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A further huge list by John Zube, with plenty of information useful to all those who want to go beyond the tyranny of legal tender and state banking. Any hint for new additions is welcomed. Given the fact that web addresses become sometimes obsolete, it should be easy to locate the new address typing the appropriate keywords.




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Editorial notes

FINANCIAL FREEDOM: So far I put remarks on financial freedom together with those on monetary freedom. – Such entries are later to be sorted out: entries against compulsory taxation and also those for voluntary taxation and tax strikes. - Under taxation, possibly, sort out utilitarian and moral objections. - This dated entry reminds me that already more than a year has passed in this updating effort! - How much time will I have left, being already 78?

DIS. - COLLECTION: The entry "DIS." at the end of a paragraph points out entries that might be useful at least as notes towards an Encyclopaedia of the best Refutations, so far found, to popular errors, myths and prejudices. - J.Z., n.d. - If I live long enough I will try to keyboard in all the notes I have accumulated towards such an encyclopaedia. Naturally, it could become sufficiently improved and finally completed, for the time being, only through input from thousands of others. - However, always more errors, prejudices and myths are likely to arise, not only by expressing old errors in new terms.

Please note that quotes next to the catchword are not introduced by quotation marks but indicated by the use of italics. - When I left out the first part of a quote, I omitted the usual indication for this: "…" and, instead, begin the rest of the quote, which I included, with a small letter. That helps to improve the results of automatic sorting.


Some Relevant Websites

FREE BANKING BIBLIOGRAPHY: - It is already long but still all too incomplete and flawed. - This A to Z should be used in connection with this bibliography. There are some overlaps. Some entries here should be included in it and many entries from it should, perhaps, be included here. - Perhaps, in future, these and other kinds of entries will become more separated and specialized - or combined and integrated, by me or someone else. Both kinds of files need much more input and corrections from others. One person can only do so much. - J.Z., 11.8.11.

MONETARY-FREEDOM.NET Working platform towards a monetary freedom handbook and databank: - A proper digitized databank, including contributions by the best thinkers and writers on the subject, in form of a very well edited electronic encyclopaedia is also desirable, probably much more so than my own alphabetized quote collections, personal notes, comments, definitions and explanation attempts, based upon my limited knowledge, experience, insights, reading and access to resources. But then each individual operates at least under some such handicaps, particularly in a sphere that does not yet have a long scientific tradition behind it. It is still part of the misnamed "social sciences", which, alas, are not yet genuine sciences. In this sphere some of the widely recognized "experts" were or still are limping behind some of the interested but obscure laymen. An infamous example for that, at least in the view of some of the monetary freedom thinkers, was John Maynard Keynes. The directors of central banks, on all countries, still act largely upon his errors, prejudices, false assumptions and conclusions, even when they use a somewhat different terminology. Ulrich von Beckerath called them the "high priests" of the popular religion on money.

REINVENTINGMONEY.COM, - Here many of the best writings on the subject can be found.

LIBERTARIAN MICROFICHE PUBLISHING, Some relevant titles, which I have so far only been able to microfiche, can be found in my LMP literature lists. That kind of libertarian publishing I ended 2002, with PEACE PLANS issue No. 1779. On the above site can be found my main list and also a supplementary list.

LIST OF DIGITIZED LIBERTARIAN TEXTS: Some more relevant titles can also be found in my compilation of hints to digitized libertarian texts, which is on It, too, still has to be very much improved, corrected and supplemented but offered at least as much as I could offer then, with some supplementary entries by some of my friends or correspondents. This list is already long but still all too incomplete. - Much input is still needed to turn this into a comprehensive list of such writings, on all kinds of libertarian subjects.

ATLAS FOUNDATION, Sound Money Project of Atlas Economic Research Foundation -

COMPLEMENTARY CURRENCY RESOURCE CENTER: The CC Resource Center is an international, multi-lingual resource for those interested in Complementary Currency Systems. The founder and coordinator is Stephen DeMeulenaere, who has 20 years experience in the field. - Page: ‎7 people like this. - A March 2011 entry from Facebook. The website under that name offers numerous links. - Stephen DeMeulenaere Complementary Currency Resource Center - The April 11 issue of the CC Magazine is out now!

ONLINE LIBRARY OF LIBERTY: Online Library of Liberty - Week of 5 August, 2011 - - The Online Library of Liberty is provided in order to encourage the study of the ideal of a society of free and responsible individuals by making freely available on the internet the classic texts in the classical liberal and free market traditions. - David Hart's large beginnings of a digitized freedom library. Partly offered also on disc.

FREE BANKING ORG: - It is also represented on Facebook and got already more than 4,000 that liked it. - J.Z., 1.6.11. - Mostly academics. Only a limited circle is so far permitted to add comments. - J.Z., 9.8.11. - Each such publishing effort is, naturally, under threat of too much crackpot input if no form of screening is utilized. Perhaps all the numerous crackpot systems should be assembled and sufficiently criticized in a special compilation. There might be many more than there are conspiracy theories, said to come to 1,500 in total, perhaps even more than there are religious beliefs, said to come to ca. 30,000. I for one do count all defenders of central banking among them.

MISES INSTITUTE: It offers online many relevant titles: Browse by ebook (.epub) : Mises Institute - The most complete online offering of the literature of the Austrian School and libertarian ideas. - Did you know that the Mises Institute offers dozens of its publications FREE in epub, PDF and other formats? You can get the "compleat" Rothbard, Mises, and more! - Mark Tier - email hint received 5 Aug. 11.

COMMITTEE FOR MONETARY RESEARCH & EDUCATION: Committee for Monetary Research and Education - The fifth and final key test of anyone's claim to being a libertarian is their support for an honest money system; i.e. one where the currency is backed by something of true value (usually gold or silver). Fiat money -- money with no backing, whose acceptance is mandated by the State -- is simply legalized counterfeiting and is one of the keys to expanding government power. ~ David F. Nolan. The previous quote is from The Essence of Liberty by David F. Nolan, (Copyright, 1995, 1996, David F. Nolan) - May 12 2011, Executive Vice President Leonard P. Liggio will be speaking on Sound Money at the Committee for Monetary Research and Education.

SLOGANS FOR LIBERTY: Ca. 38 Mbs: Many of the additional files included in this second and enlarged edition of FB AZ were taken from my Slogans For Liberty file, put online by Ryan Henrie -

Many more such hints are wanted and needed, hopefully from thousands of able and willing contributors, to build up, gradually, a really worthwhile reference work, offered online or on disc and also, in parallel, a corresponding digitized databank, which has already been initiated by Klaus Falke, in the above-mentioned - For our current territorial power-holders and their despotic and irrational monetary and financial institutions still wallow helplessly, ignorantly or prejudiced in the economic messes they have caused for themselves and for all their victims, in all countries, practically the whole population of Earth.

I hold that we do need such a comprehensive reference work on monetary freedom versus the presently dominant monetary despotism just as much as we do need e.g. a comprehensive anarchist encyclopaedia, a libertarian one, one on causes and cures for wars, one that embodies and criticizes all kinds of health proposals, ideas and medicines, one that does the same for all anti-aging research and projects, one that brings the best refutations of all the popular errors, myths and prejudices which are obstacles to progress and an archive of all positive ideas, starting with the libertarian ones, as well as a directory to all libertarian talents and seriously interested and involved libertarians. Some such projects, all intended to speed up and assure the process of enlightenment, are shortly described in my digitized 1910 book manuscript, which I gladly offer to anyone interested free of charge, as an email attachment, until it appears online or on a disc. A review of it by Gian Piero de Bellis can be found on


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