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Quotes, Notes, Comments & Slogans
for Individual Liberty & Rights
against Popular Statist Errors & Prejudices

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(2013 - 2014)



MASS MEDIA: A ... dealt in who, where, when, what, and how. You don't feed an international news service on why stuff.” - Kenneth F. Gantz, Not in Solitude, p.9. - Or on what might be or could have been, or should have been, either. - JZ - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA, NEWS, REPORTERS, JOURNALISTS, EDITORS, PUBLISHING, INTERNET, CD-PROJECT

MASS MEDIA: A good many persons, as we all know, are very ready to find fault with newspapers, both individually and as a whole. These persons seem to me to be, at the very least, profoundly ungrateful. Do they ever stop to consider how grievously they would find the interests of their lives diminished if, by some sinister miracle, the newspaper press would be destroyed? ... Do we not tend to take too much for granted and to think with too little thankfulness, if we think at all, of the skill and judgment, of the labour and the pains, the discrimination, the restraints, and the enterprise withal, which with perfect regularity and punctuality day by day and almost hour by hour exhibit the glittering panorama of the world before our too careless eyes?” - Lord Hewart, 1938. - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MASS MEDIA: All the news that fits they print.” - Owen Warrington, Sydney, 10/72. - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MASS MEDIA: All the news that's fit to print.” - Adolph S. Ochs, 1896, Motto of the New York Times. - Has it come up to its motto? - JZ - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MASS MEDIA: An editor is one who separates the wheat from the chaff and prints the chaff.” – Adlai Stevenson, quoted in Leon Harris, The Fine Art of Political Wit. - Luckily, we do no longer depend as much as we did before on the conventional mass media. Alternative media are now quite affordable and numerous, even whole reference libraries on a disk. - JZ, 23. 11. 06. - I would rather have said that the media are all too often represented by editors who separate the wheat from the chaff and then publish the chaff. – Some have some good editors – but are they quite free to speak their minds or act in accordance with them? If they want to keep their mass media being mass media, they have to take popular prejudices into consideration. - JZ, 21.6.92, 8.12.07. - PRESS, BROADCASTING, EDITORS, JOKES, EDITORS, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MASS MEDIA: Any newspaper is not just for reporting the news as it is, but to make people mad enough to do something about it.” - Mark Twain. - That presumes that first of all they newspapers would have helped to make people free enough and thoughtful enough to be able to do something sensible about some or the other abuse. - JZ – The mass media are probably the last ones to support individual and minority group secessions and experimental freedom for all communities of volunteers, under personal laws, that are only exterritorially autonomous and do not aim at becoming territorial monopolists and coercers. – JZ, 12.2.09. – PANARCHISM, SECESSIONISM, MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MASS MEDIA: By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, [journalism] keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community.” - Oscar Wilde - JOURNALISM

MASS MEDIA: Consider the argument that the press should not be forced to reveal the sources of its published material. This is termed a defense of the public's right to know - which is interpreted to mean that the public has no right to know the source of material published by the press. To desire to know the source of a story is not idle curiosity. It is difficult to know how much credence to give to information or to check on its accuracy if one is ignorant of the source. The academic tradition, in which one discloses to the greatest extent possible the sources on which one relies and thus exposes them to the scrutiny of one's colleagues, seems to me to be sound and an essential element in the search for truth. Of course, the counterargument of the press is not without validity. It is argued that some people would not express their opinions honestly if it became known that they really held these opinions.” - R. H. Coase, The Market for Good sand the Market for Ideas. - In other words, too many people still do not feel free to utter or have their opinions uttered in public. They seek immunity or security from prosecution for them. Otherwise they shut up. Freedom of expression, in any format, not just for journalists and M.P.s! - JZ, 29.5.91. - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MASS MEDIA: Democracy becomes a government of bullies tempered by editors.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1803-82, Journals. - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MASS MEDIA: Do not expect to find much wisdom recorded in the mass media. It is almost surprising that you can find any facts of worthwhile ideas in them, occasionally, almost buried under avalanches of lies, prejudices, myths, fallacies and unimportant or even trivial “news”. JZ, 13.1.95.

MASS MEDIA: Do they ever present the whole story, correctly? Are they able and willing to do so? If so, how often, as a percentage? And how many important stories, events and ideas are not reported by them at all? – JZ, 23.3.97.

MASS MEDIA: Don't run the press down. All the enlightenment you can want you can find in the products of presses, especially in books. Newspapers and even magazines tend, naturally, to cater to the lowest common denominators. Books can specialize much more and do, although all too many of them still make all too many concessions to popular errors, myths and prejudices. - JZ, 30.8.75, 29.5.91. - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MASS MEDIA: Except for the editors of the few papers and magazines that champion liberty, none of those in charge (*) will encourage truly critical scrutiny of mainstream political affairs. None will raise such questions as "Why should government deprive the successful of the fruits of their success, or even the fortunate of their good fortune, just because others do not enjoy the same?" - “Or who among those who feed off the welfare state so successfully would ever raise the question: "Mr. President, if we spend borrowed money our children will have to be taxed to repay, does this not violate the principle 'No taxation without representation'?" - Would any such journalist raise the question to some politician or bureaucrat: "If in the criminal law it is wrong to punish people unless they have been proven guilty of a crime, why is it right that government regulations may impose enormous economic burdens on people who have done nothing wrong? Isn't this a kind of prior restraint that has no place in a free society?" - What about the question: "If the 14th Amendment prohibits the unequal application of the law, why are producers prohibited from discriminating, while consumers can do so with total impunity? - And why can government regulate every profession but the press, arts, and clergy - is this not a built-in inequality, a state-sponsored discrimination?" - Dr. Tibor R. Machan, professor of philosophy at Auburn University, in "The Welfare State and the News”, as reported in the December, 1996, issue of THE FREEMAN (the journal of the Foundation for Economic Education). – (*) of the popular mass media – Here he made a very good start in compiling a list of thought provoking questions. Many others should add such questions to such a public list. I pointed out some in this collection with “Q.” and also in a private file but have still to extract and combine all of those I found. – One of thousands of libertarian projects, which should be listed together, online, and then tackled in lose electronic collaboration, like a WIKIPEDIA. - JZ 12.2.09. - LIBERTY, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, REGULATIONS, PUBLIC DEBTS, REPRESENTATION, FREE ENTERPRISE, DISCRIMINATION, Q.

MASS MEDIA: Harmony seldom makes a headline.” - Silas Bent, Strange Bedfellows, p.179. - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MASS MEDIA: I have been on the scene of several important historical events circa 1952-1980, and never once did the press (Establishment or Underground) report what my nervous system sensed.” - R. A. Wilson, The Illuminati Papers, p.90. - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA, JOURNALISM, NEWS

MASS MEDIA: I have never quite grasped the worry about the power of the press. After all, it speaks with a thousand voices, in constant dissonance. It has not power to arrest you, conscript you, tax you or even make you fill out a form, except a subscription form if you're agreeable. It is the power of government that has increased. Politicians have come to power in many countries and put press people in jail. I can't think of any place where the reverse has occurred.” - Eric Sevareid, quoted in Broadcasting and in READERS DIGEST, 3/79. - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MASS MEDIA: If mass media advertisements were really effective then they would not have to be repeated hundreds to thousands of times, on radio, TV and in print. However, they seem to reach at least enough of those temporarily switched on to their offers to make these expensive advertisements pay for themselves, more than just to cover their costs. I am usually disgusted by their repetitiveness and thus with their offers. – JZ, 1.7. & 14.7.94. – At least the old kind of printed mass media are more and more ignored by the masses. – Alas, even the Internet represents all too much still the popular errors, prejudices etc. of the masses, without always and sufficiently confronting them with their refutations. Hopefully, in future, the expression of all such errors etc. will become automatically linked to at least one entry in in a comprehensive file of refutations, just like spelling and grammar mistakes are automatically corrected or at least indicated. - JZ, 21.5.13. - & ADVERTISEMENTS

MASS MEDIA: If the mass media were open to good new ideas and able and willing to thoroughly discuss them, then we would already be living in a much better world. Alas ... - JZ, 30 July 82. - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MASS MEDIA: It is a seldom proffered argument as to the advantages of a free press that it has a major function in keeping the government itself informed as to what the government is doing.” – Walter Cronkite, CBS. - But does it inform the government well enough on its actions and their consequences? JZ 29.5.91. - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MASS MEDIA: Let the people decide through the marketplace mechanism what they wish to see and hear. Why is there this national obsession to tamper with this box of transistors and tubes when we don’t do the same for TIME magazine?” – Mark Fowler, FCC Chairman - BROADCASTING

MASS MEDIA: Mass media editors either share the prejudices of the masses or they cater to them. – JZ, 1.9.97.

MASS MEDIA: Mass media express largely only the popular prejudices of their journalists, editors and readers. – JZ, 2.8.99. – How much genuine enlightenment have they provided during the last 100 years? – JZ, 4.12.07. - PRESS, TV, RADIO

MASS MEDIA: Mass media give you details of e.g. bloodshed and of other major problems – but not a description of and understanding of the main factors that are causing problems and of the possible and desirable solutions. – JZ, 25.4.94, 4.12.07. – THEY REPORT ON PROBLEMS BUT OMIT GENUINE SOLUTIONS OR PREVENTATIVE STEPS

MASS MEDIA: Mass media provide popular errors, prejudices and intentional misinformation on a massive scale, with rarely some significant facts, opinions and ideas mixed in and if they do occur, then they are frequently devalued or put down by misleading editorials. Especially when it comes to social science subjects. But then we hardly have any genuine social sciences as yet and that should also be indicated by the mass media, but isn’t. However, I suppose that e.g. their sports reports, and those on stock exchanges, their weather report and reports on natural catastrophes and news on the arts world are mostly correct and such reports satisfy most of their readers. – JZ, 1.8.99, 4.12.07. – Innovators and Reformers should establish their own media. With some modern digital media that would no longer be a financial problem. If all their offers would then be sufficiently listed together and in special bibliographies, then finding readers for their cheap but informative output would not longer be a problem, either. – One should not have to visit thousands of sites to finally find what one is presently specially interested in. The search engines offer often too many references for an individual to peruse for whatever he wants. Needed: a search engine that can easily find a particular fact, idea or reference, however differently it may be described in the search. – Perhaps it does already exist and I just don’t know about it. - JZ, 12.2.09. - PRESS, NEWSPAPERS, PERIODICALS, TV, RADIO, COMPUTER SEARCHES, SEARCH ENGINES

MASS MEDIA: Mass media stand largely, to mainly, for incomplete, trivial, prejudiced or false information and news reports. – JZ, 6.9.98.

MASS MEDIA: Newspaper: A publication in which the advertisements are 50 % truthful, while the reading matter rarely achieves that percentage.” - L. L. Levinson, Webster's Unafraid Dictionary, p.169. - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA, ADVERTISEMENTS

MASS MEDIA: No government ought to be without censors; and where the press is free none ever will.” - Thomas Jefferson, 1743-1826 - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA, CENSORS FOR GOVERNMENTS

MASS MEDIA: Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper.” - Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisisted, p.310. - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MASS MEDIA: One of the most effective ways of improving the press is blocked by the press itself. By a kind of unwritten law the press ignores the errors and misrepresentations, the lies and scandals of which its members are guilty.” - Commission on Freedom of the Press. A Free & Responsible Press, University of Chicago Press, 1947. - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MASS MEDIA: Only people who have power, financial or political power, can start a newspaper. It takes a lot of money to start a paper, lots.” - Oriana Fallaci, A Man, p.406. - Only printing on paper and its storage and distribution is expensive. But why waste a scarce resource in that way? Anyone could start a microfiche (*) newsletter or magazine. And once they become popular, even micro-fiched newspapers might occur. But more likely would be more individualized collections of news, perhaps printed out on fiche hardcopy only upon individual subscription demand, like an individualized clipping service. - JZ, 29.5.91. (*) Or an e-mailed or disked one. – JZ, 11.1.08. - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MASS MEDIA: Prejudices popularized by the mass media "release from the labor of forming opinions for ourselves … We have only to embrace …" them. - JZ, 29.6.91, quoting from some letter in my correspondence. & POPULAR PREJUDICES, PUBLIC OPINION

MASS MEDIA: Press by and for the rich? - People don't buy rich men's papers because the men are rich: the men are rich because people buy their papers.” - Tom Stoppard, in Night & Day, a play. - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MASS MEDIA: State railways may be good things, and so may State bakeries; but a State newspaper will never be a very trenchant critic of State officials.” - Robert Louis Stevenson. – Are other government “enterprises” sufficiently competitive and self-critical? – JZ, 12.2.09. - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MASS MEDIA: Sure, the newspapers lie, sure the government lies, but in a democracy they are not the SAME lies.” - Gilliland, quoted in THE CONNECTION 85. - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MASS MEDIA: The aim of so much journalism is to exploit the moral prejudices of the reader, to say nothing of those of the proprietor.” – Gore Vidal, 1925, in Nova, 1969: Jonathon Green, ed., A Dictionary of Contemporary Quotations, 1982. - PRESS, JOURNALISTS

MASS MEDIA: The basis of our government being the opinion of the people, the very first object should be to keep that right: and were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.” - Thomas Jefferson, 1787. - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MASS MEDIA: The freedom of press is so great today that too many idiots are getting into print. There are so many idiots to buy their stuff. They were all forced to learn to read and write. - JZ, 18.11.76. - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MASS MEDIA: The freedom of press means this: all the opinions of all the citizens may be freely proclaimed.” - Lenin, How to secure the Successful Election of the Constituent Assembly, vol. 14, part 2, pp 112-113. – While this is only partly true, this was enough for him to shut down all media that did not agree with him, once he was in power. – JZ, 12.2.09. - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MASS MEDIA: The idea of freedom of press is the most deadly danger for every State.” - Hitler, conversations in his headquarter, 1941-42, DER MONAT, 36/615. Indeed, if it were reasonably used, it would, in the long run, lead to the abolition of every coercive territorial State. JZ – However, most mass media get along only all too well with almost any territorial government. – JZ, 12.2.09. - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MASS MEDIA: The majority of Americans get their news and information about what is going on with their government from entities that are licensed by and subject to punishment at the hands of that very government. – Neal Boortz – At least by now the Internet, in most countries, has somewhat improved that situation. But newspapers and broadcasters are still under too much wrongful legislation and licensing. – for broadcasters more than for newspapers. E.g. libel laws. – Taxpayers are also forced to finance governmental propaganda in the mass media. – JZ, 22.5.13. - TELEVISION, RADIO STATIONS, BROADCASTING, GOVERNMENTAL MISEDUCATION, PROPAGANDA, NEWSLPAPERS

MASS MEDIA: The mass media have almost nothing to offer in the sphere of the “social sciences” but the confirmation of popular errors, prejudices, myths, false assumptions and conclusions and prejudices. With few exceptions. – JZ, 30.7.82, 28.10.13. - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MASS MEDIA: The mass media of confusiacation.” – Owen Warrington.

MASS MEDIA: The mass media rather spread or concoct fairy tales than truths and facts. At least they do it all too often and usually without correcting themselves or being corrected.” – JZ, 23.7.05, 30.10.07. - NEWS REPORT, PRESS, BROADCASTING STATIONS, TV, RADIO, REPORTERS, JOURNALISTS, COLUMNISTS

MASS MEDIA: The mass of every people must be barbarous where there is no printing.” - Boswell's Life of Johnson, 1772. – Actually there are or were quite a few primitive tribes that were peaceful rather than warlike. – JZ, 11.1.08. – Moreover, the mass media all too often uphold popular errors, myths and prejudices, even very dangerous ones. – JZ, 12.2.09. - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MASS MEDIA: The media no longer ask those who know something ... to share that knowledge with the public. Instead they ask those who know nothing to represent the ignorance of the public and, in so doing, to legitimate it.” - Serge Daney (1944–1992), French film critic. Quoted in SIGHT AND SOUND (London, July 1992)

MASS MEDIA: The most important service rendered by the press and the magazines is that of educating people to approach printed matter with distrust.” - Samuel Butler, 1835-1902. - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MASS MEDIA: The newspaper was a journal of a world of nightmares.” - Robert Silverberg, Translation Error, p.59 in ASTOUNDING SF, Br. Ed., 6/59. - NEWSPAPERS, RADIO, TV

MASS MEDIA: The only hope for a really free press is for the public to recognize that the press SHOULD not express the point of view of the owners and the writers but be factual; whereas the editorials MUST express the opinions of the owners and writers.” – Eleanor Roosevelt: If You Ask Me, p.51. – She would have been one of the last persons that I would have bothered to ask. – JZ, 12.2.09. - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MASS MEDIA: the popular media concentrating on the side issues and completely ignoring the real problems of the country.” - PROGRESS, Jan. 78. - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MASS MEDIA: The Press is busy about the marriage of a poor little girl in Spain, or Mr. Pritchard in Tahiti, or anything else that is sufficiently foolish and contemptible to amuse the coteries of Paris. As for the public, its voice is never heard in France unless it be in the street, for ‘three days’ behind barricades, and this is after all a very clumsy way of settling questions of political economy.” - Richard Cobden, in Hobson, Richard Cobden, p.44. - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MASS MEDIA: The press is really a present to the public from the advertisers.” - Ernest Benn, Confessions of a Capitalist, p.111. - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA, ADVERTISING

MASS MEDIA: The price of justice is eternal publicity.” - Arnold Bennett, 1867-1931. - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MASS MEDIA: There are five thousand newsletters in America and at least one newsletter of newsletters.” - Richard Cornuelle, Demanaging America, p.52. – How many websites, blogs and electronic discussion groups exist now? – JZ, 12.2.09. - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MASS MEDIA: There may be more fiction, bias and prejudice in political and economic news and comments than can be found in literary fiction.” – JZ, 21.6.87. - LITERARY FICTION

MASS MEDIA: there was indeed a media monopoly but it belonged fairly and squarely to the government itself, who operate (*) seventy-two ABC TV stations throughout Australia. seventy-two! And it is the government who also licence and therefore control the commercial stations as well. – John Singleton with Bob Howard, Rip Van Australia, p.16. – (*) which operates? – JZ - MONOPOLIES & BROADCASTING

MASS MEDIA: Three hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets.” - Napoleon I, Sayings of Napoleon. - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MASS MEDIA: To the press alone, chequered as it is with abuses, the world is indebted for all the triumphs which have been gained by reason and humanity over error and oppression.” - Thomas Jefferson, Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions, 1799. - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MASS MEDIA: Too much is offered, in capsule form only, over-simplified and misleading and also in too rapid succession and mixed with popular errors, prejudices and wrong premises, to provide enough understanding and enlightenment. – The reporting on the Internet is not yet sufficiently different from it. - JZ, 6.6.95, 4.12.07. - REPORTING: NEWS, ENLIGHTENMENT

MASS MEDIA: Were the press of the world resolutely and unanimously determined not in any circumstances to support a war policy or any policy provocative of war, then peace would be assured.” - H. M. Richardson, Memorandum, May 2, 1932, on behalf of the National Union of Journalists, to the Disarmament Conference, League of Nations. - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA, PEACE, WAR AIMS, TERRITORIALISM

MASS MEDIA: When the mass media in some foreign countries serve as megaphones for the rhetoric of their government, the result is ludicrous propaganda. When the mass media in our country serve as megaphones for the rhetoric of the U.S. government, the result is responsible journalism.” – Norman Solomon. - Well, at least the blogs, emails and websites are still multiplying and offer information usually not found in the mass media. - JZ, 22. 11. 06. - VS. BLOGOSPHERE, EMAIL & WEBSITES, GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA, TERRITORIALISM

MASS MEDIA: While mass media are full of fashionable, popular and dominant ideas, mostly all too flawed, we should try to make the truthful but unfashionable ideas, the obscure but valuable ones, as permanently and easily accessible as possible. For this there exist now better alternative media than ever before. With their sufficient use every good idea and talent could get their best chance, somewhere, sometime, in the world and would no longer be altogether overlooked or ignored for all too long. – JZ, 6.9.00, 22.10.07. - IDEAS & ALTERNATIVE MEDIA, IDEAS ARCHIVE, MICROFILM, CDs & DVDs HD’s - FOR VAST TEXT COLLECTIONS. LIBERTARIAN LIBRARY, DC PROJECT, SCANNING PROJECT, NEW DRAFT

MASS MEDIA: Whoever controls the Media, controls the mind.” - Jim Morrison. – Also the minds of people with a mind of their own, the self-thinkers, the people with independent judgment, who can read between the lines and do not fall for too many of the popular prejudices? – JZ, 4.1.08.

MASS MEDIA: Why should we expect the mass media or conventional publishers to put and keep libertarian writings in print as long as most libertarians don’t see to it that all libertarian writings remain in print or reproduced at least via microfilms or digitally? Libertarians have failed to make most libertarian writings accessible, permanently and cheaply in affordable alternative media. Moreover, they managed to put copyrights restrictions on their propaganda writings! – JZ, 21.11.82, 13.12.07. – By now, probably, all their writings could be put onto a single and affordable external HDD, book-sized only, on almost every desk. – But are there many libertarians seriously and collaboratively working towards this aim and many other large libertarian projects? - JZ, 29.10.13. - LIBERTARIANS & ALTERNATIVE MEDIA, MICROFILMS, ELECTRONIC TEXTS, CD PROJECT

MASS MEDIA: within the pale of truth, the press is a noble institution, equally the friend of science and civil liberty." – Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited, p.310. - MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, BROADCASTING, TV, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MASS MOVEMENTS: Emigration offers some of the things the frustrated hope to find when they join a mass movement, namely, change and a chance for a new beginning. The same types who swell the ranks of a rising mass movement are also likely to avail themselves of a chance to emigrate. Thus migration can serve as a substitute for a mass movement. It is plausible, for instance, that had the United States and the British Empire welcomed mass migration from Europe after the First World War, there might have been neither a Fascist or a Nazi revolution. In this country, free and easy migration over a vast continent contributed to our social stability.” – Eric Hoffer, The True Believer, 28. – Even greater would have been the influence of full monetary and financial freedom, at least from 1918 onwards in Europe itself and in the rest of the world. – JZ, 17.12.07. – And that of diverse panarchies, if they had been established then or would be established now, first in one of the somewhat already free countries. – JZ, 12.2.09. – Mass movements are not, as a rule, motivated by the best ideas and arguments but, rather, by some of the worst, least informed and most prejudiced as well as intolerant notions. Thus future digital writing and publishing programs should automatically point out, through at least one link, a source for their correction or refutation. Truthful “whistle-blowing” should in this respect become as automated as possible. A new kind of efficient “counter-intelligence” could thus be provided at the first utterance in writing – or recorded speech – of popular errors, myths, dogmas and prejudices, which today, especially in the mass media but also in special interest publications, mostly pass uncontradicted or are even taken for granted. – JZ, 21.5.13. - EMIGRATION, FREE IMMIGRATION, PANARCHISM, MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM

MASS MOVEMENTS: Mass movements can rise and spread without belief in a God, but never without belief in a devil.” – Eric Hoffer, The True Believer, 1951, 3.14.65. – I deny that this applies e.g. to the totalitarian movements and regimes of the Communists and the Nazis. True is only that they do all seek culprits rather than causes. – JZ, 13.12.07. - BELIEF, HATE, REVENGE,

MASS MOVEMENTS: Since the natural liberty of the individual is not possible where we combine into mass organizations in which the interests and responsibilities of one person become merged with those of another, “we are hereby taught not to form them”. – Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, quoting Josiah Warren. –At least we should not uphold any territorial monopolies for them. If their activities are confined to volunteers, they will be remain much smaller and harmless to outsiders and will not grow to the enormous sizes they can reach under territorialism, but rather shrink as a result of early disappointments with their doctrines and principles, once they can be freely applied already among the first volunteers. Then they would not need to acquire power over dissenters to be realized for their believers. – JZ, 17.12.07, 29.10.13. - COMMUNISM, NAZISM, FASCISM, UNIONS

MASS MURDER DEVICES: Freedom of contract in all spheres – except for the production, storage and use of “weapons” that cannot be used without offending individual rights and liberties of innocents. – Cars and their accidents? - The methods and tools of abortion? – JZ 3/05. - FREE TRADE, PROPERTY RIGHTS, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

MASS MURDER DEVICES: Sometimes I think the world is like a huge ant heap full of insects all busily manufacturing insecticide.” - Desmond Bagley, The Enemy, p.236. - NUCLEAR STRENGTH, ABC WEAPONS, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

MASS MURDERS: 170 million men, women, and children have been shot, beaten, tortured, knifed, burned, starved, frozen, crushed, or worked to death; buried alive, drowned, hung, bombed, or killed in any other of the myriad ways governments have inflicted death on unarmed, helpless citizens and foreigners. – R. J. Rummel, Death by Government - BY GOVERNMENTS: [During the 20th century] Later he brought newer and larger figures. See his very extensive website. I wish all his research results were offered on disc, for easy, cheap and fast searches. – I downloaded most of his web pages years ago, printed them out – and filled a box with the print-outs. – Untouched since! - JZ, 12.2.09. Untouched, still. Information must not only be available but also easily and conveniently available. How many TBs would be required for all the presently available libertarian information, if it were so combined? – JZ, 29.10.13. – KNOWLEDGE & ITS ACCESSIBILITY, IN SELECTED & ORDERED FORM

MASS MURDERS: A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is statistics.” – Josef Stalin. - Most minds are only able to grasp small facts and ideas. In that we are, mostly, like ants in a paddock. - JZ, 24. 11. 06. – However, we should not underestimate ants. Their communication system on the availability of edibles is excellent and rather fast. Men do not always know or recognize what is good for them. – JZ, 7.2.09. - ETHNIC CLEANSING, HOLOCAUST, COMPLACENCY TOWARDS THE LARGEST WRONGS & EVILS

MASS MURDERS: In all, more than a quarter of a billion men, women, and helpless children, little kids (the current population of the US) obliterated by something worse than anything it ever claimed to protect us from, a disease masquerading as its own cure.” - L. Neil Smith, Lever Action, A Mountain Media Book, 2001,, p.156. - BY GOVERNMENTS IN THE 20TH CENTURY, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

MASS MURDERS: Nobody can be trusted with unlimited power. The more power a regime has, the more likely people will be killed. This is a major reason for promoting freedom. – Rudolph RummelDEMOCIDE, POWER, POLITICIANS, TRUST, GENOCIDE, HOLOCAUST, PREPARATIONS FOR THE GENERAL NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST, NWT, IN PEACE & WAR

MASS MURDERS: Nothing has ever excused the horror of mass murder and nothing ever will.” – Roy Childs, Liberty Against Power, p.9.

MASS MURDERS: That is the horror of a mass murder: it is not a mass that is murdered. It is a number of unique individuals. We can never know them all; appreciate them all; love or hate them all. All we can do is call them a mass, thereby sucking the horror from the act, making it no longer horrible but, instead, something somewhat distasteful.” - Barry B. Longyear, Sea of Glass, p.348. - INDIVIDUALISM

MASS MURDERS: The mass murders of the 20th century and those of all other centuries can all be ascribed to quite wrongful territorialism and quite wrongful collective responsibility notions. – JZ, n.d. – With the qualification that they are also the result of the conditions following monetary and financial despotism. – JZ, 12.2.09. - GENOCIDE, HOLOCAUST, ANTISEMITISM, RACISM, MONETARY & FINANCIAL DESPOTISM

MASS MURDERS: The nineteenth century planted the words, which the twentieth century ripened into the atrocities of Stalin and Hitler. There is hardly an atrocity committed in the twentieth century that was not foreshadowed or even advocated by some noble man of words in the nineteenth.” - Eric Hoffer – Territorialist and collective responsibility notions and practices are much older than the 19th century. But territorial nationalism reached the heights of wrongs and irrationalities in the 19th and 20th centuries. – JZ, 23.1.08. - ATROCITIES, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

MASS MURDERS: the old cliché no longer holds that it is not the arms but the will to use them that is significant in judging matters of war and peace. For it is precisely the characteristics of modern weapons that they cannot be used selectively, cannot be used in a libertarian manner. Therefore, their very existence must be condemned, and nuclear disarmament becomes a good to be pursued for its own sake. Indeed, of all the aspects of liberty, such disarmament becomes the highest political good that can be pursued in the modern world. For just as murder is a more heinous crime against another man than larceny, so mass murder - indeed murder so widespread as to threaten human civilization and human survival itself - is the worst crime that any man could possibly commit. And that crime is now all too possible. Or are libertarians going to wax properly indignant about price controls or the income tax, and yet shrug their shoulders at or even positively advocate the ultimate crime of mass murder? - If nuclear warfare is totally illegitimate even for individuals defending themselves against criminal assault, how much more so is nuclear or even "conventional" warfare between States!” - Murray N. Rothbard, The Ethics of Liberty, p.191. – How many libertarians supported Rothbard when he made this and similar statements, i.e. in his pamphlet: War, Peace and the State? – JZ, 24.12.07. - NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

MASS MURDERS: The tale of the slaughter at Wounded Knee in South Dakota is [an] example too well known to require detailed repeating here, but what is less well known about that massacre is that, a week and a half before it happened, the editor of the South Dakota's Aberdeen Saturday Pioneer - a gentle soul named L. Frank Baum, who later became famous as the author of The Wizard of Oz - urged the wholesale extermination of all America's native peoples: "The nobility of the Redskin is extinguished, and what few are left are a pack of whining curs who lick the hand that smites them. The Whites, by law of conquest, by justice of civilization, are masters of the American continent, and the best safety of the frontier settlements will be secured by the total annihilation of the few remaining Indians. Why not annihilation? Their glory has fled, their spirit broken, their manhood effaced; better that they should die than live the miserable wretches that they are." - David E. Stannard. - RACISM ATROCITIES, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, GENOCIDE, RED INDIANS

MASS PRODUCTION: it is solely bigness in business which makes it possible to supply the masses with all those products the present-day American common man does not want to do without.  Luxury goods for the few can be produced in small shops.  Luxury goods for the many require big business.” - Ludwig von Mises. - Capitalists are not exploiting but supplying the masses with what they want, at competitive prices. - JZ, 2.1.11. - SIZE, BIG BUSINESS, MARKET ECONOMICS, CAPITALISM, POVERTY, CAPITALISM, BIG BUSINESS, FREE ENTERPRISE, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY

MASS PRODUCTION: mass production implies a mass market. It is production for ‘the masses’.” – V. Orval Watts, THE FREEMAN, 4/73. – POVERTY, CAPITALISM, CORPORATIONS

MASS PRODUCTION: Mass production is a blessing, not a curse. – JZ, 2/75. – Buckminster Fuller pointed out somewhere that if your car had to be assembled in the way our houses are still mostly built, then it would cost you as much as a house. – JZ, 7.12.07.

MASS PRODUCTION: Mass production means mass prosperity.” – V. Orval Watts, THE FREEMAN, 4/73. – If we were still confined to manual production then a mere comb might cost us $ 200. – For a very selected clientele, for whom prices hardly matter, some such combs are still produced, e.g. in Japan. - JZ, 12.2.09.

MASS PRODUCTION: The very principle of capitalist entrepreneurship is to provide for the common man. In his capacity as consumer the common man is the sovereign whose buying or abstention from buying decides the fate of entrepreneurial activities. There is in the market economy no other means of acquiring and preserving wealth than by supplying the masses in the best and cheapest way with all the goods they ask for.” – Ludwig von Mises, Human Action. – CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY

MASS PSYCHOLOGY: No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.” – Stanislaw J. Lec - ELIMINATES PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY THINKING & REASONING & ETHICAL RESTRAINTS

MASS TRANSIT: 98% of Americans support the use of mass transit by others.” – THE ONION (satirical newspaper) - The most successful mass transit system is provided by private cars, private buses and private planes, to the extent that they are allowed to be used freely. - JZ, 25. 11. 06. – Alas, most roads are still only provided and maintained by State Socialism. – JZ, 12.2.09. - JOKE

MASSES: a group of people … got less intelligent with every member added.” - Frank Herbert & Bill Ransom, The Lazarus Effect, p.130. - PEOPLE, MAN, INDIVIDUALISM, GROUPS, COLLECTIVES, SIZE

MASSES: A Mob: Has many heads, but most often only one cunning brain doing its scheming.” – Dagobert D. Runes, A Dictionary of Thought. - MOBS, MAJORITIES, LEADERS, PEOPLE, POLITICIANS, DEMAGOGUES

MASSES: A multitude can (*) be moved only by their passions.” – Richard Carlyle, The Earth Belongs to the Living, p.55. - They can also be moved by clearly demonstrated advantages. See the spread e.g. of cheap ballpoint pens and digital watches. If all individuals of the “masses” were quite free to choose for themselves the kind of social system that they trust most, then they would soon learn to make good enough choices for themselves, just like they mostly do for ordinary consumer goods and services. – (*) often only … - JZ, 8.12.07. & PASSIONS, MAJORITIES, MULTITUDES, MOB, THE COMMON HERD & PANARCHISM, FREE CHOICES IN EVERY SPHERE FOR ALL, RATHER THAN MERELY CHOICES FOR TERRITORIAL COLLECTIVES

MASSES: A single man is a crowd, and a crowd is a single man." - Democritus, quoted by Seneca, Letter VII, p.44. He adds, with approval, another quote, used by Epicurus in a letter: "I am writing this not for the eyes of the many, but for yours alone: for each of us is audience enough for the other." - There is some truth in such remarks - but how much? One can, sometimes and to some extent, rationally argue with one person, in the absence of others, but, how often and to what extent can one rationally argue with a crowd? - If one strives towards a degree of enlightenment of public opinion then to address only one may be quite insufficient, unless he is one of the decision-makers or opinion-makers. - JZ, 23.1.02. - CROWDS, PEOPLES, VS. INDIVIDUALS

MASSES: Anyone taken as an individual is tolerably sensible and reasonable – as a member of a crowd, he at once becomes a blockhead.” – Friedrich von Schiller - CROWDS, INDIVIDUALS, MASS PSYCHOLOGY, MOBS, PEOPLE

MASSES: Democracy – A government of the masses. Authority derived through mass meeting or any form of direct expression. Results in mobocracy. Attitude toward property is communistic – negating property rights. Attitude toward law is that the will of the majority shall regulate, whether it is based upon deliberation or governed by passion, prejudice, and impulse, without restraint or regard for consequences. Results in demagogism, license, agitation, discontent, anarchy." – 1928 U.S. Army Training Manual. - Are the defence and police forces democratically organized and motivated or statist monopoly organizations and as such, inevitably, leading to many abuses? Is territorial democracy a rightful war and peace aim for countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran? Self-government in any form for any kind of minority or majority, but only on the exterritorial autonomy model for volunteers. Even if that personal law tradition is still quite new or all too forgotten among masses of fanatics and fundamentalists. They, too, have to be reminded of their tolerant traditions and future tolerant options. - JZ, 23.11.06, 29.10.13. - MOBS, DEMOCRACY, PROPERTY MILITARY MONOPOLIES TO DEFEND & SPREAD DEMOCRACY? PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEER GROUPS

MASSES: Every numerous Assembly is (a? - JZ) mob, let the individuals who compose it be what they will.” – Lord Chesterfield, Letters, 18.3.1751. - MOB, MASS MEETINGS, PARLIAMENTS, CONGRESS, REPRESENTATIVES, BUREAUCRATS, PUBLIC SERVANTS, PUBLIC OFFICES, GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS, MINISTRIES

MASSES: Her father, the shrewd and gentle ship’s chandler who became a rich man by his own efforts, had taught her to believe there was little men couldn’t do if they really wanted to. And women, he had added, with his big laugh which she would not hear again. When women set out to be an irresistible force, he said, any immovable objects in the neighborhood had better get out of the way.” – Poul Anderson, After Doomsday, p.50. On women as a potential force against war see this comedy: Aristophanes: Lysistrata. - INDIVIDUALS & WILL, MAN, WOMEN, DETERMINATION

MASSES: I am the people – the mob - the crowd – the mass. // Do you know that all the great world of the world is done through me?” – Carl Sandburg, I Am the People, the Mob, Complete Poems, 1950. – He, too, used poetic licence there. The masses, the mob, the people do not innovate. Individuals and small minorities do. – JZ, 13.12.07. - MOBS, MAJORITIES, PEOPLES,

MASSES: In fact, the masses, precisely because they are not creative and do not develop philosophies of their own, follow the leaders. The ideologies, which produced all the mischiefs and catastrophes of our century, are not an achievement of the mob. They are the feat of pseudo-scholars and pseudo-intellectuals. They were propagated from the chairs of universities and from the pulpit; they were disseminated by the press, by novels and plays and by the movies and the radio. The intellectuals converted the masses to socialism and interventionism. These ideologies owe the power they have to day to the fact that all means of communication have been turned over to their supporters and almost all dissenters have been virtually silenced. What is needed to turn the flood is to change the mentality of the intellectuals. Then the masses will follow suit.” - Ludwig von Mises, Planning for Freedom, p.181. – MASS MEDIA, INTELLECTUALS, STATE SOCIALISM. & LEADERSHIP, ENLIGHTENMENT

MASSES: In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs it is the rule.” – Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil. - Also in most of the supposedly great leaders, who have all too much in common with the masses and thus are popular with them. – JZ, 12.2.09. - In territorial leaders as well. Under it the worst get to the top, as Hayek pointed out. - JZ, 2.1.11. - MASS & MOB PSYCHOLOGY IN PARTIES, MOVEMENTS, NATIONS, CHURCHES & SECTS, INSANITY STILL PREVAILS TO A LARGE EXTENT & INDIVIDUAL CHOICE, LIBERTY & RIGHTS REMAIN IGNORED OR SUPPRESSED, LARGELY EVEN UNKNOWN, EVIL

MASSES: It’s nice to have faith in the spontaneity of the masses (*), but I find that waiting for the masses to respond only means a repetition of past failures.” – Arlene Meyers, Summer 74. – Up with the one-person or one-man revolution! - (*) Without panarchistic or experimental freedom for it or for the many minorities in the masses, i.e., without freedom of action under personal laws? – JZ, 24.11.96. – Territorial rule systematically suppresses spontaneous free and rightful actions for individuals, minorities and even the majority. – JZ, 4.12.07. – But on the market for consumer goods and services the “masses” do express already an endless variety of choices and tastes. – JZ, 25.4.07. - SPONTANEITY, INITIATIVE, PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

MASSES: Large masses of people must be trained to believe and not to know.” – Frank Herbert, Children of Dune, in ANALOG 3/76. – All worthwhile knowledge has so far not even been made easily and cheaply accessible to those intellectuals really looking for it, and this in spite of the fact that, with modern technologies, they could, relatively easily and cheaply, provide this service for themselves and all others. – JZ, 12.2.09. – How many different public services and package deals of them would “the masses” actually choose for themselves – if they were quite free to do so and were competitively supplied with them? – JZ, 29.10.13. - BELIEF, FAITH, KNOWLEDGE, ENLIGHTENMENT, A GENUINE CULTURAL REVOLUTION TO ACCELERATE THE PROCES OF ENLIGHTENMENT, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY & FREE ENTERPRISE OR FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION & CONTRACT IN EVERY SPHERE.

MASSES: Leave this hypocritical prating about the masses. Masses are rude, lame, unmade, pernicious in their demands and influence, and need not to be flattered but to be schooled. I wish not to concede anything to them, but to tame, drill, divide, and break them up, and draw individuals out of them.” … “The mass are animals, in pupilage, and near chimpanzee. But the units, whereof the mass is composed, are neuters, every one of which may be grown to a queen-bee.”– R. W. Emerson, The Conduct of Life, Considerations by the Way, 1860. – Individuals need not be drawn out if they are free to secede and to associate with like-minded people under full exterritorial autonomy under their own kind of personal laws. The mass man or the mass society is an artificial product of territorial States. – JZ, 3.11.85, 5.12.07. - PEOPLE, PANARCHISM, MAN, MEN, MAJORITY, PROLETARIANS, WORKERS, , TERRITORIALISM

MASSES: Mass democracy guarantees stupidity. Masses of people, even if they’re individually intelligent, can only act stupidly." - Joseph Sobran, quoted by Sabine Maria Paulina – Facebook, 28.8.13. - DEMOCRACY, STUPIDITY, IGNORANCE, PREJUDICES, MASS PSYCHOLOGY

MASSES: Men become small when they come together en masse.“ (in crowds) – (Die Menschen werden klein wenn sie in Masse zusammenkommen.) – Nicolas Chamfort, Aphorismen. - MAN, MASS-MAN, CROWDS

MASSES: Mob we call a crowd of people when they have a different opinion than ours. If however, this crowd shares our views, then we say: Behind us stands the enlightened part of public opinion.” – Bartoszewicz. - (Poebel nennen wir eine Ansammlung von Menschen – wenn sie anderer Meinung sind als wir. Teilt dieser Poebel jedoch unsere Anschauungen, dann sagen wir: hinter uns steht der aufgeklaerte Teil der oeffentlichen Meinung.) - Whether various peoples, groups, majorities or minorities, are sufficiently enlightened or not, they should all be free to practise their own views among themselves, always only at their own risk and expense. Offences against that group autonomy should be adjudicated via a pre-arranged adjudication system or arbitration systems rather than by mob rule or lynch-“justice”. – JZ, 6.12.07. - MOB, PUBLIC OPINION, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

MASSES: No man is so small that he does not consider himself above the masses.” - Dagobert D. Runes, A Dictionary of Thought, p.73. - MAN, SELF-ESTEEM OR SELF-DECEPTION, PRIDE, INDIVIDUALISM, SELF-ESTEEM


MASSES: Ortega [Y Gasset] held the “mass-man” to have one fundamental trait: “his radical ingratitude towards all that has made possible the ease of his existence.” This ingratitude is the basic ingredient in the “psychology of the spoiled child”. As Ortega declares: Heir to an ample and generous past … the new commonality has been spoiled by the world around it … the new masses find themselves in the presence of a prospect full of possibilities, and furthermore, quite secure, with everything ready to their hands, independent of any previous efforts on their part, just as we find the sun in the heavens. … And these spoiled masses are unintelligent enough to believe that the material and social organization, placed at their disposition like the air, is of the same origin, since apparently it never fails them, and is almost as perfect as the natural scheme of things. … - As they do not see, behind the benefits of civilization, marvels of invention and construction that can only be maintained by great effort and foresight, they imagine that their role is limited to demanding these benefits peremptorily, as if they were natural rights. In the disturbances caused by scarcity of food, the mob goes in search of bread, and the means it employs is generally to wreck the bakeries. This may serve as a symbol of the attitude adopted, on a greater an more complicated scale, by the masses of today towards the civilization by which they are supported.” – Quoted in the anthology: Outside Looking In, p.66. - MASS, MASS-MAN, DEMOCRACY VS. THE FREE MARKET, CLAIMS TO WELFARE AS RIGHTS

MASSES: Ortega used the term “mass man” or “the masses” in a very special sense; he did not mean the poor, the illiterate, the uneducated, those who work with their hands. I suspect Ortega would say that there are more mass men per square inch (*) on the faculties of our great universities than exist in any typical farming community of Middle America. Mass man is the rootless intellectual, detached from his community and out of step with his country’s history. Such a man is unable to trace the connection between effort and reward in society, and, convinced of his own superiority, he’s bitter because lesser folk refuse to give him his due. (**) - Mass men “are only concerned with their own well-being”, Ortega writes, “and at the same time they remain alien to the cause of that well-being. …” - Edmund Opitz, THE FREEMAN, 12/75. - - (*) ? – Never exaggerate, even in the best case, except in a mere joke. - (**) What he thinks to be his due. In the controlled and managed “society” there would be room many of such “intellectuals” in high and well-paid positions of power. – JZ, 17.12.07, 12.2.09. “Socialism has made the career of many a good man!” – said Felix Riemkasten, ironically. - MASS MAN, INTELLECTUALS, ACADEMICS

MASSES: Revolutions may be made by many formerly obscure individuals (*) but, probably, never by „masses“. – JZ, 28.6.92. - Masses may fill the street, march and protest and engage in all kinds of destructive and murderous actions but it is not they who do make genuine revolutions with significant changes. The absurdities, which they are capable of, was well demonstrated in the French Revolution. When bread was scarce in Paris they marched to Versailles, captured the king and took him to Paris, shouting: “Now that we have the king in Paris bread will no longer be short in Paris!” As ignorant and prejudiced people can hardly make a genuine revolution. At most they will follow it somewhat – usually on the worst kind of paths, e.g. the prosecution of the nobility, the clergy, the bourgeois and the “capitalists” or owner-farmers, in class warfare atrocities and into the paths of conquest and plunder rather than of genuine liberation. – JZ, 28.6.92, 5.12.07, 12.2.09. - - (*) Like e.g. the journalist Camille Desmoulins, a stutterer, whose call to arms in the Palais Royale, led to the establishment of the National Guard within a day. – JZ, 5.12.07. – REVOLUTIONS, NATIONAL GUARD, MILITIA

MASSES: so long as the people do not care to exercise their freedom, those who wish to tyrannize will do so; for tyrants are active and ardent, and will devote themselves in the name of any number of gods, religious and otherwise, to put shackles upon sleeping men.” – Voltairine de Cleyre - PEOPLE, MAJORITIES, DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM & TYRANNY, STATISM, POWER ADDICTS, POLITICIANS, LEADERSHIP, RULERS

MASSES: St. Peter’s was designed to exhibit the sublime grandeur and unity of the universal Church, and the authority of its head upon earth. It was the crowning triumph of the Renaissance. When he was dying, Julius said that the masses are impressed not by what they know, but by what they see.” – Lord Action, Lectures on Modern History, P.88, on Pope Julius II and his church. - Pyramid building still goes on, “financed” by tax slaves. - JZ, 2.1.11.

MASSES: The dissenter is every human being at those moments of his life when he resigns momentarily from the herd and thinks for himself.” - Archibald Macleish - MAN, HUMAN HERD, MOB & DISSENTERS, THINK

MASSES: The downtrodden masses are in the main product or territorial governmentalism or statism. – JZ, 23.9.91, 29.10.13. – With their ignorance and prejudices they do all too often step upon themselves or let themselves be stamped upon. – JZ, 4.8.92, 8.12.07, 29.10.13. - DOWNTRODDEN, STATISM, SUBORDINATION, CONFORMISM, OBEDIENCE, TOO MUCH OF IT

MASSES: The fact is that the average man’s love of liberty is nine-tenths imaginary, exactly like his love of sense, justice and truth. Liberty is not a thing for the great masses of men. It is the exclusive possession of a small and disreputable minority, like knowledge, courage and honor. It takes a special sort of man to understand and enjoy liberty – and he is usually an outlaw in democratic societies.” – H. L. Mencken, BALTIMORE EVENING SUN, Feb. 12, 1923 - PEOPLE & LOVE OF LIBERTY, AVERAGE MAN

MASSES: The great hunt of the masses: to kill time.” - Dagobert D. Runes, A Book of Contemplation, p.80. - AMUSEMENTS, ENTERTAINMENT, SPORTS, KILLING TIME, SMOKING, DRINKING, BETTING, GAMBLING

MASSES: The humanity of men and women is inversely proportional to their numbers.” - Aldous Huxley. - MOBS, HUMANITY, MAN

MASSES: The masses are asses.” – Muniz, a philosopher. – M-asses = multiple asses. – JZ, 21.3.13. - PROLETARIANS, COMMON MEN, MAJORITIES, PUBLIC OPINON, VOTING, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

MASSES: the masses are crude, lame, pernicious in their demands and influence, and need not to be flattered, but to be schooled. I wish not to concede anything to them, but to drill, divide, and break them up, and draw individuals out of them. Masses! The calamity are the masses. I do not wish any mass at all, but honest men only, lovely, sweet, accomplished women only.” – Emerson, quoted in: Emma Goldman, “Minorities versus Majorities”, in: Alix Kates Shulman, ed. of Red Emma Speaks, p.85/86. – Panarchism may be the most suitable way to break up all too powerful, misled and misleading territorial masses. Even the largest masses are merely agglomerations of minorities and factions. – JZ, 10.9.08, 29.10.13. – PANARCHISM, MAJORITIES, INDIVIDUALISM

MASSES: The masses will never listen or too late. - Thus let the few willing and able to learn, or who have already learnt their lesson, go ahead, quite independent of mass ignorance, prejudices and laws passed under their “guidance”. – JZ, 6.12.76, 7.12.07, 29.10.13.

MASSES: The real mass man is likely to be found in a position of leadership – in the church, in business, in the classroom, on the farm, and even more conspicuously in government and all committee-type organizations. The real mass man, I submit, has been escaping our attention because our natural inclination in the fact of social problems is to seek the culprit among those whose behavior differs from our own. Using our own behaviors as the norm of righteousness – “our” being the most of us (*) – we find it difficult to discover the mass man in ourselves. It is almost unbelievable that we should be the masses. - How are we to recognize the real mass man – in others, or in ourselves? The mass man is anyone who lives by a double standard of morality, who acts in the mass – the collective, the committee, the organization – in a manner inferior to the way he acts on his own responsibility.” – Leonard E. Read, Elements of Libertarian Leadership, p.50. - A simple test: Does he subscribe to territorialism rather than voluntarism? - JZ, 2.1.11. – While there is not freedom to secede and to live under personal law, it makes no sense to speak of “the masses”. Under this freedom “the masses” would, largely, dissolve, at least in the long run. At least their varieties would be clearly shown. – JZ, 29.10.13. - (*) “our” being the most important for us? Or: Using mostly our own behavior as the norm …? - MASS MAN, AVERAGE MEN & LEADERS, IRRESPONSIBILITY

MASSES: The relations between the mass and the conscious minority form a problem whose solution has not yet been fully found, even by the anarchists, and on which the last word seems not to have been said.” – Daniel Guerin, quoted by Kenneth Maddox, THE ANARCHIST, No.1, Nov. 70. – Both don’t appear to have heard of or understood the idea of exterritorial and autonomous communities of volunteers, although in general terms it is expressed by most of the famous collectivist anarchist communist writers also and even in the beginning of this article by Maddock. – JZ, n.d. , MAJORITY, MINORITIES, PANARCHISM, ANARACHISM, TERRITORIALISM INSTEAD OF VOLUNTARISM

MASSES: The sad truth of history has always been that the unreasoning masses follow the powerful and not the wise.” – George R.R. Martin, Second Helping, ANALOG 11/85, p.99. – Allow individuals and minorities to opt out and set much better examples, if they can. At least they should be quite free to try, even if any of the “great” leaders or “experts” disagrees. – JZ, 7.12.07. - UNREASON, POWER, WISDOM, FOLLOWERS & LEADERSHIP, SECESSIONISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PERSONAL LAW OR EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR ALL, VOLUNTARISM, FREEDOM OF ASSOCIAITON, CONTRACT & EXCHANGE IN EVERY SPHERE

MASSES: Too few individuals, and a people revert to a mob.” - Frank Herbert, Dune, Complete & unabridged edition, p.279. - MOB, THE PEOPLE, INDIVIDUALISM

MASSES: we conclude that the solution of problems relating to a free society depends upon the emergence of an informed leadership devoted to freedom. (*) - In short, this is a leadership problem (**), not a mass reformation problem. If we had no way of remedying our situation except as the millions come to master the complexities of economic, social, political, and moral philosophy, we would not be warranted in spending a moment of our lives in this undertaking – it would be like expecting a majority of adult Americans to compose symphonies. – Leonard E. Read, Elements of Libertarian Leadership, 89. - (*) Freedom for the minorities already converted to some or the other degrees of freedom, to freely apply them among themselves, in their own communities of volunteers, under personal laws and full exterritorial autonomy, would be all the “leadership” or good examples that are needed, in the medium to long run. - (**) He still thought in terms of territorial communities, under the assumption: One good shoe fits all sizes of feet. – JZ 17.12.07. – It is not so much leaders that we do need but leading and correct ideas. – If not already present then they would tend to be developed under full experimental freedom for volunteers. - JZ, 29.10.13. - LEADERSHIP & ENLIGHTENMENT, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, TERRITORIALISM, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, LIBERTARIAN AUTHORITARIAN AND TERRITORIALIST EGALITARIANISM VS. PANARCHISM

MASSES: we haven’t yet learned how to stay human when assembled in masses.” – Lewis Thomas, The Lives of a Cell, p.129. – Let’s start allowing individuals and minority groups to opt out and to associate voluntarily to do their own things to or for themselves. Then there will be many fewer mass men, all forced to engaged in the same wrongs and mistakes – and many better examples could be set for all the rest by relatively small communities of volunteers, operating under personal laws and exterritorial autonomy. – JZ, 17.12.07. – Let individuals sort themselves out, quite freely, in every sphere and for every kind of tolerant actions, doing their own things only among themselves, as long as they wish to. Once dissatisfied, they ought to be free to secede and to establish or join other groups. – JZ, 29.10.13. - GROUPS, COLLECTIVES, REASON, HUMAN NATURE, VOLUNTARISM, FREE CHOICE, FREE ENTERPRISE, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY IN EVERY SPHERE, NOT ONLY REGARDING RELIGIONS, SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, HOBBIES, CRAFTS, ARTS, SPORTS, ENTERTAINMENT, READING ETC.

MASSES: When a mind is impressionable and has none too firm a hold on what is right, it must be rescued from the crowd: it is so easy for it to go over to the majority. A Socrates, a Cato or a Laelius might have been shaken in his principles by a multitude of people different from himself: such is the measure of the inability of any of us, even as we perfect our personality's adjustment, to withstand the onset of vices when they come with such a mighty following. …” - Seneca, Letters, VII, p.43. – Alas, I have never as yet seen a German or English translation of this work. – But I just found out that Google offers more than 200 000 references to them, including, apparently, digitized versions, so I will finally get to read this work, not just references to it in some books. - JZ, 12.2.09. – DECLARATION OF ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES AS A GUIDE & A MILITIA OF VOLUNTEERS FOR THEIR PROTECTION ALSO AS AN EDUCATIONAL & TRAINING INSTITUTION, CROWDS, IMPRESSIONABILITY, MAJORITY

MASSES: When the Masses was suppressed, he wrote to Louis Untermeyer that the people were never tolerant, that the “masses were invariably cocksure, suspicious, furious, and tyrannical.” What happened to the Masses during the First World War was to Mencken merely the logical conclusion from the democratic premise; for, as he argued in Notes on Democracy, politics under democracy was essentially witch-hunting, and the common man, under democracy, never voted “for anything but always against something.” – R. Dale Grinder, LIBERTARIAN ANALYSIS, Vo.I, No.3.

MASSES: Where are those who will come to serve the masses not to utilize them for their own ambitions?” – Peter Kropotkin. – Do the masses really need leaders rather than rights and liberties for self-help efforts? Every retailer of ordinary consumer goods serves the masses by trading with them to mutual advantage and this without requiring political leadership. So do the importers of free trade who bring them goods from all over the world and so do the exporters, who create more jobs for them. Anarchists at least should allow the masses and each individual among them, to serve themselves, as consumers and producers as well as small to large traders, on a fully free internal and external market, free from all government regulations, restrictions, prohibitions, quotas delays and foreign exchange laws. On such a free market and under full exterritorial autonomy for voluntary communities (i.e. a free market also for such organizations), the various anarchists can also attempt to realize their secondary aims among themselves and this only at their own risk and expense. Max Nettlau and Gustav Landauer were aware of this – but most other anarchists still are not. – JZ, 29.6.92, 6.12.07. - THEIR SELF-SERVING LEADERSHIP, RULERS, GOVERNMENTS, PRESIDENTS ETC., INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, FREE MARKET, FREE TRADE, FREE ENTERPRISE, INCLUDING ALL FORMS OF SELF-MANAGEMENT & OWNERSHIP, &, MOST IMPORTANTLY, FULL MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM! ANARCHISTS, LIBERTARIANS

MASSES: You ask me to say what you should consider it particularly important to avoid. My answer is this: a mass crowd. It is something to which you cannot entrust yourself yet without risk. … Associating with people in large numbers is actually harmful: there is not one of them that will not make some vice or other attractive to us…  And inevitably enough, the larger the size of the crowd we mingle with, the greater the danger.” - Seneca, Letters, VII, p.41. - MOB, SOCIETY, CROWDS, MARCHES, DEMONSTRATIONS, PROTESTS, NEVER FAR FROM VIOLENCE, DESCRUCTION & ARSON, OCCUPIERS, GENERAL STRIKES

MASSES. as Roger Williams says, our “inborn individuality was and is the mainspring of our love of liberty.” Inborn? Yes, in people like Williams and, relatively speaking, in a few others. But mass perception of this truth is not a requirement.” – Leonard E. Read, NOTES FROM FEE, 11/76. - The masses need not recognize all truths but at least a minimum of basic truths, e.g. on individual rights and liberties and the tolerance involved in panarchism. – JZ, 21.11.82. - HUMAN RIGHTS, DECLARATION OF ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, ENLIGHTENMENT, PUBLIC OPINION

MASTER: A critically necessary lesson any true officer must learn is the crushing burden it is to be master of a slave.” - Eric Frank Russell, Minor Ingredient, p.52 of ASTOUNDING SF, Aug. 56, Brit. Ed. – All territorial governments find it too hard to tax their subjects enough to fulfill all their statist wishes. But they do try, all too much – and do not allow dissenters to opt out from under them. – JZ, 12.2.09. - SLAVES, SLAVERY, STATISM, TAXATION, TERRITORIALISM VS. SECESSIONISM, WELFARE STATE, PATERNALISM

MASTER: Any leash has two ends.” - The one the slave is tied to and the other holds the master. - J.Z, 20.5.74. – On or adapted from an old article by Leonard E. Read. - LORDSHIP, PRINCES, SLAVERY

MASTER: As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy. Whatever differs from this, to the extent of the difference, is not democracy.” – Abraham Lincoln. – Democracy is not even mentioned in the US constitution and many of the powers he gained, usurped and accumulated in his hands were unconstitutional. And some of those, which were constitutional were and are wrong. For his power position he sacrificed, for all too long, not only the slaves but half a million supposedly free American citizens. Via conscription he created a new kind of slavery, namely military slavery, in addition to the continued tax slavery. The ordinary slavery was not automatically and right away abolished in all the Northern States and not even declared to be abolished in the Southern States until far into the Civil War. – JZ, 4.12.07, 29.10.13. - SLAVE RELATIONSHIP, DEMOCRACY, LINCOLN

MASTER: As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy. Whatever differs from this, to the extent of the difference, is no democracy.” – Abraham Lincoln. – Should a president have more say in a democracy than a single voter? – Should the voter not be free to secede from him and to defy him, alone or in an exterritorial community of like-minded volunteers, all determined to do their own things for or to themselves only? - JZ, 17.12.07. – MASTER-SLAVE-RELATIONSHIP, EMPLOYER-EMPLOYEE RELATIONSHIP, HIERARCHIES, DEPENDENCIES, SUBJECTS, PRESIDENTS, POWER

MASTER: He that is a master must serve.” – George Herbert, Jacula Prudentum. – Yes, and he primarily serves himself – while pretending to serve all his subjects. He does not grant them full consumer sovereignty towards his rule. – JZ, 12.2.09. - POLITICIONS, RULERS, TERRITORIALISM, WELFARE STATE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY

MASTER: I am for those that have never been master’d // For men and women whose tempers have never been master’d, // For those whom laws, theories, conventions can never master … “ – Walt Whitman. – Did he find any? – JZ, 12.2.09. - SLAVES, LAWS, FREEDOM

MASTER: I will never cower before any master nor bend to any threat.” – Dean Alfange, THE FREEMAN, 6/73. – That would be often suicidal, at present. I always attempt not to cower. – JZ, 11/73.

MASTER: In mastery there is bondage, in bondage there is mastery.” - (Fit in dominatu servitus, in servitude dominatus.) – Cicero, Pro Rege Deiotaro, Ch. ii, sec. 30. - Compare: “A leash has two ends.” – A president like a king depends very much on his subordinates. - People long managed also do need much management. Managers are often over-worked. – JZ, 17.12.07. - Bismarck once admitted that he could not even read 3/4 of the letters he signed. How many of the letters addressed to him could he read? How many of the bills proposed and passed? Since then the "great" leaders have been even more suffocated by paper work and have to depend upon underlings, until these disappear with the next scandal caused by them. - JZ, 2.1.11. BONDAGE, SERVITUDE, STATISM, DEPENDENCY, TERRITORIALISM, EMPLOYER-EMPLOYEE RELATIONSHIP, SERF- & SLAVE MENTALITY, LEADERSHIP

MASTER: Let us determine that we shall not allow the state to be our master, but that we shall be masters of the state.” – Russell J. Clinchy. – in THE FREE MAN’S ALMANAC, Febr. 16. – To achieve that we have merely to reduce the territorial State to exterritorial autonomy only, over its own volunteers. This would begin with individual and group secessionism and the establishment of the first panarchies or polyarchies for and by them. – JZ, 17.12.07. - STATE, SUBORDINATION, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM & SECESSIONISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

MASTER: Nature acts without masters.” - Hippocrates. – In nature not even the elephant or the lion is the master over the mice, in spite of their strength and weight advantage. – JZ, 29.10.13. - NOT IN NATURE, ANARCHISM

MASTER: Nature has made neither servant nor master; I neither want to give not receive laws.” – Diderot, quoted in Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, p.120. - SERVANTS, MAN, HUMAN NATURE & LAWS, LEGISLATION

MASTER: No man is good enough to be another man’s master.” – George Bernard Shaw, Major Barbara, 1905, 5. - MAN, RULERS, GOVERNMENTS, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, PREMIERS, MINISTERS, CHANCELLORS, POLITICIANS, MAN, GOODNESS

MASTER: No person is so grand or wise or perfect as to be the master of another person. Teacher, perhaps. Setter of good examples, perhaps. Genius, perhaps. But master, no. There are times when a doctor or a carpenter, a musician or an artist, might lead you in a certain undertaking because of energy, skill, or information that you might not have. But that is temporary and special. It is, or should be, merely commonsense expedience and, of course, it should be possible because of your agreement, also in common sense. It is not mastery. The carpenter does not retain leadership when the planks are all laid and the enterprise shifts to painting. The doctor is not a master to be consulted when a song is to be sung, or a plant plucked. Commonplace leadership can be by virtue of skill, energy, or information, which, although universally accessible, might not be universally sought. Mastery is by conferred or inherited power, by accumulation of privilege, by institutional support, by the holding of information which is deliberately restricted in order to gain or hold power.” – Karl Hess, Dear America, p.252. - RULERS, GOVERNMENTS, STATES, POLITICS, TERRITORIALISM, USURPATION, STATISM, SUBMISSIVENESS, OBEDIENCE, TERRITORIALISM

MASTER: Oh, we had so many masters, we had tigers and hyenas, we had eagles, we had pigs and we nourished the one as well as the other, whether they were better or worse. Oh, the boot always resembled the boot – and on us it trod. – You will understand what I mean. We do not need other masters – but none. - B. Brecht. (Ach wir hatten viele Herren, hatten Tiger und Hyaenen, hatten Adler, hatten Schweine, und wir naehrten den und jenen, Ob sie besser waren oder schlimmer, ach der Stiefel glich dem Stiefel immer, und uns trat er. Ihr versteht, ich meine, dass wir keine andern Herren brauchen, sondern keine!“ – B. Brecht. - Alas, he, too, submitted to totalitarian communist rule in East Germany. - It seemed to pay him well to be one of its playwrights, often performed in its theatres. I saw some of them there, e.g. Mother Courage. - JZ 2.1.11. - RULERS, LEADERS, PROPHETS, DICTATORS, PRIME MINISTERS, PREMIERS, CHANCELLORS, PRESIDENTS, LEADING POLITICIANS, GOVERNMENT, STATES, VOTING, ELECTIONS

MASTER: Saith man to man, We’ve heard and known // that we no master need // To live upon this earth our own, // In fair and manly deed. … // This is the host that bears the word, // “NO MASTER HIGH OR LOW” // a Lightning flame, a shearing sword, // A storm to overthrow.” - Some stanzas from William Morris, “No Master”.

MASTER: Slaves do not work well; masters do not master well.” – Karl Hess, quoted in THE SMART SET, June 82. - LEADERS, LEADERSHIP, RULES, LAWS, ORDERS, COMMANDS, SLAVERY

MASTER: The Kiowas had shown him a way of life where each man was his own master, beholden to none – save his conscience and his god.” – Matt Braun, Black Fox, p.154, Coronet Books, London, 1972. - BEING ONE’S OWN MASTER, RED INDIANS, SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-RELIANCE, SELF-OWNERSHIP, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, BEHOLDEN TO NONE, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT

MASTER: The masters are, mostly, not even masters of themselves but, nevertheless, attempt to master, control and regulate all others, by law and territorially and even contrary to individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 21.5.13. – POLITICIANS, RULERS, PRESIDENTS, EXPERTS, PROFESSIONALS, SPECIALISTS, POWER-ADDICTS

MASTER: The measure of a master is his success in bringing all men round to his opinion twenty years later.” – R. W. Emerson, 1803-1882. – Why should he and his first followers not be free to immediately practise his ideals among themselves, thereby setting a shiny or a deterrent example to all others, to be followed only by volunteers, if any? – Why persist in the perpetuation of territorial rule – even if only for another 20 years? Why assume that thus we could ever achieve unanimous approval on anything? Some enemies of motor transport want to do away with the left-hand or right-hand rule on driving – just to slow down what they hate. – JZ, 17.12.07. - LEADERSHIP, EXPERTS, PIONEERS, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, SECESSIONISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

MASTER: the only good master is a dead master.” – Pyrrho, THE CONNECTION 106, p.65. – If he lets you secede and compete he is good enough and does not have to be executed. – JZ, 17.12.07. – Which private employer does not let his employees give notice? I do not know of any. – Except Mafia employees, who know too much! – Also soldiers, officers and secret agents of governments are, mostly, not free to resign. - JZ, 12.2.09.

MASTER: To change masters is not to be free.” – Jose Marti y Perez (1853-1895) - CHANGE OF MASTERS DOES NOT MEAN FULL FREEDOM, VOTING, ELECTIONS, TERRITORIALISM

MASTER: We will have a good master as soon as every person is his own.” – Graffito written during the French student revolt, May 1968. – Not necessarily a good master but at least one that we have chosen ourselves and thus fully deserve. – JZ, 21.11.85. Until we are better informed and secede and try some other association. – JZ, 29.10.13. - VS. SELF-OWNERSHIP, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, PERSONAL LAW COMPETITION, SECESSIONISM, SELF-OWNERSHIP

MASTER: whereby the great majority of the people had to obey the command of a small minority. And he urged that this mastery Rule should be done away with and a Fraternity Rule be established in its stead.” – Notion of Sir Samuel Griffith, according to GOOD GOVERNMENT, Oct. 1978, p. 13. – Quite voluntary and autonomous as well as competitive associationism would be even better and not confined to the doctrines of fraternity, in which egalitarianism might prevail. – JZ, 17.12.07. – MASTERY, RULERS, GOVERNMENT, DOMINATION, TERRITORIALISM, LEADERSHIP, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS: CONTROL, EMPIRES, FEDERAL GOVERNMENTS, STATES, LOCAL GOVERNMENTS, OBEDIENCE, VOLUNTARISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, META-UTOPIA, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE

MASTER: You can’t fight that thing”, Mavis said. “It’s too big.” - - “I’ll fight it anyway”, Hagbard told her fiercely. “I’ll fight it till I die. I’m still saying NO to anything that tries to master me.” – Wilson / Shea, Illuminatus III, p.75. – Compare: You can’t fight City-Hall!” - NO MASTERS, RULE, DOMINATION, BIGNESS, FIGHTING, RESISTANCE, TERRITORIALISM, BIG GOVERNMENT, BIG BUSINESS, SECESSIONISM, GOVERNMENTS & SOCIETIES IN EXILE, INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF ALL MINORITIES

MASTERS: To change masters is not to be free.” – Jose Marti y Perez (1853-1895) - CHANGE OF MASTERS DOES NOT MEAN FULL FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY, VOTING

MATERIALISM: He who disdains the fall in infant mortality and the gradual disappearance of famines and plagues may cast the first stone upon the materialism of the economists.” – Ludwig von Mises - Spiritual and religious consolations have been of little help in this sphere, too. HUNGER, LOWER INFANT MORTALITY, REDUCTION OF FAMINES & PLAGUES, ECONOMICS, GENUINE, RATHER THAN GOVERNMENTAL, MATERIALISM, ECONOMICS, GENUINE, RATHER THAN GOVERNMENTAL, CIVILIZATION, PROGRESS, ECONOMISTS, PROGRESS AT LEAST IN SOME SPHERES, FAMINES, PLAGUES, CHILD MORTALITY. Compare: SCIENTIFIC & TECHNOLOGICAL PROGRESS. [Not surprising, since in these spheres we do already have experimental freedom. Only in the “social sciences” is it still missing. – See: POSITIVE SIGNS OF THE TIMES – (A special file of mine, supplied upon request as an email attachment. I am asking for further such entries by others.) - JZ, 24.4.13.]

MATERIALISM: The rage against Materialism, as they call it, forgetting that there has been no material improvement that has not spiritualized the world.” – Oscar Wilde, 1854-1900. – It has also produced what Australians call: “couch potatoes”, overweight people, largely inactive, bar for e.g. TV watching. – JZ, 12.2.09. – Compare the number of sports spectators to sports practitioners. – JZ, 29.10.13.

MATERIALISM: This process, this method necessary to man’s survival and prosperity upon the earth, has often been derided as unduly or exclusively “materialistic”. But it should be clear that what has happened in this activity proper to man’s nature is a fusion of “spirit” and matter: man’s mind, using the ideas it has learned, directs his energy in transforming and reshaping matter into ways to sustain and advance his wants and his life. Behind every “produced” good, behind every man-made transformation of natural resources, is an idea directing the effort, a manifestation of man’s spirit.” - Murray N. Rothbard, The Ethics Of Liberty, p.31. - MIND, SPIRIT, IDEAS, ECONOMIC FREEDOM, MARKET, CAPITALISM, FREE EXCHANGE, FREE ENTERPRISE, LAISSEZ FAIRE, FREE TRADE

MATERIALISM: Those in the early stages of economic sophistication tend to believe that the production of goods and services is composed solely of adventures in the material realm. No more to it than the production of widgets and gadgets. Another mirage! The discovery? Everything by which we live – from simple pencils to jet planes – has its origin in the spiritual before showing forth in the material, that is, spiritual in the sense that ideas, discoveries, inventions, insights, intuitive flashes are all of a spiritual nature.” – Leonard E. Read, NOTES FROM FEE, 7/77. - IDEAS, SPIRITUALISM, ENLIGHTENMENT, KNOWLEDGE, EDUCATION

MATHEMATICS: Alexander Ostrowski is believed to be the last man to know every branch of mathematics ca. 1915. In the late 1940s, John von Neumann estimated that the bet-informed mathematicians of the time probably knew about 10 percent of the then-published papers and theorems. In the 1960s, Stanley Ulam estimated that 200 000 new theorems were being published every year. Today, there are 3,000 branches of mathematical knowledge, and hardly any mathematician is expert in more than two or three of them: more than 99 percent of math is unknown to any individual mathematician.” – Source: The Mathematical Experience, P. J. Davis and R. Hersh. – Robert Anton Wilson, NEW LIBERTARIAN WEEKLY, Aug. 21, 1977. - VARIETIES OF MATHEMATICAL KNOWLEDGE & DISCOVERIES, LAWS, FORMULAS, ECONOMICS, FREE MARKET, FREE CHOICES, PREDICTION, FREEDOM, IGNORANCE, PAN-NUMBERS FILE

MATHEMATICS: I have hardly ever known a mathematician who was capable of reasoning.” – Plato, 427-347 B.C. – Well, Ulrich von Beckerath was, at least for me, who is neither a mathematician nor a statistician, certainly an exception to this rule. He was also an extraordinary statistician. But, among mathematicians and statisticians, as well, there are also uncritical minds that represent what Ortega Y Gasset called: “The barbarism of the specialists”. – JZ, 25.12.07. - For instance: How many excellent mathematicians and statisticians are also excellent economists? But then mathematics, according to Robert Anton Wilson, has become so specialized that not a single mathematician can any longer master all its fields. With economics it is largely the same. And the field most neglected by most economists seems to me to be full monetary freedom, including full freedom to clear and free choice of value standards. – JZ, 12.2.09. - And full financial freedom as well. - Compulsory public finance is extensively studied but not e.g. the voluntary taxation or contribution alternatives. Not even tax foundation money, as sound and rightful as it could be - for statists, is thoroughly studied and explained, although it could reduce the financial difficulties of many governments. - JZ, 2.1.11. - REASONING, ECONOMICS, MONETARY FREEDOM

MATHEMATICS: Mathematical method in the national economy: One dresses unfounded assumptions in mathematical formulas und then calculates exactly what happens in the economy.” – Helmar Nahr. (Mathematische Methode in der Nationarloekonomie: Man kleidet eine durch nichts begruendete Annahme in mathematische Formeln und errechnet daraus aufs genaueste, was in der Wirtschaft passiert.) - It makes a great difference whether fools or genuine mathematicians and statisticians use genuine mathematics and genuine statistics. The latter people are aware of the limitations of their methods and, therefore, employ them only with sufficient care and qualifications and thus can achieve some valuable results. – The games and pretences of fools should be distinguished from the considerations of scholars and wise people. – No science or technology should be judged by the actions of its worst representatives or by people who do not represent it at all but merely pretend that they do. There are some quacks in every sphere. And some of those slandered as mere laymen or quacks know more on some subjects than most recognized experts do. – Not all the great discoveries and inventions were made by recognized experts. - JZ, 6.12.07. - IN ECONOMICS,

MATHEMATICS: Mathematics cannot remove any prejudice, it cannot diminish obstinacy, calm down the party spirit and cannot achieve anything in the sphere of morality.” - Goethe, “Sprueche in Prosa”, JZ tr. of: “Die Mathematik vermag kein Vorurteil wegzuheben, sie kann den Eigensinn nicht lindern, den Parteigeist nicht beschwichtigen, nichts von allem Sittlichen vermag sie.” - Buffon wrote an “Arithmetique morale” – but I have never seen a translation of it. – Good and relevant statistics, properly interpreted, are very different in this respect. - JZ, 15.9.08. ) – STATISTICS, PREJUDICES, PARTY SPIRIT, MORALITY

MATHEMATICS: Mathematics is as little a science as grammar is a language.” - Ernst Mayr

MATHEMATICS: Mathematics is the only science where one never knows what one is talking about nor whether what is said is true.” – Bertrand Russell.

MATHEMATICS: Mathematics, which includes logic as a sub-system, is formal and has no particular content. This is why Einstein warned us so pointedly, “Insofar as the laws of mathematics are true, they do not refer to the real world; and, insofar as they do refer to the real world, they are not true.” – If you want to solve a gravitational problem involving interstellar distances, you will introduce a large error by using Euclid’s geometry. You will find a much smaller error if you use Reimannian geometry. But this does not mean that Reimann’s geometry is true and Euclid’s geometry is false. Reimann’s is truer for large distances, but Euclid’s is just as true for small distances. There is a distinct possibility that Lobatchevsky’s geometry, or Buckminster Fuller’s, may turn out to be better for very small (sub-nuclear) problems. …” - Robert Anton Wilson, NEW LIBERTARIAN WEEKLY, Aug. 21, 1977.

MATURITY: Kant’s insistence, in his defence of the French Revolution, that freedom is the precondition of acquiring the maturity for freedom, not a gift to be granted when such maturity is achieved.” – Noam Chomsky, Notes on Anarchism. - FREEDOM

MATURITY: Many politicians lay it down as a self-evident proposition that no people ought to be free till they are fit to use their freedom. The maxim is worthy of the fool in the old story who resolved not to go into the water till he had learnt to swim.” – Thomas Babington Macaulay. – Quoted in READERS DIGEST, 3/79. – Actually, one can learn the essential swimming motions also on dry land. – JZ, 25.12.07. - FITNESS, RIPENESS, GRADUALISM

MATURITY: Men must mature or die.” – A. E. von Vogt, The Wizard of Linn, p.45. – Individual men need not. They can die immature. But mankind, as a species, will either mature or die, e.g. by the mass extermination devices and organizations it has so far tolerated to exist. – JZ, 17.12.07. – So far most do not really mature, mentally, but they do all still die. – JZ, 12.2.09. - NWT, WARFARE STATE, MASS MURDER DEVICES STOCKPILED AS "WEAPONS".

MATURITY: Our duties towards ourselves and towards our social environment coincide. Indeed, there is only one duty, namely, to grow mature.” – Fritz Kunkel. – Quoted in THE FREE MAN’S ALMANAC, June 12.

MATURITY: The educated man is mature. His maturity is based on articulation; an understanding of general principles, not gadgets; and on truth, not boosterism. The educated man seeks more truth – more education all his life. His love of humanity is not sentimental but honest and he expresses it by the way he acts. He can be trusted. And he serves himself by serving liberty, which is his fundamental principle.” – Philip Wylie, READERS DIGEST, 10/47. - MAN, EDUCATION

MAXIMUM LIBERTY & CIVILIZATION: It is quite possible that we have already attained the maximum liberty compatible with civilization." - Ezra Pound, Freedom de Facto. - How far off the mark can one be? Most people so far do not know or reject most of the freedom options and seem more bent upon minimizing rather than maximizing freedom options. - JZ, 8.4.89. – Some hold that “novas” may be caused by civilizations which exceeded their safety limits in the use of nuclear energies. – JZ, 1.2.09. - CIVILIZATION, LIBERTY

MAYBE: In addition to a yes and no, the universe contains a maybe.” - Robert Anton Wilson, Right Where You Are Sitting Now, p.165. – See also under MU.

MAZES: Humans spend their lives in mazes. If they escape and cannot find another maze, they create one.” – Kerro Panille, Questions from the Avata, in Frank Herbert, The Jesus Incident, p.192. – All part of the right to advance, stagnate or go backwards, upon one’s own individual free choice. – JZ, 8.12.07. – Any governance system, community or society of volunteers, only, i.e. with the secessionist option, is not a maze like a territorial State but has an obvious exist, even for dissenting volunteers. – JZ, 29.10.13. - SELF-CHOSEN SOCIETIES, SYSTEMS, INSTITUTIONALIZATION, BUREAUCRACY, STATISM, PERSONAL LAW, TERRITORIALISM, SUBORDINATION, PLANNING, POLITICS, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

ME-LIBERATION: During the discussion Cassella (Robert) introduced “me liberation”; i.e. the idea that the only liberation possible to an individual is her/his own; one can free oneself from oneself and from others, but none of us can free others from themselves or from others. Me Liberation means dropping all labels be they Objectivist, Libertarian, Feminist, Black, Gay etc. etc.” – SEK 3, NEW LIBERTARIAN WEEKLY 80, July 3, 77. – Correct, as far as it goes, in self-enlightenment and liberation in private lives etc. – However, should one not have helped the KZ or Ghetto inmates, - provided one could – but should one, instead, have expected them to help themselves, to liberate themselves from a totalitarian regime and its atrocious and mass murderous actions? The Polish underground refused to help the Warsaw ghetto Jews. A few Jews, in the end, managed to survive by their own efforts and joined the partisans. - Should one have told all the illegals, living underground or unofficial lives during the Nazi period: Help yourself! I have no space or food for you to spare and anyhow, helping you would be too dangerous for me and my kids! I am proud of my mother that she did not refuse such help. - Ca. 5000 Jews were privately sheltered in Berlin alone. I do not know how many of their helpers were caught and murdered. - I do prefer the older expression: “self-liberation.” – JZ, 21.4.89, 1.12.07, 29.10.13.

MEANING: Each man must look to himself to teach him the meaning of life. It is not something discovered: it is something moulded.” - Saint-Exupéry, Wind, Sand and Stars, 1939, 2.1, tr. Lewis Galantière. - OF LIFE

MEANING: If after all, men cannot always make history have a meaning, they can always act so that their own lives have one.” – Albert Camus, Resistance, Rebellion and Death, 1961. - MEN, PURPOSE

MEANING: If there's no meaning in it”, said the King, “that saves a world of trouble, you know, as we needn't try to find any.” - Lewis Carroll - Think about all the time and energy one saves by not bothering about any of the up to 35,000 different religions and sects of the world. One can just let them do their things to themselves. – JZ, 26.12.07. – There are now over 35,000 Christian churches and sects, not to speak of all other religions, according to assertions in a recent email. True or false? – JZ, 12.2.09. - PURPOSE, AIMS, RED.

MEANING: None but what we make ourselves." - L. Neil Smith, Bretta Martyn, p.379. - OF LIFE?

MEANING: We have to make our own meanings, not find them.” – Edgar Pangborn, The Company of Glory, p.36. - & PURPOSE

MEANS & ENDS: A good end cannot sanctify evil means; nor must we ever do evil, that good may come of it.” – William Penn (1644-1718), Some Fruits of Solitude in Reflections and Maxims.

MEANS & ENDS: A man in earnest finds means, or, if he cannot find, creates them.” - William Ellery Channing. - As systematic, scientific, encyclopedic and team-work or international collaboration approach is required for the rapid solution to many of the remaining problems that have plagued us for centuries to thousands of years. Freedom of expression is not enough to find the best of them, if not combined with sufficient and affordable, powerful and lasting opportunities for freedom of expression and information. Experimental freedom is required in the political, economic and social sphere as well, to settle problems as fast and efficiently as they can be settled in natural sciences and technology. - JZ, 26.11.02. - WAYS & MEANS, IDEAS, SOLUTIONS, CD-PROJECT, LIBERTARIAN LIBRARY ON A DISC, LIBERTARIAN IDEAS ARCHIVE, PEACE PLANS 20, NEW DRAFT, ENLIGHTENMENT, COLLABORATION AMONG LIBERTARIANS

MEANS & ENDS: A man is dehumanized … when he is robbed of his freedom or when he is treated as a thing, rather than as a person.” – John Passmore. - DEHUMANIZATION OF MAN, TREATING MEN AS MEANS NOT ENDS, AS THINGS, NOT PERSONS, PEOPLE AS PROPERTY, MERE TERRITORIAL SUBJECTS, SELF-OWNERSHIP, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SECESSIONISM

MEANS & ENDS: A man who rationalizes aggression as the means to a self-proclaimed virtuous end has mentally positioned himself to justify the commission of virtually any kind of atrocity.” – Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.67. – I for one cannot imagine the rightful use of an ABC mass murder device on Earth, in any populated area. Can you? – JZ, 17.12.07. – NWT, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, ENEMY, DEFENCE AGGRESSION, WEAPONS

MEANS & ENDS: A man who strives for greatness does consider everyone whom he encounters on his path either as a means or as a delay or an obstruction.” – Nietzsche, Jenseits von Gut und Boese, p.9. - (Ein Mensch, der nach Groesse strebt, betrachtet jedermann, dem er auf seiner Bahn begegnet, entweder als Mittel oder als Verzoegerung und Hemmnis.) - POWER ADDICTS, FANATICS, LEADERSHIP, RULERS, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, FAME, GREATNESS, GOD COMPLEX

MEANS & ENDS: A means is good when it doesn’t need an end to justify it.” – Robert Shea, NO GOVERNOR, Jan. 85, p.17.

MEANS & ENDS: And it has always seemed mandatory to me that ends and means be in harmony. I do not believe that one can attain a real peace through war. Nor do I think that one can attain honesty though practices of dishonesty. Likewise, it is not possible to attain a condition of freedom by processes and devices which employ anti-freedom methods.” – Robert LeFevre, LEFEVRE’S JOURNAL, Winter 75.

MEANS & ENDS: As soon as men decide that all means are permitted to fight an evil, then their good becomes indistinguishable from the evil that they set out to destroy." - Christopher Dawson. - GOOD & EVIL, MORALITY VS. IMMORALITY, PRINCIPLES, CONSISTENCY, REASON

MEANS & ENDS: As you have sowed, so you will harvest.” – Cicero, De oratore II, 65, 261. (Ut sementem feceris, ita metes.) – (Wie du gesaet, so wirst du ernten.) - SOWING & HARVESTING

MEANS & ENDS: At this point, it may be helpful to paraphrase Emerson’s unassailable observation, “the end pre-exists in the means”; Goals or ends must always be the summation of the means employed to achieve them. However lofty the goals, if the means be depraved, the result must reflect that depravity. Therefore, the eventual outcome (bloom) of the collectivist way of life may be accurately predicted by anyone who understands the means (planting) which must be employed.” – Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.83. – Was Read ever in an emergency situation? Has he never read about one or heard about one? – JZ, 17.12.07.

MEANS & ENDS: Attempts to create through destructive actions are doomed to fail. As reason and logic suggest, “the end pre-exists in the means.” – Leonard E. Read, Who Is Listening? p.191. – Explosives have often been used to save lives rather than to destroy them. – People want a simple formula to cover all cases. To some even a single word, “love”, "brotherhood" or "equality" is the "solution" to all problems. But the reality is so diverse that perhaps even the longest and most detailed declaration of all genuine individual rights and liberties would not cover all cases. Neither can whole avalanches of "positive" legislation. Nevertheless, we should work towards such a human rights declaration, instead of lazily insisting that a simple formula on “ends and means” contains already the answer to all our problems. - JZ, 17.12.07, 2.1.11.

MEANS & ENDS: But I found that these are only the methods and by-products of communism. I then asked myself these questions: “What is communism itself, as distinguished from its methods? Are not these cruel methods the inevitable result of autocratic rule? Can any good end ever be achieved by evil means?” – Admiral Ben Moreell, Log I, p.138. (38? I/38? - I haven’t got enough time and energy left to check all my references. Why should this job rest on my weak shoulders alone? ) - & COMMUNISM

MEANS & ENDS: But what if there never is an end? All we have is means.” – Ursula K Le Guin, The Lathe of Heaven, p.74. – Territorial governments have certainly failed ever to declare quite rightful war aims, if any at all. – JZ, 25.12.07. -  TERRITORIALISM, WAR, WAR AIMS

MEANS & ENDS: Cause and effect, means and end, seed and fruit, cannot be severed; for the effect already blooms in the cause, the end pre-exists in the means, the fruit in the seed.” – Emerson (*), quoted in Leonard E. Read, The Love of Liberty. - (*) The quote is from: Essays, First Series: Compensation, 1841. – This self-evident observation suggests that the accomplishment of any given objective waits upon a method precisely fitted to the objective.” - Leonard E. Read, Elements of Libertarian Leadership, p.114. –METHODS, CAUSE & EFFECT, PROGRAMS, PLATFORMS.

MEANS & ENDS: Coercion (evil) cannot result in good, for the end pre-exists in the means.” - Leonard E. Read, The Coming Aristocracy, p.45. – Well, killing a tyrant or any other adult attacker against basis individual rights and liberties, would also be wrong according to this all too general principle, likewise any resistance or revolution against any despotic regime. Clear is only that any resistance, defence or revolution must not itself be despotic, indiscriminate and aggressive. – JZ, 17.12.07.

MEANS & ENDS: ends and means must be in harmony.” – Robert LeFevre, The Libertarian, p.23.

MEANS & ENDS: Ends, goals, aims are but the hope for things to come, in a word, aspirations. They are not a part of the reality – not yet, at least – from which may safely be taken the standards for right conduct. They are no more to be trusted as bench marks than are day dreams or flights of fancy. Many of the most monstrous deeds in human history have been perpetrated in the name of doing good – in pursuit of some “noble” goal. (*) They illustrate the fallacy that the end justifies the means. - Means, on the other hand, partake of reality; they are of the here and now; they are tangible, concrete forms of action or conduct that can be weighted on the scale of cause and consequence. Examine carefully the means employed, judging them in terms of right and wrong, and the end will take care of itself. A rose blooms from a rose planting. – (*) The Thirty Years War witnessed the slaughter of millions of people in Central Europe to the Glory of God! See Grey Eminence by Aldous Huxley, New York, Harper & Bros., 1941.” – Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.78/79.

MEANS & ENDS: Enjoy the means and the ends will take care of themselves.” – PURSUIT, Sep.71. - O.K., as long as the means are moral. – JZ, n.d. - Some very violent men e.g. rapists, even psychopathic killers, might say the same on their very wrongful actions. – JZ, 17.12.07. -

MEANS & ENDS: Everyone will concede that to plant thistle seeds and then expect roses is rank folly. Yet, many of these same people expect to achieve lofty goals without any thought of the means they use to attain them. They simply have not learned the planting lesson.” – Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.78.

MEANS & ENDS: evil means defeat their intended ends.” – From Aldous Huxley, Brave New World, etc., appreciation, appendix, p.408. –Rights or liberties vs. Wrongs should and could, in much more details, replace the ancient notions of good & evil, which are still all too much related to the ancient notions of good spirits vs. Demons or devils. – JZ, 29.10.13. – DECLARATION OF ALL INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, ETHICS, MORALITY

MEANS & ENDS: First, there is no way to know whether one socialistic scheme is better than another. Professed socialists do not know how to make socialism work; certainly we do not. The explanation is simple: No creative end can possibly be born of a coercive, that is, of a destructive means, for the end pre-exists in the means; a truth is never composed of fallacies.” – Leonard E. Read, Then Truth Will Out, p.30. - The “way to know” is revealed by voluntarism, by tolerant experiments among volunteers, all undertaken only at their cost and risk. Territorial imposition of any socialist experiment upon whole populations, those in favor and those against, is only likely to lead to vast and costly failures. Did Read never hear or read anything about “voluntary socialism” or “cooperative socialism? With his limited statism he remained stuck in territorialism. – JZ, 18.12.07. – STATE SOCIALISM

MEANS & ENDS: For the inseparability of means and ends makes compromise a sin; …” Benjamin R. Barber, Superman and Common Men, p.14. – Those believing in different ends and different means should all be free to opt out and work with their means towards their ends, but only among themselves, at their own risk and expense. To that extent should there be free competition and full tolerance for all kinds of ends and means towards them. Otherwise this issue might be vainly discussed for another 2000 or more years. – JZ, 18.12.07.

MEANS & ENDS: He sees the world only as a means to his end. It doesn’t make any difference if his end is good; means are all we’ve got … He cant accept, he can’t let be, he can’t let go.” – Ursula K. Le Guin, The Lathe of Heaven, p.133. – POLITICIANS, POWER ADDICTION, LEADERSHIP, RULERS, REPRESENTATIVES, PRESIDENTS

MEANS & ENDS: I always say that where there’s an end there’s a means.” – Christine La Plante, quoted in PENTHOUSE, 2/74. – By now we should have all rightful and significant ends as well as means to them sufficiently archived, sorted out, criticized and made easily and fast accessible. – JZ, 17.12.07. - IDEAS ARCHIVE. – ARGUMENT MAPPING, REFUTATIONS ENCYCLOPEDIA, ENLIGHTENMENT, NEW DRAFT

MEANS & ENDS: If a killer attacks me, I can fight back with anything I’ve got. But I wouldn’t be justified in grabbing some passing child for a shield. – Poul Anderson, Past Times, p.51. - SELF-DEFENCE, DEFENCE, HOSTAGES:

MEANS & ENDS: If a person claims to understand human freedom, but insists on certain exceptions to freedom, he either is admitting that he advocates the violation of natural law or he is demonstrating that he does not really grasp the concept of natural law. One must remain steadfast to the moral belief that no matter how “worthy” the cause for which a man’s rights are violated, the end never justifies the means.” – Robert Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.21. - I wish someone would write up many of the real emergency situations that have occurred or that have been imagined, to train our moral sense in thinking them through, as far as possible and to use them to let such dogmatists try to decide them on their “principle”. All too frequent cases consist e.g. in embryos being aborted because they really do threaten the life of their mothers – JZ - Even then with modern medicine, a transplant of a foetus might be or become possible, as Victor Koman suggested already many years ago. - JZ, 2.1.11. - ABORTION, EMERGENCIES, TRAINING FOR THEM, NATURAL LAW, NATURAL RIGHTS

MEANS & ENDS: if improper methods did not lead to failures, we would really have a problem. As it is, we need only take our heads out of the sand …” Leonard E. Read, THE FREEMAN, 3/75.

MEANS & ENDS: If it is right that the means predetermine the end, then libertarians can never realize libertarianism by turning into politicians. – D.Z. & JZ, 15.3.77. - LIBERTARIAN PARTIES, POLITICAL MEANS, LIBERTARIANISM

MEANS & ENDS: If one takes care of the means, the ends will take care of themselves.” – Gandhi. - Masthead quote of THE VOLUNTARYIST, Jun 85.

MEANS & ENDS: If the end must be used to condone the means, then there is something in the end itself, in its reality, which is not worthy. That which really blesses the end, which justifies the efforts and sacrifices for it, is the means: their constant perfection, humaneness, increasing freedom.” - Milovan Djilas, quoted in THE FREE MAN’S ALMANAC.

MEANS & ENDS: If we take care of the means we are bound to reach the end sooner or later. … Pure goals can never justify ‘impure’ or violent actions.” – Gandhi.

MEANS & ENDS: if we tolerate this sabotage of the ends by the means.” – H. G. Wells, The Common Sense of War and Peace, p.72.

MEANS & ENDS: If you assume that you can reap figs from thistles, you must not be surprised to find your hands full of thorns.” – E. M. Root. -

MEANS & ENDS: Ill comes from ill, And as a thing begins, so ends it still.” – William Morris, The Earthly Paradise: The Stealing of the Coif, I, p.140.

MEANS & ENDS: in any successful endeavor, the means employed must be compatible with and appropriate to the ends sought.” – ERC WORLD MARKET PERSPECTIVE, Canada, 15.10.75.

MEANS & ENDS: In other words”, said Hans, “you don’t believe that the end justifies the means?” - “The very phrase seems to me a monstrous absurdity”, said Adam. “The end is always confused, vague, and arbitrary. Do you know if your ends are right, valuable, or enduring? Do I know? Does anybody know? What a presumption, Herr Eber, to regard an end as good enough to justify crooked means! And what guaranty have you that the end will ever be reached, that you won’t get stuck in the crooked means? All you can see is the means. (*) From the means you may draw your conclusions as to the end – but not the other way round. A surgeon who tries to tell me that he operates better with unsterilized instruments is a fool or a knave.” – Hans Habe, Off Limits, p. 25. - (*) Even all the means are usually not yet seen or recognized. Not even when it comes to stating them in the form of basic individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 18.12.07.

MEANS & ENDS: Is the object (as end) never worth its price (as means)?” – NO GOVERNOR, Spring 77. -

MEANS & ENDS: it has become apparent that what triumphant science has done hitherto is to improve the means for achieving unimproved or actually deteriorated ends.” – Aldous Huxley, Ends and Means, p.268.

MEANS & ENDS: It has taken me a while to grasp just how futile, how self-defeating, resorting to political means actually is.” – Michael Stadelmaier, LEFEVRE’S JOURNAL, Fall 75. – For me “political means” means “territorialist means”, i.e. coercion of whole populations, not only domination of the own followers but also of all dissenters. – JZ, 18.12.07, 29.10.13. - In the case of territorialism both the means and the end are, usually, wrong. - JZ, 2.1.11. - POLITICAL MEANS, TERRITORIALISM, COERCION, DESPOTISM, FORCE, VIOLENCE, COMPULSION, LAWS

MEANS & ENDS: it is idealistic or worse, mystifying, to say that the end justifies the means. Rather the opposite is true, that the means “justify” the end, in so far as they contain the end already, albeit partially.” – Gruppi Anarchici Federati, An Anarchist Program, p.37. – Partly only instead of partially? – JZ

MEANS & ENDS: it is merely tautological to argue that we cannot do ill that good may come; the problem is to decide in view of the doubtful nature of the consequences whether an action is good or bad.” – Kingsley Martin, quoted in Aldous Huxley, Brave New World, etc., p.438.

MEANS & ENDS: It is not enough to take steps which may some day lead to a goal, each step must be itself a goal and a step likewise.” – Goethe, quoted in Johann Peter Eckermann’s Conversations with Goethe, Sep. 18, 1825. - AIMS, PURPOSES, STEPS, GRADUALISM, PROGRAM

MEANS & ENDS: It is not only that the means have become the end, but that one element of the means, power, has become the end.” - Norman Angell, Human Nature and the Peace Problem, 1925, p.159. – POWER

MEANS & ENDS: It makes a lot of difference whether one can act as a free, rational and moral being with rightful means towards rightful objectives or only as a victimized, unfree, persecuted being, acting under all kinds of coercion and threats towards a rightful or wrongful aim. – Moreover, emergency situations may require emergency counter-measures in defence of one’s rights and liberties and to gain freedom of action again. – The solution, unless one is willing to submit to whatever fate is handed out to oneself, one’s family and friends, by others, ordinary criminals or those in power, will not always be bloodless and non-violent. - JZ, 18.12.07.

MEANS & ENDS: Let the Method fit the Objective.” A title published by The Myrin Institute, Inc., at Adelphi College. – Mentioned in Leonard E. Read, Elements of Libertarian Leadership, p.113.

MEANS & ENDS: Liberty is not a means to a higher political end. It is itself the highest political end.” – Lord Acton. - The forceful use of some basic liberties, even when they are outlawed, and severely threatened, is often required to achieve more or all liberties for oneself and other freedom lovers. – JZ, 18.12.07. – Another version omits the “higher”: Liberty is not a means to a political end. It is itself the highest political end.” - LIBERTY, RESISTANCE, LIBERATION, REVOLUTION, INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS & LIBERTIES& POLITICS

MEANS & ENDS: Look after the means, and the end will take care of itself.” – Nehru. – Alas, territorialism is still all too widely perceived to be a rightful means towards a rightful end. – JZ, 12.2.69. – TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM

MEANS & ENDS: Look to the means first, noble ends will follow. Free people find unexpected solutions and those who are not free find unexpected problems.” - Ken Schoolland, The Adventure of Jonathan Gullible, Leap Publishing, Cape Town, with Commentaries by Ken Schoolland and Janette Eldridge, 1981 ff, 2004 ed., p.245.

MEANS & ENDS: Machiavelli: That policy would be sanctioned by its results. It is the end which justifies the means. – Savonarola: It does not do so if the means are wrong. Even if you could bring about a good result by doing a sinful deed, it would still be a sinful deed, and therefore wrong.” – Maurice Cranston, Political Dialogues, P.9. – Invented political dialogues, in which M. C. puts words into their mouths, more or less representing their point of view. – JZ

MEANS & ENDS: Means are ends unfolding.” – Ruth Mueller, The Springing. – They often lead to unintended endings, whenever they are wrong. – JZ, 21.5.13.

MEANS & ENDS: Means create ends.” - From a Libertarian Press (N.Z.) essay: Anarchy, an introduction.

MEANS & ENDS: Means have a sorry habit of affecting ends.” – Poul Anderson, Strange Bedfellows, p. 194 in “7 Conquests.”

MEANS & ENDS: Men will come to doubt themselves because they use the means as if they were ends.” – Goethe, Maximen und Reflexionen, I, Nr.11. - (Die Menschen werden an sich irre, weil sie die Mittel als Zweck behandeln.)

MEANS & ENDS: Methods Also Vary. Methods, like the objectives in view, range all the way from the low-grade destructive types to the highest grade creative type. For example, almost anyone – the more ignorant the better – can effectively exert compulsive influence to achieve destructive ends: murder, theft, arson, defamation, and the like. The forcible collection of funds by government to pay writers to influence a whole nation to hate another nation requires less intensive compulsion than does homicide. Similar methods can seduce a vast population away from their voluntary, integrative, individualistic ways of life into collective or herd ways consonant with state absolutism.” - Leonard E. Read, Elements of Libertarian Leadership, p.115. – TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM, ENEMIES INVENTED OR CREATED BY GOVERNMENTS

MEANS & ENDS: Most anarchists recognize that not only do the means influence the ends, but means are ends-in-the-making.” – Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, p.637.

MEANS & ENDS: My thesis is that no one can take an effective stand for liberty and its propagation whose stance is not libertarian. In a word, any methods other than libertarian will work against liberty, not for it. The method must fit the objective for, as Emerson points out, the end pre-exists in the means.” – Leonard E. Read, The Coming Aristocracy, p.128. - LIBERTARIAN ENDS, LIBERATION, REVOLUTION

MEANS & ENDS: No revolution ever succeeds as a factor of liberation unless the means used to further it be identified in spirit and tendency with the purpose to be achieved.” – Emma Goldman: My Further Disillusion, 1924, quoted in George Seldes, The Great Quotations.

MEANS & ENDS: Nothing violent. Means have a sorry habit of affecting ends.” – Poul Anderson, To Build a World, GALAXY, June 64.

MEANS & ENDS: Now just remember that the higher the aim, the higher your means should be as well. Wicked means destroy the end.” - Sozhenitsyn, First Circle, p.488/89.

MEANS & ENDS: One may not do evil that good may come of it.” (Non faciat malum, ut in de veniat bonum.) – Legal maxim. - But one should be free to make mistakes and commit errors at the own expense and risk, never at the expense and risk of others than volunteers. – JZ, 5.12.07. - PANARCHISM

MEANS & ENDS: Only libertarian means can achieve libertarian ends. The revolution must therefore not aim at the seizure of power but its dissolution.” - Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, p.615, on Murray Bookchin. - POWER, TERRITORIALISM

MEANS & ENDS: Only rightful means have the tendency to lead to rightful ends. – JZ, 21.5.13.

MEANS & ENDS: Principle of Humanity: Democracy rests like Nationalism and Socialism on the principle of humanity: No man may use another one merely as a means for his ends. That is the moral contents of the political principle and of the equal rights principle.” – Masaryk, Das neue Europa, 25, 55.4. Absatz. - (Humanitaetsprinzip. Die Demokratie beruht ebenso wie die Nationalitaet und der Sozialismus auf dem Humanitaegsprinzip: kein Mensch darf einen andern als Mittel seiner Ziele benutzen. Das ist der sittliche Gehalt des politischen Prinzips und der Gleichberechtigung.) - Was he quite just towards his minority groups or, rather, the usual intolerant territorial nationalist? – JZ, 12.12.07. – PEOPLE AS PROPERTY, INDIVIDUALS AS ENDS IN THEMSELVES

MEANS & ENDS: realize that the means can pollute the end, that the means can frustrate the end, that the road that takes us to our goal will often in the long reckoning of history prove more important than the goal itself.” – Stanton A. Coblentz, The Long Road to Humanity, p.406.

MEANS & ENDS: recognize that the end pre-exists in the means, (*) that filthy means will defile innocent and praiseworthy ends.” (*) See Read, Leonard E., The Bloom Pre-exists in the Seed”, LET FREEDOM REIGN, FEE, 1969, 78-86.” – Ridgway K. Foley, Jr., THE FREEMAN, 12/76.

MEANS & ENDS: Remember, the end never really justifies the meanness.” – L. N., READERS DIGEST, July 68.

MEANS & ENDS: Take care of the means and the end will take care of itself.” – M. Gandhi, - quoted in: Dr. Laurence J. Peter, The Peter Prescription, p.125.

MEANS & ENDS: That the ends justify the means is a bankrupt statement.” – Harry Harrison, The Stainless Steel Rat’s Revenge, Sphere Book, London, 1976, p.172.

MEANS & ENDS: That which follows ever conforms to that which went before.” – Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, Bk. iv, sec. 45. – This also assumes that only one actor and his free and causal decision-making is involved. But, in reality, actions are often the resultants of different forces by different people acting upon one another and, sometimes, the wrongful and threatening actions of others force one into actions, which, under freedom conditions, one would never have committed. The rightful motive then may have to be to save one’s own life or the life of family members or friends, threatened by private or official criminal coercers. Self-defence does justify a wide range of actions, but hardly, e.g. the taking of quite innocent hostages or the killing of innocent bystanders. – JZ 17.12.07.

MEANS & ENDS: The beginning shapes the end.” – Poul Anderson, There Will Be Time, p.9. – There is not always sufficient time and opportunity to make a rational and moral choice but a decision must be made. For instance: How much time and chance remains to minimize damage when an accident occurs on the road or is about to occur? – JZ, 17.12.07.

MEANS & ENDS: The Bloom Pre-Exists In The Seed: Not the ends and goals, but the means employed, determine the morality of a program. An examination of the means implicit in collectivistic as distinguished from individualistic ends. An easy way to judge whether right or wrong.” - Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.78, summing up chapter 9.

MEANS & ENDS: The end cannot justify the means, for the simple and obvious reason that the means employed determine the nature of the ends produced.” – Aldous Huxley, Ends and Means, 1937, p.9. – This implies that only the own actions and choices are involved. But these are, often within a framework of wrongful and coercive actions of others, or in emergency situations of natural catastrophes, that leave no time and opportunity for pondering rightful alternatives. Even in shoot-outs between trained policemen and robbers irretrievable mistakes can be made, almost instinctively reacting to perceived threats, which were in reality no threats at all. – JZ, 17.12.07.

MEANS & ENDS: The end does not justify the means. No one’s rights can be secured by the violation of the rights of others.” – Ayn Rand, The Cashing In, Part III, OBJECTIVIST NEWSLETTER, IV/9, Sept. 65, p.40.

MEANS & ENDS: The end is affected by the means.” – Ken Knudsen, THE VOLUNTARYIST, No. 6.

MEANS & ENDS: The end may be inferred from the beginning.” – Quintilian, De Institutione Oratoria, Bk. V, chap. 10, sec.71.

MEANS & ENDS: The end never justifies the means! Never!” – Dean McLauchlin, The Brotherhood of Keepers, ASTOUNDING SF, 11/60. – A story, which tries to refute this principle. - The end never justifies the means. That is to say, no matter how moral or humane one may believe a cause to be, if its attainment requires a violation of the rights of even one man, then the end has been achieved through immoral action.” – Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.31. – Immoral in a normal situation. But there are abnormal situations, which do not leave any moral choices that are not suicidal or destructive to one or several people. – JZ, 17.12.07. - The ends never justify the means.” – Huge Fraser, LIBERTARIAN OPTIMISM, May 78. – Quite wrongful means are never justified even by the best ends. – But some emergency situations have been imagined or experienced where innocents are sacrificed to save many other innocents. In such cases the application of the otherwise extremely doubtful principle of “the greatest good for the greatest number” can, sometimes, be justified. – But the actions in such emergency situations cannot be justified into general rules. - JZ, 17.12.07. - E.g., Jewish refugees, hiding from the Gestapo, may have had a baby among them. According to stories, when the baby began to cry, the mother, sometimes, suffocated it, much against her love and intentions for it. If the hidden group had been discovered, then the life of such a baby would also be willfully extinguished by the Nazis. Sometimes it is too late for really efficient self-defence. - JZ, 2.1.11. - RIGHTS, IMMORALITY, VIOLATIONS

MEANS & ENDS: The Ends in View Determine the Means Used.” – THE FREEMAN, 1/78, p.70. – Also, by P. Dean Russell, in THE FREEMAN, 2/78. – The means determine the end. – JZ, 23.4.78. - Wrongful ends require wrongful means, rightful ends require rightful self-defensive means. – A nuclear arms race prepares for a nuclear holocaust. - JZ, 18.12.07.

MEANS & ENDS: The fact is that ends and means are always conditioned by one another and can no more be of opposite natures than the head can be severed from the body without doing violence to the whole organism.” - Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.415.

MEANS & ENDS: The fame of great men ought always to be estimated by the means used to acquire it.” – François Duc de la Rochefoucauld, 1613-1680. – Andrews Quotes, 392. - FAME, GREAT MEN

MEANS & ENDS: The first sign of corruption in a society that is still alive is that the end justifies the means.” – George Bernanos, Why Freedom? The Last Essays of Georges Bernanos (1955), tr. Joan and Barry Ulanov.

MEANS & ENDS: The free way of life proposes ends, but it does not prescribe means.” – Robert F. Kennedy, “Berlin East and West”, The Pursuit of Justice, 1964. But liberty and rights do also provide rightful means and even prescribe them as the only rightful means. – JZ, 30.10.85, 12.12.07.

MEANS & ENDS: The means already are the end.” – Hakim Bey.

MEANS & ENDS: The means are the end – Odo said it all her life. Only peace brings peace, only just acts bring justice! We cannot be divided on that on the eve of action.” – Ursula Le Guin, The Dispossessed, p.246.

MEANS & ENDS: The means are the ends in progress.” - Gandhi.

MEANS & ENDS: The means are the ends! – D.Z., 18.4.78. – Unless they are quite the wrong tools or methods for a rightful and rational purpose. – JZ, 21.5.13.

MEANS & ENDS: The means must be consistent with the end.” – In Robert Shea’s, NO GOVERNOR, Spring 77. – This rule implies, I believe, a rightful end and a rightful means. – At least some rightful ends justify some supposedly “wrongful” or coercive means. There is such a thing as a rightful defence force or a rightful protection service and a rightful self-defence. – JZ, 25.11.96. - “The right is associated with the right to defend it”, – remarked Kant. But not with e.g. nukes against civilians or conscripts who had no say on an aggressive war started by their authoritarian regimes. Such people have the right to be considered and treated rather as our allies than our enemies. – JZ, 4.12.07. - Who will start and publish an electronic "argument map" on this questions any many others that are still controversial among libertarians? - JZ, 2.1.11. -

MEANS & ENDS: The means prepare the end, and the end is what the means made it.” – John Morley, Carlyle, in Critical Miscellanies, 1871-1908.

MEANS & ENDS: the means used shape and determine the ends.” – RLA, Radical Libertarian Alliance, THORN, No. 6, p.11.

MEANS & ENDS: The only real problem in life, an ancient philosopher once said, is what to do next.” – Arthur C. Clarke, Imperial Earth, p.198. – Rightful means and rightful ends have still not been sufficiently surveyed and published. - JZ, 17.12.07.

MEANS & ENDS: There are two methods, or means, and only two, whereby man’s needs and desires can be satisfied. One is the production and exchange of wealth, this is the economic means. The other is the uncompensated appropriation of wealth produced by others; this is the political means. The primitive exercise of the political means was … by … conquest, confiscation, expropriation, and the introduction of a slave-economy.” – Albert Jay Nock, quoted from FREEDOM REVIEW, Spring 65. - ECONOMIC VS. POLITICAL MEANS, VOLUNTARY VS. COERCIVE MEANS, FORCE, VIOLENCE, COERCION

MEANS & ENDS: There is no greater fallacy than the belief that aims and purposes are one thing, while methods and tactics are another … All human experience teaches that methods and means cannot be separated from the ultimate aim.” – Emma Goldman (1869-1940), My Disillusionment in Russia, 1923 – Also in her: My Further Disillusionment in Russia, 1922. – (I am not sure that the publishing dates are correct. According to the titles the years given should be swapped. – JZ) METHODS, TACTICS, AIMS, PURPOSES,STRATEGIES, TOOLS, VOLUNTARISM VS. FORCE, COERCION & COMPULSION

MEANS & ENDS: this ‘conquest of the State’ which hypnotizes so many brains.” – Hyacinthe Dubreuil, A Chance for Everybody, p.30. - POWER, CONQUEST OF THE STATE, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

MEANS & ENDS: Three decades of costly and dismal failures to advance an understanding of freedom have demonstrated that freedom will not be increased by methods beneath its majesty.” – Leonard E. Read, Elements of Libertarian Leadership, p.117.

MEANS & ENDS: Throughout history there have been no ideal ends, which were attained with non-ideal, inhumane means, just as there has been no free society which was built by slaves. Nothing so well reveals the reality and greatness of the ends as the methods used to attain them.” – Milovan Djilas, The New Class, Praeger, 1957, p.162. quoted in Seldes and in THE FREE MAN’S ALMANAC, Sept. 5.

MEANS & ENDS: To do a great right, do a little wrong.” – Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice, 1596-97, 4.1.216. – I consider e.g. the execution of a tyrant to be a great right and not even a small wrong. Unless some quite innocent bystanders would also be killed. But are they quite innocent, if they did not use their opportunity against him? – JZ, 12.12.07. - TYRANNICIDE, SELF-DEFENCE KILLINGS

MEANS & ENDS: What distinguishes the decent man from the crook is the different goals they are aiming at and the different means they are resorting to in order to attain the ends chosen. But both want to succeed in their sense.” – Mises, Planning for Freedom, p.144. –

MEANS & ENDS: What else but an end could ever justify a means?” Ascribed to Mises, by Rothbard, in Towards a Strategy for Libertarian Social Change, manuscript, p.10.

MEANS & ENDS: What ends?” “What means?” Obviously, certain ends justify certain means, but every end does justify any means.” – Sydney A. Mayers, FRAGMENTS, July-Sept. 64.

MEANS & ENDS: What is inherently and radically bad in itself, cannot become good because something else is good.” – O’Brien, The Natural Right To Freedom, p.188. – Many people consider e.g. the establishment of an anarchist society or of a truly limited government so worthy that they resort to the wrongful means of claiming a territorial monopoly for it. What they could rightfully claim would be only full exterritorial autonomy for their volunteers, and the right to secede from any regime that tries to impose its kind of territorial rule and compulsory membership upon them. – JZ, 6.5.84, 17.12.07. – TERRITORIALISM, SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM

MEANS & ENDS: You can take the means and shove them up the justified end.” - John E. Stith, Scapescope, p.100. (SF)

MEANS & ENDS: You know the best means once you really know your aim. – JZ, 18.12.78, free after: “Selbstgesteuert raste das Schiff durch den Weltraum. Es kannte seinen Weg, weil es das Ziel kannte.“ – Paul Lorraine: Grenze Zwischen den Welten, S.62.

MEANS & ENDS: You think the goal justifies the means, even the vile means. You are wrong: The goal is in the path on which you arrive at it. Every step of today is your life of tomorrow. No great goal can be reached by vile means. That you have proven in every social revolution. The vileness or inhumanity of the path to the goal makes you vile or inhuman, and the goal unattainable.” – Wilhelm Reich, Listen, Little Man, p.78. - If an alcoholic dictator were to drink himself to death, a good end would be achieved by a bad means, but all too slowly. It would be justified to poison him against his will and much faster. - JZ, 2.1.11.

MEANS & ENDS: Your aims must determine the means. Means and aims are in reality the same: you cannot separate them. It is the means that shape your ends. The means are the seeds, which bud into flower and come to fruition. The fruit will always be of the nature of the seed you planted. You can’t grow a rose from a cactus seed. No more can you harvest liberty from compulsion, justice and manhood from dictatorship.” – Alexander Berkman, quoted in Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.415.

MEANS & METHODS OF PANARCHISM OR POLYARCHISM: 1.) Individual secessions, wide-spread and recognized rather than suppressed. Starting with the proclamation of that right and liberty. - 2.) Minority group secessions, many of them, with the independence and exterritorial autonomy of the seceded minorities being respected. Starting with publicity for this right and liberty. - 3.) Personal laws to replace territorial laws. After sufficient enlightenment on this subject. - 4.) An international federation of minority groups favoring such liberties for all of them. It could come to represent the majority of the world's population because most majorities are temporary and themselves made up of minorities. - 5.) These liberties and rights to be introduced as aspects of full freedom of action and experimentation, of freedom of contract and freedom of association and disassociation. - 6.) Various libertarian and anarchist movements would get their best chance within such a framework and could form alliances, upon this program, even with statists who just want to practise their form of statism among themselves. - 7.) In this way freedom options could become practically demonstrated, showing that freedom works, is quite practical, instead of being merely thought about, verbally advocated or pictured. - From mere blueprints to buildings. - 8.) While at the same time the greatest degree of freedom could be practised among volunteers, any degree of stagnation, conservatism or even reaction could become practised among volunteers, realizing free enterprise and free marketing and free consumer sovereignty for any systems that finds voluntary supporters. No matter how stagnant or reactionary it may actually be. - On that basis enemies could be turned into allies or at least neutrals. No system would be forced upon any dissenters. Thus animosity against disliked systems would become minimized. They would simply be avoided by those who do not like them. No such system would thus be feared and fought. - 9.) Towards the realization of this ideal, via the spread and speeding up of enlightenment, all alternative, powerful and affordable media options should be utilized as well. Panarchism or polyarchism should be utilized in this sphere as well. - 10.) Among the freedom experiments would be monetary and financial freedom experiments. Among the monetary ones there would be monetary freedom experiments that could almost immediately abolish inflations, deflations, stagflations and unemployment among their practitioners. Other or the same libertarian panarchies would practise successful methods of voluntary taxation or subscriptions for their common expenses, which would do away with compulsory taxation. Both kinds of successes would tend to spread very widely and fast - for most people are harmed by monetary and financial despotism and their consequences. In other words, panarchism in the monetary and financial spheres would promote panarchism generally. - 11.) The non-violent means used: merely secessionism and associationism, neither constituting an attack upon or any attempt to completely destroy or abolish existing institutions, but merely leaving them alone, to be continued or even expanded upon their own merits, by their own volunteers, would tend to minimize opposition against this development. Most people prefer it when their enemies segregate themselves away from them and try to practise their hated or disliked ideas only among themselves, rather than continuing to obstruct the ideals that only the remaining members wish to practise among themselves. - This approach is thus not only freedom- but also peace-promoting. - 12.) By practising the old maxim of justice: To each his own, justice and security and independence would be realized for advocates of all kinds of different political, economic and social systems, thus establishing peaceful competition and coexistence and even harmony between them, as opposed to the territorial systems of domination over dissenters, which continuously produce friction if not violent clashes (terrorism, insurrections, revolutions, civil wars and international wars). Each can then complacently look back upon his life, saying: I had it my way! – JZ, n.d. & 29.10.13.

MEANS OF PRODUCTION: Apparently Parsons did not understand, Tucker complained, that all the liberties in the world are useless where the individual does not possess the freedom to own his own tools.” – Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, 223. - CAPITAL, TOOLS, OWNERSHIP, PROPERTY

MEASURES: Desperate challenges call for more than desperation as a response.” – Kevin O’Donnell Jr., Temple Guardian, ANALOG, 6/79, p. 95. – DESPERATE MEASURES, MEANS, ENDS, PROGRAMS, POLICIES

MEASURES: Everybody has the right to take measures at the own cost and risk which others consider as impractical - even those who are regarded as experts. - JZ, free after U. v. Beckerath, 1882-1969. - POLICIES, PROHIBITIONS & TOLERANCE, OBJECTIONS, IMPRACTICAL? FREEDOM OF ACTION, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, EXPERTS, RIGHTS, SELF-HELP, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

MEASURES: Only be critical of bad measures, not of the people advocating them.” - Leonard Read to Rothbard as a young man. - PLATFORMS, PROGRAMS, IDEAS, DOGMAS, PRINCIPLES & OPINIONS SHOULD BE CRITICIZED, RATHER THAN PEOPLE, GETTING PERSONAL, INSULTS

MEASURES: The government solution to a problem is usually as bad as the problem.” – Milton Friedman. - SOLUTIONS, LAWS & PROGRAMS OF GOVERNMENTS

MEASURES: You must distinguish between the objectives of measures and the consequences of measures.” – Milton Friedman, in Milton Friedman in Australia, 1975, P.27.

MEDALS: The noncombatant invariably winds up with the largest string of ribbons and medals.” (*). – Dagobert D. Runes, A Dictionary of Thought. – Maybe we need more such “warriors” and less of the real ones? Perhaps medals should only be given to those, who managed to keep themselves out of a war? And, perhaps, military medals, when given for military services, should always indicate the number of dead and wounded that was achieved by the bearer on the own side and on the other side? Or how many dollars worth of destruction they achieved? - (*) Or dead: For a long time now the number of civilians or noncombatants has exceeded the number of soldiers and officers killed in wars. So great has modern military “science” become. – Those with their chest pinned full of medals should, perhaps, also indicate how many hours or days they were, actually, under enemy fire? - JZ, 8.12.07, 29.10.13. - MILITARY HONORS & NONCOMBATANTS, FRIENDLY FIRE, INDISCRIMINATE AIR RAIDS & SHELLING & DESTRUCTION, MERIT BADGES, DECORATIONS

MEDDLING: All moralistic meddling in the private affairs of freely-acting persons, is unjustified. Behavior, which does not affect uninvolved persons, is nobody’s business but the participants.” – THE MATCH, Jun 75. - MYOB

MEDDLING: amongst men, there are very many that think themselves wiser, and abler than the rest and these strive to reform and innovate, one this way, another that way; and thereby bring it into Distraction and Civil War.” – Hobbes, Leviathan. – Why adhere to territorialism, which makes such abuses possible and likely? Instead of just letting each community of volunteers do its own things for or to itself, under full exterritorial autonomy and personal laws. We do need deterrent examples as well as shining successes to be freely imitated once one is convinced of them. – JZ, 18.12.07. - MEDDLING & LEADERSHIP, TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS VS. EXTERRITORIALLY AUTONOMOUS EXPERIMENTS AMONG VOLUNTEERS

MEDDLING: an incurable buttinsky.” – Robert Heinlein, Time Enough for Love, p.223.

MEDDLING: ask the government to put its own house in order before trying to tell businesses how to run theirs. …” - extract from REASON, headed: Companies Strike Back, quoted in Workers Party release by Viv Forbes, 12.9.79.

MEDDLING: Besides meddling unconscionably, and usually disastrously, in social and economic matters, government also obstructs people’s efforts to deal with their own problems.” – John McClaughry, REASON, 7/76. - SELFHELP, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

MEDDLING: By a curious modern perversion, we elevate the lowest instincts with the best of motives. We encourage everybody to manage everybody else but himself. You are not allowed to do your own job in your own way, but you are expected as a citizen to know exactly how everybody else’s job ought to be done, and you get a lot of spurious intellectual satisfaction that way.” – Sir Ernest Benn, Speech, 27.1.31. – Also in Deryck Abel: Ernest Benn, Counsel for Liberty, p.154/55. - RATHER THAN SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-RELIANCE, SELF-IMPROVEMENT, SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-GOVERNMENT BASED UPON INDIVIDUAL CHOICE? - EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, FULL FREEDOM OF ACTION, ASSOCIATION & CONTRACT, PRACTISING ALL OR AT LEAST SOME INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES RATHER THAN BEING CONFINED TO COLLECTIVIST TERRITORIAL VOTING & THE TERRITORIAL LAWS OF ONE’S SUPPOSED “REPRESENTATIVES”, DEMOCRACY, TERRITORIALISM

MEDDLING: Do not meddle in the affairs of primates, for they are subtle and quick to anger.” – R. A. Wilson, Schroedinger’s Cat II, p.17. - Alas, they are not subtle and all too slow to become angry about wrongs committed against them, so you could commit a lot of wrongs and do a lot of harm first. – Governments, certainly, do. - JZ, 12.11.82, 18.12.07. - STATISM, SUBMISSIVENESS

MEDDLING: Don’t scald your tongue in other people’s broth.” – English Proverb. – See: MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

MEDDLING: Experimental psychology in recent years has devised a whole battery of techniques to test reactions to given stimuli. Rats have been trained to wend their way through tunnels and mazes; monkeys have been handed puzzles to solve; and in these exercises, success has been rewarded with food, more often than not a banana, whilst failure has called forth an electric shock. Occasionally, however, the playful researcher has switched the signals and the rewards around, doling out electric shocks where bananas are usually provided, handing out insoluble puzzles to frustrated monkeys, and turning the maze into a gigantic cul-de-sac. This godlike frivolity has had predictably disturbing effects on its victims. Both rats and monkeys have at first displayed uncertainty and confusion, then retreated into apathetic inactivity, and finally begun the long spiraling descent into neurosis. Which raises a question: has an experimental psychologist been in charge of Britain’s industrial and economic policies over the last decade? - For, throughout the nineteen-sixties, both Conservative and Labour Governments have pursued interventionist economic policies of the most capricious and contradictory kinds. Thus, between 1960 and 1967, six major changes in regional policy measures were made, seven Acts of Parliament affecting depressed regions were passed; the boundaries of regions entitled to favourable treatment were altered four times; … - Dr. Rhodes Boyson, editor: Goodbye to Nationalization, p.12. – When frustrated about major events towards which one is rendered quite helpless under present conditions, people tend to retreat from even thinking, talking and writing about them and to occupy themselves with relative trivia. – JZ, 25.12.070. - STOP-GO POLICIES, EVER CHANGING IMPOSED TERRITORIAL LAWS, SYSTEMS & INSTITUTIONS, SOCIAL ENGINEERING, TOP-DOWN EXPERIMENTS WITH INVOLUNTARY HUMAN VICTIMS, SUBSIDIES, LEGISLATION, GOVERNMENT MEASURES, TAXATION, FROM SUBSIDIES TO PENALTIES

MEDDLING: First thing in the morning she brushes her teeth and sharpens her tongue. She belongs to the meddle class.” – Safian, Insults, I, p.40.

MEDDLING: For any person to become aware of how little he knows – not a very difficult attainment – is a sure way to reduce the number of authoritarians by one. Who knows? The awareness might even catch on. And if it did? Millions of us would forsake society’s most corrosive pastime – meddling in the affairs of others – meddling not only through the political apparatus, but personally. Millions of us could then concentrate on the wholly rewarding venture of freeing ourselves from our own fears, our own superstitions, our own imperfections, our own ignorance.” – Leonard E. Read, Elements of Libertarian Leadership, p.100. - LAWS, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS, PLANNING, REGULATIONS, STATISM, STATES SOCIALISM, INTOLERANCE, INTERFERENCE, INTERVENTIONISM

MEDDLING: For invariably, it seemed, it was those of mediocre talents but inflated ambitions, with no affairs of their own worth minding, who meddled the most in other people’s. So the people most likely to end up making decisions about other people’s lives were usually the last ones anyone would want doing the job.” – James P. Hogan, Endgame Enigma, p.159. - MEDIOCRITIES, POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS, PUBLIC SERVANTS

MEDDLING: Government should stay the hell out of people's business." – Senator Barry Goldwater & TAMPERING WITH FREEDOM & RIGHTS, MAN, HUMAN RIGHTS, PRIVATE DRAFTS OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS BY GOVERNMENTS

MEDDLING: How happy would many people live if they cared about the affairs of other people as little as about their own.” – G. C. Lichtenberg. – In one way, yes. But there are all too many coercive meddlers among us, especially official ones. And if one lets them have their way, then almost all of us would become very unhappy, indeed. – JZ, 18.12.07. – Meddlers must be stopped if one cannot escape from them or secede from them. – JZ, 25.12.07. - MINDING THE OWN BUSINESS, RESISTANCE, REVOLUTION, LIBERATION, MILITIA FOR THE PROTECTION OF GENUINE INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

MEDDLING: I'm not sure which upsets me more: that people are so unwilling to accept responsibility for their own actions, or that they are so eager to regulate everyone else's." - Kee Hinckley - REGULATIONS, LEGISLATION & OTHER INTERVENTIONISM RATHER THAN SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, REGULATIONS

MEDDLING: I’m worried about what always worries me in these situations – this habit we have of posing as Omnipotent Beings, messing around with other people’s lives. … made mistakes before, and so have we as individuals. We don’t know everything. It’s all too easy to allow our own interests to shade the decisions we made.” – Chad Oliver, Caravans Unlimited: Stability, in CONTINUUM 2, page 67. - Territorialism turns all too much seemingly into our own affair and gives as voting right, however limited, on the lives and the business of others, but only a very limited decision-making right on our own affairs, which are largely subjected to the votes of others. Thus a mutual plunder-bund results, as Bastiat called it. - JZ, 3.1.11. -OMNIPOTENCE, PRETENCE OF KNOWLEDGE, LEADERSHIP, VOTING, TERRITORIALISM, DEMOCRACY, WELFARE STATE IGNORING INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

MEDDLING: If the government is sluggish and inert, the people will be honest and free from guile. If the government is prying and meddling, the people will be discontented.” – The Sayings of Lao Tzu. - And become meddlers themselves. - JZ, 3.1.11.

MEDDLING: In the business world he’s known as the “meddle” man. He has the narrowest mind and the widest mouth.” – Safian, Insults II, p.107.

MEDDLING: It has been shown repeatedly how rapidly frozen situations thaw under freedom of intercourse when self-interested rulers cease to meddle, …” - S. Hutchinson Harris, The Doctrine of Personal Right, p.449. – Let all people be free to pick what they believe to be solutions to their problems, comparable to free choice of doctors or plumbers, including whole package deals of services, whole societies and communities of volunteers, all doing their own things only among their members, all volunteers, just like they are free to pick their meals, their clothing, their hobbies and their entertainment. No territorially enforced “public service” can be as good as those finally arrived at under free competition, free enterprise and full consumer sovereignty in the last spheres which are still monopolized now by territorial States, with their organized ignorance and prejudices, corresponding to the lowest common denominators, in which the worst types tend to get to the top. – Whenever some of the freely chosen alternatives should be even worse than the former territorially imposed ones, then these volunteers would have only themselves to blame and would be free do secede from their troubles and to choose or establish another system or institution for themselves. - JZ, 6.12.07, 29.10.13. – FURTHER MEDDLING RATHER THAN FREEDOM & SECESSIONISM & VOLUNTARISM IN A CRISIS?

MEDDLING: Meddling is even worse when done professionally, with official authority and against involuntary victims. – JZ, 30.6.92, 6.12.07.

MEDDLING: Meddling simply widens and intensifies conflicts.”(*) - Sheldon Richman,, quoted in FREEDOM NETWORK NEWS, No. 57. -  There is a difference between aggressive and provocative and defusing "meddling". E.g.: Rightful war and peace aims published well in advance, with programs for rightful revolutions. Ready acceptance of refugees and deserters. Recognition of exterritorially autonomous governments in exile, all for volunteers only. Advice on monetary freedom. Publicity for tyrannicide, as opposed to assassinations. Freedom of broadcasting etc. into areas under censorship. There can be rightful and even dutiful interventions. - JZ, 2.5.00, 27.2.02. – (*) Usually after starting them off in the first place! – JZ, 12.2.09. - NONINTERVENTION, INTERNAL AFFAIRS, NEUTRALITY, ISOLATIONISM, FOREIGN POLICY, DOING THE OWN THINGS IN THE OWN AFFAIRS, INSTEAD

MEDDLING: Men, said the Devil, / Are good to their brothers / They don’t want to mend / their own ways but each other’s.” – Piet Hein, “Mankind”, Grooks (1966). - JOKES

MEDDLING: No politician has yet gained votes by advocating the amendment of the multiplication table, but many a seat in parliament has been won on an implied promise – equally fantastic – to repeal the law of supply and demand. The sanctity of contracts, the supremacy of the consumer’s interest, the vital importance of the right to own, are perhaps a little less technical, while the vitalizing quality of freedom is forgotten, because every kind of despotism and tyranny is put forward in its name.” - Sir Ernest Benn, The State the Enemy, p.63. - INTERVENTIONISM, COMMAND ECONOMY, ECONOMIC POLICY, POLITICAL VOTING, CONSUMERS, PROMISES OF POLITICIANS, SUPPLY & DEMAND, FREEDOM VS. TYRANNY, CONTRACTS, PROPERTY, TERRITORIALISM, LAWS

MEDDLING: Nothing is so galling to a people, not broken in from the birth, as a paternal, or in other words a meddling government, a government which tells them what to read and say and eat and drink and wear.” – Lord Macaulay, 1800-1859. – Andrews Quotes 196. – Also in C. Bingham, Men and Affairs, p.194. - See BUREAUCRACY, PLANNING, STATE SOCIALISM, WELFARE STATE.

MEDDLING: Peace through defensive war against the meddlers. – JZ, n.d. - The most effective weapons against them might be individual secessions, tax strikes, ideal militias for the protection of individual rights and liberties and full monetary freedom. – JZ, 18.12.07. - PEACE

MEDDLING: PM and three ministers for ore talks in Tokyo.” – Headline in THE AUSTRALIAN, 11.8.73. - Next we might get summit conferences on eye lashes, artists’ paint and safety pins! – JZ, 73. - Mining and ore exports are important for Australia. But precisely because of this the governments should keep their hands off them. - JZ, 18.12.07. - POLITICS, INTERNATIONAL TRADE, GOVERNMENT CONFERENCES

MEDDLING: Read history. It has taught me not to meddle, it has taught me that no man should think himself clever enough or good enough to dare it.” – C. M. Kornbluth, The Syndic, p.158.

MEDDLING: Society needs first of all to be freed from these meddlers – that is, to be let alone. Here we are, then, once more back at the old doctrine – Laissez faire. Let us translate it into blunt English, and it will read, Mind your own business. It is nothing but the doctrine of liberty. Let every man be happy in his own way. If his sphere of action and interest impinges on that of any other man, there will have to be compromise and adjustment. Wait for the occasion. Do not attempt to generalize those interferences or to plan for them a priori. We have a body of laws and institutions, which have grown up as occasion has occurred for adjusting rights. Let the same process go on.” – W. G. Sumner, What Social Classes Owe to Each Other, p.104. – What a pity that he did not extend his thoughts to personal law options for exterritorialy autonomous communities of volunteers. – JZ, 25.11.07. - LAISSEZ FARE, LIBERATION, SECESSIONISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, CHOICE, DOING THE OWN THINGS, TOLERANCE, MYOB, CENTRAL PLANING, DIRECTION, CONTROLS, REGULATIONS

MEDDLING: The answer was laissez faire. “It is not by the intermeddling of Mr. Southey’s idol, the omniscient and omnipotent State”, Macaulay concludes, “but by the prudence and energy of the people, that England has hitherto been carried forward in civilization; and it is to the same prudence and the same energy that we now look with comfort and good hope. Our rulers will best promote the improvement of the nation by strictly confining themselves to their own legitimate duties, by leaving capital to find its most lucrative course, commodities their fair price, industry and intelligence their natural reward, idleness and folly their natural punishment, by maintaining peace, by defending property, by diminishing the price of law, and observing strict economy in every department of the state. (*) Let the Government do this: the People will assuredly do the rest.” – Bruce Bartlett, in THE FREEMAN, May 75, p.276. - Let the meddlers interfere – but only with their own affairs. And let the laissez-faire advocates do their own things, - for themselves. It is wrong to force these or other opposites to remain subject to the same territorially enforced “community” instead of letting them go their own ways, under personal laws and full exterritorial autonomy, freely chosen by individuals for themselves. Then neither side in this controversy, or others, will have any good reason to complain about the other. Each community would get or achieve only what its members would deserve, for their choices. – (*) Alas, territorial States can, apparently and largely, do only the opposite. - JZ, 18.12.07. - OR LAISSEZ FAIRE? SECESSIONISM, FREE MARKETS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREE CHOICE, DISOBEDIENCE VS. DOMINATION, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, CAPITALISM, PROGRESS, DEVELOPMENT, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, PROPERTY, FREE EXCHANGE, VOLUNTARISM

MEDDLING: the idea of good government is simply an idle dream under the constitution as it exists today. All economic meddling by government has proved to be counter-productive and a menace to the nation. Therefore the less government – the less menace.” - Lang Hancock, in Wake Up Australia, E. J. Dwyer (Australia) Pty. Ltd, Sydney, 1970, p.6. - BY GOVERNMENTS IN THE ECONOMY, CONSTITUTIONALISM, LESS TO NO GOVERNMENT

MEDDLING: the state has no resources of its own. It has nothing, it possesses nothing that it does not take from the workers. When, then, it meddles in everything, it substitutes the deplorable and costly activity of its own agents for private activity.” - Bastiat, in G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.239. - STATE, GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM

MEDDLING: The Wilson Government meddled in ever larger areas outside its competence, while neglecting essential aspects of internal law and order and external defence.” – A. E. Dyson, in Dr. Rhodes Boyson, editor: Down with the Poor, p.123.

MEDDLING: The world is full of fools and faint hearts, and yet everyone has courage enough to bear the misfortunes, and wisdom enough to manage the affairs of his neighbour.” From Benjamin Franklin’s “Poor Richard”, 1743.

MEDDLING: There is no problem on earth that the meddling of a politician will not make worse.” – Ridgeway K. Foley Jr., On Recapturing Liberty, THE FREEMAN, 5/79, p.311. - POLITICIANS

MEDDLING: To tamper with man’s freedom is not only to injure him, to degrade him; it is to change his nature, to render him, in so far as such oppression is exercised, incapable of improvement; it is to strip him of his resemblance to the Creator, to stifle within him the noble breath of life with which he was endowed at his creation.” - Bastiat, in Roche III, Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.164. – Nevertheless, although many basic individual rights, especially economic ones, are still suppressed in all countries, and all suffer, directly or indirectly from this, and the lack of recognition for some very important rights, I have found no people, anywhere in the world, who are interested in collaborating to produce, between them, an ideal declaration of individual rights, starting with a thorough discussion of all the private rights declarations that some individuals have so far offered. I offer, digitized, over 130 declarations of this kind – but encountered so far only total apathy towards them and the above indicated goal. Libertarians and anarchist usually merely criticize some presumed rights in governmental declarations but do not bother to try to produce, between them much more rightful , complete and rational declarations of this kind than any territorial government has so far offered and is likely to offer, utilizing for this all such drafts so far published somewhere as raw material. Why this apathy among most of the supposed freedom lovers and advocates of human rights and liberties? Can you explain it to me? – Only once, in some SF story, did I find a society described that systematically tackled the job, by referring to all prior drafts and using them critically, comparing all of them point for point, in order to finally produce, between them, the best and most complete declaration of individual rights that they were capable of. Most of the private drafts that I collected and at first only micro-fiched and later digitized, in PEACE PLANS 589/590, were made in ignorance of most other such drafts. – Are libertarians and anarchists of the world still statists in this respect or will they finally resort to self-help, methodically and scientifically collaborating in this important job, perhaps our most important one? - JZ, 6.12.07. - & TAMPERING WITH FREEDOM & RIGHTS, MAN, HUMAN RIGHTS, PRIVATE DRAFTS OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, LIBERTARIANS, INTEREST IN THE OWN AFFAIRS & THOSE OF MANKIND

MEDDLING: Today, the State has succeeded in meddling in every aspect of our lives. From the cradle to the tomb, it strangles us in its arms. Sometimes as the central government, sometimes as the provincial or local State, now as the commune State, it pursues us at each step, it appears at every street corner, it imposes on us, holds us, harasses us. - It regulates all our actions. It accumulates mountains of laws and ordinances in which the shrewdest lawyer is lost. Each day it creates new gears to awkwardly patch up the broken old … (*), and it comes to create a machine so complex, so inferior, so obstructive, that it revolts even those who are charged with running it.” – Peter Kropotkin, Words of a Rebel, 1885. - (*) Illegible in my photocopy: w…h? watch? wheel? – JZ – See: STATE, LAWS.

MEDDLING: Too many politicians do too much meddling with too many affairs of others. – JZ, 1/75. And for that they expect to be voted into office – and too many voters are foolish enough to continue to do them this favor. – Territorial voting is already a general act of meddling, whether directly or indirectly, with the affairs of others, rather than being confined to and fully autonomous regarding the own affairs. - We should be sovereign consumers not only for ordinary consumer goods and services but also for all kinds of “public” services and systems, competitively offered to us by free entrepreneurs or cooperatives operating in these spheres as well. – In this way each party and movement would win full exterritorial autonomy for its platform or system. - JZ, 7.12.07. - POLITICIANS

MEDDLING: we have inherited a vast number of social ills, which never came from Nature. They are complicated products of all the tinkering, muddling, and blundering of the social doctors in the past. These products of social quackery are now buttressed by habit, fashion, prejudice, platitudinarian thinking, and new quackery in political and social science.” – W. G. Sumner, What Social Classes Owe To Each Other, p.102. - SOCIAL PROBLEMS

MEDDLING: When government is not in evidence the people are honest and loyal. When the government is meddlesome the people are in want.” – Lao Tzu, 58, in Medhurst edition, p.128. - BY GOVERNMENTS

MEDDLING: When we get it into our heads that other people’s problems are our responsibility to solve, we “rise” to the level of utter incompetence. However good out intention, our meddling makes matters worse rather than better.” – Leonard E. Read, Then Truth Will Out, p.54. – However, some matters, like dictatorships, monetary despotism with its consequences inflation, involuntary mass unemployment, frequent crises, the employer-employee-relationship, monopolies, war and peace decision, taxation, individual human rights declarations, territorial governments, nuclear weapons stocks, etc. are also our concern or should be. – JZ, 18.12.07. - We should stop those powers, which cause these problems by their laws and institutions and impose them upon involuntary victims. They must become confined to their voluntary victims. All others must become free to secede from these powers to do their own things among themselves. Panarchism and polyarchism do not demand any more but also not any less. - JZ, 3.1.11.

MEDDLING: When will we finally get rid of them: all these loathsome people, who continuously are occupied to force their own opinions upon others, to school-master them, to patronize them, to reform them, to protect them, to regulate them …” - John Henry Mackay, Abrechnung, S.151. – When we are finally free to secede from them and live under self-chosen and self-managed institutions and laws. – But they are still needed for all the remaining statists, who have not yet learnt their lessons. - JZ, 18.12.07.

MEDDLINIG: A Paradox: Many persons are so reluctant to become involved in other people’s affairs that they will stand by and see a fellow man beaten or even killed without intervening. (*) Yet those very same non-Samaritans readily join in great numbers (**) to make other people’s decisions for them, meddle in their business, force them to act “for their own good”. (***) – James C. Patrick, Decatur, Illinois, quoted in THE FREEMAN, March 67. - (*) That would mean risking their own skin and all too many people are adverse to that, even in a good cause. - People would often behave quite differently if they were not victimized by meddling victim disarmament laws. - JZ, 3.1.11. - (**) That is without risk to themselves! - (***) Then no more than a “free” but meddling vote is required of them for such “reforms”. – This kind of meddling would be diminished once all people are free to secede and to run their own shows independently, for and among likeminded volunteers only. - JZ, 6.12.07, 29.10.13. - NON-INTERVENTION, MUTUAL AID, SOCIAL CONTRACT, VOLUNTARISM, SECESSIONISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM UNDER PERSONAL LAW

MEDIA, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA: How many marriages would still be continued intact or would have become possible if the scholar involved had been able to keep his special library down to the size of a shoe box, via e.g. microfiche or to the size of a single book, in form of an external hard drive, which, with 320 Gbs could contain over a million books? I encountered only two or three marriages, which survived the spread of a private library even into the kitchen. – JZ, 4.8.83, 4.12.07. - PRIVATE LIBRARIES & MARRIAGES OF PRIVATE SCHOLARS & BOOK WORMS

MEDIA, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA: See e.g. my microfiche project, realized in my PEACE PLANS series and also my CD-ROM project. - JZ, 17.9.04. – - Since 2002 I am more interested in getting, finally, all libertarian writings onto CDs. Many such titles that are already digitally offered, as well as my own free banking bibliography, are already in two long files on, waiting there for completion by others. - JZ, 3.1.11. - MICROFICHE READING & PUBLISHING, CD-ROM PROJECT, SUPER-COMPUTER PROJECT, LIBERTARIAN ENCYCLOPEDIA, LIBERTARIAN DIGITAL LIBRARY, FROM FREEDOM OF INFORMATION & FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION TO FREEDOM OF ACTION, PANARCHISM

MEDIA, CONVENTIONAL & MASS MEDIA: The mostly unconventional libertarians and anarchists still believe largely only in the conventional media, to which one must reckon, by now, e.g. websites. No matter how many of their texts could be very cheaply offered on alternative media, even on microfilm and floppy disks, much more on CDs and DVDs, and almost unbelievably much, over a million books, on a 320 Gbs HD, they still stick largely to the conventional media, regardless of the production, storage, maintenance and transmission costs involved with them. Also regardless of their tendency to get out of print all too fast and to remain out of print for all too long. Mostly their texts are not yet translated into other languages or only all too belatedly and into some. Their misplaced faith - in conventional but all too limited publishing options - keeps most of their writings all too expensive or out of print and thus unknown, unappreciated and also un-translated in most cases. – How can one convert them to the use of all their electronic options now, for their ideas? I do not know. Long established habits and beliefs are very hard to change. – JZ, 6.4.04, 22.10.07. - WEBSITES, ANARCHISTS & LIBERTARIANS, ALTERNATIVE VS. CONVENTIONAL PUBLISHING

MEDIA: Freedom of the press is the freedom of 200 people to spread their opinions.” – Journalist Paul Sethe, quoted in: Uwe Timm, Gesammelte Schriften, s.198. – With the now existing alternative recording, retrieval and communication options even individuals can, potentially, reach millions. But only when they do sufficiently combine their information offers, instead of spreading them over tens of thousands of different libertarian websites. Automatic search engines or their users, are not yet good enough to easily pull all the really wanted information together. And if they do, then they do not systematically share their findings in a suitable way with others, saving them repetitive and boring search labors. – JZ,  29.10.13. – IDEAS ARCHIVE, LIBERTARIAN LIBRARY, ABSTRACTS, REVIEW COLLECTIONS, INDEX, BIBLIOGRAPHY, REFUTATIONS ENCYCLOPEDIA, NEW DRAFT, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA, PRESS, NEWSPAPERS, JOURNALISTS, EDITORS, PROPRIETORS OF MEDIA

MEDIA: If the mass media did their job properly, then they would always point out the wide gap between the public statements and promises of politicians and leaders and their actual actions or votes. – JZ, 14.9.07. - NEWSPAPERS, JOURNALISTS, PRESS, TV & RADIO NEWS, REPORTERS, PUBLICITY, LEADERSHIP, RULERS, POLITICIANS, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

MEDIA: Never employ a medium more sophisticated than the cultural level of the subject.”– Sydney J. Van Scyoc, Death-song, in GALAXY, 2/74. – Are computers and microfiche really too sophisticated or are they by now almost fool-proof for the user? – JZ, n.d. – Reading and publishing habits are much more involved than sophistication or even cost savings and convenience. Libertarians could and should have used affordable and powerful alternative media for all their texts – but still haven’t. – JZ, 18.12.07. -MASS MEDIA & ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MEDIA: Our liberty depends on freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.”- Thomas Jefferson. – Potentially, a single large disc, book-sized and affordable, could now come to offer all libertarian texts so far published. Are enough libertarians systematically collaborating toward providing this kind of enlightenment tool or capital for each other? – JZ, 29.10.13. - MASS MEDIA, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, CENSORSHIP, FREEDOM OF INFORMATION, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA, DIGITAL MEDIA

MEDIA: Simply turn to us when you need to know more.”– Prime TV, recent advertisement and pretence. – As if they had all knowledge to offer, especially all solutions to today’s problems. –  - JZ, 1.8.94. - Similar myths are now advanced and believed about the Internet. – JZ, 4.12.07. - In territorial statism, or parliamentarism the myth of an all powerful, all-knowing and benevolent God is being continued. - JZ, 3.1.11. - MASS MEDIA, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, GOD, RELIGION, IDEAS ARCHIVE, LIBERTARIAN LIBRARY, NEW DRAFT

MEDIA: The mass media were never as free and positively influential as they believe themselves to be. – JZ, 4.12.07. - PRESS & FREEDOM

MEDIA: The media’s fashionable assertion is that they offer “all you need to know” – while they only rarely offer anything that’s really significant or worth knowing and thus would bring us closer to genuine solutions. – JZ, 20.4.93. – Compare for instance their excess reporting on the “actions” and “ideas” of politicians and other mass media heroes and heroines. - Especially new ideas - or unknown old and good ones - need special media for themselves, rather than the existing ones. The same applies to special talents, innovators and reformers that do not appeal to mass interests, like the designers of already popular consumer products do. – What all innovators have to offer could now possibly fit onto one external hard disks, which the innovators could and should fill themselves, between them. But they have to be motivated and organized to do this and thus to help themselves by establishing a real market for what they do have to offer. - JZ, 4.12.07, 3.1.11. - Yesterday and for only 50 cents I bought second-hand a 511 page indexed book with the intriguing title: “The Cure for All Cancers”, by Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D., with 100 case histories, copyright 1993, ISBN 0-9636328-2-5. – PROMOTIONS PUBLISHING, 20387 Friars Road Suite 231, San Diego, CA 92120  (800) 231-1776. – The same publisher offers another book by the same author: “The Cure For HIV And AIDS.”- Regardless of whether the extravagant claims in the titles are correct or not, the advice of such books, and its refutations, if or when available, should be part of the real knowledge - as well as of all the already refuted claims of cures or solutions - that should be made easily accessible to all people. – So far almost nothing remains as widely unknown than real solutions to real remaining problems, especially in the sphere of the misnamed “social science” and in the health sciences. – Even this author tried to monopolize her knowledge via copyrights. – There are almost 10 000 references to her first book offered by Google! Should one have to wade oneself through as many to see the pro and cons of her proposals? – JZ, 15.12.07. – Should we not rather attempt to assemble all health information on a single large disk? - All anti-aging information on another one and all libertarian information on one? - JZ, 12.2.09. - INFORMATION REVOLUTION, DIGITAL PUBLISHING OF REFERENCE WORKS, HEALTH ENCYCLOPEDIA, IDEAS ARCHIVE, LIBERTARIAN ENCYLCOPEDIA & LIBRARY

MEDIA: The mostly unconventional libertarians and anarchists still believe largely only in the conventional media, to which one must reckon, by now, e.g. websites. No matter how many of their texts could be very cheaply offered on alternative media, even on microfilm and floppy disks, much more on CDs and DVDs, and almost unbelievably much, over a million books, on a 320 Gbs HD, they still stick largely to the conventional media, regardless of the search-, production, storage, maintenance and transmission costs involved with them. Also regardless of their tendency to get out or print all too fast and to remain out of print for all too long. Mostly they are not translated into other languages or only all too incompletely and belatedly. Their misplaced faith in conventional but all too limited publishing options keeps most of their writings all too expensive or out of print and thus unknown, unappreciated and also un-translated in most cases. – How can one convert to the use of all their digital options now, for their ideas? I do not know. Long established habits and beliefs are very hard to change. – JZ, 6.4.04, 22.10.07, 29.10.13. - On there is at least the beginnings of a list of digitized libertarian titles and also of numerous free banking titles. Both are waiting for their completion by others than myself. - JZ, 3.1.11. - CONVENTIONAL & MASS MEDIA, WEBSITES, ANARCHISTS & LIBERTARIANS

MEDIA: The resistance of people against the use of alternative media is more harmful to them than is the power of the old mass media over the people’s minds. – JZ, 19.5.84. – By now websites are also conventional media and alternatives to them are rarely considered. Not even in form of disks, which are already extensively used e.g. for music, films, software and games but very little for special reference libraries. – JZ, 4.12.07. – CD-PROJECT, LIBERTARIAN LIBRARY ON A SINGLE LARGE DISC

MEDIA: Thinking of the thousands to 100 000ds paid for media “stories”, it is lack of interest and the mass of popular prejudices among the masses of readers that make significant truths non-sellers in this market. They are not even accepted when offered free of charge by others than the guild of journalists and editors. Or they require expensive advertisements, which individuals or minority groups can only rarely afford. At least the mass media have now to compete with the Internet and individuals get a limited and mostly obscure voice at least there. – JZ, 29.10.98. - PRESS, IDEAS, IDEAS ARCHIVE, COMPREHENSIVE DIGITAL PUBLISHING & LIBRARIES

MEDIA: With present alternative media, cheap and powerful as they are, we should mobilize all our resources for liberty, peace, justice, prosperity, life extension, intelligence increase and the stars. My son recently bought and showed me some Kodak CDs expected to last 300 years, i.e., as long as good paper and microfilm are expected to last. And any one of these 700 Mbs. CDs could come to contain 3000 books or their page equivalent. So there is really no excuse any longer for any freedom, peace and justice texts to remain unpublished or out of print, at least not in this format or on still more powerful disks, like DVDs, blue light disks or also very cheap und much more powerful external Hard Drives. To withhold them until they can be profitably published in print on paper is really a scandal or even a crime committed against mankind. Mankind is entitled to all the enlightenment that it is seeking and that could be very cheaply provided if only monopolizing laws, like copyrights laws, would not interfere. But at least all not copyrighted or no longer copyrighted information should be so offered, already, a.s.a.p. Lasting CDs require no telephone or broadband or satellite costs, connection costs to dial up service suppliers, long search labors and times as well as risks and no maintenance costs as websites do. – Disks offering whole special reference libraries would already represent much research, search, selection, editing and downloading, efforts and could have inbuilt search engines or indexes and could have excluded all bugs, viruses, worms etc. The searcher for information, using them, would not be confronted with tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of references to look through himself. Others, some specialists, compiling a special reference library on a CD, would have done this job already for him and all others buyers of it. - JZ, 20.2.94, 31.10.070. 12.2.09. - ALTERNATIVE, CHEAP, POWERFUL & LASTING ONES, CD-PROJECT, IDEAS ARCHIVE, LIBERTARIAN ENCYLOPEDIA

MEDIBANK: A national health service is a national disaster. – JZ, 2.8.75. - Put your money into your own Medibank. – JZ, 3.7.76. – “Universal health care” tends to remain rather careless about many special health problems, not yet officially recognized by it. – Innovations take a long time before they are recognized and covered by it. - JZ, 7.12.07. – MEDICARE, SOCIALIZED MEDICINE & HEALTH INSURANCE

MEDIBANK: Health costs are killing us.” – Stormy Mon, Imagine Freedom, p.138. - MEDICARE, OFFICIAL HEALTH POLICIES

MEDIBANK: Health is too serious to be left to doctors.” – Gough Whitlam. - Health is too serious to be left to politicians and bureaucrats. – JZ, 14.5.75. - HEALTH, DOCTORS & POLITICIANS

MEDIBANK: One of the biggest bank-robberies of them all! – JZ, 23.3.75. – If they can call it a bank then I can call it a robbery. – You can have your Medibank! Just pay for it yourself! - JZ, 10/76. – On second thought, they did change their name from Medibank to Medicare. – JZ, 7.12.07. – Let me opt out of Medicare. I rather pay my own bills or take out an insurance for emergency cases only, say for medical bills exceeding 2000 to 5000 dollars a year. Such insurance contracts are offered for astonishingly low fees, because such medical emergencies are relatively rare. – Compulsory Medicare contributions are still collected together with other taxes in Australia. - JZ, 7.12.07. - MEDICARE ETC.

MEDICAL CARE: If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it’s free.” – P. J. O’Rourke (1993) - HEALTH ADMINISTRATION, FREE HEALTH INSURANCE BY GOVERNMENTS, JOKES

MEDICAL FREEDOM: The Constitution of the Republic should make provision for medical freedom as well as religious freedom. To restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privilege to others will constitute the Bastille of medical science.” – Benjamin Rush, in George Seldes, The Great Quotations. – By now all good medical advice as well as warnings against all flawed medical and health practices could be digitally combined and offered very cheaply online or on CDs or DVDs. If orthodox doctors and naturopaths will not take the initiative in this respect then, perhaps, the patients should, creating their own Health WIKIPEDIA. – JZ, 18.12.07. - HEALTH CARE MONOPOLY

MEDICAL LICENSING: As you increase the cost of the license to practice medicine, you increase the price at which the medical service must be sold and you correspondingly decrease the number of people who can afford to buy the service.” – William Pusey, then president of the American Medical Association

MEDICAL MONOPOLY: Ivan Illich reminds us that “most curable sickness can now be treated by laymen.” But it is a crime for laymen to treat each other. A seventeen-year-old girl who treated a hundred and thirty of her classmates for venereal disease was arrested and tried. The judge let her go on a technicality when experts found she got far better results than the U.S. Public Health Service.” – Richard Cornuelle, Demanaging America, p.54. - JOKES

MEDICAL SERVICE: Medical Service, because it is both wanted and scarce, is an economic good and… the market is the best device for conserving and allocating such goods.” – THE FREEMAN, 7/73, p.447. - HEALTH SERVICES IN THE MARKET, HEALTH INSURANCE

MEDICARE: It is good for bad doctors, good for non-ill patients. It’s ghastly for dedicated doctors and ghastly for sick patients, because of the waiting lists and the poverty of the consultation at general practice level. “The patients lose all consumer control because they do not pay the doctors themselves. The doctor is paid by the State. …” – Bettina Bean Greaves, THE FREEMAN, 1/78. - GOVERNMENTAL HEALTH CARE SYSTEMS, DOCTORS

MEDICARE: Medicare is Anti-Health.” – Leonard E. Read, Thoughts Rule the World, p.21.

MEDICARE: National Health Insurance means combining the efficiency of the Postal Service with the compassion of the I.R.S. … and the cost accounting of the Pentagon.” – Louis Sullivan/Connie Horner quoted by Novak in "Forbes". - A federally administered health care system would have all the compassion of the IRS, the efficiency of the Postal Service, and at Pentagon prices." - From a Libertarian pamphlet. - HEALTHCARE CARE BY GOVERNMENTS, NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE, NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE, HEALTH CARE BY GOVERNMENTS, JOKE

MEDICARE: Nationalized health is synonymous with delays, waiting lists, rationing, and high taxes.” – Dr. Christopher Lyon - OTHER NATIONALIZED HEALTH SERVICES

MEDICARE: Socialized Medicine is an international flop.” – PRIVATE PRACTICE, published by CCMS Publishing Company, Oklahoma City, - OPTION, 2/77. - HEALTH CARE SOCIALIZATION

MEDICINE, SOCIALIZED HEALTH CARE: Medibank should be called Medibankruptcy.” – Duncan Yuille, M.D., 20.10.76.

MEDICINE, SOCIALIZED HEALTH CARE: Politicalized medicine is bad medicine.” – Thomas G. Dorrity, 4/72. – “Politics and good medicine do not mix.” – Thomas G. Dorrity, M.D., Memphis.

MEDICINE, SOCIALIZED: Lenin once said that socialized medicine is ‘the keystone in the arch of communism.’” – LEFEVRE’S JOURNAL, Sum. 75.

MEDICINE: But it is not the method, but socialist medicine per se that is at fault: it is neither practical nor moral.” – S. Brienbaum M.D. & Marshall Bruce Evoy, - OPTION, 2/77. - But those who want it for themselves are welcome to it – at their own expense. – JZ, 5.11.82. – For most people in developed countries catastrophe health insurance would be all the insurance cover they would need. Let us say for all medical exceeding ca. 3000 to $ 5 000 p.a. Naturally, people should be able to select how much in costs they would be prepared to cover themselves. The remaining rates for the cover of very high expenses can be very low, because they occur so rarely. – JZ, 18.12.07, 3.1.11. - SOCIALIZED HEALTH CARE

MEDICINE: Free choice of doctors or medicines. The worst medical advice – but only for those who still believe it to be good enough. Also the best medical advice – but only for those already enlightened by it. The same for any kind of reform advice and practice. - JZ, 25.1.05. - Digitally and encyclopedically, much more and better health information could be offered to anyone than any medical professional can manage to have in his head and to apply. - But will the orthodox and the alternative medicine men be willing to compile and publish it? That might be a job for the sick and for the health and longevity loving people themselves. - JZ, 3.1.11. - HEALTH & LONGEVITY ENCYCLOPEDIA, ON AN EXTERNAL HD.

MEDICINE: Keep politics out of medicine.” – Thomas G. Dorrity, Mo.O., Memphis. – If you want to get or remain healthy, keep politicians, bureaucrats and unionists as well as professionals special interest associations out of this sphere. – JZ, 21.5.13. - HEALTH CARE

MEDICINE: The wonders of modern medicine! Even when they can’t cure you, they won’t let you die with some dignity by your own prior choice an agreement. Instead, they keep you alive as comatose or semi-conscious corpses in discomfort and pain, as long as they can. And they call that humane. – JZ, 13.2.93, 4.12.07. - SUICIDE & ASSISTED SUICIDE, EUTHANASIA, LIVING WILLS

MEDIUM & MESSAGE: After all the hue and cry about the absurdity of “The medium is the message”, we have to get back to the reality of “The message is the medium”, the medium to bring about rightful and worthwhile changes. – JZ, 15.3.75. – However, I had tried for decades to introduce freedom lovers to microfiche as a powerful and affordable reading and publishing medium and some months to try to persuade them to make extensive use of CDs and DVDs for freedom texts. Both attempts of mine failed. Nor have I found people willing to help fill external HDs of 320 Gbs. with over 1 million pro-freedom books or their page equivalent. The message that consists in the existence of such media for freedom of expression and information, especially among freedom lovers, has still not sunk in among them. This in spite of the extreme cheapness of such media. Such a HD did cost here as little as A $ 78 for a 2 TB one and it could come to contain all freedom texts ever written, I believe. – Would the earlier libertarians have refused to use printing and later typewriters and insisted on using only handwriting for their texts? – JZ, 18.12.07, 3.1.11, 29.10.13.

MEDIUM, MASS MEDIA: The medium is the message!”? – The Medium is the Mess-up.” – John Brunner, The Shockwave Rider, Orbit Books, Great Britain, 1975/77, p.194. - PRESS,

MEEK: It’s going to be fun to watch and see how long the meek can keep the earth after they inherit it.” – K. F. M. Hubbard, 1868 – 1930. – A. Andrews Quotations, p.297. – Possibly much longer than the strong, when the latter are “armed” with nuclear “weapons”. – JZ, 18.12.07, 3.1.11. - AS INHERITORS OF EARTH

MEEKNESS: Maybe Jesus was right when he said the meek shall inherit the earth – but they inherit very small plots, about six feet by three.” – Robert Heinlein, Time Enough for Love, p.158. - CHRISTIANITY, INHERITANCE,

MELTING POT: Even after hundreds of years it is still not enough of a melting pot. – JZ, 25.11.95. – Those who do not want to be “melted” or integrated, should be quite free to become exterritorially autonomous. No peaceful ethnic or other group should be under the command or the votes of any other group or collection of groups, movements or parties etc. – JZ, 4.12.07. - NORTH AMERICA, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARY INTEGRATION, VOLUNTARY SEGREGATION, INDIVIDUAL CHOICE, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIAL IMPOSITIONS

MELTING POT: Society is more of a mosaic than a melting pot. Each individual and culture must be free to continually create their own valuable identity. One of our basic problems is that we have forced the melting pot concept rather than allowing a mosaic to naturally develop. Those with different skin color, individualists and native Indians, for example.” – Stormy Mon, A Liberty Book, p.47. - A mosaic has still geographical features, however small. Personal law options should come down to individuals, families and their properties. But their voluntary associations can be nation-wide or even world-wide for their volunteers. - JZ, 3.1.11. – PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, VOLUNTARY INTEGRATION & SEGREGATION

MELTING POT: States ought to cease trying to be coercive and vast melting pots, leaving political, economic and social affiliations as much to individuals as religious and marital relationships, making them as pure of intermixed, diverse and radical free or unfree as sovereign consumer and associates want them to be. – JZ, 10,12.07. - TERRITORIAL STATES, FREE CHOICE FOR PERSONAL LAWS & COMMUNITY INSTITUTIONS OR SOCIETIES TO INDIVIDUALS, UNDER FULL EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PANARCHISM

MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENTS: Suppose you were an idiot and suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.” – Mark Twain. - POLITICIANS, CAREER CHOICES, PUBLIC SERVANTS & REPRESENTATIVES, CONGRESS, JOKES

MEMBERSHIP: How can man be both free and at the same time subject to a political commonwealth?” – Maurice Cranston, Political Dialogues, p.175, describing Rousseau’s & Morley’s positions. - By making all commonwealths dependent upon voluntary membership, i.e., turning them into individualistic commonwealths under personal laws and confined to exterritorial autonomy! – JZ, 23.8.81, 18.12.07. – VOLUNTARY MEMBERSHIP, PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

MEMBERSHIP: Membership in society is voluntary; membership in government is compulsory. That is the radical distinction.” – John Beverley Robinson, The Economics of Liberty, p.15. – Even the free voters are hardly members of a government but, rather, subjects of tens of thousands of laws and of thousands of bureaucratic institutions, most of them not wanted by them. – And they are not free to opt out from under a territorial government and to refuse to pay taxes to it and to live in their own free societies. Even if they want to merely visit other countries they need a passport and visa. - JZ, 18.12.07. - COMPULSORY VS. VOLUNTARY MEMBERSHIP

MEMBERSHIP: State citizenship got its distinct value only by becoming subject to a voluntary decision. Just like the State for any reason or motive may refuse membership to foreigners, so does any citizen have the right to refuse citizenship for himself, if a State mis-pleases him. - D. E. Sattler, Thesen zur Staatenlosigkeit. (Theses on Statelessness.) 2nd. Thesis. – Statelessness under a territorial State is not an attractive position, as long as the territorial State forces e.g. its tax laws and other territorial laws also upon resident foreigners and dissenters. They must also gain the freedom of full exterritorial autonomy und their own personal laws, constitutions and jurisdiction. – JZ, 18.12.07. – VOLUNTARY MEMBERSHIP, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM & EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PANARCHISM

MEMBERSHIP: The rights and liberties of nations can only be preserved by institutions.” – Benjamin Disraeli, 1804-1881, The Spirit of Whiggism. – The rights and liberties of nations can only be destroyed by involuntary national institutions, i.e., territorial ones, which suppress the exterritorial autonomy of minorities. All dissenters should be free to form their own communities of volunteers under personal laws and institutions. – A political science, which does not take that freedom and right into consideration, does not deserve to be called a science. JZ, 18.12.07. - COMPULSORY VS. VOLUNTARY MEMBERSHIP

MEMBERSHIP: We still life in an age of imposed territorial statism with its territorial monopoly claims, centralized powers and compulsory membership or compulsory subordination of people living in a territory exclusively claimed by one or the other group. This means, among other things, imposed laws, tribute gathering, suppression of dissenting actions and experiments, centralization of power, and collective responsibility measures for the actions of the centralized territorial power against all subjected to that power (Worst instance the MAD – Mutual Assured Destruction nuclear policies of territorial governments.) or, for all members of a somewhat recognizable dissenting group for the real or imagined actions of a few members of that group, always under the wrongful assumption that one group of people has the right to rule over and restrict or condemn another group of people, territorially, collectively, rather than judging individual aggressors of that group individually. All wrongful actions of territorial monopolies are rationalized by “national security”, claims to “territorial unity” or “territorial integrity” and the supposed need for equal laws for all living in a territory and similar or related popular prejudices. As long as such notions predominate panarchism cannot prosper. However, once all opposition forces unite, sufficiently, under the panarchist banner, striving for exterritorial and voluntary autonomy for all of their voluntary communities, even for those of their opponents and for the presently ruling territorial regime, and apply this aim consistently in all their actions, then they could come to win freedom for themselves – and more freedom for all others as well – in a relatively short time and with relatively little effort. Fanatic resistance against panarchism would then be avoided and allies for it could be found in the ranks of all groups, movements and parties. – JZ, 27.1.05. - VOLUNTARY VS. COMPULSORY, PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

MEMBERSHIP: Whenever and wherever you are a compulsory member, e.g. as a school boy, as a recruit, as a tax payer, as a State subject, your chances to reason at all or successfully with the authorities are close to zero. – JZ, 15.7.96. - VOLUNTARY VS. INVOLUNTARY OR COMPULSORY MEMBERSHIP?

MEMORANDA: Are you labouring under the impression that I read these memoranda of yours? I can’t even lift them.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1882-1945 to Leon Henderson, I .K. Galbraith Ambassador’s Journal, 1969. – Could he have lifted all the laws and regulations passed under his rule? – JZ, 12.2.090. - REPORTS, PAPERS SUBMITTED TO RULERS FOR THEIR DECISION-MAKING, INFORMED DECISION-MAKING BY RULERS? LAWS

MEMORY: Anything processed by memory is a fiction”. – Michael Ratcliffe, reviewing Paul Fussell’s Abroad. THE TIMES, 19.5.1931. - RED.

MEMORY: That most fabulous of instruments, the human mind, has never realized its potential in any man, coming closest perhaps in Leonardo da Vinci or Avicenna. The memory, which is now often replaced by computers, notebooks, or whatever, has never been so useful since the Middle Ages, when any Arab (by that I mean anyone of any nationality, who was a part of the Arab civilization) author could recite the contents of his entire list of books, verbatim. Each author had the text of all of his books committed to memory and would dictate when a book was needed. Druid priests and storytellers everywhere had fabulous memories, for there was no other way. (To those who might question this, I refer them to The Arabic Book by Johannes Pedersen as the quickest of many references.)” – Louis L’Amour, Education of a Wandering Man, p.189. – By now most of us have, probably, read much more than we could possibly remember. Thus we should build up and use artificial memories to be able to recall whatever interests us or is needed for the moment. Seeing the growing capacity of flash memories and their falling prices, the notion of Robert Heinlein, that someone might have a lightweight personal data bank on his belt has reached a degree of practicality, supplemented by Internet access via mobile phones. Also: A book-sized external HD of 320 GBs can already contain over one million books. – JZ, 13.9.07. - Phones with Internet access provide this option now, at least to some extent. - JZ, 3.1.11. - BRAIN-CAPACITY, MIND, PORTABLE MEMORY BANK, DATA BANK

MEN: If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government that is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself.” – James Madison. - Compare what Kant in "Eternal Peace" said about the possibility of a utopia even of devils, rather than angels. - JZ, 22.11.06, 3.1.11. - GOVERNMENTS

MEN: If men are good, you don’t need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don’t dare have one.” – Robert LeFevre - GOOD & BAD & THE SUPPOSED NEED FOR GOVERNMENT

MEN: Men who have greatness within them don’t go in for politics.” – Albert Camus - GREAT MEN, STAY OUT OF POLITICS

MEN: What is wrong with men? They still feed priests, preachers, holy men, gurus, politicians and bureaucrats and “great” leaders. – JZ, 5.4.04, 21.10.07. - Q.

MENCKEN’S CREED: I believe that religion, generally speaking, has been a curse to mankind - that its modest and greatly overestimated services on the ethical side have been more than overcome by the damage it has done to clear and honest thinking. // I believe that no discovery of fact, however trivial, can be wholly useless to the race, and that no trumpeting of falsehood, however virtuous in intent, can be anything but vicious. // I believe that all government is evil, in that all government must necessarily make war upon liberty ... // I believe that the evidence for immortality is no better than the evidence of witches, and deserves no more respect. // I believe in the complete freedom of thought and speech... // I believe in the capacity of man to conquer his world, and to find out what it is made of, and how it is run. // I believe in the reality of progress. // I - - But the whole thing, after all, may be put very simply: I believe that it is better to tell the truth than to lie. I believe that it is better to be free than to be a slave. And I believe that it is better to know than (*) be ignorant.” – Where did he state that? – Can this attitude be stated even better than he did? – (*) to? – JZ, 4.1.08. - He too all too much an anti-reform and anti-revolution stand and, to my knowledge, never considered the exterritorial autonomy options for volunteers. - JZ, 3.1.11. - RELIGIONS

MENTAL ATTITUDE: Your mental attitude is the most important factor of any difficulty.” – From 1977 Collins Desk Calendar. - REASON, MIND, THOUGHT, CHARACTER, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, INTEREST IN INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

MENTAL HEALTH: Being in a state mental hospital would drive anyone crazy.” – Dr. Thomas Szasz.

MENTAL INDEPENDENCE: Mr. [John Stuart] Mill was an earnest and eloquent advocate of individual liberty. He was penetrated with the leading truth that all the great human qualities depend upon a man’s mental independence, and upon his steady refusal to let a church, or a party, or the society in which he lives, think for him.” – Auberon Herbert, in Mack, A.H., p.123. – As if freedom to think, express and inform oneself would be good enough without freedom to act and experiment.

MENTAL LAZINESS: And they are so lazy - they don't seem to want to know or to understand. … But the grown people didn't want to know things - they only wanted to fool around.” - Wilmar H. Shiras, In Hiding, ASTOUNDING SF, Nov. 1948, p. 61. - DISINTEREST, APATHY, STUPIDITY, INDIFFERENCE, NON-THINKING, INTEREST, KNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTANDING, MASSES, PUBLIC OPINION, FOOLISHNESS, IGNORANCE

MENTAL REVOLUTION: No great improvements in the lot of mankind are possible, until a great change takes place in the fundamental constitution of their modes of thought.” - John Stuart Mill, in his Autobiography. - Alas, he himself did not get away from territorialist-statist thinking. - JZ, 8.4.89. - IDEAS CHANGE, CHANGE OF MEMES REQUIRED FOR PANARCHISM, CULTURAL REVOLUTION, ENLIGHTENMENT, PREJUDICES, , STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM

MERCANTILISM: [Mercantilism is] a system of statism which employed economic fallacy to build up a structure of imperial state power, as well as special subsidy and monopolistic privilege to individuals or groups favored by the state". - Murray Rothbard, The Logic of Action, Vol. 2 [1997] – Quoted by Nizam Ahmad – Facebook, 9.10.13.

MERCANTILISM: At least the mercantilists saw one thing clear: a persistent currency famine. They knew that with a greater supply of sound exchange media they could produce and exchange much more. However, they tried to overcome this shortage in a wrong and inefficient way: by accumulating scarce and exclusive exchange media, like rare metal coins, and prohibiting their export, instead of abolishing this kind of money monopoly and producing themselves, competitively, as much in sound free market monies and clearing certificates or account credits as the market would accept at par, i.e., without discounting them. - Note to Theodor Hertzka, Die Probleme der menschlichen Wirtschaft, S.8. - JZ, 11.1.81, 15.5.97, 29.10.13. - MONEY MONOPOLY & CURRENCY FAMINE

MERCANTILISM: For the fourth eruption of truth refer to Adam Smith and one of the greatest books ever written: The Wealth of Nations. It was his book and the help of John Bright, Richard Cobden and Frederic Bastiat that resulted in the overthrow of mercantilism – the thing we now call the planned economy or welfare state. Result? The Industrial Revolution, the greatest boon to the masses up until that time.” - Leonard E. Read, How Do We Know? p.90/91.

MERCANTILISM: modern economics is an atavism. Under the divine right doctrine the king was presumed to have the capacity to regulate wages, prices and the conditions under which men could produce and exchange things; the modern economist endows the State with the same capacity. It was, indeed, to deny the validity of the Mercantilist State, with its economic presumptions, that Adam Smith wrote his Wealth of Nations and began the vogue of treating economics as a natural science. The modern economist, rejecting the idea of the naturalness of economics, is a mercantilist of the first water. He might object to certain interventions of the State, as inadequate or unfair, but he takes for granted that intervention is not only proper but essential to the management of economic affairs. Since this notion was abhorrent to the liberals of old, it is odd that he modernists should assume the character (*) of ‘liberals’.” – Frank Chodorov, Out of Step, 67/68. – (*) name? – JZ - NEO-MERCANTILISM, MODERN ECONOMICS: STATE INTERVENTIONISM

MERCANTILISM: NEO-MERCANTILISM: In recent decades, we seem to be returning to the earlier mercantilist attitude of beggar thy neighbor. And there can be no doubt that government legislation has brought this about …” - M. Bruce Johnson, in REASON, 7/74.

MERCANTILISM: Take the theory of Mercantilism and boil it down. What do you get? You get political control over what you eat. Now, if someone holds the power of decision over you as to whether you eat or starve, he’s acquired considerable leverage over every aspect of your life; - you do not bite the hand that feeds you! If someone controls your livelihood, you do his bidding, or people start talking about you in the past tense. - Mercantilism, in short, is the prototype of today’s totalitarian state, where government – by controlling the economy – exerts a commanding influence over people in every sector of their lives. … The theory of Mercantilism held that government must control and mange the economy, else production would be chaotic and the right people would not be properly rewarded. Present-day collectivists concur; …” - Edmund A. Opitz, Adam Smith and the Invisible Hand, THE FREEMAN, 6/76, p.357. - TOTALITARIANISM, COLLECTIVISM, STATISM, INTERVENTIONISM, MODERN GOVERNMENTS, WELFARE STATE, WARFARE STATE, AUTARCHY ATTEMPTS

MERCANTILISM: These three “modern” tendencies – distrust of individual initiative, exacerbated nationalism (called chauvinism after the ultranationalist French Bonapartist Chauvin), at the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth, in neomercantilism. This began in the Germany of Bismarck and in the United States, spread by reaction to England, France, and other countries, produced the two world wars, and destroyed the international division of labor. Christened in Germany in 1920 the “planned economy” (Planwirtschaft) and later everywhere called the “controlled economy”, under the pretext of defending national interest against foreign competition and the humble classes against domestic oppression, it has enthroned the omnipotent state wherever it has gained a foothold …” Balvé, Economics, p.7. - The supposedly omnipotent State cannot assure freedom, peace and justice. It cannot even stop inflation, deflation and mass unemployment but rather causes them with its monetary despotism and it also causes wars with its powers, especially its territorialist monopoly claims. It can increase but hardly ever reduce taxes, it can increase but hardly ever reduced bureaucracy. Its supposed omnipotence is another delusion of the territorial statists. – JZ, 18.12.07. - NEO-MERCANTILISM, CHAUVINISM, NATIONALISM, PLANNED ECONOMY, CONTROLLED ECONOMY, STATE SOCIALISM, MACROECONOMICS

MERCANTILISM: While the mercantilists thought that to become better off one would have to accumulate more money, having in mind merely a scarce and exclusive silver or and gold currency, the monetary freedom advocates hold that one would have to produce more sound money, based upon wanted goods and services, already produced and sold, at least to wholesalers, or already offered in retail shops, and that thereby one would facilitate sales and trade and thus increase orders and more production and trade and thereby increase general prosperity or the standard of living, as much as one could, with the existing technology and sciences, skills and training, resources and productively invested savings. Under monetary freedom, savings would also accumulate fast and under financial freedom they could and would be more fully and readily available for productive investments. - I would like to see a model experiment undertaken, e.g., in a Red Indian reservation or in some poor village in Haiti or under similar underdeveloped conditions, e.g. among Negroes in Harlem. It could begin with a single general store, issuing its own token currency, based especially upon local products for local consumption and would make a few wage payment loans with its token currency to local producers, too. (A fringe benefit for the store would be, it would not be held up for this kind of private and competitive cash for its holders and spenders could be very easily traced. - One of the benefits of a limited and local circulation. - JZ, 12.9.02.) - How fast could such a system expand, e.g. to include the local shopping center, increasing local productivity and local sales and local employment as well as local savings, assuming only that there exist no mental, legal, customary, traditional, juridical and administrative blocks against such a self-help development and against making and accepting one's own money and using it optimally for one's own productive and exchange purposes? How long would it take before there might be two shops and the number of those paid wages for productive local work in this local currency, would be doubled? How long before there would be small local surpluses, that could be invested in mini-loans for local mini-enterprises? How long would it be before such a local economy and local currency issue would help the local economy to so to speak pull itself up by its bootstraps? - Naturally, that would require local autonomy towards the central monetary despotism, probably also exemptions from all taxes imposed by outsiders. - But with the sympathies that ethnic minorities can now often count upon, they might have it easier than others to thus break the stranglehold of monetary despotism and become self-supporting, economically independent citizens of their self-chosen communities. - Judging from what I have read about the innovative genius, skills and readiness to learn new things, among Eskimos, according to some reporters or observers, their remaining communities, to the extent that they got away from subsistence economics, or dependency on welfare handouts, addiction to alcohol and other drugs, might be most suitable for starting such experiments, if only their environment and climate and distance from existing trading centers would not prevent them from engaging e.g. in any industrial production. - Mere food gathering, hunting, fishing and handicraft economies are, probably not sufficient to develop sound local currencies and to develop the local economy beyond that foundation, embodying the local economy sufficiently in the general division of labor scheme, beyond local subsistence efforts. - Assume that tribal rights would now be more widely recognized, even those of Eskimos, desert tribes or Firelanders (if any survived to today), who were formerly driven into icy or hot deserts, by more warlike tribes. Assume further that they would not be bound to merely continue with their old ways of life but the dissenters among them would be free to adopt new and free ways of making a living and that their autonomy would be recognized to the extent that they would be granted exterritorial autonomy and freedom to settle and work anywhere. Then, perhaps, the Eskimos might come to shine and provide "economic wonders" far beyond those provided by West Germany or Japan after WW II, and by the "tiger economies" from a much wider base or knowledge, skills and resources. - However, by now generations of welfare statism may have largely changed the character, mentality and natural drives of the remaining reservation Eskimos as they seem to have those of many Red Indians and Aborigines, all more or less confined to almost wasteland reservations. But if just a few are free to do their thing and to succeed or fail, upon their own merits, unhindered by laws, bureaucrats, politicians, lawyers and popular prejudices or customs (not confined to their old traditions, or to tourist entertainment, gambling facilities etc.), then how long would it take before some would take up e.g. their monetary and financial freedom options and then how long would it take for many others to follow their successful examples? - To speed the process up, one could assume that the reservation communities would also have the right to take up loans on a stable value basis and to grant tax exemptions to enterprises set up in their areas and to introduce unilateral free trade for them. Then they might be swamped with development offers. Assume that supermarkets and department stores in their reservations would also be free to issue their own currencies. How much time would then pass before enough of them would be established to be able to provide short-term credits for wage payments for many local productive jobs? I am not thinking merely in terms of casinos and craft and tourist activities but of full autonomy for minority groups, initially only within their reservations and later outside, too, on the basis of personal laws, and, especially, in terms of full monetary and financial freedom. - People who remain bound by traditions, customs or habits or have developed the welfare dependent mentality, or who excuse all their inactivity and failures merely with reference to national and racial or religious prosecutions in the past, would not make optimal use of such opportunities. But there might be enough among them who would gladly grab and utilize such self-help opportunities and use them not only to impress the traditionalists in their own communities but also those in the rest of the world. Indeed, some reservation communities might have to split, based upon individual choices, into the traditionalists and progressives - and, perhaps, into the local socialists and the local capitalists, too. - Is there any place or reservation in the world where this approach could be tried? Even those who look down upon minorities or even hate them, should have less objections against such self-help steps than against riots, demonstrations, protests, gun battles, occupations, endless court cases and continued hand-out anti-economics. - Current inhabitants of reservations seem to think, like mercantilists thought formerly, that they could get rich only via the money produced by and imported from others and then kept in the own country, as far as possible. They did not consider producing sound money themselves, sufficient for all their exchange requirements and encouraging them to produce more to the extent that more of their goods and services are wanted by them - or by outsiders. - JZ, 11.1.80, 28.6.89, 15.5.97. - MONETARY DESPOTISM VS. MONETARY FREEDOM. SHOULD OR COULD A MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM REVOLUTION BE STARTED IN A RESERVATION?

MERCENARIES: A soldier who, for pay, serves a government, not his own.” – Cf. United Nations. – Satirical definition by Poul Anderson, There Will Be Time, p.29.

MERCENARIES: no kind of life is more disreputable than that of those who act as soldiers for pay merely, without regard to the cause; whose motto is, the right is where the best pay is.” – Hugo Grotius, On the Laws of War and Peace. – However, one can at least imagine mercenaries or professional soldiers who are very discriminating in the jobs they take on and prepared to fight only in very good causes. – JZ, 13.12.07.

MERCHANT LAW: the entire law merchant was developed, not by the State or in State courts, but by private merchant courts. It was only much later that government took over mercantile law from its development in merchant’s courts.” – Murray N. Rothbard, For a New Liberty, quoted in OPTION, 6/78. - COURTS, LAWS, JUSTICE

MERCURY & VACCINATIONS: Childhood vaccines exceed federal mercury guidelines.” – AAPS. "A new study of mercury in childhood vaccines demonstrates that the doses are in excess of the Federal Safety Guidelines, and shows alarming evidence for a link between these excessive doses of mercury from thimerasol-containing vaccines and neurodevelopment disorders such as autism and speech disorders, as well as heart disease." (3/21/03) - - Why is there any mercury at all in vaccines? – JZ, 11.1.08. – Why was this truth kept from us for so long? – JZ, 11.1.08.

MERCURY POISONING: Two thirds of all mercury in humans comes from fillings. There is no safety threshold for mercury.” – Radio report, 30.11.93. – For decades the dental profession has kept quiet about this fact. Indeed, mercury-amalgam fillings last long – but they do slowly poison people. This second fact was denied by dentists for all too long. By now they have quietly adopted other materials for tooth repairs. Maybe, after a few decades we will find out how harmful these are. – JZ, 3.12.07. - TOOTH FILLINGS, DENTISTRY

MERCY: A God all mercy, is a God unjust.” – Edward Young, 1683-1756. – GOD, DIVINE INJUSTICE, MERCY INSTEAD OF JUSTICE

MERCY: A miscarriage of mercy is as much to be guarded against as a miscarriage of justice.” – Robert Lynd, 1870=1949. – A. Andrews Quotations, 298. – A miscarriage of mercy is a miscarriage of justice. – JZ, 7.4.77. - JUSTICE

MERCY: Fire, water, and government know nothing of mercy.” – Albanian Proverb - TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS

MERCY: There is a mercy which is weakness, and even treason against the common good.” – George Eliot. – No mercy for tyrants. But if one could capture and put them into a zoo, for public exhibition, like wild beasts, I would prefer that to executing them. – A bomb could be placed in them which would explode if they tried to escape. - JZ, 18.12.07. - TYRANNICIDE

MERCY: VS. JUSTICE: Mercy is what the guilty beg for. Justice is what the innocent victims want and what everyone deserves.” – Steve Ditko, Mr. A.

MERCY: Words of mercy are a bow toward Heaven but deeds of mercy open its gate.” - Mercy is thrice justice.” – Dagobert D. Runes, A Dictionary of Thought. – Should we be just or “merciful” towards mass murderers? – JZ, 8.12.07.

MERGERS: recall that only one in ten industrial mergers are successful.” – Dr. Rhodes Boyson, Goodbye to Nationalization, p.7.

MERGERS: the ‘fetish’ for mergers in recent years. The result has been “a series of vast and ponderous organizations, many of them blighted by remoteness of control and a tendency to seek from employees a stiff conformity with little scope for individual innovation or enterprise.” – Sir Peter Masefield, in Henry Meulen’s THE INDIVIDUALIST, 12/77, p.69. – Mergers seem all too often to be rather the private enterprise equivalent to political empires rather than to political federations. The usual problems of over-sized bodies arises, unless a large degrees of internal decentralization into autonomous sub-groups is introduced. – But large corporations often get tax concessions and even subsidies and also benefit from government granted patent and copyrights monopolies. - JZ, 18.12.07. - CENTRALIZATION, BIGNESS, OVERSIZE VS. OPTIMAL SIZE, CORPORATIONS, SHARE COMPANIES

MERIT Arrogance in persons of merit affronts us more than arrogance in those without merit: merit itself is an affront.” - Friedrich Nietzsche - ARROGANCE, ACHIEVERS & UNDERACHIEVERS, HATE & ENVY

MERIT: Confronted by outstanding merit, there is no way of saving one's ego except by love.” - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - EGOISM & LOVE

MERIT: There was a most persuasive reason why the Pilgrims finally gave up communism. They began to starve. Many died. Violence (*), as a method to effect social conduct was forsworn. Each according to merit became the rule – that is, to each the fruits of his labor. And (then? – JZ ) they prospered. These practitioners began the pattern for the American way: individual freedom, and personal responsibility for one’s actions. - This turned out to be superior to other ways. According to the record, this way was so good, that Twentieth Century Americans applied violence (unwisely, I believe) to keep others out of our country, while many foreign governments resorted to violence to keep their people at home.” – Leonard E. Read, Instead of Violence, p.9. – (*) Force? Compulsion? – JZ - PILGRIM FATHERS, AMERICANISM & THEIR ORIGINAL COMMUNISM

MESSING UP LIVES: People are usually very successful in messing up their lives. – JZ, 5.12.76. – Would these failures become much rarer if we had many more choices in our lives, especially the panarchistic and monetary freedom ones? – JZ, 18.12.07. - THE OWN & THAT OF OTHERS, Q.

METAPHYSICS: Metaphysics is an attempt to prove the incredible by an appeal to the unintelligible.” – H. L. Mencken, quoted in ANALOG, 11/97. – Compare however the transcendental metaphysical findings and speculations of Immanuel Kant. – JZ, RELIGIONS, FAITHS, BELIEFS

METAPHYSICS: Metaphysics is the finding of bad reasons for what we believe on instinct.” – F. H. Bradley, Appearance and Reality, ch.14. - RELIGIONS

METAPHYSICS: Metaphysics is the science of proving what we don't understand.” - Josh Billings. - RELIGION, FAITH, BELIEF

METAPHYSICS: The art of befuddling one’s self methodically.” – Michelet. - RELIGION

METHODS: There is no course of life so weak and sottish as that which is managed by order, method and discipline.” – Michael de Montaigne, Essays, III, 1588.


MICROECONOMICS: Macro and micro economics compared. The application of micro mentalities to macro problems leads to governmental interventionism and eventually to the total state.” – Leonard E. Read, Deeper Than You Think, p.85. – Alas, even his favorite “limited” but still territorial State or government would have this tendency, as was well demonstrated by the U.S.A. – JZ, 13.2.09. - MACROECONOMICS, INTERVENTIONISM GOVERNMENTALISM, STATISM, TOTALITARIANISM

MICROFICHE: Books are still and mostly produced and distributed expensively, in print on paper and speculatively, in a risky way, seeing that sales are not assured even for small editions. Book publishing on demand only, at normal book prices, has become possible, but is not yet widely realized. Alternative book publishing options, like books on audio tape, took decades to spread, somewhat, to a few titles. Alternatives like microfiche and floppy disks have been taken up for a few books only and likewise whole libraries on a single CDs, DVDs & external HDs are exceptional rather than the rule, although on them even lower costs per book page are possible than on a microfiche, where the costs per duplicated page sometimes come down to 0.03. The question is why those, who love freedom of expression and information, especially for libertarian literature, have made so little use of these opportunities - and haven't even reproduced libertarian books extensively to completely on the Internet but rather left most of their titles unpublished, untranslated or out of print, most of the time. Why haven't they engaged as yet in cheap, permanent and complete publishing of their titles, at least in the affordable alternative media - and provided a complete library and information service with them? One of the riddles and also scancals of our times. - JZ, 31.10.02, 13.2.09. – CDs, EXTERNAL HDs & BOOKS, WHOLE REFERENCE LIBRARIES, LIBERTARIANS, LIBERTARIAN PUBLISHING

MICROFICHE: I dislike it when people's minds travel only on the main highways of publishing and reading, among the crowds, and when they manage to ignore much cheaper and safer roads to the same destinations. One should have expected publishers, writers, editors and readers and, especiallyl, the media institutes, to be less creatures of habits and fashions, less addicted to paper tigers and hopes for websites. - JZ, 9.10.01, 31.10.02. - FLOPPY DISKS, E-MAILS & CDs, DVDs & external HDs AS ALTERNATIVE & VERY POWERFUL & AFFORDABLE PUBLISHING MEDIA

MICROFILM PIRACY EDITIONS: I never received a copyrights complaint about my libertarian PEACE PLANS editions – but then I avoided most texts about which their writers and publishers might have complained. If they had, I would have told them that I had only done what they could and should have done themselves, very cheaply and long ago. Instead, they let very important social science texts remain out of print for all too long. I can understand their reasons for this – printed editions, if done in the conventional way are expensive and risky. Now, with the aid of computer memories and printers there exists at least the option of print upon demand. – And at least some publishers do now scan-in the texts of their out of print works, to offer them in this way, printed out only upon demand, or as e-books or downloadable free of charge. - JZ, 26.5.05, 19.9.08, 29.10.13.

MICROFILM PUBLISHING: Microfilming literature is so cheap that one could go on producing more and more of it even while not selling any or very little of it - so low are the production costs. However, the buyer's resistance is so large that even extensive and expensive publicity cannot easily overcome it, especially since electronic alternatives became widely available. But the most costly and risky publishing and reading, that of print on paper, goes on and on, even in spite of that competition. – Thus I finally ended my microfiched PEACE PLANS series with issue 1779 in 2002. - JZ, 29.9.99, 30.10.02.

MICROFILM: Even hand-writing on paper, newspapers and books have not yet been computed out of existence by the new digital media, far less have the production, space and postage savings of microfilms. – But microfilm options were never widely enough used, offered colors only belatedly and games, music and movie options not at all. Thus they remained largely unknown and were by-passed, with their special high technology and economic advantages remaining largely ignored for texts, especially by libertarians and anarchists, who could have benefited most by them. – JZ, 18.8.00. 19.9.08.

MICROFILM: FLOPPY DISK & CD-ROM PUBLISHING & THE INTERNET, WEBSITES: If it is still OK to offer as dated media as books printed on paper on the Internet, then it is still more advantageous, at least for some of the poorer publishers and self-publishing authors, wanting to reduce labor, cost and publishing risk, to produce their titles on microfilm, floppy disks or CDs, or offer them as email attachments and then announce their offers on a website. - JZ, 9.10.00, 30.1.02. – Or they could offer a combination of all their output on a single external HD. One of 1 TB could offer the equivalent pages of over 3 million books! – Financial returns to an author for one or even several of his books on such a disc might be miniscule – but he would be published and he work would get known. That would offer other earnings-opportunities for him. - JZ, 13.2.09, 29.10.13. - SELF-PUBLISHING, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MICROFILM: If microfilm is out of date, as many believe, then so should hand-writing be and print on paper publishing, since they are even older. But, are they? – JZ, n.d.

MICROFILM: It means easy and lasting hard copy, miniaturized in size and costs. - JZ, 15.9.99. Only recently has their durability been equalled by e.g. Kodak Gold Preservation CDs. And microfilm records are not subject to ever changing operating systems, programs and ever multiplying virus attacks. But then burnt discs aren’t either, do carry even more information and can be automatically searched. However, automatically scanning-in texts onto microfilm and duplicating microfiche, may be still cheaper, faster and more accurate than digitizing texts. Anyhow, there were many decades of opportunity in which all libertarian texts could at least have been offered on microfilm. Another opportunity that freedom lovers missed because they did not love all freedom of expression and information options sufficiently. – JZ, 13.2.09, 29.10.13.

MICROFILM: MICROFILMED & DIGITIZED TEXTS: His office was … severe and businesslike … a small computer and a microfilm cabinet.” – Eileen Kernaghan, Starcult, GALAXY, Nov 71, p.83. – The microfilm options available to us for some decades hardly made an impact - even on SF writings. – Nor do I know even today of many SF writings offered on floppies, CDs or DVDs. –- JZ, 13.12.07. Do you? – JZ, 13.2.09.

MICROFILM: MICROFILMED WRITINGS: The bookshops don’t offer microfilms, only a few libraries do. Mass media hardly ever mention them and media institutes ignore them. Most of the public, including more of the radicals ignore them as well. But at least they are somewhat mentioned on the Internet. Publishers, bookshops, editors, writers and readers as well do mostly ignore them and their freedom of expression and information opportunities. Thus they have never been used to their full potential. – JZ, 31.7.03, 19.9.08, 3.1.11.

MICROFILM: MICROFILMING BOOKS: Advertising an impopular medium like microfiche in any popular medium, like the Internet, does not popularize or even sufficiently publicize microfilming and microfilm reading. It rather attempts to appeal to a crowd that is biased in favour of the much more popular medium - and that is not even interested in floppy disk and CD-ROM book publishing and reading. - JZ, 4.12.01, 30.10.02, 29.10.13.

MICROFILM: MICROFILMING: Just because we're not currently using a technology does't mean it doesn't work anymore.” - Kelvin Throop III, ANALOG, 12/84, p.142. - Even writing and copying by hand, by typewriters and printing on paper are still extensively done. Chalk and chalk boards are still being used to some extent. - JZ, 30.10.02. – But at least we have confined writing on rocks largely to grave stones. Progress is, sometimes, all too slow, even when it is not outlawed. – JZ, 13.2.09. FLOPPY DISK & CD-BOOK PUBLISHING

MICROFILM: MICROFILMS, & DIGITIZED TEXTS: There is so much to read, already, e.g. in books and magazines, that most people do not get around to read much more in microfilm or online or from CDs. – JZ, 30.10.82, 13.12.07. – But at least those, who, supposedly, love freedom, justice and peace texts and cannot obtain them in print, should seriously try to get them in alternative media and read them in these or print them out for themselves from these media. – But mostly their reading habit, formed by reading printed matter, is stronger than their love of texts, which they cannot get in print but only in alternative media. – So they largely do without such texts. – They do not even show the initiative to print out the texts that are available to them only on microfilm or on electronic media. – A compromise consists in ordering print-outs from publishers which print out electronic texts upon demand. – Perhaps the habit to read only printed texts is so strong in most people because it was conditioned into them when they were still infants. - JZ, 13.12.07. – ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

MICROSOFT SOFTWARE: Microsoft software, using its own screen terms, is all too full of inbuilt "illegal operations". - JZ, 30.4.02.

MICROWAVE RADIATION HAZARDS: Microwaves frizz your heir.” – Anthony Reynolds, Sylmar, Calif., in OMNI, 1/80.

MIDDLE AGES: The Middle Ages were seen as the period, in which power was dispersed, and in which many semi-autonomous groups flourished; absolute power was thought to be more intolerable than slavery. – David Nicholls, The Pluralist State, p.28. – But e.g. in religion the Catholoic Hierarchy still prevailed, with its prosecution of “heretics”. – JZ, 13.2.09. - POWER & AUTONOMOUS GROUPS, PLURALISM

MIDDLE AGES: The middle ages, as can be verified in any history book, was hardly idyllic – unless one considers living in squalor on a dirt floor, having an average life expectancy of 21 years, 50 % infant mortality, being subject to plagues, famines and bloody wars, which wiped out half the population every 20 years, idyllic.” – OPTION MAGAZINE, Feb. 77. - IDYLLIC?

MIDDLE CLASS: Any political system which persecutes its middle systematically is unlikely to remain either free or prosperous for long.” – Paul Johnson, Enemies of Society. – The same could be said for the persecution of any other group of peaceful and productive citizens, even down to particular individuals, who do not victimize anybody. – JZ, 7.12.07.

MIDDLE CLASS: the middle class, so hated by the Communist, is represented by ninety per cent upward of the people, … the American worker receives wages from thirty to ninety per cent higher than the wages or working-men of any other nation save Canada. …” - Louis Bromfield, A New Pattern for a Tired World, p.49. – ANTI-AMERICANISM, & WORKERS IN THE USA

MIDDLE CLASS: The Revolt of the Common People is a revolt of the farmer, the real estate broker, the filling station operator, the average professional man, the skilled industrial worker – indeed of the greatest part of the middle class of which the large majority of our citizenry are members, and which is the very backbone of our economy and shared wealth as well as the principal champion of our liberties. The world “proletariat”, one of the worn and pompous phrases of Communist and ‘egghead’ propaganda, is meaningless in the U.S.” - Louis Bromfield, A New Pattern for a Tired World, p.36. - CLASS & WORKERS IN THE USA, PROLETARIAT, CLASS WARFARE NOTIONS, POVERTY

MIDDLE GROUND: Many young people despise compromise, but without it the world would come to a standstill. If I cannot have my way and you cannot have yours, perhaps there is a middle ground we can both accept. It is as simple as that, and every day of our lives we are compromising in every possible way, adjusting and adapting to what needs to be done.” – Louis L’Amour, Education of a Wandering Man, p.189. – Each can have his own way – but for himself and like-minded people only. Their own insurance contracts or games or plays or utopian experiments. – JZ 31.3.04. – We do not have to fill our shopping baskets with the same kinds of consumer goods or public services. - Check your premises: Each can have his own way in his own affairs, at his own risk and expense. The same is true for communities of volunteers. Thus individuals could and should be sovereign in their own affairs and in their choice of a community that would suit them and all communities of volunteers could and should be as sovereign as they want to be in their own affairs, which means, leaving all others sufficiently alone. That is the only basic compromise that all of us could or should agree upon in public affairs as well as we do already largely agree upon this regarding private affairs. Only when interests overlap is there room for negotiations, contracts and treaties and even there the politicians and diplomats should not have a monopoly, either, seeing for how long and how extensively they have messed up international relations by their treaties, based on their prejudices, powers and ambitions and their territorialist wrongful premises. The resources of the world do not have to be owned by any nation. They can and are freely offered to the members of all nations and races, at market prices, if not “regulated” and controlled by national territorial governments. – Free competition on a quite free market is the best kind of compromise. On it finally the individual votes of sovereign consumers are decisive – for their own affairs and as votes of confidence for those who supplied them with what they wanted. – However, those, who do want to restrict their own transactions in any way should also be free to do so. - JZ, 13.9.07, 13.2.09. – Only under territorialism are compromises all too often an inbuilt requirement and give centralized politicians and bureaucrats more wrongful power than they can rightly and rationally handle. – JZ, 30.10.13. - MIDDLE WAY, COMPROMISES, TOLERANCE, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, VOLUNTARISM, FREE MARKET, COMPETITION, CHOICE, VOTING WITH ONE’S DOLLARS, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY COMBINED WITH FREE ENTERPRISE & FREE TRADE, VS. CENTRAL PLANNING, DIRECTION, CONTROLS, REGULATIONS, POLITICIANS & BUREAUCRATS AS DICTOCRATS

MIDDLE GROUND: there are some alternatives that have no happy middle ground between them – polygamy and monogamy, for example. Nor is there a middle-of-the-road between collectivism and individualism.” – Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.80. – (*) The rightful and liberating and enlightening as well as non-compromising freedom and rights alternative is: Polygamy for communities of polygamists and monogamy for communities of monogamists. Likewise, collectivism for its volunteers and individualism for individualist. Capitalism for consenting adults and even Communism for consenting adults. - Why assume that all people in a whole country or continent ought to live under the same set of laws, rather than personal laws? Leonard E. Read, unfortunately, still believed in a territorial monopoly for his kind of supposedly sufficiently limited government. – JZ, 18.12.07. – Monogamy is not even clearly and unmistakably based upon original statements recorded in the Bible but, rather, the result of later interpretations. – Like so much else in most religions with a ‘holy” book (a book which is only very selectively known to and appreciated by its believers, who would be horrified if some of its reported and there sanctioned actions were demanded of them today). (**) – (*) Divorce statistics and multiple marriages (serial polygamy) as well as numerous known or unknown (to the marriage partner) acts of faithlessness indicate that many to most people do compromise in this sphere. Periods of de-facto marriages are also increasing. Prostitutes are visited not only by single men. And all over mankind there have been a great variety of arrangements and compromises in this sphere, very different from the conventional Christian monogamous marriage. – Rulers have also usually followed their own rulebook in this sphere. – JZ, 13.2.09. – (**) Mark Tier and George Forrai, in their 2010 book When God Speaks for Himself. The Words of God You’ll Never Hear in Church or Sunday School, inversebooksHONGKONG, G.P.O. Bos 9444, Hong Kong, ISBN 978-988-97769-4-7, 320 pages, have very well pulled together what “Christians” habitually ignore in their “holy” scriptures. – JZ, 30.10.13 COMPROMISES

MIDDLE OF THE ROAD: A man who walks down the centre line of a road risks getting hit from both sides.” – Alexander Ziatanovic - IS NOT A SAFE PATH, COMPROMISES VS. FREE RADICAL CHOICES – FOR ONESELF

MIDDLE OF THE ROAD: Do not hide behind meaningless catch-phrases, such as “the middle of the road”. Individualism and Collectivism are not two sides of the same road, with a safe rut for you in the middle. They are two roads going in opposite directions. One leads to freedom, justice and prosperity; the other – to slavery, horror and destruction. The choice is yours to make.” - Ayn Rand, Textbook of Americanism, in: “The Ayn Rand Column”, revised edition, 1998, p 92, Second Renaissance Books, New Milford, Connecticut, - Alas, this individual choice among various free, unfree or moderately free societies is not yet free to individuals on the basis of personal laws and exterritorial autonomy. Ayn Rand even tried, but in vain, to ridicule this notion of “competing governments” in her book “The Virtue of Selfishness”. This remained one of the weakest point in her political philosophy. – By the way: Whoever tries to stay in the middle of the road may get hit from both sides. – JZ, 17.9.07. - INDIVIDUALISM VS. COLLECTIVISM,

MIDDLE OF THE ROAD: Standing in the middle of the road is dangerous; you get knocked down by the traffic from both sides.” - Margaret Thatcher. - COMPROMISES

MIDDLE OF THE ROAD: The middle of the road is where the white line is – and that’s the worst place to drive.” – Robert Frost. - COMPROMISES

MIDDLE OF THE ROAD: We know what happens to people who stay in the middle of the road. They get run over.” – Aneurin Bevan in a speech. Reported in OBSERVER, 9.1.53. – COMPROMISE

MIDDLE WAY: There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other wrong (*), but the middle is always evil. (**) The man who is wrong still retains some respect for truth, if only by accepting the responsibility of choice. But the man in the middle is the knave who blanks out the truth in order to pretend that no choice or values exist, who is willing to sit out the course of any battle, willing to cash in on the blood of the innocent or to crawl on his belly to the guilty, who dispenses justice by condemning both the robber and the robbed to jail, who solves conflicts by ordering the thinker and the fool to meet each other halfway. – Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, 979. – If only more armies, supposed to fight each other, engaged in mass fraternization and signed a peace treaty, over the heads of their rulers, which would satisfy the soldiers and citizens on both sides. Or if, instead of fighting each other, both armies overthrow their governments, which had no better use for them than to use them up as their cannon fodder for the aims of these governments. The rightful compromise choice between using or boycotting an exclusive currency lies in issuing or accepting one of the monies of monetary freedom. - (*) Between robbery and theft, murder and rape, both are wrong. The choice between going to the theatre or the cinema, involves two rightful choices. Likewise that between chocolate or some fruit. - - (**) I often go on a short walk and sometimes on a long walk. If I choose a medium long walk, I commit no wrong towards myself or anyone else. - JZ, 8.12.07. – As every shopper should know by now, there are usually more than merely 2 options. Often even a confusing variety of choices does exist. – JZ, 13.2.09. - MIDDLE GROUND, COMPROMISES

MIDDLE WAY: This common fallacy stems from the idea that the political spectrum can be represented by a straight line, so that if you don’t like the extremes it must be better in the middle. Like saying the North Pole is too extreme and the South Pole is also too extreme, so the centre of the earth is the place to be!” – Terry Arthur, 95 % Is Crap, 135. - COMPROMISES, RATHER THAN RADICALISM OR EXTREMISM,

MIDDLEMAN: Cut out the middleman: government, and run your own lives!” – Bob Howard, 30.6.75. - GOVERNMENT:

MIDDLEMAN: The man caught in the middle when the producer and the consumer are seeking a scapegoat.” – L.A. Rollins, Lucifer’s Lexicon. – Instead of organizing e.g. producer’s and consumer’s cooperatives. – JZ, 5.12.07.

MIDDLEMAN: These ‘distributors’ are as truly productive and as necessary for economic progress as the mines and factories.” – V. Orval Watts, THE FREEMAN, 4/73. – Anyone, who has ever tried to sell masses of some product or service will know how much hard, prolonged and often unprofitable labor is involved in this. Compared with it mass production is rather easy and fast and also cheap. – JZ, 18.12.07. - DISTRIBUTORS, SHOPKEEPERS, SUPERMARKETS

MIGHT: A rioter with a Molotov cocktail in his hands is not fighting for civil rights any more than a Klansman with a sheet on his back and mask on his face.” – Lyndon B. Johnson, Speech, in Washington, D.C., 20.8.1965. - PROTESTS, DEMONSTRATIONS, VIOLENCE, RIOTS, RIGHTS, “REVOLUTIONARIES”, “FREEDOM FIGHTERS”

MIGHT: being unable to cause might to obey justice, men have made it just to obey might. Unable to strengthen justice, they have justified might, so that the just and the strong should unite, and there would be peace, which is the sovereign good.” – Pascal. – Let the unarmed victims of injustice enlighten themselves on their rights and liberties, and then arm, train, and organize themselves for the protection of these rights and liberties and they will be the strong and mighty ones against those who were formerly strong, powerful and abusive. Instead of federating with powers, they ought to secede from them. One does not defeat criminals or other aggressors or victimizers by joining them. – Pascal started this paragraph with an even worse statement: Namely: “No doubt equality of goods is just; but,…” – JZ, 18.12.07. Not every wise person is wise in every respect. That is an impossibility for everybody. – JZ, 13.2.09. - JUSTICE, OBEDIENCE, MIGHT, PEACE, ENLIGHTENMENT, MILITIA, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW, MINORITY AUTONOMY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

MIGHT: For the boa-constrictor, who is practically one enormous muscle, it would be literally true to say that Might is Right; for the ant, whose brain is not constituted like the human brain, it is literally true that the State is more important than the Individual. But for man, whose specialty lies in the personality-recognising creases in his neopallium – as much developed in him as the muscles are in the boa-constrictor – it is equally true to say that mental truth, not force, is right; and that the Individual is more important than the State. He is so much more important that he should abolish it.” – Ted White, The Book of Merlyn, p.116. - MIGHT IS RIGHT? FOR RATIONAL MEN AS WELL AS FOR ANIMALS OR INSECTS? INDIVIDUALISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, MAN, HUMAN BEINGS, REASON, ETHICS, MORALITY

MIGHT: Force cannot give right.” – Thomas Jefferson: The Rights of British America. 1774. – At most and at best it can protect rights. However, territorial governments are the worst institutions for this purpose. They are, rather, the main offenders against right and liberties. – JZ, 9.12.07. – FORCE, COMPULSION, VIOLENCE, PRESSURE, RIGHT, TERRITORIALISM, PROTECTION, ZAP

MIGHT: It does not seem to require much acumen to realize that the power of might is the most potent ingredient regarding human conduct, and over-rides all “right”, and until mankind decides to forego the use of might it will naturally be the deciding determinator. Stirner said, “I would rather have a handful of might than a bagful of right.” or words to that effect. Anyhow, that is the only language that governments, as such, understand.” – Laurance Labadie, Selected Essays, p.47. – Governments understand the language of rights and liberties, too. That is why their constitutions and bills or rights have omitted so many of them and greatly restricted others. – I rather prefer the use of quite rightful might, i.e. might in combination with quite genuine individual rights and liberties. - JZ, 18.12.07, 30.10.13. - RIGHT, HUMAN RIGHTS, NATURAL LAW, MILITIA, SELF-DEFENCE

MIGHT: Might and right do differ frightfully from hour to hour; but give them centuries to try it in, they are found to be identical.” – Thomas Carlyle, Chartism, 1839, 8. – Right can also produce might but certainly has not always done so, sometimes not for hundreds of years. –- The missing ingredients: Full knowledge of all individual human rights and liberties and an ideal militia to uphold these rights and liberties. JZ, 18.11.85. – Slavery was enforced by might for many centuries. This still did not make it right. – JZ, 13.12.07. & RIGHT,

MIGHT: Might does not make right, but right can provide the might to practise what is right. – JZ, 16.11.85. - MILITIA, IDEAL MILITIA FORCES, RIGHT & RIGHT VS. MIGHT

MIGHT: Might does not make right. It only makes history.” - quoted in an email received on 7.6.06 but not supplying the origin of this remark. Our task is to turn right into the supreme might. Only then will a really worthwhile history of mankind begin. - JZ, 7.6.07. & RIGHT,

MIGHT: Might Is Right!” Oh, Yes! Nuclear weapons and nuclear war are quite right! – Isn’t it wonderful that “we” have not only the might but also the right to wipe out 5 million or even 5 000 million other human beings and that some of them have the equal right and might to do that to us? - However, please explain to me what it really means to have the might, and thereby the right, in such a condition of mutual mass murder threats or the preparations and readiness for their performance? – Have we got any reasons to enjoy this situation? - JZ, 18.12.87, 6.12.07, 30.10.13. - MIGHT IS RIGHT & THE NUCLEAR WAR THREAT,

MIGHT: might’ cannot be justified as ‘right’ if ‘right’ is to be nullified. (*) If there is only might then people cannot act out of a sense of justice. – Albert the Unknown, THE CONNECTION, 60, p.51. – (*) Rather: Might can only be “justified” as “right” if genuine rights are to be nullified. – Or insert “not”: “if ‘right’ is not to be nullified.” - JZ, 13.2.09. - Redbeard’s “Might is Right” is as self-contradictory as Proudhon’s “Property is Robbery”. “Robbery” cannot have negative emotional significance without “property” having positive significance. Similarly, ‘might cannot be justified as “right” if “right” is to be nullified. If there is only might then people cannot act out of a sense of justice.” – Albert the Unknown (Diogenes of Panarchia), LIBERTARIAN CONNECTION 60, to George Kysor. & RIGHT & JUSTICE, POWER

MIGHT: Right can inspire might.” – Benjamin Best, THE LIBERTARIAN CONNECTION 10, p.51. - &. RIGHT,

MIGHT: Right makes might.” – R. G. Ingersoll, The Liberty of Man – Woman and Child, p.13. - & RIGHT

MIGRATION: Every rational being has the right to unrestricted movement and residence unless society (the community of rational beings) can justify a particular limitation, like e.g. traffic or quarantine rules. Every rational being has the right to migrate freely, anywhere. – Every human being fleeing from a country because its rights are violated or threatened has the right to seek and be granted asylum from oppression and persecution in every other country. - Comment: The right to free migration includes the right to unrestricted immigration and emigration and the right to settle anywhere. Even the requirement of passports would restrict it. No State, nation, or race has the right to exclusive possession of any continent or country. – From the human rights drafts in PEACE PLANS No. 4, later reproduced with many other PRIVATE drafts in PEACE PLANS 589/590. – On a disc reproduced on - JZ, 13.2.09, 3.1.11. - FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT, ASYLUM, IMMIGRATION, EMIGRATION, ASYLUM

MIGRATION: Free migration – for all but aggressors! – JZ, 10/72.

MIGRATION: I claim the right to migrate wherever I want to on this planet and I respect the right of everyone else do to the same. – JZ, n.d. – Naturally, that does not include the right to trespass upon private properties or to be maintained by the welfare institutions of the country one migrates to. One has to make one’s own self-support, credit and insurance arrangements. – JZ, 7.12.07.

MIGRATION: Migration is the only option, which territorialism leaves to dissenters and both, emigration and immigration are greatly restricted by most territorial States. - Even among libertarians the advocacy of quite free migration is the exception rather than the rule, so far. At least that is my impression for articles on this are still relatively rare, compared e.g. with articles favoring freedom in education. - Territorial and self-chosen exile is, naturally, not a good enough substitute for self-chosen internal "exile" from the "protection" or "oppression" or "services" of a territorial State. - JZ, 17.9.04. – The abolition of territorialism would automatically remove all artificial immigration barriers. Naturally, the immigrants would have to make their contracts with the existing owners and their choices between all the panarchies offered to them. Under free choices for governments and societies, the need for emigration in order to live a more free life, in accordance with one’s beliefs or convictions, would be greatly reduced. Then one could practise any tolerant ideology anywhere. Only e.g. climate differences might then the main motivating factors for further emigration and immigration. – JZ, 13.2.09. - FREE MIGRATION, IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS & PANARCHISM, TERRITORIALISM

MIGRATION: Migration should be completely free – not only for original settlers and original natives. This Earth is the common inheritance of mankind. No section of it is rightfully the monopoly of any government, faith, race or ideology. – JZ, 12.11.93. - IMMIGRATION & EMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS

MIGRATION: We shall experience the final defeat of liberalism not when immigration but when emigration is forbidden." - Jo Grimond, The Bureaucratic Blight. - FREE EMIGRATION & IMMIGRATION & CLASSICAL LIBERALISM

MIGRATION: Without the reestablishment of freedom of migration throughout the world, there can be no lasting peace.” – Ludwig von Mises, in “The Freedom to Move as an International Problem, a 1935 Vienna newspaper article. – In other words, without the destruction of dictatorships and other authoritarian regimes, including many democratic ones … - JZ, n.d. & 18.12.07. I also consider the freedom to move to be one of the factors required for world peace. However, this freedom, to encounter the least opposition, would require full monetary and financial freedom to facilitate the influx of millions of new immigrants, refugees and deserters, under conditions of full employment, stable currencies and a booming economy. Without any legal and bureaucratic obstacles this could be done very fast. Territorial “democratic” governments, apparently, cannot solve this problem and so they block the frontiers to immigrants, refugees and deserters and, thereby, make their enemies stronger rather than strengthening themselves. – In Australia they have even established concentration camps for illegal immigrants. - JZ, 25.12.07, 13.2.09. - FREE MIGRATION & PEACE, FULL EMPLOYMENT & STABLE CURRENCIES THROUGH MONETARY FREEDOM

MILDNESS: he had trained himself into Old Mildness-Whenever-Possible, …” - Laurence M. Janifer, 84, in ANALOG, 7/72.

MILITANT TYPE: Industrial vs. Militant Type. – Those who would rather fight than work are of the Militant type; those who would rather work than fight are of the Industrial type, and now outnumber the former more than a hundred to one. Savagery and barbarism developed the Militant type; civilization introduced the Industrial type. Herbert Spence has traced the origin, development, functions and decline of the Militant type; he has described the origin, development and functions of the Industrial type, and the evidences of its ultimate supremacy. There was a time when most men were warriors; but as industry developed, fewer and fewer went to war, until only a small minority did so, and governments were forced to draft men to serve; and of late years governments have to instill ideas of war into the plastic minds of school children in order to keep alive the dying embers of militancy. The United States government spends millions of dollars yearly in luring – by means of advertisements in newspapers, on billboards and moving pictures, - young men to enlist in sufficient numbers to keep its standing army fully recruited.” – Sprading, Liberty and the Great Libertarians, p.29. – Alas, the boredom of many present jobs made many young men welcome the supposed adventure of fighting or of the preparation for it. – JZ, 9.11.72. – Moreover, by now it is often safer to be a soldier than to be a civilian during war times. – JZ, 18.12.07. - VS. INDUSTRIAL TYPE, MILITARISM, AGGRESSION, MAN

MILITARISM: [It is] impossible to talk of Country and Patriotism without touching on that frightful wound of humanity: militarism.” – Jean Grave, Dying Society and Anarchy, 1893. – Alas, only few have recognized so far that militarism and war are just a by-products of territorialism and would disappear with it. – JZ, 18.12.07, 30.10.13. - TERRITORIALISM

MILITARISM: I may therefore be asserted, generally speaking, that, if democratic nations are naturally prone to peace from their interests and their propensities, they are constantly drawn to war and revolutions by their armies. Military revolutions, which are scarcely ever to be apprehended in aristocracies, are always to be dreaded among democratic nations. These perils must be reckoned among the most formidable which beset their future fate, …  – Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America, transl. Henry Reeve, Cambridge, Sever & Francis, 1863, chapter ON WAR, SOCIETY, AND THE MILITARY – All his remarks apply only to territorial States, with their taxes, public debts, monetary despotism and all the other decision-making monopolies. They simply outlaw the practice of many significant individual rights and liberties, especially voluntary taxation, monetary freedom, individual secessionism, exterritorial autonomy for personal law communities, all with genuine self-governance and self-determination for their members. - Since the armed forces are financed by tax slaves, these forces are also almost insatiable in their demands for more military strength and military actions. The voters and tax victims have almost no say on such matters at all. They are just the pawns in military chess games. – JZ, 28.12.12, 25.2.13. - & DEMOCRACY, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES, TERRITORIALISM, TAXATION, MONETARY DESPOTISM

MILITARISM: In democratic armies all the soldiers may become officers, which makes the desire of promotion general and immeasurably extends the bonds of military ambition. … We thus arrive at this singular consequence: that, of all armies, those most ardently desirous of war are democratic armies and, of all nations, those most fond of peace are democratic nations. – Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America, transl. Henry Reeve, Cambridge, Sever & Francis, 1863, chapter ON WAR, SOCIETY, AND THE MILITARY – Power and power addiction, within an inherently authoritarian institution, have become opportunities for all, which leads, inevitably, to many abuses. In a rightful militia officers would be elected, war-aims and methods would be rightful and limited. Officer could be recalled or resisted when they gave wrongful orders. - Especially, seeing that no quite rightful war aims are ever declared by territorial governments, however “democratic” they are. (War and peace decisions, those on armament, disarmament, international negotiations and treaties are still made by their rulers, who are, to that extent, despotic, as already Kant pointed out.) Nor are the members of their standing armies sworn in, and trained, like ideal militia soldiers, to defend nothing but the individual rights and liberties of an as complete declaration of all individual rights and liberties as could and should be compiled and declared by now. Thus, for vague or wrongful aims they can be mobilized, while local militias, federated as much as they desire, would decide on their action themselves and mobilize themselves. – On all points, which matter in this sphere, the democratic nations and governments are still all too undemocratic and opposed to rather than upholding all genuine individual rights and liberties, especially for soldiers. - JZ, 28.12.12, 25.2.13. - & DEMOCRACY, AMBITION, POWER ADDICTION, ELECTION OF OFFICERS, WAR AIMS & METHODS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS PROTECTION INSTEAD OF TERRITORIALISM & POWER STRUGGLES, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE, ARMAMENT & DISARMAMENT & INTERNATIONAL TREATIES, POWER MADNESS AT THE TOP

MILITARISM: It was necessary to destroy the village in order to save it. - American officer in Vietnam - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. - INDISCRIMINATE WARFARE, AIR RAIDS, DEFENCE, PROTECTION & LIBERATION

MILITARISM: Militarism does not consist in the existence of any army, nor even in the existence of a very great army. Militarism is a spirit. It is a point of view. It is a system. It is a purpose. The purpose of militarism is to use armies for aggression.” – Woodrow Wilson, Speech, West Point, 13.6.1916. – Its precondition is territorialism and without territorial powers it could not conduct its wars. – JZ, 13.2.09. – TERRITORIALISM, WARFARE STATES, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE, ARMAMENT & DISARMAMENT & INTERNATIONAL TREATIES, TAXATION, INFLATION, CONSCRIPTION, IMPERIALISM, AGGRESSION, WAR, ARMED FORCES, STANDING ARMIES

MILITARISM: Militarism in every age has destroyed itself.” – Arnold Toynbee. – But no matter how many millions of soldiers and officers or even more of noncombatants or civilians were murdered by it, territorial states have always managed to revive it again and again. It will end only with territorial statism, once all States are replaced by communities or societies of volunteers, under personal laws, all of them confined to exterritorial autonomy only, thus making further warfare States impossible. – JZ, 18.12.07. – Under territorialism it will arise again and again, like a Phoenix out of ashes. – JZ, 13.2.09.

MILITARISM: Most of the current and man-made evils are largely only consequences of territorial statism, nationalism, tribalism and of remaining State religions. – JZ, 12.4.05. – WARFARE STATES,. TERRITORIALISM, BUREAUCRACY, AUTHORITARIANISM, WARS, CIVIL WARS, POVERTY, INFLATION & MASS UNEMPLOYMENT, REVOLUTIONS

MILITARISM: The conventional military system gives more of the wrong kind of power to more of the wrong kind of people than any other power system. An ideal militia system would give more rightful power to more rightful people than any other system. – JZ, 10.12.92. - CONVENTIONAL VS. IDEAL MILITIAS OF VOLUNTEERS FOR THE PROTECTION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

MILITARISM: The end of militarism is the mission of the nineteenth century, under pain of indefinite decadence.” – Proudhon, quoted in George Woodcock, Proudhon, p.233. – Ending the nuclear war threat is the mission of the 21st century. – JZ, 18.12.07. – Can we afford to fail in that mission? How many or, rather, how few have so far read my book on the subject? ? - It offers an ABC Against Nuclear War, making ca. 500 points that were so far largely neglected. – JZ, 13.2.09. - & NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

MILITARISM: The professional military mind is by necessity an inferior and unimaginative mind; no man of high intellectual quality would willingly imprison his gifts in such a calling.” – H. G. Wells, 1866-1946. – There have been some quite exceptional minds even in that profession! – JZ, 16.2.09. - OBEDIENCE, PROFESSIONAL SOLDIERS

MILITARY ACTION: Military history is a history of the successes of men trained to move and fight in concert. - Herbert Spencer, The Military and the Industrial Society, in WAR – Studies from Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, rev. and enlarged edition, ed. by Leon Bramson & George W. Goethals, Basic Books, Inc., Publishers, New York, London, 1968, p.302.  – It is or should also be a history of individual and mass desertions whenever a case was not considered worth fighting or dying for by the military slaves or freedom-loving conscripts. It is also full of military insurrections against despotic regimes. The drawback of such changes in government was usually only that the new territorial regime, by being still a territorial monopoly regime, was all too often hardly better and, sometimes, even worse. Any rightful insurrection would have set all the dissenting groups free to manage their own affairs and granted none of them a territorial monopoly. Governmental military actions are just some of the important wrongful and irrational features of territorial monopolism, constitutionally, legally, juridically or forcefully established. Any enforced territorial “unity” does not create a real entity but merely the pretence of one. – JZ, 21.12.12, 23.2.13. - OBEDIENCE, DISOBEDIENCE, DESERTION, INSURRECTION, MILITARY DISCIPLINE, MILITARY “JUSTICE”, LACK OF RIGHTS & LIBERTIES OF SOLDIERS IN STANDING ARMIES AS OPPOSED TO RIGHTFUL MILITIAS, HISTORY, WARFARE STATES, TERRITORIALISM

MILITARY DICTATORSHIPS: Are the economic results of military dictatorships really so very different from the economic results of abdicating individual rights and liberties and placing all economic system responsibilities into the hands of democratically elected political leaders and their bureaucrats? – JZ, 3.5.87, 4.12.07.

MILITARY DICTATORSHIPS: Wherever the military took power, whether in Africa or in Latin America, it soon began to teach the wrong things: terror, torture, corruption.” - Peter F. Drucker, The New Realities, 1989, 1990, p.40.

MILITARY DRAFT: Imagine! People are not volunteering to go to foreign countries and die the way they used to! Imagine that!" - Michael Badnarik - CONSCRIPTION, SELECTED SERVICE, MILITARY SERVITUDE

MILITARY EXPERTS: You will be able to go over the top with a walking stick, you will not need rifles. When you get to Thiepval you will find the Germans all dead, not even a rat will have survived.” – Brigadier addressing the Newcastle Regiment, 1. July 1916. - Milsted, 1996, 20. - 1. July was the first day of the Battle of the Somme, designed to break through the German trench line etc. It was one of the bloodiest battles of WW I, costing about 60,000 lives on the English side. - JZ, 3.1.11. - THEIR IGNORANCE & LIES, EXPERTS, GENERALS

MILITARY FIXED IDEAS: The military fixations of the Warfare State have led us to virtually sneer at the validity and power of ideas and ideals. Idealism, we are so often told, is a soft-headed approach to the grim realities of the implacable contest with an unscrupulous foe who recognizes only the equations of power. Yet it is idealism, even at times mistaken idealism, that has been the dynamo of revolution and the cause of the overthrow of the most powerful of regimes and the most ruthless of dictators. …” - Fred J. Cook, The Warfare State, Jonathan Cape, 1962, p.354. – MILITARY “THINKING”, TERRITORIALISM, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, STRENGTH, VS. POWER OF IDEAS & IDEALS, THE EXAMPLE OF REVOLUTIONS & LIBERATIONS, WARFARE, WAR AIMS, TREATMENT POWS & DESERTERS, AIR RAIDS, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

MILITARY FORCES: Governments need armies to protect them against their enslaved and oppressed subjects.” - Leo Tolstoy. – And to protect themselves against territorial ambitions backed by the enslaved soldiers and taxpayers of other such governments. – JZ, 13.2.09. - DEFENCE FORCES, GOVERNMENTS, WAR, PEACE, TERRITORIALISM VS. PANARCHISM OR EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM OR EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY OR VOLUNTARISM, WARFARE STATES

MILITARY FORCES: His life is not his own but is at the disposal of his society. (*) So long as he remains capable of bearing arms, he has no alternative but to fight when called on, … - Herbert Spencer, The Military and the Industrial Society, in WAR – Studies from Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, rev. and enlarged edition, ed. by Leon Bramson & George W. Goethals, Basic Books, Inc., Publishers, New York, London, 1968, p.301. – History is also full of cases of individual and mass desertions, mutinies and military insurrections. Alas, mostly they are not well-thought-out actions, long prepared for in advance by the military slaves of a despotic or authoritarian regime. A good enough program for them has still not been published by freedom lovers, just as territorial governments have not yet declared quite rightful war- and peace aims. Neither has a comprehensive individual rights declarations been developed and agreed-upon by civilians, conscripts, rulers, voters, political parties and freedom-, peace- and justice lovers. – (*) Rather, of the territorial State imposed upon him. At least he should not have mixed up society with the State. – JZ, 23.2.13. - SOLDIERS, OFFICERS, STANDING ARMIES UNDER STATIST TERRITORIALISM

MILITARY FORCES: Military forces, defence forces, armies: … this gathering of men and mechanism dedicated to homicide.” - Eric Lambert, Glory Thrown In, p.31.

MILITARY FORCES: The conventional military forces of territorial States, recruited, trained, armed, disciplined and conditioned to obey even wrongful orders unconditionally and without hesitation, to act as sacrificial pawns for however irrational policies of their governments, to fight, become wounded, crippled or die for undeclared or irrational war aims like “unconditional surrender” or to “fight” using mass murder devices against civilians, giving up their own rights and liberties in the process, must become almost totally transformed and retrained and rearmed and re-motivated. They must relearn new and rightful tactics and strategies and warfare methods that would turn even most of the enemy’s soldiers into either neutrals or allies, who desert to them or who rise against their dictators. They must welcome them, when they flee, defect or desert or let themselves be easily taken prisoner, not treating them as prisoners of war but rather as liberated people, or, for the time being, as welcome guests or neutrals or even as allies, if that is their choice. Noncombatants, almost all civilians, except the leaders of the enemy regime, should never be treated as enemies. Their properties should remain untouched. They should be liberated rather than treated as conquered and dominated people. Total or national conventional wars should, as far as is humanly possible, be turned into mere police actions against the real enemies only, the war mongers in government, a handful of war criminals. For that purpose all practical and safe enough methods leading to more deserters and to mass fraternization between the soldiers should be taught and practised. Propaganda and opinion exchanges and appeals as well as proclamations of quite rightful defence, liberation and revolutionary policies, quite rightful war and peace aims, truthful and trustworthily made, should be more important in this kind of warfare than the exchange of bullets, shells and bombs. - E.g. full recognition of governments in exile, and of various groups of volunteers, with diverse ideals and personal laws, would constitute some of the proofs for the seriousness and trustworthiness of our liberation program. Sharp and deep hitting good arguments would be more important in it that are the bullets of sharp-shooters, unless these sharp-shooters concentrated on intractable fanatical leading officers and defenders of a dictatorship. Suitable commando raids would be more important than all-out frontal attacks or mechanized automatic defences. Loudspeakers and leaflets and appeals, proclamations and radio and TV broadcasts would, possibly, be the most important “weapons”. But most of the required information should be sufficiently publicized long before it would come even to such a limited war. A whole new military science would have to be developed and practised in advance, as much as possible. The genuine national interests, rights and liberties desired on the side of a dictators regime would have to be obviously taken care of much better by the defending or liberating militia forces than by the dictatorial regime. Thus any motive to uphold a dictatorial regime should become reduced as close as possible to zero. – The enemy regime’s military forces should be largely turned against it, in their own national interest. And all this should be done in a way that it cannot be misinterpreted as an aggressive act. – This may all sound impracticable and utopian at first but there are numerous historical precedents for such procedures. – The best method to defeat an enemy, as an old proverb says, is still to make a friend out of him. – For all but the top leaders of an enemy regime this is quite possible and really the only rightful and rational way. - JZ, 1.5.89, 5.11.07. – NECESSARY: TRANSFORMATION INTO IDEAL VOLUNTARY MILITIAS FOR THE PROTECTION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES – FOR THOSE, WHO DO CLAIM THEM FOR THEMSELVES: PANARCHISM, RIGHTFUL WAR- & PEACE AIMS, FRATERNIZATION, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS, APPEALS AS WEAPONS, RIGHTFUL & SENSIBLE TREATMENT OF DESERTERS, PRISONERS & REFUGEES, GOVERNMENTS & SOCIETIES IN EXILE

MILITARY FORCES: The existing governmental military forces have acquired much from the natural sciences and technology, know their weapons, tactics and strategy, but they have no better sense of values and war and peace aims than territorial politics has to offer. Thus both these powers provide us with great losses rather than gains. They also endanger rather than protect or basic individual rights and liberties. Nor are they sufficiently prepared for genuine policing actions, for liberation wars and revolutionary warfare, allied to the military and other victims of dictatorships. A fleet of bombers or swarms of missiles can’t engage in mass fraternization – unless they drop toys, food and medicines and correct information. But they sure can make more enemies by indiscriminate killing and destruction. – JZ, 24.5.95, 4.12.07. – STANDING ARMIES, DEFENCE FORCES, MILITARY FORCES OF GOVERNMENTS, STATIZED & POLITICIZED MILITARY FORCES, TERRITORIAL POLITICS, MORALITY, ETHICS, RIGHTFUL WAR & PEACE AIMS:

MILITARY GOVERNMENT: A military government may make a nation (*) powerful, but it cannot make the people free.” - Richard Carlyle, The Earth Belongs to the Living, p.55. – (*) itself! – JZ

MILITARY INTELLIGENCE: Military intelligence is a contradiction in terms.” – Groucho Marx. - Graffito on Ministry of Defence building, London (briefly). Quoted by Nigel Rees, Graffiti Rules O.K. – THE SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 4/77, Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online.

MILITARY INTELLIGENCE: Military intelligence is a cruel joke when seeing the absence of rightful and rational war aim and warfare methods and e.g. the treatment of prisoners of war in most cases.” – JZ, 9.1.95, 4.12.07. – “… there is not such thing.” – From film: The Inside Man, with Dennis Hoppe and Hardy Kruger.

MILITARY INTELLIGENCE: Military intelligence is an oxymoron. One cancels out the other.” – Sequest, 12.2.95. – Often the most important facts are not discovered by them at all or only all too late. – JZ, 4.12.07, 3.1.12. - INTELLIGENCE SERVICES, SECRET SERVICES

MILITARY JUSTICE: Military justice is to justice what military music is to music. - Georges Clemenceau - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. - The old saying, that "military music is to music just like military justice is to justice", does already indicate, that military justice is different - for citizens even of the same State. - JZ, 1.9.04. - JURISDICTION & PANARCHISM, MILITARY LAW:

MILITARY JUSTICE: There is not such thing as military justice. – JZ, 11.2.73. – One might as well speak of the justice of slavery or serfdom. – JZ, 18.12.07. - COURT MARTIAL

MILITARY LEADERSHIP: Advancement within the military is based on the old adage: ‘You have to learn how to follow in order to lead’. How can the ability to lead depend on the ability to follow? You might as well say that the ability to swim depends on the ability to sink. The greatest leaders throughout history have been notoriously poor followers.” - Dr. Laurence J. Peter, Why Things Go Wrong or The Peter Principle Revisited, George Allen & Unwin, 1991, p.125. - PROMOTIONS,

MILITARY MIND: Nor were the remaining all of that arrested mental development at the level of the twelve-year-old boy which manifests itself as the military mind.” – Mark Clifton, When They Came From Space, 31. – The kind of mentality that still considers ABC mass murder devices to be powerful and efficient as well as justified “weapons”, does not think about quite rightful war and peace aims, a liberation program, including panarchistic governments in exile as allies, or causing revolutions or military uprisings against a dictatorship on the other side or about inviting and welcoming deserters from its armed forces, not treating them as POW’s but, rather, as friends or allies or at least as neutral guests - JZ, 18.12.07. - DEFENCE, NATIONAL SECURITY, NUCLEAR STRENGTH, RIGHTFUL WAR- & PEACE AIMS

MILITARY MONOPOLY: Democracy – A government of the masses. Authority derived through mass meeting or any form of direct expression. Results in mobocracy. Attitude toward property is communistic – negating property rights. Attitude toward law is that the will of the majority shall regulate, whether it is based upon deliberation or governed by passion, prejudice, and impulse, without restraint or regard for consequences. Results in demagogism, license, agitation, discontent, anarchy." – 1928 U.S. Army Training Manual. - Are the defence and police forces democratically organized and motivated or statist monopoly organizations and as such, inevitably, leading to many abuses? Is territorial democracy a rightful war and peace aim for countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran? Self-government in any form for any kind of minority or majority, but only on the exterritorial autonomy model for volunteers. Even if that is still quite new or all too forgotten among masses of fanatics and fundamentalists. They, too, have to be reminded of their tolerant traditions and future tolerant options. - JZ, 23. 11. 06. - TO DEFEND & SPREAD DEMOCRACY? - IDEAL MILITIAS VS. STANDING ARMIES OF TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS, GOVERNMENTS & SOCIETES IN EXILE AS ALLIES

MILITARY OBEDIENCE: keeps under arms men who are ready, without asking why, to fire instantly as soon as ordered.” – Isaiah Berlin, Russian Thinkers, p.97. - CONVENTIONAL MILITARY FORCES, STANDING ARMIES, DEFENCE FORCES OF GOVERNMENTS

MILITARY PACIFISM: Only a military pacifism remains.” – Sir Norman Angell, quoted in: – Hans Habe, Leben fuer den Journalismus, Band 1, Reportagen und Gespraeche, Knaur, 1976, S.33. – That sounds contradictory and also unrealistic, considering how little most of those, who consider themselves to be pacifists, have so far considered really pacifistic military options, like e.g. military insurrections against war mongers, mass-fraternizations among armies thrown against each other, mass desertions from the wrongful side to a quite rightful side and the suitable military organization of all peace, freedom and rights lovers in an ideal volunteer militia to uphold all individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 15.9.07.

MILITARY SCIENCE: Military ‘science’ consisted of half a dozed basic thoughts, no more. The rest was the general’s on-the-spot fantasies.” – A. E. von Vogt, Children of Tomorrow, p.65. – Compare e.g. Winston Churchill’s notion of the Anzac Campaign as “attacking the soft underbelly of Europe”. – And that of trying to defeat the Nazi regime by air raids on its civilian victims living in German cities. Also keep in mind how our military defend their stockpiles of mass murder devices. – General Omar Bradley, shortly after WW II, called them “nuclear giants and ethical infants.” – However, even he did not have a rightful and rational defence, liberation and peace program. – JZ, 13.2.09. - NWT

MILITARY SERVITUDE: Conscription drafts people and uses them as if they were draft horses, serfs or slaves or, anyhow, the property of those in power. It does not recognize the basic right and liberty of self-ownership, of individual sovereignty, but imposes its kind of collectivist and territorial sovereignty of a few men in territorial power over their many victims, all under the pretence of the common good, the general interest, the needs of national security etc. and similar pretences. – JZ, 23.12.05, 30.10.07, 3.1.11. - CONSCRIPTION, DRAFT, SELECTIVE SERVICE OR SELECTED SERVITUDE & HUMAN SACRIFICES

MILITARY SERVITUDE: Draft beer, not people.” – Anonymous - THE DRAFT, CONSCRIPTION

MILITARY SERVITUDE: Where is it written in the Constitution, in what article or section is it contained, that you may take children from their parents, and parents from their children, and compel them to fight the battles of any war in which the folly or the wickedness of government may engage it?” - Representative Daniel Webster, remarks in the House, December 9, 1814. - The Writings and Speeches of Daniel Webster, vol. 14, p. 61 (1903). – Another version, source not stated: “Where is it written in the Constitution, in what section or clause is it contained, that you may take children from their parents and parents from their children, and compel them to fight the battles in any war in which the folly or the wickedness of government may engage it?” - SELECTIVE SERVITUDE, CONSCRIPTION, SLAVERY

MILITARY SOLUTIONS: The basic problems facing the world today are not susceptible to a military solution.” – John F. Kennedy. – However, under him, the nuclear arsenal of the USA was doubled. When I heard first of his assassination, I thought that this was a rightful and rational response to this kind of nuclear strength policy. However, this response should have hit the Soviet dictator first. – Military solutions are no longer possible, anyhow, with conventional or nuclear weapons and organization by the State. See Militia. – JZ, 20.9.07.

MILITARY STRENGTH: Clearly, the 800 US military bases spread across the globe are inadequate for the task of defending democracy and controlling terrorism, which must be why President Bush is demanding an extra $ 48 billions to top up the $ 335 billion military budgets.  - This is about 23 times the combined military spending of Iran, Iraq, Lybya, Syria, Sudan and North Korea - the countries supposed to be posing a dire threat to America. …” - From anonymous letter in THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH, Oct. 13, 02, Firstly, while we do get some, not always reliable figures, from the U.S. budget, how accurate are the figures released by the other regimes quoted? Secondly, we do know that there are at least some moral and rational restraints still operating in the US (not enough to achieve e.g. unilateral nuclear disarmament, though!) but what restraints are there upon the actions of more obviously criminal governments and terrorists, striving to get ABC mass murder devices? - It is not primarily a matter of the number of weapons and soldiers but for what and against what they are intended or used. The U.S. government has many flaws, but it is hardly as yet the typical example of a rogue State, yet. Furthermore, it is well known that even with relatively few men and weapons terrorists, revolutionaries and minor States can commit many mass murders and some governments support or tolerate them. Jenghiz Khan's regime, merely with bow and arrow, sword and lance, managed to murder about 50 million people. Should we leave any war-making powers in the hands of any government? - JZ, 24.10.02, 1.11.02. - DEFENCE, TERRORISM, WAR, WEAPONS, BASES, SOLDIERS, USA GOVERNMENT, ARMAMENT COSTS, CRIMINAL GOVERNMENTS, NWT, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY, TERRITORIALISM

MILITARY STRENGTH: How many despotic regimes would collapse soon, if their soldiers were not automatically targeted, like e.g. in the Gulf War, but also considered, primarily, as subjects to be liberated as well? What if they were welcomed with open arms, if they surrendered or deserted, and not treated at all like POWs? (Unless they are among the few fanatic followers of a despotic regime.) What if they could immediately form or join any of the governments in exile they want to have - or their own communities and societies of volunteers only, all under their preferred personal law systems? What if nothing but rightful war, liberation and peace aims were advanced, publicized and already partly realized by their opponents? E.g. streams of refugees, instead of being herded like animals into detention camps, could almost immediately be supplied with well-paid jobs in every free country that practised monetary, financial and other liberties. How many military forces of a despotic regime would remain loyal to it - once sound programs for a military insurrection and for a free and peaceful future for their country would be made fully known to them, including new and well paid other jobs for all of the former soldiers and officers? To what extent are soldiers of a regime its military slaves, just as its taxpayers are tax slaves, and would prefer any rightful and attractive alternative, if it were offered to them? One does not turn them into friends and allies or at least neutrals, by threatening them with ABC mass murder devices, and by threatening to destroy as well their country and its population in the process. ABC devices are not really powerful and efficient but self-defeating and incapacitating in several ways. They make more enemies than existed before them and make people on the other side suspect all of one’s motives and intentions. In WW II and in the recent strike against military centers in Iraq, the wrong assumption was that air raids would induce civilians and military people to rise against their oppressors. In fact, they increased the anger against the raiders, as a result of rockets, bombs, shells and bullets that went astray, and also increased nationalistic feelings and even loyalty to wrongful and evil regimes, as any good psychologist could have predicted or anyone who knows human nature. The question should also be raised, once again, whether “smart bombs” and “smart rockets”, even when confined to conventional explosives in large packets, are good substitutes for local saboteurs and executioners practising tyrannicide. How short and relatively bloodless could WW II have been - if the Hitler regime had been fought by rightful and rational alternative methods rather than holding all its subjects and victims, whether in and out of uniforms, collectively responsible? His “strength” was resting largely on the errors, wrong assumptions and practices and remaining authoritarianism on the side of the Western Allies. Rightful governments in exile and rightful war and peace aims for Germany, combined with the full employment and anti-inflation program of monetary freedom, offering good jobs to millions of deserters and refugees, would have helped much to bring his regime down, fast. But, unfortunately, then, there and in other wars of “liberation” or “defence”, almost all the authoritarian crimes and mistakes were committed and few if any truly liberating steps were undertaken and publicized in time. If the West Germans would have known how they would be treated, shortly afterwards, by the Western Allies, would they have been willing to fight at all for the Hitler regime? (One of my sources asserts that even the Western Allies mistreated and thus killed hundreds of thousands of German soldiers, who were taken prisoners or surrendered, near the end of the war and even afterwards. True or false? - JZ, 3.1.11.) A few fanatics might still have caused troubles but they could not have caused a world war but might have led merely to a minor international police action, facilitated by the vast majority of German civilians and soldiers. – However, their flattened cities and “plans” like the Morgenthau Plan, to turn Germany into a paddock, gave them a motive to fight on. - JZ, 11.1.99, 13.2.09. - OF DESPOTISMS, DESERTION, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS & THE TREATMENT OF POWs, AIR RAIDS AGAINST CIVILIANS, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, LIBERATION, GOVERNMENTS IN EXCILE, MONETARY FREEDOM

MILITARY STRENGTH: there’s a terrible danger in the fact that the military are, as I was saying, so much of a ghetto, and the fact that the armed forces are most useful when they are not being used. (*) If the threat has to be carried out it is a sign that it has failed, and so you have this extraordinary dilemma that the armed forces are trained and prepared to do things, which the world would be much better off if they don’t do. But when the threat is called, when a bluff is called, like the Argentinean thing, they get very excited. And it’s very hard to sustain an organization, which is most useful when it’s not being used. When you have a productive organization like an automobile company, it produces automobiles by doing it; but with the military it is always standing by, so you develop this restlessness and boredom, and you can’t just go on with spit and polish and saluting and drill and war games forever; you want to get into the action and this I think is a real danger for the military. This is particularly a danger when you have a military government, …” - Kenneth Boulding, SOCIAL ALTERNATIVES, Oct. 82, p.20. (*) In communist China soldiers are also used for productive activities, which may be one of the few good things that can be said about the communist regime, apart from concessions it has made in the sphere of economics rather than politics. – JZ, 6.12.07. – However, I do not know to what extent the military there do not only employ soldiers as forced labor but also e.g. political or apolitical opponents, even to the extent of selling their organs on the international market for these “goods”, without consent of their victims. – JZ, 25.12.07. - Their use in case of natural catastrophes should not be criticized. - JZ, 3.1.11. – It may no longer kill millions of supposed class enemies by shots in the neck – but its one-child policy per family, combined with compulsory abortions, is certainly mass murderous towards the most innocent humans. – One can accuse Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin of numerous crimes, with a death toll exceeding 200 millions but at least they were not mass murderous Malthusians on top of all their other crimes. - JZ, 13.2.09. - DETERRENCE, STANDING ARMIES INSTEAD OF IDEAL MILITIAS OF VOLUNTEERS, AS PART-TIME SOLDIERS, ONLY WHEN REALLY NEEDED, ABORTIONS, CHINA

MILITARY STRENGTH: Well, it’s just the fact that the military in the two societies are symbiotic. And also that each creates the fear which creates the other – they create each other.” – Kenneth Boulding, SOCIAL ALTERNATIVES, Oct. 82, p.17. – They need each other, each to justify himself before their countrymen. – Even a unilateral nuclear disarmament could have a very good effect upon the remaining nuclear powers. Their justification for such mass murder devices would tend to disappear in whatever of public opinion among civilians and military men they do have on their side. Other and rightful deterrents would have to come into operation. E.g., tyrannicide, a good revolution program, a good program for a military insurrection, and the sufficient publication of quite rightful war and peace aims, already one-sidedly practically demonstrated, as far as this is possible, via freely competing and nevertheless peacefully coexisting governments and societies in exile, all doing their own things only for their own volunteers and proposing them only for their future volunteers within their home countries. Societies made up of voluntary communities, none of them tied to any territory and also including ideological communities representing the ideology of a dictatorship, quite freely maintained, among their volunteers, would also tend to dissolve targets for nuclear mass murder devices and motives for other wars as well. – Anyhow, most arms races have ended in wars rather than in long peace period. – JZ, 6.12.07, 3.1.11. – WARFARE STATES, DETERRENCE, NATIONAL SECURITY, RIGHTFUL WAR AIMS & GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE, TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, TYRANNICIDE

MILITARY TRAINING & DISCIPLINE: far from “building men” the military preserved men in a dependent state, past the age when they should be making mature decisions for themselves.” – L. Neil Smith, Taflak Lysandra, p.210, Avon Books, New York, 1988. - Do government armies produce men or do they destroy them or turn them into military slaves or robots? – JZ, n.d. - GOVERNMENT, ARMED FORCES, WITH THE GOVERNMENT’S “EDUCATION”, PROPAGANDIZING & CONDITIONING CONTINUED IN THAT SPHERE, STANDING ARMIES

MILITARY TRAINING & INDOCTRINATION: The aim of military training is not just to prepare men for battle, but to make them long for it” - Louis Simpson. – Prolonged military training seems to release, in all too many cases, the killer ape in us, even in otherwise civilized and gentle people. And the war situation often gives them only the choice between killing and being killed. – JZ, 11.11.07.

MILITARY, GOVERNMENTS: It is an arrogation of military governments to demand of those of their subjects money, who do not longer believe in the possibility of military and nuclear defence.” - Uwe Timm, Gesammelte Schriften, 70, Befreiung, Dezember 1967. - NATIONAL SECURITY, TAXATION, DIRECT & INDIRECT, VIA PUBLIC DEBTS OR INFLATION

MILITARY: Conscription drafts people and uses them as if they were draft horses, serfs or slaves or, anyhow, the property of those in power. It does not recognize the basic right and liberty of self-ownership, of individual sovereignty, but imposes its kind of collectivist and territorial sovereignty of a few over their many victims, all under the pretence of the common good, the general interest, the needs of national security etc. and similar pretences. – JZ, 23.12.05, 30.10.07. - MILITARY SERVITUDE, CONSCRIPTION, DRAFT, SELECTIVE SERVICE OR SELECTED SERVITUDE & HUMAN SACRIFICES

MILITARY: Draft beer, not people.” – Anonymous - SERVITUDE, THE DRAFT, CONSCRIPTION

MILITARY: Military and uniformed power is largely un-informed and mis-informed power, not only wrongful power. – JZ, 6.11.98, 4.12.07. - MILITARISM.

MILITARY: Military justice is to justice what military music is to music.” - Groucho Marx - JUSTICE

MILITARY: The mentality of an army on the march is merely so much delayed adolescence; it remains persistently, incorrigibly and notoriously infantile.” - Albert Jay Nock. – In combination with collective responsibility notions and practices and territorialism and finance via taxation it leads to nuclear mass extermination devices. Their immorality and military uselessness is still not recognized by most of the “experts”, more than half a century later. – JZ, 23.1.08. - MINDS, MENTALITY, THINKING

MILITARY: Violence was what the military existed for – controlled violence, directed against appropriate targets. - Orson Scott Card, Ender in Exile, - p.43 - 2009. - After all these centuries, military “science” has still not clearly determined who is the real enemy, what constitutes rightful targets, genuine defence, and rightful warfare instead of all too indiscriminate counter-aggression, quite rightful war and peace aims, justified targets, rightful weapons and unjustified obedience to wrongful governments and justified disobedience towards wrongful orders. They have not yet developed a program for fraternization, with the military victims on the other side, one for rightful military insurrections and liberations and one against indiscriminate mass murder devices, like nuclear “weapons”. They have not yet transformed themselves from hired or conscripted hands of wrongful governments into rightful militias for the defence of genuine individual rights and liberties or explored how most wars can be prevented or rapidly ended.  – JZ, 18.4.13. - DEFENCE, MILITIA, AGGRESSION, ENEMY, TARGETS, WARFARE, WEAPONS, WAR & PEACE AIMS, STANDING ARMIES, NWT

MILITARY: Where is it written in the Constitution, in what section or clause is it contained, that you may take children from their parents and parents from their children, and compel them to fight the battle in any war in which the folly or the wickedness of government may engage it?” – Daniel Webster - SLAVERY, CONSCRIPTION

MILITIAAs Alexander Hamilton observed cheerily in Federalist 29, if the government were to 'form an army of any magnitude that army can never be formidable to the liberties of the people while there is a large body of citizens, little, if at all, inferior to them in discipline and the use of arms, who stand ready to defend their rights and those of their fellow citizens.' … "But with the Second Amendment, it's all Hustler magazine. No upside, just school shootings and all those apocryphal 'gun accidents.' (In 1945, for every million Americans there were 350,000 firearms and 18 fatal gun accidents. By 1995, there were 850,000 firearms per million, and fatal gun accidents had fallen to six.)” - Ann Coulter, in "Annie's Got Her Gun" from GEORGE MAGAZINE, MILITIA, ANTI-GUN LAWS, VICTIM DISARMAMENT LAWS, SELF-DEFENCE, GUN CONTROL LAWS, GUN ABUSE

MILITIA: a community in arms.” – E. L. Godkin, Unforeseen Tendencies of Democracy, p.30. – Mere arms and military training are not enough. Primarily they ought to be armed and empowered with the knowledge and appreciation of individual rights and liberties. Even the militia forces, in their organizations and fighting methods, ought to apply these rights and liberties as far as possible. That could make them almost invincible and reduce bloodshed to a minimum. – JZ, 18.12.07.

MILITIA: A good militia is of such importance to a nation, that it is the chief part of the constitution of any free government. For though as to other things, the constitution be never so slight, a good militia will always preserve the public liberty. But in the best constitution that ever was, as to all other parts of government, if the militia be not upon a right foot, the liberty of that people must perish. The militia of ancient Rome, the best that ever was in any government, made her mistress of the world: but standing armies enslaved that great people, and their excellent militia and freedom perished together. The Lacedemonians continued eight hundred years free, and in great honour, because they had a good militia. The Swisses at this day are the freest, happiest, and the people of all Europe who can best defend themselves, because they have the best militia. - Andrew Fletcher, A Discourse of Government With Relation to Militias [1698]

MILITIA: A part-time armed force of volunteers to uphold individual rights and liberties, in accordance with these rights and suitable weapons and organization, self-mobilizing, self-organizing, self-managing, self-financing and not subject to a call-up by any governor or government, intervening in favor of these rights whenever and wherever it would deem it necessary. – It might develop into the supreme force within any State, community and between panarchies and also, federated, internationally. I doubt that it could become as corrupted and abused as the forces of territorial States have often become. – JZ, 13.5.06, 31.10.07. – IDEAL MILITIA

MILITIA: A peace armed by governments means war. A peace armed by citizens means peace. – JZ, 18.4.89. – IDEAL MILITIAS, WAR & PEACE

MILITIA: A well-crafted pepperoni pizza, being necessary to the preservation of a diverse menu, the right of the people to keep and cook tomatoes, shall not be infringed." - I would ask you to try to argue that this statement says that only pepperoni pizzas can keep and cook tomatoes, and only well-crafted ones at that. This is basically what the so-called states rights people argue with respect to the well-regulated militia, vs. the right to keep and bear arms.” – Bruce Tiemann - RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS & GUN CONTROL

MILITIA: A well-regulated (*) militia (**) being necessary to the security of a free State (***), the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. (****) - Art. II, of the Bill of Rights Amendments, USA. – These incomplete and vague statements have led to a National Guard controlled by the State, instead of being self-managed and self-mobilizing and also self-financed. Territorial statism gained an almost complete victory in this sphere, in the “land of the free”. - Regulated by whom and how? - The "free" State is less justified and necessary than are individual rights and liberties. - JZ, 22. 11. 06. – An ideal militia is not there for the defence of any State but for the defence of individual rights and liberties only. If the own government suppressed these rights and another government or society resisted that offensive government, then ideal militias would join the resistance and liberation efforts of that other government or other society, rather than defend the oppressive State. Fearing that, the national guards of the USA have all been brought under State control. – JZ, 13.2.09. - A take-over of its control by the States and their Federation has actually happened in the U.S. - By now it has largely been reduced to a reserve army for the standing army and its members are often even sent into foreign countries to fight in wars of the government's choice. - This constitutional clause has been almost legislated out of existence, e.g. via an estimate 10,000 to 20,000 gun laws in the U.S.A., - JZ, 3.1.11. - (*) Self-regulated, self-managed, not government regulated! - (**) Of volunteers only, not conscripts. And these volunteers ought to know and appreciate all individual rights and liberties. - (***) This is a contradiction in terms, as far as territorial States are concerned. Upholding individual rights and liberties and protecting the communities of volunteers is quite another matter. - (****) Nor the right to form military organizations and to train for the use of arms for the protection of individual rights and liberties. - JZ, 18.12.07. The less is it regulated or even run by the State the better it will be in many cases. However, also privately organized and run militias of still all too ignorant and prejudiced people can also set bad examples. Ideal militia volunteers should be fully enlightened on all genuine individual rights and liberties and how to protect them best and committed to do so. – Such a militia has, to my knowledge, never as yet existed anywhere. Even in the best of the reported cases it was only partly realized and partly still stuck in ignorance, errors and prejudices. – JZ, 3.4.12. - ARMS, PEOPLE, WEAPONS, US CONSTITUTION, SECOND AMENDMENT

MILITIA: a well-trained and organized voluntary civilian militia, which is, and always has been, the only ultimate defence against totalitarianism, both from without and within. – Such a militia should not be confused with those clandestine civilian militia groups which, enjoying neither official sanction nor the constraints of law, have the potential to threaten the liberty of other citizens.” - Sawyer/Wilshire, One Man Band, The best of Peter Sawyer, whistle blower, edited by Brian Wilshire, 1996, Brian Wilshire, PO Box 209, Round Corner NSW 2158, ISBN # 0 646 265117 2, p.101.

MILITIA: Among all military forces especially the following should be distinguished: 1.) Mass armies of territorial governments established by conscription, including also the misnamed “peoples’ armies” and “Volkssturm”, also militias raised and commanded by territorial governments, - 2.) Armies of volunteers only, also raised, maintained and commanded by territorial governments and fighting for their aims. These might be professional soldiers, patriots or mercenaries. – 3.) Voluntary militias, knowing and appreciating individual rights and liberties, raising, maintaining and managing themselves and committed only to upholding these rights and liberties with weapons, methods, and structures that correspond to these rights and liberties. They would be self-mobilizing and have only elected and recallable leaders. – Such a force does not yet exist, nor does a complete and clear declaration of all individual rights and liberties, in sufficiently published and recognized form. - JZ, 20.6.03. 19.9.08, 30.10.13. - It would be constituted by local volunteers, but their organizations might soon become nation-wide and internationally federated or confederated, without infringing the exterritorial autonomy of their members, to the extent that the defence of genuine individual rights and liberties (claimed by victims), are anywhere infringed. - JZ, 3.1.11.

MILITIA: An ideal militia will be less and less required the more man becomes enlightened and civilized, i.e., the more he respects individual rights and liberties of others. But how extensive this mutual tolerance can become will have to be practically demonstrated, not merely extensively discussed. Thus the establishment of an ideal and sufficiently enlightened militia will require already much higher degrees of peaceful coexistence and mutual tolerance of alternative institutions and communities of volunteers in the political, economic and social spheres and these communities will also require more and more developed ideal militia forces for their establishment and maintenance. And both, panarchies and ideal militia forces, will require much better declarations of individual rights and liberties than were so far compiled or published – And all three factors will require a much better and more thorough and complete use of alternative media for enlightenment purposes than was so far made of them. - JZ, n.d. & 30.10.07. - IDEAL ONE OR, RATHER IDEAL FEDERATION OF LOCAL MILITIAS FOR THE PROTECTION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, PANARCHIES, POLYARCHIES & HUMAN RIGHTS DECLARATIONS, NEW DRAFT

MILITIA: and if you fear any sudden wanton violence from any quarter, let me know it immediately, we have a force already drilled and disciplined, whose sole aim is to prevent or restrain any wanton violence towards ANY person or property, without regard to tribe, clan, class, sect, color, or nation.” – Josiah Warren, True Civilization, p.55.

MILITIA: And the people won’t help some other baron oppress his people; it might be their turn next.” – “You mean, the people are armed?” – Prince Bentrik was incredulous. – “Great Satan, aren’t yours?” Prince Trask was equally surprised. “Then your democracy’s a farce, and the people are only free on sufferance. If their ballots aren’t secured by arms, they’re worthless. …” - Beam Piper, Space Viking, p.149. - PEOPLE IN ARMS, DEMOCRACY, GENUINE PEOPLE’S ARMIES, VOTING, BALLOTS, ARMS, GUNS

MILITIA: Armed force, and nothing else, decided the outcome of the American Revolution. (*) Without armed force mobilized on a decisive scale, there would be today no subject for discussion. Deprived even of its name, the “Revolution” would shrink to a mere rebellion – an interesting episode, but like dozens of others in the modern history of Western societies. Crude, obvious and unappealing as this truism may be, it is still true; without war to sustain it, the Declaration of Independence would be a forgotten manifesto. Writing about an earlier revolutionary war, Thomas Hobbes rammed home the point when he said that ‘covenants without swords are but words’.” – John Shy, A People Numerous & Armed. – Actually, they were not very numerous compared with the English people. And their revolution did not lead to mutinies or military insurrections of the royal forces, only to some desertions of conscripts, some of them German troops sold to England by their princes. Insofar the revolution was incomplete. It also did not embrace the monetary freedom options but rather introduced monetary despotism. Nor did it liberate the slaves. It was largely a fight of some new states against an old state. It expropriated and prosecuted royalists, instead of leaving them their king as a ruler for their voluntary communities. If it had been a truly liberating revolution, in every respect, then it could have won rather fast and with little bloodshed. The best revolutions are those in which the armed forces of the old regime go over, without fighting, to the new regime or society. – (*) ? – JZ 18.12.07. Somewhat improved ideas and institutions did also have their role to play. – JZ, 30.10.13. - MILITIA & HUMAN RIGHTS DECLARATIONS, ARMS, WEAPONS, PROTECTING RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, FORCE & RIGHTS, REVOLUTION, RESISTANCE, AMERICAN REVOLUTION.

MILITIA: Bastiat insisted that collective force could only be used to ensure the life, liberty, and property of individuals.” – G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.197. - IDEAL MILITIA FORCES, FOR THE PROTECTION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

MILITIA: Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom of Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any body of regular troops that can be, on any pretense, raised in the United States.” – Noah Webster - RIGHTFUL, FOR THE DEFENCE OF RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, VS. STANDING ARMIES & GUN CONTROL OR VICTIM DISARMAMENT


MILITIA: Composed only of volunteers, armed trained and motivated only to defend individual human rights and liberties, with rightful weapons and methods, liberating and preserving rather than mass murderous and destroying, revolutionary and liberating rather than total warfare, with tactics and strategies corresponding to its rightful aims. Its soldiers and officers enjoying human rights as far as possible, while not fighting for them. Units to be locally autonomous and also internationally federated or allied. Supreme political and military power: citizens in arms. Deciding on war and peace, armament and disarmament and international treaties. Self-mobilizing, self-supporting in peace time. In war-time self-financing through taxes that anticipate the expropriation of the assets of the enemy regime and give the taxed claims upon these assets. Only sufficiently rational beings are accepted as its volunteers. As a body it would possess a monopoly for military weapons, i.e. disarm all other military organizations, leaving only self-defence weapons to individuals. It will organize and supervise the destruction of all ABC mass murder devices, beginning with unilateral nuclear disarmament. It will also attempt to further improve the best declaration of individual rights and liberties that has been achieved so far. It will engage in or encourage tyrannicide rather than organize area bombing, free fire zones and mass slaughters of the enemy regime’s conscripts. For some details see - and JZ, n.d. & 19.12.07. - IDEAL MILITIAS

MILITIA: Cromwell hadn't solved the finance problem for his soldiers and his revolution and so his otherwise very obedient and freedom-loving soldiers came close to mutiny and his revolution ultimately failed. Washington, too, might have been overthrown by his unpaid soldiers, if he had not ordered them marched into the wilderness to be “paid off” there with greatly depreciated paper money at its face value. A Militia, which does not stand up for monetary freedom also, will tend to defeat itself. More than ever before, a liberation army and a force to maintain individual rights and liberties must be able to pay its way. It will not be subsidized by any government. - JZ, 8.11.01, 26.1.02. - FINANCE, SOUND ALTERNATIVE MEANS OF PAYMENT

MILITIA: Do not overlook the COMMON DEFENCE aims and interests of militia members from DIFFERENT panarchies. They all want their own particular panarchies, i.e. the rights and liberties claimed within them by their voluntary members, protected against interference by members of other panarchies. The planned militia will help defending all panarchies against attacks. – JZ, 17.9.87. – The best way to protect their own free choices of systems and laws is to protect those choices of all others as well. – JZ, 7.12.07. – Moreover, they would be more than the average panarchy members trained to distinguish between rightful and wrongful actions. Consider them as armed and well educated jurors, if you like. - JZ, 17.9.87, 1.4.89. – IDEAL MILITIAS & PANARCHISM

MILITIA: Every citizen [should] be a soldiers. This was the case with the Greeks and Romans, and must be that of every free state.” – Thomas Jefferson, Letter to James Monroe, 1813. – Everyone, who knows and appreciates his individual rights and liberties. Weapons in the hands of anyone else do endanger these rights and liberties, especially when they are in the hands of obedient soldiers of a territorial government. – JZ, 13.12.07, 30.10.13. - IDEAL, FOR THE DEFENCE OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

MILITIA: For a people who are free, and who mean to remain so, a well organized and armed militia is their best security.” – Thomas Jefferson, Message to Congress, Nov., 1808. A full knowledge of individual rights and liberties is even more important for them. – If they fully knew and appreciated them then they would arm and train themselves properly. - JZ, 13.2.09.

MILITIA: For the first time, Beal realized how the new breed of soldier differed from the old. The new men were peacekeepers, rather than simple warriors; convinced of their right to question, intellectualize, satisfy their consciences, rather than simply obey.” – Alfred Coppell: Thirtyfour East, p. 266. – It would be a most important part of the training of any quite rightful militia force to teach them when obedience would really be obligatory and upon what kind of wrongful orders an orderly and comprehensive disobedience would be obligatory. Cromwell’s soldiers obeyed their trusted leaders very well in battles – but often criticized them afterwards for some mistakes or omissions. And they were free to do so. At one stage they formed something like a genuine people’s parliament for England. Alas, they were not tolerant enough to behave well against Catholics in Ireland. – JZ, 13.2.09. - CITIZEN SOLDIERS, PEACE KEEPERS, OBEDIENCE

MILITIA: From an army of conscripts (or professional career soldiers or mercenaries) fighting under the command and for the aims and profits of others, political leaders, some major changes are required to achieve an armed forces of volunteers, formed under full exterritorial autonomy, to realize and uphold their individual rights and liberties and fighting only against the real enemies, those who would force them into another war, if they could, and would continue to misrule them afterwards. – JZ, 11.11.93, 3.12.07.

MILITIA: guardians of freedom, not imposers of an arbitrary will.” – Poul Anderson, Brain Wave, p.154. – To the diverse groups and communities in Iraq and Afghanistan a democratic majority rule is also the imposition of an arbitrary will upon all the rest of a very diverse population. – JZ, 18.12.07.

MILITIA: I ask sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for a few public officials." - George Mason, 3 Elliott, Debates at 425-426, during the Constitutional Debates, summing up the belief of most of the Founding Fathers who believed that CITIZENS SHOULD BE PERSONALLY ARMED, BUT NOT PUBLIC OFFICIALS. – A quite rightful militia would only be made up by citizens who know and respect individual rights and liberties and know how to apply and how to protect them. They would form a kind of armed and enlightened elite, like Cromwell's Ironsides once did. The average product of today’s public schooling would not be a good member for a rightful militia. - JZ, 22. 11. 06, 30.10.13. - Not everyone should be included but only those with a sufficient knowledge and appreciation of individual rights and liberties! – JZ, 13.2.09.

MILITIA: I would rather have the best possible constitutions (that is, those of volunteers under full exterritorial autonomy and personal laws) resting upon the best possible military forces (those of volunteers, upholding individual rights and liberties, in defence organizations that are themselves exterritorially autonomous, and that use only rightful weapons and methods against real enemies only) than the best possible of the territorially monopolistic and coercive constitution of the present States, resting upon their military and police forces and other “constitutional liberties” that are offered under territorialism. – Panarchism and ideal militia forces would support each other. – JZ, 27.8.93, 4.12.07. – IDEAL MILITIA

MILITIA: Ideal militia forces would largely replace the current military and police forces of territorial States. They could provide better defence and police services. At the same time they could greatly reduce the need for such services, by upholding, against all criminals and other aggressors, all genuine individual rights and liberties. Naturally, they would do this only to the extent that they are claimed by communities of volunteers. Such militias would be formed and self-managed by neighborhood volunteers who are sufficiently enlightened and informed, trained and motivated to uphold all individual rights and liberties, when this is required. They would thus be very different from most militias of the past and present. - Some competing and professional protective agencies might remain, to be hired, in addition, if and to the extent that they should become necessary. – How often were policemen and soldiers, so far, sworn in and trained to uphold individual rights and liberties against all wrongful orders and laws? - JZ, 11.8.05, 24.10.07. - IDEAL ONES, FOR THE PROTECTION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, ONCE THESE ARE FULLY PUBLISHED & SUFFICIENTLY UNDERSTOOD

MILITIA: In 1912 Kaiser Wilhelm II on a visit to Switzerland asked a Swiss Militiaman what the Swiss would do if he sent 500 000 German soldiers into Switzerland against 250 000 Swiss militiamen. The militiaman answered: ‘Shoot twice.’” – Richard A. Cheatham, in a talk on Militia, reported in FREEDOM NETWORK NEWS. 12/07, p.17. – If voluntary militia men were all trained to be sharp-shooters they could cope even with ten to twenty times their own numbers. (*) The waste of bullets by professional soldiers has for a long time been as high as 100 000 shots for a single enemy casualty! – (*) Theodor Hertzka in “Travel to Freeland” described such an army. - JZ, 10.9.08. JOKES

MILITIA: in the case of the Boer War, … the army on the Boer side appears to have had a remarkably democratic form of organization and yet existed alongside State and Church institutions that were quite undemocratic.” – A. J. Baker, Anderson’s Social Philosophy, p.73. - A PRECEDENT?

MILITIA: Karl Hess called for the organization of neighborhood militias.” – THE MATCH, July-Aug. 1975.

MILITIA: Lastly, the advocates of- monetary freedom, together with the advocates of all other individual liberties and rights, may have to arm, organize, train and motivate themselves to help realize and maintain their liberty against all those inclined towards despotism in this and other spheres. - JZ, n.d. - VOLUNTARY, LOCALLY ORGANIZED & FEDERATED, FOR THE -PROTECTION OF ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS


MILITIA: Men who respect individual human rights have the right to bear arms and to organize and train in military fashion. Self-evident conditions are: a.) They must be volunteers. b.) They may only use rightful arms and methods. c.) They may pursue only quite rightful war and peace aims. e.) They may use only rightful strategic and tactical methods, sparing civilians and noncombatants (dictators, tyrants and their main supporters excepted). e.) Their military obedience is limited and accompanied by a right and duty to resist wrongful orders. f.) Even as soldiers they still retain their individual rights. g.) They may elect and recall their officers. h.) They must swear to uphold nothing but individual human rights. – (A new kind of military science can hardly be sufficiently expressed in a few words only.) - JZ, n.d. & 19.12.07. - MILITIAS, IDEAL ONES

MILITIA: Military Organization: Every rational being has the right to associate with others in military organizations for the realization and protection of human rights and natural rights or rational beings and to train itself in the use of rightful weapons. - Comment: From the other human rights and natural rights of reasonable beings it follows that these organizations must be organized in such a way that they could not be used for anything else. Membership must be voluntary, permitting everybody to leave this organization any time. Members must swear to defend the fundamental rights and nothing else. They are not permitted unjust weapons. They would have to elect and, if necessary, to recall their officers. Their obedience must find its limit in the human rights and natural rights of rational beings and they must, even as soldiers, retain their liberty of speech, press and assembly. Such an organization would not be militaristic but an ideal police and peace force. - From the draft in PEACE PLANS No.4, point 50. - & HUMAN RIGHTS

MILITIA: Military service produces moral imbecility, ferocity and cowardice, and the defence of nations must be undertaken by the civil enterprise of men enjoying all the rights and liberties of citizenship.” – Bernard Shaw, John Bull’s Other Island, Preface. – The militia here proposed would rather improve than deteriorate the qualities of is members, while turning them into efficient fighters against criminals with victims and other aggressors. – JZ, 30.10.13. - VS. MILITARY SERVICE, CONVENTIONAL TYPE

MILITIA: On becoming soldiers we have not ceased to be citizens.” – Unknown, Humble Representation, addressed to Parliament by Cromwell’s soldiers, 1647. – Allen Andrews Quotations for Speakers and Writers, p.429. Sun Books, Melbourne edition, 1969, 1976. - SOLDIERS, CITIZEN SOLDIERS

MILITIA: One of these days “the brutes private or public, who believe that they can rule their betters by force, will learn the lesson of what happens when brute force encounters mind and force.” – Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, p.1074. - IDEAL MILITIA FORCES, FOR THE PROTECTION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

MILITIA: Only the ordinary, unknown individual could defend freedom on earth, for not by any use of force can men in Government maintain any man’s use of his natural human rights.” – Rose Wilder Lane, The Discovery of Freedom, p.222. – GOVERNMENT & NATURAL RIGHTS

MILITIA: Only those citizens knowing and appreciating their individual rights and liberties and prepared to back them up, rightfully armed, trained, organized and self-mobilized, with quite rightful defensive measures, will be in sufficient control of their own lives and can effectively defend themselves against power abuses by territorial governments. – JZ 5.12.04, 22.10.07. - Maybe only they will be able to rid us of territorial governments. - JZ, 3.1.11. - MILITIA OF VOLUNTEERS FOR THE PROTECTION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

MILITIA: Only with a new sort of soldier … with restraint … obligation … mind and body.” – Gordon R. Dickson, Tactics of Mistake, p.237. - A NEW SORT OF SOLDIERS & OFFICERS

MILITIA: Political rights do not exist because they have been legally set down on a piece of paper, but only when they have become the ingrown habits of a people, and when any attempt to impair them will meet with the violent resistance of the populace. Where this is not the case, there is no help in any parliamentary opposition or any Platonic appeals to the constitution.” – Rudolf Rocker, Anarcho-Syndicalism, 1938. – An ideal militia would not attack any syndicalistic activities of volunteers doing their own things, with their own properties, but certainly resist any attempt to coercively introduce or uphold any form of syndicalism over dissenting property owners. – JZ, 18.12.07, 30.10.13. - IDEAL MILITIA FORCES, FOR THE PROTECTION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, COMMUNIST ANARCHISTS, PROPERTY RIGHTS

MILITIA: Prevent the establishment of a standing army separated from the people, which constitutes a most certain generator of all manner of attempts to take away freedom.” – Lenin, The Assembly of the Peasant Deputies, vol. 14, part 1, p. 90. – It did not take him and Trotzky long to establish the Red Army as a standing army as well as a powerful and ruthless secret police organization and to utilize the State’s note printing presses to support him and them and their very intolerant ideology and practice. – JZ, 18.12.07. – Even the best democracies need an ideal militia as a precaution against a take-over by such power mongers. – JZ, 16.2.09. – IDEAL MILITIAS VS. & INSTEAD OF STANDING ARMIES

MILITIA: Regular troops loose their courage when they confront dangers greater than they looked for, and find themselves surpassed in numbers and arms. They are the first to turn their backs. But militiamen die in their places.” – Aristotle, The Nicomachean Ethics, III, c. 340 B.C. - It was elderly Berlin “Landsturm” men who gave Napoleon’s veteran troops their first defeats in Germany, when they tried to occupy Berlin. – J.Z, 13.12.007. - VS. REGULAR SOLDIERS, STANDING ARMIES, PROFESSIONALS, MERCENARIES

MILITIA: Rome remained free for four hundred years and Sparta eight hundred, although their citizens were armed all that time; but many other states that have been disarmed have lost their liberties in less than forty years.” - Niccolo Machiavelli. – With such remarks N. M. indicated his real political position. Alas, he favored the compulsory unification of Italy, even if only through a prince or monarch, i.e., he was still a territorialist and centralist and gave corresponding “political” advice, in accordance with modern “Realpolitik”. – JZ, 4.1.08. - ARMED CITIZENS

MILITIA: Should it really only be possible to organize and manage large military forces for wrongful purposes but not for quite rightful ones? Or to establish them as incorruptible and self-managed institutions? All for the protection of genuine individual rights and liberties only? Would it be impossible to replace the all too flawed and incomplete human rights declarations of States and that of the UN by correct and complete ones? Is it impossible to replace monetary despotism by monetary freedom, compulsory taxation by voluntary taxation, territorial and coercive monopoly States with involuntary members and subjects by exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers only, collective territorial sovereignty by individual sovereignty, territorial experiments by exterritorial ones, collective responsibility ideas and practices by those based upon individual responsibility, flawed social insurance and social service systems by rightful and economic ones, monopolistic defence, police and prison services by quite rightful and competitive ones? Under experimental freedom for volunteers, organized in exterritorially autonomous communities, all possible and rational alternatives could be tolerantly tried out and fast progress will be almost guaranteed including a speeding up of general enlightenment. All creative energies could then be finally released. But to achieve this some forms of ideal militias may already be required, some better declarations of individual rights and liberties, more complete reference libraries for freedom lovers and more publicized examples for the possibility of peaceful coexistence for all kinds of alternative institutions. – JZ, July/Aug. 06, unfinished notes, somewhat revised 30.10.07. 3.1.11. - IDEAL ONES, OF VOLUNTEERS FOR THE PROTECTION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

MILITIA: States have not yet come up against ideal militias – but at most against oath communities like those of the Swiss and the forces of armed and organized Puritans, the Ironsides of Cromwell. Even these two examples, possibly the best that can be provided, were not yet fully aware of all human rights and liberties. Armed with that knowledge they could, e.g., also finance their struggles much better than can be done without it. – With it they could even turn most of the forces of a dictatorship against it. - JZ, 1983, 6.12.07.  IDEAL MILITIAS

MILITIA: Tax resisters ought to be organized, armed and trained at least as well as the tax extortionists are. As protector also of the rights to one’s property and earnings an ideal militia would organize tax resistance as well. – JZ, 18.7.93. - To leave the protection of their right to those who have subjected them to e.g. tax slavery and military slavery is absurd. – Not the citizens but their territorial governments should be disarmed. - JZ, 4.12.07. - TAX RESISTANCE, POLICE & STANDING ARMY, GUN CONTROLS, RESISTANCE

MILITIA: Tax slaves ought to be well armed and militarily organized and trained. Then they would have a chance to greatly reduce or even abolish taxation. – JZ, 20.4.89. - & TAXATION

MILITIA: Taxpayers rather than tax collectors and their supporters should be armed, organized and trained. – JZ, 5.3.89, 5.12.07. – Taxpayers rather than tax takers should be armed and organized. – JZ, 18.8.88. - AGAINST TAXATION

MILITIA: The Americans fought the Revolution with an amateur army. Almost every colonist owned a musket, a circumstance European governments of the time would never have tolerated and which colonial governors found unnerving. Virginia’s Governor Sir William Berkeley complained bitterly of the special hazards of governing a people of whom six out of seven are “Poore, Endebted, Discontented and Armed.” (*) – The American Militia was a citizen army that has been described as “a band of casually gathered, haphazardly-armed amateurs, over whom there was no effective central command.” The officers were usually elected. – Responsibility was widely diffused. One reason the American Army proved hard to defeat was that it was not really an army. It had no centre; ”its center”, an analyst said, “was everywhere”. - Richard Cornuelle, Healing America, G. P. Putnam’s Sons, New York, 1983, p. 23. - Alas, the Americans of that time did not know and appreciate ALL individual rights and liberties. Even the Americans of today don’t. Many wrongs and abuses follow from that fact. – (*) I suppose that this Governor did not count the women as people. - JZ, 12.9.08. - ARMS, GUNS, WEAPONS, IN THE HANDS OF THE PEOPLE INSTEAD OF ONLY IN THE HANDS OF GOVERNMENTS, ELECTION OF OFFICERS, DECENTRALIZATION

MILITIA: The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed.” – Alexander Hamilton – Armed with the knowledge and understanding of all individual rights and liberties is even more important than arms. And to apply that knowledge and to apply their rightful weapons rightfully and sensibly only, does also require extensive training, long before it comes to any clashes. If this is done then clashes will arise only rarely and tend to be rather limited. – 13.2.09. SELF-DEFENCE

MILITIA: The citizen-soldiers is like a juror who is at the place and time of the offence and entitled, nay obliged, to act then and there towards the protection of basic rights and liberties, without waiting for a remote judge or bureaucrat to make a decision. They would act like ideal policemen on the spot should act. The Islamic instant justice system, as described e.g. by Rose Wilder Lane, is something similar. And so is the justice system described by Robert Heinlein in his “The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress.” – JZ, 20.8.86, 13.12.07.

MILITIA: The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance; which condition, if he break, servitude is at once the consequence of his crime, and the punishment of his guilt.” – John Philpot Curran, Speech on the Right of Election of Lord Mayor of Dublin, 1790. – Utilization of freedom of press and other protest options do not achieve sufficient “vigilance”. Some kind of ideal “vigilante” organization should be organized and mobilized, whenever necessary, as well, by all freedom lovers, - JZ, 6.4.89, 6.12.07. - ETERNAL VIGILANCE

MILITIA: The credo of the militia is not merely to protect any particular panarchy in its independence but the protection of the peaceful coexistence and independent development of all of them, with all their varieties, as determined by individual consumer sovereignty in this sphere. For that purpose, it upholds claimed individual rights, rights claimed by individuals or groups, which are members of particular panarchies and which are part of the individual rights code recognized and defended by the militia, against aggressive actions by members of other panarchies and sometimes also, by members of the same panarchy, should its internal security forces be unable to keep the peace and in case such a panarchy does not split up in time to prevent such clashes. As individuals, the militia members have made their choice to belong to one or the other panarchy. As militia members they made the public choice to protect their own individual rights and those of others, to the extent that they are claimed, if necessary even with their own lives. This does not expect too much for them. Regardless of their party affiliation, many present-day policemen, private security men and soldiers do risk their lives in protective efforts. (Naturally, in the absence of a commitment to individual rights protection, the latter types do also risk them in aggressive actions.) - JZ, 17.9.87, 1.4.89. – IDEAL MILITIAS

MILITIA: The land free, free for all, without overseers and masters. Seek justice from tyrannical governments, not with a hat in your hand but with a rifle in your fists.” – Zapata, quoted in Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, p.512. – P.M. adds: “Although Zapata was not strictly speaking an anarchist, he did much to disseminate Flore Magón’s ideas.” - ARMS, WEAPONS, GUNS

MILITIA: The militia is a people in arms (the best parts of the people in arms – among the men) and the people as the supreme sovereign has long been considered as a transcendental and supreme factor.” – Guenter Zehm: “Der hohle Staat und der dicke Apparat”, S.25 in: “Was anders werden muss”, Hrsg. G.-K. Kaltenbrunner, 1982. - IDEAL, FOR THE PROTECTION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

MILITIA: The militia is the dread of tyrants and the guard of freemen.” - Gov. R. Lucas, former Major General of the Ohio Militia, 1832. – Provided they know all individual rights and liberties and are armed, organized and trained to defend nothing but these rights and liberties. – Has such a force ever existed as yet? If not, is it not high time to establish it? – JZ, 4.1.08.

MILITIA: The militia, when properly formed, are in fact the people themselves. ... [T]he Constitution ought to secure a genuine [militia] and guard against a select militia, by providing that the militia shall always be kept well organized, armed, and disciplined, and include ... all men capable of bearing arms; ... To preserve liberty it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms and be taught alike ... how to use them." - Richard Henry Lee, writing in "Letters from the Federal Farmer to the Republic", 1788, p.169. – I would exclude all who are unwilling to learn to recognize, appreciate and respect all genuine individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 30.10.13.

MILITIA: The police of a State should never be stronger or better armed than the citizens. An armed citizenry, willing to fight, is the foundation of civil freedom.” – Robert Heinlein, Beyond this Horizon, p.97. - POLICE, GUN CONTROL, VICTIM DISARMAMENT, ARMS, WEAPONS

MILITIA: The price of freedom is the willingness to do sudden battle, anywhere, any time and with utter ruthlessness.” – Robert Heinlein, The Puppet Masters, XXXV. – Much knowledge, moral sense and self-restraint is required to rightfully defend genuine rights and liberties only, without engaging in any wrongful and aggressive actions against people who are not really the main enemies, if enemies at all, rather than victims of a regime. Even the conscripts of the dictator one opposes are to be largely treated as potential allies, while they are not attacking. Instead of the “no pardon!” command, deserters should always be welcomed and prisoners taken, but not treated as POWs, unless they are a tyrant’s “true believers” or murderous religious fanatics. – JZ, 18.12.07, 30.10.13. – FREEDOM, RUTHLESSNESS? RIGHTFUL & DISCRIMINATING WARFARE METHODS, LIBERATION WARS, REVOLUTIONARY WARS, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS, DESERTION, TREATMENT OF POW’s

MILITIA: The right of self-defense is the first law of nature; in most governments it has been the study of rulers to confine this right within the narrowest limits possible. Wherever standing armies are kept up, and when the right of the people to keep and bear arms is, under any color or pretext whatsoever, prohibited, liberty, if not already annihilated, is on the brink of destruction." - Henry St George Tucker, in Blackstone's 1768 "Commentaries on the Laws of England." - SELF-GOVERNMENT, STANDING ARMIES, GUN CONTROL LAWS

MILITIA: the soldiers should live in common with the rest of the people; and no separate camp, barracks, or fortress, should be suffered.” – Montesquieu, De L’Esprit des Lois, The Spirit of Laws. – George Seldes, The Great Quotations. (One of the best general quotations collections that I know of! – JZ) - CITIZEN FORCES, RATHER THAN STANDING ARMIES, GARRISONS, MILITARY CAMPS & FORTS

MILITIA: The Songs of Bialik. The late Chaim Nachman Bialik (1873-1934) was the most distinguished poetic talent to use the Hebrew language in well over a thousand years. … he sets them singing a hymn of revolt against submissiveness. His purpose was to stir his fellow-Jews to throw off their age-old docility, to cease being mice and fight like men. - The same thought animates the third poem here partially quoted (in the book! – JZ) This, ‘In the City of the Slaughtered’, was prompted by the Kishinev pogrom at Easter 1903, and heaps scorn on the Jews who meekly submitted to that outrage. Published originally in Hebrew, then translated by its author into Yiddish, this poem had an enormous effect on the harried folk penned in the Czarist ghettos. “Self-defence’ corps sprung up everywhere, and when the next pogrom-wave came in 905, the Jews resisted with matchless courage. - Bialik was thus one of the most potent influences in reviving Israel’s will to live. If his doctrine seems reactionary, teaching men to meet hate with hate and violence with violence, it nevertheless belongs to such an anthology as this. There are times, it would seem, when a righteous wrath can be the truest expression of wisdom.” – The Wisdom of Israel, ed. by Lewis Browne, 1948ff, Four Square Edition, 1962, p.542. – From his: “The Dead in the Desert” : We are the mighty! The last generation of slaves and the first generation of free men!” – Page 547 in the same book. - Underlining by me. True wisdom would have combined armed self-defence with a monetary revolution, which would have demonstrated that Jews are not the masters of money (a popular prejudice), but master liberators for all, by finally introducing monetary freedom and thereby ending the almost perpetual currency famine, which, being completely misinterpreted, as to its causes, had led all too many people to anti-Semitism. – JZ, 8.12.070. - Sometimes even some poetry or songs can do some good. - JZ, 3.1.11. - POGROMS, ANTISEMITISM & MONETARY FREEDOM

MILITIA: The State’s various armed forces are no rightful, rational and efficient substitutes for voluntary militia forces upholding individual rights and liberties. Not even the State’s judges and teachers are. Often they are more the enemies than upholders of individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 27.5.05. - See especially sections 27, 32, 42, 78, in ON PANARCHY I, in PP 505. See also my two peace books on this. - JZ - See: BECKERATH, ULRICH VON: On Panarchy. – See also my first peace book, under - JZ - IDEAL MILITIA & PANARCHISM

MILITIA: The United States should get rid of its militias.” - Joseph Stalin, 1933. By that time the National Guard of the US was already long under the control of US. governments, rather than autonomous, and thus actually not to be feared as much by a dictator like Stalin. – JZ, 4.1.08.

MILITIA: They try to exploit our constitutional ignorance by claiming the Second Amendment refers to a “well-regulated militia” and government does the regulating. Nonsense! Noah Webster defined militia as ‘the effective part of the people at large’, and George Mason defined militia as ‘the whole people, except for a few public officials’.” - Walter E. Williams, Do the Right Thing, Hoover Institution Press, 1995, p.150. - With some others I hold that an ideal militia is self-regulated, consists only of volunteers and these volunteers know all individual rights and liberties and are prepared to uphold them and nothing else, with rightful weapons, organizational forms and protective and defensive methods that do not contradict these rights and liberties. – Obviously, the average present adult citizen is not yet as enlightened and committed. The territorial governments have seen to that. – JZ, 5.10.07.

MILITIA: Three million people, armed in the Holy cause of Liberty … are invincible. … We shall not fight alone. …” - Patrick Henry, before his famous: “give me liberty or give me death” remark. - IDEAL MILITIA

MILITIA: Thus Bastiat insisted that collective force could only be used to insure (ensure? – JZ) the life, liberty, and property of individuals. While his position severely limited the role of government, Bastiat was far from adopting a position of philosophic anarchy. He went on to point out that man is primarily a social creature in nature, …” G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.197. – But the collective force would better not be organized through an exclusive, coercive, sovereign, or other despotic territorial government, i.e., through any Warfare State, but, rather, through an ideal militia force, or, for minor cases, through competing protective associations and services. – No monopolist can be rightly trusted in this sphere. - JZ, 24.7.92, 3.12.07. – Unless one considers sufficiently enlightened citizens soldiers as “monopolists”. – JZ, 25.12.07. - COLLECTIVE FORCE, GOVERNMENT, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

MILITIA: To be, or not to be – that is the question; // Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer // The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, // Or to take arms against a sea of troubles.” – Shakespeare, Hamlet, 3, 1, 56. – Hyman Quotes, p.309. - DEFENCE

MILITIA: Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, citizens who are not only prepared to take arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily life and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom.” – John F. Kennedy. - Yes, especially against powerful men like JFK, who doubled the nuclear arsenal of the USA and played the game of brinkmanship with them. - JZ, 24.11.06. - Which individual rights and liberties did he recognize and which important ones did he neither know or respect? – JZ, 2.1.08, 3.1.11. -But where do we find members for it, who really know and appreciate all individual rights and liberties, before they are even privately or officially declared? And where do we find people interested in producing such a declaration? – JZ, 25.4.13. – MINUTEMEN, DECLARATION OF ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, RESISTANCE

MILITIA: Tolerant people should arm and organize themselves against intolerant ones. – JZ, 5.2.81. - & TOLERANCE

MILITIA: Via ideal militias for the protection of individual rights and liberties men ought to be taught and enabled for fight, if at all, then only for their own liberation and that of others, rather than against individual rights and liberties on all sides. – JZ, 4.1.99. – The most important duty of all modern soldiers of State governments is to disobey all wrongful orders and to fight only against wrongful governments, rather than against their victims. – How many, if any, of today’s military specialists and common soldiers are even aware and appreciative of all individual rights and liberties, their own and those of the soldiers and civilians on the other side? – JZ, 4.12.07. - FIGHTING FOR INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES RATHER THAN AGAINST THEM, UNDER THE COMMAND OF TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS

MILITIA: Voting for the right is doing nothing for it.” – H. D. Thoreau, An Essay on Civil Disobedience, 1848. - “Right is associated with the authority to enforce it.” - Kant. - & VOTING, RIGHT TO USE FORCE TO UPHOLD OR RESTORE RIGHTS

MILITIA: We want to be the militia of liberty, but not soldiers under uniform. Armies prove dangerous to the people; except for the popular militia protecting the public liberties. Militia, yes! Soldiers, never!” – Proclamation of the CNT, 1936. - VS. SOLDIERS OF STANDING ARMIES

MILITIA: What, Sir, is the use of a militia? It is to prevent the establishment of a standing army, the bane of liberty. ... Whenever Governments mean to invade the rights and liberties of the people, they always attempt to destroy the militia, in order to raise an army upon their ruins." - Rep. Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts, spoken during floor debate over the Second Amendment, I Annals of Congress at 750, 17 August 1789. - There is other contemporaneous evidence that the Founding Fathers considered the militia to be equivalent to, if not, "the people", at least a very large part of the people. The Militia Act of 1792 declared the: "militia of the United States" to include almost every free adult male in the United States. These persons were obligated to possess a firearm and a minimum supply of ammunition and military equipment. This statute, incidentally remained in effect into the early years of the present century as a legal requirement of gun ownership for most of the population of the United States.[32] – Source?

MILITIA: When the Continental Army was in the field under military discipline (*), their ideals flourished. The Declaration of Independence was issued, and people like Tom Paine were lionized. However, as soon as the revolutionaries put their guns back over their mantelpieces, after the defeat of the British, things started going downhill.” – Filthy Pierre, THE CONNECTION 98, 13 Sept. 81, p.27. – (*) I suppose that with the American militias, just as with Cromwell’s Ironsides, military discipline prevailed only during the battle-periods. In-between they probably had time and interest for free meetings and discussions, not under military discipline, when there were no labors to be done, like building fortifications or further training. After the war, separated, back in their often lonely homestead or in small villages and towns, also largely cheated of their payments via depreciated paper money forced upon them, and forced to earn a living, immediately, for themselves and their dependents, they had hardly time and energy or opportunities left for further political discussions. Moreover, they were under the false impression that they had fully won and were already free men and bound to remain so. But, in the meantime, the territorialist statists got together and drafted the constitution for a new and still all too powerful Federal State and managed to force it through, among other statists, State representatives, without a vote of all former soldiers and other citizens. – JZ, 6.7.89, 5.12.07.

MILITIA: When we assumed the soldier, we did not lay aside the citizen.” – George Washington, Address, to the provincial Congress of New York, 26 June, 1775. - Alas, he did nothing to uphold monetary freedom vs. monetary despotism and used monetary despotism to cheat his soldiers for their pay. See the report on this by Pelatiah Webster. But from his tenants Washington demanded payment in gold or silver coins instead of in inflated paper money. But then he was no economist. Was there ever a genuine economist who became a USA president? – JZ, 18.12.07. - CITIZEN SOLDIERS, Q.

MILITIA: Which military force could have higher morale factor than an ideal militia for the protection of individual rights and liberties? – JZ, 6.12.07. - IDEALS & MILITARY MORALE, Q.

MILITIAS: Armies, contrary to the official propaganda, tend to bring out the worst in men. Ideal militias would attempt to bring out the best in men, e.g. knowledge of respect for individual rights and liberties, and appreciation of them, for themselves and for all others. Not all of conventional warfare practices would be permissible for them. Nevertheless, they could come to fight more successfully and with less losses on both sides than conventional forces. – JZ, 25.10.87, 6.2.07. - IDEAL ONES, OF VOLUNTEERS FOR THE PROTECTION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES VS. STANDING ARMIES OF GOVERNMENTS, TO FOLLOW THEIR ORDERS

MILK & CANCER: Harvard study: Pasteurized milk from industrial dairies linked to cancer - - Yet, the government continues to shut down raw milk producers in the name of public safety.  - Judy Morris – Facebook, 28.2.12. – HEALTH

MILK BOARD: Only the cows should be milked, not the general public as well.” – Jack Eagan, Charmaine St., Moorooka, Queensland, in COURIER.

MILK PRICE CONTROL: Dairyman, n. One who milks the public, not with his own hands, but with the State’s arms.” – L. A. Rollins, Lucifer’s Lexicon. - MILK BOARDS – At present there are complaints that there are too many cows in Australia. However, the milk price goes up, even for milk powder, at least when reckoned in the government’s inflated paper dollar. – And the same price is charged for skim milk powder as for full cream milk powder. Special milk products like butter milk, is are even more expensive. – Probably because we still do not have a quite free milk market. - JZ, 13.2.09, 30.10.13.

MILLENNIA: all political promises of millennia brought about by a Hitler, a Lenin, a Jobling, were lies. Much of what I knew of life I had learned from living in tough cities: people who sat down and waited for government promises to materialize would never get served – the battle went to the people who were strong where their fists were or upstairs in their heads: success went to the unit of one.” – Robin Cook, A State of Denmark, p.167. – Not exactly a full program for self-help and self-liberation but just the poetic licence of a novelist. – One person cannot lay down a self-liberation program for all others. It has to be produced by all who are interested in it and also sufficiently informed and thoughtful as well as creative on the subject. – It has to be developed in a genuine free market place for ideas. See Ideas Archive. - JZ, 19.12.07. - POLITICAL PROPAGANDA & LIES, GOVERNMENTS, SELF-RELIANCE, SELF-DEFENCE, INDIVIDUALISM, ENLIGHTENMENT, NEW DRAFT, DECLARATION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

MILLENNIALISM: I think the greatest curse of American society has been the idea of an easy millennialism – that some new drug, or the next election or the latest in social engineering will solve everything.” – Richard Cornuelle, Demanaging America, ch.9. – Territorial millennialism, with its monopoly and coercion is the real culprit. Volunteers, doing only their own things for or too themselves, in their attempts to realize their won ideals among themselves, are not the major problems. They either merely harm themselves or they set some successful examples for others to follow them, when they are ready for them. – JZ, 19.12.07. – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM

MILLIONAIRES: By interest rate restrictions, trustee acts, inflation and taxation and by withholding much “national property” from the subjects, territorial governments deprive most people of the chance to become even millionaires as a result of ordinary working lives without extraordinary savings and investments or insurance contributions, provided they are productively invested at the highest possible rates that can thus be earned. Risks could be covered by credit insurance. At 15 %, without taxation, inflation and confiscation, over 40 years, investments or insurance funds could build up to pay for, say 20 years, an old age pension that would, if capitalized, come to millions. So far most governments prevent us from thus becoming millionaires. Once the people comprehend that, trust in governments will turn into all too justified distrust and disgust. Government are poverty producers and prevent ordinary people from becoming millionaires! – JZ, 31.7.78, 7.12.07. - EVERYONE A MILLIONAIRE?

MILLIONAIRES: The millionaires are the bees that made the most honey, and contribute most to the hive even after they have gorged themselves full. … Oh, these grand, immutable, all-wise laws of natural forces, how perfectly they would work if human legislators would only let them alone! But not, they must be tinkering.” – Andrew Carnegie, quoted in SATURDAY REVIEW, 10.7.76. - BUSINESSMEN, RICH PEOPLE, CAPITALISTS, LAWS, NATURAL LAW, MEDDLING

MINARCHISM: Minarchism, or statist libertarianism, is the idea that there should be a completely free market in every area except defence, police and law. In those areas, there should be a monopoly, which is known as “limited government”. = Somehow the arguments that apply to monopolies in other areas are not applicable to these areas. Somehow the government will not use this monopoly to gain power in other areas of the economy. Somehow, taxation is wrong, except when it concerns these services. = Minarchism is not the product of rational thought, but a limit to rational thought brought about by fear. Fear cultivated by states. The benefits of monarchism espoused by its adherents are not rational, but rationalization. If they heard the same argument relating to … (any? Typo! JZ) industry, they would dismiss it. - Brad King added a new photo. – Facebook, 30.7.13.

MINARCHY: Another Miniarchist for Nobody.” – Dangerous Buttons No.168.

MINARCHY: Take for example the concept constructed by Samuel E. Konkin III, during his proselytizing for anarchism, the concept of monarchy to describe the limited government position. This concept contains within it the premise that limited government is a midway or compromise position between the extremes of anarchism and statism.” – Howard Katz in FREEDOM TODAY, 3/76. – LIMITED GOVERNMENT

MIND & BODY: Mens sana in corpore sano is a foolish saying. The sound body is a product of the sound mind.” – George Bernard Shaw, Man & Superman, p.284. – But no one is superman enough to read, comprehend and correct, if necessary, all the true and false health information, spread over tens of thousands of books and hundreds of thousands of articles and nowhere brought encyclopedically and electronically together, for easy access. The new encylopedists ought to tackle that job as well, in the interest of living healthier and longer lives. They can’t simply leave the job to the professionals, who do all right under the present conditions, spooning out a bit of their limited knowledge and skills here and there, within a few minutes or at most hours of paid-for consultation or treatment. Self-help options in this sphere are not systematically encouraged and made possible by comprehensively offered advice, embodying all genuine health knowledge, while also refuting all those aspects of alternative and of orthodox health methods that are under-informed, misinformed or outright quackery and clearly indicating all those cures offered, that are still not sufficiently proven or have dangerous side effects. With sufficient division of labor - such a digitized Health-Wikipedia could come to be compiled rather fast and it could save millions of lives. – JZ, 19.12.07.

MIND CONTROL: Our whole constitutional heritage rebels at the thought of giving government the power to control men's minds. – Thurgood Marshall (1908-1993), U.S. Supreme Court – Mind control is still more science fiction than reality in all countries. So is mind-reading by officials, although many would love to be able to do this. Mere thoughts are no cause for revolution or rebellions. – JZ, 26.5.13.

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: A desire not to butt into other people’s business is eighty percent of all human wisdom.” – “You butt into other people’s business”. – Who said I was wise?” – Robert Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land, p.165. - MYOB, INTERFERENCE, INTERVENTIONISM, MEDDLING & WISDOM

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: A high-pressure research team recently toured the Tottenham district of London asking people what they thought was the most important thing in the world. They came back with the answer: "Minding your own business." - "Atticus" in THE SUNDAY TIMES, London, quoted in THE READER'S DIGEST, Oct. 61. - MYOB

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: A man is likely to mind his own business when it is worth minding.” – Eric Hoffer, The True Believer, 1951, 1.2.10. – And when he is free to do so. – JZ, 15.11.85. – Even self-defence is being legally and juridically infringed and greatly frowned upon by the police, legislators and judges, with all authorities trying to uphold their wrongful territorial monopoly. – JZ, 13.8.07, 3.1.11. - MYOB

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: Do unto yourself as your neighbors do unto themselves and look pleasant.” – George Ade, The Lingering Thirst, Hand-Made Fables, 1920. – GOLDEN RULE, TOLERANCE, MYOB, PANARCHISM, DOING THE OWN THING, FREEDOM, LIBERTY, AUTONOMY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: Each of us is trying to manage everyone’s business but his own.” – Leonard E. Read, NOTES FROM FEE, March 68. – Panarchists and Polyarchists rather hold that each individual should be free to mind his own business even to the extent of choosing or founding a society or community that would correspond to his political, economic and social ideals, under personal law or full exterritorial autonomy, rather than hoping for a sufficiently limited but still territorial government or sufficient general enlightenment and education to also allow him to do his own things. We do not try to make supposedly ideal travel, amusement, reading, fashion, hobbies, arts and crafts, cooking or drinking plans or sports activities plans for all people in a territory. So why should we continue to insist on forcing upon all of them a single political, economic or social system? – Even Leonard E. Read did not demand this general freedom to experiment. But at least he stood up, in general terms, for monetary freedom and, at least once, by including a corresponding article in THE FREEMAN: “Production Unlimited” (*) for freedom in organizing production and jobs within an enterprise. - JZ, 18.12.07. – (*) John C. Sparks, “Production Unlimited”, THE FREEMAN, March 62. – Alas, I heard later from Mr. Sparks that this very interesting and successful experiment was squashed through a take-over bid for the firm. I haven’t heard of a single case in which the ingenious method of self-management, developed by this firm, was applied by other firms. Productivity and incomes of the participants were greatly increased and administrative costs reduced. The mere time-servers left the firm but there was a waiting list for new openings in it! – The jobs were made much more interesting and diverse. (They divided themselves into small production teams and each of them had access to the means of production via coin-slog machines! That greatly increased their productivity and the quality of their work and, thereby, their incomes.) I reviewed this article shortly in my PEACE PLANS series. There are probably thousands of books on management and yet they seem all to have ignored this outstanding experiment. The voluntary socialists and the decentralists should also have been interested in it. Naturally, the trade unionists were not, for it made them superfluous. – JZ, n.d. & 30.10.13. – PANARCHISM, SELFMANAGEMENT, COOPS

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: Everybody’s business is nobody’s business.” – English proverb. Borrowed from Cervantes, Don Quichote, I, 1604, often called, in the U.S., the Eleventh Commandment. – Compare: “Divided responsibility is none!” - MEDDLING, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, MYOB

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: For Benjamin Tucker, and now for Nozick, to mind your own business is the primary moral law; to interfere with another's business is the primary crime.” - David Spitz, Justice for Sale. - MYOB

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: Freud was off base in considering sex the fundamental motivation. The ruling passion in men is minding each other's business.” - Robert Frost. - MYOB & SEX, DOMINEERING ATTEMPTS, MEDDLING

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: He's always sticking his No's in other people's business.” – Safian, Insults, I, p.41. - MYOB

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: How happy most people could be if they were as little concerned about the affairs of others as they themselves are about their own.” – G. C. Lichtenberg. - MYOB

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: If everybody minded their own business,” the Duchess said in a hoarse growl, “the world would go round a deal faster than it does.” – Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, 1865, 6. – “go round” should be replaced by “advance” or “progress”. – JZ – PROGRESS, MEDDLING, MYOB, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: If half the world doesn't know how the other half lives, it's encouraging to know that at least half the people are minding their own business.” - K. C. B., quoted in READER'S DIGEST, 4/77. - MYOB

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: If that were applied to governments, then it would be found that territorial governments do not have any business in ruling the population of a whole country without unanimous consent, which they never have or will get. What they can get is the consent of their remaining voluntary victims. If they confine themselves to running that business then they would no longer wrong and harm any of the dissenting groups in the population – and would maximize their chances for their own enlightenment and that of their remaining subjects. – JZ, 15.11.12. – MYOB, LEADERSHIP, RULERS, TERRITORIALISM POLITICAL PARTIES, REPRESENTATION, DEMOCRACY, POLITICIANS, PARLIAMENTARISM, GOVERNMENTS, VOLUNTARISM

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: If the social doctors will mind their own business (*), we shall have no troubles but what belong to nature. Those we will endure or combat as we can. What we desire is, that the friends of humanity should cease to add to them. … To mind one's own business is a purely negative and unproductive injunction, but, taking social matters as they are just now, it is a sociological principle of the first importance. There might be developed a grand philosophy on the basis of minding one's own business.” - W. G. Sumner, What Social Classes Owe to Each Other, p.106/107. - (*) They should get the panarchistic or polyarchic freedom to do so, together with like-minded followers or patients. - JZ, 23.12.07. - MYOB, MEDDLING, REFORMERS, STATISTS, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: It's easy to understand why he doesn't mind his own business - he doesn't have either a mind or a business.” – Safian. Insults, II, 107. - MYOB

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: It's really easy to mind your own business … there's so few engaged in doing just that.” - W. G. P. – MYOB, JOKES

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: Keep thy shop, and thy shop will keep thee.” - George Chapman, Eastward Hoe, Act I, sec. I, 1610. - Attributed to Sir William Temple by Steele (SPECTATOR, No.509.) - MYOB

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: Let every man mind his own business.” - Cervantes, Don Quixote, Pt.I, ch.8. - MYOB

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: Love of one's fellow men is a real force in personal, family and even work relationships, but well-founded traditions and habits are better guides in national and international affairs. Indeed, as Alice was told, what makes the world go round is not love but minding one's own business.” - Dr. Rhodes Boyson, Right Turn, p.4/5. - Panarchies or Polyarchies are the ideal institutions for minding one's own business – the one that one has in common with like-minded volunteers, even when it comes to whole political, economic and social systems. - JZ, 23.12.07. - MYOB, VS. LOVE

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: Mind your own business is the only moral law.” - Benjamin Tucker. - MYOB, MORALITY

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: Mind your own business.” - Clarke, 1639. - Hyman, Quotations, p.272. - MYOB

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: Minding one's own business is the doctrine of liberty. Admittedly, this has no glamour for the "friends of humanity", the social architects, the ones who would mind other people's business. To rule out their masterminding of others is to deny their peculiar pursuit of happiness. - Minding one's own business, on the other hand, serves self by serving others and is a task of a size to fit the individual - big or little. This can be life's most fascinating venture - self-interest in its most intelligent conception, benefaction at its very best.” - Leonard E. Read, Then Truth Will Out, p.60. - It goes beyond that private enterprise and commercial business. The principle can and should be extended to whole political, economic and social systems wanted by volunteers for themselves. Panarchism and Polyarchism would give them that option. Territorial statism denies it to all. - JZ, 23.12.07. - MYOB

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: Minding their own damned business may be all we can hope for. It may be enough. - MOB, William Burroughs called it. “My Own Business … the right of any individual to possess his inner space (*), to do what interests him with people he wants to see … On the one side we have MOBs dedicated to minding their own business, on the other we have the enemies of MOB (**) dedicated to interference.” – Michael Zwerin, A Case for the Balkanization of Practically Everyone, p.141. – Alas, as far as I know, he examined and proposed only territorial options. - (*) also his relationships with other people, exterritorially and across all imposed frontiers! – (**) the “mobs”, the “masses”, the majorities or their leaders. - JZ, 8.12.07. - MYOB, MOB: MY OWN BUSINESS, PANARCHISM

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: Minding your own business is just about the most important thing in the world.” - W. G. P.

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: Most people would love to run their own business - if the government gave it back to them.” - Quoted by Middleton, 5/3/79. - MYOB, JOKES

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: Study to be quiet, and to do your own business.” – Bible, I Thessalonians, 4:11. - MYOB

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: Thanks for a nation of finks. Thanks for a nation where nobody is allowed to mind their own business.” - William S. Burroughs

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: The danger of minding other people's business is two-fold. First, there is a danger that a man may leave his business unattended to; and, second, there is the danger of an impertinent interference with another's affairs. The "friends of humanity" almost always run into both dangers.” - William Graham Sumner, quoted in THE FREE MAN'S ALMANAC, Sep. 27. - The most general form for minding one's own business is provided by panarchies or polyarchies, i.e. exterritorially autonomous communities of like-minded volunteers, doing their own things for or to themselves, by their own standards, under their own personal law. - JZ, 23.12.07. - MYOB, REFORMERS

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: The professional economists still operate with the mid-Victorian doctrine, “Let each inform his mind, behave reasonably and look after his own interests; a society of such persons, each successfully minding his own business, will be a successful society.” – Sorry, but I failed to note the source on my photocopy. I wish that were true for most “economists” of today, who have rather become adherents of various statist and interventionist creeds. – JZ, 8.12.07. - MYOB, SELF-INTEREST, LAISSEZ –FAIRE, CAPITALISM

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: The thing most people want to know are usually none of their business.” – Mark Twain.


MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: Whoever does not mind his own business has either no mind or no business.” - Source? - MYOB

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: Why are people so disinclined to mind their own business? Because it appears to them much harder, since they know, from their own experience, at least some of its difficulties. On the affairs of others, of which they know all too little, they can simply fantasize and offer their views as good advice or even as coercive legislation. – Well, this is at least one hypothesis among probably many different ones on this subject. People imagine themselves to knowing the world, to be wise and, potentially, really good advisors or even leaders. And they are conditioned to believe all too much in organized force, one aspect of statism. Moreover, they are told by their politicians that their votes would really count. Anyhow, it adds to the feeling of self-importance if one gives rather than receives advice. - If, instead, they frankly reported and discussed their own difficulties, in their own business, then both sides might learn something. - JZ, 8.2.88, 6.12.07. 3.1.11. - MYOB

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: Your life is your own, yours to succeed or to fail with, yours to live as you decide. (*) Your obligation is to yourself: to the only person whose life does in fact depend on you. It will, in reality, be your actions that make your life what it is. (**) Why feel guilty about making the best you can of your own efforts – and why not allow others the same chance? – Let “Mind Your Own Business” be the political slogan of free men in a free land.” (***) – Thomas W. Hazlett, THE FREEMAN, 8/76. - (*) All territorial governments prevent that to a very large extent. – They do not allow you to secede and compete with them, regarding “public services” via associations of volunteers. - (**) As if we were not legally hindered in all too many ways. E.g. prevented from opening a note-issuing bank. - (***) The whole land and all its people do not have to be free, but dissenters of all kinds should certainly have the individual choice to become as free or unfree as they want to be, quite independent of any present territorial government and its supporting majority, via individual and group secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for their voluntary communities. - JZ, 8.12.07, 30.10.13. - MYOB, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-DETERMINATION

MIND-ALTERING DRUGS: Often I think of what pitiful fools are those who use mind-altering drugs to seek feelings they do not have, each drug taking a little more from what they have of mind, leaving them a little less. Give the brain encouragement from study, from thinking, from visualizing, and no drugs are needed.” - Louis L’Amour, Education of a Wandering Man, p.174. - DRUGS

MIND: A free mind and a free economy are corollaries.” – Ayn Rand in Playboy interview. & FREE ECONOMY, ECONOMIC FREEDOM

MIND: A man’s world is in man’s mind; man’s’ mind is man’s world.” - Dagobert D. Runes, A Dictionary of Thought. (? I could not find it in my edition.) – JZ, 8.12.07. - MAN, THOUGHT, IDEAS, OPINIONS, FACTS, OBSERVATIONS, REALITY WORLD

MIND: as individual human minds get cracking at the problems that beset us those problems will be solved.” – Paul Kellem, PERSONAL COMPUTING, May 1983, p.6, bottom.

MIND: Change your mind and you change the world.” – from “Wonderwoman”. – Because you are part of it. – JZ, n.d. – But, remember, how small a part of the world you are and how few of the other minds you can presently reach, even with the Internet. – A special market for ideas, opinions and discoveries is still needed, which brings supply and demand in this sphere together, especially when it comes to freedom, peace and justice ideas. All libertarians should be aware of this, from their own experience with trying to spread such ideas and from their general stand for free markets. And yet, how many libertarians see the need for such a market, as one to be still established, and are prepared to help establish it? Using the available media, be it printed or broadcast media (to the extent that these are accessible for this purpose or alternative printed media), and even the Internet, with ten thousands of separate pro-freedom websites, is, apparently, not yet efficient enough. – JZ, 19.12.07. - WORLD, CHANGING THE WORLD, INDIVIDUALISM, IDEAS, COMMUNICATION, IDEAS ARCHIVE, NEW DRAFT

MIND: Confused, sick and misled minds must become systematically opposed by the best output of all clear and enlightened minds, made readily accessible. False ideas and institutions must become confronted by the best alternative ones.” – JZ, 10.3.99, 4.12.07. – Are the teachers and lecturers in governmental educational institutions the most enlightened people, as a rule? – Are those predominating in the mass media and in the mass publishing of books or on the Internet? – JZ, 4.12.07. - IDEAS, INSTITUTIONS, ENLIGHTENMENT, IDEAS ARCHIVE, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS, NEW DRAFT, ENLIGHTENMENT, CULTURAL REVOLUTION

MIND: Enslavement of the mind! What a frightful association of words! O Liberty! We have see thee hunted from country to country, crushed by conquest, nigh unto death in servitude, jeered at in the courts of the mighty, driven from the schools, mocked in the drawing rooms, misinterpreted in the studio, anathematized in the temple. It would seem that in thought thou shouldst find an inviolable refute. But if thou shouldst surrender in this last haven, what becomes of the hope of the ages and of the dignity of man?” – Bastiat, in G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.250. - LIBERTY, CENSORSHIP

MIND: Every human being has the ability to completely control his own mind.” – 1977 Collins Desk Calendar. – And no one has the ability to control the mind of another. – JZ, 1.1.77.

MIND: Everyone has his own frontier – in the mind. On one side of it, everything is known, tried. On the other side is the part of yourself that hasn’t yet been explored. All life’s great adventures are on that other side.” – John Kord Lagemann, “Meet the Champion”, READER’S DIGEST, April 1959, quoted in Leonard E. Read, Elements of Libertarian Leadership, p.145. - ADVENTURES, CREATIVITY, SELF-EXPLORATION

MIND: Faced with the choice between changing one's mind and proving there is no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy on the proof.”(*) - John Kenneth Galbraith, Economist – Is or was he really a genuine economist or merely a leftist statist? I cannot remember any positive suggestion or really worthwhile insight ever coming from him. He made a name for himself in our under-informed and mis-informed times. How many freedom ideas did he accept and prove rather then shut out of his mind or “refuted”? - Will he still be quoted in 100 years? I doubt that. – JZ, 8.8.08. - (*) Mostly only his subjective "proof" or opinion that there is no need to change his mind, for he believes to already know the truth. - JZ, 3.1.11. - MINDS THAT ARE STUCK

MIND: future prosperity will no longer be a matter of opening wines, but rather one of opening minds.” – Report of the National Software Directorate of Ireland, according to THE AUSTRALIAN, 20.2.96. - OPEN MINDS & PROSPERITY, ENLIGHTENMENT

MIND: Got something in my mind.” - “Hope it doesn’t squash the poor little thing.” – Stephen L. Burns, The Nearly Infinite Possibilities of Junk, in ANALOG, 12/89. – I usually hear it as “ON” my mind. – JZ - RED., JOKES

MIND: Human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitude of mind.” – William James. - CHANGE, LIVES, ATTITUDES

MIND: If only there were as many beautiful minds as there are beautiful bodies! – JZ, 22.10.83.

MIND: if there is some particular conclusion that you think is right, I’m not suggesting that you bottle it up. Just keep in mind that other people have minds, which they want to use. When you throw a conclusion at a friend, you are, in a sense, suggesting that he doesn’t have to think, you’ve done his thinking for him. So you might respect the other person’s ability to think, and offer him some facts from which to think. It keeps the channels open.” – Robert LeFevre, Lift Her Up, Tenderly, p.182. – Compare Michael Cloud’s persuasion tips in his lectures, books and articles published e.g. by The Advocates for Self-Government, in their emailed newsletter. I still believe that all such tips should become encyclopedically combined in details, not just as general rules for consistent thinking, like books on logic do, but taking human nature and self-esteem into consideration. – JZ, 19.12.07. - PERSUASION ATTEMPTS, PROPAGANDA, DIPLOMACY, LET PEOPLE USE THEIR OWN MIND, OFFER THEM AT FIRST ONLY FACTS, RATHER THAN CONCLUSIONS, GIVE THEM A CHANCE TO SAY MORE THAN YES OR NO, RED.

MIND: If you can’t trust your own mind, whose mind can you trust – and how do you know that?” – “A is A, newsletter”, 4/72.

MIND: If you don’t control your own mind – you won’t control anything else.” – 1977 Collins Desk Calendar. – Controlling others or things etc. is not the main objective. Releasing all creative energies and sufficiently combining them or making them accessible to all, is, according to Leonard Read much more important. However, one should be fully in control of the own life, even to the extent of individual secessionism from any territorial State or other community or society and to engage, under personal law and exterritorial autonomy conditions, in any political, economic and social experiment at the own risk and expense, together with like-minded people. Only then would we be sufficiently in control of our own lives or become, soon, able to control our conditions sufficiently and rightfully. – JZ, 19.12.07. - PANARCHISM

MIND: Imagine even the rights concept still being confused in most people’s minds, even those of most intellectuals, and this two centuries after Immanuel Kant! – JZ, 5.12.07. - EDUCATION, IGNORANCE, PREJUDICES, ERRORS & ENLIGHTENMENT

MIND: Iron rusts from disuse; stagnant water loses its purity and in cold weather becomes frozen; even so does inaction sap the vigor of the mind.” - Leonardo da Vinci. - ACTION, INACTION

MIND: It’s better to cultivate one’s mind than one’s purse.” – JZ, 73, on reading George Seldes, The Great Quotations, on Culture.

MIND: Mind is an open garden and weeds are plentiful.” - Dagobert D. Runes, A Dictionary of Thought. - OPEN MIND,

MIND: Mind your till and till your mind.” – C. H. Spurgeon, Salt-Cellars. - Too many do only the first and think only of acquiring monopoly money, instead of the monies of monetary freedom. – Thereby they get insufficient job offerings and sales of their goods and services. Yet they almost never seriously consider the moral and much more efficient monetary freedom alternatives for what has been rightly called the “medium of exchange”. – To supply a whole country sufficiently, from a single monopoly bank of issue, its central bank, with an exclusive currency, is as impossible as to sufficiently supply a whole country from a single bakery with quite fresh bread. – (By now the "liberal" use of preservatives or freezing might even make such a bakery possible. But, at the same time, baking has become so decentralized that e.g. department stores like Woolworth tend to have their own in-house bakery. - JZ, 3.11.11.) Yet such attempts continue and are not sufficiently questioned by their victims. – The ability to earn and pay with money is greatly restricted by monopoly money. - JZ, 6.7.82, 19.12.07. - BUSINESSMEN, SHOPKEEPERS, SUPERMARKETS & THE UNEMPLOYED & UNDER-EMPLOYED, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS, SELF-HELP VS. MONETARY DESPOTISM

MIND: Most people are not “out of their minds”. They were never sufficiently in their minds, their potential, rational and moral minds. – JZ, 11.8.07, 30.10.13. - RATIONALITY, MORALITY

MIND: Most people would never put or keep the equivalent dirt, garbage, poison etc. into their bodies or stomach, which they put up with in their minds, for years, decades or their whole life. Compare G. C. Lichtenberg’s comment on our stomach as our most noble organ, for it vomits out anything that is harmful to it while our brain keeps it mostly for the rest of our lives. – JZ, 23.10.83.

MIND: My mind is my own church.” - Thomas Paine. - CHURCH, RELIGION

MIND: Nothing can withstand the powers of the mind. Barriers, enormous masses of matter, the remotest recesses are conquered; all things succumb; the very heaven itself is laid open.” - (Tationi nulla resistant. Claustra nec immensae moles, ceduntque recessus: Omnia succumbunt; ipsum est penetrabile coelum.) – Manilius, Astronomica, Bk. I, 541. - REASON, POWER, PROGRESS

MIND: Nothing mattered except states of mind, chiefly our own.” - From an advertising in email for software 14.5.04. - THOUGHTS, IDEAS, THINKING, STATES OF MIND

MIND: Now, either make that small mind bigger, or keep that big mouth smaller!!” – Simon Rack, Starcross, Laurence James, Sphere books, 1974, p.55. - MOUTHS, RED.

MIND: On earth there is nothing great but man; in man there is nothing great but mind.” – Sir William Hamilton, 1788-1856. – Only when the best of all great minds become sufficiently combined and accessible and their advices can be quite freely acted upon by volunteers will mankind become truly great. - Nevertheless, we have so far still only Olympics for bodies and not for minds. – JZ, JZ, 7.4.77, 7.12.07. - Alas, the mindless power addicts or those with all too limited or prejudiced minds, full of popular errors, are still territorially in control of all the rest and lead us from one man-made disaster to another. – The creative minds, as a potential counter-force, have not yet sufficiently mobilized and organized their resources for all kinds of self-help and liberation attempts. - JZ, 19.12.07. - GREATNESS, MAN, VS. GOD

MIND: Only the mind is sacred.” - Jack McDevitt, A Talent for War, p.111. - REASON, RATIONALITY, SACREDNESS, HOLINESS

MIND: People have to go out of their minds before they can come to their senses.” – Tim Leary, quoted by Wilson/She, in ILLUMINATUS I, p. 115. & DRUGS

MIND: Perfect emancipation is effected only when the mind is permitted to form, to express, and to employ its own convictions of truth on all subjects, as it chooses.” - Henry Ward Beecher. - Freedom of action and freedom to experiment help as well. - JZ - TRUTH, EMANCIPATION, ENLIGHTENMENT, FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION

MIND: Put your faculties to use and they develop; neglect to use them and they decline. - Tie the arm to one’s side and it withers; cease exercising the mind for a prolonged period and thinking can no more be recovered than spoiled fruit can regain its freshness. It is use, practice, exercise that gives muscle to the faculties, all faculties – intellectual and spiritual as well as physical.” – Leonard E. Read, The Coming Aristocracy, p.18. – Self-education is a job that is never finished. – JZ, 19.12.07. - USE IT RATHER THAN LET IT WITHER AWAY

MIND: Reflect that nothing merits admiration except the spirit, the impressiveness of which prevents it from being impressed by anything. …” - Seneca, Letters, VIII, p.46. - SPIRIT

MIND: Rule your mind or it will rule you.” - Horace. - SELF-CONTROL, RED., SELF-MANAGEMENT, WILL

MIND: Sometimes the subconscious mind manifests a wisdom several steps or even years ahead of the conscious mind, and has its own way of leading us toward our destiny.” - Nathaniel Branden, - SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, WISDOM, PSYCHOLOGY, MAN

MIND: The greatest thing in the world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving.” - Oliver Wendell Holmes. - DIRECTION, ACTION, RATIONALITY, REASON, AIMS, PURPOSE, PROGRESS, SELF-EDUCATION, ENLIGHTENMENT, FREEDOM

MIND: The human mind is our fundamental resource.” – John F. Kennedy, Message to Congress, on education, 20.2.1961. – The mind is not sufficiently developed but rather misled, if not even crippled in governmental educational institutions. Mobilizing, sufficiently, all the minds of the past (as far as they are on record) and of the present is not a government job. Making all of them accessible has not even, as yet, been achieved by the Internet. But comprehensive and permanent electronic publishing, frequently updated and combined with specialized publishing and sufficient reference works, offers now an affordable path to extensive self-enlightenment and enlightenment of others. Alas, all these options are not yet sufficiently used, although private scanners and scanning programs are affordable and the top equipment, used by Google, can scan in a whole book in 8 minutes! – Imagine enough libertarians combining some of their purchasing power to acquire such equipment, too and using it on all libertarian texts! - JZ, 19.12.07, 30.10.13. - "10/03/2006 Putney Debate The Liberty Fund on-line Library David Hart On the 10th March 2006, David Hart of the Liberty Fund spoke to the Libertarian Alliance about his project to make the whole corpus of classical liberal literature available on-line. “ – I hold that making it, and all anarchist and libertarian writings as well, available on an external HD, 320 Gbs, zipped, supplemented by a website, for the latest entries, and, perhaps, an annual CD, to which one could subscribe, would be even better. (*) – If the experience of the Mises Institute, that free online texts boost the sale of the printed texts, were sufficiently confirmed and spread, then copyrights advocates would, most likely, not object. – J. F. Kennedy, too, did not mobilize and utilize the knowledge of personal law, individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy but remained stuck in territorialist thinking and ideas and thus he doubled the nuclear arsenal for the US. One could thus say that for this he deserved to be executed, just like his Soviet counterpart, as a menace to mankind. But a start should have been made with his Soviet counter-part, I believe. - JZ, 19.12.07. - By now the Liberty Fund has scanned in a huge number of liberal books and offers them online, with about half the titles also offered on a CD. - JZ, 3.1.11. - REASON, IDEAS, RESOURCES, POVERTY, IDEAS ARCHIVE, EDUCATION, SELF-EDUCATION, ENLIGHTENMENT, ELECTRONIC OPTIONS

MIND: The mind … can make a heaven of Hell, a hell of Heaven.” – John Milton, Paradise Lost, 1, p.253. - The mind is its own place, and in itself, can make heaven of Hell, and a hell of Heaven.” - John Milton – REASON, RATIONALITY, IRRATIONALITY, RELIGION

MIND: The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.” - Plutarch - EDUCATION, INSPIRATION, ENTHUSIASM, LEARNING, SELF-EDUCATION

MIND: The mind moves the matter.” – (Mens agitate molem. - Der Geist bewegt die Materie.) – Vergil, Aeneis, VI, 727. - OVER MATTER

MIND: The mind will be free to enlarge itself in immaterial interests only when that material basis is secure, and without a certain degree of such security a man must be anxious over material things and preponderantly concerned with them.” – Paul Elmer More, quoted in THE FREEMAN, 12/72. - MATERIALISM, ECONOMIC BASIC SECURITY

MIND: The mind’s the standard of the man.” – Watts. – Wave it and keep it moving all the time! - JZ 1.1.77. - Use it and keep it going, almost all the time! –13.2.09. - MAN, VALUES

MIND: The power to change the world is in your mind. Don’t be afraid to use it.” – Marc Eric Ely-Chaitlin, THE CONNECTION 138 p.28. – However, you should try to change it only as far as your own affairs and those of like-minded volunteers are concerned. Setting alone or together with others an as shiny example as you can, to be followed, if at all, then only by other volunteers. Everything else amounts to aggression or to attempts at persuading others merely with words. To achieve the freedom of action or experimentation to do so would be the first step and it is not easy to achieve that as long as the territorial monopoly for political, economic and social systems is maintained and even popular. Imagine how slow technical, artistic and scientific progress would be if it entirely depended upon persuasion instead of practical demonstrations. – JZ, 5.12.07. - POWER & CHANGING THE WORLD, IDEAS ARCHIVE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, FREEDOM OF ACTION

MIND: The short-lived self, teetering on the edge of extinction, is the only thing that can ever really matter.” - Eric Hoffer

MIND: The Sword is the Mind. // When the Mind is right, the Sword is right. // When the Mind is not right, the Sword is not right. // He who would study the Way of the Sword // must first study the Way of his Mind.” – Dennis Schmidt, The Way of the Sword. - FORCE, SWORD, POWER

MIND: The ultimate weapon is the mind.” – Robert LeFevre, talk: The State vs. Individuals, audiotape of LFB. - Alas, the best minds and their best output have not yet been sufficiently mobilized and used as “weapons”. – They have still not combined what they have to offer e.g. in an ideal declaration of individual rights and liberties and in quite rightful war and peace aims. – They have not even fully explored the alternatives to monetary despotism, territorial organizations and the employer-employee-relationship and have left questions like abortion still controversial! - JZ, 4.12.07. – MIND AS WEAPON, LIBERTARIAN LIBRARY, BIBLIOGRAPHY, ABSTRACTS, REVIEWS, ENCYCLOPEDIA, REFUTATIONS ENCYCLOPEDIA, ARGUMENT MAPPING,

MIND: their minds rotted with God, sex,Michael Swanwick, Vacuum Flowers, A Legend Book Arrow Books, England, 1987, p.20. - GOD & SEX

MIND: There are but two powers in the world, the sword and the mind. In the long run the sword is always beaten by the mind.” – Napoleon I, in Frederiks, Maxims of Napoleon. - Alas, Napoleon relied mainly on the sword, conscription, cannons etc. However, he introduced a sound silver currency and an improved civil rights code. But millions of human lives were wasted in his other efforts. – JZ, 19.12.07. - IDEAS, POWER OF IDEAS, SWORD, FORCE

MIND: We simply must free the mind from its fetters and permit it to function without restraint.” – Louis L’Amour, Education of a Wandering Man, 198. – This does also require freedom of action or experimentation, as long as this is done only at the own expense and risk. – JZ, 13.9.07. - FETTERS, PREJUDICES, POPULAR ERRORS & MYTHS

MIND: Were we to collapse life on this earth into a calendar year, these ideas would have been perceived during the last 3 ½ seconds before midnight of December 31. However, as Ortega [Y Gasset] points out, it is always the latest and highest acquisitions of the mind that are the least stable and the first to be abandoned whenever crisis threatens. The new, the wonderful - individual freedom – us now being abandoned in favor of the old, the primitive, the domineering way of life.” – Leonard E. Read, Who Is Listening? p.39. - To help remedy such shortsightedness, construct a calendar of life on earth, collapsing eons of time into a single year, a comprehensible time span. - In January through August there were traces of life. The first insects appeared in October; in November arrived the first reptiles, dinosaurs, crocodiles, mammals, in December the first snakes, flowering plants, elephants, deer. It was shortly after 7:00 P.M. on December 31 that man appeared – in the glacial period. As midnight approached, only 10 minutes to go – Cro-Magnon man put in an appearance. – 11:58 – the beginning of recorded history – 11:58:30 the first civilization (Sumer) – 11:59:15 Athens in her glory – 11:59:29 – The birth of Christ – 11.59.5 Columbus discovered America. – But note this: Just 3 ½ seconds before midnight appeared The Wealth of Nations and the Declaration of Independence. - - Liberty is, indeed, a brand new truth.” – Leonard E. Read, NOTES FROM FEE, July 1976. - IDEAS, RESPONSES TO NEW IDEAS, NEWNESS OF FREEDOM IDEAS. LIBERTY, TRUTH

MIND: When the mind is not dominant, we look but see not, we hear but comprehend not, we eat but taste not.” – Confucius, The Great Learning, c.vii, v.I.2. – in The Wisdom of Confucius. - REASON, THOUGHT

MIND: Whoever never changes his mind has no mind to change. There are not too many chances given to man to turn courageous and honest and unbiased. Don’t miss them! Soon it is too late. It is almost too late now. This is a short life; make it at least count by its depth and conviction.” – Dagobert D. Runes, Handbook of Reason. – When I finally got around to visit New York City and his publishing house, he had already died. Distances do still matter. – He was one of the best of the modern encyclopedists. - JZ, 19.12.07. - THINK, REASON, CHANGE YOUR MIND FOR THE BETTER

MIND: With a million superior minds working on the problem, … things might just have turned out very differently indeed. - Sean Williams & Shane Dix, Orphans of Earth, Ace Books, New York, 2003, p.101. – How could one get millions of superior minds working effectively on every one of the remaining many problems? I made some suggestions on this in my 2010 digitized book manuscript, still only called “New Draft” and not online, except for a review by Gian Piero de Bellis at . I would gladly send it as a zipped email attachment to anyone interested, free of charge, until it appears online or on a disc by anybody. - 18.4.13. - COLLABORATION BETWEEN MILLIONS? ESPECIALLY ANARCHISTS & LIBERTARIANS, DIVISION OF LABOR, SUFFICIENT EXCHANGE OF IDEAS, OPINIONS, FACTS, RESOURCES & ARGUMENTS, LIBERTARIAN PROJECTS LIST ONLINE, LIBERTARIAN IDEAS ARCHIVE & REFUTATIONS ENCYCLOPEDIA, ABSTRACTS, REVIEWS & BIBLIOGRAPHIES AS WELL AS ALPHABETICAL INDEX

MIND: You have to be free in your mind before you can be free in your actions.” – JZ, 2.4.80. – After reading: Louise Lawrence, Andra, p.102: “She’s free in her mind.” - FREE MINDS

MIND: You live in your head and make your own world, he told himself, so why stand around in the badlands of the mind?” – W. MacFarlane, Country of the Mind, ANALOG, 5/75. - REASON, THOUGHT, HEADS, LIVING

MIND: Your self is your MIND; renounce it and you become a chunk of meat ready for any cannibal to swallow.” – Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, 955. - STATISM, TAXATION, TERRITORIALISM

MINDSETS: A barrier in the mind is as real as one in stone. - L. E. Modesitt, Gravity Dreams, Orbit, London, 1999, p.78. - MENTAL BARRIERS, FIXED IDEAS, DOGMATISM, PREJUDICES

MINI-STATES: The Mini-State exists in order that there is at least some spot in the world where the greatest possible number of State subjects are citizens in the full sense of the term.” – Jacob Burckhardt, Weltgeschichtliche Betrachtungen, II, 1. (Der Kleinstaat ist vorhanden, damit ein Fleck auf der Welt sei, wo die groesstmoegliche Quote der Staatsangehoerigen Buerger im vollen Sinne sind.) – They are still largely born into it or are among the few accepted as additional citizens. Their State system is not one of the individual free choice of its territorial members, either. They make their living largely from tourism, casinos and the tax exemptions they do offer to investors who locate their main offices there. They do not offer quite alternative free economies. Often they had even to adopt the currency of the main country in which they are situated. – They have also greatly restricted immigration and thus did not develop into sky-scraper and underground cities. – Nor have they provided the status of protégée citizenship to applicants who continue to live elsewhere. – If one of them adopted full monetary freedom … - JZ, 13.12.07. - TERRITORIALISM

MINI-STATES: The Mini-State has altogether nothing but the real and actual freedom, which balances and even ideally outweighs the enormous advantages of the large State, its power.” – Jacob Burckhardt, Weltgeschichtliche Betrachtungen, II, 1. – How much real liberties and rights do their members possess? Are their human rights declarations, if any, much better than those of the larger States? I don’t know, because I haven’t as yet seen any of them. – I think they are largely idealized and idolized like imagined island paradises are. - JZ, 13.12. 07. – What J. G. here and in the above quote had in mind was, probably, not the miniature States, like Andorra, Monaco, Liechtenstein etc. but the Minimal State of the Limited Government State, as it is now mostly called. – JZ, 31.10.13.

MINIMAL STATE: Nozick will accept nothing but a minimal state, since others are committed to illicit (*) transfers of goods and thus to violations of rights.” – David B. Lyons, Rights Against Humanity, in THE PHILOSOPHICAL REVIEW, April 76. – Also, ibid: “Nozick would limit states to the ‘night-watchman’ functions of protecting persons against force, fraud, theft, and breach of contract. (**) Any other sort of state appears to him a moral monster, burdening some in order to benefit others.” – (*) mostly legal but immoral. –Which government has ever been good enough in this respect? Could any territorial government ever be good enough in this respect, in the opinion of all of its non-criminal subjects? – JZ 19.12.07. - (**) - Nozick in Anarchy, State and Utopia, however, does also propose there what he calls a “meta-utopia”, a panarchistic or polyarchic framework in which each group of volunteers can practise its own kind of utopian ideal among its members. That aspect of his work does not seem to have been sufficiently discussed so far. At least I have not yet encountered such discussions. – On the other hand, I have just done a Google search under Nozick + Meta-utopia and encountered ca. 90 references. Most are not in English and I have not made use of Google’s translation option. I find it significant that the ideas seems to have been found more interesting by people with other languages than English. I haven’t got the time and energy to go through all these references at present and to look for the translations required by me. – Today Google offers me 256,000 references for the same search, which is a significant increase. – JZ, 31.10.103. - LIMITED GOVERNMENT, MINI-STATE, META-UTOPIA, PANARCHISM

MINIMUM INCOME: There is no reason why in a free society government should not assure to all protection against severe deprivation in the form of an assured minimum income.” – Hayek, Law, Legislation & Liberty. - One good reason is that our “free society government” does not have voluntary membership, i.e., that such welfare measures do not have unanimous consent. They are also still based on compulsory taxation, i.e. upon tribute gathering by the State. There are at last 4 rightful alternatives: 1.) Charity. 2.) Insurance. 3.) Credit. 4.) Private guaranty communities or mutual aid societies. – Not all libertarians are consistent non-statists and complete libertarians. – However, Hayekians and all others should be free to establish their own kind of welfare society for themselves, in form of a panarchy or polyarchy of volunteers. - JZ, 4.4.88, 6.12.07. – W. F. Buckley pointed out, with facts and figures, that in natura, through the provision of cheap staple foods, survival could be very cheaply provided by others. But the provision of shelter, heat, electricity, water and sewage services might cost much more. – No Welfare State has so far been able to accommodate all of the homeless street people and to provide conditions of productive full of part-time employment for all of them, too, in accordance with their remaining capacities and willingness to work. It prevents their employment - largely through monetary despotism and other forms of economic interventionism. Moreover, it has not allowed them to build their own slums and tent cities, either, but, largely, squeezed them out of its system. - JZ, 15.2.09, 3.1.11. – On the other hand, Welfare States like the USA have gone overboard with food stamp programs, not confined to certain no so tasty staples, I believe, and financial support for single mothers, which pays some of  them more than they could earn. – JZ, 31.10.13. - SAFETY NET, GUARANTEED ANNUAL INCOME, MINIMUM LIVING STANDARD, WELFARE STATE, SOCIAL SERVICES, PANARCHISM, HOMELESS, STREET PEOPLE

MINIMUM INCOME: To the argument that a government must grant a minimum income to its citizens, libertarians reply that any forcible transfer of wealth is immoral, be it to Lockheed, the poor, farmers, or tinhorn dictators in Latin America.” – LIBERTARIAN HANDBOOK 1973. - WELFARE STATE, SUBSIDIES, BAILOUTS, REDISTRIBUTIONISM, DISTRIBUTIONISM, TRANSFER SOCIETY

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: a compulsory minimum wage, whether set by government or labor unions, seeks to determine a man’s worth irrespective of his productivity – humanistically admirable, but economically absurd.” – THE INCREDIBLE BREAD MACHINE, p.83.

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: All above-market wage rates forcibly extracted by the labor unions cause unemployment precisely as $ 20 for a pound of cheese would cause its unemployment at the table.” – Leonard E. Read, THE FREEMAN, 4/73. - Certainly at my table. By now, in much further inflated dollars, there are cheeses about that cost as much. - JZ, 3.1.11. – By now and in depreciated A$ there are quite a few cheeses which cost as much and more. My staples are still cheddar and cottage cheese from ALDI, at about A $ 6 a kg. – JZ, 31.10.13.

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: Almost all full-time workers (99.4%) are earning more than the minimum wage, and almost all full-time hourly workers (98.3%) are earning more than the minimum wage. Most importantly, the fact that more than three out of four teenagers (77.2%), who are the least skilled and least educated group of workers, earned more than the minimum wage in 2011 would suggest the minimum wage is mostly an entry-level wage for beginning workers with no skills. The reality of the labor market is that even a large majority of previously unskilled teenage workers are earning more than the minimum wage as soon as they acquire minimal jobs skills and work habits, and can demonstrate their value to employers." - Mark Perry, AEI - Kevin Gutzman - David T. Beito shared Kevin Gutzman's status update. – Facebook, 28.2.13.

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: artificially imposed minimum wage laws are an absolute guaranty of unemployment. – FREE MARKET, 1/3, p.22. - UNEMPLOYMENT

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: Because a minimum wage, of course, does not guarantee any worker’s employment; it only prohibits, by force of law, anyone from being employed at the wage which would pay his employer to hire him. It therefore compels unemployment.” – Murray N. Rothbard, For a New Liberty, p.178. – All these opponents and, especially M. N. R., did not recognize that the legal requirement for wages and salaries to be paid in an exclusive currency, whether it is a gold- or silver coin or gold- or silver-certificate one or one of state paper money, instead of optional and competitively supplied sound alternative currencies at par or only at their market rate, does also cause unemployment. Rothbard, in particular, held that wages, salaries and other prices would fast enough be reduced to become adapted to a reduced currency circulation. In this he overlooked e.g. the fact that while fallen prices do encourage buying, falling prices do deter from it. – Even great minds like his had still some flaws in their ideas, and it is important to sufficiently and publicly correct all these mistakes or errors. – JZ, 19.12.07.

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: But before assuming that the minimum wage law simply result in pay raises for low-wage earners, consider what would happen if a $ 100.00 per hour minimum wage law went into effect. How many of us have such great productivity that an employer would be willing to pay $ 100.00 for an hour of our labor? Only those thought to be worth that much money would retain their jobs. The rest would be unemployed. The example is extreme, of course, but the principle, which would operate if such a law were passed, does operate now. When wages are raised by law, the workers with low productivity are discharged.” - Walter Block, Defending the Undefendable, p.209, Fox & Wilkes, 1991. (or p. 237? – in a different edition? – JZ)

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: End the minimum wage and let untrained and unskilled workers start at low-paying jobs so they can develop job skills, create job histories, and demonstrate that they deserve higher wages and promotion.” - Michael Cloud, Secrets of Libertarian Persuasion, The Advocates for Self-Government, 2004, - - p.70.

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: Gunnar Myrdal, reports the same kind of finding in his well-known study of American race problems. An American Dilemma, where he notes that Negroes have been the main sufferers from the employment effects of minimum wage laws.” – B. R. Rogge, THE FREEMAN, 3/75, p.168.

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: If the minimum wage is, in short, raised from $ 3.35 to $ 4.55 an hour, the consequence is to disemploy, permanently, those who would have been hired at rates in between these two rates.” – Murray N. Rothbard: Outlawing Jobs: The Minimum Wage, Once More, in: Llewellyn H. Rockwell, ed., The Economics of Liberty, Mises Institute, 1990, p.1819.

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: If, in the opinion of an employer (acting also as a representative of the consumers), someone’s work is not worth the minimum wage then he will not get or keep a job. If he is worth more then, to get or keep him, he will be offered more. – JZ, 5.5.93. – Here, too, the law acts in its sphere of total incompetence. – JZ, 4.12.07. – UNEMPLOYMENT

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: Impose minimum wage laws and you do someone out of a job.” – Edmund A. Opitz, THE FREEMAN, 5/73. – Not just one person but at least thousands. – JZ, 19.12.07.

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: In truth, there is only one way to regard a minimum wage law: it is compulsory unemployment, period. The law says: it is illegal, and therefore criminal, for anyone to hire anyone else below the level of X dollars an hour. This means, plainly and simply, that a large number of free and voluntary wage contracts are now outlawed and hence that there will be a large amount of unemployment. Remember that the minimum wage law provides no jobs; it only outlaws them; and outlawed jobs are the inevitable result.” – Murray N. Rothbard: Outlawing Jobs: The Minimum Wage, Once More, in: Llewellyn H. Rockwell, ed., The Economics of Liberty, Mises Institute, 1990, p.18. & UNEMPLOYMENT

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: It is hardly surprising that unemployment among the unskilled increased with this rapid rise in the minimum wage. To the extent that teenagers are inexperienced, unskilled workers, they are the ones who have been priced out of the labor market by the rise in the minimum wage rate.” – Prof. Yale Brozen, of the University of Chicago, quoted by B. R. Rogge in THE FREEMAN, 3/75. - I wonder what would happen if a digital "argument map" were compiled and published on this legislated error and related prejudices. Would the legislators, the Leftists and the Welfare State advocate finally be able to learn the truth on this matter from it? Would the mass media point out the result of this discussion? - JZ, 3.1.11.

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: It is primarily, if not entirely, the poor who stand to lose if wages are pegged artificially high; those who sponsor minimum wage laws behave as if they hold a grudge against the poor.” - MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: Leonard E. Read, Who’s Listening? p.50.

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: It is profoundly discouraging that in the second half of the twentieth century, in what is supposed to be an age of great economic sophistication, the United States should have such laws on its books, and that it should still be necessary to protest against a remedy so futile and mischievous. It hurts most the very marginal workers it is designed to help. - I can only repeat what I have written in another place. When a law exists that no one is to be paid less than $ 64 for a 40-hour week, then no one whose services are not worth $ 64 a week to an employer will be employed at all. (*) We cannot make a man worth a given amount by making it illegal for anyone to offer him less. We merely deprive him of the right to earn the amount that his abilities and opportunities would permit him to earn, while we deprive the community of the moderate services he is capable of rendering. In brief, for a low wage we substitute unemployment.” – Henry Hazlitt, The Conquest of Poverty, p.147. - (*) Government employees excepted, since profit calculations do not enter there. But these employees are usually already paid above these rates and even above the average market rates. – JZ, 19.12.07. -

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: laws that prohibit employment at any wage that is relevant to the market (a minimum wage of 10 cents an hour would have little or no impact) must result in outlawing employment and hence causing unemployment.” – Murray N. Rothbard: Outlawing Jobs: The Minimum Wage, Once More, in: Llewellyn H. Rockwell, ed., The Economics of Liberty, Mises Institute, 1990, p.18. – How often do certain basic truths have to be stated and by how many people – before they do, finally, sink in? – JZ, 31.10.13.

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: Low-income workers as a group are the major victims of minimum wage legislation. – Keith B. Leffler – How many more years will it take before this simple and provably insight is finally accepted by territorial legislators? Perhaps never. We ought to become free to opt out form under their legislation and institutions. – JZ, 2.4.12.

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: Many minimum wage supporters, like [House Speaker Nancy Pelosi], are hypocrites, but most supporters are decent people with an honest concern for the well-being of their fellow man. True compassion for our fellow man requires that we examine not the intentions behind public policy but the effects of that policy. There’s no question that Congress can mandate the minimum wage at which a person is hired, but Congress hasn’t found a way to mandate that a person have a level of productivity commensurate with the wage. Moreover, Congress hasn’t chosen to mandate that an employer hire a person whose productivity is less than the minimum wage. This means higher minimum wages cause unemployment for the least-skilled workers.” - Walter Williams

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: Many worked as stockmen in the 1950s and ‘60s. But when minimum wage rates were introduced after 1966, Aboriginal stockmen became redundant almost overnight as station owners refused or could not afford to pay their black workers. Grog, idleness and all the disadvantages of living in remote communities took over. The generation of men that followed virtually vanished, lost in a fog of hopelessness so common in many outback indigenous communities.” – Tony Barras, THE AUSTRALIAN, 11.12.07. – UNEMPLOYMENT, ABORIGINALS IN AUSTRALIA

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: means less employment for the poor.” - Julie Prosser, FREE ENTERRPISE, 7/74.

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: Minimum wage laws are the direct cause of unemployment among disadvantaged people. A minimum wage law makes it illegal to pay anyone less than the prescribed wage. No employer can stay in business if he pays workers more than they produce. Thus workers whose labour is worth less than the minimum wage cannot continue to be employed.” – PROGRES PARTY, Australia, platform, 5/1.

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: minimum wage laws making it illegal to employ persons of low productivity at wages which they can earn.” – M. S. Rukeyser, THE FREEMAN, 10/75.

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: Minimum wage laws of say $ 1.60 leave unemployed all persons whose services are not of that much value to others.” – Leonard E. Read, Who’s Listening? p.50. - The continuance of minimum wage laws demonstrates, once again, that territorial legislators are either unable or unwilling to learn from their mistakes or feel compelled to submit to popular errors and prejudices. - So, what are they good for? Do they earn even minimum wages by their activities? - JZ, 3.1.11.

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: Minimum wage laws tragically generate unemployment, especially among the poorest and least skilled or educated workers ... Because a minimum wage, of course, does not guarantee any worker's employment; it only prohibits, by force of law, anyone from being hired at the wage which would pay his employer to hire him." - Murray N. Rothbard, For a New Liberty.

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: Minimum wage laws, to prop up the wages of some, cause massive unemployment for teenage minority groups.” – Roy Childs, Liberty Against Power.

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: Minimum wage legislation has been on the books since 1938, but in March 1956 the minimum wage rate was jacked up from 75 cents to $ 1 an hour, and it has since been raised by successive jumps to $ 1,60 an hour in February, 1968. But the law cannot make a worker worth a given amount by making it illegal for anyone to offer him less. It can merely make it unprofitable for employers to hire workers of low skills, and therefore forces such workers into unemployment. One of the greatest helps we could give the Negro today would be to repeal the statutory minimum wage.” – Henry Hazlitt, The Conquest of Poverty, p.63.

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: Never mind that any job at a buck an hour beats no job at five. Never mind that minimum wage generates unemployment by punishing those who would otherwise hire young unskilled workers. Never mind that if these kids had any kind of job, they’d soon learn enough to get a better-paying one. Never mind that they might even be too busy to join a gang. Never mind that the minimum wage raise the cost of goods and services so that its victims have a harder time obtaining food, clothing, and shelter – in effect, that bureaucrats and politicians invented the homeless’.” - L. Neil Smith, Lever Action, A Mountain Media Book, 2001, p.334. - – I think that the money and currency laws as well as the building restrictions have more to do with the phenomenon of homeless people than the minimum wage laws. Such laws produce unemployment and housing shortages as well as expensive housing and do also prevent the building of somewhat lasting self-help shelters, as used to be common around many cities before “slum clearing” became a popular policy for others than the poor. – JZ, 27 9.07. - HOMELESS PEOPLE, SLUM CLEARING

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: Past studies by and large confirm the prediction that higher minimum wages reduce employment opportunities and raise unemployment, particularly among teenagers, minorities and other low-skilled workers.” – Masanori Hashimoto – UNEMPLOYMENT, ONE OF MANY FACTORS PRODUCING U., WAGE CONTROLS

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: President Obama wants to raise the federal minimum wage to $ 9 per hour – a move that will cause inflation. He then wants to tie future wage increases to inflation. – Humor from – quoted by Susie Burton sharing Capitalism's photo. – Facebook, 22.2.13. - John Zube How many people would still be employed if he raised it to e.g. $ 100 or $ 1,000 per hour? This is a good instance for the lack of thinking, economic and moral thinking, that goes into most territorial legislation. However, the ignorance of their subjects in individual rights and liberties, their lack of interest in them, their popular errors and prejudices against them, demonstrate that most of their subjects are no better in this respect. Only individual and group secessionism and exterritorial autonomy or personal law for volunteers would allow the fully or more enlightened ones to sort themselves out from the all too insufficiently enlightened people and to set them good and even very attractive examples, acting as light towers with their successes in utilizing full experimental freedom, freedom of contract, freedom of association and all their property and free exchange rights among themselves. - However, Inflation has other causes: The main one, the legalized issue monopoly. The second one, legal tender, i.e. compulsory acceptance and a forced value for its notes and coins. Thus this monopoly money can suppress and drive out all sound competing currencies that would form a significant competition to it. – JZ, 22.2.13, rev. 23.2.13.

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: Repeal the Minimum Wage Laws.” – JAG, Aug. 22, 1972.

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: So, as [Walter] Block points out, minimum wage laws actually create unemployment.” - Richard Lubbock, MERCURY, 1/79.

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: The absurdity of the minimum wage can be best seen by an extreme case. If a minimum wage of one million dollars per week were now legislated, then how many would still have a job or a business the day after? – Wages have to be earned by productive efforts. They cannot be provided by legislation or trade union monopolies and collectivist bargaining contracts. - JZ, 21.1.98, 30.11.07. - BASIC WAGE, LIVING WAGE, DIS.

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: The distinguished modern liberal economist, Paul Samuelson, asks, “What good does it do a Negro youth to know that an employer must pay him $ 1.60 per hour, if the fact that he must be paid that amount is what keeps him from getting a job?” – B. R. Rogge, THE FREEMAN, 3/75.

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: the evidence in scores of examples has shown that the effect of an increase in the minimum wage is to eliminate jobs for marginal workers – not to increase their income.” – Jack Markowitz on J. Swift, in THE FREEMAN, 4/76. – They are also provide evidence that legislators don’t pay any attention to mere facts and to the consequences of their laws. But then for them “earning” more is easy. They simply pass a law to increase their salaries, pensions etc. – at the expense of the taxpayers. Or they hold out for higher “rewards” from special interest groups, supporting the own election campaigns. – JZ, 15.2.09, 3.1.11. – LEGISLATORS, PARLIAMENTS, LAWMAKERS, LAWS, SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS OR LOBBIES

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: The high rate of unemployment among teenagers, and especially black teenagers, is both a scandal and a serious source of social unrest. Yet it is largely a result of minimum wage laws. We regard the minimum wage law as one of the most, if not the most, anti-black laws on the statute books.” – Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize-winning economist - & UNEMPLOYMENT, YOUTH

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: The main effect of the minimum wage law seems to be that unskilled workers, who frequently are not worth the minimum wage to an employer, are deprived of their jobs. (This effect is seen in the dramatic rise in the unemployment rate of nonwhite teenagers which consistently follows rise in the minimum wage.)” – David Friedman, The Machinery of Freedom, p.33. - All such criticism of flawed legislation seems to have no effect whatsoever on the legislators and on the mass media. – JZ, 19.12.07.

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: the minimum wage … has the effect of making poor people – those it was designed to help – worse off than before.” – Milton Friedman, PLAYBODY, 2/73. – Ibid, also: “A minimum-wage law is, in reality, a law that makes it illegal for an employer to hire a person with limited skills.” – Ibid: “Playboy: Isn’t it, rather, a law that requires employers to pay a fair and livable wage? – Friedman: How is a person better off unemployed at a dollar sixty an hour than employed at a dollar fifty? No hours a week at a dollar sixty comes to nothing.” - Ibid: “… the minimum-wage rate is the most anti-Negro law on the books.” - Ibid: “The minimum wage destroys the best kind of training program we’ve ever had: on the job training.” - But even he could not, effectively, reason with legislators. He might as well have gone to teach in a madhouse. –JZ, 19.12.07.

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: The Minimum Wage Law is, on the face of it, not an employment law but an unemployment law. It does not force an employer to hire an employee at the minimum wage level, or at any other level. It compels the employer not to hire the employee at certain wage levels, namely, those below the minimum set by law. It coerces the worker, no matter how anxious he may be to accept a job at a wage level below the minimum, not to accept the job. It obliges the worker who is faced with a choice between a low wage job and unemployment to choose unemployment. Nor does the law even push any wage up; it only lops off jobs which do not meet the standards.” – Walter Block, Defending the Undefendable, p.203/04, 227/28, Fox & Wilkes, 1991. (Diff. pages in diff. editions? – JZ). Would it help to put all the arguments against minimum wage laws and other governmentally prescribed wrongs and absurdities into the form of electronic “argument mapping”, as proposed by Paul Monk et al, to graphically show that government really has’t got “a leg” or any good argument to stand on? I would be worth a try, I believe, as one of thousands of libertarian projects. – JZ, 25.12.07.

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: The minimum wage throws inner-city African Americans and other minorities out of work. It prevents them from getting badly-needed job experience. It keeps them from auditing for higher-paying jobs. The minimum wage keeps them from grabbing the bottom run of the economic ladder.” - Michael Cloud, Secrets of Libertarian Persuasion, The Advocates for Self-Government, 2004, - p.70.

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: the most mistaken notion that has ever been conceived.” – James Maitland, Eighth Earl of Lauderdale, An Inquiry into the Nature and Origin of Public Wealth, Edinburgh, 1st. ed. 1804, 2nd. ed., 1819, Chapter I. (On the other hand, he was the principal parliamentary supporter of the anti-truck legislation of 1817! That is, he upheld the monetary despotism of an exclusive currency, rather than welcome any experiment to do without it, from primitive barter to full monetary freedom. And this at a time when token money even of individual stores was widely used and this practice needed only intelligent expansion to supply sound alternative exchange media for wage payments and also to assure the sale of the goods produced. – “Everything good comes rarely together.” 200 years later we still have minimum wage or basic wage laws! Worse: We still have monetary despotism. Just goes to show how slow progress is when it is administered by territorial governments.) - JZ, 9.12.07, 31.10.13. – MONETARY FREEDOM VS. MONETARY DESPOTISM, CENTRAL BANKING

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: The young may also be priced out by minimum wage laws, which force them to compete, in recessions, on a par with experienced workers.” – Henry Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST, 10/77, p.52.

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: Those who declaim in favor of minimum wage laws are setting the stage for maximum wage laws.” – Admiral Ben Moreell, Log II, p.186. - Even for laws on equal wages and salaries for all, regardless of their output in products and services. – JZ, 15.2.09. - WAGE CONTROLS, MAXIMUM WAGES

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: We cannot make a man worth a given amount by making it illegal for anyone to offer him less.” – Henry Hazlitt.

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: We have already seen some of the harmful results of arbitrary governmental efforts to raise the price of favored commodities. The same sort of harmful results follow efforts to raise wages through minimum wage laws. This ought not to be surprising: for a wage is in fact a price. It is unfortunate for the clarity of economic thinking that the price of labor’s services should have received an entirely different name from other prices. This has prevented most people from recognizing that the same principles govern both.” – Henry Hazlitt, “Economics in One Lesson”, FEE, New York. – PRICES & PRICING

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: We view low wages as evidence of employer "stinginess" instead of schooling with pay for the unskilled.” - Dr. Mary J. Ruwart, Healing Our World, chapter 3, Destroying Jobs.

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: What is wrong with a government-enforced minimum wage? It denies to the employer and employee their individual freedom, their individual rights to enter into any voluntary relationship not involving force or fraud.” – THE INCREDIBLE BREAD MACHINE, p.153.

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: When we see that the most ardent advocates of the minimum wage law have been the AFL-CIO, and that the concrete effects of the minimum wage laws has been to cripple the low-wage competition of the marginal workers as against higher-wage workers with union seniority, the true motivation of the agitation for the minimum wage becomes apparent.” – Murray N. Rothbard: Outlawing Jobs: The Minimum Wage, Once More, in: Llewellyn H. Rockwell, The Environmentalist Threat, in Llewellyn H. Rockwell, ed., The Economics of Liberty, Mises Institute, 1990, p.364. - However, of what help are hundreds or thousands of articles against territorial laws and popular prejudices on minimum wage laws – if the victims are not free to opt out from under them? - JZ, 4.10.07. – UNIONS, TRADE UNION MONOPOLISM, SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: While minimum wages can and do cause some unemployment, especially among the young and unskilled, they are not the main cause of involuntary mass unemployment. This is already proven by the fact that mass unemployment did exist long before minimum wages were decreed and does exist where minimum wages do not exist. – JZ, n.d. & 25.10.07. – Even Rothbard favored an exclusive currency and imagined that any quantity of it would always be sufficient for all exchanges. In this Rothbardians are right only for conditions in which clearing is fully developed so that the amount of circulating cash would no longer matter, since then all exchanges could be achieved without it and it might serve then only as a value standard. – But the whole economy should never be forced to adapt itself to the quantity that can and will be provided by an exclusive exchange medium. The deflation that results under such conditions is still all too widely ignored, even by scholars like Rothbard, who imagine that under such conditions the downward price adaptation will be sufficient or even complete. They ignore e.g. that while fallen prices encourage buying, falling prices deter people from buying and makes them hold back their purchasing power in expectation of further price reductions. – If Rothbard etc. were right in this then deflations would never have happened and the money issue monopoly would have no effect at all in this respect. - JZ, 15.2.09. - He should also have studied the currency famines of the past and the present. Instead, here he relied on his prejudices and false assumptions. Alas, he was not the only libertarian to do so. An essay on the errors of Rothbard seems to be still missing. Only with them eliminated would the rest of his work properly stand out. - JZ, 3.1.11. - UNEMPLOYMENT, MONETARY DESPOTISM, EXCLUSIVE EXCHANGE MEDIA, DEFLATION, DIS.

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: Who is hurt by the minimum wage law? The unskilled, whose productivity level is below the wage level legislated.” - Walter Block, Defending the Undefendable, p.233.

MINIMUM WAGE LAWS: Why are you helping the working poor by such piddling amounts? Why stop at # 4.55 an hour? Why not $ 10 an hour? $ 100? $ 1,000?” – Murray N. Rothbard: Outlawing Jobs: The Minimum Wage, Once More, in: Llewellyn H. Rockwell, ed., The Economics of Liberty, Mises Institute, 1990, p.18. – The relatively easy questions are settled relatively fast among the real economists, but they still largely disagree when it comes to all aspects of full monetary freedom. – JZ, 22.1.08.

MINING: Mine your own business!” – Probably coined by Viv Forbes, possibly a heading of one of his essays. – JZ 23.3.09.

MINING: Mining is a very useful, even necessary human activity – but “mining” liberty ideas and refining their ores etc. is even more important. – The sooner we bring all its treasures to light and duplicate and spread them to the fullest extent, the sooner will most of our remaining problems be solved. – JZ, 14.6.92, 7.12.07. - Too many individual rights have remained ignored, unapplied, unknown, unappreciated, for all too long, although they are “buried” somewhere, or “published” in some obscure writings and private declarations of individual rights and liberties. We have already much freedom of expression and information in this sphere – alas, we have not yet used it sufficiently. – JZ, 4.8.92. 7.12.07. – LIBERTY, IDEAS ARCHIVE, LIBERTARIAN ENCYCLOPEDIA, LIBERTARIAN LIBRARY, BIBLIOGRAPHY, ABSTRACTS, REVIEWS, HUMAN RIGHTS DECLARATION

MINING: One could also define agriculture as a form of mining or exploiting soil, sunshine and air and refining their natural or man-made edible or otherwise useful products. Thus how come that agriculture, except in communist countries, tends to be legally rather privileged, tax-exempted or even subsidized, price-supported, protected against competition, while mining is greatly restricted, by compulsory licensing, regulations, taxes, quotas, price controls and other interventionism, making it much less productive than it could be. – One explanation might be that agriculturists form a long established pressure group with large numbers of voters – even when like in the U.S.A., the are already largely outnumbered by other working people. In both cases the consumers get little or no say on production and trading conditions. Only large mining companies get the chance, as victims of taxation and of the impositions of “royalties” or through bribery, to influence politicians in their favor. All too often the anti-capitalist, and anti-market, anti-internationalist, anti-free trade and anti-corporation mentality favors wrongful restrictions upon mining companies. Their numbers as voters are, perhaps, less significant than those of the agriculturists and under the employer-employee relationship and prevailing class warfare notions many to most of the employed miners may even vote against the interests of the mining companies they work in. - Private miners, when not too much taxed and regulated, can profitably extract even small percentages of ores from unwanted rocks and sand. Governmental recycling centers have difficulties even with extracting values and profit from concentrated and pre-sorted recycled resources. Perhaps all recycling centers should be run by private and profit-making mining companies. Whatever genuine public interests exists in mining practices could probably be best expressed by organizing them as “open cooperatives”, as recommended first by P. J. B. Buchez, then extensively discussed by Theodor Hertzka and finally developed by Ulrich von Beckerath. (Open entry for new members and decision-making bodies but reward for cooperative members only in accordance with their capital and work input.) This system would tend to enlighten public opinion, make it influential and avoid political and bureaucratic controls and exploitation. But it should be applied and spread only via experiments by volunteers. If it is the superior system then it will spread wherever natural monopolies are involved. – JZ, 97/98, 23.3.09, 31.10.13. - AGRICULTURE

MINISTERS OF FINANCE: A minister of finance is a legally authorized pickpocket.” - Paul Ramadier, QUOTE, Oct. 7, 1956. - TAXATION, THEFT, ROBBERY

MINISTERS: All ministries amount just to one: the ministry of public waste and destruction, combined with public obstructions and prohibitions of productive and free exchange activities. – JZ, 28.6.77, 19.12.07, 3.1.11. - ADMINISTRATIONS, BUREAUCRACY, PUBLIC SERVICES

MINISTERS: But suppose that a man of fresh mind and personal energy were to be placed at the head of our Education Department, who perceived the mischievous effect of uniformity, could not this official tendency be counteracted? - It might for a short space of time, just as the muscles of a strong man can for some hours defeat the pull of gravitation, but gravitation wins in the end. Such changes would be only spasmodic; they would not be the natural outcome of the system, and therefore could not last. Moreover, for those who understand the value of liberty and responsibility, it is needless to point out how utterly false the system must be which makes the nation depend upon the intelligence of a minister, and not upon the free movement of the different minds within itself.” – Auberon Herbert, in Mack, Auberon Herbert, 71. – Compare L. E. Read’s “Release all creative energies!” - BUREAUCRACY, ADMINISTRATION, PUBLIC SERVICE, DEPARTMENTS, INTELLIGENCE, RULERS, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES, PUBLIC EDUCATION, LEADERSHIP

MINISTERS: Don’t mind if you failed your economics examinations: You could still qualify as a prime minister, treasurer or minister of trade. – JZ, 31.10.74. - JOKES

MINISTERS: His master, the Minister, was a politician, adroit in the use of the elegant double cross, the subtle treachery, the facile disavowal.” – Hayford Peirce, Unlimited Warfare, in Ben Bova, The Best of ANALOG, Ace Books, 1972-1979, 205. - POLITICIANS, DISHONESTY, LIES, DENIALS

MINISTERS: In a society one pondered about ways to get rid of a bad minister, a man, whose record was filled with scandals. – One of his declared enemies suggested suddenly: Could one not induce him to do something reasonable or honorable, so that he would be chased away?” - Nicolas Chamfort, Aphorismen, S.198. (In einer Gesellschaft sann man auf Mittel, einen schlechten Minister los zu werden, einen Mann, dessen Ehrenschild von zahllosen Schandtaten uebersaet war. – Ein erklaerter Feind von ihm sagte ploetzlich: „Koennte man ihn denn nicht dazu bringen, irgend etwas Vernuenftiges oder Anstaendiges zu tun, damit er davongejagt wird!“) - GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS, BUREAUCRATS, JOKES

MINISTERS: Instead of complaining that government ministers have business interests, we should encourage them to have some. This would give them at least some understanding of economics and would thus be worth more than any loss through extra corruption, which might anyhow result even when their business dealings – as public figures with power over the public purse and the business of others – are subject to public scrutiny (full publicity). – JZ, 73-78. – MINISTERS WITH BUSINESS INTERESTS

MINISTERS: Little other than a red-tape talking-machine, and unhappy bag of parliamentary eloquence.” – Thomas Carlyle, 1795-1881. – Andrews Quotes, p.300. - BUREAUCRATS, ADMINSTRATORS, POLITICIANS, CABINET MEMBERS, RULERS

MINISTERS: Minister. Philister. He eats much and reads little and forgets what he reads.” – Friedrich Jahn, 1778-1852.

MINISTERS: Ministers minister to their own needs and ambitions far better than to the needs, rights and liberties of their subjects. – JZ, 19.12.07.

MINISTERS: No wonder, I am feeling my age, at almost 70, for we have now, in NSW, even a “Minister for Aging” (Carmel Tebbutty, MLC.) This is like having a minister for tooth decay, for death, for diseases, for aggressions, for terrorism, for poverty. Seemingly, she is very successful, for there are millions of aging people around already, a growing part of the total population. – JZ, 16.3.03. – Governments are so incompetent that they cannot even name their ministerial offices properly. – JZ, 31.10.07. - OF GOVERNMENT & AGING

MINISTERS: Nothing gets solved by appointing a minister, board, commissar, commissioner or authority, or by financing such bodies out of tax funds and then letting them “function” and “act” for all too long and all too expensively, while suppressing or penalizing self-help efforts. – JZ, 18.2.03, 21.10.07. - BUREAUCRACY, BOARDS, COMMISSIONS, AUTHORITIES, APPOINTMENTS, STATISM, LEADERSHIP, DEMOCRACY, STATISM, PROBLEMS, SOLUTIONS, POLITICIANS

MINISTERS: The statesman who should attempt to direct private people in what manner they ought to employ their capitals, would not only load himself with a most unnecessary attention, but assume an authority which could safely be entrusted to no council and senate whatever, and which would nowhere be so dangerous as in the hands of a man who had folly and presumption enough to fancy himself fit to exercise it.” - Adam Smith, - The Wealth of Nations. – How many statesmen have we had since, if any, who had fully learnt that lesson? – Should we remain dependent upon territorial politicians, bureaucrats and representatives and their degrees of enlightenment? – Give anyone the power to tax and to “regulate” capital and earnings and he will abuse it. - JZ, 26.12.07. - OF FINANCE, TRADE & INDUSTRIES, POWER, TAXATION, REGULATION

MINISTERS: When one sees how ministers from one day to the other change their positions, getting into a completely different department, then one arrives inevitably at the conclusion that a minister occupies the only high position which can be filled by an ignorant person.” – Franchi. (Wenn man sieht, wie Minister von heute auf morgen in ein anderes, vollkommen fremdes Ressort wechseln, kommt man unwillkuerlich zu dem Schluss, dass ein Minister der einzige hochbezahlte Posten ist, den Ungelernte ausueben koennen.) Does not the same apply to Presidents, Prime Ministers, Premiers, Chancellors? President Hindenburg used to brag that he had never read more than 3 books! And such an ignoramus appointed a Hitler as Chancellor of Germany. Other high-ranking fools imagined that they could control Hitler as a mere puppet. But when it came to ruthless power games and the official manipulation of public opinion and utilization of popular prejudices, he was their superior. – Those striving for high offices and great powers are never sufficiently aware of how little they know and how little anyone can know. - JZ, 6.12.07. - GOVERNMENTS, AUTHORITIES, TERRITORIALISM, IGNORANCE & INCOMPETENCE IN OFFICES, BUREAUCRACY, KNOWLEDGE, LEADERSHIP

MINORITIES: A federation of all those minorities of the world, which strive for full exterritorial autonomy, i.e., make no exclusive territorial claims and will not respect the territorial claims of any other minority or of any majority, could become the most powerful federation in the world! For even majorities do have their dissenting minorities. – It would also stand up for the full exterritorial autonomy of all majorities, which would suit many to most of them well, for thus they would be rid of all their "troublemakers" and could pursue their policies with unanimous consent. - JZ, n.d., & 19.12.07, 3.1.11. - INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION EXTERRITORIALIST MINORITIES, MAJORITIES, FACTIONS

MINORITIES: A government is free in proportion to the rights it guarantees to the minority.” – Alfred M. Landon, Kansas Day address, October 1936. – The majority can be so little relied upon in this respect, that practically all of the limited rights of the bill of rights amendments to the US constitution have been severely restricted by a flood of legislation and jurisdiction. Kings, emperors and feudal lords were also supposed to protect the rights of their subjects. The reality was different. – All minorities, including individuals, if they want to, should be free to declare their secession and exterritorial independence. – Moreover, in free association with all other dissenting individuals and minorities in the world, they should be free to defend this independence against any further usurpations of their individual rights and liberties by any territorial majority or minority regime. – The only thing territorial governments could ever guaranty was more wrongful laws, taxes and interventions. – I would rather say that minorities are unfree to the extent that governments claim and practise territorial powers. - JZ, 19.12.07. – DEMOCRACY, MAJORITIES, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW OR EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY INDEPENDENCE, VOLUNTARISM, TERRITORIALISM

MINORITIES: A little leaven raises an entire lump of dough; a tiny flame starts a mighty conflagration; a small rudder turns a huge ship. And a handful of people possessed of ideas and a dream can change a nation – especially when that nation is searching for new answers and new direction.” – Edmund Opitz, THE FREEMAN, 1/77, p.39. – How often, for how long? How long does it take and how many sacrifices? Mere persuasion attempts do have their limitations against masses of popular ignorance and prejudices. Thus we should rather allow minorities that are somewhat enlightened to set practical examples, independent of majority opinions, demonstrating truths and errors on a small scale, without having to convert the majority first and thus also limiting any wrongs and damages as much as possible. Then it should be up to other minorities or the majority to accept or reject such changes for themselves. We do not advance in science and technology by the territorial method, either. We have excluded it in all spheres except those of political, social and economic systems. That was and remains a great wrong and severe mistake, with disastrous consequences. - So why haven't the correct anarchistic and libertarian ideas spread and changed history during the last 200 years? Largely because they were still tied up with and strangled or suffocated by the territorialist systems. How often, for how long and to what extent can the advanced dreams influence the uninformed or lying systems of territorial majorities now? How long does such an influence take and how many sacrifices does it require and how deeply does it penetrate? And for how long? “Each new generation is a new invasion by barbarians.” - Rather allow minorities to become exterritorially autonomous and thus obtain the chance to provide better examples and demonstrate errors as well as truths, at their own expense and risk. We have already adopted the voluntaristic and experimental opportunities in many spheres of our lives. In those, we do even take it for granted. We ought to adopt this framework in all of them, especially in the political, economic and social spheres. That this simple reversal or alternative is not extensively and publicly discussed shows up all too much in inflexibility and petrifaction in the minds of all too many people. (*) This in spite of the fact, that exterritorial autonomy has existed for longer periods than territorial sovereignty has and in spite of the fact, that absolutist or totalitarian territorial sovereignty is being widely rejected for many of our personal preferences and actions. - Moreover, the "free marketeers" have so far still failed to establish a genuinely free market for ideas and talents - JZ, 30.7.92, 9.12.03. 3.12.07. – (*) However, Google search results for Nozick + meta-utopias went during the last 5 years from 90 results to 296,000. – JZ ,31.10.13. - IDEAS UNDER TERRITORIALISM, IDEAS ARCHIVE, INDIVIDUALS, DEMOCRACY, MAJORITY, PERSUASION ONLY OR EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM? PANARCHISM

MINORITIES: a minority are bound by the decision of the majority only if they ‘consider the decision as theirs’.” – David Nicholls, The Pluralist State, p.41, on Joseph Tussmann, Obligation and the Body Politic, p.26. - & PANARCHISM

MINORITIES: A minority has no right to govern, but a claim to be respected." - Dagobert D. Runes, A Dictionary of Thought. – Also in his: Treasury of Thought, p.91 - and in his: A Book of Contemplation, p.89. - “… but to be left alone” – would be better. – JZ, 1973. - A minority has the right to govern itself, not others. And that right is to be respected. – JZ, ca., 1993. - It does have the right to govern itself and the right to demand that this right be fully respected. – JZ, 19.12.07. - Some majorities or ruling minorities or rulers had such a high respect for some minorities and out of that respect, under the territorial system, such a fear of their competition, that they murderously persecuted them and wiped them out. More than mere respect is required. A minority, while not having any right to govern others, has yet the right to govern itself, regardless of what the majority and other minorities want to do to themselves and to it. – JZ, n.d. - PANARCHISM

MINORITIES: a perpetual minority, is for practical purposes taxed without representation – hardly a democratic procedure.” – Bertrand de Jouvenel, Problems of Socialist England, London, The Batchworth Press, 1949, p.218. - TAXATION, REPRESENTATION & DEMOCRACY

MINORITIES: A study of significant political movements or vast social shifts will reveal that every one of them – good or bad – has been led by an infinitesimal minority. Never has one of these changes been accompanied by mass understanding, nor should such ever be expected. All movements have had their leaders. Always there has been someone “at the head of the class”, always someone who knows more about it than others. – Using hindsight, we discover that the individuals who have been leaders came from strange and odd beginnings. No one of them could have been predicted ahead of time.” – Leonard E. Read, Elements of Libertarian Leadership, p.85. - PROGRESS, LEADERSHIP, MASSES, MOVEMENTS & INDIVIDUALS

MINORITIES: All minorities have the right to rule themselves. None of them has the right to rule others. – JZ, 4.12.07.

MINORITIES: All parties and other reform or revolutionary groups to gain experimental freedom or minority autonomy on an exterritorial autonomy or personal law basis, i.e. to attain the liberty to run their own programs among their own voluntary members, at their own risk and expense. Anyone to be free to secede from any of them, to join or form another such group. This experimental freedom would rapidly demonstrate e.g. which full employment program does work. - JZ 14.12.92. - Experimental freedom for all, including all existing political parties and movement - except for the intolerant, fanatics, true believers etc., as far as their territorialist ambitions go. – JZ, 16.2.09. – PANARCHISM, MINORITY AUTONOMY

MINORITIES: All political ideas cannot and should not be channeled into the programs of our two major parties. History has amply proved the virtue of political activity by minority, dissident groups, who innumerable times have been in the vanguard of democratic thought and whose programs were ultimately accepted.” – Earl Warren, Sweezey vs. New Hampshire, 1957. – Quoted in Seldes, The Great Quotations. - IDEAS, POLITICS & PARTY SYSTEM

MINORITIES: All, too, will bear in mind this sacred principle, that though the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, that will to be rightful must be reasonable, that the minority possess their equal rights, which equal law must protect, and to violate would be oppression.” – Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address, March 4, 1801. – Unfortunately, even he did not recognize the right of individuals and minorities to secede, especially not when it came to the slaves. – JZ, 13.12.07. - MINORITY RIGHTS VS. MAJORITY RULE, DEMOCRACY

MINORITIES: An international federation of minorities, potentially the greatest power. – JZ, n.d. - An international federation in favor of full exterritorial autonomy for all minorities as well as all majorities. They would have nothing to lose but their chains or delusions and would have everything to gain that can be rightfully attained by their own and self-responsible actions. Even the situation of ruling majorities would be improved – because they would no longer have to strain themselves to keep down the dissenting minorities or suffer internal faction fights. – JZ, 23.10.93, 14.1.99. - OF THE WORLD UNITED, MAJORITIES, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR ALL

MINORITIES: As Louis Hartz notes, if minorities still have rights, why not the minorities within the minorities – until we are back in a state of nature.” – Louis Hartz, The Liberal Tradition in America, Harcourt, Brace & World, 1955, pp.158-162. – Joseph R. Stromberg, LIBERTARIAN FORUM, 6/76. - Or, rather, came back to individual sovereignty and personal laws, under which mankind has, probably, lived much longer than under territorial laws and institutions. – The state of nature is, in many respects, preferable to the conditions which artificially made and coercively upheld States have been imposing upon us for all too long, often not even respecting their own bills of rights, which are still all too flawed and incomplete. – JZ, 19.12.07. - Anyhow, the frequent practice of schisms in the sphere of religion has not yet led to the disappearance of most churches and sects, but rather to their multiplication. – JZ, 25.12.07. – RIGHTS, Q., PERSONAL LAWS, PANARCHISM

MINORITIES: being in a perpetual minority, is for practical purposes (being?- JZ) taxed without representation – hardly a democratic procedure.” - Bertrand de Jouvenel, Problems of Socialist England, 1849, p.218. - DEMOCRACY, REPRESENTATION, MAJORITIES, PARTY RULE

MINORITIES: But we are so few.” – “We are enough.” – From a Western, “Great Source Hey”. – Even a small minority could easily achieve very much if it were freed to secede and to do its own things with its own volunteers under personal law. – JZ, 19.12.07. – SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW

MINORITIES: Do you realize that almost everybody is a member of a minority now? The Civil Rights Commission, which investigates complaints about discrimination, said in a recent news story that 86 % of the population can have their complaints investigated since they belong to one minority or another.” – Robert Anton Wilson, in DIAGONAL RELATIONSHIP No. 10. - Just a thought on Robert Anton Wilson’s letter: - If 86 % of the population are members of one minority group or another, then we have just defined a new minority group, comprising 14 % of the population. Even better, an underprivileged minority: These people never had the benefit of membership in a minority group of their own.” - Mare S. Glasser, DIAGONAL RELATIONSHIP No. 11. - In other words, even a formally numerical majority has a real self-interest in minority autonomy, even while it does not recognize that self-interest. – JZ, 8.6.82, 19.12.07. & THE MAJORITY, FACTIONS, INTERNAL DISSENT & STRIFE

MINORITIES: Each Irish, Scottish, Welsh and any other minority or majority has the right to rule itself, by its own personal laws, representing the political, economic and social system views of its own volunteers, under full exterritorial autonomy – and none has the right to rule the volunteers of any other community, unless they have committed an aggressive act against one or some of the own members. It seems possible that all sufficiently reasonable beings will one day come to agree upon that formula and from then on leave each other sufficiently alone. In our times such autonomy is even more important for ideological differences than for religious, racial or national differences. – JZ, 27.3.87, 5.12.07. - EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, SELF-GOVERNMENT, SELF-DETERMINATION, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

MINORITIES: Every good movement in history has been led by an infinitesimal few – those who take advantage of the ever-present NOW!” – Leonard E. Read, ABC’s of Freedom, under N. – The opportunity to do one’s own thing should be ever-present, for individuals and for minorities. They should not have to depend on rare opportunities that arise now and then. – Territorialism suppresses many of the major opportunities for them. - JZ, 19.12.07. & INDIVIDUALS, USING OPPORTUNITIES, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, SECESSIONISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PANARCHISM

MINORITIES: Every minority group in the world to be quite safe (*) - as long as it only does its own thing at its own risk and cost. – JZ, 29.1.83. – (*) And all other people would tend to be safe from any radical or terrorist minority as well, once all minorities have attained and appreciated that right and opportunity. – JZ, 25.12.07. – EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY OR PANARCHISM FOR ALL MINORITIES, TERRORISM, SUICIDE BOMBERS

MINORITIES: Every serious student of the history of our public law and policy has known that the defence of the rights of minorities against majorities is one of the fundamental purposes of our system of government.” - Charles A. Beard, The Economic Basis of Politics, compiled and annotated by William Beard, p.154. – That may be the declared intention but in practice minorities are continually outvoted, unless they form powerful pressure groups. They are certainly not allowed to secede and govern themselves. Granting some of them some privileges or subsidies, at the expense of the majority and all other minorities, cannot make up for that basic wrong and this wrongs all the others. – JZ, 19.12.07. – It is mainly only the interests of the ruling minority that guides it. – 16.2.09.

MINORITIES: following 1918, in the four new or enlarged European States, no fewer than 22.7 million of national minorities were enclosed within 47.9 millions of national majorities, inevitably to lead to that dissention and to that division in which the roots of war are steeped.” – F. A. E. Crew, Must Man Wage War? Thrift Books, London, 1952, p.76. – Peace treaties with such results do not deserve the term “peace treaties”. – JZ, 15.2.09. - PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

MINORITIES: Freedom is not generally realized when only the majority has the few liberties that it wants, at its stage of enlightenment, ignorance or prejudices and has also granted some liberties even to members of minority groups, but only once all groups and individuals have all the rights and liberties that they want for themselves, in their own and exterritorially quite autonomous associations, always only at their own expense and risk. – JZ, 9.10.88, 7.12.07. All other forms of government make a mockery of self-government, consent, self-determination, self-responsibility and self-reliance. – JZ, 7.12.07. - MAJORITIES, PANARCHISM & FREEDOM, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT

MINORITIES: Freedom is perhaps threatened above all, by the fact that a small minority has realized that its own resolve enables it to cut like a hot knife through the butter of the great uncertain and irresolute majority.” – John Peyton, THE DAILY TELEGRAPH, March 12, 1977. - Obviously, not every minority is so determined and successful. Otherwise all of them would have achieved full exterritorial autonomy for themselves already – and left the majorities to their own devices. – Alas, there are minorities not satisfied with ruling themselves. Instead they do aim at ruling and exploiting those people, who do not agree with them. Territorialism gives them all too often all too many chances to do this – quite legally. – JZ, 15.2.09. - There is a great difference between tolerant and thus tolerable and intolerant and thus intolerable minorities. The latter should never be granted any territorial power. And the former would not need it or, in most cases, even wish for it. – To mind one’s on business properly is already a difficult enough job. But they might try to win in a societal Olympics, in which the most improved voluntaryist society would be declared the winner. – Perhaps the so far most handicapped societies should have their separate societal Olympics, like we have now for paraplegics. – While their achievements might not be setting top records for all, their improvements, seeing their starting points, might be the greatest. – Increase in voluntary membership or clients or customers would only be one indicator. - JZ, 16.2.09, 3.1.11. – MINORITY DESPOTISM? AGGRESSIVE & INTOLERANT MINORITIES, MAJORITIES, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, THE PEOPLE, DEMOCRACY, PRESSURE GROUPS, LOBBIES, PRIVILEGES, RULERS, A SOCIETAL OLYMPICS?

MINORITIES: Freedom only for the supporters of the government, only for members of one party – however numerous they may be – that is no freedom at all. Freedom is always and exclusively freedom for one who thinks differently.” (*) – The Polish Marxist Rosa Luxemburg, in her tract “The Russian Revolution”, written in Breslau prison, Summer 1918. Compare the English libertarian, William Hazlitt: “The love of liberty is the love of others, the love of power is the love of ourselves.” – “Political Essays”, 1819. -  (*) And who wants to act differently, while being tolerant towards those peacefully engaged in their own activities, in their own communities. – JZ, 23.9.07. – We do not have to love them but we should be just enough to tolerate their tolerant actions. – JZ, 116.2.09. - RIGHTS OF MINORITIES, FREEDOM FOR MINORITIES, ONE PARTY REGIMES, JUSTICE, TOLERANCE, LOVE, POWER, LIBERTY, MINORITY AUTONOMY

MINORITIES: Full autonomy for all of them! To the extent that they desire it for themselves, but only on an exterritorial basis and for their own volunteers: Dissenting minorities are in trouble everywhere - mainly because they are subjected to territorial systems either run by a territorial majority or by a ruling minority. While lip service is paid to them and some minorities are even granted favored status and some privileges, most are disfranchised, as far as full exterritorial autonomy is concerned for their own affairs. They would cease to be victimized if they federated with all other minorities, even those who make up temporary majority coalitions, with the aim of full exterritorial autonomy for all of them, if and when they do require it for themselves. The attempt to solve the minority problem territorially will always lead to the local suppression of other minorities which elsewhere may form the majority. To become free and independent they must give up all attempts to achieve their independence territorially or by trying to become majorities or by trying to become a dominating minority. Few have ever seriously tried to achieve their independence exterritorially and to fight the territorialist prejudices against this kind of independence. With exterritorial autonomy for all volunteer communities as their main aim, they would make friends, allies and neutrals almost anywhere and cease to provoke animosity, resistance and suppression. This aim they could achieve quite peacefully and relatively fast, if they seriously tried for it. Without it their situation is relatively hopeless. Their own territorialism drives them only into fruitless struggles or bloody revolutions or terrorist actions, which increase rather than reduce the number of their enemies and postpone the achievement of their ideals. - JZ, n.d. - FULL EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR ALL OF THEM: PANARCHISM, TERRORISM, FREEDOM FIGHTERS, TERRITORIALISM

MINORITIES: Genuine democracy requires e.g. autonomy for dissenting minorities. Otherwise, it does, largely, amount to majority despotism. - JZ – Facebook, 8.10.13. – DEMOCRACY, MINORITY AUTONOMY

MINORITIES: Government Sanctioned Restraints That Reduce Economic Opportunities for Minorities.” – Title of an article by Prof. Walter E. Williams in the Fall issue of POLICY REVIEW. See also Dr. William’s article in the Jan. NEW GUARD. – Hints in New Guard, June 1978, p.6. – I have not seen these articles. They seem to provide evidence for majority despotism towards minorities in the US. – To be fair, a similar survey should be made for the opposite cases, namely special privileges granted to influential minorities, e.g. large farmers under agricultural policies, down to the little ones of special fishing and hunting licences and casino permits for native Aborigines, mainly Red Indians in the USA. - JZ, 19.12.07.

MINORITIES: Governments exist to protect the rights of minorities. The loved and the rich need no protection, - they have many friends and few enemies.” - Wendell Phillips. -  Which government ever protected the rights of all minorities against itself and against the majority? - JZ, 11.10.02. - DEMOCRACY, GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM

MINORITIES: Heresy is what the minority believe; it is the name given by the powerful to the doctrine of the weak.” – R. G. Ingersoll, 1833-1899. – Only the intolerant are intolerable! – JZ, 31.10.13. - HERESIES, EXTREMISTS, TRAITORS, ENEMIES

MINORITIES: History is not made by the sleeping majority but the active minority.” – Stanislav Dmitrievsky. – Alas, the obstructive majorities and minorities are not always asleep. – JZ, 15.2.09. - MAJORITY & HISTORY, MASSES, INNOVATORS, REVOLUTIONARIES, REFORMERS

MINORITIES: How a minority, Reaching majority, Seizing authority, Hates a minority!” - Attributed to Leonard Harman Robbins, Minorities. - Bergen Evans, Dictionary of Quotations, p.423 (1968). - Unverified. - Territorialism drives even the otherwise best people into hate and territorial intolerance. - JZ, 12.7.92. - How could you come to like the various choices others make "for" you, quite legally, more than your own choices? Inevitably, you will consider them as your enemies - unless you happen to share their tastes in everything, which is only rarely the case. - JZ, 10.12.03, 31.10.13. - & MAJORITIES, AUTHORITY, HATE, ELITES, RULERS, AUTHORITY, GOVERNMENT, POWER, CORRUPTION, FREE CHOICE

MINORITIES: However insignificant the minority, and however trifling the proposed trespass against their rights, no such trespass is permissible.” – Herbert Spencer (in "The Right To Ignore The State", in “Social Statics”, ch.19. ) - MINORITY RIGHTS

MINORITIES: I am in favor of all of the smallest minorities of all: individuals. – JZ, 4.9.93. – Provided they do their own things only for and to themselves or among like-minded people. – JZ, 16.2.09. & INDIVIDUALS

MINORITIES: I can think of few important movements for reform in which success was won by any method other than that of an energetic minority presenting the indifferent majority with a fait accompli, which was then accepted.” – Vera Brittain, 1896 - , The Function of a Minority, in Peter Mayer, editor, The Pacifist Conscience, a Pelican Book, paper back, 1966, p.288. – Provided the minority was free to do so. How many minorities struggled in vain, for many decades and still do? This freedom, experimental freedom, would be institutionalized by panarchism and would make prolonged struggles superfluous. – JZ, 11.9.08. – PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF ACTION

MINORITIES: If I cater for enough minorities, they add up to the majority.” – David Garnett, Stargonauts, Orbit, 1994, p.61. – A federation of all the minorities in the world, with a common panarchistic or polyarchic platform, would amount to the largest and most powerful majority ever. It surely should be able to achieve exterritorial autonomy and personal laws for all of its members, for all their diverse communities of volunteers. – JZ, 24.9.07. - MAJORITIES, PANARCHISM & A FEDERATION OF ALL MINORITIES THAT DESIRE PANARCHISM OR POLYARCHISM FOR THEMSELVES

MINORITIES: In addition, too few decisions are left for the sub-national level – regions, states, provinces, and localities, or non-geographical social groupings.” - Alvin Toffler, The Third Wave, Pan Books & Collins, 1980/81, p.441. – Underlining by me. – JZ, n.d. - DECISION-MAKING, NON-GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIAL GROUPINGS, PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW

MINORITIES: Indeed, the individual has become ‘the forgotten minority’.” - LIBERTARIAN AMERICAN, March-June 68. - & INDIVIDUALS

MINORITIES: It doesn’t require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires to people’s minds.” – Samuel Adams, quoted in: Michael Z. Williamson, Freehold, p.581. It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds. – Samuel Adams, in  - It would be much easier for minorities to achieve something if individuals and minorities were free to opt out and to do their own things for themselves or to themselves, thereby setting either an attractive or a deterrent example for all others. – Minorities should never have to depend upon majority permission or approval to do their own things, quite tolerantly, among themselves. – Better public examples and experiments are much more effective than lectures, propaganda, preaching and good advice. - JZ, 8.9.07. - & MAJORITY, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM

MINORITIES: It is absurd to claim that ours is the era of individualism. Ours is merely a more poignant repetition of the phenomenon of all history: every effort for progress, for enlightenment, for science, for religious, political, and economic liberty, emanates from the minority, and not from the mass. Today, as ever, the few are misunderstood, hounded, imprisoned, tortured, and killed.” - Emma Goldman, “Minorities versus Majorities”, in: Alix Kates Shulman, ed. of Red Emma Speaks, p.82. - IDEAS ARCHIVE & TALENT CENTRE, MASS, INDIVIDUALS, INNOVATORS, PROGRESS

MINORITIES: It is always the minorities that hold the key to progress.” – Raymond Blaine Fosdick, b. 1883. – Andrews Quotes, p.301. - At least one of them does, if any. – Certainly not all of them. – JZ, 19.12.07. - Let each of them have a key, which opens to them the door to their own full exterritorial autonomy under personal laws. - As their key might be considered the right of individual secessionism and of personal law for volunteers. - JZ, 3.1.11, 31.10.13. - & PROGRESS, SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

MINORITIES: It is indispensable to a “free government” (in the political sense of that term), that the minority, the weaker party, have a veto upon the acts of the majority. (*) Political liberty is liberty for the weaker party in a nation. It is only the weaker party that lose their liberties, when a government becomes oppressive. The stronger party, in all governments, are free by virtue of their superior strength. They never oppress themselves.” (**) - Lysander Spooner, Trial by Jury, Works II, 215. - - (*) Such a veto right goes too far. The majority should be free to do its own things, at its own risk and expense – while not subjecting the dissenting minorities to its schemes. That would best be done through organizational separation, allowing the dissenters to opt out. – (**) knowingly. - JZ, 19.12.07. – PANARCHISM, SECESSIONISM, VETO POWER, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES AS RIGHTFUL FREEDOM SPHERES & BARRIERS TO INTERVENTIONS BY OTHERS

MINORITIES: It is no dishonor to be in a minority in the cause of liberty and virtue. – Sam Adams in - LIBERTY, RIGHT, JUSTICE

MINORITIES: It is patently impossible to achieve the public good (*) by coercion or by discrimination against law abiding individuals, whatever minority group they happen to belong to.” – Prince Phillip, A Place for the Individual – Royal Society of Arts Lecture, 1976. – For individual innovators or minorities, to have to abide by all laws of the majority or of a minority government - is already coercion and discrimination against them. The ruling group may only use force in defence against aggression by any individual or group. Otherwise, it ought to leave individuals, minorities and majorities alone. – JZ, 6.4.89. – Alas, he did not clearly reject territorialism but still insisted upon “law-abiding” by minorities, meaning the English territorial laws, rather than demanding personal law communities that do not offend against the rights and liberties of members of other communities but simply run their own affairs under full exterritorial autonomy. – JZ, 15.2.09. - (*) because "the" public good does not exist and cannot be created. Individuals need not be law-abiding. They may opt out of laws etc., however, they must respect the individual rights and liberties of others, if, when, where and by whoever they are claimed, for whatever reason. - JZ, 8.4.89. - & PANARCHISM

MINORITIES: It will never, in any case, be possible for me to join a party that has a majority on its side. Bjornson says: “The majority is always right”, and as a practical politician he is bound, I suppose, to say so. I, on the contrary, must of necessity say, “The minority is always right”. (*) Naturally, I am not thinking of that minority of stagnationists who are left behind by the great middle party, which with us is called Liberal; but I mean that minority which leads the van, and pushes on to points which the majority has not yet reached.” – Ibsen, quoted in Sprading, p.520. - - (*) There is no guaranty for that, either. Moreover, it may be only one minority among many minorities, among which it might form a small minority only. – JZ, 19.12.07. At least in the following sentence he makes one significant qualification. – JZ, 31.10.13. - PARTIES & MAJORITY, RIGHTFUL & WRONGFUL MINORITIES, TOLERANT & INTOLERANT ONES

MINORITIES: Later in his essay he truly says that there is nothing inherently authoritative about a majority, but goes on to say THAT A MINORITY ARE BOUND BY THE DECISION ONLY IF THEY  'consider the decision as THEIRS'.” - David Nicholls, The Pluralist State, p.41, on Joseph Tussman, Obligation and the Body Politic, p.26.

MINORITIES: Minorities are only to be denied the right to become territorially ruling majorities or minorities ruling majorities and other minorities but never the right to rule themselves, at their own expense and risk. They are to lose all territorial privileges, monopolies and subsidies and to gain full self-government, self-determination etc., all exterritorially, under their own laws and institutions. Minorities ought to made enlightened enough to become the first to reject, together with all other minorities, territorial rule and territorial aspirations. – JZ, n.d. – MINORITY RIGHTS, PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY OR EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

MINORITIES: Minorities of all countries unite and guarantee to each other full exterritorial autonomy after your liberation from territorial majorities. – JZ, 27.10.80, 19.12.07.

MINORITIES: Minorities of the world unite in discussion meetings and, if you must, also in marches and demonstrations, and, if necessary and possibly, even in resistance actions, to finally establish and protect individual secessionism and full exterritorial and voluntaristic autonomy and free enterprise for all who desire it. - There exists no rightful and better way to end most of the present frictions and clashes. – Full individual consumer sovereignty towards governmental services as well! - JZ 8.9.88. 3.4.89. 16.2.09, 31.10.13. - EXTERRITORIAL, A CONFEDERATION OF ALL MINORITIES TOWARDS THIS AIM, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, FULL FREEDOM OF CONTRACT & ASSOCIATION, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, MINORITY AUTONOMY

MINORITIES: Minorities should not be law abiding but, rather, do their own things, under their own personal laws and full exterritorial autonomy – as long as they do respect the rights and liberties of other individuals, minority groups and of all majorities. – JZ, 6.4.89, 3.1.11. – PERSONAL LAW VS. TERRITORIAL LAWS, PANARCHISM, DOING THE OWN THINGS

MINORITIES: minorities to have concurrent power with majorities, and not merely to have the hope of some day becoming majorities." - Arthur A. Shenfield in Agenda for a Free Society Law. - Until I saw that, I was not aware that he is as consistent and radical an advocate of laissez faire, perhaps the only one among the famous names of the IEA. With this statement S. has already gone in the panarchist direction. – Has he somewhere elaborated this notion? - JZ, 5.12.07 - PANARCHISM

MINORITIES: Much of the sympathies existing for minority groups, that do not fanatically insist upon their complete integration, and handouts and indemnities for wrongs committed against their ancestors, could be gathered to support e.g. their right to establish competing free banks of issue. - But I would also like to see multi-cultural banks of issue and would consider their free banking practice to be even more important than their clearly expressed lack of racist or cultural bias. - JZ, 27.5.97. – FREE BANKING, MINORITY GROUPS' FREE BANKS FOR NOTE ISSUES

MINORITIES: Nations whose nationalism is destroyed are subject to ruin." - Colonel Qathafi (Gaddhafi etc.), "The Green Book". - Rather, genuine nations or peoples, whose self-determination is suppressed, in the name of territorial nationalism, since territorial States or enclaves within territorial States are rarely tolerated and exterritorially autonomous communities within territorial ones almost never, in our times. - JZ 12.1.93. - What is usually offered as nationalism amounts largely to a centralistic and coercive suppression of nationalism. - JZ, 10.12.03. – Or to its abuse for the purposes of the Warfare State, often a despotic and at least an authoritarian and territorialist one. – JZ, 15.2.09. – Territorial nationalism does perhaps do more wrong and harm than any other movement. – JZ, 19.2.09. – NATIONALISM, TERRITORIALISM

MINORITIES: Never doubt that a small group of dedicated people can change the world for in fact that is the only thing that ever had.” – Margaret Mead. – (*) But without the experimental freedom of panarchism only with the greatest difficulties, as far as political, economic and social systems or territorialism are concerned. – JZ, 3.12.07. – (*) In a slightly different version her statement runs: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” - CHANGING THE WORLD, REFORMS, INFLUENCE

MINORITIES: Not only the majority should get the government or society of its choice - but everybody should get it. - JZ, 18.2.89, 3.4.89, 31.10.13. - MINORITY AUTONOMY RATHER THAN MAJORITY DESPOTISM

MINORITIES: Once one minority, anywhere, gets full exterritorial autonomy, then all minorities, everywhere, will be much closer to it. Thus all minorities should associate in their support for full exterritorial autonomy for communities of volunteers, of all kinds of minorities, which are prepared to respect the rights of other minorities and those of the majority. – JZ, 3.8.88. – Their kind of federation might become the largest political force on Earth. – Even majorities are largely made up of various factions or minorities. – A new “International” but one without any territorial ambitions and without being confined to any ideology, except that of tolerance for all tolerant people. - JZ, 19.12.07. - INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF ALL MINORITIES

MINORITIES: One can suppress minorities or a majority by territorial rule but one cannot liberate all minorities and a majority by territorial rule. It does not matter whether a territorial rule is practised by a minority or a majority, it still amounts to despotism over the dissenters, although under majority rule over a lesser number of dissenters. – JZ, 2.5.93, 14.1.99. - LIBERATION, TERRITORIALISM

MINORITIES: Only small minorities, whether in a Communist society or in a capitalist society, are concerned with nonmaterial ends. Nonmaterial undertakings, therefore, will flourish most in the societies where minorities have the greatest opportunities. A free-enterprise society is precisely the kind of society in which a minority can more or less do what it wants. (*) It’s free to pursue its own interests, but not in a collectivist society; if it’s a perfect democracy, it will be dominated by the majority; if it’s a dictatorships, it will be dominated by one minority, but other minorities will not be free to move.” – Milton Friedman, PLAYBOY, 2/73. - (*) Free banking advocates under central banking, exterritorial autonomy advocates under territorialism, free traders under protectionism, single taxers under their compulsory tax, opponents of the postal monopoly under the postal monopoly, opponents of copyrights under copyrights laws! – Liberties and rights concern material and moral ends and means. - JZ, 19.12.07, 3.1.11. - CAPITALISM, MATERIALISM, MAJORITY, COLLECTIVISM, FREE ENTERPRISE SOCIETY

MINORITIES: Our history is a history of minorities put down with clubs.” - H. L. Mencken, Essay in Pedagogy, in Prejudices, Fifth Series, p.246. – From now on let it become a future in which all tolerant minorities are tolerated when they are doing their own things for or to themselves only. – JZ, 16.2.09, 3.1.11. - EXTERRITORIAL, MINORITY RIGHTS, MAJORITY RULE, HISTORY, MINORITY AUTONOMY

MINORITIES: Politics is the means by which the will of the few becomes the will of the many.” – Howard Koch - The will or the dictation over the many and over all other minorities? - JZ, 3.1.11. - MINORITY RULE THROUGH “REPRESENTATIVE” TERRITORIAL POLITICS, TERRITORIALISM?

MINORITIES: realize how much minority economic success depends on the creation of a crime-free-inner city.” - Newt Gingrich, Window of Opportunity, A Blueprint for the Future, p.129. - Rather, on the absence of crime producing legislation, like e.g. the "Drug War" laws, the housing and education legislation and the Federal Reserve Act (which established monetary despotism, with its mass unemployment, inflation, depressions and stagflation). - JZ, 23.1.02. - CRIME, SECURITY

MINORITIES: respect for the minority, in political life, which is the essence of freedom.” – Lord Acton, Lectures on Modern History, p.43. – Firstly there is not just one minority. There are many of them. And respect for any of them is not as sufficient substitute for full exterritorial autonomy for all of them. – The greatest respect for them in political life would be shown by letting all minorities peacefully secede and organize themselves, with all their volunteers, under personal law. - JZ, 5.12.07. – Just like those, who truly respect their marriage partner, would let them unilaterally demand and get a divorce. – JZ, 25.12.07. – PERSONAL LAW, POLITICAL, SOCIAL & ECONOMIC SECESSIONISM, SEPARATION, DIVORCE

MINORITIES: Such an agreement may possibly be wiser than unceasing and deadly conflict; it nevertheless partakes too much of the ludicrous to deserve to be seriously considered as an expedient for the maintenance of civil society. It would certainly seem that mankind might agree upon a cessation of hostilities, upon more rational and equitable terms than that of unconditional submission on the part of the less numerous body. Unconditional submission is usually the last act of one who confesses himself subdued and enslaved. How anyone ever came to image that condition to be one of freedom, has never been explained. And as for the system being adapted to the maintenance of justice among men, it is a mystery that any human mind could ever have been visited with an insanity wild enough to originate the idea.” – Lysander Spooner, Trial by Jury, Works II/212/13. - MINORITY AUTONOMY VS. MAJORITY RULE, TERRITORIALISM

MINORITIES: Suffering is not increased by numbers: one body can contain all the suffering the world can feel.” – Graham Green, The Quiet American, Penguin edition, No.1792. Compare the remark by Kant that a small object of injustice can already demonstrate a great injustice. - PAIN, SUFFERING, SMALLNESS, INJUSTICE, RIGHTS

MINORITIES: The few acting in concert are the masters of the many straining at random.” – G. R. Turner, Young Man of Talent. – The minorities of our time have also the advantage that the territorial systems presently upheld by majorities constitute targets for mass murder devices, perhaps even in the hands of a minority of intolerant extremists or terrorists. These targets can be dissolved by individual and group secessionism, combined with exterritorial autonomy for all kinds of societies and communities of volunteers, among them, possibly, some former terrorists. – JZ, 19.12.07. - & THEIR POWER, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT & PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR ALL DISSOLVES NUCLEAR TARGETS

MINORITIES: The first, heretical principle of Third Wave government is that of minority power. It holds that majority rule, the key legitimating principle of the Second Wave era, is increasingly obsolete. It is not the majorities but minorities that count. And our political system must increasingly reflect that fact.” - Alvin Toffler, The Third Wave, Pan Books & Collins, 1980/81, p.428. - Alas, it does so already by giving privileges to many successfully lobbying pressure groups, vested interest groups and “underdog” groups, who try to blame today’s majority collectively for what wrongs their forefathers may have committed or have committed towards these minorities. Or they use their political leverage for unearned advantages for themselves at the expense of the majority. Toffler should not have spoken of power, which many minorities also know how to abuse, but of self-government, self-determination, self-administration, self-management, exterritorial autonomy, freedom of action, freedom to experiment, within the limits or equal rights of others to act and experiment at their cost and risk. – JZ, 24.9.07. - MINORITY AUTONOMY OR MINORITY SELF-GOVERNMENT OR MINORITY POWER? PANARCHISM

MINORITIES: The gratitude of every home in our Island, in our Empire, and indeed throughout the world, except in the abodes of the guilty, goes out to the British airmen who, undaunted by odds, unwearied in their constant challenge and mortal danger, are turning the tide of the World War by their prowess and by their devotion. Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.” - Prime Minister Winston Churchill, speech during the Battle of Britain, House of Commons, August 20, 1940. - Winston S. Churchill: His Complete Speeches, 1897-1963, ed. Robert Rhodes James, vol. 6, p. 6266 (1974). - BATTLE OF BRITAIN, WORLD WAR II – Underlined by me. – JZ

MINORITIES: The minority has everywhere an eternal right, namely to proclaim the truth." - Robespierre. - Firstly, there is not only one minority but many minorities exist, in every country. Even majorities are ever changing and made up of various and ever changing minority groups. And there is not only one truth. There are many. I wish it were true that e.g. all of agriculture's problems could be cured by a single agricultural bon mot or experiment, all of natural science by e.g. "energy is mass times the square of the speed of light" or by one experiment in chemistry or physics, all social problems by a single social thesis or experiment. Imagine all taste buds could be satisfied by one recipe or one batch of wine or one kind of stew. Instead: All minorities and all majorities and even individuals have the right not only to proclaim what truths they believe to have found, but also to practise them, both at their own expense and risk. Moreover, each individual has more than one aim and no individual is very likely to be fully successful either with his first proclamation or with the very first experiment to reach any particular one of his many different aims. - Naturally, with "the" truth on his side, Robespierre was ready to permanently cure all the others, all corrupt and "sinners" in his eyes - with the guillotine. – J. G. Fichte, in his Contribution on the French Revolution, over 200 years ago, proclaimed the right of individuals to secede from the State. Where could we be now, if sufficient people had listened to him and understood him? Will my "On Panarchy" series be appreciated only in another 200 years? JZ 15.1.93. - Its 24 PEACE PLANS issues on microfiche have, in the meantime, become digitized by me. - JZ, 3.1.11. – PANARCHISM, ON PANARCHY SERIES OF PEACE PLANS, SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW

MINORITIES: The minority often proves to be the majority because it turns out and votes.” – Dr. Laurence J. Peter, Peter’s Quotations, p.317. – And every majority consists out of different and fluctuating minorities. – JZ, 9.6.92. - MAJORITIES, VOTING

MINORITIES: The minority possess their equal rights which … to violate would be oppression.” - Gerald W. Johnson, The Lunatic Fringe, 121, (1956) – Sometimes the loud majority forms the lunatic center. – JZ, 25.10.07. - Most ignorance and popular prejudices are certainly, spread most widely within the majority. – JZ, 16.2.09, 31.10.13.

MINORITIES: The most certain test by which we judge whether a country is really free is the amount of security enjoyed by minorities.” - Lord Acton (John E. E. Dalberg), The History of Freedom in Antiquity, 1877. - Individuals are the most important minorities. - JZ, 24.11.02.

MINORITIES: The small minority on the earth (and most in need of societal protection) is the individual.” - Richard Boddie & Dagny Sharon. - I would rather say: the smallest. And "societal protection" is not, precisely, what he is actually getting. Unless he has the freedom of individual choice - including individual secessionism - regarding the kind of society or community or government that he wants to be associated with and protected by, he is not likely to get much protection, while his oppressors are getting protectors by the dozens: The major of Detroit, I was told by a journalist, has about 60 bodyguards. How many have you? - JZ, 29.1.02. - MINORITY AUTONOMY, INDIVIDUAL AUTONOMY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, PROTECTION, SOCIETY, PANARCHY

MINORITIES: The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.” – Ayn Rand, 1962. - INDIVIDUALS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, MINORITY RIGHTS

MINORITIES: The student of history knows that the minority has, often as not, been closer to the truth than the dominant group.” – Dagobert D. Runes, A Dictionary of Thought. – Correct for one or the other minority but incorrect for some minorities. – Some minorities are even further away from some truths than the majority usually is. – JZ 8.12.07. – Do we have, as yet, a free population anywhere, in which no peaceful minority is suppressed through the prejudices of the others and corresponding territorial legislation? – JZ, 16.2.09, 3.1.11. – Q.

MINORITIES: The truth, the hope of any time, must always be sought in minorities.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882). Complete Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Vol. VIII. - Thus minorities should not only be free to speak and otherwise publish truths and to inform themselves about them but also free to practise them among themselves. - JZ, 14.10.02. - Minorities, especially the ruling one, are also enthusiastic defenders and spreaders of lies, errors, prejudices and myths. Thus all minorities should at most rule themselves, not the majority or other minorities. - JZ, 27.11.02. - TRUTH, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, MINORITY AUTONOMY UNDER PERSONAL LAWS, FREEDOM OF ACTION, NOT ONLY FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION & INFORMATION, SELF-GOVERNMENT, VOLUNTARISM, SELF-DETERMINATION

MINORITIES: The ultimate libertarian or voluntaryist federation would not confine itself to libertarian members, including anarchists, but would extend membership to all minority groups that are willing to be tolerant to others than their own members, i.e. to all doing their own things for or to themselves only, everywhere and independent of all majority opinions, constitutions laws and jurisdictions and of those of other minorities. – JZ, 7.5.83. In short, it would aim at self-government for all, down to individuals, as the smallest minority. – JZ, 19.12.07. - INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF MINORITIES

MINORITIES: There is always at least a minority that does not get along.” – Jim Downard, THE CONNECTION 102 p.3/34. – And it should be fully free to do its things to and for itself, autonomously and exterritorially. - JZ, 8.1.93, 10.12.03. - Why should it have to get along and conform or cease to resist and obstruct, as long as it is not free to secede and do its own things to or for itself? – Naturally, I am not thinking here of criminal and parasitic minorities. – JZ, 5.12.07. Why should it have to get along, when it should rather be free to do its own thing, to or for itself? – JZ, 8.12.07. – Only aggressive minorities, not satisfied with exterritorial self-rule, must be kept in check. – JZ, 16.2.09.

MINORITIES: To give the majority the right to dictate to the minority what it is to think, to read, and to do is to put a stop to progress once and for all.” – Sheldon L. Richman, Mises’s Blueprint for the Free Society, in: Llewellyn H. Rockwell, ed., The Economics of Liberty, Mises Institute, 1990, p.361/62. – There are xyz minorities, all with the right to self-government – which is possible for them as well as for the majority under personal laws and exterritorial autonomy for all volunteers. – There was never a justification for majority or minority despotism. - JZ 4.10.07. Not even for that of the advocates of “limited” territorial governments. – JZ, 22.1.08. – PROGRESS, MINORITY AUTONOMY VS. MAJORITY DICTATES, LIMITED GOVERNMENTS

MINORITIES: to persuade a majority to oppress a minority is not to serve the people but to injure them; it is not to vindicate popular power, but to discredit it; it is not to conserve free institutions, but to undermine republican government.” – Bourke Cockran, Representative from New York, quoted by Frank Chodorov, The Income Tax, Root of all Evil, p.44. – Not root of all evil but of much evil. – JZ, 19.12.07.

MINORITIES: To those, who ask preferential quotas for minorities, he responds that to treat anyone ‘more equal than equal’ is to treat him as an inferior. He finds it astonishing that minorities demanding special attention fail to grasp the elementary truth that they are demanding to be patronized.” – Allan C. Browfeld, reviewing Hoffer’s America, by James D. Koerner, in THE FREEMAN, 6/74. – Commercial and manufacturing lobbies as well as trade unions and various other pressure groups do that all the time. Wherever there is a public trough to feed from - the pigs will assemble for “their share”. – JZ, 18.12.07. - DISCRIMINATION, PRIVILEGES, EQUALITY, PARTRONAGE VS. RIGHTS, SHARING, EGALITARIANISM, ENVY, TAXATION, REDISTRIBUTIONISM

MINORITIES: To various ethnic and minority groups we can show that only under liberty is there full freedom for each group to cultivate its concerns and to run its own institutions, unimpeded and un-coerced by majority rule.” – Murray N. Rothbard, For a New Liberty, p.316. – Did he really envision full exterritorial autonomy for them or did he only think of their current autonomy of cultural and religious diversity? – JZ, 19.12.07. – PANARCHISM OR LIMITED MINORITY AUTONOMY?

MINORITIES: We can fight a losing battle to suppress or submerge today’s burgeoning minorities, or we can reconstitute our political system to accommodate the new diversity. We can continue to use the crude, bludgeon-like tools of Second Wave political systems, or we can design sensitive new tools of a minority-based democracy of tomorrow.” - Alvin Toffler, The Third Wave, Pan Books & Collins, 1980/81, p.436. – No minority is obliged to rule itself democratically. All other options should be open to all of them, even flawed systems. Sooner or later those, who adopt them, are likely to learn from their mistakes, since they are, under exterritorial autonomy and voluntarism, all carried out at their own expense and risk only. – JZ, 24.9.070. – Here Toffler is close to panarchism! – JZ, 16.2.09. - AUTONOMY & DIVERSITY

MINORITIES: we’re a nation entirely composed of minorities, most of whom arrived here without a penny.” - L. Neil Smith, Lever Action, A Mountain Media Book, 2001,, p.15.

MINORITIES: While Socialism was the rallying philosophy of the wave of National Liberation of majority groups), libertarianism (*) could very well be adopted as the foundation of a new wave of 'Minority Separatism' which could bring the ancient nation-states crumbling into ruins." - NEW LIBERTARIAN WEEKLY, No.51, Dec. 5, 1976. - Yes, as long as this separatism is not confined to the tribalism, parochialism and utopian territorial egalitarianism, which most decentralists seem to have in mind. Or to any other form of territorialism. We can no longer afford to ignore the exterritorial alternatives. Our very survival is at stake and more of the same will not stop the trends towards the general nuclear holocaust - JZ 4.7.89, 15.2.09. – - (*) Libertarian exterritorial tolerance even for statist volunteers! - JZ, 3.1.11. - MINORITY SEPARATISM, SECESSIONISM, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT. THE TERRITORIAL TARGETS MUST BE ELIMINATED TO PREVENT NUCLEAR WAR.

MINORITIES: Whoever restricts the rights of minorities forces society into forms of stagnation. – (“Wer Minderheiten in ihren Rechten einschraenkt, zwaengt die Gesellschaft in Formen der Erstarrung.”) –Karl-Hermann Flach, Noch eine Chance fuer die Liberalen, Eine Streitschrift, Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag, 1971, 1977, S.13. - PANARCHISM, STAGNATION, DEVELOPMENT, RIGHTS, TERRITORIALISM VS. EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS OF ALL MINORITIES.

MINORITIES: Why do you and your old-style friends still seek to revive the LIBERUM VETO? Because the major problem of any free government is how to protect the responsible few from the pressures of the irresponsible many. Plato knew that. So did Cicero.” – James A. Michener, Poland, p.336. – To the extent that the "liberum veto" of a single Polish aristocrat in the national assembly could stop an oppressive measure being applied against dissenters, it was panarchistic. But to the extent that it prevented it from being applied to those who desired it, it was anti-panarchistic. - JZ, 3.4.89. - The territorial State allows either the majority to outvote minority rights or minorities to rule other minorities and the majority. The solution does not consist in granting veto rights to anyone but secession rights and exterritorial autonomy to all. The veto could also be misused by irresponsible individuals or minorities. – JZ, 7.12.07. – Panarchists would not attempt to veto, territorially, the actions of others among their volunteers. They would only veto, or voluntarily accept the personal laws of other communities for their own community, depending on whether they dislike or oppose them or whether they find them rightful and useful. – A territorialist veto should be distinguished from an exterritorialist one. - JZ, 19.2.09. VETO, MAJORITY, UNANIMITY, LIBERUM VETO, PANARCHISM, DIS.

MINORITIES: Why should a minority subordinate itself to the majority? This is apparently only a customary and fixed idea. Doesn’t the majority have anyhow many options to realize its aims at the own risk and expense, independent of those pursued by the minority? For this purpose it does not need a privilege towards the minority. Likewise, there is no justification for compelling the minority to act exactly like the majority does. – K. H. Z. Solneman, ZUR SACHE 3, S.6.

MINORITIES: Yet another corollary is equally conceivable to the Individualist, namely, that unrepresented or under-represented minorities should reassert the principle of no taxation without representation, refuse to pay their taxes or deny the Commissioners of Taxes some part of them, and try their strength in the Courts.” - Deryck Abel, Ernest Benn, Counsel for Liberty, p.76, quoting Benn. – That resistance does no go far enough. A minority might be fully represented but continuously outvoted. Then not a tax strike but only its secession would go far enough and would be quite right. – JZ, 29.12.07. - TAX STRIKE

MINORITIES: Zaire, alone, in Africa, has already 40 different tribes, not to speak of religious and ideological groups. - Hint in Gordon Kent: Peace Maker, Harper Collins Publishers, 2000, p.447. - New Guinea has been described as the country with a thousand tribes.JZ, -THEIR SHEER NUMBER IN ALMOST ALL TERRITORIAL STATES POINTS AT THE WRONGS & ABSURDITIES OF TERRITORIALISM

MINORITY DESPOTISM: Politics is the means by which the will of the few becomes the will of the many. – Howard Koch - Not the will but the victimization and exploitation of the many. – JZ, 6.4.12. - TERRITORIALISM

MINORITY RIGHTS: However insignificant the minority, and however trifling the proposed trespass against their rights, no such trespass is permissible. – Herbert Spencer, "The Right To Ignore The State", in his “Social Statics”. – INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, HUMAN RIGHTS, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, LEGISLATION, CONSTITUTIONS

MINORITY RIGHTS: Nowhere To Turn: The Eviction of Burma’s minorities. –, Facebook, 26.4.13. - - John Zube I would rather stress the right of all individuals and minorities to secede and manage their own affairs under personal law or exterritorial autonomy. Alas not even a single State, country, government or population has so far set this attractive alternative as an example. If one such example is somewhere set and successful for a while, it would tend to become widely copied, for dissenting minorities exist in all countries. No one should be forced in live in involuntary association with people he or she dislikes. No group, not even the majority has the right to claim a territorial monopoly. Majorities have only the right to rule themselves, not groups of peaceful, non-criminal, non-aggressive dissenters. That ignores their genuine individual rights and liberties and yet that is the practice of territorial States, except for the exterritorial status of foreign diplomats or remaining occupation forces. – JZ, n.d. & 31.10.13. - PANARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, VOLUNTARISM, SECESSIONISM & EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS

MIRACLES: A fact never went into partnership with a miracle. Truth scorns the assistance of wonders.  A fact will fit every other fact in the universe, and that is how you can tell whether it is or is not a fact. A lie will not fit anything except another lie.” - Robert G. Ingersoll. - VS. FACTS, TRUTHS VS. LIES

MIRACLES: A miracle drug is any drug that will do what the label says it will do.” – Eric Hodgins, Episode. – If all orthodox and naturopathic knowledge were sufficiently combined, with feedback, which now could be done digitally, easily and cheaply, we could rapidly find out which drugs or treatments do work and in which cases they do and which they don’t. – Will any group of people finally bother to do so, in the own interest and that of all other people? A Health and Longevity WIKIPEDIA might be the way to do it. Most of the health professionals won't do it for us, being afraid of losing much of their business and income. - They rather go on hawking their all too limited individual knowledge and use of the Internet. - We need much more health information than the modern medicine men can or will offer us. - Since everyone gets sick and old, this might become the most popular encyclopedia. As such it would offer great advertising opportunities. Each health product advertised there could also be easily checked out through this encyclopedia for feedback. - JZ, 8.12.07. 4.1.11, 27.7.13, 31.10.13. - MIRACLE DRUGS, ELECTRONIC & COMPREHENSIVE HEALTH ENCYCLOPEDIA, IN WIKIPEDIA FORM, JOKES

MIRACLES: But you have to remember that, in economic policies, there are no miracles. You have read in many newspapers and speeches, about the so-called German economic miracle – the recovery of Germany after its defeat and destruction in the Second World War. But this was no miracle. It was the application of the principles of the free market economy, of the methods of capitalism, even though they were not applied completely in all respects. Every country can experience the same “miracle” of economic recovery, although I must insist that economic recovery does not come from a miracle; it comes from the adoption of – and is the result of – sound economic policies.” – Ludwig von Mises, under heading Capitalism, p.15 of ??? - Alas, not all economic rights and liberties were realized or are even realized now in Germany, Japan, South Korea and South Vietnam. Thus Germany's post-war recovery took much longer than necessary and never reached its full potential. Mises does hint at this but not strongly enough. I rather wish he had produced a complete list of at least all economic rights and liberties, including the monetary ones. None of these rights was fully realized or is realized even now. For instance: monetary despotism and tribute gathering is going on. Perhaps he would then have realized that redeemable gold certificates are not the only sound alternative to forced and exclusive currencies. – Under control of the Allied occupation forces, the planned and forced economy and the paper money inflation of the Nazis was continued for another 3 years, through the issue of special military mark notes, with legal tender power. - JZ, 5.12.07, 4.1.11. – ECONOMIC MIRACLES

MIRACLES: God is a character, a real and consistent being, or He is nothing. If God did a miracle He would deny his own nature and the universe would simply blow up, vanish, become nothing.” – Joyce Cary, 1888-1957. – Andrews Quotes, p.301. – If we depended on miracles provided by divine interventions, then these interventions would prove that the presumably all-knowing, all-wise and benevolent God had not enough foresight and that its creation was not perfect enough to make his intervention with miracles necessary. The wish for miracles thus amounts to blasphemy. – JZ, 16.2.09. – GOD, RELIGION

MIRACLES: Here’s a toast to free men, the miracle workers!” – Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.49. - He should have put the term "miracle" in quotation marks. Free men would merely act normally and naturally and thus not create any artificial problems and crises for themselves. Laissez-faire, laissez passer: Let people produce and exchange. This would be quite natural and normal and also wealth, peace, progress and justice promoting. No more political interventions, except among those foolish enough to want them for themselves. They would be the equivalent of religiously motivated flagellants. - Fools deserve a self-inflicted whippings! - JZ, 4.1.11.

MIRACLES: If I had the power that the New Testament narrative says Jesus had, I would not cure one person of blindness, I would make blindness impossible; I would not cure one person of leprosy, I would abolish leprosy. - Joseph Lewis - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. - JESUS CHRIST, CHRISTIANITY, GOD

MIRACLES: Miracles are for fools, fairy tales to exploit them. The wise man is satisfied with being free to abide by and use the laws of nature, including the best traits of human nature. – JZ, 24.1.95, 30.11.07. - Also all genuine individual rights and liberties, which, finally, ought to be completely and clearly declared, instead of ignoring or outlawing all too many of them. - JZ, 4.1.11. - HUMAN NATURE, HUMAN RIGHTS

MIRACLES: Miracles are the swaddling clothes of infant churches.” – Thomas Fuller, 1608-1661. - RELIGIONS, CHURCHES, CHRISTIANITY

MIRACLES: Miracles exist only in the minds of those who believe in them.” - James P. Hogan, The Code of the Lifemaker, p.239.

MIRACLES: Miracles had to be created by the hand and mind of man.” – Donald Lindquist, Berlin Tunnel 21, p.36.

MIRACLES: Miracles sometimes occur, but one has to work terribly hard for them.” – Chaim Weizmann, 1874-1952. - Lore and Maurice Cowan, compilers, The Wit of the Jews, Leslie Frewin, London, 1970, p.71. - WORK, JOKES

MIRACLES: Most people are more inclined to believe in imagined miracles and Gods than in the real “miracles” of automatic coordination provided e.g. by free markets, free pricing, free contracts, freely interacting individuals, making use of their rights and liberties to benefit themselves and all other creative, peaceful and productive people.” – JZ, 10.8.99. - FREE MARKET, ECONOMIC & ALL OTHER INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, INVISIBLE HAND, NATURAL HARMONIES, LAISSEZ FAIRE, FEAR OF FREEDOM, FAITH IN FREE MARKETS & FREE ENTERPRISE, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, LIBERTIES & INITIATIVES, COORDINATION, NATURAL ORDER

MIRACLES: No miracle has ever taken place under conditions which science can accept. Experience shows, without exception, that miracles occur only in times and in countries in which miracles are believed in, and in the presence of persons who are disposed to believe them. - Joseph Ernest Renan - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online.

MIRACLES: The economic miracle that has been the United States was not produced by socialized enterprises, by government-union-industry cartels or by centralized economic planning. It was produced by private enterprises in a profit-and-loss system. And losses were at least as important in weeding out failures, as profits in fostering successes. Let government succor failures, and we shall be headed for stagnation and decline.” – Milton Friedman - Alas, its freedom never included e.g. full monetary and financial freedom as well as individual secessionism and exterritorially autonomous associationism. Neither for slaves, Negroes, Red Indians, asylum seekers, illegal immigrants nor for all the "white" natives. Its Bill of Rights Amendments to the Constitution remained all too incomplete and e.g. the Second Amendment was countered by 10,000 to 20,000 anti-gun laws, and by the nationalisation  of the Militia, under government control. - JZ, 4.1.11. - ECONOMIC ONES? SUBSIDIES, BAIL-OUTS, FREE MARKET, PROFIT & LOSS SYSTEM, LAISSEZ FAIRE, CAPITALISM, PRIVATE ENTERPRISE, FREE EXCHANGE, MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM, SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

MIRACLES: To aim to convert a man by miracles is a profanation of the soul.” – R. W. Emerson, 1803-1882.

MIRACLES: True miracles are created by men when they use the courage and intelligence that God (*) gave them.” – Jean Anouilh, The Lark, 1955, 2, adapted by Lillian Hellman. – (*) nature! – Or genuine individual human rights and liberties that are theirs by their very nature, as somewhat rational and moral beings. - If a God created man, a still all too flawed being, then that God was not a master-creator. If he existed then perhaps his children were playing around with their still limited creative powers and we were the result. - Jesus Christ was supposed to be or claimed to be his son. His economic, political and social knowledge, alas, was rather incomplete, even when he was already grown up and teaching. - Divine and comprehensive knowledge he, too, quite obviously, had not. - If he had more knowledge to offer than the about 30 hours of his teaching offered in the Bible, then this knowledge was not conveyed to us by the supposedly divinely inspired Bible. Charity is not a sufficient substitute for free and economic actions. Sound credit and insurance arrangements can offer much more help. - JZ, 4.1.11.

MIRACLES: We are not looking for miracles!” – “We can’t work (expect or produce) miracles!” – “Rome was not built in a day.” (*) Popular sayings. - Full freedom and the realization of all individual rights would produce what most people in their ignorance would consider to be miracles and this in many more areas and spheres than most people would expect, also far exceeding what has been called the German and the Japanese economic miracles. – JZ, 19.11.98. – Alas, they are not only possible and objectively desirable but also widely and extensively outlawed. (*) How fast buildings can rise is now being demonstrated e.g. in Dubai. – What, if any limits, are there to productivity, wealth and knowledge increases? – Who could rightly set limits to equal liberties for all? – Even light speed might not be the greatest speed possible. - JZ, 4.12.07. - FREEDOM, WORK, POWER, DIS:

MISERS: Misers are generally characterized as men without honour, or without humanity, who live only to accumulate, and to this passion sacrifice every other happiness. They have been described as madmen, who, in the midst of abundance, banish every pleasure, and make, from imaginary wants, real necessities. But few, very few, correspond to this exaggerated picture; and perhaps there is not one in whom all these circumstances are found united. Instead of this, we find the sober and the industrious branded by the vain and the idle with this odious appellation; men who, by frugality and labour, raise themselves above their equals, and contribute their share of industry to the common stock. Whatever the vain or the ignorant may say, well were it for society had we more of these characters amongst us. In general, these close men are found at last the true benefactors of society. With an avaricious man we seldom lose in our dealings; but too frequently in our commerce with prodigality.” – Oliver Goldsmith, The Bee, No.III, 364/65. - SAVERS, CAPITALISTS, FINANCIERS

MISES OVER MARX: - Dangerous Buttons No.247. - Mises for the Miseans, Marx for the Marxists and all other wise or foolish leaders or misleaders for those prepared to follow them. None of their teachings or doctrines should be imposed upon peaceful dissenters. - JZ, 4.1.11. – VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, PANARCHISM ETC.

MISES, LUDWIG VON: In 1919, Ludwig von Mises said that the idea of secession could make democracy pro-liberty. He proposed, as a restraint on civil government, that 'no people nor any part of a people shall be held in a political association it does not want.' Absurd, everyone said, but today we see that the principle of voluntary association is tenable and just." - Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., in speech, reproduced in CHALCEDON REPORT, July 1998, pp 21ff. - Did Mises consider the exterritorial secession and autonomy option anywhere in his writings? – JZ, 17.9.04. –Perhaps in his remaining papers, which may not yet be published, there are some notes on the proposal of a former Austrian Prime Minister: “The idea of personal or non-territorial federalism had been propagated already at the beginning of the 20th century by the Austrian Social Democrat Karl Renner who tried to find a fair and democratic solution for the ethno-national diversity in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. - The idea was to represent different nations at the state level in separate autonomous national councils.” – My father was also a panarchist and lived long in Austria. He was also a life-long collector of ideas, but he never pointed out that proposal to me. Neither did Ulrich von Beckerath, nor was a local computer expert from Austria familiar with it. – Gian Piero de Bellis, in a recent email, pointed this idea out to me and, like me, wants to know further details. He attached a 4 page report, which he will try to get permission to put online on his website: “FCT / SAI/ FES SEMINAR: “RIGHTS AND POWER SHARING MECHANISMS FOR NON TERRITORIAL MINORITY COMMUNITIES IN PROPOSED FEDERALLY RESTRUCTURED SRI LANKAN STATE”, (Colombo, 24.5.2003). - THE CONCEPT OF NON -TERRITORIAL FEDERALISM. - Welcome address by Mr. Dietmar Kneitschel, Resident Representative Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.“– Any large Austrian Library and library in Sri Lanka should have more on this proposal. – JZ, 19.2.09. - See: - SECESSIONISM & DEMOCRACY, FEDERALISM, EXTERRITORIALITY, NON-TERRITORIAL REPRESENTATION & AUTONOMY, PANARCHISM

MISFORTUNE: With man, most of his misfortunes are occasioned by man.” - Pliny the Elder, Natural History, VII, 5. - & FORTUNE OF MAN, MISTAKES, ERRORS, PREJUDICES, IDEAS

MISSED OPPORTUNITIES: For all the sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, "It might have been!" – John Greenleaf Whittier - OPPORTUNITIES & CHANCES, GENERAL STAFF PLANS FOR ALL OCCASIONS, BLUEPRINTS FOR LIBERTY

MISSILE GAP: The supposed missile gap should be 100 %. Unilateral nuclear armament is the only moral thing to do with regard to them. Nuclear missiles are only “weapons” for totalitarians. But we should have and use all kinds of other “missiles” directly or indirectly against the totalitarian decision-makers. They are not immune to knives, bullets, arrows, poisons or blows to the head with a mere hammer, drones or guided rockets. (Yesterday, a note in my Facebook page pointed out that more people are murdered, at least in private murders, in peacetime, with hammers than with automatic weapons. But with a hammer one could hardly get close enough to any of the remaining tyrants. – JZ, 31.10.13.) Or to broadcasts of freedom ideas, rightful revolution and military insurrection and liberation ideas and proposals, governments in exile, which are offering quite rightful war and peace-aims, all only for those, who would volunteer for them. Among their subjects there are many who strongly, although only secretly, disagree with them. They are our natural and secret allies. A panarchistic program could mobilize all the dissenters against any tyrant and keep the peace among the dissenters. If any missiles were smart enough to wipe out only a tyrant and a few bystanders, their courtiers and guards, then I would be in favor of them. But to wipe out a whole capital in which they reside is not justified but would just be mass murder. - One should not act in even more totalitarian fashion against totalitarians than the totalitarians usually do. - The smartest “missiles” still seem to be those of sharpshooters. - Against totalitarian and dictatorial regimes we need genuine liberation and revolution programs and ordinary weapons that can be used with discrimination, more than we need nuclear missiles. And we should regard and treat their military forces and civilians as our potential allies rather than irreconcilable enemies. Nevertheless, billions of taxpayers’ money have been spent on nuclear mass murder missiles and, to my knowledge, not a cent by tax payers or volunteers on liberation and revolution programs for freedom lovers. I have not found any worthwhile thoughts or writings on this subject - outside of those of Ulrich von Beckerath and my own. Prizes on the heads of all despotic or tyrannical rulers, combined with asylum and protection in anonymity offers for them, if they resign and flee, after rendering at least one mass extermination device useless. Their remaining voluntary followers should even be given the chance to continue their system among themselves, at their own risk and expense – in free competition with all other systems, i.e. without any territorial monopoly. – We should not force them into desperate resistance. – Practised only among their own volunteers their system would have a much better chance, if it has any merits. – We will also continue to need deterrent examples to achieve sufficient enlightenment for all others. - JZ, 21.3.89, 5.12.07. - The notions of a nuclear deterrent do not seem to be deterred e.g. by the possibility of an accidental nuclear war and that of quite mad rulers. – There exists no rightful target on Earth for nuclear “weapons”. - JZ, 16.2.09, 31.10.13. - NUCLEAR STRENGTH OR UNILATERAL NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT? TYRANNICIDE, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

MISSIONARIES: Some missionaries have done some good: They have nourished some natives.” – Source? - JOKES

MISSIONARIES: The real savages are the missionaries.” – Alexander von Humboldt, quoted in READER’S DIGEST, July 73. - SAVAGES

MISTAKES: A man should never be ashamed to own he has been in the wrong, which is but saying, in other words, that he is wiser today than he was yesterday.” – Alexander Pope, quoted by Harry Browne, in How I Found Freedom, p.138. – In another version: “A man should never be ashamed to own that he has been in the wrong, which is but saying that he is wiser today than he was yesterday.” - ADMITTING THEM, FRANKNESS VS. SECRECY OR HUSH-UPS OR DENIALS.

MISTAKES: A man who has committed a mistake and doesn’t correct it is committing another mistake.” – Confucius.

MISTAKES: Always trying something, or, as Tocqueville put it, having “the chance to make mistakes that can be retrieved”, is the “great privilege” of Americans.” - Philip K. Howard, The Death of Common Sense, p.184. – According to that statement no one has the right to engage in a successful suicide but only in an attempted and failed one! Every mistake costs something and the one who makes the mistake should not be able to retrieve the costs from others as a right. If they donate him something that is another matter. – JZ, 8.9.07. - RIGHT TO MAKE MISTAKES, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF ACTION, DIS.

MISTAKES: Covering up mistakes is morally worse than making them, for not only faults or errors of judgment but dishonesty is then involved, combined with power addiction. – JZ, 27.9.96, 4.12.07. - DENIALS & COVER-UPS

MISTAKES: dissent is considered beneficial? - It's a good way of catching mistakes before they get out of control.” - W. R. Thompson, Second Contact, ANALOG, 4/88, p.34. - & DISSENT

MISTAKES: Do not try to defend or conceal what was wrong in the past.” – The Wisdom of Confucius, Li Ki, bk. xv, v.22.

MISTAKES: Do not wait for an order, if you see the situation demands action … Don’t be afraid to act for fear of making a mistake. A man who never made a mistake never made anything … Pluck and dash have often changed a mistake into a success.” – Baden-Powell in one of the orders he posted. - READER’S DIGEST, 12/65.

MISTAKES: Each has the option of messing up his own life – but not anybody else’s.” – Stanley Schmidt, Moral Engineering, ANALOG editorial, Mid Sept. 82, p.9. - MESSING UP, ERRORS, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY

MISTAKES: Every human being has the right to make mistakes and errors, to act thoughtlessly and clumsily, to learn by its own experience, as long as it does not offend against the rights of others or the duties a rational being has towards his own person. - - Comment: Men who rule themselves may make mistakes, but they have a chance to correct them. If let alone, their common sense would soon rectify them whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice. Moderate drinking, e.g. may still be considered permissible, excessive intoxication is certainly not. – From the human rights draft in PEACE PLANS 4, also in PEACE PLANS 589/590, with many other such private drafts. - Online at:  - RIGHT TO MAKE MISTAKES

MISTAKES: Everyone has the right to make mistakes and to try out his errors in practice – at his own expense and risk. – JZ, n.d.

MISTAKES: Exemption from mistakes is not the privilege of mortals; but when our mistakes are involuntary, we owe each other every candid consideration; and the man who, on discovering his errors, acknowledges and corrects them, is scarcely less entitled to our esteem than if he had not erred.” – J. Pye Smith, quoted by Leonard E. Read in NOTES FROM FEE, 7/77.

MISTAKES: Freedom really means the freedom to make mistakes. (*) This we have to realize. We may be highly critical with regard to the way in which our fellow citizens are spending their money and living their lives. We may believe that what they are doing is absolutely foolish and bad, but in a free society, there are many ways for people to air their opinions on how their fellow citizens should change their ways of life. They can write books; they can write articles, they can make speeches; they can even preach at street corners if they want – and they do this, in many countries. But they must not try to police other people in order to prevent them from doing certain things simply because they themselves do not want these other people to have the freedom to do it.” – Ludwig von Mises, Economic Policy, 22/23. - (*) And the freedom to try to succeed. – JZ - AS A RIGHT & FREEDOM

MISTAKES: From now on we are going to make our own mistakes. God knows enough have been made for us.” - La Donna Harris, a Red Indian, quoted in THE AUSTRALIAN, 10.11.72. – Perhaps some Red Indians can become interested in exterritorial autonomy for Red Indian volunteers? – JZ, 19.2.09. - PANARCHISM

MISTAKES: Governments institutionalize mistakes, whereas the market eliminates them. Markets respond quickly to consumer demand, whereas governments don’t.” – John Singleton with Bob Howard, Rip Van Australia, p.66. - Thus let us finally have a free market for "governmental" services as well, in all spheres. Under voluntarism, personal laws and exterritorial autonomy for communities of volunteers, this would be possible, rightful, rational and beneficial in every way for all participants, at least as a learning experience, and for those, who, for the time being, would abstain and merely observe such free experiments. - JZ, 4.1.11. - THE MARKET, GOVERNMENT

MISTAKES: He knows that one is morally bad only when he tries to make a mistake appear to be correct when it isn’t; he is then bad because he is a liar. He knows that mistakes are tools; they are warning signals that more knowledge is required of him. He does not feel that because he has made mistakes, he cannot be certain of anything. And he never uses the phrase “to err is human” as an excuse not to correct his mistakes. To be human is to grow; human error, properly seen, is a force of motivation – not an excuse to do nothing.” – Anne Wortham, in THE FREEMAN, 8/75. - ERRORS, HUMAN NATURE

MISTAKES: Human beings are, of course, fallible. We make mistakes by the carload, and not because of bad intentions. We make them because we do not know enough or cannot see in more than one direction at a time. We cannot even remember our past clearly, let alone predict our future. And yet, systemaphiles (system-mongers is possibly a better expression. – JZ) do not usually take into account the virtual certainty of error in human calculations. They unfold their plans as if errors were only an occasional defect in the edifice of human history, whereas Error is the name of the building itself.” – Neil Postman, Crazy Talk, Stupid Talk, p.110. – Only when free to act and free to make mistakes can we hope to achieve many successes as well. – Territorial leaders are much less likely to learn from their mistakes. They rather look for “culprits” or “guilty” persons among the others, their victims. – Self-criticism is not their strength or habit. - JZ, 2.7.92, 5.12.07, 4.1.11. - ERRORS, PLANNING, COMMANDS, ORDERS, SYSTEM-MONGERS, TERRITORIALISM, DOMINATION, RULERS, CONTROLS, GOVERNMENTALISM, LAWS, REGULATIONS

MISTAKES: I do not mind so much my own mistakes, made at my own expense, but I do mind mistakes made by others at my expense. – JZ, 12.4.80. - Especially those made by territorial governments. - JZ, 4.1.11.

MISTAKES: I have always thought mistakes should be remedied.” (*) – James Bond – George Lazenby, in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Services”. - (*) Whenever this is possible. There are some that cannot be undone or properly indemnified. – Can we undo or remedy all the damages done by allowing territorial governments to go on and on, at our risk and expense? - JZ, 4.12.07. - All we can do and should do is to finally end the wrongs, messes and damages caused by territorialism, with its numerous wrongful impositions. - JZ, 4.1.11. - REMEDIES, INDEMNIFICATION, MAKING GOOD

MISTAKES: If man has a natural right to make his own blunders, it is no business of government to save men from themselves.” - John Bowle, Political Opinion in the 19th Century, p.229. - If competing or voluntary governments, ruling only over voluntary victims, continue with their mistakes, then these are self-inflicted punishments and it is not the business of outsiders to save them from themselves, except by good advice or by setting sound examples of alternatives. - JZ, 4.1.11. - MISTAKES AS A RIGHT, PROTECTION

MISTAKES: If you are not free to choose wrongly and irresponsibly, you are not free at all.” – Jacob Hornberger (1995). – Naturally, only at the own expense and risk. - JZ, 4.1.11. - In such all too general terms many libertarians are also panarchists. But they would probably deny it – if you held them to their words - or find excuses. – "I did not mean it like that! - JZ, 19.2.09. - RIGHT TO MAKE MISTAKES, RESPONSIBLY, FREE CHOICE, DECISION-MAKING, SELF-GOVERNMENT, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY

MISTAKES: If you are wrong – admit it quickly – apologize – life’s too short for quarrels.” – 1977 Collins Desk Calendar. - ADMITTING THEM

MISTAKES: Individual responsibility does not mean that man will not make mistakes; nothing can entirely eliminate that problem, for to do so would amount to a reconstruction of human nature. Individual responsibility does mean that men, singly, and as a whole, will make fewer and less tragic mistakes and will more nearly reach their personal aspirations.” – Ridgeway K. Foley Jr., in THE FREEMAN, 1/76, p.47. - INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY, ERRORS

MISTAKES: It is better to correct your own faults than those of another.” – Democritus - FAULTS, SELF-CORRECTION, SELF-IMPROVEMENT, CRITICISM

MISTAKES: It is easy to live off one’s enemy’s mistakes; it is much more difficult to create something better. But in the long run, a positive policy has one great advantage – it enables one to survive one’s real or imagined enemy.” – Otto von Habsburg, The Social Order of Tomorrow, p.32. – Political parties mostly live only off each other’s mistakes. They have nothing positive or liberating to offer but only different degrees of supposed and misnamed “Welfare States”. – JZ, 6.12.07. – Limited but still territorial governments would simply confine their Welfare State to the monopoly of providing defence, protection juridical services, as if governmental monopolism in these spheres had ever been or could be quite rightful and successful. Just compare, e.g., how popular or unpopular the policemen are and many of the decisions of its courts and the losses of “defensive” efforts of territorial governments. – JZ, 31.10.13. - VS. POSITIVE OR LIBERATING PROGRAMS, SUCCESS, COMPETITION, PANARCHISM, PARTIES, WELFARE STATE, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, LIMITED GOVERNMENTS, DEFENCE, JUSTICE, POLICE

MISTAKES: It is only an error in judgment to make a mistake, but it shows infirmity of character to adhere to it when discovered.” – Christian N. Bovee, quoted in NOTES FROM FEE, 7/77.

MISTAKES: It is the true nature of mankind to learn from mistakes, not from example." - Fred Hoyle, Into Deepest Space. - Panarchism maximizes both learning options. JZ 21.6.92. (*) - At least there are some people able and willing to learn from their own mistakes. Territorial politicians are only very rarely among them. However, as territorial power-mongers they are often successful for all too long in gaining and retaining power, nevertheless. Such positions should not be open to anyone, as they are, also in democracies and republics. To the extent that anyone holds power over others, these victims have at least the right to secede from them, even when the power-holders rarely give or allow them an opportunity to do so. - JZ, 4.1.11, 30.10.13. – (*) From the own mistakes and those of others in other personal law communities. – JZ, 30.10.13. - SECESSION, TERRITORIALISM, POWER, POLITICIANS, THE OWN MISTAKES, VS. THE EXAMPLE SET BY OTHERS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, COMPETITION IN EVERY SPHERE

MISTAKES: Learn from other people’s mistakes. After all, you can’t make all of them yourself.” – Wes Izzard. - LEARNING, JOKES

MISTAKES: Learn from the mistakes of others - You can't live long enough to make them all yourself.” - Author Unknown. - LEARNING, PANARCHISM, JOKES

MISTAKES: Life is a chancy thing, and of course we all make mistakes. But the mistakes we make while running our own affairs will teach us something, and we’re on earth to learn. As St. Augustine put it, “We are here schooled for life eternal.” Unless we are allowed to make our own mistakes, to pick ourselves up after every failure, and stand taller with every success, the learning process is stymied.” – Edmund Opitz, THE FREEMAN, 7/75. - LEARNING

MISTAKES: Logic: Whoever works makes mistakes. Whoever works much makes many mistakes. Whoever makes no mistakes is a lazy dog.” – Source unknown. This is my translation from the German version: “Logik: Wer arbeitet, macht Fehler. Wer viel arbeitet, macht viele Fehler. Wer keine Fehler macht, ist ein fauler Hund.“ – Source? - LABOR & LAZINESS

MISTAKES: Man must have the right of choice, even to choose wrong, if he shall ever learn to choose right.” – Josiah C. Wedgwood - However, wrongful choices should only be allowed at the own expense and risk. Otherwise, some might perceive this as a permission to steal, rob, rape and murder. Obviously, by such actions he would not grant others free choice. - JZ, 4.1.11. - MAN, CHOICE, INDIVIDUAL CHOICE, DIS., EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PERSONAL LAWS & PROGRESS

MISTAKES: Mistake, error, is the discipline through which we advance.” - William Ellery Channing. - ERRORS

MISTAKES: Mistakes and failures are a learning experiences. But they should always be made only at the own expense and risk, as far as possible. Otherwise one will owe to others involved an indemnification. - A mere apology will rarely be enough. - JZ, 4.1.11.

MISTAKES: Mistakes are a natural part of growing up. They're to be expected and made light of. But children bloom like spring flowers under praise. They want so much to be noticed and appreciated, to excel and have that excellence noticed.” - Earl Nightingale. - ERRORS, CHILDREN, PRAISE RATHER THAN BLAME

MISTAKES: Mistakes are failures only if one doesn’t learn from them.” – Edward B. Reith, THE CONNECTION 117, p. 63. - & FAILURES

MISTAKES: Mistakes are seldom serious unless repeated.” – Anon., quoted in ANALOG, 12/95. - Should we punish only those, who murder, rob, steal or rape more than once? - The repeated mistake may still not be serious but the inability or unwillingness to learn enough from the first instance may be serious. - JZ, 4.1.11. - ERRORS, CRIMES

MISTAKES: No man ever became great or good except through many and great mistakes.” – William E. Gladstone, quoted in ANALOG, 3/97. – Mistakes serve us well enough only if we understand them and learn from them enough. Territorial governments seem to be unable to do this. – JZ, 30.11.07 – They do commit the same wrongs and harmful as well as irrational actions, legalized by them, over and over again, for centuries. Moreover, they deny the right of their victims to secede from them. - JZ, 4.1.11. - SUCCESS, GREATNESS, TERRITORIALISM

MISTAKES: On the other hand, if you don’t learn from your mistakes, there’s no sense in making them.” – Dr. Laurence J. Peter. - JOKES

MISTAKES: only when I am at perfect liberty to scar, scratch, smash and ruin my life, only then am I capable of triumph, power and goodness.” – Dr. Frank Crane, SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 8/77. - SELF-RESPONSIBILITY

MISTAKES: People have also the right to go backwards – as long as they take precautions not to run into others. – JZ, 2/75. - ERRORS, RIGHTS, REACTIONARIES

MISTAKES: People have the right to make their own mistakes. – JZ, 1.6.73. - I prefer to make my own mistakes – to being forced to carry out and to pay for those of the government. – JZ, 2.8.75. - TERRITORIALISM, TAXATION, MONETARY & OTHER DESPOTISM

MISTAKES: Peter’s Competence Principle: The way to avoid mistakes is to gain experience. The way to gain experience is to make mistakes.” - Dr. Laurence J. Peter, Why Things Go Wrong or The Peter Principle Revisited, George Allen & Unwin, 1991, p.94. – Anyhow, anyone has the right to make mistakes – but only at his own risk and expense. – JZ, 20.9.07. – Success often happens only once one has made sufficient mistakes – and bothered to learn from them. – JZ, 16.2.09. EXPERIENCE & COMPETENCE

MISTAKES: The best definition of intelligence is the ability to learn not from your mistakes but from others.” p.13. – Gregory Benford, Beyond Infinity, Orbit, 2004,  – The Home of SF Online. Monthly email newsletter: ORBIT.UK@TIMEWARNERBOOKS.CO.UK - – Not only from your own mistakes but also from those of others? – JZ - INTELLIGENCE

MISTAKES: The fellow who never makes a mistake takes his orders from one who does.” – Herbert V. Prochnow.

MISTAKES: The inferior man is sure to gloss his faults.” - The Wisdom of Confucius, Analects, bk. xix.c.viii.

MISTAKES: the master error – a belief that such mistakes could be avoided if only the government were in total control of our lives.” – W. M. Curtiss, THE FREEMAN, 12/72. – Territorial governments tend to multiply the number and scale of mistakes, and do it quite legally, with millions of laws and regulations. – JZ, 19.12.07. - And billions in costs and damages, bail-outs or "stimulation" subsidies. - JZ, 4.1.11. - CONTROL, STATISM, GOVERNMENT, PROTECTION, SECURITY, LEGALISM

MISTAKES: The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything. - Theodore Roosevelt - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. - JUST LEARNING EXPERIENCES

MISTAKES: We’ve got more than enough trouble of our own. We don’t need to inherit anyone else’s mistakes. – Peter David, in Babylon 5, Third Space, part of the series Babylon 5 created by J. Michael Straczynski, 1998, Boxtree, p.256. – We have the right to make our own mistakes and should suffer only from them. We have also the right to benefit from our own rightful actions. -  It is up to others to be responsible for the results of their own wrongs and mistakes. -  JZ, 15.2.12. - EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, INDIVIDUAL CHOICE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

MISTAKES: The physician can bury his mistakes, but the architect can only advise his clients to plant vines.” - Frank Lloyd Wright – The own mistakes, at the own expense, should be tolerated by others, just as we should tolerate their mistakes made at their own expense. But mistakes that wrong or harm others do require indemnification and should, as far as possible, be prevented in the first place, e.g. through panarchism. – JZ, 8.8.08. - MISTAKES, TOLERATION, INDEMNIFICATION, PANARCHISM, JOKES

MISTAKES: The right to be wrong is fundamental throughout the cosmos.” – Robert Sheckley, Dimension of Miracles, p.21. – That applies without qualifications only to acts undertaken at the own risk and expense. If others are wronged or harmed in the process then indemnifications become due. By acting mainly not territorially, upon involuntary victims but exterritorially, among like-minded people, wronging others and thereupon owing indemnification, will become relatively rare. – JZ, 8.12.07. - ERRORS, WRONGS, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, PANARCHISM

MISTAKES: The right to make mistakes - at the own expense and risk and that of only voluntary followers or partners - is as important in the sphere of exchange media and value standards as it is in others. - But under full freedom in this sphere mistakes will soon become rarer and rarer and harmfully affect smaller and smaller groups of the remaining true believers in them. - JZ, 24.4.97.

MISTAKES: The terrific urge to prevent another person from making a “mistake” must be resisted if liberty is to be preserved. The “protective spirit” that leads a fond parent to prohibit a child from acquiring mature judgments, as he substitutes his own opinions for those of the child, leads the dictator to act as he does in “protecting” his political children.” – F. A. Harper, quoted in THE FREE MAN’S ALMANAC, April 28. - Should parents not try to stop or prevent a suicide attempt by one of their children, if they can? After all, such suicides do happen, too. Just look at the relevant statistics. - Minor mistakes should be permitted for them but not those with catastrophic consequences for them. - JZ, 4.1.11. – PATERNALISM, WELFARE STATE, PROTECTIONISM

MISTAKES: There are men who make no mistakes – because they never attempt anything reasonable.” – Goethe, “Sprueche in Prosa”. – JZ tr. of: “Es gibt Menschen, die gar nicht irren, weil sie sich nichts Vernuenftiges vorsetzen.” – ERRORS, HUMAN NATURE, TRUTH

MISTAKES: To admit one's mistake shows wisdom and courage.” - R. Brasch, Mistakes, Misnomers & Misconceptions, 1983, Fontana Books, 17. - ADMISSION OF MISTAKES

MISTAKES: To make no mistake is not in the power of man; but from their errors and mistakes the wise and good learn wisdom for the future.” – Plutarch, quoted in Leonard E. Read, Having My Way, p.49.

MISTAKES: We learn wisdom from failure much more than from success; we often discover what will do, by finding out what will not do; and probably he who never made a mistake never made a discovery.” – Samuel Smiles, quoted in NOTES FROM FEE, 7/77.

MISTAKES: We’ve got more than enough trouble of our own. We don’t need to inherit anyone else’s mistakes. – Peter David, in Babylon 5, Third Space, part of the series Babylon 5 created by J. Michael Straczynski, 1998, Boxtree, p.256. – We have the right to make our own mistakes and should suffer only from them. We have also the right to benefit from our own rightful actions. -  It is up to others to be responsible for the results of their own wrongs and mistakes. -  JZ, 15.2.12. - EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, INDIVIDUAL CHOICE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

MISTAKES: When people are free to make their own mistakes they learn from them and then get things right. Only people can save themselves, according to their own lights." - Margaret Thatcher, National Press Club, Washington, 1975. - That general formulas do not clearly include and express the required details is clearly shown by numerous such statements made by people with no notion of panarchy and opposed to it when it has been described to them. - JZ 8.4.89. - Thatcher did not apply the panarchist solution to the Falklands Islands, either and, obviously, not to the dissenters in Ireland, Scotland and Wales, not to speak of the numerous other minority groups in the rest of the U.K. - JZ, 6.9.04. - Rulers always think that their territorial subjects should have to put up with all the mistakes the rulers make and all the wrongs they commit and should not be free to secede from them and to peacefully compete with them or go on a tax strike towards them. - JZ, 4.1.11. - LEARNING FROM ONE’S MISTAKES - AT THE OWN EXPENSE, PANARCHISM

MISTAKES: Whenever there’s trouble, you never let anyone else make decisions for your. You life – or die – by your own mistakes.” - Deborah Wheeler, Jaydium, p.36, also on p.255. - Sometimes experts are helpful - but they should be self-selected as far as possible. I would not like or be able to undertake an appendectomy on myself. – JZ, 16.9.07. - ERRORS, LIFE & DEATH DECISION-MAKING

MISTAKES: While one person hesitates because he feels inferior, the other is busy making mistakes and becoming superior.” - Henry C. Link – DOUBTS, COURAGE OF ONE’S CONVICTIONS, INFERIORITY COMPLEX, FREE EXPERIMENTATION,

MISTAKES: Wise men learn by other men’s mistakes, fools by their own.” – H. G. Bohn. – Alas, even wise men make mistakes but do learn from them. Fools make more mistakes and do not sufficiently learn from them. – We should be quite free to make our own mistakes or to enjoy our own improvements, even to the extent of establishing or joining communities of like-minded people, who want to practise or experiment with their own kinds of political, economic and social systems in form of whole communities or societies, as long as they do not claim any territorial monopoly for themselves. Complete free choice, freedom of action, free enterprise, free trade and consumer sovereignty in these sphere as well! Why should we ever have come to believe that there they cannot be rightfully, rationally and beneficially applied? - JZ, 6.12.07. - & PANARCHISM

MISTAKES: You must learn from the mistakes of others. You can't possibly live long enough to make them all yourself.” - Sam Levenson – Another version: Learn from the mistakes of others - You can't live long enough to make them all yourself.” - Author Unknown. - LEARNING, PANARCHISM, EXPERIENCE, EDUCATION –EDUCATION, JOKES

MISTAKES: You say that I would do better to follow a given career, to work in a given way, to use a steel plow instead of a wooden one, to sow sparsely rather than thickly, to buy from the East rather than from the West. I maintain the contrary. I have made my calculations; after all, I am more vitally concerned than you in not making a mistake in matters that will decide my own well-being, the happiness of my family, matters that concern you only as they touch your vanity or your systems. Advise me, but do not force your opinions on me. I shall decide at my peril and risk; that is enough, and for the law to interfere would be tyranny.” – Bastiat, in G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone. - All errors are interrelated and all truths as well. All have so many aspects and relationships that they can hardly become fully stated with a few words. – JZ, 6.12.07. - MAKING ONLY THE OWN MISTAKES RATHER THAN THOSE ORDERED BY OTHERS, SELF-DETERMINATION, FREE CHOICE, MARKET RELATIONSHIPS VS. PRIVILEGES, PLUNDER & COERCION, FREEDOM, ADVICE, LEGISLATION, KNOWLEDGE, EXPERTS, TYRANNY, PREJUDICES, FREEDOM OF ACTION, COMMAND ECONOMY, DICTOCRACY, CENTRAL PLANNING & DIRECTION, LEADERSHIP, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY

MISUNDERSTANDINGS: I’m ignorant of the point you want to make, while you, necessarily, are not. The immense capacity of one human being to misunderstand another must always be allowed for, no matter how clearly the statement is made, the other fellow can, and very frequently will, understand the wrong implication.” - John W. Campbell in: The John W. Campbell Letters, vol. 1, 1985 Eds.: Perry A. Chapdelaine, Sr., et al., AC Projects Inc., ISBN 0-931150-16-7, p.365. - PREJUDICES, WRONG CONCLUSIONS, FALSE PREMISES, ERRORS, RED.

MISUNDERSTANDINGS: No one would speak much in society if he were conscious of how often he misunderstood the other.” - Goethe, “Sprueche in Prosa”. – JZ tr. of: “Niemand wuerde viel in Gesellschaften sprechen, wenn er sich bewusst waere, wie oft er die Anderen missverteht.” - RED.

MIXED ECONOMY: A ‘mixed’ economy is an imprisoned economy since an act can’t be destructive and creative at the same time any more than we can be free and at the same time slaves to the desires of others.” – Joan Marie Leonard, THE FREEMAN, 3/77.

MIXED ECONOMY: A "mixed economy" is a society in the process of committing suicide. - If a nation cannot survive half-slave, half-free, consider the condition of a nation in which every social group becomes both the slave and the enslaver of every other group. Ask yourself how long such a condition can last and what its its inevitable outcome.” - Ayn Rand, The Cold Civil War, LA TIMES, July 22, 1962. - Bastiat, in The Law, called it a "mutual plunder bund". - Obviously, riches do not increase but are, rather, diminished by mutual plunder. - JZ, 24.1.02. - VOTING, WELFARE STATE, TRANSFER SOCIETY, COERCIVE DISTRIBUTIONISM, STATISM, INTERVENTIONISM

MIXED ECONOMY: A “mixed economy” is a institutionalized civil war of pressure groups that fight for special legislative favors at one another’s expense and thus create an ever accelerating growth of government controls.” - Ayn Rand, The Fascist New Frontier, in: “The Ayn Rand Column”, revised edition, 1998, p.110, Second Renaissance Books, New Milford, Connecticut,

MIXED ECONOMY: A mixed economy “is an amoral institutionalized civil war of special interests and lobbies, all fighting … to extort some special privilege at one another’s expense by an act of government – i.e. by force.” – Ayn Rand, quoted in O’Neill, Ayn Rand, p.178.

MIXED ECONOMY: At every stage success is penalized, ambition curbed and enterprise stillborn.” – Institute of Directors, UK, 4000 members, in a booklet against prime minister Wilson’s policies, according to AINR, 11.6.65.

MIXED ECONOMY: But genuine free enterprise (the real thing) (*) cannot exist within a mixed economy (**). They are by definition, mutually exclusive. And, if it was, in fact, the partial freedom in the economy that caused the trouble, then how come the trouble gets worse as the freedom is reduced? Surely the opposite should happen.” – John Singleton with Bob Howard, Rip Van Australia, p.27. - (*) and free exchange. - (**) or in a territorial State! – JZ, 19.12.07.

MIXED ECONOMY: Every government control imposed on a nation's economy created problems that required further controls that required still further controls, and so on. It is by such steps that a prosperous world was brought to the misery of socialized bankruptcy.” - Ayn Rand, Nationalism vs. Internationalism, LA TIMES, November 4, 1962. - CONTROLS, REGULATIONS, PROHIBITIONS, LICENSING

MIXED ECONOMY: Hayek is one of the few writers who correctly recognized the mixed economy for what it is – an unstable transitional condition between the free market economy and the bureaucratically controlled society.” – Wesley H. Hillendahl, THE FREEMAN, 7/74.

MIXED ECONOMY: It makes as much sense as a mixture of lies and truths, honesty and crimes, leaving people alone and forcefully intervening with their lives, granting them privacy and publishing details of their lives which are nobody else’s business, a mixture of aggression and defence, a mixture of poisons with food, a mixture of beauty with ugliness, etc. – JZ, 21.5.13.

MIXED ECONOMY: Much of the futility in which the globe now finds itself springs from the fallacious notion that these two irreconcilable systems can be harmonized into a so-called “mixed economy”, more accurately described as a ‘mixed-up economy’.” – M. S. Rukeyser, THE FREEMAN, 10/75. - Or the "meddled with" or "interfered with" economy. - JZ, 4.1.11. - DIS.

MIXED ECONOMY: No mixed economy can help being a mix-up. – JZ, 16.4.77. – Panarchism would allow individuals and minorities to un-mix themselves from the general territorial messes imposed so far upon all the people in a territory. – JZ, 7.12.07.

MIXED ECONOMY: People say to me “Why are you bleating about free enterprise – we’ve got free enterprise.” That is a fallacy. What we have is a mixed economy – that is an economic system, which is a mixture of freedom and controls. – As to the relative mix of freedom and controls, the situation parallels the story of the butcher who advertised rabbit meat and was called before the judge. – “A customer of yours has complained that there is horse meat in your rabbit meat”, said the judge. – “Yes, your honour”, said the butcher, “There is a little horse meat present.” – “How much?” said the judge. – “Well”, said the butcher, “You might call it a 50/50 mix.” – You mean 50 % horse meat?” said the judge. – “Oh no”, said the butcher, “One rabbit and one horse.” – That is about the mix of freedom and controls in our mixed economy today.” – Viv Forbes, in an address, 19.4.77: “Let’s Free Enterprise”. - FREE ENTERPRISE, JOKES

MIXED ECONOMY: People say we are facing a crisis of capitalism. Genuine free enterprise capitalism has never been tried except for a short time in a few places. What we are seeing is a crisis of government intervention. The system we have is a gravely over-regulated mixed economy. Its shrinking free sector is under ideological threat everywhere.” – Viv Forbes, Let’s Free Enterprise, 19.4.77.

MIXED ECONOMY: The boom-and-bust cycle is the distinct product of the “mixed economy” – the economy with sufficient government meddling to generate a boom, but still sufficiently free to “take the cure”, to pull up short when things get out of hand.” – The Incredible Bread Machine, p.119. – Pulling up short does tend to prolong and worsen the crisis. Only the radical liberation of the economy can end it fast and profitably for those free enough to engage in it among their voluntary members. See e.g. PEACE PLANS 19B: The Soft Option: Monetary freedom to stop inflation without causing unemployment, September 76, 16pp. - BOOM & BUST CYCLE, STOP & GO POLICIES, CRISES

MIXED ECONOMY: The mixed economy is a meddled economy, a mixed disaster, it mixes sense with nonsense, rights with wrongs. – It releases only some creative energies and represses many others. - JZ, 21.7.77, 19.12.07.

MIXED ECONOMY: The over-mixed economy. – JZ, 12.7.77. Overly mixed? – JZ

MIXED ECONOMY: There can be no partnership between armed bureaucrats and defenseless private citizens who have no choice but to obey. What chance would you have against a ‘partner’ whose arbitrary word is law …?” – Ayn Rand, quoted in O’Neil, Ayn Rand, p.178. - "PARTNERSHIP" between Government and Business.

MIXED ECONOMY: There is no difference in the ultimate fate of all chained economies, regardless of any alleged justifications for the chains.” - Ayn Rand, Let Us Alone! - L.A. TIMES, August 5, 1962. – INTERVENTIONISM, CENTRAL PLANNING

MIXED ECONOMY: They must learn that capitalism has not failed; that what has failed is our mixed economy – i.e., government intervention in the economy.” – Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.362. - & CAPITALISM

MIXED ECONOMY: What is praiseworthy in “the policy of obstructing human enterprise and endeavor” of a mixed economy?” – Garvan F. Kuskey, in THE FREEMAN, Nov. 73. - RESTRICTIONS, REGULATIONS, STATE SOCIALISM & “FREE” ENTERPRISE

MIXED ECONOMY: Whenever the government mixes in the private, creative sector of the economy, we find we’re fighting ourselves with our own dollars. All objectives become self-defeating. – It happens when welfare competes with wages, when laws control prices and salaries, when subsidies push up prices, when tariffs raise the cost of imports, when government-protected unions disrupt production, when government waste bids up prices of scarce materials and services – many ways.” – Jean Wilke, in THE FREEMAN, 1/76, p.41. – For all too many years I have not got around to extract more good quotes and thoughts from THE FREEMAN. – JZ, 19.2.09.

MOB: A mob is a society of bodies voluntarily bereaving themselves of reason … A mob is man voluntarily descending to the nature of the beast.” – Emerson, Essays, First Series: Compensation. – Quoted in Leonard E. Read, Love of Liberty, p.140. - MASS, CROWD, REASON

MOB: A Mob’s a Monster; Heads enough, but no Brains.” – Poor Richard, 1747. - PEOPLE, MASSES, MAJORITY – Compare the earlier remark by Fuller. (The mob has many heads, but no brains.” – Fuller, 1732. – Hyman Quotations, p.272.) It seems that Benjamin Franklin was an avid collector and publisher of quotes. – I have the 1976 edition by Paddington Press: “Benjamin Franklin – Poor Richard’s Almanacks”, 300 pages. – ISBN 0-8467-0120-0. - JZ

MOB: I wish men to be free, as much from mobs s kings – from you as from me.” – Lord Byron.

MOB: The mob has many heads, but no brains.” – Fuller, 1732. – Hyman Quotations, p.272. - PEOPLE, MAJORITY, MASSES

MOBILITY: Let me give you a piece of advice, friend: Never stay in one place long enough for the tax collectors to find you!” - Ben Bova, Water Rite, ANALOG, 3/88, p.28. – Moving around is not easy e.g. for farmers and fatory owners. – JZ, 31.10.13. - AGAINST TAXATION

MOBILITY: Restricted mobility of persons and goods is one of the characteristics of dictatorship in peace and in war. However, mobility in war is often enforced.” – JZ, 3.4.84.

MOBILIZATION: Mobilization by governments to be replaced by mobilization or non-mobilization by individuals, preferably in form of ideal militias for the protection of genuine individual rights and liberties, to reduce the risk of war. - JZ, 20.1.98, 30.11.07. - DECISION-MAKING ON WAR & PEACE, MILITIA, HUMAN RIGHTS, DEFENCE, MOBILIZATION BY GOVERNMENTS & WAR, NEUTRALITY, RESISTANCE, MILITIA

MOBS: anarchy … anything that will deliver honest people out of the hands of the mob called a government.” - Moses Hull, Boston, 1878. - Quoted by Joe Peacott & Jerry Kaplan in: Rocking the Cradle of Liberty, p.16. - How often have mobs brought freedom and rights? - Do all kinds of anarchists fully respect all genuine individual rights and liberties? - JZ, 4.1.11. - GOVERNMENT & ANARCHY

MOBS: Avoid, I cry, whatever is approved by the mob, and things that are the gift of chance.” - Seneca, Letters, VIII, p.45. - CHANCE

MOBS: The humanity of men and women is inversely proportional to their numbers.” - Aldous Huxley - & HUMANITY, MAJORITIES

MODELS: If and to the extent that we are able to consider our own political ideals as mere models, we should be able to consider, at least theoretically and as observers of historical precedents, or as an entertaining game or in an attempt to describe by contrast, or for futuristic speculations, those models which are quite different or opposite, in several ways, to our own preferred political model and to the conventional territorial models. And if we claim to be reasonable and capable of objectivity, then we should also be able to judge the characteristics of these different models somewhat fairly. Seeing how large human ingenuity is, how large the time span for experimentation was and how many different societies experimented with different models, we should even expect that models have existed, and have been recorded, somewhere by someone, whose characteristics are quite opposite to those of our ideals. And let us furthermore assume, that they did at least temporarily satisfy all those who voluntarily participated in them. Panarchies provide frameworks for all different models, all supported by volunteers only. Actually, it does not oppose our favorite and more or less idealized models but provides a framework for all but totalitarian ideals. And even these could be practised, to some extent, panarchistically, i.e., among volunteers and thus quite tolerantly, at least towards non-members. - Even the Nazis and Soviets, apart from their territorial monopoly claims, were not always aggressive, everywhere and towards everyone. - JZ, 92, & 4.1.93, 9.12.03. - THE OTHER MODEL, THE OTHER OPTION, PANARCHISM, ALTERNATIVE SOCIETIES

MODERATES: If you want government to intervene domestically, you're a liberal. If you want government to intervene overseas, you're a conservative. If you want government to intervene everywhere, you're a moderate. If you don't want government to intervene anywhere, you're an extremist.” - Joseph Sobran - LIBERALS, CONSERVATIVES, EXTREMISTS, DIS.

MODERATES: Though they seem at opposite poles, fanatics of all kinds are actually crowded together at one end.  It is the fanatic and the moderate who are poles apart and never meet.” - Eric Hoffer. - Fanatics and moderates still have the absolute power of territorialism as their common practice and ideal. - JZ, 22.8.02. - VS. FANATICS & TERRITORIALISM

MODERATION: A policy either neglected or pursued to excess.” - L. L. Levinson: Webster’s Unafraid Dictionary.

MODERATION: A thing moderately good is not so good as it ought to be. Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice.” - Thomas Paine, The Rights of Man, Part 2 (1792). - Those words, "temperate and moderate," are words either of political cowardice, or of cunning, or seduction. - A thing, moderately good is not so good as it ought to be. Moderation in temper, is always a virtue; but moderation in principle, is a species of vice. - Thomas Paine, letter to the addressers on the late proclamation against seditious writings. - The Writings of Thomas Paine, ed. Moncure D. Conway, vol. 3, pp. 94-95 (1895). -  “I would remind you, that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And let me remind you also, that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”  – Barry Goldwater – Quoted by Clarinda Tan sharing The Federalist Papers's photo. - Facebook, 18.9.13. - CLICK for a FREE copy of "The Essential Federalist Papers": - TEMPER, VIRTUE, PRINCIPLES, GRADUALISM, GOODNESS

MODERATION: Can one be moderately dead or moderately pregnant? – JZ, n.d. - DIS.

MODERATION: Don't be afraid to take a big step when one is indicated. You can't cross a chasm in two small steps.” – David Lloyd George - GRADUALISM, STEP BY STEP ADVANCES VS. RADICAL STEPS, DIS.

MODERATION: Everything in moderation – except e.g. justice, freedom, peace, knowledge and enlightenment. – JZ, 5.5.87, 4.12.07. - DIS.

MODERATION: Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.” – Barry Goldwater (1964) - EXTREMISM, LIBERTY – Compare the more complete version below, starting with: “I would remind you that …”

MODERATION: I know many have been taught to think that moderation in a case like this, is a sort of treason.” - Edmund Burke, Letter to the Sheriffs of Bristol, April 3, 1777. - GRADUALISM, COMPROMISE, RADICALISM & TREASON

MODERATION: I make only one concession to moderation: Moderate nonsense is not as bad as absolute nonsense. – JZ, 16.6.77.

MODERATION: I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And let me remind you that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.” – Barry M. Goldwater, Speech, at Republican national conventions, San Francisco, 16.7.1964 – his speech of acceptance of the presidential nomination. - EXTREMISM, EXCESS, RADICALISM, LIBERTY, RIGHTS

MODERATION: In battling evil, excess is good; for he who is moderate in announcing the truth is presenting half-truth. He conceals the other half out of fear of the people’s wrath.” – Kahlil Gibran, Narcotics and Dissecting Knives, Thoughts and Meditations, 1960, tr. Anthony R. Ferris. – As if only freedom of expression were involved and not freedom of action and experimentation. – JZ, 13.12.07. - DIS.

MODERATION: is like “… advocating … fiery caution and crusading inertia.” – Joseph Heller, Good as Gold, p.47.

MODERATION: Is moderation good, Hagar? – If you don’t overdo it!” – Hagar the Horrible by Dik Browne, THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 29.6.79. - DIS.

MODERATION: Moderate reformers always hate those who go beyond them.” – J. A. Froude, Life and Letters of Erasmus, Lecture 20. – To each kind of reformer his own kind of reforms, at his expense and risk and that of his voluntary followers. The same to any radical and extremist. Exterritorial autonomy and voluntary membership in communities, societies and governments or states makes that possible. Only territorialism, coercively upheld, makes it impossible. – JZ, 19.12.07. - HATE, REFORMERS, RADICALS

MODERATION: Moderation can be overdone. Do you want your doctor to be moderately competent? Do you want your banker to be moderately honest?” – Ronald Reagan.

MODERATION: Moderation in all things, including moderation.” – Paul Anderson, Fire Time, p.123.

MODERATION: Moderation in all things.” - Terence [Publius Terentius Afer] Andria The Lady of Andros, p.61. - GRADUALISM, COMPROMISE, RADICALISM & TREASON

MODERATION: Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice. - Thomas Paine - IN TEMPER, NOT IN PRINCIPLES

MODERATION: Moderation in pursuit of freedom is not virtue.” – Karl Hess, in PLAYBOY interview, 7/76.

MODERATION: Moderation is a fatal thing, Lady Hunstanton. Nothing succeeds like excess. – Lord Illingworth.” – Oscar Wilde, 1854-1900, A Woman of no Importance, Act 1. – Hyman Quotes, p.406. – Another hint refers to Act III. - Nothing fails like excess, either. – All reformers and revolutionaries should moderate - and also radicalize - their demands, confining it - and also extending it - to full exterritorial autonomy for themselves – as well as for all others. – That would be a very radical departure from the present territorialism. - JZ, 19.12.07. – I would also be a compromise that should suffice to satisfy every moral and rational being, who has explored this freedom option from all angles. – JZ, 25.12.07. - COMPROMISES, MIDDLE WAY, PANARCHISM, REVOLUTIONS, REFORMS

MODERATION: Most people want even freedom only in moderate doses. – JZ, 28.11.75. – That would do no wrong or harm to others, if the all too limited freedom choices of such people would not also be territorially imposed upon all others. Exterritorially everyone could have as few or as many liberties as he wants for himself, among like-minded associates. – JZ, 7.12.07.

MODERATION: On this subject I do not wish to think, or speak, or write, with moderation. No! No! Tell a man whose house is on fire to give a moderate alarm; tell him to moderately rescue his wife from the hands of the ravisher; tell the mother to gradually extricate her babe from the fire into which it has fallen – but urge me not to use moderation in a cause like the present. I am in earnest – I will not equivocate – I will not excuse – I will not retreat a single inch – and I will be heard.” – Garrison, quoted in Sprading, Liberty and the Great Libertarians, p.154. - GRADUALISM, MIDDLE OF THE ROAD POLICIES VS. RADICALISM OR INSTANT SELF-HELP OR LIBERATION ACTIONS

MODERATION: The choice before the nation today, as never before, is a clear choice between moderation and extremism.” – Conservative Party Election Manifesto, February 1974. – A yes, but is the choice between moderately good and extremely bad, or between moderately bad and extremely good? Do we want a moderate amount of justice? Or, as Ruth Addison, the Young Liberals’ Chairman has said, do we want moderate poverty and moderate exploitation? Surely, it makes a bit of difference. – But it makes no difference to Ted Heath. Moderate anything will do: “In Parliament, the Conservatives stand for moderation.” – Ted Heath, GUARDIAN, July 29, 1974. – Terry Arthur, 95 % Is Crap, p.7. - EXTREMISM, DIS.

MODERATION: The moderate are not usually the most sincere, for the same circumspection which makes them moderate makes them likewise retentive of what could give offense.” – Walter Savage Landor, “Diogenes & Plato”, Imaginary Conversations, 1824-53. – The exterritorial autonomy option for voluntary communities, makes them radical in their independence but moderate by confining all their activities and reforms to their own affairs. They compromised by confining all their reform affairs to their own affairs, at the own expense and risk, but in doing so, they may run them radically differently from the ways in which the remaining citizens of the old regime continue to live, as long as they are prepared to put up with it. I.e., they are radical moderates or radical compromisers. New words have to be coined to sufficiently describe that condition of tolerant actions and institutions of great diversity. – Panarchism and Polyarchism are two such terms. – JZ, 13.12.07. - DIS.

MODERATION: The worst political error is to try to get over a chasm in two jumps.” - Lloyd George – GRADUALISM, COMPROMISES, DIS.

MODERATION: We hear much of moderation and ‘juste milieu’. I myself have friends who are not merely impregnated, but crazy with moderation. The real moderation consists in seeking that which is true, that which is just, and firmly willing it.” – LaFayette, in biography, p.319.

MODERN ART: If you left it up to the public, there would be hardly any art. Certainly there would be no big art, such as the modernistic sculptures that infest many public parks.  You almost never hear members of the public saying, "Hey! Let's all voluntarily chip in and pay a sculptor upwards of $100,000 to fill this park space with what appears to be the rusted remains of a helicopter crash!"  It takes concerted government action to erect one of those babies.” - Dave Barry. - I prefer the folk art of hobby artists to that of government subsidised artists any time, and not only because I am indirectly robbed by the subsidised ones. - JZ, 29.10.02. - SUBSIDIES TO ARTISTS, BUREAUCRACY

MODERN ART: Modern art and modern music do not say or mean anything to me, except that they are glaring or loud. Perhaps they do not have anything to say, have no real meaning at all but just want to be seen or heard as “self-expressions”, that are artificial works, different from all natural products and phenomena. – JZ, 15.2.03, 25.10.07. - MODERN MUSIC

MODERN FEUDALISM: Better leave all your aggressiveness, coercive legalism, territorial constitutionalism and statism, monopolistic jurisdiction, compulsory collectivism and prohibitionism behind and begin to recognize natural rights, natural law or individual rights and liberties, to establish order, enlightenment, free choices, free enterprise, free exchange, full consumer sovereignty, laisssez faire, freedom of association, contract and experimentation in every sphere, but always only among volunteers and at their expense and risk and only to the extent that volunteers wish to see them realized among themselves. Thereby peace, justice, liberty, progress and prosperity will spread fast among those appreciating them, starting with the first dissidents and minorities seceding and establishing their own kind of personal law or exterritorially autonomous governance systems, societies and communities. – JZ, 6.10.13, 22.10.13. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, VOLUNTARISM VS. CENTRALIZATION, POWER, SERFDOM, SLAVERY, PEOPLE AS PROPERTY, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, LEGALISM, CONSTITUTIONALISM, TAXATION, SUBSIDIES, GOVERNMENT SPENDING, WELFARE STATE, DISSENTERS, MINORITIES, RECOGNITION OF ALL INDIVDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, TO THE EXTENT THAT THEY CAN BE & ARE RIGHTFULLY CLAIMED BY OTHERS

MODERN: Modern is the word advertisers use in praise of something with no other merit.” - W.G.P.

MODESTY: I put modesty in a class with virginity, both charming characteristics which should be gotten rid of as fast as puberty allows.” - Poul Anderson, A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows, p. 103.

MODESTY: Modesty disarms the opponents.” - Anonymous.

MODUS VIVENDI: At a time when large territories can be depopulated with a single weapon, no territorial settlement of antagonistic movements offers a modus vivendi. On the contrary. The territorial division of potential enemies leads to the construction, storage in readiness and finally the use of these "weapons". Only exterritorial autonomy separatism under personal laws would remove target areas for mass extermination devices all over the world. - JZ, n.d., & 20.12.07. - PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR COMMUNITIES OF VOLUNTEERS, PEACE, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, WAR & TERRITORIALISM

MOLESTATIONS: For belief or practice in religion (*) ... no man ought to be punished or molested by any outwards force on earth whatsoever." - John Milton, Treatise of Civil Power in Ecclesiastical Causes. - (*) and in politics, economics and ideology. - JZ, 4.4.89. – TERRITORIALISM, RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE, PANARCHISM

MOLESTATIONS: For better than six thousand years we have relied upon political and legal organization to put down molestation. The facts are plainly in evidence. Political and legal structures enlarge constantly and as they enlarge, the area of molestation increases.” - Robert LeFevre, Autarchy. - INTERVENTIONISM, MEDDLING, VIOLENCE, INTERFERENCE, AGGRESSION, TERRITORIALISM, INTERVENTIONISM, COERCION, COMPULSION

MONACO: There is no government, there is nothing to interfere with anything or anybody – just that little old wheel, rolling for them all the time … I will keep looking, Calvin [Coolidge], but this is going hard to beat.” – Will Rogers. - Well, we can’t all live from gambling or zero-sum-games. – JZ, 8.12.07. - SMALL STATES, DECENTRALIZATION, MINI-STATES

MONARCHISM: Constitutional monarchism rather than unlimited monarchy under the guise of democracy and republicanism. – JZ, 28.9.94. – Those without interest in and knowledge of individual rights and liberties and genuine solutions do often, in our time, advocate “republicanism” instead, as if it were a meaningful and valuable change for the better. – JZ, 4.12.07. - CONSTITUTIONAL VS. UNLIMITED DEMOCRACY OR REPUBLICANISM

MONARCHISM: Far from democracy being the victim of constitutional monarchy, the royal family has rather become the victim of the news media, expressing the envious, curious, slanderous, sensation-seeking, privacy-ignoring and sneaking “democrats” and republicans and their journalists and reporters, who should rather report sufficiently on important facts, ideas and developments. – JZ, 17.1. 96, 4.12.07. - DEMOCRACY, REPUBLICANISM, PRESS, BROADCASTING, JOURNALISTS, REPORTERS, MEDIA

MONARCHISM: I know of many great wrongs committed by our great political party and government leaders. However, most of them have been committed quite legally, simply by legalizing them. But I do not know of a single crime that our Queen has committed against us. Do you? The Queen is one of our most important safeguards against all too power-hungry and abusive politicians. She has the power to recall the bastards and thus to call for a new election, directly or through her Governors. – To that extent, as an anarchist and panarchist, I am in favor of constitutional monarchism rather than unlimited republican powers for politicians, which they strive to achieve via turning Australia into a Republic. – JZ, 18.11.97, 30.11.07. - POWER, CRIMES, QUEEN, KING

MONARCHISM: I trust the British Queen, restricted to her present powers, more than I’d trust any of the elected politicians, with his present or still further powers. We are back to the times when monarchs were the last resort to uphold some basic rights and liberties of oppressed citizens, against rapacious, dishonest and power-hungry aristocrats, who ignored the rights and liberties of their subjects although they were also supposed to be their protectors. – Don’t vote in any new and irresponsible powers over you. – Their present ones are already bad enough. – JZ, 10.7.99, 4.12.07. – CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHY VS. MODERN TERRITORIALIST & ABSOLUTIST REPUBLICANISM

MONARCHISM: I’d rather have a widely respected constitutional monarch with limited veto powers as the supreme leader or head of State than any temporary political hack, selected and appointed by a political party, far less an ambitions power addicts. A constitutional monarch is far less subject to “politics as usual”, if at all. – JZ, 7.11.94, 4.12.07. - REPUBLICANISM

MONARCHISM: If the mass media paid members of the royal family for their appearances like they do other media stars, then the monarchy might not cost us a single cent in taxes! – JZ, 28.12.93.

MONARCHISM: Quesnay is likewise of the opinion that government should be centralized in a single person.” – M. Beer, An Inquiry into Physiocracy. – He had a point: One person is easier to enlighten, replace or to execute than are a million bureaucrats and many millions of ignorant and prejudiced voters, all with territorial powers and vested interests and all too many popular prejudices. – JZ, 17.8.94, 4.12.07. - GOVERNMENT, CENTRALIZATION, TYRANNY & DEMOCRACY

MONARCHISM: Rather only one monarch than millions trying to stand over me, with their votes and their beloved statist institutions and laws. – I would not have much of a chance to reason with a monarch – but I would have even less of a chance to reason with millions of average guys to bring them to respect my individual rights and liberties. – The remaining monarchs are constitutional monarchs and not as full, as a rule, of popular errors, myths and prejudices as most of their subjects are. – They do much less wrong and harm, if any, than their Prime ministers, ministers and legislators do. - JZ, 9.3.77, 7.12.07.

MONARCHISM: Some people have a soul as dead they prefer a monarch at their head.” – Seen as a home-made car-sticker, 22.11.99. – Some men still love their wives as their head. – Should they have that choice or not? Who would still be as mad to want a politician or a bureaucrat as his head? Anyhow, to each his own “great leader” or his own form of self-government or self-management. No one has the right to interfere with the affairs of others, least of all a pompous and powerful bureaucrat or politician, as far as the affairs of others than their own volunteers are concerned. “To each the government or non-governmental society of his or her dreams!” – JZ, 22.11.99. - PANARCHISM, FREE CHOICE OF GOVERNMENTS & OF FREE SOCIETIES, DIS., REPUBLICANISM

MONARCHISM: The best reason why Monarchy is a strong government is, that it is an intelligible government. The mass of mankind understand it, and they hardly anywhere in the world understand any other.” – Walter Bagehot: The English Constitution: The Monarchy. - Monarchism rests on the serious error that one man could have sufficient insight into the affairs of millions of others to be able to run them better than these millions could themselves. – JZ, 4.4.89 - But who really needs or wants a strong government? Those foolish enough to do so should be able to have it, exterritorially – but then they should leave all the others alone, to do their own things to or for themselves. - Did any strong monarchy ever cause rapid progress? – And did any strong monarch ever understand the mass of mankind or even the mass of his own subjects? And how much of the social sciences and of all individual rights and liberties did any one of them ever understand? - JZ, 6.12.07. – KINGS, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, FREE CHOICE AMONG ALL FORMS OF GOVERNMENTS & SOCIETIES – FOR INDIVIDUALS

MONARCHISM: The English constitutional monarchy is rather an anarchy with regard to my own affairs – so limited or absent is it for me and most other Australians as well. It is the republican freebooters, that do already exist, and their vast powers, going beyond constitutional monarchism, that threaten my property, liberty and life in many ways. – JZ, 3.6.93. – And these politicians want even more power in their hands and to quite abolish the limited restrictions of their powers - through governors still formally appointed by the Queen, but, as far as I know, only upon recommendation by the ruling politicians. A few times these governors have prevented ruling politicians from continuing with their wrongs. – Whitlam’s regime, for instance, was replaced by the then Governor General, Mr. Kerr, – and this decision was confirmed by the subsequent land-slide victory for the opposition. – Whitlam wanted even the Governor General to toe the party line of the ALP. Well, Kerr, As Governor General, was man enough not to do so. - JZ, 4.12.07. – Panarchism means among other things: monarchism for monarchist and republics for republicans. – JZ, 19.2.09. - MONARCHISM VS. REPUBLICANISM, PANARCHISM

MONARCHISM: the long survival of the British monarchy is probably attributable to the fact that the King reigns but does not rule!” - John Gall, Systemantics, p.76. – This book does also contain a chapter on panarchism, using unique terms. – JZ - ENGLAND, RULE, KING, QUEEN, CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHY

MONARCHISM: The Queen does not tax me. She has no destructive political powers over me or anyone else. She does not threaten my life, rights or liberties. So why should I prefer a politician over the Queen? – JZ, 28.12.93. – She acts more anarchistically towards me than does any politician and bureaucrat. – JZ, 3.12.07. - THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND VS. REPUBLICANISM, POLITICIANS

MONARCHISM: The territorial monopolization of experimentation in the political, economic and social spheres is a remnant of the tyranny of absolute monarchism. So is the monopoly of decision-making on war and peace, armament and disarmament, military and police organization and on international treaties and negotiations. Obviously, in these spheres the freedom of experimentation for dissenters would require full exterritorial autonomy for them – or call it fully free enterprise and competition, or consistent pluralism or polyarchism. Once the nonconformists are freed to so opt out, to do their own things to and for themselves, then the remaining territorial governments would, in practice, be reduced to voluntary associations, too, striving to serve better in order to survive or gain more customers. –The statist war machines would be largely put out of business, unless they could still find enough prejudiced and fanatic supporters. Against these, ideal militia forces of volunteers for the protection of individual rights and liberties should be organized and sufficiently trained and suitably armed, locally organized and internationally federated. Then national and civil wars could become reduced to rightful and limited police actions against genuine criminals with victims. – However, there is nothing wrong with any kind or monarchism and despotism over voluntary victims only. In extreme cases: Let these sadists deal with these masochists! - JZ, 28.7.93, 7.1. 99, 30.10.13. - & PANARCHISM, TERRITORIALISM

MONARCHISM: While I am not a monarchist, I uphold the right of monarchists to be ruled by their chosen monarch. Republican and democrats, libertarian and anarchists should only have to put up with the systems or societies they have chosen for themselves. This they should be free to enjoy, if they can, but not free to force upon anyone else. - All should remain free to secede from them when they are no longer satisfied with them. – John Zube - Facebook, 17.2.13. - REPUBLICANISM, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, CHOICE, KINGS, RULERS, PRESIDENTS

MONARCHISM: While the people and, ultimately, all individuals of a population, have no veto power over our power- and tax-hungry territorial politicians, at least a constitutional and limited monarch should have such a veto power. – JZ, 28.7.94. – And the more often he or she would exercise it, to uphold individual rights and liberties, the better. – JZ, 4.12.07.

MONARCHISM: You can take monarchism out of the voters, but you can’t take it out of the politicians, since each politician – however ignorant, prejudiced and mediocre he is wants to be the top man, or, nowadays, the top woman. Never mind their republican pretences. – JZ, 26.10.93. – They even still strive towards royal absolutism, while the remaining royals have long been content with constitutional monarchism. – JZ, 3.12.07. – POLITICIANS, ROYALISM, POWER, TERRITORIALISM

MONASTERIES: The self-chosen prisons of the faithful. Well, at least they don’t leave many descendants – and thus make mankind gradually much more human. – JZ, 17.5.92, 8.12.07. – The are also, in some respects, limited panarchies. – JZ, 16.2.09. - NUNNERIES, PANARCHISM

MONASTICISM: The most obvious illustration of monasticism, which requires one great decision, once - to renounce the freedom of making major decisions. A Jesuit's position in his order is less extreme. As usual, there are degrees. But those who become monks or nuns no longer need to face such fateful decisions as how to live, with whom, where, what to do, and what to believe.” - Walter Kaufman, Without Guilt and Justice. 8. - For most statists the motivation may be, largely, the same. - JZ, 20.12.07. - MONKS, NUNS & DECIDOPHOBIA, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES, RELIGIONS, PRAYERS, GOD, FAITH

MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM: Both are essential to help you secure all your other rights and liberties as well. – JZ, 22.2.03.

MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM: Full monetary and financial freedom would, quite by the way, have also led to the emancipation of women and the emancipation of labor to a much larger degree than was so far the case. – JZ, 21.10. 07.

MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM: Presently, unlimited numbers of ideas, talents, services and goods, labor offers seek all too limited sound purchasing power and finance, expressed only in monopolized exchange media and their “value standards” and permitted and all too regulated financial transactions, greatly reduced via compulsory taxation. That set-up can be almost reversed, towards unlimited progress, easy sales, for sounder and competitively issued currencies, and under complete financial freedom, under stable value reckoning and pricing for free market currencies and all the things they would buy. – JZ, 29.3.06, 31.10.07. – FREE MARKET MONIES, TAXATION & CAPITAL SCARCITY

MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM: What causes the inequitable distribution of wealth? It is not competition, but monopoly that deprives labor of its product. Destroy the banking monopoly, establish freedom in finance, and down will go interest on money through the beneficent influence of competition. Capital will be set free, business will flourish, new enterprises will start, labor will be in demand, and gradually the wages of labor will rise to a level with its product." - Benjamin Tucker, quoted by Philip Benais on Facebook, 2.3.12. – Through freedom at the workplace and in the absence of taxation and other anti-economic interventionism – productivity and interest rates might at first go up until savings and investments become very much increased as well. – JZ, 1.11.13. - FREE BANKING, MONOPOLIES, LABOR, INEQUALITY, WEALTH, POVERTY, RICHES, COMPETITION, MONOPOLIES, LAISSEZ-FAIRE, CAPITALISM, INTEREST RATES

MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM: Your ability to pay would be greatly increased under full monetary and financial freedom – unless you are e.g. a central banker or a tax collector or tax consumer. – JZ, 22.2.03, 21.10.07. – ABILITY TO PAY

MONETARY CRISES: All such crises are not crises of “money” or all forms of “money”, generally, but merely crises of forced and exclusive currencies, which are, usually and most of the times, mismanaged by over-issues or under-issues or a combination of both. (Stagflation) Exchange media and value standards are much too important to be left to politicians and bureaucrats to manage with their monetary or currency “policies”. Public officials have left a terrible record of mismanagement and even “achieved” man-made monetary disasters and organize and enforce them at present as well. They should thus be completely cut out of this sphere, separated from it like e.g. religion and politics already, largely, are or should be, culture and politics, education and politics, science and politics, philosophy and politics. (However, I do favor panarchies for the remaining statists. For deterrent examples do also have their use and the volunteers of such panarchies do certainly need further enlightenment from their own experience.) But at present territorial governments even meddle and dabble with sports, amusements and arts and wish to subsidize and organize even leisure activities, just like totalitarian States do! Worst of all, they interfere with, ignore or suppress individual rights and liberties, e.g. by putting up some false claims, like “Welfare rights” as alternatives, and their justice system does all too much, often and for all too long periods amount to a denial of justice, their defence to aggression against innocents and their police “protection” to police State conditions. They even amount, all too often, to Warfare States and many of them have already stockpiled mass murder devices or try to obtain them! - Where are their shiny records of successes and achievements? The Post Office? The Railways? National Airlines? State power plants? Peace? Freedom? - Money, clearing and also all finance options should become completely denationalized and competitively and privately or cooperatively self-managed under full publicity and free market rating for all that they have to offer. Only then could we expect sound alternative currencies and will these be able to drive out the unsound ones. – But do not expect this lesson to be taught, soon, if at all, in government schools or universities. – JZ, 8.1.98, 29.9.08, 1.11.13. - CURRENCY CRISES, INFLATIONS, DEFLATIONS, STAGFLATIONS, GOVERNMENTAL FAILURES IN ALL SPHERES, MONETARY DESPOTISM & FAILURES IN ALL SPHERES, TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, CHOICE, COMPETITION, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-HELP

MONETARY DESPOTISM: A centrally managed currency, forced and exclusive currency for a whole country, is inevitably a mismanaged currency. - JZ, 20.11.82, 20.12.07. – MONETARY FREEDOM, FREE MARKET MONIES, CENTRAL BANKING

MONETARY DESPOTISM: A disordered currency is one of the greatest political evils.” - Daniel Webster. - Only if it is a despotic one. Under monetary freedom it simply becomes refused or discounted and thus self-correcting. The good currencies do then drive out the flawed and depreciating ones. Under the issue monopoly and legal tender power for its issues they continue in circulation for all too long, causing many wrongs, damages and disasters. - JZ, 26.11.02. – MONETARY FREEDOM VS. CENTRAL BANKING, GRESHAM’S LAW IN THE POPULAR VERSION BECOMES REVERSED UNDER MONETARY FREEDOM

MONETARY DESPOTISM: A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the Nation and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the world; no longer a government of free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of small groups of dominant men." - Woodrow Wilson. – Without corresponding legislation, i.e., government intervention, against free competition in note-issuing banking and against other credit institutions, this would have been impossible. – But politicians, even those who write or talk about freedom, prefer to blame others rather than themselves for the results of their own actions or those of their predecessors. - JZ, 5.1.07. In the absence of an enlightened public opinion on monetary freedom they do get away with this childish behavior. – JZ, 1.11.13. - CENTRAL BANKING OR PRIVILEGED BANKING

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Absolute monetary power is also being absolutely abused.” - JZ, 20.8.74. - CENTRAL BANKING

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Absolutism suppressed merchants' attempts to create stable money.” – F. A. Hayek, Denationalisation of Money, p.28.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: After half a century of monetary depreciation and economic instability, still to accept the dogma that it is the proper function of government to issue money and regulate its value, reflects a high degree of insensibility to our monetary plight.” - Hans F. Sennholz, The Freeman, 9/73.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: All regulation of the currency, Spooner argued, was unconstitutional because it impaired the individual's right of free contract. Outside the consent of contracting parties, any encumbrance on a contract violated the fundamental reason for forming societies - to protect property. The right to make and the obligation to fulfill contracts provided the bedrock of civilization. Abandon it and there could be no law, no justice, no civilization. Without it, no property could be safe.” - Charles Chiveley, Introduction to Spooner's works, p.28, vol. I. - REGULATION OF THE CURRENCY

MONETARY DESPOTISM: All the perplexities, confusion, and distress in America arise, not from defects in the Constitution or Confederation, not from want of honor or virtue, so much as from downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation." - President John Adams - IGNORANCE & PREJUDICES

MONETARY DESPOTISM: All three of the effects of monetary despotism – which is based upon the issue of monopoly money in legal tender form – namely, inflation, deflation and stagflation, do cause, at least periodically, mass unemployment, poverty and political strife and can easily lead to despotism and even totalitarianism, as history has proven all too often. Full monetary freedom, in all its aspects, is its only cure and effective preventative measure. – JZ, 13.11.98, 26.9.08.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: And central banks, national debts, depreciating currencies and legal tender laws spell one thing - the end of free enterprise, freedom and justice.” - Leslie Snyder, Justice or Revolution, p.133. – CENTRAL BANKING, INFLATION, LEGAL TENDER LAWS, NATIONAL DEBTS

MONETARY DESPOTISM: As long as you remain monetarily dependent rather than emancipated, you will remain dependent in many other respects as well. – JZ, 22.3.02. - VS. MONETARY FREEDOM & INDEPENDENCE, MONETARY DESPOTISM & DEPENDENCE

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Bad monetary and fiscal policy, often designed by the IMF, is the real cause of global problems. The only explanation for why government leaders continue to follow these policies is that by blaming markets, they avoid blaming themselves.” - Brian S. Wesbury – For central banking, with its inflations, deflations and stagflations and financial difficulties, with their tax tribute levies and many other wrongful and anti-economic interventions, primarily the own legislators have to be blamed. The IMF merely confirms or demands such anti-economic interventionism or Keynesianism. – JZ, 1.11.13. - TAXATION & PUBLIC DEBT

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Banks and financial institutions are now largely only somewhat competing dealers in the government’s forced and exclusive paper money currencies, i.e., in monopoly money. – JZ, 4.10.98. They can go beyond this monopolistically controlled cash volume only to the extent that they can manage to engage in clearing rather than in transfer actions using the government money. In credits they cannot soundly go beyond the government cash available to them now or becoming available to them in repayments to their credits or as credits from the central bank. If they try to do so then they will sooner or later fail to meet their commitments and can only hope to become bailed out by the government’s central bank. They cannot create money or credit on their own. They are not free to issue their own money or clearing certificates in monetary denominations. That monetary freedom is expressly legally and juridically prohibited for them. The fact that they can arrange for some clearing should not deceive us into believing that they could create money or credit or clearing options or that they could multiply exchange media and thereby depreciate them. That is the exclusive and quite wrongful privilege of the central bank of issue. The so subordinated banks should not be blamed for all the wrongs and mistakes of the central bank of issue and it does only what the legislators have allowed and even instructed it to do. – JZ, 27.9.08. – “PRIVATE” BANKS & OTHER “PRIVATE” FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS, are ALL UNDER THE LEGALLY IMPOSED MONETARY DESPOTISM OF CENTRAL BANKS

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Because the government has a monopoly on the production of money, it has increased our paper money to such an extent that prices are almost constantly rising. This had led to people demanding price controls instead of demanding that the government get out of the business of money-creation.” - THE GARGOYLE, N.J., USA, quoted in PROGRESS, Melbourne, Feb. 77. – They are not “creating” genuine and sound new money but merely depreciating their own monopoly money with legal tender power, i.e. compulsory acceptance and a forced value, far beyond the value that tax foundation can give them. – It was always wrong to assume that exclusive silver or gold-coin currencies, supplemented only by the clearing money of governments, for their spending and tax revenues, even while this clearing money stuck by a silver- or gold value standard, could satisfy all the requirements for sound exchange media. There is no sound substitute for freely competing free market monies and clearing options. – JZ, 1.11.13. – MONETARY FREEDOM, FREE CHOICE OF VALUE STANDARDS, EXCHANGE MEDIA & CLEARING OPTIONS

MONETARY DESPOTISM: But as soon as it was widely understood some 50 years ago that the convertibility into gold was merely a method of controlling the AMOUNT of a currency, which was the real factor determining its value, governments became only too anxious to escape that discipline, and money became more than ever before the plaything of politics.” - F. A. Hayek, Denationalisation of Money, p.29. - Here Hayek does not recognize that other means can effectively control the amount of money issued when it is not monopoly money and has no legal tender powers. Even for him it was not easy to entirely free himself from a host of old and popular prejudices. - JZ, 21.3.97. - Without gold redemption paper currencies can be as good as gold coins and accepted as such if they do have e.g. a gold weight unit as their value standard and are accepted by the issuer at this nominal gold-weight value for all the wanted consumer goods and services that he or his association do have to offer, also priced in gold weight units. With such a gold-weight accounting or clearing standard as many exchange media as are required can be issued and circulate, at least locally, at par with their nominal gold weight value, far beyond the quantity that could be redeemed by the issuers in gold coins upon demand. Gold redemptionism always assures a degree of currency famine because all the gold stock accumulated over history plus the current gold production cannot keep up with the increased productivity of all consumer goods and services, in ever increased quantities and varieties, of increased populations, with more and more productive workers and productive capital. Even the best gold-mining methods can increase the total gold stock only very fractionally and not in parallel with the ever increased offer of consumer goods and services. While gold redemptionism should not be outlawed, it should not be generally imposed, either. Under free choice of value standards, the private and competing free market monies and clearing options, which use a gold-weight unit merely as their optional value standard, can soundly use it for many more exchange media, clearing certificates and clearing accounts, and a much increased turnover with them, than are possible with those, which are at any time redeemable by their issuers in gold coins. All price increases will then be reduced merely to the abolition of emergency sales prices. There would no longer be an inbuilt money shortage. Just as many sound exchange media would be offered as would be required for free exchanges. Any excess would either not be offered by issuers or refused or discounted. The multiplication of exchanges via clearing has also no inflationary effect on the free market price level as long as a sound value standard is used. More clearing means more exchanges, just like more barter means more exchanges. But barter is still very laborious and time-consuming compared with multilateral exchanges – unless it uses at least a fictional index value standard, like some negro tribes did, with their “makuta” currency, based upon an imagined basked full of staple foods. With such a standard agreed upon, by local public opinion, many different goods and services could be freely exchanged. – JZ, 1.11.13.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: But if we beat this thing, public opinion will crucify anyone who tries to punish us.” - F. M. Busby, The Breeds of Man, p.65. - In such a situation, requiring considerable monetary enlightenment, and a considerable crisis and obvious helplessness of the government, one can break the laws of monetary despotism and get away with it. - JZ, 24.8.02, 1.11.13. - MONETARY FREEDOM REVOLUTION

MONETARY DESPOTISM: But it doesn’t work. Scholars who most carefully watch federal fine-tuning believe it has, in practice, fueled the booms and deepened the recessions. As I write this, the final effect of this intricate, mechanical design to avoid inflation and recession has produced both. Two dozen monetary alchemists have been summoned to Washington to device a prescription that will undo the awful consequences of their prior manipulations. For now we have inflation and stagnation at the same time. The conventional cure for either one will aggravate the other.” – Cornuelle, Demanaging America, p.69. - CENTRAL BANKING, FINE TUNING OF NATIONAL CURRENCIES, MONETARY POLICIES, INFLATION, DEFLATION, STAGFLATION

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Central banks are the health of the State.” - George Selgin - Quoted by Becky Chandler – Facebook 1.10.13. – STATE, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, CENTRAL BANKING, MONETARY & VALUE STANDARD AS WELL AS CLEARING FREEDOM, FREE EXCHNAGE

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Communities under the monetary despotism of central banks cannot cope with a large influx of new immigrants or refugees. They cannot even cope with the unemployment and inflations as well as stagflations, which that system causes frequently and extensively, for long periods, before any large influx of more people occurs. No influx of more productive people would be a problem for a free market banking, money-, currency- and clearing system, one combined with full financial freedom. The country, which first introduced these economic liberties, would soon be the target for much of the refugee capital of the world, for long-term productive investments. People still ignorant of these alternatives would not engage in them. But those, who do know and appreciate some, many or even all the rights and liberties involved and would apply them among themselves, would very soon enjoy the large benefits of them. Nobody would be forced to participate or to copy their methods – but seeing the positive results more and more would soon do so. Governments, which tried to prevent that, would not last long. Voluntary taxation would be almost immediately popular with most working people, businessmen and professionals as well as tradesmen. Let them opt out, individually or in whole groups, from their present territorial governments, in order to freely do their own things, self-responsibly, among themselves, and allow them to freely follow the best examples set by others. Full freedom of contract, association, trade and exchange, also full freedom of disassociation and separateness, as long as it is not territorial. Quite free and sufficiently informed immigrants would set many attractive examples, immediately. For corresponding reforms through governments one has often to wait for years, decades or even centuries. Experimental freedom should not be confined to territorial governments. If it is, then they do largely merely demonstrate their ignorance, prejudices and lack of talents, foresight, abilities and their immorality in treating whole populations as their property. - JZ, 30.10.09, 10.3.12, 1.11.13 . – PANARCHISM, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, VOLUNTARISM, SECESSIONISM, CENTRAL BANKING

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Control the coinage and the courts. Let the rabble have the rest." Leto thought. Old Jacob Broom said it and Leto could hear the old man chortling within. "Things haven't changed all that much, Jacob." - Frank Herbert, God Emperor of Dune, p.26.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Democratize money. Repeal the central bank's issue monopoly. Repeal the legal tender power for its paper money. Abolish monetary despotism. Establish monetary freedom. Until this is done no other liberties and rights will be complete and secure. Pluralism and free choice and competition and voluntary rather than enforced collaboration, voluntary rather than enforced exchange media and value standards are the solution. Monetary despotism has held sway over us for thousands of years, like slavery did - and enforced tribute payments or tax slavery still do. We ought to replace them by monetary emancipation or monetary freedom and voluntary taxation, by voluntarism for or voluntary membership in all systems. We could either aim at these important but limited objectives directly or could realize them indirectly through achieving free choice of governments, or competing governments - and free societies, all based upon individual secessionism and voluntary membership, made possible through the possibility of exterritorial autonomy and personal laws, with their long history and experience, however incomplete they were and however neglected they still are at present. Then the realization of monetary freedom in at least one of the resulting "panarchies", formed e.g., by some limited government libertarians or some of the no-government anarchists, would indirectly and relatively soon realize monetary and financial freedom, for them, too. - JZ, 11.4.93, 27.5.97, 1.11.13. - DEMOCRACY, MONETARY LIBERATION OR EMANCIPATION, DENATIONALIZATION OF MONEY, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARY TAXATION & CONTRIBUTION SYSTEMS

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Depressions are caused by government intervention into the economy, particularly by government manipulation of credit.” – Ayn Rand, quoted in O’Neill, Ayn Rand, p.57. - DEPRESSIONS, CRISES

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Economists are again looking to means of taking money out of the control of government altogether. In Hobart Paper 69 (“Gold or Paper?”) Professor E. Victor Morgan and Mrs. Morgan re-examine the breakdown of monetary management since the war and re-assess the case for re-establishing a link between currency and gold.” - Arthur Seldon in Hayek, Denationalisation of Money, p.4. - Alas, the imagination of too many economists does not suffice to let them think beyond the paper money of monetary despotism and the classical alternative of "the" gold standard that was based on instant convertibility of all paper notes by the issuer. - The range of monetary freedom options is very much larger. - JZ, 24.3.97.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Employees have today only the choice to be paid in bad monopoly monies, either inflated, deflated or stagflated, or not to be paid at all, i.e. to become unemployed. Employers can only pay their employees in such currencies or dismiss them. – JZ, 7.8.75. – Neither have so far sufficiently examined the rightful and sound alternatives to this situation. Instead, their minds are filled with all too many errors, prejudices and myths, false assumptions and conclusions on the subject of sound money. – JZ, 13.12.07, 1.11.13. - WAGES, SALARIES, EMPLOYEES

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Employment opportunities should not be legally confined to the number of jobs for which the government makes its exclusive and forced currency available for wage and salary payments. - JZ, 7.8.75, 20.3.97, 1.11.13. – EMPLOYMENT, UNEMPLOYMENT, CENTRAL BANKING

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Even a good (hard, rare metal) exclusive and forced currency is still as wrong and ineffective as a good king. - JZ, 14.3.84. - Even the accumulation of silver and gold stocks over thousands of years can never be the true equivalent to the ever growing outpouring of the value of all labor, management services, and all consumer goods and services. Using rare metal weight units merely as competing and freely chosen value standards, without a redemption obligation (by the issuer of silver- or gold certificates and all other banknotes) can still make sense but should be quite optional and supplemented by free choice among value standards. Confining the total quantity of all exchange media to these rare metal stocks is wrong, absurd and quite unnecessary. The gold-weigh clearing or gold-weight accounting standard works even better than the gold redemption standard and this without any cover or reserve funds, just using the quotations of free gold markets and pricing and contracting in gold weigh units and accepting payment in all kinds of exchange media or clearing certificates - at their free market evaluation against gold weight units. - JZ, 20.12.07, 1.11.13. – The gold redemption standard does not sufficiently distinguish between exchange media and value standard. – Gold coins or gold weights can be considered as good value standards but are hardly good as exclusive exchange media. - JZ, 19.2.09. - GOLD-WEIGHT ACCOUNTING OR CLEARING STANDARD VS. GOLD COIN REDEMPTION STANDARD

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Exclusive and hierarchical arrangements are as dangerous for the provision of enough sound exchange media and sound value standards as is the religious monopoly and intolerance of a single hierarchical church. Most "Gold Bugs" do not only favor gold, one can respect that, but they want it either as exclusive exchange medium or at least as an exclusive value standard for all others as well. To that extent they are totalitarians, too. If they confined their system to their own and exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers then and only then would their choice not bug me at all. - JZ, n.d., 9.5.97, 1.11.13. - GOLD BUGS & RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE

MONETARY DESPOTISM: For a government to limit the currency of a people, and to designate the individuals (or corporations) who shall have the control of that currency, is, manifestly, equivalent to saying there shall be but so much industry and wealth in the nation, and that these shall be under the special control, and for the special enjoyment of the individuals designated; and, of course, that all other persons shall be simply their dependents and servants; receiving only such prices for their property, and such compensation for their labor, as these few holders of the currency shall see fit to give for them.” - Lysander Spooner, A New Banking System, p.52/53.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: For some 200 years governments have tried to manipulate and regulate the people's choice of money. Since the gold standard was least amenable to government control it was systematically assaulted. It was suspended at government convenience, gradually deprived of its substance, and finally replaced by the fiat standard. The stage thus was set for an age of inflation.” - Hans Sennholz, Inflation or Gold Standard? P.50. – How many different gold standards are there? Is it thus permissible to speak merely of ‘the” gold standard? – By far not as many as there are different definitions of “socialism”, but the same kind of careless use of terms is involved here as when people speak or write of “socialism” and only mean “State socialism” or “State capitalism” - JZ, 16.2.09. – Only the gold-weight clearing or accounting standard does clearly enough separate the value standard from the exchange medium. – It can be an effectively competing value standard for any quantity of diverse exchange media that are still, at least locally, accepted at par with their nominal gold weight value and thus sound. Not being monopoly money and having legal tender power (compulsory acceptance and a forced value) no more than a free market requires can be put into circulation of it, for any such attempt will lead to refusals to accept it and to discounting of it. Sound value standard reckoning in prices and wages would remain unaffected. Only the issuer would still be obliged to accept discounted exchange media at their nominal value. - JZ, 1.11.13. - “THE” GOLD STANDARD, THE ONLY ONE MOST “GOLD BUGS” KNOW OF OR APPRECIATE, Q., SOCIALISM

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Government meddling with money has not only brought untold tyranny to the world; it has also brought chaos and not order. It has fragmented the peaceful, productive world market and shattered it into a thousand pieces, with trade and investment hobbled and hampered by myriad restrictions, controls, artificial rates, currency breakdowns, etc. It has helped bring about wars by transforming a world of peaceful intercourse into a jungle of warring currency blocs. In short, we find that coercion, in money as in other matters, brings, not order, but conflict and chaos." - Murray Rothbard, 1985. – Quoted by Benjamin Richards, Nizam Ahmad and Afrikanus Kofi Akosah shared Benjamin Richards's status update. - Facebook, 5.3.13. – Partly also in: Anja Hartleb Facebook, 12.2.12. – Alas, a listing of all people interested in aspects of or even in full monetary freedom – is still amiss, as far as I know. – JZ - CENTRAL BANKING

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Government “money” isn’t really money. It is rather a coercive fiction. – JZ, 9.10.99. – It is a mere coercive or fiat currency or legal tender paper money to the extent that it goes beyond its tax foundation. It has been rightly compared to mere requisitioning certificates. What services can one buy from the government with it that only a territorial government could rightfully and efficiently supply? – JZ, 9.10.99, 6.10.08. - CENTRAL BANKING, MONOPOLY MONIES WITH LEGAL TENDER POWER, FIAT MONEY

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Governmental money systems outlaw real, sound and optional monies and value standards and thus can become inflated, deflated and stag-flated, allowing legislators, politicians and bureaucrats to engage in currency “policies” and allow them to engage in still more wrongful and wasteful “spending” with more and more depreciated government “money”. – JZ, 9.10.99. – CENTRAL BANKING, MONEY ISSUE MONOPOLY, MONETARY DESPOTISM, INFLATION, DEFLATION, UNEMPLOYMENT, BUDGET, GOVERNMENT FINANCE

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Governments are composed of people much like you and I; but the people in the Federal Government have one great advantage over you and I - they control the supply of our money which was nationalized years ago.” - Duncan Yuille, Workers Party NSW Bulletin, Oct. 76. - It is not really our money but their money, which we are forced to use and which they constantly mismanage and almost constantly depreciate. - JZ, 20.12.07. - & GOVERNMENTS

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Governments can only be trusted to depreciate their currencies, not to preserve their value. – JZ, 4.3.01. – But we can also trust in them to now and then produce a deflation with them. All governmental exclusive and forced currencies deserve only one thing: Extreme distrust and, thereupon, their abolition for all their involuntary victims and the reduction of their use to all their remaining voluntary adherents and victims. – We should all be free to secede from them and to monetarily emancipate ourselves in whichever way we do prefer for ourselves. - JZ, 6.10.08. - CENTRAL BANKING, MONETARY LEGISLATION, GOVERNMENTS, TRUST, CONFIDENCE, DISTRUST, MONETARY FREEDOM, SECESSIONISM

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Governments cannot be trusted with power to determine what traders should use as a medium of exchange.” – Leonard E. Read, THE FREEMAN, 1/75. - Or as a value standard. – JZ, n.d. – Central banking and Legal tender laws do wrongly imposed both. – JZ, 1.11.13. – VALUE STANDARDS & MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE

MONETARY DESPOTISM: He who tampers with the currency robs labor of its bread.” - Senator Daniel Webster, speech delivered at Niblo's Saloon, New York City, March 15, 1837. - The Works of Daniel Webster, 10th ed., vol. 1, p. 377 (1857). - Tampering with the own, optional money, without legal tender power, can mainly harm only the issuer, not those free to issue and accept other exchange media and value standards - provided they know their monetary rights and liberties and do make sufficient use of them. - JZ, 26.11.02. - MONEY, TAMPERINGS WITH MONEY

MONETARY DESPOTISM: His top priority is protecting the currency.” – News, of 25.8.98, on the Russian Ruble. - The very institutions (central banks) and rulers, who keep these instruments of monetary despotism at their disposal, and with them and their monetary legislation (granting an issue monopoly to their central bank and giving its notes legal tender power, i.e., compulsory acceptance and a fictitious and forced value) then pretend that they are not the culprits but able and willing to fight inflation or “protect the currency”. Either they do not know that they caused the inflation in the first place, by their monetary despotism or they do know and just won’t admit it and wish to cover up their guilt in this way. Both cases are inexcusable. Especially in former communist countries, where it should be remembered that Marx and Engels, in their Communist Manifesto and in comments to it recommended central banks, their monopoly and legal tender power as means to defeat the bourgeois economies. – JZ, 26.9.08. - LEGAL TENDER, CENTRAL BANKING, INFLATION, MARXIST COMMUNISM

MONETARY DESPOTISM: How could people simply have assumed, for decades, that the monopolization of so important an instrument as exchange media are and the imposition of an almost continuously deteriorating paper value standard by the monopoly holder, the central national bank, would have no harmful effects and would be better, overall, than the exchange media and value standards determined and supplied under free market conditions? - We have here one of the worst results of territorial statism. - JZ, 24.4.84, 20.12.07. – FREE MARKET MONIES UNDER MONETARY FREEDOM

MONETARY DESPOTISM: How much have we all heard (we who are old enough), within the last fifty years, of the power of congress, or of the States, "to regulate the currency". And "to regulate the currency" has always meant to fix the kind, and limit the amount, of currency, that men may be permitted to buy and sell, lend and borrow, give and receive, in their dealings with each other. It has also meant to say who shall have the control of the licensed money; instead of making it mean the suppression only of false and dishonest money, and then leaving all men free to exercise their natural right of buying and selling, borrowing and lending, giving and receiving, all such, and so much, honest and true money, or currency, as the parties to any or all contracts may mutually agree upon.” - Lysander Spooner, A Letter to Grover Cleveland, p.92, in Works, I.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Already they have raised up a moneyed aristocracy that has set the Government at defiance. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs." - President Thomas Jefferson. – That is true only for privileged or monopoly banks, especially for the central note-issuing banks of territorial governments. – Was Jackson the only USA president who opposed them? – JZ, 5.1.08. - CENTRAL BANKING VS. FREE BANKING

MONETARY DESPOTISM: If any monetary issue, clearing system, non-cash payment method, deposit saving and investment system or any other capital market system is good enough then it does not require any privilege, licensing, subsidies, controls or regulations. And the bad ones are, obviously, never sufficiently prevented or kept under controls by the government controllers (themselves the worst offenders, through their inflationary, deflationary and stagflationary, coercive, centralized, authoritarian, fraudulent, exploitative, oppressive and war-promoting system), as almost daily reports in the mass media prove sufficiently, although these media do neither recognize the correct causes nor the natural cures and preventative steps. - JZ, 3/97. – CENTRAL BANKING VS. MONETARY FREEDOM, MASS MEDIA

MONETARY DESPOTISM: If ever again our nation stumbles upon unfunded paper, it shall surely be like death to our body politic. This country will crash." - George Washington. – This wording clearly shows how little he knew about sound and unsound issues of paper money and clearing certificates. It is precisely the usual governmental kind of “funding” paper money that is wrong. He did not even mention the issue monopoly and the legal tender laws or abuse in this context. Between the short-term “credits” that the territorial governments have, as a result of their extensive compulsory taxation - and other charges and their current spending program a sound clearing is possible and recommendable, in form of tax anticipation or tax foundation paper money, which can well be reckoning in gold- or silver weight units, without a redemption obligation and which only the government would always have to accept at par with their nominal value, while in general circulation they it could be freely refused or discounted. There exists a long and partly quite honorable history of such money. But then: how many US or other presidents or political leaders or their advisors were ever sufficiently informed about money and finance? – JZ, 5.1.08. - ASSET CURRENCIES, PAPER MONEY “BASED” ON MEDIUM OR LONG TERM GOVERNMENT DEBT CERTIFICATES RATHER THAN COMPETITIVELY ISSUES TAX FOUNDATION PAPER MONEY, A SUFFICIENT SHORT-TERM REFLUX & WITH SOUND VALUE RECKONING & LEGAL TENDER ONLY TOWARDS THE STATE, TAX FOUNDATION MONEY

MONETARY DESPOTISM: If the legislature may forbid men to enter into one kind of obligatory contracts, they may, by the same rule, forbid them to enter into any - and the natural rights of men to buy, sell, contract, and exchange property, with each other, instead of being secured by the constitution, would become merely privileges to be withheld or permitted at the caprice or discretion of the Legislature. And if a banker's contracts, for the purchase, sale, or delivery of money, are forbidden today, a farmer's, merchant's, and mechanic's, for the purchase, sale, and delivery of their respective commodities, or appropriate articles of traffic, may be forbidden tomorrow.” - Lysander Spooner, Constitutional Law Relating to Credit ..., p.10/11.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: In reality, those theoreticians dislike monetary stability, because they dislike the fact that by means of money the individual may escape the arbitrariness of the government. Stable money is one of the last arms at the disposal of the individual to direct his own affairs, whether it be an enterprise or a household. It is certain that nothing so facilitates the seizure of all activities by the government as its liberty of action in monetary matters.” - Charles Rist.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: In the United States we have, in effect, two governments … We have the duly constituted Government … Then we have an independent, uncontrolled and uncoordinated government in the Federal Reserve System, operating the money powers which are reserved to Congress by the Constitution.” – Congressman Wright Patman - CENTRAL BANKING, FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM, FED

MONETARY DESPOTISM: It assumes the management of the citizens' monetary system but constantly defrauds them by inflating the currency, …” - Arthur Shenfield, REASON, 8/76. - Or by deflating or stagflating it. - JZ, 20.12.07.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: It is part and parcel at least of regimes like Lenin’s, Stalin’s, Mussolini’s, Hitler’s and Mao’s. Without it they would not have gained power or stayed in power for long. Without it WW I & II would not have happened. However, even in peacetime it can be almost as much abused by democratic governments, as e.g. the Great German inflation showed after WW I, as well as the world-wide depression of the 1930’s. – JZ, 8.4.06, 29.10.07. - CENTRAL BANKING, LEGAL TENDER, FORCED PAPER CURRENCIES, INFLATION, DEFLATION, MONETARY CRISES

MONETARY DESPOTISM: It is unjust, inefficient and absurd to allow people to trade only when using a single, exclusive and forced exchange medium and a single, exclusive and forced value standard - via legal tender and the issue monopoly and the restriction of clearing and credit institutions. That does wrongly and unnecessarily combine the exchange medium with the value standard and makes thus a sufficient supply of exchange media and a stable enough currency difficult to impossible to achieve. Without consumer sovereignty towards and free enterprise for competitively supplied exchange media and value standards we get only governmental and more or less mismanaged exchange media and value standards. Competitive and cooperative alternatives to those offered by governments should never be suppressed. When they are, then the bad money drives out the good. When they are not suppressed then the good money drives out the bad. - JZ, 11.10.85 & 9.5.97. – GRESHAM’S LAW, MONOPOLY MONEY & LEGAL TENDER VS. FREE MARKET MONIES, & FREELY CHOSEN VALUE STANDARDS

MONETARY DESPOTISM: It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” – Henry Ford. - As if a monetary revolution, one that would introduce full monetary freedom, would be a bad rather than a good thing. - JZ, 23.11.06. – MONETARY FREEDOM REVOLUTION

MONETARY DESPOTISM: It plays mostly political football with the value and volume of a forced and exclusive paper currency. It guaranties nothing in the long run but continuing or repeated inflations, deflations, stagflations, a series or more or less severe economic crises and the continuance of sales difficulties for goods, services and labor. – Moreover, it outlaws the self-help solutions of full monetary freedom. - JZ, 29.6.06, 30.10.07. – In which country of the world has it not yet led to a great depreciation of its currency over the last 100 years? – JZ, 16.2.09. - ITS INFLATIONARY CURRENCY POLICY, MADE POSSIBLE BY ITS MONOPOLY & LEGAL TENDER LAWS, Q.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Just and full payments cannot always be obtained, if at all, for some people, via an exclusive and government managed and mismanaged forced currency. Such a currency will always leave some segments of the economy over-supplied with means of exchange (e.g. the public sector) and others under-supplied (e.g. the private sector, especially the rural one). It may over-supply cities and under-supply the countryside. It may over-supply big business and under-supply small businesses. In the absence of sound market rating, free enterprise, competition and consumer sovereignty in this sphere, it will mostly lead to inflations, deflations and stagflations, each with their forms of involuntary mass-unemployment and business, investment and payment injustices and difficulties. - JZ, 5.10.91, 26.4.97.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Just as the nationalization of the note-issue has forced the state to nationalize various industries in order to combat the resulting unemployment, so the same initial interference with industry's right to create its own medium of exchange produced the inflation that forced the state to control prices.” - Henry Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST, 8/78, p.47. - The "force" involved was in both cases only a false pretence, no a valid excuse. - JZ, 20.3.97.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Keynesian interference means interfering, directly or indirectly, with the supply of money in the economy … One of life's first lessons is that if you manipulate the supply of something people want, then ceteris paribus there will be a corresponding variation in what people will volunteer in exchange for it.” - Lauchlan Chipman, QUADRANT, 4/76. - And by now, in a society as much dependent as we are on division of labor and free exchange, we are all dependent on monetary transactions. And here government has monopolized and mismanaged both, the exchange media and the value standard and has also made much of clearing dependent upon its supply of monopoly money. - JZ, 20.12.07.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Let me first draw your attention to those despotic ordinances, known as the Bank Charter Acts of 1844-45 and the Coinage Act. - Those Acts are commands of the British Government to all its subject in this manner: "Thou shalt use no other money than mine, or such as is issued by those bankers whom I have granted special privileges to." Other governments have enacted currency laws to much the same effect as ours. You understand, owing to the indirect nature of all exchange, due to the division of labor, a medium is required in order that exchanges be completed. This medium, money, is necessitated in the transactions between shopkeepers and their customers, between capitalists and laborers, and in fact, whenever producers want to exchange their -products with one another. Given division of labor and consequent indirect exchange, and money is a necessity. It is, in fact, the first necessity in any community that has advanced beyond direct barter. It goes without saying, therefore, that any tampering with the money supply will have far-reaching effects, and that whenever currency laws exist trade cannot be free.” - John Badcock, Slaves to Duty, p.21/22. - TAMPERING WITH MONEY THROUGH CURRENCY LAWS

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Let the government’s paper money stand or fall on its own merit. Don’t let it be continued as a forced and exclusive currency. – JZ, 1.12.75. – TAX FOUNDATION MONEY, TAX ANTICIPATION WARRANTS, FIDUCIARY CURRENCIES, FIAT MONEY, LEGAL TENDER, FORCED & EXCLUSIVE CURRENCIES, GOVERNMENT PAPER MONEY

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Managed money goes with a statist and collectivist philosophy, with government ‘planning’, with a coercive economy in which the citizen is always at the mercy of bureaucratic caprice.” - Henry Hazlitt, Inflation, p.26.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Men do make mistakes. But the tendency is to correct such mistakes most rapidly when the costs are instantly and clearly revealed. The dreadful cost of letting the government prescribe and manage our money is now becoming clear. If that mistake is corrected, it would go far to curb numerous other wasteful practices ...” - Paul Poirot, THE FREEMAN, 4/75.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Modern politicians appear intent on preventing (*) voluntary transactions by destroying (**) our money. (***) - Duncan Yuille, Workers Party NSW Bulletin, Oct. 76. - What they are destroying or, rather, outlawing, is our own kinds of sound alternative monies. Thus they force us to use their bad money, an exclusive and forced currency, always fluctuating between over-issues and under-issues, but, in the average always artificially over-issued and thus inflated, which one can do only with a government's legal tender money. Without the issue monopoly there would be no deflations and without legal tender there could be no inflations. But neither our rulers nor most of their victims have understood these relationship so far but simply struggle to get as much of this monopoly money as they can. – (*) or interfering with – (**) depreciating or otherwise mismanaging – (***) The exclusive currency they have force upon us. - JZ 5.11.82, 20.12.07. – Without that interference we could and would produce better monies for ourselves. – JZ, 16.2.09. – MONETARY FREEDOM, FREE BANKING, FREE MARKET MONIES

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Monetary despotism assumes that the State or a privileged central bank has the right to issue assignments on the labor, services and products of others, all the people in a national or State territory, and to prohibit all others in that territory in that territory from writing or printing out their own monetary assignments to their own goods, services and labor or that of their contractual partners. It amounts to the monopolization of the means of exchange, which are among the most important economic tools. Moreover, it interferes with sound and free value standard reckoning, free choice of value standards, and imposes, instead, it own inferior and all too often very much mismanaged "value standard". - To that extent we still live under absolute monarchism and its "prerogatives" and "privileges", as exploited subjects rather than free citizens. - JZ, 31.1.83, 20.12.07. – CENTRAL BANKING, ISSUE MONOPOLY & LEGAL TENDER POWER

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Monetary despotism embraces e.g. the note issue monopoly of the central bank, legal tender legislation, which establishes a compulsory paper standard, a fiat currency or forced and exclusive currency, a bad money that drives out the good, outlawry of gold or free market gold transactions, credit restrictions, banking restrictions, clearing restrictions, the authority for all creditors to demand cash payments, regardless how badly the market may be supplied with the cash type which the law insists upon. (Legislation and jurisdiction against “truck” and other anti-emergency money issues.). – JZ file: Unemployment incomplete comb of old files

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Monetary despotism is not only troublesome but wrong and often disastrous in its results. It leads to mass unemployment, inflations, stagflations, poverty, and these lead also to revolutions, civil wars and international wars and also to terrorism. – JZ, 21.12.92, 5.1.11.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Monetary despotism is one of the main pillars of any modern despotism. It also tends to lead to or makes worse all kinds of other forms of despotism, including the inflationary financing of aggressive wars or aggressively conducted “defensive” wars. – JZ, 31.12.92. - In Germany legal tender for its paper money was introduced on 1.1.1910 with the expressed intention to finance the next war through an inflation. Until WW I began, its paper money was still redeemable. But right at the beginning of the war this redeemability in rare metal was also repealed. – Thus the road to Germany’s worst inflation was widely opened fro the government and all self-help options in this sphere remained outlawed ever since. – Central banking with its monopoly money and legal tender power amounts to totalitarianism in the monetary sphere. - JZ, 7.10.08, 5.1.11, 1.11.13.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Monetary despotism is one of the main supports for almost every other kind of despotism and authoritarianism. – JZ, 22.2.03. - DESPOTISM & AUTHORITARIANISM, TERRITORIALISM

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Monetary despotism keeps us all too dependent, poor and insecure. – JZ, 22.2.03.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Monetary despotism means, among other things, that the normal provision of employment is in some of its most important aspects outlawed and penalized. - Only those who can gain sufficient legal tender for this purpose can, under it, pay wages and salaries. But, as under any other monopoly, this legal tender is also often in short supply. Then, rather than breaking or ignoring this monopoly and realizing their monetary freedom options – Employers are forced to throw many workers upon the street or are even forced to close down their enterprises. - These employers and their employees can be blamed only for their lack of interest in the monetary freedom options. - If they studied them as seriously as many of them study the forms of their favorite race-horses, dogs, football teams or sports stars, actors and singers, then most of our social problems would soon be a thing of the past. - JZ, 8.4.97, 5.1.11, 1.11.13. – IGNORANCE OF & LACK OF SERIOUS INTERETS IN MONETARY OPTIONS

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Monetary despotism places many other opportunities, rights and liberties out of your reach as well. – JZ, 22.2.03. – One should not expect anything else from such a fundamental intervention with free exchange, its media, standards and methods. – JZ, 21.10.07. – MONETARY RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Monetary despotism, too, receives the sanction of most of its victims. – JZ, 22.2.03. - & SANCTION OF THE VICTIMS

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Money ... is the nerve center of the economic system. If, therefore, the state is able to gain unquestioned control over the unit of all accounts, the state will then be in a position to dominate the entire economic system, and the whole society. - Murray Rothbard – Quoted by Nizam Ahmad on Facebook, 20.11.12. - CENTRAL BANKING, FED

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Money being the life-blood of the economic system, the control of money means that the economic life of the people is controlled.” - Rev. Rushdoony, The Myth of Overpopulation, p.28.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Money-control is the supreme and most comprehensive of all governmental controls short of expropriation.” - Gustav Stolper, This Age of Fable, p.64.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Most of LIBERTY's adherents believed that the governmental limitations placed on the amount of currency issued and on the choice of media of exchange (generally being restricted to gold and silver) were the cause of financial depressions …” - Carl Watner, JLS, Fall 77, p.315.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Most people seem to hate the market and its phenomena, as producers, laborers, tradesmen and professionals, but not in their role as consumers. It is almost as if they were still standing for sale, as slaves on a slave auction block in a slave market, like many or most of their ancestors were. Maybe a racial memory is involved here and that particular gene might soon be discovered. In a way they still are slaves but with the slave masters of old replaced by those who managed to get hold of enough of the forced and exclusive currency of monetary despotism, to be able to bid for them. They themselves are not allowed to issue their own money tokens, redeemable in their goods, services and labors, nor are their buyers. They are not free to issue IOUs in free and effective clearing, based upon what they have to offer to the market, and clear them against the IOUs of others, or, monetarily or via clearing, to exchange their goods, services and labor for those of others. All are kept within the tight network of monetary despotism and thus restricted in their exchange actions. All are thus usually forced to offer their goods, services and labor not at free prices but only at prices that are more or less emergency sales prices, because they may legally be expressed only in a forced and exclusive currency that is monopolized by a central bank. Due to their remaining slave mentality, they tend to put up with this condition rather than effectively rebelling against it and abolishing it, starting with doubts, discussions and theoretical explorations of this freedom option. They are not in the market with the money of monetary despotism for the literature expounding the options of monetary freedom, even though such literature is not outlawed or censored. They have put this major freedom option out of their mind or beyond their horizon or ridicule and slander it when they come across it! - "For every tyrant a thousand ready slaves!" - Here: For every monetary tyrant there are millions of ready slaves and numerous “intellectual” apologists and advocates for his monetary despotism. - JZ, 17.9.91, 28.4.97, 19.2.09, 1.11.13. - SLAVE MENTALITY, MONOPOLISM, ECONOMIC IGNORANCE & PREJUDICES, THE SANCTION OF THE VICTIMS

MONETARY DESPOTISM: My agency in promoting the passage of the National Bank Act was the greatest financial mistake of my life. It has built up a monopoly, which affects every interest in the country. It should be repealed, but before that can be accomplished, the people will be arrayed on one side and the banks on the other, in a contest such as we have never before seen in this country." - Salmon P. Chase (1862). – It is not a matter of “the” banks vs. the people but of privileged or monopoly banks vs. free banks and the people. – JZ, 5.1.08. - CENTRAL BANKS, FED

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Only “true believers” believe that the best solution lies in monetary despotism. – JZ, 22.2. 03. - MONOPOLY MONEY, CENTRAL BANKING

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Only government can take perfectly good paper, cover it with perfectly good ink and make the combination worthless." - Milton Friedman – Quoted by Craig J. Bolton and Afrikanus Kofi Akosah sharing Laissez Faire Capitalism's photo. – Facebook, 23.3.13. – INFLATION, MONOPOLY MONEY WITH LEGAL TENDER POWER

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Our monetary difficulties spring from unwise-state tampering with the money supply.” - Henry Meulen, THE- INDIVIDUALIST, June 77, p.27.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: People who let even their value standard be determined and depreciated by their government are well prepared for any other kind of tyranny as well. - JZ, 1.3.85.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Seeing that a great percentage of the circulation is coercively handled by bureaucrats (as issuers, tax collectors and spenders), it is not surprising that those, who are neither budget item allocators or bureaucrats nor central bankers or favored government hand-out recipients, do often have difficulties getting or retaining enough of the scarce monopoly money they try to earn with their goods, services and labor. That coercive monopoly money is coercively channeled away from the productive to the unproductive or even counterproductive. - Nevertheless, most of the victims of this monetary and financial despotism do not demand its abolition and its replacement by monetary and financial freedom. They do grant the sanction of the victims. - JZ, 27.5.87, 9.5.97.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Series 1928 Federal Reserve Note: "Redeemable in gold on demand at the United Stares Treasury or in gold or lawful money at any Federal Reserve Bank." - Series 1934 Federal Reserve Note: "This note is legal tender for all debts public and private and is redeemable in lawful money at the United States Treasury or at any Federal Reserve Bank." - Series 1963 Federal Reserve Note: "This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private." - None of these legislators and few of their critics were and are aware that paper money can be issued and maintained as good as gold, at par with their nominal gold weight value, without legal tender (compulsory acceptance and forced value) and without the gold redemption obligation, simply by freedom to issue competitive currencies that are optional, i.e. market rated and refusable in general circulation and this under freedom of choice of value standards for notes, clearing certificates, clearing accounts, credits and freedom to price one’s goods and services in freely chosen value standards. Under that freedom good money would drive the bad money out of circulation. But the good currency, clearing and value standard alternatives are still outlawed in most if not all countries and the imagination of most critics is limited to the old rare metal coin circulation and notes redeemable in them by the note issuers. A truly scientific as well as ethical approach to the money problem is still all too rare. – In some respects irredeemable gold value certificates or accounts are even better than gold coins and certificates redeemable in gold coins. For their quantity can be easily adapted to the requirements, e.g. by a larger cover and redemption option in form of wanted consumer goods and services, all also priced in sound value standards. Free gold markets form also a much better and much larger “convertibility” fund for currencies reckoning , accounting or clearing only, in gold weight units, than the largest gold stocks of any bank or any government or all of them combined. – But rare metal redemptionism remains a fixed idea in all too many heads. Naturally, these true believers in “the” gold standard should be free to establish such banks of issue for themselves. - JZ, 5.1.08, 5.1.11, 1.11.13. - CENTRAL BANKING, GOLD REDEMPTION, LEGAL TENDER

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Socialist orders, planning states, are thus entirely favorable to a purely fiat currency, to an un-backed paper money. Without such a monetary system, their totalitarian power is broken, since gold and silver make possible an independent wealth, since their intrinsic worth escapes the control of the state and the effort of the state to make itself the sole source of value.” – Rev. Rushdoony, Overpopulation, p.28. - This statement includes some wrong assumptions on fiat money, legal tender and intrinsic value but is, otherwise, correct. - JZ, 21.3.97. - STATE SOCIALISM

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Sproul can seriously speak of leaving everything to what he calls "competent and responsible men." ... Sproul's currency theory may be summed up thus: Put your faith in the monetary managers, who have always fooled you in the past.” - Henry Hazlitt, What You Should Know About Inflation, p.30.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: State control of money was generally started as a source of revenue.” - Henry Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST, 12/74.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Statism or respect for and hopes or expectations toward territorial governments should go down as a result of e.g. the almost perpetual inflation, deflation or stagflation of their national currencies with their monopoly position legal tender power, which make such crises not only possible but likely. However, not even these economic disasters and the high taxes, wars, civil wars, violent revolutions and terrorism and dictatorships, which they tend to produce, have so far sufficed to kill off the religion of statism, territorialism and its institutions. A non-violent monetary, financial and panarchistic revolutions may be required to finally reduce the presently domineering statism to insignificant panarchies of its own remaining volunteers and free the remainder from their despotic, murderous and impoverishing rule. – Just like the slaves of ancient times, most of us think very little if at all about the remaining kinds of slavery and exploitation in our times and their abolition. We rather take these evils for granted and adapt to them as best as we can. - JZ, 29.12.97, 29.9.08, 5.1.11. - LEGAL TENDER, MONEY ISSUE MONOPOLY, CENTRAL BANKING, INFLATION, DEFLATION, STAGFLATION, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, TAXATION, UNEMPLOYMENT, WARFARE STATE, MONETARY, FINANCIAL & PANARCHISTIC REVOLUTIONS, CIVIL WARS, WARS, TERRORISM, GOVERNMENTS, CURRENCY POLICIES

MONETARY DESPOTISM: That universal riddle of today: how to increase the money supply and employment without raising prices. We have swum in the tank, closely confined by state monetary control for nearly a century and a half, bumping our noses violently at both the boom and slump ends of the tank, and we have not yet guessed what the obstacle is.” - Henry Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST, 2/78, p.2. – CENTRAL BANKING, STATIST CURRENCY POLICIES, MONOPOLY MONIES & VALUE STANDARDS

MONETARY DESPOTISM: the attention of government never was so unnecessarily employed, as when directed to watch over the preservation or increase of the quantity of money in any country.” - Quoted by Ellen Frankel Paul, in JLS, Fall 77, p.304. - Under competitive issues and free market rating of their values, good monies drive out the bad and good moneys are almost automatically kept at par or close to par with their nominal value, in the interests of the issuers and the acceptors alike. - The free market then supplies also as many sound exchange media as it needs, no more and no less. Nobody is then forced to accept inferior and depreciated money at all or at its nominal value - except the issuer himself. - JZ, 20.12.07. – GRESHAM’S LAW, PROPERLY UNDERSTOOD, INFLATION, DEFLATION, STAGFLATION, FREE MARKET MONIES, FREE BANKING VS. CENTRAL BANKING

MONETARY DESPOTISM: The compulsory acceptance and compulsory value of an exclusive State currency (legal tender) will, indirectly, exclude you from the practice of many other rights and liberties as well. – JZ, 22.2.03. – When sound exchange and clearing media and value standards are thus interfered with, then much else will also go wrong, politically, internally and externally. Despotism, violent revolutions, civil wars, international wars, impoverishment, terrorism, mass unemployment, deflationary and inflationary crises will occur and they will have many other undesirable consequences not foreseen. Most intellectuals do not see them as being closely connected with monetary despotism and avoidable via complete monetary freedom. – JZ, 21.10.07. - VS. MONETARY FREEDOM, BAD MONEY, VIOLENCE, WAR, CRIMES, TERRORISM, UNEMPLOYMENT, INFLATION, DEFLATION, ECONOMIC CRISES, TERRITORIALISM, LEGAL TENDER LAWS

MONETARY DESPOTISM: The distinctive function of gold money does not consist in its intrinsic value or in the constancy of that value, which fluctuates even in the absence of government intervention. The excellence of metallic money in free circulation consists in the fact that it renders impossible the abuse of the power of the government to dispose of the possessions of its citizens by means of monetary policy and thus serves as the solid foundation of economic liberty within each country and of free trade between one country and another.” - Faustino Ballve, quoted in L.E. Read's The Free Man's Almanac, for August 20. - Metallic money is just ONE of the alternative currencies that one should always be free to choose instead of being confined to an exclusive and forced government currency that is fraudulent, exploitative and tribute raising. The supposedly "intrinsic" value of gold is still based on its subjective value in a free market. But that tends to be rather steady, via its subjective value in jewelry and the subjective value of its extensive use in industry. - JZ, 21.3.97. Also by the fact that stocks of it have accumulated for thousands of years so that even a large new production hardly matters, seeing a growing population and growing volume of production and exchange. - JZ, 5.1.11. – However, to demand that all currencies be fully redeemable by their issuers in gold, turns them into an exclusive currency, with its kind of monetary despotism and a currency which is made artificially scarce and independent of the volume of consumer goods and services which people want to and need to exchange quite freely, with the help of any kind of exchange medium, clearing option and value standard of their own free choice. –GOLD AS EXCLUSVE EXCHANGE MEDIUM & VALUE STANDARD VS. MONETARY FREEDOM

MONETARY DESPOTISM: The elementary truth is that the Great Depression was produced by government mismanagement [of money]. It was not produced by the failure of private enterprise.” – Milton Friedman. – Monetary despotism leads inevitably, like any other despotism, to mismanagement and abuses. – JZ, 2.1.08. – Any exclusive currency, even that of the redeemable gold standard, amounts also to monetary despotism, although not of the inflationary but, rather, of the deflationary kind. – JZ, 1.11.13. - CRISES, DEPRESSIONS, INFLATIONS, STAGFLATIONS

MONETARY DESPOTISM: The existing (world money) system ... creates poverty ... and is the root cause of war.” - Vincent C. Vickers, Economic Tribulation.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: The government forces its bad money as an exclusive one into circulation, via legal tender or compulsory acceptance and compulsory and fictitious paper values, while it outlaws the issue of sound, alternative private and cooperative exchange media and the use of sound alternative value standards. - For all too many decades most people have all too willingly put up with this monetary despotism, even when it has cost them their jobs and homes or their private business. The community is more robbed by monetary despotism every year than by all private criminals combined. - JZ, 15.4.97.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: The government's monetary, currency and financial policies are even more mismanaged and crooked than all its other affairs. - JZ, -6.7.91, 5.1.11.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: The inflations and deflations of the government's money monopoly and its money-manipulations, e.g. by discount rate-, interest- and open-market policies, and compulsory "reserve" requirements, harmfully affect all monetary and financial transactions, inflate or deflate or stagflate cash, deposits, savings, all credits and debts. Instead of trying to "reform" that monopoly and power, we ought to strive towards its elimination. That does not necessarily mean its outlawry or prohibition but its shrinking to finally nothing - by depriving it of all involuntary support and thus letting it fail upon its demerits. - JZ, 3/97. - MONETARY REFORMS

MONETARY DESPOTISM: The millions of refugees in the world are, largely, directly and indirectly, also victims of monetary despotism and so are the hundreds of millions of unemployed and the thousands of millions of inflation victims. – JZ, 22.2.03. - REFUGEES, UNEMPLOYMENT, INFLATION

MONETARY DESPOTISM: The monetary system of Australia, as well as that of all other countries is not one of natural growth and development but the result of legislative interventions with such growths and developments. The legislative monetary despotism grants exclusive and legal tender powers to the paper money of national central banks, which are legally given a pretended independence from governments but continue to have all too many ties with them and with their vested interest e.g. in taxation via inflation and in "fighting" inflation e.g. via price controls or through enforced deflationary steps. What governments thus achieve are mainly only periods inflations, deflations and stagflations. These powers are supplemented by powers over other banks and their activities, e.g. by licensing powers, compulsory reserve requirements, interest rate regulations, foreign exchange controls etc. Thus the bad paper monies of the central banks cannot be, legally and freely, competed out of existence but are coercively maintained in spite and often because of their flaws, which allows the manipulators to abuse them as they please. They will always find apologists for their mismanagement among the "experts, usually trained by and paid for by government institutions, too. If central banks had no despotic powers and privileges, then they could at most only issue a soundly administered tax foundation paper money, one that would be optional and market rated in general circulation and that only the government would have to accept at par, one also using a sound value standard, in payment of all taxes due. Beyond that they could not, then, force their notes into circulation, i.e., the popular version of Gresham's Law would be reversed and good monies could be freely issued and accepted and would thus drive out the bad money. - JZ, n.d. & 15.4.97. – VS. FREE DEVELOPMENT OF MONETARY SYSTEMS

MONETARY DESPOTISM: The money-supply is today not any more efficient that are the postal-, railway- and road services. They are all mismanaged by monopolistic bureaucracies. Consequently, there are always difficulties in selling goods and labor for this monopolistic exchange medium and it is also continuously depreciated because we are not free to compete it out of existence or to refuse it altogether or to discount it. - JZ, 8.4.79, 20.3.97. & THE "FREE" ENTERPRISE ECONOMY & “FREE” TRADE & “FREE MARKET”

MONETARY DESPOTISM: The more completely public finance can be separated from the regulation of the monetary circulation, the better it will be. It is a power, which always has been harmful. Its use for financial purposes is always an abuse. And government has neither the INTEREST nor the CAPACITY to exercise it in the manner required to secure the smooth flow of economic effort.” – F. A. Hayek, Denationalisation of Money, p.102.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: The only difficulty, but a most serious one, is that the State now fixes the total supply and type of money used in exchange. This is as frustrating as though the State should limit the number of postage stamps or railway tickets that can be issued, except that the harm done by money control is very much greater. We write letters, or travel, relatively seldom. We buy and sell every day.” - Henry Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST, 10/77. - He wrote, pleaded, edited and published at least for his kind of free banking and some other aspects of liberty from 1909 to his death in 1978. - JZ, 5.1.11. - Henry Meulen was a British individualist anarchist and economist. He was an editor of the periodical called The Individualist, published by the Personal Rights Association and actively promoted the philosophy of free banking. Wikipedia - Born: 1882 - Died: 1978. Google today offered me 5.38 million search results for him. – JZ, 1.11.13. – His correspondence with Ulrich von Beckerath, to the extent that I possess it, was digitized by me and is online: over 1,000 pages, 8.8 MBs, as part of a CD reproduced on

MONETARY DESPOTISM: The only reason why the peasants have no access to cheap capital is not the callousness of the rich, not "production for profit instead of for use," but simply stupid state interference with money and banking.” - Henry Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST, 8/75. - Actually, here it is less the interference with money options that matters but interference with financial freedom, like the issue and circulation of mortgage bonds, to help to overcome some of the natural fluctuations in agricultural production. Naturally, once farmers do have produce to sell, after the harvests, then it would also be much easier to sell, internally and externally, if they were free to issue their own purchasing certificates. But farmers' purchasing certificates should not be issued upon their future produce - which might still be destroyed, e.g. by a flood, frost, hailstorm or a pest. - JZ, 21.3.97. Only ready-for-sale goods and services have good enough “shop foundation” for the issue of goods warrants and service vouchers, in money denominations, by those, who do offer them. - PEASANTS, FARMERS, AGRICULTURE

MONETARY DESPOTISM: The World is not overpopulated but all too many people are under-producing or unable to sell all that they have to offer - because the exchange media are artificially and legally restricted and clearing alternatives remain insufficiently developed or also all too much legally restricted. - JZ, 7.5.78, 1.11.13. & UNDER-PRODUCTION

MONETARY DESPOTISM: The world is now allowed to use only fiat paper money ...” - Henry Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST, 10/76, p.54. - Or tokens and non-cash payments based on it and limited by it. - JZ, 3/97.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: There is no more ground for the State to prescribe the use of a particular money than to specify the transport or the type of invoice to be used.” - Henry Meulen, THE- INDIVIDUALIST, 12/77, p.70.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: There is thus an immense educational task ahead before we can hope to free ourselves from the gravest threat to social peace and continued prosperity inherent in existing monetary institutions.” – F. A. Hayek, Denationalisation of Money, p.101.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: They have all held that it was not necessary that money should be a bona fide equivalent of the labor or property to be bought with it; but that, by the prohibition of all other money, the holders of a comparatively worthless amount of licensed money would be enabled to buy, at their own prices, the labor and property of all other men.” – Lysander Spooner, A Letter to Grover Cleveland, Works I, p.37.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: They know that it is as flagrant a tyranny, as flagrant a violation of men’s natural rights, to forbid one man to lend another money for mechanical industry, as it would be to forbid the former to lend the latter a house to live in, a shop to work in, or tools to work with. - It is, therefore, a flagrant, manifest tyranny, a flagrant, manifest violation of men’s natural rights, to lay any conditions or restrictions whatever upon the business of banking – that is, upon the lending and hiring of money – except such as are laid upon all other transactions between man and man, viz: the fulfillment of contracts, and restraints upon force and fraud.” – Lysander Spooner, A New Banking System, p.51. – MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM, FREE BANKING

MONETARY DESPOTISM: They know, therefore, that prohibitions upon money are prohibitions upon industry itself; that there can be no such thing as freedom of industry, where there is not freedom to lend and hire capital for such industry.” – Lysander Spooner, A New Banking- System, p.50. - Alas, he does mix up monetary rights with savings and investment rights and does propose that the monetization of ALL capital would be possible and desirable, thereby overlooking the function of money as a means to promote, primarily, the turnover of daily wanted consumer goods and services, not the turnover of productive capital. For the latter, under financial freedom, special issue and trading rights and special kinds of paper securities do exist, which are not and cannot be currency or save as the backing for currency. Not only the freedom to issue a currency is required but also a sufficient reflux, even if that reflux is enforced, as it is for sound tax foundation money, which clear government spending against immediate and near future tax revenue and thus facilitates taxing and paying taxes within a short period. – Insurance monies of voluntary insurance companies, can have a sufficient reflux in the same way, to keep them at par with their nominal value, without the compulsion involved in taxation. – See e.g. the third of the free banking books of Ulrich von Beckerath on this subject, at - JZ, 20.3.97, 1.11.13.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: This focus on money and power may do wonders in the marketplace, but it creates a tremendous crisis in our society. People who have spent all day learning how to sell themselves and to manipulate others are in no position to form lasting friendships or intimate relationships ... Many Americans hunger for a different kind of society - one based on principles of caring, ethical and spiritual sensitivity, and communal solidarity. Their need for meaning is just as intense as their need for economic security." - Michael Lerner – Only the monies of monetary despotism do create problems like inflations, deflations and stagflations. Free market monies can be as sufficiently and soundly supplied as are tickets for performances. They cannot cause crises. Only based upon them can economic security be achieved as a sound foundation for all other activities and values. Any legalized and wrongful monopoly power and coercion in the monetary sphere acts like a poison for all economic relationships. – JZ, 1.11.13. - ITS CONSEQUENCES, INFLATIONS, DEFLATIONS, STAGFLATIONS, RECESSIONS, ECONOMIC CRISES, DEPRESSIONS

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Those who create and issue money and credit direct the policies of government and hold in the hollow of their hands the destiny of the people." - Rt. Hon. Reginald McKenna, Secretary of the Exchequer, Midland Bank of England (1920). - CENTRAL BANKING

MONETARY DESPOTISM: To entrust our money to government is like leaving our canary in trust with a hungry cat.” – Dr. Hans Sennholz, Inflation or Gold Standard? p.6. - Free choice in value standards and free enterprise in the production and use of exchange media is a better alternative to the exclusive and redemptionist form of “the” gold standard. This would free us from the quantity of gold available and affordable for us. It could, e.g., still permit us to account or clear our debts reckoning in the value of gold weight units, as reported on free gold markets, without possessing any gold - and would leave all other exchange media, clearing and value standard options open, too. - JZ, 21.3.97, 1.11.13.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Total control of a people is possible through control of money.” - Rev. Rushdoony, The Myth of Overpopulation, p.28. – Under full monetary freedom one can control only the own money, which one issues and accepts and has the choice between several freely competing currencies and clearing options. – JZ, 1.11.13.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Traditionally, stabilisation theory has viewed private, capitalist economy as a mechanism which produces fluctuations ... There is no question that government is a major source of instability.” - O. Eckstein, quoted in F. A. Hayek, Denationalisation of Money, p.78. – Some fluctuations are inherent in the price mechanism of all free markets. But they tend to come from the goods and service side, not from the side of free market monies and their value standards. Free market monies and optional value standards can always be sufficiently supplied for all trading requirements under full monetary freedom in their supply and use, especially by all those, who have sufficient “shop foundation” to offer for them, in form of wanted consumer goods and services or labor power. – JZ. 1.11.13.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Trust the government – to deflate or inflate your currency! – JZ, 24.9.85, 13.12.07. – Trust the government to either inflation, deflate or stagflated its currency and to outlaw all sound free market money alternatives to it. – JZ, 1.11.13. – TRUST, INFLATION,  DEFLATION & STAGFLATION WITH GOVERNMENTAL MONOPOLY MONIES INSTEAD OF FREE MARKET MONIES & THEIR CHOSEN VALUE STANDARDS

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Under monetary despotism all monetary and currency rights, liberties and opportunities are largely restricted for most people. Even the monetary despots themselves are remaining at one end of their leash. – JZ, 22.2.03, 21.10.07, 5.1.11. - E.g. the State’s tax returns become diminished by it. During deflations immediately and during inflations during its later and fast acceleration. – JZ, 3.11.07, 5.1.11. - RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Under monetary despotism neither money, freedom, justice, security, wealth, peace nor employment, property and health can be sufficiently attained and maintained in many to most cases. – JZ, 22.2.03, 21.10.07, 1.11.13.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Von Greyerz: Money printing will destroy currencies without helping economies - Submitted by cpowell on 01:45AM ET Wednesday, October 9, 2013. Section: Daily Dispatches - 4:40p ChST Wednesday, October 9, 2013. - Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: Swiss gold fund manager Egon von Greyerz tells King World News that central bank money printing will do nothing for national economies even as it will destroy currencies and cause a debt implosion: Nizam Ahmad - - - - - John Zube : Only if the printed money is monopoly money with legal tender power, both granted to is quite wrongfully by legislation. Sound paper monies are possible and desirable but are outlawed. The could be as sound as printed tickets and blue chip capital securities. As Mises said somewhere, it takes a government to turn two as valuable commodities as paper and ink into worthless scrap. – Facebook, 10.10.13.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: We are undone, my dear sir, if legislation is still permitted which makes our money, much or little, real or imaginary, as the moneyed interests shall choose to make it.” - Thomas Jefferson. - What he calls "moneyed interests" are, largely, only the interests of the governments and those of the governmental central banks and e.g. those of the debtors, during inflations, at least for a while, when they still can forced depreciated government currency at its nominal value upon their creditors. But they do not get, finally, new credits under these conditions. Finally, the prices race so far ahead of the note printing presses that a deflation of means of payment results, with the usual consequences of deflation, high unemployment and sales difficulties and a degree of return to primitive barter exchanges. - JZ, 5.1.11, 1.11.13. - MONETARY POLICY, DEVALUATION, MONETARY LEGISLATION & VALUE STANDARDS, INFLATION, DEFLATION, UNEMPLOYMENT, DEBTORS DEFRAUDING CREDITORS DURING INFLATIONS OR CREDITORS DEFRAUDIGN DEBTORS DURING DEFLATIONS

MONETARY DESPOTISM: We have stricken the (slave) shackles from four million human beings and brought all laborers to a common level not so much by the elevation of former slaves as by practically reducing the whole working population, white and black, to a condition of serfdom. While boasting of our noble deeds, we are careful to conceal the ugly fact that by an iniquitous money system we have nationalized a system of oppression which, though more refined, is not less cruel than the old system of chattel slavery." - Horace Greeley - (1811-1872) founder of the New York Tribune. - CENTRAL BANKING, THE NATIONALIZATION OF MONEY

MONETARY DESPOTISM: We have the spectacle of the world's economists gathering in discussion only of what form state regulation of the monetary system should take.” - Henry- Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST, 12/74. - That is like political scientists discussing exclusively despotic regimes. Actually, they do, by exclusively discussing only territorial political regimes that are, because of their territorialism, inherently despotic, even totalitarian. See my ON PANARCHY series and  - JZ, 21.3.97, 5.1.11. - & THE SUPPOSED EXPERTS

MONETARY DESPOTISM: we know not, as Madison could not know, what immense evils can arise from the undefined power to regulate the currency which the Constitution allotted to Congress.” - Arthur Shenfield, REASON, 8/76. - No matter how it is defined, it is still wrong to impose an exclusive and forced currency upon a whole country. - JZ, 20.12.07.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: What government’s or central banking’s legal tender paper money can achieve is merely inflation, deflation, or stagflation, i.e., mass-expropriation of all kinds of creditors, with the resulting difficulties for debtors to get further credit, mass unemployment and deflations and stagflations with massive sales difficulties for labor and goods and many bankruptcies, combined with the political and military crises that follow from these artificially and legally produced economic crises. This forced and exclusive exchange medium comes only rarely if ever just to the amounts which free exchanges require in any particular sphere of the economy and only rarely does its paper value standard remain stable enough for a while. Which amounts to paying a rather high price for a uniform means of payment and value standard. – JZ, 9.6.03, 18.10.07, 1.11.13.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: When monetary freedom is illegal, then monetary despotism and all its abuses are the only remaining legal alternatives. - JZ, 74, 1.11.13. – Monetary freedom, as the alternative, means separating all money, currency, clearing, credit and value standard decisions for whole populations from the territorial State and its institutions and laws and confining all remaining statism to its remaining voluntary victims, under their chosen personal law, as long as the State still has such victims. All others would then be free to do their things among themselves, at their own risk and expense, which would mean, at least for most and in they long run, that they would choose something much better in this sphere as in all others, than a territorial State can and will offer them. – JZ, 1.11.13. - MONETARY FREEDOM as part of panarchism, voluntarism, personal law, voluntary State membership, competing governance

MONETARY DESPOTISM: When the supply of any commodity is stopped, we can generally turn to a substitute of our own choice, but when the supply of money is stopped, all buying is restricted.” - Henry Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST, 10/77. – That, too, applies, obviously, only to the government’s or its central bank’s monopoly money, usually, through its legalized legal tender power not only an exclusive currency but also a forced one. – JZ, 1.11.13. – LEGAL TENDER MONOPOLY MONEY INSTEAD OF FREELY COMPETING FREE MARKET MONIES & FREELY CHOSEN VALUE STANDARDS FOR PRIVATE PAYMENT COMMUNITIES & ALL PRIVATE PAYMENT CONTRACTS.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: While boasting of our noble deeds we’re careful to conceal the ugly fact that by an iniquitous money system we have nationalized a system of oppression, which, though more refined, is not less cruel than the old system of chattel slavery. - Horace Greeley – in CENTRAL BANKING, FORCED & EXCLUSIVE CURRENCIES

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce." - President James A. Garfield, in George Seldes, The Great Quotations. – That is probably the main reason why most territorial governments introduced and upheld central banking. – What did Garfield do against monetary despotism? Did he speak up and write and propose bills for fully free banking? – Most likely he was as ignorant as most of his subjects on the laws that established and maintained  monetary despotism or even prejudiced in their favor, because he “saw” a threat in private and free banks, quite unaware of the natural laws of full monetary freedom which, if abided by, make inflations, deflations and stagflations impossible! - JZ, 5.1.07. - CENTRAL BANKING

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Why should the government have the power to force its deteriorated paper money on us and to outlaw all alternative sound currencies? - JZ, n.d. – Q. – LEGAL TENDER LAWS, EXCLUSIVE CURRENCIES, FORCED CURRENCIES INSTEAD OF COMPETING FREE MARKET CURRENCIES

MONETARY DESPOTISM: With the exception only of the 200-year period of the gold standard (1714 to 1914 in Britain), practically all governments of history have used their exclusive power to issue money in order to defraud and plunder the people. - Friedrich Hayek, Chapter III: The Weakness of Political Control of Money - Choice in Currency: A Way to Stop Inflation, pp.16, - Clarinda Tan and Beth N Al shared Liberty Quote Memes's photo. – Facebook, 18.9.13.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Within the sphere of monetary despotism there is no cure for monetary despotism in the same way as there is no cure for political despotism within the sphere of political despotism. Monetary freedom, on the other hand, is basically right, beneficial and healthy and thus able to provide whatever cures its practice may still require to remedy mistakes, errors or remaining crimes or temptations or attempts to commit crimes. It does not lend itself to abuse as much as monetary despotism does. It maximizes self-responsibility and self-help and this sphere. It is curious that most egalitarians, decentralists and human rights advocates have so far, in most cases, accepted this kind of wrongful power quite without examination and discussion and without protests, even though it has only pretences no successes at all to offer but, merely instead, numerous and obvious failures. - JZ, 2.4.97. – CENTRAL BANKING, LIKE TERRITORIAL STATES, IS THE RESULT OF POPULAR ERRORS, PREJUDICES & MYTHS IN ITS SPHERE, COMBINED WITH GREAT IGNORANCE & LACK OF SERIOUS INTEREST IN SUCH QUESTIONS.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Without monetary despotism Germany would not have had WWI, the Great Inflation of 1914-1923, the subsequent Great Depression, the Hitler regime and WW II and the whole world might already be peaceful, free and prosperous by now. – JZ, 18.2.94.

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Without monetary and financial despotism most other economic restrictions would not remain popular for long. – JZ, 11.9.98, 1.11.13. – CENTRAL BANKING, TAXATION

MONETARY DESPOTISM: Would you want to continue legal tender for printing press paper money and the restrictions on silver and gold coin and bullion trading and pricing of one's products, services and labor and outlaw trading by means of privately issued banknotes and other than the officially prescribed value standards? - JZ, 8.9.75, 21.3.97, 5.1.11. Q.

MONETARY EMANCIPATION: Libertarian monetary emancipation vs. communist and State-Socialist monetary despotism. – JZ, 22.2.03.

MONETARY EMANCIPATION: Only as an issuer or co-issuer and acceptor of your own kind of money or clearing certificates will you become monetarily emancipated to a sufficient degree, monetarily independent and able to pay, in accordance with your capacity and readiness to provide wanted goods, services and labor. – JZ, 22.2.03. – An issue monopoly can, probably, never supply a quite sufficient quantity of exchange media for all people in an economy under its thumb, although it may over-supply some of the channels of this economy. – JZ, 1.11.07. – The people in Austria summed up this experience with the proverb: The government never goes bankrupt. Only its creditors go bankrupt. – JZ, 1.11.13. - MONETARY FREEDOM, FREE BANKING, ABILITY TO PAY, RIGHT TO ISSUE NOTES ETC. & OBLIGATION TO ACCEPT THEM AT PAR

MONETARY EMANCIPATION: The unemployed and the inflation victims and all the battling employers and businessmen, threatened by lack of sales for sound exchange media and thus by bankruptcy and unemployment for themselves, do, nevertheless, largely take monetary and financial despotism for granted and show no more interest in the monetary and financial freedom alternatives than once the slaves and serfs did in the abolition of slavery and serfdom. At least sometimes some slaves and serfs did rise – all too rarely admittedly. But we have still to see enough popular monetary and financial revolutions. Some trivial monetary and financial experiments that do not suffice to overthrow or even shake the prevailing despotism in this sphere, can be safely enough ignored by most governments. The monetary and financial alternatives must be much better prepared, popularized and extended, e.g. into the sphere of wage and salary payments and ordinary consumer shopping before they have a chance to succeed for significant minorities consistently applying these options among themselves to solve their remaining payment and value standard problems, while ignoring all contrary government laws, regulations and institutions for their free monetary experiments among themselves. The right and liberty to engage in such and other experiments together with other volunteers, under a self-chosen personal law, i.e. exterritorially quite autonomous, has, likewise, not yet been widely enough recognized. Not even the initial step, individual and group secessionism has been widely enough considered. – JZ, 21.12.92, 7.10.08, 1.11.13. – PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, UNEMPLOYMENT, INFLATION, SELF-HELP, MONETARY & FINANCIAL REVOLUTIONS

MONETARY EMANCIPATION: Until you are also monetarily emancipated you are not emancipated enough. – JZ, 22.2.03. - GENERAL EMANCIPATION, MONETARY FREEDOM, FREE BANKING

MONETARY ENLIGHTENMENT: It requires freedom to experiment in this sphere - among voluntary payment communities. Once the money-monopoly and coercion and conception of legal are ended, officially, or ignored and by-passed by a monetary revolution introducing monetary freedom, the monetary ignorance and disfranchisement of the population will soon end, issuers and acceptors will rapidly learn from their mistakes and thus monetary enlightenment will begin and spread rapidly. - JZ, 3/97, 5.1.11.

MONETARY ENLIGHTENMENT: People who expect to be sufficiently enlightened on money questions through the perusal of short articles, leaflets and pamphlets only, will still have to learn much more in this sphere. These sources are at best incomplete, often misleading, if not quite wrong on many points. One should not entrust e.g. one's car maintenance to a car mechanic, health to a medical doctor or life to a plane pilot as superficially trained. The consequence of lack of knowledge, prejudice and dogmatism in the sphere of money are much more catastrophic for large numbers of people. - JZ, 16.3.96, 5.1.11.

MONETARY EXCHANGES: All monies are also a kind of clearing certificates. Even gold and silver coins are, when used as means of exchange. They are then mere “markers”, or accounting tokens, although expensive ones. The only difference is that they carry their value standard physically with them and that they can serve as a value standard for all other clearing certificates, bank notes and clearing accounts. – JZ, 11.6.07. - VS. CLEARING EXCHANGES OR VICE VERSA?

MONETARY EXCHANGES: Most of modern mankind survives only through monetary and clearing exchanges and the capital accumulations and investments they made possible, even if they are still as insufficient and unsound as they are under monetary and financial despotism and the economic crises they cause. We can only speculate on how much and how fast we could advance in most spheres under full monetary and financial freedom, including full freedom for clearing and value standard reckoning. – JZ, 25.3.12. – PROGRESS, DEVELOPMENT, SURVIVAL, CAPITALISM, MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM, CRISES, ANTI-CAPITALIST MENTALITY, ENEMIES OF MONEY, INTEREST, PROFIT, FREE MARKETS, FREE EXCHANGE

MONETARY EXPERIMENTS: Margrit Kennedy, according to Piet Bouter, 10/90, knows of a book, title something like: "After the Crash", author unknown to Piet Bouter, which lists something like 200 recent monetary experiments. He also spoke about a "stone- money" issued by an artist colony in Italy (?). - I imagine that at least the latter would largely "circulate" only among some special collectors. - In Margrit Kennedy's book, Interest and Inflation-Free Money, 1988/89, I find on p.26 only a reference to 300 communities in Austria, who began to be interested in the Woergl-experiment and to more than 100 in the U.S., that had planned stamp scrip, but no indication on how many had actually started it or how many other monetary experiments took place or were planned. - Token money, on the other hand, in England alone, in one period, came to 20,000 issues. Altogether hundreds of thousands of token issues are likely to have taken place, if not millions. A full record of all of them does not seem to exist but coin and money collectors and writers for these collectors have much information to offer. I have about 2 dozen books of this kind and, probably, hundreds to thousands do exist. Some specialize on private token issues and private gold coins. - Likewise, truck-payment attempts occurred again and again over several centuries, in spite of prejudices against them, mistakes made in them and many legal prohibitions. If enough people took such experiments and self-help steps serious, then the remaining records of them would all be integrated into one archive and information service or data bank. - The statist issues of monetary despotism, circulating largely only due to their monopoly and legal tender powers and severe repressions against competing currencies, deserve much less study and attention because one can learn much less from them about the inherent laws of money. - That was recognized even by Karl Marx, when he wrote: "... observers who studied the phenomena of money circulation exclusively on the examples of the- circulation of legal tender paper money, had to overlook the inherent laws of monetary circulation." - Zur Kritik der politischen Oekonomie (Critique of Political Economy), S.129 of the Dietz, Berlin, 1951 edition. - I do not know of any Marxist or anti-communist (apart from Ulrich von Beckerath, Dr. Walter Zander and Professor Heinrich Rittershausen), who sensibly responded to that suggestion. - JZ, 10/90 & 17.4.97.

MONETARY FREEDOM: (1) Everyone has the right to issue, accept or refuse any kind of note, scrip, I.O.U.- etc., typified and standardized like money, in convenient- denominations and subject to a free market rate, i.e. with compulsory acceptance at face value or legal tender only towards their issuer and those contractually obliged to him. - (2) Anyone has the right to prefer, create, accept or refuse any kind of value standard to facilitate his pricing - and is obliged to accept only his own contractual clauses on this subject - whether he prefers a metallic, index or abstract standard, a KW hour, -"labor hour" or canary "standard" or whatever suits his fancy or ideas, notions or preferences in this sphere. - (3) Anyone has the right to clear his debts, when due, against his freely transferable assets, in any certified and standardized forms, shapes and values and by diverse methods that are suitable and acceptable to him and his contracting partners. - No third party has in any of these 3 cases any right to interfere, prohibit or regulate their actions. The parties involved are at liberty to appoint their own arbitrators. - All these principles apply to free, adult and sufficiently rational and responsible beings. - We are no longer hunters and food gatherers. We depend on division of labor and exchange and anything that endangers or infringes these 3 basic rights endangers our liberty, well-being and survival. Such liberty is practicable. There are many precedents for it. It may be claimed and practised any time again, without doing wrong or harm to anybody but oneself and one's voluntary followers. (If mistakes are made in the issue and reflux or clearing arrangements.) - Prohibitions have sometimes included huge fines, imprisonment and even death penalties - upon such peaceful and mutually beneficial exchanges! Such laws do not deserve to be obeyed or respected. - Monetary despotism is connected with almost all the major problems of our times while monetary freedom is required for almost all complete solutions. - Whether it is involuntary unemployment of any degree, slow or galloping inflation, excessive or any government expenditures, despotism or totalitarianism, under-development, involuntary poverty, housing shortage, inaccessibility of capital, under-utilized resources, sales difficulties, depressions, prolonged wars and revolutions, immigration barriers, misery for refugees, an unsatisfied hunger for land, agricultural crises - you name the problem and at least some monetary freedom advocates will be able to tell you of the tie-in of the problem with the ignorance of, prejudice against and suppression of monetary freedom. - Free after MONETARY FREEDOM NEWS LETTER & MICROFICHE, I/1, Nov. 1986, p.6. - PRINCIPLES, SIMPLIFIED

MONETARY FREEDOM: 1. That to make all traffic just and equal, it is indispensable that, in each separate purchase and sale, the money paid should be a BONA FIDE equivalent of the labor or property bought with it. - Dare you, or any other man, of common sense and common honesty, dispute the truth of that proposition? If not, let us consider that principle established. It will then serve as one of the necessary and infallible guides to the true settlement of all the other questions that remain to be settled. - 2. That so long as no force or fraud is practised by either party, the parties themselves, to each separate contract, have the sole, absolute, and unqualified right to decide for themselves, WHAT MONEY, AND HOW MUCH OF IT, shall be considered a BONA FIDE equivalent of the labor or property that is to be exchanged for it. All this is necessarily implied in the NATURAL right of men to make their own contracts, for buying and selling their respective commodities. - Will you dispute the truth of that proposition? - 3. That any one man, who has an honest dollar, of any kind whatsoever, has as perfect a right, as any other man can have, to offer it in the market, in competition with any and all other dollars, in exchange for such labor or property as may be in the market for sale. - Will you dispute the truth of that proposition? - 4. That where no fraud is practised, every person, who is mentally competent to make reasonable contracts, must be presumed to be as competent to judge of the value of the money that is offered in the market, as he is to judge of the value of all the other commodities that are bought and sold for money. - 5. That the free and open market, in which all honest money and all honest commodities are free to be given and received in exchange for each other, is the true, final, absolute, and only test of the true and natural market value of all money, as of all the other commodities that are bought and sold for money. - Will you dispute the truth of that proposition? - 6. That any prohibition, by a government, of any such kind or amount of money - provided it be honest in itself - as the parties to contracts may voluntarily agree to give and receive in exchange for labor or property, is a palpable violation of their natural right to make their own contracts, and to buy and sell their labor and property on such terms as they may find to be necessary for the supply of their wants, or may think most beneficial to their interests. - Will you dispute the truth of -that proposition? - 7. That any government, that licenses a small amount of an article of such universal necessity as money, and that gives the control of it into a few hands, selected by itself, and then prohibits any and all other money - that is intrinsically honest and valuable - palpably violates all other men's natural right to make their own contracts, and infallibly proves its purpose to be to enable the few holders of the licensed money to rob all other persons in the prices of their labor and property. - Will you dispute the truth of that- proposition? - Are not all these propositions so self-evident, or so easily demonstrated, that they cannot, with any reason, be disputed? - If you feel competent to show the falsehood of any one of them, I hope you will attempt the task.” - Lysander Spooner, A Letter to Grover Cleveland, Works I, p.37/38.

MONETARY FREEDOM: 1.) Claiming and realizing the right to undertake monetary experiments: The experimenters would opt out of the existing monetary restrictions and would establish private payment communities for themselves. 2.) Introduction, by referendum, of the right to supply oneself with work by undertaking all monetary and financial measures required, … I cannot find the rest of that file entry at present. Neither can COPERNIC. – JZ, 8.2.09. - SOME STEPS TOWARDS IT

MONETARY FREEDOM: 6.) Illegal private issues could be used for well publicized test cases. But under the present threat of high fines they would better be terminated fast. 7.) In times of credit restrictions and currency famine, the associations of retailers could publicly declare how many million dollars in short term loans they could and would make available to pay employees with - if they were permitted to make them using shop currencies for this purpose. 8.) The search and exploration of loopholes in the restrictive monetary legislation should never cease (as it does never ceases for tax loopholes). The Australian store currencies exploited one such loophole and to my knowledge do so still. Although at present they may only be issued in consumer credits, their example and practice could easily be expanded to turn them into a general wage payment means - if only the legal obstacles are removed or can safely be ignored, under certain conditions, some of these conditions being a large degree of unemployment, rapid action by a sufficient number of people, good publicity and proximity of the next elections. In periods of large-scale unemployment large scale breaches of the restrictions, which would lead to rapid re-integration of ten-thousands if not hundred-thousands of unemployed, back into the process of production and exchange, taking them off the rolls of social service and unemployment agencies of the government, would, probably, not lead to prosecution in our political climate. Our politicians would, obviously, lose too many votes if they tried to strictly apply the repressive monetary laws against these “offenders” and thereby rendered these people unemployed again. This was not the intention of the legislation and thus some courageous Australian judges might throw out charges arising out of breaches of these laws, as being opposed to the true meaning of THE LAW and the intention of the legislators or even merely as being "Un-Australian". 9.) Last, not least, there remains the possibility of individual secession from any government practising monetary despotism. Even the conventional territorial secession movements grow rapidly in times of severe depressions and inflations, while by their very nature (their own exclusive territorial and domination claims) they do create enemies against themselves. The individual secessionist, quite obviously, threatens no one and so he has a better chance to get away with it - at least once the morality and the advantages of individual secession are more thoroughly and publicly discussed than was the case so far. - JZ file: Unemployment incomplete comb of old files - SOME START-UP OPTIONS - Where are points 1-5? Under Start-up options? – I would need a combination of all my numerous free banking files on one disc and a search program to find the missing segment. – JZ, 1.11.13.

MONETARY FREEDOM: A free market economy cannot permanently operate on a politically manipulated paper money standard. Free men need a market-selected money. Under present conditions, this means a gold standard.” (*) - Percy L. Greaves, Understanding the Dollar Crisis, quoted from Hazlitt's review in THE FREEMAN, 1/74. - (*) As an optional value standard but not as an exclusive currency! – JZ, 20.1.08.

MONETARY FREEDOM: A man without monetary freedom and its practice isn’t quite a man, a liberated and effective human being. Without it he is not free enough. Neither is any woman. – JZ, 22.2.03, 21.10.07. - MANHOOD, WOMANHOOD, EMANCIPATION

MONETARY FREEDOM: A money deliberately controlled in supply by an agency whose self-interest forced it to satisfy the wishes of the USERS might be the best. A money regulated to satisfy the demands of group interests is bound to be the worst possible.” - Hayek, Denationalisation of Money, p.25.

MONETARY FREEDOM: A sound and sufficient supply of exchange media is not impossible but merely outlawed by monetary despotism. Complete and free clearing is also outlawed, to make the further issue of forced, exclusive and inflated government currencies possible. Through a) legal tender laws and b) the issue monopoly of the central banks of territorial governments - the inferior exchange media and value standards of territorial governments continue to be forced into circulation and use, making quite free and quite sound exchange impossible. - Gold value pricing, accounting and clearing are also outlawed, instead of permitting free choice of value standards as well as of exchange media and free market rating for all exchange media, clearing accounts and value standards. Moreover, this despotic interventionism is either praised as a free enterprise economy and free trade or a free market economy or accused as being “capitalism” or a laissez faire economy. Such prejudices are spread especially in all government-run or government controlled mis-education institutions and, consequently, are upheld also in most mass media. – JZ, 3.7.06, 30.10.07, 1.11.13. - FREE CLEARING, GOLD VALUE RECKONING VS. MONETARY DESPOTISM

MONETARY FREEDOM: A very simple but successful experiment. Goods warrants upon the own labor time. - From an article by Ingo Wien in "DER TAGESSPIEGEL", Berlin, 28.11.1954: "A technical student who, true to academic tradition, was much too poor to purchase valuable gifts for his friends, simply presented them last year with goods warrants upon his own labor time. These warrants could be redeemed with him during the next few months. This student was known for his manual dexterity and technical skills. Upon return of his bons or voucher, he repaired the water tap of Erich, hung up the curtains of Helga and did a grease change on Peter's bicycle and he gave many other useful services. His sister copied his "gifts of time" with enthusiasm and offered a befriended young couple five vouchers for one evening each of baby-sitting. Such presents bring real pleasure. They are purchased not with money but with a personal service and give to each precisely the help he happens to need." - It seems that Ulrich von Beckerath sent me this clipping and I noted then, probably after talking with him about it and largely in his own terms: "The human right of freedom to issue is here quite obvious. As yet no one has denied the right to work and this right means, lastly, that everyone has the right to undertake all measures to abolish his own unemployment. The student has done this by issuing goods warrants upon the own labor service, i.e. by issuing his own money. This private money had to return to him and had to provide work for him to the extent that he used it for his expenses. Involved is the human right of individuals to issue, alone or in association with others, money in form of assignments, in suitable denominations, upon the own labor service. By its very nature, such assignments, like the own labor power, cannot be inflated, for, obviously, no one may be forced to accept them and everyone will accept them only to the extent that they are of full value to him or his associates.” - JZ file: Unemployment incomplete comb of old files

MONETARY FREEDOM: Abolish all laws, at least all territorial laws, on money, currency and value standards. Leave them to private contracts or the personal laws of panarchies. – JZ, 16.2.09.

MONETARY FREEDOM: Abolish state-issued currencies, and let the commercial banks issue notes in response to the demand for money.” - Henry Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST, 2/75. - Not only the commercial banks - every potential issuer! - JZ, 21.3.97. – But everyone but the issue himself should also be free as a potential refuser or discounter of money offered to him or her. – JZ, 20.1.08.

MONETARY FREEDOM: According to TIME, Jan. 12, 2009, p. 20, there exists in the Gaza strip “49 % unemployment in the second quarter of 2008; it was 23% in the West Bank.” – Such high rates of unemployment often lead to wars, civil wars and terrorism, if history is any guide. And yet that unemployment could be ended within a day by full monetary and financial freedom. Alas, neither the 2 governments directly involved, nor their subjects, nor the governments and citizens in the rest of the world, wanting to see peace in this area, are seriously considering this peace promoting option, either out of sheer ignorance or because they share xyz popular prejudices on the subject. – There is no military or terrorist solution to economic problems. – Naturally, panarchism would be needed in this area as well and an end to “thinking” and “actions” based on the principle of “collective responsibility.” - JZ, 16.2.09. – MIDDLE EAST CLASHES BETWEEN ARABS & JEWS, UNEMPLOYMENT, CIVIL WAR, REVOLUTIONS, TERRORISM, WAR, ISRAEL, PALESTINE, GAZA STRIP, WEST-BANK

MONETARY FREEDOM: Advocates of monetary freedom, like myself, claim that the competitive supply of exchange media would end any currency or cash famine, and could do so quite rapidly. It would drive unsound exchange media and value standards, like most of the government paper money and its associated paper standard, out of circulation. Moreover, the free choice of value standards would lead to a wide acceptance of the best one - most likely a “gold weight unit for account” that is based on a free gold market, free private coinage, and redemption on the market (at par – for all exchange media standing at par with their nominal value standard, apart from the conversion charge, or only at their market rate) instead of by the issuer and it would also lead to gold-weight-unit pricing of goods and services. It would lead to the rating of many to all exchange media against this standard and would thus prevent inflation, even when some exchange media would temporarily suffer a small discount. - Over-issues would then be to the obvious and rapid disadvantage of the issuer as well and not any longer, as at present, to his advantage. - With this monetary freedom, all the illiquid capital of a short term nature, especially working power and consumer services and goods, soon to be used or consumed, could be extensively and as fully as possible and necessary become mobilized in monetary form and thus easily exchanged. That is what money does or ought to do. It should be the equivalent of goods and services and should facilitate their exchange. - The money types arising under monetary freedom would be very closely tied to this labor and goods basis, could not exceed it, i.e. could not inflate the money circulation and thereby the prices beyond this cover. One of the main safeguards would be the right of everyone to refuse to accept suspicious means of payment - like you might refuse my cheques or IOUs - knowing my financial situation. Full publicity for private issues and free and rapid clearing for all such tokens which went astray, would be essential features of the system. No fraud or coercion would be practised any longer in this sphere. - The most suitable issuers would be associations of retailers of consumer goods and services, who would use the variety of goods and services they offer between them as a redemption fund for a local currency. These stocks and this service potential form anyhow in all cases the short term backing of any currency, even of a gold coin currency. Fully mobilized, this capital could provide the sound exchange medium and the additional sales required to employ all the unemployed. In a city like Sydney, hundreds of millions could thus be mobilized, almost instantly, for turn-over and wage payment credits, at all stable gold prices. – JZ, n.d. & 1.11.13. Old file: Unemployment incomplete comb of old files - ADVANTAGES OF MONETARY FREEDOM

MONETARY FREEDOM: Agree to disagree. Just let the others know where you stand and what you are doing and why and have frequent exchanges of opinions, ideas and references with them. Moreover, advocate quite clearly monetary freedom and tolerance for all voluntaristic monetary experiments of all kinds for all monetary reformers, even when and while you disagree publicly and privately and quite strongly with their theories, premises and proposals in this sphere. Monetary reformers should be more tolerant than the adherents of various religions are. Moreover, they should be aware how much religious tolerance contributed to peace among the followers of different religions - to the extent that this tolerance was achieved. - JZ, n.d., & 4.5.97. - REQUIRES MONETARY TOLERANCE AMONG MONEY REFORMERS

MONETARY FREEDOM: All exchange amounts to clearing, even that mediated by cash. Lastly goods and labor are cleared against goods and labor with some convenient aids and techniques. Exchange media, and freely adopted sound value standards, from gold coins to private honest and competitive paper money, facilitate these clearing transactions and reduce book keeping needs. They make this clearing multilateral, anonymous and help to cover short time intervals and distances. - JZ file: Unemployment incomplete comb of old files - CLEARING

MONETARY FREEDOM: All monies are also a kind of clearing certificates. Even gold and silver coins are, when used as means of exchange. They are then mere “markers”, or accounting tokens, although expensive ones. The only difference is that they carry their value standard physically with them and that they can serve as a value standard for all other clearing certificates, bank notes and clearing accounts. – JZ, 11.6.07. - EXCHANGES VS. CLEARING EXCHANGES OR VICE VERSA? CASH, GOLD & SILVER COINS AS CLEARING CERTIFICATES

MONETARY FREEDOM: All over the world, government paper now forms 120 national fiat standards that are managed and depreciated at will. - The decline of monetary freedom and the concomitant rise of government power over money gave birth to our age of inflation. Step by step, government assumed control over money, not only as an important source of revenue but also as a vital command post over our economy. The result is continuing inflation. Only monetary freedom can impart stability.” – Dr. Hans F.- Sennholz, Inflation or Gold Standard? – The various gold standards are only some of the options available under free choice for value standards. – Among the various gold standards the gold weight clearing or gold weight accounting standard has the least flaws, in the opinion of Ulrich von Beckerath and myself. Are we wrong? Anyhow, we and all others should have got and enjoyed full freedom in the choice of value standards. – JZ, 20.1.08.

MONETARY FREEDOM: All plans to make money stable are contradictory to human nature and dangerous to individual freedom, as they would call on government to enforce the impossible. The yearning for "stable money", therefore, is forever futile unless it means to want honest money that is free from the political processes of public treasuries and central banks. The best we can hope for is monetary freedom that embodies the freedom of contract and choice of money. In freedom, the American people once again could express their preference for gold and silver coins over depreciating political fiat.” – Dr. Hans F. Sennholz, THE FREEMAN, 6/75, p.341. – A government fiat money that reckoned in gold weight units but did not promise redemption in gold coins but merely acceptance at its nominal gold weight value in the payment of taxes, also determined in gold weight units, would also be a fiat money but one with a sound tax foundation – to the extent that anything can be sound that is associated with coercive taxation. Ultimately, the compulsory taxation should be transformed into voluntary contributions by voluntary members of competing communities or their subscriptions for wanted services. – JZ, 20.1.08, 6.1.11, 1.11.13.

MONETARY FREEDOM: All the lost treasures in the world could not provide as much cash as freedom of note issue could provide. While there are many conventional treasure hunters only a few searchers seek full monetary freedom and try to establish it. The same applies to many other individual rights and liberties, which could, in the long run, make most of us relatively rich by our own efforts. – JZ, 15.5.07, 25.10.07, 1.11.13. - OR FREE BANKING & ALL THE LOST TREASURES IN THE WORLD

MONETARY FREEDOM: All the perplexities, confusions and distresses in America arise not from defects in the constitution or confederation, not from want of honor or virtue, as much as from downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation.” - John Adams. - VS. MONETARY DESPOTISM

MONETARY FREEDOM: All writers on Scottish banking agree in praising its effects on the prosperity of the country. Within 150 years, under the double influence of her banking and educational system, Scotland sprang from her barbarous state to the position of being the most prosperous country in Europe. Adam Smith, quoting from a report, states that the trade of Glasgow doubled within fifteen years of the establishment of banking there.” – Henry Meulen, Free Banking, Chapter VIII.

MONETARY FREEDOM: Allow all owners and suppliers of ready for sale and wanted goods and services to "liquidify" them by issuing purchasing vouchers, goods- and service vouchers upon them, typified, in monetary denominations and to use them for their payments and for granting short term loans in them. Then their sales difficulties and the difficulties to raise payrolls for productive labor (the sale of whose products and services is today insufficiently assured by monopoly money), would largely disappear and mass unemployment caused by inflations and deflations or stagflations would also be ended. Exchange of goods, services and labor would become relatively free and easy, as far as already wanted consumer goods and services are concerned. (New kinds of goods and services would still require special markets, many of which remain to be established.) - JZ, 17.3.83, 21.12.07, 1.11.13. The provision of money to achieve all the wanted turnovers would then not be any more difficult than the printing and use of tickets to sell seats to wanted performances. In case of railway- and bus-money issues, the resemblance of both would be even more striking. - JZ, 6.1.11. - TICKET MONEY, GOODS WARRANTS, SERVICE VOUCHERS, IN MONETARY DENOMINATIONS.

MONETARY FREEDOM: Allow everyone to issue as much purchasing power, in their own notes, as they are willing and able to give goods and services in return, at market prices, immediately or in the near future. - Allow people to transform their needs and wants into effective demand to the extent that they are prepared to give wanted and needed labor and services in return. - Allow people to exchange services for services and goods for goods, quite freely, using private money and clearing facilities as well as value standards of their own choice or contracted for this purpose - and involuntary mass unemployment would very soon be over. - JZ 26.3.75, 1.10.08, 6.1.11. - JZ file: Unemployment incomplete comb of old files – VS. UNEMPLOYMENT, MONETARY & CLEARING FREEDOM, VALUE STANDARDS

MONETARY FREEDOM: Allow everyone to produce, offer, accept or reject tokens or coins or certificates, giving or taking them at any value standard that they like or have committed themselves to. - JZ, 7.6.79. - VALUE STANDARDS, FREE CHOICE OF -

MONETARY FREEDOM: Allow people to issue and accept as many different kinds of competing currencies as they find useful and convenient for themselves or to discount and reject any they haven’t issued themselves and do distrust or find inconvenient or useless to themselves. Under that condition good monies will be produced and rapidly drive out the bad and inferior ones. – JZ, 28.10.03, 23.10.07. - FREE BANKING

MONETARY FREEDOM: Allow those who now find it hard to be successful as sellers of labor, services and goods, to appear on the market as buyers first, with their own and suitable assignments upon their labor, services and goods, using sound and accepted value standards, too in their exchange or clearing media and in the pricing of their labor, goods and services. Then unemployment, sales difficulties, inflations, deflations, stagflations and their consequences could soon become problems of the past. - JZ, 20.11.92, 16.5.97.

MONETARY FREEDOM: Angus, speaking in the same debate as Sir Geoffrey Howe, leaps in. Joint Stock Banks are part of the free market!? If it is possible, they are farther from it than the unions. Since banks cannot even issue their own currencies, they are not allowed a free market in the very commodity (money) in which they deal! The British Government’s proud One Pound Sterling reigns supreme, depreciating at 25 per cent. a year, protected by a statutory monopoly at least three hundred years old. (Scottish Banks had freedom to issue currency, unregulated by the government, until 1845, when a system which seemed to be working marvelously was stopped by a Westminster decree in the interests of “rationalization”.) Furthermore, there are numerous other very significant regulations with which a Joint Stock Bank must comply.” … Terry Arthur, 95% Is Crap, p. 164/65. – The one pound sterling is not so “sterling” any more! – JZ, 8.2.09. - BANKING LAW, NOTE ISSUE MONOPOLY, CENTRAL BANKING

MONETARY FREEDOM: Any exclusive and forced currency will exclude many from important monetary rights and liberties and resulting economic opportunities and subject them to the powers of a few, not only in the monetary sphere. – JZ, 22.2.03.

MONETARY FREEDOM: Any need for sound exchange media could be satisfied by liquidifying or monetizing at least part of all the ready for sale and wanted or needed goods, services and labor, doing this in a competitive way, with sound issue, reflux and value standard techniques, respecting all monetary liberties and rights. – JZ, 22.2.03. - MONEY SHORTAGE, CURRENCY FAMINE

MONETARY FREEDOM: Anyone could open a bank under Spooner's system. "It leaves", he says, "the business of furnishing a currency open to free competition." - Charles Chiveley, introduction to Spooner, Works, I/27.

MONETARY FREEDOM: Anyone who has almost continuously many payments to make and to receive could, within his own payment sphere, issue his own standardized money tokens or clearing certificates and get them widely accepted and used, to further facilitate payments and clearing in his sphere, provided the territorial government does not outlaw this kind of rightful, peaceful and useful self-help activity. One could even consider it to be a moral duty to provide sufficient exchange media and clearing certificates in the own sphere so that one does not have to utilize and thus to reduce the supply of exchange media and clearing certificates that others had provided only for their own sphere. (A suggestion by Ulrich von Beckerath.) To each his own IOU’s. To each his own goods-warrants and service vouchers – to the extent that he finds voluntary acceptors for them. To each his own ticket-money, that’s the ticket! That does, naturally, not exclude the wide circulation also of full value gold and silver coins, privately minted. Or the use of national or international credit cards and payment methods. Variety is the spice of life and variety in this sphere will not go beyond a point at which most people would perceive further variety in means of exchange or value standards to be bothersome. They do have not only the right to issue their own money, if they can find enough acceptors for it, but also to refuse to accept that of others. – JZ, n.d., 29.9.08, 6.1.11.

MONETARY FREEDOM: Anyone who has daily many payments to make and to receive could, to that extent, issue some form of clearing currency and keep it at par with its nominal value, its chosen and adopted value standard. Nothing else, that does not have an inherent market value, like sound gold and silver coins have, can easily become a voluntarily and freely accepted currency in a free market without this qualification. Monies that are so bad that they have to be forced upon others to achieve their “acceptance” are not really “money” but, rather, “requisitioning certificates.” If requisitioning certificates could be rightly issued then e.g. a bank robber could “pay” for the money that he has robbed with his own “requisitioning certificate” and thereby achieve immunity for his criminal action. Alas, the official issuers of paper money “requisitioning certificates” have also legalized immunity for themselves and for their tax robberies. – JZ, 29.9.08, 25.12.98, 1.11.13. - POTENTIAL ISSUERS

MONETARY FREEDOM: As an extra precaution, to assure their reflux, competitively issued exchange media might be given a limited circulation period, with their expiry date quite clearly printed on them in large lettering. They are not meant as means to hoard values but as exchange media to promote turnovers. – Thus they will oscillate rather than permanently circulate. And those, which have streamed back to the issuer will be destroyed or cancelled. They have then fulfilled their clearing or turnover function. – JZ, 25.9.08. That would make it easier for the issuers to control their note issues and the reflux of their notes. Notes with a limited circulation area and period are also much less likely to become forged. – JZ, 1.11.13. – Compare: TICKET MONEY, LIMITED CIRCULATION PERIOD, LOCAL CURRENCIES

MONETARY FREEDOM: As money and credit constitute the most abstract features of free market trading, it is no wonder that they are even less understood than other simple market phenomena. They involve all and are thus understood by hardly any. - JZ, 24.2.79. - But seeing how important they are and that everyone's interests are objectively involved, at least a number of committed scholars should get it right between them, document monetary freedom options sufficiently and popularize them. - JZ, 22.3.97.

MONETARY FREEDOM: As THE INDIVIDUALIST has tirelessly insisted, industry is fully capable of supplying itself with a sound and flexible monetary system, if only the State will not interfere.” - Henry Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST, 12/74. - Not only industry! - JZ, 21.3.97.

MONETARY FREEDOM: As we trust the grocer to furnish us with pounds of tea, and the baker to send us loaves of bread, so we might trust Heaton and Sons, or some of the other enterprising firms of Birmingham, to supply us with sovereigns and shillings at their own risk and profit.” - W. S. Jevons’ version of Herbert Spencer's proposal, as quoted by F. A. Hayek in Denationalisation of Money, p.34.

MONETARY FREEDOM: Assume that goods warrants would get a disagio (discount against their value standard) and were not refused altogether but still used, with their discount, in payment of private debts and taxes. When then even the issuer could not accept all his issues at par in payment for the all his goods and services, because he had over-issued, then the remaining issued notes could be used to acquire the issuer’s capital assets, in a forced purchase, using the issuers notes not redeemed in consumer goods and services by him. Thus he might lose his business or the controlling share in it. That would also be a great deterrent against over-issues. – If an over-issuer (however unlikely it is that he reaches that stage, under free market rating and full publicity for currency issues) had lost also all his current capital assets and there are still outstanding notes of his, with a corresponding discount in general circulation, then he would still have to accept them at par in the future in payment of all wages, salaries and other debts owed to him, e.g. when he started another business or job. - JZ, 4.10.06, 26.10.07. – Discounted means of exchange mean that the value standard, in which they are measured, has not been deteriorated and they have not been turned in to a legal tender or forced currency. Sound value reckoning and pricing is still going on! – JZ, 7.2.09, 1.11.13. - They should also be convertible into a high-interest bearing medium and long-term debts that he would owe to his creditors. – JZ, 16.2.09. – However, I consider it extremely unlikely that anyone could over-issue his notes to such an extent. Already the news of his first inability to redeems them with wanted goods or services would spread very fast and prevent the acceptance of more notes by him or his enterprise. Shop foundation is so easily and fast to check by just about anyone who goes shopping with such notes. – JZ, 1.11.13. – OVER-ISSUED & DISCOUNTED MEANS OF EXCHANGE

MONETARY FREEDOM: Assure yourself sales and jobs by offering alone or in association with others your goods and services in freely transferable and valued standardized and typified purchasing vouchers in monetary denominations. You own "token money", reckoning e.g. in gold- or silver weight units, or whatever you and your customers like to accept instead, as your own and self-chosen value standard. This would, under freedom, be more appreciated than the paper value standard of governments are and so would your private or cooperative monies be preferred, under freedom, to the usually inflated, deflated or stagflated monopoly money of the government's central bank. - But before this freedom can be efficiently practised, perhaps in a monetary revolution, it has to be fully understood and sufficiently discussed with or explained to all its potential users. - Sufficient reference works on this subject have still to be written or compiled published. I have not yet encountered any. - JZ, 30.4.83, 21.10.07, 1.11.13.

MONETARY FREEDOM: Austrian economics has so far largely ignored the teachings of the German, Swiss and Jewish School of Monetary and Financial Freedom, although their originators shared the German language. Economics is obviously not yet a sufficiently internationalized science, not even more than 70 years after writings of this German School were published. – Even Hayek completely misunderstood the teachings of this German School, of which he had, apparently, read very little and misunderstood that, for he considered Prof. Dr. Heinrich Rittershausen to have been an inflationist! Still in 1975/76 he imagined to have been the first economist to have proposed the denationalization of currencies and free choice in currencies. - JZ, 22.8.05. - AUSTRIAN ECONOMICS & THE GERMAN SCHOOL OF MONETARY FREEDOM, ECONOMICS NOT YET A SUFFICIENLTY INTERNATIONALIZED SCIENCE

MONETARY FREEDOM: Based upon incorrect monetary theories most monetary experiments are neither correctly begun, developed, carried out and concluded. Mere faith and unfounded beliefs or popular prejudices are not good enough in this sphere, either. – Only after many and prolonged monetary experiments will the best ones finally be developed or become sufficiently known and then spread widely and fast. – Alas, monetary freedom advocates were never given that chance, so far. – Some of their all too flawed and even fraudulent experiments were rightly suppressed. – Good intentions, once again, are not good enough. - JZ, 28.2.07, 25.10.07. - FREE BANKING & THEIR EXPERIMENTS, MONETARY PREJUDICES & REMAINING ERRORS

MONETARY FREEDOM: Beat recessions and depressions, inflation and stagflation with your own and sound money, issued by yourself, based on your own goods and services ready for sale and those of your associated issuers. – No one else should be obliged to accept your money token at par or at all, but all should be free to accept them at par or at a discount or to refuse them altogether. That would keep all such issues within their inherent limits and, mostly, at par with their nominal value. – JZ, 28.12.92, 7.10.08. - ECONOMIC CRISES, ISSUE PRINCIPLE, DEFLATIONS, INFLATIONS, STAGFLATIONS, UNEMPLOYMENT, FULL EMPLOYMENT

MONETARY FREEDOM: Book Tokens: Give them the pleasure of choosing. Book Tokens can be bought and exchanged at most bookshops in Great Britain and Ireland.” – Seen as a printed ad at the end of: Brian Daley, RON, based on a screenplay by Steven Lisberger, story by Steven Lisberger & Bonnie MacBird, A Futuristic Adventure Motion Picture from Walt Disney Productions. Last page. – Token money should not be confined to that kind of redemption option. It should be generalized into “shop-foundation” money, one covered and redeemable by a sufficient range of wanted consumer goods and services and that would thus be readily acceptable in wage and salary payments – if contrary laws and regulations were repealed or could be safely ignored, e.g. in a monetary revolution, timed to rapidly overcome a large monetary crisis, either of the inflationary, deflationary or stag-flationary kind. – JZ, 16.2.09, 1.11.13. – TOKEN MONEY, GIFT CERTIFICATES, SHOP FOUNDATION MONEY, PAYMENT OF WAGES & SALARIES, UNEMPLOYMENT, ENSURING SALES THROUGH MONETARY FREEDOM

MONETARY FREEDOM: Both, monetary and financial freedom, are essential to help you secure all your other rights and liberties as well. – JZ, 22.2.03. - & FINANCIAL FREEDOM

MONETARY FREEDOM: Both, the present exclusive or privileged deposit and credit systems and central banks, their forced and exclusive paper money issues, and the subordination to and dependency of the other "private" banks upon the central-bank-system, the legislation on this system, statutory authorities and their regulations and licensing, ought to become confined to their remaining voluntary victim and  replaced, fully, among all the diverse dissenters, organized in their exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers, all with their kinds of monetary and financial systems. In other words, the whole territorial system, with its various supposedly democratic or republican, free and representative national or State systems, should also be challenged by competitive alternatives to them, all only under personal law or exterritorial autonomy and only for their volunteers, so that all these alternatives could continuously operate upon their merits and among their volunteers only. All of them might have somewhat different monetary and financial systems for their members, spread among the population of a country or, perhaps, even world-wide. - JZ, 3/97,1.11.13. - See: CENTRAL BANKING, MONETARY- DESPOTISM, SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW

MONETARY FREEDOM: But it is to be kept constantly in mind, that there can be no such thing as free labor, unless there be freedom in money; that is, unless everybody, who can furnish money, shall be at liberty to do so.” - Lysander Spooner, - A Letter to Grover Cleveland, Works I, 51/52. - FREE MONIES, COMPETITIVELY SUPPLIED BY THOSE ABLE & WILLING TO DO SO.

MONETARY FREEDOM: But of course, there's no reason on earth why the issuance of warehouse receipts should be a governmental function. Let anyone do it who has a warehouse, and printing press, and a sufficient stock of gold or silver or whatever the receipt calls for. And let government intervene only to see that the receipts are not fraudulent - counterfeit.” - Leonard E. Read, THE- FREEMAN, 1/75. - These "receipts", purchasing-vouchers, goods-warrants, clearing certificates, tickets or token money need not name any specific commodity. They will, mostly, offer, instead, the wide variety of goods offered by a general store, or even a department store or a shopping centre. And wanted services might also be offered instead of goods. It is rather absurd to propose that all of the millions of different goods and services and all of the billions of daily transactions with them, ought all to be covered, to their full exchange value, with their equivalent value in just a single commodity or two, namely gold or silver or both of them. That fact does, naturally, not prevent the possibility of pricing out all goods -and services and debts in gold or silver weight units - but this can and should be done without any obligation of the buyer or debtor to deliver the rare metal or the issuer or purchasing certificates to redeem them not in his goods and services but, instead, in gold and silver, although he is not a rare metal dealer. It would help if we could get the total figures, even under today's depressed and underdeveloped conditions, of all monetary and clearing transactions in the world, of a single day. Then we could compare them with the current market value of all the gold and silver accumulated and ready for action in all of the world. The discrepancy would then become obvious and more and more people would come to see that convertibility of any currency on the free rare metal market is enough. It does not require for its stability that kind of 100 % redeemability, upon demand, at any time, in rare metal, its promise by the issuer and that this promise is kept. (For some such estimates see under GOLD. - JZ, 6.1.11.) Such a promise would limit exchanges to those, which could be so covered or it would amount to empty sales or risky dealings in futures, while all payment contracts could not possibly be settled in this way. The aim of all rational gold advocates should be only to deal in stable gold weight values, or value standards, possibly "as-good-as-gold” or even better. For this it is not necessary to deal only in the metal gold. Millions of debtors and issuers can offer billions in gold weight values of goods and services and they should be free to do so, not bound to the limited quantities and values of transactions which gold coins and 100% covered gold certificates would permit. Nor should we set limits, in form of stored and convertible rare metal weights, at all issuing centers, to the inherently unlimited clearing and non-cash exchange transactions that are possible and desired between human beings, seeing that clearing and non-cash transactions neither require the possession nor the transfer of any piece of rare metal in and from the hands of the trading partners. – They only require a stable enough value standard. The value of a weight unit of gold or silver on a free market for these metals could be one such value standard, which would not require rare metal cover and redemption - JZ, 21.3.97. – Factory and wholesale warehouses are not immediately and directly accessible to individual customers. Thus shops and shopping centers and their associations are more suitable for the issue of goods warrants and service vouchers in handy monetary denominations. They are also filled with consumer goods and service offers that are in daily demand, and ready for sale to the final consumers, while warehouses of “factories” like mines and ware houses of wholesalers may only contain raw materials and semi-finished products. To be really current and a currency daily usable by ever holder, it must have, what Prof. Rittershausen called “shop foundation”. We are not always in the market for gold coins, capital securities or real estate. – JZ, 16.2.09, 6.1.11. - MONEY AS WAREHOUSE RECEIPTS OR WARRANTS WITH SHOP FOUNDATION

MONETARY FREEDOM: But the powers of Congress "to declare war" and "to coin money", are in reality exclusive ONLY AS AGAINST THE STATE GOVERNMENTS. They are not exclusive of any NATURAL rights on the parts of individuals. The constitutional prohibition upon individuals, to coin money, extends no farther than to prohibitions upon "COUNTERFEITING the securities and current coin of the U.S." Provided individuals do not "COUNTERFEIT" OR IMITATE "the securities or current coin of the -U.S.," they have a perfect right, and Congress have no power to prohibit them, to weigh and assay pieces of gold and silver, mark upon them their weight and fineness, and sell them for whatever they will bring, in competition with the coin of the U.S. - It was stated in Congress a few years since, by Mr. Rayner, I think, of North Carolina, that in some parts of the gold region of that State, a considerable portion of their local currency consisted of pieces of gold, weighed, assayed, and marked by an individual, in whom the public had confidence. And this practice was as unquestionably legal, as the sale of gold in any other way. It was no infringement of the rights of Congress." - Lysander Spooner, COLLECTED WORKS, I/18, in discussing the P.O. - What good is any constitution that can be so misunderstood or misinterpreted, for so long? - JZ, 21.3.97. - U.S. CONSTITUTION, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE, MONEY & CURRENCY, VALUE STANDARDS, MONETARY FREEDOM VS. MONETARY DESPOTISM, CONSTITUTIONALISM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHRTS & LIBERTIES

MONETARY FREEDOM: But the superstition that it is necessary for government (usually called the 'state' to make it sound better) which could not exist without it, probably originated in the naive belief that such a tool as money must have been 'invented' and given to us by some original inventor This belief has been wholly displaced by our understanding of the spontaneous generation of such undesigned institutions by a process of social evolution of which money has since become the prime paradigm (law, language and morals being the other main instances). ...” – F. A. Hayek, Denationalisation of Money.

MONETARY FREEDOM: But, while governments have never used their power to provide a decent money for any length of time, and have refrained from grossly abusing it only when they were under such a discipline as the gold standard imposed, the reason that should make us refuse any longer to tolerate this irresponsibility of government is that we know today that it is possible to control the quantity of a currency so as to prevent significant fluctuations in its purchasing power.” – F. A. Hayek, Denationalisation of Money, p.29. - I am not certain that Hayek knew enough about alternative monetary controls. He certainly didn't know enough about Prussian monetary history, which had its honest years, even decades, without a legal tender paper money, although many paper money issues were made by it. - JZ, 21.3.97. – However, until all monetary freedom texts, including all relevant laws, are finally published together, and also all monetary freedom experiments sufficiently described, in accessible reference works, no one can know enough about all aspects of monetary freedom. A handbook pulling all the different theories and experiences together is still amiss. It should be compiled in WIKIPEDIA fashion. – Thorough monographs e.g. on Legal Tender, Gresham’s Law and Tax Foundation Money seem still to be missing. - JZ, 16.2.09.

MONETARY FREEDOM: By establishing freedom in currency and credit - and thereby freedom in industry and commerce - end at once, and forever the tyranny that impoverishes and enslaves them.” - Lysander Spooner, New Banking System, p.58. - POVERTY, TYRANNY & SLAVERY

MONETARY FREEDOM: Cash makes no enemies.” - Quote in film series, No. 1: The Barbary Coast, 10.6.76, on channel 10. - Nor does effective clearing. - JZ, 6.1.11. – There are xyz forms of cash, which a free market in this sphere would provide. Alas, most people take only the governments monopoly money with legal tender power into consideration or rare metal currencies, as the only alternative they do know of and appreciate. – JZ, 21.5.13.

MONETARY FREEDOM: Coin or certify, preferably printed, your readiness to supply wanted goods, services and labor to others, pay with such certifications, vouchers, warrants, tickets etc., in convenient monetary denominations, and you will not lack customers for your goods, services or labor. Do so together with others, who do locally have the same sales difficulties that you have, in your common struggle to earn enough monopoly money, and then, between your, you can thus establish a sound and locally widely acceptable local currency of your own, that will help your, your collaborators and also all other acceptors of your privately or cooperatively issued “money”. No legislator is morally entitled to outlaw such self-help steps for you. – JZ, 22.2.03, 21.10.07.

MONETARY FREEDOM: Competing sound value standards and exchange media rather than monopolistic, centralized, coercive and mismanaged paper value standards and forced and exclusive (legal tender: compulsory acceptance and compulsory value) paper exchange media. Likewise full freedom and publicity for the issue and acceptance of financial securities, provided they do not carry an inbuilt timing risk, like short term deposits do, which are used by banks for long-term investments, thus making their immediate or rapid repayment impossible. - JZ, 4.4.01, 27.8.02. - OR FREE BANKING & FINANCIAL FREEDOM VS. MONETARY & FINANCIAL DESPOTISM

MONETARY FREEDOM: Competition for payments in the money of monetary despotism is quite different from competition for the monies of monetary freedom. – JZ, 19.9.00. - MONETARY DESPOTISM, COMPETITION

MONETARY FREEDOM: Competition would provide better money than would government. I believe we can do much better than gold ever made possible. Governments cannot do better. Free enterprise, i.e. the institutions that would emerge from a process of competition in providing good money, no doubt would. There would in that event also be no need to encumber the money supply with the complicated and expensive provision for convertibility which was necessary to secure the automatic operation of the gold-standard and which made it appear as at least more practicable than what would ideally seem much more suitable - a commodity reserve standard...” – F. A. Hayek, Denationalization of Money, p.83. – Even he did not advocate free choice among value standards! – JZ, 20.1.08. – Neither did he explore the simple shop foundation for private currencies, issued by local shop associations. They would need no other cover or reserve or redemption good for their shop currencies than their ready for sale and wanted consumer goods and services and the freedom to use the value standards they and their customers prefer, e.g. gold- or silver weight units, to price out their goods and services and as value standard for their shop-foundation currency. Then they could cover their expenses and grant short-term loans, especially for local wage- and salary payments, as long as their shop currency is readily accepted at par with its value standard. In their own long-term interest they should stop further issues, until the first discount of their notes disappears again, due to the reflux of their notes to them, in payment for what they offer. Otherwise, they would encounter multiplied refusals to accept their shop currency and spoil their chances for future such issues. They would also be the only ones, who would always have to accept their own notes at their nominal value, at least within their period of clearly indicated validity. – JZ, 2.11.13.

MONETARY FREEDOM: Completely free private banking has never yet existed in any country. It was always held back by laws, customs and popular errors and prejudices. Thus we cannot go back to it but only forward to it. - JZ, 4.6.82, 2.11.13.

MONETARY FREEDOM: Contemplate the abolition of the monopoly of the issue of money and the free admission of competition into the business of providing currency.” – F. A. Hayek, Denationalisation of Money, p.70.

MONETARY FREEDOM: Continuing to ignore monetary freedom options will continue to hold you captive to monetary despotism. – JZ, 22.2.03, 21.10.07. VS. MONETARY DESPOTISM

MONETARY FREEDOM: Debt can be organized into currency, sound currency, IF it is the right kind of debt, properly timed, paid and repaid, a turnover or clearing debt and uses a sound value standard. Then all such credits and debits do exactly balance each other over a short time period and all issues are balanced by a corresponding reflux within that short period. Thereby the demand for notes or clearing certificates, issued upon such debts remains sufficient to keep their value in general local circulation – among all its voluntary acceptors - at par with their nominal value and this without any rare metal cover or redemption obligation. Reckoning e.g. in rare metal weight units suffices as a sound value standard for them. Others might agree on using other value standards between them for their transactions. Only all currencies based upon debts that are medium or long term investments in real capital assets or capital securities are unsuitable for use as currencies, just like small mortgage letters, bonds and shares are unsuitable for this purpose. (They do not represent equivalent and wanted consumer goods and services, ready for sale. - JZ, 6.1.11.) Likewise unsuitable are debts not representing real goods or services changing hands, e.g. gambling debts, even if they are short term ones. The free investment or finance or capital market should be clearly distinguished from the currency issue and reflux markets. Alas, both are called “money markets” and in both cases some standardized values are expressed on papers and traded. Thus the topic is still confused in all too many heads. – JZ, 4.10.98, 27.9.08, 6.1.11. - DEBT & CURRENCIES

MONETARY FREEDOM: Denationalize the money supply. - JZ, 1973. – Freedom for the issue and acceptance of all kinds of free market monies, clearing certificates and account credits and also all kinds of agreed-upon value standards. – JZ, 2.11.13.

MONETARY FREEDOM: Don't rely on any money pope. Make up your own mind, make or, rather, issue your own money, and choose your own value standard, as you make up or choose your own religion. -  Naturally, your own notes, certificates and account debts would only oblige yourself and your associates. – All others would be free to refuse or to discount them. - JZ, 27.11.74, 2.11.13.

MONETARY FREEDOM: Don’t be depressed! Print or coin your own money! –To the extent that you have something to offer for it that others do want and that they are willing to accept your own goods- or service vouchers or clearing certificates as means of payment or clearing from you. – More you could not issue, not even with the worst intentions, since your notes would not be a monopoly money and would have no legal tender power over others. - JZ, 2/75, 5.10.08, 2.11.13.

MONETARY FREEDOM: Employers whose employees are willing to accept all of part of their wages or salaries in shop currencies could probably be offered some small pay increases for these parts. The employers might offer them either because he can get these credits more cheaply than bank credits or because the shop association providing this turnover credit, in its own interest, and seeing the reduced advertising costs and the more secure sales involved, might also offer them their shop currencies at a small discount. – What will really happen in this sphere is hard to predict because freedom and its diverse choices is involved. – Already some major shops offer their regular customers some discounts. They do sometimes also offer to write up their purchases over a month and then send them a bill for the total, with a discount for the total. – But these are offers for payments to be made in the present scarce legal tender government paper monies. – They will not necessarily be offered for payments in the own currency of the shop association, although that is a possibility, too. - JZ, 3.12.00, 6.10.08. - EMPLOYMENT, WAGES, SALARIES PAID AT LEAST PARTLY IN SHOP CURRENCIES

MONETARY FREEDOM: End the State Socialism of the money supply and of its value standard. - JZ, 73, 21.3.97, 6.1.11, 2.11.13.

MONETARY FREEDOM: Every producer and trader is to be free to issue money based on his products or services, alone or in association with others. - JZ, 75, 21.3.97. But all such monies would have no monopoly or legal tender power. They could be freely refused or discounted by all but the issuer. – JZ, 2.11.13.

MONETARY FREEDOM: Every seller knows that it is essential that the money he accepts shall be acceptable to other sellers when he in turn wishes to buy. If men are free to experiment, we may be sure that the most suitable form of money will be invented, just as men's freedom to invent produced that marvelous thing, the aeroplane.” - Henry Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST, 10/77. - In spite of such utterances, he was not an enlightened and thus uncompromising opponent of legal tender. - JZ, 22.3.97.

MONETARY FREEDOM: Everybody, who has regularly something to offer, at market prices, that other people do want, has the right to try to offer it in form of his own money tokens or clearing certificates, which only he would be economically and morally obliged to accept from anyone as payment against him, at their full nominal value. All others, except his own debtors, when their debts are due or nearly due, should be quite free to refuse to accept his notes altogether or to discount them. His debtors could immediately or very soon pay their due debts to the issuer with the issuer’s notes and thus would have no right to complain. To the extent that any means of exchange is ultimately merely a clearing certificate (even a gold coin is, although an expensive one), and that this fact is clearly realized, this right and this liberty should be self-evident. – JZ, 10.9.98, 27.9.08.

MONETARY FREEDOM: Everyone should be free to put monetary demand for his goods and services into circulation in form of standardized and conveniently typified certificates, notes, coins, tokens in money denominations, all subject to a free market rate and compulsory acceptance only by the issuer (and under contract also by his debtors). - A rapid reflux would then be almost inevitable (it could also be assured through a clearly indicated short period of validity) and it would keep the issuers supplied with work and sales to the limits of their productive capacities. When such notes return, through clearing and in form of wages to a former unemployed, who had issued them, then, actually, he would have supplied himself with work and would have received the purchasing power of his wages before he was even employed! Naturally, sometimes, often or mostly he could have issue his own certificates only at a discount. This discount would be equivalent to his advertising costs or job finding fee. In practice, usually not individual issuers would issue their own money but only those potential issuers whose notes would circulate at least locally rather generally and at par with their expressed value, especially the notes of retailers, petrol station owners and of power plants, bus and other transport companies and similar institutions with a large and widespread daily turnover, all possessing a readiness to acceptance foundation potential by offering wanted consumer goods and services in daily demand, in an attractive assortment. - Instead of using one's own notes for circulation, one could use them as securities to be discounted in notes, by special discount houses or banks, whose notes would have a wider circulation (through uniformity and a wide spread debt foundation resting on the combined purchasing power of all these discount transactions). But even these notes would lastly still only be covered by the goods and services and labor of those who got their bills discounted by the bank. They would have to repay their own notes, for which they got a loan in the bank's notes, and would thus have to redeem their own bills or IOUs. - This fact, last not least, would induce them to accept the notes of the bank at par in all their dealings, unless they would have to do so anyhow, in accordance with their loan contract. - JZ file: Unemployment incomplete comb of old files. - JZ, 6.1.11.

MONETARY FREEDOM: Exclude politics from the issue of money.” - Henry Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST, 2/73. – Especially the central banking issue of monopoly money with legal tender power. – JZ, 21.5.13. – CENTRAL BANKING

MONETARY FREEDOM: Facilitating turnovers of goods, services and labor and not reduction of the interest rate is the primary aim and result of monetary freedom. Only the interest rate of turnover credits can fall as a result, for these will then no longer depend on saved up capital but on a simple clearing process extending over a few weeks. An increase of productivity and thus increase of the returns from labor and from capital invested in enterprises, i.e., increase in wages and in interest rates, is the primary aim and result of monetary and financial freedom. I doubt that productive labor and productive capital, under full monetary and financial freedom will ever be so much in excess that returns from it will come to fall very much or too much. – As pre-done and saved up labor, capital also deserves not to be exploited by other powers or groups but to get, instead, its fair return - for its contribution to productivity, as determined by a free market and not by usury laws. As already Bastiat observed, the share of capital in the returns from enterprises has long been declining, while the share of labor has long been rising in most enterprises, with the exception of some with very high capital investment per manpower used in them. – JZ, 30.11.03, 31.10.07, 2.11.13. - INTEREST, CAPITAL & FINANCIAL FREEDOM, INTEREST RATES

MONETARY FREEDOM: Finally, the people who think about such things will recognize that freedom of note issue is essential to promote competition in banking; and free competition in banking is essential to free production and exchange.” - Henry Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST, 8/76.

MONETARY FREEDOM: For any sound currency its convertibility into daily wanted or needed consumer goods and services is much more essential than their redemption by the issuer into rare metal coins. For conversion into the rare metal there is usually only a limited and occasional need or demand, while for consumer goods and service the need or demand for them is almost constant over a year, for every week of it, by individuals and families, with regular shopping habits and a daily and regular demand for them if one takes all of the local shoppers into consideration. At the same time, rare metal coins are mostly very good value standards and as such even a very limited supply of them can serve for a practically unlimited number of consumer goods and service sales and purchases, without their prices being thereby becoming decreased or increased. Provided they are used merely as value standards. If the creditors were entitled to demand gold coins in payment, regardless of how well or badly their debtors are supplied with them, then difficulties would arise for both groups. If debtors may pay in gold coins if and when they possess them, this would be quite another matter and would not cause any friction. - What a debtor can always pay with, at least with a discount fair to both sides, is assignments upon his own goods and services. These he can always supply, to the limits of his productive capacity, independent of his stock of gold or silver coins, if any. As a rule he is not in the business of producing and selling and buying gold or silver coins. Thus debtors should not be obliged to deliver such coins. Those gold coins, really wanted, could then still be freely bought on a free gold market. The obligation to deliver gold coins upon demand should be replaced by the right to demand gold weight value clearing. (If that is agreed upon under free choice of value standards.) The quantity of exchange media with sound shop foundation is irrelevant as long as their value standard is sound and they stand at par with it and are accepted at par for goods and services priced in that standard, i.e. at their nominal or face value. The correct amount for any particular issue is best reached by paying close attention to its free market rating. At the slightest discount in general circulation further issues should be stopped until this discount disappears again. Thus the optimal amount for its circulation could always be closely approached and maintained. - JZ, 10.9.05, 30.10.07, 2.11.13. - FREE BANKING, CONVERTIBILITY INTO CONSUMER GOODS OR SERVICES OR INTO RARE METAL COINS? RARE METAL REDEMPTION BY THE ISSUER?

MONETARY FREEDOM: For continuous and unobstructed free exchange between labor, services and consumer goods, we need a free, i.e. a quite competitive supply of optional and market-created as well as market-rated exchange media, combined with free choice of value standards, in a quite free market and full publicity for the issue and reflux of exchange media and on their value standards. – JZ, 9.6.03, 2.11.13. – In other words, almost exactly the opposite of the current monetary despotism under central banking. – JZ, 18.10.07. & THE MARKET

MONETARY FREEDOM: For currency issues the reflux or feed-back is, at least, as essential as the response of the readership and listeners are to a writer and speaker. Only upon sufficient and rapid reflux of any issuer’s IOUs (free market monies, clearing certificates, tokens or credits in any form) to their issuer and the ready acceptance of them by their issuer does their value and usefulness depend and also his employment or his sales so achieved. The acceptance and the clearing principle can well replace the metallic redemption principle - even while one still reckons in weight units of gold or silver as one's value standard. It can keep otherwise materially valueless slips of paper at par with their nominal gold weight value. Neither rare metal coins nor their deposit slips are necessary or optional as exchange media. - Anyhow, consumers are mainly in the market for consumer goods and services, priced, preferably, in stable value units, rather than in the market for rare metal coins. For investments gold clauses can serve just as well or even better than gold coins, just as long as they and such coins are not prohibited or interfered with by governments. - JZ, 25.2.84, 20.12.07, 2.11.13. – RAPID & CERTAIN REFLUX OF THE ISSUED NOTES IS REQUIRED, REFLUX- & READINESS TO ACCEPT FOUNDATION, DEBT FOUNDATION, TAX FOUNDATION, SHOP FOUNDATION, PURCHASING CERTIFICATES, GOODS WARRANTS, SERVICE VOUCHERS, CLEARING CERTIFICATES

MONETARY FREEDOM: Free banking would increase your ability to pay as well as that of your customers. – JZ, 16.9.05. - FREE BANKING, ABILITY TO PAY

MONETARY FREEDOM: Free men are free to issue their own money and freely issued money helps to keep men free or to make men free. - JZ, 18.4.92. - FREE MEN & FREE MONEY

MONETARY FREEDOM: Free Money Is Sound Money.” - Dr. Hans. F. Sennholz, heading, in THE FREEMAN, 6/75. – FREE MARKET MONIES

MONETARY FREEDOM: Free money requires free pricing and free pricing requires monetary freedom. - JZ, 15.9.75.

MONETARY FREEDOM: Free Money: Money has no function apart from trade, and free trade (*) includes money not under governmental control, i.e. issued and used by free men. It is people, of course, not money or trade who are free or not free. Everybody who wishes to trade, with or without money (**) should be free to do so.” - W. A. Dowe, in GOOD GOVERNMENT, June 78. – (*) trade by free people – (**) e.g. through quite free and extensive clearing - JZ

MONETARY FREEDOM: Free people would issue notes and make clearing arrangements in realization of their monetary right to issue money tokens and to clear their debts. - Since their notes would not be legal tender, i.e. no one would be obliged to accept them at all or at par, and because prices, wages and debts would be fixed in voluntarily accepted and thus relatively stable value standards, they could not inflate the general price level, fixed in relatively stable value standards and their notes could depreciate only to a small extent and rarely against the value standards they express - before they would be driven out of general circulation. In such a competitive currency system and due to the right of others to refuse acceptance and prefer better means of payment, the good money types would always tend to drive out the bad ones. Inferior ones would then no longer enjoy the legal tender privilege (of compulsory acceptance at par). - The better means of exchange would prevail and the better standards of value. - All would be continuously evaluated in a free market, that is fully publicized, against their own and all other value standards. There would be no fixed exchange rates between them. - People would subscribe to and contract in advance upon the value standard of their choice and only the best ones could win out in this competition - and they would need no privileges to maintain them in the leading positions. Parallel currencies could peacefully coexist - to the extent that they are considered not only just but convenient enough. - The right to choose one's standard of value would become a recognized and practised human right. - The country or private exterritorial community of payment community that first recognized freedom in the choice of value standards would be likely to become the focus of refuge capital from all over the world and could, thereupon, develop very fast. - JZ file: Unemployment incomplete comb of old files – FREE BANKING, FREE NOTE ISSUES, FREE VALUE STANDARD RECKONING VS. UNEMPLOYMENT, SALES DIFFICULTIES, DEFLATIONS & INFLATIONS

MONETARY FREEDOM: Free the demand for labor, consumer goods and services by freeing the competition for the issue and temporary circulation of privately or cooperatively issued exchange media and clearing certificates in short-term turnover-credits, mainly for the payment of wages and salaries. All these exchange media should represent ready for sale and daily needed and wanted consumer goods and services. The local providers for such goods and services would be the most suitable issuers for this kind of money or local currency. What they are offering for sale is the real operating and turn-over capital of any country (an insight of Prof. Heinrich Rittershausen) and locality, apart from fixed capital assets, buildings, machines and basic services and facilities like power supplies, transport options, communication channels. Potential issuers have the right to issue such token money or ticket money or clearing certificates and to control these issues themselves, in interaction with the customers, who are free to refuse or to discount such tokens and should do so upon the least suspicion. On the other hand, these note holders could immediately reassure themselves by buying something in the shops of the issuer or the issuing shop association. - Turnover credits in form of freely and competitive issued notes must, naturally, not be legal tender – towards anyone but their issuers. They must be optional, i.e. market rated, discountable and refusable to limit their issues and assure their fast reflux to their issuers. Furthermore, they must enjoy freedom in the choice of value standards, so that such value standards can be used which are considered to be good or good enough by both, issuers and acceptors. The same value standard must be used in the pricing of the issuers’ goods and services. There must be a free and well- published money market for them and if their value standard consists in gold weight units and the issues are large enough for this, then they should be quoted on the gold markets. Under these conditions the worst aspects of monetary despotism, with its central note issuing bank possessing a monopoly for banknote issue and legal tender power for them, would be avoided as well as the usual phenomena of monetary despotism: inflations, deflations, stagflations and the degrees of unemployment, sales difficulties and bankruptcies which accompany them. – Naturally, all other economic liberties and rights are supposed to exist as well, for monetary freedom to function as well as it could and should. All details of their issue and of their reflux should be open to public scrutiny. As many details as possible should be printed on the currently issued notes and updated on the next issues. – Mere slogans cannot communicate enough information in this sphere. Or who does already fully understand a sentence like (1) “Let good money drive out the bad?” – (2) “Money without legal tender and a monopoly power can never cause an inflation!” – (3) “Under freedom of note issues deflations and their unemployment and sales difficulties can be rapidly overcome and this without depreciating the money through additional issues.” (4) “Additional note issues are only wrongful and harmful when they have monopoly and legal tender power!” - JZ, 13.7.99, 26.9.08, 2.11.13. - UNEMPLOYMENT, FULL EMPLOYMENT, INFLATION, DEFLATION, STAGFLATION, ECONOMIC CRISES, MONEY SHORTAGES, CURRENCY FAMINE, EMERGENCY MONEY ISSUES

MONETARY FREEDOM: Free Trade means also free trading with private currencies, private exchange media and value standards, neither being exclusive or coercive, all being subject to free market rating and the right to refuse their acceptance, - unless one has contractually obliged oneself to accept them or has issued them oneself. – JZ, 26.3.86, 6.10.08.

MONETARY FREEDOM: Free yourself of coercively manipulated money, which is either inflated or deflated and, sometimes, both, simultaneously. - JZ, 12.10.74, 1978, 21.3.97.

MONETARY FREEDOM: Freedom in monetary matters means no political manipulation of our medium of exchange.” - L. E. Read, THE FREEMAN, 8/73. – Our various and competitively issued and optionally accepted private exchange media, clearing certificates and of our freely chosen value standards as well. – JZ, 20.1.08.

MONETARY FREEDOM: Freedom includes the right to issue one's own money if others will accept it. Competition is the life of trade and free competition in money and banking is essential to free trade and the elimination of the monopolistic evils, which are at present notorious in the world of currency and banking. -  Although the banks (*) are the natural business organization for the issue of currency, there would be no objection to the sovereign issuing notes or coins for the use and convenience of the community (**) if free competition prevailed, i.e. if everybody who wished to issue (and accept) them were permitted to do so. (***) With governmental monopoly (****) the public is constantly subjected to a gigantic dose of fraud and totalitarianism which amounts to savage taxation of both rich and poor, chiefly the poor. (*****) Under competition, any debased coinage or inflated currency will be driven out by the better article. Free trade is the only fair trade. - The shambles created by governmental rampages in the field of money, banking and finance, …” - W. A. Dowe, in GOOD GOVERNMENT, June 78. - Freedom includes the right to issue one's own money if others will accept it.” - Mr. W. A. Dowe, quoted in GOOD- GOVERNMENT, 12/78, p.5. - (*) and e.g., shopping centers, transport companies, suppliers of electricity, gas, water and sewage systems as well as insurance companies - (**) Mainly as tax anticipation money with tax foundation. - (***) Only the governments should be authorized to issue tax anticipation money or voluntary communities, under personal laws, their own currency. ) - (****) and compulsory acceptance and enforced value or "legal tender". - (*****) Either as creditors, including wage and salary recipients, in case of inflation, or as debtors in case of deflation. - JZ 21.12.07.) - & COMPETITION & FREE TRADE

MONETARY FREEDOM: Freedom of note issue is inherently even more simple than millions of individual and personal cheques in Australia being used for payment and then going into clearing. That process appears to be still time consuming. At least some time ago it took up to 5 days for a cheques to be credited to one’s account, if it was not a cheques of one’s own bank. – JZ, 19.1.84, 6.10.09. – FREE BANKING, CHEQUE PAYMENTS

MONETARY FREEDOM: Freedom of note issue needs no help from the State. The notes from the new banks will make their own way into circulation. People who get cheaper loans from new banks will try to get those notes into circulation. Wage-earners may be offered higher wages if they are willing to accept the new notes in payment of wages. They will shop in those stores that are willing to accept the new notes.” - Henry Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST, 8/76.

MONETARY FREEDOM: Freedom to “coin” one's labor- and services and goods supply capacity and willingness into one's own ready cash notes and clearing certificates - at least between some of one's own local direct or indirect suppliers of goods and services. - The issuers of sound token money or “ticket money”, or IOU’s or clearing certificates do not need a gold stock or government supervision and control for their issues. The free market monies are self-managed by free and competing entrepreneurs and controlled by sovereign consumers. - JZ, 22.9.93, 24.4.97, 6.1.11, 21.5.13, 2.11.13. - FREE BANKING

MONETARY FREEDOM: Freedom to express all our contracts in other and better value standards and exchange media than those which are now provided by our own governments or by foreign governments or by their privileged central banks. - JZ, 19.11.93, 24.4.97.

MONETARY FREEDOM: Freedom to issue money tokes of a great variety, freedom to refuse those of others, freedom to discount those of others, freedom to clear ones own debts against the debts others owe to oneself, freedom to agree upon any kind of value standard that one does prefer, freedom to issue clearing certificates, and freedom to issue short-term, medium-term and long term securities and to use and kind of value preserving clause, interest or dividend rate or repayment condition that one prefers, belong to the essentials of monetary and financial freedom. All are limited by two obligations of the issuers of: They have to ready to accept at par all those of their notes that are immediately due. For their financial securities they need to accept as means of payment only the claims to their installment payment obligations and to the interest rate amounts that they owe at any particular time. When they are finally due or close to the due rate, they have also to accept their bonds or mortgages and other debt certificates as means of payment against themselves, as a matter of a quite rightful clearing process. None of their issues is to be legal tender except towards themselves – under the stated conditions e.g. regarding timing and installments. All their issues, banknotes or capital certificates, are to be free market rated in general circulation or on the stock exchanges and gold or silver markets. – JZ, 4.10.98, 27.9.08.

MONETARY FREEDOM: Freedom to own and dispose of one's property, labor and services power as one sees fit. Freedom to exchange, freedom to trade, freedom to contract. Freedom of association and disassociation. Freedom of choice. Freedom to supply oneself with work. Freedom to support oneself. Free choice of jobs and profession - even that of note-issuing bankers. Freedom to engage in honest rather than dishonest deals - with the latter represented by exclusive and forced currency, the central bank's money issue monopoly and legal tender. Freedom to resist and to break legally established monopolies. These, and some others, applied in the sphere of exchange media and value standards and clearing, are the rights and liberties of monetary freedom. - JZ, n .d. & 27.5.97. - ITS INVOLVEMENT WITH OTHER LIBERTIES & RIGHTS

MONETARY FREEDOM: Freedom to pay one's debts as efficiently and honestly as one can, via one's own notes, goods-, service- or labor-vouchers, IOU's or clearing certificates, which only oneself has to accept at any time at par with their nominal value standard. - JZ, 27.5.97.

MONETARY FREEDOM: Freedom to work isn’t free and cannot achieve full employment, even with the best will and intentions and ability and willingness to provide productive work at market wages, when you are not free to contract your pay in alternative and sound exchange media and value standards to the exclusive and forced currency imposed by your territorial government. The exchange media and value standards of monetary despotism, practised today by the national central banks, confine all exchanges, even clearing exchanges and non-cash payments, ultimately to the quantities of the monopolistically supplied governmental cash certificates with a monopolistic and forced value standard whose acceptance is made compulsory. Even clearing certificates are supposed to be redeemable ultimately in this monopoly money. Sound alternative exchange media, clearing options and sound alternative value standards for exchange media and clearing certificates and for all goods, services and labor and all financial contracts, are not impossible but merely outlawed. The governmentally supplied bad exchange media and value standards have been legally permitted to drive good alternatives to them out of production and circulation. The sound private alternatives can neither be freely issued nor accepted. Thus sales, production, exchange and work opportunities have been confined to those, which can still be mediated with the governments monetary despotism. – Should we thus be surprised at the many continuous problems and the many recurring very serious crises under such a system? – JZ, 26.12.92, 2.11.13. - RIGHT TO WORK, CRISES, UNEMLOYMENT, INFLATION, DEFLATION, STAGFLATION, SALES DIFFICULTIES

MONETARY FREEDOM: Freely issued, optional refusable and market rated money tokens and clearing certificates will bring the supply and demand for labor, services and goods systematically together, especially when they are issued by the local providers of goods, services and labor and their competitive associations, which would give their issues a broad enough “shop foundation”, debt-foundation, clearing foundation, readiness to accept foundation, service-, goods- and labor foundation, to keep them at par with their nominal value at least in local circulation. – JZ, 24.12.05, 30.10.07, 6.1.11, 2.11.13. - FREE BANKING

MONETARY FREEDOM: From a moderate interest in or more or less tacit approval of monetary freedom, in all too general terms, to a well prepared and organized readiness to realize it, whenever there is a suitable opportunity for this, many educational and self-educational steps are required and explorations of the best techniques for monetary experiments and monetary revolutions as well as of the best financing methods for already existing and somewhat liberating revolutions, which would have a better chance to succeed via monetary freedom. Under monetary freedom there would be less bloodshed, less destruction and less likelihood for the establishment of another despotism. The gap is as large as that between quiet disapproval or dissent and a full-scale revolution, including and well armed and organized uprising, with quite rightful aims only. - JZ, 5.9.86, 29. 4. 97, 2.11.13. - However, under democratic governments a monetary revolution can be quite peaceful, quite non-violent. Only some wrongful and irrational laws would have to be broken - when the time is optimal for this, in self-help efforts to end deflations or inflations. There are times and conditions when governments would not dare to enforce the laws of monetary despotism. These ought to be fully utilized to abolish it. - JZ, 9.9.02, 6.1.11. - ENLIGHTENMENT & REVOLUTION

MONETARY FREEDOM: From long before the fourteenth century in England and France (and I think, in all countries), there were in common use large quantities of private metal tokens against which the governments made constant war with little success. It was not indeed till well on in the nineteenth century that their use was suppressed in England and the United States. We are so accustomed to our present system of a government monopoly of coinage, that we have come to regard it as one of the prime functions of government, and we firmly hold the doctrine that some catastrophe would occur if this monopoly were not maintained. History does not bear out this contention; and the reasons which led the medieval governments to make repeated attempts to establish their monopoly was in France at any rate not altogether parental care for the good of their subjects, but because they hoped by suppressing private tokens which were convenient and seemed generally (though not always) to have enjoyed the full confidence of the public, that the people would be forced by the necessity of having some instrument for retail commerce to make more general use of the government coins which from frequent "mutations" were not always popular.”-  Vláďa KrupaJohn Zube : The literature on token money issues is large, but produced largely only by collectors, who may be, like most "economists", unaware of their monetary significance in times where the official rare metal currency was always in short supply or all too much inflated. Are there better websites on full monetary freedom than e.g. and Most of the reformers are still stuck upon one form of gold-standard, that of the metallically covered and redeemable, which is certainly not the best one as a means of payment alternative, although still good as a chosen value standard. - Facebook, 7.5.13. - TOKEN MONEY ISSUES

MONETARY FREEDOM: Full employment, a permanent boom economy, with more and more wealth earnable by anyone, peace, justice and freedom, for people of all colors, creeds and ideologies, all as a matter of individual choice, rights and liberties, when it comes to producing or choosing governance, societal and community systems as well, all only for their volunteers and under personal law or exterritorial autonomy! – JZ, 17.7.95, 6.10.08, 2.11.13. - PROSPERITY, PERMANENT BOOM ECONOMY, NO MONETARY CRISES, NO POLITICAL CRISES, FULL EMPLOYMENT, RAPID ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT & INCREASE OF THE STANDARD OF LIVING, PANARCHISM, FREE CHOICE, FREE ENTERPRISE, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT & ASSOCIATION AS WELL AS EXPERIMENTATION IN EVERY SPHERE, FOR NATIVES & RECENT IMMIGRANTS, LEGALIZED & ILLEGAL ONES AS WELL

MONETARY FREEDOM: Full employment, an end to deflations, depression, recessions, credit restrictions and inflations and stagflations - through monetary, financial and organizational freedom, followed by or accompanied by free market pricing for goods, services and labor, free trade, free migration, voluntary taxation and full exterritorial autonomy for all volunteer communities, however progressive or reactionary they may be - at their own expense and risk and for their own benefit. - JZ, 27.5.97, 10.9.02. - IN A FRAMEWORK OF ECONOMIC, SOCIAL & POLITICAL LIBERTY & TOLERANCE FOR DIVERSITY AMONG VOLUNTEERS

MONETARY FREEDOM: Full monetary and financial freedom would, quite by the way, have also led to the emancipation of women and the emancipation of labor to a much larger degree than was so far the case. – JZ, 21.10. 07. - & FINANCIAL FREEDOM

MONETARY FREEDOM: Full monetary freedom for all, fully recognized and utilized by all potential and suitable issuers and acceptors for alternative currencies, could very rapidly end mass unemployment, deflations, sales difficulties, inflations and stagflations. It would include freedom to clear, freedom to choose a value standard for one's contract, the freedom to make voluntary credit arrangements suitable for creditors as well as debtors. It would require the freedom to refuse or discount any exchange medium or value standard that one distrusts or suspects for any reason - if one has not issued it oneself. It would establish, for the first time, full freedom of exchange, full freedom of contract in the monetary sphere and to that extent it would be a pre-condition for a fully free market. In the widest sense it, or free banking, must also be associated with full financial freedom for the issue and acceptance of financial or capital securities under conditions that are mutually acceptable. Monetary as well as financial freedom require full publicity for all details which are relevant for their issue, reflux, amortization, interest rates and other conditions. In the absence of an issue monopoly and legal tender, the good monies would drive out the bad ones, i.e. potential acceptors would be free to accept or to discount the bad money and would always prefer the best or sufficiently good monies to inferior ones. Competitive supply would mean that sufficient but no more than sufficient exchange media would be supplied, enough to achieve the turnover of all ready for sale and wanted goods and services and with them assure full employment for the goods and service providers. Only the issuers would have to accept their own currencies at any time at par from anyone, at least all those of their certificates which are tendered in payment during their stated circulation period. All able and willing to work could be paid at least in one or the other money of monetary freedom, the kind that is acceptable to them. For all those unable to work there would be, primarily, insurance and credit arrangements and only as a last resort the voluntary charity options. - JZ, 2.5.01, 26.8.02. - & THEREBY AN END TO INFLATION, DEFLATION, DEPRESSIONS, STAGFLATIONS & MASS UNEMPLOYMENT

MONETARY FREEDOM: General economic freedom, including monetary freedom: An economy based on full economic freedom, includes not only free pricing, free wage agreements, free international trade and free internal trading, free capital markets and freedom for foreign investments, for value protection clauses in all investment contracts, for an abolition of all imposed controls, quotas, licensing and penalizing, equalizing and an end to excessive or even all compulsory taxes, but it also aims at the essence of all free exchanges: monetary freedom. - Monetary freedom means freedom to issue all kinds of money tokens and clearing certificates that are not monopolistic and coercive. They only bind the issuer and his partners. They are subject to refusals to accept them and to free market rating against freely chosen value standards and against each other and foreign currencies. Monetary freedom also means freedom to clear and free choice of value standards. With this freedom all sales and exchange difficulties for goods, labor and services that are wanted and competitively priced would soon disappear. - JZ file: Unemployment incomplete comb of old files. – Revised: 2.11.13.

MONETARY FREEDOM: Gold weight clearing currencies, gold weight accounting standards, silver weight accounting and various other index currencies could all peacefully coexist among their supporters and in their competing currencies and clearing and credit systems. Neither should be given legal tender power (compulsory acceptance and forced value) but only the rights and duties of their private contracts. All the diverse currencies and their value standards should be legal tender only towards their issuers. Otherwise they should be optional and market rated. By contract the issuing creditors could also insist that their debtors do also accept the currency they had issued at par, for their goods and services, since they can pay their debts with it at par. That would leave the debtor still the chance to purchase the currency of their debtors on the free money market, whenever it is undervalued there. Thus the reflux of private and competing currencies would be speeded up and the extent of discounts (disagios) of private currencies and their duration would be greatly reduced, for the discounted notes would then all the faster disappear from circulation and these currencies would regain their par value stand. – JZ, 8.10.06, 26.10.07. - FREE BANKING, VALUE STANDARDS, FREE CHOICE OF VALUE STANDARDS

MONETARY FREEDOM: Government has no more responsibility for an honest money than for an honest measure of length or weight or volume. It just ought to leave all of them alone. - JZ, n.d. – At most, while taxation is continued, it should provide sound tax foundation money to facilitate its own spending and revenue gathering by taxation, rather than robbing other spheres of their monies for this purpose. – JZ, 20.1.08. – Thus it would also make tax payments easier for the involuntary victims of taxation. – JZ, 2.11.13.

MONETARY FREEDOM: Governmental currencies and financing methods and privileged banks dealing in the governmental currency have become largely separated from economic realities and they have become factors that produce and prolong most economic crises. Free banking or full monetary freedom, together with full financial freedom, on the other hand, would almost instantly reverse this trend, without sacrificing anything of value and for the immediate profit and advantage of almost everyone. – JZ, 23.8.98, 4.10.08. - FREE BANKING VS. CENTRAL BANKING & MONETARY DESPOTISM, ECONOMIC CRISES

MONETARY FREEDOM: Greenbackism is money monopoly in its most extreme form. Free money, on the other hand, means free trade carried into finance, unlimited competition in the business of "making money", and as a result, the utter rout of inferior and usurious currencies by the virtues of the cheapest and best.” - Carl Watner, in JLS, Fall, 77, p.315, quoting Tucker's LIBERTY. – We are back to Greenbackism right now, world-wide, under the pretence that this would solve the current crisis. Governments only very rarely learn anything from history. – JZ, 16.2.09, 6.1.11.

MONETARY FREEDOM: Hardly ever do the advocates of free capitalism realize how utterly their ideal was frustrated at the moment the State assumed control of the monetary system. There is to-day only one prominent liberal theorist consistent enough to advocate free, uncontrolled competition among banks in the creation of money. (Mises, Theory of Money, 1911.) Mises, whose intellectual influence on modern neo-liberalism was very strong, - has made hardly one proselyte for that extreme conclusion. Yet without it the ideal of the State-free economy collapses.” - Gustav Stolper, This Age of Fable, p.64. - Mises was not the radical advocate of full monetary freedom that he is often made-out to be. He was still stuck on gold convertibility by the issuer and wanted free banking only for such banks. - JZ, 22.3.97.

MONETARY FREEDOM: Have the supporters of state currency considered the system of payment by cheque? It is today open to anybody to offer a cheque in payment of goods, and the state rightly leaves the decision whether to accept the cheque in the hands of the seller. Just as we say "Let the buyer beware " because the variety of goods offered makes any state control impossible, so we say "Let the seller beware" when he is offered a cheque for his goods; the circumstances of each sale, and the parties between whom the sale is effected, are so various that state control of cheque payment would be intolerable. - It is an aim of THE INDIVIDUALIST to urge that the principle applied to the use of cheques should be applied to all money.” - Henry Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST, 12/77, p. 71. - & CHEQUES

MONETARY FREEDOM: Have you ever considered repealing the legal-tender of the Australian currency and of the Reserve Bank's privileges, and the competitive issue of exchange media, using any agreeable standard, so that good money will be free to drive out the bad? - JZ, 12/75, 21.3.97. – Q.

MONETARY FREEDOM: He argues, in the classic tradition of Adam Smith but with reference to the 20th- century, that money is no exception to the rule that self-interest would be a better motive than benevolence in producing good results.” - Arthur Seldon, in: Hayek: Denationalisation of Money, p.3. - SELF-INTEREST & BENEVOLENCE

MONETARY FREEDOM: He is arguing that the attempt for the past 50 years to depend on benevolence in government to manage money has failed and that the solution must lie in the self-interest of monetary agencies that will suffer by losing their livelihood if they do not supply currencies that users will find dependable and- stable.” - Arthur Seldon, introduction to Hayek, Denationalisation- of Money, p.5.

MONETARY FREEDOM: How more paper money, which already is unacceptable in international trade, will buy us friends abroad or keep us warm at home is a puzzle. Have we not had sufficient experience with the bad money government provides, and the excessive waste of resources under government control, to get the message and relay it to Congress: "Stop the waste and leave us to our own choices in the world market. Let us buy and sell on our own terms in the money of our choice." - Paul Poirot, THE- FREEMAN, 4/75.

MONETARY FREEDOM: How to advance from primitive and falsely constructed alternative monies and mere scrip to close to perfect alternative privately and cooperatively issued money tokens or clearing certificates in money denominations is one of the main tasks for our times. – JZ, 16.9.98. – I am not afraid of trying again and again to attempt to describe how this could or should be done, until I or somebody else finally succeeds to describe in so short and clear a way that almost anybody with average intelligence will come to understand it. – This aim is worth thousands of such attempts, stretching over many years, until finally the equivalent of a gold medal winner is achieved in this sphere. I hold such a competition to be much more important than any sports competition. At any time there are many millions of involuntarily unemployed, or underemployed people, sometimes even hundreds of millions. – Envision also the involuntary poverty that is involved. Employers do not really deserve that term until the last of these involuntarily unemployed or under-employed people is actually productively employed. – While we confine ourselves to the government’s monopoly money we cannot achieve this aim. – As for the supposed lack of capital equipment: Containerized production units for almost any kind of consumer goods are offered online and on terms. Portable power plants exist, too. And water finding and water-pumping facilities are already an old technology. Thus jobs, in form of portable factory units, could, often, be brought to the people, instead of the people having to move where production facilities are. – Temporary shelters can also be cheaply and fast established, not only in wartime, for soldiers and not only in form of caravans, as long as the bureaucrats and laws do not get in the way. - JZ, 26.9.08. – UNEMPLOYMENT & UNDER-EMPLOYMENT, EMPLOYERS

MONETARY FREEDOM: I am accustomed to pay men back in their own coin.” (Ich bin gewohnt in der Muenze wiederzuzahlen in der man mich bezahlt.) - Bismarck, Speech to the Ultramontanes, 1870. - This is a sound reflux principle. Having to anticipate it, issuers will also tend to make their issues self-limiting, i.e., sound. Look at it in another way: In their own self-interest all honest men will tend to limit their own obligations or IOUs to those they can fulfill. Dishonest men might try to spread dishonest money but their dishonesty is more likely to be faster discovered in this respect, than in any other. All the dispersed knowledge of all their actual and potential acceptors will act against them and a clearing house for their notes and all other local issues, would discover over-issues within hours. - Communications are now that fast that he could be charged within hours, before competitive courts, with fraud and that he could lose, in consequence, all his property and carry, moreover, an indemnification burden whose payment could also be enforced upon him. - JZ, 22.3.97, 6.1.11.

MONETARY FREEDOM: I am more convinced than ever that if we ever again are going to have a decent money, it will not come from government: it will be issued by private enterprise." -Friedrich Hayek – John Zube : Alas, he remained unaware of the teachings of the Swiss, German & Jewish monetary freedom school of the 1930’s. – It is now pretty well represented e.g. a  - I also tried to represent it in a free banking A to Z and bibliography at  - As merely one man’s compilation, both of these long files are, naturally still incomplete and far from offering a comprehensive handbook on free banking or monetary freedom, which should be the aim. With sufficient collaboration it could be built up fast. With its concentration of secrecy and in the absence of a sound value standard, Bitcoin is a rather false start. For sound private currencies, clearing certificates and account credits there is also no quantity limit - except the one set by the quantity of wanted consumer goods and services, in which such free market monies would be redeemed by their issuers. Think of them a ticket monies or goods warrants and service vouchers, in monetary denominations, which oblige only the issuers to accept them at their nominal value, to make the relationship between the issues and their kind of cover clear and to comprehend why they cannot be inflated. With a limited circulation area and period they are also not a good target for forgers.

MONETARY FREEDOM: I believe that if money is to be useful to traders as a medium of exchange then the decision as to what shall serve as money must be worked out by traders in the market, VOLUNTARILY, rather than by government edict.” - L. E. Read, THE FREEMAN, Jan. 75. - Even somewhat depreciated governmental paper money, up to a certain degree of inflation, is still useful to traders as a means of exchange - when this is the only monetary option left to them. But it is not optimally useful and it ceases to be a good enough standard of value as soon as any degree of persistent depreciation occurs. Compare what Keynesian slow inflations have done to our currencies in recent decades. Otherwise the statement is correct. - JZ, 22.3.97. – We need something like an honors roll for all those deceased or still alive who at least made one statement in favor of monetary freedom. – The texts should be referred to, preferably with a URL and a contact address should be given for those still alive. – JZ, 16.2.09. – HONOUR ROLL, DIRECTORY, BIBLIOGRAPHY, ABSTRACTS, REVIEW COLLECTION, HANDBOOK, AN ABC COMPILATION OF RELATED TERMS, MANY RELEVANT ARGUMENT MAPS, A COMPLETE DIGITAL LIBRARY OF ALL RELEVANT TEXTS

MONETARY FREEDOM: I favor the free market especially in the monetary sphere – to overcome unemployment, inflation and poverty. – JZ, 23.4.75. – Also in the sphere of free choice for individuals among all kinds of political, economic and social systems, a choice that belongs also to consumer sovereignty, free associationism, freedom of contracts and free enterprise, a still widely neglected aspect of “laissez-faire”, which has recently  been called panarchism or polyarchism, manarchy or personarchy or meta-utopia. – This free and self-responsible reorganization of society into all kinds of voluntary communities under personal laws and full exterritorial autonomy, including, naturally all the monetary and financial freedom rights their members desire and want to practise among themselves, in their own kinds of payment communities, would also abolish wars, civil wars, revolutions, through their very nature, and also, largely, involuntary poverty, through the experimental freedom it would introduce for all attempts to do away with such problems. At least some of these experiments would be successful. - JZ, 6.10.08, 2.11.13. – PANARCHISM, FREE MARKET MONIES, FREEDOM FOR MONETARY EXPERIMENTS AMONG VOLUNTEERS & UNDER PERSONAL LAW OR EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

MONETARY FREEDOM: I have had an alphabetical handbook on monetary freedom in mind for ca. 40 years. Ulrich von Beckerath and Prof. Heinrich Rittershausen had intended it for much longer. A start has to be made somewhere, by someone, no matter how flawed it still is. So far, there are probably tens of thousands, if not hundred-thousands of texts on monetary despotism and only a few thousand on monetary freedom aspects. The good points have nowhere been combined by anyone as yet. But it is in the interests of everybody that the task is somehow begun by someone. Never mind the initial mistakes, clumsiness of expressions and remaining errors. Help to combine all wisdom on this subject. No one knows everything on this subject. - I had wanted to postpone this handbook until I had finally micro-fiched all Beckerath writings in my possession and indexed them. But this job may still take years to complete. The same applies to the publishing and indexing of the monetary freedom writings of Heinrich Rittershausen. I do not longer want to postpone this job till then. I may not live so long. More extracts from their writings can be included at any time later on, by anyone who gets access to them. Nor will I be able, for the first edition, to include all my notes and files. More and more will be added later. At least I have the good intention to do so. - Old draft of introductory apology: Sorry, but I have still not completed my filming of writings of Ulrich von Beckerath and of his associates and indexed them. They would have been a great help in this compilation. I do intend to integrate, finally, the wisdom of this circle separately and in this compilation, to the extent that it is accessible to me. Much of the correspondence and many of the papers have been lost. Most through war, some through theft, some through non-appreciation. I will in most instances bow to what I perceive to be the higher insights of that circle, seeing my limited knowledge and understanding. But, rather than indefinitely postpone this job further, I offer here my opinions and compilations from all kinds of sources, to the extent that I got around to keyboard them in, with the intention to gradually enter more and more and to edit the compilation gradually, when I get around to it. The variety of monetary experience, theories, hypotheses, opinions and writings, ideas and proposals, is, probably, too large for any individual to fully comprehend and express. But over a prolonged period and my input from many people more and more wisdom on this subject can be compiled and used to counteract the still much larger volume of errors, myths and prejudices on this subject. Some, like those on crises, deflations, inflations, prices, creation of money and credit, gold standard, index currencies, are so numerous that they do probably require separate treatments in one to several volumes each. I can only rely on mutual aid and mutual criticism in this sphere. - Much of this compilation consists just of reminders to myself on how to fill -remaining gaps in this compilation in the future. They are also open invitations to anyone to help fill them. I am not prepared to argue monetary questions at length in correspondence. I rather reply in further entries in this compilation - and so could you. - Let us start on the assumption that there must be something better than the present monetary system which alternates between inflations, deflations and stagflations and causes enormous impoverishment and unemployment at all 3 stages. Moreover, there ought not only be freedom of expression and information to discuss alternatives to it but also freedom to experiment, for voluntary payment communities, at their expense and risk, regardless of majority or expert opinions and of monetary legislation. Both, free discussion and experimentation must-go on and will go on once whatever degree of monetary freedom we-can now realize and benefit from, will be realized. Decades of searching have failed to uncover for me even a single valid argument against full free banking or monetary freedom, as a rightful, harmonious and beneficial economic activity. I continue to challenge anyone to try to find or supply such an argument and I would gladly reproduce it in this collection, together with my own replies to it or that of others. – JZ, n.d. & 6.1.11. -MONETARY FREEDOM HANDBOOK, FIRST EDITION - ON THE ROAD TO X EDITIONS, WITH YOUR HELP! – This A to Z compilation on free banking is now online at, together with another long but likewise still very incomplete free banking bibliography. Compare my previous alphabetized notes on this at: - JZ, 2.11.13.

MONETARY FREEDOM: I have now no doubt whatever that private enterprise, if it had not been prevented by government, could and would long ago have provided the public with a choice of currencies, and those that prevailed in the competition would have been essentially stable in value and would have prevented both excessive stimulation of investment and the consequent periods of contraction.” – F. A. Hayek, Denationalisation of Money, p.14. - Compare my pamphlet: The Soft Option. - JZ - BOOM & BUST

MONETARY FREEDOM: I ought to be free to oblige myself - within the limits of my labor and service and goods supply capacity, ready for sale upon demand, at market prices, and all my outstanding credits, to issue IOUs, labor and service and goods vouchers, clearing certificates and credit notes, all optional, market rated and using a sound value standard, which oblige only myself to accept them at any time in payment, at par with their nominal value from anyone. With such notes I cannot inflate the general price level, my own prices or anyone else's payment, price and value standard system but I can reduce deflationary effects as far as my own spending and receipts are concerned. - JZ, 25.11.89 & 27.5.97.

MONETARY FREEDOM: I would like to see a model experiment undertaken, e.g., in a Red Indian reservation or in some poor village in Haiti or under similar underdeveloped conditions. It could begin with a single general store, issuing its own token currency, based especially upon local products for local consumption and would make a few wage payment loans with its token currency to local producers, too. How fast could such a system expand, increasing local productivity and local sales and local employment as well as local savings, assuming only that there exist no mental, legal, juridical, customary or administrative blocks against such a self-help development and against making and accepting one's own money and using it optimally for one's own productive and exchange purposes? How long would it take before there might be two shops and the number of those paid wages for productive local work in this local currency, would be doubled? How long before there would be small local surpluses, that could be invested in mini-loans for local mini-enterprises? How long would it be before such a local economy and local currency issue would help the local economy to, so to speak, pull itself up by its bootstraps? Naturally, that would require local autonomy towards the central monetary despotism, probably also exemptions from all taxes imposed by outsiders. - But with the sympathies that ethnic minorities can now often count upon, they might have it easier than others to thus break the stranglehold of monetary despotism and to become self-supporting, economic independent citizens of their self-chosen communities. - Judging from what I have read about the innovative genius, skills and readiness to learn new things, among Eskimos, according to some reporters or observers, their remaining communities, might be most suitable for starting such experiments, if only their environment and climate and distance from existing trading centers would not prevent them from engaging e.g. in any industrial production. - Mere food gathering, hunting, fishing and handicraft economies are, probably, not sufficient to develop sound local currencies and to develop the local economy beyond that foundation, embodying the local economy sufficiently in the general division of labor scheme, beyond local subsistence efforts. - Assume that the autonomy of tribal people would be more widely recognized, even those of Eskimos, desert tribes or Firelanders (if any survived to today), who were formerly driven into icy or hot deserts, by more warlike tribes, that they were given full autonomy as their right, under personal laws, combined with freedom to settle and work anywhere. Then, perhaps, the Eskimos might come to shine and provide an "economic wonder" far beyond those provided by West Germany or Japan after WW II, and the "tiger economies", from their much wider bases of knowledge, skills and resources. - However, by now generations of welfare statism may have largely changed the character, mentality and natural drives of those Eskimos still in the reservations, as they seem to have those of many other tribal people more or less confined to wasteland reservations. But if just a few were free to do their things (not just the traditional ones) and to succeed or fail, upon their own merits, unhindered by bureaucrats, politicians, lawyers and popular prejudices or customs, how long would it take before many others would follow their example? - To speed the process up, one could assume that the reservation communities would also have the right to take up loans on a stable value basis and to grant tax exemptions to enterprises set up in their areas and to introduce unilateral free trade for them. Then they might become swamped with development offers. Assuming that supermarkets and department stores in their reservations would also be free to issue their own currencies. How long would it be then before enough of them would be established to be able to provide short-term credits for wage payments for many local productive jobs? I am not thinking merely in terms of casinos and craft and tourist activities but of full autonomy for minority groups, initially only within their reservations and later outside, too, on the basis of personal laws and their own volunteer communities, exterritorially governing themselves, and, especially, in terms of full monetary and financial freedom. - People who remain bound to traditions, customs or habits or have developed the hand-out mentality or who excuse all their inactivity and failures merely with reference to former national and racial or religious prosecution, would not make optimal use of such opportunities. But there might be enough among them who would gladly grab and realize such self-help opportunities and use them not only to impress the traditionalists in their own communities but also those in the rest of the world. Indeed, some reservation communities might have to split based upon individual choices, into the traditionalists and progressives - and, perhaps, the local socialists and the local capitalists, too. - Is there any place or reservation in the world where this approach could be tried? Even those who look down upon minorities or even hate them, should have less objection against such self-help steps than against riots, demonstrations, protests, gun battles, occupations, endless and expensive and prolonged court cases and continued hand-out anti-economics. - Imagine, e.g., a voluntary association of Negroes in Harlem undertaking such an experiment or a community among the ca. 2 million Jews in NYC attempting this. - Or the people presently herded into refugee camps. Or an insurrectionist army, that was defeated in its liberation attempt but succeeded into retreating into another country. - Perhaps least likely, imagine thousands to millions of unemployed organizing themselves and local businessmen and employers for this, declaring their readiness to be paid in such alternative currencies, at market rates for their productive labors. One can play a lot of challenging mind games in this way. By all means, build such air castles - make them as close to perfect as you can, in your mind and that of others - and then set them up on a sound foundation. - JZ, 11.1.80, 28.6.89, 15.5.97, 6.1.11. - EXPERIMENTS, LOCAL CURRENCY ISSUES, LOCAL AUTONOMY, AMONG RESERVATION INDIANS, ESKIMOS, ABORIGINES, & OTHER PRESENTLY NEGLECTED OR OPPRESSED & EXPLOITED MINORITY OR E.G. SLUM VICTIMS OF WELFARE STATES, NATIVES, DEVELOPMENT, MINORITY AUTONOMY.

MONETARY FREEDOM: If government control of money is unavoidable, Professor Hayek thinks a gold system better than any other; but he maintains that even gold would be found less dependable than competing paper currencies whose value would be maintained more or less stable because their issuers would have a strong inducement to limit their quantity or lose their business.” - Arthur Seldon, introducing Hayek's Denationalisation of Money, p.4. - Private competing monies, not being legal tender, would be market-rated and refusable. They would be market-rated against value standards, which potential acceptors trust. Any currency not standing at par with its value standard, or very close to it, would be widely refused and any depreciated monies could and should be presented to their issuers, as soon as possible, at their face value. That they have usually no interest to issue their currency at a considerable discount and thus to confine their issues to a very few remaining voluntary acceptors, can be judged by an extreme and hypothetical example. How many would accept at all a private currency that is already 90 % depreciated in general circulation? And why would the issuer go on issuing it, if he could still find acceptors, while getting only 10 % of its face value in exchange? At the next moment he would have to accept any quantity of his own depreciated notes at their face value. For holders of his notes the forced sale of all his property to them, for his notes, would be bargains. For him they would mean ruin. After any considerable discount of his notes few people would ever touch them again - if they are interested mainly in getting readily usable means of exchange. Another point cannot be stressed too much: When exchange medium and value standard are clearly separated in a note then any multiplication of these notes does, perhaps, depreciate the value of the notes but it cannot depreciate the value of its sound value standard. Nobody is forced to reckon only in his depreciated notes, at their par value, or to use them at all and sound value standard expression of wages and prices and other contracts can go on undisturbed. - JZ, 21.3.97. - Even such an over-issuer (assuming he would have been able to considerably over-issue, under full monetary freedom conditions and their appreciation by the public) would have to continue to price his goods, services, wages and other contracts in a sound value standard or no one would be prepared to deal with him. And, however depreciated his notes would have become, he would still have to accept them at par for everything he owns. Except, presumably, his own person. He would not be sold as a slave. But there would, possibly, be a long term lien on his future earnings! - JZ, 29.8.02, 6.1.11, 2.11.13. - INFLATION, DIS.

MONETARY FREEDOM: If individuals are to have their full freedom to make exchanges, they must also be free to determine the media in which their exchanges shall be made. Throughout history, gold has been the commodity chosen by free men to accomplish this end.” - Robert G. Anderson, THE FREEMAN, 1/75. - If A. had bothered to study monetary history a bit more, then he would have discovered that silver, copper, platinum, bronze and numerous other means, including wooden tablets, leather strips, knots, stones, shells, a vast variety of things and representations, has served people as money - more or less well. - JZ, 21.3.97. - GOLD

MONETARY FREEDOM: If money is considered a standardized and typified assignment upon goods and services, the question then immediately arises: Who is authorized to issue such assignments upon the goods and services of others? Each would then, obviously, be entitled to issue them only upon his own readiness to accept them in payment for his goods and services wanted by others. Moreover, then many shops could combine into an issuing centre, to make their notes more widely acceptable, for all of their potential local customers. (At most a creditor of a shop or shop association might write out a corresponding credit note and use it as a means of payment against such debtors.) From this point of view it is also obvious that each should be free to bind only himself and his associates with such "redemption" or "readiness to accept" promises, certificates, goods warrants or service vouchers - in convenient monetary denominations. - JZ, 5.12.81, 20.12.07. - If one tries long enough, one might become clear enough on such subjects. Seeing how important the subject is, ten thousand tries should not be too much of an effort. Compare how often and how long top athletes and artists train to produce their records or master pieces. - JZ, 20.12.07.

MONETARY FREEDOM: If only people looked at free banking and monetary freedom with the same interest that they show e.g. for gold prospecting, gold mining and treasure hunting as well as for lotteries and prize competitions! – JZ, 12.12.06, 22.10.08.



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