governance is all about: quite consistent voluntarism, laissez faire in every sphere, competition in every sphere, even by monopolistic volunteers, who think that it would serve them, even when practised only at their risk and expense, contractarianism, associationism, experimental freedom, consumer sovereignty and free enterprise sovereignty in every sphere, for any sound ideas and also for any spleen and prejudices or popular errors, always only at the expense and risk of the voluntary participants. The end result of this freedom is bound to be better than what we experience now, almost everywhere, under territorialism and statism. This works already well in every other sphere. – Facebook, 29.1.14. – Those in favor of regionalism are entitled to organize themselves in what they consider to be their region, and be it only e.g. the chess players in their region. But they are not entitled to subject all the other people living in their region to what they consider to be the rightful ideology of regionalism. That would be just another and somewhat decentralized but still statist and territorialist form of nationalism. – JZ, 16.4.14. - STATISM, DECENTRALIZATION, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, META-UTOPIA, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, POLYARCHY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, COERCION, TOLERANCE FOR ALL TOLERANT ACTIVITIES ETC.

REGISTRATION, COMPULSORY: All registration plates and certificates should carry an added private slogan running somewhat like this: “By this token thou shalt recognize the degree of your involuntary enslavement.” Or: “Slave No. … A certificate of your enslavement to the bureaucracy.” – JZ, 72, 20.10.08. – All compulsory registrations in territorial States should be ended. They should remain, if wanted, only in communities of volunteers, e.g. as requirements in private car insurance contracts. – JZ, 20.6.13, 4.4.14.

REGRETS: I don't regret anything I've ever done, so long as I enjoyed doing it at the time.” - Katherine Hepburn – Has e.g. a rapist, robber, torturer or murderer a moral claim to make such a statement? The own enjoyment is not the proper standard to judge the ethics of all of one’s actions, e.g. the “successes” of a pocket thief or kleptomaniac. Only in sado-masochistic relationships are both victims also somewhat joyfully participating. – So far most people have joyfully avoided helping to bring about an ideal declaration of individual rights and liberties, one that would maximize the pursuit of their own happiness for all peaceful people, without infringing upon the happiness of others, for genuine rights as Kant defined them, do harmonize all arbitrary actions of people in accordance with a general freedom for all. The harmonization of free actions with each other is the essential point, not the enjoyment of people doing their things. Under full harmonization the largest number of people can all do their things for or to themselves and this with a good conscience, because then no one is involuntarily victimized. – J.Z, 28.3.09.

REGULARITY: Regularity is … a condition of personal security and the ability to plan our lives in fruitful ways.” – Berger, Law and Order & Civil Disobedience, quoted by Butler Shaffer in “Violence as a Product of Imposed Order”, p.14. - METHODS, SYSTEMS, PREDICTABILITY, EFFICIENCY, ORDER – ALL SELF-CHOSEN NOT IMPOSED, PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

REGULATIONS: A listing of all the new U.S. rules and regulations set in 1976 over business required 57,027 pages of fine print in the Federal Register.” – William F. Peterson, THE FREEMAN, 8/78. – It is unlikely that even a single person has read them all. – JZ, 4.5.08. – LAWS, LEGISLATION

REGULATIONS: a lot of new regulations are just symbols, enacted to show people that politicians have done something, even if they know that it does not really address the problem.” - Johan Norberg, author of “In Defence of Global Capitalism” and senior fellow at the Cato Institute in Washington, D.C., THE AUSTRALIAN, Oct. 7, 08, p.10.

REGULATIONS: A politician who can regulate an industry gets much more by helping the industry, whose members know and care about the effects of the regulation, than by helping the mass of consumers, who do not know they are being hurt and who would not know if they were being protected. An astute politician can – as many have – both help the industry and get credit for protecting the consumers. …” - David Friedman, The Machinery of Freedom, p.58.

REGULATIONS: a runaway regulatory machine generates an increasingly impenetrable mesh of rules – 45 000 pages of complex new regulations a year. Twenty-seven different government agencies monitor some 5,600 federal regulations that pertain to the manufacture of steel alone. (Thousands of additional rules apply to the mining, marketing, and transport operations of the steel industry.) A leading pharmaceutical firm, Eli Lilly, spends more time filling out government forms than doing heart-disease and cancer research. A single report from Exxon, the oil company, to the Federal Energy Agency runs to 445,000 pages – the equivalent of a thousand volumes!” - Alvin Toffler, The Third Wave, Pan Books & Collins, 1980/81, p.403. – If this goes on, the number or regulators will come to exceed the number of producers and exchangers and the producers and exchangers will be occupied more with the filling out of forms and compliance to the regulations than with producing and exchanging wanted goods and services. High time for secessionism from all this wrongful and counter-productive nonsense and full producer- and consumer sovereignty. The regulators should only regulate themselves. – JZ, 4.4.14. - BUREAUCRACY RUN WILD

REGULATIONS: A small business is a large business – after regulation.” – Michael Cloud, 24.7.04. – Not quite true, for the large businesses either buy their own law-makers or legal decisions or are strongly represented in the regulating boards. – JZ, 28.3.09. – Or the small business does not grow but goes bankrupt after being “regulated” all too much. – JZ, 21.6.13. – Everything financed coercively will grow out of proportions to its real requirements. – JZ, 4.4.14. – BUREAUCRACY, RED TAPE, SMALL BUSINESSES, LARGE BUSINESSES, SUBSIDIES, BAILOUTS, PROTECTIONISM

REGULATIONS: Absolutely every government regulation is enforced by violence. If you’ve never seen that violence, it’s because you’ve been careful, obedient, or lucky. Would regulations still be obeyed if the police, courts, and jails were dissolved?” – Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom, p.88. – COERCION, COMPULSION, VIOLENCE, FORCE, PUNISHMENT

REGULATIONS: all forms of government regulation of business, in fact, penalize efficient competitors and grant monopolistic privileges to the inefficient.” – Murray N. Rothbard, Power and Market, p.44. – Which leads to the question: How much were politicians or bureaucrats paid, in bribes, by special interest groups, to pass such regulations? Always, naturally, under the pretence of “public interest”. – JZ, 4.5.08.

REGULATIONS: All present official “regulations” are based upon the fundamental wrongness of the institutions of statist and country-wide territorialism, legislation, institutions, compulsion, collectivism, exploitation, monopolism, interventionism and domination. – JZ, 8.11.13, 23.12.13, 16.4.14. - LAWS, LEGISLATION, TERRITORIALISM, PLANNING

REGULATIONS: All regulations must be dropped, now.” – Libertarian Yearbook 1972, p.16, regarding transport. – All of them should be applied only to their volunteers, in their kinds of personal law communities. – JZ, 20.6.13.

REGULATIONS: And the more burdensome and stifling the rules and regulations, the greater is the temptation to ignore or break such laws. This results in new demands upon government to cope with the consequences of the prior intervention.” – Leonard E. Read, NOTES FROM FEE, 5/80.

REGULATIONS: Animals don’t behave like men. … If they have to fight, they fight; and if they have to kill, they kill. But they don’t sit down and set their wits to work, to devise ways of spoiling other creatures’ lives and hurting them. They have dignity and animality.” – Richard Adams, “Watership Down”, p.245. – LAWS, RESTRICTIONS, REFORMS, “PROGRESS”, INTERVENTIONISM, DO-GOODERS, MEDDLING, GOOD INTENTIONS COMBINED WITH WRONGFUL ACTIONS

REGULATIONS: Anything that is done to discourage business investment is bad for everyone. On that basis, business regulatory agencies would have to be classified as disastrous for all people. Are vote-conscious politicians aware of this obvious fact? As Simon further states, “It takes an immense resistance to logic and fact not to know that one cannot simultaneously control prices, inflate costs, ban production, increase taxes, grant counterproductive subsidies – and expect healthy, vigorous production to result.” - R. J. Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.211. Neither does sufficient free exchange result from monetary and financial despotism. – JZ, 4.4.14.

REGULATIONS: As government regulations grow slowly, we become used to the harness. Habit is a powerful force, and we no longer feel as intensely as we once would have [the] constriction of our liberties that would have been utterly intolerable a mere half a century ago. – Judge Robert Bork – in - STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, HABITS, LAWS & LEGISLATION, OBEDIENCE, ADAPTABILITY OF MAN & LIBERTIES

REGULATIONS: As soon as an industry is regulated then the major concern of management is not how to provide a better service for the customers but how to provide better information to the regulatory agencies to get a higher price.” – Bob Noyes of INTEL, quoted in R. L. Soble, Whatever Became of Free Enterprise? p.59.

REGULATIONS: Because of the growth in regulation, we are now a nation of criminals; no mortal can read, much less comprehend, all the rules that emanate from the halls of government.” - Richard B. McKenzie, Bound to Be Free, Hoover Institute Press, 1982, p.25. - & CRIME, LAWS, CRIMES WITHOUT VICTIMS

REGULATIONS: Between 1975 and 1994 Canada's federal, provincial and local governments issued, decreed, ordered, proclaimed, commandeered, dictated, ordained, prescribed and pronounced more than 100,000 new regulations.” - Ron Manners, in: The Mining Industry - A Global Community, From An Australian's View. – It would be a safe bet that not even one person has read them all. – JZ, 20.6.13.

REGULATIONS: But few people are willing to insist that regulation is morally wrong and ought to be abolished.” – Melvin D. Barger, THE FREEMAN, 4/76.

REGULATIONS: But few seem to realize that the Australian economy is so pervasively riddled with government regulation, manipulation, and interference that it may be called a state-run system.” – The Bureaucracy, a working paper of the Workers Party, 1975. – FREE ENTERPRISE, STATE SOCIALISM

REGULATIONS: But if we are as helpless and careless as some supporters of regulation may sincerely believe, such care would be futile anyway. For why, if we are so hapless, have bureaucrats escaped this fate? Why, if our local merchants and manufacturers, or those in large corporations, are crooked and malicious, wishing for a buck even if gained at the expense of someone’s life or well-being, are politicians and their appointees immune to such temptations? And if they are not immune, is it not clearly unwise to centralize the forces of incompetence and malice instead of leaving them dispersed throughout the population so that individuals and organizations might cope with them more effectively?” - Tibor Machan, Liberty and Culture, p.142. – SELF-HELP, SELF-RESPONSILITY, PUBLICITY, COMBINED WITH COMPETING JURIDICAL SYSTEMS

REGULATIONS: Congressman Jim Santini (Democrat of Nevada) estimated that if federal rules and regulations were understandable, one out of five government jobs would be eliminated and thousands of lawyers would be out of work.” - Dr. Laurence J. Peter, Why Things Go Wrong or The Peter Principle Revisited, George Allen & Unwin, 1991, p.123. - & RULES, LAWS

REGULATIONS: Do you like this fine net of regulations settling over the Earth?” – Jerry Pournelle, ANALOG, 3/74.

REGULATIONS: Does a free market for goods and services need a government regulator and governmental regulations? If not, then the free market for government services and institutions does not need one, either. Full consumer sovereignty and fully free enterprise in both spheres, both supported by sufficient publicity. – JZ, 11.8.85, 12.5.08. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, LAISSEZ FAIRE, COMPETITION, FREE ENTERPRISE, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PERSONAL LAWS, FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION, CONTRACT & SECESSION IN EVERY SPHERE

REGULATIONS: Don’t let them regulate your life away. – JZ, 3.7.75.

REGULATIONS: Enter the regulator. He is a decent man, more often than not, eager to do good. But his passion is to regulate. It becomes a consuming passion. - Out of the perceived ill of thalidomide came the straitjacketing procedures that now govern new drug applications; and these procedures have stifled the drug industry. …” - James J. Kilpatrick, THE FREEMAN, 12/75. – The complete digital publication of all the pro and con of all orthodox medicine drugs and methods, as well as all those of all alternative health practitioners, could do more good than the FDA of the USA, even when counted together with all the health departments of all the other governments combined. In Wikipedia fashion such a reference work could now be compiled fast and save numerous lives and restore the health of millions. But, will even freedom lovers wait for governments to tackle this job? Will the health professionals do it? (What fraction of all health knowledge fits into the head of even the best health practitioner?) Will the patients do it? All this knowledge could be combined on a single HDD, with an inbuilt search engine. And the lot might cost less than half a dozen to a dozen printed health books, with each of them offering only their fragments of health knowledge. – If we had a common projects list or an ideas archive in operation, many people might already have started on this project, too. – To me it seems as if a death wish still operates in all too many people. - JZ, 4.5.08. – Under Health Wikipedia, with Google, I got today 97,900,000 references, mainly referring to THE Wikipedia. - Should all this information ONLY be offered there? - JZ, 20.2.11. – A general encyclopedia is not good enough. We need specialized ones. – JZ, 4.4.14. - IDEAS ARCHIVE, DIGITAL COMPREHENSIVE HEALTH ENCYCLOPEDIA

REGULATIONS: Every time government enacts a new regulation, it places itself in the position of the elephant who stepped on the quail, and then tried to help her out by sitting on her nest of eggs to keep them warm.” – F. M., quoted in READER’S DIGEST, date not noted.

REGULATIONS: Federal agencies, meantime, are generating an additional 35 000 or more new regulations every year. These developments have brought about a virtual revolution in American society. …” - TIMES, 10.4.78.

REGULATIONS: federal regulations, which came to 20,000 pages in 1970, swelled to 77,498 pages last year.” – George M. Taber, in TIME, 21.4.80. – Will we all be better off when there are a million pages of regulations? – JZ, 4.5.08.

REGULATIONS: First Congress demands that General Motors and the other car manufacturers install catalytic converters on all new cars in the interests of a cleaner environment. Then, after GM spends $ 300 million on converters and signs a $ 500-million ten-year contract for the precious metals needed for their manufacture, the government announces that cars with catalytic converters emit 35 times more sulphuric acid than cars without them." - Alvin Toffler, The Third Wave, Pan Books & Collins, 1980/81. – POLLUTION, CARS, ENVIRONMENTALISM, INVOLUNTARY JOKES

REGULATIONS: full freedom and responsibility of action, for which the people will never be fit as long as they are persuaded to subject each other to official regulations under the much-abused name of self-government.” – Auberon Herbert, Essay Two in the Mack edition, p.80. – SELF-GOVERNMENT, DEMOCRACY, PEOPLE, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, WHILE GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT OF VOLUNTEERS, UNDER PERSONAL LAW, REMAINS OUTLAWED.

REGULATIONS: Furthermore, government bodies set up to help us help ourselves often are captured by special-interest groups who use them to further their own ends. Licensing bureaus in health and other professions, for example, do just exactly this. The proffered justification is that licensing locks out competition – from “fly-by-nights” and incompetents, of course – so as to help us. But all this kind of help comes to is a usurpation of our individual authority, our freedom.” - Tibor Machan, Liberty and Culture, p.142. – CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, COMBINED WITH PUBLICITY & COMPETING COURT SYSTEMS AGAINST FRAUDSTERS, SECRETIVE POISONERS & POLLUTERS

REGULATIONS: Government regulation doesn’t work. It tends to encourage stability, which can be translated into a lack of innovation, lethargic management, and limited consumer benefits.” – Biddle, of the Computer Industry Association, quoted in R. L. Soble, Whatever Became of Free Enterprise? p.79.

REGULATIONS: government regulation is so burdensome on small businesses that it destroys their profitability and forces them to merge. When one looks at General Motors, which, in 1974, had to pay $ 1 billion just to comply with government regulations, that’s insane. I don’t expect anyone to have tears for General Motors, but did you ever stop to think that that gets added to the price of your automobile?” – William Simon in REASON, 2/78.

REGULATIONS: Government regulation, for instance, is a clear intrusion into the lives of citizens who have not been proven to be guilty of any violations of others’ rights. …” - Tibor Machan, Liberty and Culture, p. 142.

REGULATIONS: Happiness Is Breaking A Government Regulation.” – SLL Button slogan, No. 444, offered in LIBERTAS REVIEW, Sum. 78..

REGULATIONS: Harold Demsetz says that regulation is actually a religion since its followers obviously believe in miracles.” – LIBERTARIAN CONNECTION, 12.4.73. – RED TAPE, BUREAUCRACY, GOVERNMENTALISM, LEGISLATION

REGULATIONS: He said the Government was going to “stop Government bureaucracy stifling individual initiative and business enterprise by over-regulation – regulation that is in no-one’s interests except the regulators.” – Malcolm Fraser, a former prime minister of Australia, quoted in THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 29.3.76. – Promises, promises! – An accurate survey might show that even after deregulation attempts by some governments we ended up with more regulations than existed before. - JZ, 4.5.08. – As long as the “business” of regulation is coercively financed through taxation, it will lead to the further multiplication of useless to harmful regulations. – JZ, 4.4.14.

REGULATIONS: He who regulates everything by laws, is more likely to arouse vices than reform them.” – Spinoza. – Quoted in Stormy Mon, A Liberty Book, p.43.

REGULATIONS: Here, perhaps, lies the greatest danger – the danger that individual initiative will become swamped by government edict before enough people awake to the threat. – In the words of John Stuart Mill, “A state which dwarfs its men, in order that they may be more docile instruments in its hands – even for beneficial purposes – will find that with small men no great things can really be accomplished.” – John E. Swearingen, from an address, February 28, 1962. – THE FREEMAN, 1/76.

REGULATIONS: History also confirms that regulation, once created, tends to be subversive, feeding on itself to proliferate and self-perpetuate. It creates additional problems and distortions that need new regulation and bureaucracy too often becomes and end unto itself.” – Robert C. Moore, THE FREEMAN, 9/75, p. 555. – BUREAUCRACY

REGULATIONS: I believe in regulation, but it has to be self-regulation. The people who operate a business are the ones who know best how to manage it. It isn’t the job of government to control the free market.” – David Garnett, Stargonauts, Orbit, 1994, p.163. – But the competition from a really free market, including full publicity for all bad business practices, will, without government protectionism, ultimately drive those out of business, who do not self-regulate themselves sufficiently. – Government monopolies and governmental coercion have prevented that from happening for the “business” of territorial government. They are institutions that outlawed and prosecuted competition against themselves and do not grant their voters, dissenters and involuntary customers full consumer sovereignty, full individual sovereignty, including individual secessionism and voluntary associationism under personal laws. No other business is allowed to get away with this kind behavior as long as territorial governments are allowed to exist. – Their time is up – or ought to be up, for, as territorial warfare States, armed with ABC mass murder devices, they threaten to wipe us and themselves off the face of this planet. - JZ, 24.9.07. - The nuclear war threat is still tolerated and practised by constitutions, laws and regulations, our great official protectors, although it is the greatest threat to all of us! To that extent all of them are mass murder advocates! Whom do these “weapons” target? Not governments but the people, whole populations! – JZ, 20.6.13. - BUSINESS & SELF-REGULATION, LAISSEZ FAIR, REGULATION BY FREE PRICING, COMPETITION, FREE ENTERPRISE, FREE TRADE, FREE EXCHANGE, VOLUNTARISM, LAISSEZ-FAIRE FOR ALL, FREE MARKETS, TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, NWT, WARFARE STATES, STATISM, “DEFENCE”

REGULATIONS: If government would only keep out of matters which do not concern them, particularly attempts to regulate and control the free flow of trade between producer and consumer, we would all be much better off.” – GOOD GOVERNMENT, 8/76.

REGULATIONS: If it were possible to make an accurate calculation of the evils which police regulations occasion, and of those which they prevent, the number of the former would, in all cases, exceed that of the latter.” – W. v. Humboldt, quoted in Sprading, Liberty and the Great Libertarians, p.109. – IF I remember correctly, a news report, then there existed, in Germany, when I left it, in 1959, about 5 million police regulations. They did not stop the crime rate from rising. – JZ, 4.4.14.

REGULATIONS: If we were to give a name to the ominous new age that lies ahead, the age beyond the tip point, we might well term it the Age of the Regulators. A part of the ominous aspect of the approaching era is that many Americans see nothing ominous in regulation. It is a friendly word. We are favorably inclined toward a regular fellow. We shy from the irregular. The dictionary lumps regular with “normal, typical, natural”, as in “a regular pulse”. A regulated life is popularly thought to be a good life. This very complaisance contributes to the creeping oppression. “The people never give up their liberties”, said Edmund Burke, “but under some delusion”. – Here the delusion is that, if a little regulation is good, more regulation is better. On the sound premise that freedom cannot exist without order, a fallacious conclusion is erected: the more order the more freedom. It does not work that way.” - James J. Kilpatrick, THE FREEMAN, 12/75. – ‘LAW & ORDER” PREJUDICE & FALLACY

REGULATIONS: If you have ten thousand regulations, you destroy all respect for the law.” – Winston Churchill. - If that were really true, then no respect for laws and regulations would be left by now, for there are more than ten-thousand by now. - The sooner that respect is destroyed and replaced by knowledge of and appreciation of individual rights and liberties, the better. - JZ, 26.11.06. – We have long had more than tens of thousands of wrongful regulations and laws. Unfortunately, they have not yet destroyed enough of the unfounded respect for regulations and laws. – JZ, 2.1.08. – “The law” may still deserve respect but most of the “laws” our legislators pass under the term “positive legislation” – none! – JZ, 28.3.09, 20.2.11, 21.6.13. Most of the supposedly “positive” legislation, just like most of the regulations, does not deserve the term of “law” in the best sense, either but is merely an indication of the “legalism” or “positive” but wrongful and interventionist legislation of territorial despotism. Only the personal law of communities of volunteers can be moral or ethical, at least for them, by their own standards. As personal law it is not morally binding for outsiders beyond the obligation to leave others alone, trying to enjoy their personal law at their own risk and expense. – JZ, 15.2.12, 17.1.13. – LAW VS. LAWS, RESPECT FOR THEM? STATISM, TRERRITORIALISM, ORDER, PERSONAL LAW CHOICES, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, COMPETITION, VOLUNTARISM

REGULATIONS: impossible to avoid the spreading impoverishment that occurs when government intrudes on production with regulations – each control inhibiting the flow of our naturally productive market processes.” – Joan Marie Leonard, THE FREEMAN, 3/77, p. 163. It is probably only due to further progress in science and technology that this impoverishment did not become as large and obvious as it would have been without this progress in these other spheres. – We should remember that at least in science and technology a large degree of freedom to experiments still prevails. - JZ, 4.5.08.

REGULATIONS: In all its regulating, government usually makes matters worse.” – Hans F. Sennholz, THE FREEMAN, 10/78, p. 589. – Prohibition, the War against Drugs and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are extreme cases of “regulation”, the Food & Drug Administration and Gun Control as well as the War against Poverty laws are extreme cases of regulation attempts and failures. I doubt that any or even many successful regulation cases could be cited. – JZ, 4.5.08, 14.4.14.

REGULATIONS: In an election year, one would do well to remember that it is not the leftist humanist but the upstanding corporate political proponent of regulation who is truly “socialistic”. (For socialism (*) is no more than a system in which everything is regulated by the state.) …“ - Oscecia. (Where? When? – JZ) – (*) State socialism is mostly the only one, which most people know about. – This in spite of the fact that e.g. the best, the most businesslike forms of voluntary or cooperative socialism are superior even to the best forms of free enterprise capitalism, because they extend its incentives to all the members of a firm. - JZ, 4.5.08, 4.4.14. – SOCIALISM, STATE SOCIALISM, VOLUNTARY SOCIALISM, SELF-MANAGEMENT VS. EMPLOYER-EMPLOYEE RELATIONSHIPS

REGULATIONS: In case after case, regulation originally designed to protect consumers from predatory producers has in practice protected producers from competition.” - Richard Cornuelle, Healing America, G.P. Putnam’s Sons, New York, 1983, p.85.

REGULATIONS: In fact, it is almost always those, who are already powerful, who benefit from economic regulation.” – William E. Simon, A Time for Action, p.78.

REGULATIONS: In societies, communities and governance systems of volunteers only - they would soon become reduced to a minimum, if not altogether abolished. – JZ, 20.6.13.

REGULATIONS: In their procedures, federal agents consistently act contrary to our traditional philosophy of government, because they combine - in a single administration or commission - all three powers – legislation, executive and judicial. They make the rules. They interpret the rules. They enforce the rules. They indict the citizen, prosecute him before their own court, pass upon his guilt and mete out punishment. No king ever exercised greater authority over his subjects.” – O. V. Garrison, The Dictocrats, p.33.

REGULATIONS: Industry after industry has been regulated and cartelized into decline: the railroads, electric power, natural gas, and telephone industries being the most obvious examples. Housing and construction have been saddled with the blight of high property taxes, zoning restrictions, building codes, rent controls, and union featherbedding. A free-market capitalism has been replaced by state capitalism, more and more of our economy has begun to decay and our liberties to erode.” – Murray Rothbard, American Values, p.68 in the anthology: “Outside Looking In”. – Temporary de-regulation attempts never went far enough. – JZ, 4.4.14.

REGULATIONS: Is promising one thing and voting the opposite honest? Is saying you believe in freedom and enacting more and more regulations honest”? – L. E. Modesitt, Jr., Came the Revolution, GALAXY, 9/77. – LAWS, POLITICIANS, FREEDOM

REGULATIONS: It cost $ 7 billion last year to run the 80 US regulatory agencies, which employ 100.000 plus workers in Washington, DC, according to Reddy Communications Inc., Greenwich, Connecticut. But that’s just the tip of a very expensive iceberg, which includes losses when Federal regulations disrupt efficiency and discourage production. – Chase Manhattan Bank president Willard Butcher estimates that total regulation costs reached $ 100 billion last year. That sum, if put into productive investment, would have created a million new jobs says Reddy. – Meanwhile, the Minnesota Power and Light Company recently figured out its own regulatory costs. The utility reported that it had at least 95 people working full or part time to satisfy the regulators. In salaries alone, this came to an annual total of $ 1,381.345 or nearly $ 12 a month for each electricity customer. Concludes Reddy: every citizen in the US paid $ 470 for regulation in 1977.” – THE BULLETIN, Feb. 20, 1979.

REGULATIONS: It costs the average householder over $ 20 a week to fund Government regulations.” – From a survey of the Confederation of Australian Industry, PROGRESS, 5/81. – The rightfulness of regulations should be questioned much more than their costs. – JZ, 4.5.08.

REGULATIONS: It has suddenly become perfectly clear to me that the evil lies in regulations, i.e. the chief thing is not that people do wrong, but that some force others to do a wrong which is considered to be right.” – Tolstoi, in A. B. Goldenveizer, Talks with Tolstoi, p.46.

REGULATIONS: It is an age of too many unenforceable regulations and too much energy spent in search of ways to evade them. Honorable men taught fair play on the playing fields of Exeter boast in their clubs about patently immoral stock deals – if they are legal.” – Richard Cornuelle, Demanaging America, p.49. – The same applies to taxation. – JZ, 4.5.08.

REGULATIONS: it is certain that all the most important interests have been grievously damaged by the attempts of legislatures to aid them … Instead of leaving industry to take its own course, it has been troubled by an interminable series of regulations, all intended for its good, and all inflicting serious harm.” – H. T. Buckle, History of Civilization in England, I, 200.

REGULATIONS: It is just as wrong to impose regulation on businesses, because of their alleged shortcomings, as it would be to regulate newspapers because some of them print trash, or to control churches because some cults believe in handling snakes.” – Melvin D. Barger, FREEDOM, 4/76. - We are not constitutionally and legally authorized to fire the regulators but we should strive for the freedom to secede from them. - JZ, 20.2.11. – SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW CHOICES

REGULATIONS: It is no coincidence that the four lowest ranking industries in return on capital today (air, rail, natural gas, and electric utilities) are also the most highly regulated.” – Leonard Liggio, LIBERTARIAN REVIEW, 8/78. - PRODUCTIVITY, PROFITS

REGULATIONS: Its regulatory agencies help protect overgrown oligopolies from the rigors of the market place.” – DIAGONAL RELATIONSHIP 10, p.13.

REGULATIONS: Lawyers are the only people who are functionally literate in our society, says Prof. Patrick Groff of San Diego State, in having ‘the capacity to deal with the oppressive regulations that our government forces down on its citizens.’ ” – READING INFORMER, quoted in SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 2/80.

REGULATIONS: leaving a part of a regulatory authority in existence may be akin to a surgeon in a cancer operation leaving a malignant cell on purpose.” – Sam H. Jusbands, Jr., THE FREEMAN, 4/77, p.200.

REGULATIONS: Living may be dangerous to your health – but good for your soul. Question: Is the regulated life worth living”? – From a review of “The Incredible Breadmachine”. – DANGERS, LIVING

REGULATIONS: Man likes to be free. When he’s fettered he gets angry and lashes out.” – John Brunner, Web of Everywhere, GALAXY, April 74. – That was e.g. confirmed by the statistics of juvenile delinquency in the last years of compulsory schooling and the first years in regular jobs. As soon as these youths escaped the prison-type environment of schools and entered productive jobs their delinquency sharply declined. – This does not deny that other factors do also play a role in this. - JZ, 4.5.08. – CRIME, VIOLENCE, PERSONAL FREEDOM

REGULATIONS: Most regulations like most laws seem to attempt to regulate what they do not really know and understand. – JZ, 22.9.91. - As a school boy I had once to put my father's application - to become a publisher in Berlin - before the man authorized to grant or refuse it. - I had to explain to him what a publisher does! It was already bad enough that, in the supposedly free Western Berlin, one had to get a licence for such an activity, too! - JZ, 20.2.11. – I also tried in vain to establish an open-air free speech center there. – It remained outlawed. My attempt in 1957/58 to revive the intellectual coffee-house tradition, with several discussion-groups in a large enough space coexisting, at the same time, did also fail for lack of interest among West Berliners in this opportunity for freedom of expression and information through personal contacts. Most had become all too conditioned territorial statists. – JZ, 4.4.14.

REGULATIONS: much of the regulatory intervention that occurs in markets is rent-seeking from producers that is detrimental to consumers.” – Chris Field, a former chairman of the Australian Consumer Association, now a WA ombudsman, quoted by Prof. Paul Kerin in THE AUSTRALIAN, 11.9.07. - PROTECTIONISM

REGULATIONS: My view: The best regulator is the market (including private self-regulatory organizations). The worst is the government. Government regulation serves the government and its cronies, not the public. - David E. Shellenberger – FREE MARKETS, COMPETITION, FREE CHOICE, CONSUMER-SOVEREIGNTY & FRE ENTERPRISE, INCLUDING SELF-MANAGED ONES, LABOR LEGISLATION, COMPULSORY UNIONISM

REGULATIONS: No code is complete; no legislation should be beyond challenge; no regulation should override the fundamental purpose: the dispensation of justice, i.e., a community of free, self-regulating citizens.” – Morris West, THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 23.11.74. – JUSTICE, SELF-REGULATION, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, FREE CHOICE, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, COMPETITION

REGULATIONS: Now that you've paid your federal income taxes, which were $ 737 billion in 1997, you can begin saving for your regulatory taxes, which were coincidentally $ 737 billion in 1998, according to the Competitive Enterprise Institute. This is the cost of federal environmental safety and economic regulation compliance. It exceeds the $ 640 billion of 1996 pretax US corporate profits and excludes the $ 17 billion it costs to pay an infestation of bureaucrats to enforce the rules. You pay this tax in the form of increased prices for practically everything you buy. Perhaps when you realize the collective cost of your good intentions and those of every other voter, you'll vote for Libertarians rather than authoritarians. - Bill Holmes. – As much, in further inflated money, is currently spent in the federal bail-outs in the USA. – JZ, 28.3.09. - It is all part of the not so funny game that the territorialists force us to play with them - at our expense and risk and for their benefit. - JZ, 20.2.11.TAXATION & BUREAUCRACY, LIBERTARIANISM, BAILOUTS, TERRITORIALISM, SUBSIDIES TO THE POOR & TO THE RICH

REGULATIONS: Of course, it is precisely the poor who suffer the most from the effects of regulation, since they would have to buy higher-priced goods as a result of regulation.” – Dennis Bechara, THE FREEMAN, Oct. 77.

REGULATIONS: Of regulatory measures, we may ask: Is it right to force people to do these things against their wills?” – Clarence B. Carson, THE FREEMAN, 5/76, p.303. – Let the involuntary victims of all regulations and laws secede. – JZ, 4.5.08.

REGULATIONS: Oh, there have been 64,000 new federal regulations since 1995 and 550 federal agencies enforce them? Tell me more about this free market. - Nizam Ahmad shared The Angel Clark Show's photo. - - Facebook, 22.3.13. - BUREAUCRACY

REGULATIONS: On regulatory agencies: The agency is given power to ferret out violations of its regulations, bring charges, prosecute the violators, and sit as judge and jury, determining guilt or innocence. It then pronounces appropriate sentence. Strangely enough, the agency rarely loses a case!” - THE RUFF TIMES, from its introductory offer. - TERRITORIALISM

REGULATIONS: Once you begin to take the regulatory route, you’re on an expressway that leads just one way – deeper into the bureaucratic jungles.” – Robert C. Moore, THE FREEMAN, 9/75, p.556.

REGULATIONS: One can almost say that everything not expressly permitted by the government is in one way or the other outlawed, especially the practice of many individual rights and liberties, never declared by governments and infringed by numerous laws and regulations. – JZ, 20.6.13.

REGULATIONS: One of the most glaring defects in government is the growth of regulation that has stifled and strangled so many areas of our free enterprise system, costing the consumers in the United States untold billions of dollars.” – Treasury Secretary William Simon.

REGULATIONS: Production, not regulation, makes prosperity.” – Rae C. Heiple II. - PROGRESS, 6/77.

REGULATIONS: Regulate and control the regulators and controllers by depriving them of all territorial powers and privileges and confining all their activities to like-minded volunteers in their own self-help and self-responsibility organizations, exterritorially quite autonomous. Their failures and their successes would then soon become rather obvious in comparisons with competing societies and communities without these helpers and protectors. – JZ, 21.7.93, 11.5.08. – CONTROLS, LAWS, GOVERNMENTS, TERRITORIALISM

REGULATIONS: Regulated men, regulated words, regulated life, regulated world. Oh, save the world, oh, save the world, before it, regulated, collapses.“ – Konstantin Wecker, Im Namen des Wahnsinn (In the Name of Madness.) – JZ tr. of: “Geregelte Maenner, geregeltes Wort, geregeltes Leben, geregelte Welt. Ach, rettet die Welt, ach, rettet die Welt, bevor sie geregelt zusammenfaellt.“ - CONTROLS, INTERVENTIONISM:

REGULATIONS: Regulation - which is based on force and fear - undermines the moral base of business dealings. It becomes cheaper to bribe a building inspector than to meet his standards of construction. A fly-by-night securities operator can quickly meet all the S.E.C. requirements, gain the inference of respectability, and proceed to fleece the public. In an unregulated economy, the operator would have had to spend a number of years in reputable dealings before he could earn a position of trust sufficient to induce a number of investors to place funds with him. Protection of the consumer by regulation is thus illusory." - Alan Greenspan

REGULATIONS: regulation and planning ought to stop: … it is morally wrong to regulate people’s lives.” - Tibor Machan, “Liberty and Culture”, p.125.

REGULATIONS: regulation may be actively sought by an industry, or it may be thrust upon it … as a rule, regulation is acquired by the industry and is designed and operated primarily for its benefit.” – George Stigler, quoted by Peter L. Swan in QUADRANT, 9/79.

REGULATIONS: Regulatory commissions are designed to curb the power of big business and protect the consumer, but they wind up protecting big business from competition, which results in the consumer paying higher prices.” – Philip B. Demattais, What Is Libertarianism? p.6. – BOARDS, COMMISSIONS, AUTHORITIES, QUANGOS

REGULATIONS: Rules! Rationalizations! Damned excuses! … In my time I’ve heard them all! They make me sick! Disgusted, ashamed and sick of the human race.” – Arthur Hailey, Hotel, p.222.

REGULATIONS: Running (Ruining) A Country: A businessman at one of the nation’s largest tyre-companies noted that his firm spent $ 30 million last year in complying with government regulations. This is equal to 3,400 workers at their regular wages for a year. Based on his figures, it is estimated that the nation’s business concerns must be spending about $16 billion in complying with all these regulations. There are apparently about 63,000 employees in the governmental regulatory organizations, costing the taxpayers $ 2 billion a year.” – THE GARGOYLE, New Jersey, USA, Dec. 75, quoted in: PROGRESS, Melbourne, Australia, Aug. 76.

REGULATIONS: Shall we put up with them until regulations and laws outnumber the population? – JZ, 20.6.13. – Q.

REGULATIONS: Shocking: how every U.S. regulator destroys an average of 150 private sector jobs.” - Dr. Mary Ruwart. Healing Our World In An Age Of Aggression, large-sized paperback, 456 pages.

REGULATIONS: Since no regulation can be conceived that would not reduce freedom of action, it goes without saying that regulatory bureaucracies are an assault upon liberty.” – Clarence B. Carson, THE FREEMAN, 1/76. – We need the freedom of action to opt out from under the regulators and law-makers. – Regulators and regulations only for those who love them! - JZ, 4.5.08. - BUREAUCRACY, LIBERTY, FREEDOM OF ACTION, SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW

REGULATIONS: Slowly, citizens are becoming aware that regulation in their name has not been consistently in their interest, and more often than not against it. … regulation violates human rights and freedom. … Man’s fundamental nature requires a full application of liberty in every pursuit; the only legitimate restraint is that he not initiate force against another human being, or threaten to initiate force. … – Larry W. Sarner, THE FREEMAN, 11/75.

REGULATIONS: struggle … unceasingly against those who would regulate the lives of all men.” – Roche III, Bastiat, 226. – Rather achieve the freedom to drop out from under them. You would not even have the time and energy to read all of the regulations, far less to resist all of them effectively. There are many thousands who are paid out of taxes to uphold and to multiply them. - Ordinary resistance would be a Don Quichotte fight against a windmill. – JZ, 4.5.08. – PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM

REGULATIONS: Substituting government regulation for free choice in the market place always leads to the same sad end. Incentive is stifled. Production is discouraged and the people suffer.” – Earl W. McMunn, THE FREEMAN, 7/75.

REGULATIONS: the activities of regulators cost more than they are worth, suppress innovation, and protect the established interests at the expense of those who are not interested.” – REASON, 8/76, p.47.

REGULATIONS: The function of government is to prevent real crimes – violations of rights – such as murder, theft, assault, rape and fraud. It is not to regulate the voluntary activity of consenting people, whether that be in private, public or business.” – From a 1976 Introduction to the Workers Party. – The question is, whether even the most powerful government and most powerful police force is ideal or able to achieve that limited objective. I have seen no evidence for that. – JZ, 4.5.08. – LAWS, GOVERNMENTS, PROTECTION, CRIME PREVENTION, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM

REGULATIONS: The growth of government regulation does restrict the exercise of free choice and that, by definition, restricts the exercise of rights.” – Jack F. Kemp, N.Y. representative, in a speech, 14.4.76. – Quoted in THE ANSWER, IV/76. – DEREGULATION

REGULATIONS: The Legislative cannot transfer the Power of making Laws to any other hands. For it being but a delegated Power from the people, they, who have it, cannot pass it over to others. The People alone can appoint the Form of the Commonwealth, which is by Constituting the Legislative, and appointing in whose hands that shall be. And when the People have said, We will submit to rules, and be govern’d by Laws made by such Men, and in such Forms, no Body else can say other Men shall make Laws for them; nor can the people be bound by any Laws but such as are Enacted by those, whom they have Chosen, and Authorized to make Laws for them. The power of the Legislative being derived from the People by a positive voluntary Grant and Institution, can be no other than what that positive Grant conveyed, which being only to make Laws, and not to make Legislators, the Legislative can have no power to transfer their Authority of making Laws, and place it in other hands. (II, 141). – David B. Suits in JLS, Sum.77, p.202, probably quoting from Lysander Spooner. – By this reasoning all regulations not passed by the legislators themselves would be automatically invalid. – JZ, 4.5.08. - But the same objection could be raised for all legislation, which is not approved by all citizens subjected to it but merely by the representatives of the majority, which tends to be made up by the most of ignorant, foolish and prejudiced people in a country. - They were elected because they shared these "qualities" of their electorate. - JZ, 20.2.11. - LAWS, MAJORITIES, POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATIVES, PARLIAMENTS, ELECTIONS, VOTING, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW

REGULATIONS: The majority of economic ills currently suffered by Australians can be traced to many and varied attempts by governments to ‘regulate’ trade, ‘fix’ prices and wages, ‘redistribute’ wealth, ‘regulate’ the currency, ‘manage’ the economy, ‘direct’ production, ‘set’ standards, and so on.” – From “An introduction to the Workers Party”, a 1975 leaflet.

REGULATIONS: the misguided liberal who believes that state regulation supplies a ready and efficient answer to all manner of human problems.” – Ridgway K. Foley Jr., THE FREEMAN, 3/76, p. 45. – Word magic is involved, like with “protectionism” and “price control” and even with “limited government”. People believe that something officially “regulated” is thereby automatically rightfully and rationally “regulated” and that when “protectionism” operates, the people of a country are really “protected”, and when prices are officially controlled, that then they are really controlled and when a government is called a limited government, that then it really is a limited government, although it is still a territorial government with involuntary subjects. – Words are all too often the masters of men. - JZ, 4.5.08.

REGULATIONS: The moment of indecision in this bureaucratic world is when you have to remember whether there is a rule against what you are about to do, or a rule saying you have to do it.” – Bill Vaughan, READER’S DIGEST, 10/78. – JOKES

REGULATIONS: The more building codes there are, the more expensive regular homes seem to be. So people who want cheap homes turn to relatively unregulated glorified trailers. Dollar for Dollar, those tin apartments are a better deal because most of the construction is done without regulation on an assembly line, using relatively lower-paid non-union workers.” – Angus Black, A New Radical’s Guide to Economic Reality, p. 90. - CARAVANS, INSTEAD OF HOUSES OR FLATS, TRAILERS TO LIVE IN

REGULATIONS: The objection to most of these recently-introduced forms of regulation is not that their intentions are wrong. No one will defend pollution, or discrimination, or hazardous conditions of employment. The objection is rather that regulation is not always the most effective, or least costly, way of achieving admittedly desirable ends.” – George Hagedorn, THE FREEMAN, 10/75.

REGULATIONS: The only thing that needs to be regulated is government.” – Charles Blackwell, SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 2/80. – Territorial governments are too big and powerful to become reformed. Our only chance against them is the introduction of individual and group secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for communities of volunteers, i.e., alternative institutions and societies. A long time ago, under-populated countries offered such an option via emigration. But such frontiers do no longer exist, except the big one, coming up, in form of space settlements. – Now we need internal escape options. - JZ, 4.5.08. – PANARCHISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM, POLYARCHISM, SECESSIONISM

REGULATIONS: The principle of “no taxation without representation” must again become a rallying cry of Americans. Only Congress represents American voters, and the process of transferring regulatory powers – which are a hidden power to tax – to unelected, uncontrollable, and unfirable bureaucrats must stop.” – William E. Simon, THE FREEMAN, 8/78. – Legislation has become mass production to such an extent that it could be handled only through breaking up parliaments into numerous special committees, whose decisions then got almost automatically the stamp of approval by parliaments, without any further discussion. The special interest lobbyists have more influence upon these committees than have the voters. Moreover, that “influence” involves, probably, also much bribery. That committee procedure, too, was not authorized by the voters. But it was a natural result of parliaments usurping all too many functions. A further delegation to outside bodies was a natural development of this trend. - The above proposal does not go far enough. Laws, institutions and regulations only for volunteers, i.e., those who do want to impose them upon themselves! – Thus a counter-trend will be set in operation: Less government, less taxes. Conventional territorial direct and representative democracy, not limited by an ideal declaration of individual rights and liberties, which would include the right to secede and to live under personal laws, has become unworkable or counter-productive, a mutual “plunder bund” as Bastiat called it. - JZ, 4.5.08. – PERSONAL LAW, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, POLYARCHISM, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, LOBBIES, PARLIAMENTARISM, DEMOCRACY, TERRITORIALISM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

REGULATIONS: The process often results in some group of zealots determining that others should not have what they want, but rather should accept that which the regulators consider ‘best’ for them. This type of thinking, combined with the power to implement it, poses a tremendous threat to freedom, and yet it is becoming increasingly common.” - D. R. Francis, THE FREEMAN, 10/75. – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

REGULATIONS: The regulated industries have become “protectorates, living a cozy world of cost plus, safely protected from the ugly specters of competition, efficiency, and innovation.” – Lewis A. Engman, NEW GUARD, June 78. – PROTECTIONISM, BUREAUCRACY, LAWS, BIG BUSINESS, POWERFUL CORPORATIONS, MONOPOLIES, SPECIAL INTERESTS, MONOPOLIES

REGULATIONS: the regulatory reflex that seems to have grown to almost epidemic proportions in our country.” – Darryl R. Francis, THE FREEMAN, 10/75, P. 591/92.

REGULATIONS: The rents that government interventions tend to  create provide public and private entrepreneurs with the incentive to use the regulatory process primarily to serve themselves rather than the general public. The discovery of these opportunities in turn drives what High calls the “political entrepreneurial process. – Sanford Ikeda, in Commentary, p.293 of Austrian Economics. Perspectives on the Past and Prospects for the Future, ed. By Richard M. Ebeling, The Ludwig von Mises Lecture Series, Champions of Freedom, volume 17, Hillsdale College Press, Hillsdale, Michigan 49242, 1991.When we admit that competition is less than perfect, we should also point out that the laws of positive legislation and regulations are even less perfect. – JZ, 8.11.12, 23.12.13.

REGULATIONS: The trouble with government regulation of the market is that it prohibits capitalistic acts between consenting adults.” – Prof. Robert Motick. – CONSENT, CAPITALISM, ADULTHOOD, FREEDOM, RIGHTS

REGULATIONS: The very thing that makes the free-enterprise system work is the absence of interference. Free-market competition assures the public of the widest variety of goods at the lowest possible prices. To the degree that the market is not regulated, it will respond naturally to the law of supply and demand, and both producers and consumers will be better off. To the degree that the market is regulated, the law of supply and demand will be negated, causing the market to be less efficient and more costly, and causing both producers and consumers to be worse off.” – R. J. Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.80. – INTERVENTIONISM, INTERFERENCE, LAWS, DIRIGISM, NON-INTERFERENCE, ZAP

REGULATIONS: the vice of regulation is that it follows an inexorable process: first a little, then a lot.” - James J. Kilpatrick, THE FREEMAN, 12/75.

REGULATIONS: There is a growing perception across the country that government regulation of goods and services has often tended to promote monopoly, raise the price levels and smother innovation.” – Walter B. Wriston, THE FREEMAN, 9/75, p.565. – It takes more than rational criticism to rid oneself of regulations and regulators. – The regulators are sitting pretty and will not even bother to respond to such criticism. - JZ, 4.5.08.

REGULATIONS: There is every reason to believe that businessmen spend vastly more ingenuity, energy, and money to get regulations construed so as to be able to live with or take advantage of them than they do in opposition to intervention. … There has been much discussion over the years about how the regulated manipulate the regulators. …” - Clarence B. Carson, THE FREEMAN, 8/78. – We have largely the same situation as we had formerly under absolute monarchies, when, upon payments of sufficient sums, royal grants or privileges could be bought. And they quickly multiplied, until they brought development and the economy almost to a standstill. It took the French Revolution to abolish most of them in France. – (*) Absolute parliaments and bureaucracies replaced absolute monarchies, under all sorts of false pretences. - JZ, 4.5.08. - (*) Only for some years! - Then this kind of cancer grew again, to its present proportions. - JZ, 20.2.11. – BUREAUCRACY, PERSONAL LAW, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, GOVERNMENTALISM

REGULATIONS: There is no constructive purpose in any governmental regulation of commerce. – JZ, free after a remark in PLAYBOY 2/73.

REGULATIONS: There is no legitimately operating business in Australia that is not subject to some sort of the unnecessary dictates, statutes, rulings, regulations, codes, directives and decrees which bureaucrats at all levels continue to pour out in torrents.” – From a working paper of the Workers Party, 1975, The Bureaucracy.

REGULATIONS: there is not need to bind us heavily in regulations.” – Robert C. Moore, THE FREEMAN, 98/75, p.556.

REGULATIONS: These lawmakers and courts dare not always deny, utterly and plainly, men’s rights to do their own business in their own ways; but they will assume “to regulate” them; and in pretending simply “to regulate” them, they contrive “to regulate” men out of all their natural rights to do their own businesses in their own ways.” – Lysander Spooner, A Letter to Grover Cleveland, Works I, p.92. – Nevertheless, we still have no ideal declaration of individual rights and liberties – and no one seems interested in collaborating to compile one. In PEACE PLANS 589/590 I made a start - by compiling over 130 private human rights declarations, hoping to stimulate the discussion of better declarations of this kind. But I encountered only dead silence. Getting this anthology put online made no difference. In this my voice is still a voice in the wilderness! - JZ, 20.2.11. - What can you do with people who do not have a sufficient interest in their own individual rights and liberties? – Alas, this applies even to most libertarians and anarchists. - JZ, 4.5.08. - DECLARATION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

REGULATIONS: They may not know anything about your business, but they can still force you to conduct it their way.” – John Hospers, THE FREEMAN, 12/77, p.756.

REGULATIONS: They substitute the values of outsiders for the values of participants. Some people are telling others what is “good” for them, or else the government is taking from some to benefit others. These measures are therefore counter to the attempt by millions of individuals to promote their own interests and to live their lives by their own values. This is the major reason why the measures have so often had the opposite of the intended effect.” - D. R. Francis, THE FREEMAN, 10/75.

REGULATIONS: Those who can, do; those who can't, teach." – “And those who can't teach, … go into administration.” - Lois McMaster Bujold, Falling Free, ANALOG, Mid-Dec. 87, p.97. - In the versions that I previously saw, it finishes: "… teach teachers." – JZ, n.d. - BUREAUCRACY, ADMINISTRATION, RULERS, TEACHERS, COMPULSORY EDUCATION, SCHOOLS

REGULATIONS: Though most government regulation was enacted under the guise of protecting people from abuse, much of today’s regulatory machinery only provides jobs for the regulators, increases the cost of doing business, and shelters those who are being regulated from the normal consequences of free enterprise competition.” - D. R. Francis, THE FREEMAN, 10/75.

REGULATIONS: Through the Civil Aeronautics Board, government was going to regulate the airlines on behalf of the American people. The result has been “regulation” against the public interest. Not one new airline has been permitted by the government to engage in interstate commerce since the CAB was created.” – Alan C. Brownfeld, THE FREEMAN, 3/75. – Regulations largely stops competition – in the interest of the regulated, not of the consumers. – JZ, 4.4.14.

REGULATIONS: Unfortunately, it is a truism that regulation begets further regulation and that regulations outlive their rationale.” - D. R. Francis, THE FREEMAN, 10/75.

REGULATIONS: usually regulation benefits the rich much more than the poor.” – Bernard H. Siegan, THE FREEMAN, 10/74.

REGULATIONS: Warning: All goods and services under government regulation are “artificially colored and flavored”, i.e., more or less spoiled or poisoned. Beware! – JZ, 11.7.78. – The most wrongful and harmful regulatory body in each country is, probably, its central bank. – Look at the annual inflation rate over the last few decades, of the forced and exclusive currency it was established to “stabilize” and guarantee. - JZ, 4.5.08. – Look also at the unemployment and general crises rates and period under the note issue monopoly of central banking for the last 100 years. – JZ, 4.4.14.

REGULATIONS: We are now so regulated that it is impossible to keep track of, let alone obey, the thousands of complex and sometimes contradictory controls, guidelines, regulations and by-laws on our books.” – Viv Forbes, “Let’s Free Enterprise”, 1977.

REGULATIONS: We need only one regulation: One against all others. – JZ, 7.12.78. – Free markets, full publicity and a genuine and competitive justice system against all frauds would provide the best kind of regulation. – JZ, 4.5.08.

REGULATIONS: Whatever a man, who employs a large number of work people, proposes as a regulation, is sure to be something for his own advantage and for the disadvantage of the work people.” – Francis Place, ca. 1830, Quoted by Hinton, The Truck System, p.108. – I doubt that this applies e.g. to some safety rules. – Anyhow, the regulations of employers and employees by officials are much more to be feared. – JZ

REGULATIONS: Whether 10,000 angels could dance on the head of a pin might not have been a very good question but whether 200,000,000 Americans can survive 10,000,000 regulations is.” – Clarence B. Carson, in THE FREEMAN, 3/76. – Q.

REGULATIONS: White House estimates that the cost of ‘unnecessary regulation’ is $ 2000 per family per year.” – SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 9/75. – Add inflation and further regulations since then! – JZ, 4.5.08.

REGULATIONS: Who regulates the regulators? – JZ, 12.9.08. – “In 1929, there were twelve federal regulatory agencies; the New Deal added eleven. But twenty, nearly twice as many, were born in the seventies. The cost of regulation increased fivefold in that decade, from $1.2 billion in 1971 to $6 billion in 1980. The Code of Federal Regulations was 77,498 pages long. That year there were 40,000 lawyers practising in Washington. (*) – The Carter administration issued 7192 new regulations during its last year. The Reagan administration reduced the rate of growth somewhat, but nonetheless issued 5648 new regulations during its first year. – We are astounded to read that it required more than 2000 pages to print the regulations governing calico factories in mercantilist France. But the Council on Wage and Price Stability recently listed 5600 separate regulations to which the steel industry must comply.” - Richard Cornuelle, Healing America, G.P. Putnam’s Sons, New York, 1983, p.84. - It is almost surprising that any steel is still produced in the U.S.A. By now even China produces more steel than the USA. At least in this respect the U.S.A. is even more State socialistic than communist China! - They are running head on head when it comes e.g. to central banking, taxation and the military complex, also with their readiness to stockpile anti-people mass murder devices as "weapons" to be used at any time. - I am not against genuine Americanism - but very much against any kind of territorial governmentalism, on all sides. - JZ, 20.2.11. - (*) (Altogether there are said to be about 2 million regulators in the USA alone. – One for every 150 Americans, babies included. - JZ, 12.9.08.

REGULATIONS: Why has Congress passed laws, which enable bureaucrats to legislate for themselves, expand regulations to cover any aspect of the activity they regulate, then sit as a court and pass judgment on their own acts? - O.V. Garrison, The Dictocrats, p.39. – Who authorized our “representatives” to pass on such powers to others? – JZ, 4.5.08.

REGULATIONS: Yet the basic fact remains: every regulation represents a restriction of liberty, every regulation has a cost.” - Margaret Thatcher, Statecraft, 2002, p.423, HarperCollins,

REHABILITATION OF CRIMINALS: Punishment works better than rehabilitation. Just have a look at the crime figures since we started on our road to rehabilitation. Twenty years ago there were 18 assaults per 100 000 people. Now, since rehabilitation, there are 158 assaults per 100 000 people. An increase of 778 %.” - John Laws, Book of Uncommon Sense, PAN, 1995, p.124. – While governmental rehabilitation attempts do usually not work well enough, I know of 4 examples, two of them reported by Herbert Spencer in his  “Prison Ethics”, one of them in the infamous Devil’s Island penal institution, just before it was closed down, based upon its prior bad results, and one only based on my own old and incomplete private researches on the recidivism rates of inmates in the Berrima Training Center, NSW. – The average recidivism in governmentally run jails and those run under government contracts, is, I believe, rather dismal, and came, a few decades ago, still to 66%. – Who has more and better facts and figures on this? Figures for “crimes” without victims should not be included. For them the imprisonment itself is the crime. - JZ, 4.4.14. - CORRECTIVE SERVICES? PUNISHMENT? DETERRENT, REFORM? PRISONS, CRIMES

REJECTION: Freedom to reject is the only freedom. – Salmon Rushdie, in  – Freedom to accept a gift and freedom to accept an idea or opinion, are certainly also basic rights and liberties of individuals. Such flawed declarations are likely while an agreed-upon declaration of all genuine individual liberties and rights is still missing and not even attempted by most people, even anarchists and libertarians, for lack of interest in it. – JZ, 1.4.12. – Sufficient readiness to accept the own money tokens for wanted consumer goods and services, or in payment of debts owed to the issuer, is even the best kind of foundation for any sound and competitive market money. – JZ, 17.1.13. - & ACCEPTANCE, VOLUNTARY MEMBERSHIP & INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, MARKET MONIES, MONETARY FREEDOM, FREE BANKING

RELATIONSHIPS: Almost all of our relationships begin and most of them continue as forms of mutual exploitation (*), a mental or physical barter, to be terminated when one or both parties run out of goods.” (*) – W. H. Auden, Hic et Ille, The Dyer’s Hand, 1962. - (*) What about mutual aid, voluntary aid, cooperation and common interests and commitments and labors of love? To call any mutually profitable exchanges or trades merely “exploitation” or “mutual exploitation” is misleading and insulting, since voluntary actions are involved. Admittedly, degrees of selfishness, pride or at last self-satisfaction and self-respect are involved even in the most altruistic acts. - I rather prefer statements like those of Bastiat: “Society is exchange” and those of Ayn Rand, stating that we are all traders or ought to be, rather than robbers, thieves, frauds, monopolists or exploiters, also the distinction between “makers, takers, traders and fakers”. No one is prevented to work “free of charge” for others. But to impose such labors to any degrees upon some or all does amounts to slavery, the worst kind of exploitation. - JZ, 14.5.08. –  FREE EXCHANGE, TRADE, TAX TRIBUTES, TAX SLAVERY, TAXATION, VS. VOLUNTARY TAXATION & CONTRIBUTION SCHEMES

RELATIVISM: The Dogma of Otherness insists that all voices deserve a hearing, that all points of view have something of value to offer.” - David Brin, Otherness, p.96. - Even if they do not have an objective value, they may have a subjective one. Even if they cannot offer proof, their free utterance and their free practice, i.e., at the own expense and risk, may serve to promote or demonstrate better ideas and serve as the best refutations of flawed or even quite false ones. - JZ, 23.1.02, 4.4.14. - OTHERNESS, TOLERANCE, FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, OPEN-MINDEDNESS, MULTI-HYPOTHESIS, PANARCHISM, DIVERSITY, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

RELATIVITY: When you sit with a nice girl for two hours, it seems like two minutes. When you sit on a hot stove for two minutes, it seems like two hours.” - That's relativity." - Albert Einstein – TIME, SUBJECTIVE VALUE THEORY, JOKES

RELEASE OF CREATIVE ENERGIES: A free society releases the energies and abilities of people to pursue their own objectives. … Freedom means diversity but also mobility. It preserves the opportunity for today's disadvantaged to become tomorrow's privileged and, in the process, enables almost everyone, from top to bottom, to enjoy a fuller and richer life." - Milton and Rose Friedman, Free to Choose. – M. F., like Leonard E. Read with his slogan “Release all creative energies!” and most other libertarians so far, thought only of a single free society under a limited but still territorial government, not of a panarchistic free competition between diverse societies and competing governance systems, from free to unfree ones, all valid only for their voluntary members. – JZ, 29.3.09. - ECONOMIC FREEDOM, DIVERSITY, UPWARD MOBILITY, OPPORTUNITIES, FROM RAGS TO RICHES, SELF-HELP FOR THE POOR, FREE SOCIETY, LAISSEZ FAIRE, FREE MARKET & TERRITORIALISM WITH ITS UNFREE MARKET, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE

RELEASE RATHER THAN DOMINATE: Bookchin aptly sums up the major thrust of the evolutionary theory initially formulated by Kropotkin when he writes: “The ecologist, insofar as he is more than a technician, tends to reject the notion of ‘power over nature’. He speaks, instead, of ‘steering’ his way through an ecological situation, of managing rather than recreating an ecosystem. The anarchist, in turn, speaks in terms of social spontaneity, of releasing the potentialities of people. Both, in their own way, regard authority as inhibitory, as a weight limiting the creative potential of a natural and social situation. Their object is not to rule a domain, but to release it.” – As the above makes clear, anarchism draws its inspiration not from the modern world of science but from the idea of nature as it has always been interpreted during the previous periods of enlightened thought. …” - Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.553. - Compare: Leonard E. Read’s “Release all creative energies!” - PANARCHISM, RULE, DOMAIN, VOLUNTARISM, FREE EXPERIMENTATION, PERSONAL LAW, PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE, ANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM, LIBERATIION, SECESSIONISM, POLYARCHISM

RELEASE YOURSELF: the whole [American] Revolution turned upon, asserted, and, in theory, established the right of each and every man, at his discretion, to release himself from the support of the government under which he had lived. And this principle was asserted … as a universal right of all men, at all times, and under all circumstances. …” - Lysander Spooner, No Treason. - LEAVE, WITHDRAW, OPTING OUT, SECEDE, PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, REVOLUTION, LIBERATION, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, PERSONAL LAW, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION & CONTRACT, LAISSEZ FAIRE COMPETION IN ALL SPHERES

RELIABILITY: Men who are completely relied upon are always in demand.” – 1977 Collins Desk Calendar. – What if the demand for labor and goods produced depends upon the supply of a monopolized medium of exchange? Even the most efficient and reliable worker or manager and producer of the best kinds of goods and services, might then be unable to sell many or enough of them to keep his firm going. Central banks can certainly not be relied upon to always supply - everywhere and always in any country - sufficient and exchange media, clearing options and sound value standards. – JZ, 4.5.08. – On the contrary: They have, everywhere, outlawed them as too competitive for their inferior monopoly money and forced currency. – JZ, 4.4.14. -  UNEMPLOYMENT, DEPRESSIONS, MONETARY FREEDOM, 

RELIGION: Elomar, 30, covered his face with the balaclava and, as he moved to the front of the pack, brandished a sign that read “Our dead are in paradise, your dead are in hell.” … he admitted to striking a police officer with a 2m-long pole – a hit that left senior constable Jason Blanchard bleeding from the head and the weapon bent out of shape. – Amy Dale, THETELEGRAPH.COM.AU 26.9.13, p. 18. – With such a faith anyone is like a live bomb that might go off at any time. It can serve as a motive for a suicide bomber or other ”faithful” murder. The attacker believes that he would end up in heaven, perhaps even very soon, while his victims would end up in hell, with both deserving these different locations. Some questions regarding their faith could reveal such true believers and justify refusing them entry to a country in which religious liberty and tolerance do already predominate, just as if they had already committed such an offence. Whoever has as little regard for individual rights and liberties cannot rightfully claim all of them. It would be almost like letting wild and large beasts of prey out of their cages to freely roam the streets in search of their involuntary victims. – JZ, 22.10.13. – INTOLERANT & HATEFUL MUSLIMS, HEAVEN & HELL BELIEFS, ISLAMIC FANATICS OR TRUE BELIEVERS, MORALITY, ETHICS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, LIBERTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES

RELIGION: Government taking over any religion is not any better than any religion taking over any government. Neither of them should be territorially imposed upon dissenters. Once they are confined to their remaining volunteers they become harmless to outsiders. – Facebook, 21.2.13. - John ZubeRev., 21.6.13. - & GOVERNMENTS, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, WELFARE STATES, NATIONALISM, LAW & ORDER, LEGALISM, REGULATIONS, CONSTITUTIONALISM, AUTHORITARIANISM

RELIGION: 1. The cosmos is a gigantic fly-wheel making 10,000 revolutions a minute. (*) 2. Man is a sick fly taking a dizzy ride on it. 3. Religion is the theory that the wheel was designed and set spinning to give him the ride. – H. L. Mencken in  – (*) One wheel only, instead of billions or trillions and all at 10,000 revolutions a minute? Most galaxies spin much more slowly. – JZ, 27.3.12. – Much more likely is that there are millions to billions of planets occupied by somewhat rational alien beings and that, between them, they might be engaged in as many political, economic and social revolutions per minute, violent and non-violent ones. – Otherwise his remark makes no sense to me. – JZ, 4.4.14. – & THE COSMOS, UNIVERSE

RELIGION: A cult is a religion with no political power.” - Tom Wolfe – Any religion with political power over peaceful dissenters is insofar quite wrong. – Some sectarians do at present still believe that it is rightful and dutiful to murder them. Thereby, they themselves pronounce the death penalty or a lifetime sentence in prison upon themselves while depreciating or defaming whatever value their religion may have to offer. The public, still under the influence of collective responsibility notions, comes then to judge all of them by their murderous “fruitcases”. What kind of God do they represent, judging by their “actions”, which are, essentially, blasphemous in the traditional sense? – A god so inferior that he would feel hurt by some insult or joke by a mere human and who is not able or willing to defend himself against such an attack, if he bothered to take note of it at all, is not worth worshipping. No God is so powerless, by definition, that he would need to be defended by mere humans. – The ones, who do feel offended, are mere humans, the true believers and the priests and preachers concerned about their status. – A real God would need no libel laws or laws against blasphemy. They would diminish him. - JZ, 20.6.13. – GOD, THE ALMIGHTY, OMNIPOTENT, OMNISCIENT, NOT A HATEFUL & REVENGEFUL TYRANT, DEMANDING ADORATION & WORSHIP FROM MERE HUMAN BEINGS, SACRILEGES, BLASPHEMY, RIDICULE, JOKES, DISBELIEF, DIFFERENT BELIEFS, ATHEISM, RATIONALISM, HUMANISM

RELIGION: A cult with clout.” – L.Z. Rollins, Lucifer’s Lexicon.

RELIGION: A daughter of Hope and Fear, explaining to Ignorance the nature of the Unknowable.” – Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary, 1882-1911. - PIETY, BELIEVERS, JOKES, GOD, FAITH

RELIGION: A decent man needs no religion and with others it is useless.” - Georg Kaiser. – MORALITY, ETHICS, DECENCY, GENTLEMEN, LADIES, SELF-CONTROL

RELIGION: A faith one can only declare but not discuss. Muslims, Jews and Christians may talk with each other, perhaps conduct common seminars but to agree they have only on one problem: The renunciation of intolerance.” - Uwe Timm, Gesammelte Schriften, S.163. – Haven’t they, largely, renounced it already, in most countries? – JZ, 29.3.09. - INTOLERANCE, TALKS, TOLERANCE, ISLAM, JUDAISM & CHRISTIANITY

RELIGION: A good life is the only religion.” – Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia, 1732.

RELIGION: A man’s religion is the chief fact with regard to him.” – Thomas Carlyle, Heroes and Hero-Worship, I, 1840. (Lecture in London, May 5.) – It largely shows how far his religion has unmanned him. It is the chief cause of disrespect for him by rational beings. – JZ, 5.7.86.

RELIGION: A metaphysician is a man who goes into a dark cellar at midnight without a light – looking for a black cat that is not there.” – Baron Bowen – GOD, THE CREATOR, DIVINE BEINGS

RELIGION: a pastime, preferred by a few to golf and canasta.” – Bernard Iddings Bell

RELIGION: A religion is a heresy with an adequate army." – Cariadoc - From Monica Cellio homepage.

RELIGION: A union of government and religion tends to destroy government and degrade religion. –Hugo Black- If that were quite true, then one should wish for and promote such unions! - JZ, 23.11.06. Any intolerant religion is already governmental and degraded as such. A tolerant one incapacitates merely its own members all too much. That is their choice. – JZ, 21.4.13. – FAITH, BELIEVERS, GOVERNMENT, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, INTOLERANCE

RELIGION: Absolute dependence is the hallmark of religion.” - Frank Herbert & Bill Ransom, The Jesus Incident, p.180. - & DEPENDENCY, BELIEVERS, WORHSHIPPERS

RELIGION: Adoption of a simple belief is easy and spares further thinking. That’s why it is still so popular. – JZ, 13.9.07. - BELIEFS, DOGMAS, FAITH, RED.

RELIGION: After coming into contact with a religious man I always feel I must wash my hands.” – Friedrich Nietzsche, 1844-1900. – Religion tends to muddle your mind – even when it leads you to keep your body, food and clothing clean. However, I met or came to know through their writings, at least some religious people whom I came to greatly respect, not because of their religious but because of their other views. – JZ, 28.5.78, 13.5.08.

RELIGION: All religions are equally vile. What the Aztecs did with people’s hearts, Judaeo-Christianity does with their minds.” - L. Neil Smith, Lever Action, A Mountain Media Book, 2001,, p.165. - & CHRISTIANITY

RELIGION: All religions are founded on the fear of the many and the cleverness of the few.” - Stendhal, 1783-1842.

RELIGION: All religions are founded on the fears of the many and the craftiness of the few. - Quoted in Heavenly Humor”, p.146.

RELIGION: All religions are merely the flawed and wrongful ideologies, superstitions and ghost stories of the past. Only their believers should have to suffer under them. –  Their “ethics”, in their incompleteness, are exemplified by the mere Ten Commandments of the Christians. None of them has officially subscribed to all individual rights and liberties, no more so than any territorial governments have. - JZ, 20.6.13. – Also most anarchists an libertarians! – JZ, 4.4.14. - ETHICS, MORALITY, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

RELIGION: All religions die of one disease, that of being found out.” – Attributed to John Morley

RELIGION: All religions must be tolerated … for … every man must go to heaven his own way.” – Frederick the Great, 1712-1786. - If he or his "soul" can find a path to it or a long enough ladder or elevator. - JZ, 20.2.11. So far, we have invented no spaceship for this purpose. How much space would a million souls require and how heavy would they be, for such a transport vehicle? – Or could we assume that they are all already masters of levitation and not limited to the speed of light? Moreover, in which direction would they move? Omnidirectionally? – JZ, 4.4.14.

RELIGION: All religions united with government are more or less inimical to liberty. All separated from government, are compatible with liberty.” - Henry Clay, House of Representatives, March 24, 1818. - There are still intolerant religions and sects, as well as intolerant ideological faiths, believing in human sacrifices. The non-religious mis-education establishment of States does also sacrifice minds, as does the military establishment and the existence of territorial warfare States sacrifices human bodies. All existing governments must become reduced to competing churches, sects or communities - regardless of their faiths, religious or otherwise and full "religious" freedom must be realized for all who want to compete with them via alternative institutions and communities under personal laws. - JZ, 13.10.02. – Alas, all individual rights and liberties are to my knowledge not the main concern of all religions with the exception of that in the believers of these rights and liberties. – JZ, 5.4.14. - & GOVERNMENT VS. LIBERTY, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAWS, LAISSEZ FAIRE VOLUNTARISM IN EVERY SPHERE, CHOICE, COMPETITION

RELIGION: All religions, with their gods, demigods, prophets, messiahs and saints are the product of the fancy and credulity of men who have not yet reached the full development and complete personality (*) of their intellectual powers.” - M. A. Bakunin, Dieu et l’état, 1871. – (God and the State), posthumously published 1882. – And, due to their religious faith, they may never reach their full maturity. – JZ, 13.5.08.  (*) possession in another version! – JZ

RELIGION: All should be free to guess at the unknown.” – Sprading, Freedom, p.58.

RELIGION: All the religions we have is the ethics of one or another holy person.” - Emerson, Journals, June 1865. – “are” instead of “is”? – JZ

RELIGION: All too many religious people are still all too ready to discriminate against people of other religions or even murder them. This usually done in the name of an all-loving, all-merciful and all-forgiving God-father! – JZ, 10.8.97, 5.4.14. – However, all the popular errors, myths and prejudices in the so-called “social sciences” and their ideologies, form also whole legions or mobs and led to the murder of over 200 million people during the last century beyond those murdered in its wars. – JZ, 9.5.08, 5.4.14. – DEMOCIDE, GENOCIDE, MASS MURDERS, BY RELIGIOUS FANATICS & BY IDEOLOGICAL ONES.

RELIGION: All who are dedicated to heaven are already more or less spoilt for the world. At least their capacity to reason is largely blocked thereby. As the Berliner says, they tend to “Let God be a good man". - JZ, 23.11.80.

RELIGION: And it was Potter who now argued that conventional religious thought, based as it is upon fear of the unknown, can be nothing better than superstition and unreflective submission to forces outside of the individual so long (*) as it remains uninformed. ‘The progress of mankind in religion has always been from a spirit of fear to a (**) spirit of confidence and love,’ - Potter urged.” - Rev. William J. Potter, discussed in W. O. Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.60. – (*) as long? – (**) a knowledge of the individual rights, liberties and duties of man. – JZ 28.2.85, 5.1.14.

RELIGION: And the day will come, when the mystical generation of Jesus, by the Supreme Being as His Father, in the womb of a virgin, will be classed with the fable of the generation of Minerva, in the brain of Jupiter.” - Thomas Jefferson. - MIRACLES, FAITH, BELIEF, CHRISTIANITY

RELIGION: Any “Holy Book” becomes unholy when it makes people fight or oppress each other. Which one hasn’t? – JZ, 13.8.03. - BIBLE, HOLY BOOKS, WAR, CIVIL WAR, INTOLERANCE

RELIGION: Anyhow, the line between devils and gods is mighty slim in any religion. And for that matter even the word 'devil' is a corruption of the word 'divine' by way of an Indo-Aryan parent language.” - George W. Harper, Madummudra's World, ANALOG, July 90, p.101. – Both are believed to be spirits or demons and both have their worshippers. They deserve each other. – JZ, 29.3.09. - GODS & DEVILS

RELIGION: Atheism is not safeguard against other religions spleens, like e.g. communism or State Socialism. It can even become its own spleen. – JZ, 6.12.93.

RELIGION: Beware of the man whose god is in the skies.” - G. B. Shaw, Man and Superman, p.278. – GOD, TRUE BELIEVERS, FANATICS

RELIGION: Blind belief can be comforting, but it can easily cripple reason and productivity, and stop intellectual progress.” – Dr. James Randi - BELIEF, FAITH, ZEALOTS, INTOLERANCE, FANATICISM

RELIGION: But in truth, in no instance has a system in regard to religion been ever established, but for the purpose, as well as with the effect of its being made an instrument of intimidation, corruption, and delusion, for the support of depredation and oppression in the hands of governments.” - Jeremy Bentham, Constitutional Code. - CHURCHES & GOVERNMENT

RELIGION: But you must respect another man’s religious beliefs” - “For heaven’s sake, why? Stupid is stupid – faith does not make it smart.” –Source not noted down. – Why waste your time with criticism or insults or other indications of your disrespect? If stupidity is really involved then it would not be wise to attempt reasoning. Why nor rather avoid the company of people you consider to be stupid? People have the right to be stupid or foolish at their own risk and expense. – JZ, 6.4.91, 13.5.08. – Just leave the religious people alone and insist that they leave you alone. However, I love their bargain stores and am, frequently, their customer. – JZ, 5.4.14. - FAITH, FANATICISM, REASON, RESPECT, STUPIDITY

RELIGION: By liberating the spirits of men, more power was released through the Holy Experiment than was theretofore thought possible by those of lesser stature.” - Paul Luther Brindle, THE FREEMAN, 2/75. - Not by liberating but by misdirecting the spirits of men it did, indeed, unleash a lot of wrongful power upon the world. - JZ, 28.2.85. – Did religions liberate or rather tie down or imprison the minds of men? – JZ, 24.9.08. – Which social, economic and political problem has any religion ever solved? – JZ, 29.3.09.

RELIGION: By now religions tolerance may keep religion much better under control than further atheist criticism could. – JZ, 22.2.95.

RELIGION: Can heresy itself be a legitimate religion?" - Nilakantha the Simple - From Monica Cellio homepage. - HERESY

RELIGION: Children are naïve - they trust everyone. School is bad enough, but, if you put a child anywhere in the vicinity of a church, you're asking for trouble."  - Frank Zappa - CHURCHES & CHILDREN

RELIGION: Christ died for our sins. Better to honor the millions religion killed. At least they died without laying eternal guilt on us.” – Joe Kirby. – He should have put the first sentence as a notion to be rebutted. For did he die for our sins and could he take them upon his shoulders? An entirely mad idea - from my point of view. Did he lay any guilt on us? Here again, the mad idea that we are responsible for crimes a government or a religious hierarchy committed nearly 2000 years ago! Thus J. K. made more concessions than necessary to Christianity. And how can one honor it, instead of keeping in mind, that millions were murdered by religious fanatics and that some are still murdered by them in our times. – JZ, 2.8.89, 13.5.08. –  CHRISTIANITY, RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE

RELIGION: Civilization and religion are incompatible. – Ted Khan, according to Arthur C. Clarke, 3001 The Final  Odyssey, Voyager, an imprint of HarperColllinsPublishers, 1979, 1997, p.113. - CIVILIZATION

RELIGION: Clergyman: A man who undertakes the management of our spiritual affairs as a method of bettering his temporal ones.” - Ambrose Bierce. - CHURCHES, SECTS, CLERGY, PRIESTS, PREACHERS, SKY-PILOTS, PRIESTS, GURUS

RELIGION: Communion with an "god" falls under popular false assumptions and pretences. Such religious spleens have held us back for thousands of years. The best all religious have produced, after all, all too much religious intolerance. Religious liberty or tolerance exists in many but not yet in all countries. All religions haven't even learnt from the success of this large example, religious tolerance, wherever it exists, to apply the principles and practices of freedom of association, contract and autonomy, in short, of voluntarism and the basic individual rights and liberties, which are involved, to political, economic and social communities, societies and governance systems, although they do all pretend that they are at the top of all teachings on ethics and morality. – JZ, n.d. & 17.1.13, 5.4.14. - John Zube - & GOD, TOLERANCE, ETHICS, MORALITY, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, PRAYER, BELIEF, FAITH, WORSHIP

RELIGION: Communism and Nazism should have taught us that some religions are worse than others and that no particular religion is superior to religious and general tolerance for all tolerant actions. – JZ, 10.4.94, 10.5.08. – TOLERANCE, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW

RELIGION: confuse them. That is what religion is all about, ...”- Richard Condon, Money Is Love, p.38. – Not to forget the money, the job and the power motive. How many make their living out of religions? But that they do also practice a kind of voluntary taxation is a lesson even for libertarians exploring voluntary contribution options to replace compulsory taxation. – JZ, 29.3.09.

RELIGION: Do the brains of those who read “holy” scriptures too much or endlessly repeat prayers, become even more conditioned by them than they were already before? The others, who are “one book”- or “one author”-people, tend to become similarly fanatic about them. – JZ, 29.1.97.

RELIGION: During long centuries the people had been taught to associate innovation with impiety.” - Winwood Reade, The Martyrdom of Man, p.32. – Either the “creation” can be improved or not. If it can be improved then God was not a perfect creator. If it can be improved by man than in this respect at least man is better than the supposed creator was and is. – If it cannot be improved, if it retains all its conditions unchanged, then it would lead to a perpetual stagnation, which is not a perfect model for a world. – JZ, 29.3.09, 20.2.11. - GOD, CREATION, MAN AS CREATOR, HOWEVER SMALL THE SCALE OF HIS CREATIONS, DEVELOPMENT

RELIGION: Each man is allowed to choose freely the path that will lead him to heaven, just as the law recognizes each citizen’s right to choose his own government.” – Tocqueville, quoted in THE FREEMAN, July 77, p.430. – T. here presupposed the existence of a religious heaven and also that the current right to a “free” vote, usually only one among millions, gives him already the panarchist right to choose his own government, while he really has only one vote among all too many others. He should be free to choose a government – and not only a government but, instead, a non-governmental society and personal law system for himself, like he chooses an insurance contract, doctor, green-grocer, lawyer, masseur, baker, butcher, architect or plumber for himself. – JZ, 13.5.08. - PANARCHISM

RELIGION: Each religion, by the help of more or less myth which it takes more or less seriously, proposes some method of fortifying the human soul and enabling it to make its peace with its destiny.” – George Santayana, Persons and Places: My Host the World, 1953, I. – Even if his presumed “destiny” is incarceration in a slave labor camp, or extermination by ABC mass murder devices? It is precisely the tendency of most religions to make people submissive to imposed wrongs or supposed fates like wars, poverty, unemployment and inflation, that makes most religions immoral and irrational. – JZ, 20.11.85, 13.5.08. 

RELIGION: EVERY religion says it stands for peace--and has a history of violence. - Mark Tier via When God Speaks for Himself – Facebook, 1.5.12. Did the Salvation Army people, who are very religious, ever act violently? – JZ, 1.5.13. – PEACE

RELIGION: Every sect is a moral check on its neighbor. Competition is as wholesome in religion as in commerce.” – W. S. Landor, Imaginary Conversations, I, 1824. – It would be nice if all religions merely peacefully competed with each other. But some members of some religions do still murder members of other faiths. Even some atheists have been murderous towards some religious people. The best lesson all religions between them can give is that of their mutual tolerance, wherever and whenever it exists. – That kind of tolerance should be applied in every sphere, especially in the political, economic and social spheres. – JZ, 5.7.86, 13.5.08. – PANARCHISM, MUTUAL TOLERANCE IN ALL SPHERES

RELIGION: Examine the religious principles, which have, in fact, prevailed in the world. You will scarcely be persuaded that they are anything but sick men’s dreams.”- David Hume, The Natural History of Religion, 1757, Sect.1.

RELIGION: Faith is believing what you know isn’t true.” - Ted Khan, according to Arthur C. Clarke, 3001. The Final Odyssey, HarperCollins Publishers, 1979, p.113, - Alas, this knowledge, too, is mostly lacking. – JZ, 29.3.09, 5.4.14. - FAITH, BELIEF

RELIGION: Faith may be defined briefly as an illogical belief in the occurrence of the improbable.” – H. L. Mencken, 1880-1956, Prejudices, 1922. - FAITH, BELIEF

RELIGION: Faith must trample under foot all reason, sense, and understanding.” – Martin Luther, 1483-1546. – Did any of the Protestant churches ever declare that such views are no longer part of their religion? – JZ, 13.5.08. - FAITH, LUTHER, PROTESTANTISM, RELIGION, SENSE, UNDERSTANDING, BELIEF

RELIGION: For every man, that religion is good, which makes him gentle, upright and kind.” - Ernest Kenan. – Could not even a slave be gentle, upright and kind, without being religious? – J.Z, 29.3.09.

RELIGION: For many religious people their fear of a supposedly wrathful God, who would punish people collectively, seems to be a stronger motivating force than their belief in a God as a loving father. So they take the collective “punishment” of “offenders” into their own hands, unaware of their “blasphemous” assumption that their God could or would not properly mind his own business against those, who directly “offend” Him and that He would require or insist upon the help of the zealots in meeting out “His” punishments. – JZ, 10.9.97, 9.5.08. – COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, GOD

RELIGION: Formal religion was organized for slaves: It offered them consolation which earth did not provide.” - E. Hubbard, 1856-1915.

RELIGION: Freud's remark to the effect that the delusion of one man is neurosis and the delusion of many men is religion. ...” - Wilson/Shea: Illuminatus III, p.240.

RELIGION: GODLINESS is doing what is right regardless of what you are told. RELIGION is doing what you are told regardless of what is right. - Terry Mcintyre and Peter Vidrine shared Kim Warner's photo. Facebook 26.6.12.

RELIGION: He does not believe that does not live according to his belief.” – Thomas Fuller, M.D., Gnomologia, 1732, 1838. – However, even the non-religious do not always live up to their ideals, if they do have any at all. – JZ, 13.5.08, 5.4.14. – FAITH, BELIEF, DEEDS, ACTIONS, IDEALS, PRACTICE

RELIGION: He who will not reason, is a bigot; he who cannot is a fool; and he who dares not is a slave.” – Sir William Drummond, 1585-1649.

RELIGION: Hell,” he said once to me, “everybody has a right to his own form of insanity, only he mustn’t make a religion out of it.” - H. L. Mencken, in Charles Angoff, H. L. Mencken, a portrait from memory, p.195.

RELIGION: History does not record anywhere at any time a religion that has any rational basis. Religion is a crutch for people not strong enough to stand up to the unknown without help. But, like dandruff, most people do have a religion and spend time and money on it and seem to derive considerable pleasure from fiddling with it.” - Robert Heinlein's character Lazarus Long.

RELIGION: History I believe furnishes no example of a priest-ridden people maintaining a free civil government. This marks the lowest grade of ignorance, of which their political as well as religious leaders will always avail themselves for their own purpose." - Thomas Jefferson – We have had 2,000 years of “Christian” “enlightenment”. How enlightened are we by now, as a result? – JZ, 29.3.09. – Q., PRIESTS, FAITH, BELIEVERS, CHURCHES, SECTS & DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM, PREACHERS, ENLIGHTENMENT, CHURCHES, SECTS, BIBLE

RELIGION: How many different gods are there – according to the different religious and sects? – Are all of them still supposed to be alive and active or have many of them “died” or disappeared during the recorded human history? – H. L. Mencken wrote an interesting essay on this and related questions. - JZ, 29.3.09. - I found it very much worth reading - many years ago. - JZ, 20.2.11. - GOD

RELIGION: How many evils have flowed from religion!” – Lucretius, De rerum natura, I, 57 B.C. - And how many do still? - JZ, 20.2.11. - Q.

RELIGION: How rarely are we given the chance to save the world from a new religion. – Richard Bach, ONE, a novel.Pan Books, 1989, p.128. – It might be enough if we manage to confine it and all other ideologies to their own volunteers only. Then it could wrong and harm only the believers. Except, that in many cases they would no longer be as good trading partners for us as they were before. But then we have no right to their trade. – JZ, 1.3.12. – ENLIGHTENMENT, RATIONALISM, HUMANISM, ATHEISM, FAITHS, BELIEFS, RELIGIOUS S TOLERANCE, PANARCHISM

RELIGION: I am for freedom of religion and against all maneuvers to bring about a legal ascendancy of one sect over another.” - Thomas Jefferson. - The same rule should apply to the political, economic and social faiths, schools of thoughts and sects. - JZ, 13.10.02. - & PANARCHISM

RELIGION: I am opposed to any religion, church or sect to the extent that it limits the free development of any individual’s creative potential, however limited that potential may be. In religious terms: I want people to be free to grow as “children of God” to whatever maturity they can attain and not be merely his worshippers, slaves or wards forever. – JZ, 9.10.88.

RELIGION: I believe in all religions, especially if they are of whole cloth, not shoddy or threadbare. Beside the various religions are only different forms of fire insurance.” – Daniel Frohman, 1851-1940, Lore and Maurice Cowan, compilers, The Wit of the Jews, Leslie Frewin, London, 1970, p.85. - Should it not be “besides”? – JZ, n.d.: I believe that all religions are shoddy constructs, offering only an incomplete and all too flawed ethics or morality. What have they got to offer except “jobs for the boys”? – JZ, 29.3.09. – BELIEFS IN HELL & ETERNAL HELLFIRE PUNISHMENTS FOR SINNERS, JOKES

RELIGION: I believe that religion, generally speaking, has been a curse to mankind.” - H. L. Mencken, N.Y. TIMES MAGAZINE, September 11, 1955. – Curses at least don’t hurt people physically, while many religions have physically hurt their dissenters – by the millions. – JZ, 29.3.09. -

RELIGION: I count religion but a childish toy, // And hold there is no sin but ignorance.” - Christopher Marlowe, 1564-1593, The Jew of Malta, Prologue, 1, 14, ca. 1589. - Do not injustice, cruelty, viciousness and barbarism count as well? – JZ, 13.5.08. - Murderers, monopolists, thieves, rapists, cheats, bullies etc. are not necessarily ignorant but much else is missing in them, which is important. – JZ, 15.4.14. - IGNORANCE, SIN, CRIMES, MORALITY, ETHICS, CONSCIENCE, KNOWLEDGE & APPRECIATION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, FOOLISHNESS, STUPIDITY

RELIGION: I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish church, by the Roman church, by the Greek church, by the Turkish church, by the Protestant church, nor by any church that I know of. My own mind is my own church." - Thomas Paine, "The Age of Reason". - & ATHEISM

RELIGION: I envy the pious: They can be bastards and never know it.” – Charles Heston in film: “The Hawaiians”.

RELIGION: I favor freedom OF religion and freedom FROM religion, too. – JZ, 2.2.90.

RELIGION: I happen to believe he would act more constructively in this life if he gave up thinking about the next.” - Patrick Tilley.

RELIGION: I have noticed all my life that many people think they have religion when they are troubled with dyspepsia.” - R. G. Ingersoll.

RELIGION: I never told my own religion, nor scrutinized that of another. I never attempted to make a convert, nor wished to change another's creed. I have ever judged of others' religion by their lives ... for it is from our lives and not from our words, that our religion must be read.” - Thomas Jefferson, Letter to John Adams, Works, vol. VII, p.55.

RELIGION: I propose to prove ... that all the religions in the world have been founded upon the ignorance of mankind; that they are directly opposed to the never-changing laws of our nature; that they have been, and are, the real source of vice, disunions, and the misery of every description; that they are now the only real bar to the formation of a society of virtue, of intelligence, of charity in its most extended sense, and of sincerity and kindness among the whole human family; and that they can be no longer maintained except through the ignorance of the mass of the people and the tyranny of the few over the mass.” - Robert Owen, quoted in Cardiff: What Great Men Think of Religion, p.825.

RELIGION: I read in the papers that Millikan and some others claim there is no conflict between science and religion. Now, think of that! No conflict! Science is after the truth, and religion is hogwash. No conflict! Thomas Henry Huxley must be rolling in his grave with agony.” – H. L. Mencken, in Charles Angoff, H. L. Mencken, a portrait from memory, p.42. - & SCIENCE

RELIGION: I recall the story of the philosopher and the theologian. The two were engaged in disputation and the theologian used the old quip about a philosopher resembling a blind man, in a dark room, looking for a black cat - which wasn't there. "That may be," said the philosopher: "but a theologian would have found it." - Julian Huxley, in Anthology: "I Believe", p.56. – JOKES

RELIGION: I want nothing to do with any religion concerned with keeping the masses satisfied to live in hunger, filth and ignorance. I want nothing to do with any order, religious or otherwise, which does not teach people that they are capable of becoming happier and more civilized.” – Jawaharlal Nehru. Quoted by Edgar Snow, Journey to the Beginning.

RELIGION: I’m practising my religion – belief in individual rights and liberties – as far as I am allowed to or can get away with. – JZ, 19.9.94. - HUMAN RIGHTS

RELIGION: If all religions teach peace, then why can’t all religions achieve peace? Allen Kraus shared Anna Anders's photo. Adding: Because they are all so very corruptly supporting the warmongering corrupt agendas of corrupt wall street, corrupt Washington deceit + even corrupt israel since 1940 or there about! - John Zube : They haven't even discovered that the same kind of tolerance already widely applied between religions, if applied to political, social and economic systems, all only for volunteers, under personal law, could establish peace on Earth, too. This is their greatest flaw as supposedly teachers of ethics. They do not know their business sufficiently to be taken serious by intelligent and somewhat informed people. To each the governmental or non-governmental system of his or her choice: Panarchism or polyarchism or competing governance.  – Facebook, 11.9.13. – Q.

RELIGION: If all religions were quite right on all points, they would agree on everything. Since they don’t, they are, mostly, wrong and do, largely, disprove each other. – JZ, 20.6.13.

RELIGION: If politics is not right you cannot practice your religion.” - Source? - I would just add "fully" behind "cannot", to turn it more clearly into a panarchist saying. - JZ 28.2.85. – PANARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, TOLERANCE FOR TOLERANT ACTIONS, POLYARCHISM

RELIGION: If you are already a libertarian or an anarchist – why do you need to be a Christian or other believer in a God, a prophet or a holy scripture, too? – JZ, 29.1.98. –And how can you hold on to your religious faith in the face of almost 10 000 other religious faiths? – (Some wrote 30,000. I certainly did not bother to count them. - JZ, 20.2.11.) To me that is like paying attention only to one book and ignoring ca. 500 million others. - I simply do not understand the religious urge. – JZ, 9.5.08. - GOD, CHRISTIANITY, FAITH, BELIEF

RELIGION: If you have two religions in your land, the two will cut each other’s throats; but if you have thirty religions, they will dwell in peace.” – Voltaire. - If you have just one territorial government then various factions will be at each other's throats. But if each becomes exterritorially autonomous, with all its volunteers, then they will tend to live in peace. - JZ, 24. 11. 06. - If you have only two major parties or factions they will always be too close to mutual despotism, civil war and revolutions. But if you have 30 parties and all of them strive only for exterritorial autonomy and personal laws for their members and voters, then you can have peace, soon, and as much in freedom and rights as each group of volunteers wants for itself. – JZ, 3.1.08. A single religion, imposed upon a whole population, also cuts all too many throats, or otherwise murders, e.g. burns or tortures people to death. – JZ, 26.4.13. – RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE, STILL ALL TOO MUCH ALIVE IN SOME COUNTRIES, PANARCHISM, PEACE, TOLERANCE, PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE, HARMONY BETWEEN INDEPENDENT COMMUNITIES

RELIGION: If you love the sacred and despise the ordinary, you are still bobbing in the ocean of delusion.” - Lin Chi – FAITH, GOD, HOLINESS, SACRAMENTS, SACRILEGES, TABOOS, SIN, RELIGIOUSLY DEFINED VIRTUE

RELIGION: If your religion is worth killing for, please start with yourself. - Sørengaard Srugis shared Luis A. Rodriguez III's photo. – Facebook, 18.10.12. – TERRORISM, INTOLERANCE, MURDERS, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY

RELIGION: If your religion makes you think and act morally and rationally then it is O.K., at least for you and me. – JZ, 22.6.91.

RELIGION: Ignorance is the mother of devotion.” – Henry Cole, Dean of St. Paul’s, Disputation at Westminster, 1559.

RELIGION: In dark ages people are best guided by religion, as in a pitch-black night a blind man is the best guide; he knows the roads and paths better than a man who can see. When daylight comes, however, it is foolish to use blind, old men as guides.” - Heinrich Heine, Gedanken und Einfaelle, vol. 10.

RELIGION: In matters of religion, it is very easy to deceive a man, and very hard to undeceive him.” – Pierre Bayle: Dictionary, 1697. - With the statist “religion” it is the same. – JZ, 13.5.08.

RELIGION: In practice all men are atheists; they deny their faith by their actions.” - Ludwig Feuerbach (1804-1872). - Attributed. - ATHEISM, FAITH VS. ACTIO

RELIGION: Is it necessary to point out to what extent and in what manner religions debase and corrupt the people? They destroy their reason, the principal instrument of human emancipation, and reduce them to imbecility, the essential condition of slavery. They dishonor human labor, and make it a sign and source of servitude. They kill the idea and sentiment of human justice, ever tipping the balance to the side of triumphant knaves, privileged objects of divine indulgence. They kill human pride and dignity, protecting only the cringing and humble. They stifle in the heart of nations every feeling of human fraternity, filling it with cruelty instead. - All religions are cruel, all founded on blood; for all rest principally on the idea of sacrifice - that is, on the perpetual immolation of humanity to the insatiable vengeance of divinity. In this bloody mystery man is always the victim, and the priest - a man also, but a man privileged by grace - is the divine executioner. That explains why the priest of all religions, the best, the most humane, the gentlest, almost always have at the bottom of their hearts - and, if not in their hearts, in their imaginations, in their minds - something cruel and sanguinary. ... - ... A jealous lover of human liberty, and deeming it the absolute condition of all that we admire and respect in humanity, I reverse the phrase of Voltaire, and say that, IF GOD EXISTED, IT WOULD BE NECESSARY TO ABOLISH HIM. ...” - Michael Bakunin, God & the State.

RELIGION: It is a truism that almost any sect, cult, or religion will legislate its creed into law if it acquires the political power to do so...” - Robert A. Heinlein

RELIGION: It is all up with priests and gods when man became scientific.” – F. W. Nietzsche, The Antichrist, XLVIII, 1888. – By now we have found out that not even all “scientists” are really scientific in their teachings, assumptions, writings, lectures and experiments. And most people do not even aspire to become scientists. So religions are still influential in the world, mostly, probably, negatively. Was Nietzsche himself a genuine scientist in his philosophy? – There are also some religious people who are, in other spheres than theology, good scientists. - JZ, 16.2.86, 13.5.08. – SCIENCE, ENLIGHTENMENT, SELF-EDUCATION

RELIGION: It is conceivable that religion may be morally useful without being intellectually sustainable.” – John Stuart Mill, 1806-1873.

RELIGION: It is for the good of states that men should be deluded by religion.” – Varro, Antiquatum rerum humanarum et civinarum, c. 40 B.C. – But what are States good for? – JZ, 13.5.08. – Q.

RELIGION: It is now quite lawful for a Catholic woman to avoid pregnancy by a resort to mathematics, though she is still forbidden to resort to physics and chemistry.” – H. L. Mencken - JOKES

RELIGION: It is often argued that religion is valuable because it makes men good, but even if this were true it would not be a proof that religion is true. That would be an extension of pragmatism beyond endurance. Santa Claus makes children good in precisely the same way, and yet no one would argue seriously that the fact proves his existence. The defense of religion is full of such logical imbecilities.” - H. L. Mencken - & MORALITY, TRUTH

RELIGION: It is only when a man begins to worship that a man begins to grow.” - Calvin Coolidge - Worship diminishes any man. - JZ, 14.10.02. – WORSHIP, MAN, PRAYER, MAN ON HIS KNEES

RELIGION: It is the test of a good religion whether you can make a joke about it.” - Gilbert Keith Chesterton

RELIGION: It may be that religion is dead and if it is, we had better know it and set ourselves to try to discover other sources of moral strength before it is too late.” – Pearl S. Buck, What America Means to Me, 1947, p.11. – MORALITY, ETHICS

RELIGION: Knowledge and history are the enemies of religion.” – Napoleon I, Maxims, 1804-15.

RELIGION: Liberty's chief foe is theology.” - Charles Bradlaugh. - Does it tax and regulate me when I am not a member of a church or sect and do not believe in God at all? Is it as oppressive and exploitative to me now as is the territorial State? Am I not largely free to ignore it but not free to ignore the State? - JZ, 24.11.02. - CHURCHES, THEOLOGY & LIBERTY, RELIGIOUS LIBERTY, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

RELIGION: Like all anarchists, Bakunin viewed religion as a form of superstition, the chief function of which was to teach submission to authority.” - F. C. Giffin and R. D. Smith, Against the Grain, p.118.

RELIGION: Love and tolerance for their religious opponents or competitors, even for their quite peaceful and tolerant competitors and followers of other faiths, is rarely a quite obvious characteristic and behavior trait of most priests and preachers of any religion, even while the civil authorities or the already widespread religious indifference of the general public do somewhat enforce religious tolerance between them. I am glad about every church that is no longer used as a church. One of the local ones, in Berrima, N.S.W., Australia, was first turned into a gift shop, then into a residence. – JZ, 30.10.07, 5.4.14. - CHURCHES, SECTS, RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE, DOGMATISM & INDIFFERENCE, TOLERANCE

RELIGION: making God himself into a kind of Divine Scapegoat.” - Williams Whiting, America’s Mainspring, p.157. – GOD

RELIGION: Man must now assume the responsibility for his world. He can no longer shove it off on religious power.” – Harvey Cox, The Secular City, 1966, p.10.

RELIGION: Man’s search for some assurance that he won’t be dead when he will be.” – L. L. Levinson, Webster’s Unafraid Dictionary.

RELIGION: Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction.” – attributed to Blaise Pascal - The crimes committed upon the “principle” of “collective responsibility” are mostly inspired by precedents for such crimes to be found in the “holy” writings. Like communist notions, such ideas and practices are something like an “inherited sin”, as Ulrich von Beckerath used to point out. – JZ, 12.5.08. – Is there as yet a religion, which has clearly rejected the application of this “principle”, whenever it is obviously wrong to apply it, at least for any rational being? – JZ, 5.4.14. – COLLECTIVER RESPONSIBILITY

RELIGION: Men say they are of the same religion for quietness’ sake; but if the matter were well examined, you would scarce find three anywhere of the same religion in all points.” – John Selden, “Table Talk”, “Religion”, 1689. – All religions do somewhat contradict themselves and each other. And there are at least 8000 of them, not counting the internal differences of each of them in individual minds or beliefs. – JZ, 13.5.08.

RELIGION: Men will wrangle for religion; write for it; fight for it; die for it; anything but - live for it.” - Charles Caleb Colton (1780-1832), The Lacon (1829), 1, No.25. - (1820 according to another quote.) - Well, at least some nuns and monks come close to practising their beliefs. - JZ, 27.11.02.

RELIGION: Mencken claimed that man’s persistent attraction to religion was a sure sign that he was not divine. On the contrary, it proved that he was basically an imbecile.” - H. L. Mencken, according to Charles Angoff, H. L. Mencken, a portrait from memory, p.138. – STUPIDITY, IMBECILITY, IRRATIONALITY

RELIGION: More blood has been spilt in the name of religion than any other single cause in the history of the world – the Christians in the thick of it. I don’t quite understand this. Is there some sort of moratorium on the sixth, eighth and tenth commandments?” - John Laws, Book of Uncommon Sense, PAN, 1995, p.185. - CHRISTIANITY, BLOODSHED, WAR, CIVIL WAR, ATROCITIES & TEN COMMANDMENTS

RELIGION: Most religions devalue themselves by ascribing no or little value to individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 19.11.95.

RELIGION: Most religions detract from knowledge of and appreciation of individual rights and liberties. To that extent they are anti-social and inhuman. - John Zube – Facebook, 24.10.13.

RELIGION: Most religious fanatics do not even know their own religion sufficiently, far less that of others and the rightful criticism of all religions. – They become intolerant upon misinterpreting mere historical text fragments of their religion. – Their wrong premise, that their holy writs are wholly inspired by a single and wise God, leads them to all sorts of wrong conclusions and actions and to ignore other text fragments in them, of contrary content, also, supposedly, inspired by the same creator. - JZ, 21.9.98, 10.5.08.

RELIGION: Much ado about all too few and mostly wrong or flawed ideas. – JZ, 10.5.85.

RELIGION: Nature says to man, thou art free, no power on earth can legitimately deprive thee of thy rights; religion cries out to him, that he is a slave, condemned by his God to groan all his life under the iron rod of his representatives, Nature tells man to love the country which gave him birth, to serve it faithfully ...; religion orders him to obey, without murmuring, the tyrants who oppress his country, to serve them against it ... Nevertheless, if the sovereign be not sufficiently devoted to his priests, religion quickly changes its language; it calls upon subjects to become rebels, it makes it a duty in them to resist their master, it cries out to them, that it is better to obey God than man. - Paul Henry d' Holbach - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. - GOD, FAITH, BELIEF, NATURE & MAN, OBEDIENCE, DISOBEDIENCE, PRIESTS

RELIGION: No man has ever sat down calmly, unbiased, to reason out his religion, and not ended by rejecting it.” – Author unidentified.

RELIGION: No man with any sense of humor ever founded a religion.” – Robert C. Ingersoll, Prose Poems and Selections, 1884. - JOKES

RELIGION: No religion has been able to turn all of its believers into decent people. – JZ, 9.2.13. – ETHICS, MORALITY, DECENCY, PRINCIPLES, BELIEFS, FAITH, HOLY BOOKS, BIBLE, KORAN

RELIGION: Nobody can deny but religion is a comfort to the distressed, a cordial to the sick, and sometimes a restraint on the wicked; therefore, whoever would laugh or argue it out of the world, without giving some equivalent for it, ought to be treated as a common enemy.” - Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, 1689-1762.

RELIGION: None of them does religiously uphold all individual rights and liberties. To that extent all do condemn themselves. – JZ, 20.6.13.

RELIGION: Not all religions are good, but there is good in all religions.” – Dagobert D. Runes, A Dictionary of Thought. – Why bother with any religion when you can, instead, have a sensible philosophy? – JZ, 26.7.92. - What was the good of the Moloch Cult? Or that of any of the other religions that required human sacrifices by the thousands or those that still require e.g. sexual mutilations? – JZ, 13.5.08.

RELIGION: Nothing can be more contrary to religion and the clergy than reason and common sense.” – Voltaire, Philosophical Dictionary. – REASON

RELIGION: Nothing is so fatal to religion as indifference, which is, at least, half infidelity.” - Edmund Burke, Letter to Wm. Smith, Jan. 9th., 1795.

RELIGION: Of course, no religion has ever been faithfully followed by more than a small handful of adherents. – Matthew Bruce Alexander, Withur We, p. 520. – Since all religions have internal contradictions, never settled, no religion can be consistently followed. It can only have xyz schisms, each following one or the other spleen or false interpretation. None are sufficiently tolerant and some are intolerably intolerant. – JZ, 24.5.13.

RELIGION: Oh, you need religion to guide you morally? Couldn’t figure out murder is wrong by yourself, hugh? - Chris Lyspooner, on Facebook, 10.2.12. – MORALITY, Q.

RELIGION: Old Religions: Antique monuments to ignorance, superstition and savagery. Modern Religions: Merely ancient follies rejuvenated.” – Baron D’Holbach

RELIGION: Once the world has become honest enough not to give any religious lessons to children before the age of 15, then there will still be some hope for the world.” – Schopenhauer, Nachlass, Neue Paralipomena, 14, 404. – JZ tr. of: “Wenn die Welt erst ehrlich genug geworden sein wird, um Kindern vor dem 15. Jahr keinen Religionsunterricht zu erteilen; dann wird etwas von ihr zu hoffen sein.“ – SCHOOL EDUCATION

RELIGION: One good thing about religion is that it is reliable. You can figure to get the same results whether you pray to Jehovah, Jesus, St. Paul, Buddha, Mohammed or Vishnu. – from: From “Heavenly Humor”, p.74. - JOKES

RELIGION: One man's religion neither harms nor helps another man.” - Quintus Septimius Tertullian, Ad Scapulam, p.2 - The intolerant actions of "fundamentalists", fanatics or true believers can and do harm dissenters, while good and wanted deeds, e.g. by the Sallies, can help those who did not or could not help themselves sufficiently. - JZ, 13.10.02. - Monasteries did at least preserve some ancient manuscripts, even though, sometimes only because they used the reverse side of manuscripts for their religious writings. - JZ, 27.11.02.

RELIGION: One religion is as true as another.” - Robert Burton, 1577-1646, The Anatomy of Melancholy. - Rather, as untrue. Every belief in supernatural beings and their commands is basically as flawed as are those of the others. - However, thou shalt judge them by their fruits - if any. - JZ, 13.10.02, 29.3.09. - Or as untrue! – JZ, 1.2.14. - FAITHS, BELIEF

RELIGION: Only worms worry and worship. - JZ 7/82.

RELIGION: Organized religions are conspiracies to exploit various gods, by flattering them, by compelling them through ritual, or by bribing them. Experience teaches that these techniques do not work, and the would-be exploiters are merely seduced by sirens or possessed by demons or otherwise become themselves the exploited.” – R. A. Wilson, Right Where You Are Sitting Now, p. 196. – Why presume the existence of gods and demons? But religions do work – for some monks, nuns, preachers and prophets or gurus – and this at the expense of their faithful, unless these religious “guides” do also provide some genuine other services, like e.g. Albert Schweitzer did. – Some St. Vincent de Paul and Salvation Army and other religious charity shops have done me and many other people some good, with cheap clothing and books. - JZ, 13.5.08, 20.2.11.

RELIGION: People fight for religion, People die for religion but people do not follow religion. - Nizam Ahmad shared Remo Singh's photo.- John Zube Or they follow, largely, only the worst aspects of religions. – Facebook, 13.12.13.

RELIGION: Philosophy removes from religion all reason for existing.” - Benedetto Croce, Aesthetic, English translation, p.63, quoted by Durant, The Story of Philosophy. – Seldes, p.730. - Some "philosophies" are even worse than some religions. - JZ, 20.2.11. - PHILOSOPHY

RELIGION: Power is the grim idol that the world adores.” – W. Hazlitt. – POWER, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

RELIGION: Question with boldness even the existence of God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason than that of blindfolded fear.” – Thomas Jefferson, 1743-1826. – GOD, REASON, DOUBT, QUESTIONS

RELIGION: religiofication - the art of turning practical purposes into holy causes.” - Eric Hoffer, The True Believer, p.15.

RELIGION: Religion ... part of the childhood of the race.” - View ascribed to Marx by Admiral Ben Moreell, The Admiral's Log, I, p.141.

RELIGION: Religion among the low becomes low.” – R. W. Emerson, The Conservative, 1841.

RELIGION: Religion does not promote self-thinking and self-responsibility. It lets “God” be a good man, as a German proverb has it and if he isn’t then it merely tries, through prayer, to turn him into a good person in a particular case. – That is like praying against pests, earthquakes, floods, storms, droughts and frosts, which presumes that we, supposedly children of God, do also have divine powers to stop such events. – The persistent failure of prayers to influence events seems never to prevent their use among the true believers, just like the persistent failures of territorial State measures never seems to prevent their continuance among the territorial statists. - JZ, 29.3.09.

RELIGION: Religion has muddled many good men’s and women’s minds. – JZ, 21.6.91.

RELIGION: Religion has never stopped a war, although it has started a great number.” - Harry Harrison, 1977, in introducing Clifford D. Simak, Ring Around the Sun, p.7. - & WAR – For a while, in Europe, the Catholic Church had instituted the “Peace of God”, which stopped feuds for at least part of the week. At least some Christian missionaries may also have helped to reduce tribal warfare. But others, associated with territorial powers, proceeded with fire and swords against the “heathen”. – JZ, 29.3.09.

RELIGION: Religion is a collective insanity, the more powerful because it is traditional folly, and because its origin is lost in the most remote antiquity.” - Michael Bakunin, God and the State, 1871.

RELIGION: Religion is a functional weakness.” – Max Nordau, Conventional Lies of Our Civilization, 1884. – It may be better to speak or write about a “disabling” or “crippling” weakness, that makes people partly dysfunctional or all too weak. – JZ, 13.5.08.

RELIGION: Religion is a sum of scruples which impede the free exercise of our faculties.” – Salomon Reinach, Cultes, mythes, et religions, I, 1904. – If it would really restrain some power addicts, thieves, robbers, murderers, rapists, child molesters and terrorists, it would do some good, for some faculties need restraining. But, does it? – JZ, 13.5.08.

RELIGION: Religion is a superstition that originate in man's mental inability to solve natural phenomena.” - Emma Goldman, What I Believe, p.141.

RELIGION: Religion is an illusion and it derives its strength from the fact that it falls in with our instinctual desires.” – Sigmund Freud, Lectures in Psychoanalysis. A Philosophy of Life, 1932.

RELIGION: Religion is an illusion of childhood, outgrown under proper education.” - Auguste Comte (1798-1857), quoted in Noyes, Views of Religion. - & ILLUSIONS, EDUCATION, CHILDHOOD

RELIGION: Religion is an infectious disease, the rapid spread of which is due to the social instincts of mankind.” - Author unidentified.

RELIGION: Religion is comparable to a childhood neurosis.” - Sigmund Freud, The Future of an Illusion.

RELIGION: Religion is either an inherited, environmentally habitual or personally chosen handicap for moral and rational self-development. – JZ, 29.7.97, 10.5.08.

RELIGION: Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet.” – Napoleon Bonaparte, 1769-1821. & GOVERNMENT

RELIGION: Religion is infant philosophy … I am sure that we have grown up now, so let's do without.” - Tibor Machan, REASON, 3/72. – Many philosophies are older than many religions. Nevertheless, can one really say that philosophy has grown up into a real science, one recognized and agreed-upon as such? – JZ, 29.3.09. - PHILOSOPHY

RELIGION: Religion is not knowledge of what its believers pretend to know but only, at best, the confession of a faith, a belief in its dogmas, rituals and wrongful assumptions. – But in spite of all its faults, it deserves to be tolerated, as long as it does not interfere with the faiths of other religions or with the lives of peaceful non-religious people. – Mutual tolerance is the greatest lesson, which all religions have to provide to mankind, through their adoption, finally, and almost universally, after all to many violent struggles, for all too many centuries, of religious tolerance or religious freedom. And yet most religious people seem to be unable to apply the principles and practices of religious tolerance to the political, social and economic spheres, although this is the greatest service they could provide to man. - JZ, 29.3.98, 9.5.08. – Nor are most “political scientists” able or willing to learn from this great example. – JZ, 20.10.08. – MYTHOLOGY, SUPERSTITION, BELIEF IN GHOSTS & THE SUPERNATURAL, TOLERANCE, FREEDOM OF ACTION & CONTRACT & ASSOCIATION AS WELL AS EXPERIMENTATION AMONG VOLUNTEERS IN ALL SPHERES, PERSONAL LAW, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

RELIGION: Religion is not the opiate of the masses - Democracy is.” - Source unknown. - DEMOCRACY

RELIGION: Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful. - Seneca - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online, also quoted in George Seldes, The Great Quotations, p.827.

RELIGION: Religion is superstition running away from truth, and afraid of being overtaken.” - From “Heavenly Humor”. - JOKES

RELIGION: Religion is the idol of the mob; it adores everything it does not understand.” - Frederick (II) The Great (1712-1784), Letters to Voltaire, July 7 (or 6,, according to another reference. – JZ), 1737. – The mob does not understand libertarianism and panarchism and it certainly does not adore either. – But it does know the power of territorialism, although it does not clearly understand the wrongful, harmful and deadly consequences of territorialism, its monopolism, coercion, centralization, power addiction and power madness of its leaders and, therefore, it still adores them and the territorial nation State. - JZ, 28.3.09, 20.2.11, 5.4.14. - & MOBS,  PEOPLE, MAN, PANARCHISM, LIBERTARIANISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP, VOLUNTARISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, META-UTOPIA

RELIGION: Religion is the interest of the churches // That sell in other worlds in this to purchase.” - Samuel Butler. & CHURCHES

RELIGION: Religion is the last refuge of human savagery.” - Alfred North Whitehead.

RELIGION: Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature ... It is the opium of the people.” - Karl Marx, 1818-1883.

RELIGION: Religion is, in its essence, the most gentlemanly thing in the world. It will alone gentilize, if unmixed with cant; and I know nothing else that will, alone.” - S. T. Coleridge, Table Talk, May 5, 1830. – That might apply to many religious people – but what about the religious fanatics, murdering people of other faiths or terrorizing them into submission? – JZ, 13.5.08, 5.4.14.

RELIGION: Religion may partly destroy the brain through under-utilization of it. – JZ, 21.8.06. - Insufficiently exercised muscles do also become reduced and replaced by fat. – JZ, 26.10. 07.

RELIGION: religion represents one of the most popular strategies for avoiding the most fateful decisions; ...” - Walter Kaufmann: Without Guilt & Justice, on decidophobia, p.9. – “Let God be a good man!” - DECIDOPHOBIA

RELIGION: Religion should be disentangled as much as possible from history and authority and metaphysics, and made to rest honestly on man’s fine feelings, on one’s indomitable optimism and trust in life.” – George Santayana, Character and Opinion in the United States, 1921, I. - Should I put my trust in virus molecules or other micro-organisms that attack me, in cancer cells, poisonous fish, snakes, spiders, insects, plants or in still living politicians, who still threaten mankind with ABC mass extermination devices? – JZ, 13.5.08, 20.2.11. – CONSCIENCE, CONSIDERATION FOR OTHERS, GENTLENESS, MORAL SENSE, THE BETTER EMOTIONS, NWT

RELIGION: Religion takes refuge in the unknowable from the terrors of the unknown.” – Author unidentified. - JOKES

RELIGION: Religion was invented when the first con man met the first fool. – Mark Twain,quoted on Facebook 24.7.12, by Punk Rock Atheists and Skeptics

RELIGION: religionists ... have faith only in the sins of man.” - Karl Hess, The Death of Politics, PLAYBOY, March 69 issue. – In other words: They do not trust even a God’s children! Isn‘t that also a kind of “blasphemy”? - JZ, 5.4.14. - JOKES

RELIGION: Religions are conclusions for which the facts of nature supply no major premises.” – Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary.

RELIGION: Religions are like glow worms; they need the darkness in order to shine. A certain degree of general ignorance is the precondition of all religions, is the element in which alone they can survive.” – Arthur Shopenhauer - IGNORANCE

RELIGION: Religions are such stuff as dreams are made of.” – H. G. Wells, The Happy Turning, 1946. – Or nightmares! One nightmare that Wells dreamt up was an all-powerful and State socialistic world State! – His kind of world State would have been suitable only for his kind of world statists, all volunteers. – JZ, 13.5.08.

RELIGION: Religions, like the political mobs promise heaven or paradise, charge highly for this “service” but deliver only misery or even a kind of “hell” on Earth. Nevertheless, the priests and politicians are still all too much tolerated and well paid. At least the politicians, too, should be confined to their own types of volunteers as their only victims. – JZ, 29.3.09, 4.4.15. - POLITICIANS, PROMISES, HEAVEN, HELL, STATISM, NATIONALISM, TERRITORIALISM, WARFARE STATES, STATE SOCIALISM

RELIGION: Religious institutions perpetuate a mortal master-servant relationship … - They create an arena which attracts prideful human power-seekers with all of their near-sighed prejudices.” - Frank Herbert, God Emperor of Dune, p.328.

RELIGION: RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE: -  John Zube Even "Christians" have never systematically refuted and resisted collective responsibility notions and practices. There are even intolerant and violent Buddhists. From my point of view almost all religious people are more or less mad or their ethics leaves very much to be desired, e.g. when it comes to territorialism, war-promoting monopolies and monetary despotism Think also of the main victims of the Nazi Holocaust, whose survivors & their offspring, as territorialists, have acquired mass extermination devices of their own. Whoever still believes in an invisible and benevolent God needs his head examined. – Facebook, 24.5.13.

RELIGION: Religious liberty belongs merely to the genuine right and liberty to err and to make mistakes, to adopt prejudices, false and flawed ideas, wrong premises and conclusions and to reject them. – JZ, 4.9.12.

RELIGION: Religious people have turned their own inevitable incompetence in most spheres of knowledge and action, just like that of all other human beings, into a religion, by assuming the existence of an all-knowing and omnipotent being who takes a loving interest in their affairs. It gives them an unwarranted confidence through the belief that a God in on their side. That goes even to the extreme of both sides in a war declaring that God would be on their side. That saves them the mental labor of pondering quite rightful war- and peace aims and how to realized them as soon as possible. – JZ, 20.6.13. – GOD, FAITH, BELIEF, RIGHTFUL WAR- & PEACE AIMS, CLEARLY & TRUSTWORTHILY DECLARED & THIS IN TIME TO PREVENT ANOTHER WAR OR TO REDUCE IT TO A MINIMUM.

RELIGION: religious stands for scrupulous not trifling, conscientiousness. The opposite of religion thus would be negligence, carelessness, indifference, laxity.” - J. O. Y'Gasset, Concord and Liberty, p.22. – Just like the statists, the religious people deny any qualities to their opponents and pretend that they have monopolized goodness and welfare options. – In other words, they all claim: We are the good guys! Our opponents are the bad guys! – But e.g., how many religious people and how many territorial statists know enough of e.g. sound economics and of individual rights and liberties – and act accordingly? – JZ, 29.3.09 - TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLISM, STATISM, GOODNESS, ATHEISM, ANARCHISM

RELIGION: religious truths are mind-shrinking.” – Tom Palven, THE CONNECTION, 149, p.9.

RELIGION: RELIGIOUS WARS: We still do have them, at least on a somewhat limited scale, e.g. in the Near East, Sudan, Ireland, Indonesia, Timor, India and Pakistan and also in all forms of aggressive and suppressive ideological statism. – JZ, 1.10.99. The lessons of religious liberty and tolerance have still not fully sunk in, everywhere. – JZ, 10.5.08. -

RELIGION: She believed like Bakunin that religion originated in own mental inability to solve natural phenomena.” – Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, p.402, on Emma Goldman. – “in the own”?

RELIGION: Since the masses of the people are inconstant, full of unruly desires, passionate, and reckless of consequence, they must be filled with fears to keep them in order. The ancients did well, therefore, to invent gods, and the belief in punishment after death. It is rather the moderns, who seek to extirpate such beliefs, who are to be accused of folly.” – Polybius, Histories, VI, c. 125 B.C. – As if it were quite impossible to establish moral and rational beliefs. – However, an ideal declaration of all individual rights and liberties seems to be still missing. – JZ, 13.5.08. – Too many “intellectuals” argue rather against than for any such attempts. Philosophy and ethics, too, like psychology and economics are mainly still in a rather sorry state of under-development. – JZ, 5.4.14. - consequences?

RELIGION: So many disasters were advised by religion.” - Lucretius, who died 55 BC, On Nature, I, 102. – I would rather call them horrors, mass murders and atrocities, committed by true believers. –And for all too long many natural disasters were religiously “explained” as punishments inflicted by God! From this point of view, building earthquake-proof housing or using an umbrella would mean resisting God’s punishment, supposedly well deserved. - JZ, 24.9.08, 29.3.09..

RELIGION: Some people seem ready to believe almost anything – but a truth or a fact. Thus politicians do get away with almost all their false pretenses, just like many faith healers and other quacks. – JZ, 14.9.13. – POLITICIANS QUACKS, PANACEAS, BELIEFS, FAITHS, POPULAR ERRORS & PREJUDICES, OPINIONS, FACTS, SUPERSTITIONS, GULLIBILITY, TRUTHS, FACTS, RED.

RELIGION: Superstition is a religion out of fashion and religion is a superstition in fashion.” – Hobbes - SUPERSTITION, SUPPRESSION

RELIGION: Surely the immutable laws of the universe can teach more impressive and exalted lessons than the holy books of all the religions on earth. – Elizabeth Cadey Stanton, anti-slavery activist, Leader of the Suffrage movement, and badass Free thinkers way ahead of her time.  The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science (Official) – Facebook, 19.10.13.

RELIGION: That religion cannot be right that a man is the worse for having.” – William Penn, Fruits of Solitude, 1693.

RELIGION: The “solidity” of every religion consists largely in the block-headedness and large numbers of those, who believe in it and confirm each others in their religious errors, myths, dogmas and false assumptions and conclusions. - All kinds of other superstitions, myths, errors and prejudices, even faith in astrology, are still with us. To the extent that they are not enforced most of them are relatively harmless, like other games that adults play. – But early conditioning of children into one or the other religion does them wrong, I believe. It may take them many years to shake off such conditioning. At least Buddha recommended to explore the other religions as well. I am rather in favor of ignoring them equally. –JZ, 18.8.95, 10.5.08, 5.4.14.

RELIGION: The attitude that regards entanglement with religion as something akin to entanglement with an infectious disease must be confronted broadly and directly.” – William J. Bennett, 1843 -, in NEW YORK TIMES, 8 August 1985. – Underlined by me. The best confrontation would be the attempt to wipe both of them out, via sufficient enlightenment. – JZ, 10.9.07. – At least the number of atheists is very slowly creeping up, with this development being stretched over centuries and being accompanied the growth of by a new secular religious, namely that of territorial statism, which is not an improvement upon the older religions. – Only exterritorial experimental freedom among volunteers has a chance to end the territorial statist religion relatively fast. - JZ, 29.3.09. - AN INFECTIOUS DISEASE, SELF-EDUCATION, ENLIGHTENMENT, ATHEISM, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

RELIGION: The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary: men alone are quite capable of every wickedness.” – Joseph Conrad – If the non-violent practice of sex is a sin then “God ‘s children must have inherited it from their creator. With whom or what did God commit this “sin”? Or why did he or she or it willfully inflict it upon his children? If he merely wanted the species continued in a natural way, then he could have given them the sexual urge only within seasons, like animals, coming in heat or plants flowering only at certain periods. Since he gave them the sex instinct for decades, he must have intended its use otherwise than for procreation. That it is to be used only in monogamist marriages was a rather belated Christian invention and wrongful demand, not backed up by numerous reports in the Bible. - GOD & INHERITED SIN IN HIS “CHILDREN”, MONOGAMY, BIBLE, MARRIAGES

RELIGION: The best that e.g. the Christian religion could teach, after a long, cruel and bloody history of intolerance, wars, civil wars and repression, namely tolerance for tolerant actions, individual responsibility vs. collective responsibility, tyrannicide vs. indiscriminate air raids and masses of conscript armies slaughtering each other, justice rather than love, independence rather than statism, economics rather than charity, it does not teach. To that extent it is part of the problem rather than the solution. But then the same could be said on political parties and most political and social movements and ideologies and many “economic” or, rather, “anti-economic” hypotheses and doctrines. - JZ, 27.8.02, 30.10.02, 5.4.14. - CHURCHES, CHRISTIANITY, DOCTRINES, FLAWED TEACHINGS, IDEOLOGIES, HYPOTHESES

RELIGION: The church of my choice is the free, open world.” - Philip K. Dick, Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said, p.115. – I consider all churches to be, largely, merely a waste of good building sites and building materials and human labor. However, since they are there, there should be better usages for them than worship of a non-existing being by fools. – I do admit, on the other had, that even fools have the right to practice their foolishness among themselves, at their own expense and risk. - JZ, 229.3.09, 5.4.14. – CHURCHES, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, TOLERANCE, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, META-UTOPIA, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

RELIGION: The cosmos is a gigantic fly wheel making 1000 revolutions a minute. Man is a sick fly taking a dizzy ride on it. Religion is the theory that the wheel was designed and set spinning to give him the ride.” – H. L. Mencken, A Mencken Chrestomancy. – Also in Prejudices, Third Series, 1922, p. 5 and in Selected Prejudices, p. 90. – Obviously, his astronomy knowledge left something to be desired. Space is full of  “milky way” spinning wheels and new ones, far distant, are strill frequently discovered through better instruments. – JZ, 5.4.14. - MAN, GOD, CREATION, UNIVERSE, ASTRONOMY, MENCKEN

RELIGION: the countless religions each of which claimed with unbelievable arrogance, that it was the sole repository of the truth and that its millions of rivals and predecessors were all mistaken.” - Arthur C. Clarke, The City and the Stars, in the beginning of chapter XIII.

RELIGION: The country that has got the least religion is the most prosperous, and the country that has got the most religion is in the worst condition.” – R. G. Ingersoll, Speech in Boston, April 23, 1880. – Has that really been statistically proven, by newer statistics? The USA always was and still is rather religious and at least for a few decades it seemed to be the most prosperous country in the world. – What he said may be more true for the country which is most tolerant in the sphere of religion and also most free in its economics. - JZ, 13.5.08. 

RELIGION: The criticism of religion is the basis of all criticism.” - Karl Marx. - The criticism of religion is one basis for further criticisms but, certainly, not the only one - would probably be a more correct statement. – However, intelligent atheists could and should also rightly criticize economic and political wrongs and irrationalities, like e.g. those of Marxism, Leninism, Stalinism and Maoism - without any backing by any religious belief. – Alas, all too often they do fail to do this. - JZ, 24.9.08, 5.4.14.

RELIGION: The doctrine of spirituality, such as it now exists, offers nothing but vague ideas, or rather, is the absence of all ideas.” – Baron d’Holbach

RELIGION: The effort to reconcile science and religion is almost always made, not by the theologians, but by scientists unable to shake off altogether the piety absorbed with their mother’s milk.” – H. L. Mencken – SCIENTISTS, PIETY

RELIGION: The evidence of the heavenly witnesses - the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost - would now be rejected in any court of Justice.” - Edward Gibbon (1737-1794). Quoted in Noyes, Views of Religion. - David Taylor, in his magnum opus, micro-fiched by me in PEACE PLANS 1453, denied the existence of a Jesus Christ, crucified, around 30 AD and ascribes the legend to an Essenian preacher who lived 2 centuries before that time. - JZ, 27.11.02. – But how many genuine courts of Justice do we have, in which religions notions or statist beliefs play no role whatsoever? – JZ, 29.3.09. - GOD, CREATOR, HOLY GHOST, CHRISTIANITY, BIBLE, STATISM

RELIGION: the fact was that he suffered from an incurable malady, which, it seemed, attacked only homo sapiens among all the intelligent races of the universe. That disease was religious mania.” – Arthur C. Clarke, The City and the Stars, in the beginning of chapter XIII. – MANIA OR MALADY, A DISEASE OF THE BRAIN

RELIGION: The imaginary flowers of religion adorn man's chains. Man must throw off the flowers, and also the chains.” - Karl Marx, The Wisdom of Karl Marx, Simon Emler, editor, 1948. – Marx was not wise enough to recognize the real chains, those upon free exchange. He only imagined chains in the sphere of production and wanted to worsen the existing situation by establishing a super-monopoly: State Socialism. Furthermore, he wanted to worsen the exchange-media and value standard situation as well, by establishing central banks for the issue of monopoly money with legal tender power! – At the time of Marx many of the chains imposed by religions were already cast off. His ideology established new territorial statist chains and prosecutions, often much worse and committing even more mass-murders than religions had caused. – How wrong can one be? – Marx certainly was, on most of his teachings. Offhand I can think only of one exception and I quoted it in my brochure on Legal Tender, in PEACE PLANS 19 A. - JZ, 24.9.08, 20.2.11, 29.3.09, 5.4.14. – MARX & MARXISM, STATE SOCIALISM, LAISSEZ-FAIR OPTIONS IN PRODUCTION AS WELL AS IN EXCHANGE & IN SOCIETIES, COMMUNITIES & GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS, ALL WITHOUT A TERRITORIAL MONOPOLY

RELIGION: The legitimate powers of government extend to such acts only as are injurious to others. But it does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty Gods, or no God. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.” - Thomas Jefferson (1781) – How effective are even the best territorial governments in preventing crimes with victims? Or in capturing, punishing or reforming such offenders? – One can certainly be too optimistic about territorial governments, especially after thousands of years of disappointments with them. JZ, 27.12.07. - POWER & GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIAL STATISM, RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE, GODS, ATHEISM

RELIGION: The less reasonable a cult is, the more men seek to establish it by force.” - Jean-Jacques Rousseau – TERRITORIALISM, THE STATIST RELIGION, INTOLERANCE

RELIGION: The moment religion organizes into a specific creed it becomes a political force. From Moses down to Brigham Young, every creed-founder has been a State-builder.” - Daniel Deleon (1852-1914), The Vatican in Politics (1891). – But at least most of them, after all too many bloody conflicts, have finally learnt to build exterritorially only, exclusively for their own volunteers. – JZ, 29.3.09. - & POLITICS, TERRITORIALISM, EXTERRITORIALISM, STATISM, VOLUNTARISM, TOLERANCE, INTOLERANCE

RELIGION: The practice of religion has its sufficient explanation in the good living it provides for priests. Replace “religion” with Judaism / Communism / Liberalism / Nationalism / etc., and “priests” with rabbis / comrades / chiefs / politicians etc. and its all same-same.” – Pyrrho, THE CONNECTION 115, p.96, ascribing the first part to CHARVAKA, and the Indian School of materialism.

RELIGION: The Profits of Religion. A Study of Supernaturalism as a Source of Income and a Shield to Privilege”, by Upton Sinclair. Edited and published by E. Haldeman-Julius, under No. B-564. – In PEACE PLANS 1219.

RELIGION: The religion a hierarchy ladles out to its dupes is chloroform.” - Edward Alsworth Ross. – NARCOTICS, DRUGS, MIND-NUMBING

RELIGION: The religion of one seems madness unto another.” - Thomas Browne. – With all their internal contradictions and diverse teachings they do largely cancel each other out – if critically viewed. – JZ, 29.3.09.

RELIGION: The religions of the world are the ejaculations of a few imaginative men.” - Emerson, Journals. – Most people have always loved or even admired story tellers and the heroes and spirits of their stories. Some derived only amusement, or relaxation or some lessons from them, while others turned them into holy books for new religions and their worshippers. – If a writer can make his readers believe that he was inspired by a God – then he has a bestseller. - JZ, 5.4.14. – PROPHETS, HOLY MEN, FOUNDERS OF RELIGION, GOOD STORY TELLERS, NOVELLISTS, WRITERS, HOLY BOOKS

RELIGION: The religious mind, it should be understood, is not logical … That is merely to say that a mind congenitally gifted with the power of logic and accessible to its light and leading does not take to religion.” – Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary. – LOGIC, MINDS, INTELLIGENCE, JUDGMENT, SOUND MORALITY OR ETHICS, ENLIGHTENMENT, KNOWLEDGE

RELIGION: The right to rule (*) is not necessarily bound up with any special mode of government. It may take this form or that, provided only that it be of a nature to insure (**) the general welfare.” (***)  – Pope Leo XIII, Immortale Dei, Nov. 1, 1885. –, GOVERNMENT, STATE, RULERS - (*) The “right to rule” is an illusion and a very dangerous one. – (**) ensure or assure? – (***) Welfare is provided by producers, not by rulers. – JZ, 16.1.85, 10.7.86.

RELIGION: THE SUN-HERALD Feb. 6 05 reported on page 63 under "Farewell to the Rabbi of Tolerance" - active in inter-faith relationships, Raymond Apple, just retired, that he stated: "You see there are some people who have just enough religion to hate others, but not enough religion to love others." - One could perhaps generalize this statement into: There are some people who have just enough conviction to hate others with other convictions but not enough conviction to become tolerant and just towards them. – JZ, n.d. - Indiscriminate love for everyone is as absurd and wrong as indiscriminate hate for everyone. – JZ, 29.3.09. LOVE, HATE & TOLERANCE, INTOLERANCE, PANARCHISM

RELIGION: The true Church of England, at this moment, lies in the editors of its newspapers. These preach to the people, daily, weekly.” - Thomas Carlyle. – Are their preachings much more rightful and sensible in most cases? If this were the case, then all of us should already be enlightened. Just think of the quantity of newspapers and magazines we browse through and discard. Alas, they express largely only their own errors, myths and prejudices, at least the ones they share with most of their readers. – The dissenting media have little influence on the majority and have not yet agreed upon full exterritorial autonomy for all dissenting minorities. - JZ, 29.3.09. - CHURCH OF ENGLAND, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, MASS MEDIA, PREACHERS, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, EDITORS, JOURNALISTS, POPULAR ERRORS, MYTHS, PREJUDICES ETC.

RELIGION: The United States retains, unusually for an advanced industrial society, about the same per capita level of religious superstition as Bangladesh. What one of Jimmy Carter’s aides once referred to as the “abracadabra vote” is ample …  - FRANCIS WHEEN, How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered the World, A Short History of Modern Delusions, Harper Perennial, London, 2004, p.124. – VOTING, IN THE USA, ENLIGHTENMENT, ATHEISM

RELIGION: The value of any religion is determined by the degree of its morality or the quality of its ethics, not by its holy places or rituals. – I rather prefer a pure morality or ethics for rational beings to any religion. - JZ, 21.9.95, 10.5.08. – MORALITY, ETHICS

RELIGION: The various modes of worship which prevailed in the Roman world were all considered by the people as equally true; by the philosopher as equally false; and by the magistrate as equally useful.” - Edward Gibbon (1737-1794), The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (1776-1788). - WORSHIP, CHURCHES, SECTS

RELIGION: The whole religious complexion of the modern world is due to the absence from Jerusalem of a lunatic asylum.” – Henry Havelock Ellis, 1859-1939, Impressions and Comments. -Judaism, Christianity and Islam are not the only religions in this world. Admittedly, they are bad enough. – JZ, 15.4.14. - JOKES

RELIGION: The world holds two classes of men - intelligent men without religion, and religious men without intelligence.” - Abu'1-Ala-Al-M'arri. – INTELLIGENCE

RELIGION: The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.” – Thomas Paine, The Age of Reason, III, 1794.

RELIGION: The world will never be safe until all religions are banished. – Red Wells, Nowra. – THETELEGRAPH.AU, 25.9.13, p.25. – Even religions are tolerable – if and when they are tolerant. – JZ, 7.10.13.

RELIGION: The worst thing about religions is that they distract men's minds and energies from more important questions, problems and genuine solutions. – JZ, n.d., & 29.3.09.

RELIGION: Theists, whether Christians or otherwise, appear to have a faith that, if they pray, decree, recite an invocation, spin a prayer wheel, or whatever, that somehow a force larger than nature will intervene favorably in their personal affairs.” - Robert LeFevre, LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, winter 77, p.2.

RELIGION: Theology is an excellent nurse, but a bad mistress for grown-up minds. The essence of religion is inertia; the essence of science is change. It is the function of the one to preserve, it is the function of the other to improve.” - Winwood Reade, The Martyrdom of Man, p.27. - SCIENCE

RELIGION: Theology is never any help; it is searching in a dark cellar at midnight for a black cat that isn’t there. Theologians can persuade themselves of anything.” – Robert Heinlein, Job, p. 240. – Somebody added: Theologians “find” it! – JZ, 5.4.14. – THEOLOGY, JOKES

RELIGION: There are over 2,870 religions in the world, how can you be sure that one of those is the right one? - Nizam Ahmad shared Aallia's photo – Facebook, 11.2.13. – Q.

RELIGION: There is no argument in the world carries the hatred that a religious belief does. …” - Will Rogers. – Try for instance, how much hate your religious friends can reveal about a critic of religion like e.g. Immanuel Kant. – JZ, 13.5.08.

RELIGION: There is no Heaven, there is no Hell; // These are the dreams of baby minds; // Tools of the wily Fetisheer, // To fright the fools his cunning blinds.” - Richard Francis Burton, The Kasidah, VIII.

RELIGION: There is not enough religion in the world even to destroy the world’s religions.” – F. W. Nietzsche, Human All-too Human, I, 1878.

RELIGION: There was a time when religion ruled the world. It was called the Dark Ages.” – Quoted in the Newsletter of the Progress Party of NSW, June 94. - JOKES

RELIGION: There’ll always be men who act out their sick dreams in the name of religion.” – Gordon Pape and Tony Aspler, The Scorpion Sanction, p.331.

RELIGION: There’s never been anything, however absurd, that countless people weren’t prepared to believe, often so passionately that they’d fight to the death rather than abandon their illusions. To me, that’s a good operational definition of insanity.” - Arthur C. Clarke, 3001. The Final Odyssey, HarperCollins Publishers, 1979, p.44 - - The best cure is, let them have it, at their own expense and risk. Their irrationalities will ultimately be self-defeating. And if they murder only each other – good riddance. We end up with a better gene pool. – One should certainly be free to secede from such people, their votes, their laws, their institutions etc. – It is also a kind of insanity to try to associate “democratically” with such people or to try convert them to a conventional representative or direct democracy or to any other ideal, especially an anarchistic or a libertarian one. - JZ, 28.9.07. - BELIEF, FAITH, FUNDAMENTALISM, ILLUSIONS, INSANITY, PANARCHISM

RELIGION: This would be the best of all possible worlds, if there were no religion in it." - John Adams, letter to Jefferson. – And no intolerant and territorialist ideologies! - JZ, 11.2.02. – Belief in genuine individual rights and liberties, in justice and progress, in man, in the long run, is also a kind of religion and it could lead us into a much better world, while the religion of territorial statism leads us into a worse one or to the end of mankind and most other higher mammals. – JZ, 5.1.08. - Economic, political and social errors and prejudices are all too popular even among atheists, rationalists and humanists. – Religious tolerance, where realized, has largely rendered religions harmless. Now the same ought to be achieved for the various faiths in political, economic and social systems. - JZ, 23.1.08. – TOLERANCE, PERSONAL LAW, POLYARCHISM, PANARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, META-UTOPIA, LAISSEZ FAIRE IN ALL SPHERES, VOLUNTARISM, SECESSIONISM

RELIGION: To have a positive religion is not necessary. To be in harmony with yourself and the universe is what counts, and this is possible without positive and specific formulation in words.” - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. - HARMONY, SELFHOOD, SELF-RESPECT, SELF-APPRECIATION, SELF-RELIANCE, PRIDE, DIGNITY, GOD, FAITH, BELIEF

RELIGION: To know but one religion is not to know that one.” – Elbert Hubbard, Roycroft Dictionary and Book of Epigrams, 1923. – To know one religion is already knowing one too many. – JZ, 5.11.85.

RELIGION: To learn what great things (*) God has done in the past, read your Bible. But to learn what he permits to be done today, read your Herald. – John Fairfax, quote by John Gunther & William H. Forbis in: Inside Australia and New Zealand, p. 62. - (*) And what atrocious things! – JZ, 13.5.08

RELIGION: To live not wantonly but warily - wary of a transcendental reality - is the strict meaning of the Latin word religiosus, and indeed the essential meaning of all religion.” - J. O. Y'Gasset, Concord and Liberty, p.22.

RELIGION: Too many human brains are still infected with the supposedly holy bugs or books, like the Bible and the Koran, They are still upheld and believed-in or “interpreted” as if there were not many other, much better, more truthful and moral books written and published since, among the about 500 million books so far published. – Neither the age nor the origin of a book, nor the faith in it can turn it into something that deserves to be called a “holy” book. – The best books still invite criticism and do not assert that they are of divine origin or divinely inspired. - JZ, 5.3.06, 29.10.07. - ISLAM, CHRISTIANITY, CHURCHES, SECTS, BIBLE, KORAN, HOLY BOOKS, REVELATIONS, FAITH, BELIEF, BOOKS

RELIGION: Treat religious matters with the greatest respect. Don’t have anything to do with them.” – Ambrose Bierce - JOKES

RELIGION: United Religions … is just another business. What do the customers get for what they pay? Nothing. What a great product! All they have is the promise that their investment will be rewarded in the afterlife. But by the time they realize there is no heaven, it’s too late to complain. They’re dead. And even when they’re dead, they’re still customers. The church buries them, and they (*) have to pay. Even the dead need money.” – David Garnett, Stargonauts, Orbit, 1994, p.77. – (*) Their estate or, rather, its heirs have to pay for the burial, unless the deceased haxd signed a funeral insurance contract to relieve his heirs of that burden. – JZ, 24.9.07. - CHURCHES, SECTS & THEIR PROMISED HEAVEN

RELIGION: Volumes might be written about the impiety of the pious.” - Herbert Spencer, First Principles, ch.5, sect. 31. - In a way they do admit it: They think everyone is a sinner and that their sins will be forgiven them. - JZ 5.7.82.

RELIGION: Walter Elis Disney had contributed more to genuine human happiness than all the religious teachers in history.” – Quoted by Arthur C. Clarke in 2010: Odyssee Two, p.178. – HAPPINESS

RELIGION: We guarantee the right of every citizen to combat by argument, propaganda, and agitation any and all religion. (*) The Communist party cannot be neutral toward religion. It stands for science (**), and all religion is opposed to science.” – Joseph Stalin, interview with the first American labor delegation to Russia, Sep. 9, 1927. (*) Except the Communist religion. - (**) Rather for extreme ignorance and prejudices in the social sciences. – JZ, 13.5.08. – COMMUNISM

RELIGION: We must respect the other fellow’s religion, but only in the sense and to the extent that we respect his theory that his wife is beautiful and his children smart. – H. L. Mencken, Minority Report, 1956, I. - Quoted also in  - and by Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. - RELIGIOUS FREEDOM & TOLERANCE

RELIGION: we mustn’t preach loving brotherhood with a Bible in one hand and an H-bomb in the other! - John Brunner, Web of Everywhere, 1974, p.53, of first NEL pb. ed., March 1977. - NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, CHRISTIANITY, LOVE & BROTHERHOOD

RELIGION: We ought to have as great a regard for religion as we can, so as to keep it out of as many things as possible.” – Sean O’Casey, The Plough and the Stars, 1926.

RELIGION: What is wrong with man? There are still all too many of the faithful among us, who worship, pray or march in processions or demonstrations. – JZ, 5.4.03. - & MAN

RELIGION: What would our civilization, our culture and our prosperity be like - if all the time wasted (in my opinion) on church services, prayers, Bible reading and mere charitable activities had, instead, been spent upon pondering ethical questions, like individual rights and liberties and how to realize them and also on more productive economic activities? – JZ, 29.2.95. – I must admit, however, that I benefited from books and clothing donated to charity or opportunity shops and that I do respect those who, for religious reason, abstained from drinking and smoking and who did become better family people and more honest people in their business and work relations. – JZ, 9.50.08. - WORSHIP, CHURCH SERVICES, PRAYERS, CHRISTIANITY

RELIGION: When a man is freed of religion, he has a better chance to live a normal and wholesome life.” – Sigmund Freud.

RELIGION: Whenever people are not prevented by their religion from thinking and acting morally and rationally in the economic, political and social spheres, then I do not mind their religion. – JZ, 20.7.91.

RELIGION: Where it is a duty to worship the sun it is pretty sure to be a crime to examine the laws of heat.” - John Morley. - PERSONALITY CULT, HERO WORSHIP

RELIGION: where mental aberrations like religion and liberalism are given serious respect,…” - L. Neil Smith, Lever Action, A Mountain Media Book, 2001,, p.73. – At least we ought to respect the rights of these retards, fools or traditionalists, etc. the right to practise their errors and mistakes at their own expense and risk among themselves, by letting them secede or achieving our secession from them. – JZ, 27.9.07. - & MODERN LIBERALISM

RELIGION: Where reliance is placed on paternosters and penitence, how shall there be equal zeal for antiseptics or structural precautions? The censer tends to oust the fumigator, and the priest the man of action.” – Israel Zangwill, 1864-1926. - CENSORS

RELIGION: Whether you got religion or statism on your mind, they both prevent you from thinking and acting quite rightfully and rationally and exploring and using all your self-help options. – JZ, 30.7.03, 23.10.07. - & STATISM, VOLUNTARISM,  TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, SELF-HELP

RELIGION: Which religion has sufficiently stood up against the accumulation and keeping in readiness of hundreds to thousands mass murder devices in the hands of territorial governments? – Have they excommunicated even one of these supposedly great leaders? - JZ, 10.11.07. - MORALITY & NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, Q.

RELIGION: Why is it that religion teaches tolerance but practises intolerance?” – Grey Rollins, Ashes to Ashes, in ANALOG, 10/98, p. 172? 122? - Q. – We should not ignore, however, the extent to which most religious people have become tolerant, in most countries. – The present believers should not be blamed for the religious intolerance of their ancestors. – We should also keep in mind how many of us are still territorially intolerant when it comes to political, social and economic systems. - JZ, 10.5.08. – TOLERANCE, INTOLERANCE, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

RELIGION: Why should I want to loose a religion upon my people? Religions wreck from within – Empires and individuals alike!” - Frank Herbert, God Emperor of Dune, p.87.

RELIGION: With soap baptism is a good thing.” - Robert G. Ingersoll, 1833-1899. – JOKES & BAPTISM

RELIGION: Without religions, especially that of statism, we would be very much better off. - 5.4.04. - & STATISM

RELIGION: You do not love your brother with injustice. You do not love your brother with lies. Religion is a lie. Religion is fear and ignorance, evasion and illusion.” – Zarlanga, The Orator, p.99.

RELIGION: You never see animals going through the absurd and often horrible fooleries of magic and religion. Only man behaves with such gratuitous folly. It is the price he has to pay for being intelligent but not, as yet, too intelligent.” - Aldous Huxley. – Can one be too intelligent? Perhaps he should have said: not, as yet, intelligent enough. – JZ, 7.1.08. - & MAGIC, MAN & ANIMALS, Q.

RELIGION: You see there are some people who have just enough religion to hate others, but not enough religion to love others.” – Rabbi Raymond Apple, as reported by Sarah Price in THE SUN HERALD, Feb. 6, 2005, p.63. – Indiscriminate love for everyone is as absurd and wrong as indiscriminate hate for everyone. – JZ, 29.3.09. - HATE & LOVE

RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE: For hundreds of years the followers of Confucius, Buddha and Lao-tzu had lived together in peace and courtesy. Not so these Christians, who would cast out all gods except their own. And by now everyone knew that wherever the Christians went, traders and warships soon would follow. quoted from Pearl S. Buck in the READERS’S DIGEST Pearl S. Buck Reader, p.296, taken from her “Imperial Woman.” - IN CHINA

RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE: You are free; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place of worship in this state of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed, that has nothing to do with the business of the state. … We are starting with this fundamental principle that we are all citizens, and equal citizens, of one state." - Quaid e Azam Md. Ali Jinnah. Quoted by Nizam Ahmad – Facebook, 5.10.13.

REMAKING OTHERS? Ought man to expend his life’s energies in trying to remake others in his own likeness; that is, become the ultimate arbiter of humanity?” – Leonard E. Read, Elements of Libertarian Leadership, p.36. - Superiority, savior or God complex, instead of merely trying to be a pioneer, in one way or the other, if one can. - It should remain up to others to either accept or reject an innovation for themselves. - JZ, 21.2.11. - REFORMS, DOMINATION, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, CHANGING OTHERS, RULE, CREATIVITY, SELF-RULE, SELF-DETERMINATION, POWER, SUPREMACY, TRYING TO COMMAND OTHERS INSTEAD OF SETTING AN ATTRACTIVE EXAMPLE, GOVERNMENT, INDIVIDUALISM

REMEDIES: For extreme diseases, extreme remedies.” – Hippocrates, Aphorisms, ca. 400 B.C. – It is not their extremity but their correctness which turns them into genuine remedies. We are all cured of all of our diseases - by having our heads chopped off. – JZ, 14.5.08. – To cure inflation and involuntary mass unemployment, it suffices to repeal the legal tender and the money issue monopoly laws. – JZ, 22.10.08. – The thin edge of the wedge should be inserted first. Minimum energy should be used to maximum effect, whenever possible, like the stone of David against Goliath and a mere bullet, correctly aimed, at tyranny. The right word in time can help to avoid major mistakes. There is no logical connection for all cases in the advice of H. but, at most, it makes sense for some special cases. – H. even contradicts himself by merely offering five words as supposedly the correct advice for extreme cases. Sometimes even fewer words are good enough advice against extreme cases: e.g.: “Defend yourself!” - when your life is attacked. Even the mere thought of this suffices, if it is immediately followed by the correct self-defence action. – “Watch out!” – “Stop!” – “Halt!” – “Fire!” - JZ, 5.4.14. – REFORMS, CURES, DISEASES, SICKNESSESS, HEALTH, WARNINGS

REMEDIES: There are remedies worse than the disease.” – Publilius Syrus, Sententiae, ca. 50 B.C. – True, but is it not also high time that all the health and the social problems remedies or proposals become finally assembled, systematically, with all their pro and con, and sufficiently published so that this important information becomes easily accessible to all? By now they would probably fit on a single large HD, which could be updated ever year, or on a few very large and specialized websites, in WIKIPEDIA fashion. We need the public refutations of the false ones as much as the publication of the correct and best genuine ones. No one could keep all of them in his own mind or discover all of them by his own efforts. – JZ, 14.5.08. – IDEAS ARCHIVE, LIBERTARIAN ENCYCLOPEDIA, HEALTH ENCYCLOPEDIA, REFUTATIONS ENCYCLOPEDIA, DIGITAL SPECIAL LIBRARIES, KNOWLEDGE, INFORMATION SERVICES, INFORMATION REVOLUTION

REMEDIES: To do nothing is sometimes a good remedy.” - Hippocrates, Aphorisms, ca. 400 B.C. – It means e.g. letting nature or the free market provide the healing process. – However, should we do nothing about e.g. the nuclear war threat, mass unemployment, inflation, despotisms and tyrannies? - Have we, as yet, liberated the free market or individual choices, sufficiently, in all spheres, so that they could work effectively towards genuine solutions? - The advice is only true regarding further wrongful and irrational meddling, that of territorialism. - JZ, 4.5.08, 21.2.11. – LAISSEZ-FAIRE VS. MEDDLING, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, SELF-HELP VS. IMPOSED REFORM ATTEMPTS, LEGISLATION, COMMANDS, COERCION, COMPULSION, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, CONVENTIONAL POLITICAL LEADERSHIP

REMEMBRANCE DAY: For me it has been Remembrance Day not only for one day a year but for almost every day of the year, for 65 years, after my war experiences in Berlin, 1943 to 1945 as a child, always considering why the terrors, wrongs and irrationalities of wars happen and how such actions could be prevented, although my own suffering from the war was not severe. E.g., I was innocent and yet the target of indiscriminate air raids and, at last, of indiscriminate artillery fire against civilians living in in my area in North Berlin, already emptied of the last soldiers of the Nazi regime. - JZ, 11.11.93, 11.5.08, 21.2.11.

REMEMBRANCE DAY: Memorial Day is a day to remember our fallen comrades in arms who fought and died in the battle for freedom … (*) Remembering them, how can you be so easily sucked by politicians, and their prattle about being ‘practical’ and ‘pragmatic’ and having to ‘compromise’’, to ‘go along to get along’? – Our comrades sacrificed everything – assets, money, property – everything – including life itself just so that you could have freedom. What are you doing for them? Remembering them? One day a year? … Remember them, and the freedom for which they fought and died, every time, you hear about ‘federal aid’ or ‘subsidy’, or ‘regulation’ or ‘guidelines’, or ‘deficit spending’ or ‘inflation’, or ‘taxes’! Every time you hear these words you are hearing about the loss of freedom our comrades fought and died to defend freedom. The least you can do is to remember them and carry on the battle which they no longer can do.” – JAG, Memorial Day, 1978. - (*) Was it really full freedom that they were fighting for? If it had been, would much fighting have been necessary? – Even asylum to the obvious victims of the Nazi regime was largely refused them! – A large democracy showed its true color by being the first to use nuclear weapons. – Indiscriminate bombing of cities was all too much like the mass murders the Nazis committed. – Did the Allies try even once to eliminate Hitler, early in the war or even before he started it, rather than bombing millions of his victims? Did they put a prize on his head, as Thomas Moore had recommended in his Utopia? – Was it really and completely a “good war” on the side of the Allies? – Was Poland saved? – Weren’t the Nazi’s conscripts also confronted by conscripts? - JZ, 4.5.08. - MEMORIAL DAY, WORLD WAR II

REMEMBRANCE DAY: What did they really die for? They did not really know. Do we? Even today quite rightful war- and peace aims have not yet been publicly declared for any war. Perhaps we should rather celebrate the deserters than the masses of all too willing victims of these mutual slaughter campaigns, usually undertaken by governments under all kinds of false pretences and for the wrong reasons or motives? At the very least, we should now determine what are rightful war-and peace aims and only commit ourselves to them. That alone could already greatly reduce the risk of war. – Add to that e.g. conscription and inflation powers of governments, their power to take up public debts, their decision-making monopoly power on war and peace and their territorial monopoly power, all of these aspects and many others are still all too little questioned and changed. – JZ, 11.11.93, 10.5.08. – In my ABC Against Nuclear War, 1975, I raised about 500 points, which are still not sufficiently discussed and acted upon, as many years later. – JZ, 5.4.13. - WAR AIMS

REMNANT: Ah”, the Lord said, “you do not get the point. There is a Remnant there, that you know nothing about. They are obscure, unorganized, inarticulate, each one rubbing along as best he can. They need to be encouraged and braced up because when everything has gone completely to the dogs, they are the ones who will come back and build up a new society; and meanwhile, your preaching will reassure them and keep them hanging on. Your job is to take care of the Remnant, so be off now and set about it.” – Albert Jay Nock, quoted in Leonard E. Read’s compilation: The Free Man’s Almanac, for July 25. - Has the Remnant been sufficiently interconnected and informed by the Internet, as yet? – JZ, 4.5.08. – In another version, by Edmund Opitz, on Nock in the INTERCOLLEGIATE REVIEW, Winter 75: “Isaiah, discouraged, came to the Lord and asked for a new assignment. “You don’t get the point”, the Lord told Isaiah: “there is a Remnant out there. They are obscure, unorganized, inarticulate, each one rubbing along as best he can. They don’t know each other, and they won’t make themselves known to you. But it is they who keep things from going completely to pot, and it is the Remnant who will build society afresh after the collapse. They are listening to you, Isaiah, and your job is to minister to the Remnant.” This was also Nock’s job, as he himself conceived it.” - I hold that this remnant ought to get sufficiently organized and tackle the job of enlightenment and the achievement of experimental freedom for volunteers, in a process that systematically, but voluntarily and market-like, uses the division of labor between the few, spread all over the world, to tackle the numerous large jobs that are involved in this effort. - JZ, 21.2.11. – For instance, a single but complete list of all libertarian jobs still to be finished, perhaps only just started by one or proposed by one, and this online, with a contact address, ought to be listed together, with an alphabetical index, to attract enough manpower, likewise interested, to tackle all of them fast and efficiently. – JZ, 5.4.14. – LIBERTARIAN PROJECTS LIST ONLINE, PUBLICITY, DIVISION OF LABOR IN TACKLING LARGE LIBERTARIAN PROJECTS, COLLABORATOIN, COOPERATION, ORGANIZING “THE REMNANT” EFFICIENTLY – BUT STILL BY THEIR INDIVIDUAL CHOICES & PRIORITIES

REMNANT: Are there minds ready for this kind of truth? Nock believed that every society has such minds else it would fall apart. (*) Every society is held together by a select few – men and women who have the force of intellect to discern the rules upon which social life is contingent, and the force of character to exemplify those rules in their own living. (**) These were Nock’s chosen people. The Remnant. All else is mass man.” – Edmund Opitz, on Nock, in INTERCOLLEGIATE REVIEW, Winter 75. - Let us first properly assemble the significant truths, ideas, facts, platforms, principles, declarations etc. and defend them as well as they should be – then the minds interested in them will gather, as they should, around such a free market for truths and talents. Now they would all fit into a HD the size of a book and not much more expensive. Can we afford to remain without such a reference tool? – (*) Perhaps the idea behind the title “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand? – (**) Are they really so influential, as yet? - JZ - 4.5.08 - So far, under territorialism, they had all too little influence, while the most ignorant and prejudiced had all too much. - JZ, 21.2.11. - IDEAS ARCHIVE, LIBERTARIAN DIGITRAL LIBRARY &  SPECIAL ENCYCLOPEDIAS, BIBLIOGRAPHY, ABSTRACTS & REVIEW COMPILATIONS, DIRECTORIES, YEARBOOKS, ELECTRONIC ARGUMENT MAPS, INDEXES, LINKS LISTS ETC., ALL ESSENTIAL & SIGNIFICANT TOOLS FOR EFFECTIVE ENLIGHTENMENT & COLLABORATION EFFORTS

REMNANT: Finally, there are those who exemplify the opposite characteristics: the virtues of thinking for self, behaving as men instead of gods, and adhering to purpose against all odds. The Remnant!” – Leonard E. Read, Then Truth Will Out, p.154. – Which kinds of tools or references has the Remnant still not provided for itself? I believe that a complete list would be rather long. – JZ, 4.5.08. – I described some of them in my 2010 digitized book manuscript, still only called “New Draft”, not online, not copyrighted, offered free upon request by me as a zipped email attachment of only 306 KBs and yet not online and rarely ever asked for. – By all means, use it to provide an even better libertarian enlightenment program. - JZ, 5.4.14. – INDIVIDUALS, ENLIGHTENMENT, IDEAS, SELF-THINKING

REMORSE: Remorse: Is the gate to ethics, but will carry one no further.” – Dagobert D. Runes, A Dictionary of Thought. – How often could remorse be prevented, if a complete declaration of all individual rights and liberties had already been compiled, published and sufficiently explained and discussed? Legislation by territorial governments and governmental bills of rights are not a sufficient substitute for such an instrument for enlightenment. – JZ, 14.5.08. - Individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for volunteers as well as full monetary and financial freedom, to mention only some important liberties, are not yet in any State constitution or Bill of Rights! - JZ, 21.2.11. - CONSCIENCE, MORALITY, HUMAN RIGHTS, ETHICS, REGRETS, APOLOGIES, REPENTANCE, SAYING SORRY, SINS, CRIMES, OFFENCES, HOLY SCRIPTURES, BIBLE, KORAN, DECLARATION OF ALL INDIVIDIUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

REMOTENESS: Not a place upon earth might be so happy as America. Her situation is remote from all the wrangling world, and she has nothing to do but to trade with them.” – Thomas Paine (1776) Remoteness is no longer a protection against protectionism or self-imposed blockades and other restrictions. Wrong ideas and IBMs know no borders, either and are easily adopted and maintained by unenlightened politicians and their voters and subjects. – Neither a whole continent nor a whole population can really be happy. That is a temporary state of mind and of conditions only for individuals. - Ignoring real dangers and dancing at the edge of an active volcano is rarely advisable. - Not even North America's population was ever quite free of the wrongs and irrationalities of territorialism. - JZ, n.d. & 21.2.11. – AMERICA, DISTANCES & MODERN TRANSPORT, IBMs & PLANTED NUKES, AMERICANISM, USA, “AMERICA”

RENT CONTROL: In many cases rent control appears to be the most efficient technique presently known to destroy a city – except for bombing.” – Prof. Lindbeck – - Short of aerial bombardment, rent control is one of the best ways to decrease the housing supply.” – Walter Williams, SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, Sep. 89. - HOUSING

RENT CONTROL: is an anti-social, inefficient and inequitable device.” – Prof. Olsen, as summed up in LIBERTARIAN REVIEW, Sydney, 3/77.

RENT CONTROL: One effect of rent control is to help tenants of course – but only those who are tenants when the controls start. Newcomers are left without a home at all.” – Terry Arthur, 95 % Is Crap, p. 92.

RENT CONTROL: Prof. de Jouvenel … to him, rent control is self-perpetuating and culminates in both the physical ruin of existing housing, the legal dispossession of present owners and no new housing development.” – LIBERTARIAN REVIEW, Sydney, 3/77. – Another version: “De Jouvenel, Bertrand … the French example goes to show that rent control is self-perpetuating and culminates in both the physical ruin of housing and the legal dispossession of the owners. – Verdict on Rent Control, 1972.” - Ralph Harris & Arthur Seldon, Not From Benevolence, p. 135.

RENT CONTROL: Prof. Rydenfelt of Sweden states that rent controls result in poor maintenance, few renovations and modernizations and, therefore, in a serious deterioration in the quality of dwellings, as well as in housing shortages. In Sweden, the gradual abolition of rent control since 1958 has meant that the housing shortage has been replaced by a surplus. In spite of a few remaining regulations the housing market in Sweden functions more like a free market than a controlled one. - LIBERTARIAN REVIEW, Sydney, 3/77. – Another version: “Rydenfelt, Sven … rent control [in Sweden] results in poorer maintenance, fewer renovations and modernization and, therefore, in the long run a serious deterioration in the quality of dwellings.” – Verdict on Rent Control, 1972.” – Ralph Harris & Arthur Seldon, Not From Benevolence, p.153.

RENT CONTROL: rent control amounts, in the resulting acute housing shortage, to a system of ‘chance and favoritism’.” – Prof. Milton Friedman & Stigler summed up in LIBERTARIAN REVIEW, Sydney, 3/77.

RENT CONTROL: Rent control is a self-inflicted wound.” – Murray Weidenbaum, REASON, 9/81.

RENT CONTROL: Rent controls – in Paris, New York City, London, or anywhere – offer the classic example of how political logic overwhelms economic rationalism. Great tracts of New York City have been transformed into smouldering, criminal-infested ruins by rent control. Study after massive study has arrayed the evidence in favor of abolition. Yet, in late 1976, the City Council of New York, with the concurrence of the Mayor, voted to extend rent control to 640,000 apartments for another three years to 1979. The political arithmetic of four renters to one landlord was irresistible.” – Patrick M. Boardman, Money, Employment and the Political Process, p.10. – VOTING, DEMOCRACY, MAJORITIES, TERRITORIALISM

RENT CONTROL: Roepke notes that, “Rent control is really nothing but the protection of one privileged special kind of tenants, those with old leases, at the expense of the landlords and later tenants alike. Yet it persists, …” - Allan C, Brownfield, THE FREEMAN, 3/75.

RENT CONTROL: the result of such policy will be a rise in demand for housing and a fall in its supply – just the opposite effects envisaged by the planners.” – John A. Davenport, THE INTERCOLLEGIATE REVIEW, Spring 73, p. 152.

RENT: How much resources shall go to housing? How is it to be distributed and financed? Above all, why has investment in housing been less than people would wish if they could indicate how much they thought worth paying for it by prices or rents in a free market? Mr. Carmichael’s solution was to use rents as an indicator of demand, a signal to supply, and a means of reconciling both.” – R. Harris and A. Seldon, Not From Benevolence, p.44. – Many other factors are involved: E.g.: In which means of exchange are rents to be paid? And the wages and salaries to pay rents with? The governments monopoly paper money or gold coins only? Or e.g. rent money issued by the landlords? Building restrictions, land releases, prescribed minimum sizes for building land, outlawry of value preserving clauses, high taxes on land and buildings, the ever present threat that rent controls might be introduced again, import restrictions on prefabricated houses, etc. Black market transactions in this sphere are rather difficult to impossible. – JZ, 4.5.08. – INTEREST, DIVIDEND, PROFIT, EARNINGS, CAPITALISM

RENT: total rent on all land is now only a few percent of national income (and falling) …” - David Friedman, Laissez Faire in Population, p.34. – LAND MONOPOLY?

RENT: Your rent will buy your home.” – Slogan of the Building and Loan Associations in the U.K. before WW II.

REPEAL: It is much more important to kill bad bills than to pass good ones.” - Calvin Coolidge - MORE IMPORTANT & NECESSARY THAN STILL MORE NEW ONES

REPEAL: progressive repeal of those socialistic laws which we already have.” – Admiral Ben Moreell, Log I, p.115. – Set individuals and minorities free to repeal them for themselves – by secession and exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers under their own personal laws. This could be done immediately, by peaceful one-person revolutions, many of them, and free the secessionists as far as they want to be freed. Then and thus the remaining State members, then all volunteers as well, at least for the time being, may continue to suffer under State-socialism as long as they want to. Only the territorialist compulsion, including the nuclear war powers, ought to be repealed immediately or as soon as possible. Otherwise to each and everyone the personal law State or non-governmental society of his or her choice! – JZ, 5.5.08. –PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM & SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, VS. TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, STATE SOCIALISM, FLOODS OF LAWS, LEGISLATION & REGULATIONS

REPEAL: Repeal Govt.” – SLL Button No. 412. – Repeal territorial government only. For volunteers all their laws and institutions could remain as long as they are still wanted by some. But all present dissenters could then immediately do their own things for or to themselves, without any further struggles or educational campaigns. It works in the religious sphere, in science and technology and in private life styles. It would work well here, too – and has for long periods in our past. The personal law tradition is not yet quite extinguished everywhere. But territorial conquest and domination have become dominant for all too long and now threatens us with a general holocaust via ABC mass murder devices in the hands of a few, some of them obviously less than quite sane or well enough enlightened. – Such decision-making power, which might lead to the end of mankind, must, naturally, be ended a.s.a.p. – Those targeted by such devices, i.e. almost everybody, must take nuclear disarmament into their own hands. Territorial governments will not agree to it for the next decades or even centuries, either, if they allow mankind to live that long. - JZ, 5.5.08. – MILITIA, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS, PERSONAL LAW, VS. THE DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, BUREAUCRACY

REPEAL: Repeal Laws! Help make the state an endangered species.” – SLL Button. – As a territorial beast of prey or Warfare State it ought to be exterminated. Finally deprived of its territorial monopoly, it would become a tamed beast, with voluntary subjects and supporters only. As such it could be continued at their risk and expense and as a deterrent examples for all others. – JZ, 5.5.08, 5.4.14. – All revolutions & military insurrections – and there has been a multitude of them, did at least start as secession movements. – JZ, 5.4.14. - LAWS, STATE, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIALLY AUTONOMOUS COMMUNITIES OF VOLUNTEERS TO REPLACE TERRITORIAL STATES, STARTING WITH INDIVIDUAL & GROUP SECESSIONISM

REPEAL: Rose Wilder Lane points the way:The great English reform movement of the 19th century consisted wholly in repealing laws.” – “The Discovery of Freedom”, p.239. - “What is needed in the United States is to repeal laws, not to pass new ones. Repeal laws that vest some men with authority over other men. This is not to set the clock back, it is to set it right.” – Wilhelm Roepke, A Humane Economy, Chicago, Ill., Henry Regnery Company, 1960, p.88. – Both quoted together in THE FREEMAN, 3/76. – Repealing "merely" all territorial impositions would set all peaceful dissenters free to become new pioneers and founding fathers. – JZ, 5.5.08. – EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM VS. COMPULSORY SUBORDINATION

REPEAL: The great reforms which followed the publication of The Wealth of Nations may all be summed up in the word Repeal.” – Winwood Reade, The Martyrdom of Man, p.408.

REPEAL: Yet, try now to wipe it from the statute books!” – Leonard E. Read, NOTES FROM FEE, July 73.  - “Evil begun, rarely undone!” … “in all things bad or evil, getting is quicker and easier than getting rid of them.” – August Hare. - Only when the evil has, as in Gresham’s Law, legal tender power. – JZ, 3.11.92. - That wrongful power is also present in territorial laws as opposed to personal law and in compulsory State membership or subordination as opposed to voluntary membership and subordination or obedience. Both compulsions could be got rid of by a stroke of the pen - once sufficient enlightenment and morality is achieved in this sphere. Also by much easier revolutions than in any other way. No one should be conscripted into a robber gang or a band of warriors, exploiters and oppressors. Rule over peaceful dissenters is wrong, not only in religion, in science, technology and in private affairs and regarding mere lifestyle decisions. Only territorialism has to be wiped off all statute books. For volunteers the multitude of statutes could stay in force, as long as they are willing to put up with them and more individuals and dissenting groups remain free to opt out from under them. This is a formula for peaceful liberation and revolutionary efforts and most of them will be positive in their effects, either immediately or relatively soon, due to the self-responsibilities involved. – JZ, 5.5.08, 21.2.11.

REPETITIONS: And, fear not repetition, for “nothing is too often repeated that is not sufficiently learned.” - Quoted by Leonard E. Read in Then Truth Will Out, p.20.

REPETITIONS: Error is always repeated in practice. Thus the truth must always be repeated in words. – Goethe (*) – But one should also attempt to do so in ever improved and persuasive versions. – And all truths should also be permanently and suitably published together as well as all the best refutations of untruths. - JZ, 5.5.08. – (*) A more complete version runs: “The truth requires constant repetition, because error is being preached about us all the time. … In newspapers, encyclopedias, in schools and universities, everywhere error rides high and basks in the consciousness of having the majority on its side.” – All such verbal enlightenment efforts are still not effective enough when not accompanied by full experimental freedom, even for whole political, economic and social systems, always confined to volunteers and exterritorial autonomy. Then almost anyone would have a chance to become one of the "founding fathers" of a free society. Failures would be confined to the volunteers involved and would add to a growing and well-recorded experience of mankind. Natural scientists often have to undertake many different experiments before they finally discover or prove a new truth. - JZ, 21.2.11. – MAJORITY DESPOTISM, IGNORANCE, PREJUDICES, EDUCATION, PROPAGANDA, MINORITY AUTONOMY, ENLIGHTENMENT, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

REPETITIONS: Nothing is ever too often repeated that is not sufficiently learned.” – Latin proverb. - RED., REPETITIVENESS

REPETITIONS: One must keep repeating the truth.” („Man muss das Wahre immer wiederholen.“) – George Seldes, The Great Quotations. – At least until it does, finally, become proverbial wisdom. And even then it needs still to be pointed out sometimes, to some. - JZ, 21.2.11. – TRUTH NEEDS REPETITIONS

REPETITIONS: One should not be annoyed about them. Precisely that what [almost] no one concedes, what no one wants to hear, must, therefore, be repeated all the more.” – Goethe, “Sprueche in Prosa”, JZ tr. of: “Man nehme das nicht uebel. Eben dasjenige, was Niemand zugibt, Niemand hoeren will, must desto oefter wiederholt werden.” - NECESSARY ONES

REPLACEMENT: No matter how disastrously some policy has turned out, anyone who criticizes it can expect to hear: "But what would you replace it with?" - When you put out a fire, what do you replace it with?” – Thomas Sowell – When you abolish hunger, thirst, injustice, atrocities, war, inflation, unemployment, taxation, government spending, crime, tyranny, dictatorship, poverty, injustice, disease, accidents, what do your replace them with? – JZ, 5.4.14. - OR ABOLITIONISM

REPRESENTATION: [Ezra] Pound also liked the Corporate State idea of having the poets represented in Congress by two poets, the carpenters by two carpenters, the doctors by two doctors, etc., instead of the system in which we are all represented by lawyers.” – Robert Anton Wilson, The Illuminati Papers, p.109. - Since there are by now over 300 000 different jobs, trades and professions, this would rather be impractical as well. – JZ, 5.5.08. – How many of these special interest groups would not demand compulsory licensing and regulations? – JZ, 2.4.09. - REPRESENTATION.

REPRESENTATION: 1860 was a memorable year for him. In that year he wrote for the WESTMINSTER an article on Parliamentary Reform, on the thesis that as fast as representation is extended, the sphere of government must be contracted.” – Henry Meulen, in THE INDIVIDUALIST, June 1977, on Herbert Spencer. – Establishing “limited” but still territorial monopoly governments does not contract government functions enough. They must become confined to volunteers only, under exterritorial autonomy and personal laws. Otherwise they are still all too unlimited. – JZ, 5.5.08. - In his early editions of "Social Statics" Spencer had a chapter on the right to ignore the State. Without explanation he dropped it in later editions. - Roy Childs acted similarly. - JZ, 21.2.11. - LIMITED GOVERNMENT, PERSONAL LAW, SECESSIONISM, META-UTOPIA, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE

REPRESENTATION: A congressman is more than an agent, who attempts to carry out the views of his constituents. If he were no more than that, we probably could set up a nationwide computer system so every citizen could simply register his vote on each piece of legislation.” – Frank E. Evens, a US representative, in: Robert LeFevre, The Power of Congress, p.17. – So while he cannot even prove to be a representative he claims to be more than a representative, namely a decision-maker for others, even without their consent, i.e., their master. – However, his alternative suggestion is worth discussing. I hold it to be insufficient. Instead of each getting the power to cast his vote on the affairs of all others in a territory, he should only get a vote on which law, institution or political, economic and social system is to be applied to himself – leaving all others free to make their own choices in this respect. This works for all survival goods and services on a free market, it works for all other kinds of voluntary associations. It would work for laws, and political, economic and social systems as well, once these, too, cease to be territorial monopolies. I know of no good and sufficient reason why they should constitute such monopolies. The burning of “witches” was discontinued. So was open slavery in most States, illiteracy has become relatively rare, torture is no more very widely applied. Personal law associations have a very long history. They existed long before we had any written laws. – It can be revived and consistently extended to its limits. – That would, finally, introduce the better half of politics, exterritorial politics of volunteers only. They could also cope much better than territorial governments with private criminals, terrorists and aggressors. However, all these alternatives have still to be fully published, discussed and widely understood. That takes time and effort by many. Because a new kind of political science is involved. - JZ, 5.5.08, 5.4.14.

REPRESENTATION: A little girl asked her mother if all fairy tales begin with “Once upon a time”. The mother replied that this year most of them begin with “If I am elected …” – T. F. D., READER’S DIGEST, 12 (?) 1972. – Even the "representatives" in parliaments cannot freely follow and realize their own ideals among those, who think like them. They are under party discipline from their own party and also under the numerous pressures and obstacles put up by all the opposing parties. Panarchism would, for the first time, bring also freedom of action and experimentation, together with their supporters, to individual politicians and to like-minded small groups of them. To that extent they are not only the territorial victimizers but also the victims of territorialism, just like the territorial voters are. Under panarchism they would even have something like a sinecure among their volunteers, as long as they still manage to have any. - JZ, 21.2.11. - JOKES, POLITICIANS, PROMISES, VOTING, ELECTION PROMISES. PANARCHIST OPPORTUNITIES FOR POLITICANS, DEMOCRACY, “THE” PEOPLE”

REPRESENTATION: All workers should rather be free than merely “represented”. That applies to all other people as well. If anyone wants anyone else to represent him, let him do so individually – by e.g. establishing or joining a corresponding society of volunteers still believing in political representation. – 20.1.93, JZ, 12.5.08.

REPRESENTATION: Americans don’t know the name of their congressman, not because they are dumb, but because they rarely feel that he represents them. They know that the bureaucrats they have to deal with don’t represent them.” – Joan Kennedy Taylor, LIBERTARIAN REVIEW, 9/78.

REPRESENTATION: And, are our representatives guided by basic principles in the handling of public affairs? Hardly. Their business is primarily to “keep their ears to the ground” – to ascertain which pressure group has the most to deliver and to make settlement accordingly. That is the conquest principle.” – Frank Chodorov, Fugitive Essays, p.307. - Under territorialism they really have no other option. Even among principles there is a great variety that do conflict with each other. Most to many of their colleagues believe in different sets of principles. Together these form a terrible mess, from which most minds have not yet liberated themselves. Politicians have, mostly, least opportunity, time and energy left to tackle this job. They are too busy with trying to get into power or to keep it. Most voters are not sufficiently interested or able to clarify their minds in this respect, either. - Not only the religions but also the official education systems and the remaining private education systems as well as the governmental bills of rights and numerous diverse philosophies have so far contributed only to a great confusion, errors and mistakes when it comes to the choice of principles. - JZ, 21.2.11. - POLITICIANS & PRINCIPLES.

REPRESENTATION: As long as the “people’s representatives” are enmeshed in the red tape of a party machine, they can be directed from above rather than below.” - Brian Wilshire, The Fine Print, published by Brian Wilshire, PO Box 209, Round Corner, NSW 2158, Australia, 1992., p.63. – Political party members also tend to constitute an ever-smaller percentage of the whole population. Many decent people never join them or tend to soon drop out, disgusted with their experience. – The power addicts are relatively few. - JZ, 30.3.09. - REPRESENTATIVES & PARTY DISCIPLINE

REPRESENTATION: As Proudhon wrote in a notebook, representative government is ‘a perpetual abuse of power for the profits of the reigning caste and the interests of the representatives, against the interests of the represented.” Universal suffrage is thus a real lottery, ensuring the triumph of mediocrity and the tyranny of the majority.” – Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, p.246. GOVERNMENT, VOTING, POWER, MAJORITIES, TERRITORIALISM

REPRESENTATION: At least one “representative of the rights of individuals and minorities” suggested Otto von Habsburg in “The Social Order of Tomorrow”, p.108, Oswald Wolff Publishers, London, 1958. – He should be part of every parliament and should be given veto power over new and old legislation. We probably haven’t even achieved that every minority would have at least one representative in parliament. But then parliaments would become excessively large – and most of these representatives would simply be outvoted in most cases, unless each of these representatives has a veto power over all laws as far as they affect the minority he represents. Self-management of the own affairs, under full exterritorial autonomy and personal laws, all subject to individual choices and secessionism, can never be sufficiently substituted for by this kind of coercive territorial collectivism, called democratic and republican but remaining, essentially, authoritarian. – JZ, 30.6.92, 15.5.08. – PARLIAMENT, DEMOCRACY, VETO ON RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, LAWS, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES, POLITICAL PARTIES, MAJORITY DESPOTISM, VS. PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM


REPRESENTATION: Bruno Leoni made the point lucidly when he wrote: “The more numerous the people are whom one tries to ‘represent’ through the legislative process and the more numerous the matters in which one tries to represent them, the less the word ‘representation’ has a meaning referable to the actual will of actual people, other than the persons named as their ‘representatives’ … (*) The inescapable conclusion is that in order to restore to the word ‘representation’ its original, reasonable meaning (**), there should be a drastic reduction either in the number of those ‘represented’ or in the number of matters in which they are allegedly represented, or both.” – G. Sartori, Liberty and Law, on Bruno Leoni, Freedom and the Law, p.18/19. – Neither of them seems to have considered communities of volunteers only, under personal law. They took territorialism and its collective and coercive decision-making for granted and just wanted to reduce this evil somewhat. – JZ, 5.5.08. - (*) If one considers the splits of opinion even in small families and friendship circles and on relatively few decisions on private activities, then the delusions of territorial representation of thousands of people by one person, on tens of thousands of questions, becomes even more ridiculous. – (**) As territorial representation, even of involuntary and opposing subjects, it was always wrong and irrational as well as non-representative. - JZ, 5.5.08. - PANARCHISM

REPRESENTATION: But something has gone wrong. The machinery – Parliament, the ballot box, representative democracy – has never worked effectively. The machinery of representation does not represent individual members of the public but the organized groups that claim to speak for them. As a result the institutions have increasingly diverged from the wishes or preferences of the people as individuals.” – Arthur Seldon, Charge, Temple Smith, London, 1977, p.11. - PARLIAMENT, DEMOCRACY, VOTING, BALLOT BOX, INHERENT COLLECTIVISM RATHER THAN INDIVIDUALISM, TERRITORIALISM

REPRESENTATION: Citizens of constitutional states have obtained a right of consent to public expenditure, and to the taxes which furnish it, but the right has proved sterile. Their representatives have never checked the progressive rise in taxation and expenditure which has occurred in every state, those advances – as may be proved beyond any dispute – having been no less, but often much more rapid, in the states which do possess constitutions. And this process must continue indefinitely for just so long as governments, charged with guaranteeing national security, maintain their right of unlimited requisition upon the life, liberty, and property of the individual. - Gustave de Molinari - Liberty Quotations – Facebook, 15.9.13. – VOTING, DEMOCRACY, POLITICIANS, PARLIAMENTARIANISM

REPRESENTATION: Clearly, a man holding public office can be viewed only as an agent of others. But the entire concept of agency is a responsible one, in which the agent knows and can identify his principals and will act in their best interest. A man in Congress can neither show legal proof not offer any legal or moral evidence that anyone either appointed him as his agent or sought to get him to act in his best interests. And the reason for this is that the only manner in which a man can be chosen to Congress is by secret ballot, and thus not in an open and honest way in which he can point to his principals and state that he is, in fact, acting for them. …” - Robert LeFevre, The Power of Congress, p.17. - A representation of the kind LeFevre aimed at can only be achieved in societies of like-minded volunteers, not in territorial States. - The wrong and evil of territorialism would tend to persist even if secret voting were abolished. - JZ, 21.2.11

REPRESENTATION: Congressmen are the nicest folks in the world to meet. I sometimes really wonder if they realize the harm they do. … This country has gotten where it is in spite of politics, not by aid of it. … It’s no disgrace not to be able to run a country nowadays, but it is a disgrace to keep on trying when you know you can’t.” – Will Rogers, 1935. – RUNNING A COUNTRY, GOVERNMENT, POLITICIANS, POLITICS

REPRESENTATION: Congressmen do not spend money like drunken sailors. Sailors spend their own money.” – Charles T. Knudsen, S.L.R., Oct. 1974. - PARLIAMENTS, POLITICIANS, TAXATION, GOVERNMENT SPENDING, REPRESENTATIVES

REPRESENTATION: Democracy is not a representative form of government. – The idea that democracy IS a representative form of government, is the biggest political lie since the doctrine of the divine right of monarchs. – Representation is a voluntary relationship between one who is represented and an agent or agency acting as a representative. An individual cannot be conscripted into a representative relationship with an agent. An individual, whose relationship with an alleged “agent” is voluntary in every way - save that his relationship cannot be terminated, is not in a fully voluntary relationship and is thus not represented by the “agent”. - Democracy, as a system of government, requires that persons within a government’s sphere of influence, obey laws, which are, directly or indirectly, a product of the votes of a majority of voters in government sponsored elections. For those, who vote against a given law or leader, the government does not represent the voters’ will. For those, who do not or cannot participate in elections, but are forced to accept government authority, the government is not representative. …” – Philip E. Jacobson, Taxation Without Representation, Revisited, in THE CONNECTION 116, p.37. - Underlining by me. - JZ - LAWS, DEMOCRACY, DEMOCRACY, TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SECESSION, VOTING, GOVERNMENT

REPRESENTATION: Democracy means government by the uneducated, while aristocracy means government by the badly educated.” – G. K. Chesterton, 1874-1936, in NEW YORK TIMES, 1 Feb. 1931. – If each governmental system is practiced only by individual choice or consent among those in favor of it, then each would get only what he deserves and cannot rightly complain, as long as he remains also free to secede from it again. Chesterton, too, had only a single territorial model for a whole population in mind. Just like a single restaurant menu choice or a single kind of home-cooked meal, this would certainly not be satisfactory for all of the population. Why imagine at all that it ever could be? – JZ, 30.3.09. – PANARCHISM, FREE CHOICE, CONSENT, SECESSIONISM, NATIONALISM, TERRITORIALISM, REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY, VOTING, GOVERNMENT, ARISTOCRACY, EDUCATION

REPRESENTATION: Deputization and “representation” do greatly reduce self-thinking, self-responsibility and the returns from rightful and self-interested actions in the whole population, except, naturally, for the self-interested actions of the representatives or deputies themselves. – JZ, 28.9.98.  – POLITICIANS, RULERS, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS

REPRESENTATION: Either the voters are the principals and we have a representative government, or the voters are only irresponsible voting-machine manipulators and the government we have consists of a small body of men who exercise their own judgment and do as they please with other men’s lives and property. When a man assumes power over other men and then states that he must exercise his own judgment, he is arrogating to himself the power of a king. That is precisely the only kind of claim that any monarch has ever had to make.” - Robert LeFevre, The Power of Congress, p.115. – DEMOCRACY, TERRITORIALISM, VOTING, POLITICIANS, RESPONSIBILITY OR ORGANIZED IRRESPONSIBILITY?

REPRESENTATION: Even if the best man is always elected, there are some issues on which he does not represent many of those who voted for him.” – From Bliss’s Encyclopedia of Social Reform, article “Direct Legislation”. – And even if he is represented, his representative is only one among many and cannot outvote all the others or declare a veto on their decisions. - JZ, 21.2.11. - TERRITORIALISM, VOTING, DEMOCRACY, VOTING

REPRESENTATION: Everything that was directly lived has moved away into a representation.” – “Rabelais”, 21.9.71.

REPRESENTATION: Few people can sufficiently represent themselves properly, their knowledge, their ideas, their abilities, their experience and their potential and possibly none are as yet fully aware of all their individual rights and liberties and of ways to use them optimally. Far less do they fully know their family members, their friends, their work mates. Parents do not fully know their children and children do not fully know their parents. And no one can properly represent not only himself but many others, thousands to millions of other people, most of whom he does not know at all. – Territorial representation is just a very deceptive, harmful and also immoral fiction.” – JZ, 9.10.88.

REPRESENTATION: Gumbert [Tom] has also come to realize that elected political representatives couldn’t represent all of the people in their district.” – Carl Watner, LeFevre, p.207. - POLITICIANS, PANARCHISM, TERRITORIALISM, VOTING

REPRESENTATION: Have you ever wondered if taxation without representation was cheaper?” – Unknown - & TAXATION, Q.

REPRESENTATION: Help Repeal Inflated Congressional Salaries: Are you tired of the most worthless people in our government making more than five average workers would make in a year? You can help fight government corruption by stemming the tide where it starts. … Most Congressmen make $ 42,500 a year, and that figure has now been raised. … If you wish to help stop Congress from stealing more and more out of your pockets, write to Citizens For Repeal Of Inflated Congressional Salaries, P.O. Box 12904, Oakland, Ca. 94604.” – FREEDOM TODAY, 2/76. - If they were not highly paid then they would be even more susceptible to bribes and their resulting even worse decisions and spending programs might cost us much more than their high salaries plus the bribes they received. – If we paid them ten times as much on condition that they repeal all old laws and pass no new ones, we would be much better off. - JZ, 5.5.08. – When under their rule over the laws of a country unemployment increases or inflation, their salaries and fringe benefits should be correspondingly decreased. That might make them think about which of their many laws make these two wrongs and evils possible. A further increase in taxes should also reduce their salaries. – Then they would not be so eager to increase taxes even further. – On the other hand, they might then even more ready to become bribed. – JZ, 2.4.09. - Territorially and among involuntary subjects a genuine political representation is impossible. - JZ, 21.2.11. – CORRUPTION, BRIBERY, HIGH SALARIES OF POLITICIANS, LAW REPEALS, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, POLITICS AS USUAL

REPRESENTATION: Here, sir, the people govern; here they act by their immediate representatives.” - Alexander Hamilton, remarks at the New York convention on the adoption of the Federal Constitution, Poughkeepsie, New York, June 27, 1788. - Jonathan Elliot, The Debates in the Several State Conventions on the Adoption of the Federal Constitution, vol. 2, p. 348 (1836, reprinted 1937). - Hamilton was referring to the House of Representatives. - The great democratic and republican fallacy! - JZ, 11.10.02. - Due to the various voting procedures at most a minority of ca. 1/5th of the population comes to rule over the rest, even after a "landslide" victory that seems to establish majority rule and a "mandate" from the people. - It is hard enough to fully represent oneself. It is impossible to rightfully and correctly represent all others in most important matters of their lives. - JZ, 24.11.02. – No representative can truly represent tens of thousands of different people, who are not like-minded volunteers and haven’t all chosen him, individually, as their representative. Representation of whole territories, countries, districts and their populations is simply a myth or a false pretence. The 51% do not and cannot truly represent the 49 % nor can the 49%, favored by one or the other election system as victors, truly represent the 51%. It is an abuse of the language to use “consent” and “free voting” in this connection. – JZ, 30.3.09. - REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT, REPUBLICANISM, CONSENT, DEMOCRACY, PEOPLE, STATE, POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATIVES, PARLIAMENTARISM, VOTING, MANDATE, FREE ELECTIONS

REPRESENTATION: History warns us that delegated responsibility becomes power. And that power is inevitably abused.” - L. Neil Smith, Lever Action, A Mountain Media Book, 2001,, p.183. - REPRESENTATIVES, DELEGATED RESPONSIBILITIES, POLITICIANS, POWER

REPRESENTATION: Honorable, adj. A formal title of courtesy for certain disreputable officials.” – L. A. Rollins, Lucifer’s Lexicon, quoted in REASON, 7/76.

REPRESENTATION: How can politicians represent you, when they’re given millions to represent someone else? - Nizam Ahmad shared Capitalism's photo. - Corporatism is not Capitalism -The Angel Clark Show – Facebook, 11.2.13.

REPRESENTATION: How right was Rousseau in his condemnation of representation. True participation can never be achieved through representative government.” – David Nicholls, The Pluralist State, p.6/7. – At least not through territorial representative government. For communities of like-minded volunteers representation will come closer to the ideal, where it is still thought to be necessary at all. – JZ, 15.5.08.

REPRESENTATION: I do not know of a single congressman who would tell you that he represents all the people in his district.” – Rep. Wm. L. Springer, Ill., LEFEVRE’S JOURNAL. Winter 76.

REPRESENTATION: I no longer believed that the handful of us – however well-intentioned we might be – spending our nights in the House, could manufacture the life of a nation, could endow it out of hand with happiness, wisdom, and prosperity, and clothe it in all the virtues.” – Auberon Herbert, “Mr. Spencer and the Great Machine”, p.260. (Probably in the Mack edition of his essays. - JZ)

REPRESENTATION: I suggest that we all stop calling what we have a representative government and instead refer to it as a mere cabal of ambitious and power-hungry men who, by means of a secret and irresponsible process, intend to arrogate to themselves an arbitrary dominion over the lives, liberties, and properties of everyone in the country.” - Robert LeFevre, The Power of Congress, p.131. - TERRITORIALISM

REPRESENTATION: I thought the greatest honour in the world must be to be a Member of Parliament, but then I had never known a Member of Parliament.” – James Crockett, Chaos Enthroned, p. 110. – Many voters have become, at least partly, disillusioned by visiting parliamentary sessions or seeing them on TV or hearing them in radio-broadcasts. But this disillusionment can only go so far with most, since voters and elected tend to share the same popular errors and prejudices. – JZ, 5.5.08. – POLITICIANS, MP’s, PARLIAMENTS, DEMOCRACY

REPRESENTATION: I’m honored, Congressman Crocket.” – “Please don’t call me that. I’m trying to live it down!” – Words of the second sentence put into the mouth of John Wayne in the film “The Alamo”, 1960.

REPRESENTATION: If government truly represented you, you would give it orders.” – Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p. 47. And if it did not, then you could, at least, secede from it. - JZ, 21.2.11. – Are they our servants or are we their servants – as long as we cannot secede from them and refuse to pay them taxes. – JZ, 5.4.14.

REPRESENTATION: If Patrick Henry thought that taxation without representation was bad, he should see it with representation.” - THE FARMER'S ALMANAC - & TAXATION, TERRITORIALISM, EQUAL RIGHT TO VOTE, MAJORITARIANISM, LOBBIES

REPRESENTATION: If, then, nobody is individually responsible for the acts of Congress, the members of Congress are nobody’s agents. And if they are nobody’s agents, they are themselves individually responsible for their own acts, and for the acts of all whom they employ.” – Lysander Spooner, No Treason VI, p.25, in Works, I. – But who, in a territorial State, with governmental jurisdiction, is able to hold them responsible? An international court of justice – appointed by such governments? – Let their victims secede, preferably before they are still further victimized by them. At least some of those secessionist, if free to establish their own personal law communities, will set attractive alternative examples, which will lead to the collapse, sooner or later, also of the voluntary rumps remaining of the former territorial State systems or to their reduction into insignificance. – JZ, 5.5.08.

REPRESENTATION: In any case … representative government was essentially authoritarian, for it deprived the individual of the right to exercise his free will.” – Appolon Karelin, quoted in Paul Avrich, The Russian Anarchists, p.154/55. - INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL CHOICE, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM VS. TERRITORIALISM & ITS INHERENT AUTHORITARIANISM

REPRESENTATION: In every representative system, whether called a parliament, a convention or something else, whether established by the prefects of a Bonaparte or elected by a rebellious people, on the basis of the fullest possible liberty (?), will always seek to widen its powers, increase its authority in every way and suppress the independence of the individual or group by means of the law.” – Kropotkin, Representative Government, in his “Paroles d’un Revolte”, Paris, 1885, 181/82. – All of the diverse individuals and groups in any population cannot be represented by a single territorial institution. They are much too different and much too antagonistic for that. If, instead, all of them became free, through secessionism, to sort themselves out into diverse groups of volunteers, all of them from then on only acting under exterritorial autonomy and came to agree to leave each other sufficiently alone, while each group of volunteers is doing only the own things, then they could peacefully coexist, with each individual and group getting its own choice, in the own affairs, on its own responsibility. – JZ 15.5.08, 21.2.11, 5.4.14.

REPRESENTATION: In the modern state, as Figgis insisted, the mass of people will have nothing to do with the law except to obey it, …” - David Nicholls, The Pluralist State, p.7. - Or try to evade or break it and try to get away with this. - Under severe penalties that is not common or easy. In some countries refusals to accept the government's paper money was, sometimes, punished with death. - Wrongful territorial laws and their enforcement abound. - JZ, 21.2.11.

REPRESENTATION: It appears that today and almost exclusively the net-tax consumers are represented rather than the net-tax producers. Only the reverse arrangement would make at least some moral and rational sense. Those who are, on balance, tax consumers rather than tax producers, have themselves set up, quite legally, as owners and exploiters of tax slaves. Such a situation does not deserve being called self-government and self-determination. – JZ, 20.4.89, 15.5.08. - Nor does the decision-making monopoly on war and peace and the monopoly and coercion of central banking. - JZ, 21.2.11.

REPRESENTATION: It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly American criminal class except Congress.” – Mark Twain – CONGRESS, PARLIAMENTARISM, TERRITORIALISM

REPRESENTATION: It is a truism to say that the congressman is now only a liaison officer between his constituents and the Treasury Department.” - Frank Chodorov, Fugitive Essays, p.264. – If, at least, he would be that. But he does not even sufficiently represent the law-, regulations- and tax-victims there. – JZ, 5.5.08.

REPRESENTATION: It is a well-known fact of experimental observation that the present members of US Congress (with few exceptions) are lawyers. These people have spent long, arduous years in learning how to be obscure, illogical, and facile in the rapid production of mind numbing mumbo-jumbo incantations, best suited for accompanying the sacrifice of a virgin at Sunrise. Sure there are exceptions, but the odds are you’ll never meet one.” – Paul Nahin, ANALOG 10/78, p.173/74. – POLITICIANS, MEMBERS OF CONGRESS, DEPUTIES, REPRESENTATIVES

REPRESENTATION: It is not easy for a person to do any great harm when his tenure of office is short, whereas long possession begets tyranny.” – Aristotle, Politics, 45h. c. B.C., 5.8, tr. Benjamin Jowett. – Admittedly, a short term is better than a long run. But: How long does it take “representatives” to get us e.g. into a war against our will, or into an inflation or mass unemployment, and how many years to decades does it take them, if they manage that at all, to get us out of such troubles again? – JZ, 20.11.85, 21.2.11. – Moreover, even a short-term continuance - merely of all the wrongs and mistakes of his predecessors - will already continue to do much harm, even if a new and short-term representative does not add any of his own. – JZ, 13.5.089. - If all of them were systematically repealing old wrongful and irrational laws and regulations, instead of wrongfully and irrationally adding to this mess, then they would do some good. - But are they? - If they haven't done anything good of that kind, within 6 or 12 months, then they should automatically lose their office. However, it be would much more rightful and useful to allow individual peaceful dissenters and whole groups of their subjects to opt out from under their rule and do their own things, under personal laws, i.e., exterritorially. - JZ, 21.2.11. - TENURE IN OFFICES,

REPRESENTATION: It is not impossible that history will also regard the period of which I write as the Age of the Big Lie in which bureaucracy and propaganda took over the functions of informed representative government (*) and created calamity for the world. In one sense all this corruption represents a victory over representative government by the very enemies with which the free nations (*) found themselves confronted in the terrible struggles of our times.” – Louis Broomfield, A New Pattern for a Tired World, p. 5. – (*) Have we ever had truly informed representative government? – JZ, 5.5.08. - Can we have it under territorialism? - JZ, 21.2.11. – Q., MYTHS, LIES, PROPAGANDA, BIG LIES, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY NOTIONS, TOTAL WARFARE

REPRESENTATION: It is vain to summon a people, which has been rendered so dependent on the central power, to choose from time to time the representatives of that power; this rare and brief exercise of their free choice, however important it may be, will not prevent them from gradually losing the faculties of thinking, feeling, and acting for themselves, and thus gradually falling below the level of humanity.” – Alexis de Toqueville, Democracy in America. - In this respect we are even more conditioned than children are under 8 years of compulsory schooling and without sufficient knowledge of and respect for the rights of children by their teachers and at home by their parents. - Neither most teachers nor most parents do so far know and appreciate all of their own and genuine individual rights and liberties, either. - That shows when they are acting as voters or as political representatives of territorial voters. - JZ, 21.2.11. – VOTING, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, DEPENDENCY UPON GOVERNMENTS, DEMOCRACY, STATISM, WELFARE STATE, TERRITORIALISM, DETERIORATION OF HUMAN BEINGS

REPRESENTATION: It should be apparent that, in a system where Congress doesn’t even know about the existence of certain agencies, the operational control of Congress is weak to nonexistent.” – William E. Simon, A Time for Action, p.39. – And how much do the Congressmen keep from the people whom they are supposed to represent? – JZ, 15.5.08. – And how much do governments keep from our “representatives”? – JZ, 5.4.14.

REPRESENTATION: It was Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show who made an astute observation during President Ford’s 1974 trip to Russia and Japan, in which the United States experienced a shortage in a Vice-President. Commenting that without a Vice-President no one was running the country, Johnny paused and said “Notice the difference?” receiving a thundering applause …” - PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, RULERS, GOVERNMENT, ANARCHISM

REPRESENTATION: Judging by debates in parliament, most representatives either don’t know what is going on, or what can be done and should be done, or pretend not to know or do not care. But they do have strong opinions, instead of rightful and rational ideas, platforms, principles and programs. – JZ, 11.6.75, 5.5.08.

REPRESENTATION: Most of the letters I get - claim they couldn’t get hold of a Senator or a Congressman. Well, that’s been the trouble with all of us, we couldn’t lay our hands on a Senator or lawmaker. If we could lay our hands on ‘em, they wouldn’t today constitute one of our menaces. – Will Rogers. – JOKES

REPRESENTATION: Ninety eight percent of the adults in this country are decent, hardworking, honest Americans. It's the other lousy two percent that get all the publicity. But then, we elected them. – Lily Tomlin – VOTING, ELECTIONS, POLITICIANS, DEMOCRACY, JOKES

REPRESENTATION: No doubt effective personal representation is under any circumstances a matter of difficulty; but political organization admits only of the most imperfect form of it, voluntary organization of (*) the most perfect.” – Auberon Herbert, in Mack edition, p.6. – (*) I hold that this statement would be clearer if this third "of" were dropped. - JZ, 21.2.11. - PANARCHISM, PARTIES, VOLUNTARISM, TERRITORIALISM

REPRESENTATION: No one and no group can represent all. – JZ, 4.10.98. – Possibly, an international federation of local militias for the protection of all individual rights and liberties could. But it still shines by its absence, just like an ideal declaration of all of these rights and liberties. Am I the only one to notice these two absences? – JZ, 9.5.08. - If we had already the freedom to reorganize ourselves in a large number of diverse panarchies of volunteers, all of them exterritorially autonomous and thus realizing the ideal of panarchism, with its tolerance and experimental freedom for all peaceful citizens to do their own things, then, between them, they could represent all adult and rational citizens. - But our territorial representatives and territorial revolutionaries, terrorists and reformers do not yet aim at that, neither do most of their voters, politicians and party leaders or even most of their political "scientists". Most of the victims of territorialism still grant it the sanction of the victims. - JZ, 21.2.11. - VOTING, DEMOCRACY, PARLIAMENTS, POLITICIANS, MILITIA FOR THE PROTECTION OF ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, SANCTION OF THE VICTIMS

REPRESENTATION: Nobody can know all “the” people or even all those voters who actually voted for him. Thus nobody can fully represent those he is supposed to represent, and those, whose fundamental rights and liberties he is not supposed to infringe with the laws and regulations that he votes for. – JZ, 2.4.09. - TERRITORIALISM, DEMOCRACY

REPRESENTATION: None of the voters in this country appoint their political agents in any open authentic manner, or in any manner to make themselves responsible for their acts. Therefore these pretended agents cannot legitimately claim to be really agents. …” - Lysander Spooner, No Treason VI, p.28, in Works, I. – Government by "the people" or a temporary majority among the voters, cannot be genuine self-government. - JZ, 21.2.11. - RESPONSIBILITY, IRRESPONSIBILITY, TERRITORIALISM, VOTING, ELECTIONS, DEMOCRACY, SELF-GOVERNANCE

REPRESENTATION: not a single member of Congress can identify or name any of those who have voted for him. And a man who claims to be an agent, acting for others, but who can show no legal or moral proof as to who those persons are for whom he acts, is clearly acting only in his own behalf. Since this is an obvious fact, it follows that no member of Congress is really an agent of anyone but himself.” – Robert LeFevre, The Power of Congress, p.37. – “My letter was intended to bring to your attention the fact that you and all the other members of Congress, claiming to be representatives of the people in your respective districts or states, are in fact not representatives of anyone but yourselves. …” - Ibid, p.161. - At most he could demonstrate that he is the member of a party and that this party got so und so many votes during the last elections. But he does not know any of these voters for sure, since voting is secret and they might not tell the truth about which party they voted for, if asked. An anonymous mass, voting for one party, tries thus to dominate all other parties and the whole population of a territory. Should that not also fall under anti-conspiracy laws? – From this point of view all politicians would only represent themselves. - If all parties strove only for full exterritorial autonomy for all their members and voters then this would be quite another matter and secret voting would then most likely no longer be upheld, either. – On the contrary, their membership list would be open to inspection, at least by juridical agencies. - JZ, 5.5.08.

REPRESENTATION: Not only is there no machinery in representative democracy for asserting individual preferences over much of the services of contemporary government; the sizable number of government employees who provide them invariably prevail over the much larger number who use and pay for them.” - Arthur Seldon, Charge, Temple Smith, London, 1977, p.13. – All forms of territorialism shift power from the population, in all its diversity, from individuals, minorities and even the majority, to the territorial government. – JZ, 30.3.09. – POWER, VOTING INSTEAD OF INDIVIDUAL CHOICES THROUGH SECESSIONISM & VOLUNTARY MEMBERSHIP IN STATES & SOCIETIES, ALL WITHOUT A TERRITORIAL MONOPOLY: PANARCHISM/POLYARCHISM VS. DEMOCRACY, PUBLIC SERVANTS, BUREAUCRACY, CIVIL SERVICE, MAJORITIES, TERRITORIALISM VS. INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY

REPRESENTATION: On the 2nd of November the district replied by a resolution denying the right of the elected to control the electors, and especially condemning the interference of the Hotel de Ville with debates in the districts. On the 12th, ten days later, they came out into the open with a resolution that was like a declaration of war against Bailly and Lafayette; they drew up a form of oath which their five deputies were to swear and this oath bound the members of the district not only to obey the district in all its resolutions, but also to admit that they could be dismissed after being called upon three times to resign by a majority of the district. It was the full doctrine of delegacy and of the corporate will. – H. Belloc, The Life of Danton, p.94. – PARLIAMENTS, VOTING, DEMOCRACY, DECENTRALIZATION VS. CENTRALIZATION, POLITICIANS, MANDATE, DEMOCRACY, RECALL

REPRESENTATION: One cannot represent millions. Neither could hundreds or thousands. – JZ, 16.8.89, 15.5.08.

REPRESENTATION: One must have lived in that isolator which is called a National Assembly to realize how the men who are most completely ignorant of the state of a country are almost always those who represent it. … Most of my colleagues or the left and the extreme left were in the same perplexity of mind, the same ignorance of daily facts.” – Proudhon, Confessions of a Revolutionary, quoted in George Woodcock, Proudhon, p.129. – PARLIAMENTS, DEMOCRACY, TERRITORIALISM

REPRESENTATION: Only one thing is not represented in the legislature: the nation as a whole.” (*) – Ludwig von Mises, Economic Policy, p.97. – While many special interests and pressure groups are represented, even over-represented, their victims are not and numerous dissenting individuals and minorities are not sufficiently represented either, unless they could afford to buy themselves some representatives or could form an influential pressure groups, threatening with a boycott of their voters if their demands were ignored. The territorial whole of the population is not and cannot be fully represented by anyone or any particular party or group or parliament. All such attempts failed and had to fail. Only among like-minded volunteers an one come close to genuine representation. – JZ, 15.5.08. – (*) Assuming that such an entity does really exist – which I do deny. No one has ever seen it as a whole being. The maps are graphic fictions. Elephants and whales are the largest beings on Earth. – JZ, 5.4.14.

REPRESENTATION: Our forefathers made one mistake. What they should have fought for was representation without taxation. - Fletcher Knebel, historian, 21.6.99. - Was the usual territorial representation really worth fighting for? - JZ, 22. 11. 06. - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. – They also expected more from territorial “representation” than it can deliver. – JZ, 26.3.12. – & TAXATION & AMERICAN REVOLUTION, DEMOCRACY, REPUBLICANISM, POLITICIANS, VOLUNTARY TAXATION

REPRESENTATION: Our forefathers should have fought for representation without taxation.” – Quoted in: Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do ‘til the Revolution, Breakout Productions, Port Townsend, Washington, 1999, rev. ed., ISBN 1-89.3626-13-X, p.16. – While it makes sense to fight for one’s own rights and liberties, does it make sense to fight for the privileges of one’s politician or representative? – JZ, 26.9.07. - POLITICIANS

REPRESENTATION: Our present political position has been achieved in a manner unprecedented in the history of nations. It illustrates the American idea that governments rest on the consent of the governed, and that it is the right of the people to alter or abolish them at will whenever they become destructive of the ends for which they were established.” - Jefferson Davis, inaugural address as president of the Confederate States of America, Montgomery, Alabama, February 18, 1861. - Jefferson Davis, Constitutionalist, His Letters, Papers and Speeches, ed. Dunbar Rowland, vol. 5, p. 50 (1923). Davis served in Congress 1845-1846 and 1847-1851. - Individuals, minority groups and majority groups must finally get the right to provide for themselves those institutions and laws that they want for themselves. Collective territorial decision-making is inherently wrongful and harmful. Let each mind his own public business or his own voluntary involvement with his preferred public business. - JZ, 11.10.02. - Consent can rightfully be only individual consent. Imagine consumer decisions and marriage decisions only being arrived at collectively, by majority voting and "consent". Imagine your clothing, entertainment, reading, travel, sports, etc., all being collectively decided instead of by yourself. - JZ, 24.11.02. – Only any community, society or governance system of volunteers should be defined as “the people”, as far as that association is concerned. – JZ, 30.3.09, 5.4.14. – PEOPLE, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENT, POLITICIANS, CONSENT, DEMOCRACY, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT VS. ALL KINDS OF COERCIVE COLLECTIVISM

REPRESENTATION: Our system lives by the myth of “representation” and “delegated powers”. State legislators and even congressmen, whom no one in a hundred of their constituents could even name, pretend they speak for and “represent” the people. But Spooner argues such legislative power is not legitimate. The so-called people’s representatives in fact only represent a small faction. The fact that political leaders might represent a majority also would prove nothing. A majority who support their government and do not resist tyranny can be found in most countries. “What do they prove?” Spooner asks: “Nothing by the tyranny and corruption of the very governments that have reduced so large portions of the people to their present ignorance, servility, degradation, and corruption, an ignorance, servility, degradation, and corruption that are best illustrated in the simple fact that they do sustain the governments that have so oppressed, degraded and corrupted them.” – Charles Chiveley in his introduction to Lysander Spooner, No Treason I, page 4/5 of Works I.

REPRESENTATION: People who don’t think for themselves, who imagine they are paying others to do their thinking for them, are really quite mad, and, like all persons not quite right in the head, are a potential menace.” – Robin Cook, A State of Denmark, p.55. – VOTING, MANDATE, ELECTIONS, DEMOCRACY, MAJORITY

REPRESENTATION: Politicians represent themselves more than they represent most of those who voted for them and they cannot rightly represent those who did not vote for them. – JZ, 30.7.98, 9.5.08m 21.2.11. – Nor can they fairly represent e.g. those, who have quite opposite views on any subject. – JZ, 20.10.08, 21.2.11. - POLITICIANS, PARLIAMENTS, DEMOCRACY, PEOPLE, VOTING

REPRESENTATION: Politicians truly represent only themselves. They cannot truly represent even all the members of their own party, as each leadership struggle proves. Far less can they represent all their voters, on many to most opinions and all the voters of other parties and the whole population. – JZ, 24.3.93, 21.2.11.

REPRESENTATION: Professor Meltzer, now asks why the public acquiesce in the incessant growth of government and why it does not, in countries with a system of free government, act to stop or reverse the process. He offers an explanation for the origin and strength of the trend: the costs of government are diffused and the benefits concentrated. Thus there is organized and effective political support for expansion, but feeble and widely dispersed resistance to increased public spending programs.” – Roger A. Freeman, introducing: Meltzer’s “Why Government Growth.” - Firstly, individuals and dissenting minorities are not free to secede. Secondly, taxation is not voluntary. Not even the allocation of one’s taxes to different spending programs has been turned into an individual’s free choice. Free government does not mean free people, free minorities and free individuals, especially not under territorialism. – Roy Childs, David Friedman and probably many others have made statements similar to that of Prof. Meltzer. – JZ, 5.5.08.


REPRESENTATION: Representation and Recall: Every rational being has the right to authorize somebody to represent its rights and interests. It may withdraw this authority any time without having to state its reasons. - Comment: This concerns particularly the election and recall of parliamentarians, public servants and military officers. – From the human rights draft in PEACE PLANS No. 4, article 37. – RECALL

REPRESENTATION: Representation does not represent because no one man can perfectly represent another.” – Bliss, editor, Encyclopedia of Social Reform, article “Direct legislation”.

REPRESENTATION: Representation in politics is rather like representation in love. It only works in a theoretical sense.” – Karl Hess, Letter to Martin Shepard, undated. - Rather: only in a hypothetical sense. Was anyone foolish enough to propose such a theory or hypothesis for sexual relationships? - Perhaps political representation would be bearable if confined only to one-night stands? - It is, I believe, bearable within communities of volunteers. - JZ, 21.2.11. - JOKES

REPRESENTATION: representative bodies in fact deny the people power. To put it another way, the existence of representative bodies deprives the population of a number of learning processes.” – Holterman, Law in Anarchism, p.35. - Territorial "representation" deprives them of all the genuine self-government and self-management options that are possible only in societies and communities of volunteers, who are exterritorially autonomous under their own personal law. - JZ, 21.2.11, 5.4.14.

REPRESENTATION: Representative democracies or republics do not sufficiently represent those, whom they are supposed to represent. They, too, have their at least temporarily conquered and dominated groups, their dissenters, rebels, revolutionaries and terrorists. All rule, at least before the next election, over many involuntary subjects and taxpayers. They do not permit them to secede and to rule themselves in accordance with their own ideologies or other convictions or faiths, although the “representatives” could rightfully rule only over people who are volunteers, who have given them their individual consent, or who are aggressors against them or who criminally victimized some of their voluntary members and subjects. Further, who or what authorized them to acquire and keep in readiness mass extermination devices or to ally themselves with those regime which do so? Over 200 years ago Immanuel Kant stated that all governments that monopolize decisions on war and peace are really still despotisms. – JZ, 23.7.97, 9.5.08, 21.2.11. – (1795, in his “Eternal Peace”.) DEMOCRACY, REPUBLICS, WAR & PEACE DECISIONS, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

REPRESENTATION: Representative democracy is all too flawed. It largely leads only to “free” choices for by politicians and bureaucrats. In honestly conducted plebiscites only the temporary majority will get its will, if they are realized. – JZ, 17.12.05, 29.10.07. - However, a democracy or republic would be quite different if it were only established and conducted for its voluntary members and subjects, under full exterritorial autonomy. - JZ, 21.2.11. – DEMOCRACY, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNANCE, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW CHOICES FOR VOLUNTEERS

REPRESENTATION: Representative government, he wrote, is the best possible for the administration of justice, and the worst possible for everything else.” – Henry Meulen, in THE INDIVIDUALIST, June 77, on Herbert Spencer. – Is that really true for the administration of justice - by a monopolistic governmental institution? Moreover, one that is supposed to decide justly by applying numerous unjust laws! – JZ, 5.5.08. – JUSTICE, COURTS

REPRESENTATION: Representative governmentmeans that the government represents the people’s interests before election, and its own interests after election.” – Aami Wisdore, Free World, p.16. – Before the election the candidates are not yet the new government, although some may be members of the outgoing government. Thus the representation claims are made merely by candidates, pretending to be able to properly represent all voters and thereby trying to get the majority of the voters to vote for them. But their very slogans and platforms reveal their own ignorance and prejudices – as well as those of the voters. Obviously, they cannot represent the better informed and the unprejudiced. But, nevertheless, they do intend to territorially rule them, with the help of their votes in parliament or the government offices they might gain. - JZ, n.d.

REPRESENTATION: Representatives are not "guardians" of the public purse but its rip-off artists. - JZ, 30.4.02. - REPRESENTATIVES, MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT, DEPUTIES, POLITICIANS:

REPRESENTATION: Representatives can at best only represent those, who voted for them and even these voters should remain free to secede from their representatives and from the whole territorial government – after giving notice – and free to establish or join an exterritorially autonomous community of volunteers which they do feel would represent their rights, liberties and interests sufficiently. – JZ, 28.4.93, 11.5.08. – PANARCHISM, VOTING, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

REPRESENTATION: Representatives mainly represent merely themselves. – Their degrees of obesity, compared with that of the general population, in their age group, would be some indication of that. Fat cats is mostly an apt term from them. But skinny ones can be power-mad, too and very expensive and risky for those, whom they “represent”. - JZ, 20.7.01, 30.3.09. REPRESENTATIVES, MPs, PARLIAMENTARIANS, POLITICIANS, MINISTERS, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS

REPRESENTATION: Representatives of our interests are people who, in our name, represent their own interests.” – Helmar Nahr. – JZ tr. of: “Interessenvertreter sind Leute, die in unserem Namen ihre Interessen vertreten.” - Under territorialism. Under voluntarism and exterritorial autonomy real representation is possible and might be nothing but an aspect of division of labor. - JZ, 22.2.11. – POLITICANS, MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENTS, DEPOTIES, VOTING, DEMOCRACY LEGISLATORS

REPRESENTATION: Robert LeFevre has set out to prove the notion to be literally true, that Congressmen really don’t know what they are doing. Or what they should be doing. Or what gives them the legal or moral right to do anything in the first place.” – Steve Eddy, SANTA ANA CALIFORNIA REGISTER, Oct. 26, 1976, in reviewing “The Power of Congress”.

REPRESENTATION: Say hello to your local member! He’s lonely!” – From radio satire, 1.12.78. – I would rather favor boycotting him or her completely. – JZ, 5.5.08. – He has mainly only special interest lobbyists for company. – Not that ordinary voters, with their votes on the affairs of others and on the spending of general tax revenues, aren’t also such lobbyists and thus should not complain about the others. Each should have a decisive vote only on the own affairs and the system and associations that he prefers for himself and for like-minded people. - JZ, 6.4.14. – E.g. sports and religions interests are more suitably, freely, voluntarily and tolerantly organized and financed. – JZ, 6.4.14. - VOTING, SECESSIONISM, POLYARCHISM, META-UTOPIA, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PERSONAL LAWS, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, ASSOCIATION & EXPERIMENTATION VS. TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES

REPRESENTATION: Someone who does not know or appreciate my principles, aims, methods and beliefs cannot possibly represent them. He can only become a hindrance to them. Representation is only possible between sufficiently like-minded people. That excludes territorial representation of whole populations, wrongfully called nations or peoples. – JZ, 9.7.96, 9.5.08. – POLITICIANS, DEMOCRACY, VOTING, DECENTRALIZATION INTO STATES & LOCAL GOVERNMENTS DOES NOT GO FAR ENOUGH, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOTING

REPRESENTATION: Suppose you were an idiot And suppose your were a member of congress. But I repeat myself.” – Mark Twain – REPRESENTATIVES, CONGRESS, PARLIAMENTS, POLITICIANS, JOKES


REPRESENTATION: Taxpayers should not allow such arrogant rip-off merchants to get one foot inside parliament.” – David Taylor, Brisbane, 1977. – As taxpayers they have no votes. They are not even allowed to form ideal militias for the protection of their individual rights and liberties. They are not free to secede and to set up exterritorially autonomous alternative societies and communities. - They are actually disfranchised in any really significant sense. Even if they elected only honest and educated idealists – how long would these stay honest and idealistic in all powerful parliaments? – JZ, 5.5.08. – VOTING, TERRITORIALISM, DEMOCRACY, POWER & CORRUPTION

REPRESENTATION: Territorial representation can at most represent only a few at the expense of the many. Generally, it exploits and represses – under the pretence of representation or popular rule. – JZ, 27.2.89.

REPRESENTATION: Territorial representative democracy is neither fully representative nor democratic and cannot be, fully, either. – The dissenters are not free to opt out from under it and engage in their own form of self-governance, with like-minded volunteers, under personal laws and full exterritorial autonomy, doing their own things for or to themselves. – They live under imposed laws and taxes, i.e. in a kind of dictatorship, too, until they manage to form the majority and force their system upon the others. - JZ, 15.6.92, 15.5.08, 6.4.14. – DEMOCRACY, VOTING

REPRESENTATION: that the moment we have cast our ballots, the representative takes over (as Rousseau, and before him, Victor Considerant pointed out) and we have lost our freedom.” – Howard Zinn, Disobedience and Democracy, p.65.– In short, we limit and lose our freedom through territorial voting. – JZ, 5.5.08, 21.2.11. – VOTING, FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY, MAJORITY DESPOTISM

REPRESENTATION: The best territorial representatives we could get would be those so obviously incompetent that nobody would entrust his money and fate to them and everybody would rather join a tax rebellion, general revolution or secession than submit to them. Afterwards, finally, everybody could either represent himself, in a market free of any territorial despotism, or appoint a true representative – but one for his own affairs only, joining for this purpose with some other and like-minded people in communities and societies of their own, under personal law and without making any territorial monopoly claims, just like they do already form numerous private associations of volunteers for xyz other purposes. Within such alternative institutions they could apply whatever more or less representative system they do prefer for themselves. E.g. they could run it like a share company, partnership or cooperative on in some other form of self-management. And they would not allow anyone else to extract any tax tributes from them. As volunteers their contributions to their associations would all be voluntary taxation or subscriptions. – JZ, 24.6.78, 5.5.08, 21.2.11. – VOLUNTARISM, FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION, CONTRACT, COMPETITION, SECESSION & EXPERIMENTATION IN EVERY SPHERE

REPRESENTATION: The Common Law knew nothing of that system which now prevails …, of assuming a man’s own consent to be taxed, because some pretended representatives, whom he never authorized to act for him, has taken it upon himself to consent that he may be taxed.” – Lysander Spooner, in “Trial by Jury”, appendix, quoted by Carl Watner in Holterman, Law in Anarchism, p.126. – TAX TRIBUTE LEVIES

REPRESENTATION: The corruption of democracy proceeds directly from the fact that one class imposes the taxes and another class pays them. The constitutional principle, ‘No taxation without representation’ is utterly set at nought.” – Dean W. R. Inge, Outspoken Essays, I, II. – At least for dissenting individuals and minorities. – JZ, 5.5.08. – CONSTITUTIONALISM, TAXATION, DEMOCRACY

REPRESENTATION: The deputies believe to have fulfilled their duty already when they express themselves in popular terms.” – JZ, rough translation of the German version: “Die Abgeordneten glauben ihre Pflicht schon dann erfuellt zu haben, wenn sie sich gewaehlt ausdruecken.” - Bert Berkenstraeter – OF POPULAR ERRORS, PREJUDICES, MYTHS & MISUNDERSTANDINGS

REPRESENTATION: the fact remains that man is at the mercy of his own representatives – the government or the state. … he has failed to keep his own invention under control.” - Kevork Ajemian, The Fallacy of Modern Politics, Books International, PO Box 6096, McLean, Virginia 22106, 1986, Tel. (703) 821-8900, p.98. – Territorial representatives cannot be really representative of all of the population, including the numerous and very diverse dissenters. The only effective control, namely individual and minority groups secessionism, combined with free competition from exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers, has been outlawed everywhere. – JZ, 7.10.07, 21.2.11. – Thus, under this kind of monopoly and legal tender power, the bad drives out the good in this sphere as well. – JZ, 6.4.14. – GRESHAM’S LAW, MONOPOLISM, LEGAL TENDER POWER, CITIZENS & GOVERNMENT, STATE, POLITICIANS, TERRITORIALISM, ITS POWER & MONOPOLY VS. ALTERNATIVE INSTITUTIONS OF VOLUNTEERS ONLY

REPRESENTATION: The idea that the central government – one huge mainframe – is the most important part of governance – is obsolete, which means the end of politics as we have known it, as we shift from representative democracy (*) to free-market democracy.” - John Naisbitt, Global Paradox, p.58. – Even to a free market and free enterprise and consumer sovereignty for communities of like-minded volunteers, under personal laws, i.e. under full exterritorial autonomy for all of them – at least all those, prepared to respect this autonomy in all other communities of volunteers. – JZ, 19.9.07. - (*) or political party despotism – JZ, 16.9.07. – I do not know as yet how far Naisbitt went with his notion of “market democracy”. He really might have a kind of panarchism in mind or laissez faire and free experimentation of volunteers in every sphere - but I never noticed a wording of his which quite clearly expressed this. Others may have found it. – JZ, 6.4.14. - REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY TO FREE MARKET DEMOCRACY, POLITICS AS USUAL, I.E. TERRITORIAL POLITICS, WILL COME TO AN END, TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM = FREE MARKET DEMOCRACY? (Any Government or society by free choice or consent?)

REPRESENTATION: The individual’s power is more and more fragmented; he feels helpless because he is helpless. To tell a person he is represented by his Congressman, that he can take care of a grievance by writing a letter to Washington, or by voting in the next election, is rightly seen as a joke.” – Howard Zinn, Disobedience and Democracy, p.114.

REPRESENTATION: The Making of Ciphers: If we look closely, we find that these systems only mean that if we have no personal opinions, we can be represented, so far as it is possible or worthwhile to represent blank sheets of paper; if we have personal opinions, we can’t be represented. (*) The question then forces itself upon us, is it a bit of honest work, is it profitable, is it worth the trouble, to construct a huge machinery for the purpose of representing ciphers, who have no opinions; and when we have constructed our illusory, our make-believe machine, to go into the market-place, and therefrom deliver ourselves of speeches about the excellence of our self-governing system? …” - Auberon Herbert, Mr. Spencer and the Great Machine, p.62. - (*) Except in communities of sufficiently like-minded volunteers. And to the extent that there exists agreement in such communities they would almost be superfluous. – JZ, 5.5.08, 21.2.11. – ELECTIONS, VOTING, DEMOCRACY, REPUBLICANISM, STATISM TERRITORIALISM, POLITICS AS USUAL VS. CONSISTENT VOLUNTARISM, FREEDOM OF ACTION, EXPERIMENTATION, COMPETION, LAISSEZ FAIRE & FREE CHOICE IN EVERY SPHERE

REPRESENTATION: The mere fact of a system of so-called representatives will not secure freedom.” – Figgis, in David Nicholls, The Pluralist State, p.7. - At least under territorialism and in the economic sphere it has, as a rule, assured the opposite. – JZ, 15.5.08, 21.2.11. - How can one territorially represent at the same time and for a whole country and all its population e.g. the advocates of voluntary schooling and of compulsory schooling, of voluntary vaccination and of compulsory vaccination, of voluntary or compulsory abortion and of the opponents of abortion, of drinkers and of teetotalers, of protetionists and of free traders, etc.? It is attempting the impossible and at best leads only to compromises that are not fully satisfying to either side. - JZ, 21.2.11.

REPRESENTATION: The moral and constitutional obligations of our representatives in Washington are to protect our liberty, not coddle the world, precipitating no-win wars, while bringing bankruptcy and economic turmoil to our people.” – Congressman Ron Paul, 1987. - But why entrust our lives, liberties, security, property etc. to these people in the first place and why continue to do so, in spite of all the bad experiences with them, regardless which of their parties was in power? - JZ, 22. 11. 06. – Territorialism establishes impossible jobs, which even Gods could not satisfactorily fill. – A single law, system, method or leader is simply not suitable and satisfactory to all the population of a territory, as is demonstrated again and again in the daily news. To each his own, just like in our free shopping and numerous other free and individual or group activities. – JZ, 30.3.09. – You’re your public services shopping cart only with the competitively offered services of your own free choice. – JZ, 6.4.14. - REPRESENTATIVES, FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, RIGHTS, LIBERTIES, CHOICE, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY & FULL FREE ENTERPRISE SOVEREIGNTY & COMPETITION

REPRESENTATION: The representative is quite distinguished, meaning, he is marked out, as being at the disposal of others, if the price is right, by his standards.” – Bert Berkenstraeter – JZ translation attempt & comment to the German version: (“… der Abgeordnete ist ausgezeichnet; das heisst, er hat seinen festen Preis.”) - More literal translation: “The deputy is a marked-out man, he has his fixed price.” - Most of those, he is supposed to territorially represent, are simply either his victims or the victimizers of the non-consenting victims, who are victimized by the "representative" helping to legalize this victimization, e.g. of the tax payers and the recipients of tax revenues. - JZ, 21.2.11, 6.4.14.

REPRESENTATION: the sad demise of our representative system of government, a system which no longer represents anybody who doesn't have money, or power, or both.” - W. T. Quick, Safe to the Liberties of the People, ANALOG, 6/87, p.139. – Its territorial forms were never fully representative and could not be. Even all members of a nuclear family are not, in all cases, truly represented by a single member of that family, as everybody knows from his or her own experience. – JZ, 30.3.09. – TERRITORIALISM, REPRESENTATIVE SYSTEM, DEMOCRACY, GOVERNMENT, POLITICIANS, DEPUTIES, MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT, PARTIES, POLITICS

REPRESENTATION: The social entity must be represented by free contributions of mental and bodily labor, for only in such a way is it possible for every individual, without exception, to take part in the expression of the common life and work. It cannot be represented where there is a cooked-up thing, called representation, which simply means the utterly false and artificial merging of thousands of persons into one person, and where one faction imposes its will on another faction, while the great mass of individuals simply look on, and a handful of self-seeking and self-glorifying persons act in their name. What is there of “entity” and what of “social” in such system?” – Auberon Herbert, in Mack edition, p.256. - PEOPLE, COMMUNITY, STATE, SOCIETY, PANARCHISM, POLITICIANS, GOVERNMENTS, PARLIAMENTS, CONGRESS, RULERS, LEADERSHIP, SHEEPLE

REPRESENTATION: The whole system, dictatorial, authoritative, governmental, three synonyms, rests upon this insensate idea that people can be represented by others than themselves: No one can represent the people because no one better than they, can know their needs or their will.” – Arthur Arnould, “The State”, THE REBEL, Feb. 1896. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, SELF-GOVERNANCE

REPRESENTATION: There are always too many Democratic congressmen, too many Republican congressmen, and never enough U.S. congressmen.” – Dr. Laurence J. Peter, 1991. – And there can never be enough representatives until each US adult citizen is a sovereign individual and free to represent himself, making his own choices of agents, institutions, laws and systems, a sovereign consumer and a sovereign producer, trader and entrepreneur in this sphere as well. – Until then he is outvoted and outgunned by people and representatives, the vast majority of whom he has never met and does not know at all, just like they don’t know him, as a rule. – JZ, 15.5.08. – PANARCHISM, VOTING, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & CHOICE, META-UTOPIA, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, VOLUNTARISM

REPRESENTATION: There is a further point that could be made here. All members of Congress, as they are presently chosen, are selected only by a plurality of those within their districts. (*) But the moment a winner is announced, the individual thus chosen proceeds to claim that he now represents all the persons in his district. This is contrary to both law and reason. The persons in his district have various opinions and often conflicting interests. It has long been a principle at law that no agent can represent at the same time two persons who have a conflict of interest. Any such person pretending to act as an agent for two different persons with a conflict of interest could quickly be cited under the law, tried, and convicted in an honest court – unless he is a congressman. Although the congressman professes and pretends to be acting as an agent, he is going to act against the interests and wishes of large numbers of those within his district whom he says he represents. And this is the unhappy fact that confronts all members of Congress, in both houses, as well as the president of the United States.” – Robert LeFevre, The Power of Congress. - Only within communities of volunteers, i.e., those without any territorial monopoly, can there exist some true representatives, on points all their volunteers have in common. – JZ, 5.5.08. - (*) Those who bothered to vote. These tend to become a minority.

REPRESENTATION: There is no such thing as a rightful TERRITORIAL REPRESENTATIVE. Each politician CAN, RIGHTFULLY represent and rule ONLY his own volunteers. Instead, they levy tributes from dissenters and force their systems territorially upon them, even in the best of democracies. – JZ, 25.12.11, comment to: No, Melissa, There Isn't a Santa Claus - – No, there isn’t a Santa Claus. - POLITICIANS, PARLIAMENTS, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, WITH THE TENDENCY OF THE WORST GETTING TO THE TOP & STAYING THERE FOR ALL TOO LONG. DEMOCRACY IS, TO THAT EXTENT, NOTHNG BUT A FARCE.

REPRESENTATION: They aren’t our “representatives”. They are “politicians” – which everyone knows is a dirty word. Or (with your voice dripping with sarcasm) they are our rulers, our bosses.” – Claire Wolfe, Don’t Shoot the Bastards (YET), 101 More Ways To Salvage Freedom, p.6. – The mere word is not dirty, but the people, summed up by it, all too often are and they tend to become more corrupted still the longer they remain in territorial power. – JZ, 30.3.09. - REPRESENTATIVES, POLITICIANS, RULERS, BOSSES, TERRITORIALISM, POWER, CORRUPTION

REPRESENTATION: Those who have voted against the winner are now under the jurisdiction of someone who doesn’t represent them. – Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom …”, p.73. – Territorial representation does not and cannot represent. – Its victims are not only under the jurisdiction but also under their legislation and general administration of the winners, even under their decisions on war and peace, armament and disarmament and international treaties. Anyhow, all the questions that will be decided by the elected, during their terms, are not even raised, far less decided, during the election campaigns. And no one gets to pick and choose the detailed policies that he would prefer for himself, in the same way as he can fill his shopping cart in the supermarket or sign special insurance contracts. Only panarchism offers a close approximation to that choice. It requires voluntary membership and exterritorial autonomy under personal laws. We are still very far from that ideal for free societies or free communities or from almost completely free market relationships for all peaceful individuals. – JZ, 25.11.76, 5.5.08. – VOTING, ELECTION CAMPAIGNS, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY, FREE MARKET RELATIONSHIPS IN EVERY SPHERE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

REPRESENTATION: Those whom you nominate as your Representatives will one day become your masters.” – Erckmann-Chatrian, The Story of a Peasant, II, p.310. – One must become free to individually secede even from one’s supposedly free and democratic republic. (Not to speak of all others.) Only then will representatives become or remain truly representatives. Moreover, the seceded must be free to appoint their own kinds of representatives, for their own kinds of exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers. Territorial representation can never be sufficient or complete. – JZ, 27.7.92, 12.5.08.

REPRESENTATION: To be elected is by itself no honor. In our times Hitler and Stalin got millions of votes. – JZ, 22.7.75.

REPRESENTATION: Top down, exclusive, centralized, collectivistic and coercive territorial rule is never sufficiently representative. Populations and their ideals and opinions are much too diverse for that. – JZ, 30.7.98, 9.5.08. – TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM, CONSENT

REPRESENTATION: Try demanding that your ‘representative’ vote as you would. He doesn’t have to. Who does he represent? By what authority?” – From poster on p. 341 of H. J. Ehrlich et al, Reinventing Anarchy.

REPRESENTATION: Under panarchism or polyarchism you could have any kind of “representative” system you like – but only for yourself and like-minded other volunteers. Then you could no longer simply and wrongly assume that it would or could also represent all the other individuals and groups of people, who happen to live in the same territory as you and your voluntary associates do. Under panarchism they would also prefer to live under their own system, institutions and personal law, while leaving you, your followers and your system etc. alone. – JZ, 1.6.13, 19.9.13.


REPRESENTATION: under the Constitution (which you claim provides for a representative government) the lives, liberties, and properties of some are to be confiscated, in whole or in part, for the benefit of others. The persons suffering under these constant and increasing coercions are counseled to submit …” – Robert LeFevre, The Power of Congress, p.137. – In short, they are not represented. – JZ, 5.5.08. - RIGHTS, LIBERTIES, CONSTITUTIONALISM, LAW & ORDER, OWER & DISORDER, WARFARE STATES, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

REPRESENTATION: Vacuum cleaner salesmen sell vacuum cleaners, car salesmen sell cars. One should not expect the people’s representatives to act differently.” – Dieter Hildebrandt. – JOKES

REPRESENTATION: What does representative government mean? It means the rule of the majority and the subjection of the minority; the rule of every three men out of five, and the subjection of every two men. It means that all rights go to the three men, no rights to the two men. The lives and fortunes, the actions, the faculties, and property of the two men, in some cases their beliefs and thoughts, so far as these last can be brought within the control of machinery, are all vested in the three men, as long as they can maintain themselves in power. The three men represent the conquering race, and the two men, the conquered race. As citizens, the two men are de-citizenized; they have lost all share for the time in the possession of their country, they have no recognized part in the guidance of its fortunes; as individuals they are de-individualized, and hold all their rights, if rights they have, on sufferance. The ownership of their bodies, and the ownership of their minds and souls – so far as you can transfer by machinery the ownership of mind and soul from the rightful owners to the wrongful owners, - no more belongs to them, but belongs to those who hold the position of the conquering race.” - Auberon Herbert, Mr. Spencer and the Great Machine, p.54. – MAJORITY RULE OR MAJORITY DESPOTISM, VOTING, DEMOCRACY, ELECTIONS, RIGHTS, LIVES, LIBERTIES, PEOPLE AS PROPERTY, MODERN FEUDALISM, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, OCCUPIED COUNTRIES & POPULATIONS, DOMINATION, “CITIZENS”, CONQUESTS VS. SELF-OWNERSHIP, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, VOLUNTARISM, SECESSIONISM, INDEPENDENCE, SELF-GOVERNANCE

REPRESENTATION: What right had they to say, We, the People? My political curiosity, exclusive of my anxious solicitude for the public welfare, leads me to ask: Who authorized them to speak the language of We, the People …? The people gave them no power to use their name. That they exceeded their power is perfectly clear.” – Patrick Henry, quoted in: Robert LeFevre, The Power of Congress, p.18/19. – WE, THE, PEOPLE & THEIR RULERS

REPRESENTATION: what they call a Representative Government is only meant as a trick and a toy to delude and amuse grown children.” – J. Toulmin Smith, Local Self-Government and Centralization, 1851, p.30.

REPRESENTATION: When the sovereign is elective, or narrowly watched by a legislature, which is really elective and independent, the oppression which he exercises over individuals is sometimes greater, but it is always less degrading, because every man, when he is oppressed and disarmed, may still imagine, that whilst he yields obedience it is to himself he yields it, and that it is to one of his own inclinations that all the rest give way.” - Alexis de Toqueville, Democracy in America. – That is hardly the case when his faction has been outvoted by another faction. But fictions are often more influential than facts. – JZ, 5.5.08.

REPRESENTATION: when the supreme authority is entrusted to delegates, the government becomes aristocratic.” – Rousseau, Constitutional Project for Corsica, in F. Watkins, Rousseau, p.286. – DELEGATES, DEMOCRACY, ARISTOCRACY

REPRESENTATION: Whenever you act and think wholesale, and in authoritative fashion for others, you become to a certain extent limited and incapacitated in your own nature. …” - Auberon Herbert, Mr. Spencer and the Great Machine, p.67. – At the same time you encounter your natural limits. You cannot really think and act for others, no matter how hard you try. If you try to do so, you usually arrive at the wrong conclusions. And all too often your personal nature breaks through and your own personal interests, opinions and ideas are imposed upon the affairs of a whole population, as far as you can, with one vote, or as a territorial ruler or legislator. – JZ, 5.5.08, 6.4.14. - As Auberon Herbert put it, a few lines later: “You lose sight of the great and vital ends, and allow the small things to change places with the all-important things. You are no more in touch with the living forces that make for progress. Why? Are the reasons far to seek? The body of officials – however good and honorable in themselves – form a caste, that administers the administered, and does not really share in the actual life …” - RESPONSIBILITY, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY, COLLECTIVISM, CENTRALIZATION

REPRESENTATION: While the title of congressman implies that he represents the views of his constituency, anybody knows one cannot represent two opposite views at the same time.” – Rep. Albert H. Quie, Minn., in Robert LEFEVRE’S JOURNAL. Winter 76.

REPRESENTATION: Why does “representative” government so often appear to misrepresent the wishes of the governed? … The ethical basis of political freedom is not so much that every citizen must be presumed to know his own true interests best, but that no-one else can claim to know them better; that way lies benevolent dictatorship, which would not for long remain benevolent.” – Ralph Harris, The End of Government …?, p.14. – Q.

REPRESENTATION: With very few exceptions, today’s Members of Congress represent A SORT OF REVERSE EVOLUTION FROM 1789. Men have turned into monkey, albeit with law degrees.” – Llewellyn H. Rockwell, in: Llewellyn H. Rockwell, ed., The Economics of Liberty, Mises Institute, 1990, p.147. – Well, one thing is certain: They do much more wrong and damage than monkeys do. – JZ, 4.10.07. - REPRESENTATIVES, POLITICIANS, MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT, DELEGATES, CONGRESS, JOKES

REPRESENTATION: Without agreement among the (*) voters back home, whom does the representative really ‘represent’? (**) - Alvin Toffler, The Third Wave, Pan Books & Collins, 1980/81, p.437. - (*) all the peaceful – JZ - (**) Apart from himself, his ideology and his party and, at most, the local and temporary majority, always fluctuating, because it, too, is largely made up of various minority groups and even the largest voluntary parties constitute only a minority in the population. – JZ, 24.9.07. - & VOTING, DEMOCRACY, CONSENT, TERRITORIALISM, UNANIMOUS CONSENT, MAJORITIES, MINIORITIES

REPRESENTATION: You don’t have a representative any more. You merely have someone who thinks he or she is your “leader”, unfettered by either your opinions or the Constitution.” - Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do ‘til the Revolution, Breakout Productions, Port Townsend, Washington, 1999, rev. ed., ISBN 1-89.3626-13-X, p.1. REPRESENTATIVES, POLITICIANS, LEADERSHIP

REPRESENTATION: You hold your place only by a title, which, on no just principle of law or reason, is worth a straw. And all who are associated with you in the government – whether they be called senators, representatives, judges, executive officers, or what not – all hold their places, directly or indirectly, only by the same worthless title. That title is nothing more nor less than votes given in secret (by secret ballot), by not more than one-fifth of the whole population. These votes were given in secret solely because those who gave them did not dare to make themselves personally responsible either for their own acts, or the acts of their agents, the lawmakers, judges, etc. – These voters, having given their votes in secret (by secret ballot), have put it out of your power – and out of the power of all others associated with you in the government – to designate your principals individually. That is to say, you have no legal knowledge as to who voted for you, or who voted against you. And being unable to designate your principals individually, you have no right to say that you have any principals. And having no right to say that you have any principals, you are bound, on every just principle of law or reason, to confess that you are mere usurpers, making laws, and enforcing them, upon your own authority alone.” – Lysander Spooner, A Letter to Grover Cleveland, p. 10/11. – LAWFUL GOVERNMENT? CONSTITUTIONALISM, LEGALISM

REPRESENTATION: Your letter attempts to make a major point of the fact that you do not claim to represent everybody. Then what are you doing imposing on … those you do not represent? Are you not implying by your actions that a grant of temporary power by some men gives you power over other men who do not grant that power? To presume that such a grant is possible is to presume that an independent voter has some right or power over his follows, which he can transfer to his agent. But no independent voter has such a right or such a power. The only right or power that he possibly can have is the right and power to control himself. Yet by this clandestine and furtive method, the secret ballot, men who have no power over their fellows presumably grant you and your fellow congressmen a power they do not possess. That, sir, is an impossibility.” - Robert LeFevre, The Power of Congress, p.114. – VOTING, DEMOCRACY, POLITICIANS, RULERS, PARLIAMENTARISM

REPRESENTATIVES: 80 percent were hypocrites, 80 percent liars, 80 percent serious sinners … except of Sundays. There is always boozing and floozing … I don't have enough time to tell you everybody's name. –William Miller, Congressional doorkeeper POLITICIANS, CONGRESS

REPRESENTATIVES: A thief is more moral than a congressman; when a thief steals your money, he doesn’t demand that you thank him. – Walter E. Williams, quoted by Afrikanus Kofi Akosah shared Abolish the IRS's photo. – Facebook, 16.10.12. - POLITICIANS & THIEVES, TAXATION, TRIBUTE LEVIES

REPRESENTATIVES: Being elected to Congress is regarded as being sent on a looting raid for one's friends. –George F. Will, NEWSWEEK – POLITICIANS, TAXATION, FAVORITISM, PLUNDERBUND, WELFARE STATE, GOVERNMENT SPENDING

REPRESENTATIVES: Beware of government representatives; … They are not interested in you. They are interested only in their own interests. … When the interests of individuals collide with those of the state, I would not want to find myself in the position of having to side with the first against the second. - Alan Dean Foster, Running from the Deity, A Pip & Flinx Adventure, DEL REY BALLANTINE BOOKS, 2006, p.137/38. - POLITICIANS, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, RULERS, LEADERSHIP

REPRESENTATIVES: Big spenders of other people’s money. – JZ, 2.4.09. – DEPUTIES, MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENTS, POLITICIANS

REPRESENTATIVES: Both, political representatives and “the people” are fictions, at least under territorialism. Only in communities of volunteers could they come to really represent most of their members – but precisely in such communities they would be least needed of all. – JZ, 20.3.13. – MOREOVER, ONE CAN SECEDE FROM ASSOCIATIONS OF VOLUNTEERS & START OR JOIN A COMPETING ONE.

REPRESENTATIVES: No government can be truly representative because no one can truly and fully represent others. We are all different. No two people are quite alike. Moreover, most people cannot even represent themselves sufficiently towards other people. To assume that some people could not only represent themselves but also many others, and this quite rightfully, rationally and sufficiently, is quite wrong, especially when these others did not even have a vote or did not vote or did not vote for those who were elected by the majority. And how can “representatives” quite fairly represent both of quite opposite cases or claims? Whom are they to represent, the meat eaters or the vegetarians or which among xyz recommended diets? The best solution consists not in making territorial decisions for all others but in letting people make their own individual and voluntary group choices, always at their own risk and expense. And for that we do not need territorial voting, laws, decision-making and institutions but just freedom for all peaceful individuals and their voluntary groups, all doing their own things for or to themselves. Free enterprise (including productive coops) and consumer sovereignty instead of political decision-making, competitively offered services, of all kinds, free pricing and subscription and contribution schemes instead of taxes. Our own private and group budgets instead of those imposed upon us by territorial politicians. – JZ, 28.12.93, 11.5.08, 6.4.14. – PANARCHISM, META-UTOPIA, POLYARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, ASSOCIATION, LAISSEZ FAIRE IN EVERY SPHERE, PERSONAL LAW

REPRESENTATIVES: The more I see of the representatives of the people, the more I like my dogs.” - Alphonse de Lamartine, 1850, Compte d’Orsay, FREEDOM NETWORK NEWS, Nov./Dec. 89, p.14. – PEOPLE, ANIMAL LOVERS

REPRESENTATIVES: The representatives of the people, who are elected to govern on its behalf, become transformed into delegates of the party subject to the directives of its central committee.” – Noah Nissany, FREEDOM NETWORK NEWS, No. 49, Sept. 98, p. 178. - PARTIES, PARTY DISCIPLINE, POLITICIANS, POLITICS AS USUAL, PARLIAMENTS VS. THE PEOPLE

REPRESENTATIVES: Why do they call each other “Honorable”? – Because no one else will? – Or because they are too much inclined to accuse or curse each other for what they know about each other? – One cannot very well say: The honorable liar or bribe recipient or embezzler.” - JZ, 17.8.94 – JOKES

REPRESSION: Those in power forget all too easily that the greater on the one side the suppression of liberty is, the greater is on the other side the wish and the will to achieve freedom.” – JZ tr. of J. H. Mackay, Abrechnung: “Die Machthaber vergessen nur zu leicht, dass, je grosser auf der einen Seite die Unterdrueckung der Freiheit ist, um so staerket auf der anderen der Wunsch und Will nach dieser Freiheit wird.” – But there are degrees of responses to the abuse of power: All too often absolute repression encounters only absolute submission, however large the mental reservations of the victims still are. (“For every tyrant a thousand ready slaves!”) Strong repression encounters, at least sometimes or at one stage, desperate resistance. Some steady repression encounters adaptation to it and moderate repression and a relaxation of oppression often lead to strong resistance. The victims evaluate their chances and act accordingly. The remaining repression in democracies is, unfortunately largely ignored or even popular, e.g. regarding immigration restrictions. – JZ, 6.5.08, 6.4.14. - OPPRESSION, SUPPRESSION, DICTATORSHIPS, GOVERNMENTS, POWER, TOTALITARIANISM, RULERS, FREEDOM, LIBERTY, RESISTANCE

REPRIVATIZATION: Conventional re-privatization puts even more money into the hands of politicians and bureaucrats. Money that does not really belong to them and has not been formally and individually granted to them. This is also a kind of crime in my views, just like compulsory taxation. At least all the adult members of a nation, especially as direct and or indirect taxpayers, should get their equal share in the sales proceeds, best probably in form of general shares that they can later change convert into specific shares of denationalized or de-municipalized enterprises. – JZ, 12.12.92, 12.5.08. - See PEACE PLANS 29 C on

REPRIVATIZATION: I’m afraid that behind the masks of official deregulation, cost-cutting and privatization the total tax take and government spending have gone up and up rather than down. I would like to see statistics and charts on that. – JZ, 11.11.93. – But I have not yet the skill to insert them here, either and am, possibly, too old to learn them now. – JZ, 6.4.12.

REPRIVATIZATION: ONE-MINUTE LIBERTY TIP: Word Choices: "Re-privatization" - Several years ago my friend Jim Cox, author of the great book The Concise Guide to Economics, introduced me to a word I'd never heard before: "re-privatization." - What a useful word! Libertarians, of course, have long advocated privatization of government services, and privatization has become a familiar notion to the public. Some listeners and audiences respond very positively to the concept of privatization. - When speaking to such listeners, using the words "re-privatization" or "re-privatize" gives you the opportunity to create a mind-opening "Aha!" moment for them. - Here's why. Many services that the government currently monopolizes or dominates have been provided very effectively in the past by the free market. - To name just a few: public utilities, education, care for the poor and needy, currency, retirement savings, health care, many licensing and inspection services, roads, passenger trains... the list is almost endless. - However, because of decades of government monopoly, many people now think these services can only be provided by government, or, at the least, have never before been provided by the market. - Saying you favor the "re-privatization" of a service gives your listener an immediate and valuable insight. They are instantly made aware that, sometime in the past, the market has actually provided the particular service you're referring to. - Of course, you must then be ready to back that up - to show how and when the private sector did provide the particular service you want to "re-privatize." - And you must be able to tell your listener that not only is the "re-privatization" you advocate possible, but that it is desirable - that they will be better off. - But the word "re-privatization" is a great way to get that conversation - started. Thanks, Jim!” - Michael Cloud, from Advocates for Self-Government, email newsletter, 14.12.07.

REPRIVATIZATION: The re-privatization schemes that sell public property for the benefit of politicians do still continue the expropriation of the citizens and taxpayers to that extent. What benefits a party or bureaucracy - by putting cash in its hands - does not correspondingly benefit the citizens and taxpayers. They should get their shares of the sales prices, otherwise they benefit only by a reduction of the subsidy burden, since there are less government enterprises left to be subsidized and the privatized enterprises will also have to pay taxes. – JZ 7.11.85, 13.5.08. – At least as long as taxation is allowed to exist furthermore. – JZ, 6.4.14.

REPRIVATIZATION: The way the territorial politicians run it, it amounts to more funds and more spending power for them as a result of a sell-out of the State’s capital assets. The taxpayer remains robbed, cheated and is not indemnified, although he has morally more rights to the sales proceeds from these assets than the politicians have. The politicians do not reduce taxes as a result and they continue to buy votes with these funds. Instead, each taxpayer or each inhabitant of a county or state or local government area should get his or her personal share in the sales-proceeds of such assets, best in form of share certificates, less the brokerage costs involved. I would favor an equal per head share for all people living citizens living at a particular point of time in a country, including even just born children. Anyhow, the politicians should not get their hands on these sales proceeds, as if they had rightfully owned them instead of merely controlled them, under wrongful legislation. – JZ, 11.5.08, 6.4.14.

REPUBLIC AUSTRALIA: A republic only for those, who want it for themselves. A direct democracy for those who prefer it. A constitutional monarchy for those, who still like it. And no territorial government at all for those, who are thoroughly sick of all of them. To all individuals the government or non-governmental society that they like for themselves. – JZ, 26.11.93, 11.5.08. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

REPUBLIC AUSTRALIA: An Australian “pure” republic would not reduce unemployment, sales difficulties, inflation, stagflation, bureaucracy or the tax burden or solve any other problem except that of top politicians who want still more power for themselves. In no other respect would it be any “better” for the vast majority of all Australians. It would make matters worse insofar as it would remove one formal and institutional veto right against excess powers of Australian politicians, for the Queen or the King of the British Commonwealth could so far recall a government through her or his royal representative, which was done at least twice to good effect in Australia. This was done although Australian politicians have already all too much influence upon who is to occupy the offices of Governor General and of Governors for the Australian States. To politicians their dependence upon the voters and upon anyone else really representing the voters is undesirable and conflicts with their power urge and power madness. I think that they deserve to be recalled much more often and also to be held responsible for their misdeeds and whenever they are obviously unable to deal with a problem or even to notice it. – Ideal would be the freedom for individuals and dissenting minorities to withdraw from the “benefits” and burdens their territorial politicians imposed upon them and to manage their own affairs quite independent from them, in whichever way they prefer for themselves, in societies truly based upon individual consent or preferences. - JZ, 13.5.93. – PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF ACTION, CONSENT, VOLUNTARISM, POLYARCHISM, META-UTOPIA, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, PERSONAL LAW SYSTEMS, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, MINORITY AUTONOMY, SECESSIONISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

REPUBLIC AUSTRALIA: By all means, let individuals, minorities and even the majority opt out of the constitutional monarchic federation they find themselves in and establish their own kinds of republics for themselves on the basis of full exterritorial autonomy under personal laws. But also make sure that they remain free to opt out of these republics as well, when they become disappointed by them. To each the government or society of his or her own choice. None to be territorially imposed upon anyone. – JZ, 13.10.95, 9.5.08.

REPUBLIC AUSTRALIA: I much prefer an almost powerless monarch as a head of State to an all-powerful politician, even though the latter may be supported by the majority or even because of this. – JZ, 10.1.95. – My liberty has never been threatened by a monarch but merely by powerful politicians pretending to represent me. – The Queen’s Governor General or State Governor can at least recall a government when it abuses its power all too much. – Naturally, the politicians do not like that. But the voters do. - JZ, 9.5.08. - MONARCH AS HEAD OF A CONSTITUTIONAL STATE?

REPUBLIC AUSTRALIA: Our Australian politicians pretend that it is important whether we suffer from mass unemployment, depressions, bureaucracy, taxation, State socialism, inflation and xyz monopolies under constitutional monarchism or under republicanism. As if, by this superficial change, they would suddenly have learnt how to cope with these and many other problems. They do not know real solutions and so they go for almost trivial changes - like from constitutional monarchism to republicanism. The ignorance and prejudices in their heads would remain the same, only their power would be greater still and more unrestrained. – JZ, 22.4.93, 11.5.08.

REPUBLIC AUSTRALIA: We have pulled the claws of kings and queens and have come to like and appreciate constitutional monarchism at least as a safety valve. But we still have to pull the claws of republican and democratic prime ministers and presidents, and parliamentary “representatives”, who threaten us much more than constitutional monarchs can and do. – JZ, 13.12.95, 9.5.08.

REPUBLIC AUSTRALIA: Why either a republic for Australians or a constitutional monarchy? I find the debate all too one-sided on both sides. Why not both, a republic for the republicans and a monarchy for the monarchists? Why not learn from the experience of religious tolerance? Why not let individuals choose for themselves under which system they want to live? Why not permit individual sovereignty in this sphere, individual consumer sovereignty, through which everybody would get, at his expense, what he desires for himself? Why not let the republicans or the monarchists secede - And all other kinds of dissenters? Why should there be only one federal government for all of Australia and only one State in every present State territory? We already favor experimental freedom in almost every other sphere. Why power only to “the people” (a wrongfully assumed single collective, in reality a very diverse mixture, with people from over 140 different ethnic backgrounds, apart from all their other differences), when in practice at best only a temporary majority gets to decide? Why not, instead, self-determination or self-management to all adult and rational individuals and their voluntary groups, societies and communities? Are even 2 Australians quite alike? Do all of us have the same preferences and ideas? Both sides in this debate want to territorially dominate the other and do quite wrongly assume that such a territorial domination would be rightful and necessary. Since tolerance worked in the sphere of religion, wherever and whenever it was seriously tried, let us try it in the political, economic and social spheres as well and this not only for republicans and for constitutional monarchists. – JZ, n.d., 11.5.08.

REPUBLIC: A government which derives its just powers from the sanction of the victimized.” – L. A. Rollins, Lucifer’s Lexicon, p. 106. – That would be true only if it merely exterritorially represented all those as its voluntary subjects, who voted for it. The non-voters and those who voted for opposition parties, did not provide it with a mandate but rather tried to prevent it from becoming the territorial government or they were having so little expectations of it that they did not vote at all or, under compulsory voting, voted only informally and invalidly. – JZ, 15.5.08, 22.2.11. – VOTING, CONSENT, MANDATE, ELECTIONS, DEMOCRACY, REPRESENTATION, REPRESENTATIVES, POLITICIANS

REPUBLIC: A nation in which, the thing governing and the thing governed being the same (*), there is only a permitted authority to enforce an optional obedience. (**) In a republic the foundation of public order is the ever-lessening habit of submission (***) inherited from ancestors who, being truly governed, submitted because they had to. There are as many kinds or republics as there are gradations between the despotism whence they came and the anarchy wither they lead.” – Ambrose Bierce, The Enlarged Devil’s Dictionary, p.269. - (*) Rulers and ruled being the same? Even when the roles are, somewhat, interchangeable, some ruled becoming rulers themselves, with voting creating at least some interdependence, while the one is ruling, the other is still ruled! – (**) Is the obedience optional as long as one cannot secede? – (***) Is statism really declining instead of growing? - JZ, 6.5.08, 22.2.11. – Q., STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENTALISM

REPUBLIC: Australia a republic instead of a constitutional monarchy? That would mean merely: More power to politicians, not more rights and liberties for Australians. And this while our politicians have already all too much power. A constitutional monarch or his or her Governor General can, sometimes, replace a power-mad politician. That is not enough of a guaranty against such politicians but is certainly better than nothing. I know of no case during the last 200 where an English monarch has abused his remaining powers in Australia. The time of absolute monarchies is long past. However, the Australian republicans should be free to secede from Australia and establish their republic for themselves. All other movements should be given the same right and opportunity. – JZ, 10.5.08. – PANARCHISM, MONARCHISM ETC. – TO EACH HIS OWN CHOICE, FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION, CONTRACT, EXPERIMENTATION FOR ALL, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNANCE, VOLUNTARISM, CHOICE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW

REPUBLIC: Should Australia become a republic? It would be truly republican and democratic to let those, who want a republic, have it for themselves and those, who want a constitutional monarchy have it continued – but only for themselves. It would be truly in the spirit of constitutional monarchies to let the republicans have for themselves their kind of temporary and elected “monarchs” or Prime Ministers. – To each his own. Territorial political unity is not the Holy Grail. On the contrary, in a period of mass extermination devices it turns whole countries into targets for such mass murder devices. - JZ, 3.2.98, 9.5.08. – As many republics, democracies, monarchies or other forms of social organization as Australian volunteers want for themselves. All without a territorial monopoly and all only as long as they want them for themselves. – Voluntarism instead of territorialism! Individual choices instead of collectivist and territorialist choices imposed upon individuals and minorities! – In one word: Panarchism! – JZ, 2.4.09, 22.2.11. – POLYARCHISM, PANARCHISM, META-UTOPIA, COMPETING GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS, ALL ONLY FOR THEIR VOLUNTEERS

REPUBLICANISM: Another case of false alternatives, confining our options to two choices. Human diversity rather demands: As many different republics and democracies as some people want for themselves and as many different monarchies or dictatorships or other authoritarian and more or less constitutional or restrained or total systems as diverse other people want for themselves - without, however, granting any of them any territorial monopoly that goes beyond their private and cooperatively owned real estate. - All to have only voluntary members and taxpayers and personal laws rather than territorial ones. Competing exterritorial rather than imposed territorial governments or societies and communities. - Need I stress that this option was not offered in the relatively recent Australian referendum on republicanism vs. constitutional monarchism? - JZ, 14.3.01, 2.2.02, 22.2.11. - REPUBLICANISM VS. MONARCHISM, PANARCHISM

REPUBLICANISM: In a republican nation whose citizens are to be led by reason and persuasion and not by force, the art of reasoning becomes of first importance. – Thomas Jefferson, 1824. – How many or how few territorial politicians are masters of this art? – How reasonable are their drug laws, their economic policies, their taxes, their monetary systems their political promises, platforms and slogans? – JZ, 23.4.13. – REASON, POLITICIANS, TERRITORIALISM, REASON, PERSUATION, Q., FORCE, GOVERNMENTAL COMPULSION WITH BAYONETS OR SPECIAL LEGISLATION

REPUBLICANISM: It is a reality attested by all history that if a republic assumes imperial functions it will not remain a republic.” – Felix Morley (1894-1981), American Journalist, Educator and Author. - Republics and Democracies are misnomers, as long as they are based upon involuntary membership and do territorially rule also over non-aggressive and non-criminal dissenters, who should not be automatically treated as part and parcel of “the people”, although they are, obviously, part of the population of a territory. – JZ, 3.1.08. - & IMPERIALISM DON’T MIX VERY WELL, COMPULSORY MEMBERSHIP, TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM, PEOPLE ARE NOT THE SAME AS POPULATIONS, EACH POPULATION TENDS TO CONTAIN XYZ DIVERSE PEOPLES

REPUBLICANISM: Republicans require and should get voluntary subjects only – apart from criminals with victims, aggressors, madmen, against whom we need protection or defence and minors and the mentally deficient, who require guardians  – JZ, 30.7.98. - Why should republicans rule monarchists or monarchists rule republicans? To each his own! – JZ, 9.5.08. – Q., GENUINE SELF-GOVERNANCE, VOLUNTARISM, CONSENT, REPRESENTATION

REPUBLICANISM: superstitious faith in republics.” – Alexander Herzen, My Past and My Thoughts, XI, p.70. – I would rather say: Superstitious faith in territorialism and in imagined entities like “peoples” rather than appreciation of and respect for individuals and voluntary groups and their rights and liberties, even if one does not agree with them and their self-concerned actions. – JZ, 14.5.08, 2.4.09. – DEMOCRACY, PEOPLES, NATIONS, POPULATIONS, STATES, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, TOLERANCE, VOLUNTARISM

REPUBLICANS: Democrats can never get any sleep because they are afraid somebody somewhere is making too much money. Republicans can never get any sleep because they are afraid somebody somewhere is having too much fun.” – Anonymous. Compare the similar remark by Andre Marrou, LP Presidential candidate: “Republicans don’t want anyone having more fun than they do, and the Democrats don’t want anyone making more money than they do. Libertarians want you to make money and have fun.” - To each the system he or she prefers for the own affairs! - To no party any territorial monopoly. - JZ, 22.2.11. - & DEMOCRATS, LIBERTARIANS, JOKES

REPUBLICANS: Republicans campaign like Libertarians and govern like Democrats.” – Harry Browne - All territorial parties tend to offer mostly only more of the same. It becomes more and more difficult to see any significant difference between them. They are only like the differences between alcoholic drinks, all of them more or less intoxicating and making the inbibers less reasonable, although temporarily happier. The hangovers come afterwards, when they wake up. - JZ, 22.2.11. – So far they are all merely territorialists and as such authoritarians or even totalitarian statists. – JZ, 21.6.13. - & DEMOCRATS, PARTIES, PRINCIPLES, LIBERTARIANS

REPUBLICANS: Republicans should have an interest in public affairs (res publica) that goes beyond territorial party politics and formal constitutionalism and legalism. For instance, in the prevention of unemployment, inflation, and wars. Alas, usually they show no such interest or reveal only their prejudices on such subjects. And they do, usually, share these prejudices with the monarchists, democrats, socialists and modern liberals. The same could be said on the democrats, liberals and socialists. Sufficient interest in the real causes of unemployment, inflation and war cannot even be found among most libertarians and anarchists either, so far, from my point of view. – JZ, 26.4.95, 6.4.14.

REPUBLICANS: The Republicans are the party that says government doesn’t work and then gets elected and proves it.” – P. J. O’Rourke, Parliament of Whores, 1991. - … proves it, too? – JZ, 30.3.09. - JOKES

REPUBLICANS: There is something about a Republican that you can only stand for him just so long. And on the other hand, there is something about a Democrat that you can’t stand for him quite that long.” – Will Rogers, Autobiography, p.299. – DEMOCRATS, PARTIES, JOKES

REPUBLICS: A democracy is rule by the majority; a republic is the rule of law. This is a very critical distinction.” – Steven LaTulippe - Both, the majorities and the law can be quite wrong and often have been and are. Neither justify injustices. Majorities should only rule majorities and leave minorities alone to rule themselves, exterritorially autonomous under personal law, which may be very different in different voluntary communities, societies and voluntary or competing governments, none with a territorial monopoly. Both, democrats and republicans, as well as political scientists, have largely failed to explore this peace- freedom and justice, progress and prosperity promoting as well as very educational and enlightening alternative, although it is merely the opposite to territorialism and its compulsory state membership or subordination. Genuine freedom lovers in both camps would have long ago fully discussed and studied this simple and just - as well as liberating alternative. - JZ, 25. 11. 06. - DEMOCRACIES, MAJORITIES, THE LAW, PANARCHISM OR POLYARCHISM OR META-UTOPIA OR COMPETING GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS VS. TERRITORIALISM

REPUBLICS: Between a balanced republic and a democracy, the difference is like that between order and chaos. – John Marshall (1755-1835), Chief Justice, U.S. Supreme Court. - Both, republics and democracies have still all too much in common: E.g.: Compulsory membership or subjugation, territorialism, centralism, various monopolies, not only the postal one, nowadays also central banking, the suppression of all kinds of secessions, both are based on fictitious representation and all too much government power, in both of them not all the genuine individual rights and liberties are recognized and both produce an excessively "organized" chaos of laws and bureaucratic institutions. Their old party slogans and images are not truthful enough. - JZ, 25. 11. 06. – As territorial monopoly States they have all too much in common. Not many significant changes could be observed when either the Republicans or the Democrats are in government. Both keep the Welfare State, high taxation, many other government interventions and keep up the flood of further legislation. Both suppress individual minority secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for societies, communities and governance systems of volunteers. Both form Warfare States. - A Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court should be more discriminating and not simply put forward a false generalization and false opposites, which simply exist only in his imagination. What can one expect from lower-ranked governmental judges, when it comes to individual rights and liberties? – JZ, 26.4.13. - VS. DEMOCRACIES, ORDER & CHAOS, POWER, TERRITORIALISM

REPUBLICS: In a republic this rule ought always to be observed, that the greatest number should not have the predominant power.” – Cicero, De republica, II, ca. 50 B.C. - Even majorities have only the right to rule themselves and any aggressors or other criminals with victims, who acted against them. - JZ, 22.2.11 - POWER, VOTING, DEMOCRACY, MAJORITIES

REPUBLICS: Republican Party R.I.P. (1854-2012), by L. Neil Smith - - We should be able to achieve, peacefully, a non-territorial separatism and autonomy for volunteers on Earth, too, as we do already in all the spheres not monopolized by territorial statism. Think of the analogy of religious freedom. If we can't achieve it here, we will not achieve it on other planets, either, once we get the chance to travel to them. There, too, numerous differences will appear between these activist innovators and nothing but full experimental freedom for all of them will satisfy all of them. Let's try it on Earth first, although only very few SF writers have so far considered this alternative quite seriously. Running away from problems, even into Space, will not fundamentally solve them. Visit for some of the ideas involved. – JZ, 25.11.11, Facebook. - DEMOCRACY OR PEACEFUL & VOLUNTARY SEPARATISMS VIA EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS?

REPUBLICS: The slightest acquaintance with history shows that powerful republics are the most warlike and unscrupulous of nations.” - Ambrose Bierce – Firstly, it is hardly ever the whole population which is unscrupulous and warlike. Secondly, there were rulers who were almost perpetually at war: Alexander the Great, Caesar, Napoleon. Even Hitler was involved, apart from his constant civil war or tyranny, and internal mass murders, only for about half of the few years of his regime at war with other governments and their subjects, in WW II. – JZ, 30.3.09. - DEMOCRACIES & WAR

REPUDIATE GOVERNMENT BONDS: Don’t enslave the taxpayers any further. Repudiate government bonds. Whoever invested in theft and slavery – tributes and tax slavery, has no right to be refunded and rewarded with interest out of future taxes. – JZ, 1976 & 6.5.08. – GOVERNMENT SECURITIES

REPUDIATION: What theft is called, when the thieves are States.” – Ambrose Bierce. – That applies to forced loans but, hardly, to voluntary investments in government securities or insecurities, essentially in tax slaves. – Then the robbery is postponed, to future tax slaves. - JZ, 6.5.08, 22.2.11.

REPUTATION: No, says [Walter] Block. “I say that a reputation is not your own property. It is not akin to a coat or a lawn. On the contrary. Your reputation is everyone else’s property but yours.” (Just think it over. He’s right, you know.) “A person’s reputation is what other people think of him; it consists of the thoughts that other people have.” So that when the State officiously moves in to prohibit libel, it is preventing someone from influencing or trying to influence the thoughts of others.” – MERCURY, 1/79. – To the extent that a good reputation, slandered by some, is a problem, I think with some others, that a public reputations file is the best solution, in which all such entries are collected and can also be free disproven by the wrongly accused. On the internet, through wide use and advertisements, it could make some money for its webmaster. – For a small subscription amoung the accused could also become automatically notified, by email, if such an accusation or slander has been registered there. - JZ, 6.4.14. - LIBEL, GOOD NAME

REPUTATION: The value of a person’s reputation.” – It consists of different opinions in the heads of other people, sometimes many, sometimes only a few. These opinions belong to them. No one is entitled to any particular opinion concerning himself in the minds of others. Others may not think of us at all or may think nothing of us. That does not give us the right to complain, either. Let us face it, people’s opinions on any subject and any person do greatly differ. We should learn to put up with that. “Sticks and stones can hurt my bones but mere words can never [really] hurt me.” - A lawyer stated on the libel laws: “A law for the rich and the politicians. A law for the people who can afford it.” – Individuals and groups should be free to opt out of the libel legislation as well. Those who favor it should be free to practise it among themselves. – JZ, 28.9.93, 11.5.08. - FAME, DEFAMATION, SLANDER, LIBEL, PROPERTY.

RESEARCH: A NSF study of how birds unerringly find worms, $ 100.000, discovered that if you put your eye 2 or 3 inches above the ground, like a bird does, you can see the worms.” – ARGOSY, quoted in SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 3/76. – GOVERNMENT-SPONSORED RESEARCH, JOKES

RESEARCH: But a recent report by Tim Eiloart maintains that more than 80 per cent of the brilliant creative inventions come from individual inventors or from inventors with their own small organizations, and that from about five percent of the expenditure on research and development we get 80 per cent of the breakthroughs. This is not a random five per cent but the shoestring five per cent; and the relatively poor performance of large laboratories is the same the world over.” – Anthony Henfrey, Science and the Market Place, in Dr. Rhodes Boyson, editor, Goodbye to Nationalization, p.63. - Hierarchies and bureaucracies are, apparently, inefficient even when it comes to research, inventions and innovations. A comprehensive Ideas Archive and Talent centre, merely as central clearing houses, registering and publishing, like a stock exchange, the supply and demand in this sphere, could, probably become very efficient. - JZ, 22.2.11.

RESEARCH: For as someone once remarked, if there had been government departments of scientific research in the Stone Age, by now we’d have had absolutely marvelous flint-axes and arrowheads – but nobody would have invented steel.” – Arthur C. Clarke, ANALOG, 7/76. – JOKES

RESEARCH: Intellectuals are kind of camp followers of power”, said Hospers. “They’ll sell their souls to get an additional grant of government research.” – John Hospers, quoted in LeFevre, Good Government. - Obviously, the market has not yet sufficiently organized the funding of worthwhile research efforts and the sale of its findings. Much could already be achieved via an Ideas Archive and a Talent Center, and a common projects list, so that at least all the labors of love can be sufficiently combined and utilized, in international division of labor. When enough researchers collaborate, world-wide, at least digitally connected, they may not need much in outside funding. Alternatives to copyrights and patent monopolies should also be sufficiently researched and published. Companies that specialize on financing and marketing innovations should also be multiplied and not taxed at all. – The results of e.g. all health and anti-aging research has not yet been digitally combined, although our lives and health are at stake. (However, when two days ago I searched for Health Encyclopedia, I got 97,900,000 results. It seems that it does already include much health information in its department for such information. And searching for naturopathic health encyclopedia I got 35,400 results. According to their first page they may merely or mainly refer to printed ones. – JZ, 22.2.11.) The same applies to peace proposals and suggestions how to get rid of unemployment and inflation and all the proposals to replace the employer-employee-relationship by various self-management schemes that are at the same time much more capitalistic, individualistic and also much more, voluntarily, socialistic. – Not even the anarchists and libertarians have so far sufficiently combined all their knowledge, resources, ideas, talents, arguments and texts, in proper markets for all of them, including an English digitized and ever growing libertarian encyclopedia. Tens of thousands of libertarian websites and blogs are not yet a good enough substitute for it. They involve in each case prolonged searches, instead of combining, as encyclopedias do, already many to all of the previous searches. - JZ, 6.5.08, 22.2.11. – STATISM, NATIONALISM & TERRITORIALISM – THE TREASON OF THE “INTELLECTUALS”, SCIENTISTS, ACADEMICS, EGG HEADS

RESEARCH: Quite naturally, holders of power wish to suppress ‘wild’ research. Unrestricted questing after knowledge has a long history of producing unwanted competition. The powerful want a ‘safe line of investigations’ which will develop only those products and ideas that can be controlled and, most important, that will allow the larger part of the benefits to be captured by inside investors. Unfortunately, a random universe full of relative variables does not ensure such a ‘safe line of investigations’.“ – Frank Herbert, Heretics of Dune, p.220. – Formerly, we were dependent on scientific printed journals for reports of new research findings. By now, with some good will and organization, they could all appear on suitably sub-divided and ordered websites or, annually, on powerful and specialized discs. – JZ, 6.4.14.

RESEARCH: Research is so important that its selection and financing should certainly no longer and all too largely depend on politicians and bureaucrats. These officials have their own special interests, agendas and priorities, often quite contrary to those of their subjects and victims. While any compulsory territorial State membership or subordination, with its compulsory taxation, still exists, all research funding should at least become voluntary to the extent that the individual taxpayers get themselves to decide on the use of their own tax contributions, e.g. for some special research or education or welfare project – from a comprehensive budget covering all governmental expenditures. Items not widely enough sponsored in this way by the taxpayers (a certain minimum number of them) should become automatically dropped by the government from the next budget. Consumer sovereignty should decide here, too, not the whim or the self-interest of politicians or bureaucrats as dispensers of stolen funds. - Ending the territorial government monopoly through introducing freedom for all peaceful and honest citizens (nor for criminals with involuntary victims) to choose individually and for themselves the kind of governance or society that they prefer for themselves, would, indirectly, promote only those researches which these volunteers really wish do be undertaken on their behalf and at their expense. – As far as wrongs and evils as e.g. mass unemployment, inflation, wars, terrorism, violent revolutions and civil wars and involuntary poverty are concerned, the main requirement for research and its application in these spheres seem be to me: 1.) Complete freedom to publish and discuss all ideas, opinions, proposals and suggestions in this sphere, as cheaply and widely as possible. This could now be done digitally, extremely cheaply per page, per book or even thousands to millions of books, on powerful disks or even a single one only, also affordable, or via email attachments and websites that point out the URLs to all special and wanted information offered somewhere online or in other electronic forms. - 2.) Full experimental freedom for volunteers to practise among themselves any kind of innovation that they prefer, at their own risk and expense, quite independent of all territorial institutions, laws, regulations, jurisdictions and constitutions. - 3.) No copyrights for all such information and e.g. all health and longevity research information. - However, while compulsory taxation still exists, taxpayers should be free to fully deduct from their taxes all their donations to providers of such health and life information, that they themselves selected and also to providers of information on how to solve all other kinds of social, economic and political problems. - The value or quality of such information is not to be decided upon by politicians and bureaucrats and their laws, rules, decisions and institutions, but by the taxpayers and donors themselves. ("Whoever pays the piper calls the tune.) Within exterritorially autonomous communities such democratic decision-making would mostly occur automatically, just like their taxes or contributions would be voluntary through their voluntary membership and individual secession option. - Under this publicity and experimental freedom and voluntary fund allocation - all remaining problems like wars, civil wars, despotism, terrorism, mass unemployment, inflation, involuntary poverty, injustices, monopolism, exploitation, money shortages, economic crises, could become rapidly solved and the solutions could also rapidly spread through voluntary adoption. - JZ, 21.6.84, 14.5.08. - FINANCING RESEARCH, VOLUNTARY TAXATION, MARKETING RESEARCH EFFORTS, TAXATION, GRANTS, GOVERNMENTS, BUREAUCRACY, COPYRIGHTS, PUBLICITY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, SCIENCE, SOCIAL SCIENCES, HEALTH, LIFE EXTENSION, MEDICINES, CURES.

RESEARCH: Research should be financed by enthusiasts and venture capitalists rather than by bureaucrats out of tax funds. It should certainly not be taxed. – JZ, 31.10.76, 6.5.08.

RESEARCH: Research subsidized by the government tends to be wasteful and misdirected, even when it is not already wasted upon military research. – JZ, 5.4.88, 14.5.08.

RESEARCH: Scientists and researchers sought to become as good in finance, marketing and salesmanship as they are now in “grantsmanship”. – JZ, 24.5.92. – Instead of relying too much on government grants and patents, they should develop and utilize special markets and monetary and financial freedom for what they have to offer. – They have not yet sufficiently published their findings and discoveries. In special papers and periodicals they are all too much buried still and inaccessible to most of the potentially interested people. They have failed to establish a common market, library, information service or archive for all that they have to offer. This also applies to the social scientists and among them to the all the varieties of anarchists and libertarians. – To rely on ordinary publishing, or mass media or even on the Internet alone, in its present form, will lead to all too many disappointments for them. In spite of many search engines, certain ideas, proposals, platforms and discoveries will tend to become overlooked, on the Internet as well, for all too long. - JZ, 14.5.08. – SCIENTISTS, PUBLICITY, INTERNET

RESEARCH: That research and development should not be entrusted to or financed by territorial governments is already indicated by the fact that in some countries half of these funds go to developing even more destructive and mass murderous “weapons”. – JZ, 10/76, after re-reading THE BULLETIN, April 26, 75, p. 40. – SCIENCE, SUBSIDIES, FINANCING, ARMS RACE, MILITARY ABUSE OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, WEAPONS DEVELOPMENT, MASS MURDER “WEAPONS” IN GOVERNMENT STOCKPILES

RESEARCH: The more science is left to itself the better. State interference with science is more likely to mean obstruction than progress.” – The Speaker and Debater, Teach Yourself Books, p. 156. – And more destruction than construction. See: nuclear “weapons”. – JZ, 6.5.08. – SCIENCE, BUREAUCRACY, WARFARE STATE, NWT

RESEARCH: The trouble is, our taxpayers are conditioned to think of ‘research’ as what is done in universities by people with government grants. Actually, research is what was done by the Wright brothers - with their own money.” – Thomas E. Phipps, Jr., letter to ANALOG, 2/99, p.142. – Probably most worthwhile research is still done privately, at the own expense and risk, but much less published than governmentally sponsored and financed research. The latter provided us with ABC mass murder devices. – JZ, 10.5.08.

RESEARCH: Why does there seem to be no scientific research into the possibilities of other funding than government funding out of tax revenues? – JZ, 21.9.98. – If all scientific findings were sufficiently assembled and published, in a proper market for them, bringing demand and supply in this sphere really together, numerous financing possibilities would, probably, become practical. It is almost as if each innovator had to go, like a hawker, on a door-knock campaign. He would soon be exhausted and would only rarely be successful with this approach. We do have special markets for gold, silver, diamonds, etc., even pork belly futures – but not yet for our greatest valuables, new or better ideas and talents, largely under the wrongful assumption that a proper free market for them does already exist. But if each finding, development, discovery, idea or invention has to take up the battle for a market for itself, separately, many to most will, inevitably, fail, at least for considerable periods, in this effort. The principle of mutual advertising is not yet sufficiently applied in this sphere, either. Not even when it comes to health promotion and life extension ideas, methods and medicines, or to freedom, justice and peace ideas. – We all suffer e.g. from central banking and its consequences. Nevertheless, all the information on free banking and full monetary and financial freedom has still not been full assembled, published and evaluated. – Nor have e.g. all voluntary taxation, tax strike, human rights, liberation, defence, libertarian revolution and worthwhile peace ideas been as yet sufficiently assembled, and evaluated, and permanently and cheaply digitally published, preferably combined with digital “argument mapping”. – The anarchists and libertarians should by now have become sufficiently aware that as yet there exists no ready, free and efficient market for their ideas. So when are they finally going to establish it? - JZ, 9.5.08, 20.10.08. - SCIENCE, FINANCING, IDEAS ARCHIVE, TALENT CENTRE, VOLUNTARY TAXATION & FINANCING OF WANTED PUBLIC SERVICES

RESENTMENT: Resentment and hate bring only physical illness.” – 1977 Collins Desk Calendar. – Persistent and excessive stress can kill. – JZ, 6.4.14. – HATE, STRESS, ANGER

RESERVATIONS: By now Welfare States, their bureaucracies, immigration restrictions, "protectionism", controls, regulations and laws have reduced most of Americans, Australians, Canadians etc. to the status of inhabitants of "reservations". Only that their reservations are much larger. But they are similarly mismanaged and give their victims too little choice, liberties and rights. By living all too long under "reservation conditions" or in nation-wide "concentration camps", they become similarly helpless, impoverished, disabled, ignorant and prejudiced, all as a result of officials wanting to "help" them - and also themselves (to salaries at the expense of their victims, that are sometimes larger in their total than the handouts they provide at the expense of their victims, their tax slaves or feudal serfs of the bureaucracy). – JZ, n.d. - RESERVATION AMERICANS OR RESERVATION INDIANS OR ABORIGINALS ALL! NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, PEOPLE AS PROPERTY, TERRITORIALISM, POWER, GOVERNMENTS, STATISM, CONCENTRATION CAMPS, NATION-WIDE PRISONS

RESERVATIONS: Maybe we should not have humored them [American Indians] when they asked to live on reservations. Maybe we should have said, No, come join us. Be citizens along with the rest of us.” - Ronald Reagan – Better still: To live under your own laws you do not need a separate territory. Run all your own affairs like the religious people run theirs, under your own personal laws. But they should have been granted the same right to acquire, keep and utilize land that the “white” man claimed, largely at the expense of the Red Indians. – No race or life style should be granted exclusive rights to whole territories. – By now that kind of system has lead to the mass murder and mass destruction devices. – JZ, 8.8.08. - RED INDIANS, ABORIGINALS, PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

RESERVE BANK: Anyone who wants a reserve bank for himself and his trading partners should subscribe to it. – JZ, 1.11.75, 6.5.08. – CENTRAL BANKING

RESERVE BANK: No Reserve Bank power: No inflation, not deflation, no stagflation. – JZ, 27.8.73.– The Australian central bank is called “Reserve Bank”. The declining purchasing power of its paper pound - later paper dollar - indicates very well how little it was able to fulfill its function to preserve and guaranty the value of its forced and exclusive currency. – Judging merely by its record, it ought to be abolished, the sooner the better. – However, legislatively established institutions tend to have a very long and artificial life-span, regardless of their failures. - JZ, 6.5.08. -  – CENTRAL BANKING, MONETARY DESPOTISM

RESERVE BANKING: Sound banknotes do not required “reserves”, least of all central bank “reserves” in form of foreign exchange, government securities or stocks of gold or silver bullion or coins. But what they do require, at least, is a sound local shop foundation, i.e., their immediately available convertibility into consumer goods and services that are in daily demand. Even that should not be legally enforced but simply left to the free and contractual regulation and enforcement of free contracts on a free markets, adjudicated under private and contractually predetermined arbitration, with e.g. shopping centers as issuers of one of the possible local currencies. Only towards the issuers should any issued notes or clearing certificates or purchasing voucher in monetary denominations have legal tender power, i.e. compulsory acceptance at the nominal value. If e.g. Woolworth stores issued their own currency then they would have to accept it at its par value while everyone else would remain free to reject or to discount it. – JZ, 27.1.98, 29.9.08. – READINESS TO ACCEPT FOUNDATION, DEBT FOUNDATION OR CLEARING- OR REFLUX-FOUNDATION VS. COVER & REDEMPTION WITH RARE METALS, AS AN EXCLUSIVE CURRENCY, MONETARY FREEDOM VS. MONETARY DESPOTISM, CENTRAL BANKING

RESERVES: You still think of a currency that is based upon a reserve, e.g. in gold or in wheat. I think of a currency notes, exchange media or clearing certificates or account credits that are used as wage and salary payment means and are based on ready-for-sale and wanted consumer goods and services at the retail shops or accepted by large service suppliers who offer e.g. transport services, gas, petrol and oil, water, electricity, garbage and sewage services for sale, also all kinds of public service organizations, societies and communities, which, like insurance companies, can issue their voluntary contribution money (or account credits) in their payments and accept them in the premium payments or other subscriptions to them, i.e. a private version of what was historically sound tax foundation money - if anything can be called sound that is a compulsory tribute, demanding its payment in its monopoly money. But even tax foundation money does not have to be an exclusive currency. Nevertheless, if it is optional, i.e. refusable and also discountable, then its par value with a sound value standard can be preserved, without the existence of large quantities of this value standard, e.g. an ounce or gram of gold, a kg or 100 kg of wheat or whatever value standard is agreed upon, being kept as a reserve and redemption fund for each such unit of this kind of money. Its quote on a free market – against its value standard - is sufficient for this purpose. A treasure chest, cover- or redemption fund need not exist for such a value standard at all. But notes or coins using it, must be readily accepted for consumer goods and services, compulsorily and at face value by those, who issued them. That has often enough been proven. Centuries ago there was street money of this kind, especially in China, sometimes issued by restaurants, tea houses and even brothels, barbers, butcher shops, green grocers and associations of them. Even Australia has a long history of private token monies, sometimes issued only by a single general store. They certainly had no gold cover for them but eagerly converted them into their goods and services for sale. By now, if legally and juridically or constitutionally permitted or at least tolerated in crisis times, the same thing can be done via digital credit accounts. Many attempt of this kind are also made in our times, however primitive and limited still in most instances. There are two long files of literature hints and notes, quotes and comments on this subject at - They still do not cover the field but one person can collect and express only so much. Each wanted and good service is, naturally worth its price. – JZ on Facebook, to Samuel Marks – FOR CURRENCIES? MONETARY FREEDOM, MONETARY REFORM, CENTRAL BANKING, FREE BANKING, REDEMPTION OF MONEY ISSUED TO PRESERVE ITS VALUE OR, RATHER, A SOUND REFLUX TO THE ISSUER, IN PAYMENTS DUE TO HIM? GOLD STANDARD

RESIGN: Resign your State membership or Nationality.” – JZ, 9/72. – If you can afford to do that. Alas, most people cannot as yet, because their independence will not be recognized by the territorial politicians in power. They would deprive you of even more rights and liberties than they did whilst you were still formally their member or subject. – Non-territorial secessionists, even while making no territorial claims, should be numerous, well organized, armed and trained enough to rightfully defend all their rights and liberties against their former territorial masters. – JZ, 14.5.08. – MILITIA, DECLARATION, RECOGNITION OF & PROTECTION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

RESIGNATION: A citizen who merely obeys, has to suffer being dictated to.” – Source? JZ tr. of the German original: “Ein Buerger der nur resigniert muss dulden, dass man ihm diktiert!” – APATHY, OBEDIENCE, STATISM

RESIGNATION: The tale of two frogs dumped into a can of milk comes to mind. One frog quick to concede the hopelessness of his situation, gave up and promptly drowned. The other frog was of sterner stuff: So he kicked and splashed and he slammed and thrashed, // And he kept on top through it all, // And he churned that milk in first-class shape // In a great big butter ball.” – Leonard Read, NOTES FROM FEE, quoting Homan F. Day, Story of a Kicker. - PERSISTENCE

RESISTANCE: A man came to Raba and said: “The prefect of my town has ordered me to kill so and so, or he will kill me.” Raba replied, “Let him kill you; do you commit no murder. Why should you think that your blood is redder than his? Perhaps his is redder than yours.” – Pesachim, 25b. – Quoted in The Wisdom of Israel, ed. by Lewis Browne, p.154. - This is the kind of advice one can expect from very religious people. Luckily, over the last century, less and less Jews have followed this kind of advice. Rather, join with the prospective victim, and call on other reliable citizens for help and arrest or execute the prefect! – JZ, 2.3.83. - TYRANNY, MILITIA FOR THE PROTECTION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, LIBERATION, REVOLUTION, REBELLION, DICTATORSHIPS, TOTALITARIANISM, AUTHORITARIANISM, TERRITORIALISM, SECESSIONISM, ORGANIZED SELF-DEFENCE

RESISTANCE: After all I have heard and read and observed, I have never yet met an instance of an abuse, which had been in operation on a somewhat extensive scale, put an end to by the voluntary renunciation of those who profit by it. On the other hand, I have seen many abuses put down by the determined resistance of those who suffered from them.” – Frederic Bastiat, Economic Sophisms, p.134. – ABUSES

RESISTANCE: Against despotic and authoritarian governments there is still all too little well organized, motivated, financed and effective resistance. Most people even refuse altogether to ponder the requirements for such resistance. The communists did at least take themselves serious enough to work out details of their kind of “revolutions” and “liberations”. – JZ, 14.11.86, 24.10.07. – Instead, we get now all too much popular resistance against the degrees of free trade that territorial governments manage to agree upon, all under the banner of an quite irrational and immoral “anti-Globalism” of mostly quite ignorant and prejudiced people, who want to force their notions and “ideals” upon all others, instead of applying them only tolerantly among themselves, at their own risk and expense. Free Trade for all Free Traders – Protectionism only for all Protectionists, neither to be imposed upon whole populations or whole countries. – JZ, 30.3.09. – We also have libertarians opposed to free migration! – JZ, 16.4.14. - AGAINST DESPOTISM, PANARCHISM & VOLUNTARISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, MILITIA

RESISTANCE: Among the natural rights of the colonists are these: first, a right to life; secondly, to liberty; thirdly, to property; together with the right to defend them in the best manner they can.” – Samuel Adams, The Rights of the Colonists, 1772. – All the other individual rights and liberties are still not sufficiently combined in a single and generally recognized declaration, to the shame of the various anarchist and libertarian movements! – JZ, 6.4.14.

RESISTANCE: Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone, but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.” – Malcolm X, Malcolm X Speaks, 1965, p.1. – Only if he does so with murderous, wounding or robbing intentions. I have sometimes been held back from stepping into dangerous traffic and have also provided that service at least once to a stranger, blind, walking towards a collision with a car or truck. At first he was frightened, thinking he was being mugged. Then he was grateful. – JZ, 6.4.14. - SELF-DEFENCE

RESISTANCE: By the rude bridge that arched the flood, // Their flag to April's breeze unfurled, // Here once the embattled farmers stood, // And fired the shot heard round the world.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson, ISIL LIBERTY QUOTE LIBRARY 03. - REVOLUTION, MILITIA

RESISTANCE: Citizens should always have the option to fire officials, at least as far as their own rightful affairs are concerned. And if all other avenues are blocked for individuals and their voluntary and peaceful associations then they should be free to fire such officials – using firearms. – JZ, 25.8.93. – However, armed resistance would be best prepared for and carried out by ideal militia forces for the protection of individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 11.5.08. - ARMS, WEAPONS, GUNS, FIREARMS, MILITIA

RESISTANCE: Decent men know when to pick up a gun, …” - A. Cordell, If You Believe the Soldiers, p.135.

RESISTANCE: Don’t Tread On Me!” - 1776 slogan, usually associated with the picture of a poisonous snake.

RESISTANCE: Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag and begin slitting throats.” - H. L. Mencken, ISIL LIBERTY QUOTE LIBRARY 03. – But not indiscriminately! Knowing when, where, upon what occasion, by what means, with what tools and methods and against whom - is rather decisive. Most pirates and anarchists have, actually, not set very good examples. Good liberation, revolution and resistance programs are still amiss. – JZ, 8.1.08, 30.3.09. - Would decent men tolerate or develop conditions and institutions in which this becomes necessary? (Apart from resistance against private violent criminals.) - JZ, 22.7.11. - VIOLENCE, REVOLUTION

RESISTANCE: Everyone is bound to assert his rights and resist their invasion by others.” – Immanuel Kant, Lecture at Koenigsberg, 1775. – If only that were already true for all individual human rights and liberties. – JZ, 22.10.08. - At present, it seems to me that the interest in all genuine individual rights and liberties is at a low ebb, even among anarchists and libertarians. - JZ, 22.2.11.

RESISTANCE: Everyone is bound to resist distinct aggression, alike in his own interest and in the interests of other men; for if not one resists an aggressor he is encouraged in his aggressiveness.” – Herbert Spencer, The Principles of Ethics, par. 418. – DUTY

RESISTANCE: Fill the jails!” – Gandhi exhortation according to Austin Underwood. - New ones can be rapidly built and in the meantime concentration camps will suffice for the purposes of the territorial rulers! – Voluntary victim-hood is not one of my ideals. – JZ. -

RESISTANCE: Freedom comes when Caesar is no longer able to maintain his legions.” – Frank Chodorov, Out of Step, 186. – This seems to overlooks that, for all too long, armies maintained themselves largely by confiscations and plunder. While not a efficient method, it was working in a fashion for a long time. It would be more economic to offer soldiers and officers better and productive jobs and higher incomes than they have now, so that they would rather resign and work than continue an unpopular fight against freedom–loving people. – DESERTION, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS, FULL EMPLOYMENT, MONETARY FREEDOM, ASYLUM

RESISTANCE: German subjects were afterwards blamed for not resisting the Nazis - but how much is the right to resist is recognized even now in Democracies, and how many organizations, opportunities and weapons are allowed for effective and rightful resistance? Even obvious individual self-defence actions lead often to governmental prosecutions. – The first 300 000 inmates of Nazi Concentration camps were Germans of the political opposition. And most of these were so thoroughly cowed by their barbaric treatment in these camps that the survivors, after their release, they did not dare to oppose the regime again. Systematic official terrorism can be very effective and deceptive as was demonstrated in the extermination camps. It can and does terrorize. It can e.g. lead millions of conscripts on all sides to slaughter each other as if they were genuine enemies. – An ideal resistance and revolution or military insurrection program has still not been published. Germans made 43 tyrannicide attempts against Hitler. Did the Allies attempt or permit even one, or did they rather try to wipe out his German victims, by the millions, by bombing them? Nor were the members of the German resistance in any way recognized or encouraged by the Western Allies before and during the war. - JZ, 3.11.87, 15.5.08. – GOOD PROGRAMS FOR RESISTANCE, LIBERATION, DEFENCE, REVOLUTIONS, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS

RESISTANCE: High time to rise up! – (High time to resist? High time to revolt?) - Konstantin Wecker, Im Namen des Wahnsinns, S.82. – JZ tr. of: “Hoechste Zeit aufzustehen!” (“Aufstand” in German means Uprising or Rebellion, not rising up from bed, in the morning.)

RESISTANCE: Honorable is the man who himself commits no injustice. Doubly and trebly honorable is the one, who prevents injustices from being committed against others.” – Plato. – JZ tr. of: “Ehrenwert ist der Mann, der selbst kein Unrecht tut, und doppelter und dreifacher Ehre wert, wenn er auch nicht geschehen laesst, dass andere Unrecht tun.“ - He left out that resistance to uphold the own rights and liberties is also honorable. - JZ, 22.2.11.

RESISTANCE: I believe that the weakness of the American character (*) is that there are so few growlers and kickers among us. We have forgotten the very principle of our origin, if we have forgotten how to object, how to resist, how to agitate, how to pull down and build up, even to the extent of revolutionary practices, if it is necessary to readjust matters.” – Woodrow Wilson, 1916. – Quoted in N.Y. TIMES MAGAZINE, July 3, 1949 and in George Seldes, THE GREAT QUOTATION. - REVOLUTION. - (*) A whole population does not have just one character. A whole population or “people” is not a real but merely an imagined “entity”. – JZ, 6.5.08. - A program for a comprehensive, rightful, and effectively liberating revolution may still have to be drafted by anarchists and libertarians. As far as I could, I described such a program in my first peace book: Later it was put online in an English translation. Response to it was, so far, close to zero. - JZ, 22.2.11.

RESISTANCE: I hold a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical. - Thomas Jefferson - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. – Individual and minority group secessionism, combined with exterritorial autonomy for volunteers, can make such rebellions or revolutions as peaceful, non-violent and peace- and harmony-promoting as is possible for human beings. Under these liberties and rights any bloodshed that will still occur will, largely, be confined to that of intolerant people, private or official criminals and aggressors, especially their top decision-makers. Their armed forces will become dissolved rather than destroyed. They will fraternize, rise or desert – when they are welcomed with open arms and freed to realize their ideals among themselves, without having to fight for those territorial rulers, who have no other use for them than to command them to fight for the wrongful aims and purposes of these rulers. – JZ, 17.1.13.

RESISTANCE: I rebel, therefore I am.” - Camus, quoted in NEW YORK TIMES, October 29, 1967. - Individual and group secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for the secessionists would introduce much more peaceful and just conditions and obviate the need for future collectivist and territorial rebellions, replacing all of them, in essence, by one-man revolutions or peaceful reforms among volunteers only. - JZ, 26.11.02, 30.3.09. - REVOLUTION, REBELLION, SELF-REALIZATION, PANARCHISM, NON-VIOLENCE

RESISTANCE: I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.” – NETWORK, 1976. – Madness does not make for rightful revolutions and resistance acts. Arson and terrorist acts are more likely consequence. – JZ, 6.5.08.

RESISTANCE: If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so. – Thomas Jefferson, quoted by Scott Molon Labe Twist shared Don't Tread On Me's photo. - Facebook, 22.9.13.

RESISTANCE: If the injustice is part of the necessary friction of the machine of government, let it go, let it go: perchance it will wear smooth (*) – certainly the machine will wear out. If the injustice has a spring, or a pulley, or a rope, or a crank, exclusively for itself, then perhaps you may consider whether the remedy will not be worse than the evil; but if it is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another, then, I say, break the law. Let your life be a counter friction to stop the machine. What I have to do is to see, at any rate, that I do not lend myself to the wrong which I condemn.” – Thoreau: Dissent as a Duty, p.115. – Not a very useful advice. – Resistance must become scientifically explored and developed as well. – In optimally built up and maintained societies resistance would usually be superfluous because aggressive or criminal wrong actions against others would then be already, largely, prevented. – Have the territorial machines worn out yet or were they never replaced? - JZ, 6.5.08. - (*) After how many million innocent people have been exterminated, as if they were pests? – JZ, 6.5.08. - CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE,

RESISTANCE: If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. – There may be even a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than live as slaves.” – Winston Churchill, quoted in Marvin L. Cooley, Tax Slavery or Manhood, p.12. – Even slave uprisings can succeed. Even in the extermination camps some uprisings succeeded – for their relatively few survivors. (Sobibor, Treblinka, Byalistok) Only the murdered can never rise again, apart from whatever cloning options can and will be applied. – JZ, 22.10.08, 6.4.14.

RESISTANCE: in Locke, if the legislators invade rights, they are the rebels against law and the people have the right to protect themselves against such aggressors just as they do against robbers and pirates.” – Williamson M. Evers, JLS, Sum 77, p.192.

RESISTANCE: In the television mini-series, “Holocaust”, there was a telling scene in which two elderly men – who had been among the main characters in the series – were being taken to the gas chambers. One asked the other: "they are marching us off to kill us, and we still obey them. Why?" - My immediate response was: "because if we don’t obey them, we will be in serious trouble!" - Butler Shaffer, The Wizards of Ozymandias, chapter 24. – At least the forced laborers in the extermination camps has time to ponder their options and in at least three of them the finally rose and a few of them escap600ed alive: Sobibor, Byalistok and Treblinka. But these few, in the case of Sobibor, according to the DVD movie, were only about 600, of whom about 300 escaped, and this of a total of 250,000. – How many people think now, sufficiently, about what they could or should do in such situations or how to prevent it from arising, even when they have freedom and enough time for such thoughts and discussions? – It is much easier to simply ignore such threats, just like most people ignore the nuclear war threat. Most people are simply not sufficiently prepared, armed, trained and organized for effective and rightful resistance. - JZ, 30.3.09, 22.2.11, 27.7.13. - MILITIA, JOKES, RIGHT & DUTY TO RESIST

RESISTANCE: Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” – Patrick Henry. – Rather, be prepared to deal out death to the enemies of liberty and rights, who do not leave you alone. – But how many liberties and rights are there that even Patrick Henry did not know or would have opposed? – And is literally fighting for them, armed and organized, always the best way to realize and to maintain them? - JZ, 6.5.08. – Anyhow, are enough people today sufficiently interested in all individual rights and liberties? Hardly any, according to my experience. – JZ, 6.4.14. - DETERMINATION, READINESS TO DIE FIGHTING FOR LIBERTY, RESOLUTION

RESISTANCE: Is there any chance, in fact, that those of us who are ageing may be able to end our lives naturally, those of you who are young, bring yours to fruition? Judging as dispassionately as possible, I should say less than a fifty-fifty chance, but nevertheless a very real one if we can find the physical, mental and above all moral courage to resist what is being done in our name. If we cannot, then we may deserve to burn.” - Jacquetta Hawkes. - Alas, she did not state clearly what one has to resist, how one should and could resist and what one should promote instead, if one wants to remove a threat like that of nuclear war. It would be a pretty safe bet to say that she was or still is a territorialist, too. - JZ, 6.5.08, 22.2.11. - NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

RESISTANCE: It behooves every man who values liberty of conscience for himself, to resist invasions of it in the case of others: or their case may, by change of circumstances, become his own.” - Thomas Jefferson, ISIL LIBERTY QUOTE LIBRARY 03. – Also ascribed to Dr. Benjamin Rush, 1803. - Not only liberty of belief, conscience, expression and information and other classical basic liberties should be defended. More important still are e.g. liberty of action and experimentation, in the sphere of political and economic systems, which would make possible peaceful coexistence in the same territories of the most diverse kinds of people, institutions, methods, systems and practices, all becoming mere private and consensual activities among their members, all only volunteers. – JZ, 8.1.08, 30.3.09. - Freedom of conscience is just one of many liberties and rights that ought to be recognized and defended. It goes against my conscience to be subjected to imposed tributes, laws and statist institutions. – JZ, 13.7.94, 10.5.08. - LIBERTY, CONSCIENCE, RIGHTS, FREEDOM OF ACTION, PANARCHISM, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT IN EVERY SPHERE NOW MONOPOLIZED BY TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS.

RESISTANCE: It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees. – Emiliano Zapata, Mexican revolutionary

RESISTANCE: It is following the line of least resistance that makes men and rivers crooked.” - Author Unknown. - Even rivers are "clever" enough to run around mountain walls rather than against them and gradually wear down even mountains. Resistance fighters will be more successful if they do not try to storm the strongest fortifications first. Intelligent resistance can be more successful than direct and brute force attempts. "It's not all brute force and stupidity!" Speech, print and affordable alternative media can exert very powerful leverage. Moreover, why should one fight a tyrant's armed forces rather than merely him? Opting out - and establishing alternative institutions - is a more promising method than trying to petition authorities, persuade majorities of voters or fight governments in their courts. Mass "actions" and protests by unarmed, untrained and unorganized people are less likely to succeed than could actions of rightful militias. They might even cause more bloodshed and destruction. One should distinguish between the avoidance of resistance because of its difficulties from selecting most rightful and effective ways of resistance. - Mountain snow and waters finally get to the oceans, via rivers or through evaporation and rain. - We should similarly follow the natural roads of least resistance to our resistance efforts to achieve the most in liberties and rights. -  The proverb: "The thin edge of the wedge" - indicates something of this kind of approach. Archimedean leverage another. Ideas and ways of changing them point out still another way. - One can win chess by means of moves that encounter the least resistance. By now we need a game that teaches the pawns to decide their own fate. - JZ, 23.9.02. – Should everyone rather choose the path in which he will encounter or provoke maximum resistance? Territorialists do that and see and judge the messes they have thus produced for themselves and for their victims. – JZ, 30.3.09. – TERRITORIALISM, SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW, TOLERANCE, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM, SELF-HELP, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, DIRECT ACTION, DOGMATISM, DEVIOUSNESS, CLEVERNESS, CHECK YOUR PREMISES, PROGRAMS DESERVING THIS TERM

RESISTANCE: It is from America that Lafayette derived the saying that created a commotion at the time, that resistance is the most sacred of duties.” – Lord Acton, Lectures on the French Revolution, ed. by Figgis & Laurence, MacMillan, 1932, p.32/33. - RESISTANCE A DUTY

RESISTANCE: It is manifest that the only security against the tyranny of the government lies in forcible resistance to the execution of the injustice; because the injustice will certainly be executed unless it be forcibly resisted. And if it be but suffered to be executed, it must then be borne, for the government never makes compensation for its own wrongs.” – Lysander Spooner, Trial by Jury, Works, vol. II, p.16.

RESISTANCE: It is the resistance that puts us on our mettle: it is the conquest of the reluctant stuff that educates the worker. I wish you enough difficulties to keep you well and make you strong and skillful!” – Henry Van Dyke, quoted by L. E. READ, Notes from FEE, 9/71. As if legalized or illegal resistance to quite rightful and rational actions could not be, all too often, overwhelming and destructive. How many innovators were totally frustrated, imprisoned or even murdered? – JZ, 30.0.09. At least physical fighting for another “liberation”, which is merely a territorial one, does waste all too much time, energy and money, compared with the largely if not totally non-violent introduction of full freedom for all. That would include, as allies, even the diverse parties and factions of the statists. They, too, should become free to innovate,  at their own risk and expense, under personal laws, i.e., exterritorially and autonomously, under their preferred personal law, together with like-minded volunteers, in peaceful competition and coexistence with other reformers and revolutionaries as well as conservatives and reactionaries. Thereby one could minimize, if not altogether abolish, resistance to such efforts. - DIFFICULTIES, DANGERS, IDEAS ARCHIVE, TALENT CENTRE, ‘RELEASE ALL CREATIVE ENERGIES!’ PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, VOLUNTARISM, SECESSIONISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL, UNDER MUTUAL TOLERANCE & PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE, PROGRAMS

RESISTANCE: Laski grasped the nettle firmly and admitted that ‘at the root of our social system there is a contingent anarchy’, for the group and the individual can never properly hand over to the state their right of resisting unjust laws. Figgis had made the same point.” – David Nicholls, The Pluralist State, 1975, p.89.

RESISTANCE: Liberty has never come from the government. Liberty has always come from the subjects of it. The history of liberty is a history of resistance.” – Woodrow Wilson, 1856-1924. – Another version of the same idea: “The history of liberty is a history of limitations of governmental power, not the increase of it.” – From his speech in New York, Sept. 9, 1912. - One should not overlook the cases of somewhat enlightened despotism, enforcing certain reforms, sometimes freeing serfs, sometimes introducing a stable currency. – JZ, 6.5.08. - LIBERATION, REVOLUTION, GOVERNMENT, LIBERTY

RESISTANCE: Liberty is nothing if it is not the organized and conscious power to resist in the last resort.” – Harold J. Laski, A Grammar of Politics. – LIBERTY, FREEDOM, RIGHTS

RESISTANCE: Like all anarchists, Lysander Spooner was basically revolutionary in his political philosophy, although his exhortations to man the barricades bore the “made in America” label. “The right and physical power of the people to resist injustice”, he held, “are really the only securities any people ever can have for their liberties”, for seldom do governments consider anything but their own political interests except when they are compelled to do otherwise …” - Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.133. – RIGHT TO RESIST, REBELL & ENGAGE IN LIBERATING REVOLUTIONS

RESISTANCE: Make open or guerilla war against all oppressive governments – but not against innocent, neutral or apathetic individuals. – JZ, 10/72. – TERRORISM

RESISTANCE: Neither is it of any avail to say, that, if the government abuse its power, and enact unjust and oppressive laws, the government may be changed, by the influence of discussion, and the exercise of the right of suffrage, Discussion can do nothing to prevent the enactment, or procure the repeal of unjust laws, unless it be understood that the discussion is to be followed by resistance. Tyrants care nothing for discussions that are to end only in discussion. Discussions, which do not interfere with the enforcement of their laws, are but idle wind to them.” – Lysander Spooner, Trial by Jury, Works II, p.13. - So far, experience has shown that neither presidential vetoes nor Supreme Courts nor parliaments have sufficiently recognized and upheld individual rights and liberties. Perhaps, while territorialism still persists, a special institution should be established to question every old and new law, regulation and rule regarding its compliance with individual rights and liberties and with the power to veto the, if they find that they infringe these rights and liberties. The current discussions of such a body and all past ones should be put online with the option for individual citizens to add their comments. Seeing that presidents etc. and representatives are also sworn in to uphold the constitution and the bill of rights, I would go further and say that all who did not oppose any law found quite wrongful in this respect, by such an authority, should automatically lose their jobs and pension rights based upon their government jobs. That might make for some more carefully considered legislation. – After all, they were not elected to infringe our rights and liberties. – At present they do so, often, almost habitually. - JZ, 6.5.08. - DISCUSSIONS, CRITICISM, TYRANTS, LAWS, VOTING, ELECTIONS, PARLIAMENTS, DEMOCRACY. REPRESENTATION

RESISTANCE: No moral being … may surrender his moral judgment to the authority of another, including the authority of the law of even a legitimate government; and in cases of conflict, he must be guided by his own judgment rather than by the law.” – Source? – Quoted in THE INTERCOLLEGIATE REVIEW, Spring 74, p.111. - CONSCIENCE, OWN JUDGMENT, LAWS, MORALITY

RESISTANCE: Not only does what is opposed tend to grow stronger – what we resist we tend to become.” – Andre Spies, to Win Wanger, 23.7.85. – That is too much of a wrongful generalization for me. Much depends on the kind of resistance: 1.) Whether it is a rightful, wrongful and sensible one or merely a murderous and destructive one. 2.) Whether it uses rightful weapons discriminately or wrongful weapons indiscriminately. 3.) Whether it applies the principle of collective responsibility or only that of individual responsibility. 4.) Whether it finances and organizes its resistance properly or not. - Like in any military campaign, numerous mistakes can be made and have been made. All these have not yet been sufficiently published as such. The ideal tactics, strategies and means of a libertarian resistance, revolution, liberation and defence and details of an ideal resistance organization and even the quite rightful final aims for all such efforts have not yet been thoroughly enough discussed, and published, although such discussions are long overdue. – JZ, 15.5.08. –

RESISTANCE: not ready to back down. … He had been pushed around – and his strongest reflex was resistance to any authority he had not consented to; it had been burned into his soul with whips.” – Robert Heinlein, Citizen of the Galaxy, p.219. – CONSENT, AUTHORITY

RESISTANCE: On the other hand, he who resists another’s attempt to control is not an aggressor, an invader a governor, but simply a defender, a protector; and the nature of such resistance is not changed whether it be offered by one man to another man, as when one repels a criminal’s onslaught, or by one man to all other men, as when one declines to obey an oppressive law, or by all other men to one man, as when a subject people rises against a despot, or as when the members of a community voluntarily unite to restrain a criminal. This distinction between invasion and resistance, between government and defence, is vital. Without it there can be no valid philosophy of politics. Upon this distinction and the other considerations just outlined, the Anarchists frame the desired definitions.” – Benjamin R. Tucker, Relation of the State to the Individual.

RESISTANCE: On the right to resists all offences against individual human rights and liberties by rightful means and its practical realization. – JZ, 20.10.85. I wrote this down as a possible title for a book or essay – but never got around to write even a draft of it. – I still hold that an ideal Militia would be the optimal organization for it. This is another topic that is still all too little discussed among libertarians, just like the desirable ideal draft of such rights and liberties. – Various suggestions in this direction can be found e.g. in my two peace books, which are online and in my digitized collection of over. 130 private human rights drafts. - JZ, 15.5.08. –

RESISTANCE: One should resist, one must resist, today more than ever.” – John Hernry Mackay, Abrechnung. (“Man soll sich wehren // Man muss sich wehren. // Heute mehr denn je.”)

RESISTANCE: Part of that spirit may feed on the earthy American feeling that “they can’t put everybody in jail!” Or, in short, there is safety in numbers when it comes to fighting City Hall, or the White House itself.” – Karl Hess, The Lawless State, p.28. – How often would that be necessary if all non-criminal and non-aggressive people were freed to secede and establish exterritorially autonomous personal law communities of volunteers? Prevention is always better than the best cure. – JZ, 6.5.08. – There was no safety in numbers for over 200 million non-conformists to despotic regimes, mass-murdered during the last century beyond those killed in wars such such regimes. Look up the statistics on Democide by Rudolf Rummel, which are online. – JZ, 6.4.14. - SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW COMMUNITIES, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PREVENTION OF VIOLENCE.

RESISTANCE: Perhaps one ought to die on one’s feet. Better far, I am told, than to live on one’s knees.” – Paul Kavanagh, The Triumpf of Evil, p.97. – We should rather eliminate the wrongdoers or bring them down to their knees. The details on how that could and should be done, should be discussed with some interest and thoroughly enough among anarchists and libertarians rather than uttering complacently some courageous but useless phrases like the above. – The communists developed their revolution program for a minority of between 5% to 7% of the population. Where is the resistance, defence, military insurrection and revolution program by and for anarchists and libertarians, for their purposes? Do they expect a government to provided it? - JZ, 6.4.14.

RESISTANCE: Present society is based on resistance to evil. – Yes, to some extent. But to large extent it is also based on resistance to good (e.g. full monetary freedom and voluntary taxation) and to supposed wrongs, which are no wrongs. (E.g. individual and minority group secessionism and voluntary membership in non-territorial States and communities.) – JZ, 16.6.84, 6.5.08. There are many wrongful territorial governments which deserve not only to have their secrets revealed but also many kinds espionage, treason, disobedience and rightful resistance actions, from unarmed to armed and militarily organized ones, including military insurrections, not only non-violent resistance. Most of all they should be greatly reduced or even dissolved through individual and groups secessionism, with all remaining societies and communities confined to their volunteers under personal law or exterritorial autonomy. - JZ, 22.2.11.

RESISTANCE: Remain in the country and resist every day.” - Graffiti – JZ tr. of: “Bleibe im Lande und wehre dich taeglich.” – Easier said than done. How practical is this advice in some to most cases? It is almost an appeal to commit suicide while trying to take out one or a few of the oppressors. – Oppressive regimes are too well organized and armed for most individual resistance actions. – Escape is often much easier. Resistance groups ought to be intellectually well prepared, organized, armed and trained long before their use will become quite justified, efficient and necessary. – So far resistance and liberation has not yet been turned into a science. - JZ, 15.5.08, 22.2.11. – Governance and societal systems in exile, all only for their present and future volunteers, could play a large role in this, as well as free migration and programs against involuntary unemployment and inflations and for the effective financing or revolutions and military uprisings. They could be tested in the various freedom struggles occurring at any time somewhere in the world, rather than being merely sufficiently discussed in some of the countries free enough to do this and least needing liberation through a violent revolution. – JZ, 6.4.l4.

RESISTANCE: Resist beginnings; too late is the medicine prepared when the disease has gained strength by long delays.” - Ovid [Publius Ovidius Naso], Remedia Amoris, p.91. – Tr. By Showerman, The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, p. 551b - Resist the beginnings.” – Ovid, remed. am. 92. („Principiis obsta.“ – „Widerstehen gleich von Anfang an.“ - (Ein Mittel gegen die Liebe.) – A much more suitable motto against all kinds of authoritarianism, despotism and tyranny. – JZ, 6.5.08.BEGINNINGS

RESISTANCE: Resist much. Obey little. Think for yourself.” - William Thomas – And let others do their own things! – Thereby you reduce or even abolish resistance against your own self-help efforts. - JZ - OBEDIENCE, DISOBEDIENCE, THINK, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, AUTONOMY FOR ALL, POLYARCHISM

RESISTANCE: Resist. Don’t let them hit you with anything, least of all with taxes. – JZ, 16.2.77, 20.11.78.

RESISTANCE: Resistance instead of obedience towards wrongdoers. – JZ, 7.9.85. – “Widerstand statt Gehorsam gegenueber den Ungerechten.” – JZ, 26.10.84.

RESISTANCE: Resistance to aggression is not simply justifiable but imperative. Non-resistance hurts both altruism and egoism.” – Herbert Spencer, The Study of Sociology, ch.8. - DUTY

RESISTANCE: Resistance to the organized mass can be effected only by the man who is as well organized in his individuality as the mass itself.” – C. B. Jung. – Mental resistance should be distinguished from physical resistance. In the former the individual has a much better chance to succeed – if he does not make his opposition too public. For the latter to become successful much collaboration with other individuals is required, while arms, meetings and organization are usually outlawed for opponents. Thus even in democracies many people should systematically train and prepare themselves for effective resistance in case their democracy becomes a dictatorship, which has happened all too often. As for the mass, is it really organized or merely ruled or misled by a well organized minority? – JZ, 6.4.89.

RESISTANCE: Resistance to tyranny is service to God.” – James Madison – There should be freedom for all peaceful people to resist any impositions upon them – simply by allowing them to opt out or withdraw and then to do their own things freely among themselves. We practice this kind of panarchism already a thousand-fold in all the minor affairs of our own private lives. But we are not yet accustomed to think about it in those spheres, which territorial governments have so far quite wrongfully and irrationally monopolized for themselves and usually severely mismanage at our own risk and expense. – JZ, 30.3.09, 22.2.11. - RESISTANCE TO TYRANNY BY FREE SECESSIONISM & EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY OR PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, STATISM ONLY FOR THE STATISTS. AUTHORITARIANISM ONLY FOR THE AUTHORITARIANS

RESISTANCE: Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.” – Thomas Jefferson, Epigram, found among his papers after his death. – So even he did not dare to utter this thought publicly while he lived! – JZ, 6.5.08.

RESISTANCE: Right of Revolution: Governments being instituted for the common benefit, protection and security of the whole community and not for the interests or emoluments of any one man, family, or class of men; therefore, whenever the ends of government are perverted, and public liberty manifestly endangered, and all other means or redress ineffectual, the people may, and of right ought to, reform the old or establish a new government. (*) The doctrine of non-resistance against arbitrary power and oppression is absurd, slavish, and destructive of the good and happiness of mankind.” – New Hampshire Bill of Rights, 1784, article 10. - (*) Or as many governments or societies as they like, all without a territorial monopoly! – JZ, 6.5.08.

RESISTANCE: Rightful and Forceful Resistance (C) –Resistance against Oppression - (48.) Every rational being has the right and duty to resist, by all rightful means, all attempts to suppress human rights or natural rights of rational beings and to help in the realization and protection of these rights. The right to resist includes the right to ignore all laws and regulations which a) are older than 30 years, b) are not made public by posting the full text to every citizen concerned, c) are not sufficiently explained and motivated in these publications. - Comment: This right can be deduced from the other rights and the general idea of right, which authorizes the use of force for its protection. No generation may bind the following by its laws. No general rules of conduct can have any obliging power without having been made sufficiently public and having been motivated and explained sufficiently. The right to life and personal security and any military or other subordination find their limits in this duty. Everything done under the authority of this right is neither to be considered as breach of an oath nor as treason, espionage, sabotage, desertion or mutiny in any derogatory sense. An individual may render an attacker or offender harmless in self-defence or while defending others, may arrest or kill him if necessary, but it is not authorized to carry out retaliatory or punitive measures. This is the concern of, impartial courts. - 49.) Arms - For the exercise of the right to resist, every rational being has the right to own and carry arms, which by their nature do not automatically endanger the elementary rights. Comment: All weapons for mass extermination inevitably threaten or offend against human rights and natural rights of rational beings, while infantry and police weapons can be used discriminately, sparing innocent people, avoiding unnecessary destruction. 50.) Military Organization - Every rational being has the right to associate with others in military organizations for the realization and protection of human rights and natural rights of rational beings and to train itself in the use of rightful weapons. - Comment: From the other human rights and natural rights of reasonable beings it follows that these organizations must be organized in such away that they could not be used for anything else. Membership must be voluntary, permitting everybody to leave this organization any time. Members must swear to defend the fundamental rights and nothing else. - They are not permitted unjust weapons. - They would have to elect and if necessary to recall their officers. Their obedience must find its limit in the human rights and natural rights of rational beings and they must, even as soldiers, retain their liberty of speech, press and assembly. - Such an organization would not be militaristic but an ideal police and peace force. - 51.) Tyrannicide - From the right and duty to resist it follows that every rational being has the right and duty to render tyrants harmless, killing them if necessary. - Comment: A tyrant is a powerful politician who does not recognize the human rights and natural rights of rational beings and has given orders or prepared measures, which, if carried, out would offend against these rights of a large number of people. A threat with atomic weapons is such an offence. - Furthermore, he cannot be peacefully recalled or legally charged because he remains in power only by suppressing elementary rights like freedom of speech, press, assembly, and association, and the rule of law. - If a man is backed up by a tyrannical majority, then he is not a tyrant but simply the leader of a tyrannical mob. - 52.) Revolution - In extreme cases, when peaceful remedies are not provided and individual acts of resistance are insufficient, the right to resist becomes a right and duty to revolt against a tyrannical government and its few voluntary supporters, if it is done without offending against the human rights and the natural rights of rational beings. - Comment: The suppression of these rights has to be regarded as a declaration of war against mankind. Revolutionaries who know, use, and respect these rights, particularly rights 20/1, 32 and 41, could carry out a revolution against a dictator with relative ease. - All revolutions, which do not respect these rights, are to the same degree not justified and deserve to be suppressed. - Rights 18-21 provide opportunities for rapid but peaceful revolutionary changes for those who desire them. Wherever they are respected revolutions are neither justified nor necessary. - 53.) Right to Refuse Participation in an Unjust War - Every rational being has the right and duty to refuse participation in an unjust war and to defend this right. - Comment: This right implies e.g. the right to decide directly, by voting in plebiscites (compare: 38 and in meetings of a volunteer  militia (compare: 50) about war and peace, armament and disarmament, furthermore, the right to revolt against a government which prepares an unjust war. - It is infringed as long as conscription and weapons for mass-extermination ( nuclear, germ and poison weapons ) exist. These weapons would inevitably kill noncombatants and conscripts, even secret friends and allies and offend therefore against the human rights and natural rights of rational beings. The mere existence of such weapons is a threat to these rights. - Every rational being has therefore the right to participate directly in the destruction of all such weapons and the means by which they are produced and to search all suspicious localities for hidden weapons of this kind. The right to resist supercedes here the right to inviolability of one's home or rather the latter does not include a right to hide mass extermination weapons. - Conscription is unwarranted because only rational beings are entitled and obliged to resist. Rational beings would resist conscription or desert from those who conscripted them and rather fight against them than for them. Rational beings would voluntarily join a militia of the above (50). – From the human rights draft in PEACE PLANS No. 4. & in No.61-63. See: - This draft is decades old by now – and I have still not found any willing to work on improving it or other such drafts into an optimal declaration of individual rights and liberties. Who is to be blamed for this? – JZ, 6.4.14.

RESISTANCE: screw every government you can, before they do you.” – GEGENSCHEIN, No. 34. – Why provoke them unnecessarily? Rather secede from them, exterritorially, if you can. – JZ, 20.10.08. – The statists, too, do have the right to rule themselves, but only exterritorially, under their own personal laws. – JZ, 2.4.09. – TOLERANCE, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM

RESISTANCE: Sieyès was essentially a revolutionist, because he held that political oppression can never be right, and that resistance to oppression can never be wrong.” – Lord Acton, Lectures on the French Revolution, ed. by Figgis & Laurence, MacMillan, 1932, p.161. – Assuming that it recognizes the individual rights and liberties of others. – JZ, 1.10.07. – Terrorism is also a form of resistance – but, certainly, not a rightful one. – JZ, 30.3.09. - VS. OPPRESSION

RESISTANCE: Since they resist tyranny in behalf of law and moral order, they are in no sense rebels. The oppressive government alone is guilty of rebellion and treason. - John Locke - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. - REBELLION, TYRANNY, TREASON & OPPRESSION

RESISTANCE: Since, then, this forcible resistance to the injustice of the government is the only possible means of preserving liberty, it is indispensable to all legal liberty that this resistance should be legalized. It is perfectly self-evident that where there is no legal right to resist the oppression of the government, there can be no legal liberty. And here it is all important to notice, that practically speaking, there can be no legal right to resist the oppressions of the government, unless there be some legal tribunal, other than the government, and wholly independent of and above, the government, to judge between the government and those who resist its oppressions; in other words, to judge what laws of the government are to be obeyed, and what may be resisted and held for nought. The only tribunal known to our laws, for this purpose, is a jury.” – Lysander Spooner, Trial by Jury, Works II, p.16/17. – Seeing how the power of free juries has been infringed by governments over the centuries, they alone do not offer enough protection. They must be supplemented e.g. by ideal militias for the protection of all individual rights and liberties, and these forces have still to be fully discussed and then established and these rights and liberties have still to be fully compiled, declared and published. They are not to be thought of as merely some afterthoughts of some other desirable freedom steps. – JZ, 6.5.08, 6.4.14. - JURIES, MILITIA, HUMAN RIGHTS DECLARATION, LAWS, GOVERNMENT, INJUSTICE, LIBERTY

RESISTANCE: Spooner’s view of the constitutional rights of citizens was also written into the Fourteenth Amendment which declared: “No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United State; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”(*) – One corollary of Spooner’s argument did not become part of our law – the right of the people to resist an unconstitutional law. (**) The right of the people to resist the usurpations of their government, Spooner wrote, “is a strictly constitutional right. And the exercise of the right is neither rebellion against the constitution, nor revolution – it is maintenance of the constitution itself, by keeping the government within the constitution.” - Who should judge whether a citizen in rebellion has behaved unconstitutionally? Spooner argued that only a jury of peers could decide such a question. The power of resistance should not be circumscribed because it was the people’s only real security. (***) “Nothing but the strength of the people, and a knowledge that they will forcibly resist any very gross transgression of the authority granted by them to their representatives, deters representatives from enriching themselves, and perpetuating their power, by plundering and enslaving the people.” (Defence for Fugitive Slaves, p. 30.)” – Charles Chively’s introduction to Lysander Spooner, Works, I. - (*) Does there exist a similar clause against infringement of rights by the Federal Government, e.g. via its taxation or conscription laws? – (**) Or a law that may be constitutional but, nevertheless, infringes individual rights and liberties! – (***) The USA Militia or National Guard is already all too much in the hands of the government. – Not to speak of the police forces and the defence forces and xyz other armed organizations of it. - JZ, 6.5.08. – CONSTITUTIONALISM, GOVERNMENTS, REPRESENTATIVES, POLITICIANS, RULERS, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS, MILITIA

RESISTANCE: Stand up and fight for what you know is right. – JZ, 3/77, 28.6.78.

RESISTANCE: The constitutions of New Hampshire and Tennessee also declare that “The doctrine of non-resistance against arbitrary power and oppression is absurd, slavish, and destructive of the good and happiness of mankind.” – Lysander Spooner, Trial by Jury, Works, vol. II, p.19. – The constitutions of post WW II West Berlin and of Hessen spoke also of a right to resist – but at least the Berlin authorities interpreted this merely as the right to take offenders to court! – JZ, 6.5.08. - And this after the experience with the Nazi's tyranny! - JZ, 22.2.11.

RESISTANCE: the decided resistance of a respectable minority is sufficient to nullify a law for all practical purposes; …” - Lysander Spooner, on the postal monopoly, in Works I, p.33. – Peaceful, non-criminal and non-aggressive individuals and dissenting minorities should also get, quite formally, the basic right to ignore territorial laws, institutions and to secede altogether from whole territorial governments and to do their own things for and to themselves, under personal laws, as man has done for most of his unwritten and part of his written history. – This amounts to a basic right still missing in all State constitutions. – JZ, 6.5.08, 22.2.11.

RESISTANCE: The era of resisting big government is never over.” – Paul Gigot (1998) - It will be over when all territorial governments, large and small ones, have been transformed into governments or societies that are all only exterritorially autonomous and have voluntary members only. - JZ, 22. 11. 06. - How many important truths can we afford to overlook? - JZ, 22.2.11. - REVOLUTION & BIG GOVERNMENT, PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, VOLUNTARISM,

RESISTANCE: The history of liberty is the history of resistance.” – Woodrow Wilson – HISTORY, LIBERTY

RESISTANCE: The king was, therefore, constitutionally the government; and the only legal limitation upon his power seems to have been simply the Common Law, usually called “the law of the land”, which he was bound by oath to maintain; (which oath had about the same practical value as similar oaths have always had.) This “law of the land” seems not to have been regarded at all by many of the kings, except so far as they found it convenient to do so, or were constrained to observe it by the fear of arousing resistance. But as a people are slow in making resistance, oppression and usurpation often reached a great height; and, in the case of John, they had become so intolerable as to enlist the nation almost universally against him; and he was reduced to the necessity of complying with any terms the barons saw fit to dictator to him.” - Lysander Spooner, Trial by Jury, Works II, p.22. - Since the common law has never sufficiently recognized and protected all our individual rights and liberties, let us finally define these rights and liberties more completely and clearly than this has ever been done before. Their all too slow and chance discovery by judges is not good enough. That might take further centuries. As experience has shown, this job cannot be left to parliaments, governments, judges and lawyers. Every rational and moral citizen should become at least be somewhat involved in this job. His rights and liberties are at stake, too. Our future, or very survival may depend upon this and we have neglected it already for all too many centuries. – Once such a declaration is achieved, a militia of volunteers to uphold these rights and liberties should be the main armed and organized force. It should be exterritorially autonomous, too and self-mobilizing and self-financing, not subject to any territorial government or any combination of them. – The best of the people, under arms, properly enlightened, organized, armed and self-trained to uphold their individual rights and liberties, as the ultimate authority. - JZ, 6.5.08. - Such a militia would not accept fools, ignorant people, alcoholics and drug addicts, psychopaths of any type or they would be quickly weeded out in their trial period. - JZ, 22.2.11. - COMMON LAW, DECLARATION OF ALL INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS & LIBERTIES & MILITIAS FOR THEIR PROTECTION

RESISTANCE: The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke (1729-1797). – Or simply to go on merely doing what they are doing. – JZ, 30.3.09. - Seeing the multiple and great wrongs that still exist, this is precisely what has happened so far. Rightful and fundamental changes, which would turn the situation around, are still missing and not even widely enough striven for by the supposedly most enlightened people and most radical ones. - JZ, 22.2.11. – ANARCHISTS & LIBERTARIANS, NEGLECTING ONE OF THEIR MAIN JOBS, TOO.

RESISTANCE: The right to resist unlawful arrest memorializes one of the principal elements in the heritage of the English revolution: the belief that the will to resist arbitrary authority in a reasonable way is valuable and ought not to be suppressed by the criminal law. In the face of obvious injustice, one ought not to be forced to submit and swallow one’s sense of justice.” – Chevigny, The Right To Resist an Unlawful Arrest, 78 Yale L.J., quoted in Butler D. Shaffer, Violence as a Product of Imposed Order, p.24. – ARRESTS, UNLAWFUL ARRESTS

RESISTANCE: The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it to be always kept alive. It will often be exercised when wrong but better so than not to be exercised at all. I like a little rebellion now and then. It is like a storm in the atmosphere.” – Thomas Jefferson (1743-1846), U.S. President, Letter to Abigail Adams, (Mrs. John Adams), Paris, 22 February 1787 – Quoted by Frank Chodorov, Fugitive Essays, p.290. – In Seldes, The Great Quotations: “The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions that I wish it always to be kept alive … “ - - Once all governments are reduced to exterritorial autonomy and voluntary members only, one does no longer have to resist them, as a rule, but could simply opt out from under them. In that situation aggressive communities of volunteers will also become rare to impossible. If they should occur, they will soon find overwhelming resistance from all the other communities of volunteers and from quite rightful militia forces of volunteers for the protection of genuine individual rights and liberties – to the extent that these are claimed by volunteers for themselves. – I doubt that one should try to militarily assist those who believe only in absolute non-violent resistance. – But one should offer asylum to those, who managed to escape their victimizers. – Also prizes should be put on the heads of the aggressors. - JZ, 6.5.08. (As Thomas More, 1478-1535, in his "Utopia" suggested, they should be doubled if the offenders could be brought before a genuine court of justice. - JZ, 22.2.11.) - Individual secessionism, voluntary associationism and personal law under exterritorial autonomy would permit even individuals to engage in quite rightful one-man "revolutions, that would revolutionize only their own affairs, as much as they want to and can stand it. – JZ, 30.3.09. - & REBELLION TOWARDS TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM



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