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KANT’S CATEGORICAL IMPERATIVE: Act as if the maxim of your action were to become by your will a general law of nature.

KANT’S PRACTICAL IMPERATIVE: Act so as to treat man, in your own person as well as in that of anyone else, always as an end, never merely as a means.”

KEEP GOING: Keep on going on no matter how hard the going might be.” – From 1977 Collins Desk Calendar. - Provided you are on the right path to rightful aims. – Provided also that there is no easier and yet rightful way towards you ideal. Search for it, too, persistently. – There is almost always another and better way. All should be tried out, although not necessarily by you alone. Proverbial wisdom is not always wise enough. - JZ, 8.11.0722.9.13. - PERSISTENCE

KEEP MOVING: Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” – Will Rogers - ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK. - JOKES

KEPT PEOPLE: I don’t expect to be kept by society.” – George Hardy, The Doom of the Welfare Society, p.11. - WELFARE STATE, DEPENDENCY, SOCIETY

KEPT PERSONS: We become more and more not only victims of officially imposed tributes but, in consequence, also kept persons or dependents. – JZ, 6.8.77, 10.11.07. – In balance, as dependents, we get back only part of our own money, not the high brokerage charge by politicians and bureaucrats running their redistribution scheme, with the consent of all too many of the territorial statists. – JZ, 22.9.13. -  TAXATION, DEPENDENCY, HANDOUTS, SUBSIDIES, WELFARE STATE

KEY ISSUES: Journalists, politicians, legislators, all too often judges as well, avoid the real key issues or remain blind to them. Instead, they apply some potions to symptoms. - JZ, 30.4.02. - PUBLIC DEBATES, MASS MEDIA, LIBERALISM, WELFARISM, STATISM, MEDDLING, JOURNALISTS, POLITICIANS, EXPERTS, LEGISLATORS

KEYNES: In Wanniski’s view … Kenynesian ideas just provide politicians with an excuse to redistribute the misery in a stagnant economy.” – Alan Reynolds on Jude Wanniski’s book “The Way the World Works”, in “reason”, 12/78. – The inflations, deflations and stagflations, caused by the monetary despotism of the Keynesians, do also increase the miseries and especially unemployment, bankruptcies and poverty. – JZ, 22.9.13. - REDRISTRIBUTION, WELFARE STATE, INFLATIONISM

KEYNES: Thanks for nothing, Keynesians!” – Bumpersticker of Dale Frese, mentioned in FREEDOM TODAY, 10/75.

KEYNESIANISM: In truth, the gold standard is already a barbarous relic.” - John Maynard Keynes, Monetary Reform, p.187 (1924). - Even if this were the case, people should remain free to select it for their own exchanges as their preferred value standard. However, they would be foolish or ignorant of many experiences, if they choose it either as an exclusive means of exchange or as a redemption good that every issuer would have to supply upon demand or that any debtor would have to deliver in payment, upon demand. - JZ, 13.10.02. - MONEY, GOLD STANDARD, FREE CHOICE OF VALUE STANDARDS

KEYNESIANISM: We are all Keynesians now.” – Richard Milhous Nixon. - “I am not a Keynesian.” – John Maynard Keynes. – Both quoted by Richard Cornuelle, Healing America, G.P. Putnam’s Sons, New York, 1983, p.46. – Anyhow, Keynes and most modern “economists” still take monopolistic and central banking for granted, although it is merely a creature of legislation and not an institution of a free economy. – JZ, 12.9.08. It is only in the wrongful interests of territorial States. That is why it was and still is so popular among the territorial statists. It allows them to “finance” all their wrongful and anti-economic schemes and grants them all too much wrongful power. JZ, 22.7.13. – CENTRAL BANKING, MONETARY DESPOTISM, INFLATION, DEFLATION, STAGFLATION, CRISES, POVERTY, UNEMPLOYMENT, BANKRUPTCIES

KILLING: Before the gates one hears the warriors shout. // Can we conceive of nothing else but more killings? - (Auch hoert man vor den Toren die Krieger schreien. Faellt uns denn ausser Toeten schon nichts mehr ein?) – Konstantin Wecker, Im Namen des Wahnsinns, p.84. - Alas, he, too, did not make, to my knowledge, any positive suggestions that would lead to peace. – JZ, 10.11.07. – SOLDIERS,  WAR- & PEACE AIMS

KILLING: Dead men help no one, not even those who kill them!” – Kenneth Roberts, Oliver Wiswell, p. 197. – Neither a rapist nor a bank robber killed in their attempts nor an executed tyrant will ever bother anyone again. – JZ, 22.9.13. - DEATH PENALTY, EXECUTIONS

KILLING: More people have been put to death - men, women and children - in the most grotesque manner by Hitler, Stalin and Mao during the lifetime of the reader of this book than have been slaughtered in all written history." - Dagobert D. Runes, Treasury of Thought, 64. - MASS MURDERS

KILLING: Never kill a fellow when you don’t have to.” – Ron Hubbard, Mission Earth K, The Invader’s Plan, 67.

KILLING: Not to kill is a noble request; but if the fighters for freedom had not killed, they would still be carrying leg-irons.” – D. R. Runes, Handbook of Reason, 56. Also in his: Treasury of Thought, 75.

KILLING: Of all the great anarchist thinkers, Tolstoy of course the most uncompromising in his pacifist rejection of violence. His position was based on a strict interpretation of the Christian commandment: “Thou shalt not kill”; he even interpreted the principle to mean that you should not kill a criminal who seems about to murder a child.” – Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, p.634. – And this in spite of the fact that this version of the commandment is probably nothing but a translation or interpretation error, that does not distinguish between killing and murder. - The Christian doctrine should be applied rather by the prospective murderer, the aggressor, than by his intended victim, the defender and other defenders of that victim. Self-defence - and delegated defence as well as assumed and genuinely protective efforts - are rightful even when they require the killing of an attacker. How many times has such a basic truth to be shown, e.g. on TV, before in finally sinks in? – Any genuine right is accompanied by the right to enforce it. – That was already stated by Immanuel Kant. – As long as convicts are largely maintained in prisons, in idleness, or unproductive make work schemes, i.e. at the expense of innocent tax payers, this victimizes their victims even further. At least they should be made to work to cover all the costs of their imprisonment and significant contributions towards the indemnification of their victims. - JZ, 10.11.07, 22.9.13. - TOLSTOY’S VIEW, SELF-DEFENCE, TOTAL NONVIOLENCE? TOTAL NON-RESISTANCE?

KILLING: Patriots always talk of dying for their country and never of killing for their country.” - Bertrand Russell, attributed. – Sent by C.B. - DYING & PATRIOTISM

KILLING: Technically the inhabitants of this planet weren’t human and so Heltin hadn’t been guilty of breaking the Prime Ethic. That was reserved for races who [which? – JZ] obeyed the one great requirement of the galactic federation. No member of any one race must ever kill a member of that race. It was the dividing line between human and non-human, men and monsters and, unfortunately, the inhabitants of Earth were still in the monster stage.” – E. C. Tubb, The Wager, SCIENCE FANTASY, 11/55, quoted in THE HISTORY OF SF MAG., vol. 3, p. 280. – Most rights and liberties apply only to sufficiently moral and rational beings, not to beings that never or not often enough think or act within the inherent limitations of these terms. – JZ, 8.11.07, 22.9.13. - TEN COMMANDMENTS, MURDER

KILLING: Thou shalt not kill; but need’st not strive // Officiously to keep alive. – Arthur Hugh Clough, “The Latest Decalogue.” – According to Ulrich von Beckerath, the original, like in most religions, probably merely stated: Thou shalt not murder. – But this wide-spread belief was also accompanied by the theory and practice of tyrannicide, i.e. the killing, or, rather, execution of a tyrant out of the highest rather than the lowest motives. – Not even rats, mice, insect pests and  dangerous microbes or viruses or their “human” equivalents? - JZ, 8.11.07. - TEN COMMANDMENTS, MURDER

KILLING: Thou shalt not kill? - Thou shalt kill and execute tyrants and minor aggressors, whenever necessary in the defence of individual rights and liberties. But thou shalt not murder. – Only vegetarians do apply the faulty doctrine somewhat consistently, as far as animals are concerned. But they still kill and eat plants and kill various pests that annoy them and dangerous germs and viruses, if they can. – It does not say much for our degree of enlightenment that the Christian doctrine on this, however flawed, has remained unchanged for so long. - JZ, 24.12.93, 10.11.07. - TYRANNICIDE VS. MURDER & ASSASSINATION, SELF-DEFENCE, RESISTANCE, DIS.

KINDERGARTENS FOR ADULTS: To what extent are all of us still kept in the territorial and statist equivalent of kindergartens or nurseries? – JZ, 20.3.93. - Or even territory-wide prison systems? – JZ, 10.11.07. - WELFARE STATES, PROTECTIONISM, TERRITORIALISM, Q.

KINDNESS: Always try to be a little kinder than necessary.” – James M. Barrie, READER’S DIGEST, 10/75. – Can one be a little bit more just than necessary? What applies to politeness and good manners does not necessarily apply to justice. – JZ, 8.11.07. - JUSTICE

KINDNESS: He is of a disposition to do men service, though he is ashamed to have a service done to him. To confer a kindness is a mask of superiority; to receive one is a mark of subordination.” – Aristotle, quoted in Will Durant, The Story of Philosophy, 79. - INDEPENDENCE, PRIDE, SUPERIORITY, DEPENDENCE, SUBORDINATION

KINDNESS: I think kindness means a lot,” said Sheila timidly. - “It’s a luxury, I’m afraid, though of course it’s such luxuries that make us human,” said Mandelbaum. “Kindness to whom? Sometimes you just have to cut loose and get violent. Some wars are necessary.” – Poul Anderson, Brainwave, p.28. – Depends upon what kind of war or fight one has in mind. Most were so far conducted in an all too immoral and irrational way. – JZ, 8.11.07. – Even in boxing and football there are still too many fouls. – Forceful defence of individual rights and liberties should always be distinguished from attacks against them. - JZ, 13.5.13. - LOVE, VIOLENCE, WARS, DEFENCE VS. AGGRESSION, FORCE

KINDNESS: If you're naturally kind you attract a lot of people you don't like.” - William Feather. – One should not be too kind to the wrong kind of people. Politeness and aloofness will suffice. – JZ, 11.1.08, 12.5.13.

KINDNESS: Israelites are enjoined to deal kindly with all whom they encounter.” – Midrash Tehellim, 52:6. – Except, naturally, those behaving like wild beasts. – JZ, 25.6.92.

KINDNESS: Kindness has more power than compulsion.” - Author Unknown. - One achieves more by making friends than by making enemies. - JZ, 25.11.02. - VS. COMPULSION, POWER OF ATTRACTION, MAKING FRIENDS OR NEUTRALS RATHER THAN ENEMIES.

KINDNESS: Knowledge may be good; kindness is good.” – Dagobert D. Runes, A Dictionary of Thought. – Kindness to evil is not good! – JZ, 10.9.84. - Kindness to all people is neither kindness to the remaining evil in a criminal nor to his victims. – Kindness, love and charity are no good when they are all too indiscriminately applied. – JZ, 26.7.92. - GOODNESS & KNOWLEDGE, DIS.

KINDNESS: Not only is the “kindly sentiment” destroyed but the “conduct” is rendered impossible. When government takes from you and me, for whatever purpose, it takes the funds we might otherwise have used to relieve the distress that comes within our purview. We cannot give that which we do not possess.” – Leonard L. Read, Then Truth will Out, p. 49. – Why do those inclined towards charity not always remember and practise or recommend the credit and insurance alternatives, based on individual responsibility, contract and self-help ideas and practices? Neither charity nor enforced payments are the solution to every problem. – JZ, 8.11.07. – If charity is offered at all, then it should be done privately and at the own expense and not officially and coercively, at the expense of others. – JZ, 12.5.13. – Charity is often a rather costly business, in money and in manpower and it does not sufficiently encourage its beneficiaries as much as they still could, if they really tried. If the help is only granted as a personal loan or in mutual aid, this would be another and sounder relationship. – JZ, 22.9.13. - HELP, CHARITY, AID, MUTUAL AID, INSURANCE, CREDIT, PERSONAL LOANS, WELFARE STATE

KINDNESS: Only the truly kind man knows how to love and how to hate.” – Confucius. - LOVE & HATE

KINDNESS: saving the world one kindness at a time. – Orson Scott Card, motto of Shadow of the Giant, 2005. -  One should not be kind to the unkind or tolerant towards the intolerant. Love, kindness and tolerance should not be indiscriminately offered but also very discriminately. Only politeness can be mostly used towards all. – JZ, 15.4.13, 18.4.13. - TOLERANCE TOWARDS THE TOLERANT, BENEVOLENCE, LOVE, FRIENDLINESS

KINDNESS: Some one said, ‘What do you say concerning the principle that injury should be recompensed with kindness?’ – The Master said: ‘With what then will you recompense kindness? Recompense injury with justice and recompense kindness with kindness.’” – Confucius, Analects, bk. xiv, c.xxxvi. - JUSTICE, INJURY, LOVE, CRIME, AGGRESSION

KINDNESS: Sure, we can be kind. It’s important. But kindness means helping another to produce, not helping another to become a parasite. That isn’t kindness at all. Not really.” – Robert LeFevre, Lift Her Up, Tenderly, p.114. - HELP, AID, SELF-HELP, PARASITISM, WELFARE STATE

KINDNESS: The fine and noble way to destroy a foe, is not to kill him: with kindness you may so change him that he shall cease to be so: then he's slain.” - Aleyn. – You do not have to love him – but if you are quite just to him, he, or at least most of his subjects, will cease to be your enemies. For instance: If you fully recognized governments in exile for all the diverse groups suffering under a dictatorship and even a government in exile with the same program as the despotic one – but one only for volunteers! – JZ, 17.1.09. - KINDNESS TO ENEMIES, FRIENDSHIP, FOREIGN POLICY, ALLIANCES, APPEALS, DESERTION, REFUGEES, WAR AIMS, UNILATERAL PEACE DECLARATIONS, SEPARATE PEACE TREATIES, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE, PANARCHISM

KINDNESS: The Higher Truth that it is better to be kind than to be frank.” – Robert A. Heinlein, The Number of the Beast, New English Library, 1981, p.490. - TRUTH & FRANKNESS

KINDNESS: This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.” - The Dalai Lama – How does kindness cope with the problems of poverty, mass unemployment, inflation, dictatorship, tyranny, aggression, invasion, crime? Should we be kind to tyrants and violent criminals? Kind enough to all animals and plants, as well as to all insects, worms, microorganisms and other living things - to starve ourselves to death? - GENTLENESS, BUDDHISM, DON’T INFLICT PAIN OR SUFFERING UNNECESSARILY

KINDRED SPIRITS: When you live in the shadow of insanity, the appearance of another mind that thinks and talks as yours does, is something close to a blessed event.” - R. Pirsig – FRIENDSHIP, LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE

KINGS OF INDUSTRY: Descriptive terms which people use are often quite misleading. In talking about modern captains of industry and leaders of big business, for instance, they call a man a “chocolate king” or a “cotton king” or an “automobile king”. Their use of such terminology implies that they see practically no difference between the modern heads of industry and those feudal kings, dukes or lords of earlier days. But the difference is in fact very great, for a chocolate king does not rule at all, he serves. He does not reign over conquered territory, independent of the market, independent of his customers. The chocolate king – or steel king or the automobile king or any other king of modern industry – depends on the industry he operates and on the customers he serves. This “king” must stay in the good graces of his subjects, the consumers; he loses his “kingdom” as soon as he is no longer in a position to give his customers better service and provide it at lower cost than others with whom he must compete.” – Ludwig von Mises, Economic Policy, 1. – Nevertheless, in the sphere of politics L. v. M. remained an advocate of limited but exclusive territorial coercion, in accordance with his own political ideal rather than with the various ideals of free consumers for all kinds of political services. – JZ, 28.6.92. – He said, so to speak: You can have any kind of State or society, as long as it is a “limited” governments, still a territorial one. – Just like Ford once had a sales slogan: You can have your car in any color – as long as it is black! – JZ, 10.11.07. - CAPTAINS OF INDUSTRY, LEADERS OF BIG BUSINESS, CAPITALISM, MARKET, CONSUMERS, CUSTOMERS, CHOICE, COMPETITION, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, ROBBER BARONS, BUSINESS, BIG BUSINESS, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, LIMITED GOVERNMENTS, DIS.


KINGS: The days of kings are not over yet. They have not even really begun: Everybody ought to be free to become a King, but only regarding his own affairs. Only then will everybody be free, as free as he wants to be. – JZ, 13.11.74, 10.11.07. - MONARCHISM & INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

KITES: Currently, high-flying and computerized kites are being developed as supplementary energy sources for moving ships filled with non-perishable goods. Sensors on their cables should measure wind speeds at several levels and lead to automatic adjustment of their height. Other censors should judge height and speeds of clouds with the aim to use suitable higher level winds, or wind directions, if technically feasible and desired. Ideally, if technically possible, jet stream winds should be used by large kites, carrying wind turbines, producing electricity on land, if they can carry the weight of the cables and of the turbines, to produce electricity cost-efficiently. Perhaps they could be combined with helium balloons or zeppelins, also carrying wind turbines and utilizing sun power. These structures might be in the form of a very long tube, rising steeply alongside a rising mountain, with a wind turbine in the best location. The anchoring cables might have to contain a lightening conductor. The kites etc. might have to be grounded when lightening might occur. From toys or hobby, arts and sports crafts to power-plants – would be, indeed, a large step. – Naturally, anchored anti-gravity platforms, at great heights at high wind speeds would be even better. – But the often recorded levitation phenomena are still not sufficiently explored. - JZ, 25.1.06, 18.10.07, 22.9.13. - HIGH-FLYING GADGETS FOR POWER PRODUCTION, WIND-POWER, JET STREAMS,& ANCHORED ZEPPELINS, SUNPOWER ZEPPELINS

KITSCH: Subsidized arts are no arts. – JZ, 31.3.76. At least since film and digital photography have become widely available and also the Internet options, the visual reproduction of art work can be so cheaply and widely provided that the works even of so far unknown artists can become generally accessible and thus they can reach much of their potential market. Visual duplications of them can thus be sold cheaply and the original works expensively to collectors. On E-Bay there exists, probably, already a world-wide special market for art work as well. Already on microfilm hundreds of thousands of paintings could be very cheaply reproduced. Now even an outstanding artist could, possibly, make more from millions of micro-payments for the downloading of duplicates of his work than by a high price for an original work. Technology works better than subsidies. Artists should get much more involved in such world-wide exhibitions and sales of their works than in local art shops for originals only. The trend in this direction was largely opened up by good color prints of paintings, which could provide already almost the same enjoyment as the original work. – But just as with valuable texts, valuable through their positive ideas and useful facts, all these opportunities are, probably, not yet fully realized. – JZ, 8.11.07. - ART, MODERN ART, SUBSIDIES

KLEPTOCRACY: Small wonder the term “kleptocracy” has been coined to describe the political system of these unfortunate lands where the government gets gaudier and gaudier as the nation gets poorer and poorer.” – Edwin G. Dolan, Tanstaafl, p.76. – Taxation impoverishes. – JZ, 12.5.13. - GOVERNMENT, TAXATION, POLITICS, RULERS, POLITICIANS, TERRITORIALISM.

KNEELING: I do not want to force anyone to his knees. Nor will I let anyone force me to kneel." - Willy Brandt. - Nice but rather empty phrases, especially when the panarchistic conclusion is not drawn from it and when one imagines, like the former Berlin mayor and later German federal president Brandt, that all ought to be subjected to one territorial rule. Admittedly, B. was, perhaps, a bit less authoritarian than others while on these jobs - but he had compulsory membership, territorial uniformity and the suppression of individual secessionism and minority autonomy - as a supposed ideal - in common with the worst totalitarian regimes. - JZ, 8.4.89. - OR UPRIGHTNESS? INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDEPENDENCE, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, VOLUNTARISM

KNOW-IT-ALL-NESS: Abolish sageness and cast away wisdom, and the world will be brought to a state of good order.” – Láo Tan (see T.T.K., ch.19.). – In: The Texts of Taoism, II/286. – What is so far largely offered as “wisdom” is often nothing less but smug ignorance, prejudice and authoritarianism. – JZ, 8.11.07, 12.5.13. - AUTHORITARIANISM, IGNORANCE

KNOW-IT-ALL-NESS: But every human culture tries to pretend it is Godlike; that it has the Ultimate Wisdom, and that its decisions and judgments are Unarguable. With a very, very few exceptions, human cultures claim to be the direct injunctions of the god(s). (Some exceptions: the Roman culture of the latter Empire days deified the emperors, thereby effectively equating gods and men. Currently, the Soviet culture is quasi-deifying Marx and Lenin, but showing signs of dropping that approach to the problem.)” – John Campbell, ASTOUNDING SF, June 1956. - PRETENCE OF KNOWLEDGE, EXPERTS, GODS, WISDOM, PANACEAS, DOGMATISM, FAITH, BELIEFS, HOLY BOOKS, ONE-BOOK PEOPLE, FANATICS, FUNDAMENTALISTS, PERSONALITY CULTS, DEIFIED RULERS, LEADERSHIP, MYTH OF THE CHOSEN PEOPLE, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM, IMPERIALISM

KNOW-IT-ALL-NESS: I also have another prejudice which is against people who usually think of themselves as veritable beacons of enlightenment and claim to be guided by the facts and the facts alone, both because I know enough elementary philosophy to grasp that such impartiality is strictly impossible and because intuition and experience alike tell me that such people usually lack worthwhile convictions, that they are in politics for what they can get, and indeed care only about office. Admittedly all parties must contain a proportion of people who feel like that; it is when opportunists dominate a party that we must watch out.” – Russell Lewis, 1985, p. 21. - POLITICIANS, PARTIES, EXPERTS, GURUS, PROPHETS, LEADERSHIP

KNOW-IT-ALL-NESS: If the protagonists of freedom are unlikable, freedom is lost. People are repelled by the know-it-all-ness and arbitrariness of many who march under the freedom banner. If freedom could talk, she would doubtless exclaim: "May God defend me from my protagonists; I can defend myself from my enemies!” - Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.98.

KNOW-IT-ALL-NESS: Only the ignorant know everything. - Dagobert D. Runes, A Book of Contemplation, p.76. – CERTAINTY, THE PRETENCE OF KNOWLEDGE, WHILE ONE IS ALL TOO IGNORANT STILL & PREJUDICED, RED.

KNOW-IT-ALL-NESS: the cause of know-it-all-ness – that ignorance which makes “authorities” of the mill run of us.” – Leonard E. Read, Then Truth Will Out, FEE, p. 23. - AUTHORITARIANISM, IGNORANCE

KNOW-IT-ALL-NESS: The Know-It-All Affliction. Leonard Read, in The Free Market and Its Enemy, identifies "know-it-all-ness" as a central feature of the socialist idea. The know-it-all is a meddler in the affairs of others. His attitude can be expressed in this way: "I know what's best for you, but I'm not content to merely convince you of my rightness; I'd rather force you to adopt my ways." The know-it-all evinces arrogance and a lack of tolerance for the great diversity among people.” - Lawrence W. Reed, THE FREEMAN, 2/79.117/18. - STATE SOCIALISM VS. THE MARKET, LEADERSHIP, EXPERTS, PROFESSIONALS, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, LICENSING, PANACEAS, CENTRAL PLANNING, DIRECTION & CONTROL

KNOW-IT-ALL-NESS: We cannot fault a person for knowing less than everything about freedom, for no one knows very much. (*) It’s the people professing to know everything who should give us concern, the ones whose views are “the last word”, those who condemn everyone not in precise agreement. Such offensive arrogance breeds disrespect not only for these persons but also for the causes they espouse.” – Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.97. - - (*) But we can fault the freedom movement for not combining the freedom knowledge that is all too dispersed among its members at least in a comprehensive freedom library containing many new and helpful reference works. – JZ, 12.11.07. – IGNORANCE

KNOW-IT-ALL-NESS: When someone says, “I know what’s best for you.” he generally means, “Here’s what I want you to do.” – Joe Haldeman, motto to “A Mind of His Own”, ANALOG, 2/74.

KNOWLEDGE: ‘Tis not knowing much, but what it useful, that makes a wise man.” – Thomas Fuller, ANALOG 3/90, p.31. - WISDOM, USEFULNESS, JUDGMENT, SELECTIVENESS

KNOWLEDGE: 1. Human knowledge, in terms of countable scientific facts, has been doubling for quite a long time. As we have already seen, Georges Anderla found that such countable hard knowledge doubled between the birth of Christ and 1500 A.D., a period of 1500 years. It doubled again by 1750 A.D., a period of 250 years; again by 1900, a period of 150 years; again by 1950, a period of 50 years; and again by 1960, a period of 10 years. This sum total of known facts doubled again by 1967, a period of 7 years, and again by 1973, a period of 6 years. In all probability it has doubled again since then. - The source for these Anderla statistics is Conquest of Death, by Dr. Alvin Silverstein.” – Robert Anton Wilson, Right Where You Are Sitting Now, p.90. - KNOWLEDGE OR INFORMATION EXPLOSION, KNOWLEDGE DOUBLING IN EVER SHORTER PERIODS

KNOWLEDGE: A body without knowledge is like a house without a foundation.” – Hebrew proverb.

KNOWLEDGE: A clever quote should not leave you speechless but make you think beyond it, if possible. – JZ, 18.1.09.

KNOWLEDGE: a free man should be a free man too in the acquisition of knowledge.” – Plato. – He can be free in that way only if all the previously acquired knowledge is also made easily accessible to him. That was, so far, not achieved, not even with the help of the Internet. What public libraries do not contain is often more significant than what they do offer. The same applies to the teachings in most universities, as far as the social sciences are concerned. Not even a comprehensive world library does so far exist. Not even a complete freedom, peace and justice library! – JZ, 9.11.07. - RIGHT TO INFORM ONESELF, FREEDOM OF INFORMATION, NEW DRAFT, LIBRARIES, IDEAS ARCHIVE

KNOWLEDGE: A free society unlikely without serious study. “There’s too much to read" and "I don't have time to read" are mere excuses. Self-interest the key to joyful reading. Supply of knowledge exceeds demand.” – Leonard E. Read, The Truth Will Out, contents list, XII, page 138, point 20. – Knowledge is still not properly assembled, ordered, combined, discussed and cross-referenced for easy access to every part. If it were, it would help to raise demand for it. – Already by 1875 there were over 500 different definitions of socialism. Most people know only one. There are at least about 150 crisis theories. Most people remain aware only of one or a few. Inventors still try to develop wave power plants – unaware that at least 156 different inventions of this kind do already exist. How many different money reform projects to exist? Are all alternative health methods that really work sufficiently known and applied? – They haven’t even been sufficiently assembled, published and discussed as yet. - JZ, 11.11.07, 15.12.10. – Neither the supply of knowledge nor the demand for it have so far been sufficiently and electronically combined in one place, from which it could spread electronically, to all interested, in any desired selection, or from which it could be copied into millions to billions of CDs, DVDs and external large HDs, all containing the special reference libraries that people do want for themselves. Even an external HD of 1 TB is now affordable and only sized like a single book and at least the hardware is priced only at the range of expensive printed handbooks or encyclopedias or even below that. – When will we finally make full use of this enormous opportunity, with thousands to tens of thousands of people utilizing e.g. email as their input means for the production, between them, of one such disc or HD, on the topic they are most interested in? The WIKIPEDIA and its competitors have shown what can be done in this sphere. – But many more and quite specialized digitized reference works are required, rather than general encyclopedias only on a CD. - JZ, 18.1.09, 22.9.13. - STUDY, READING, SELF-INTEREST, SUPPLY & DEMAND, PUBLISHING ON CDs, DVDs, HDDs AND ONLINE.

KNOWLEDGE: A line runs from the meditations of the heart to the words of the mouth. The meditations are not clear to us until the mouth utters its words. If what the mouth utters is unclear or foolish or mendacious, it must be that the meditations are the same. But the line runs both ways. The words of the mouth will become the meditations of the heart, and the habit of loose talk loosens the fastenings of our understanding.” - Richard Mitchell - – Neither verbal nor written discussions are, usually, well enough informed and comprehensive enough to arrive only at sound conclusions. A better method is that of digital “argument mapping” as developed by Paul Monk at al and described on the Internet. – JZ, 12.1.08. – At least by now many lectures and discussions are offered online and one can add comments to them. – JZ, 22.9.13. - UNDERSTANDING, THINKING, SPEAKING, PREJUDICES, LOOSE TALK, WORDS, MEDITATION, LANGUAGE, COMPREHENSION, DISCUSSIONS, DEBATES, LECTURES

KNOWLEDGE: A little knowledge is dangerous: A person of small knowledge is in danger of trying to make this little do the work of more, but a person without any is in more danger of making his no knowledge do the work of some.” – Augustus De Morgan, “A Budget of Paradoxes”.

KNOWLEDGE: A man who has gold but no knowledge – what has he?” – Kohelet Rabbah, I, 6. – All the knowledge, ideas and experience in the world, sufficiently combined, defended and applied in practice, would form a much greater wealth for mankind and make it rapidly more rich than all the gold, silver, platinum and jewels of the world could. – JZ, 18.1.09. – IDEAS, RICHES, WEALTH, GOLD, JEWELS, TREASURES

KNOWLEDGE: A reading machine, always wound up and going. // He mastered whatever was not worth knowing.” – J. R. Lowell, A Fable for Critics, I. p.164. - LEADING, SCHOLARSHIP, SPECIALISTS, EXPERTS, RED.

KNOWLEDGE: All genuine knowledge originates in direct experience.” – Mao Tse-Tung, address, Tenan, Jul. 1937. – What can direct experience tell us about nuclear phenomena and sub-atomic particles and their interactions? – JZ, 10.11.07. – And so he imposed his own lack of economic knowledge and experience upon hundreds of millions of people, instead of learning from the prolonged and multiple experiences of the best minds of the world for centuries. He also imagined that what he could offer in his “Little Red Book”, apart from the “power out of the barrel of the gun”, would be enough for rapid progress in development. What he imposed was no genuine knowledge but primitive errors, false assumptions, conclusions and numerous anti-capitalist and anti-freedom prejudices. Under the terrorism he institutionalized, to promote them, all too many millions did, for a few years, believe in him, even when this led to further poverty and starvation and further mass murders! After dozens of millions of involuntary human sacrifices and wasted lives, at least much but not yet everything of the “economics” of his State Socialism or totalitarian communism has been abolished. Alas, not yet monetary and financial despotism, which also prevails still in the “free” western democracies. – China, too, urgently needs full experimental freedom for all dissenters. Only then can the benefits of direct experience of a few volunteers come to benefit the population of the whole country, saving most people some of the worst experiences and allowing all people to come to benefit from the best. – Panarchism, combined with monetary and financial freedom, could and would release the creative energies of the Chinese people, too, more than any other system. Territorialism and monetary and financial despotism still hold them terribly back. – By all means, let there be still some communist communes, but made up of volunteers only. Deterrent examples are needed for every new generation as well. - JZ, 18.1.09, 15.12.12, 22.9.13. - EXPERIENCE, DIS., CHINA

KNOWLEDGE: Ambition without knowledge is like a boat on dry land. – From film: The Next Karate Kid. - AMBITION

KNOWLEDGE: An experts is one who knows more and more about less and less.” – Quoted in: Dr. Laurence J. Peter, The Peter Prescription, p.39: Even the economists have become so specialized that few of them know enough about money and very few of them fully understand full monetary freedom. – JZ, 10.9.07. – EXPERTS, PROFESSIONALS, SPECIALISTS

KNOWLEDGE: As a circle of light increases, so does the circumference of darkness around it." – Albert Einstein – IGNORANCE

KNOWLEDGE: As a general rule the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information.” - Benjamin Disraeli – - It may not be the best or most important information, objectively and for all people, but just the kind of special niche-information or entrepreneurial discovery which makes him a success in his profession or business. – After all, it will not be his job or business to sell great ideas on how to reform the world but just another consumer item or service in which he would be able to make a somewhat better offer. – For new ideas and new and important talents new marketing avenues have to be established. The existing ones are insufficient. – Anyone trying to “sell” his idea or talent should by now be sufficiently aware of that – but most operate still under the delusion that a good enough free market does already exist for them – even when they accumulate more and more failures in the existing markets. - JZ, 12.1.07. – If this saying were quite true, then libertarians should already be the most successful people in the world, having spread their knowledge and ideas all over it. – JZ, 18.1.09. – At least libertarians should know by now, from their own prolonged experiences, how hard it is under present conditions to spread even the best libertarian ideas. – JZ, 22.9.13. - INFORMATION, IDEAS, INNOVATIONS, SUCCESS, MARKETING, LIBERTARIAN IDEAS ARCHIVE, LIBRARY, BIBLIOGRAPHYL, ABSTRACTS, REVIEWS, INDEX, ARGUMENT MAPPING, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS, LIBERTARIAN ENCYCLOPEDIA

KNOWLEDGE: As far back as the middle of the 1950s, the physicist Robert Oppenheimer had pointed out that human knowledge was doubling every eight years. This in turn meant that the education with which you emerged from had a half-life of four years. That is, in four years half of everything you had learned was antiquated, and you were obviously on the scrap heap unless you returned to the university and took refresher courses, or, as an alternative, studied for a few hours each day at home.” – Mack Reynolds, Commune 2000 A.D., p.77. – The elder statesmen are often the most ignorant of all, having missed decades of new knowledge. Usually they do not have much time left for serious reading, either. But few are as bad as Hindenburg was, former Chancellor of Germany, who largely handed over his power to Hitler. Hindenburg, as the story goes, even bragged that after school he had read only 2 or 3 books. Apparently, he could not even remember how few he had read. – Politicians prove their ignorance and prejudices almost daily, by the kind of laws they pass. - JZ. 12.5.13. - MULTIPLICATION, INFORMATION EXPLOSION

KNOWLEDGE: As Goethe recognized, all that we imagine to be factual is already (*) theory: What we “know” of our surroundings is our interpretation of them.” – F. A. Hayek. The Fatal Conceit, p.106. – (*) only theory or hypothesis?     Who can quote the German original and its location? – JZ, 22.9.13. - MATERIALISM, PRAXIS, FACTS, THEORIES, INTERPRETATIONS, TRANSCENDENTAL REALITY

KNOWLEDGE: As knowledge increases, wonder deepens.” – Charles Morgan, 1894-1958, Andrews Quotations, p.245. - WONDER

KNOWLEDGE: As Thomas Alva Edison wrote, “No one knows more than one-millionth of one per cent of anything,” and in this lack of understanding we find an explanation for the growing governmental interventionism.” – Probably a remark by Leonard E. Read. Alas, I did not note down where I found it. – JZ – Do we really know by now only as little about how rarely interventionism by territorial governments is rightful, rational and successful, as little about the harmful effects of territorialism, of monetary despotism, of protectionism, of price controls, of gun controls etc.? Even ignorance should not be exaggerated. – JZ, 10.11.07. – But then, how many people on Earth do already have considerable to sufficient knowledge of these subjects and are free to apply it? Territorial governments are not organizations for the mobilization and application of all knowledge but, rather, of popular errors and prejudices. Panarchies of volunteers would be and they could harm and wrong only their volunteers with their free experimentation. – JZ, n.d. & 12.5.13, 22.9.13. – GOVERNMENTS, LAWS, IGNORANCE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM, TERRITORIALISM

KNOWLEDGE: Bartley, W. W., III (1985/87), “Knowledge Is Not a Product Fully Known to Its Producer.”… Kurt R. Leube and Albert Zlabinger, eds., The Political Economy of Freedom (Munich: Philosophia Verlag, 1985); and in revised and expanded form as 'Alienated Alienated: The Economics of Knowledge versus the Psychology and Sociology of Knowledge', in Radnitzky and Bartley (1987).” – From Hayek: The Fatal Conceit, p.159, bibliography.

KNOWLEDGE: Because they know not the forces of nature, and in order that they may have comrades in their ignorance, they suffer not that others should search out anything, and would have us believe like rustics and ask no reason ... But we ask in all things a reason must be sought.” - William of Conches - – How many people are there who really appreciate only one book, be it, for instance, the Bible or the Koran, and who have not even read that one thoroughly and critically? – Are there really 30,000 to 35,000 different religions on Earth, as some recent email that I received did assert? They would, largely, amount to so many kinds of organized ignorance, prejudices and dogmatism! But then there are still too many of them also in the “social sciences” as well and their kind of dogmatism, is still universally territorially applied, while in religion we have already much individual choice in most countries – JZ, 18.1.09, 12.5.13. - FORCES OF NATURE, DOGMATISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL IDEOLOGUES – AMONG THEMSELVES: PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE

KNOWLEDGE: Better to be ignorant of a matter than half know it.” – Publius Syrus, 43 B.C. - It depends upon whether one is all too satisfied with half-knowledge and then acts as if one were to possess full knowledge or whether one still strives to achieve as complete knowledge of a subject as a human being can achieve. At least then one is already on the road. If one had to try to learn everything, one might get discouraged long before one even reaches the half-way mark. No one could, actually, reach that mark. Our knowledge must always be only a small fraction of the total, apart from basic moral or ethical principles, expressed in individual rights and liberties. These we should come to know and appreciate as much as possible. No very long primer texts would be involved, even if some commentaries might also be rather long. – JZ, 9.11.07, 22.9.13. - IGNORANCE, HALF-KNOWLEDGE, DIS.

KNOWLEDGE: But bear in mind that the knowledge which does show forth in these statist organizations of society is an inhibited, stifled, restrained knowledge, bureaucratically unwanted, politically illegal, and, thus, a frustrated and minimal knowledge. All knowledge in society stems from freedom trying to operate, and only when this fact is overlooked do people come to believe that an authoritarian society has possibilities worth exploring. It is the knowledge that leaks out despite the Plan that accounts for all the accomplishment, but people see only the Plan and mistakenly attribute the accomplishment to it.” – Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.19. - STATE, BUREAUCRACY, SOCIETY, CENTRAL PLANNING, STATISM

KNOWLEDGE: By what logic does the government arrogate to itself superior knowledge and power to override the market forces of supply and demand?” – Source? - GOVERNMENT, MARKET, SUPPLY & DEMAND, TERRITORIAL LEADERSHIP, ALL TOO HUMAN & IGNORANT AS WELL AS PREJUDICED, TOO

KNOWLEDGE: Can you explain it to people who know nothing about it or who are antagonistic? – Free after a remark by Walter Williams, 1990. – That is a real test of knowledge and of the ability to convey it. One of the few, who possessed it, was Richard Cobden. He went into public meetings filled with opponents and left them converted. Michael Cloud seems to possess a similar ability. But how many others do? All the others need crutches – sufficient good references on every remaining doubtful point. Best refutations of all the usual errors, myths, prejudices and fallacies – encyclopedically and electronically provided in portable reference works, still to be compiled in WIKIPEDIA fashion. – JZ, 9.11.07. - VS. PREJUDICES, RED, IDEAS ARCHIVE, Q., LIBERTARIAN ENCYCLOPEDIA, LIBRARY, ABSTRACTS, REVIEWS, BIBLIOGRAPHIES, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS

KNOWLEDGE: chained only by the lack of ambition to learn from the limitless knowledge of the ages, as gathered in the full and comprehensive library stored in the caverns.” – Con Sellers, Mr. Tomorrow, p.78. – Alas, we do not have a single comprehensive library as yet. Not even a comprehensive freedom and justice library or a comprehensive peace library! Or a collection of all human rights drafts, especially the private ones, as raw material for the provision of an ideal one. – JZ, 18.1.09. – Or a libertarian Ideas Archive and a Refutations Encyclopedia. – JZ, 22.9.13. - LACK OF AMBITION TO LEARN, WORLD LIBRARY, NEW DRAFT, IDEAS ARCHIVE, REFUTATIONS ENCYCLOPEDIA, COMPREHENSIVE DIGITAL PUBLISHING, ESPECIALLY OF LIBERTARIAN REFERENCE WORKS

KNOWLEDGE: Combined knowledge can become so great and can be made so conveniently accessible that it becomes unbeatable. But this requires the establishment of a genuine "free market for ideas" for the first time in human history, not merely the wrong premise that it does already exist. Libertarians should know, e.g., that neither a large libertarian encyclopedia, nor a comprehensive libertarian library exist so far, not even a complete and frequently updated libertarian directory, bibliography, abstracts and review compilation, far less an alphabetical guide to all libertarian writings, and that most of these writings are still unpublished or out of print and that the few that are in print or traded second-hand, are available only in all too few bookshops and that all their periodicals and broadcasts do so far reach only a small fraction of the world population, and that they have so far made no concerted effort to put all their writings at least onto microfilms, floppy disks and CDs, DVDs, external HDDs or online. To put just a fraction of the information they have to offer between them on their websites is simply not good enough yet - until they can and do offer all their information there. But his could prove to be too expensive to do, and cause too high maintenance and downloading costs and labors. Thus, for all their writings, especially their books, brochures and longer papers, they should make optimal use of all those alternative media which are much more economical than print on paper and websites are. - JZ, 26.5.00, 1.2.02. - IDEAS, WISDOM, IDEAS ARCHIVE, COMPETE FREEDOM PUBLISHING, CD-ROMS, MICROFILMS, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA, PUBLICITY, WORLD LIBRARY

KNOWLEDGE: confess to knowing nearly nothing … weigh … finite knowledge on the scale of infinite truth. And this awareness of their limitations teaches them not to meddle or become bothersome ‘authorities’ on everything.” – Leonard E. Read: Then Truth Will Out, p.22. - LIMITATIONS

KNOWLEDGE: Could the race for knowledge be organized, measured, popularized and financed like the millions of physical fitness races, games, exercises etc. in sports? – JZ, 14.2.99. – We still haven’t even organized as yet an annual “Olympics” for the best ideas in the social sciences and for other ideas, which are of some significance for the progress of society. – JZ, 10.11.07. - ENLIGHTENMENT, SPORTS, IDEAS OLYMPICS, IDEAS ARCHIVE


KNOWLEDGE: Do not forgive them – for they know that they are doing? Or “Do not forgive them because they do not know what they are doing.”? - JZ, 10.10.96. – With or without some or sufficient knowledge, one should only be free to act in the own affairs, alone or in association with like-minded people. That excludes all territorial leadership. – JZ, 10.11.07. - FORGIVENESS, EXCUSES, TERRITORIALISM, LEADERSHIP, RULERS, GOVERNMENTS

KNOWLEDGE: Do you not know, my son, with what little understanding the world is ruled?” - Julius III, to a Portuguese monk who sympathized with the Pope's burdens of office. - RULERS

KNOWLEDGE: Don't assume you corner the market on knowledge." - Shari Peterson – quoted by Luther Fisher on Facebook, 11.3.12. – Don’t assume you can … or: Don’t assume you have cornered … - JZ, 14.1.13. - RED.

KNOWLEDGE: Doubt everything at least once, even the proposition that twice two are four”, he said. “Whoever studies the history of knowledge will find that the greatest discoveries have been men by men who considered only probable what others had proclaimed as certain.” - Carl Brinitzer, A Reasonable Rebel, Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, The Macmillan Company, New York, 1960, p.188. - DOUBT, PROGRESS & ENLIGHTENMENT, UNCERTAINTIES, QUESTIONING, CRITICAL MINDS

KNOWLEDGE: Einstein's observation that "as a circle of light increases, so does the circumference of darkness around it." – Quoted in: STATE & GOVERNMENTS, LIMITATION OF POWER: The Failure of Governments to Limit State Power, How a Collapsing, Top-Down Civilization Can Be Transformed Into a Free Society. - Butler Shaffer, ISIL conference speech August 11-15- 07. – With our growing knowledge we should become more aware of the vastness of our remaining ignorance, of everything that lies beyond that already somewhat enlightened circle. – JZ, 22.9.13. -  ENLIGHTENMENT, IGNORANCE, THE DARKNESS REMAINING BEYOND OUR HORIZON OR POINT OF VIEW

KNOWLEDGE: Essential knowledge is withheld from men.” - (Den Menschen wird wesentliches Wissen vorenthalten.) – Anon. Schweizer Lehrer, „Verdraengtes Wissen“, p.77. – Most people refrain from acquiring important knowledge that is already accessible to them and are not interested at all in helping to make more knowledge or even all existing knowledge accessible to all. Media editing, reading habits, habitual media use, public mis-education, mass media and copyrights are factors in this. But has anyone as yet fully explained this attitude? – The withholding is often not even intentionally, as e.g. with the non-establishment of a world library or the non-establishment of a digital freedom library. - JZ, 24.6.93, 10.11.07, 18.1.09. – Usually, the unemployed are not interested in the causes and cures of unemployment, inflation victims not in causes and cures for inflation and victims of suppression are not in an ideal human rights declaration or a program for a quite rightful liberation or revolution. – JZ, 15.12.10, 12.5.13. – Even the anarchists and libertarians have not yet bothered to make all their ideas, knowledge and texts easily and cheaply available on powerful discs, although most are free to do so. – Should we call that omission a conspiracy? – JZ, 22.9.13. - IDEAS ARCHIVE, SUPER-COMPUTER PROJECT, CD-PUBLISHING & LIBRARY PROJECT, CONSPIRACY HYPOTHESIS

KNOWLEDGE: faith and knowledge are related as the two scales of a balance; when the one goes up, the other goes down.” – Arthur Schopenhauer. - VS. FAITH, RELIGION, MYTHOLOGY

KNOWLEDGE: For myself I have acquired enough. However much contradiction arises, they have merely distorted my thoughts and then said that they have refuted me.” – Goethe, Sprueche in Reimen. - JZ tr. of: “Fuer mich hab’ ich genug erworben, // Soviel auch Widerspruch sich regt; // Sie haben meine Gedanken verdorben, Und sagen, sie haetten mich widerlegt.” – RED. – Somewhere else he made a similar remark: What you know, you know only for yourself. As soon as you utter it, you encounter contradictions. – Quoted only from my flawed memory. - JZ, 22.9.13.

KNOWLEDGE: Freedom, says Engels, "consists in the control over ourselves and over external nature which is founded on knowledge of natural necessity: it is therefore necessarily a product of historical development'”. - The only thing wrong with this definition is that it is too narrow. The chick that is pecking its way out of its shell has no knowledge of natural necessity: only a spontaneous instinct to behave in a way that will secure it freedom. It is an important distinction because it is the distinction underlying the Marxist and the anarchist philosophies. From the anarchist point of view it is not sufficient to control ourselves and external nature; we must allow for spontaneous developments. Such opportunities occur only in an open society; they cannot develop in a closed society such as the Marxists have established in Russia.” – Herbert Read, Anarchism & Order, p.157. - NECESSITY, FREEDOM & SPONTANEITY, OPEN SOCIETY VS. CLOSED SOCIETY, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS VS. TERRITORIALISM WITH ITS CENTRALIZATION, POWER, COERCION & MONOPOLY

KNOWLEDGE: From whence comes this enormous knowledge that does not remotely exist in any person?” - Professor F. A. Hayek, one of the few known to me who glimpses this phenomenon, refers to it as knowledge in society. Edmund Burke called it an immemorial heritage. My favorite phrase is overall luminosity.” – Leonard E. Read, Castles in the Air, p.18. – But how much of this enormous knowledge is readily and easily accessible to anyone who wants or needs it? The largest library does not contain it all and what it contains it does not offer in optimally accessible form. The Internet still does not offer more than a small fraction and this in insufficiently sorted large batches. When it offers already tens of thousands to millions of references, via somewhat related words, then the wanted knowledge is largely buried and must be laboriously sought in as numerous references. – JZ, 12.11.07, 15.12.10. – INTERNET, LIBRARIES

KNOWLEDGE: German electronics giant Siemens is a very wired company, but it has a reputation for being weak at tapping its own knowledge. I once heard a management consultant who worked with Siemens remark: “If Siemens only knew what Siemens knows it would be a rich company.” The same is true of countries. “If France only knew what France knows … If China only knew what China knows. …” Thomas Friedman, The Lexus and the Olive Tree, p.220, Harper Collins Publishers, ISBN 0 00 655139 4 – Countries and whole populations, as such, know nothing but at least some people in all countries know very much that could do much good – if it could be freely and easily published, accessed and applied, at least among is first voluntary supporters. But this requires full a) sufficient links between them, not yet established, not even through the Internet and its search engines of the present type, b) full experimental freedom, at the own risk and expense, which territorial governments suppress in all too many important spheres, while coercively upholding their own errors, spleens and wrongful and harmful institutions. –c) Genuine and effective free markets for knowledge, ideas and talents. – We still haven’t got them as yet and do not even try to systematically establish them. – JZ, n.d. & 15.12.10, 13.5.13.

KNOWLEDGE: Goethe spoke of the terrible sight of ignorance in action. An equally terrible sight is knowledge in bondage. – JZ, 27.11.73, 28.7.78. – Think of the numerous scientists depending upon governments trying to further “improve” ABC mass murder devices. – JZ, 9.11.07. – However, in almost all all cases there should be experimental freedom for all, for the fools as well as the wise, in all spheres, but always only at their own risk and expense. “Your right to swing your fist ends where my nose begins.” – If I were a good boxer, then your fist would not even come close to my nose, because I would have hit your chin or nose first, not knowing whether you would stop before you hit mine, unless I would also be fast enough to duck out of the way of your fist. – JZ, 13.5.13, 22.9.13. - BONDAGE, SERVITUDE, DEPENDENCY

KNOWLEDGE: Government, in its very essence, is opposed to all increase in knowledge. Its tendency is always towards permanence and against change ... [T]he progress of humanity, far from being the result of government, has been made entirely without its aid and in the face if its constant and bitter opposition.” - H. L. Mencken. – Except when it comes to e.g. mass murder devices and methods. – JZ, 13.5.13. - CHANGE, PROGRESS & GOVERNMENT

KNOWLEDGE: growth in knowledge … is the most satisfying kind … which allows us to make better and better use of the resource we have.” (*) – Thomas A. Easton, Altruism, Evolution and Society, ANALOG, 10/76. – (*) Including knowledge of all the other natural resources we have, including, especially libertarian ideas and talents. – JZ, 13.5.13. – IDEAS ARCHIVE, TALENT CENTRE, GROWTH, LIBERATION, DEVELOPMENT

KNOWLEDGE: Happy is he who knows the causes of things.” – Source unknown. – And unhappy is he who is not free to apply his knowledge to his own life and that of like-minded people. – JZ, 8.6.86. – What good is a medicine that might save your health or even your life but that may not be freely produced, traded and consumed? – JZ, 10.11.07. - COMBINED WITH LACK OF FREEDOM OF ACTION & EXPERIMENTATION AMONG VOLUNTEERS, UNDER PERSONAL LAW

KNOWLEDGE: He experienced something like despair at the thought that knowledge was infinite and his own life so short. – Colin Wilson Spider Word. The Tower, Grafton Books, 1988, p.325. – However, if we bothered, with modern information storage and retrieval systems, we could make any wanted parts of the fast growing total of acquired knowledge, easily, fast and cheaply accessible. – JZ, 1.9.12, 13.5.13. - & LIFESPAN, LIFE EXPANSION, TOWARDS IMMORATLITY, AGING

KNOWLEDGE: He is free who knows how to keep in his own hand the power to decide, at each step, the course of his life, and who lives in a society which does not block the exercise of that power.” - Salvador de Madariaga – - Who is today quite free in this way or ever was? Which are the obstacles to this freedom? Where are there such societies? – JZ, 12.1.08. - FREEDOM, SELF-GOVERNMENT, DECISION-MAKING, PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, Q., EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR VOLUNTEERS IN THE SOCIAL SCIENCES

KNOWLEDGE: He who is not aware of his ignorance will be only misled by his knowledge.” – Richard Whatley, quoted by Leonard E. Read, The Coming Aristocracy, 86, motto of chapter 11: The Myth of the See-It-All, FEE. – Whatever little knowledge, often enough confirmed, properly applied, within its limits, can be a guide. E.g., that legal tender and note issue monopoly lead to inflation, deflation and stagflation and these can lead to despotism, violent revolutions, civil wars and international wars. – Knowledge of all or most of the individual rights and liberties, properly applied, however limited that knowledge still is, can also be a very good guide, if embodied in an ever updated declaration of these human rights – although it will not necessarily lead to us to competence in e.g. art appreciation, good text writings, poetry or good music appreciation for all or most people. – If people are set quite free, they will tend to become much better informed and finally civilized and mature. – Free competition would see to that, if allowed not only for the production and distribution or exchange of ordinary consumer goods and services but also all “public services” now monopolized by territorial States.- JZ, 8.11.07, 13.5.13, 22.9.13. - IGNORANCE & KNOW-IT ALL-NESS, MONETARY FREEDOM, COMPETITION IN ALL SPHERES

KNOWLEDGE: High knowledge and great strength are within the reach of every man who unflinchingly enacts his best.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson. - Freedom of expression, information and experimentation would greatly help, too. How much could the greatest knowledge and strength achieve without them? - JZ, 26.11.02, 13.5.13. - LEARNING, STUDY, POWER, INFLUENCE, FREEDOM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, Q.

KNOWLEDGE: Historical knowledge is indispensable for those who want to build a better world.” - Ludwig von Mises. Goethe made a remark that in essence said: If you cannot account for at least 2,000 years of human history then you cannot count on your head. - JZ, 21.8.02. - OF HISTORY

KNOWLEDGE: How much a guy knows is not, and never was, very important in the long run – it’s how much he can learn, and how fast he can unlearn. (Ever think of the importance of unlearning, by the way? It’ll merit a lot of thought.) – John W. Campbell in: The John W. Campbell Letters, vol. 1, 1985, ed. by Perry A. Chapdelaine, Sr., et al., AC Projects Inc., ISBN 0-931150-16-7, p.242. – Too many become all too attached to popular errors and prejudices and so far there is no encyclopedia to refute them all. – JZ, 22.9.13. - LEARNING, UNLEARNING, PREJUDICES

KNOWLEDGE: However, it is in the area of international affairs that we encounter the most complex and frustrating problems when we consider the people's right to know and the government's right (*) to withhold information it possesses. The right of the people to know the affairs of their government has long been proclaimed one of the cornerstones of American democracy. James Madison said "Knowledge will forever govern ignorance, and the people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives. A popular government without popular information nor the means of acquiring it is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy or perhaps both." – Source, apart from the J. M. quote? – (*) Opportunity and tendency! – JZ, 13.5.13. - GOVERNMENT SECRECY, FREEDOM OF INFORMATION, FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS, PEOPLE, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY, DEMOCRACY, IGNORANCE, PUBLICITY

KNOWLEDGE: Human knowledge belongs to the world.” – From the MGM film: Anti-Trust, favoring “open source”. - COPYRIGHTS, IDEAS, PATENTS, DISCOVERIES, INVENTIONS

KNOWLEDGE: I do agree that Hayek has very much to offer. I have most of his books. But even he was not tops in everything. Nobody is. He would have been the first to agree upon that. All knowledge that exists already is still spread all too widely, in all too many different heads and texts and not yet sufficiently brought together and sorted out, on any of the important subjects that are still problems for us. Leonard E. Read's graphic description of this situation was: The larger the periphery of the circle of your knowledge the more you are still in touch of ever more, which remains still unknown to you. From this one can and should conclude: Full freedom for all to explore the unknown intellectually as well as practically, together with other volunteers, always only at the own risk and expense. On alternative or free market monies I also recommend the pamphlets of Dr. Walter Zander and the three monetary freedom books by Ulrich von Beckerath, online at and two of my compilations, which are long but still incomplete and flawed, needing input from many others, on - JZ on Facebook, 10/12, rev.13.5.13, comment to: Masters of Money: Friedrich Hayek - - PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW SOCIETIES, IGNORANCE, PREJUDICES & FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT

KNOWLEDGE: I doubt that knowledge alone gives power, but confusion alone gives impotence.” – Quoted by George Kysor, in THE CONNECTION 102, p.63, of 6 March 82. – CONFUSION, POWER, INFLUENCE, BEING PREPARED FOR OPPORTUNITIES

KNOWLEDGE: I feel that when all is known, all will be well.” – D. E. Charlwood, No Moon Tonight, p.9. – Well, the supposedly existing greatest of the “know-it-alls” the omniscient God, produced an all too imperfect world and this supposedly omnipotent “being”, if it exists, has been mismanaging it ever since. It has not managed it any better than territorial governments have and via its supposedly holy writs, upholding the “principle” of collective responsibility, it has sanctioned some of the worst crimes committed by governments. – The somewhat enlightened individual, aware of his limitations and of those of all others, should only try to take care of his own affairs, as far as is right and possible for him or her, instead of leaving them to supposed gods in heaven or territorially ruling humans on Earth. – JZ, 10.11.07, 13.5.13, 22.9.13. - GOD, OMNISCIENCE, LEADERSHIP, RULERS, LEADERSHIP, TERRITORIALISM, “DIVINE” & GOVERNMENTAL WRONGS & MISTAKES

KNOWLEDGE: I have taken all knowledge to be my province.” – Bacon, Letter to Lord Burleigh, 1592, Hyman Quotes, p.27. – In his time that still seemed to be possible to some. – Now we can only hope to become able to reach, easily enough, those little bits of the total knowledge that we are at least partly able to understand and to reach. So far it is still all too widely spread, in fragments and these are, largely, inaccessible to most. We should also see to it that others do get the same kind of access, in accordance with their interests. – Unless they are interested in building e.g. a “doomsday device”. - JZ, 9.11.07, 13.5.13, 22.9.13.

KNOWLEDGE: If a little knowledge is dangerous, where is a man who has so much as to be out of danger?” - Thomas Henry Huxley. - Beware of people who tell you that “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing” - unless they quickly add that no knowledge is a fatal thing. They are trying to make you more vulnerable, not more wise.” – Thomas Szasz, Heresies, p.71. - - “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Any less can kill you.” – Joe Fischetti, The I of the Beholder, “Analog”, 10/87, p.112. - - The well-known epigram that 'a little knowledge is a dangerous thing' misquotes Alexander Pope, its author. What he actually wrote (in 1711) in his Essay on Criticism was that 'a little learning is a dangerous thing'. - R. Brasch, Mistakes, Misnomers & Misconceptions, 1983, Fontana Books, p.209/10. - It depends: If one considers it merely as one clue towards the whole truth and strives to understand the rest, it is not dangerous. But if one assumes already that it reveals the full truth then that opinion and actions upon it are dangerous.  Most of the victims of e.g. unemployment, inflation and wars are ignorant of their real causes and cures and are not even seriously interested in them. And who can say, correctly, that he or she are entirely unharmed by these great wrongs and irrationalities? – JZ, 9.11.07, 13.5.13. - RED., LEARNING

KNOWLEDGE: If know-it-all-ness is indeed a major source of our social ills, let’s get rid of this weakness! To gain an awareness that we do not know is to take the initial step towards wisdom.” – Leonard Read, Then Truth Will Out, 22. - KNOW-IT-ALL-NESS, WISDOM

KNOWLEDGE: If knowledge is power and power corrupts, then knowledge corrupts. Further, if more knowledge leads to more power and maximum (absolute) power is maximally corrupt, then the more one knows, the more corrupt or evil one is. (Note, that it follows from this, that if one is omniscient, one must then be evil incarnate, thus God is the Devil.)” – Tom Easton, The Reference Library, ANALOG, 5/98. – In this kind of “knowledge” all the prejudices, myths, errors and ignorance of territorial rule and its “social sciences” of intolerance, monopolism and compulsion, its collective responsibility notions, are involved and the territorial domination by supposed leaders and experts. Panarchism or polyarchism, on the other hand, starts from ignorance and unpretentiousness. At best we know only what we like or what is best for us and not what is best for all others. Thus we do not lay down the law for the voluntary communities of others and claim only the right to choose the personal laws we want to live by, together with like-minded people. The biblical Adam and Eve story of the Christians also considers knowledge to be a sin. Modern libertarians have come to the conclusion that at least the pretence of real knowledge is also a sin, or immoral and aggressive, when it is acted on, upon involuntary victims and that convictions and beliefs entitle only to experimental freedom among volunteers and otherwise only to freedom of expression and information. At the same time, they do hold that knowledge of genuine liberties and rights is liberating and empowering over the own affairs because it does not only contain good will and wishes but also realization options of a rightful and peace-promoting kind, by embodying the self-determination “power” of personal and group autonomy, realized exterritorially and in free markets in this sphere as well. – JZ, 8.7.98, 10.11.07, 13.5.13. - GOD, TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM

KNOWLEDGE: If money is your hope for independence you will never have it. The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability.” - Henry Ford – - The fact of periodical involuntary mass unemployment, even among professionals and technicians, proves that a genuine free market for them does not yet exist. And how could it exist, when the medium of exchange, upon which all our exchanges depend, as long as complete and free clearing is not yet realized, remains monopolized and as such, inevitably, mismanaged? – Precisely for the kind of people that he mentions, a proper market is not yet established, one that would bring all the supply and demand in that sphere efficiently together and one that is also sufficiently supplied with exchange media or clearing avenues and sound value standards. - JZ, 12.1.08. – Without freedom of exchange even knowledge and ideas cannot be freely exchanged. There are at least some ways to exchange some information without money expenditures or without significant costs. These ought to be made as complete as possible and to be widely and fully utilized. – See my NEW DRAFT book of  2010, offered by me free as an email attachment – until it is offered free online or on a disc, hopefully with many other significant libertarian files. It is not copyrighted by me. – JZ, 22.9.13. - MONEY, EXPERIENCE, ABILITY, UNEMPLOYMENT, SUCCESS, MARKET, MONEY ISSUE MONOPOLY, FREE CLEARING, CENTRAL BANKING, MONETARY DESPOTISM INSTEAD OF MONETARY FREEDOM, NEW DRAFT, ENLIGHTENMENT, A GENUINELY CULTURAL REVOLUTION

KNOWLEDGE: If none were to have Liberty but those who understand what it is, there would not be many freed Men in the world.” – Lord Halifax. A market works, even if many people do not really understand it. So do its aspects, like e.g. the monetary economy, free trade and free enterprise, capitalism, stock exchanges, free prices, rents, wages and interest rates. Luckily much (but not enough) is still left up to individuals, deciding for themselves and it does not require much intelligence to recognize bargains. – Moreover, knowledge of and understanding of all individual rights and liberties would not be expecting too much of people with average intelligence only. Alas, today, even the most intelligent people are not yet fully aware of all of them – and, apparently, they are not intelligent or interested enough to cooperate to produce the best possible of such a declaration, between them. – They rather spend their time and energy on much less important subjects. Our conditions correspond to the lack of interest in their most important own affairs, in the “public affairs”, now territorially, coercively, very expensively, wrongly and irrationally mismanaged, even to the extent of threatening all of mankind with ABC mass murder devices. - JZ, 4.1.08, 13.5.13. – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, UNDERSTANDING, LIBERTY & ECONOMIC FREEDOM, INTELLIGENCE & INTEREST IN THE OWN AFFAIRS

KNOWLEDGE: If thou lackest knowledge, what hast thou acquired? If you acquirest knowledge, what dost thou lack?” – Bemidbar Rabbah, 19:33. – Alas, knowledge is still not always exchangeable directly or indirectly into food, clothing or shelter or wanted and needed other knowledge. – JZ, 11.11.07, 13.5.13.

KNOWLEDGE: If we wish to know anything, we must resign ourselves to being ignorant of much.” – John Henry Newman. – Quoted by Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.73. – While the individual can learn only so much in his presently still all too limited life-span, all knowledge that he seriously seeks and is capable of comprehending, should be accessible to him or her, not merely monopolized or intentionally or unintentionally hidden somewhere. – JZ, 8.11.07, 13.5.13. - IGNORANCE, SPECIALIZATION, COPYRIGHTS, PATENTS, INTELLECTUAL PROTERTY “RIGHTS”

KNOWLEDGE: If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” – Sun-Tzu, The Art of War, Chapter 3, Paragraph 18. – So far not even the “enemy” and “aggression” have been properly defined, far less quite rightful war and peace aims, warfare-, liberation- and revolution methods. So what can one expect - except still more wrongful and senseless mutual slaughters? – JZ, 4.1.07, 13.5.13. - ENEMIES & AGGRESSION, QUITE RIGHTFUL WAR & PEACE AIMS, KNOWLEDGE OF ALL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, KNOWLEDGE OF THE EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY ALTERNATIVE

KNOWLEDGE: Ignorance is bold, and knowledge reserved.” – Thucydides. – But consider how bold knowledge could become if all of the somewhere already existing knowledge were made readily available, including the best refutations of the errors, myths, fallacies, prejudices and wrong assumptions of ignorance? – JZ, 9.11.07, 13.5.13. – Except the knowledge for still more, easier and cheaper mass murder devices! – Once people have achieved full exterritorial autonomy for the realization of their own ideals among like-minded people, most of them would no longer wish for mass murderous powers and between them they could disarm all those, relatively few, who still would strive for it. - JZ, 18.1.08, 15.12.10. - IGNORANCE, RED., NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT BY THE PEOPLES THEMSELVES, PRESENTLY TARGETED, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS

KNOWLEDGE: Ignorance is bondage. Knowledge is liberation.” – Buddha. - Many ignorant people and power addicts have established and maintained their rule over scholars and innovators. Much knowledge has been accumulated – but enough for easy liberation? Did Buddha, Christ, Confucius, Mohammed or Laotse leave us good enough liberation programs or merely salvation, nirvana and paradise in heaven notions? – 9.11.07, 13.5.13. - Peace-, liberation-, resistance- and revolution- programs still leave much to be desired. – JZ, 22.9.13. - IGNORANCE, LIBERATION, RELIGIONS, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLISM, ANARCHISTS, PEACE LOVERS, LIBERTARIANS

KNOWLEDGE: Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein, quoted by Ben Bova in “Brothers”, page 21. – Yes, provided the imagination does not carry one beyond facts into mere fantasy or unwarranted assumptions and conclusions.– Merely imagined knowledge is the worst! – And it is so abundant and wide-spread and has been practised in territorial politics for all too many centuries – E. was so ignorant or prejudiced that he believed in nuclear mass murder “weapons” for defence and liberation! – JZ, 18.9.07, 18.1.09. 15.12.10. – He also failed to show any interest in and understanding of the personal law, exterritorial autonomy or panarchist alternatives. To that extent he was an example, demonstrating once again, the barbarism of the specialists. Even his physics is still in doubt. Or has all the criticism of it been published already together - and thoroughly discussed? – JZ, 22.9.13. - IMAGINATION, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, GOVERNMENTALISM

KNOWLEDGE: In expanding the field of knowledge, we but increase the horizon of ignorance.” – Henry Miller. – But we expand the cultivated area and live the better for it - within it. – JZ, 17.11.82. – For instance, we haven’t cured or prevented all kinds of diseases as yet – but at least some! – JZ, 18.1.09. - IGNORANCE

KNOWLEDGE: In government the know-it-all refrain sounds like this: "If I didn't think of it, then it can't be done, and since it can't be done, we must prevent anyone from trying." A group of West Coast businessmen ran into this snag recently when their request to operate barge service between the Pacific, Northwest and Southern California was denied by the Interstate Commerce Commission because the agency felt the group could not operate such a service profitably!” – Lawrence W. Reed, THE FREEMAN, 2/79. - KNOW-IT-ALLS, AUTHORITARIANISM, STATISM, LICENSING, MONOPOLISM, GOVERNMENT, EXPERTS, PROFESSIONALS, SPECIALISTS, BUREAUCRACY, CENTRAL PLANNING & CONTROLS, COMPULSORY LICENSING

KNOWLEDGE: In the average the knowledge of man, of whatever kind it may be, determines his actions and his omissions. Therefore nothing is more terrible than to see ignorance in action.” Goethe, Sprueche in Prosa. – JZ tr. of: “Aber im Durchschnitt bestimmt die Erkenntnis des Menschen, von welcher Art sie auch sei, sein Thun und Lassen; deswegen auch nichts schrecklicher ist, als die Unwissenheit handeln zu sehen.“ - IGNORANCE, UNDERSTANDING, ACTIONS

KNOWLEDGE: In your career, knowledge is like milk” says Louis Ross, chief technology officer for Ford Motor Co. “It has a shelf life stamped right on the carton. The shelf life of a degree in engineering is about three years. If you’re not replacing everything you know by then, your career is going to turn sour fast.” As Jim Botkin and Stan Davis note in their books “The Monster Under the Bed” in the knowledge economy you don’t earn a living, you “learn a living”. - Thomas Friedman, The Lexus and the Olive Tree, p.447, Harper Collins Publishers, ISBN 0 00 655139 4. - This is somewhat exaggerated. The laws of mechanics remain largely unchanged. - Luckily, it is not the same in all spheres. Individual rights and liberties remain the same – only they have to be fully discovered, discussed, clearly enough formulated and published – and that has not yet been done sufficiently. – What is inexplicable to me is the lack of interest that most people show for some of their most important and genuine individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 14.9.08, 15.12.10, 13.5.13. - KNOWLEDGE WITH A LIMITED SHELF LIFE

KNOWLEDGE: Individuals control human energy; they make all forms of human association, according to their individual beliefs. No law and no force that exists in Government has ever stood or ever can stand, against the belief or the knowledge that is in individual minds.” – Rose Wilder Lane, The Discovery of Freedom, p.258. – Not forever, but all too often for all too long, particularly while most people are not sufficiently interested in their liberation options, their individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 8.11.07. - KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, INDIVIDUALISM, CONTROL, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, VOLUNTARISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

KNOWLEDGE: Infinite time, space, consciousness, or whatever, cannot be fractionalized. However, to help with my point, assume The Infinite to be The Whole – all-there-is. Based on the incontrovertible fact that the more one knows the more is one exposed to the unknown, it would be an exaggeration for me to claim awareness of one trillionth of all-there-is. Now, for the sake of speculation, assume that you are fifty times as richly endowed as I am. You would still possess only fifty trillions of all-there-is!” – Leonard E. Read, Deeper Than You Think, FEE, p.18. - FACTS, UNDERSTANDING, REALITY, “UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS”?

KNOWLEDGE: Information is not the same thing as knowledge.” – Bill Johnson, Respect, ANALOG, June 85. – Example: Not only knowing the definition of “legal tender” as information, but also understanding its inflationary, deflationary and stagflationary implications and consequences in practice. – JZ, 18.6.92. – There is much knowledge about unemployment but still all too little knowledge is widely enough spread on how to end it and prevent it. The same applies to wars, tyrannies and dictatorships – and to “democratic” or “representative” lawmaking running wild. – JZ, 18.1.09, 22.9.13. - INFORMATION, UNDERSTANDING, COMPREHENSION, JUDGMENT

KNOWLEDGE: It ain’t so much what a man doesn’t know that causes him so many problems, but what he knows that ain’t so.” – Will Rogers. - Neither of these two types of knowledge have been fully gathered and proven as such. - See e.g. the proposals for an Ideas Archive, Libertarian Encyclopedia and for an Encyclopedia of the best refutations or popular errors, myths and prejudices that are obstacles to progress. - JZ, 22. 11. 06. - GENUINE VS. FLAWED, PREJUDICES, TRUTH, IGNORANCE, PREJUDICES, ASSUMED KNOWLEDGE

KNOWLEDGE: It is a great nuisance that knowledge can be acquired only by hard work.” – W. Somerset Maugham, Cakes and Ale, 1930. – One can’t just jump into valid opinions. They have to be earned or learnt. – JZ, 30.8.85, 21.6.92. – But enough and good enough reference works can make it relatively easy. – Alas, many of those, which would be very useful to liberty lovers, may still have to be written or published. - JZ, 10.11.07. – NEW DRAFT

KNOWLEDGE: It is always astonishing that some know so much where knowledge is nonexistent.” – Karl Menninger, quoted in LEFEVRE’S JOURNAL, Fall 78, p.7. - RED., RELIGIONS

KNOWLEDGE: It is because every individual knows little and, in particular, we rarely know which of us knows best – that we trust the independent and competitive efforts of many to induce the emergence of what we shall want when we see it. - Friedrich von Hayek in  - OF INDIVIDUALS IS ALL TOO LIMITED, COMPETITION, DIVISION OF LABOR, FREE EXCHANGE ON A FREE MARKET

KNOWLEDGE: It is because freedom means the renunciation of direct control of individual efforts that a free society can make use of so much more knowledge than the mind of the wisest ruler can comprehend.” – Prof. F. A. Hayek, The Constitution of Liberty. - FREE SOCIETY, CONTROL OVER OTHERS, INDIVIDUALISM, RULERS, FREEDOM, GOVERNMENT, LIBERTY, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENTALISM

KNOWLEDGE: it is largely because civilization enables us constantly to profit from knowledge, which we individually do not possess and because each individual's use of his particular knowledge may serve to assist others unknown to him in achieving their ends, that men as members of civilized society can pursue their individual ends so much more successfully than they could alone. - F. A. Hayek. - – (A large collection of pro-freedom slogans and quotes that used to be sent out in daily dribbles via email. Hopefully, by now it is offered in full online, alphabetized and also including critical and supplementary comments. – I haven’t got the time and energy left to browse through all the libertarian quotes collections now on line to extract what I think should be included in this one. But, between them, other libertarians have. - JZ, 18.1.09.) Although an abundance of knowledge is already offered, in vast libraries or on the Internet, the kind of knowledge, ideas, projects, which would solve most of our remaining problems, is not yet sufficiently collected together, sorted out and offered together with all pro and con on every significant libertarian project, together with the best refutations of the vast burden of prejudices, errors, myths and wrong assumptions that are obstacles to progress. Together they do still vastly outnumber and overshadow the truths and genuine insights. Consequently, only few ever get around to becoming aware of at least some of the significant truths and most remain more or less stuck in a morass of popular errors and prejudices. All kinds of real knowledge is not yet made readily and easily, as well as cheaply enough accessible. E.g. not in form of digital argument mapping, an Ideas Archive, a Refutations Encyclopedia, an Encyclopedia of Definitions, bringing all the correct and incorrect definitions of any significant term in the “social sciences”, etc. Much of the machinery for freedom has still to be assembled and that will only happen when there is sufficient interest for their blueprints. – A really free and comprehensive market for knowledge, ideas and talents does not yet exist. At least all creative and innovative people and freedom lovers should be aware of that from their own personal experience. – Venture capital companies are only insufficient steps in this direction and copyrights and patents quite false steps. - JZ, 12.1.08. – All kinds of consumer goods and services are much better advertised, listed and marketed than are important freedom ideas, plans and proposals. And who is to blame for that under freedom of expression and seeing the affordable alternative media now at our disposal? – JZ, 18.1.09. – Even the anarchists and libertarians have not yet bothered to make all their ideas, knowledge and texts easily and cheaply available on powerful discs, although most are free to do so. – Should we call that omission a conspiracy? – JZ, 22.9.13. - LIBERTARIAN IDEAS ARCHIVE, PROJECTS LIST ONLINE, LIBRARY, BIBLIOGRAPHY, ABSTRACTS & REVIEW COLLECTION ETC., CIVILIZATION, MACHINERY FOR FREEDOM, BLUEPRINTS FOR FREEDOM, BASIC REFERENCES WORKS FOR LIBERTARIANS, NEW DRAFT

KNOWLEDGE: It is no disgrace not to know but it is a disgrace not to want to learn.” – Socrates. - IGNORANCE, WILLINGNESS TO LEARN, RED.

KNOWLEDGE: It is not enough that knowledge is available to one more or less obscure person. He and that knowledge must become accessible to billions. – JZ, 11.5.85, 18.1.09, 15.12.10 - IDEAS ARCHIVE, TALENT & GENIUS CENTRE

KNOWLEDGE: It is not true that a great fund of knowledge automatically brings great understanding, but it is true that knowledge can block learning.” – Bob Shaw, The happiest day of your life, ANALOG, Oct. 70, p.141.

KNOWLEDGE: It is only because we are ill informed that anything surprises us; and we are disappointed because we expect that which we have not provided.” – Charles Dudley Warner, ANALOG 1/93, p.220. - WISDOM, INFORMATION, EXPECTATIONS, DISAPPOINTMENTS, IDEAS, UNDERSTANDING, FORESIGHT

KNOWLEDGE: It is possible to have jets, cars, pencils, and a million other things without any one person knowing how to make them.” – Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p. 30. - KNOWLEDGE IN THE MARKET FOR PRODUCTION & EXCHANGE

KNOWLEDGE: It is the learned, who forever threaten the peace of man – not the illiterates, but the Rameses, the Attilas, Caesars, Hitlers, Stalins. Whatever they and their entourage lacked, it was not learning. – They, also, and their followers, lacked sufficient knowledge and learning or wisdom to abstain from acquiring and abusing power. They only “knew” all the wrong things, not worth knowing and very few, if any, of the right ideas, facts, experiences, methods and principle. - Were they truly among the scholars or did they merely master the popular prejudices better than others? – Among them and their modern equivalents there was hardly any one with a doctorate or a professorship. President Wilson was an exception. And did any one of them deserve the title of being a private scholar rather than merely an autodidact, insufficiently self-educated, who thus not only misled himself but others, because he shared many popular errors and prejudices with them? – JZ, 26.7.92. 11.11.07. - LEARNING, SCHOLARSHIP, EDUCATION, DIS., LEADERSHIP, RULERS, GOVERNMENTS

KNOWLEDGE: It is with knowledge that one’s freedom is put to best human use. – JZ, 27.4.82, reversing Leonard E. Read in NOTES FROM FEE, 1/82: “It is in freedom that one’s knowledge is put to best human use.” – Both statements have some truth in it. – The ignorant and prejudiced man might be quite free but could not put this freedom to best human use. On the other hand, as long as one is not free, even the greatest human knowledge cannot be freely utilized. – Even the greatest advocates of freedom have so far not succeeded in making freedom, in every sphere, quite popular. Sometimes they haven’t even aimed at it but worked for limited liberties only, like limited territorial governments only, assuming that this would be all the liberty worth having. - JZ, 9.11.07. – PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, IDEAS ARCHIVE, LIBERTARIAN ELECTRONIC LIBRARY & ENCYCLOPEDIA ETC. FOR ACCESS TO LIBERTARIAN KNOWLEDGE

KNOWLEDGE: It seems that the general public doesn’t count knowledge as wealth. In the long run, knowledge is the ONLY wealth!” – Ben Bova, ANALOG, 10/72, p.175. – Only once a fully developed market for knowledge and talents has finally been established - will it also show, finally, attractive enough financial returns for the acquisition and utilization of knowledge. So far, at least in the sphere of “social sciences”, the acquisition of “knowledge” was largely only the equivalent to joining one of the ancient priesthoods and long lasting churches. Ignorance and popular prejudices in this sphere brought people more wealth than genuine knowledge. Only under full experimental freedom in this sphere, requiring exterritorial autonomy for volunteers, and under fully free market exchange of all existing knowledge and ideas and talents can this situation become reversed, towards the above indicated ideal. – So far, the most wealthy people were not, as a rule, the most knowledgeable and able ones. – Knowledge should not be monopolized and then sold in fragments. Like manure it should be widely spread to do much good. - JZ, 9.11.07. – Unlike manure, it can be easily and cheaply duplicated and multiplied - as needed. - WEALTH, IDEAS ARCHIVE & TALENT CENTRE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

KNOWLEDGE: It takes a lot of knowledge to understand how little we know. – Dagobert D. Runes, On the Nature of Man, p.75. Also in his: A Book of Contemplation, p.75 & in his: A Dictionary of Thought, p. 65. - IGNORANCE

KNOWLEDGE: It was hunger for knowledge more than for goods that stimulated civilization’s revival.” – Poul Anderson, A Stone in Heaven, p.250. - HUNGER FOR IT VS. CONSUMERISM, RENAISSANCE, THE NEW RENAISSANCE

KNOWLEDGE: It’s a case of little knowledge being worse than none.” – Eric Frank Russell, Dreadful Sanctuary, p.13, Four Square, 1967. – All truths have several to many facets and cannot be judged by just one of them. Just like people and their characteristics. Just like any of the many remaining controversies in the “social sciences”. Digital “argument mapping” as developed by Paul Monk and others at the Australian National University, might come to settle many of them, if sufficiently used. – Neither sequentially arranged reference works, not Royal Commissions or Boards of Enquiries or scientific conferences or parliaments have so far proven to be efficient problem solvers. - JZ, 9.11.07. - RED., COMMITTEES, EXPERTS, SPECIALISTS, PROFESSIONALS, CONFERENCES, IDEAS ARCHIVE, REFUTATIONS ENCYCLOPEDIA

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge … For some, it is an end in itself. For most, it is a tool, the greatest tool, archetype of all tools. Knowledge is basic. With it, man’s puny strength can be multiplied infinitely.” – Jack Williamson & James E. Gunn, Star Bridge, p.180. - REASON, INTELLIGENCE, MORAL SENSE

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge advances by steps, not by leaps," as Macaulay reminds us.” – Leonard E. Read, How Do We Know? P.99.

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge and errors come at all levels of complexity and in all varieties. But all are starting with simple facts, premises and principles. No one fully understands all levels and varieties but even people of average intelligence only can come to comprehend and respect the basic facts, principles and premises, which man needs in a small sphere of knowledge to become and act as a master theoretician and practitioner there, under very extensive division of labor and free exchange, in which his productive abilities are fully liberated and used, in combination with tools, machines and references provided by others, thus achieving for himself and others the highest returns from his labors and inevitably limited knowledge. – But this also requires liberation at the work place, i.e. the abolition of hierarchies in production and exchange and their replacement by a variety of freely competing self-management systems, down to group-work, team work etc. with their own profit and loss accounts, as internally contracting groups, sometimes even individuals. – If division of labor were sufficiently carried out among the libertarians spread all over the world, then thousands of libertarian projects could be pushed forward towards their completion within a relatively short time. In this respect the free enterprises of promoting liberty, rights and justice has not yet been enterprising enough. – Not even a common projects list exists so far, for thousands of libertarian projects, inviting participation in at least one of them, by every serious libertarian, at least via email input. - JZ, 10.10.99, 10.11.07. - ERRORS, PREJUDICES, FALSE PREMISES, DIVISION OF LABOR, NEW DRAFT

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge becomes a rightful power or influential only to the extent that it is of interest to others, accessible, communicable and provable and that it can be freely realized. – JZ, 13.9.88, 10.11.07. – In practice, when it comes to political, economic and social system matters, this can be done only among volunteers, free to act under their self-chosen personal laws and not under territorial domination by others with different ideas, opinion or even mere popular errors and prejudices when it comes to the “social sciences”. – Experimental freedom, full freedom of association and contract is required in this sphere, starting with the recognition of individual sovereignty, self-ownership, rights, self-determination, individual secessionism and voluntary associationism vs. all kind of territorial monopolism, collectivism, exploitation and domination attempts, however constitutionalized, legalized or juridically upheld. - JZ, 18.1.09,13.5.13. – POWER, PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, VOLUNTARISM, MINORITY AUTONOMY, FREEDOM OF ACTION & EXPERIMENTATION UNDER PERSONAL LAW FOR ALL KINDS OF GROUPS OF VOLUNTEERS.

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge becomes power or, rather influence, only once sufficient people bother to acquaint themselves with it. – JZ, 29.3.87, 10.11.07. – Territorialism, in order to really progress, requires that majorities acquire sufficient knowledge before it can be acted upon. That is what slows territorialism down, even democratic territorialism. Its leadership represents, usually, merely the lowest common denominators. – JZ, 18.1.09, 13.5.13. – POWER, PUBLIC OPINION, ENLIGHTENMENT, DEMOCRACY, LEADERSHIP, POLITICIANS, RULERS

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge can be enormously costly, and is often scattered in widely uneven fragments, too small to be individually usable in decision making.  The communication and coordination of these scattered fragments of knowledge is one of the basic problems- perhaps the basic problem- of any society.” - Thomas Sowell. – However, if already small groups of people are quite free to act upon any degree of enlightenment, which they have in common, then from their example this enlightenment can spread, quite naturally, via voluntary acceptance by others. Territorial monopolism, with its collectivism and coercion prevents this natural progress from taking place to a sufficient degree in all spheres. – JZ, 13.5.13. - MICROFICHE, CD-ROM PROJECT, LIBERTARIAN LIBRARY, NEW DRAFT, ENCYCLOPEDIA, BIBLIOGRAPHY, ABSTRACTS, INDEX, IDEAS ARCHIVE, INFORMATION SERVICE, SUPER-COMPUTER PROJECT, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR VOLUNTEERS UNDER PERSONAL LAW: PANARCHISM, PROGRESS, ENLIGHTENMENT, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY & VOLUNTARISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge cannot be given. If you ask me a question all I can do in my reply is try to put into words a part of my experience. But you get only the words, not the experience. To make meaning out of my words, you must use your own experience. If you have not seen or done at least some part of what I have seen and done, then you cannot make any meaning from my words. There is no way we could explain bicycles or cars or gears or pulleys to someone who had never seen a wheel or a circle. We would have to begin there, show him a wheel, put the wheel into his experience, before we could talk to him meaningfully about devices that make use of wheels. We could not explain the burning of fuel in a car or jet engine to someone who had never seen a fire. We would have to make the fact of things burning, of heat, of expansion due to heat, of the power of heat, part of his experience before we could talk to him meaningfully about engines.” - John Holt, Instead of Education, p.88. - TEACHING, EXPERIENCE, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, FREEDOM OF ACTION, IN EVERY SPHERE, UNDER PERSONAL LAW OR EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge enormous makes a God of me …” - Keats, Hyperion. – Are we surrounded by many such gods? How much of all knowledge can one brain acquire, hold and usefully apply even in a long and healthy life? This is one of the self-delusions of many “great” leaders. – JZ, 9.11.07. – Also of some poets. His knowledge certainly did not turn him into a God. – JZ, 18.1.09. - POWER, GOD

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge in the present “vale of tears” does not give greater pleasure but greater distress. That is one reason why it is widely shunned or remains unused. There are not enough immediate and financial rewards for it. Thus we must make it large enough, influential and powerful enough to finally let us see the light at the end of the tunnel – to give hope and inspire enthusiasm. – JZ, 29.5.82, 10.11.07. – Freedom to act upon one’s knowledge, in all spheres, at the own expense and risk, is required for enlightenment to spread as far and fast as possible. All systems still territorially imposed upon whole populations are all too wrong and flawed and remain all too stagnant, backwards or even reactionary. – JZ, 13.5.13.

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge in the right hands or minds is the most promising resource. – But has it as yet been made sufficiently accessible? – Even a complete freedom library and bibliography are still missing, not to speak of numerous other helpful reference works. - JZ, 29.6.99, 10.11.07. - FULL & CORRECT, RESOURCES, IDEAS, NEW DRAFT

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge in, general moves very slowly into the schools; textbooks and curricula are typically years, even decades, behind what is known in any given field. Except at the level of university, education is not a party to grapevines, speculation, breakthroughs, front-line research. – M. Ferguson, The Aquarian Conspiracy, p.313. – Even at the university level popular errors, myths and prejudices in the social sciences are still all too strongly represented. – JZ, 18.1.09. - SCHOOLS OF THOUGHT, UNIVERSITIES, SOCIAL SCIENCES, PREJUDICES

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge is a mind-altering drug.” – James P. Hogan, Minds, Machines & Evolution, 243. – DRUGS – Alas, it is not as easy to swallow or inject. – JZ, 15.12.10.

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge is a process of piling up facts; wisdom lies in their simplification.” - Martin H. Fischer – Only the simple-minded think that everything can be quite simple. Have you looked at a computer-motherboard lately, or at the details of any modern and powerful chip? – Life, health and sicknesses are so “simple”, that we still do not fully understand our bodies, or brains and their troubles and all possible cures. - JZ, 8.8.08. – Have you got a simple cure for all colds? – JZ, 13.5.13.   - WISDOM, JUDGMENT, FACTS, SELECTIVITY, SIMPLIFICATION

KNOWLEDGE: knowledge is all-important, and those who cling to myths, superstitions , and religion in the face of reason are fools at best.” – Tom Easton, The Reference Library, ANALOG 5/98. - REASON, MYTHS, RELIGIONS, SUPERSTITION, PREJUDICES, DIS.:

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge is an unending adventure at the edge of uncertainty.” – Frank Herbert, Children of Dune, p.89 of ANALOG, 3/76. - IGNORANCE, UNCERTAINTY

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge is more than equivalent to force.” – Samuel Johnson, Rasselas, XIII, 1759, quoted in Seldes: The Great Quotations. – What kind of knowledge? On what subjects? Were Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Mao sufficiently opposed by greater knowledge alone? Or did they rather manage to mass murder many people who were much more intelligent and knowledgeable than they were? Has the knowledge required to overthrow such beasts been ever sufficiently assembled and applied? – Even merely the knowledge of tyrannicide was not effectively applied against them. - JZ, 9.11.07. - Certainly not always and under all circumstances, not even in our supposedly already enlightened, developed and civilized world. – Not only the libertarians and anarchists are still battling to get their knowledge taken serious. - JZ, 10.11.07. – They do not even take all that knowledge quite serious which is still only all too thinly spread among them and make it readily accessible to anyone of themselves, not to speak of others. – JZ, 18.1.09. - FORCE, POWER, MIGHT, INFLUENCE, LIBERTARIANS & ANARCHISTS

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge is not a product fully known to its producer.” – Bartley, WW III, p. 985/87 in Leube/Slabinger: The Political Economy of Freedom, Munich, 1985. - IGNORANCE

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge is not happiness, and science // But an exchange of ignorance for that // Which is another kind of ignorance.” – Byron, Manfred, II, 1817. – SCHOLARSHIP, SCIENCE, PREJUDICES, IGNORANCE, SPECIALIZATION

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge is not knowledge until someone else knows that one knows.” – Lucilius, Fragment, ca. 125 B.C. – Just one other person, who is able and willing to do something about it, is, usually, by far not enough. Both might become totally frustrated and cease with their enlightenment efforts – under present conditions. As many as possible and as are available for its promotion should become almost automatically informed on it and involved with it, in an optimal form of organization or collaboration, involving world-wide division of labor. A market should be established in which demand and supply of it do meet every day, with all offers and all demands being registered there and also sufficiently publicized, just like stock exchanges are. Many avenues for the sharing and utilization of all genuine knowledge should exist, become established and multiplied, so that finally all knowledge becomes sufficiently known and applied and all talents are sufficiently recognized, utilized and rewarded for their efforts. – JZ, 17.10.85, 10.11.07, 22.9.13. - PUBLICITY, TALENT, IDEAS ARCHIVE, NEW DRAFT, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge is of two kinds; we know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it.” – Samuel Johnson: Boswell’s Life, April 15, 1775. – We may know only that it exists in a library that is far removed from us. – Then it would take time, money and effort to acquire it. – JZ, 10.11.07. – Often also permission or opportunity to copy it. – JZ, 18.1.09.

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge is our destiny.” – Jacob Bronowski, quoted in ANALOG, Nov. 79, 12. – It seems that all too many people manage to avoid their destiny, thus defined. – JZ, 8.11.07. - IGNORANCE

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge is power – if you know it about the right person.” – E.W. Mumford, 1878 -1940. – Andrews Quotations, p.227. But this is not the kind of knowledge we ought to acquire, most of all. – JZ, 9.11.07. – However, such knowledge about ruling politicians, dangerous as it is for individuals to possess, if sufficiently publicized, could be useful to get rid of these great territorial misleaders and their laws, platforms and “reforms” or confine them to their remaining volunteers only. – JZ, 18.1.09, POWER, BLACKMAIL, LEADERS, RULERS, POLITICIANS, PANARCHISM

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge is power, but enthusiasm pulls the switch.” – Ivern Ball, quoted in READER’S DIGEST, July 08, p.140. – POWER, ENTHUSIASM

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge is power. The only power I subscribe to.” – John T. Phillifeat, in ANALOG, July 1967, p. 77. – Without reservations. – JZ, 1.4.92. – However, I do have reservations e.g. regarding knowledge on nuclear strength devices. – JZ, 10.11.07. - POWER

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge is promiscuous. It mates and gives birth to more knowledge." - Alvin Toffler

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge is proud that he has learned so much, // Wisdom is humble that he knows no more.” – William Cowper. – HE? IT? - WISDOM

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge is that small part of our general ignorance which we have ordered and classified.” - My re-translation from the German translation: “Wissen nennen wir jenen kleinen Teil der Unwissenheit, den wir geordnet und klassifiziert haben.” – Ambrose Bierce. – JZ, 9.11.07. – IGNORANCE, ERRORS, PREJUDICES

KNOWLEDGE: knowledge is the enemy of tyranny in every disguise. It has freed more people from poverty and oppression than all the ideologies and creeds in history put together. Every form of serfdom follows from serfdom of the mind.” (*) – James P. Hogan, Contant’s Star, p.185. – The knowledge of freedom options is the most important knowledge for rational beings. – JZ, Feb. 92. - (*) The shortage of “exclusive currencies” has largely led to serfdom, according to the monetary view of history. While ignorance of and disinterest in monetary freedom still exists, all too widely, would it be right to speak of “serfdom of the mind” in this respect? – JZ, 10.11.07, 13.5.13. - SERFDOM, MIND, TYRANNY, IGNORANCE, DISINTEREST IN THE OWN AFFAIRS.

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge is the first step – and the last. – JZ, 4.2.77, 28.7.78.

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge is the most democratic source of power." - Alvin Toffler

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge is the only fountain, both of the love and the principles of human liberty.” – Daniel Webster, Address, at dedication of Bunker Hill Monument, 17 June, 1843, quoted by: Leonard E. Read, How Do We Know? p.99. - LOVE OF & PRINCIPLES OF LIBERTY

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge is the only instrument of production that is not subject to diminishing returns.” - J. M. Clarke, quoted in ANALOG, July 20, 81, p.160, also in ANALOG, 6/82, p.185. – Really rare knowledge and unusual ideas in only a few heads, no matter how much they are worth, potentially, if fully recognized and used, do not have a ready market value as yet and in the absence of a genuine market for them, may not get realized for a long time. In the absence of such a market the flawed and false ideas, knowledge and talents are much more marketable among average and mediocre minds. – JZ, 5.4.91, 10.11.07. – However, a problem may have dozens, or even hundreds of different solutions, all of them working, like e.g. soaps and detergents. One does not have to know and apply all of them. – JZ, 8.5.91. – Only applied knowledge brings returns. Often either the freedom required for this or the opportunity or the will or initiative is lacking. It is not wise to forever go on collecting further knowledge while avoiding an essential decision or action. We do always have to act upon incomplete knowledge. – JZ, n.d. - At least for an individual there are limits on how much knowledge he will actually get around to apply in his life. Many businessmen and inventors have great success with skillfully applying just a tiny bit of knowledge. Others, who tried to apply much more, were often unsuccessful. They encountered much of “buyer’s resistance” or resistance from financiers. Good ideas, discoveries and inventions do not yet automatically sell themselves. – JZ, 17.1.09. - IDEAS, COPYRIGHTS & THE LAW OF DIMINISHING RETURNS, IDEAS ARCHIVE

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge is to be put in action. It is not a couch or a tower, but as a rich storehouse … for the relief of man’s estate.” – Bacon. – He may have been the first to propose something like an Ideas Archive and Talent Centre, to make all ideas and knowledge available to the men of action. – Anarchists and libertarians have so far failed to make such free markets available for themselves and others. - JZ, n.d. & 14.5.13. - ACTION, IDEAS ARCHIVE, NEW DRAFT, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge is, in most of those who cultivate it, a species of money, which is valued greatly, but only adds to our well-being in proportion as it is communicated, and is only good in commerce. (*) Take from the wise the pleasure of being listened to, and knowledge would be nothing to them.” – J. J. Rousseau, La nouvelle Héloïse, xii, 1761. – (*) Whether money is good or bad, plentiful or scarce does also matter very much not only in free exchange but in every aspect of culture, the sciences and civilization, especially regarding one’s freedom and rights, one’s security and one’s progress. – JZ, 18.1.09. - DEPENDENT UPON COMMUNICATION OF IT, IDEAS ARCHIVE, TALENT CENTER, ABILITY TO PAY, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge itself is power.” Wissenschaft selbst ist Macht.“ – Bacon, Religioese Betrachtungen. – So far, the dominant knowledge of territorial powers is merely the knowledge on how to mislead people by their nose into still one more man-made territorial disaster. – Currently, Keynesian inflationism is once again fashionable, seen and practised as a panacea, regardless of its terrible consequences. – We should not forgive our territorial misleaders for they either do not know what they are doing to us or they do! - JZ, 18.1.09. - Is it really the people with much knowledge, who do wield the greatest power? Or are most of them either helpless victims or assistants of those, who wield power wrongfully and irrationally? – The victims of the territorial power mongers and power addicts are not even free to secede from them and then to freely compete with them by providing wanted services to voluntary members, always without a territorial monopoly claim. - JZ, 14.5.13, 22.9.13. – POWER, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, GOVERMENTALISM, SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave. – Frederick Douglas, quoted by Nizam Ahmad sharing Capitalism's photo. - John Zube : No man is without ALL knowledge. Sufficient knowledge, of the right type, is required to end all remaining slavery and wrongful submission and exploitation. With modern media it COULD be rapidly gathered and spread. But has it been or is it? – Facebook, 17.3.13, 14.5.13. - & SLAVERY, LIBERATION

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge makes man neither free nor good. (*) The Romans, most learned of ancient peoples, tolerated Caligula and Nero, and enthusiastically carried the scourge of Fasces into peaceful neighboring lands. The Germans (**), most learned of the twentieth century, elected a paranoiac housepainter as chancellor and tumbled gleefully from executions to death-camps and back. - Knowledge and science are tools that can be used for evil as readily as for the good. The scientist or scholar is not made a better man by his knowledge, only a more dangerous one.” – Dagobert D. Runes, A Dictionary of Thought. – (*) But knowledge and appreciation of freedom and justice tend to do so. – (**) The Romans, the Germans? – Hitler was voted in by the most ignorant and prejudiced, both among the masses and among the supposedly intelligent and educated people. - JZ, n.d., & 11.11.07, 22.9.13. – Territorial intolerance, including monetary and financial despotism, are now as predominant in all countries and also taken for granted as natural and inevitable, as was formerly religious territorial domination. Without these statist characteristics of all modern governments neither the Nazis nor any other totalitarians or tyrants could have gained power and held it for all too long. – JZ, 14.5.13.

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge sets you free! (Of course it helps to have other weapons, too!) - Jeffrey Jones - on Facebook, 10 2 12. – & GUN LAWS, FREEDOM

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge which is worthless in small quantities becomes immensely valuable in complete form." - Brian Stableford, Rapsody in Blue, (SF), p.33. - COMPLETE & IN SMALL DOSES, ON MONETARY FREEDOM OPTIONS & THE REALITIES OF MONETARY DESPOTISM

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which only knowledge gives.” - James Madison, 1822, quoted by Newt Gingrich, Window of Opportunity, A Blueprint for the Future, 22 & 262 - For a long time ignorance and prejudice governed us. Even now it still does, territorially. But libertarian ideas and knowledge, once fully mobilized, via special market institutions for ideas and knowledge, could come to rule over ignorance, prejudice and aggressive attempts. - Are the most wise and knowledgeable men always governing the ignorant and prejudiced ones or is it, mostly, rather the other way around, at least under territorialism? – Can the people as a whole or its majority be sufficiently enlightened, enough to introduce liberties and rights for all, at the same time, or should the already enlightened minorities be freed to demonstrate them and the insufficiently enlightened be also free to practise their preferred reforms among themselves, whether they are objectively good or flawed or false claims? – Freedom to experiment, voluntarily and exterritorially with all kinds of political, economic and social systems – except territorial ones – is required to accelerate enlightenment and progress as fast as possible. - JZ, 4.1.08, 14.5.13. - VS. IGNORANCE, POWER, ENLIGHTENMENT, PROGRESS, FREEDOM OF ACTION & EXPERIMENATION IN ALL SPHERES – FOR VOLUNTEERS. AN END TO TERRITORIAL MONOPOLISM, COERCION, COLLETIVISM & MISGOVERNANCE, NEW DRAFT

KNOWLEDGE: Learning makes a man fit company for himself as well as for others.” - Author Unknown. - It also largely unfits him for the company with most people, unless he takes an interest in their interests or personalities. - They are mostly unlikely to take an interest in his learning and his ideas. - JZ, 26.11.02.

KNOWLEDGE: Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people. Let us dare to read, think, speak and write." - John Adams – He represented here the old delusion that all people or at least the majority can be enlightened at the same time and this sufficiently fast, without first establishing full freedom to experiment among volunteers, in all spheres, i.e., by abolishing territorialism and letting the dissenters do their own things, for or to themselves, at their own risk and expense. That is already the generally applied and effective method to achieve enlightenment and progress as fast as possible, in all spheres not monopolized by territorial governments. – JZ, 14.5.13. – LIBERTY, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT FOR VOLUNTEERS, IN ALL SPHERES VS. TERRITORIAL DOMINATION

KNOWLEDGE: Man never mounts higher,” … Oliver Cromwell once said, “than when he knows not where he is going.” – Spontaneous discovery. Chance intervention. Inspirational innovation. Instinctive decision. All of these, indispensible components of prosperity, depend upon freedom of thought and action. On a humbler level, simple economic survival and, in extreme cases, life itself rests upon it too. Neil Reynolds, The Protection Racket, p.13, in: Vincent H. Miller, editor, Freedom In Our Time. A collection of Libertarian Essays, Libertarian International, 1984. – While this is correct, as far as it goes, liberation, resistance, revolution, defence, military insurrection against a dictatorship, the abolition of involuntary mass unemployment, poverty, inflation, the achievement of longevity, man’s advance into space and many other worthy aims do also require a good enough program and persistence with it. One cannot just make it up, on the spur of the moment and in all too much ignorance, with too many popular errors and prejudices included, just like most emotionally driven revolutionaries and freedom fighters. They do all too often make matters even worse. – JZ, 18.8.13.

KNOWLEDGE: Many countries today have begun the transition from an industrial wealth system and civilization to a knowledge-based system - without appreciating that a new wealth system is impossible without a corresponding new way of life." – Alvin Toffler - One cannot live on knowledge alone. – JZ, 22.3.09. – Full freedom of action and experimentation among volunteers is required to make use of all the knowledge so far achieved by some - in any productive, creative and enlightening way, always at the own expense and risk. Territorialism and its kind of statism does suppress this freedom, in some of the most important spheres, with predictably undesirable to catastrophic consequences. - JZ, 14.4.13, 22.9.13.

KNOWLEDGE: Many know many things, no one everything.” – (Multi multa, nemo omnia novit.) – Legal Maxim.

KNOWLEDGE: Many people do not want to know, do not want to accept and acknowledge anything that would disturb their present thoughts and habits.” – (“Viele Menschen wollen nicht wissen, wollen nicht zur Kenntnis nehmen, was ihre bisherigen Gedanken und Gewohnheiten stoeren koennte.“) – Anon. Schweizer Lehrer: Verdraengtes Wissen, p.81.

KNOWLEDGE: Many things we do naturally become difficult only when we try to make them intellectual subjects. It’s possible to know so much about a subject that you become totally ignorant.” – Frank Herbert, Chapterhouse Dune, 114. – An excess of facts clouds the judgment. – JZ, 25.11.90. – Lawyers and judges are also often so mired in laws and precedents that they lose track of justice, especially of individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 11.6.92, 22.9.13. – We often become so overwhelmed by news that we have neither time norenergy left to ponder what should have been done in all or even any of these cases and wasn’t. – JZ, 18.1.09, 15.12.10, 22.9.13. - FACTS, JUDGMENT

KNOWLEDGE: My vocation lies not in actions but in understanding, not in realizing ideals but in seeing them.” – (Meine Berufung liegt nicht im Handeln sondern im Verstehen, nicht im Vollbringen, sondern im Sehen.) – Pauwels & Berger, Aufbruch ins 3. Jahrtausend, S. 126. – Even the best knowledge and ideas remain useless while they are not applied or while people are not sufficiently free to apply them among themselves. – JZ, 15.12.10, 14.5.13. - ACTION, IDEAS, UNDERSTANDING, ENLIGHTENMENT, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM VS. TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PERSONAL LAW, VIA INDIDIVIDUAL & EXTERRITORIAL SECESIONISM

KNOWLEDGE: Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life.” - Sandra Carey. – A clever remark on private lives. But both are also necessary to establish a peaceful, free and just society, in which it would be easy to make a good living and a good life for oneself and one’s family. We have to think beyond our private life, household and career knowledge and and wisdom in order to become able to prevent e.g. wars, poverty, unemployment, inflation, terrorism, nuclear war, economic crises, violent revolutions and civil wars and numerous economic crises caused by government interventionism, mostly based upon territorialism and monetary and financial despotism. – Even more women than men are concerned only about the former and merely hope for the best regarding the latter, neglecting their major duty, as rational and moral beings, to also work, patiently and systematically, step by step, together with others, towards a free, just and peaceful society. – JZ, 18.1.09. - JUDGEMENT, LIFE & WISDOM, PRIVATE LIVES & ACTIVITIES, PUBLIC LIVES & ACTIVITIES, DIS., DUTY

KNOWLEDGE: Never underestimate the power of a library card.” – From film: In the Line of Duty – The Price of Vengeance, 1993. - Never over-estimate it, either. For where can be found e.g. a comprehensive enough freedom library? – JZ, 10.11.07. – LIBRARIES

KNOWLEDGE: Next, of the few who have done some thinking on these matters, for themselves, only that fraction of them are further educable who eagerly seek additional enlightenment A person who is satisfied with what he knows will never add to his knowledge, and one might as well talk to a book as to him.” – Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.111. – WILLINGNESS TO LEARN MORE

KNOWLEDGE: No man can reveal to you aught but that which already lies half asleep in the dawning of your knowledge.” – Kahli Gibran, "On Teaching," The Prophet (1923). – Compare: “Communication takes place only between equals.” - ITS COMMUNICATION

KNOWLEDGE: No man is the wiser for his learning.” - John Selden. - LEARNING, WISDOM

KNOWLEDGE: No one knows more than a millionth of one per cent of anything.” – L. E. Read, Comes The Dawn, FEE, subtitle to the heading of chapter XVI.

KNOWLEDGE: No two who know, know the same in their knowing.” – Robert Anton Wilson/Shea: Illuminatus II, p.30.

KNOWLEDGE: Nobody can ever fully or sufficiently know a whole country and all its people and their potential. Possibly least of all could its president, prime minister, premier or chancellor. Yet they all act under the pretence that they can. But in reality they are all too busy with gaining and keeping power. Often, it turns out; they have even difficulties with their own families. And their day, too, has also only 24 hours. How many seconds of these, do you think, can a leader dedicate intelligently and sufficiently informed, on and to your affairs? – If they were aware of their enormous ignorance, they would resign immediately. But they are not intelligent enough to reach that awareness and that conclusion. – The blind “leading” the blind masses. – JZ, 29.3.98, 10.11.07, 14.5.13. – LEADERSHIP, RULERS, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS, GOVERNMENTS, TERRITORIALISM

KNOWLEDGE: Not everything knowable is worth knowing. Not everything worth knowing is knowable. – JZ, 4.8.95.

KNOWLEDGE: Nothing, with the possible exception of a fire or the whistle to quit work, can break up a discussion as quickly as a fellow who actually knows that he’s talking about.” – Roy A. Brenner, READER’S DIGEST, 7/63. – Under present conditions of public discussions, my experience so far was rather that truths lead to numerous denials of it, while lies, errors, myths, fallacies and prejudices find all too many people still ready to subscribe to them. The fundamental truths have not yet been sufficiently assembled and popularized, e.g., via an ideal Ideas Archive, while their opposites have not yet been thoroughly collected and systematically and publicly refuted – e.g. via a digital encyclopedia of all popular errors, fallacies, myths, prejudices, false assumptions etc., which are obstacles to progress, being there confronted with the best refutations of them that were so far found. – We still live in an age where millions of people still believe in “holy“, books, in spite of their contradictions, their immoral commands, principles and actions that are still upheld by them and offered as genuine and optimal ethics. - JZ, 9.11.07, 15.12.10. - ARGUMENTS, DISCUSSIONS, RELIGIONS, HOLY BOOKS, PRAYERS, PROPHETS, GOD

KNOWLEDGE: Now, reflect on the knowledge that emanates from an essentially free society. It is a luminosity so brilliant that, by and large, we are blinded not only to its genesis but even to its part in our lives. The blessings it confers are taken for granted as is the gift of sunshine - automatically our daily due.” – Leonard E. Read: Let Freedom Reign, p.19. – Is there already an essentially free society? – Which important liberties are still missing in it? Which important institutions, which important reference works? - JZ, 11.11.07. - FREE SOCIETY

KNOWLEDGE: On all too many subjects, especially in the “social sciences” knowledge has not been accumulated and fully publicized and used but, rather, buried or denied, resisted and replaced by ignorance and popular errors and prejudices, embodied in flawed to wrongful laws, policies and institutions by powerful men upholding and multiplying their territorial, monopolizing, collectivistic legislation and institutions and thereby preventing justice, freedom, progress, peace and impoverishing the population at ever level, from the few rich or relatively well off people to the relatively poor and the poorest, artificially preventing much competitive free production and exchange. – JZ, 19.8.92, 14.5.13. - IGNORANCE, PREJUDICES & POWER, PROTECTIONISM, MONETARY DESPOTISM, TAXATION, REGULATIONS, MONOPOLIES, INTERVENTIONISM

KNOWLEDGE: One can know only very little but one can try many things.” – ("Wissen kann man wenig, aber versuchen kann man viel.") - Graffiti. - Ignorance is best reduced by experiments. Tolerance for actions enlightens more than tolerance for opinions. - JZ 15.1.93. – In the same country hundreds to thousands of free experiments could and should take place, in the social, political and economic science spheres as well – but all only among volunteers. Exterritorial autonomy and personal laws would make that possible. – How fast would progress occur then in these spheres, so far monopolized and held back by territorial, coercive, collectivist, territorial monopoly governments? – JZ, 18.1.09, 14.5.13. - FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, PANARCHISM OR EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY OR VOLUNTARISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

KNOWLEDGE: One can never learn enough ...“ - „Yes, from it, from life. - But otherwise we learn much too much and undigested it lies in us and weighs us down, all that was not forgotten. “Dead, undigested knowledge” – apt words. If I needs historical dates I look them up. Why burden my brain with them?“ – (Man kann nie genug lernen … “ Ja, vom ihm, vom Leben. - Aber sonst lernen wir viel zu viel und unverdaut liegt in uns und beschwert uns, was nicht vergessen wurde. „Totes, unverdautes Wisen“ – treffende Worte. – Wenn ich Geschichtszahlen und dergleichen Kram brauche, schlage ich nach. Wozu das in meinem Gehirn aufspeichern?) – John Henry Mackay, Abrechnung, p.20. – Perhaps he was too much concerned with poetry and his homosexual affiliations to bother to explore individual rights and liberties sufficiently, beyond some mere generalities and to state them quite clearly and attractively. As follower of Stirner, he might even been fundamentally opposed to such attempts. - KNOWLEDGE, DEAD OR UNDIGESTED OR UNDERDEVELOPED, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

KNOWLEDGE: One has to live one's knowledge." - T. H. White, The Book of Merlyn, p.6. - Territorialists try to live other people's lives for them or allow them only to live their lives under the direction of others: the ruling territorialists. That assures the rule of ignorance and prejudice rather than of knowledge and experience, and it allows no one, not even the rulers, to freely and fully live their own lives. For "every leash has two ends." - JZ, 8.1.93, 16.9.04, 23.9.13. – One ought to be free or to become free to do so. So far we are still all too far away from this ideal. – JZ, 18.1.09. – We are not yet free enough to live according to our own knowledge. Those in the world favoring e.g. Free Trade, Free Banking and Full Financial Freedom and Peace and Free Migration, are not yet free to practise it among themselves, world-wide and where they live and work. – The most obvious facts are all too often widely overlooked or ignored. – By all means, the remaining proletarians and egalitarians and the “intellectual” State Socialists should also be free to do their own things, nationally and internationally, to themselves! - JZ, 18.1.0-9. - LIFE, PANARCHISM, FREEDOM OF ACTION, OWN KNOWLEDGE & INDIVIDUAL LIVES, EXPERIMENTAL & ASSOCIATIONAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PANARCHISM, SECESSIONISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, CONSUMER –SOVEREIGNTY TOWARDS STATES & SOCIETIES

KNOWLEDGE: One knows what one knows really only for oneself. If I speak with another one of that what I believe to know, then immediately he believes to know it better and I must retreat with my knowledge again and again into myself.” - Goethe, “Sprueche in Prosa”, JZ tr. of: “Man weiss eigentlich das, was man weiss, nur fuer sich selbst. Spreche ich mit einem Andern von dem, was ich zu wissen glaube, unmittelbar glaubt er’s besser zu wissen, und ich muss mit meinem Wissen immer wieder in mich selbst zurueckkehren.“ – Such observations should lead e.g. to an Ideas Archive and an Encyclopedia of the best refutations, also to encyclopedias of definitions, „argument mapping“, discussion centers, directories of people with special interests and, probably, much more. – No important knowledge should ever remain isolated in individuals. Now there is at least the Internet outlet for it, still insufficient in its present form but already a great improvement. - JZ, 15.9.08. – NEW DRAFT

KNOWLEDGE: One of the most important kinds of knowledge is awareness of the limitations of our knowledge. Then we will be much less inclined to try to impose our knowledge remaining ignorance upon dissenters and concede to them freedom of action and experimentation in their own affairs, at their own expense and risk. – JZ, 12.5.13. – TOLERANCE, RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES OF OTHERS. EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL.

KNOWLEDGE: One part of knowledge consists in being ignorant of such things as are not worthy to be known.” – Crates, 4th century B.C. – Even on my Facebook page, among supposed friends, I find more interest in trivia, e.g. sports, pets, flowers, birds, landscapes, births, birthdays and deaths notices than in fundamental individual rights and liberties. – 23.9.13. IGNORANCE, NUCLAR WEAPONS, NWT, TOTALITARIAN SYSTEMS

KNOWLEDGE: Only the shallow know themselves.” – Oscar Wilde, 1854-1900. , KNOW THYSELF?

KNOWLEDGE: our growing knowledge ...; from political government to industrial administration; from competition in individualism to individuality in co-operation; from war and despotism in any form to peace and liberty.” – Carlyle, quoted in Sprading, Liberty and the Great Libertarians, p.46. - POLITICS, SELF-MANAGEMENT, COMPETITION, COOPERATION & INDIVIDUALISM, ANARCHISM, INDUSTRIAL DEMOCRACY

KNOWLEDGE: Our knowledge is the amassed thought and experience of innumerable minds.” – Emerson, Letters and Social Aims: Quotation and Originality. - It is not “our knowledge” until it has been sufficiently combined as such and made sufficiently, easily and cheaply accessible. – Instances: There are ca. 15 000 quotation books. As far as I know there is not yet a single digital quotation compilation that combines all the pro-freedom quotes. (There are only xyz different libertarian quotes collections online, none of them complete. – JZ, 14.5.13.) – There are uncounted public libraries in the world. As far as I know, there exists as yet not a single comprehensive freedom library, although 15 000 freedom books would fit, zipped, onto a single DVD. –  (Probably all of such texts would fit onto a single 1-3 TBs external HDD, since all of the Library of Congress would requite, according to one estimate, only 15 TBs. – JZ, 14.5.13.) There are xyz multi-volume encyclopedias – but not yet a single multi-volume libertarian digital encyclopedia, almost constantly updated. – We have not yet achieved “the amassed thought and experience of innumerable minds” of freedom lovers and all of their good and best ideas! - JZ, 11.11.07, 14.5.13, 23.9.13. – LIBERTARIAN IDEAS ARCHIVE, LIBRARY, ABSTRACTS, REVIEWS & LIBERTARIAN BIBLIOGRAPHY, NEW DRAFT

KNOWLEDGE: People do not really KNOW the religion, State or economic system they believe in. They merely uphold some popular beliefs about them and then all too often the worst. - JZ, 13.12.01, 23.9.13. - IDEOLOGY, IGNORANCE, PREJUDICE, PEOPLE, RELIGIONS, STATISM, BIBLE, KORAN

KNOWLEDGE: Sagan celebrates ‘the joy of knowing’…” NEWSWEEK, 5.9.77, in review of Carl Sagan, The Cosmic Connection. – Are enough others experiencing this joy or seek it? – JZ, 14.5.13. – How many are merely interested e.g. in “knowledge” like the latest sports results. Look at the number of the sports and betting pages in the daily papers. – JZ, 23.9.13.

KNOWLEDGE: So much knowledge, energies and resources in so many unwise, counter-productive and even destructive and murderous activities. – JZ, 11.2.98, 10.11.07. - WISDOM, BUREAUCRACY, TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS, WARS, NUCLEAR ARMS RACES, MEDDLING, WARFARE STATES, WELFARE STATES, WAR, STATISM

KNOWLEDGE: So what is stopping us? We stand for the truth, knowledge is power. Please 'share' this album and 'like' our page by: The Paradigm Shift - Marshall Beerwinkle and Robert Murphy shared The Paradigm Shift's photo. – They, too, I believe, stand rather for the lies, false pretences, wrong assumptions, ignorance and prejudices of territorialism instead of the truths and insights of exterritorialism, personal law, voluntarism, laissez-faire, free markets, free contracts, free associations, free exchange or free competition and free cooperation in every sphere. – One can easily stand for “truth” in general while not upholding specific truths but rather lies or false pretences or prejudices, as if they were truths. – Such stands can then only be influential in a negative sense. – Most religious and ideological believers imagine that they uphold only truths. All of them cannot be right. Most of them at least are mistaken or wrong on numerous points they imagine to be truths. That is also true for the believers in about 1500 different conspiracy hypotheses. So how can they expect rightful power or influence from them? – Good will is not enough. One may be against involuntary unemployment and for full employment, if it is voluntary but without knowledge of the causes and cures for involuntary mass unemployment that is not helpful at all. - JZ, 18.2.12, 14.5.13, 23.9.13. - & POWER, RELIGIONS, GOOD WILL, PRINCIPLES, OVER-CONFIDENCE, UNWANTED CERTAINTY, IGNORANCE, PUBLIC OPINION, PREJUDICES, TRUTHS

KNOWLEDGE: Strange how much you’ve got to know // Before you know how little you know.” – Author unidentified. - IGNORANCE & WISDOM, RED.

KNOWLEDGE: Take any manufactured thing – an automobile will suffice. What is this thing? It’s a product resulting from the application of human knowledge – invention, discoveries, ideas – to the resources of Creation. - Reflect on the knowledge that accounts for the automobile. The automobile is inconceivable apart from the fact that someone, eons ago, harnessed fire, and later invented zero, and learned to how refine ore. It is not exaggeration to claim that bits of knowledge by the trillion prefaced today’s motor vehicle. Not that this knowledge spans the period of human consciousness and that much of it was experienced before there was even the idea of an auto. - To complete this exercise, merely reflect on how little of this knowledge you contributed. A tiny bit, if any, regardless of whether you are a coal miner or the President of General Motors! No single person has the knowledge to make a thing as simple as a pencil, let alone an automobile. Yet pencils are made by the billions and autos by the millions, annually. The explanation lies in that phenomenal over-all knowledge that brilliant luminosity: Creative Wisdom.” – Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, FEE, p.22. – He should have pointed out that much of the genuine knowledge, especially in the social science sphere, is still overshadowed, dominated, outlawed or unpopular via ignorance, prejudices, laws etc. in the absence of a comprehensive ideas archive, talent center, world library, world information service, and this in spite even of the presently still all too incomplete and imperfect Internet and its many search engines. They have not yet succeeded to overcome e.g. ignorance and prejudices against freedom, justice and peace options in most heads. – Although people like Read and the institution, that he created: FEE (Foundation for Economic Education) tried to do so for decades. - JZ, 8.11.07. - AUTOMOBILES, CARS, INVENTIONS, DISCOVERIES, CREATIVITY, WISDOM, IDEAS ARCHIVE, TERRITOIRALISM, MONOPOLISM, PATENTS, COPYRIGHTS, IP: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY CLAIMS, ENLIGHTENMENT, PREJUDICES, POPULAR ERRORS & MYTHS

KNOWLEDGE: Teach thy tongue to say I know not, and then thou wilt progress.” –Moses Maimonides, 1135-1204. – Quoted by Leonard E. Read, in “Talking to Myself”, 25. – AWARENESS OF IGNORANCE & NO PRETENCE OF KNOWLEDGE

KNOWLEDGE: That man thinks he knows everything, whereas he knows nothing. I, on the other hand, know nothing, but I know I know nothing.” – Socrates. (E.g., with my system I can’t get rid of the unwanted bullet in front of some paragraphs. – JZ, 14.5.13.)

KNOWLEDGE: That which philosophers seek and sometimes find and bring back to the surface is, hopefully, and often is, a bit of truth. And, interestingly enough, the more the prober knows of truth, the more he knows he doesn't know. The more he finds, the more he should know there is to find. Thus is finite man in a never-ending invasion of infinity - man's wonderful destiny.” – Leonard E. Read, Let's be philosophers, in Let Freedom Reign, p.29. - TRUTH

KNOWLEDGE: that’s what individual human beings live for – to gain a new scrap of knowledge so that the race can climb a bit higher.” – John W. Campbell in: The John W. Campbell Letters, vol. 1, 1985. Eds.: Perry A. Chapdelaine, Sr., et al., AC Projects Inc., ISBN 0-931150-16-7. - PROGRESS, MANKIND & INDIVIDUALS

KNOWLEDGE: The awakening began with Roger Bacon (d. 1294); it grew with the limitless Leonardo (1452-1519; it reached its fullness in the astronomy of Copernicus (1473-1543) and Galileo (1564-1643), in the researches of Gilbert (1544-1603) in anatomy, and of Harvey (1578-1657) on the circulation of the blood. As knowledge grew, fear decreased; men thought less of worshiping the unknown, and more of overcoming it. Every vital spirit was lifted up with a new confidence: barriers were broken down; there was no bound now to what man might do.” – Will Durant, The Story of Philosophy, p.105. – The obvious and visible progress made us overconfident about what to expect. With too much statism remaining territorially institutionalized, and in all too many brains, the hopes associated with some civil liberties and what was already misinterpreted as fully free enterprise and fully free trade and freedom of contracts (“Laissez-faire, laissez passer” – Let people produce and exchange) the resulting crises were wrongly ascribed to freedom instead of to the remaining territorial statism. The territorial barriers and all that they stood for in statism, monopolism, coercion and interventionism, were not broken down and are still not recognized as wrongful and harmful. The remaining ignorance and prejudices, especially in the “social sciences” held us back and produced to one man-made disaster after the other, made possible in spite of and even with the help of natural sciences. “Nuclear giants and ethical infants!” (General Omar Bradley) - Underlining by me. – JZ, 6.4.91, 9. 11. 07. - SCIENCE, PROGRESS, REASON, EXPERIMENTS, MAN, INSTEAD OF WORSHIPING THE UNKNOWN, RELIGION, FAITH, BELIEF

KNOWLEDGE: The borderlines of knowledge are never very populated. – JZ, 13.12.77. – At least not by genuine truths rather than myths, errors and prejudices. – JZ, 8.11.07. - IDEAS, SCIENCE

KNOWLEDGE: The control of knowledge is the crux of tomorrow's worldwide struggle for power in every human institution." - Alvin Toffler

KNOWLEDGE: The economy is now successfully slowed. This is the recession we had to have.” – Prime Minister Keating, according to the news of 28.4.95. – First they inflate, then they deflate, then they stagflate the economy, all under the pretence that they are providing leadership and a public service and while maintaining the legalized powers and institutions of monetary despotism, that make such abuses possible. – In England many years ago such nonsense was called the “stop-go” policy. – Alan Greenspan, while still and extensively ruling or, rather, misruling the U.S. economy, through the Federal Reserve Bank system, largely confined himself to “merely” increasing or decreasing the official interest rate. – The “knowledge” and “wisdom” of our supposedly great and well-informed leaders is all too limited. – Is their knowledge and wisdom really so superior to the “abracadabra”, dancing, rituals etc. of native witch-doctors? - JZ, 10.11.07. - WISDOM, LEADERSHIP, CENTRAL PLANNING, DIRECTION, REGULATION & CONTROLS, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, DIRIGISM, POLITICIANS

KNOWLEDGE: The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill – But in spite of his knowledge of history and his originally almost photographic memory, he repeated many of its wrongs and mistakes, with great conviction! Perhaps he would not have, if he had not drunk that much and thus damaged his formerly outstanding brain. – His smoking habit might not have helped him, either, in this respect. Nor his over-eating. – Nor his territorial power. – If such people would lead or mislead only volunteers, it would be quite a different matter. - JZ, 18.1.09. – KNOWLEDGE OF HISTORY, POWER, DRINKING, SMOKING, OBESITY, BRAIN DAMAGE, CHURCHILL

KNOWLEDGE: The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance - it is the illusion of knowledge.” - Stephen Hawkins. - The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance - it is the illusion of knowledge.” - Daniel J Boorstin. - Sent by C.B. IGNORANCE & THE ILLUSION OF KNOWLEDGE OR POPULAR PREJUDICES, PUBLIC OPINION, DISCOVERIES, PROGRESS

KNOWLEDGE: The knowledge of all religions would at best only lead us to religious freedom or religious tolerance and not necessarily to any worthwhile knowledge or tolerance e.g. in the social sciences. Nevertheless, all religious still pretend to possess sufficient social science knowledge, including philosophical, moral or ethical and economic knowledge and act upon that false pretence or assumption. To that extent all religions are “sinful” and amount to “ignorance in action”, all too often in intolerant and intolerable actions. – JZ, 10.11.07, 14.5.13. – Has any religious leader ever addressed the “social scientists” and told them: “Learn from our practice of religious tolerance how to deal with your differences of opinion and ideas”? – JZ, 15.12.10. - RELIGIONS & TOLERANCE IN ALL OTHER SPHERES, Q.

KNOWLEDGE: The knowledge, freedom makes available to all of us (*) is unimaginably greater than the knowledge that can issue from those who would rule others, for they suffer the greatest ignorance of all: an unawareness of how little they know. - Who in our field, for instance, is more knowledgeable than Professor Ludwig von Mises? He once was asked, "Were you the dictator of these United States, what steps would you take to remedy our current ills?" Mises replied, "I would abdicate." His response evokes a hearty chuckle, because it's so startlingly at odds with the popular mode. Most people, unaware of how little they know, would respond with suggestions for ruling. Mises - wiser - knows he lacks the wisdom to rule, an understanding as rare as it is profound.” – Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p. 20/21. – (*) Is all freedom knowledge already made easily and cheaply accessible to us? To anyone? Anywhere? – In many countries freedom to do so does already exist, apart from copyrights restrictions. But it is not utilized for a freedom library and libertarian ideas archives or even a freedom bibliography, directory, abstracts and review compilation! - JZ, 11.11.07, 23.9.13. - Maybe he should have replied: I would abdicate as a ruler over those, who do not share my views. But with those, who do, I would try to make the best of our combined knowledge. Furthermore, while I tried to make all my knowledge available to others, I know that it is not enough and thus I invite all others to add their knowledge and also share it with the world. In his time this could have been done cheaply, easily and efficiently already with microfilms, which were finally also offered in vast and computerized collections, almost as good as a purely electronic databank and then also more long lasting. Now we have even still more powerful and affordable pure digital options and do still vastly under-utilize them. Why? What excuse is there for this? – JZ, 18.1.09. - IGNORANCE, FREEDOM, RULERS, GOVERNMENTS, MARKETS, NEW DRAFT

KNOWLEDGE: The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder.” – Ralph W. Sockman, born 1889, Quoted in ANDREWS QUOTATIONS, p.502. - IGNORANCE, WONDER, CURIOSITY

KNOWLEDGE: The long-term solution to the coming "food crisis" and every other shortages is knowledge, … this is, after all, a world of plenty if people will set their minds to work making it that way.” - G. Harry Stine, The Next Shortage, in ANALOG, Oct. 82, p.91. – The assumptions of overpopulation and food shortages do not agree with the realities of rising obesity rates and life spans. Apart from natural catastrophes, hunger occurs mainly only in areas where there are very few if any individual rights recognized and freely practised. – JZ, 23.9.13. - SHORTAGES, RESOURCES, IDEAS, POPULATION

KNOWLEDGE: The man who knows what freedom means will find a way to be free.” - Robert LeFevre. - . – Quoted by Ruth Dazey in THE FREEMAN, 9/77, p. 532/33. - How many know enough e.g. about individual secession, panarchies, monetary freedom, ideal militias and coops, libertarian defence, liberation and revolution? - JZ 30.4.02. – Also about how to speed up the process of enlightenment? – All the roads to freedom cannot be built by individuals working on their own. All networking options are not yet sufficiently utilized. - JZ, 18.1.09. – Achieving full freedom for one, in a society that remains unfree, is impossible. At best some liberties may be temporarily achieved then, for a few. To achieve full liberty for all, who want it for themselves, requires more than one-man-efforts, even when those individuals possess the greatest talents. If liberty for all could be achieved through a few enlightened individuals only, then we would have achieved it long ago. Not even the few who strove for it were – and are – in sufficient contact with each other and their recorded knowledge and experience. – Not even the Internet has achieved that for them – so far. – When all the people, who know what freedom means, finally come to collaborate, sufficiently, then they will find and use a way to be free. - Ruth Dazey partly realized that in the following statement: “Freedom-oriented discoveries in both praxeology and psychology appear to move in undeviating parallel lines, with little cross-communication, despite similar phenomena which can be correlated.” – Discoveries or developments like e.g. electronic “argument mapping” of Paul Monk et al, are not yet widely used by freedom lovers or even known to them. To coordinate their efforts they have not even published a common projects list, directory, encyclopedia, freedom library, ideas archive, bibliography, abstracts and review collection. In this respect they are still chaoists rather than scientists working for liberty. – JZ, 11.11.07. - Sufficiently libertarian cooperation is required - on large libertarian projects, which are, so far, not even listed together online. – JZ, 14.5.13. - FREEDOM, IDEAS ARCHIVE, LIBERTARIAN LIBRARY, SUPER-COMPUTER PROJECT, NEW DRAFT 

KNOWLEDGE: The mind is the man, and knowledge mind; a man is but what he knoweth.” - Francis Bacon, The Praise of Knowledge. - MAN, MIND

KNOWLEDGE: The more one already knows, the more one has to learn still. With one’s knowledge the still unknown grows to the same extent or, rather, the knowledge of the still unknown.” – (Je mehr man schon weiss, je mehr hat man noch zu lernen. Mit dem Wissen nimmt das Nichtwissen in gleichen Grade zu oder vielmehr das Wissen des Nichtwissens.“) – Athenaeum Fragmente. - IGNORANCE

KNOWLEDGE: The more one knows the more one is in touch with one’s remaining ignorance, as shown by the analogy of the growing circumference of a growing circle of knowledge in the endless plain of ignorance. – JZ, 26.5.83. - IGNORANCE

KNOWLEDGE: The more one knows, the more awareness he should have of the unknown.” – Leonard E. Read, Elements of Libertarian Leadership, FEE, p.95. – The illustration accompanying the above remark shows a black universe with two white circles in it, apparently representing the Moon and the Earth. – And how little we still know of both, after all this time! – JZ, 8.11.07. – Are most libertarians fully aware about how much they still do not know about liberty and individual rights and strive to acquire that knowledge and to make it also accessible to all others with the all the suitable computer means now available and affordable for this purpose? – Most of them still seem to be glued to print on paper or websites only and even to copyrights! – Thus they are often their own worst enemies. - JZ, 18.1.09, 14.5.13. - IGNORANCE & THE UNKNOWN

KNOWLEDGE: The more we know, the stronger we are in our choices.” – Frank Herbert, The Jesus Incident, 88. – Provided we are free enough to make use also of all our panarchist choices. – That is, of full experimental freedom in those spheres so far monopolized and all too much mismanaged by territorial governments. - JZ, 18.1.09. - STRENGTH THROUGH CHOICES, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS VS. TERRITORIALISM

KNOWLEDGE: The more you know, the more you become aware of your remaining and inevitable ignorance. L. E. Read, many years ago, pointed this out with the image of a growing knowledge circle, whose periphery became larger and larger and touched thus on more and more, which remains still unknown to the individual. – JZ, 9.7.12. - & IGNORANCE

KNOWLEDGE: The more you know, the more you realize how much you don’t know – the less you know, the more you think you know – David T. Freeman, quoted by Nizam Ahmad shared Truth Beckons's photo. – Facebook, 15.1.13. - & IGNORANCE

KNOWLEDGE: the more you know. The wider your field of possible operations becomes, and the more fluid and dynamic a society you need.” – James Blish, The Quincunx of Time, p.107. – Social science questions are so complex and involved that mere freedom of expression and information are not sufficient to enlighten the public about them. They must be accompanied by freedom of action among volunteers, by freedom to experiment with all offered solutions, always under full exterritorial autonomy and only at the expense and risk of the voluntary experimenters. Territorial States have so far suppressed that liberty and thus have practically achieved nothing rightful and positive. They are still merely the high priests of popular errors, myths and prejudices and their leaders, not only the Lenins, Stalins, Mussolinis, Hitlers and Maos, are foolish enough to believe in these spleens. – JZ, 9.11.07, 15.12.10. - COMPLEXITY, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

KNOWLEDGE: The most basic inherent constraint is that neither time nor wisdom are free goods available in unlimited quantity. This means that in social processes, as in economic processes, it is not only impossible to attain perfection but irrational to seek perfection - or even to seek the ‘best possible’ result in each separate instance.” - Thomas Sowell. - Is it really irrational to work towards the provision of complete publishing, library and information services, as cheap, effective and fast ones as are possible already with present alternative media? - Perfection may be forever out of our reach but we can come as close to it as we can come already to pure water by distilling it, if necessary even repeatedly. - JZ, 21.8.02, 15.12.10. – LIBERTARIAN IDEAS ARCHIVE, LIBRARY, ENCYCLOPEDIA ETC., IDEAS, TIME, WISDOM, DECISION-MAKING

KNOWLEDGE: The most important benefit of population size and growth is the increase it brings to the stock of useful knowledge. Minds matter economically as much as, or more than, hands or mouths.” - Julian Simon - POPULATION GROWTH, ECONOMIC GROWTH

KNOWLEDGE: The nature and limits of knowledge … The power of mind to shape the world. The need for responsible belief.” - Alexei Panshin, How Can We Sink When We Can Fly? Page 333, in Isaac Asimov et al, “The future I”, Fawcett Crest, 1981. – There is also a need for responsible disbelief. – JZ, 23.9.13. - MIND, RESPONSIBILITY, JUDGMENT, CRITICISM, DISBELIEF, BELIEF, FAITH, DOUBT, QUESTIONS

KNOWLEDGE: The oft-heard statement, “We have doubled our knowledge in the past decade,” means no more to me than a leap from one trillionth to two trillionth! Why, it is easily demonstrable that no living person knows anything, really, about himself; a few superficial observations are all that any person can rightfully claim.” - Leonard E. Read, Deeper Than You Think, FEE, p.19. – Who has had even a single cell of himself under a good microscope and fully comprehended what he saw there? – Who really knows all his diseases and the best cures for them? - JZ, 18.1.09. - IGNORANCE

KNOWLEDGE: The only good is knowledge, and the only evil is ignorance.” – Diogenes Laertius, Lives of the Philosophers (Socrates), c. 150 B.C. – Are knowledge and skills for criminal or violent activities really always good and ignorance of them really always evil? – JZ, 10.11.07. - IGNORANCE

KNOWLEDGE: The only knowledge that can hurt you is the knowledge you don’t have.” – Anonymous, quoted in ANALOG, July 89. – Knowing that somebody you love, you cannot have or that he or she are all too far away, can also hurt. Knowing that you are very sick or likely to die in a few years, can also be hurtful. You add your own exceptions to the above rule. – JZ, 18.1.09.

KNOWLEDGE: The prerequisite of originality is the art of forgetting, at the proper moment, what we know.” - Arthur Koestler. - CREATIVITY, ORIGINALITY, OPEN MINDS, PREJUDICES

KNOWLEDGE: The pursuit of knowledge is, I think, mainly actuated by love of power.” – Bertrand Russell, The Springs of Human Action, ATLANTIC MONTHLY, Jan. 1952. – If that were true, should one not expect those who have arrived at the apex of power to be the most knowledgeable men, not merely the most efficient power seekers, power gainers and power holders? Actually, their striving for knowledge, outside that required for their power struggles, remains, usually all too small – not to speak of their commitment (or the lack of it) to genuine ethical principles and practices. – With few exceptions the worst rather than the best get to the top and remain there for a while, even in democracies, as Hayek pointed out in “The Road to Serfdom”. - JZ, 9.11.07, 5.12.10. – One should also distinguish the striving for power over natural obstacles and the striving for power over other people. – JZ, 18.1.09. - POWER, POWER-ADDICTS, POLITICIANS, RULERS, GOVERNMENTS, TERRITORIALISM, LEADERSHIP

KNOWLEDGE: The recognition on the part of Socrates that he knew nothing but that he knew he knew nothing — the first step in wisdom — is, from an economic standpoint, the most important recognition there is. Why? Each of us has an infinitesimal bit of know-how — expertise at this or that. When the market is free — no restrictions against production and exchange — the tiny know-hows of the millions flow naturally and easily to the prosperity of each. The knowledge is in the market, this totality, not in you or me or anyone else, the claims of the know-it-alls to the contrary notwithstanding.” – Giles Edwards, Free Enterprise, a 1975 statement. – Also, word for word, in Leonard E. Read, ABC’s of Freedom, a 1976 pamphlet. – (I don’t know who copied whom or was it mind-reading? – JZ, 18.1.09.) - That is correct e.g. for the knowledge to produce a can of beans or a pencil, consumer items for which there exists already a strong and persistent demand. - Alas, when it comes to new ideas and discoveries, they do not have a market value and price as yet. They are still to be achieved. There is no ready and organized demand for them, in all too many cases. Nor is there a world-wide systematic and ordered collection and supply of them. The same applies to the talents of innovators. No proper market has been built up as yet, one especially for ideas and innovators. Too much is still left to individual publicity efforts for them and to chance. Thus an enormous and prolonged waste of ideas and talents occurs and has taken place over all of man’s history. – Too many remain blind to this, even though they may belong to a libertarian or anarchist minority that tries, so far, largely, vainly, to get its ideas and proposals widely and seriously considered and has done that for many years or even decades and for some ideas even for centuries. - JZ 11.11.07. - Not all kinds of knowledge is properly priced and published sufficiently, to become part of a free market. The usual free market is mainly only for what is already known and wanted. That leaves largely out new and unpopular ideas, discoveries and talents. There is no ready and free market for them, apart from the limited and all too temporary options in the news market. (Out of the newspapers, out of the mind.) But we do need it most. Thus a special free market ought to be established for them, combining all their supply and all already existing searches for new ideas and talents (demand). Thereby it would also attract much new demand, many new searches for such information. Its combined offers would be so large that they could no longer be overlooked. At least among some these ideas would then almost continuously discussed, further developed and the results of such discussions could then be best published there. The principle of mutual advertising would also apply to it, so that the innovators would no longer have to fight lonely, hard and prolonged battles for recognition. – JZ, 12.11.07, 23.9.13. - KNOWLEDGE IN THE MARKET, GENERAL & LIBERTARIAN IDEAS ARCHIVE, TALENT CENTRE, THE PRICING SYSTEM, SUPER-COMPUTER PROJECT, PEACE PLANS 20, TWO DIGITIZED BOOKS BY K. H. Z. SOLNEMEN (KURT H. ZUBE) ON THIS.

KNOWLEDGE: The sovereignty of man lies hid in knowledge; wherein many things are reserved that kings with their treasure cannot buy, nor with their force command.” - Bacon, Cogitationes de Scientia Humana.

KNOWLEDGE: The struggling for knowledge has a pleasure in it like that of wrestling with a fine woman.” – George Savile, Lord Halifax, 1633-1695. - UNDERSTANDING, ENLIGHTENMENT, INSIGHTS, SEX, PLEASURE, MENTAL DELIGHTS

KNOWLEDGE: The trouble with most folks is not that they don’t know enough but that they know so much that ain’t true.” – Artemus Ward. - RED.

KNOWLEDGE: The trouble with people is not that they don't know but that they know so much that ain't so.” - Henry Wheeler Shaw - IGNORANCE

KNOWLEDGE: The Wisdom in knowing I know not. … The more that is known, the greater an awareness of the unknown. Know-it-all-ness breeds authoritarianism.” – Leonard E. Read, Then Truth Will out, FEE, VIII. - VS. AUTHORITARIANISM

KNOWLEDGE: The wise carry their knowledge as they do their watches, not for display, but for their own use.” - Sir Thomas Browne. - Is it really very wise, in all countries, to monopolize one’s wisdom, instead of publishing it? – JZ, 11.11.07. WISDOM, COPYRIGHTS, PATENTS, PUBLICITY, IDEAS ARCHIVE

KNOWLEDGE: The world asks not what a man knows, but what he does with what he knows.” – Brooker T. Washington. – Think of the nuclear scientists and what they did with their knowledge. – JZ, 9.11.07. - SCIENCE, JUDGMENT, CHARACTER, MORALITY, ETHICS, NWT

KNOWLEDGE: the world has stumbled around for ages, repeating mistakes, blundering along and having to rediscover what others had known long before.” – Joan Marie Leonard, THE FREEMAN, 7/77: Freedom Is Exchange, p.159. - IGNORANCE, FREEDOM, EXCHANGE, IDEAS ARCHIVE, HISTORY, PROGRESS, PREJUDICES

KNOWLEDGE: The world’s run with very little real knowledge – mostly by hunches, emotions, and sheer wishful thinking.” – Lee Correy, Manna, ANALOG, May 1983, p. 38. – Is the world really “run” by governments or does their excessive and wrongful power give them and their victims only the illusion that these few unproductive and counter-productive people are running it? To the extent that it is not mis-run, misled, mismanaged or run into man-made disasters, it is run rather by common sense, moral sense, self-interest, rights, liberties, self-responsibilities etc., than territorial governments, which are, rather, anti-life than pro-life. – JZ, 5.4.91, 10.11.07. - RUNNING THE WORLD, RULERS, GOVERNMENTS

KNOWLEDGE: There are men who put their knowledge in the place of insight or understanding.” - Goethe, “Sprueche in Prosa”, JZ tr. of: “Menschen, die ihre Kenntnisse an die Stelle von Einsicht setzen.” – The existing knowledge is often not a good enough substitute for insight into and understanding of something new. – JZ, 30.8.89, 15.9.08, 15.12.10. - All religions offer something unknown and unknowable as the solution to all problems! – JZ, 23.9.13. - SPECIALISTS, EXPERTS, PROFESSIONALS, GOD, FAITH, BELIEF, RELIGIONS, ETHICS, MORALITY, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

KNOWLEDGE: There is always something more we need to know about anything. That’s the way it is in an infinite universe.” – Frank Herbert, The Godmakers, p.207.

KNOWLEDGE: There is no evil, wrong or difficulty in this world that will not, ultimately, be defeated by superior knowledge, reasoning, tools and their application. – JZ, 15.3.06. – The possibility of levitation, or anti-gravity, of overcoming inertia, and achieving ultra speeds has already been demonstrated by some UFO observations. The possibility of biologically managed levitation and thought transfers has also been demonstrated numerous times by people talented in this respect. And when primitive micro-beings, like amoebae, can live forever via splitting themselves, then intelligent people should be able to achieve, scientifically, large degrees of life extension, if not immortality, Sooner or later these possibilities will become technological and scientific options for us. – JZ, 25.10.07, 23.9.13. - WISDOM, REASON, RESEARCH, SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, UNDERSTANDING, PROGRESS UNLIMITED

KNOWLEDGE: There is no knowledge – only a lesser states of ignorance.” - Dagobert D. Runes, On the Nature of Man, 78. - Dagobert D. Runes, A Dictionary of Thought, p. 65. - Dagobert D. Runes, A Book of Contemplation, p. 76. - IGNORANCE

KNOWLEDGE: There is no knowledge that is not power.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson. - I would insert "potential" between "not" and "power". - JZ – And if a “great leader” knows only the usual popular errors, myths and prejudices, then he will rapidly gain and all too long keep power, but he will not have the power to provide any genuine solutions. Even if he publicly asks for them, and is offered them, he will either either not understand and accept them or not apply them. For that we have had all too many examples. – How often have territorial leaders accepted full monetary and financial freedom – if ever? – How often have even anarchists and libertarians failed to comprehend and express this liberty and right? How often have the territorial mis-leaders renounced their decision-making monopoly on war and peace, armament and disarmament? – How many genuine individual rights have they failed to recognize so far and how many even of the classical ones do they still infringe with their laws or actions? – The full and all too dispersed knowledge of mankind is not being mobilized by territorialism and its “leadership”. – Not even, as yet, by the anarchist and libertarian movements. - JZ, 18.1.09, 23.9.13. – POWER, IGNORANCE, STUPIDITY, POPULAR ERRORS & PREJUDICES

KNOWLEDGE: There is no knowledge, practically speaking, that is not recorded some place in writing. The whole realm of knowledge known to man is written out - with very few exceptions.” - Ralph Besse - Why not take advantage of this heritage, for how else can any one of us play the role in the scheme of things that we hopefully expect of all men? It is in one's self-interest to do.” – Leonard E. Read: Then Truth Will Out, p. 142. – Alas, a comprehensive digitized world library and especially a complete freedom library has not yet been assembled. Too much knowledge is still more or less hidden or to be found only in obscure books that almost nobody knows about, has access to or reads. Or it is only available on e.g. microfilm, and thus ignored since this medium is unpopular. Or it is hidden on some unpopular website or unknown disk. Or it is still only in  some obscure heads and it remains there and dies with them. Even FEE’s freedom library, when I visited it, was still very incomplete. So were all the other institutional freedom libraries that I could visit or read about. - Knowing that somewhere some texts do exist, does not make them automatically accessible. Some people have been looking for certain books, in vain, for decades! – Why, indeed, not assemble all valuable knowledge, when discs are so powerful, cheap and long-lasting as e.g. new Kodak 700 Mb disks, expected to last 300 years, which could come to contain 3000 books zipped? Or cheap external HD’s, of 320 Gbs, that could contain over a million books? - JZ, 11.11.07. - KNOWLEDGE IN WRITING

KNOWLEDGE: There’s unknown all around at every moment. That’s where you seek knowledge.” – Frank Herbert, Prophet of Dune, in ANALOG 3/76, p.60. - IGNORANCE & THE UNKNOWN

KNOWLEDGE: They are ill discoverers that think there is no land when they see nothing but the sea.” – Bacon, Advancement of Learning, II, VII, 5, quoted by Walter Lippmann, The Public Philosophy, A Mentor Book, 1955, as motto. - By the way: This work contains an interesting copyrights qualification claim: “All rights reserved. No part of this book in excess of five hundred words may be reproduced in any form without permission …“ – I wish this modification would be more widely accepted by publishers and writers. But by now, in practice, numerous books are put fully online for downloading – and this helps to sell their printed copies. Others can be read online for up to 1/3rd of the text and the whole text can be searched. – Technology nibbles away at wrongful and harmful old copyrights claims. Photocopy machines, scanners and emails as well as fax machines have done their bit in this respect as well. - JZ, 11.9.08. – IDEAS ARCHIVE, UNDERSTANDING, DOUBT, IGNORANCE, PREJUDICE, RED., DISCOVERIES, RED., COPYRIGHTS

KNOWLEDGE: they not only do not know anything, they do not even suspect anything.” - Robert Anton Wilson, The Earth Will Shake, p.215. - SUSPICION, STATISTS, TRUE BELIEVERS, COLLECTIVISTS, LEADERSHIP, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATIVES, POLITICAL PARTIES

KNOWLEDGE: This is the bitterest pain among men, to have much knowledge but no power.” - Herodotus. - The best ideas, the greatest talent and knowledge are not always or even rarely sufficient in the absence of sufficient freedom of expression and information and of opportunities for these liberties, and freedom to experiments and of opportunities for both. - JZ, 25.11.02, 23.9.13. – Voluntary cooperation, action, experimentation and free exchange among the first few innovators, pioneers or founding fathers, if free to do so, under self-chosen personal law, can achieve much more and this much sooner and with greater certainty than the greatest present territorial and political power-holders on Earth. – JZ, 14.5.13.  – However, the Internet has already greatly improved or opportunities – but is not yet sufficiently developed and utilized either, in all is options. – I haven’t clearly understood and utilized all its options, either. - JZ, 23.9.13. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE & SOCIETIES, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

KNOWLEDGE: This knowledge is essential; no one can live well, in any way, unless he knows the nature of his own energy. But this knowledge alone is not enough. Men always knew that steam tilts the lid of a pot; the knowledge is not useful until someone devises a method of using it, a steam engine. - Knowing the nature of human energy is not enough, because one person's energy is not enough either to preserve his life or to make it the kind of life he wants. His energy must be combined with the energies of others; he must know a second fact, that all men are brothers. There still remains a problem of method, the method by which men can act according to their real nature and their brotherhood.” – Rose Wilder Lane, The Discovery of Freedom, p.77. – The necessary combination of the dispersed knowledge, ideas, talents and skills is not achievable via the hypothesis of universal brotherly love, which is often even missing between two real brothers. Their energies must be marketed. That is easy for well known and daily used consumer goods. But new ideas and innovators are not so in demand, everywhere and widely. Not enough, anyhow, to make it easy, everywhere, to turn them into cash. New ideas and innovators are not universally loved and appreciated. On the contrary. Only a tiny fraction get soon the recognition and application they deserve. – A proper, free and world-wide market is very much needed for them, in spite of the popular error or prejudice that it does already exist. – JZ, 11.11.07, 23.9.13. – IDEAS ARCHIVE & TALENT CENTRE

KNOWLEDGE: This luminosity, gathered within the history of mankind – rays of light by the trillions – is sometimes referred as “knowledge in society” rather than my own favorite term: ‘Creative Wisdom’.” – Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.30. – Alas, he still did not favor full exterritorial autonomy for volunteers and full experimental freedom for all, beyond his concept of limited but territorial government as a supposed ideal for all. – Until knowledge is made fully accessible to all, in a genuine and complete market, world-wide and quite free, it is not yet “knowledge in society” And unless it is sufficiently separated from errors, prejudices, myths and false interpretations, it is not yet useful enough knowledge. In most spheres the wheat has still to be sufficiently separated from the chaff and this in a convincing way and thoroughly refuting whatever popular but flawed points are still raised against it. All too often, the light is still covered up, hidden, not widely enough seen. – JZ, 8.11.07, 15.12.10, 14.5.13. - IDEAS ARCHIVE, TALENT & GENIUS CENTRE

KNOWLEDGE: This world, where much is to be done, and little known.” – Dr. Johnson. – And where already somewhere existing knowledge is not readily made available to all who are seeking it! – JZ, 18.1.09. - IGNORANCE, DUTIES

KNOWLEDGE: Those who don't know enough, or only imagine that they do, want to force their wills upon others. Those who do know enough rely on voluntary and free actions and experiments, promoted by freedom of expression and information, combined with freedom to experiment among volunteers. Both of these important liberties are still not fully realized in those spheres, where they are needed most. - JZ, 25.2.99, 26.1.02, 23.9.13. - FORCE, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, IDEAS ARCHIVE

KNOWLEDGE: Those who know the truth are not equal to those who love it.” – Confucius. – “The truth” is a great misnomer. At best we can all only know some truths of xyz trillions. – JZ, 8.11.07. - & TRUTH, LOVE OF TRUTH, ENTHUSIASM

KNOWLEDGE: To act on the belief that we possess the knowledge and the power which enable us to shape the processes of society entirely to our liking, knowledge which in fact we do not possess, is likely to make us do much harm." - F.A. Hayek, quoted by Ron Manners – Facebook, 1.2.13. - & POWER, UTOPIANISM, TERRITORIALISM

KNOWLEDGE: To believe that we know nothing assuredly and cannot know anything assuredly, is to take too much on faith.” - James Branch Cabell, Jürgen, 171/172. – However, the limited knowledge of all makes a strong case for experimental freedom and freedom of choice for all. – JZ, - FAITH & SKEPTICISM, FREE CHOICE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREE ENTERPRISE, FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION, CONTRACT & EXPERIMENTATION IN EVERY SPHERE, EVEN THOSE NOW MONOPOLIZED BY TERRITORIAL STATISM

KNOWLEDGE: To know does little, or even nothing, for virtue.” It is what a man is impelled to do with his knowledge that justifies or indicts his education.” – W. F. Buckley, “God and Man at Yale”, p.178, quoting Aristotle. - VIRTUE, MORALITY, FACTS, SCIENCE

KNOWLEDGE: To know is not to know, unless someone else has known that I know.” - (Scire est nescire, nisi id me scire alius scierit.) - Lucilius, Fragment. – He and other antique writers made full use of the information tools of their time. Are we making full and optimal use of the information tools of our time? So far even the freedom lovers have failed to do so. – JZ, 18.1.09. - IDEAS ARCHIVE, TALENT CENTRE, LIBERTARIAN LIBRARY, ENCYCLOPEDIA, BIBLIOGRAPHY, ABSTRACTS, REVIEWS, LECTURES, COMPREHENSIVE ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING, EMAIL & DISC OPTIONS FOR FREEDOM TEXTS, NEW DRAFT

KNOWLEDGE: To realize that our knowledge is ignorance, // This is a noble insight. // To regard our ignorance as knowledge, // This is mental sickness.” – Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, No.71, p. 103 in the tr. of John C. H. Wu. – IGNORANCE, TOLERANCE, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM VS. DOMINATION, SOCIAL ENGINEERING, TERRITORIALISM, TOTALITARIANISM, DESPOTISM

KNOWLEDGE: To the small part of ignorance that we arrange and classify we give the name knowledge.” – Ambrose Bierce. - IGNORANCE

KNOWLEDGE: To think that one human being could ever really know another. You could get used to each other, get so habituated that you could speak their words right along with them, but you never knew why other people said what they said or did what they did, because they never even knew themselves, Nobody understands anybody. - Orson Scott Card, Shadow of the Hegemon, 2001-2006, p.70. - INDIVIDUALS, SELF-KNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTANDING, HUMAN BEINGS, MAN, COMMUNICATION

KNOWLEDGE: Today, more than ever before, free men must be able not only to identify the elements of freedom, they must be able to express them in terms of every aspect of daily life.” – Charles M. Hepburn, THE FREEMAN, 3/76. – What people do not have readily in their heads they should have readily available in reference works. Just think of an external and merely book-sized HD on your desk, containing. on 1 TB memory, the equivalent of the pages of over 3 million books on liberty. All of their knowledge being thus accessible with one of the better search engines. No need to look up ten thousands of different websites on the Internet first and downloading much from them. All already predigested and optimally ordered and cross-referenced, with input from tens-of thousands of libertarians. It might offer, in integrated form, all the freedom knowledge now offered on line by x suppliers – and much more. – Should we not systematically work towards such a treasure chest on everyone’s desk? It would, in hardware cost no more than an expensive printed reference work. And in space it would cost no more than a single large book. - JZ, 18.1.09. KNOWLEDGE OF FREEDOM & ITS POPULARIZATION, ELECTRONIC COMPLETE FREEDOM PUBLISHING & LIBRARY, LIBERTARIAN IDEAS ARCHIVE, ENCYCLOPEDIA, ABSTRACTS, REVIEWS, BIBLIOGRAPHIES, RED., ENCYCLOPEDIA OF REFUTATIONS, SLOGANS FOR LIBERTY, NEW DRAFT

KNOWLEDGE: Unconcerned for a following, a true teacher continues to pursue his own studies, leaving his students to develop in the only way they possibly can: on their own initiative. – We should ever bear in mind that the unknown is infinite. (Stressed by me. – JZ) No person, regardless of his pretensions, glimpses more than an infinitesimal fragment of the Truth. To merely focus the gaze of one’s followers down that narrow aperture of understanding glimpsed by “the leader” is no service to anyone. The successful teacher inspires others to join in the search for Truth, on their own volition and power; and growth in knowledge and understanding takes place only to the extent that some of his students surpass him. No leader or teacher ought to be satisfied with anything less than this.” – Leonard E. Read, Deeper Than You Think, FEE, XVI. - TRUTHS & IGNORANCE, STUDIES, TEACHERS, STUDENTS

KNOWLEDGE: We are living in a society which exists only because we are capable of serving people whom we do not know, and even of whose existence we are ignorant; and we in turn constantly live on the services of other people of whom we know nothing. - Adam Smith was the first to perceive this state of affairs, that we have found a method of creating an order of human cooperation, which far exceeds the limits of our knowledge. We are led to do things by circumstances of which we are largely unaware. We do not know the needs, which we satisfy, nor do we know the sources of the things, which we get. We stand in an enormous framework into which we fit ourselves by obeying certain rules of conduct that we have never made and never understood, but which have their reason. It was those groups who happened to fall on these rules of conduct prospered and multiplied, while other groups, who tried other things, failed.” – Hayek, Knowledge, Evolution & Society, p.46. - KNOWLEDGE MISSING & UNNECESSARY FOR FREE EXCHANGE, FREE MARKETS IN EVERY SPHERE, AT LEAST AMONG VOLUNTEERS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PERSONAL LAW, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, SECESSIONISM, FREE CHOICE

KNOWLEDGE: We do not know a truth without knowing its cause.” – Aristotle – - Most people do know quite well that e.g., war, violent revolutions, civil wars, terrorism, rapid inflations and mass unemployment as well as poverty are quite terrible in many cases. But how many do know all the causes and the main causes of these effects or reactions – as well as the correct cures for them? - JZ, 18.1.09. – They do already extensively use e.g. electricity and magnetism – but do they really know them? – Sometimes the simple knowledge that it does work is already enough for most practical purposes. - JZ, 23.9.13. - TRUTHS, OBSERVING, JUDGING, COMPREHENDING, CAUSE & EFFECTS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, NOT JUST FREEDOM OF INFORMATION & EXPRESSION

KNOWLEDGE: We know a great deal, but we don’t always use what we know.” – S. Johnson & L. Wilson, The 1 Minute Sales Person, p.76. RED. – What fraction of genuine anarchist and libertarian knowledge has so far been fully applied? How many people are quite free to do so? – JZ, 18.1.09. – The knowledge of the “we” is never fully represented in the “I”. – JZ, 23.9.13.

KNOWLEDGE: We live by things, processes and institutions we do not know and cannot know. – JZ, free after Hayek, 22.6.84.

KNOWLEDGE: We need not just the knowledge of some leaders. We need everybody’s knowledge now – or all of us might come to perish. – JZ, 7.4.77, 31.7.78. - LEADERSHIP, IDEAS, INSIGHTS, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, CRISES

KNOWLEDGE: We see then how far the monuments of wit and learning are more durable than the monuments of power, or of the hands. For have not the verses of Homer continued twenty-five hundred years or more, without the loss of a syllable or letter; during which time infinite palaces, temples, castles, cities have been decayed and demolished? - Francis Bacon. – Centuries ago, in his “New Atlantis”, he already offered the vision of a society that systematically collected, ordered and utilized knowledge from all over the world. Have our present institutions already come close enough to this old utopian ideal? – JZ, 18.1.09. – Q., LEARNING, TRADITION, LITERATURE, BOOKS, INFLUENCE VS. POWER, IDEAS ARCHIVE, WORLD LIBRARY, LIBERTARIAN LIBRARY, ARCHIVE, BIBLIOGRAPHY, ABSTRACTS, REVIEW & INDEXING, COMBINED WITH COMPLETE LIBERTARIAN ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING, NEW DRAFT

KNOWLEDGE: Wear your learning, like your watch, in a private pocket, and do not pull it out and strike it merely to show you have one. If you are asked what o'clock it is, tell it, but do not proclaim it hourly and unasked, like the watchman.” - Lord Chesterfield – However, make all of it accessible in writing to all who are interested in it! – JZ, 15.12.10. - TEACHING, LECTURING, TALKING DOWN TO OTHERS, AGITATION, PROPAGANDA

KNOWLEDGE: What has not yet been praised as source for successes and isn't believed to be its cause even today? One often hears the saying: "knowledge is power". But I have seen, especially in recent years, people who could not help themselves, in spite of their great knowledge. They had to be helped by their friends, who would and could barely keep their heads above the water. If it were true, that knowledge would mean power, then people with the best memory would be the most successful, the most powerful ones. But it is well known that professional scientists, who really possess a rich and deep knowledge, are in practice all too clumsy. Knowledge alone is never the cause of success.” - (“Was ist nicht alles als Ursache des Erfolges angepriesen worden und was wird nicht noch heute dafuer gehalten? Haeufig hoert man "Wissen ist Macht". Aber ich habe gerade in the letzten Jahren Menschen gesehen, die trotz ihres vielen Wissens sich nicht haben helfen koennen, die von Bekannten notduerftig unterstuetzt und klaeglich ueber Wasser gehalten werden mussten. Wenn es wahr waere, dass Wissen Macht bedeutet, dann waeren die Menschen mit dem besten Gedaechtnis die erfolgreichsten, die Maechtigsten. Aber die Maenner, die von berufswegen sich mit der Wissenschaft befassen, und wahrlich ueber ein reiches und tiefes Wissen verfuegen, sie sind in der Praxis als unbeholfen nur zu bekannt. Wissen allein ist niemals die Ursache des Erfolges.") - Gustav Grossmann. (His success courses inspired Kurt H. Zube, my father, to propose the Ideas Archive and Talent Center, because success is not possible for all today, not even the greatest talents, not even after special training in one or the other training school that attempts to turn people into successful people. After 63 years a successful Ideas Archive has still not been established. The Global Ideas Bank on the Internet comes somewhat close - however, it has limited itself to what it called "social inventions" and among them are only a few rightful and sensible ones. - JZ, 23.10.02, 23.9.13.) - POWER, SUCCESS

KNOWLEDGE: What hurts us is not what we do not know, but what we think mistakenly that we do know.” – Maurice Cranston, Political Dialogues, p.58, put these words into the mouth of Rousseau. – POPULAR ERRORS & PREJUDICES

KNOWLEDGE: What I really know I know only for myself. An expressed opinion rarely promotes anything. It provokes contradiction, delays and stoppages.” - Goethe, “Sprueche in Prosa”, JZ tr. of: “Was ich recht weiss, weiss ich nur mir selbst; ein ausgesprochenes Wort foerdert selten, es erweckt Widerspruch, Stocken und Stillstehen.” – All the more required are experimental freedom, panarchism and an Ideas Archive. – JZ, 15.0.08.

KNOWLEDGE: What you don’t know won’t hurt you, it will kill you.” – Donald L. Richey, in ANALOG 1/80, p.176. – It may do both. However, not all of our inevitably large ignorance is quite deadly for us or hurts us. – JZ, 8.11.07, 23.9.13. - IGNORANCE

KNOWLEDGE: When a man declares: ‘Who am I to know?’ – he is declaring: ‘Who am I to live’?” – Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, p.944. – The unexamined life and the unexamined society and State are not worth living in. Aimless and purposeless lives have no objective value at all - however much they may be subjectively valued and enjoyed, without reasoning and understanding. They have it in common with animals, insects and microbes. – JZ, 9.11.07. - LIFE, VALUES, PURPOSES, MAN

KNOWLEDGE: When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge.” - Albert Einstein. - – Maybe he should have mentioned that it also misled him into a number of false assumptions, in his special sphere, just like religious people are thus misled. – Although, he, too, was a refugee from totalitarianism, he showed not comprehension of its radical alternative, namely exterritorial autonomy for volunteers, or panarchism, nor did he comprehend anything but a totalitarian and mass murderous defence against totalitarian regimes. He recommended nuclear “weapons”, i.e., mass murder devices! “Weapons” to be used against whole peoples, in accordance with the “principle” of collective responsibility! Naturally, these did then also get into the hands of totalitarians and were already abused by a “democratic” president! - JZ, 12.1.08. - FANTASY, IMAGINATION, METAPHYSICAL ASSUMPTIONS, CREATIVITY, ORIGINALITY, INTELLIGENCE, EINSTEIN

KNOWLEDGE: When we think we know something, that’s precisely the moment when we should look deeper into the thing.” – Frank Herbert, The Children of Dune, ANALOG, 2/76, p.120. - UNDERSTANDING, DOUBT

KNOWLEDGE: When you know a thing, to hold that you know it, and when you do not know a thing, to acknowledge that you do not know it.” – Confucius, Analects, bk. II, c.xvii. - KNOWLEDGE, ALSO OF ONE’S IGNORANCE

KNOWLEDGE: When you know you know - you are twice armed.” – From the 1977 Collins Desk Calendar. – And you may still be quite powerless to freely act upon your knowledge. Just like those who were marched to the gas chambers, we are being marched towards an all-out nuclear war, all in the service of what territorial statists call “defence”. – JZ, 18.1.09. - GENUINE KNOWLEDGE, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

KNOWLEDGE: when you think you know something, that is a most perfect barrier against learning.” – Frank Herbert, God Emperor of Dune, p.239. - LEARNING, OPEN-MINDEDNESS, RED.

KNOWLEDGE: Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?” - T. S. Eliot – Let us preserve and sufficiently discriminate between all of it e.g. through an Ideas Archive or a Super-Computer Project or through a comprehensive digital world library, starting with a comprehensive libertarian one, which would probably fit into a single 1 TB external HD. – So far we haven’t even provided a comprehensive and growing electronic libertarian encyclopedia, bibliography, abstracts and review collection for ourselves. - WISDOM, INFORMATION EXPLOSION, NEW DRAFT, CD-PROJECT

KNOWLEDGE: Where there is much desire to learn, there of necessity will be much arguing, much writing, many opinions; for opinion in good men is but knowledge in the making.” - John Milton, Areopagitica. - LEARNING, STUDYING, ARGUMENTS

KNOWLEDGE: Whoso neglects learning in his youth, loses the past and is dead for the future.” - Euripides (485-406 B.C.), Fragments, 927. - STUDYING, EDUCATION, LEARNING, HISTORY

KNOWLEDGE: Without an awareness of minuscule knowledge, they can envision a better world only as others are carbon copies of themselves. Their remedy? Cast others in their image by force, if necessary, unaware that were everyone identical all would perish! - unaware that our infinite variation in talents and virtues merits approval rather than censure, for variation is implicit in the cosmic order.” – Leonard E. Read, The Miracle of the Market, in Champions of Freedom, p.59. – I got Nos.1 to 4 of this “Ludwig von Mises Lecture Series”, produced by Hillsdale College Press between 1974 and 1977 and do not know whether any more appeared. – JZ, 18.1.09.) - AWARENESS, UNDERSTANDING, AUTHORITARIANISM, INTOLERANCE:

KNOWLEDGE: Woe be to him who tries to isolate one department of knowledge from the rest. … All science is one: language, literature and history, physics, mathematics and philosophy; subjects which seem the most remote from one another are in reality connected, or rather they all form a single system." Every time a "marginal man" makes a discovery overlooked by the indigenous specialists of a field, old Michelet’s vision gets further support. Become a “marginal man” yourself, and welcome anyone who wishes to become one in your own area. Your idea production will soar if you do it. It is the best antidote I know for the poison of narrow, jurisdictional concern, which kills ideas if they are born in the “wrong” place.” – Henry Boettinger: Moving Mountains, p. 319. - All truths are essentially interconnected – and so are all errors and lies. – in the flawed human minds, but not yet properly and optimally, in written records, accessible to anyone with a P.C. - JZ, 15.6.92, 11.11.07, 18.1.09. – And neither all truth, are, so far, fully connected and published in their connections and confronted with each other, and also to all errors, prejudices and lies, and this so clearly, and easily accessible that the truths would prevail in every case. A seemingly obvious case and to me an obvious omission.  However, how many have so far fully seen it and understood the implications and then started to do something about this, quite systematically, together with all others who have seen the light in this respect? – JZ, 18.1.09. - ITS INTERCONNECTEDNESS, VS. EXCESS SPECIALIZATION

KNOWLEDGE: Wrote Emerson: "Our knowledge is the amassed thought and experience of innumerable minds." Suppose that you or I knew no more than that which is or has been original with us. Each of us would be a dummy or, to use the German term, a "Dummkopf." Socrates referred to himself as "a philosophical midwife." He received from countless sources and shared. Those of us who have a modicum of knowledge do the same. The Sage of Concord … is one of the innumerable minds I draw upon.” – Source? – Probably, Leonard E. Read. - Alas, all knowledge is still quite insufficiently “amassed”. It is still all too much dispersed, with much of it inaccessible and all too unordered still and this in spite of the numerous computer options we have now to interconnect all of in, in an extensive international collaboration in extensive division of labor. – JZ, 11.11.07.

KNOWLEDGE: Yellow gold has its price; learning is priceless.” - Mencius. – Nevertheless, all too often there is not even a ready market for it. At least initially not even for a Mises and a Rothbard in the U.S.A. – JZ, 18.1.09. - LEARNING

KNOWLEDGE: You …. may know full well what actually happened but I doubt that you understand it.” - Frank Herbert, God Emperor of Dune, 51. - People may e.g. see government paper money, unemployment, war, revolution or a terrorist act - but that does not automatically give them any understanding of their causes and cures. - JZ, 6.10.01. – Think e.g. of the mass murders of the Holocaust, those in Rwanda and Cambodia: Can you say that you fully understand these mass murderers, what motivated them, how they gained and maintained power and how their power and mass murderous actions could have been prevented? Do you fully understand how wars, civil wars and wrongfully violent revolutions could be prevented? How mass unemployment and inflations could be prevented? Do you really want to know? – JZ, 18.1.09. – UNDERSTANDING, SUFFICIENT INTEREST IN PUBLIC AFFAIRS & PROBLEMS

KNOWLEDGE: You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot help small men by tearing down big men. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot lift the wage-earner by pulling down the wage-payer. You cannot help the poor man by destroying the rich. You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than your income. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred. You cannot establish security on borrowed money. You cannot build character and courage by taking away men's initiative and independence. You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves." - Presbyterian minister William J. H. Boettcker (1873-1962) - RESPONSIBILITY

KNOWLEDGE: Your knowing is nothing unless some other person knows that you know.” - (Scire tuum nihil est, nisi te scire hoc sciat alter.) - Persius, Satires, Sat. i, I, 27. – Demand and supply of knowledge and skills must be systematically brought together in a market-like way, especially for new and unpopular ideas and talents. – The market for consumer goods and services is not good enough for them. - JZ, 12.11.07. - Knowledge is not knowledge until someone else knows that one knows.” – Lucilius, Fragment, ca. 125 B.C. – And what you only know you can put down in writing and get your writings multiplied or made electronically accessible to others. Naturally, you cannot funnel it into their heads against their will and should not even try to do so. – JZ, 18.1.09.

KNOWLEDGE? Nothing is impossible to someone who’s willing to wade through enough data. - C. S. Friedman, This Alien Shore, HarperCollinsPublishers, Voyager books,, pb, 2000, p.238. – Almost nothing. – JZ, 14.1.13. - DATA, IMPOSSIBLE

KURDS: The Kurds, I learned, are an ancient people of mountain origin, who inhabit a region stretching from Soviet Armenia through the north-east corner of Iraq to Syria, and from Kermansha in Iran to Erzurum in Turkey. They thus form minorities in five separate states. There are approximately four million of them, mostly of the Sunni, or orthodox, Moslem faith. The Kurdish part of Iraq includes the rich oil-fields of Kirkuk and Mosul. – In 1920 the Allied treaty of peace with Turkey, known as the Treaty of Sèvres, created an autonomous Kurdish state; but this treaty was never ratified, and was later replaced by the Treaty of Lausanne, which divided Kurdistan. – In 1927 a Kurdish independence movement, the Khoibun, came into being. In Iraq alone there have been five major Kurdish revolts. In 1946, a Soviet-sponsored independent Kurdish republic was set up at Mahabad in Iran. It lasted eleven months. Then the Iranian army succeeded in recapturing the area. – … Alexander the Great, Xenophon, Marco Polo and the Peace Treaty Commission of 1919 had all dealings with the Kurds and all come to similar conclusions about them. In the Commissioin’s words, the Kurds were ‘a fierce and predatory people, unsafe to trifle with’. – A modern expert on the Middle East had noted that “their tendency to shoot on sight at moving objects has kept outside interference in their affairs to a minimum.” On the other hand, they had always been more than ready to interfere in the affairs of their neighbours. The periodic massacres of Armenians had nearly all been the work of Kurds. – Eric Ambler, A Kind of Anger, FONTANA/Collins 1966, 1986, p.52/53. - In other words, they are the victims as well as the victimizers of territorialism, - JZ, 26.2.12. – Can one spread the possibilities of exterritorial autonomy among such people, e.g., by recommending or trying to establish several Kurdish governments in Exile, one for each of their diverse factions, as well as one for each of their opponents? – JZ, 2.3.12. – PERSONAL LAW, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE, PANARCHISM, TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM, INTOLERANCE

KYFHO: Keep Your Fucking Hands Off.” – F. Paul Wilson, An Enemy of the State, p.127.



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