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FREEDOM: I have been thinking in a desultory way about civil liberty lately. I doubt that one in 100,000 of us has anything remotely like the conception of it that you and I have. I believe that for the immense majority of people liberty means only the system and the administrators they are used to. What do you think of that idea? - For instance, the Scots clansmen had their feudal or semifeudal chieftains who certainly pushed them around plenty enough, and made them sweat. The English came and ran out the chiefs, and took over the job of pushing the clansmen around exactly as before; and then the clansmen put up a tremendous roar about losing their liberties, which, in your view and mine they never had. Isn't it so? I don't know but what (JZ: that?) the great libertarian movements might profitably be examined in the light of this notion. I know it must have been dam' disagreeable to the Gauls to have le vieux César Brisetout busting in on them, and all that; and as a matter of sentiment I'm in favour of Arminius, Ambiorix, Ariovistus, Vercingetorix, & Co.; but what I should like to know is, how much actual liberty did the Gauls lose? Or again today, if King George or Hirohito or any one else conquered us, ran Franklin and his banditti into the Potomac and put us under the identical regime that we are now under, we would raise a frightful row about the loss of our liberties, when actually we were losing none. - This idea seems to reach pretty far in one direction at least. If people grow up in adjustment to a system and are told that they have their liberties under it, the natural thing would be for them to think they have, for they would have nothing to true the statement up by, and it would not occur to them to test the statement by an exercise of imagination.” - A. J. Nock, to Paul Palmer, January 31, 1944. - Panarchies would demonstrate successful alternatives - much more free and prosperous models almost everywhere. - JZ, 25.4.00. - STATISM, GOVERNMENTS, FREEDOM FIGHTERS, NATIONAL INDEPENDENCE, LIBERTY, INDIVIDUALS RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, IDEOLOGIES, PREJUDICES

FREEDOM: I have never believed man's freedom consists in doing whatever he wants to do but in not having to do what he doesn't want to do.” - Rousseau, Phantasien eines einsamen Wanderers, S.60.

FREEDOM: I have no grand solution to your problems, … What I have done is ponder a remark you made: that freedom lies in the unknown.” - Poul Anderson, There Will Be Time, p 150. - To me it makes more sense to say: The solution to the unknown lies in freedom. - JZ, 11/1/75. - SOLUTIONS & THE UNKNOWN,

FREEDOM: I have stated what freedom is. When I look around, who, apart from me, has done the same in our language, I find myself alone. - Freedom, why is this word still the greatest, the strongest, the most essential and the most lovable in our language? - In our language? - In all languages!” – John Henry Mackay, Abrechnung, S.165. – Radical libertarian voices are still all too much “voices in a wilderness”! – JZ, 10.8.13.

FREEDOM: I have this archaic prejudice for freedom over even the nicest slavery.” - Poul Anderson, A Circle of Hells, p.147. - SLAVERY

FREEDOM: I have used the term "total freedom". It must be understood that freedom does not and cannot include actions, which impair another's freedom. Freedom, except in its psychological sense, is a social term. Socially speaking, freedom has a place in our vocabulary only as it describes a felicitous relationship of man to man. Therefore, freedom is not and cannot be synonymous with unrestrained action. To do as one pleases, as it infringes upon the freedom of another, is not freedom at all - it's tyranny. It is impossible for freedom to be composed of freedom negations. Total freedom, then, as relating to society and government, is the ideal to be sought. This is a goal to be kept uppermost in mind, and any deviations from it are to be disapproved.” - Leonard E. Read, Elements of Libertarian Leadership, p.25. - Again, he omitted the freedom to be un-free, as a matter of individual choice, as long as one is prepared to put up with this. - JZ, 14.4.00, 19.3.13. - TOTAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM, ARBITRARINESS, FREE CHOICE FOR ALL, CRIMES, AGGRESSION, WRONGFUL INTERVENTIONS, LEGISLATION, PROHIBITIONS

FREEDOM: I just want to be free.” - Song text. - Do you want to undertake all the thinking, actions and labors to set yourself and some others free? In other words, how strongly do you really want to be free? Or do you merely wish for it, pray for it, dream about it and sing about it? – And this with the all the details of individual rights and liberties remaining undefined and undeclared? - JZ, 12.4.00, 10.8.13.

FREEDOM: I know the only true freedom - freedom of the spirit.” - Frank Perry, M.D., READER'S DIGEST, 1954, I Joined the Human Race. - To that extent we can be "free" even while put into a dungeon and some manage it even on a torture rack. But this is hardly all of freedom. – It has many material aspects. Medical doctors are supposed to be intelligent. - JZ – Joining the human race as an embryo is hardly a matter of individual choice. Joining it later as a rational and moral being – is. - JZ, 21.12.08. – I only my supposedly existing spirit or soul is free, then I am not free, for I deny that I have a spirit or a soul or that they do exist or can exist and possess me or represent me. – JZ, 10.8.13. – INDIVIDUALISM, SELF-OWNERSHIP, MATERIALISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SPIRITUAL LIBERATION, MINDS, SOULS, MATERIALISM, CHOICE

FREEDOM: I learned early with Thoreau that a man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone; and in view of this I have always considered myself extremely well-to-do. All I ever asked of life was the freedom to think and say exactly what I pleased, when I pleased, and as I pleased. I have always had that freedom… and having had it, I always felt I could well afford to let all else alone.” - Albert Jay Nock, Memoirs of a Superfluous Man, Harper, 1943, p.321. - If that is really all there is to freedom, then those who reduced their wants even further might have to be considered to be the most free men! Possibly the hermits in their lonely huts or the men who preferred to stand, silently on pillars? - JZ, 6.5.00. - RICHNESS, POSSESSIONS & PERSONAL FREEDOM

FREEDOM: I like living and freedom and money.” - Dean R. Koontz, Temple of Sorrow, AMAZING, Jan, 69, p.41. – Every kind of money, even that depreciated down to scrap paper? – JZ, 12.12.08.

FREEDOM: I must admit that I do not have the answer to everything - but freedom does - because it releases the creative energy of all individuals. - JZ, n.d., a free version of many remarks by Leonard E. Read, founder of FEE. - ANSWERS

FREEDOM: I must hold out for freedom though I may seem to stand alone.” - Leonard E. Read, THE FREEMAN, 4/73. - If he really stood alone then his freedom would not be restrained by others. If all others favored restraints then what hold-out options would remain for him except thoughts, dreams and day dreams? Moreover, does the ideal of freedom, as the moral and most beneficial relationship between human beings, require the actions of martyrs for freedom? Or will the very restraints that others impose upon themselves and others, teach them faster than any individual resister could, the self-defeating nature of mutual coercion? In such case patient waiting and retreatism, if possible, might be the best and public protests and resistance actions might merely be suicidal. - We should practise correcting our freedom ideas until we can put them into such an attractive and convincing form that they will no longer and can no longer be effectively contradicted or ignored. All flawed versions should be collected, too, together with their refutations, and made easily accessible. - JZ, 16.4.00, 23.11.10.  – ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS, DIS NOTES, PREJUDICES, LIBERTARIAN DIGITAL IDEAS ARCHIVE, ENCYCLOPEDIA, LIBRARY

FREEDOM: I never fully understood why most people want only so few and limited liberties and not all the liberties and rights they could possibly get and are morally entitled to. - JZ, 9.4.93, 19.3.13. – DECLARATION OF ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES & LACK OF INTEREST IN COMPILING IT

FREEDOM: I only ask to be free. The butterflies are free. Mankind will surely not deny to Harold Skimpole what it concedes to the butterflies!” - Charles Dickens, Bleak House, 1852, p.6. - I only ask to be free. The butterflies are free. Mankind will surely not deny to [me] what it does concede to the butterflies! – Charles Dickens in  - LAWS, LEGISLATION, LICENSING, TAXATION, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENT

FREEDOM: I only want the freedom to bring about freedom. - I grok freedom to make freedom. – D.Z., 6. 1. 77. - Among this freedom are e.g. the micrographic, floppy disk and CD self-publishing opportunities - and they are still vastly under-utilized. - JZ, 6.4.00. – NEW DRAFT, ENLIGHTENMENT, LIBERATION OPTIONS FOR LIBERTARIANS

FREEDOM: I recall one ten-second bit on MacBride on the network news in which his position was summed up as "absolute freedom for absolutely everyone". - I can't imagine a better way to put the libertarian position in such a short time …” - Erwin S. "Filthy Pierre" Strauss, THE CONNECTION 66, p.60. – Absolute freedom, for everyone? Including arbitrariness and whims towards others, or: equal rights and equal liberties for all who respect such rights and liberties? Moreover, should all liberties be forced upon everyone? Should no one be free to choose less than full liberty for himself and like-minded people? Should e.g. any form of “sexual freedom” be forced upon anybody? Should atheism be enforced? To everybody only as many liberties and rights as he or she wishes to use undisturbed! – JZ, 23.11.10. – Should every criminal and other aggressor remain free? – JZ, 10.8.13.

FREEDOM: I remember a proverb said of old: Who loseth his freedom, in faith he loseth all.” - John Lydgate, London Lickpenny, ca. 1430.

FREEDOM: I say you are free.” - Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, p. 83. - If only it were true - but word-magic does not change reality. What is true is that we have some liberties left and that all too often we make all too little use of them to win more liberties and rights for ourselves and, finally, all freedom, if we want it. - Anyhow, whatever the present conditions of oppression of freedom are, freedom, as the ideal condition between human beings is a natural law for human beings, one that does always exist as our ultimate resource. Whether we do sufficiently understand it, mine it and refine it, forge it into suitable tools and utilize them to get rid of oppressions - that is another matter. - JZ, 16.4.00, & 9.5.00, 19.3.13, 10.8.13. - "Der Gott der Eisen wachsen liess, der wollte keine Knechte!" - (“The God who created iron did not want any slaves!”) - Georg Herwegh.

FREEDOM: I see and I forget. I hear and I remember. I do and I understand.” - Chinese Proverb. - FREEDOM OF ACTION, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

FREEDOM: I seek no quarrel with those whose conviction it is that individual freedom is a burden from which they would be relieved. I do not, however, wish them to relieve me of my freedom because they believe that my freedom should seem onerous to me.” - Ray L. Colvard, THE FREEMAN, 1/73. – To each only as many liberties and rights as they are individually willing to accept or use. E.g., no one should be forced to become a public speaker or writer, to join an association or to establish one or to attend a meeting or to arm himself and train himself with a gun. – JZ, 23.11.10, 19.3.13. - TOLERANCE, FREEDOM OF ACTION & PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: I should have loved freedom, I believe, at all times, but in the time in which we live I am ready to worship it.” - Alexis de Toqueville, 1805-1859, quoted in: C. Bingham, Men & Affairs, 195. - LOVE & WORSHIP OF IT,  DESPOTISM, TYRANNY, TOTALITARIANISM, TERRITORIALISM, STATIS, GOVERNMENTALISM

FREEDOM: I start … from a belief in individual freedom and that derives fundamentally from a belief in the limitations of our knowledge, from a belief … that nobody can be sure that what he believes is right, is really right … I'm an imperfect human being who cannot be certain of anything, so what position … involved the least intolerance on my part? … The most attractive position … is putting individual freedom first." — Milton Friedman - & KNOWLEDGE

FREEDOM: I still realize that in the long run everyone, even the clods, would be better off if everyone were unfettered. But I also realize that's not the primary justification of my fight anymore. Freedom is for me.” - Rachel, LIBERTARIAN CONNECTION 64, p. 15. – EGOISM & SELF-INTEREST VS. ALTRUISM

FREEDOM: I taught you to see the manner in which freedom is suppressed, every minute of the day, and how lack of freedom is nurtured.” - Wilhelm Reich, Listen, Little Man, p.66. - SUPPRESSION

FREEDOM: I think in terms of freedom rather than power.” – DIAGONAL RELATIONSHIP 13. - POWER

FREEDOM: I think of a freedom, which, far from finding itself checked by the freedom of others, is, on the contrary, confirmed and extended by the freedom of all. I think of freedom triumphing over brute force and the principle of authority.” - Maurice Cranston, Political Dialogues, 125, view ascribed to Bakunin. – The best of all written discussions and the best of all verbal ones, to the extent that they were recorded, remain still to be published. Electronically this could now be done very cheaply, regardless of how large or long such a debate would be, once it is completed. – JZ, 20.12.08, 10.8.13. - FORCE, AUTHORITY, DEFINITIONS, REFUTATIONS ENCYCLOPEDIA, SLOGANS FOR LIBERTY, DIS NOTES, ARGUMENT MAPPING, AS RECOMMENDED BY Paul Monk et al online.

FREEDOM: I understood at last that every human being is free; that I am endowed by the Creator with inalienable liberty as I am endowed with life; that my freedom is inseparable from my life, since freedom is the individual's self-controlling nature. My freedom is my control of my own life-energy, for the uses of which I, alone, am therefore responsible. - But in the exercise of this freedom is another thing, since in every use of my life-energy I encounter obstacles. Some of these obstacles, such as time, space, weather, are eternal in the human situation on this planet. Some are self-imposed and come from my own ignorance of realities. …” - Rose Wilder Lane, Give Me Liberty, p. 17. - LIFE & SELF-CONTROL, GOD

FREEDOM: I want more than a mere taste of freedom. - JZ, 18.11.75. - All the other moral and intelligent people in the world want it, too, and know that they need it! - JZ, 8.4.00, 21.12.08, 23.11.10.

FREEDOM: I want my freedom back.” - Workers Party adv. THE NATIONAL TIMES, Nov. 17, 1975. - We never had all of it! – But it is high time to make either all of it or any part of it an option for all individuals prepared to respect the rights and liberties of others, to the extent that they wish them to be respected. - JZ, 9.5.00, 19.3.13.

FREEDOM: I want to … stand upon free ground with men who're free!” - Goethe, Faust. - If we could freely and permanently live e.g. in Zeppelins, on ships, in submarines, in space stations or artificial planets, I would not mind such alternatives. In essence not the ground, a territory or country ought to be free but people and their associates, to the extent that they want to be free. - JZ, 12.4.00. – The term “free” does not apply to land, air or space but only to the relationship between moral and rational beings. – JZ, 21.12.08. – TERRITORIALISM, PEOPLE, INDIVIDUALS

FREEDOM: I want to be impressed by what George Sand called "the ideal life, which is only man's normal life as he shall some day come to know it." A great sentence, that, and a great truth.” - ALBERT JAY NOCK, A Journal of These Days, June 1932 - December 1933, William Morrow, 1934, p.59. - Man will be truly man or human only once he or she is fully free, i.e. can practise all his/her individual rights and liberties, or only as many as they want to, undisturbed. - Until then they are restrained by various chains, cages and prisons in form of territorial nations. No one who is under such restraints can be and act at their best. - JZ, 4.5.00, 19.3.13, 10.8.13.

FREEDOM: I want to be intoxicated with liberty. Let me imbibe enough of it! - JZ, 12/72, after a remark by Henry Hazlitt in: Time Will Run Back, p.359.

FREEDOM: I wish men to be free - as much from mobs as kings - from you as me.” - Lord Byron, Don Juan. - Then do recognize their right to exterritorial autonomy under personal laws, introduced by individual secessionism! - Instead, he fought for the "national freedom" of e.g. Greeks, or territorial national sovereignty, which then and now largely suppresses many individual human rights. - JZ, 6.4.89, 7.4.00.

FREEDOM: I won't be told what to do by anyone."- Murray Sims, last words, quoted by Padraid P. McGuinness, in THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 25.3.00. – Are we already free to ignore all wrongful laws and governments and their taxes? – JZ, 21.12.08, 23.11.10, 19.3.13. – PANARCHISM,

FREEDOM: I would like this country to be … one in which the individuals who make it up can live a life which is free, and have no fear.” - John Gray Gorton, quoted in THE AUSTRALIAN, 13.3.74. - A nationalistic modern “liberal” politician, as such inclined towards State socialism, by degrees. For a time he was even Australian Prime Minister. Apparently, it needs a lot of flaws to reach such a high position - a familiarity with popular prejudices and eloquence in expressing them. – He, too, did not end or try to end their tax slavery or their “educational” slavery and the many other forms of statist territorialism. - JZ, 13.4.00, 23.11.10, 19.3.13, 10.8.13. - FREEDOM FROM FEAR, FOUR FREEDOMS, LEADERSHIP, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS, POLITICIANS

FREEDOM: I would rather be free. - It's more fun that way.” - SLL Sticker. - I would rather be free.” - SLL-button.

FREEDOM: I'd rather be dead than domesticated.” - Poul Anderson, No Truce with Kings. - It's a matter for individual choice. Some people like e.g. being domesticated by a partner they do love. - JZ, 16.4.00. & DOMESTICATION, STATISM, SUBORDINATION, OBEDIENCE

FREEDOM: I'm a firm believer in the 5th freedom - the freedom to go to hell in your own way.” - A. Bertram Chandler, Spartan Planet, p.372. - " … the most sacred freedom of mankind. Which is? Freedom to go to hell in your own way.” - A. Bertram Chandler, Gateway to Never, p.194. - Too many writers make use of only all too few freedom ideas. - JZ, 6.4.00. - The wrong ideas, which are used all too often in SF, ought to be collected and refuted in a handbook for future SF writers and readers. And the best ideas in all SF ought to be collected as well, with references to their origins and their best defences. - JZ, 9.5.00. – One can speak in terms of as few liberties only if one remains as ignorant of most genuine individual rights and liberties as e.g. Franklin D. Roosevelt was - with his “four freedoms”. – An ideal declaration of all such rights is long overdue. Will you help to bring it about? - JZ, 20.120.08. - FIFTH FREEDOM, ERRORS, MISTAKES, EXPERIMENTS, YOUR OWN WAY, SCIENCE FICTION

FREEDOM: I'm no enemy of liberty but what have we done with it? For 2,000 years we have more and more abused our liberties." - Popular opinion. - For 2,000 years we had recognized and practised only a tiny fraction of all liberties. and rights. Instead, all too many people have either used coercion or fraud or let themselves be abused by those who used coercion or fraud against them. It is absurd to describe that situation as one of freedom. - Anyhow, how do YOU spend your leisure time? Developing and spreading liberty ideas or? - JZ, n.d., & 9.5.00. - OBJECTIONS,

FREEDOM: I'm the one that's got to die, when it's time for me to die - so let me live my life - the way I want to.” - Jimi Hendrix. - IT'S MY LIFE

FREEDOM: I’d rather live free with some peril than be a protected slave of government.” – David Duffy – FREEDOM, IN SOME PERIL RATHER THAN SAFETY UNDER ANY TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT

FREEDOM: If a man gives you freedom it is not freedom. It must come from you.” - Heard in a film. - JZ - GIVEN?

FREEDOM: If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” - Thomas Jefferson. - IGNORANCE & CIVILIZATION

FREEDOM: If a nation or an individual values anything more than freedom, it will lose its freedom; and the irony is that if it is comfort or money it values more, it will lose that too." - W. Somerset Maugham. - If a nation values anything more than freedom, it will lose its freedom; and the irony of it is that if it is comfort or money that it values more, it will lose that too. - W. S. Maugham - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. – WELFARE STATE, SOCIAL SECURITY, ITS APPRECIATION, LIBERTY, COMFORT, WEALTH

FREEDOM: If a person fails to overcome his own obstacles - frustrations, superstitions, imperfections, ignorance, no will to strive - that's his problem. But if the obstacles are put there by others - if the individual is compelled to live as others dictate - that is everyone's problem. Freedom is everyone's business! (*) Why is freedom everyone's business? It is because my freedom depends on yours and vice versa. There is but faint appreciation of the high degree of specialization in contemporary society, of how dependent each of us is on the others.” - Leonard E. Read, Castles in the Air, p.159. - (*) Also in: THE FREEMAN, 7/74. - The "dependency" upon others becomes almost complete personal independence - IF it is mediated by quite free exchanges. – JZ, 9.5.00. - EVERYONE'S BUSINESS, MORAL DUTY, FREE TRADE, FREE EXCHANGE, MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM,

FREEDOM: If babies were able to think and speak, no doubt any baby – all babies – would contend that some great power controls the lives of babies. But babies grow up, and in time the normal baby becomes a self-controlling human being. Yet, throughout all history, down to and including modern times, few adult persons have ever discovered that they are really free. An Ancient Superstition. Most human beings cling to the ancient superstition that they are not self-controlling and not responsible for their own acts. For thousands of years, the majority has always believed that men are passive objects controlled by some superhuman or super-individual authority – and for thousands of years, people have gone hungry.” - Henry Grady Weaver, The Mainspring of Human Progress, revised edition, FEE, 1953, p.36. – For slaves and serfs their dependency of and subjugation to external authorities was a bitter daily experience. Not many slave rebellions succeeded. We have a similar bitter experience today as tax slaves and as conscripted soldiers. Are we controlling our own fate to the extent that we are free to secede from the State and to set up exterritorially autonomous communities? Are we already free to issue and accept our own kinds of private free market monies or clearing certificates or accounts and to refuse to accept or discount those of the State? Neither were then, nor are today, all individual rights and liberties known and appreciated, far less practised. I am still searching, largely in vain, for people interested in helping to draft an ideal declaration of individual rights and liberties. The governmental ones are obviously flawed and incomplete. Most of the private declarations of this kind are still largely unknown or unappreciated. My digitized collection of over 130 of them has aroused no interest and discussion so far. It is online as part of a CD reproduced there – at  – JZ, 13.9.08, 19.3.13.

FREEDOM: If democracy can substantially diminish human freedom, it is only casually interesting that that diminution of freedom was effected by political due process. … in a given situation one might be faced with freedom and democracy as mutually exclusive alternatives.” - William F. Buckley, Jr., The Governor Listeth, Putnams, 1975-78, 27. - Territorial and majoritarian democracy is inherently opposed to individual liberties and rights by its territorial institution and by its practices, e.g. majority decision-making. - JZ, 29.4.00, 10.8.13. - DEMOCRACY & DUE PROCESS, LEGALITY, VOTING, FREE ELECTIONS

FREEDOM: If earth would be given to men in order to organize on it human society to make it happy, I could not do anything else but give it full freedom to organize itself. This freedom would automatically result from the destruction of everything that opposes it.” - Richard Wagner, ERLESENES, 11/66, S. 88.

FREEDOM: If freedom doesn't work, we're all doomed.” - Jerome Tuccille, Ayn Rand, p.171. - It does not actively work for us while we sit passively, waiting for it to work for us. We have to make the remaining liberties work for us by working with them, e.g. with the affordable, efficient and unregulated alternative media. - JZ, 12.4.00. – Freedom options do work. But we haven’t made all our remaining freedom options work for us as yet. – JZ, 21.12.08. – We haven’t even clearly declared them yet or supplied all the required texts and reference works as cheaply and easily as would now be possible. – JZ, 10.8.13. - NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, ENLIGHTENMENT, SUFFICIENT INTEREST IN MORE THAN THE OWN PRIVATE AFFAIRS, NEW DRAFT

FREEDOM: If freedom implies being in control of one's own life, would any person who has begun to experience the elation of his or her own liberation be inclined to suppress and restrain others?” - Butler D. Shaffer, Calculated Chaos, p.227. - LIBERATION & SELF-CONTROL, Q.

FREEDOM: If freedom is not an illusion then it means the right not to have to obey anyone - except reason. - Heinrch Mann. - (Wenn "Freiheit" kein Blendwerk ist, dann bedeutet sie den innigen Anspruch, niemanden zu gehorchen als nur der Vernunft.) - REASON

FREEDOM: If freedom is really what we anarchists wrack it up to be, it shouldn't be necessary to force it down the throat of anyone.” - Ken Knudsen in THE VOLUNTARYIST, No. 6. – Has the force-feeding of liberty ideas and principles ever resulted in freedom? – JZ, 23.11.10. - FORCE, TOLERANCE & VOLUNTARYISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL, PLANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

FREEDOM: If freedom is to be secure, it is essential both that useful careers are open to energetic men, and the harmful careers should be closed to them.” - Bertrand Russell, Freedom and Government. - In short: No power to anyone over anyone but criminals - except by individual consent. - JZ, 3.4.89. – CONSENT, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL CHOICE OF LESS RATHER THAN MORE LIBERTY

FREEDOM: If historical experience teaches anything it is this: Man cannot base his happiness and his freedom upon the unhappiness and the lack of freedom of another person.” - LERNZIEL ANARCHIE, Nr. 3. – Were e.g. Stalin and Hitler mainly unhappy? – JZ, 23.11.10. - LIVING ONE'S LIFE

FREEDOM: If I could offer one rule that I think would get us out of our present difficulties, it would be in the form of an eleventh commandment to the Ten Commandments. That eleventh commandment would be: ’Thou shalt be free to do good at your own expense!’" - Milton Friedman in Australia 1975, p. 65. - Thou shalt also be free to harm and wrong yourself, considered as a rational being, but thou shalt commit no wrong or injury to someone who did not volunteer for it. - JZ, 16.4.00. - FREEDOM OF ACTION, DO-GOODING, WELFARE STATE, TAXATION

FREEDOM: If I want to be free from any other man’s dictation, I must understand that I can have no other man under my control. – William Graham Sumner in  - FREEDOM, EQUAL FREEDOM, RATHER THAN CONTROL OVER OTHERS, CONTROLS, SELF-CONTROL, SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, CONSENT, PLANNING, CENTRALIZATION

FREEDOM: If mankind really have an unquenchable love for freedom, I thought it strange that I saw so little evidence of it; and as a matter of fact, from that day to this, I have seen none worth noticing. One is bound to wonder why it is, since people usually set some value on what they love, that among those who are presumed to be so fond of freedom the possession of it is so little appreciated. Taking the great cardinal example lying nearest at hand, the American people once had their liberties; they had them all (*); but apparently they could not rest o'nights until they had turned them over to a prehensile crew of professional politicians.” - Albert Jay Nock, Memoirs of a Superfluous Man, Harper, 1943, 313/314. - A smaller example: Do enough libertarians love their microfilm, floppy disk and CD freedom of expression and information opportunities, and their own unpublished or out of print literature, to use these very affordable media to put all freedom writings fully, permanently and cheaply in print, at least in one of these alternative media - or is it rather true, that they can't be bothered to do so? - JZ, 6.5.00. – (*) Did they ever have all their liberties and rights, do they even know all of them or care to learn to know about all of them? – JZ, 23.11.10. - LOVE OF FREEDOM, POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATION, Q.

FREEDOM: If men are depraved they are not good enough for dictatorship and freedom is all they deserve.” - Kim Dvorak, in talk on conservatism, 3 July 80, free after Ayn Rand. – What a depraved notion! If men are depraved they might need some suppression, like e.g. rapists and murderers do and do not deserve freedom. – JZ, 23.11.10. – , DEPRAVITY & DICTATORSHIP

FREEDOM: If men's minds were as easily controlled as their tongues, every king would sit safely on his throne, and government by compulsion would cease; for every subject would shape his life according to the intentions of his rulers, and would esteem a thing true or false, good or evil, just or unjust, in obedience to their dictates. However, … no man's mind can possibly lie wholly at the disposition of another, for no one can willingly transfer his natural right of free reason and judgment, or be compelled to do so. For this reason, any government, which attempts to control minds, is accounted tyrannical, and it is considered an abuse of sovereignty and a usurpation of the rights of subjects to seek to prescribe what shall be accepted as true, or rejected as false, or what opinions should actuate men in their worship of God. All these questions fall within a man's natural right, which he cannot abdicate even with his own consent. …” - Spinoza, quoted in: The Wisdom of Israel. – Perhaps Spinoza was not free enough to discuss freedom of action and experimentation as well. – JZ, 23.11.10. - FREEDOM OF THOUGHT & SPEECH

FREEDOM: If no man may aggress against - invade - the person or property of another, this means that every man is free to do whatever he wishes, except to commit such aggression. The great 19th century libertarian theorist Herbert Spencer formulated as similar axiom: "Law of Equal Liberty". - Murray N. Rothbard, For a New Liberty, p.8. - AGGRESSION & INVASION

FREEDOM: If one person's freedom is violated, everybody's freedom has been potentially violated since the precedent for violation has been set.” - Mark Tier, Murphy's Rights - vs. Human Rights, in: The Shape of the Labour Regime, p. 218. – Are most men so unreasonable and immoral that they would be inclined to follow such precedents? Do the cases of rapes and murders turn all of us into rapists and murderers? Do moral actions have no power of attraction? – JZ, 23.11.10. - INDIVISIBLE, VIOLATIONS, Q., CRIMES

FREEDOM: If only a small minority are legally allowed "to act"(i.e., to exercise power), then the society as a whole will be limited to the vision of those individuals who make up that minority.” - Central News Service, INFORMATION PAPER II, THE CONNECTION 114, p.52. - FREEDOM OF ACTION & PANARCHISM, LEADERSHIP, PARTIES, POLITICS, MINORITY RULE VS. SELF-RULE, TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: If our economic system is not based on freedom, if we are restrained in our economic activities to what government directs or permits us to do, then we are not free.” - Earl Zarbin, F. 6/73. (in THE FREEMAN?) - And, at least in the long run, not even secure. - JZ, 11/73. - ECONOMIC SECURITY, GOVERNMENT INTERVENTIONISM

FREEDOM: If people are free only to make careful, reasonable, fully considered choices that they will never regret, they are not free at all.” - Jacob Sullum. - FREEDOM OF CHOICE, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, FREEDOM & RIGHT TO MAKE MISTAKES & TO COMMIT ERRORS, FREEDOM TO LEARN BY PRACTICE

FREEDOM: If Skinner wanted to demonstrate that SOME people are incapable of knowing and appreciating freedom and dignity - then he did succeed - by his own example. - JZ, n.d. - SKINNER'S BEHAVIORISM

FREEDOM: If the freedom struggle could inspire the same enthusiasm and numbers as does e.g. a world championship fight or the clash of top soccer, cricket or rugby teams - then it could soon be won. - JZ, 2.4.88, 8.4.00, 19.3.13. - INTERESTS & SPORTS

FREEDOM: If the price I must pay for my freedom is to acknowledge that the government was granted the power to infringe on them, then I am not free.” - Poul Anderson. - Taxation, supposedly for our protection, costs us very much more than private crime does. - JZ, 2.7.00. – It does not even sufficiently protect us against private criminals and not at all against official ones. – JZ, 19.3.13. – GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM, CRIME

FREEDOM: If the whole world were cemented over, somewhere a crack would appear and through that would grow the green grass of freedom.” - Some Russian poet, according to Mrs. Judith James, 2/75. – Alas, most people at present do not seem to be interested in expanding their existing and all too limited freedom options. But then, under territorialism, no attractive examples of all or many liberties and rights can be freely demonstrated to them by the first volunteers for them. – JZ, 19.3.13. – INEXTINGUISHABLE, EXPERIMANTAL FREEDOM, TEACHING & ENLIGHTENMENT BY FREEDOM TO SET EXAMPLES, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: If there are, anywhere in world history, the steps of a progress of mankind, then they have been taken on the freedom road and towards the light.” - Jean Paul, Fragmente. - PROGRESS

FREEDOM: If there is a slave anywhere in the star-flung worlds, no man is free … While there is a free man anywhere, no man is completely a slave.” - Jack Williamson & James E. Gunn, Star Bridge, 149. - For the time being I would be satisfied with full freedom on Earth - for all those who want it and deserve it. - JZ, 6.4.00. – SLAVERY. PANARCHISM, TO EACH HIS OWN

FREEDOM: If those shouting the "freedom now!" slogan were as energetically exploring the extent and limits of all kinds of liberties - then we would soon come to enjoy more liberties than we do now. - JZ, 16.4.00, 19.3.13, 20.8.13. - FREEDOM NOW

FREEDOM: If we could gather all the facts, I believe that every instance of freedom has come about as a last resort. Authoritarians had tried everything in the way of controlling the creative actions of men; everything had failed and their bag of tricks was exhausted. (*) What to do when such a dead end is reached? Indeed, what could be done in ruling creative actions? Nothing! And there stood the citizens free to act creatively as they pleased.” - Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.12. - I wish that it had always been the case that one or the other or even several radical liberties were suddenly freed from restraints. But much more frequent was just some relaxation of restraints that obviously did no longer work. And then the still remaining problems, due to the remaining restraints, were generally ascribed to the introduction of limited liberties, so that these were soon on their way out again, outlawed, once again, with wide-spread public approval. People who accept tinkering with liberties, do tend to put up with further such tinkerings and even the complete suppression of any particular liberty. But let any liberty be radically introduced, at least by and for the first pioneers, then these and many outside observers would become attached to it, and this rather fast. I remember the abolition of licence fees for radio and TV broadcast reception in Australia. These taxes were used to support the numerous stations of the ABC, all government-run, which did not broadcast advertisements. Once the licence for listeners was abolished then it could not longer be re-introduced without causing a rebellion. Even otherwise politically quite apathetic workmates were threatening to go on a tax strike or general strike, getting very angry at the mere suggestion that these licence fees might be reintroduced! The politicians, realizing how many votes they would thus lose, dropped the attempt. In the introduction of freedom one can never be too radical - at least within volunteer communities. - JZ, 14.4.00. – Some tyrannies, despotism, authoritarianism, totalitarianism have lasted for all too long and territorialism still dominates even in the best of States. – JZ, 19.3.13. - FREEDOM, TAKEN ONLY AS A LAST RESORT, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: If we fail to understand the nature of freedom, this most vital, human, and precious possession, we may destroy its source - our habitat.” - L. J. Peter, The Peter Plan, p.45. - ENVIRONMENT, HABITAT, NWT

FREEDOM: If we really loved freedom sufficiently, then we would have, long ago, fully explored every aspect of it and would have made all of them optional for individuals and minority groups. – JZ, 12.12.08, 10.8.13. - PANARCHISM, SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM

FREEDOM: If we were to let ourselves be guided in our pro-freedom actions exclusively by financial profit and loss accounts then we would have given up the struggle for liberties and rights long ago. - JZ, 9.4.97. - FREEDOM STRUGGLE, SUCCESS, PROFIT, MARKETING FREEDOM IDEAS

FREEDOM: If you are not switched on to freedom you will get its opposite for the rest of your life - and will well deserve this “fate”. - JZ, 26.9.99, 21.12.08, 10.8.13.

FREEDOM: If you ask: "But what can I do?" you have not yet fully realized how much of your liberty you have handed over to politicians and bureaucrats. Demand your freedom of action back from them - or secede from them. Use you tax money for your own expenditures. Run your own budget. Make your own friends and enemies. But do not expect advice on how you can be free and act under the present system. - JZ, n.d., around 1972. - Here is a good project for you: Compile all the freedom ideas, projects and suggestions that have been made and all their current supporters. Then involve yourself with one or any of them, which interest you most. A short list of ca. 1,000 of them can be found in PEACE PLANS 20. (Now offered digitized. – JZ, 19.12.08. ) A list of about 500 steps towards the avoidance of nuclear war can be found in PEACE PLANS 16-17: - JZ, 8.5.00. - A list of all libertarian projects should be put online. Then you would have many choices and each large project, requiring much manpower, could gain thus many helpers. – JZ, 19.3.13. - FREEDOM OF ACTION, NEW DRAFT, ENLIGHTENMENT OPTIONS

FREEDOM: If you choose freedom, you will have to work to get it.” - Willis E. Stone, FREEDOM MAGAZINE, Spring 74. - CHOICE & WORK

FREEDOM: If you decide to do something evil, even God will not stop you.” - Ascribed to Murray N. Rothbard. - But freedom-loving fellow men, in support of your victims, may hold you responsible. - JZ, 17.4.00. - FREE WILL

FREEDOM: If you desire freedom, man's greatest distinction, then dominate over passion, inclination and greed.” - Fr. Rueckert. - (Wenn Freiheit du begehrst, des Menschen groesste Zierde, Herrsch' ueber Leidenschaft und Neigung und Begierde.) – Greed is good, when practised within the limits of one’s rights and liberties, i.e., respecting those of others. – JZ, 20.12.08. – Inclination among most people is still towards peaceful and creative activities, rather than towards crimes with involuntary victims. – The establishment of a free, just and peaceful society does also require passion for it. - JZ, 23.11.10, 19.3.13, 10.8.13. – PREJUDICES,

FREEDOM: If you have or found a thought on freedom - why let it go to waste? Make it freely and easily accessible to all others, as far as you can. At least add it to this collection. - JZ, 10.4.00. - FREEDOM THOUGHTS

FREEDOM: If you love oppression and regulation, you will get them. Freedom comes only to those who love and woo it. - JZ, 6/72. – Or who do, seriously, search for its options. – JZ, 19.3.13.

FREEDOM: If you love something; set it free. If it comes back to you it is truly yours. If it does not - it never was.” - Anonymous. - From: FREEDOM TODAY, Jan. 76. - LOVE

FREEDOM: If you really love freedom then you must also love that of your enemies! And you should especially offer it to their conscripts, taxpayers, refugees, deserters and other victims. - JZ, 12.11.81, 11.4.00. - "The best way to defeat an enemy is to make a friend out of him!" - Sign seen in front of a church, many years ago - from memory. - JZ - EQUAL FREEDOM, JUSTICE EVEN TOWARDS YOUR REAL OR SUPPOSED ENEMIES, DESERTION, MASS FRATERNIZATION, LIBERATION, REVOLUTION, FRIENDSHIP, SECRET ALLIES

FREEDOM: If you use freedom properly it is not costly but profitable. Even its introduction could be. It offers good returns for a small investment and could offer good profits even to its opponents. - JZ, 27.12.76. - Compare PEACE PLANS 19c: Let Freedom Pay Its Way. (It is on one of the discs of mine that Christian Butterbach offers on www.butterbach.nett/lmp/cd2/ . – JZ, 23.11.10.

FREEDOM: If you want more freedom you have to help create it. This can be done anywhere where there is a minimum of free expression left and where or when all the alternative, powerful and affordable media for it are sufficiently used. - JZ, 5/73, 23.11.10, 23.11.10, 19.3.13, 10.8.13.

FREEDOM: If you want to be free then change your life and make a new start.” - From film: Peace for a Gunfighter. - As if all liberties were already available to anybody, just for the asking or the resolution. - We can throw off many self-imposed fetters. It is not so easy to throw of those, which others have legally imposed upon us. - JZ, 14.4.00. –

FREEDOM: If you want to be free, there is but one way; it is to guarantee an equally full measure of freedom to all your neighbors. There is no other.” - Carl Schurz, quoted in George Seldes, The Great Quotations. - We ought also to grant them the liberty to be as un-free as they want to be. Otherwise, they will tend to pull us down, too. - PIOT, JZ, 13.4.00. – If you want your kind of Panarchy for yourself then you must concede to the others their kinds of panarchies. – JZ, 19.12.08. - EQUAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: If you would convince a man that he does wrong, do right.” - H. D. Thoreau. - As if we were quite free, in all significant spheres, to do so. E.g., it may be quite right to ignore a military command or a tax assessment, or to issue your own sound banknotes, clearing certificates or IOUs in money denominations, optional, market rated and which only you and your voluntary associates would at any time accept for your goods, labor or services, but a bit risky under present legal conditions to do so. - JZ, 8.5.00, 23.11.10. - FREEDOM OF ACTION: SETTING AN EXAMPLE, DOING RIGHT, CONVINCING, CONVERTING, EDUCATION, ENLIGHTENMENT, PANARCHISM, MONETARY FREEDOM, FREE BANKING

FREEDOM: If you're not ready to die for it, put the word 'freedom' out of your vocabulary.” - Malcolm X. – One can hardly enjoy freedom once one is dead. It is much more important, in most cases, to be ready to study it and to work for it, with all the few remaining liberties and rights for years to decades, so that in the end, even if by then one is already old, one can oneself enjoy it and so could one descendants and friends. – Malcom X was murdered, while still young. - JZ, 12.12.08, 23.11.10.

FREEDOM: Ignorance deprives men of freedom because they do not know what alternatives there are.” - Ralph Varton Perry, quoted in THE FREEMAN, 7/74. - Are the alternatives anywhere fully listed, together? - JZ, 12.4.00. – IGNORANCE, Q., DECLARATION OF ALL GENUINE INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

FREEDOM: important … that we need freedom from in order to be able to achieve freedom to.” - G. Satory, Liberty & Law, p.10. - FREEDOM FROM & TO

FREEDOM: In a free society, it is hard for "good" people to do "good", but that is a small price to pay for making it hard for "evil" people to do "evil", especially since one man's good is another's evil.” - Milton Friedman NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE, 1970. – Only in somewhat free societies has there been much private or organized private charity. Only in such societies are there also affordable insurance and credit options as well as numerous opportunities for self-help. – Why M. F. thought it would be hard for good people to do good in such societies I do not know. Did he mean that they would then have worked hard for their own wealth? But did they not have enough incentives to do so? – JZ, 26.12.07. – Or did he mean that then only voluntary poverty would be left? – JZ, 23.11.10. - DOING GOOD & DOING EVIL,

FREEDOM: in a word, freedom to produce, to exchange, to travel.” - Leonard E. Read, NOTES FROM FEE, 11/74. – Why do so many try to reduce all genuine individual rights and liberties to only a few among them, ignoring the rest? – Could they still get away with this if an ideal and complete declaration of individual rights and liberties had already been compiled and sufficiently published? – JZ, 21.12.08. – Q.

FREEDOM: in a world divided for the most part between those who are hostile to freedom, and those who are indifferent to it.” - William F. Buckley Jr., Execution Eve, Berkeley Publishing, 1972-75, p.480. - Let them separate themselves from each other, constitutionally, legally, juridically, but not territorially. Let each have the own ideals autonomously realized in exterritorial models of volunteer communities. Then each can do the own things undisturbed, without having to gain or retain power over dissenters. - JZ, 9.5.00, 10.8.13. - HOSTILITY & INDIFFERENCE

FREEDOM: In a world where inequality of ability is inevitable, anarchists do not sanction any attempt to produce equality by artificial or authoritarian means. The only equality they posit and will strive their utmost to defend is the equality of opportunity. This necessitates the maximum amount of freedom for each individual. This will not necessarily result in equality of incomes or of wealth but will result in returns proportionate to service rendered. Free competition will see to that.” - Laurance Labadie, LIBERTY, Summer 1974. – EQUALITY, OPPORTUNITY, CHANCES, RIGHTS, LIBERTIES

FREEDOM: In an advancing society, any restriction on liberty reduces the number of things tried and so reduces the rate of progress. In such a society freedom of action is granted to the individual, not because it gives him greater satisfaction but because, if allowed to go his own way, he will on average serve the rest of us better than under any orders we know how to give.” - H. B. Phillips. - FREEDOM OF ACTION & PROGRESS

FREEDOM: In any case, all of us who think that there is no more vital job at present than that of defending freedom, which is one and indivisible, and for that reason quite inconceivable and impossible in the absence of economic freedom, owe a debt of gratitude to him for this book.” - Gustavo R. Velasco, concluding his introduction to: Ballve, Essentials of Economics. - Defend Freedom! - JZ, 14.11.76. – Free enterprise, free trade, free exchange, and consumer sovereignty and free choice are also very important when it comes to public services or whole political or social system services and institutions. – JZ, 19.3.13. – PANARCHISM, CHOICE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM UNDER PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNMENTS & SOCIETIES, ALL ONLY EXTERRITORIALLY AUTONOMOUS FOR THEIR VOLUNTEERS, DEFENCE OF FREEDOM

FREEDOM: In brief, we must be willing to pay a price for freedom, for no price that is ever asked for it is half the cost of doing without it.” - H. L. Mencken, Prejudices, 4th Series, 20. - In Australia the privatization of all federal, State and local government assets could turn all Australians into millionaires, in capital assets. But can they be bothered to mobilize these riches for themselves? - Nor can we afford to ignore e.g. quite affordable and efficient alternative media for the promotion of freedom ideas. - Monetary freedom could be quite profitable for all its participants, very soon. - Freedom is not only coming at a price but some significant liberties do still exist and can already be utilized at bargain prices, quite legally, too! (I am thinking here especially of microfilm publishing and reading and the by now more popular computer, disc, email and other Internet options. Moreover, in some cases the expropriation of our “representatives”, as far as their control over “public” assets is concerned, could make us rich. (See PEACE PLANS 19C, on the disc reproduced at - Full freedom offers several other fast enrichment options – without exploiting anyone. - JZ, 13.6.00. - COST, PRICE, PRIVATIZATION, PURCHASE OF ENTERPRISES BY THEIR EMPLOYEES, MILITIAS OF VOLUNTEERS TO PROTECT INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES INSTEAD OF STANDING ARMIES WITH THEIR HIGH COSTS & RISKS.

FREEDOM: In dubio pro libertate.” - (In case of doubt decide for liberty.) - Not only when in doubt! Always stand up for liberty - whenever you can and when it would not be suicidal to do so. - JZ

FREEDOM: In France we love freedom very much, but we hardly understand it. Oh, let us try to understand it better! We shall not love it any the less.” - Bastiat, in G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.121.

FREEDOM: In freedom there should be no limits." - "In heaven, he thought, there should be no limits." - Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, p.51. - In the direction of the sun, there is a significant limit, the sun itself. - The no-limits demand should be clearly expressed as: "no limits" upon the individual liberties that human beings can rightfully claim, concede, assure and protect for each other, to the extent that they do agree with the equal liberties of all others. - JZ, 16.4.00. - NO LIMITS?

FREEDOM: in human conduct, self-interest is a high survival factor. Children and barbarians have clear ideas of justice due to them, but no idea at all of justice due from them.” - Murray Leinster, Med Service, in an anthology edited by Mary Kornbluth: Science Fiction Showcase, 1959, p.154. - To realize that their self-interest requires the recognition of the equal freedom of others does require more reasoning powers than they possess. - JZ - JUSTICE, CHILDREN & BARBARIANS & SELFISHNESS

FREEDOM: In limitation only is the master shown and the law alone can give us freedom.” – (In der Beschraenkung zeigt sich erst der Meister, / Und das Gesetz nur kann uns Freiheit geben.") - Source? Goethe? – Alas, the vast majority of all laws do restrict basic rights and liberties and this quite wrongfully and irrationally. – JZ, 21.12.08. – LAWS, LEGISLATION, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, SOCIETY

FREEDOM: In my opinion, we must understand freedom in a very positive sense: it is the condition of initiating activity …” - Paul Goodman, quoted in "Patterns of Anarchy", p.55, by Krimerman & Perry. - INITIATIVE

FREEDOM: In opposing the "cult of the State" with the "cult of freedom", collectivist anarchism sharpened the differences between Behemoth and Anarch - but it contributed little to maximize the area of human options and social reorganization.” - Irving Horowitz, The Anarchists, p.40. - THE STATE, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES

FREEDOM: In paying his taxes or obeying the law the citizen is regulated rather than free. - Henry M. Magid, English Political Pluralism, p.65. - TAXES AND THE LAW

FREEDOM: in such a context freedom is not something to be 'defended' or 'preserved', but something to be defined, discovered and fought for."- SLS statement, in LIBERTY, Sep. / Oct. 78. - DEFENCE, PRESERVATION, DEFINITION, DISCOVERY & FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM

FREEDOM: In the Atlantic Charter freedom of worship and freedom of speech were equated with freedom from want and freedom from fear. These freedoms are in entirely different categories. Freedom of worship and freedom of speech are natural rights springing from the nature of man. Freedom from want and freedom from fear pertain to the accidental conditions of our economic order and psychological milieu. - Our frontier fathers never looked for freedom from want and freedom from fear. They endured want and they overcame fear for the more basic freedoms to use their God-given talents to subdue hostile forces and establish peaceful living conditions.” - The Very Reverend Edward B. Bunn, S.J., President of Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., address at Loyola College, February 17, 1953, quoted in Bromfield: A New Pattern, 100/101. - FOUR FREEDOMS

FREEDOM: In the CITY PRESS, Commander Hyde Burton demands a "complete review of the present 24,000 regulations restricting the economic freedom that England enjoyed in 1913."- It is a pity that he did not go further and revive that wise proposal of Jefferson to restrict the operation of all laws to 30 years, and of regulations to a few years only.” - Henry Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST, August 11951. - Better still, let individuals opt out from all territorial laws or self-selected ones and apply their own revised body of laws, their own kind of personal law, within their own communities of volunteers, all of them exterritorially quite autonomous. - JZ, 4.4.00, 19.3.13. - RESTRICTIONS, REGULATIONS, ECONOMIC LIBERTY

FREEDOM: In the end more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. When the Athenians finally wanted not to give to society but for society to give to them, when the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free.” - Edward Gibbon (1737-1794) - VS. SECURITY

FREEDOM: In the free West everything worth knowing is freely accessible.” - Popular opinion, now regarding the Internet as well. - There are numerous military and governmental as well as business secrets. Moreover, in the absence of an ideas archive and talent registry, our most important resources are not readily accessible. Nor are, obviously, all the answers, which libertarians and anarchists have to offer, while a complete digital libertarian library still does not exist. They do not offer even all their literature to themselves, in cheap and permanent editions, in alternative media. Not even all the numerous educational small meetings in large cities are now well enough advertised in advance, by a special meeting calendar, to reach more than a tiny fraction of their potential local audience. Nowhere does a complete world library and information service exist. The Internet offers so far only a fraction of all the freedom pages ever published or written for publication. (But at least their number is growing fast. – JZ, 10.8.13.) Libertarians and anarchists have failed, so far, to offer all their texts digitally, on CDs or DVDs or, perhaps, combined on a single large HDD. Some of the latter, with 3 TBs, are now offered for as little as $ 138 and a mere 15 TBs, according to one estimate I found, could already offer as much as the Library of Congress does. The supposed "free market for ideas and talents" is so far, largely, merely an illusion but one powerful enough to prevent the establishment of an as important free market - under the wrong assumption that it does already exist. - JZ 7.4.00, 19.3.13. – PREJUDICES, INFORMATION REVOLUTION

FREEDOM: In the freedom struggle, like in any innovative efforts, one cannot exclusively rely on the existing and still all too limited demand but must attempt to anticipate and arouse a future and much larger one. - JZ, 8.9.87, 19.3.13. - One can try to do that at little risk and cost e.g. by using cheap and efficient alternative media and publishing – with even under it any particular titles being produced only upon demand - apart from small batches to have immediately some items on hand for sale. - JZ, 22.6.00, 10.8.13. - FREEDOM STRUGGLE, SUPPLY & DEMAND, TIME FACTOR, CREDIT IS THE PRESENT VALUE OF A FUTURE GOOD, LIBERTARIAN MICROFICHE PUBLISHING, SUPER COMPUTER PROJECT, IDEAS ARCHIVE, FINANCE PLAN, LIBERTARIAN LIBRARY, BIBLIOGRAPHY, ABSTRACTS, INDEX, REVIEW COMPILATION & ENCYCLOPEDIA, SLOGANS FOR LIBERTY, ON PANARCHY, PUBLISHING ON DEMAND & ON DISCS, PRINTING UPON DEMAND

FREEDOM: In the market economy, the laissez-faire type of social organization (*), there is a sphere within which the individual is free to choose between various modes of acting without being restrained by the threat of being punished. If, however, the government does more than protect people against violent or fraudulent aggression on the part of anti-social individuals (**), it reduces the sphere of the individual's freedom to act beyond the degree to which it is restricted by praxeological law. Thus we may define freedom as that state of affairs in which the individual's discretion to choose is not constrained by governmental violence beyond the margin within which the praxeological law restricts it anyway. - This is what is meant if one defines freedom as the condition of an individual within the frame of the market economy. He is free in the sense that the laws and the government do not force him to renounce his autonomy and self-determination to a greater extent than the inevitable praxeological law does. What he foregoes is only the animal freedom of living without regard to the existence of other specimens of his species. What the social apparatus of compulsion and coercion achieves is that individuals, whom malice, short-sightedness or mental inferiority prevents from realizing that by indulging in acts that are destroying society, that (they) are hurting themselves and all other human beings, are compelled to avoid such acts.” – Ludwig von Mises, Human Action, p.282. (Not in my Third and revised edition of it! Which edition is online at the Mises Institute? – JZ, 10.8.13. – (*) Note: Mises did not include panarchies as a laissez-faire type of social organization! – (**) It is as unable to do so as it is to cope with e.g. the drug problem, postal & transport, health & social insurance services, rightful & efficient defence, etc. - JZ - MARKET, LAISSEZ FAIRE, CONSTRAINTS, VIOLENCE, UTILITARIANISM, PRAXEOLOGY

FREEDOM: In the name of progress and freedom both progress and freedom are being outlawed.” - Ludwig von Mises, Omnipotent Government, p.11. - PROGRESS & LAW

FREEDOM: In the Western democracies freedom exists, likewise, only on paper. - Popular view among those with no real experience or knowledge of what totalitarianism means. Anarchists and libertarians would be the last to deny that all too many liberties are still lacking in democracies - but at least they can relatively freely agitate there without risking their lives or imprisonment. Ultimately, all liberties must not only be sufficiently known and practised but also sufficiently defended. By victim disarmament and military and police monopolies the modern democracies do prevent that. Moreover, public education in democracies and republics teaches most citizens almost nothing about most of their basic liberties and rights. Up to 30% of those, who survived a totalitarian regime like the Soviet one, were indoctrinated by it to remain still antagonists to liberties and rights, for many months, if not years later. Our percentage of as ignorant people may not be any lower or not by much. – Statism of the territorial kind predominates on our side, too. Furthermore, even on paper all liberties and rights declarations have either not yet been assembled or sufficiently published. Compare my anthology of over 130 PRIVATE human rights declarations in PEACE PLANS Nos. 589/590. - JZ, 7.4.00, 8.5.00. (Later enlarged and digitized. It is now on www.butterbach.nett/lmmp/cd2/ - on one of my CDs. – JZ, 19.12.08, 23.11.10. The response rate upon this kind of appeal to work towards a still much better and more comprehensive declaration of individual rights and liberties has so far been ZERO! – In other words, even the Internet does not yet spread all kinds of important ideas and projects SUFFICIENTLY. - JZ, 19.3.13. - FREEDOM IN WESTERN DEMOCRACIES

FREEDOM: In this therefore universal education, because in it the lowest meets with the highest, we finally encounter the true equality of all, the equality of free persons: Only freedom is equality.” – John Henry Mackay: Max Stirner, p.107. - To Stirnerites (Stirnerians?) the concept of "equal rights" is anathema. Free people can be very unequal and yet have equal freedom and equal rights. Within all of their equal rights and liberties they could freely express and practise their inequalities and different preferences. - JZ, 9.5.00, 23.11.10, 19.3.13. - EQUALITY & ENLIGHTENMENT

FREEDOM: In times of war or insurrection the freedom of the individual becomes, with good reason, subordinated to the safety of society as a whole.” - Popular opinion. - Precisely during wars the upholding of certain liberties becomes more important than ever. Nor should one assume that wars are conducted as a rule for the safety of society as a whole. On the contrary, they are among the greatest dangers to all societies, especially since the invention of mass extermination devices or anti-people "weapons". A whole book or xyz volumes could and should be filled with popular wrong notions on liberty. To end wars, as Thomas Moore suggested, tyrannicide might have to be re-introduced, military insurrections against despots should be encouraged. The monopoly of governments to make treaties and alliances and to decide upon war, peace and disarmament ought to be discontinued. The people should be armed against their governments, rather than the governments against their subjects. Free people, their communities or their military organizations: citizen soldiers, should decide about war and peace and the destruction of anti-people "weapons". Economic liberties, e.g. free trade and free migration, could prevent many wars, like e.g. the clash between Japan and the U.S.A. during WW II. So could individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities and rightful practices of direct democracy - that would not dominate dissenting minorities but would leave them free to do their own things to or for themselves. Rights of soldiers could turn militaristic and aggressive and oppressive armed forces into rightful forces for the preservation or restoration of peace and liberty. Territorial governments messed up defence, security and protection as they messed up the economy and communities. - JZ, 4.4.00. - & WAR, REVOLUTION, MILITIA, LIBERATION, RIGHTFUL WAR- & PEACE AIMS, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE, SECRET ALLIES ON THE OTHER SIDE, RIGHTFUL WAR AIMS & PEACE TREATIES OFERED TOWARDS TEHM, FRATERNIZATION, MILITARY INSURREECTIONS AGAINST DICTATORSHIPS, DES., OPEN ARMS POLICY, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, MILITARISM, IMPERIALISM, WARFARE STATES

FREEDOM: In Tucker's eyes, since freedom is the sum and substance of life, nothing must be allowed to stand in the way of its implementation. (*) If this necessitates violence then violence there might be, however much we regret to see it employed by man against man.” - Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, 156. - Elsewhere Tucker indicated that freedom should be only implemented among volunteers. It should not be forced upon anyone. The preference of others, for conditions of non-freedom, should be respected. Furthermore, the rightful use of force, in the defence of rights and liberties, should not be classed as violence, which is rather the wrongful use of force to attack rights and liberties. - JZ, 11.4.00. – (*) Among those who desire it for themselves. - JZ - VIOLENCE, FORCE-

FREEDOM: In various ways they ban even living. Think of sex laws, abortion laws, conscription, property confiscation, immigration barriers, and tax laws confiscating all too much of one's self-ownership, other property and earnings. They are all attacks on the right to life and the right to live. - JZ, 9/72, 11.4.00, 19.3.13. – Naturally, I would exempt laws against rape and the molestation of children, date rapes in which the rapist uses drugs to reduce or abolish the resistance of his involuntary victim, etc. – But what percentage of all legislation is quite rightful and sensible, protecting genuine basic rights and liberties? - JZ, 23.11.10. – Q., LAWS, LEGISLATION

FREEDOM: Independence of arbitrariness from the impulses of our sensual urges.” – Another translation: Independence of the will from the compulsions of the urges of sensuality. - Kant.

FREEDOM: Independence, with freedom to explore new vistas, has been the essential condition of progress, whereas the surrender of freedom, in an attempt to attain security, has led to bondage, regression, and degeneracy.” - Horace W. Stunkard, Freedom, Bondage, and the Welfare State, SCIENCE, 121, June 10, 1955. PRAJ 28856. - INDEPENDENCE, PROGRESS & SECURITY

FREEDOM: Independent judgment.” - Godwin.


FREEDOM: Individual freedom means the right of the individual to be a responsible citizen, to make his own decisions, to own property which he has honestly acquired, to be ambitious and creative.” - Chamber of Commerce of the U.S.A.

FREEDOM: Individuality is the aim of political liberty. By leaving to the citizen as much freedom of action and of being as comports with order and the rights of others, the institutions render him truly a freeman. He is left to pursue his means of happiness in his own manner.” - James Fenimore Cooper, The American Democrat, 1838. - As a panarchist I can only agree - but he would, most likely, have opposed panarchism, as most modern libertarians still do, as adherents to limited governments with an unlimited territorial monopoly, a monopoly for legislation, jurisdiction, protection and defence. - JZ, 4.7.00. – This in spite of the fact that through panarchism the limited government advocates could, probably, achieve their own ideal for themselves faster than in any other way. Experimental freedom for all does, at least to a considerable extent, disarm their opponents or deprives them of their many of their motives and opportunities to territorially repress these voluntary laissez-faire advocates and their experiments. - JZ, 23.11.10, 10.8.13. - FREEDOM OF ACTION, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL IN ALL SPHERES – VS. TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: Individualization. - Freedom means being enabled to obtain the full development of all his faculties, intellectual, artistic and moral, without being hampered by overwork for the monopolists or by the servility and inertia of mind of the great number. He would thus be able to reach full individualization, which is not possible either under the present system of individualism, or under any system of state-socialism in the so-called Volksstaat (popular State)." - Kropotkin, quoted by Krimerman & Perry, Patterns of Anarchy, p.557. (Have these two authors, alone or together, written much else since then, which is of interest to anarchists and libertarians? I can’t remember having seen a single other title by them. – This one is, probably, the best anarchist anthology that I have encountered. – In a Google search today for Perry + bibliography, I got 3,450 results, for their anthology 1,910 and for Krimerman’s bibliography 1,110. So neither are forgotten as yet, at least online. - JZ, 23.11.10.


FREEDOM: Indivisible? Yes and No! For those who want it need every part of it to really be and remain free. But this does not mean that those, who do not want it, could not put themselves under all sorts of contractual and penal penalties against its use by them, thus living themselves under the governments of their dreams without imposing them upon others. To that extent freedom is divisible - within a general framework for individual choice, in which many individuals would give primacy to some other of their values. - JZ, 7.7.82 & 10.4.00. – To all groups of like-minded volunteers the own kinds of panarchies or polyarchies! – JZ, 10.8.13. - PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM

FREEDOM: Instant gratification.” - Poul Anderson, There Will Be Time. - However, there is a small truthful core even in that one. But calling what presently remains of freedom an opportunity to immediately work towards full future liberty would be more accurate. Limited creative opportunities, e.g. with alternative media, are still quite legal - and vastly underutilized, in spite of the satisfactions they could provide. A few creative opportunities remained even under totalitarianism, e.g. in the arts. - JZ, 9.1.75 & 11.4.00, 23.11.10. - SATIRICAL DEFINITIONS,

FREEDOM: Instead of aspiring towards freedom and emancipation, we make a virtue of assuming unnecessary restrictions.” - Leslie Charteris, The Saint Plays with Fire, p. 148. - Ulrich von Beckerath pointed out that most people believe that full freedom is right for themselves - but that most others cannot be trusted with it. - So each gives one vote for freedom for himself and one of 6,000 million votes for restrictions upon others. Thus freedom for each is vastly outvoted, if one were foolish enough to recognize the validity of such voting. Beckerath brings as an analogy a vote among ancient Greek generals on who would be the best general among them and on who would be the second-best one. As a result all but Themistocles got only one vote, as the supposedly best general while T., as the supposedly second-best general, got all the votes. - JZ, 2.4.00. – RESTRICTIONISM, REGULATIONS, LAWS, VOTING, DEMOCRACY

FREEDOM: Instead of glibly castigating the masses, Nock said, Mencken might better have devoted his talent and energy to discovering what men were capable of when free to pursue their genuine interests. Perhaps Mencken was so blind as not to recognize that most men were not free to develop their potential.” - Michael Wreszin, The Superfluous Anarchist Albert Jay Nock, Brown U.P., Providence, 1972, 62/63. - Nock had not gone far in this direction, either and later considered it a futile attempt. - JZ - THE MASSES

FREEDOM: instincts for freedom, for beauty, for a graceful and amiable social life" were "truly primary instincts" and that all the forces of nature encouraged their development if men were left free and unfettered.” - Michael Wreszin, The Superfluous Anarchist Albert Jay Nock, Brown U.P., Providence, 1972, 62. - We have never as yet experienced how well different people could develop under full freedom because we never had full freedom as yet in all spheres, in any country. It is a bit like speculating about the possibilities of an afterlife, in heaven or hell. - JZ, 3.5.00.

FREEDOM: Integrity cannot be taught; at best it can only be caught. And catching is impossible unless there be exemplars of this virtue.” - From a reply envelope of FEE. - Perhaps the same could be said about freedom in all spheres. We have not a single precedent for this around us. So much so, that many people, even some libertarians, are afraid of at least some liberties, like e.g. full monetary freedom and fully free migration. The exceptions they would make would often outnumber their unqualified votes for liberties. - JZ, 8.5.00. - FREEDOM OF ACTION & INTEGRITY

FREEDOM: Intelligent individuals working together – that’s the true jewel of freedom. … teamwork is not the same as collectivism. … In fact, there’s great human strength in teamwork.” – Star Trek, The Next Generation, Descent. A novel by Diane Carey, based on …, p.271. - INTELLIGENT INDIVIDUALS WORKING TOGETHER, TEAMWORK VS. COLLECTIVISM

FREEDOM: Is any man free except the one who can live as he chooses?” - Persius, Satires, Sat. v, 1. 83. - CHOICE

FREEDOM: Is freedom anything but the right to live as we wish? Nothing else.” - Epictetus, Discourses, book 2, ch. 1, sec. 23. – Quoted in Seldes. - Not at the expense of others! Provided we leave others alone to live as they like, under the same right. Anyhow, one cannot live other people's lives for them. To the extent that one tries, one loses a slice of one's own life. "Any leash has two ends." - JZ, 30.3.99. - Alas, one cannot clearly derive panarchism from such generalities, although, with the wisdom of hind-sight, such conclusions are implied. – JZ, 18.12.08. – Another translation: Is freedom anything else than the right to live as we wish? Nothing else. . - Epictetus– in  – And if we wish to live as a cheat, thief, robber, rapist or murderer? This freedom or right must mean equal freedom and rights for all somewhat rational beings. – JZ, 30.3.12, 10.8.13. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, MUTUAL TOLERANCE, NON-INTERFERENCE, MYOB, WISHES, WANTS, PANARCHISM, LIVE AS WE WISH, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, EQUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES BY CHOICE OR AT LEAST RESPECT FOR THEM IN OTHERS, EVEN IF ONE DOES NOT WISH TO CLAIM THEM FOR ONESELF

FREEDOM: is freedom from chains, from imprisonment, from enslavement by others. The rest is extension of this sense, or else metaphor." - Sir Isaiah Berlin, Four Essays on Freedom, Oxford, 1969, p lvi.

FREEDOM: Is there anything more exasperating than the smug asseveration that service to God, or service to the State, is the "real freedom"? Submission may or may not be better than freedom (*), and one kind of freedom may or may not be consonant with another; but to say that submission is freedom is a mockery of language.” - R. C. W. Ettinger, Man into Superman, p.146. – (*) At least for volunteers, who wanted it and as long as they can stand it! – JZ, n.d. – SUBMISSION, Q., SUBMISSIVENESS, OBEDIENCE, STATISM

FREEDOM: It does not matter when a man dies - as long as he dies for freedom.” - From film Bataan, on channel 7, 21.11.76. - It is much more important to live for freedom than to die for it. - JZ, 12.4.00. - Rather make the enemies of freedom die for their attacks upon it than die vainly defending it. For that struggle, which could be largely a non-violent one, you should arm yourself with the full arsenal of pro-freedom options, all its tools and weapons, all its intellectual ammunition. For that international collaboration and division of labor and special markets and project collaborations are needed - and have to be organized, in a market-like and voluntaristic way. - JZ, 8.5.00. – DEATH, NEW DRAFT, SELF-SACRIFICE, EGOISM, THE VIRTUE OF SELFISHNESS, LIVING RATHER THAN DIEING FOR LIBERTY, JUSTICE, RIGHTS & PEACE

FREEDOM: It includes the introduction of principles and the latitude of pursuing them. It means the possibility of using a principle by means of which one can intellectually reject any and all practices which fall short of the ideal, and to pursue the ideal which is in harmony with the principles.” - Robert LeFevre, Must We Depend Upon Political Protection? p.59. - PRINCIPLES, IDEALS

FREEDOM: It is a great and dangerous error to suppose that all people are equally entitled to liberty.” - John C. Calhoun, 1782-1850. - One should at least add: "peaceful" before "all people". - Not all gaol-birds walking on two legs are "people" or sufficiently human. By one's behavior one can deprive oneself of basic rights. - JZ, 12.7.92. As Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) said: “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.” - Nor can one say that babies or infants, who do not even know the very meaning of rights, could use them, freely and responsibly, no more so than such small people could use fire arms responsibly. Unfortunately, even in our times all too many adults are almost as ethically immature as are babes and infants. Only custom and fear or whatever they have of an inbuilt moral sense does, somewhat, regulate their behavior towards peaceful and responsible behavior. - JZ, 8.4.00. - EQUAL OR UNEQUAL FREEDOM FOR ALL? CRIMINALS, AGGRESSORS

FREEDOM: It is almost always "the day, the hour and the moment" for freedom.” or at least for some significant preparations for D-Day. - JZ, 8.6.92, 21.12.08, quoting: Frederik Pohl and Jack Williamson, Starchild, p.5. - TIMING, PLACE, OPPORTUNITY

FREEDOM: It is by the goodness of God that in our country we have those three unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the prudence (*) never to practice either of them.” - Mark Twain. – (*) stupidity! – And that is never precious! - Nor do we have to thank a "god" for our rights. They are inherent in our nature and in our reason. - JZ, n.d. & 8.4.00. - Have we utilized them as yet to finally produce an ideal declaration of all individual rights and liberties? – JZ, 12.12.08. - PRACTICE, STUPIDITY

FREEDOM: It is freedom itself that still hangs in the balance, and freedom is never more than one generation from extinction.” - Ronald Reagan – Compare: “Every new generation is a new invasion by barbarians!”

FREEDOM: it is freedom's turn to revive the human spirit by the challenges of the infinite horizon." - Jack Williamson & James E. Gunn, Star Bridge, p.210. - HUMAN SPIRIT

FREEDOM: It is hard to define freedom because freedom includes the right not to be free according to one's choice, the right to submit to voluntary servitude: 'The truth is that there is not enough of the right kind of liberty; the fundamental liberty to choose to be free or not to be free, according to one's choice. …" - P. E. de Puydt, Panarchy, in PEACE PLANS No.4, p.4. – By now in several languages on - THE RIGHT NOT TO BE FREE, ACCORDING TO ONE'S CHOICE, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: It is in vain to fight totalitarianism by adopting totalitarian methods. Freedom can only be won by men unconditionally committed to the principles of freedom.” – Ludwig von Mises, Omnipotent Government, p.14. - To the extent that he still advocated e.g. conscription and a limited but territorial government - he wasn't! Nor was he in favor of full monetary freedom and exterritorial autonomy for volunteers. - JZ - TOTALITARIANISM, PRINCIPLES OF FREEDOM

FREEDOM: It is much easier to have only limited views of freedom and rights than rather large and expanding visions of them. Our conditions are the consequence of this fact. - JZ, 23.11.93. - Complete libertarian publishing, a libertarian ideas archive, a libertarian encyclopedia, a complete libertarian library services, a complete libertarian bibliography, abstracts compilation and alphabetical index guide to all libertarian writings and complete, cheap and permanent libertarian publishing, at least in affordable media like microfiche, floppy disks and CDs, might change that situation. But, do enough libertarians work towards such resources and achievements, with such tools? Can they be bothered?  - JZ, 9.4.00. - FULL VISION OF FREEDOM IS RARE & NOT EASY TO ATTAIN, ENLIGHTENMENT, NEW DRAFT

FREEDOM: It is nevertheless quite possible that the "free" suffer more than the "enthralled". Freedom brings responsibility and often guilt. It may indeed provide a deeper satisfaction and a richer life, but the evaluation of such rewards is a distressingly subjective process. Perhaps no argument in favor of liberty can satisfy the intellect; perhaps the best we can hope for is a shared emotional conviction.” - Patrick L. McGuire, comments to Poul Anderson, The Book of Poul Anderson, p.95. - Only a man who knows very little about freedom could make such a remark. - JZ 10.4.00. - But he is right about one thing: Full freedom should not be forced upon anybody. It should be chosen by individuals, step by step, at their own speed of mental development. Otherwise, they do become enemies of a freedom, which they do not as yet understand and cannot as yet sufficiently handle. Those who were too long in a prison, with other people thinking and acting for them, come to fear open doors and the decisions expected behind them. Let them have their half-way houses! - JZ, 9.5.00. – OBJECTIONS, , PANARCHISM, FREEDOM TO BE AS UNFREE AS ONE WANTS TO BE

FREEDOM: It is nonsense to make any pretence of reconciling the State and liberty.” - Lenin, quoted in: Albert Jay Nock, Memoirs of a Superfluous Man, Harper, 1943, p.211. - True for his State and for any other territorial State. - JZ, 6.5.00. - THE STATE, TERRITORIALISM & LIBERTY

FREEDOM: It is not enough to contribute just another fact, lecture, article, leaflet, pamphlet or book to the total freedom philosophy. It is necessary to make all of them, and more, available, cheaply and permanently, when, wherever and for whosoever is interested - in an overwhelming avalanche of facts and arguments - and yet, a "tolerant" avalanche, one that would spare and welcome all those dissenters, who only want to do their own things and are willing to let others do their own things to or for themselves. - JZ, 19.6.80, 11.4.00, 10.8.13. - FREEDOM AVALANCHE, CULTURAL REVOLUTION, ENLIGHTENMENT

FREEDOM: It is often safer to be in chains than to be free.” - Franz Kafka, The Castle, 1926. - Chains are not really tools that increase one's survival chances. Try to run or climb away from a tiger while in chains! The people "kept in chains" are not otherwise "secure" or safe either, unless one does not only confine one's definitions to enchaining life but exterminating it and considers a grave or mass grave as an "existence" in safety and security. - Kafka, too, gave instances of the treason of intellectuals towards the case of liberty. - The kind of old-age "security" provided by governments keeps them poor and prevents the competitive realization of old age insurance schemes that could turn ordinary productive people into multi-millionaires in their old age. How long will the Welfare States survive once all old age pensioners and compulsory contributors to "social security" schemes become aware of this? - JZ, 8.4.00. - SECURITY & SAFETY

FREEDOM: It is only in freedom of action that a man's full powers are used and developed.” - Dr. H. G. Pearce, GOOD GOVERNMENT, 12/71. - No wonder that most of the people that we do encounter are so uninspiring. They are the products of perpetual territorial kindergartens! – However, top suggestion box schemes, like those of Matsushita and Sony have demonstrated how creative average people can be – at least on the work place - given the opportunity and the incentive to do so. Compare also how creative many of them can be - in their own homes and gardens, to which their freedom of action is largely limited now. - JZ, 8.5.00. - FREEDOM OF ACTION

FREEDOM: It is only the free market system that allows one to maximize one's social utility.” - Patrick Brooks, 2/71. - MARKET, SOCIAL UTILITY

FREEDOM: It is ordained in the eternal constitution of things that men of intemperate minds cannot be free. Their passions forge their fetters.” - Edmund Burke. - So, according to him, one can't be passionately for freedom and against injustice and suppression should never upset one's temper. He forgot his youthful essay on natural liberty and opposed Thomas Paine's defence of human rights. - JZ, 13.4.00, 11.8.13. - TEMPER & PASSIONS

FREEDOM: It is right. It is just. It is past time. Once more … men will be free to live as they wish, to choose their own paths and to follow them to their own goals. It is not a simple thing, or an easy one, to be free. And it isn't simple or easy to break the power of an Empire. … But it must be done.” - Jack Williamson & James E. Gunn, Star Bridge, p.183.

FREEDOM: It is still very doubtful whether freedom is a desirable aim for man. Freedom leads most people to an excessive stress upon the individual. Thereby the power of society is weakened and an unbearable egoism is produced.” - Popular opinion. - If the individual is set free then it is best integrated into a social community and even into a world community. For instance: Free choice of profession and free choice among jobs, free trade and free enterprise, a free market, freedom of contract, association and experimentation. Even individual secessionism leads to better integration within societies and communities of volunteers and peaceful or tolerant coexistence between them. Those, who do respect the individual rights and liberties of others do as a rule have much less trouble with other people. – Alas, a sufficient moral or ethical education is neither provided by any religion nor by any governmental education system nor by most parents, who are in this respect the faulty products of or religions and governmental schooling. Even anarchists and libertarians have not yet agreed or tried to come to an agreement on all individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 11.8.13. – OBJECTIONS, EGOISM, SELFISHNESS

FREEDOM: It is the duty of the free man to live for his own sake, and not for others. …" - Friedrich Nietzsche, 1844-1900. - DUTY, EGOISM, SELFISHNESS, SELF-REALIZATION, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES. VS. ALTRUISM & CHARITY AS PRIMARY VALUES

FREEDOM: It is to the free and multifarious movements of human activity that civilization owes its most notable achievements." C. C. Allen, Economic Fact and Fantasy. - DIVERSITY & CIVILIZATION

FREEDOM: It is with opinions that one advances as with moves in a board game. They introduce a game, which will be won. - Source? – Goethe? - DEFINITIONS & THOUGHTS, DISCUSSIONS, DEBATES, ELECTRONIC “ARGUMENT MAPPING”, ENLIGHTENMENT, LEARNING

FREEDOM: It is worth everything to preserve those oddments, to make them available to those who are graced with a thirst for them: or - nothing is worth at all." - William F. Buckley Jr., Execution Eve, Berkeley Publishing, 1972-75, p.493: On Russian underground literature, alas, only on paper, hand-written or typed. – W. F. B., as a successful print on paper writer, editor and publisher, did not, to my knowledge, just like most others such writers, discuss alternative media like microfiche, floppy disks and CDs and what they could mean for freedom writings. They imagine that as much as possible has already been done, on paper. Yes, on paper, and only as much as can be done with this medium! - JZ, 23.4.00. – Even on the Internet and on powerful but cheap disks the full case for liberty has not yet been stated. Why not? Kodak Gold Preservation CDs, still affordable, are now expected to last up to 300 years! – JZ, 19.12.08. - FREEDOM LITERATURE, PRESERVING, DUPLICATING AND DISTRIBUTING IT, LIBERTARIAN MICROFICHE PUBLISHING, MICROFICHE SELF-PUBLISHING, & OTHER ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

FREEDOM: It may be that more controls give the individual greater freedom from want; …” - Prince Philip. - Controls and subsidies cost taxes. The victims of tax slavery also have wants but to the extent that they are taxed their wants are ignored and what they have earned is, instead, given to those who have not earned it. Both the taxed and those subsidized out of taxes are made less productive and thus less wants can be satisfied. - JZ, 8.4.00. – This is not one of his many better utterances on public affairs. – Not more controls by others but more control over the own affairs can give individuals greater “freedom from want” or, rather, earned prosperity, even wealth and riches. - JZ, 11.8.13. – CONTROLS, WEALTH, RICHES, PROSPERITY, EARNINGS, CONTROL OVER ONE’S OWN LIFE, INSTEAD OF BEING CONTROLLED BY OTHERS

FREEDOM: It may sound paradoxical that extension of "freedom" to some may result in more slavery for all (*). Modern socialist countries bear witness to this. (**) The "freedom to rule" is a contradiction in terms.” - REASON, 12.73. - Needs rewording and editing! - (*) if not for all then for others. (**) Welfare States as well. – JZ, n.d. – Instead of putting “freedom” in apostrophes, the writer should have written: arbitrary power over others. Then it would have been self-evidently true. – JZ, 11.8.13. ARBITRARINESS, POWER OVER OTHERS, RULERS, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS, “REPRESENTATIVES”, PRIVILEGES, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENTS, NATIONALISM, DOMINATION, INTERNAL AFFAIRS, TERRITORIAL INTEGRITY, NATIONAL INDEPENDENCE, MAJORITY RULE

FREEDOM: It must be obvious that liberty necessarily means freedom to choose foolishly as well as wisely; freedom to choose evil as well as good; freedom to enjoy the rewards of good judgment, and freedom to suffer the penalties of bad judgment. If this is not true, the word "freedom" has no meaning. – Admiral Ben Moreell, Log I, p.24. – Alas, he, too, did not arrive at the panarchist conclusion from such general thoughts. – JZ, 23.11.10. One can rightfully choose “evil” in form of “sin” or “vice” or actions that are harmful to oneself only and wrong for one’s status as a moral and rational being, always only at the own expense and risk, but not when it comes to “evil” done to others, involuntary victims of one’s actions. To that extent his statement is flawed. – JZ, 4.4.12. - LIBERTY & EVIL, CHOICE, MISTAKES, FOOLISHNESS

FREEDOM: It should also be remembered that, so far as men's actions toward other persons are concerned, freedom can never mean more than that they are restricted only by general rules. Since there is no kind of action that may not interfere with another person's protected sphere (*), neither speech, not the press, nor the exercise of religion can be completely free. In all these fields (and, as we shall see later, in that of contract) freedom does mean and can mean only that what we may do is not dependent on the approval of any person or authority and is limited only by the same abstract rules that apply equally to all. - But if it is the law that makes us free, this is true only of the law in this sense of abstract general rule, or of what is called 'the law in the material meaning', which differs from law in the merely formal sense by the character of the rules and not by their origin. The 'law' that is a specific command, an order that is called a 'law' merely because it emanates from the legislative authority, is the chief instrument of oppression. The confusion of these two conceptions of law and the loss of the belief that laws can rule, that men in laying down and enforcing the laws in the former sense are not enforcing their will, are among the chief causes of the decline of liberty, to which legal theory has contributed as much as political doctrine.” - F. A. Hayek, The Constitution of Liberty, 155/56. – By all means, try to reduce this note to a short and hard-hitting slogan! – JZ, n.d. – (*) I do deny this, especially for speech in public and published printed statements. Sticks and stones can hurt my bones but words can never hurt me. – Old proverb. -  Only in private homes, were one is merely a guest, must one behave politely and considerately, if one does not wish to be escorted to the exit. – JZ, 11.8.13. - GENERAL RULES & LAW VS. LEGISLATION

FREEDOM: It should be obvious that anyone could voluntarily restrict only his OWN freedom to the advantage of one or several others, but not the freedom of OTHERS, for then he would appoint himself their guardian and ruler and claim for himself more freedom of action at their expense as well as against their will.” - Kurt Zube, Letter to Rudolf Augstein. – RESTRICTIONS, EQUAL RIGHTS, EQUAL FREEDOM

FREEDOM: It was my contention that a man must be free to acquire honestly all the property he can or will, to use it or abuse it as he pleases, once it is his; that he must be free to worship as he pleases or not to worship at all; and that the imposition of force upon him when he is peacefully and harmoniously carrying out his own objectives is destructive of the productive and creative capabilities of the individual.” - Robert LeFevre, RAMPART JOURNAL, Winter 65. – PEACEFULNESS, HARMONY, TOLERANCE, DOING ONLY THE OWN THINGS IN THE OWN SPHERES, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

FREEDOM: it's better for people to take their freedom rather than be given it.” - Ken Follett, Triple, Futura Publications, 1980, p.42. – FREEDOM & RIGHTS: BETTER TAKEN THAN GIVEN

FREEDOM: It's great to be free. Permits available at nearby Federal, State and Local Government offices.” - Simon Jester Sticker. – How would we know, since we have never been quite free? – JZ, 15.3.13. - PERMITS, LICENSING

FREEDOM: It's my life, isn't it?” - Popular saying. - LIFE & SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-DETERMINATION ETC.

FREEDOM: It's not likely that you'll ever gain your freedom by joining, marching, picketing, or complaining - because all those methods rely upon changing the attitudes of others. What I have in mind concerns the use of methods over which you have complete control.” - Harry Browne, How I Gained Freedom In an Unfree World, p.13. - Only freedom for individual secession and exterritorial and autonomous associationism would give you complete control of your "fate", as far as that is humanly possible, i.e., apart from accidents, health problems and natural catastrophes. - JZ, 25.11.76, 11.4.00. - FREEDOM OF ACTION, ACTIONS, CONTROL, SELF-HELP, POLITICAL ACTIONS, PROTESTS, DEMONSTRATIONS, MARCHES, PARTIES, PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

FREEDOM: It's surprising that among the many newly proposed "freedoms" and "rights" nobody proposed as a human right "a freedom to steal and assault". - JZ, n.d. - Apparently, a minimum of common sense is still left. - JZ, 11.4.00. - HUMAN RIGHTS, WELFARE CLAIMS AS RIGHTS

FREEDOM: IV. Social solidarity is the first human law; freedom is the second law. Both laws interpenetrate and are inseparable from each other, thus constituting the very essence of humanity. Thus freedom is not the negation of solidarity; on the contrary, it represents the development of, and so to speak, the humanization of the latter. - V. Freedom does not connote man's independence in relation to the immutable laws of nature and society. It is first of all man's ability gradually to emancipate himself from the oppression of the external physical world with the aid of knowledge and rational labor; and, further, it signifies man's right to dispose of himself and to act in conformity with his own views and convictions: a right opposed to the despotic and authoritarian claims of another man, a group, or class of people, or society as a whole.” - Michael Bakunin, quoted in Horowitz, The Anarchists, p. 135. - SOLIDARITY & INDEPENDENCE

FREEDOM: John Hargraves, Words Win Wars, 1940, JZL. - So far we have not given all the words, arguments, ideas, principles, insights and definitions, slogans and mottos, jokes, poems and song texts for liberty, pictures and movies their best chance yet - by combining them and making them readily accessible to anyone interested or tried to present them in enough special A to Z compilations or digital argument mapping, as described by Paul Monk et al online. A digital libertarian ideas archive, directory, indicating special interests, comprehensive bibliography, abstracts and review compilation and a refutations encyclopedia for the popular errors, prejudices, myths, false assumptions and conclusions, are not yet compiled or online. – E.g.: Individual freedom instead of State worship. – JZ, n.d., 23.11.10,  11.8.13. – Compare SLOGANS FOR LIBERTY, IDEAS ARCHIVE, LIBERTARIAN ENCYCLOPEDIA, FREE BANKING & PANARCHISM HANDBOOKS, REFUTATIONS ENCYCLOPAEDIA, DEFINITIONS ENCYCLOPAEDIA

FREEDOM: just as Bentham had held that freedom for each individual to judge and pursue his own interests was the chief condition of material happiness, so Spencer believes that the law or equal freedom for each individual supplies the chief means to the happiness which consists in energy of faculty.” - Ernest Barker, Political Thought In England 1848 to 1914, p.84. – I prefer Leonard E. Read’s words: “release all creative energies”. – JZ, 11.8.13. - HAPPINESS, EQUAL FREEDOM, EQUAL RIGHTS

FREEDOM: Kant interpreted freedom as the right to will a self-imposed imperative of duty, and he insisted that every man, possessing, in virtue of his reason, such a will, existed, and ought to be used, always as an end in himself and never as merely a means.” - Ernest Barker, Political Thought in England 1848 to 1914, p.25. - RIGHT, WILL, DUTY, MORAL IMPERATIVE, REASON, MAN, MEANS & ENDS

FREEDOM: Kant's conception of human society as a realm of ends, in which no free person should be degraded to the ignominy of being (*) a means, expresses one aspect of political freedom. The other is found in his principle of the harmonization of individual wills, which results in the freedom of each being consistent with the freedom of all. In institutional terms, republican government, founded on popular sovereignty and with a system of representation, is the political ideal precisely because it gives its citizens the dignity of free men and enables them to realize their freedom in self-government.” - Great Books of the Western World, Syntopicon, p.997. - At least in his remarks on the value of considering utopias, rightful militias and human rights Kant went beyond this representative republican model. - JZ, 4.4.00. – (*) merely a means? – JZ, 11.8.13. - ENDS & MEANS, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHP, INDIVIDUALISM, INDIVIDUALS AS PURPOSES IN THEMSELVES, OUGHT TO ABIDE BY THE ZAP PRINCIPLE: ZERO AGGRESSION PRINCIPLE, NON-INTERVENTIONISM, NON-INTERFERENCE, PROTECTING RATHER THAN ATTACKING INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES\\\\

FREEDOM: Kant’s insistence, in his defence of the French Revolution, that (*) freedom is the pre-condition of acquiring the maturity for freedom, not a gift to be granted when such maturity is achieved.” - Noam Chomsky, in Notes on Anarchism, ANARCHY, 116, Oct. 70. – Also in his For Reasons of State, p.156. - (*) Perhaps, “some” should be inserted there. – JZ - MATURITY, GROWTH, GRANTS, WITHOLDING, PRECONDITION FOR MATURITY FOR FREEDOM

FREEDOM: Keep a man from exercising his mind, his body, his faculties in the pursuit of his own wishes and delights, keep him from enjoying the fruits of his efforts - and you have done everything evil to him that you can.” - THE FREE MAN'S ALMANAC, edited by Leonard E. Read. – As if murdering him would not be even worse. – JZ, 11.8.13. – RESTRAINTS, RESTRICTIONS, CONTROLS, INTERVENTIONISM, CENTRAL PLANNING & DIRECTION, ORDERS, COMMANDS

FREEDOM: Keep watch over each of your actions and each of your words, in order that you may not hinder the free will of any human being.” - Rudolf Steiner. – Can your mere words already interfere with the free will of others? – JZ, 11.8.13. - FREE WILL, RESPONSIBILITY, CONSIDERATION FOR OTHERS

FREEDOM: Lack of communication? Sure. But that is lack of freedom. It is not incidental that communication and the spread of knowledge has (have? – JZ) increased so dramatically in tandem with freedom in America. (When did it slow down, stopped spreading and was even forced back? – JZ, 11.8.13.) Freedom is communication. Freedom is exchange. Freedom is an open, shared movement. To be open, it must be shared.” - Joan Marie Leonard in THE FREEMAN, 3/77. - Copyrights and patents put penalties on the free use of words and ideas, hinder their spread and widest application. – JZ, 20.3.13. – COMMUNICATION, ENLIGHTENMENTE, EDUCATION

FREEDOM: Laissez Faire =/= negligence, arbitrariness, interventionism, fraud or willfulness towards others - JZ - LAISSEZ FAIRE

FREEDOM: Laissez Faire: an outmoded supposition that there are finite limits to the capacity of government to perfect the life of everyone.” - IEA, quoted in FREEDOM REVIEW, Spring 1965. – Territorial governments seem to believe that laissez faire is a territorial monopoly, i.e., that it means unlimited and arbitrary power to the power addicts. – Absolute kings, dictators, despots, tyrants and totalitarians have the same false notion of “freedom” only for themselves and of populations as their personal property and assume that they could embody the individual sovereignties of all their subjects quite rightfully and rationally in themselves. That is the way Hitler, too, understood his “leadership principle”. “Fuehrer befiehl! Wir folgen Dir!” – JZ, 20.3.13. - STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, JOKES

FREEDOM: Law of the validity of the idea.” - Bauch, quoted by Haensel in: Kant's Lehre vom Widerstandsrecht, S. 10. – The same could be said about rights, justice, morality, ethics. – JZ

FREEDOM: Lawlessness is not the route to liberty. Liberty in society depends upon the discovery and practice of those higher laws, which produce it. For freedom is not mere whim; it is the opportunity to do as one ought - without compulsion. … True liberty is found only by doing what we ought because we want to and not because we have to.” - Kenneth W. Sollitt, The Law of Liberty, THE FREEMAN, Nov. 66. - This definition overlooks the freedom to err and act foolishly - at one's own expense. - JZ - LAWLESSNESS, WHIM & DUTY, OBLIGATION

FREEDOM: Laws written on paper can neither guaranty rights nor liberty. – Perhaps only a very well drafted declaration of genuine individual rights and liberties can make us sufficiently aware of these principles and their values. It would also include those rights and liberties that offer more than mere paper guaranties. - JZ, 7.4.00, 18.12.08, 11.8.13. – LAWS, HUMAN RIGHTS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS DECLARATION, NATURAL LAW, NATURAL RIGHTS

FREEDOM: Lead, follow or get out of the way.” - Movie: Wind, 1992. - Compare: MYOB. Do your own thing and let others do theirs. - TOLERANCE. INITIATIVE, LEADERSHIP, FOLLOWERSHIP, INTERVENTIONISM, TERRITORIALISM, LAWS, MONOPOLIES, PANARCHISM, LAISSEZ-FAIRE

FREEDOM: Leave … men free to achieve, to gain and to keep their values.” - Ayn Rand, Newsletter, 2/63.

FREEDOM: leave a well-marked trail that others may follow toward a worthwhile destination - Freedom."- George Ellis, THE FREEMAN, 11/74. - Under the voluntary and exterritorial autonomy of panarchism we would have consumer sovereignty towards an abundance of goods, services and organizations, offered all around us, in a “super-market” that covers the world and offers the goods and services of xyz free societies, communities and governance systems. - We could merely do window-shopping and pondering our options or fill our "shopping carts" with whatever we liked and pay for it or use our clearing options and take it home. - Even the “goods offers”, “services” and “solutions” of statists would be among them – for their remaining voluntary customers as their voluntary victims. - JZ, 9.5.00, 20.3.13, 11.8.13. - EXAMPLE, EXPERIMENT, DEMONSTRATION, FREEDOM OF ACTION, FREE CHOICE AMONG COMPETING GOVERNMENTS, SOCIETIES OR PUBLIC SERVICES, PANARCHISM, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY IN ALL SPHERES, COMBINED WITH FREE ENTERPRISE OFFERS IN ALL SPHERES: PANARCHISM.

FREEDOM: Leave me free to do anything I please - stupid or brilliant - so long as it is peaceful and not injurious to others.” - Leonard E. Read, NOTES FROM FEE, 5/73. – That is as close as he came to panarchism, in very general terms. But it is the details that do matter. His kind of “limited” government, but for volunteers only and confined to exterritorial autonomy, is only one of many panarchist options. He remained blind to it and the others. – JZ, 18.12.08. – The same applies to most of those anarcho-capitalists, who still imagine that their ideal does already include tolerance for the ideals and practices of all other communities, societies and governance systems of volunteers, even if they do practise, among themselves, the very opposite of anarcho-capitalism. – They fail to state, quite clearly, that they wish to practise their ideal only among themselves and are quite tolerant even towards those, who wish to practise the very opposite to anarcho-capitalism among themselves. Then they would be anarcho-capitalists in their own panarchy and, as panarchists, tolerant towards all the other tolerant panarchies, regardless of their ideological or religious, racial or other differences. But they cannot rightly declare of believe that their ideal for themselves, namely anarcho-capitalism, does already embrace all others, even when they are consistent voluntarists and as such are tolerant towards all others doing their things only for or to themselves, based upon other beliefs, principles, ideologies, opinions and convictions. – Catholics, who have become tolerant, might, likewise and wrongfully claim, that their Catholicism does already embrace all kinds of Protestantism, atheism, rationalism and humanism as well as other kinds of faith. What is true is that they claim it only for their volunteers. But, as Catholics, they do not, panarchistically, advocate e.g. Protestantism for Protestants and Atheism for Atheists etc., but merely Catholic beliefs, dogmas and institutions for Catholics. By now there are even some Catholic sectarians. – Would there still be many Catholics, if they had persisted with their former intolerance? – WHO, among them, has clearly proposed the equivalence of religious tolerance for all political, economic and social systems? Who, among the Anarcho-Capitalists has? – Please, provide me with their names and addresses and relevant quotes. - JZ, 11.8.13. - LIMITED GOVERNMENT, PANARCHISM, PEACEFULNESS, TOLERANCE, NON-AGGRESSION PRINCIPLE, ANARCHO-CAPITALISM, VOLUNTARISM, PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE, CATHOLICISM, RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE

FREEDOM: Leave others free to live their own lives.” - Leonard E. Read, THE FREEMAN, 9/73. – Even if they are statists. Sooner or later they or their offspring will learn from their experiences with statism and secede from the remaining exterritorial States as well. – JZ, 20.3.13. - LEAVE OTHERS FREE, TOLERANCE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: Legal freedom to have to obey no other law than those to which one has given one's consent. … 3. the condition of civic independence, to thank for one's existence and preservation not the arbitrary actions of someone else in a people but his own rights and efforts as part of a common society.” - Kant, Metaphysic der Sitten, Par. 46. - PERSONAL LAW, OBEDIENCE, IGNORING LAWS, DISOBEDIENCE, OPTING OUT, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, CONSENT, VOLUNTARISM, SECESSIONISM

FREEDOM: Legalize freedom.” - L.P. slogan, 1976, quoted in NEWSWEEK. - "Decriminalize freedom!" might be better. – JZ, 78. – Remove all legalized restraints and prohibitions upon all individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 15.3.13. – Except within communities of volunteers. – JZ, 11.8.13. - LEGALIZATION

FREEDOM: Legally regulated freedom is neither as moral nor as rational and practicable as is natural freedom. - JZ, 9.7.92, 20.3.13. - NATURAL, LEGAL & REGULATED

FREEDOM: Lenin - much in the style of Mussolini - dared to say that 'freedom is a bourgeois prejudice' …" – Rudolf Rocker, Nationalism and Culture, p.238. - Much against his will, he has thereby revealed a rightful and positive aspect of the bourgeois, as my friend Ulrich von Beckerath used to say. - JZ - FREEDOM, A BOURGEOIS PREJUDICE?

FREEDOM: Less goodies, less baddies, more freedom! - JZ, 10.12.75. - WELFARE STATE, HANDOUTS, SUBSIDIES, POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS

FREEDOM: Less government, less taxes, more freedom. - JZ, 5.3.75. - Prior sources? I probably read it somewhere. - JZ 15.4.00.

FREEDOM: Let every person do their own thing provided that they do not obstruct or prevent another person from doing their own thing. The old don't listen to the young, the young don't listen to the old and both are too ignorant or stubborn to mind their own business.” - L. J. Bullen, 1970. - DOING ONE'S OWN THING OR MINDING ONE'S OWN BUSINESS

FREEDOM: Let freedom be the cure.” - Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.134. - Even statism can mostly be cured - once freedom forces the statists to take all the risks and burdens of statism only upon their own shoulders. - JZ, 8.5.00. - CURE, SOLUTION, ANSWER

FREEDOM: Let freedom prevail.” - Leonard E. Read, THE FREEMAN, 4/74.

FREEDOM: Let freedom reign.” - Book title by Leonard E. Read. – Actually, freedom does not rule, it rather liberates. Or, more accurately, allows everyone to liberate themselves, as much as they want to, with full consumer sovereignty towards the whole palette of all individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 20.3.13.

FREEDOM: Let me recall the statement that freedom is what we become accustomed to - if we set aside any idea of freedom in the abstract. There is the rub. Some of us, afflicted with a passion for nonconformity, get ourselves an axiom of freedom - that is a condition of living based upon inherent and inalienable rights - and insist on measuring every social institution and convention palmed off on us by that yardstick. And, though we may be impotent as far as changing the current of events, we will not permit our axiom to be swamped by them.” - Frank Chodorov, Fugitive Essays, p.195. - CUSTOMS & ABSTRACT FREEDOM

FREEDOM: Let me succeed - let me fail - at my own risk and expense - and that of my voluntary associates. More I do not ask for. - JZ, 14.3.75. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-OWNERSHIP, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: Let the freedom bug bite you - and you will never be the same again. - JZ, 6/73.

FREEDOM: Let the people have freedom and a full paycheck …” - R. S. Jaggard, JAG, July 21, 1972. - VS. TAXES

FREEDOM: Let us hang no one, and set everybody free.” – Frederic Bastiat, Economic Sophisms, p.241. - Only those who want to be free: Leave all others their individual choice for their preferred dependencies. - JZ, 12.4.00. - LIBERATION VS. PROSECUTION, PANARCHISM, STATISM FOR STATISTS

FREEDOM: Let us now try liberty.” - Frederic Bastiat.

FREEDOM: Let us rather recognize that people are free - in the political sense - when they live under institutions they prefer, no matter what those institutions are.” - J. O. Y. Gasset, Concord & Liberty, 52. - Alas, like most others, G. understood under "people" only the collective, more precisely the majority, not the individuals. Thus he would allow "the people" to force institutions and laws upon dissenting individuals and minorities. - J. Z., 14.4.00. – He seems to have considered only territorial “solutions”, taking territorialism for granted. But then I haven’t read all his writings. Do they really contain panarchistic ideas somewhere? – JZ, 21.12.08. - TOLERANCE, PANARCHISM, CHOICE, INSTITUTIONS, TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: Let us re-discover freedom - or discover it. - JZ, 13.11.73, & 11.4.00. - RE-DISCOVER & DISCOVER

FREEDOM: Let us try freedom”. - Charles A. LaDow, THE FREEMAN, 11/74. - TRY

FREEDOM: Let's "vote for freedom". - Edward Y Breeze, THE FREEMAN, 9/73. - That is probably the least one can do for liberty - and it means using a wrongful means towards a rightful end. Voting can only be rightful within volunteer communities, so voluntary that dissenters are permitted to secede from them. - JZ, 16.4.00. - That right alone would already turn the tax or subscription system of such a community into a voluntary taxation system, even if formally or nominally it would not be one. - JZ, 8.5.00, 11.8.13. – Alas, territorial governments usually do not put such options on the ballot papers. Imagine a referendum against compulsory taxation and central banking! – Since most voters are not libertarians, there would, often, be land-slide voting against many freedom options. – Rather work towards the right of those already somewhat enlightened to secede and do their own things, in their own panarchies. - JZ, 18.12.08. – VOTING, REFERENDUM, SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: Let's create a predictable future of increasing instead of decreasing liberty. - JZ 10/74. - Our technical resources for this job were never greater and yet, perhaps never before, has a smaller percentage of the available and affordable resources been used for this job. - JZ, 11.4.00. – Just imagine a complete digital libertarian library, including all the desired special reference works, being offered as cheaply as it could and should be, book-sized, on a single external HDD of 1 to at most 4 TBs! – JZ, 11.8.13. - FUTURISM, NEW DRAFT, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

FREEDOM: Let's draw the line for freedom and keep the government behind it.” - B. V. Brooks, Jr., THE WESTPORT NEWS, Connecticut, Aug. 25, 72, quoted in THE FREEMAN, Jan. 73. - GOVERNMENT

FREEDOM: Let's get the record straight here - it's unlikely that anyone else will. What we call the free enterprise system is not just another economic theory, an "ism" in the same breath as Marxism or socialism: it is freedom. Without economic freedom, without the freedom to save and spend, to accumulate and invest and inherit, without the freedom to mis-spend (for we need no-one to tell us whether we are spending our own money wisely or not), personal freedom disappears.” - THE FREEMAN, Aug. 66, quoting a report from the Institute of Directors, London. – Alas, they did not think of free enterprise and consumer sovereignty also for whole political, social and economic systems. – JZ, 23.11.10. - FREE ENTERPRISE & IDEOLOGIES, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: Liberalism and freedom lead inevitably to revolution and civil war.” - Popular opinion. Indeed, if you represent any kind of territorial authoritarianism or despotism - then this is your view of them. – Even the mere support for any form of territorialism, its best types of it, can already lead to such disasters. - JZ, n.d. & 23.11.10. – LIBERALISM, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, REVOLUTION, CIVIL WAR, ANARCHY, CHAOS

FREEDOM: Liberty - the mother not the daughter of order." - r. - "Observant readers will have noticed the quotation from Proudhon printed across the top of the title page in the last issue. It will remain there as long as I am editor, as a small tribute to Benjamin R. Tucker, who used it similarly in his remarkable journal 'Liberty'. Where many men are freely making their own arrangements, the best arrangement will be most speedily evolved, and bad customs most speedily altered. Liberty is a pre-requisite to the sweet and orderly running of society: it is the mother not the daughter of order. This is our faith. See to it only that liberty involves individual responsibility for acts committed; and then repress with all possible sternness that primitive vice: the desire to make others bend to your will. In the long run all will benefit." - Henry Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST, Dec. 49, p.43. - ORDER

FREEDOM: Liberty and freedom are the conditions of man within a contractual society.” - Ludwig von Mises, Human Action, p.282. – Voluntary members of diverse panarchies may contract other than freedom relations between themselves e.g. various dependency, welfare, paternalistic, charitable etc. relationships, principles, practices and institutions. – Especially in these cases one should remain free to secede from them, as soon as one becomes sufficiently enlightened about them. - JZ, 20.12.08, 23.11.10, 11.8.13. - MAN & FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF ACTION, FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION, PANARCHISM, CONTRACTARIANISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

FREEDOM: Liberty calls to us again. We must follow her fully; we must trust her fully. Either we must wholly accept her or she will not stay.” - Henry George. – Like with e.g. marriages and jobs, one should be free to engage in all kinds of contracts, even those, which imply a considerable degree or extensive personal dependency. We have never denied that this applies e.g. to voluntary soldiers and officers. Also to insurance and credit contracts. Let’s apply this choice also to whole political, economic and social systems. To each his own – but always with a withdrawal or secession option. – JZ, 23.11.10. TRUST, ACCEPTANCE & FAITH, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, SECESSIONISM

FREEDOM: Liberty consists in the freedom to do everything, which injures no one else; hence the exercise of the natural rights of each man has no limits except those, which assure to the other members of the society the enjoyment of the same rights. These limits can only be determined by law.” - Declaration of the Right of Man and of the Citizen, France, 1789. - These revolutionaries, too, had their delusions on "the law" or “positive legislation”. - JZ, 1.7.00, 11.8.13. -   RIGHTS & LAW

FREEDOM: Liberty consists in the safe and sacred possession of a man's property.” - Fox, 1784, quoted by Wilhelm Roscher, I/236 and in his “Grundlagen”, page 211. – Somewhere in Wilhelm Roscher’s works Ulrich von Beckerath found his first hint towards P. E. de Puydt’s essay “panarchy”, published first only in French, 1860. Now it is online, in several languages, e.g. on - together with many related essays. I have never found that passage in those of Roscher’s works, which I posses. Did you? Can you quote it to me? – I just did another and futile online search for this passage. - JZ, 23.11.10, 11.8.13. – - PROPERTY

FREEDOM: Liberty does not and cannot include any action, regardless of sponsorship, which lessens the liberty of a single human being.” - Leonard E. Read, Government - An Ideal Concept, FEE, 1954. – Even if he is a violent and convicted criminal or a tyrant? – JZ, 21.12.08.

FREEDOM: Liberty doesn't work as well in practice as it does in speeches.” - Will Rogers. - Where full freedom is really practised - even when not verbalized and speechified, it works better than any conceivable alternative could. - JZ, 9.7.92. - What most people commonly call freedom isn't full freedom. E.g., it does not include individual secessionism, full monetary freedom, exterritorially autonomous associationism, free migration, fully free trade and a wide-spread practice of sensible self-management or cooperation in production and the right of ordinary people to decide about their own external friends and enemies, war and peace, armament and disarmament, an ideal militia of volunteers, a comprehensive declaration of all genuine individual rights and liberties. - JZ, 8.4.00, 21.12.08, 23.11.10. - THEORY & PRACTICE, OBJECTIONS,

FREEDOM: Liberty has been defined as the right of a person to do whatever he desires, according to his wisdom and conscience. It specifies the right to do what he desires, rather than the obligation to bow to the force of others in doing what they desire him to do; otherwise slavery becomes 'liberty', and true liberty is lost. It makes no difference whether the transgressor of liberty carries the titles of slave master, or King, or Fuehrer, or President, or Chairman of the County Committee, or what not.” - F. A. Harper, Liberty, A Path to its Recovery, p. 55. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, VOLUNTARISM

FREEDOM: Liberty is "not a means to a higher political end. It is itself the highest political end." - Lord Acton. - Not only the political but also the economic and social end. - JZ - ENDS & MEANS

FREEDOM: Liberty is a boisterous sea. Timid men prefer the calm of despotism.” - Thomas Jefferson.

FREEDOM: Liberty is based on disobedience.” - Dave Coull ? Coule? - DISOBEDIENCE

FREEDOM: Liberty is never lost all at once.” - Source? - It can't, for the simple reason that full liberty was never as yet established by anyone, anywhere and at any time. Perhaps it was not even fully known as yet to anyone. - But, undoubtedly, large slabs of liberty can be lost suddenly. - JZ, 13.4.00. – Wasn’t that well enough demonstrated e.g. by Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and Mao? – JZ, 21.12.08, 23.11.10, 11.8.13.

FREEDOM: Liberty is not a value, but the ground of value.” - W. H. Auden in his introduction to Henry James: The American Scene, N.Y., 1946, p. XVIII. – VALUE, FOUNDATION

FREEDOM: Liberty is one of the chief goods. A slave differs from a free man in that the latter 'has disposal of himself', as is stated in the beginning of the Metaphysics (Aristotle), but a slave is ordered to another.” - Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica, Great Books of the Western World edition: 19/513. – By another? - JZ

FREEDOM: Liberty is the absence of coercion of a human being by any other human being; it is a condition where the person may do whatever he desires, according to his wisdom and conscience.” - F. A. Harper, Liberty Defined, p.8. – Not according to his lack of them. – JZ, 11.8.13.

FREEDOM: Liberty is the freedom to do what the law permits.” - Montesquieu, Spirit of the Law, book 2, chap. iii. – Are there any liberties left in any country which legislation has left quite untouched and thus undiminished? – JZ, 23.11.10. – HUMAN RIGHTS, NATURAL LAW, NATURAL RIGHTS, LAW & LEGISLATION, PERMISSION, TERRITORIALISM VS. PERSONAL LAWS, Q.

FREEDOM: Liberty is the only true riches: of all the rest we are at once the masters and the slaves.” - William Hazlitt, "Commonplaces", The Round Table, 1817, 2. - RICHES, WEALTH, PROPERTY

FREEDOM: Liberty on its positive side denotes the fullness of individual existence. On its negative side it denotes the necessary restraint on all which is needed to promote the greatest possible amount of liberty for each.” - Sheldon Amox, Science of Law, p.90. – RESTRAINTS, LIMIT: THE EQUAL LIBERTY & RIGHTS OF OTHER RATIONAL BEINGS

FREEDOM: Liberty or freedom is not, as the origin of the name may seem to imply, an exception from all restraints, but rather the most effectual application of every just restraint to all members of a free society whether they be magistrates or subjects.” - Adam Ferguson. – The justified restraint is not upon liberty but upon arbitrary actions, which are inherently wrong. Freedom and liberty means always that the freedom and liberty of others is equal, within their genuine individual rights and liberties, not once they have attacked such rights and liberties in others, or while they are still doing it. – When a criminal or aggressor attacks the rights, liberties or freedom of another, then and thereby he renounces his claim to his own rights, liberties and freedom. - JZ, 11.8.13. VS. RESTRAINTS, RESTRICTIONS, LAWS, REGULATIONS, ARBITRARY & WRONGFUL ACTIONS, INFRINGING THE FREEDOM, LIBERTIES OR RIGHTS OF OTHERS, DICTATORSHIPS, TYRANNIES, AUTHORITARIANISM

FREEDOM: Liberty should be the constant measure of action.” - Karl Hess, The Lawless State. - We need not only a standard and measure of action but also freedom of action, not only in our remaining private spheres but also in the political, economic and social spheres. That requires exterritorial autonomy. Did Karl Hess clearly stand up for it? Where, when and how often? - JZ, 8.5.00. - FREEDOM OF ACTION

FREEDOM: Liberty will not descend to a people; people must raise themselves to liberty; it is a blessing that must be earned before it can be enjoyed.” - Prof. G. G. Coulton.

FREEDOM: Liberty without individualism is unthinkable: Individualism without capitalism is impossible. - May you enjoy the vitality of good health, the supreme happiness of individual liberty, and the unlimited prosperity of free enterprise in the days to come.” - Joseph A. Galambos & Don Ross, 1963, Liberty greetings card.

FREEDOM: Liberty, general term for the sum of specific liberties or freedoms, such as religious liberty, political liberty, and freedom of speech. Fundamental is personal liberty, the physical freedom to come and go as one pleases. … Anarchism, individualism, socialism, and nationalism all represent different ways of seeking human liberty. …” - The Columbia Viking Desk Encyclopedia.

FREEDOM: Liberty, or Freedom, signifieth, properly, the absence of opposition: by opposition, I mean external impediments of motion.” - Hobbes, Leviathan. - OPPOSITION, MOTION

FREEDOM: Life has been made so drab, so empty of important choices and decisions - that we all engage in a dream-world life, in escapism, diversions and entertainment, instead of restoring (advancing! – JZ, 20.3.13.) life to its natural freedom, challenges, risks, responsibilities and opportunities. - JZ, 29.12.75, 10.4.00. - LIFE, ADVENTURE, DRABNESS, BOREDOM

FREEDOM: Literally a condition is free when everybody may freely choose his society without forcing it on others, when nobody may be submitted against his choice to any society. If it pleases somebody to call a situation free, in which a society dissatisfactory and disgusting to somebody may nevertheless be imposed upon him, then it becomes necessary, provided one wants to achieve understanding, to find another word for the contrary condition where an unpleasant society is not forced upon anybody.” - Prof. Dr. Gottfried Eiserman, in: Vilfredo Pareto's System der allgemeinen Soziologie, Enke Verlag, Stuttgart. Quoted in ERLESENES, IV/1964. – Has he made other panarchistic-sounding remarks? – JZ, 23.11.10. – PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP

FREEDOM: Live free or die.” - General John Stark, revolutionary war hero, quoted in PLAYBOY, July 76, page 50 or 56. - Give all who want it also the freedom to choose un-freedom for themselves and become poor, oppressed, sick and die early as a result. - JZ, 8.5.00. - DEATH, LIFE, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: Live your own life, without initiating force against any honest persons, and you can find freedom right where you are. You won't need to "go" any place. You will be there.” - JAG, 28.2.73. - It would be nice if this were all you had to do. Political refugees tend to know otherwise. - JZ, 12.4.00.

FREEDOM: Living the life one wants to live and in a society one likes - that is freedom. - JZ, 4.2.90.

FREEDOM: Love of freedom is an honorable love.” - Merilyn Fairskye, quoted in THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, March 13.1976. - Some years later, she fell in love with a Marxist and became quiet about freedom. Does this mean that one should have classed this love as a dishonorable one? What a fall! But it is a natural one against which most people have no inbuilt resistance. They say that a raised prick has no conscience and one might say that an aroused woman has no ideology. Ayn Rand would probably not have agreed, because according to her dogmas, as I see them, one should have loved the values of a person first and most and then only the person behind them. - I, too, loved my wife most while we shared the values of liberty. Then biology intervened, 3 pregnancies and 3 children, the worries of daily family life, with interest in freedom very much in the background for her and mere love of "life" as it is now, not a "free future life" becoming most important for her, while I was preoccupied with writing my first book, now in PEACE PLANS 61-63. That was one of the main reasons for our separation, at least on my side. Many years later, she told me once: How can one live with someone who thinks almost all the time? - That, naturally, was an exaggeration. At most I can say that I try to think frequently or more frequently than most other people about questions like liberty, peace, rights and ideas and facts related to them, or that "it thinks in me", particularly after I have drunk some coffee. - JZ, 15.4.00. - LOVE OF FREEDOM

FREEDOM: Mackay showed that not faith in a religion can help men but only the knowledge of freedom, not the faith in it but the realization what freedom is.” - MITTEILUNGEN DER MACKAY-GESELLSCHAFT, Nr. 5, Feb. 76. - I would add: and its use! - JZ, 30.6.92. - FAITH, RELIGION, KNOWLEDGE, JOHN HENRY MACKAY

FREEDOM: Make happy those who are near, and those who are far will come.” – Chinese proverb. - But do not just make them happy with alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Under full economic freedom, including full monetary freedom, there would be no unemployment and millions of refugees und immigrants would be welcome at any time in any country and not herded into concentration camps. Fewer people would seek consolation in drugs. The core of panarchistic freedom and its consequences is already contained in this proverb as well. The successful panarchies will either gain many more members, all staying where they are, but free and successful, and their successes will be copied by volunteers living and working in other countries, perhaps by becoming members. A few symbols or words cannot clearly enough express and convey all the options contained in them. At most they can provide some hints for further thoughts, like my collection of "Slogans for Liberty" and DIS NOTES did and do attempt to do. - JZ, 24. 11. 06, 20.3.13, 11.8.13. - FREE MIGRATION, PANARCHISM, DES., ASYLUM, REFUGEES, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE, WAR AIMS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM

FREEDOM: Make this the age of freedom. - JZ, 6.12.73.

FREEDOM: Make your relationship with liberty a lifelong marriage, not just a one-night stand. - JZ, 6/72.

FREEDOM: Man born in captivity knows the meaning of freedom by its absence.” - W. Symanenko, Ukrainian poet.

FREEDOM: Man can accomplish nothing without freedom to act.” - Sprading, Freedom, p.18. - Even if his present freedom of action were limited only to his microfilm, online or disc publishing opportunities, with these he could, possibly, already achieve more than he has so far seriously striven for. - JZ, 8.5.00, 23.11.10. - FREEDOM OF ACTION

FREEDOM: Man free, man working for himself, with choice of time, and place, and object.” - William Wordsworth, The Prelude, VIII, 1805.

FREEDOM: Man has known only a few moments of freedom in his entire history, and most of these moments have been ours. Half the economic activity in all history has taken place in America, and we have shared our wealth more widely than any people who ever lived. Ninety percent of the people in our land lived in poverty at the time of my birth; today it is ten percent. More than two-thirds of our people lived in sub-standard housing; today it is less than ten percent. Our poor have miracles of convenience not even a king could afford a hundred years ago. Ninety-nine percent of our homes have refrigeration and gas or electric stoves; ninety-five percent have television; more than ninety percent have telephones. In my lifetime we have eliminated diseases, which had plagued man for thousands of years. I’ve already lived ten years longer than my life expectancy when I was born. – Yes, we have ethnic and racial problems, but we’ve made progress. … There is still a lot to be done, but also we’ve done a lot. In America today a higher percentage of our minority young men and women go to college than the percentage of white youth in any other country in the world.” - Ronald Reagan, 156, in “Sincerely, Ronald Reagan”, a collection of his letters, compiled by his secretary Helene von Damm, 1976. - PRODUCTIVITY, WEALTH, POVERTY, ECONOMIC ACTIVITY, LONGEVITY, LIVING STANDARD, AMERICANISM, USA, POSITIVE SIGNS OF THE TIME, PROGRESS, SOCIAL PROBLEM, UNIVERSITY EDUCATION, MINORITIES

FREEDOM: Man has little to gain from liberty unless that liberty includes the liberty to control what he produces.” - Benjamin R. Tucker, in a short set of quotations from him, compiled by Joe Labadie. – One might provide facts, information, ideas, hypotheses, theories. Should one remain in full control of them or should they rather be freely supplemented and improved upon by many others? – JZ, 15.3.13. – COPYRIGHTS, PATENTS, INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS, THE RIGHT TO THE PROCEEDS FROM ONE'S OWN LABORS, AT FREE MARKET OR FREE CONTRACT EVALUATIONS, TAXATION, INFLATION & MONOPOLIES, ECONOMIC FREEDOM, LAISSEZ FAIRE, LABOR & ITS PRODUCT

FREEDOM: Man has not yet learned to distinguish between liberty as a quality in their lives, as an integral part of their personality as human beings, and political freedom with its positive responsibilities in the real of associated action.” - Alfred Zimmern, The American Road to World Peace, N.Y., Dutton, 1953, p. 185. – “real” or “reality”? JZ. – Note that he writes only of “responsibilities” not of individual rights and liberties, when it comes to political “freedom”, which is a bit of an unintended joke under territorialism, with its numerous restrictions upon the individual rights and liberties of peaceful and productive dissenters. – Is there an American road to world peace? Is there a territorialist road to peace or only a voluntary and exterritorial one? - JZ, 11.8.13. – TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, COERCIVE COLLECTIVISM

FREEDOM: Man is condemned to be free.” - (“L'homme est condamme a etre libre!”) - Satre. - Neither the innocent nor the guilty convicts would agree with this nor would any conscious victims of any oppressive regime, e.g. the 40 million refugees we do have at present. - Such “thoughts” or errors are still published without any apologies and corrections! They even help to make some people famous and respectable! - JZ, 7.4.00, 23.11.10, 20.3.13, 11.8.13.  –  PREJUDICES

FREEDOM: Man is free at the moment he wishes to be free.” – Voltaire. – That is a lot of wishful thinking, e.g. for people who find themselves suddenly in Nazi gas chambers, shortly before they are thus poisoned to death. Or for people subjected to indiscriminate air raids or conscription, taxation or any other government intervention. However, if people really wished to become free, then they would bother e.g. to draft an ideal declaration of individual rights and liberties and then work hard towards getting it recognized and applied in practice. – Then they would have a chance to become free. – But, how many do bother to do so? - JZ, 25.12.06, 17.9.08. - MAN, WISHES, HUMAN NATURE, REASON, RATIONALITY, EMOTIONALISM,

FREEDOM: Man is free when he controls himself. Self-control is never an imposition.” - Robert LeFevre, in “THE REGISTER” - SELF-CONTROL

FREEDOM: Man is only ready for freedom to the extent that he is willing to check his appetite, to demonstrate a stronger love of justice than of immediate gain. As Edmund Burke has suggested, the less restraint exercised within each individual in this regard, the more restraint must be exercised by the society in which the individual lives. If men are to stay truly free, they must have the capability of self-restraint. … The free society is the society in which each individual voluntarily says, 'I am my own responsibility'. - George C. Roche III, Power, part 4, Prospects, THE FREEMAN, Sep. 67, pp 551 & 552. - APPETITES, RESTRAINTS & JUSTICE, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, INDIVDIUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP

FREEDOM: Man ought to put himself in a position where he has the choice to fight only nature, not man. - JZ, 23.5.87. - One fights or uses nature best by knowing and abiding by its laws. One fights the wrongful regimes over other men best by ignoring or abolishing their laws and collaborating with their victims. - JZ, 8.4.00. - NATURE & MAN, DESPOTISM, LIBERATION, SECRET ALLIES, GOVERNMENTS & SOCIETIES IN EXILE

FREEDOM: Man was born free but is everywhere in chains.” - J. J. Rousseau, at the beginning of his SOCIAL CONTRACT. - Otherwise expressed by Lason Glassop, in: We Were the Rats: "We were born free but nobody's free any more." - BORN FREE

FREEDOM: Mankind is at its best when it is most free. This will be clear if we grasp the principle of liberty. We must recall that the basic principle is freedom of choice, which saying many people have on their lips but few in their minds. - Dante Alighieri, quoted by Robert Anthony Peters sharing Moving The Sun To Shine In Dark Places's photo. – Facebook, 16.3.13. – CHOICE, FREEDOM OF CHOICE

FREEDOM: Many imagine themselves free and do not see the ropes that bind them.” - Rueckert, Gedichte, V, Buch: Wanderung, p.3. - (Mancher waehnt sich frei und siehet / Nicht die Bande, die ihn schnueren.) - Another, older translation attempt: Many a man imagines himself free and does not see the ropes, which tie him down. - BONDS & CHAINS UNSEEN OR UNNOTICED

FREEDOM: Many people think things would be better if the government were only more efficient. Happily, it isn't. For collectively, we are free to the extent that the government is inefficient and unable to carry out its coercive programs. And individually, you are free to the extent that you take advantage of the government's inefficiency.” - Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom …”, p.100. - Someone commented on this kind of opinion: “Thank God that we don't get all the government we pay for!" - GOVERNMENT, EFFICIENCY, TAXATION, BUREAUCRACY

FREEDOM: Many politicians of our time are in the habit of laying it down as a self-evident proposition, that no people ought to be free till they are fit to use their freedom. The maxim is worthy of the fool in the old story, who resolved not to go into the water till he had learned to swim. If men are to wait for liberty till they become wise and good in slavery, they may indeed wait forever.” - Thomas Babington Macaulay. – Actually, one can largely practise the various required movements while one is on land, particularly if one lives far from the sea and healthy enough lakes, rivers and pools and also away from public or private swimming pools or while one experiences a severe winter. – JZ, 23.11.10, 20.3.13. - MATURITY, FITNESS FOR FREEDOM, READINESS FOR FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF ACTION, GROWING UP, RESPONSIBILITY EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

FREEDOM: Max Stirner, page 249 of the in Reclam edition, says:” The people's freedom is not MY freedom." - Quite right, but the suppression of the people means inevitably also the suppression of the individual. (Nazi & communist regimes.) Both freedoms must coexist side by side - a task which, indeed, can never be solved completely. (Kant held that this should be expressed as follows: The problem is to be solved by means of progress continuing endlessly. - Note by Ulrich von Beckerath, 19.3.54.) - I hold that panarchies, based upon individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for all volunteer communities would come close enough to solving this problem. - JZ 3.4.00. - Also quoted or expressed by S. E. Parker in MINUS ONE, June 68. - FREEDOM OF THE PEOPLE & OF INDIVIDUALS

FREEDOM: May the Non-Initiation of Force Be With You.” - Dangerous Buttons, No. 275. - NON-INITIATION OF FORCE, ZAP: ZERO AGGRESSION PRINCIPLE

FREEDOM: Men absolutely desire the freedom to ruin each other.” – J. G. Fichte, Der geschlossene Handelsstaat, 2.3. - That book proposed an economic system much like the Soviet system. To that extent Fichte provided a proof for his saying. Freedom, arbitrariness and power should be distinguished from each other. In reality, economic freedom does not ruin but it is the road to wide-spread wealth for all peaceful and productive people. - The Fichte of 1793 had better ideas, in his book on the French Revolution, including the right to secede from the State. - JZ, 22.7.96 & 17.4.00, 23.11.10. – OBJECTIONS, PROTECTIONISM

FREEDOM: Men act all the better the smaller the sphere is in which they have the free choice for their actions. To restrict this sphere is the main function of laws.” - Popular prejudice. - In the ultimate it means: Everything not prescribed is forbidden. Such views are still held at a time when so many laws exist that no one has even time to read all of them, far less to abide by all of them. Indeed, there are all too many who would like to reduce us to the status of ants or bees. - JZ 7.4.00. – PREJUDICES, LAWS, LEGISLATION, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, STATE SOCIALISM, WELFARE STATE, TAX SLAVERY, LEGALIZED CHAINS BY THE MILLIONS, MONOPOLIES, PROHIBITIONISM

FREEDOM: Men are freest when they are most unconscious of freedom.” - D. H. Lawrence, Studies in Classic American Literature, 1923. - If that were true then they would be very free now. - JZ, 8.4.00. – Reminds me of a remark by G. C. Lichtenberg on stomachs and brains, saying, in general terms: Usually people think their brains to be their most noble organs. But put rubbish you’re your stomach and it will heave it out soon. Put it into your brain and it might stick there and become parroted by you for the rest of your life. – JZ, 18.12.08. - UNCONSCIOUSNESS,

FREEDOM: Men cannot become free without being educated for freedom.” - Thomas Buckle, Geschichte der Zivilisation, IX. - Re-translated from the German translation. - The best education for freedom is provided by freedom to experiment, not only in the educational sphere. - JZ, 17.4.00. – The worst education for freedom can be found in government schools. – JZ, 17.12.08. – SCHOOLS, COMPULSORY EDUCATION, ENLIGHTENMENT

FREEDOM: Men who are not free always idealize their bondage.” - Boris Pasternak, Dr. Shivago, p.470. – Did Pasternak, did Solzhenitsyn? – Some tend do find excuses or accept and adapt all too much and uncritically to the existing unfree an unjust conditions. Too many of us are descendants of slaves and serfs. - JZ, 19.12.08. - BONDAGE, STATISM, RATIONALIZATIONS, TERRITORIALISM, “REALISM”, DISTOPIAS RATHER THAN UTOPIAS?

FREEDOM: mere human men and women, left to their own unplanned devices … can somehow find within themselves the natural springs of morality and intellectual enlightenment and progress.” - Frederik Pohl & Jack Williamson, Starchild, p.119. - At least some people can. - JZ, 16.4.00. - MAN, NATURAL FREEDOM, MORALITY

FREEDOM: Money is coined-out free will.” - Dostojewsky, Memoiren aus einem Totenhaus, Reclam, S. 26. - (“Geld heisst so viel wie gepraegte Willensfreiheit.”) – Not really free will but, rather, free choice on a free market for consumer goods and services. – JZ, 23.11.10. - FREE WILL & MONEY, MONETARY FREEDOM VS. MONETARY DESPOTISM, CENTRAL BANKING

FREEDOM: Money makes free. - JZ, 6.9.73. - The government's forced and exclusive exchange medium and forced and exclusive value standard can make us very unfree and insecure, can deprive us of jobs and property. - Only the competitive, optional and market rated monies and free clearing options and value standards of monetary freedom can also help much to make us free - JZ, 26.4.00, 16.3.13, 9.8.13. – & MONEY, FREE EXCHANGE & CLEARING, FREE BANKING, MONETARY FREEDOM VS. MONETARY DESPOTISM, CENTRAL BANKING, FREE CLEARING TRANSACTIONS

FREEDOM: Moral order and material benefits justify the condition of freedom. Rational man should demand no other course in life.” - Ridgway K. Foley, Jr., THE FREEMAN, 4/73. - Our very nature, our inborn characteristics and abilities, demand the condition of freedom between us. No one has a natural right to cripple or restrain another man's peaceful actions, be it constitutionally, legally, bureaucratically, juridically, criminally or otherwise. - JZ, 16.4.00, 23.11.10. - MORALITY & ECONOMIC BENEFITS

FREEDOM: Morality requires freedom.” - Bob Howard. - MORALITY

FREEDOM: More freedom addicts are wanted. - JZ, n.d., ca. 72.

FREEDOM: More than half the world lives under tyrannical regimes and has as much freedom of logical choice as the galley slave on a Roman boat.” - Dagobert D. Runes, Handbook of Reason, p.104. - To the extent that States are territorial all of them are tyrannical or totalitarian. - JZ, 12.4.00. – TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

FREEDOM: Most freedom lovers are prejudiced against one or the other practice of liberty. They would and should therefore agree only upon one point: Free individual choice to use or not to use any liberty among like-minded volunteers. They must become as tolerant even towards the enemies of liberty - while these do nothing but their own things to themselves. - JZ, 25.8.93. - PANARCHISTS, ANARCHISTS & LIBERTARIANS, TOLERANCE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, ASSOCIATION & SECESSION, PERSONAL LAW OPTION, LIMITED BUT STILL TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS

FREEDOM: Most of the "freedom fighters", unfortunately, do not also fight for freedom of the other side. - JZ, 14.2.77. - They just compete with it for domination. - JZ 17.11.78. - They do not even favor all individual liberties for the own side. To that extent they fight against freedom on all sides. - JZ, 16.4.00. - & FREEDOM FIGHTERS, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, REVOLUTIONARIES, RIGHTFUL WAR- & PEACE AIMS

FREEDOM: Most of the professional or hobby environmentalists have still to study the natural environment for man, namely freedom, and its effects upon man and the rest of the natural environment. In their over-simplified image of man, they assume man to be free and to be, by his free actions, the destroyer of the natural environment. Like most other ideologues they never stop to consider whether present men and their actions are really free. - JZ, 13.4.00. – Nor do they consider to what extent man works with nature rather than against nature. – JZ, 17.12.08. – Environmentalists & greenies: most of them are under-informed and prejudiced, as statists and territorialists, even State Socialists. They do not even fully utilize their still legal propertarian options. – JZ, 11.8.13.

FREEDOM: Most of the world of freedom remains still to be discovered - by most people. Alas, few dare to be among these explorers, discoverers and pioneers. They rather participate in sports, entertainment or tourism - or are, e.g. “couch potatoes”. - JZ, 8.4.77, 11.4.00. - PIONEERING, DISCOVERIES, EXPLORATIONS

FREEDOM: Most people are for some freedom - but not for enough freedom to bring about a close approximation to a free society. - JZ, 28.3.83. - Economic liberties and rights are least known and appreciated. - Some economic rights are even omitted in most declarations of human rights, especially those by governments. - JZ, 11.4.00.

FREEDOM: Most people do not worry about restrictions of their liberty until their windpipe is restricted, too, i.e. until they are threatened by death - and then it is usually too late. – JZ, n.d. - SALAMI TACTICS, GRADUALISM, ENCROACHMENTS, DECLINE

FREEDOM: Most self-styled "freedom-fighters" have all too little knowledge of, interest in and respect for genuine individual rights and liberties. They are terrorists or territorial nationalists first and last, judging by their aims, actions, motives, beliefs and "principles". The latter usually involve the quite immoral "collective responsibility" notions. - JZ, 19.8.00, 12.12.08. – Thus they are, largely, part of the problem rather than the solution. – JZ, 20.3.13. - FREEDOM FIGHTERS, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, TERRORISM

FREEDOM: Most so-called freedom fighters and political terrorists use the word freedom only for convenience. As history has recorded only too well, in most instances where "freedom fighters" have succeeded, freedom has become a much less abundant commodity after their success. Russia, China, Cuba and Ethiopia are noteworthy examples of this.” – Robert Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.38. - FREEDOM FIGHTERS

FREEDOM: Mr. President, … it is my belief that nothing is more important than freedom! Nothing is more sacred than freedom! Nothing is greater than freedom! Nothing, - nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing … can be permitted to stand in the way of freedom!” - Allen Drury, A Shade of Difference, p.748. - Freedom means also letting others have, in their lives, at their risk and expense, what is more important, more sacred and greater to them than freedom. - If one wishes to impose full freedom upon all those, who do not desire it themselves, then and thereby one greatly reduces one's chances to attain freedom for oneself. Freedom is not to be used as a bulldozer over the preferences of others. Let them play their silly, flawed or trivial or wrongful, e.g. coercive distributionist games, as long as one is not forced to participate in them. - JZ, 10.4.00, 23.11.10, 11.8.13. – All degrees of freedom to all those, who appreciate them. Also all degrees of statism, except a territorial monopoly, to all kinds of statists. – JZ, 20.3.13. - IMPORTANCE, SACREDNESS, GREATNESS, PANARCHISM EVEN FOR TOLERANT STATISTS, WHO ARE DOING THEIR THINGS ONLY TO THEMSELVES.

FREEDOM: Much of what is called sin is irrelevant, misnamed and no public issue. What is really sinful, however, is the suppression of freedom…” - Dagobert D. Runes, Handbook of Reason, p.138/39. - SIN

FREEDOM: Mussolini has in fact made of freedom a privilege for himself, and to do this has brought about the most brutal suppression of all others; for freedom, which tries to replace man's responsibility towards his fellow men by the senseless dictum of authority is sheer willfulness and a denial of all justice and all humanity. But even despotism needs to justify itself to the people whom it violates. To meet this necessity the state concept of fascism was born.” - Rudolf Rocker, Nationalism and Culture, p.242. - AUTHORITY, ARBITRARINESS, RULERS, TERRITORIALISM, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES, PRIVILEGES, NAZISM, MUSSOLINI & FASCISM

FREEDOM: My angel, - his name is Freedom, - / Choose him to be your king;  /  He shall cut pathways east and west  /  And fend you with his wing. …” - Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1863. – Have any poems and songs ever enlightened anyone sufficiently about freedom and rights? – JZ, 23.11.10. – They remind me of the pious remarks: Let God’s will be done! Let us pray! Also of the belief in Saints and “saviors” or prophets. – JZ, 11.8.13. - Q., STATISM, LEADERSHIP, TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: My external freedom allows me to obey no other external laws than those to which I could have given my consent.” - Kant. - Another version: “Freedom is the authority to obey only those external laws to which one could have given one's consent.” - Kant. - To this Kurt Lisser, in: Der Begriff des Rechts by Kant, S. 22, comments: "Here, indeed, lies a difficulty. 'Could' expresses that a certain standard is determined as criterion and not the accidental whim of an individual." – I believe that in this and other passages Kant was speaking only of reasonable beings, thus meaning only those laws to which, as a reasonable being, one could have given one’s consent. – JZ, 20.12.08. - LAWS & CONSENT

FREEDOM: My faith in the proposition that each man should do precisely as he pleases with all which is exclusively his own, lies at the foundation of the sense of justice there is in me. I extend the principle to communities of men as well as to individuals. I so extend it because it is politically wise, as well as naturally just: politically wise in saving us from broils about matters which do not concern us.” - Abraham Lincoln. - And then he led Americans into their bloodiest and most destructive war. - JZ, 9.5.00. – All our individual rights and liberties are our primary property and they do include self-ownership or individual sovereignty in every sphere. – JZ, 20.3.13. - PROPERTY, COMMUNITIES & JUSTICE

FREEDOM: my fervent belief that individual freedom is the prime objective of social arrangements …" - Milton Friedman, An Economist Protests, X. - SOCIETY

FREEDOM: My freedom is more important than your good idea.” - Bumper Sticker. – (*) However, full freedom for all people with ideas to try them out among themselves, at their own risk and expense. – JZ, 4.1.08. - (*) “Great” idea – in another version. – “GREAT IDEAS” OF TERRITORIAL REFORMERS, WHO ARE TERRITORIALLY INTOLERANT

FREEDOM: My God! how little do my country men know what precious blessings they are in possession of, and which no other people on earth enjoy.” - Thomas Jefferson  - Even Jefferson did not know all genuine individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 21.12.08. – Does anyone as yet? Does anyone worry about his lack of such knowledge and tries to reduce it, on his own or with the help of others? – JZ, 11.8.13. – DECLARATION OF ALL INDIVDIUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES – & INTEREST IN THIS PROJECT

FREEDOM: My own time - is one of my most precious possessions and an indication of the degree of my personal liberty. - JZ, 6.4.00. – Compare G. B. Shaw: “Freedom is leisure!” - TIME, THE OWN TIME, SELF-OWNERSHIP, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDEPENDENCE

FREEDOM: Name a problem of human relations which freedom or free men cannot solve! The problem lies mainly only in getting you to listen to or read the freedom solutions! - JZ, n.d. & 23.11.10. - SOLUTIONS & PROBLEMS, LIBERTARIAN DIGITAL IDEAS ARCHIVE, LIBRARY, ABSTRACTS, REVIEWS, REFUTATIONS, DEFINITIONS, ARGUMENT MAPPING, DIRECTORY INDICATING SPECIAL INTERESTS, MEETING CALENDARS, BIBLIOGRAPHIES, NEW DRAFT

FREEDOM: National liberty, i.e. national sovereignty, independence and self-government is the most valuable possession of a people. - Popular view based on all kinds or false notion on consent and representation. Those on the top of territorial regimes want to make their victims believe that the power these few have in their hands is really the power of “the sovereign people” and their highest value. "You should be proud to be given the chance to die for your king or your country!" - Just ask yourself whether the individual member of "the" people, whenever they dissent, are free to secede from it. Public "education" has not dispelled but rather strengthened all the prejudices in favor of territorial national "freedom" and left the individualistic, voluntaristic and exterritorial autonomy community alternatives out of the discussion. "Nothing but what is voluntary deserves the term 'national'!" That quote has been ascribed to Caroline Chisholm, an Australian pioneer woman. - The territorial "self-government" is certainly not a genuine self-government of individual selves. - JZ, 7.4.00, 13.11.10. - NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY & THE PEOPLE, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM, COLLECTIVIST & CENTRALIZED AS WELL AS MONOPOLIZED SOVEREIGNTY VS. INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & VOLUNTARISM

FREEDOM: Nearly everyone says he favors freedom, but in reality - with few exceptions in today's world - most people are 'scared to death' of it. This ambivalence is not widely recognized, but it is the same thing as the fear of righteousness or intelligence or outstanding talent or virtue of any sort. - However, merely to use the word freedom communicates nothing. No two persons ascribe precisely the same meaning to it; indeed, each individual, as he thinks about freedom, may experience shifting definitions. This word, as are ever so many other terms, is shrouded in fuzziness. So let me define the freedom to which I refer. - I wish to be free from dictators - all of them - be they of the one-man variety or an agglomeration hiding behind an act of Congress or an administrative ruling that restrains creative actions.” - Leonard E. Read, Having My Way, p.68. - DICTATORS, MAJORITIES, BUREAUCRACIES, FEAR OF FREEDOM

FREEDOM: Never before, he imagined, had humanity been so completely frivolous about its own survival. In a sort of gargantuan joke on everybody, the fabric of a stable world society was ripped and torn on every hand, reason and restraint were tossed to the wind, decency and truth were hurled into history's waste can, things that were, declared to be things that were not, things that were not, solemnly hailed as things that were. "Freedom!" they cried, and destroyed freedom in its name. "Progress!" they shouted, and scurried back as fast as they could scramble to the dark night of dictatorship and the death of the mind.” - Allen Drury, A Shade of Difference. - SURVIVAL, PROGRESS & STATISM, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, PREJUDICES

FREEDOM: Nevertheless, liberty can be abridged by law. That is precisely the problem of the good man living under unjust laws. If, as Montesquieu says, "liberty can consist only in the power of doing what we ought to will, and in not being constrained to do what we ought not to will", then government and laws interfere with liberty when they command or prohibit acts contrary to the choice of a good man. - The conception of freedom as the condition of those who are rightly governed - who are commanded to do only what they would do anyway - seems to be analogically present in Spinoza's theory of human bondage and human freedom. It is there accompanied by a denial of the will's freedom of choice.” – Great Books of the Western World, Syntopicon, p.995. – LEGISLATION VS. THE LAW

FREEDOM: Nihil obstat" is the whole meaning (of freedom), and is wholly that.” - John Laird, On Human Freedom, London, 1947, p. 13. - NO OBSTACLES

FREEDOM: No control over any peaceful, creative activity.” - Leonard E. Read, The Love of Liberty, p.15. - FREEDOM OF ACTION, CONTROLS, CREATIVE ACTIVITIES

FREEDOM: No doubt, freedom is good and oppression bad. But oppression cannot be stopped by oppressive means, and freedom cannot be promoted by first denying it. Would-be revolutionaries who ignore these facts will never bring about a genuine revolution. Their best efforts - as the history of all past "revolutions" goes to show - can only lead to new forms of tyranny.” - MINUS ONE, No. 30. - OPPRESSION, REVOLUTION & TYRANNY

FREEDOM: No lord above us, no slave below us.” - Old Friesian proverb. - LORDS & SLAVES

FREEDOM: No man fights against freedom; at the most he fights against the freedom of others. Every kind of freedom has, therefore, always existed; sometimes as special privilege, at other times as general right.” - The youthful Karl Marx, according to Rudolf Rocker, Nationalism and Culture, p.242. – FREEDOM FOR SOME VS. FREEDOM FOR ALL, AS AN OPTION, TO THE EXTENT THAT THEY DO WANT IT FOR THEMSELVES, MYTH OF A GOLDEN AGE

FREEDOM: No man is entitled to the blessings of freedom unless he be vigilant in its preservation. – General Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964), Supreme Allied Commander, General of the U.S. Army, title of speech to the people of Japan, May 3, 1948, upon the first anniversary of the Japanese constitution. - MacArthur, A Soldier Speaks, p. 194 (1965). Francis T. Miller, General Douglas MacArthur, Fighter for Freedom, p.1 (1942), wrote, "[MacArthur] has said many times to friends: 'The man who will not defend his freedom does not deserve to be free!'" - Did the U.S., in WW II defend Free Trade against Japan, or, rather, Protectionism, i.e., restrictions upon Free Trade? - Alas, the Japanese Empire did not fight for Free Trade, either! - JZ, 24.11.02. – Only after its military defeat did it finally gain a large degree of Free Trade, quite peacefully! The free use of Professor Edgard Milhaud’s international clearing certificates could also have avoided its fight with China and the USA. – JZ, 12.12.08. - He or she are still entitled to them, from birth or conception, merely as human beings, beginning with the right to life and physical inviolability, even if they were never vigilant in upholding genuine individual rights and liberties and remained quite ignorant of them. Others have no right to suppress these rights and liberties in them. They are inborn and inalienable and all may be claimed and practised at any time by all adult, mature and rational beings. – But without wide-spread enough knowledge and appreciation of them they will remain suppressed or infringed all too much, just like enlightenment under popular prejudices, errors, myths, dogmas and religions. - JZ, 5.4.12, 9.8.13. – I like the ancient Athenian rule, whereby anyone could make himself the guardian of another – but ONLY to uphold the rights and liberties of the other. That can even be considered not only as a right but also as a duty in many to most cases. – JZ, 9.1.13. - & VIGILANCE, RIGHT TO RESIST, GUARDIANSHIPL, SOCIAL CONTRACT, FREE TRADE, MONETARY & CLEARING FREEDOM, WWII, JAPAN, CHINA

FREEDOM: No man is free who is a slave to the flesh.” - Seneca. - PASSIONS

FREEDOM: No man is free who is not master of himself.” - Epictetus or Pythagoras. & SELF-CONTROL

FREEDOM: No man is wholly free. He is a slave to wealth, or to fortune, or the laws, or the people restrain him from acting according to his will alone.” - Euripides, Hecuba, c. 426 B.C. - Errors and truths on liberty are ancient. High time to separate the wheat from the chaff! - JZ, 17.4.00.

FREEDOM: No man's master, no man's slave.” - Jorj Matiasz, ELF. - MASTERS & SLAVES

FREEDOM: No one can be perfectly free till all are free; no one can be perfectly moral till all are moral; no one can be perfectly happy till all are happy.” – Herbert Spencer, Social Statics, IV, ch. 30, sec. 16. - But this doesn't mean that one should postpone one’s freedom, morality and happiness until all others can also fully enjoy them. - JZ, 28.3.99. - MORALITY & HAPPINESS

FREEDOM: No one can effectively live a life for another and none should try to do so.” - Ridgway K. Foley Jr., THE FREEMAN, 5/74. - I would rather say that this is their business - if they want to miss out on so much of life. - JZ, 13.4.00. – Helping to set other people free, as free as they wish to be, or conceding to them all their individual rights and liberties, is the best thing one can do for anyone else. – JZ, 20.3.13. - LIVING ONE'S LIFE, EGOISM OR RATIONAL SELFISHNESS VS. ALTRUISM, WELFARE STATE, LIBERATION, REALIZING ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, AT LEAST & INITIALLY ONLY FOR THEIR FEW ALREADY EXISTING SUPPORTERS, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM IN ALL SPHERES, ASSOCIATIONISM

FREEDOM: No one is free.” - Part of a recent song from "The Living Voices", called: "The first thing you know."- 11/72. – That is just one more reason to strive for all our individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 20.3.13.

FREEDOM: No one is more a slave than the one who believes to be free without being free.” - Goethe, “Sprueche in Prosa”. – JZ tr. of: “Niemand ist mehr Sklave als der, der sich fuer frei haelt, ohne es zu sein.” – Another version: No one is more enslaved than the one who imagines himself free without being free. - Goethe, Wahlverwandtschaften, 2, 5, Aus Ottiliens Tagebuch. - (“Niemand ist mehr Sklave, als der sich frei hält, ohne es zu sein.”) SLAVERY, IGNORANCE, IMAGINED FREEDOM

FREEDOM: No one knew better than McCaine that a man who thinks he's free knocks his head against the wall.” - from film: McCaine. - FREEDOM MEANS MORE THAN THE DELUSION OF IMAGINING ONESELF ALREADY FREE

FREEDOM: No one loses his liberty - except with his life.” - Heinrich Matthias, Graf von Mansfeld, by Weidner, Apophth, 346. – But individual liberties and rights can remain suppressed and even unknown or unappreciated for all too long. – JZ, 17.12.08. – FREE WILL, LIFE,

FREEDOM: NO ONE TELLS YOU WHAT TO DO: Who tells you what you're to do? - No one, boy! That's the whole point of freedom.” - Frederik Pohl and Jack Williamson, Starchild, 41.

FREEDOM: No one who lives in error is free. - Epictetus, Discourses, Bk. ii, ch.1, sec. 24. - But there should also be freedom to believe in errors, prejudices and mistakes - to express them and to act on them, always at the own risk and expense. - JZ, 9.5.00. – Should one conclude that since no one is free of errors no one is or can be free? We can be free only to the extent that the power addiction and the maliciousness of some has been overcome or reduced to a bearable risk against which one can take sufficient precautions, while the remaining errors in their consequences are confined to those who still uphold them. – JZ, 20.12.08. – ERRORS, MISTAKES, IGNORANCE, PREJUDICES

FREEDOM: No one wins when freedom fails // The best men rot in filthy jails // And those who cried appease, appease, // Are hanged by those they tried to please.” – Source? Quoted by: ISIL LIBERTY QUOTE LIBRARY 03. - APPEASEMENT, COMPROMISES

FREEDOM: No one's life, liberty, and property are safe while a government exists to protect them.” - Simon Jester Sticker. – GOVERNMENT, PROTECTION, SECURITY, SAFETY, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, POLICE MONOPOLY, JURISDICTION MONOPOLY, LAWS, LEGISLATION

FREEDOM: No people, no time, no thinking man can avoid to distinguish again between freedom and authority. Freedom is not possible without authority - otherwise it would turn into chaos, and authority is not possible without freedom - otherwise it would turn into tyranny.” - Stefan Zweig, "Costellio gegen Calvin". – [Diese immer wieder notwendige Abgrenzung zwischen Freiheit und Autoritaet bleibt keinem Volke, keiner Zeit und keinem denkenden Menschen erspart: denn Freiheit ist nicht moeglich ohne Authoritaet (sonst wird sie zum Chaos), und Autoritaet nicht ohne Freiheit (sonst wird sie zur Tyrannei).] – There is certainly no shortage of laws and bureaucrats and other government agendts – but are all our individual rights and liberties protected by them or rather offended against by them, on a massive scale? They haven’t even declared all individual rights and liberties. Far less spread their knowledge in their „educational“ institutions. – JZ, 11.8.13. - AUTHORITY, CHAOS, ANARCHY, LAW & ORDER, STATISM

FREEDOM: No plan by which one man treads another man's freedom of action underfoot will do. Besides, Mr. Bramston, can you not see what lies before you in the near future: This unjustifiable power of taking money from others, even from those unborn, has led to such extravagance, such waste, and such heavy burdens that the people everywhere, improving upon the honest methods of the politicians, are beginning to ask the question, 'Granted that, as you teach us, our wishes are the law of right, why should we pay debt we have never incurred?'” - Auberon Herbert, in Mack edition, p.112. - Freedom to repudiate debts one has not oneself incurred or contracted and to refuse or discount money one has not issued oneself or contracted to accept at its nominal value! - JZ, 9.5.00, 20.12.08. - FREEDOM OF ACTION, PLANNING, TAXATION, REPUDIATION OF PUBLIC DEBTS

FREEDOM: No slave-holding people were ever an inventive people. In a slave-holding community the upper classes may become luxurious and polished; but never inventive. Whatever degrades the laborer and robs him of the fruits of his toil stifles the spirit of invention and forbids the utilization of inventions and discoveries even when made. To freedom alone is given the spell of power, which summons the genii in whose keeping are the treasures of earth and the viewless forces of the air. - The law of human progress, what is it but the moral law? Just as social adjustments promote justice, just as they acknowledge the equality of right between man and man, just as they insure to each the perfect liberty which is bounded only by the equal liberty of every other, must civilization advance. Just as they fail in this, must advancing civilization come to a halt and recede.” - Henry George, Progress and Poverty, Book X, & of ch. III. - PROGRESS, CIVILIZATION, SLAVERY, MORALITY

FREEDOM: No system demands so much as freedom does, nor gives so much. - Changed from an idea on democracy in: "Dictatorship in Theory & Practice". - D.Z., 17.11.76.

FREEDOM: no way of life would be tolerable without freedom of individual choice and action.” - Dean Smith, Conservatism, p.204. - Do all the un-free people find life intolerable and commit suicide? Freedom is so important that one should be more careful in one's choice of words in describing it. - JZ, 12.4.00. - CHOICE, ACTION & LIFE

FREEDOM: No, the freedom battle is not yet won. It is not, primarily, a numbers or voting game. Not every part-victory will be rewarded and least likely will be financial returns from it, for a considerable time to come, while more rights and liberties are not yet realized but merely struggled for. Moreover, the most important battles will have to be fought within our own minds. - JZ, 24.9.84, 10.4.00. – However, compare the privatization of all public assets proposed in PEACE PLANS 19C, which could be very profitable for those, who manage to realize this scheme and for most of the people in a country, as newly realized genuine shareholders of it. Online at - SUCCESS, SELF-ENLIGHTENMENT, FINANCING A LIBERTARIAN PARTY TO VICTORY, THROUGH ONE KIND OF PRIVATIZATION

FREEDOM: No! Only for those who want it. Others hate it or fear it as capitalism or as a bourgeois prejudice or even as the producer of monopolies, war and poverty. Let them have their beloved restrictionism - at their own risk and expense. - JZ, 10.4.94, 17.4.00. - FREEDOM FOR ALL? ONLY AS MUCH OR AS LITTLE AS THEY WANT FOR THEMSELVES – UNDER PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, COMOPETING GOVERNANCE, PANARCHISM OR POLYARCHISM

FREEDOM: Nobody can be perfectly free till all are free.” - Source? - As free as they want to be. - JZ, 12.7.86. – We should not demand anything more or anything less – for any community, society or governance system of volunteers. – JZ, 11.8.13. - Perfect freedom? Only for those, who want it and are willing to struggle towards it, while remaining tolerant towards all tolerant statists, doing their things for or to themselves. – JZ, 11.8.13.

FREEDOM: Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you're a man, you take it.” - Malcolm X. – Shop-lifters and plunderers would agree with the last part. - JZ, 11.4.00. - TAKE IT? TAKING, FAKING OR MAKING IT? DUTY TO WORK TOWARDS A FREE, JUST & PEACEFUL SOCIETY, ONE SUFFICIENTLY TOLERANT & VOLUNTARY, I.E. UNDER PERSONAL LAW OR EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR ALL GROUPS OF VOLUNTEERS. PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

FREEDOM: None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, quoted in Leonard E. Read, Who's Listening? p.80. - SLAVERY, DEMOCRACY, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, TERRITORIAL INTEGRITY, NATIONAL FREEDOM

FREEDOM: None can be free who is the slave to, and ruled by, his passions.” - Pythagoras. - PASSIONS

FREEDOM: None can love freedom heartily but good men, the rest love not freedom but license.” - John Milton, The Tenure of Kings and Magistrates. - LICENCE

FREEDOM: None who have always been free can understand the terrible fascinating power of the hope of freedom on those who are not free.” - Pearl S. Buck, What America Means … - Unfortunately, those who have not experienced any liberties know even less liberties than those who can take a few liberties for granted. – JZ, n.d.

FREEDOM: Not a single dictocratic formula - by governments, labor unions, or whatever - standing against the release of creative energy. Millions of sources of initiative and creativity replacing know-it-all edicts! Complete freedom in all honest transactions! This is the alternative to all-out statism; there is no other.” - Leonard E. Read, Castles in the Air, p.43. - HONESTY, CREATIVITY, INITIATIVE, LAWS & STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: Not only fight for liberty but take it, too - at every opportunity.” - Stanley Morgan, Come Again, Courier, p.168. – Wouldn’t it be nice if it were there for the taking? – JZ, 23.11.10. - TAKE IT OR FIGHT FOR IT, MAKE IT, ESTABLISH IT, AT LEAST FOR THE FIRST VOLUNTEERS, UNDER PERSONAL LAW.

FREEDOM: Nothing but Freedom, Justice, and Truth is of any permanent advantage to the mass of mankind. To these society, left to itself, is always tending.” - Wendell Pillips, 1811-1884, in his speeches, published 1863, quoted in Sprading, p.160. - JUSTICE & TRUTH, SOCIETY & NON-INTERVENTIONISM

FREEDOM: Nothing can be so completely twisted as the idea of freedom. Finally even dictators brag that they leave their subjects the freedom to approve of their slavery with enthusiasm.” – NEUE ZUERCHER ZEITUNG, 31.10.54: "Nichts ist so total zu verfaelschen wie der Begriff der Freiheit. Zuletzt bruesten sich die Ditaturen noch damit, dass sie ihren Buergern die Freiheit lassen, von ihrer Sklaverei begeistert zu sein.") – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM

FREEDOM: Nothing is as precious as one's freedom. Dreams, aspirations, and ideals mean nothing, if one does not have the freedom to pursue them. A man who takes away another man's freedom is a prisoner of hatred; he is locked behind the bars of prejudice and narrow-mindedness. I am not truly free if I am taking away someone else's freedom, just as surely as I am not free when my freedom is taken from me. The oppressed and the oppressor alike are robbed of their humanity. - Nelson Mandela - Freedom - Compassion – However, I doubt that he ever considered individual sovereignty, individual secessionism, personal law and full exterritorial autonomy for volunteers. Especially, whilst he was still a terrorist. Please, do prove me wrong in this, - JZ, 7.4.12, 11.8.13. - VOLUNTARISM, FREEDOM OF ACTION & EXPERIMENTATION, VOLUNTARISM.

FREEDOM: Nothing is more disgusting than the crowing about liberty by slaves, as most men are, and the flippant mistaking for freedom of some paper preamble like a Declaration of Independence, or the statute right to vote, by those who never dared to think or act.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson, The Conduct of Life. – CONSTITUTIONALISM, VOTING, DEMOCRACY, REPRESENTATION, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

FREEDOM: Nothing is more necessary or precious to man than freedom. If he has no freedom then he does not exist. For then he cannot be accounted for as a man. Freedom is to think, to plan and decide at every moment, While another, either individual or a party, does this on my account then I am not free." - Mikis Theodorakis in "The Debt", according to THE SUNDAY AUSTRALIAN, March 5, 1972, p. 9. - Alas, it also points him out as an "intense Marxist"! – If most people believed what he asserted here and acted upon it then all of us would most likely have become free a long time ago. – As a German proverb has it: Most people have a horizon with a radius close to zero – and that position they call their “point of view”. - JZ, 21.12.08. - STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: Nothing short of "freedom now" can really captivate the imagination of most people. - JZ, 20.5.76. - But do people who confine their imagination to that slogan really have enough imagination about liberty, its extent, limits and requirements? - JZ, 16.4.00, 19.12.08. – Mostly they seem to have only some limited liberties and rights in mind, not a comprehensive declaration of all of individual rights and liberties and they do also believe in some welfare claims, wrongfully assuming them to be rights. – JZ, 21.3.13. – They also fail to advocate full experimental freedom for the first pioneers, under personal law or exterritorial autonomy, which would saved the labor, time and costs involved in all attempts to enlighten the masses or at least the majority. – JZ, 11.8.13. -  FREEDOM NOW & GRADUALISM, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, HUMAN RIGHTS, WELFARE STATE, CIVIL RIGHTS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, STILL NOT FULLY & CLEARLY SEEN & RECOGNIZED AS SUCH BY MOST PEOPLE. ENLIGHTENMENT, PANARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION & CONTRACT IN EVERY SPHERE.

FREEDOM: Now the possibility of any higher degree of freedom presupposes a proportionate advancement in civilization, - a decreasing necessity of acting in large, compacted masses, - a richer variety of resources in the individual agents.” - Wilhelm von Humboldt, in Sprading, Liberty and the Great Libertarians, 110. - CIVILIZATION, COLLECTIVISM & INDIVIDUALISM

FREEDOM: Of most fighters for freedom one can say that they are above all temptation, except that of seating themselves on the backs of those they have liberated.” - Max Nomad, A Skeptic's Political Dictionary, 1953, p.117. - FREEDOM FIGHTERS, REVOLUTIONS, LEADERS, LIBERATORS

FREEDOM: Of the liberty proper to man's nature, and the servitude introduced by sin - a servitude in which the man whose will is wicked is the slave of his own lust, though he is free so far as regards other men ... He did not intend that His rational creature, who was made in His image, should have dominion over anything but the irrational creation - not man over man, but man over the beasts, and hence the righteous men in primitive times were made shepherds of cattle rather than kinds of men…” - St. Augustine, Great Books edition, 18/521, chapter 15.


FREEDOM: Oh, Liberty, oh Liberty! What crimes are committed in thy name!” - Madame de Roland - The crime of modern anarchists and libertarians consists in ignoring many of their freedom options, regardless how much could be achieved with them. - That is "not a crime but a serious mistake or omission." - JZ, 8.5.00, 17.12.08.  - Oh Liberty - what crimes … " - In February, 1942, I wrote in this journal, on the "Four Freedoms" enumerated by President Roosevelt as America's aims in the war. I then wrote: "I earnestly hope that these four 'freedoms' will not become the popular slogan for our aims in the war. Freedom of speech: yes. Freedom of worship: yes. Freedom from want: no. And freedom from fear, as an unqualified statement is, I fear, just nonsense. - In a world that lives by exchange, no responsible man who wants to earn his own living, and who hates charity, wants his neighbour to keep him regardless of his own contribution. And no freedom-loving man but hates to be compelled to keep his neighbour when he looks on him as a waster. Any self-respecting man would give a bucketful of freedom from want for a cupful of freedom of exchange." - And now, in his recent discussion with Bertrand Russell on "Freedom", Lord Samuel carefully included "Freedom from want" among the necessary freedoms, and Lord Russell offered no objection. I can forgive Russell because he is a socialist (albeit of a most unusual colour); but I cannot excuse the Liberal Samuel. I put to Lord Samuel the plain question: "What will you do if numbers of men who are given incomes by the State sufficient to guard them against want, refuse to do any useful work, or are lazy?" - Only two courses are open: either the State must withdraw their dole, or it must use coercion. Either course makes nonsense of the plea for "Freedom from want." - Henry Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST, June 1951. - ESSAYS ON LIBERTY, FEE, contains at least one article on this subject. - FOUR FREEDOMS, FREEDOM FROM WANT, CHARITY, WELFARE STATE, FREEDOM TO PRODUCE & EXCHANGE, FREE ENTERPRISE, FREE TRADE, MONETARY FREEDOM, CRIME

FREEDOM: On the threshold of the moral world we meet the idea of Freedom, "one of the weightiest concepts man has ever formed," once a dogma, in the course of time a hypothesis, now in the eyes of many a fiction, yet we cannot do without it, even although we may be firmly convinced that our acts are determined by laws that cannot be broken.” - Havelock Ellis, The Dance of Life. – After so many struggles and fights for “freedom” the concept is still vague or wrong in all too many minds. To some extent freedom lovers are largely themselves to blame for this: For how many were and are working to finally produce an optimal and complete declaration of all individual rights and liberties? – JZ, 26.12.07. – Quite rightful war and peace aims are still not declared by any territorial State and not even the anarchists and libertarians have bothered to compile, between them, a comprehensive and clear declaration of all genuine individual rights and liberties, with commentaries. They have not even put a complete libertarian library together, digitized and an alphabetized index to it (possible now on a single large HDD of several TBs), a complete libertarian bibliography, abstracts and review collection, an ever growing and libertarian digitized encyclopedia, a comprehensive Q & A compilation, a common projects list and directory online, a libertarian ideas archive and a libertarian encyclopedia of the best refutations so far found of the popular errors, prejudices, false assumptions and conclusions, i.e. the minimum scientific foundations for a science of liberty, justice and peace to become fully developed. The digitized “argument mapping” options of Paul Monk et al remain largely unused, too, just like the microfilm publishing and reading options for libertarians were under-utilized by most of them, for all too many decades. The even more powerful and cheap disc publishing options are still quite insufficiently used by them as well. The Internet and the WIKIPEDIA and tens of thousands of websites, blogs and discussions by them, online, are not yet a good enough substitute for such offers by them, not are the search engines always helpful enough in finding what is wanted and needed, fast and easily enough, even for individuals, who cannot effectively cope with e.g. millions of search results. The needed resources for a successful freedom struggle are still not sufficiently compiled. – JZ, 21.3.13. – NEW DRAFT, ENLIGHTENMENT, MACHINERY OF FREEDOM

FREEDOM: Once again, extensive legislative intervention with freedom of contract began to become commonplace, and much of it was increasingly redistributive in character. – P. S. Atiyeah, Common Law, in: The New Palgrave: The Invisible Hand, ed. By John Eatwell, Murray Milgate & Peter Newman, W. W. Norton, 1987/89, p.76. – FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, TERRITORIALISM VS. VOLUNTARISM, FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

FREEDOM: Once freedom has grown roots then it is a plant that grows very quickly.” - George Washington to Kann. - Retranslated from German. - Then either it hasn't grown roots yet or it cannot grow very quickly enough - in most cases. For everywhere it is still entangled by wrongful restraints. On the other hand, full freedom has nowhere been planted as yet. - JZ, 9.4.00.

FREEDOM: One basic mistake of environmentalists is that although they are not yet clear on what freedom and equal freedom means among humans and other rational beings (if we should encounter them), they try to extend the vague and false notions that they do have on them to animals and plants - and this at the expense of the rights and liberties of man. - JZ, 13.4.00. – ENVIRONMENTALISM, HUMAN RIGHTS, MAN, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, ANIMALS, PLANTS

FREEDOM: One can found nothing lasting except on liberty. Nothing that already exists can maintain itself or operate with full efficiency without the free interplay of all its active parts. Otherwise, energy is wasted, parts wear out rapidly, and there are, in fact, breakdowns and serious accidents. Thus I demand, for each and every member of human society, freedom of association according to inclination and of activity according to aptitude, in other words, the absolute right to choose the political surroundings in which to live, and to ask for nothing more.” – P. E. de Puydt, Panarchy, 1860. - The whole essay is there reproduced in several languages, with many related texts. – JZ, 11.8.13. – PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, ASSOCIATIONISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. THE MONOPOLISM, COMPULSION & COLLECTIVISM OF TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: One can replace one idea by others but that of liberty one can't." - Boerne. - Many ideas can be replaced by others and many different freedom ideas are replaced by other freedom ideas or even by anti-freedom ideas - at least in the minds of some. - JZ, 8.4.00. – Most people are still unaware of the great variety of ideas and proposals that do exist. E.g. most money reformers know only of one gold standard currency and not the full range of monetary freedom, most libertarians are still stuck on limited by territorial government ideas and most know of only one kind of socialism, namely State Socialism and do wrongfully assume that all of the ca. 600 other kinds are as wrongful, irrational and uneconomic as State Socialism is, indeed. – JZ, 21.3.13. - IDEAS, IDEAS ARCHIVE, LIBERTARIAN IDEAS ARCHIVE

FREEDOM: One day freedom will teach you and compel you to stand on your own feet. - What? Freedom compels? - Yes, indeed. It will make it necessary for you to represent your own affairs yourself, instead of entrusting them to others.” - John Henry Mackay, Abrechnung, p.167/168. - RESPONSIBILITY & COMPULSION, STATISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, TERRITORIALISM, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP

FREEDOM: One hallmark of freedom is the sound of laughter.” - Harry Ashmore, READER'S DIGEST, 3/80, p.114. – Alas, libertarian jokes are still not systematically collected and combined by many libertarians, i.e. they are neglected as potential enlightenment tools. – JZ, 21.3.13. - LAUGHTER, HUMOR, JOKES

FREEDOM: one kind of freedom often depends upon the existence of other freedoms. Whichever freedom you miss most, it may be out of reach because of a lack of other freedoms.” - Harry Brown, How I Found Freedom, p.78.

FREEDOM: One of the things which the British people most cherished was their own freedom of action, the right to do as they willed with their own, whether it was their labor, their property, or their skill.” - Lord Hailsbury, quoted by Ernest Barker, Political Thought In England 1848 to 1914, p.128. - But did they bother to explore all spheres for freedom of action? - JZ, 8.5.00. – They, too, did mostly ignore their personal law or exterritorial autonomy alternatives in their visions of the future.  – JZ, 13.3.13. - FREEDOM OF ACTION

FREEDOM: One of the worst illusion is the belief that we are already as free as we can be or should be. – JZ, 7.2.95. – Thus e.g. territorialism is all too widely and uncritically accepted, with all its wrongful government powers and abuses. – JZ, 21.9.08. – PREJUDICES, ENLIGHTENMENT, EDUCATION, STATISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: One person who is free in a society that is not free is not experiencing freedom. He has the same freedom as any prisoner: lack of exchange. A millionaire is limited by what he can buy in exchange for his dollars. A million dollars is no good in prison - nor in the prison of a regulated, artificial economy as was demonstrated in the 1920's when a million marks wouldn't buy a loaf of bread - and in France when the cancerous nature of inflation was exposed with the issue of thousands of millions of new francs in the period of a month. (See: Fiat Money Inflation in France by Andrew Dickson White.)” - Joan Marie Leonard in THE FREEMAN, 3/77. (Was it thousands of millions of Francs in a month? In Germany and Hungary, in their greatest inflations, yes - but did the Inflation of Assignats go as far? - JZ) - FREEDOM IN SOCIETY, INFLATION, MONETARY DESPOTISM

FREEDOM: One person's idea of freedom can actually be devastating to the freedom of another. To one man, liberty means doing what he wants with his own life, while to another man it means doing what he wants with other men's lives. Therefore, each type of man says the other man's concept of freedom is tyranny.” – Robert J. Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.35/36.

FREEDOM: One should distinguish between freedom through isolation and freedom through society. - JZ, 2.8.92.

FREEDOM: Only a blunt mind would equate freedom with license.” - John E. Nestler, THE FREEMAN, 10/73. - LICENSE

FREEDOM: Only a little more freedom for all is not enough. - JZ, 23.2.97.

FREEDOM: Only as free individuals can we reverse the course of history.” - Ray L. Colvard, THE FREEMAN, 1/73. - When we have achieved freedom for us, we have already reversed the course or trend of history (however little – JZ, 23.11.10). A reversal in the sense of changing the past is, naturally, not possible. - JZ, 13.4.00. - I wrote that before I read the following note: "Once we are free individuals the course of history will already be reversed.” Better: Free individuals could reverse the course of history? (That) does not imply that we are already free but that some could make a start with practising their remaining liberties, sufficiently, to achieve a reversal. - JZ, n.d., probably 1973, & 21.3.13. - HISTORY

FREEDOM: Only faith in freedom makes life worth living.” - Rudolf Rocker, Pioneers of American Freedom, p.48. – Faith in freedom is not enough – as long as freedom of action is still missing. – JZ, 20.12.08, 21.3.13. - LIFE & FAITH

FREEDOM: Only free men can negotiate; prisoners cannot enter into contracts. Your freedom and mine cannot be separated. - Nelson Mandela -  – Surely, one should distinguish between innocent and guilty prisoners. – JZ, 10.1.13. – At least at one stage he was a terrorist “freedom fighter” and afterwards he was still the usual governmental terrorist towards individuals and minorities, as a territorialist ruler. – JZ, 21.3.13. - FREEDOM, NEGOTIATION

FREEDOM: Only free men can solve the problems caused by ineffective government that meddles in everything and understands nothing.” - Piers Anthony, Politician, Bio of a Space Tyrant, vol. 3, 141. - Compare: "Government is the problem, not the solution." - VS. GOVERNMENT MEDDLING

FREEDOM: Only freedom allows people to produce in the best and most efficient manner possible.” - Mike Stanton, FREE ENTERPRISE, 6/76. - ECONOMIC FREEDOM, EFFICIENCY & PRODUCTIVITY

FREEDOM: Only freedom doesn't take anything away. – JZ, free after ST. JOHN'S BREAD, about 1973. - Yes, it does, e.g. tyranny and most private crimes, also wide-spread poverty, involuntary unemployment, inflation, wars, civil wars, violent revolutions, terrorism and oppression. Perhaps an attempt should be made to complete such a listing. - JZ, 15.4.00, 21.3.13. –

FREEDOM: Only freedom has all the answers available or which will become available - because it releases all creative energies. - JZ, 19.9.96, 8.5.00. - CREATIVE ENERGIES, SOLUTIONS, ANSWERS

FREEDOM: ONLY freedom works. - JZ 2/75. - But do we let it work, everywhere, in every sphere and all the time? - JZ, 11.4.00. - And do we make the best use of all of our remaining freedom options, working with them? – JZ, 9.5.00.

FREEDOM: Only he deserves freedom and life who must conquer them, daily.” - Goethe, 1832, Faust, II, Grosser Vorhof des Palastes. - Another version: He only earns his freedom and existence who daily conquers them anew. - If this were true then only savages, in survival conditions, could be called "free". The social or civil liberty of a free society, which makes the enjoyment of most rights and liberties relatively easy, is quite omitted in this "definition". - It is true only that some continuous effort ought to be made to maintain and expand one's liberty and to uphold that of others. Freedom cannot be merely inherited. If that were possible, then it would soon be "spent". Freedom requires a daily creative effort. Or should one interpret Goethe to mean that others may enslave us daily and that we would deserve to be enslaved, while they have us in their power, until our daily liberation effort is victorious? That would merely amount to the old and misleading saw of: "might is right!" - JZ, 20.11.85, 17.4.00. – If one took his remark literally then one would daily have to fight to regain all liberties and rights, once again, after having, so to speak, lost all of them over night. – Such a master of the written word should have been more careful in as important statements. – JZ, 21.12.08.

FREEDOM: Only in action as the free expression of a person - or rather in the free act in which alone a person really exists - can persons come into relationship with persons. Such relationship is totally destroyed if the action is brought under the category of conformity to law.” - Rudolf Bultmann, quoted in Bachman's Book of Freedom Quotations. - FREEDOM OF ACTION, LAW, LEGISLATION, REGULATIONS, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, CONFORMITY, OBEDIENCE

FREEDOM: Only in Christian morality and the common good does human freedom find its limits.” - Popular notion. - As if freedom could not exist between those who are not Christians and those who are not religious at all. Freedom has not other limits than the equal freedom of others. - JZ – CHRISTIANITY, PUBLIC INTEREST, COMMON GOOD

FREEDOM: Only in freedom can human society flourish and bear fruit. Freedom is the only law of life for humans on Earth. Without it life would not be worth living.” - Benedetto Croce, Geschichte Europas im 19. Jahrhundert.

FREEDOM: Only one who loves freedom will understand her. Whosoever loves freedom - and there lies our future - loves it as a necessity for his life, will learn to understand it and pass through all errors.” - Free translation of a passage by John Henry Mackay in Die Anarchisten. - LOVE, NECESSITY, FUTURE

FREEDOM: Only private roads lead to freedom. - JZ, 26.4.74. – GOVERNMENT, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, RULERS, LEADERSHIP

FREEDOM: Only responsible persons create prosperous and peaceful civilizations. But carrying out responsibility is possible only when people have freedom of action. If the State is allowed to limit human actions which do not initiate force or fraud against others, then not only are people's opportunities for acting according to their moral responsibility lost, but their very capacities to do so wither from disuse. The attainment of moral excellence is made possible by the freedom to choose.” - World Research, Freedom to Choose. - FREEDOM OF ACTION, OF CHOICE, INITIATION OF FORCE & MORALITY

FREEDOM: Only the best wordings for liberty are good enough. - JZ, 12.4.00. - Let us attempt to find, refine, or reformulate and combine them. - JZ, 31.1.02, 11.8.13. - SLOGANS FOR LIBERTY, ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS

FREEDOM: Only the history for free peoples is worth being studied. The history of people who live under despotism is merely a collection of anecdotes.” - Nicholas Chamfort, Of Aphorisms, p.77. - Does that mean that no historical studies are worthwhile because peoples were never free and that a whole population (infants, criminals and mental cases excluded) can never be fully free? - JZ, 17.4.00, 23.11.10. - HISTORY, PEOPLES & DESPOTISM

FREEDOM: Only those who pay direct taxes should be allowed to vote and there should be only direct taxes. Otherwise large-scale abuses are all too possible and even likely. The present system amounts, as J. St. Mill said to: "allowing them to put their hands into other people's pockets for any purpose which they think fit to call a public one." – JZ – Tax resistance should be maximized by direct taxes rather than minimized by indirect taxes. – JZ, 21.12.08.  – Ultimately, it must be replaced by voluntary taxation or voluntary contribution schemes for voluntary members. – JZ, 21.3.13. – VOLUNTARY TAXATION, TAXES & VOTING

FREEDOM: Only when every man owns his life, can every man be free.” - Mark Tier, 12.10.74. – Can no one be free to any extent until everyone is quite free? Degrees of freedom for some have always coexisted with degrees of slavery, serfdom, conscription and tax slavery. – Naturally, while some can still be somewhat enslaved or taxed, the freedom of all others does still remain threatened as well – until, finally, those so victimized or threatened, strike back. Without a good tax strike and voluntary taxation or contribution program they might do so in a rage, and rather indiscriminately and, mostly, invain. It is in the interest of all somewhat free people to work towards the liberation of all people – up to the extent that they do want to be free, via individualized choices. - JZ, 18.12.08, 21.3.13. – Here the rule should be: His kind of anarchism for every kind of anarchist, each kind of libertarianism for each particular brand of libertarians and each kind of statism for all its followers only. Under personal law and exterritorial autonomy for volunteers this is possible in the same country and even world-wide. – JZ, 11.8.13. - SELF-OWNERSHIP, LIFE, SECURITY, DUTY, PANARCHISM, LIBERATION, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

FREEDOM: only when freedom is established in all countries, including the Soviet Union, can the world expect a peace rooted in the respect for law…" - Christopher Norborg, Operation Moscow, Latimer House, London, 1948. - Alas, most laws are not respectable and lead to wars rather than to peace. – E.g. the protectionist laws and the taxation laws financing standing armies and even the production of mass murder devices. - JZ, 4.4.00, 21.3.13. – LAW, PEACE

FREEDOM: Only when man is free to control himself and all he produces, can he develop to his utmost capabilities.” - From the Masthead of the Colorado Springs GAZETTE TELEGRAPH – “Your Freedom Newspaper.” - SELF-CONTROL

FREEDOM: Only when you own your life can you be free. … If they own even a part of your life, how can you be free?” - Mark Tier, THE AUSTRALIAN, 12.10.74. - Should no one be free to sell hours of his knowledge and skills to others? Does this contractual freedom restrict liberty, too? – Should one not enjoy at least the degrees of freedom that one has already – and also use them to expand them to the degrees that one wants them expanded and that others do want liberties for themselves? - JZ, 16.4.00. – Q., SELF-OWNERSHIP, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM IN ALL SPHERES, ALWAYS ONLY FOR VOLUNTEERS, LIBERATION, DUTY TO WORK TOWARDS A FREE, PEACEFUL & JUST SOCIETY, THE PANARCHISTIC WAY, NOT IMPOSING FULL FREEDOM UPON ANY GROUPS NOT YET READY FOR IT. EACH TO ADVANCE TOWARDS FULL LIBERTY ONLY AT THE OWN SPEED.

FREEDOM: Only within the frame of a social system can meaning be attached to the term freedom. As a praxeological term, freedom refers to the sphere within which an acting individual is in a position to choose between alternative modes of action. A man is free insofar as he is permitted to choose ends and the means to be used for the attainment of those ends. A man's freedom is most rigidly restricted by the laws of nature as well as by the laws of praxeology. He cannot attain ends, which are incompatible with one another. If he chooses to indulge in gratifications that produce definite effects upon the functioning of his body or his mind, he must put up with these consequences. It would be inexpedient to say that man is not free because he cannot enjoy the pleasures or indulgence in certain drugs without being affected by their inevitable results, commonly considered as highly undesirable. While this is admitted by and large by all reasonable people, there is no such unanimity with regard to the appreciation of the laws of praxeology…” - Ludwig von Mises, Human Action, p.281. – (Not on page 281 of my third revised edition by Fox & Wilkes or that of Henry Regnery. – JZ, 21.3.13.) - There may never be such unanimity! - JZ - THE SOCIAL FRAMEWORK

FREEDOM: Or, is the price of freedom an intellectual and spiritual renaissance with all the hard thinking and difficult introspection required to energize such a revolution in thinking?” - Leonard E. Read, Elements of Libertarian Leadership, p.16. - I call the institutionalization or automation of this renaissance: a program for a genuinely cultural revolution to speed up the process of enlightenment - and you can find much about this program in my series. - JZ - PRICE OF FREEDOM, NEW DRAFT, A GENUINELY CULTURAL REVOLUTION, ENLIGHTENMENT

FREEDOM: Order without liberty and liberty without order are equally destructive.” - Theodore Roosevelt. - A compulsory mixture of both tends to destroy both. Their free interaction only can achieve the harmonious growth of both. - JZ, 9.7.92. - Whoever gives orders to others is also not quite free. Obviously, the ones being ordered and who have to follow orders, under threats, are not free, either. And the kind of orders established by order-minded people are never very orderly but suffer from numerous and inherent internal conflicts. (*) Collectively imposed compromises between order and freedom are inherently counter-productive. - JZ, 8.4.00. – (*) Even when they come in form of legislation or regulations. – JZ, 21.3.13. - ORDER

FREEDOM: Our ancestors wanted freedom for freedom's sake. That was enough for them. Each could be his own man. Hang the economic consequences! They were no more aware of the creative outburst that would follow freedom than are most people today - even after the fact! - It appears likely that each flare-up of freedom throughout history - as in America - has been a reaction against governmental tyranny and not the result of any rational design. As each authoritarian arrangement has come to its inevitable dead end - with no bureaucrat knowing what next to do - the victimized people have acted more or less in desperation. "We might as well try freedom".  Freedom has been a "court of last resort", not a rational prognosis of better things to come.” - Leonard E. Read, The Coming Aristocracy, p.94. – A historical example for the above observation: CHINA HISTORY, HAN DYNASTY: about 250 BC a new dynasty came into power in China. It was called the Han dynasty and it followed the Qin dynasty. The Qin dynasty lasted for 15 years. The Han lasted for 500. Qin dynasty was a dictatorship and this grandiose military emperor was going to found a dynasty that would last for a thousand years and he legalized in every direction. He made laws and laws and laws. Only the right books to be allowed. Most of them were burned and heaven only knows. When the Han dynasty came in, they simply wrote all the laws off the books. They repealed everything. They kept about 2 laws against robbery and murder or something like that, and that was it. They wrote them all off. That was one of the most stable epochs in Chinese culture." - Alan Watts, quoted by Liberty Smith - Dale Ogden shared Liberty Smith's status update. – Facebook, 20.3.13. – LAWS, LEGISLATION, DICTATORSHIPL, REVOLUTION, LIBERATION, RADICAL LAW REPEAL, STABILITY

FREEDOM: Our conception of the degree of freedom often varies according to differences in the point of view from which we regard the event, but every human action appears to us as a certain combination of freedom and inevitability. In every action we examine we see a certain measure of freedom and a certain measure of inevitability. And always the more freedom we see in any action the less inevitability do we perceive, and the more inevitability the less freedom.” - Tolstoy, in Great Books of the Western World, Syntopicon, p. 992. - INEVITABILITY

FREEDOM: Our contest is not only whether we ourselves shall be free, but whether there shall be left to mankind an asylum on earth for civil and religious liberty.” - Samuel Adams. - ASYLUM, IMMIGRATION, REFUGE, LIBERTY

FREEDOM: Our emissaries do not tell what really brought the U.S. from a poor, undeveloped nation to what it is today. Nor is this clearly revealed in the model we hold up before them. Unseen and untold is the need for a high degree of individual freedom in all walks of life - freedom to make mistakes and pay the price, as well as freedom to succeed and reap the rewards.” - W. M. Curtiss, The Population Problem, THE FREEMAN, May 1967. - POVERTY & DEVELOPMENT

FREEDOM: Our fifth freedom is our right to the fruits of our labor. It is the right to make and spend one's own paycheck.” - Charlotte A. Wagner, Stewart Manor, N.Y., in THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR, 15.5.62. - How limited is the freedom view of those who see only 5 "liberties"! - JZ, 4.4.00. – HUMAN RIGHTS, AN IDEAL DECLARATION OF ALL GENUINE INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS & LIBERTIES – LONG OVERDUE!

FREEDOM: Our freedom is growing less day by day - and it makes no difference who is in government.” - Mark Tier, FREE ENTERPRISE, 8/74. - GOVERNMENT

FREEDOM: Our freedom today is merely the free resolution to fight for freedom.” - Satre. - Even in totalitarian regimes some very limited liberties or opportunities for liberties remain, however fleetingly and endangered. To fight for freedom is not necessarily the best service one can give in its cause. The world has suffered very much also from millions who called themselves freedom fighters - while also reducing the liberties left to others. Thoughtless or flawed actions and fights for liberty can do much harm to this cause. The development and publication of better freedom programs could achieve more than an army of millions of freedom fighters could. They could even bring about many bloodless victories. - JZ, 8.4.00.

FREEDOM: Our near approach to the freedom ideal explains America's unprecedented outburst of productivity, thus prosperity. All productivity - no exception - stems from the releasing, freeing of creative energy. Coercive or dictatorial direction - "management" - diverts the course of productive efforts and eventually discourages further production.” - Leonard E. Read, The Love of Liberty, p.90. - The best management is no substitute for self-management, for most people function best as self-controlling being. Just try to direct someone putting a pullover on or off, movement by movemen, while prohibiting him from making any move at all on his own initiative. - JZ, 11.4.00. – CONTROLS, DIRECTIONS, CREATIVITY, PRODUCTIVITY, PROSPERITY, SELF-MANAGEMENT

FREEDOM: Ours is the task of re-educating the public in the essentiality and desirability of maintaining and strengthening (*) limitations upon government in the interest of preserving necessary human freedom. Remember that where government is unlimited no citizen is free.” - Clarence Manion, The Key to Peace, p.68. – (*) and very greatly expanding - JZ - LIMITED GOVERNMENT

FREEDOM: Parliamentary freedom, writes Count Sforza in his European Dictatorships, is a form of freedom. But the essential freedom, without which a people is doomed to decline, is freedom of thought, of speech, of the Press, of association.” - G. P. Gooch, Dictatorship in Theory & Practice, 46. - As if economic rights and liberties did not matter at all! Few of such intellectual would comprehend all economic liberties under "freedom of association" - unless they are clearly spelled out to them - and then they would raise hundreds to thousands of objections against such "excessive" and "chaotic", "dangerous" and "exploitative" liberties! - JZ, 9.5.00. - PARLIAMENTS & CLASSICAL LIBERTIES

FREEDOM: participation in a democracy is not necessarily the highest value, the higher value being freedom.” - William F. Buckley, Jr., The Governor Listeth, Putnam-Berkeley, 1963-1970, 396. - Political voting is the least that one can do for liberty. It is also offers the numerous enemies of liberty and those who are indifferent to it, the greatest chance to restrict the liberty of liberty lovers. - JZ, 8.5.00. - DEMOCRACY, VOTING AGE, LIBERTY

FREEDOM: People are entitled to freedom, whether we like them or not.” - Woody Welling, THE CONNECTION 115, p.50. – What about violent private criminals and tyrants? – JZ, n.d.

FREEDOM: People do no longer strive for liberty but for security.” - Popular opinion. - Indeed, those who do not know the economic and political as well as military potential of liberty try to achieve their desired security directly, unaware that thereby they decrease their security in almost every respect. E.g., instead of trying to supply themselves with work, through establishing all the liberties to realize this right (mainly monetary and financial freedom, free trade, free migration, free contracts, free pricing for all goods and services, free enterprise), they demand employment to be provided by the State or a dole. The State cannot make them fully employed - except as forced and underpaid or non-paid laborers (serfs or slaves). – JZ, n.d. - LIBERTY & SECURITY, SECURITY, WELFARE STATE,

FREEDOM: People fear freedom too much to allow it to work.” – Free after G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.15. – Alas, freedom lovers have yet not bothered to publish and keep cheaply in print all pro-freedom writings, although they could by now cheaply and without risk do so in on-demand printing or with affordable alternative media. In other words, they have not yet done enough to dispel the fear of freedom or at least the fear of some liberties, not even among themselves. – They do not even offer as yet a comprehensive and growing electronic encyclopedia of libertarianism. So far the Internet sites and search engines are a poor substitute for it. - JZ, 13.4.00, 20.3.08. – What most of these fearful people actually fear, without being aware of this, are the results of the lack of certain liberties, e.g. the lack of monetary freedom and the often even catastrophic results of monetary despotism and of the lack of exterritorial autonomy for volunteers (panarchism) and the resulting wars, revolutions, civil wars, international wars and terrorism. – The highest degrees of security can only be achieved under full freedom, something not taught by our mis-education system or our police- and defence academies. - JZ, 20.12.08, 23.11.10. - FEAR OF FREEDOM

FREEDOM: People fear liberty too much to give themselves this new beginning.” - G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.15. - They do not fear liberty but their straw-man substitute for liberty, in the same way as they do not fear the objective capitalism but the wrongful image of capitalism that they do have in their minds. - They fear the bogus liberty so much that collectively they will not allow genuine liberty to work. But they would come to permit it to work even for themselves, once the few faithful or convinced advocates of liberty are set free to demonstrate its potential to them, in their free experiments, which they could then join - or refuse to join as long as they liked. - JZ, n.d. & 8.4.00, 9.5.00. - FEAR OF FREEDOM

FREEDOM: People in distress will sometimes prefer a problem that is familiar to a solution that is not.” - Neil Postman, READER'S DIGEST, 8/76. - Most unemployed rather put up with the condition of unemployment and the dole and a few black market jobs rather than ponder the causes and cures for unemployment. - JZ, 8.5.00. - FREEDOM OF ACTION, STATISM, STATE, PANARCHISM, CUSTOM, HABIT, FAMILIARITY, IGNORANCE, PREJUDICE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, TRADITION, FEAR OF FREEDOM, FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN, KNOWLEDGE, PROBLEMS, SOLUTIONS, SELF-CAUSE IMMATURITY

FREEDOM: People need rather freedom, not politicians, bureaucrats, governments, laws and regulations to achieve their rightful objectives. - JZ, 30.7.98, 6.4.00. - GOVERNMENT & RESTRICTIONS, LAWS, REGULATIONS

FREEDOM: People only desire the freedom which is within their imagination.” - Tom Stoddard? The Dog it Was that Died. - IMAGINATION

FREEDOM: People should be compelled to be freer and more individualistic than they naturally desire to be.” - (Percy) Wyndham Lewis, Time and Western Man, 1927. - We see now in Russia that about 30% of the population remained indoctrinated with communist ideas for at least months, if not for years to decades. If we force them to live as free men then they are numerous enough to re-introduce their pet totalitarianism again. If we leave them to freely practise their statist and communist religion among themselves only, then the freedom of other Russians and of the people in the rest of the world will be less threatened. They can still get access to mass extermination devices in Russia! - JZ, 8.4.00, 21.3.13. - COMPULSION

FREEDOM: People unfit for freedom – who cannot do much with it – are hungry for power. The desire for freedom is an attribute of a ‘have’ type of self. It says: Leave me alone and I shall grow, learn, and realize my capacities. The desire for power is basically an attribute of a ‘have not’ type of self. – Eric Hoffer - in  - The same author, ibid, in a shorter and clearer version: Those, who lack to capacity to achieve much in an atmosphere of freedom will clamor for power. - POWER, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, RIGHTS, LIBERTY

FREEDOM: people who have to be persuaded to be free don't deserve to be…" - L. Neil Smith, FREEDOM NETWORK NEWS, No. 51. - PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: People will live freely when they are in harmony with natural laws and refuse authoritarian demands.” - RED & BLACK, No. 4, 1972. - NATURAL LAW & AUTHORITARIANISM

FREEDOM: Perfect freedom is here defined as an absence of man-concocted restraints against the release of creative energy.” - Leonard E. Read, in announcing his work: Let Freedom Reign. - Perfect freedom is only required for those who desire it for themselves. And they achieve it most easily if they leave all other people free, in their own panarchies, to restrict their own lives as much as they want to. This is the basic condition for a lasting peace between freedom lovers and statists. It also promotes enlightenment on both sides and lets each individual advance at his own pace, without interfering or having to interfere with the lives of others. - JZ - RESTRAINTS 13.4.00. - PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: Perhaps one day the torch of freedom will shine again in our own nation.” - Mr. Darby, 9/72. - As if the presence or absence of freedom were merely fate. - JZ, 13.4.00.

FREEDOM: Perhaps the oldest lesson of history is that an assault on one aspect of freedom is an attack on the whole.” - Walter B. Wriston, THE FREEMAN, 9/75, 564. – So far nobody is attacking all liberties and rights – simply because so far nobody knows all of them. – JZ, 23.11.10. - INTERCONNECTED LIBERTIES

FREEDOM: Personal freedom cannot even be conceived outside the environment provided by property and contract rights.” - Sylvester Petro, The Labor Policy of the Free Society. – Thus one could say that a really free society would not have any labor policy, either. – JZ, 20.12.08. PROPERTY & CONTRACTS

FREEDOM: Personal freedom is of supreme importance for unimportant people.” - Gaston Maxo (Haxo?), GOOD GOVERNMENT, 8.9.69. - All people are important enough to deserve liberty - if they want it and they are no threats to the liberties of others. - JZ, 13.4.00. - THE COMMON PEOPLE, POOR PEOPLE, THE MAN IN THE STREET, CITIZENS

FREEDOM: Political as opposed to individual liberty rests on the 'assurance that you can do what you ought to will.' There are some things that man has to do together; things that must be done politically ... legislation 'comes and goes' but something like common law exists - and is permanent - in all societies … the problem of crime marks the first phase of the extension of common law into public-law areas when the state feels itself threatened by crime and becomes the plaintiff in criminal actions … the popular notion in America is that regulation curtails freedom and socialization kills it. We try always to exhaust common law before we call on public law.” - Scott Buchanan, March 18, in THE CENTER DIARY, No.3, April 1964.

FREEDOM: Political freedom is a suitable fable which the rulers have invented to put the ruled to sleep.” - Napoleon I. – NATIONALISM, REPRESENTATION, CONSENT, DEMOCRACY, VOTING, POLITICAL FREEDOM

FREEDOM: Political freedom is the essential condition for the economic liberation of the working class.” - Communist and socialist doctrine. - More than 100 years ago socialists believed that they could "liberate the proletariat" via "the" vote. In reality, one can have a large degree of economic liberty even while conventional political "liberties", like general franchise, free voting and multiple parties and the parliamentary system are largely repressed. In practice, political liberties have largely been used to suppress economic liberties, rather than introducing them. - JZ, 7.4.00. - POLITICAL & ECONOMIC FREEDOM, VOTING, DEMOCRACY

FREEDOM: Political freedom requires economic freedom. "Intellectual freedom cannot exist without political freedom; political freedom cannot exist without economic freedom; a free mind and free market are corollaries." - Ayn Rand, quoted in Textbook of Americanism, p. 12, chapter headed: The Economic Prerequisites for Objectivity. - POLITICAL, ECONOMIC & INTELLECTUAL

FREEDOM: Political liberty consists in security, or at all events, in the opinion that we enjoy security.” - Montesquieu, Spirit of the Laws, book 12, ch.ii. - In reality, territorial politics leads to wars, civil wars, revolutions and terrorism - and also to poverty. - JZ, 9.4.00. – SECURITY, POVERT, WAR, TERRITORIALISM, REVOLUTIONS, TERRORISM

FREEDOM: Ponder the main body of these quotes and notes, add your own and make them all accessible, at least on LMP's microfiche, via long e-mail attachments to friends, on a website or by publishing them otherwise, e.g. on CDs, preferably without copyrights, so that they will be quoted as often as possible. I make no copyrights claims for my own notes and, in the cause of freedom, I do not recognize such claims by others when they go beyond the claim of authorship - JZ, 6.7.00. - FREEDOM THOUGHTS & COPYRIGHTS, SLOGANS FOR LIBERTY, IDEAS ARCHIVE, ELECTRONIC LIBERTARIAN ENCYCLOPEDIA

FREEDOM: Power in defence of freedom is greater than power in behalf of tyranny and oppression.” - Malcolm X, speech, NYC, 1965. - So why is oppression still dominant everywhere, even if only as "benevolent" oppression and exploitation? It has e.g. mobilized monetary despotism for itself and military forces, and compulsory taxes and governmental security certificates, and government education, even indiscriminate mass murder devices, while liberty lovers are still far behind in mobilizing monetary freedom, ideal militias, voluntary taxation, their own liberty bond issues (e.g. as shares in national enterprises, to be privatized) and alternative educational institutions and quite rightful defensive and protective alternatives. – What has prevented the freedom options from becoming victorious in every sphere, at least for the freedom lovers? - JZ, 4.7.00, 18.12.08, 11.8.13. - POWER, TERRITORIALISM, EXTERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE FOR ALL BUT THE INTOLERANT, IDEAL HUMAN RIGHTS DECLARATION & MILITIAS FOR ITS DEFENCE

FREEDOM: Pray you use your freedom, / And, so far as you please, allow me mine, / To hear you only; not to be compelled / To take your moral potions.” - Philip Massinger, The Duke of Milan, IV, 1623. - EQUAL FREEDOM, TOLERANCE, PANARCHISM, FREEDOM IN DIVERSITY, MUTUALISM, LAISSEZ FAIRE

FREEDOM: Presently we need freedom thinkers more than freedom fighters. - JZ, 23.6.99. And we may need compilers of freedom ideas and information more than new freedom thinkers. Clerks for liberty - to make full use of all the pro-freedom treasury of thought and ideas that has already accumulated - dispersed, buried, inaccessible, unknown and unappreciated by most, also out of print, if ever published before. - JZ, 8.5.00. - FREEDOM THINKERS & FREEDOM FIGHTERS, IDEAS

FREEDOM: Private property was the original source of freedom. It is still its main bulwark.” - Walter Lippman. - PROPERTY

FREEDOM: Professor Amnon Rubinstein, himself a socialist, made a grudging, though elegant, admission in a television colloquy a year or two ago in Israel: "On the whole," he said, "those systems that have put liberty ahead of equality have done better by equality than those that have put equality above liberty." - William F. Buckley, Jr., in: Four Freedoms, p.23. - EQUALITY

FREEDOM: Professor Muller defines freedom as "the condition of being able to choose and to carry out our purposes … a state in which a person may decide for himself what is right and good … what kind of a self to become." The condition of freedom, as Muller describes them, are "uncertainty, instability, a measure of disunity and disorder" seem to have made many men … acutely uncomfortable. Yet these conditions also describe the nature of human life on earth.” - Edith Adamson, reviewing Herbert I Muller's book: Freedom in the Ancient World, V. I., New York, Harper, 1962. PRAJ Ref. 12971. - CHOICE & FREEDOM OF ACTION

FREEDOM: Progress is not inevitable, and … freedom is not automatic."- Edward E. Coleson, THE FREEMAN, 10/73. - Compare: “Freedom is not free.” - “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” - & TANSTAAFL. - PROGRESS

FREEDOM: Progress Shared. The enlargement aspects of freedom are societal, shared. The benefit is expanded to the degree liberty is recognized and widespread. Freedom is extended by numbers. The more widespread, the greater the freedom and choice of every participant in exchange. That's why our borders should be free and open to all trade. Tariffs and duties are very real barriers barring us from efficient production on the basis that it was produced by "others". But there are no "others". Not, under freedom. That's why freedom is the only democratic system. Everyone has a stake in it. It eliminates classes. Its blessings reach everyone.” - Joan Marie Leonard in THE FREEMAN, 3/77, p.160/161. – Even those, who deny its blessings! – JZ, 19.12.08. - FREEDOM IN SOCIETY, NO BARRIERS, NO CLASSES, NO FRONTIERS, PROGRESS SHARED, FREE TRADE VS. PROTECTIONISM, TARIFFS, DUTIES ON IMPORTS

FREEDOM: Progress, The Flower of Freedom.” - Heading of an article by Leonard E. Read, reproduced in THE INDIAN LIBERTARIAN, Sep. 1, 1966. - PROGRESS

FREEDOM: Properly limited government encourages maximum freedom. Real freedom means the least government - government conspicuous by its absence - with sufficient power only to protect life, liberty, and property from frauds, thieves, and murderers. Real freedom means the full right of ownership and to make decisions for one's self and one's family. The right to vote - while an important mechanism if properly used - should be employed sparingly by the people and by lawmaking bodies. Lawmaking activities ought to be directed, for a change, toward the removal of government interferences and restrictions already on the law books. - When government is confined to its proper, limited scope, there will be no necessity for opinion poll-takers to find out what Mr. and Mrs. America think. Each one then will decide for himself - privately, separately, individually - and the matter will concern no one else when real freedom once again exists behind its façade.” - John C. Sparks, Behind the Façade, Essays on Liberty, vol. XII, p. 402. – Oh, the limited imagination of all too many libertarians and anarchists! – JZ, 23.11.10. - LIMITED GOVERNMENT

FREEDOM: Property the instrument of freedom.” - Heading of chap. 11 of Citadel, Market & Altar, by Spencer Heath. - PROPERTY

FREEDOM: protect and guarantee all liberties but one - the liberty of doing away with the other liberties.” - Gustavo Diaz Orday, Mexico's President, quoted in READER'S DIGEST, June 1965. – That one “liberty” is not a genuine “right” or “liberty”. – JZ, 21.12.08. – One is only entitled to refuse to practise individual rights and liberties oneself and not to deny them to others, who are not criminals or aggressors. – JZ, 11.8.13.

FREEDOM: Public freedom is assured once everyone is enabled to stand up for his right and to achieve it.” - Kessel. - If one has to fight for one's freedom, or go to court for it, then, obviously, to that extent one is not free. Prolonged movement struggles to achieve minor victories, like the abolition of prescribed shopping hours, indicate how un-free we still are. It is not "public freedom" that counts but freedom for individuals. Members of the public are interested in different liberties and packages of liberties, also in different degrees of liberties. No comprehensive freedom platform is unanimously supported by all. - JZ, 8.4.00. – VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

FREEDOM: pursue truth, probe ever further into the miraculous wonders of freedom. This is the spirit of inquiry, as silent as intuition or insight - noiseless as a thought." - Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.99. - FREEDOM SEEKERS, LOVERS OF LIBERTY

FREEDOM: Ralph Waldo Emerson had no good word to say for the organized force of the State. The great poet-philosopher of America, who was so firmly convinced that freedom is the mother of all social achievements, also knew that the far greater part of our established social life develops from the voluntary association with our fellow-men, and could never be compelled to exist by any decree of government.” - Rudolf Rocker, Pioneers of American Freedom, p. 21. – VOLUNTARISM, LEGISLATION, GOVERNMENT

FREEDOM: Real freedom is the opportunity to judge what is bad and what is good.” - C. Daniel & A. Squires, in P.R.A.J., 26561. – For oneself – not for others! – JZ, 11.8.13.

FREEDOM: recognize that freedom in a social setting consists of any relationship in which two or more persons respect the autonomy of one another. We cannot be free, ourselves, until we understand this reciprocal nature of freedom: I am not free as long as I insist upon YOUR being restrained.” - Butler D. Shaffer, Calculated Chaos, p.215. - I would rather have said YOU being restrained. – JZ – RECIPROCITY, MUTUALISM, TOLERANCE FOR TOLERANT PEOPLE, EQUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

FREEDOM: Reflecting a supreme confidence in the ability of people to govern themselves, Morse advocated the theory that the first and only rule of moral and social reform is freedom. Give the individual the reins and he will guide himself to goals he now appears incapable of attaining. If we desire the realization of justice and truth on earth, we ought to turn men loose, allowing human nature to seek its own level. Give thought to the winds, without concern for the outcome, and humanity can be expected to reflect the same amazing order that physical nature manifests all about us.” - Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.53/54. - That proposal is also based on the realization that some people want themselves governed by others - as long as they can stand that. Then they will either learn from this experience or they will not. Anyhow, they will have to bear their own costs and risks. As products of nature themselves and also possessed of some reason, people should be able to achieve between themselves at least the degree of freedom, order, tolerance and peace that exists between non-human lives. – JZ, n.d. – Many life-forms eat each other but they do not, as a rule, make war upon each other.  – However, I do hope that man wins his war against life-threatening diseases caused by certain microforms of life. - JZ, 21.3.13. - MORAL & SOCIAL REFORM, TOLERANCE, FREEDOM IN DIVERSITY, PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS, PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE RATHER THAN EXTERMINATION WARS

FREEDOM: Remember: A complete compilation of freedom definitions and thoughts would probably come to thousands, if not tens of thousands of pages. Isn't the topic important enough to cast an electronic net for it, world-wide, to bring this project to completion and then take it from there, with corrections, refutations and selections? - JZ, 7.5.2000. – The largest survey that I know of and have is Mortimer J. Adler, The Idea of Freedom, A Dialectical Examination of the Conceptions of Freedom, Doubleday, 1958, 689p & 1961, 754 p. – JZ, 19.12.08. - DEFINITIONS & THOUGHTS, SLOGANS FOR LIBERTY

FREEDOM: Remove the fetters! Free the market. – J.Z., n.d., LAISSEZ FAIRE

FREEDOM: Republicit means people can live free, talk free, go or come, buy or sell, be drunk or sober, however they choose.” - John Wayne. - REPUBLIC, DEMOCRACY, HUMAN RIGHTS DRAFT

FREEDOM: Restriction of free thought and free speech is the most dangerous of all subversions. It is the one un-American act that could most easily defeat us all. –Justice William O. DouglasMere thought can hardly be restricted but communication of thoughts can be. Anyhow, freedom for tolerant actions and experimentation among volunteers is even more important. - Let all those, who do already agree with each other, try out their ideas and opinions quite freely - among themselves – always at their own risk and expense. That will greatly help to communicate ideas, which do work in practice, as well as the failures with errors and false ideas. Let there be quite free competition between all reformers, ideologues, planners and pioneers, all doing their things only among themselves. It works in sports, religion, the arts, lifestyles, and in our private lives. It will also work for all but wrongs and absurdities (like nuclear strength) in public affairs. - JZ, 3.4.12, 18.3.13. -  FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION & INFORMATION & FREEDOM OF ACTION & EXPERIMENTATION

FREEDOM: Right gives freedom.” – Dr. H. G. Pearce, in notes to Ralph Borsodi's “17 Problem of Living.” - One might as well say that "freedom gives rights" or that genuine kinds of freedoms or liberties and genuine rights are identical. - JZ, 16.4.00, 21.3.13. - RIGHTS

FREEDOM: Rose Wilder Lane, author of Discovery of Freedom, makes a profound observation in her great book. She points out that freedom is a natural condition. If one ponders that observation and glimpses its truth in its depth, he learns that men cannot create a free society. They will have a free society precisely at the time they stop preventing it. And the device that prevents it is government. Not government in the "wrong hands" but government in any hands. It is not the direction that government takes that is the enemy of freedom. Government by its nature is invariably an instrument of coercion and special privilege. (*) When those who employ that instrument become privileged and have power, they coerce those out of favor. The result is a continuation of a non-free society. And this holds true even if the privileged are libertarians.” - LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Winter 75. – (*) Although Robert LeFevre was one of the few who reprinted de Puydt's article on Panarchy, here he considers only territorial governments with compulsory members, instead of competing or voluntary governments or non-governmental societies that are only exterritorially autonomous and have only voluntary members. – Panarchism is the natural result of abolishing the territorial monopoly and compulsory membership in or subordination to it. – Territorial governments constitute an unnatural state of affairs. - JZ, 20.12.08. - FREE SOCIETY, A NATURAL CONDITION & GOVERNMENT, PANARCHISM, TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: Safe popular freedom consists of four things, the diffusion of liberty, of intelligence, of property, and of conscientiousness, and cannot be compounded of any three out of the four.” - Joseph Cook. – That is hardly a sufficient substitute for a complete list of all individual rights and liberties that have so far become known, at least to some people. – JZ, 11.8.13.

FREEDOM: Says the Libertarian, "Freely choose how you act creatively, productively. I have no desire to prohibit you or others in this respect. I have no prohibitory designs on you of any kind except as you or others would keep me and others from acting creatively, productively, as we freely choose." - Be it noted that the libertarian in his hoped-for prohibition of destructive actions does no violence to anyone else's liberty, none whatsoever. The word liberty would never be used by an individual completely isolated from others; it is a social term. We must not, therefore, think of liberty as being restrained when fraud, violence, and the like are prohibited, for such actions violate the liberty of others, and liberty cannot be composed of liberty negations. This is self-evident. Thus, any accomplished libertarian would never prohibit the liberty of another.” - Leonard E. Read, What Shall Be Prohibited? Essays on Liberty, XI, 39. - PROHIBITIONS & CREATIVITY, FRAUD, VIOLENCE, AGGRESSION

FREEDOM: Seek freedom and thou shalt find at least some of it and also many roads to more and more freedom, much more than you imagined possible. - JZ, 7.9.89.

FREEDOM: Seize freedom! - Free after Jerome Tuccille, Radical Libertarianism, p.123.

FREEDOM: Self-government is better than good government.” - Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman. - SELF-GOVERNMENT

FREEDOM: Self-ownership. – Max Stirner

FREEDOM: Self-recognition, self-discipline and a strong will.” - Somerset Maugham. - Famous writers may know much about what human beings are now but not what they could or should be. – JZ, n.d.

FREEDOM: Selfhood, self-realization, self-development, personality.” – Source?

FREEDOM: Should freedom be conquered or bought or could it be made to pay for itself, with some ingenuity and labors? - See for instance the finance plan in PEACE PLANS 19C [[RTF] PP19 C Let Freedom - Butterbach.Net ] the proposal of an Ideas Archive in PEACE PLANS 183 (*) and the suggestions for the liberation war methods of a rightful militia in this series and elsewhere. Compare also all the proposals on voluntary taxation and monetary freedom. - JZ, 22.3.88, 8. 4.00. - FIGHTING, MILITIA, WAR AIMS, LIBERATION, LIBERTARIAN REVOLUTION, PURCHASE OF OR PROFITS FROM FREEDOM? - (*) 2  titles by my father are offered on a CD reproduced at, one in German and in English and one only in German. My libertarian version of it, in PEACE PLANS 20, on a disc, is reproduced at – JZ, 21.3.13.

FREEDOM: Simply put, my freedom depends on yours. Deprivation of the rights of the slave affects the master in several distinct ways. …” - Ridgway K. Foley, Jr., THE FREEMAN, Dec. 76, p. 740.

FREEDOM: Simply stated, freedom is desirable because it is just, moral and proper.” - Ridgway K. Foley, Jr., THE FREEMAN, 4/73. - I desire e.g. freedom in my work, freedom of expression, information and association not only because they are just, moral and proper but because I like them and need them for my purposes. - JZ, 16.4.00. - JUSTICE, MORALITY

FREEDOM: Since the French Revolution, liberty has become closely connected with equality of opportunity: the freedom to develop one's potential.” - The Columbia Viking Desk Encyclopaedia. – That might be the theft potential of a kleptomaniac or the despotic character of a power addict. – JZ, 17.12.08, 11.8.13. - EQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITY

FREEDOM: Since the general civilization of mankind, I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.” - James Madison, speech in the Virginia Convention, June 16, 1788. – General civilization of mankind? I am reminded of a saying: It will be a long time before we can say that it was a long time ago that we were barbarians! – To many territorial governments still threaten millions of people with mass extermination devices and most legislation suppresses or restricts significant individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 21.3.13. - ENCROACHMENTS, GRADUALISM, SALAMI TACTICS, STATISM

FREEDOM: Since there is not good act which is not prescribed by the moral law, the whole of liberty, as opposed to license, consists in doing what the moral law commands.” – Great Books of the Western World, Syntopicon, p.994. – How come the moral law is not yet fully expressed, in all its required details in any generally known declaration of individual rights and liberties? – JZ, 21.3.13. – HUMAN RIGHTS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, MORALITY, ETHICS, Q.

FREEDOM: Slavery is having to perform in a play written by someone else; freedom is having to write one's own play.” - Thomas Szasz, Heresies, p.47. - And one should have the option to perform in one's own play, too and the freedom to write something else than plays merely to entertain others. - JZ, 8.6.92, 8.4.00. - PLAYS, DRAMA, THEATRE, WRITING & ACTING, PANARCHISM, SELF-OWNERSHIP, PERSONAL LAW, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

FREEDOM: Slavery it is that makes slavery; freedom, freedom.” - Emerson, Miscellanies: Women. - SLAVERY

FREEDOM: Slavery: The condition of, or like that of a slave; bondage. A slave is defined as: A person held in bondage; one who has lost control of himself and his freedom of action.” - Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 5th ed. - VS. SLAVERY

FREEDOM: So far you worked hard, largely for the benefit of politicians and bureaucrats, who partly enslaved you - and most other Australians. Now it is high time for you to start working hard to set yourself and Australia’s population free again - of their rule. - JZ, 15.7.82 11.8.13. – POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATIVES, RULERS, PRIME MINITERS PRESIDENTS, BUREAUCRATS

FREEDOM: So free we seem, so fettered fast we are!” - Robert Browning, Andrea del Sarto. - Robert Browning - Most people are much more un-free than they believe themselves to be. Several of their chains are invisible to and unfelt by them, so used are they to them. Or they love their chains, believing them to be necessary and justified. - They need to see the examples set by at least a few free men around them. Mere words will not cure them. To achieve that, the territorial national prisons and their governments have to be broken up by individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities: Panarchism. - JZ, 6.4.99. - The "Free World", the "Free West", the countries newly "liberated" from communism, are still un-free. E.g., they all still suffer under territorialism, central banking and other political and bureaucratic evils. - JZ, 10.4.00. - Compare the remark of ROUSSEAU on man being born free but finding himself everywhere in chains. – JZ, 12.4.12. - FREEDOM, FETTERS, TERRITORIALISM, MONETARY DESPOTISM - APPEARANCES ARE DECEPTIVE

FREEDOM: So how about saying freedom is being in a cage which reaches further than you want to fly?” - Poul Anderson, REASON, Oct. 73.

FREEDOM: so long as the people do not care to exercise their freedom, those who wish to tyrannize will do so; for tyrants are active and ardent, and will devote themselves in the name of any number of gods, religious and otherwise, to put shackles upon sleeping men.” – Voltairine de Cleyre. - So far I have not even found sufficient interest for private declarations of rights and liberties as alternatives to those of politicians, not even among libertarians and anarchists. See my digitized anthology of over 130 such drafts in PEACE PLANS 589/590. - JZ, 23.11.06. – It is online on a CD reproduced at   - JZ - IDEAS, PRINCIPLES, INSTITUTIONS, METHODS & PRACTICES VS. TYRANNY

FREEDOM: So then, freedom in society is not the absence of restraints, but the management of one's affairs by a code of self-governance. The price of the benefits of cooperation is self-restraint.” - Frank Chodorov, The Rise and Fall of Society, N.Y., Devin Adair, 1959, 163/64. - JZ - SOCIETY, SELF-RESTRAINT, SELF-GOVERNMENT

FREEDOM: So, freedom for everybody and in everything, limited only by equal freedom for others; which does not mean - it is almost ridiculous to have to point this out - that we recognize and wish to respect the "freedom" to exploit, to oppress, to command, which is oppression and certainly not freedom.” - Errico Malatesta, La Questione Sociale, Nov. 25, 1899. - Misunderstandings of what really constitutes "exploitation" can lead some to robberies and assassinations. That word does not belong into any freedom definition unless it is very carefully confined to a limited and true meaning: e.g. exploitation of others by a legal privilege or monopoly or through fraud or coercion. - JZ, 9.5.00. - EQUAL FREEDOM

FREEDOM: Social progress does not have to be bought at the price of individual freedom.” - John Foster Dulles. - But this will happen when territorial governments become involved in attempting to promote social progress monopolistically, centrally, collectively, uniformly and coercively. - JZ, 1.7.00. - SOCIAL PROGRESS, TERRITORIALISM, WELFARE STATE

FREEDOM: social relationships based on fraud, faith, fear, and force, where personal freedom and achievement was once considered an ideal.” - ISFSC leaflet, The Road to Freedom.

FREEDOM: socialism is force, applied in restraint of faculties. For good or for evil, it is the attempt to place all men and all human affairs under a compulsory system; and to allow no free system to exist by the side of its own system, which would be necessarily endangered by such rivalry. It differs from every free system in this essential particular: that under liberty, you may give away your own liberty, if you think good, and be socialist, or anything else you like; under socialism, you must be socialist, and may not make a place for yourself in any free system.” - Auberon Herbert, Mack, edition, Essay Six, p. 230. - Compare: "Capitalism for consenting adults." - There are ca. 600 different kinds of socialism. Some are anarchistic or libertarian. A few might even be panarchistic, for e.g. Max Nettlau and Gustav Landauer viewed panarchism favorably. - JZ, 11.4.00. - STATE SOCIALISM

FREEDOM: Socialism without freedom is a pigsty.” - Bakunin. – SOCIALISM, STATE SOCIALISM

FREEDOM: Some books leave us free and some books make us free.” - Emerson, Journals, 22 December or 1839. – Leave us free? There are so many books, probably around 500 million of them, the “some books” among them have, obviously, not yet made us quite free. – JZ, 23.11.10. – BOOKS

FREEDOM: Some explanations of the freedom concept, taken from a talk by Prof. E. Howie, 19 The Grove, Mosman, N.S.W., n.d., probably in the late 60's or early 70's: 1.) Freedom consists in the absence of external restraint. - 2.) Freedom implies the opportunity to exercise deliberate choice as between different courses of action. In some cases where the consequences of this action or that are a matter of indifference either to one's own comfort or safety or to the comfort or safety of others, the choice has no moral quality. But where the consequences affect the welfare of ourselves or others, there the choice has a moral quality. The fact of choice, i.e. of the freedom to choose, is the basis of moral responsibility. - 3. A choice which has a moral quality, or moral implication, can be made only on the basis of a careful survey of the consequences of each of the alternative courses of action. That is to say that a choice having moral implications is really a choice to be made on rational grounds. - 4.) A choice made on rational grounds necessarily demands consideration of the lessons of experience i.e. of the moral law or principles, which have been formulated from experience. Moral freedom consists in obedience to the moral law written up within us. This moral freedom is associated with inner compulsions and restraints and not with the absence of them! - "When a man believes that he is morally free, he is not necessarily referring to the absence of compulsion or constraints or to feeling that he can act according to his desire. In other words, the feeling of being morally free has a quality that is distinct from the feeling of being free in a non-moral or ordinary sense. … To act freely, in a moral sense, is to act out of one's sense of duty to the belief to which one has committed oneself. … To be morally free is to act according to a moral maxim to which one has committed oneself; it is not not-acting contrary to it because of fear or punishment … To perform a morally free act is to act out of a sense of duty to one's own moral convictions in spite of threats and danger because moral conviction means ... (JZ, the word is illegible but the meaning is clearly: predominance or priority or hierarchy) of its (maxim's) rightful claims over our desires and purposes." - Young Pai, Caesetion (? Caesarism? - JZ), Freedom and Moral Solution (?) in ... (illegible again! - JZ), ed. Young Pai and J. T. Myers, pp. 451-452. - 5.) This condition of obedience to inner precepts voluntarily accepted as valid guides to conduct is the "inner freedom" of Kant and Herbert: "Inner freedom is a relationship between two factors, insight and will". (Herbert, Lectures on Education, part 1, ch. 1). This is the power to act according to the dictates of moral insight (or conscience) unimpeded by the intrusion of other considerations, e.g. those based on self-interest. A man who so acts lives at harmony with himself, even although he is living out of harmony with others. - 6.) Kant's categorical imperative is a priori, the direct command of the reason and the will: "Act as if the maxim of thy action were to become by thy will a universal law of nature". (Metaphysic of Morals, Avers, T. K. Abbott, p. 39.) - "So act as to treat humanity, either in thine own person or in that of any other, in every case as an end withal (JZ: ? by or in itself?), never as a means only." (p. 47) - "The idea of the will of every rational being as a universally legislative will." (p. 49) - 7.) Right choice increases freedom. '"When a man is faced with a choice between good and evil (or, as is more common, between a greater and a lesser good, or a greater or a lesser evil); if he chooses the evil, he is subsequently less free, for he has become more enslaved to his lower nature." - Paul Nae (?), Authority and Freedom in … (? Evolution? ), p. 225. - "Commitment involves an inescapable responsibility, but it nevertheless makes possible a higher freedom - to be responsible and free means to be ready to pass judgment over actions in the light of the values to which we are committed, to condemn these actions as wrong (or sinful) if necessary and to attempt to atone for a wrongdoing. (pp 293/94) - 8. Freedom in the responsible human sense is not "freedom from" but "freedom for", and this implies the willingness to be bound by a self-imposed discipline. - 9.) Dewey's definition of freedom from his: Democracy as Community: Shared activity. - Note by JZ on No. 9: As if participation in governmental processes were all or even part of full liberty. - 4.4.00.

FREEDOM: Some people appreciate freedom only in form of sexual license and other sensual pleasures.” - JZ, 1965. - SEXUAL FREEDOM & SENSUAL PLEASURES, LIBERTINES

FREEDOM: Some say: "This is precisely because there is too much freedom", the others: "It is because there is still not enough."- The truth is that there is not enough of the right kind of liberty; the fundamental liberty to choose to be free or not to be free, according to one's choice. Everyman is a self-appointed judge and settles this question according to his particular tastes or needs.” – P. E. de Puydt, Panarchy.

FREEDOM: Sometimes I fear that if freedom really were granted to us, we might not know what to do with it or that we might use it wrongly, and that we are lacking in that "innermost" humility". From this point of view I could even understand why the victors should act not as liberators but as conquerors …” - Hans Habe, Off Limits, p.23. - During both WW I & WW II all sides knew all too little about liberty. That's why these conflicts were so long and bloody - and happened in the first place. - JZ, 14.4.00. – Freedom can be taken or realized, through self-help measures, but not granted. Those in territorial powers are at best prepared to make some concessions towards it. – They could not grant all liberties because they do not know and appreciate them all. On the contrary: They are mainly committed to territorial power relationships. - JZ, 20.12.08. - FEAR OF FREEDOM, TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLISM

FREEDOM: Somewhat paradoxically, freedom – including economic freedom – ultimately spells limits on what we and others can do.” - Richard B. McKenzie, Bound to Be Free, Hoover Institute Press, 1982, p. IX. - ITS LIMITS, THE FREEDOM OF OTHERS, ARBITRARINESS, SELF-LIMITATION OF EQUAL LIBERTY & EQUAL RIGHTS

FREEDOM: Stimulate freedom! Not Socialism. - Freedom needs no stimulation. It would be, by itself, already the greatest stimulation - at least for all freedom lovers. And they would set very attractive examples to all others. Remember also that among the ca. 600 forms of socialism there are also some forms of cooperative and voluntary socialism, which are even more free-enterprise, free-exchange, propertarian and capitalistic for ALL members of an enterprise, than the usual employer-employee relationships are in most "capitalistic" enterprises is now. And none of them should be subjected to compulsory taxation or tribute levies, either. – Facebook, 4.10.12, rev., 21.3.13.

FREEDOM: Stop being a freedom fighter and start being a freedom merchant. Everyone a good salesman for liberty.” – Michael Cloud, 24.7.04. – However that requires, for many actions, freedom to experiment, i.e., individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy. – What M. C. largely means is: Everyone becoming, as far as possible, a good “salesman” or “representative” for liberty ideas and references, using many of the good techniques he recommends for this. But he does not want to establish a special market for freedom ideas and references or full experimental freedom for them, among volunteers, under personal law, but merely train better sales persons. – Not everyone has the talent and persistence that he has to become a good sales person for liberty ideas or a better persuader. The “sale” or publication and spread of libertarian ideas should also be largely achieved via specialists in a division of labor process, making all their information tips and advice readily available, preferable in alphabetical order and with reference to particular ideas, opinions and arguments, rather than offering merely general rules. A good and special market sells its products automatically, almost without any salesmen and representatives. – But he spoke of a “Freedom Store” franchise, which, possibly, comes close to my ideas on the subject. - JZ, 2.4.05, 21.3.13. - VS. FREEDOM FIGHTERS, FREEDOM MERCHANTS

FREEDOM: subjects should continue to enjoy in civil society the greatest possible freedom and … government should exercise the least possible force. Even so, the toleration must stop at a certain point.” - Maurice Cranston, Political Dialogues, p.34, view ascribed to Locke. – TOLERANCE ONLY FOR ALL TOLERANT PEOPLE. INTOLERANCE TOWARDS ALL INTOLERANT PEOPLE.

FREEDOM: Such being the reasons which make it imperative that human beings should be free to form opinions, and to express their opinions without reserve; and such the baneful consequences to the intellectual, and through that to the moral nature of man, unless this liberty is either conceded, or asserted in spite of prohibition; let us next examine whether the same reasons do not require that men should be free to act upon their opinions - to carry these out in their lives, without hindrance, either physical or moral, from their fellow-men, so long as it is at their own risk and peril. This last proviso is of course indispensable. No one pretends that action should be as free as opinions…" - J. S. Mill, On Liberty, p.-49-51. - At their own expense, too! - JZ - FREEDOM OF ACTION, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT AT THE OWN RISK & EXPENSE

FREEDOM: talk to me of freedom" not of sports, fashion, fine literature or the weather. - JZ, 8.6.92, 8.4.00. - SPORTS & WEATHER

FREEDOM: That freedom is best conceived not as a negative rejection of external restrictions but as a positive self-regulating form of responsible activity.” - View ascribed to Sir Herbert Read, in Krimerman & Perry, Patterns of Anarchy, p. 406. - RESPONSIBILITY

FREEDOM: That freedom is necessary to the development of the human personality.” - William F. Buckley, Jr., Rumbles Left & Right, p. 86. - Aren't e.g. freedom of speech and association, as well as freedom of enterprise and free trade and monetary freedom largely independent of the characters involved, apart from the requirements that most dealings must be honest ones and profitable to the participants? – Like religion, race and political ideology the personalities involved seem rather irrelevant to me. – Development of talents, on a free market for them, is another matter. - JZ, 8.4.00. - DEVELOPMENT OF PERSONALITY,

FREEDOM: That freedom, like everything else, does not last forever is the reason we must fight for it, not a reason to stop fighting for it.” - T. V. Wolansky, Thiells, N.Y., REASON, 12/73. - Our cars and our lives don't last forever, either, at least in their present models. But that does not mean that we have to fight for them. A good maintenance program might serve much better. - JZ, 16.4.00. – Full freedom tends to be self-maintaining, just like a condition of good health. – JZ, 20.12.08. - FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM:

FREEDOM: That right to be other, to oppose, is the essence of freedom.” - Rosa Luxemburg. - Quoted by Henry Mayer, THE AUSTRALIAN, 13.6.73. - He called her there: "the morally admirable and politically hopeless Rosa Luxemburg." - He might have added that her economics was hopeless, too. - JZ

FREEDOM: That the person of our citizens shall be safe in freely traversing the ocean, that the transportation of our own produce, in our own vessels, to the markets of our own choice, and the return to us of the articles we want for our own use, shall be unmolested, I hold to be fundamental, and the gauntlet that must be forever hurled at him who questions it.” - Thomas Jefferson, Writings, xiv, 301. - Alas, he did not extend the principle involved in "freedom of the seas" to land surfaces, although on land exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities would make it possible as well. On land this liberty is even more important and urgent to finally achieve peace, justice, prosperity, security and progress, to the extent that they are desired by the greatly diverse groups of volunteers. Not only international and internal free trade is involved but all exchanges, all contracts, all non-criminal intentions, all creative actions. As Bastiat said: "Society is exchange." - See under Panarchism. - JZ, 5.4.99. – Society is not established, maintained and further liberated and developed through territorial domination. – JZ, 19.12.08. – TERRITORIALISM, FREEDOM OF THE SEAS, OCEAN FREEDOM, PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIALITY

FREEDOM: That would be my ideal of freedom: No man-concocted restraints against the release of creative human energy.” - Leonard E. Read, THE FREEMAN, 3/74. – “Liberty - despotism's opposite - can be defined as no man-concocted restraints against the release of creative human energy”. - Leonard E. Read, NOTES FROM FEE, 9/72. - RESTRAINTS BY MEN

FREEDOM: The "freedom" of the Press, the "freedom" of association, the "freedom" of trade - all such uses of the word seem to me wrong, for freedom is an abstract concept, a philosophical word. What these people mean by their "freedoms" is really a negative condition - the absence of control, the liberty of unlicensed conduct (it is significant that a complete ambiguity or equivocation has also overtaken the word "licence"). Freedom, in this sense, always implies freedom from - freedom from some kind of control. But freedom in the sense I shall use the word is a positive condition - specifically, freedom to create, freedom to become what one is. (*) The word implies an obligation.” - Herbert Read, Anarchy & Order, p.161. – (*) Capable of becoming? – JZ. - FREEDOM OF, FROM & TO

FREEDOM: The (one), who knows what freedom is, will find a way to be free.” - Robert LeFevre. - So, he as well, didn't, for he did not find a way to be free in his long and productive life! - JZ, 13.5.01. - But I appreciate most of his freedom writings enough to reproduce most of them that were accessible to me, except a batch of his newspaper columns. They are in flawed photocopies and would require much transcription labour. - JZ, 29.1.02. - IDEAS ARCHIVE, CD-ROM PUBLISHING, KNOWLEDGE, EDUCATION, BOOK PUBLISHING, LIBERTARIAN LIBRARY, LIBERTARIAN ENCYCLOPEDIA, ABSTRACTS, DIRECTORIES, INDEX, REVIEW COLLECTIONS, DEFINITION COLLECTIONS, REFUTATIONS ENCYCLOPEDIA, RED, CULTURAL REVOLUTION, LIBERTARIAN DEFENCE, LIBERATION EFFORTS & REVOLUTION

FREEDOM: The 21st century will be free or it won't be.” - Leon Kaspersky, PROTOS, Nov. 70. - NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

FREEDOM: the absolute spontaneity.“ - Kant, Kritik der reinen Vernunft, Vorlaender, S. 730. – SPONTANEITY, INITIATIVE, FREE WILL, FREE ENTERPRISE

FREEDOM: The actions of men are the best interpreters of their thoughts. - John Locke  - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. – “Thou shalt recognize them by their fruits!” - & THOUGHTS,EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF ACTION, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: The actions of men are the best interpreters of their thoughts. - John Locke  - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. – EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF ACTION & THOUGHTS:

FREEDOM: The American individualist Josiah Warren speaks for most anarchists when he writes: "Man seeks freedom as the magnet seeks the pole or water its level, and society can have no peace until every member is really free." - Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, ch.3: Freedom and Equality, on the first page. - I wish every man were as constant in his attachment to liberty as a magnet is to e.g. iron. Why should those preferring freedom not enjoy it among themselves, while those preferring other things enjoy these among themselves, as long as they can? Only territorialism and intolerance make them fight each other although there is not good reason for them to do so. If freedom lovers mobilized all the protective and liberating potential of individual liberties, then the enemies of liberties would have hardly any chance against them, even if they organized themselves for an aggressive war. In the East/West clash, that lasted, under a nuclear arms race for decades, both sides never clearly stated rightful war aims and neither side was aware of major internal contradictions like the following: The Soviets pretended to wish to liberate the proletarians in the West. Instead, they threatened them with nuclear IBMs. The Western allies all accused the USSR of being a totalitarian regime and wished freedom for its victims. But, instead, they threatened them with their nuclear IBMs. The governments on both sides would have survived a nuclear exchange, in the safest bunkers. And the absurdity of this did not make headlines and was not publicly discussed. - JZ 9.4.00. – NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, THE ABSURDITY OF NUCLEAR STRENGTH OR MAD: MUTUAL ASSURED DESTRUCTION

FREEDOM: The aspiration toward freedom is the most essentially human of all human manifestations. – Eric Hoffer – quoted in  - Without achieving it we live only under more or less inhumane conditions. – JZ, 10.1.13. - MAN & HUMAN NATURE

FREEDOM: The authority that grants "a freedom" can always withdraw the grant. - Freedom is not a permission granted by any authority. Freedom is a fact. Whether or not this fact is known, freedom is in the nature of every living person, as gravitation is in the nature of this planet.” - Rose Wilder Lane, The Discovery of Freedom, p.149. - AUTHORITY

FREEDOM: The basic point is that freedom is absolute. There is no such thing as semi-freedom, orderly-freedom, reasonable freedom or any other form of hyphenated freedom. Freedom either exists or it does not.” - QUADRANT, Sep. 75. - I have compiled a still very incomplete survey of hyphenated notions of anarchism, which requires efforts by many participants to bring it close to completion. - JZ, 8.5.00. – See: - I also aim to make a similar survey of libertarian views. – JZ, 19.12.08. – Will anybody help to complete the former and help to start the latter? – JZ, 23.11.10. - ABSOLUTE FREEDOM? NOT HYPHENATED FREEDOM

FREEDOM: The basic test of freedom is perhaps less in what we are free to do than in what we are free not to do. It is the freedom to refrain, withdraw and abstain which makes a totalitarian regime impossible.” - Eric Hoffer, The Passionate State of Mind, p 176, 1955. – 1902 - ? - A. Andrews Quotations, p.180. Precisely by suppressing the freedom to refrain, withdraw and abstain makes a totalitarian regime possible, sometimes for several lifespans. Especially if it shares that suppression with democratic and republican regimes. Did Hoffer also clearly advocate individual and group secessionism, i.e. confinement of all States to volunteers and exterritorial autonomy? Few freedom lovers were as consistent so far. And some of those consistent people, like Fichte, Herbert Spencer and Roy Childs, later retreated from this consistent conclusion. – JZ, - FREEDOM OF ACTION, SECESSIONISM, SELF-OWNERSHIP, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, VOLUN TARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

FREEDOM: The beginning and the end of all philosophy is - Freedom.” - Schelling. – Kant stated that the thinking about ideal societies gave dignity to philosophy. – JZ – PHILOSOPHY, UTOPIAS, FREE SOCIETIES

FREEDOM: The believer in freedom, then, is like a salesman trying to persuade people to buy a product, by telling them that, chances are, there are things about it they won't much like after they get it! That's a hard sell! Freedom means putting up with a lot of things you don't like, and living with a lot of people you can barely stand.” - E. Opitz, THE FREEMAN, 7/75, 439. - No, freedom means you can choose your company, friends, associates etc. although you live in a territory that contains many people that you do no like and who engage in activities that you do not like. For instance, you may participate in or watch any sport - or none, any religion, or none, any fashion, or none. Neither about these differences nor about the differences in political, economic and social systems is there any need to enter into street fighting or oppression via majority voting. Each can be free to do his own thing. They have only to tolerate seeing, reading or hearing about the activities of others, which they do dislike, and they can reduce even this to a minimum, as they do already now, in their daily choices, in their private lives. Almost everything will then be reduced to a free, private and individual choice. Only people, who are so intolerant, that they would e.g. like to bulldoze houses or gardens of others, whose looks they do not like, or who would like to cut off the noses or the hair of others, whose looks "offend" them, will have to be restrained, forcefully, if necessary. - JZ, 27.12.76 & 14.4.00. – TOLERANCE, INTOLERANCE, PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE OF VOLUNTARY COMMUNITIES, EXTERRITORIALISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM,

FREEDOM: The best achievement of sportsmen as well as religious people is the examples they have set which prove that quite different games, rules and rituals can be peacefully played with at the expense and risk of different people, all volunteers, in the same country. Their examples are applicable to political, economic and social systems or experiments tried out within volunteer communities that are only exterritorially autonomous. Alas, most religious and sports people are not aware of this, nor are most students and scholars of political, economic and social systems, although they have these examples right before their own eyes and could abstract their exterritorial autonomy and voluntaristic features from them and should have come across at least some of the personal law or exterritorial autonomy traditions and their few remainders. On such important subjects a few hints should suffice - for sufficiently rational beings. Alas, they don't. Does that mean that most people are not sufficiently rational, observant and thoughtful, aware, conscious and open-minded? - JZ, 10.4.00. - RELIGIONS & SPORTS, PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE, FREEDOM OF ACTION

FREEDOM: The capacity to produce the motives of the will out of oneself, that is freedom.” - Kant. - (“Das Vermögen, die Motive des Wollens schlechthin selbst hervorzubringen, ist die Freiheit.”) - WILL, FREE WILL

FREEDOM: the causality of reason in the determination of the will.” - Kant, Kritik der reinen Vernunft, Vorlaender, p. 831. - REASON & WILL

FREEDOM: The cause of freedom is identified with the destinies of humanity, and in whatever part of the world it gains ground, by and by it will be a common gain to all those who desire it.” - Louis Kossuth, Speech in New York, 1851. – The same could be said about panarchies and the gradual spread of freedom ideas and practices through the peaceful imitation of the successful practices of the first pioneers. – JZ, 22.12.08. – PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREE CHOICE OF GOVERNMENTS & SOCIETIES FOR INDIVIDUALS

FREEDOM: The cause of freedom may well be lost before men realize that it is worth fighting for.” - From an article on the Workers Party, in FREE ENTERPRISE, 12/74. – It is also worth living for and in this “fighting” should be reduced to the absolutely necessary and quite rightful minimum. – Panarchists rather opt out and do their own things and encourage even their enemies to do the same to fully realize their own ideals – but only among themselves. – JZ, 22.12.08. – PANARCHISM,

FREEDOM: The civilized person realizes how incorrect it is to think of freedom as synonymous with unrestrained action. Freedom does not and cannot include any action, regardless of sponsorship, which lessens the freedom of a single human being. (*) To argue contrarily is to claim that freedom can be composed of freedom negations, patently absurd. Unrestraint carried to the point of impairing the freedom of others is the exercise of license, not freedom. To minimize the exercise of license is to maximize the area of freedom.” - Leonard E. Read, Then Truth Will Out, p.2. – (*) Unless he is a criminal with victims! - JZ - NOT LICENSE, CIVILIZATION, FREEDOM IN SOCIETY

FREEDOM: The classic liberals sought a law of equal liberty: Each man is free to do whatever does not impair the equal freedom of any other man. This rule is based on the assumption that each person has prerogatives, which no other may impair, such personal immunities being usually spoken of as 'rights'. Ethical behavior is conduct, which respects these 'rights'; and the law properly comes into play whenever these 'rights' are violated. There can be no genuine freedom unless men generally recognize the limitations placed on each man's actions by consideration for the persons and property of other men.” - Edmund E. Opitz, Defining Freedom, Essays on Liberty, FEE, vol. X, p.421. – EQUAL FREEDOM, ETHICS, MORALITY, RIGHTS

FREEDOM: The classical definition of freedom as reason ….” - Irving L. Horowitz, The Anarchists, p. 594. - REASON

FREEDOM: The cliché ‘freedom isn't free’, describes an undesirable present fact of reality ... It certainly should not be mistaken for the ideal or for the condition of a truly libertarian society. ... Man has a right to justice - at the expense of the aggressor, if he exists.” - R. A. Childs, Jr., LIBERTARIAN CONNECTION, 10.7.72. - JUSTICE

FREEDOM: the command of nature through acceptance of the laws of nature - true freedom requires the acceptance of reality.” - Diogenes of Panarchia, THE CONNECTION 121, p.23. - REALITY, LAWS OF NATURE

FREEDOM: the conception of man as an individual who becomes whole and even 'god-like' by deliberate dissociation from the collective psyche.” - Herbert Read, My Anarchism. - Not only from the collective psyche but also from collectivist communities! - JZ, 3.4.00. - INDIVIDUALISM & COLLECTIVISM

FREEDOM: The condition of equal freedom, where a refined and maximized egoism has taught even the last one that his freedom grows or falls with the freedom of the others and that he will become independent to the same extent as he allows his neighbors to be independent from him.” - John Henry Mackay, in K. H. Z. Solneman: Der Bahnbrecher John Henry Mackay, S.62. , EQUAL FREEDOM

FREEDOM: The content and purpose of freedom to my mind, is to let men accept what appeals to them, and live their lives as they want to, so long as they do not encroach injuriously upon the lives of others.” - Max Eastman, quoted in REASON, 8/79. – Panarchism does not demand anything more but also not anything less. – JZ, 18.12.08. - TOLERANCE

FREEDOM: The cry for freedom is the scream of nature.” - Title of an article by Thomas Frederick O'Connell, in THE FREEMAN, Nov. 73. - Also in GOOD GOVERNMENT, 2/75. - I have heard many natural sounds - but only very rarely a cry for freedom, and this in spite of the fact that I, as well as all others, am fully surrounded by nature and also part of it. We need more accuracy in the description of freedom. - JZ, 12.4.00. – Actually I cannot remember ever having heard a scream or a cry for freedom. – Shouted threats seem to be much more common or simple complaints like: “Leave me alone!” or “Fuck off!” or “Piss off!” in Australian slang. - JZ, 20.12.08. - NATURAL

FREEDOM: The cure for evil and disorder is more liberty, not suppression. –Alexander Berkman& ORDER, LAW & ORDER, CONTROLS, REGULATIONS, PERMITS, LICENSING, POWER, TERRITORIALISM, LEGISLATION

FREEDOM: The cure? Mind one's own business. Let everyone else mind his own. Stop seeking or granting special privilege or protection or subsidy or power over other peaceful persons. A fair field, and no favors. Compete openly and freely. Behave responsibly. Give freedom a chance to work its miracles.” - Leonard E. Read, Castles in the Air, p.52. - Underlining by me. - JZ

FREEDOM: The defenders of freedom always tell you that what matters is freedom for ideas that are hated; everything else is regarded as too easy or trivial. … If nobody objects, the freedom addicts say, you don’t need freedom.” - John Barnes, Between Shepherds & Kings, in: Brad Linaweaver & Edward E. Kramer, eds., Free Space, Tom Doherty Associates Book, New York,, 1998, p. 348. – FREEDOM FOR IDEAS THAT WIDELY ARE HATED

FREEDOM: The denial of freedom, in whatever name, only strengthen the very communism it claims to oppose.” - Senator Kennedy, reminding the Cape Town University students that the way to oppose communism was not to imitate its dictatorship. - Note in THE AUSTRALIAN, 9.6.1966. – And yet, just like his Communist opponents, he upheld territorialism, central banking, standing armed forces, nuclear mass murder devices, monopolized decision-making on foreign policy, war and peace, education controlled by governments, progressive taxation and built up the Welfare-Warfare State. – JZ, 22.12.08.

FREEDOM: The drive for freedom inherent in human nature, while it can be corrupted and suppressed, tends to assert itself again and again.” - Erich Fromm, quoted in: David Jenkins, Job Power, 60.

FREEDOM: The enemies of Freedom do not argue; they shout and they shoot.” - W. R. Inge, The End of an Age. - And most of the supposed friends of freedom only argue about who should temporarily have territorial monopoly powers over them. They do not argue, e.g., for individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities, for secession from the shouters and shooters and for the right to resist and revolt against them or to execute tyrants - and they continue to believe in all too many despotic institutions. - JZ, 5.4.89, 7.4.00, 23.11.10. – LEADERSHIP STRUGGLES

FREEDOM: The English shall be as free as their thoughts.” - Alfred the Great, quoted in Meyer's Konversations Lexikon, retranslated into English. - THOUGHT

FREEDOM: The English theory bases freedom in desire and separates it from law. A classic statement of the English conception of freedom would be contained in Hobbes' definition of natural right. To Hobbes, freedom is an absence of external hindrances, but also, a power to desire and to exercise that power.” - Dr. John O. Nelson, Rampart College Newsletter, Feb. 1967. - There is not just ONE English definition of freedom, either. There may not only exist dozens but hundreds, possibly thousands of different ones. - JZ, 4.4.00, 23.11.10. – POWER, FREEDOM OF ACTION & EXPERIMENTATION

FREEDOM: The essence of freedom is the right of people to make fools of themselves.” - O. B. Johannsen, COMMERCIAL & FINANCIAL CHRONICLE, letter, 22.3.56. – That, too, but not only that. – JZ, 23.11.10. - FOOLISHNESS, THE RIGHT TO MAKE MISTAKES

FREEDOM: The essence of liberty is to live just as you choose.” - Cicero, De Officiis, I/xx. – Even if by theft, robbery, fraud, murder or conquest and enslavement of others? – JZ, 23.11.10. – CHOICE,

FREEDOM: The essential ingredient is freedom to react to incentives and an understanding that individual liberty is not only precious but efficient.” - D. R. Francis, THE FREEMAN, 10/75, 596. - INCENTIVES, PRECIOUSNESS, EFFICIENCY

FREEDOM: The essential new that we bring, the possible maximum of freedom for everybody without exception. In other words, the State of your dreams - if you demand no privilege for you at the expense of others.” - Mackay Gesellschaft. – The majority of territorial statists would certainly not welcome that offer at present. Freedom lovers must also offer them “statism of any kind for statists of all kinds!” – JZ, 23.11.10. - MAXIMUM, PANARCHISM, SOCIETY OF YOUR DREAMS

FREEDOM: The external freedom is the authority of man to do all that he may do as an ethical being.” - Lefkovits. – ETHICS, MORALITY, HUMAN RIGHTS, DUTIES

FREEDOM: The fact is that the word "freedom" has no synonyms, it has only adjectives or extensions: individual freedom, collective, personal, moral, physical, natural, religious, political, commercial, legal, social, artistic; freedom of expression, of opinion, of worship, of the press, of a strike, of speech, of faith, of conscience. In the final analysis it is the only fanaticism that is acceptable: because without it a man is not a man and thought is not thought.” - Oriana Fallaci, A Man, p.266.

FREEDOM: The facts are that all over the world the flickering lights of freedom are going out.” - Everett Reimer, School is Dead, p.48. - Libertarians have their doomsday-sayers as well. This makes it all the more important to assemble all the positive signs of our times as well. I believe such a list could turn out to be very long and could be encouraging for many who entertain doubts whether their freedom efforts are worthwhile. - JZ, 14.4.00.

FREEDOM: The farmer works to improve the environment in accordance with the nature of plants and animals. He doesn't attempt to control them. History verifies that mankind flourishes with freedom and only with freedom. Yet politicians and bureaucrats spend all of their time attempting to control humans (an impossibility) instead of trying to improve the environment for mankind. (*) They still claim their only motive is to help. It's obvious they don't really know what they're doing and haven't identified man's nature or what benefits him.” - Dale Green, LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Sum. 77. - (*) Misunderstanding ends and means, they try to "improve" upon what they wrongly perceive to be a free society, by the Welfare State, instead of liberating society from the chains imposed upon it by any territorial State. - JZ, 11.4.00. – Totalitarian territorial statism is all too possible, for all too long. How many more instances do we need before we admit this? – JZ, 23.11.10. - ENVIRONMENT, NATURAL GROWTH, HUMAN NATURE, CONTROLS, TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

FREEDOM: The fight for freedom begins every day anew.” – Lajos Kossuth, quoted by Hans Habe, Leben fuer den Journalismus, Band 2, Meilensteine, S. 138. – Would that still be necessary, once freedom becomes properly defined a something different for many different groups of volunteers, running their own affairs independently under personal laws, exterritorially quite autonomous? Territorial general agreement on political, economic and social ideals is not achievable under the present degree of enlightenment. But tolerance for all ideals, which are tolerantly practiced, i.e. only among their believers, that is achievable, much more by sufficient reasonable persuasion attempts than by force and fighting. – JZ, 16.9.07.

FREEDOM: The fight we are waging now is not only to prevent further loss of our freedom but to restore it to its original dimensions. Our institutions - political, economic, educational, social, and religious, are largely in the hands of the enemy. I refer here not only to avowed socialists and communists. The bald fact is that the American people and their once free institutions have been engulfed by the Welfare State and its protagonists.” - Admiral Ben Moreell, The Admiral's Log II, p.42. - It is not true that Americans were ever and consciously as well as actively quite free. Don't they deserve more liberties than those, which they had already achieved once before? - Restoration AND expansion! - JZ 15.4.00. - FREEDOM FIGHT, WELFARE STATE, SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM,

FREEDOM: The first act of freedom is to choose it.” - Rollo May, On William James - Love and Will. - CHOICE

FREEDOM: The first phrase, "freedom from", rests on the firm belief, originating possibly from Erasmus, supported by Locke, John Stuart Mill, and a host of liberal thinkers in the last century, that there exists an area of freedom for each individual which must be protected against encroachments of others, including the organized encroachment of the State, if he is to be fully human. Of course there are considerable differences of opinion as to what that area should be. All agree that it must not be so large as to restrict the freedom of others or reduce society to a state of chaos …” - Eric Lucas in What Is Freedom? Oxford University Press, London, 1963, p. 123.

FREEDOM: The first requisite of freedom is to accept responsibility for the lack of it. - E. C. Riegel. – How many are seriously striving towards the realization of all liberties and rights, at least for those, immediately, who do already want them now? – JZ, 18.12.08. – However, is anyone or any group exclusively responsible for the non-awareness and non-realization of all too many genuine liberties and rights? – JZ, 24.11.10. - RESPONSIBILITY

FREEDOM: The formula for justice should be: "Every man is free to do that which he wills, provided he infringes not the equal freedom of any other man." This is a formula hostile to war, which exalts authority, regimentation and obedience; it is a formula favorable to peaceful industry, for it provides a maximum of stimulus with an absolute equality of opportunity; it is conformable to Christian morals, for its holds every person sacred, and frees him from aggression; …” - Herbert Spencer, in Durant, Herbert Spencer, p. 50, Little Blue Books. - JUSTICE

FREEDOM: the four freedoms of President Roosevelt, … are not freedoms at all, but only rhetorical devices to persuade people to give up some of their true freedom." - Benjamin A. Rogge, The Case for Economic Freedom, FEE, The Freedom Philosophy, p. 19. – They are also an indication of how little our “leaders” and their voters know and appreciate about genuine rights and liberties. When will you finally help to bring about an ideal declaration of all individual rights and liberties? Or will you prefer to remain ignorant about them and complacent about their absence or suppression? – In PEACE PLANS 589/590, later enlarged and digitized by me, I did my bit in offering over 130 private human rights declaration as a basis for a serious discussion on this subject. To my knowledge it has still not taken place. – Why not? Can and should we postpone this project indefinitely and remain satisfied with governmental bills of rights? - JZ, 20.12.08. – They are online at - FOUR FREEDOMS, Q., A DECLARATION OF ALL INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS & LIBERTIES IS LONG OVERDUE

FREEDOM: the free and independent individual, who can't be compelled to serve anyone." - James P. Hogan, Mirror Maze, p.143. - But one can leave him in circumstances, which compel him to serve himself, supporting himself self-responsibly. - JZ, 8.4.00. - SERVITUDE

FREEDOM: The free is the will. Will without freedom is an empty word since freedom is real only as will, as subject.” - Hegel. - (“Wille ohne Freiheit ist ein leeres Wort, so wie die Freiheit nur als Wille, als Subjekt wirklich ist.“- As usual, clear as mud! Try to derive e.g. the details of monetary freedom from that! - JZ, 9.4.00. - It might be as difficult as to derive these details from the general recommendation: Love your neighbor as yourself. - The latter also overlook that many people do not really appreciate and respect themselves - and thus have no respect for the rights of their neighbors, either. - JZ, 8.5.00. – WILL, LOVE, GENERALITIES, LACK OF A PROGRAM,

FREEDOM: The free man is a peaceful man. The un-free man is a warmonger - even if he is nothing but a slave. - JZ, 11.1.74. – (At least he fights back by passive resistance or going slow, achieving only a low productivity. – JZ, 21.3.13.) I do hope that all peaceful men do not remain quite peaceful after someone willfully stepped on their toes or threatened to poke their eyes out. – Un-free men, identifying with military power and victories, feel powerful, like some enthusiastic spectators watching the feats of some of their football heroes. Those with sufficient experience of war come to hate it. But they have still not sufficient knowledge of and experience with the libertarian ways to end and prevent wars. - JZ, 9.5.00. - PEACE & WAR

FREEDOM: The free man is in essence the voluntary executive of his own moral judgment.” - Bertrand de Jouvenal. - This is an abstract formulation of panarchism without any hint towards its concrete realization. - JZ, 6.4.89, 8.4.00. – All too many generalities and abstracts are useless as blueprints or programs. – JZ, 23.11.10. PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR COMMUNITIES OF VOLUNTEERS

FREEDOM: The free man manipulates the world; the world manipulates the slave.” - Ross Rocklynne, They Fly So High, AMAZING STORIES, 6/52, in: M. Ashley: History of the SF Magazine, III, p.199. - The free man let's himself be ruled only by natural law, the slave by other men. - JZ, 21.5.80. - MAN, RULE, SLAVERY

FREEDOM: The free way of life proposes ends, but it does not prescribe means.” - Robert F. Kennedy, The Pursuit of Justice, 1964. - Apparently, he had never read or learned to appreciate one of the more complete drafts of individual rights. - JZ, 8.4.00. – Respect for freedom and liberty does also prescribe rightful and just means to attain freedom ideals. – For instance, it does not sanction terrorist acts against innocents or measures according to the “principle” of collective responsibility. – JZ, 19.12.08. - ENDS & MEANS

FREEDOM: The freedom and happiness of man ... are the sole objects of all legitimate government.” - Thomas Jefferson to Gen. Kosciusko, 1810. - But CAN territorial governments with involuntary members provide freedom and happiness? - JZ, 30.6.00. - HAPPINESS THROUGH TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS?

FREEDOM: The freedom of a free will is therefore morally indifferent. It can be exercised to do either good or evil. We use our freedom properly, says Augustine, when we act virtuously; we misuse it when we choose to act violently. "The will", he writes, "is then truly free, when it is not the slave of vices and sins." – Augustine, in Syntopicon, p.994. In “Great Books of the Western World”. - & FREE WILL

FREEDOM: The freedom of any society varies proportionately with the volume of its laughter.” - Zero Mostel, in THE READER'S DIGEST, 9/85. – Can even the most powerful men remain in power for long when they, their ideas and actions are very widely ridiculed? – JZ, 17.12.08. - LAUGHTER, HUMOR, SMILES, JOKES

FREEDOM: The freedom of each has as logical limit the freedom of the others.” - Karr. - FREEDOM, ITS LIMIT

FREEDOM: the freedom of everyone to act peaceably in his own behalf."- Earl Zarbin, THE FREEMAN, 6/73. - PEACEFUL ACTION, FREEDOM OF ACTION & EXPERIMENTATION, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: The freedom of ordinary, un-aspiring individuals to live their lives as they chose, following their own whims and preferences, independently, self-sufficiently, without the license, approval, regulation, or permission of anyone.” - James P. Hogan, Mirror Maze. - The same applies to aspiring or ambitions and extraordinary people. Indeed, they need full liberty even more. - JZ, 8.4.00.

FREEDOM: The freedom that I mean is, unfortunately, not at home here, either.  - (“Die Freiheit, die ich meine, die ist hier leider nicht zu Hause.”) - Famous German quote.)

FREEDOM: the freer the society, the greater the outpouring of ideas and products.” - Ridgway K. Foley Jr., THE FREEMAN, 4/73. - STANDARD OF LIVING, PROSPERITY, IDEAS, PROGRESS

FREEDOM: The fundamental need of man in society is freedom of action, which means: recognition of his rights to actions over property which he morally owns, i.e., has a justifiable claim to, which means: Justice.” – R .A. Childs, Jr., THE INDIVIDUALIST, May 71, p. 5. - Did he recall his criticism of Ayn Rand's notions on "competing governments", as some people have asserted? I would like to obtain and microfiche documentation on this, with my comments. - The same applies to Herbert Spencer withdrawal of his chapter on "The Right to Ignore the State", in the original edition of "Social Statics". I would also like to find out whether J. G. Fichte ever explicitly withdrew what he said about the right to secede from the State in his earlier work on the French Revolution. (Beitrag zur Berichtigung der Urteile des Publikums ueber die Franzoesische Revolution.) - JZ - FREEDOM OF ACTION, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

FREEDOM: The future will either be based on individual liberty or it won't be a future worth living in. Does any individual self-help publisher offer more information on this, in cheap texts, in any medium, than LMP does? - JZ, 16.9.93 & 22.6.00. – By now, probably, at least some do, probably, offer more freedom information in digitized form. See e.g. - But mostly there are organizations behind large pro-freedom publishing efforts, not just individual publishing efforts like my own, with microfilm. – JZ, 23.11.10, 21.3.13. - FUTURE

FREEDOM: The good news concerns the private ownership and control of scarce and valuable resources and the voluntary exchange of goods and services in open competition - with government limited to keeping the peace and invoking a common justice. The good news is that we better serve ourselves and others when free to act creatively as each chooses.” - Leonard E. Read, NOTES FROM FEE, 5/80. - ACTION & CREATIVITY

FREEDOM: The good of mankind is a dream if it is not to be secured by preserving for all men the possible maximum of liberty of action and of freedom of thought.” - John M. Robertson. - GOOD, DREAM, UTOPIA, FREEDOM OF ACTION

 FREEDOM: The government of the revolution is despotism of liberty against tyranny.” - Maximilian Robespierre, French National Convention, Feb. 5, 1794. - Remember how he applied his maxims. Despotism in the name of liberty is still despotism rather than the defence of liberty. Robespierre despotically defended only a kind of collective freedom, as interpreted by himself, against all dissenters. He allowed no one to secede from his policies. That constituted his terror regime. It has given revolutions a bad name, all too widely, even up to our times. A rightful revolution begins and continues with individual secessionism and voluntary associationism. He did not permit these in the most important spheres. - JZ, 6.5.89, 8.4.00. - Exterritorially the absolute monarchists, the constitutional monarchists, the radical republicans and the moderate republicans of the French Revolution could have peacefully coexisted. And from them this tolerance for tolerant actions could have spread, largely peacefully, over the rest of the world. How much bloodshed would have been avoided thereby, how much despotism and poverty? - JZ, 8.5.00. - DESPOTISM, REVOLUTIONS, FRENCH REVOLUTION, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, TERRORISM

FREEDOM: the great human liberty, which, destroying all the dogmatic, metaphysical, political and juridical fetters by which everybody today is loaded down, will give to everybody, collectivities as well as individuals, full autonomy in their activities and their development, delivered once and for all from all inspectors, directors and guardians.” - Bakunin, quoted in Krimerman & Perry, Patterns of Anarchy, p. 92. - AUTONOMY

FREEDOM: The greater a man's freedom, the more does he become dependent [only? – JZ] upon himself, and well-disposed towards others.” - Wilhelm von Humboldt, in Sprading, Liberty & the Great Libertarians, p.105. – INDEPENDENCE, PEACE, HARMONY, COEXISTENCE, PEACEFULNESS, CONTENTMENT

FREEDOM: The greater your love of your liberty - not to a distant ideal but to an essential part of your life, the more difficult it is, naturally, to live in an age, as our times, in which even the last liberty is threatened to disappear. - But your love of it will help you, again and again, over the greatest difficulties. - Whosoever does not hate the suppressors of liberty does not really love it.” - John Henry Mackay, Abrechnung, S.165. - LOVE OF LIBERTY

FREEDOM: The greatest blessing of democracy is freedom. But in the last analysis our only freedom is the freedom to discipline ourselves.” - Bernard Baruch. - All too few and limited liberties lead merely to democracy. Democracy does not produce liberties but merely tolerates some to some extent. All the remaining problems with democracies could be fast overcome if all freedoms were realizable, at least among all those who want them for themselves. - JZ, 4.4.00. – What good is self-discipline when externally imposed discipline, controls, laws, regulations, restrict our basic rights and liberties? – JZ, 20.12.08. - SELF-CONTROL & DISCIPLINE

FREEDOM: The greatest enemies of democracy, the most violent reactionaries, are those who have lost faith in the capacity of a free people to manage their own affairs and wish to set up the government as a political and social guardian, running their business and making their decisions for them. This is statism, or Stalinism, no matter who advocates it, and it's plain treason to freedom.” - Maxwell Anderson. - DEMOCRACY & STATISM

FREEDOM: The greatest safety valve to alleviate discontent in any country is the right to expound ideas, advocate government reform and criticize public officials or governmental institutions.” - W. P. Hunt, of Arizona. - A still better safety valve is freedom for exterritorially autonomous actions among communities of volunteers. Where would science and technology be without freedom to experiment? Governments and bureaucrats have developed a very thick skin against mere criticism. But allow their victims to secede and pay their contributions to their own community and ignore all the messes of their former rulers - then we will soon see considerable improvements occurring fast. - JZ 4.4.00. - FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION ONLY OR ALSO PANARCHISM: FREEDOM OF ACTION & FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT?

FREEDOM: The highest freedom of man is to sacrifice themselves.” - Schneider. - That is all the freedom which politicians and bureaucrats are inclined to leave us. - I would rather say: The highest freedom of a man is to live his own life unhindered. - JZ, 6.7.92. - SACRIFICES & LIFE, , ALTRUISM, EGOISM

FREEDOM: the highest value of civilization: individual freedom." - Peregrine Worsthorne, London, quoted in THE AUSTRALIAN, 7.11.74. - CIVILIZATION

FREEDOM: The history of society so far was at least to 50% proportional to the history of the individual's ability to pay. Wherever liquidity equals zero the individual becomes enslaved.” - Ulrich von Beckerath, 18.1.54, note to Kurt Zube's "Manifest der Freiheit".  - THE ABILITY TO PAY, MONETARY FREEDOM, FREE BANKING, NOTE-ISSUE FREEDOM, FREEDOM TO CLEAR, UNDER FREE CHOICE OF VALUE STANDARDS

FREEDOM: The history of the world is none other than the progress of the consciousness of freedom.” - Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Philosophy of History. - Seldes. - And yet no historian or group of historians has as yet managed to write a complete history of freedom and of the consciousness of it! - JZ, 13.4.00. – Perhaps because there is still so little consciousness of it? – JZ, 20.12.08, 22.3.13. - HISTORY & CONSCIOUSNESS OF FREEDOM

FREEDOM: The idea of freedom has been rated by penetrating students of human philosophy as the number one "great idea" of all time.” - R. J. Williams, You Are Extraordinary, p. 14.

FREEDOM: the idea struck me that a people which resolves to remain free can defy the whole universe - that, though a great number of us might perish, we should, at the last, prove victorious."- Erckmann-Chatrian, The Story of a Peasant, II, p.111. - Freedom on a superficial and limited level, like national freedom, is not enough. Full knowledge of freedom and of all its freedom promoting and protecting options are required for love of liberty to become strong and efficient enough to defeat all the opponents of liberty or convert them to it. - JZ, 27.7.92, 22.3.13. - LOVE, KNOWLEDGE AND APPRECIATION OF FREEDOM

FREEDOM: The idea that liberty means not merely that men are to be free to do what they will, but also that they are right to do so, is a naïve misconception. If it were followed through, it would produce an unfree society. As Burke said, "Their passions forge their fetters." - Arthur Shenfield, REASON, 8/76. - That is also a naïve misconception. If ALL men are to be free in that sense then this obviously means that NO one is at liberty to act AGAINST the free will of OTHERS, so that all have to come to an expressed or implied agreement on equal liberty for and rights all of them. Freedom does not mean license, whim or arbitrariness as far as the affairs, rights, liberties and contracts of others are concerned. One is free to act arbitrarily only within one's own sphere of rights and liberties. - In our mis-education system e.g. ethics, morality, right and wrong, human rights and individual liberties, are so little or superficially dealt with that one can compare it perhaps only to merely teaching the ABC and numbers in primary schools. In this respect the ancient Persian education system was much better. It consisted mainly in training in arms and in discussing moral questions. - JZ, 10.4.00. – WILLFULNESS, ARBITRARINESS, WHIMS, EDUCATION, MORALITY

FREEDOM: The ideal of freedom is to let anyone do anything he pleases, as long as his behavior is peaceful, with government empowered to keep the peace - and nothing more. An ideal objective, true, but one that must be pursued if we would halt the continuing descent of our society from bad to worse. Nothing short of this will suffice.” - Leonard E. Read, Anything that's Peaceful, chapter 18. – Territorial governments are the worst possible peace keepers. All too often they become, rather, Warfare States. – JZ, 22.3.13. – LIMITED BUT STILL TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT?

FREEDOM: The illusion that one is already as free as one can be is, perhaps, the greatest obstacle to the achievement of full individual liberty. Another significant illusion is that all must achieve the same degree of freedom together, at the same time and in the same country. Panarchism would allow all individuals to approach full freedom step by step, as soon as they are ready for another step in this direction. - JZ, 26.4.95, 6.4.00, 22.3.13. - ILLUSION THAT ONE IS ALREADY FREE, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: The importance of the tax revolt movement is ideological, it's convincing millions that freedom didn't fail, it was undermined and sabotaged for the benefit of the few, at the expense of all.” - Rene Baxter, FREEDOM TODAY, 9/75. - THE TAX REVOLT

FREEDOM: The inborn right is only one: Freedom (independence from the coercive arbitrariness of another) insofar as it can agree with the freedom of everybody else according to a general law, is this single, original right which every man. thanks to his humanity, can claim.” - Kant, Metaphysik der Sitten, p.43. – If that definition were sufficient for all purposes, then we should already be sufficiently enlightened on all individual rights and liberties, without the need for expressing them quite clearly in an ideal declaration. – JZ, 20.12.08. – INBORN RIGHTS, ONLY ONE?

FREEDOM: The incapacity for freedom can only arise from a want of moral and intellectual power; to elevate this power is the only way to counteract this want; but to do this presupposes the exercise of that power, and this exercise presupposes the freedom which awakens spontaneous activity.” - Wilhelm von Humboldt, in Sprading, Liberty & the Great Libertarians, p.106/7. - This seeming vicious circle can be broken by utilizing the remaining few and limited liberties to the fullest - by leaving none of them unused, or under-utilized as we do now with e.g. the micrographic and disc freedom of expression and information opportunities. - JZ, 11.4.00, 22.3.13.

FREEDOM: The individual can't be free in the choice of his social and political environment but it can be free in his individual point of view towards his environment.” - Popular unchecked premise that ignores the panarchistic or exterritorial and voluntaristic alternatives for societal autonomous actions. It resembles the opinion of Frederick the Great who said: "Argue as much and about whatever you like - but obey! We should have advanced beyond this point of view - after about 250 years. - JZ – OBJECTIONS, , PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY OR FULL EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR VOLUNTEERS

FREEDOM: The instinct of mankind in the average is always towards the best and if wholly free to choose will always accept and prefer the best.” - Nock, in: - Michael Wreszin, The Superfluous Anarchist Albert Jay Nock, Brown U.P., Providence, 1972, p.62. - Subjectively best deals are not objectively best deals - except for the individuals who made the choices, if no force, fraud, ignorance or error is involved. What is objectively top quality is fully appreciated and acquired only by those who do appreciate the quality and are able and willing to pay the price of it. What is true about his remark is that people will often judge merely by price and appearances and go for the best bargain, if they bother to go bargain-hunting at all. - When it comes to ideas and opinions they will not be attracted by the best but, rather, driven by their prejudices, errors and myths, to make, more often than not flawed or wrong choices, at least as long as the advocacy and salesmanship for sound ideas and opinions has been as flawed and incomplete as it was so far. - JZ, 3.5.00, 22.3.13. – Do all people make the best choices in paintings, music, food and drink, jokes, books, marriage partners, jobs, self-education, etc.? – JZ, 23.11.10, 22.3.13. - CHOICE, BEST CHOICES,

FREEDOM: The institution of freedom, if properly defined, suffices to render justice to each individual. John Stuart Mill said: "The only freedom which deserves the name, is that of pursuing our own good in our own way, so long as we do not attempt to deprive others of theirs, or impede their efforts to obtain it." - My own definition of freedom, if practiced, would assure universal justice: No man-concocted restraints against the release of creative energy.(*) This is to say that no one would inhibit any individual in any way whatsoever except to curb his destructive actions: fraud, violence, misrepresentation, predation, and the like.” - Leonard E. Read, Who's Listening? p.295. - - (*) Rather, as many and only as many as some people desire for themselves! Freedom lovers do not have to be in a constant state of liberation war against the statists. The best way to teach statists, those who are teachable at all, is to leave them to their own fate. We have the large example before our eyes that even totalitarian regimes, after dozens of millions of blood-sacrifices, do finally make some concessions in order to benefit by some of the additional productivity, which even degrees of economic freedom can already provide. When all the damages of their interventionist policies have to be born exclusively by themselves and by their voluntary followers, while all around them other people benefit from large degrees of freedom or even full freedom practices, then and then only will this kind of enlightenment proceed much faster, if not at the level of the top leadership then at the grassroots level, at which individuals are free to secede and to select a better future for themselves and their families. - JZ, 13.4.00, 22.3.13. – JUSTICE, PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL FREE CHOICES, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM

FREEDOM: The intellectual leaders in the movement for liberty have all too often confined their attention to those uses of liberty closest to their hearts, and have made little effort to comprehend those restrictions of liberty which did not directly affect (*) them.” - F. A. Hayek, The Constitution of Liberty, introduction. - (*) rather: "interest". For all restrictions of liberty do directly or indirectly affect the lives of all, whether they are aware of this or not. Thus its spread can never be too wide nor its application too extensive. But no one should be forced to take up all its options. We must all grow towards full freedom, and the full maturity it can bring us, at our own speed, in accordance with our knowledge and abilities. - JZ, 6.5.89. - ITS INTELLECTUALS

FREEDOM: The key that opens the door is not the end of the journey.” - H. G. Wells, The World Set Free, p. 178. - Individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy would have permitted H. G. Wells and his followers to realize their statist ideals among and for themselves, always only at their own risk and expense. Then their kind of State socialism would have been harmless to all non-consenting outsiders. Their kinds of expensive and oppressive territorial package deals would not have monopolized the whole population of State territories. Even ignorant and prejudiced individual consumers of his socialist utopias would soon have begun to look around for better bargains - and many better ones would have been ready and waiting for them. - PIOT, JZ, 11.4.00, 19.12.08. - ENDS & MEANS, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: The last freedom - freedom to flee.” - BERLINER ILLUSTRIERTE, Germany. - It is insufficient without a right to asylum, a right to immigrate and to settle - and to be exterritorially autonomous - in other countries – or wherever one lives and works. - JZ, 8.8.86 & 17.4.00, 22.3.13. – If the right of individuals to secede - and to live in self-chosen and exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers - were already realized, then one would no longer have to try to escape to other and somewhat better countries. – JZ, 18.12.08. PANARCHISM, ASYLUM, REFUGEES, ESCAPING, EMIGRATION & IMMIGRATION, DEPORTATION, FREEDOM TO FLEE, FREE MIGRATION, FREE EMIGRATION, ASYLUM, FREE IMMIGRATION

FREEDOM: The liberties of democracies are to be denied to those who would only use them to slander and destroy democracies.” - Popular notion. - Freedom is not established by the creation of democracies. Democracies are only very incomplete realizations of some liberties. The more free they are for expression and criticism and also for free experimentation among dissenting volunteers, the less chance the demagogues will have to appeal to popular errors, myths and prejudices, i.e. to the majority, the safer the democracies and other, much freer societies, will become. - JZ, 7.4.00. 23.11.10. – Genuine self-government is the opposite to territorial, collectivist and “representative” government. – It dispenses with the spleens of “one nation”, “one people”, “one country”, “one leader” and that strength and security lies in territorial unity. - JZ, 22.3.13 - DEMOCRACY,

FREEDOM: The liberty of going wrong is the seamy side of the priceless privilege of going right by free choice rather than by compulsion.” - William Ernest Hocking, The Coming World Civilization. – RIGHT TO MAKE MISTAKES – AT THE OWN EXPENSE

FREEDOM: The liberty of others extends mine to infinity.” - Graffito written during French student revolt, May 1968. - Alas, degrees of freedom of an individual and his respect for the freedom of others do not automatically establish links with other freedom lovers. Not even e-mail and the Internet and complete libertarian publishing on microfiche, online or on discs could do that, although they could be very useful tools for such an effort. Liberty requires more than mere chance contacts and limited cooperation: namely some systematic efforts to link up all freedom lovers and what they have to offer to each other - and to the rest of mankind. - Only then can liberty be indefinitely spread and extended. - JZ, 9.5.00. – It requires a fully publicized free market for all freedom options, including complete links lists and directories to people with special interests and abilities, complete digitized freedom libraries, bibliographies, abstracts and review collections, indexing and specialized encyclopedias and archives, e.g. of libertarian ideas and refutations, all offered cheaply in very powerful although small sized discs and HDD. Each serious libertarian could and should all of them on his desk, all including already the search results of to thousands to millions of other libertarians, instead of each libertarian, on his own, having to search the Internet laboriously for some specific libertarian information – among, possibly, millions of search results of automatic search engines. – JZ, 22.3.13. - EQUAL FREEDOM, THE LIBERTY OF OTHERS, NOT A LIMIT BUT AN EXTENSION

FREEDOM: The liberty which is good is not the liberty of one gained at the expense of others. …” - L. T. Hobhouse, Liberalism, 1911, p.43. - EQUAL FREEDOM


FREEDOM: The main freedom is the freedom to be free or un-free according to one's choice. If this right were realized for the individual (and volunteer communities) then there would be no threat of war. We would have many autonomous groups, not confined to any particular area, peacefully coexisting and competing with each other. - Those who want to be exploited would have the right to remain dependent laborers in a private capitalistic enterprise or to set up a State capitalistic enterprise for themselves. - Those who want to be managed, guided and led in most of their own affairs would elect their dictators of the communist, Nazi or any other brand, whichever would take their fancy, and could obey them as long as they wanted to. - Those who appreciate individual liberty would join in autonomous communities within which they would have the benefits of free trade, free banking, and the abolition of all monopolies. In short, they could fully enjoy all their human rights under exterritorial autonomy. - Partly this principle is already recognized: Freedom of speech, press and assembly for instance does not mean that everybody has to write articles, speak in public or attend public meetings. One may leave these rights unused as long as one likes, or limited for oneself as much as one likes. - The only limit of the above freedom would have to be that your preference and choice concerns, binds, obliges only yourself and like-minded people - but nobody else - until you give notice to your exterritorial and autonomous community of volunteers. - JZ, n.d. & 4.4.00, 22.3.13. - THE MAIN FREEDOM, FREEDOM TO BE FREE OR UNFREE, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: The main issue, is whether or not man should give away freedom, private initiative, and individual responsibility and surrender to the guardianship of a gigantic apparatus of compulsion and coercion, the socialist state. - Ludwig Von Mises - VS. STATE SOCIALISM,BUREAUCRACY

FREEDOM: The mainspring of this astounding progress was freedom - freedom to try, to save, to experiment, to invest, to improve and to fail. For the first time in thousands of years a nation was organized on the basis of voluntary co-operation, instead of being directed under central planning, serfdom or slavery. Freedom is the essential element of free enterprise.” - Viv Forbes, Let's Free Enterprise, on the American experiment. – Alas, it did not include experimental freedom for whole political, economic and social systems, based upon personal law or full exterritorial autonomy. If it had … – JZ, 23.11.10

FREEDOM: The man who asks of freedom anything other than itself is born to be a slave.” – Alexis de Tocqueville (1805-1859), French Philosopher and Author: - Freedom should not be mixed up with other and secondary values or demands or claims, like safety, housing, incomes, equality & guaranties, to be provided by others, who would thereby be made un-free. - JZ, 25. 11. 06. – By the above definition the leftist or communist or egalitarian anarchists are slaves, too. They have not recognized yet that voluntarism rather than egalitarianism is the primary factor for all efforts to achieve individual liberation, as far as one wants to go, at the own expense and risk. – JZ, 12.12.08. – AUTHORITARIANISM, EGALITARIANISM, ANARCHISM, LEFTISM, COMMUNIST ANARCHISM, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, LIBERATION VS. DOMINATION, SLAVE MENTALITY, HUMAN RIGHTS, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SECURITY, STATISM, WELFARE STATE

FREEDOM: The man who is set free is nothing but a freed Man ... a dog dragging a piece of chain with him: he is an unfree man in the garment of freedom.” - Max Stirner – SELF-LIBERATION, FREEDOM AS A MATTER OF INDIVIDUAL FREE CHOICE

FREEDOM: The man who knows what freedom means will find a way to be free.” - Motto of Freedom School, Colorado. – Since we are not quite free as yet should we conclude that no one as yet knew fully what freedom means? Otherwise he would have found a way and set a shining example to all others, according to this motto. – JZ, 23.11.10. - KNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTANDING

FREEDOM: The moment we invade liberty to secure equality we enter upon a road which knows no stopping-place short of the annihilation of all that is best in the human race.” - Benjamin R. Tucker, in a short set of quotations from him compiled by Joe Labadie. - VS. EQUALITY

FREEDOM: The most drastic deprivation which any person can suffer is that of the freedom to utilize and enjoy the faculties which nature has given him and which his will and desire have developed. Keep a man from exercising his mind, his body, his faculties, in the pursuit of his own wishes and delights, keep him from enjoying the fruits of his efforts - and you have done everything evil to him that you can. The greatest desire of each person, in short, is to be free to get the most he can get out of life. There is no other way objectively to define social goals than to call them the sum of those individual goals which can be harmonized in society.” - Sylvester Petro, The Labor Policy of the Free Society, quoted in THE FREEMAN, 11/72. – Different panarchies would have different policies towards labor and, hopefully, some of them would have no official policies towards it or other economic aspects or groups at all, leaving them to make their own kind of free contracts on a free market. – JZ, 20.12.08, 22.3.13. - GOALS, INDIVIDUAL & SOCIAL

FREEDOM: The most evil tyrant imaginable, whose goal is to extinguish human liberty, does not want impediments placed between himself and his goal; he wants to be free to wield power unconditionally. Everyone, in short, desires his own freedom; but not everyone is seriously concerned that all other persons have as much freedom of action as he has. Very few people, as a matter of fact, favor equal freedom - a social condition of maximum freedom of action for everyone. And there's the rub! Freedom for yourself is a biological urge; the will to equal freedom for everyone stems from a more complex fact of our nature.” - Edmund Opitz, THE FREEMAN, 5/75. - TYRANNY, FREEDOM OF ACTION & EQUAL FREEDOM

FREEDOM: The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground.” - Thomas Jefferson, 1743-1826. - That applies only to INCOMPLETE liberty. - Complete liberty would be hard to impossible to defeat. It could largely fight with the soldiers, officers and citizens of its opponents. - Restrained liberty is no match for unrestrained government. - JZ, 21.4.00. Unrestrained liberty is! – JZ, 7.5.00. – Territorial governments are not natural institutions, with natural powers only and operating under natural laws only! – JZ, 17.12.08. – GOVERNMENT, DESERTION, REFUGEES, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS, SECRET ALLIES, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE, RIGHTFUL WAR & PEACE AIMS, LIBERATION RATHER THAN NUCLEAR THREATS

FREEDOM: The natural right of every man is "the liberty each man has to use his own power … for the preservation of his own nature, that is to say, of his own life … and consequently of doing anything which in his own judgment and reason he shall conceive to be the aptest means thereunto." This liberty or natural right belongs to man only in a state of nature. When men leave the state of nature and enter the commonwealth, they surrender this natural liberty in exchange for a civil liberty which, according to Hobbes, consists in nothing more than their freedom to do what the law of the state does not prohibit, or to omit doing what the law does not command.” - Great Books of the Western World, Syntopicon, p.993/4. - NATURAL RIGHTS VS. LAW OR LEGISLATION, TERRITORIALISM OR EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS?

FREEDOM: The notion of freedom which they generally assumed was more than 'being let alone'; a man, to be free to do something, must have the (*) means or the power to do it…” - David Nicholls, The Pluralist State, p.26. - (*) opportunity to honestly acquire and use the means… - JZ, n.d.

FREEDOM: The old-fashioned presumption was always that in the case of any interference with liberty, its reasonableness should be demonstrated before it should be adopted; but now-a-days it seems to be the notion that the presumption is the other way, and the burden of proof is on those who have to defend liberty instead of on those who insist upon interference.” - Mr. Pleydell Bouverie, of the Liberty and Property Defence League, quoted in Herbert Spencer and the Limits of the State, ed. by Michael Taylor, page 30, in Wordsworth Donisthorpe's essay: Liberty or Law? - THE ONUS PROBANDI, BURDEN OF PROOF, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, POWER, INTERVENTIONISM

FREEDOM: The only freedom Tucker would deny the individual was the freedom to trespass upon the rights or interests of another human being. Obviously this would preclude the use of force or violence against the person of another under ordinary circumstances.” - Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.152. - Again, not freedom is used for the trespass, since freedom does not licence such actions, but power or criminal cunning. - Tucker did not deny such freedom but such power, as Reichert indicates in the last part. - JZ, 11.4.00.

FREEDOM: The only freedom, which deserves the name, is that of pursuing our own good in our way, so long as we do not attempt to deprive others of theirs, or impede their efforts to obtain it. – John Stuart Mill– Knowing and respecting the genuine individual rights and liberties of others just as well as the own. – JZ, 4.4.12. – It also includes the right to make mistakes, to harm oneself, to make wrong choices, always only at the own expense and risk, e.g. with foods, drinks and drugs. – JZ, 9.1.13. -  FREEDOM FOR ONESELF & FOR OTHERS

FREEDOM: The only freedom which deserves the name", Mill thinks, "is that of pursuing our own good in our own way, so long as we do not attempt to deprive others of theirs, or impede their efforts to obtain it"; for, "in proportion to the development of his individuality, each person becomes more valuable to himself, and is therefore capable of being more valuable to others. There is a greater fullness of life about his own existence, and when there is more life in units there is more in the mass which is composed of them."- Great Books of the Western World, Syntopicon, p. 999. - John Stuart Mill. - Another version: “The only freedom deserving of the name, is that or pursuing our own good in our own way, so long as we do not attempt to deprive others of theirs, or impede their efforts to obtain it. Each is the proper guardian of his own health, whether bodily, or mental or spiritual. Mankind are greater gainers by suffering each other to live as seems good to themselves, than by compelling each to live as seems good to the rest.” - J. S. Mill, On Liberty, I, 1959 – Seldes, The Great Quotations. - ENDS & MEANS

FREEDOM: the only moral and just society is one in which people have the right to act as they choose, to deal with each other on a voluntary basis, provided they do not violate that right of someone else."- Leaton Jay of Kingscliff, NSW, in a letter, reprinted in FREE ENTERPRISE, Sep. / Oct. 1975. - FREEDOM OF ACTION, VOLUNTARISM

FREEDOM: The only unfailing and permanent source of improvement is liberty, since by it there are as many possible independent centers of improvement as there are individuals.” - John Stuart Mill. - One could say the same on panarchism for volunteer communities. - JZ – LIBERTY, PROGRESS, INDIVIDUALISM, SELF-IMPROVEMENT, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

FREEDOM: The only way to freedom is BY freedom.” - Ken Knudsen in THE VOLUNTARYIST, No. 6. - FREEDOM, THROUGH FREEDOM STEPS

FREEDOM: The open-ended society of Adam Smith, favoring freedom as primarily a MORAL goal, and viewing prosperity as an incidental accompanying blessing. …” – G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.181.  PROSPERITY & MORALITY

FREEDOM: The opposite to power or force is freedom. Freedom is the only thing that can solve our problems and, incredibly, it is the only thing most people aren't game to try.” – John Singleton with Bob Howard, Rip Van Australia, p.203. – All such A to Z compilations on liberty should become digitally combined, mentioning the sources. Copyrights should not be used to prevent this kind of combination of all too dispersed wisdom. – JZ, 22.3.13. - POWER, FORCE, FEAR OF FREEDOM

FREEDOM: The opposite view does not regard freedom as freedom from law. "Freedom", Hegel maintains, "is nothing but the recognition and adoption of such universal substantial objects as Right and Law." All that matters in the relation between liberty and law is whether the law is just and whether a man is virtuous. If the law is just, then it does not compel a just man to do what he would not freely elect to do even if the law did not exist. Only the criminal is coerced or restrained by good laws. To say that such impediment to action destroys freedom would be to deny the distinction between liberty and license. – Great Books of the Western World, Syntopicon, p.995. - LAW & RIGHTS

FREEDOM: The path to freedom is blocked much more by those who wish to obey than by those who desire to command.” - M. D. Petre. - LEADERS & OBEDIENCE, STATISM, COMMANDS, DISOBEDIENCE, LIBERATION, ENLIGHTENMENT

FREEDOM: The People are free. All of us. - All of you … but not each of you. … The People are free … at the cost of loss of individual freedom for each of you - and I don't except the Chief Officer or Captain; they are the least free of any.” - Robert A. Heinlein, Citizen of the Galaxy, p.140/41, in ASTOUNDING SF, 10/57. – The genuine individual rights and liberties of the others impose enormous restrictions upon each individuals but do also provide each with great opportunities. The less arbitrary actions, of oneself as well as of others, the more general liberty for everybody. – JZ, 12.12.08. INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY VS. FREEDOM OF THE PEOPLE, DUTIES, RESPONSIBILITIES, LEADERSHIP, SELF-OWNERSHHIP, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY


FREEDOM: the philosophy of freedom - that is, the freeing of human energy and the human spirit - is practical because it is right, and for no other reason.” - Leonard E. Read, Outlook for Freedom, p.38. - "Free spirits" is a loaded and unclear term. Many a heavy drinker would welcome that proposal. Freedom for individual minds and their actions is another matter. Read always strove for better and best words for liberty - but even he did not always succeed. – It should become a world-wide effort by all moral and rational beings. - JZ, 12.4.00. - FREEDOM IS RIGHT

FREEDOM: the philosophy of Freedom demanded higher standards of personal responsibility than a belief in authority.” - View of Alex Comfort, reported in: Colin Ward, ANARCHY IN ACTION, 75. - AUTHORITY & RESPONSIBILITY

FREEDOM: The political method is wrong. It goes against the basic principle of libertarianism. The ends don't justify the means. We cannot achieve by using coercion. If we want freedom, we must use it to achieve it.” - Hodgson Gleen, in LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Summer 75. – To further explore and utilize are e.g. freedom to resist, to defend oneself, to protect one's property, to commit tyrannicide, to engage in rightful revolutions. The most radical among the non-violent methods are individual and group secessionism, combined with voluntary associationism to form alternative institutions like exterritorially full autonomous communities. By a variety of non-forceful means force might be altogether avoided or its rightful use minimized. - JZ, 11.4.00. - USE DEGREES OF FREEDOM, TO THE EXTENT THAT THEY ARE ALREADY AVAILABLE, AS FAR AS POSSIBLE - TO ACHIEVE FULL FREEDOM, POLITICS? NON-VIIOLENCE? PASSIVE RESISTANCE? SELF-DEFENCE, MILITIAS TO PROTECT INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, LIBERATION

FREEDOM: The political system we will build is contained in a single moral premise: No man may obtain any values from others by resorting to physical force. Every man will stand or fall, live or die by his rational judgment. If he fails to use it and falls, he will be his only victim. If he fears that his judgment is inadequate, he will not be given a gun to improve it. If he chooses to correct his errors in time, he will have the unobstructed example of his betters, for guidance in learning how to think; but an end will be put to the infamy of paying with one's life for the errors of another.” - Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, p.992. - Nevertheless, she opposed individual secessionism and its consequence: exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities or: competing governments. Few innovators are quite consistent and realize all the implications of their principles and inventions. - JZ, 8.5.00. - FREEDOM OF ACTION, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM IN EVERY SPHERE FOR VOLUNTEERS

FREEDOM: The political tendencies of our time are continuingly centralist, and have reached the point generally where it is impossible to infer the extent to which a people are free from the mere fact that they enjoy political freedom. In the last analysis, political freedom guarantees freedom only to the collectivity, within which the individual may be enslaved.” – William F. Buckley, Up from Liberalism, p.124.  POLITICAL, COLLECTIVIST & INDIVIDUAL, CENTRALIZATION, DECENTRALIZATION

FREEDOM: The position of the Left is to somehow believe that if a person can smoke pot, be a homosexual and speak his or her mind, then that person is free - even though he or she might be told how much to earn, what businesses to start, under what conditions to work, and so on.” –John Singleton with Bob Howard, Rip Van Australia, p.11. - The freedom ideas of most people are all too incomplete still. Help to provide guides and handbooks and encyclopedias that could greatly help to complete their freedom notions. - JZ, 8.5.00. - FREEDOM OF THE LEFT

FREEDOM: The positive concept of freedom is that of the power of pure reason to be of itself practical.” - Jeffrie G. Murphy, Kant, The Philosophy of Right, p.81. - Help to compile all the blueprints for liberty! - JZ, 9.5.00. – By now they could and should be published on a single small HDD the size of a book only. – JZ, 22.3.13. - REASON, POWER & PRACTICALITY

FREEDOM: The possibility for all to do what is right, i.e., to do everything that does not trespass upon the equal freedom of everybody else. The condition in which everybody can fully enjoy all his natural rights. Freedom includes the freedom not to be free. - JZ, n.d.

FREEDOM: the possibility of a person's acting according to his own decision and plans, In contrast to the position of one being irrevocably subject to the will of another.” - F. A. Hayek, quoted by T. Machan, Liberty & Culture, p.85.

FREEDOM: The practical foundations of personal liberty, apart from the inherited rights of freedom of thought, religion and expression, are cheap accommodation, fee-free schools, minimal prices for essential consumer goods, in order to assure a decent surplus for leisure, education, entertainment and development.” - Tage Erlander, Swedish Prime Minister, ca. 1954. – Under such “leadership” genuine individual rights and liberties are unlikely to be realized. – JZ, 19.12.08. – Welfare rights or claims are not genuine individual human rights and liberties. – JZ, 22.3.13. -“FREEDOM” IN THE WELFARE STATE, , “SOAK THE RICH” OR “PAY YOUR OWN WAY!”?

FREEDOM: The practical reason for freedom is that freedom seems to be the only condition under which any kind of substantial moral fiber can be developed — we have tried law, compulsion and authoritarianism of various kinds, and the result is nothing to be proud of. - Albert Jay Nock – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, LAW, AUTHORITARIANISM, COMPULSION, COERCION FORCE, MORALITY, WELFARE STATE

FREEDOM: the present "scholarly" development of American Constitutional Law has reached this conclusion: '… Your speech, writing and vote must be free from government interference, but beyond that you are free to do only what the government allows you to do.' - The whole field of American liberty has thus been reduced to free speech and a free vote." - Clarence Manion, p.67/68. - FREEDOM OF ACTION, CONSTITUTIONALISM, LAW, LEGISLATION, REGULATIONS, GOVERNMENT, CLASSICAL LIBERTIES, FULL FREEDOM FOR VOLUNTEERS TO EXPERIMENT IN EVERY SPHERE NOW MONOPOLIZED BY TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS

FREEDOM: The price of freedom is the willingness to do sudden battle, anywhere, anytime, and with utter recklessness.” - Robert Heinlein, The Puppet Masters, XXXV. - With some foresight and rationality this desperate last step can often be avoided. There may be no cheaper, easier, faster and more effective way to defend liberty against all future attacks than to make, finally, all pro-freedom writings permanently, cheaply, easily and fast enough accessible. This could be done on microfiche, floppy disks, CD-ROMs and online or on other affordable alternative media - but it ought to be done soon. It has already been delayed for thousands of years. Never before could it be done as cheaply and easily as well as by as few people as it could be done now. - JZ, 3.4.00. – Knowledge of all freedom options can provide the power to realize them. – JZ, 17.12.08. - ITS PRICE, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, MAD: MUTURAL ASSURED DESTRUCTION

FREEDOM: The principal elements of freedom: Unconditional freedom of speech and freedom to criticize authorities. Security against arbitrary interventions by officials. Add the chance to work and be secure. One cannot feel free if one lives under the threat to lose one's job without warning, when one is responsible for dependents.” - Halvard Lange, Norwegian Minister for External Affairs, ca. 1954. - Welfare State notions of freedom are rather limited and even contradictory to genuine individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 22.3.13.

FREEDOM: The principle of government, which is force, is opposed to the free exercise of our ability to think, act and cooperate.” - Fred Woodworth, Anarchism. - FREEDOM OF ACTION & GOVERNMENT

FREEDOM: the principle which Kant arrived at, … namely, that our freedom, determined through the moral law, is the thing in itself (i.e. is life itself); …” – Leo Tolstoi. Ein Leben in Selbstbekenntnissen. Tagebuchblaeter und Briefe. Herausgegeben von Arthur Luther. Bibliographisches Institut, Leipzig, An N. N. Strachow, 16.10.1887, p.220. - MORALITY & LIFE ACCORDING TO KANT

FREEDOM: The principles on which we engaged, of which the charter of our independence is the record, were sanctioned by the laws of our being, and we but obeyed them in pursuing undeviatingly the course they called for. It issued finally in that inestimable state of freedom which alone can ensure to man the enjoyment of his equal rights.” - Thomas Jefferson to Georgetown Republicans, 1809.

FREEDOM: The problem that is set for our times is that of freeing man from the curse of economic exploitation and political and social enslavement.” - Rudolf Rocker, as quoted by Noam Chomsky in his Notes on Anarchism. - LOVE OF FREEDOM

FREEDOM: the product of all history and all philosophy up to this time is summed up in the doctrine, that he should be left free to do the most for himself that he can, and should be guaranteed the exclusive enjoyment of all that he does…"- W. G. Sumner, What Social Classes Owe to Each Other, p.31.

FREEDOM: The production, extension spread and protection of individual rights and liberties requires just as much division of labor as does a free market for the production of any other goods and services. Moreover, these services should and could also be provided under the conditions of free enterprise, free trade, full publicity and competitive pricing. This requires the recognition and use of all affordable and efficient alternative media in their strengths, e.g. towards complete, permanent and cheap publishing of all freedom texts. Such division of labor would even be legal and affordable for most freedom lovers. Nevertheless, these pro-freedom opportunities are still widely neglected. - JZ, 5.12.83, 8.4.00. - DIVISION OF LABOR

FREEDOM: The progress of freedom depends more upon the maintenance of peace, the spread of commerce, and the diffusion of education, than upon the labours of cabinets and foreign offices.” - Richard Cobden. - PEACE, TRADE, & EDUCATION VS. GOVERNMENTS, LEADERSHIP, A COMMON LIBERTARIAN PROJECTS LIST ONLINE TO PROMOTE COLLABORATION & DIVISION OF LABOUR, DIGITIZED LIBERTARIAN LIBRARY & OTHER LIBERTARIAN REFERENCE RESOURCES.

FREEDOM: The pursuit of unhappiness is an inalienable right of all humans.” - Frank Herbert, The Worlds of Frank Herbert, Berkeley Books, 1981, 19. – Good examples: jealousy and envy, as long as they do not lead to wrongful actions. – JZ, 20.12.08. - ERRORS, MISTAKES, PANARCHISM, FREEDOM TO BE UNFREE, UNHAPPINESS & HAPPINESS

FREEDOM: The range, variety and quality of desirable, positive, pro-survival options available to an individual as determined by the individual.” - Andre Spies, circular of 14.10.85.

FREEDOM: The reason freedom is so important is that it is a pre-requisite to any other value: Without freedom, no other values are possible.” – Ron Manners, Uncle Ron's Bookshop-papers. - Values are also subjective, as the subjective value theorists has taught. Thus, for many people there are other values, even though these values would restrict their own liberties and rights, and if they forcefully applied them to others, then also the liberties and rights of others. - JZ, 11.4.00. - VALUES

FREEDOM: The relations of men are open and free, but they are also loose. A free man in a free democracy derogates from his rank if he takes a favor for which he does not render an equivalent.” - W. G. Sumner, What Social Classes Owe to Each Other, p.34. - One must be careful in the definition here, otherwise bureaucrats and politicians might imagine that they have a right to sell favors. - Others would consider this as an abuse of their power, as bribery and corruption. - JZ, 14.4.00. - EXCHANGE RATHER THAN FAVORS & THE DISPENSATION OF PRIVILEGES

FREEDOM: The restraint of the aggressor is the freedom of the sufferer. …” - L. T. Hobhouse, Liberalism, 1911, p. 92. - AGGRESSION

FREEDOM: The right of the individual to choose or refuse one thing at a time." - Ascribed to Major C. H. Douglas by Dennis Byrne. - The right to an individual vote within a collectivist voting system, for one or the other package deal, offered by one or the other party or "independent" candidate, does not give an individual sufficient options, especially not when he is not a member of the majority. Only if he could freely choose - for himself, and at his own expense and risk only - among dozens to hundreds of panarchies and their package deals, offering various governments and free society systems, could he come close to voting on all points significant to him. Under such conditions he might also vote for one or the other world-wide society (of volunteers, all only exterritorially autonomous and thus peacefully coexisting) which lets the world market freely operate for all its members, which means that he could then shop around for each world-wide bargain and service offered, by the members of each world society, just like he does today, choose between the free enterprise offers of various corporations engaged in international trading. Consumer sovereignty and as a result of his individual sovereignty in this respect as well. – On E-Bay and with other such electronic world market services, and with his shopping for software, he does so already, to some extent. – We are already internationalists or cosmopolitans e.g. with regard to our choice of music, movie literature options, Internet and telephone usage, cars, airline and tourist package deals, sports contests, fashion involvements etc. and take such consumer choices for granted. - JZ, 1.4.00, 19.12.08. – VOTING, PANARCHISM, COMPETING WORLD GOVERNMENT SOCIETIES, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, SELF-OWNERSHIP, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, VOTING, TERRITORIALISM, REPRESENTATION, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY TOWARDS COMPETING SOCIETES ETC.

FREEDOM: The right to impose one's own choice on others is severely limited by natural law. It is even limited with regard to one's own children - to a certain age and to orders for their protection and the protection of one's own rights. Obviously, it is at least as much, if not much more restricted concerning the children of others and regarding other adults. - JZ, 1965. - Laws don't make a rightful exception. - JZ, 31.7.78. - FREEDOM OF CHOICE

FREEDOM: The second measure which Mr. Jefferson had at heart was "that of general education, to enable every man to judge for himself what will secure or endanger his freedom." - A. J. Nock, Jefferson, Harcourt, 1926, p.312. – EDUCATION, SCHOOLS

FREEDOM: The second thing I propose to do about it is to be for an idea instead of against an idea. I propose to be for freedom - instead of merely against communism. And I define freedom as the right of any person to do as he pleases so long as he does not interfere with the equal right of any other person to do as he pleases. To me, freedom means absolute equality under the law for all persons, …” - Admiral Ben Moreell, Log I, p.62. - Persons under the law are under the law, not under or in freedom. - Have territorial laws ever been able to assure freedom for all or were they even ever intended to do so? - JZ, 9.5.00. - EQUAL FREEDOM, TERRITORIALISM, Q.

FREEDOM: The secret of happiness is freedom, and the secret of freedom is courage." - Pericles' Funeral Oratio, 431 BC. – Quoted in Thucydides (460-400 B.C.). - Does the really free man need much courage? He would need it only if surrounded by men that do not respect freedom and rights sufficiently. - Thus intelligent people, grown up in civilized surroundings, have often been turned into cowards, while e.g. slum kids, who had often to defend their rights, developed either speed for running away from dangers to them, or the courage and skills to stand up and fight for their rights. Properly armed and trained people will also show more courage when attacked. - JZ, 25. 11. 06. - Full freedom is still largely an unknown ideal, even among organized freedom lovers. What they very often need is rather sufficient interest in more freedom opportunities than they already know about, rather than merely courage. But their own remaining flawed premises, errors, ignorance and prejudices prevent them from showing and following that interest. – JZ, 26.12.07. – HAPPINESS, FREEDOM & COURAGE OR SUFFICIENT INTEREST IN THE OWN AFFAIRS?

FREEDOM: The secret of our plenty is freedom.” - From film: The State of the Union. - PLENTY, PROSPERITY, WEALTH

FREEDOM: The shallow consider liberty a release from all law, from every constraint. The wise see in it, on the contrary, the potent Law of Laws. – Walt Whitman in  - The genuine individual rights and liberties of all others do constitute the natural limits to all rights and liberties of individuals. – JZ, 9.1.12. -  We should be released only from all wrongful restraints. Rightful restraints prevent or end e.g. crimes and aggressions. – JZ, 9.8.13. - & LAW, IN ITS BEST SENSE, ARBITRARINESS, “POSITIVE LEGISLATION”, CONSTRAINTS, RESTRICTIONS, EQUAL LIBERTY, EQUAL RIGHTS, LIMITS, INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

FREEDOM: The simplest fact is that freedom is indivisible. Freedom to work is useless without economic freedom and the freedom to strike. Freedom of expression is useless (*) without freedom to publish. Freedom to demonstrate is useless without freedom to abolish rulers. (**) Freedom of speech is useless without freedom to broadcast your ideas. Freedom to think is useless without freedom to act. - But because we have not or do not want all the freedom is no reason for not agitating for as many as we can get. Freedom is probably not an obtainable absolute but this should not prevent us working to bring it as near as possible, each of us in his own field, in cooperation with others, or ploughing his own lonely furrow.” - Jack Robinson, in FREEDOM, 25.2.67. - It may be objectively indivisible, but for all too many individuals, subjectively, it is divisible. They are either satisfied with only a fraction of all their natural liberties and rights or remain dissatisfied in unawareness that absence of the liberties, which they do not know or appreciate, are the cause of most of their remaining troubles. – (*) insufficiently useful! – (*) If they were free to secede they would not need to demonstrate or try their luck in territorial elections. - JZ 4.4.00, 22.3.13. - INDIVISIBLE

FREEDOM: The slender Frenchman spent his life fighting to give all Frenchmen the freedom which alone could make the specialized world of the Industrial Revolution function properly.” - G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.14. - The Industrial Revolution multiplied the output of goods and of jobs but not of exchange media to pay for them, since it clung to an exclusive exchange medium, still largely tied to scarce metals and did not fully introduce the clearing options, which were then even less understood than they are now. - JZ, 8.4.00. – He could not “give” them freedom but he tried very well to teach them much about it. – JZ, 22.3.13. - THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION, MONETARY REVOLUTION, FREE BANKING, FREE EXCHANGE, FREE TRADE

FREEDOM: The source of rights, of man's moral claim to freedom, is his rational nature. Reason is man's tool of survival, his means of living. Human action by nature is rational action, proceeding from the mind of an individual. And freedom from coercion is a requirement for such action. A man cannot act on the basis of his mind if the will of another is interposed between his mind and his action. Man has, therefore, a moral claim - a right - to freedom of action.” - Ayn Rand, Man's rights, in The Virtue of Selfishness, N.Y., New American Library, 1964, quoted by David Kelly, in THE FREEMAN, 10/75, pp 617/618. - Man has also the right to act irrationally, at his own risk and expense. That is his major way to learn to act rationally. - JZ, 16.4.00. - Ayn Rand's freedom ideas have been alphabetized in a book. Those of all other libertarians haven't as yet, in a libertarian encyclopedia. Why not? - JZ, 9.5.00. - REASON, RATIONALITY, MORALITY, RIGHTS & MAN'S NATURE, FREEDOM OF ACTION & MIND, SUCCESS & FAILURES, FREEDOM TO TRY, EXPERIMENT, FREE CHOICE

FREEDOM: the status of freedom as a categorical and a priori imperative of the first magnitude, …” - Benjamin R. Barber, Superman & Common Man, p.85.

FREEDOM: The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice.” - George Eliot - CHOICE, GROWTH

FREEDOM: The suppression of any freedom means death and destruction, at least to some extent. - JZ, 8.4.00. - DEATH & DESTRUCTION

FREEDOM: The supremacy of law is frequently said to be the basic principle of political liberty.” – GREAT BOOKS OF THE WESTERN WORLD, SYNTOPICON, p.996. - Yes, if personal laws, individually chosen, are included! - JZ, 3.4.00. – Or natural laws, natural rights, individual human rights and liberties, as laws for human beings, at least all those, who are rational enough to be able to make rational use of them. – JZ, 22.3.13. - LAW, POLITICAL LIBERTY, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, NATURAL LAW

FREEDOM: The theory of Mutualism, on the other hand, maintains that the interests of society at large are best served by the same means which go farthest to promote the interests of the individual: freedom from restraint, as long as the individual's activities are non-invasive; elimination of all factors which artificially limit man's opportunities; voluntary organization of society into associations as the need for them arises in order to carry on such activities as are beyond the power of the single individual; in short a voluntary creation and mutual exchange of commodities under conditions which exclude special privileges and state-protected monopolies.” - Schwartz, What Is Mutualism? p.47. – This book is online e.g. at  - MUTUALISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, CONTRACTARIANISM, VOLUNTARISM

FREEDOM: The thought of how far the human race would have advanced without government simply staggers the imagination.” - Doug Casey, 1979. - GOVERNMENT & PROGRESS

FREEDOM: The transcendental freedom is the independence from all experienced conditions, that is from nature altogether. It is the capacity to initiate oneself a new condition.” - Kant. – Another version: “The transcendental freedom is the independence of all empirical influence and also of nature altogether. It is the possibility to initiate a new condition right from the beginning.” - Kant. - INDEPENDENCE, INITIATIVE

FREEDOM: The trouble with fighting for human freedom is that one spends most of one's time defending scoundrels. For it is against scoundrels that oppressive laws are first aimed, and oppression must be stopped at the beginning if it is to be stopped at all.” - H. L. Mencken – Here he muddles the aim and the situation. - We should fight the passing of oppressive laws, oppressive already because they are for involuntary subjects, applied territorially to whole populations, innocents and guilty, volunteers and dissenters combined. We should not stop but properly organize the suppression of any scoundrels, top to bottom, with involuntary victims, better than any territorial government has done so far and can do. – JZ, 8.8.08. – PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, PROTECTION, SECURITY, SELF-DEFENCE, MILITIA

FREEDOM: The trouble with freedom is that it's so much … trouble: nobody to tell you what to do, so you have to do what you think best; nobody to regard you as a valuable property, so you have to take care of yourself; nobody to imbue your life with meaning, because that's your job. Freedom, as opposed to license, implies a great deal of skull sweat and other forms of hard labor. It is not for sissies. But the compensations are transcendent, for the strong.” - Jerry Pournelle, in FAR FRONTIERS, Winter 85, p. 137, in introduction to: Ronald Anthony Cross, Golden Dawn. - ITS TROUBLES & RESPONSIBILITIES, DECIDOPHOBIA, STATISM, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, FEER OF FREEDOM

FREEDOM: The true end of man, or that, which is prescribed by the eternal and immutable dictates of reason, and not suggested by vague and transient desires, is the highest and most harmonious development of his powers to a complete and consistent whole. Freedom is the first and indispensable condition which the possibility of such a development presupposes; but there is besides another essential - intimately connected with freedom, it is true - a variety of situations.” - View ascribed to John Stuart Mill, by Noam Chomsky, in: For Reasons of State, p.177. – Does a territorial State have “reasons’ or only “motives”? – JZ, 19.12.08. - ENDS OF MAN, REASON, DEVELOPMENT, Q.

FREEDOM: the true equality of all, the equality of free persons: only Freedom is Equality.” – Stirner quoted in: John Henry Mackay, Max Stirner, p.107, in his essay on education. - EQUALITY

FREEDOM: The true remedy for the abuses of freedom is more freedom.” - Dyer D. Lum, in: Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.240. - It is wrong to speak of "abuses of freedom". A condition of freedom between people does not allow some to abuse their strength or cunning or position to infringe the freedom of others. Thus, while the freedom of others is restricted by abuses of those territorially in power, the abusers do not abuse their own freedom, since their own freedom does not go so far to allow this, although their powers might. - JZ, 11.4.00. – Let people secede from their official territorial abusers! – JZ, 17.12.08, 23.11.10. – ABUSES, , SECESSIONISM, POWER, TERRITORIALISM, CORRUPTION

FREEDOM: The true test of one's commitment to individual freedom, wrote economist Walter Williams in a recent column for Heritage Features Syndicate, "is when you allow others to voluntarily do those things which you don't like." - Robert Poole, Jr. & Christine Dorffi, in REASON, 9/81, p.18. – Did Walter Williams and Robert Poole in any of their writings really go beyond small scale territorialist decentralization? – JZ, 21.12.08. - TOLERANCE, TEST, DISSENT, FREEDOM OF ACTION & PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, TOLERANCE, RESPECTING INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES OF OTHERS

FREEDOM: The truth is, all might be free if they valued freedom, and defended it as they ought.” - Attributed to Samuel Adams. - Quoted by Nizam Ahmad sharing Unbound Quotes and Notes's photo. - Facebook, 9.11.12. - Instead, fruitless infighting and interminable discussions go on and on, never fully settling any remaining disagreements and no common platforms, not even for research, collaboration, archive work and publishing, are agreed upon and thus affordable, powerful and easy alternative media for freedom literature remain largely ignored. There is no collaboration to survey e.g. all classification schemes, definitions, remaining disagreements, all libertarian ideas and arguments and refutations, publishing all abstracts, bibliographies and reviews and developing a libertarian revolution and liberation and militia program, to mention just some points. Too much is left to chance rather than free enterprise, far visions and systematic work towards it, no liberation science is being developed. - JZ, 4.7.00. - STRATEGY, TACTICS, PROGRAM, ENLIGHTENMENT, EDUCATION, PROPAGANDA, PUBLICITY, NEW DRAFT, A GENUINELY CULTURAL REVOLUTION IS REQUIRED

FREEDOM: the tyranny of a majority might under some circumstances be worse than the tyranny of a single despot. - It becomes, then, the first duty of a free man to respect the conviction of his fellow man and to do no violence to it as long as his fellow man observes the same bounds and does not attempt to accomplish by coercion what he could not achieve by persuasion." - Rudolf Rocker, Pioneers of American Freedom, L.A., 1949. – MAJORITIES, PERSUASION, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL

FREEDOM: The western position in the cold war could therefore be very strong. All it would need to do so is to utter its cold-war aim with a clear ringing voice: freedom for all. In the singular, by the way. Roosevelt paid but poor service to the still free world by splitting Freedom into freedoms, and a poorer one still by attaching prepositions to his freedoms and distinguishing between freedom to and freedom from. What the liberal world should be quite clear about is that its civilization and culture rest on this one principle: freedom first. Just as the Soviet Union aims at making all the world communist, so we should aim at making all the world free - men as well as nations. We cannot expect to win the cold war while we fail to proclaim to the world as our cold war aim that which is the core of our civilization and culture. For while we so fail, our side will be bewildered and confused, divided and open to the infiltration of the more determined strategy and the more skillful tactics of communism.” - Salvador de Madariaga, The Blowing Up of the Parthenon, p.32. - This cold war may be over but there are more to come. They ought to be conducted right. - JZ, 1.1.92. - Most freedom lovers set themselves too small targets and use too small means to attain them. - JZ, 8.5.00. - COLD WAR, COMMUNISM, SOVIET UNION, TOTALITARIANISM, DEFENCE, LIBERATION, WAR & PEACE AIMS, QUITE RIGHTFUL ONES, CLEARLY STATED, LONG IN ADVANCE OF ANY CLASHES

FREEDOM: The whole world is against us and only because we want to be free.” - From film: Madame. – Only the territorial advocate of freedom for whole populations provokes the popular prejudices and doubts against and widespread fear of freedom. If we advocate freedom, instead, only for volunteers, which would leave our opponents the option to simply ignore us and our activity or to content themselves by asserting that we would, inevitably fail, so that there would be no need to stop us. – They could also disassociate themselves from us as much as they liked – but not territorially. - JZ, 21.12.08. - UNPOPULARITY

FREEDOM: The wife you get may well choose to be none but yours, as Lis has chosen thus far with Dan. There's nothing amiss with that, if it's what the two of you really wish. But she has the same right to freedom, every kind of freedom, as you do, and if she claims it she becomes not the less, she becomes the more. Aye, freedom can be lonely, can be frightening, wherefore many persons forswear it, on their own behalf or - what's truly evil - on everyone's. Yet I often think that it's what being human is about. Anything else, a beast or a machine can match. Freedom is ours.” - Poul Anderson, The Avatar, p.312. - EQUALITY & HUMAN BEINGS, FREEDOM IS OURS

FREEDOM: The word 'free' is an inspiration to all men. Yet the word suffers badly from lack of definition. To free a man meant originally to remove from him the restraint of other men. But this meaning has been so extended that we use the verb to mean the removal of anything that impedes the movement of anything, and the American FREEMAN finds American liberals declaring that taxing people for the Welfare State confers upon them 'freedom from want'. It quotes a woman novelist: "If you were assigned a job and prohibited from leaving it, the freedom of your career would be restrained. But it would give you freedom from the fear of unemployment. … Whenever a new compulsion is imposed upon us, we automatically gain a new freedom." Pursue this reasoning, and it will be said that the more the State controls the individual, the freer he is, since all his choosing is done for him. He is relieved of the worry and anxiety of choice, and the freest place is a prison. I suggest that we confine the world "freedom" to the absence of restraint from other men, and that instead of  "I am free from a cold", let us say: "I have no cold". Then, at all events, we shall understand a little better what a man means when he talks of freedom. A strict definition of the word is especially important to individualists, since freedom is precious to them.” - Henry Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST, Dec. 66, p. 62. – WELFARE STATE, WRONGFUL CLAIMS & MERE WISHES STATED AS CIVIL RIGHTS.

FREEDOM: The word 'freedom' is used for many purposes - and sometimes it is even used in the interests of freedom." - Source? - ABUSE OF THE WORD

FREEDOM: The word ‘freedom’ has still another meaning in the classical and Christian tradition. As Montesquieu put it, freedom ‘can consist only in the power of doing what we ought to will, and in not being constrained to do what we ought not to will.’ (*) We are free if we have the faculty of knowing what we ought to do and the will to do it.” - Walter Lippmann, The Public Philosophy, A Mentor Book, 1955, p.111, (*) Charles de Montesquieu,

FREEDOM: The word no politician can understand.” - FREE RADICAL, 2. – The politicians of competing governance systems, societies and communities, i.e. of Panarchies or Polyarchies, would understand it. – JZ, 22.3.13. – POLITICIANS, LEADERSHIP, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS, UNDER TERRITORIALISM VS. LEADERSHIP UNDER PERSONAL LAW, OF VOLUNTEERS ONLY

FREEDOM: The world has never had a good definition of the word liberty, and the American people, just now, are much in want of one. We all declare for liberty, but in using the same word we do not all mean the same thing. With some the word liberty may mean for each man to do as he pleases with himself, and the product of his labor; while with others the same word may mean for some men to do as they please with other men, and the product of other men's labor. Here are two, not only different but incompatible things, called by the same name - liberty. And it follows that each of the things is, by the respective parties, called by two different and incompatible names - liberty and tyranny.” - Abraham Lincoln.

FREEDOM: There are few who act for freedom, and the actors for freedom are oppressed by the talkers and verbal professors of freedom.” - Gerard Winstanley, Law of Freedom, 1652. - He talks under the wrongful premise that full freedom of action already exists. But is correct only insofar as not even all of the remaining freedom of action opportunities are fully taken up nor those involving only small risks and some courage. Territorial governments have left us many opportunities to work productively towards their abolition - but we have not yet taken them up to a sufficient extent. E.g.: microfiche, floppy disks and CDs for the cheap and permanent publication of all freedom writings. - JZ, 6.4.89, 8.4.00. - TALK & ACTION

FREEDOM: There are incalculable resources in the human spirit, once it has been set free. . – Hubert H. Humphrey - in  – It could be largely set free e.g. by an Ideas Archive and Talent Centre, acting as a free market for ideas and talents, combined with full exterritorial autonomy for volunteers and their experiments in all spheres, to the extent that they can be practised at the own risk and expense only. – JZ, 31.3.12. – An online listing of all current and proposed libertarian projects could also attract sufficient manpower to them. – JZ, 10.1.13. - MINDS, RESOURCES, TALENTS, IDEAS, INNOVATORS

FREEDOM: There are many roads to enslavement, only a few to mastery and freedom.” - E. Reimer, School is Dead. - ROADS TO FREEDOM, SLAVERY, SELF-RULE

FREEDOM: There are more instances of the abridgement of the freedom of the people by the gradual and silent encroachment of those in power, than by violent and sudden usurpation. – James Madison, quoted by Afrikanus Kofi Akosah – Facebook, 8.11.12. - & ENCROACHMENTS BY POWER

FREEDOM: There are probably thousands of freedom, peace and justice opinions, which you have, unfortunately, never seriously considered - because you were not exposed to them. One should imagine that after thousands of years of freedom struggles at least the ideas on freedom would be made completely and readily accessible. - JZ, 9.11.97, 6.4.00. – IDEAS ARCHIVE, FREEDOM LIBRARY ON A DISC, LIBERTARIAN ENCYCLOPEDIA

FREEDOM: There are still men who want to live in freedom.” - LERNZIEL ANARCHIE, Nr. 3. - MAN, PEOPLE, STATISM, FREEDOM LOVERS, THE  REMNANT

FREEDOM: There are two freedoms - the false; where a man is free to do what he likes; the true; where a man is free to do what he ought.” - Charles Kingsley. - OBLIGATION, RESPONSIBILITY, DUTY, RIGHTS, ARBITRARINESS

FREEDOM: There are two good things in life - freedom of thought and freedom of action.” W. Somerset Maugham, Of Human Bondage. - Seldes. - Territorial governments are largely organized to legally or bureaucratically deny freedom of action to their subjects, in the most important spheres, the political, economic and social spheres. Being in charge of these, they mostly do not care much about the rest. - JZ - 8.5.00. – OR only to that extent are they “liberal” in the modern sense. – JZ, 20.12.08. - FREEDOM OF ACTION & FREEDOM OF THOUGHT

FREEDOM: There are two kinds of freedom. For the savage freedom is the same as isolation. The one is most free whose activity is least infringed by the activities of others. Thus the existence of a single individual on earth would supply us with the idea of the greatest possible freedom. From a social point of view freedom and solidarity are identical. As the freedom of each does no longer find a limit in the freedom of another - as the Declaration of the Rights of Men and Citizens of 1793 says - but instead of this an assistance, thus the freest man is he who has the most numerous relations to his fellow human beings … The freedom of savages cannot reasonably and justly be claimed by people living in society.” - P. J. Proudhon, Bekenntnisse eines Revolutionaers von 1848, p. 38. – For an example compare Free Trade in combination with division of labor. – JZ, 23.3.13. - SAVAGE & SOCIAL FREEDOM, CIVILIZATION

FREEDOM: There be four things that keep us all from having our own way, - Money, Fortune, Mrs. Grundy, and Policeman A. - D'Arcy Thompson, Sales Attici.

FREEDOM: There can be no freedom without the freedom to fail.” - Eric Hoffer, The Ordeal of Change, 1963. - FAILURES & MISTAKES, SUCCESS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

FREEDOM: There has been conferred upon American industry an opportunity and a mission, to show, by precept and especially by example, that if men are free they can acquire life's richest spiritual and material blessings with honor and without strife.” - Admiral Ben Moreell, The Admiral's Log II, p.111. – BLESSINGS, CAPITALISM, PROSPERITY THROUGH ECONOMIC FREEDOM

FREEDOM: There is a real grandeur in the New England spirit, which puts above self-safety the liberties of alien peoples. - The ideal development of civilization is to do away with compulsion, in order to achieve the results of compulsion by the free will of the individuals. - Compulsion destroys initiative and saps independence. Conversely - liberty creates initiative and fosters independence.” - Josiah C. Wedgwood. - VS. COMPULSION

FREEDOM: there is a very great difference between freedom from something and freedom to do something." - Prince Philip. – And the “right” to something, like housing, health and education, is only a pretended right. No one is obliged to work for you to satisfy your claims – unless you hire their services, at mutually agreeable prices. – JZ, 21.12.08. – Has anyone as yet put all the correct statements by Prince Philip together? – JZ, 23.3.13.

FREEDOM: there is hardly a surer way to lose all freedom than to make the State the monopolistic owner, employer and feeder." - Leopold Schwarzschild, Primer of the Coming World, p.296. - STATE, MONOPOLIES, NATIONALIZATION, TOTALITARIANISM, STATISM, STATE SOCIALISM, TOTALITARIAN COMMUNISM

FREEDOM: There is never enough freedom.” - J. Ehrlich, Vaucluse, in a letter to THE NATIONAL TIMES, 24.2.73, p.19. - NEVER ENOUGH

FREEDOM: There is no absolute freedom. There exists only the equal freedom of all. The equal freedom of all affects your freedom as soon as you come into contact with others. Then it is no longer absolute, as it is when you are alone.” - John Henry Mackay, Abrechnung, S. 167. - ABSOLUTE OR EQUAL FREEDOM?

FREEDOM: There is no finish anywhere in the race for liberty. It's a relay our ancestors started and our heirs will be running long after.” - Lowell Mason in the conclusion to: The Language of Dissent.

FREEDOM: There is no freedom on Earth or in any star for those who deny freedom to others. (*) - Elbert Hubbard, The Roycroft Dictionary & Book of Epigrams, 1923. - (*) If we could, we should rocket these oppressors into the nearest star, our sun! - JZ, 4.7.00, 23.3.13. – Also in: Elbert Hubbard, A Thousand and One Epigrams. - The pearls in his writings are hidden in so much trash or trivia that I found myself unable so far to read any of his books in full. - I rather let others pick them out for me and all others. - JZ, 10.4.00. - CRIMES WITH VICTIMS

FREEDOM: There is no human being who does not love liberty but the just demands it for all and the unjust only for himself.” - Boerne. - Freedom for all, not just for oneself. - JZ, 5.7.92. - EQUAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM FOR ALL, VS. FREEDOM ONLY FOR ONE

FREEDOM: There is no life without freedom.” - From film: The Ordeal of Dr. Mudd. – Rather, there is no full, satisfactory, productive or even prosperous, rational and enjoyable life without sufficient or even all freedom, or at least as much of it as one wants to use in one’s life. – JZ, 17.12.08, 13.2.13, 23.3.13. - LIFE

FREEDOM: There is no second chance. Now is the time!" - Yao Kitabatake. - LAST CHANCE TO DO SOMETHING, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

FREEDOM: There is no such thing as "personal freedom" in an unfree world. There is no such thing as liberty or tyranny for an isolated individual. There is no such thing as "inner" or "spiritual" freedom. Liberty/tyranny is the property of a social system.” - Pyrrho, THE CONNECTION 94 of 30 March 81, page 6. - FREEDOM IN AN UNFREE WORLD?

FREEDOM: There is no such thing, four or forty. Freedom has no plural. Freedom either is or isn't.” - A. J. Nock, quoted by Ruth Robinson, Memoirs of Albert Jay Nock, 1961, 199, in Francis J. Nock, Selected Letters of A. J. N. – With such a superficial notion even he saved himself the labor or trying to clearly declare all of the different rights and liberties, in sufficient detail, even if they are merely different aspects of natural law or natural rights or of a correct definition of “right”. Even with the help of an ideal declaration of all genuine individual rights and liberties there will still be some difficulties in applying them to particular cases. If it were easy enough for every individual to think and act rightfully in every case, without the help or guidance by an ideal declaration of all genuine individual rights and liberties so far discovered and clearly formulated, we would see many more quite rightful and enlightened actions all around us. – JZ, 20.12.08, 23.3.13. - FOUR FREEDOMS, AN IDEAL DECLARATION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, , RIGHT, FREEDOM, RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, HUMAN RIGHTS

FREEDOM: There is nothing more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people should be free.” -Thomas Jefferson on slavery. - But he did notrelease all his slaves, as early as he could and should have. - JZ, 29.6.00.

FREEDOM: There is nothing to take a man's freedom from him, save other men. To be free, a man must be free of his brothers. (*). That is freedom. That and nothing else.” - Ayn Rand, Anthem, 1946, p.101. – (*) Not only of his brothers!” - JZ, 22.8.02. He must also be free to associate himself, voluntarily, not only with his brothers, but with any other men,  as well, even aliens or foreigners, as if they were his brothers or at least his trading partners and to live only under rules and contracts they have agreed upon. Could one generalize to say that everyone who asserts that his freedom definition is the only correct one, is wrong? This certainly applies to many freedom "definitions". - JZ, 31.1.02, 23.3.13. - MEN, BROTHERHOOD, DEFINITIONS, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: There is only one cure for evils which newly-acquired freedom produces, and that cure is freedom. When a prisoner first leaves his cell, he cannot bear the light of day, he is unable to discriminate colors, or recognize faces. The remedy is, to accustom him to the rays of the sun.” - Macauley. - Even freedom takes some getting used to! - Is freedom producing such evils or has the previous oppression done this? - JZ, 13.4.00.

FREEDOM: There is only one innate right, the birthright of freedom.” - Kant. - That general definition does not make us understand the specific applications of this birthright, namely the particular rights and liberties of individual human beings. Codes of individual rights and liberties are not superfluous.  -- JZ, 24.2.1999. – There is only one innate right, the birthright of freedom.” - Leigh H. Irvine, What Is Americanism? p.15. – RIGHTS, HUMAN RIGHTS DECLARATIONS, A DECLARATION OF ALL GENUINE INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

FREEDOM: There is still time to get off the regulatory turnpike - but let's not delay. It gets more expensive every mile we travel, and if we're not careful, we could miss that last exist to freedom!” - Robert C. Moore, THE FREEMAN, 9/75, 556. - REGULATIONS

FREEDOM: there must be a broad recognition that the practice of freedom is the purpose of freedom, as the end of humanness is reached by being human.” - Silvert, Man's Power, p.163.

FREEDOM: there must be the struggle of brave men in arms; might is right with those who are at the summit of power.” - Tacitus, Complete Works, edited by Moses Hadas, P.357. - He seemed to imply that the powerful ought to be resisted but was not free enough to clearly state this, since in the whole paragraph the brave were to fight to hold the empire together. - JZ, 25.1.02. - ARMS, RIGHTS, LIBERTIES, STRUGGLE, BRAVERY, COURAGE

FREEDOM: There was always plenty to do that was legitimate and more interesting than anything likely to land us in trouble, so why get in trouble? This was all there was to it; this was the sum of our ethical imperative.” - Albert Jay Nock, Memoirs of a Superfluous Man, Harper, 1943, p.69. - Juvenile delinquency drops off sharply for those who get out of compulsory schooling and into productive jobs. - It also helps if there are not 5 million police regulations, as in Germany, when I left it, in 1959. - JZ, 5.5.00. - FREEDOM FOR YOUNG PEOPLE VS. JUVENILE DELINQUENCY, LAWS, REGULATIONS

FREEDOM: There was freedom and men thrived.” - Frank Chodorov, Out of Step, p.153. - PROSPERITY

FREEDOM: There was in fact that freedom of choice without which Professor Hayek has shown that life is mere serfdom.” - Sir Ernest Benn, The State the Enemy, p.59. - CHOICE & SERFDOM

FREEDOM: There will be a return to freedom, regardless of the present fears. Freedom is ordained in the Cosmic Order. Freedom will arise again and from either of two sources: (1) According to the historical pattern, it will arise from the ashes of dictocratic government, that is, after a people have been reduced to a shambles. Freedom is assured then, for it is the only alternative to extinction. But when? How long? This is the non-rational sequence for which there is no answer. (2) Our hope lies in an intellectual and moral awakening. Why should we not have a hand in shaping our destiny? Why must we be helpless pawns of a sequence void of human intelligence?” - Leonard E. Read, Having My Way, p.74.

FREEDOM: These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as Freedom should not be highly rated. –Thomas Paine- Freedom ideas consistently applied can also be very rewarding and profitable. E.g. for the victim of a dictatorship who manages to escape into a relatively free country. Not a country or a government needs service and labor and energy input but e.g. the awareness, understanding and collection and optimal expression and publication of individual rights and liberties do need such input and then also their protection against all aggressors do need labor, thought and energy input - but all the less so the more fully these rights and liberties are all understood and applied, even towards enemy soldiers, who, by our own full recognition of basic rights, could become our best allies. - JZ, 26. 11. 06. – A worthwhile program on how to achieve liberty is worth a thousand orations. – Begin by really thinking and trying to understand real and consistent as well as important freedom ideas and proposals, rather than continue to ignore them. – Collect them and display them and this much more carefully than you would your stamp-, coin-, gem- or music collection. – Try to impress other people with them rather than with your poetry, clothing, dancing, singing, cooking, sports, crafts or art. - JZ, 3.4.12. – Alas, most people still manage to simply ignore most of the major problems of our times. – Well, we simply have to mobilize “The Remnant” sufficiently and this with modern information storage and communication tools. Just think about it: As much information as is contained in the Library of Congress can be stored in a mere 15 TBs and a 3 TBs desktop HDD was here recently offered for as little as $ 173. (Recently I bought one, locally, for only A$ 138. – JZ, 18.3.13.) An old saying asserts, that “knowledge is power”. Have libertarians assembled their knowledge as yet in this form? In this form it could be on every desk of every libertarian in the somewhat developed countries and in the others at least in some computerized coffee shops. So far only a few libertarians have filled a few floppies, CDs and DVDs with such writings. I know of no systematic effort of many of them to combine all such offers, instead of leaving them dispersed over tens of thousands of sites on the IN, where even automatic search engines do not easily and fast lead you to the information you want and to nothing else. Seeing the price of modern data storage discs and the cheapness of their duplication, I see no reason for not undertaking this effort and spending this affordable price for a gadget to combine, mobilize and duplicate, upon demand, all freedom knowledge, ideas, facts and talents in a much more effective and easy way than the present Internet offers. – All the searching, editing and commenting and indexing, abstracting and reviewing labor would then already be pre-done labor, which could be very cheaply and fast acquired in this way. – JZ, 12.4.12, 18.3.13. – FREEDOM STRUGGLE, PRICE OF FREEDOM CD-PROJECT, LIBERTARIAN LIBRARY ON A DISC, NEW DRAFT, ENLIGHTENMENT, CULTURAL REVOLUTION, A COSTLY GOOD? SACRIFICES REQUIRED? UNPROFITABLE? DES., SECRET ALLIES, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE, PRISONERS OF WAR, ENEMIES, & ALLIES PROPERLY DEFINED, AS WELL AS ALL WAR- & PEACE AIMS, LIBERATION INSTEAD OF MASS MURDERS OF THE PRIMARY VICTIMS OF DESPOTIC REGIMES, MILITIA, LIBERATION, DECLARATION OF QUITE RIGHTFUL WAR- & PEACE AIMS, DECLARATION OF ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES.-

FREEDOM: These liberties will always be limited as long as the opportunities for free speech and assembly are limited e.g. by excluding free speech and assembly in open air meetings at accessible places designated and known for this purpose and as long as advance notices of upcoming public meetings are not indicated in special periodical meeting calendars, for every city and district, indicating all that the area has to offer in this sphere and period. This could be done either through a special periodical or a periodical insert in an existing one, a telephone information service or a website. The publication could be offered cheaply in print-outs, on demand, on microfiche, or an email news service to subscribers. It could greatly help to bring demand and supply in this sphere together. The mass media have so far not offered this service and most special periodicals have confined themselves mainly to the entertainment and arts sphere rather than to educational offers and demands. – Free marketeers have not yet utilized all their free market options. - JZ, 26.6.00, 19.12.08. - FREEDOM OF ASSEMBLY & ASSOCIATION IN THE OPEN AIR, FREE SPEECH OPTIONS, CONTACTS-MEETING CALENDARS IN EVERY CITY OR DISTRICT

FREEDOM: They argued that men must have freedom to think as they wish, and to speak as they think. Without that freedom, said this country's leaders, political truth could be neither discovered nor disseminated. - They held that a country can't be happy unless it has liberty, and can't have liberty unless it has courage. They held public discussion to be a political duty, and an inert people to be the greatest menace to a country's freedom.” - Kenneth Roberts, Lydia Bailey, p. 36. - Freedom of action is even more important! - JZ, 4.4.00.

FREEDOM: They assert that "freedom" can only be bestowed by others, not achieved for oneself…" - El Ray, LIBERTARIAN CONNECTION 15, p.1. – SELF-LIBERATION

FREEDOM: They have a right to think and become whatever they wish, but their freedom ends where mine begins!” - Jo Nathan, THE FREEMAN, 6/75, 352. - EQUAL RIGHTS, EQUAL FREEDOM

FREEDOM: they imagine themselves to be unfree when they are unable to harm themselves and others. - Goethe, Egmont, IV (Alba). - Harm and wrong should be distinguished. I harm a barber with whom I compete very much, but I do not wrong him or his customers by offering a better deal. - JZ, 22.7.86. - I harm him by going to another barber for my hair cut - but I do not wrong him. - JZ, 9.5.00. – Actually, I have not gone to a barber for decades. Hair clippers and scissors are relatively cheap. – JZ, 20.12.08. - FALSE NOTIONS ON FREEDOM, HARM & WRONG

FREEDOM: They may indeed have power. They do not have freedom.” - Wendy McElroy, comment to J. Neil Shulman's Rainbow Cadenza, p.310. – Nor have the freedom lovers so far explored and utilized all the powers of freedom options. – Panarchism is not only an ideal but also a very powerful weapon – if enough people use it. - JZ, 18.12.08. – No secret service has discovered this as yet! – JZ, 23.11.10. – POWER, STRENGTH, SECURITY, DEFENCE, LIBERATION, SECRET ALLIES, CAPTIVE NATIONS, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE

FREEDOM: They only wanted a world where no man could bend the destinies of another man against that second man's will. - Dorsai is a free world where any man can do as he likes as long as he respects the rights of his neighbor. - Each man has a right to his own destiny, until he crosses the line into another man's.” - Gordon R. Dickson, Dorsai, ASTOUNDING SF, Aug. 58?

FREEDOM: They prove with highly subtle arguments that they have no free will; but since they act as if they did have, let us not argue with them.” – Frederic Bastiat, Economic Harmonies, Van Nostrand 1964 edition, p.496. - FREE WILL

FREEDOM: They say a man needs protection - but he needs freedom and self-respect, arising from his own actions, still more. - JZ, 29.10.87. - Self-protection and voluntary protective associations rather than monopolistic and coercive protection rackets by territorial States, which, by their "defence" efforts, in war and peace, cost us much more in lives, health, property and earnings than the combined efforts of all private criminals. - JZ, 8.4.00. - PROTECTION

FREEDOM: They sell deprivation of liberty.” - Henrik Gerhard, 4/72. - When even that can be sold to many people, then it seems obvious to me that the sellers of a much better product, namely liberty, ought to pull their socks up! - The sales efforts should include the proper financing of freedom research, and among them research into life extension, full employment, stable currencies, peace through rights and liberties, the establishment of a libertarian ideas archive, world library, bibliography, alphabetical index, etc. - If we cannot or will not sell liberty to all who are or can be receptive for it, then who will? - JZ, 13.4.00. – See my 2010 book manuscript, New Draft, which I would gladly send as a zipped email attachment, until it appears online or on disc. – JZ, 23.11.10. EDUCATION, ENLIGHTENMENT, PROPAGANDA, GENUINELY CULTURAL REVOLUTION

FREEDOM: They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” - Benjamin Franklin.

FREEDOM: They wish to be free, and know not how to be just.” - Abbe Joseph Sieyes, 10 August 1789. - JUSTICE

FREEDOM: This "biological" freedom and what becomes of it' (I am again quoting Woltereck) 'has an ontic significance quite different from the "existential" compulsion of free decision. The latter cripples our sense of vitality and consequently the advancing life of man. The freedom of spontaneous events born of the ontic centre and the freedom to mould things in such and such a way enhances our sense of vitality and makes life more intense. The joy of creating things of value, self-conquest (freeing the self from selfishness and its instincts), rising above the world, and finally the spontaneous creation of new forms, new norms, new ideas in the minds of individuals - all that is the possible result of man's positive freedom.' - Herbert Read, Anarchy and Order, p.157.

FREEDOM: This American action did not occur as a rational prognosis of better things to come, for these forebears of ours hadn't the slightest idea of what lay in store for them except that each could be his own man. They chose freedom for freedom's sake alone: hang the economic or other consequences.” - Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.12. - AMERICANISM, FOUNDING FATHERS, AMERICAN REVOLUTION

FREEDOM: This common liberty results from the nature of man. His first law is to provide for his own preservation, his first cares are those which he owes to himself; and, as soon as he reaches years of discretion, he is the sole judge of the proper means of preserving himself, and consequently becomes his own master.” - J. J. Rousseau, The Social Contract, Great Books of the Western World edition, vol. 38, p.388.

FREEDOM: This is a world of compensation; and he who would be no slave must consent to have no slave. Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves, and under a just God, cannot long retain it.” - Abraham Lincoln, letter to H. L. Pierce and others, April 6, 1859. - The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, ed. Roy P Basler, vol. 3, p. 375 (1953). - Territorialists deny freedom to all dissenters until they become the territorial majority, if ever. Only exterritorialists would end the at least temporary enslavement of dissenters and fully respect their rights and liberties, especially their right to do their things to and for themselves, under their own governments or within their own non-governmental societies or communities. - JZ, 27.1.02. - SLAVERY, MUTUALITY, LEADERSHIP, CITIZENSHIP, TERRITORIALISM, EXTERRITORIAL IMPERATIVE, PANARCHISM, MUTUAL CONVENIENCE RELATIONSHIPS

FREEDOM: This is the nature of human energy; individuals generate it, and control it. Each person is self-controlling, and therefore responsible for his acts. Every human being, by his nature, is free.” - Rose Wilder Lane, The Discovery of Freedom, XI. - HUMAN NATURE, HUMAN ENERGY, SELF-CONTROL

FREEDOM: This, then, is freedom in the external life of man - that he is independent of the arbitrary power of his fellows.” – Ludwig von Mises (1881-1973). - FREEDOM AS INDEPENDENCE FROM ARBITRARY POWER OF OTHERS

FREEDOM: This, then, is the true opposition, the true issue: freedom versus force.” - Salvador de Madariaga, The Blowing up of the Parthenon, p.30. - VS. FORCE

FREEDOM: Thomas Hobbes, in chapter XXI of Leviathan, defines liberty as the absence of external impediments. Many philosophers have regarded this conception of liberty as a fundamental moral standard and the most precious of human values. But Hobbes's view would not have been acceptable to any of the anarchist thinkers whose writings are presented below. For what they submit as most worth securing goes beyond the clearing away of obstacles and restrictions. Their standard of what is ultimately desirable, and of what society should preserve, resides in a more constructive ideal which they alternatively designate as "the sovereignty of the individual" (Andrews), "personality" (Berdyaev), "independent judgment" (Godwin), "self-ownership" (Stirner), and so on. Correct or not, this unanimous rejection of the Hobbesian notion of freedom for a more positive chief good provides a unifying theme in anarchist thought.” - Krimerman & Perry, Patterns of Anarchy, p. 139. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDEPENDENT JUDGMENT, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-GOVERNANCE

FREEDOM: Those who advocate the ‘temporary loss’ of our freedom in order to preserve it permanently are advocating only one thing: the abolition of liberty.” - Dean Russell, on conscription and foreign wars, May 1955. In: THE FREEMAN? - TEMPORARY RESTRICTIONS OF IT

FREEDOM: Those who are demanding freedom from responsibility have yet to discover there is only freedom for the responsible.” - Paul L. Fisher, THE FREEMAN, March 69. - RESPONSIBILITY

FREEDOM: Those who are willing to trade a modicum of freedom for a modicum of safety will lose both and deserve neither.” - Slogans from the SPIRITUAL ANARCHY WEBSITE - SECURITY

FREEDOM: Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it.” - Thomas Paine, "The Crisis," no. 4, September 11, 1777. - The Writings of Thomas Paine, ed. Moncure D. Conway, vol. 1, p. 229 (1894). - It seems to me that the fatigue and the costs of supporting it in print on paper has become too much for most freedom lovers and that they have not yet learned to support it much easier, more cheaply and permanently on alternative media like microfiche, floppy disks and CDs or external HDDs. - JZ, 15.4.00. All such texts would, probably, fit onto a single external HD of 1 to 3 TBs, which the capacity to hold zipped over 3 million books or their page equivalent. – JZ, 23.12.08. – Even the whole Library of Congress would require only 15 TBs according to an estimate that I have read. – JZ, 23.3.13.

FREEDOM: Those who have a true love of freedom will do everything in their power to keep the freedom that they have.” - Billy Graham. - What about gaining all the rest? Many freedom lovers seem to be willing to do almost anything for freedom - except resorting to microfiche, floppy disks and CDs for the literature of freedom. - JZ, 10.4.00, 23.11.10. - LOVE OF FREEDOM, CHEAP & PERMANENT PUBLISHING OF ALL FREEDOM WRITINGS IN ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

FREEDOM: Those who must be persuaded to be free to not deserve to be.” - L. Neil Smith, Lever Action, A Mountain Media Book, 2001,, p. 61. - While they do have the right to remain as un-free as they want to be, as long as they can stand it, they do have the right to secede from this condition as soon as they have become sufficiently enlightened. – Even freedom should not be forced upon anyone. – The frequently beaten wife should not have to put up with this condition. Not even with one beating! All freedom options should be open to her. The same applies to any other oppressed individuals and minority. With free conditions being observable next door, even infants would soon learn to appreciate freedom. - JZ, 27.9.07, 23.11.10.

FREEDOM: Those who suppress freedom always do so in the name of law and order.” - John V. Lindsay – LAW, LEGISLATION, PARLIAMENTARISM, POLITICIANS, POWER-MONGERS, LEGISLATORS, REPRESENTATIVES, DEMOCRACY

FREEDOM: Those who wait for freedom are never free.” - Alexei Panshin, How Can We Sink When We Can Fly? Page 339, in Isaac Asimov et al, “The future I”, Fawcett Crest, 1981. – However, until freedom of action is attained for all, the first freedom of action step can lead one into prison, an asylum for the insane, drugged into insanity, or death. Thus among the many possible steps one has to select carefully those with bearable risks. – JZ, 25.9.07. - INITIATIVE, ACTION

FREEDOM: Though freedom has its inconveniences and pitfalls, in the long run it always leads to deliverance.” - M. A. Deschamps, quoted by P. E. de Puydt, Panarchy, in PEACE PLANS 4, p. 10. – In German, French, Spanish and Italian this article is also on

FREEDOM: Throughout history orators and poets have extolled liberty, but no one has told us why liberty is so important. (*) Our attitude towards such matters should depend on whether we consider civilization as fixed or as advancing … In an advancing society, any restriction on liberty reduces the number of things tried and so reduces the rate of progress. In such a society freedom of action is granted to the individual, not because it gives him greater satisfaction but because if allowed to go his own way, he will on the average serve the rest of us better than under any orders we know how to give.” - H. B. Phillips, On the Nature of Progress, quoted in The Free Man's Almanac, compiled by Leonard E. Read of FEE, also in THE FREEMAN, 12/73. - Nevertheless, neither Read nor FEE ever stood up for full exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities - or panarchism. Freedom lovers should develop their ideas to the utmost, not stop suddenly and assert: It is impossible or undesirable to go any further because: "Limited government is the ultimate for human organization!" – (*) ??? - JZ, 16.4.00. – Limited but non-territorial governments only for advocates of limited governments. All other options for the own affairs for all other communities of volunteers. – JZ, 19.12.08. - FREEDOM OF ACTION, TERRITORIALISM, LIMITED GOVERNMENT & PANARCHISM.

FREEDOM: Thus complete freedom, as we understand it, implies the following five traits: independence, privacy, capacity, opportunity, and power.” - G. Satory, Liberty and Law, p.10.

FREEDOM: Tie two birds together and, although they have 4 wings, they cannot fly.” - From film: The Circle of Iron. - TIES, RESTRICTIONS, REGULATIONS, LAWS, COERCION, CHAINS, CONTROLS, LAWS, INDIVIDUALISM INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

FREEDOM: Tis not a freedom that, where all command.” - Andrew Marvell, The First Anniversary. - Except where all are voluntary members and thus and essentially command and manage only themselves, their own affairs, together with like-minded volunteers. - JZ, 30.3.99, 23.11.10. – PANARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW COMMUNITIES, COMMANDS, VOLUNTARISM, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-MANAGEMENT, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

FREEDOM: To abdicate one's liberties means to abdicate one's human dignity, human rights and even one's duties.” - Rousseau. - How should one label the refusal to make optimal use of the remaining freedom of expression and information opportunities offered by affordable and efficient as well as long lasting alternative media? I find not words strong enough for this. - JZ, 8.5.00. – Abdication is good regarding powers, but inexcusable regarding liberties and rights. – JZ, 19.12.08, 23.3.13. -  ABDICATION OF ONE'S LIBERTIES, POWER

FREEDOM: To act as a free, moral and responsible being requires today a large amount of law-breaking and will thus lead to prosecution. For instance: smuggling, black marketeering, illegal immigration and emigration, tax evasion. Unjust laws ought to be broken - if one can get away with it. See my article on "folk crimes". But caution does often demand that we abide by unjust laws that we cannot safely break or ignore. Conscience demands only that we respect the equal individual rights of others and laws that clearly and exclusively uphold them. - To live really free and not like hunted or caged animals, without withdrawing from society onto little islands, boats, farms, into the wilderness, or into ghost towns etc. requires rightful and efficient defensive organization, weapons and training. Perhaps we ought to act like some of the slaves in the Middle Ages did. They ran away together and palisaded themselves in new towns, rapidly, before their pursuers could catch them. Now no "new frontiers" are available or required but the exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities is: Experimental freedom, panarchies, alternative institutions replacing territorial States and based upon unanimous consent among their members. People might still somewhat concentrate in certain areas but this should not lead them to attempting to establish their own and exclusive territorial system there, dominating dissenters living in the area. Their tolerance towards the experiments or traditions of others, combined with a rightful and suitable defensive force against interference, should enable them to cope with the remaining fanatics who do want to subjugate them. The peacefulness and productivity of the new communities will soon speak for them. - JZ, n.d. & 4.4.00. – MILITIA, PANARCHISM, RETREATISM, UNDERGROUND LIVING

FREEDOM: To act for my best advantage, I require freedom to act as I like, and, so long as I allow the same freedom to others, the just demands of others can no further go, as far as I am concerned.” - John Badcock, Slaves to Duty. - FREEDOM OF ACTION

FREEDOM: To be free in an unfree world isn't nearly as unrealistic as it might seem at first glance. After all, it's commonly assumed that there can be free nations in a world that contains enslaved nations. Why, then, can't there be free states within a nation that isn't free? Or free towns within an unfree state? - Most important, why can't there be free individuals within unfree towns, states, or nations? - Freedom IS possible, and you can have it - if that's what you really want. - I can't know which specific freedom you crave most - freedom from social restrictions, family problems, high taxes, bad relationships, the treadmill, governmental repression. Whichever one is most important to you, we'll cover it and more. And I think you'' find that the principles to be stated will apply to any type of situation that may be restraining you.” - Harry Brown, Freedom in an Unfree World, p.13. - USE THE REMAINING LIBERTIES, FREEDOM AMONG THE UNFREE

FREEDOM: To be free means to be able to do everything that does no harm to anybody else. Thus the exercise of the natural right of every man has not other limit than those, which guarantee the other members of society the same rights. These limits can only be determined by law.” - French Constitution of 1791. – HARM, RIGHTS, LIBERTIES, HUMAN RIGHTS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS

FREEDOM: To be free, you have only to make the decision to be free. Freedom is waiting for you - anytime you're ready for it.” - Harry Brown, How I Found Freedom …”, p.169. - That applies only to the few liberties that are either not outlawed or not efficiently suppressed. For some liberties one could take small to large risks. I wish someone would attempt a complete list of them, for each country, and accompany it with a list of those liberties that are outlawed and also efficiently suppressed. Only when such lists are sufficiently surveying our remaining liberties can we clearly see to what extent Brown was right with this remark. - JZ, 12.4.00. - GRASP IT, BE READY FOR IT, DECIDE FOR IT

FREEDOM: To change masters is not to be free. – Jose Marti y Perez, 1853-1895,in  – However, free choice for individuals and dissenting minorities of their own masters or societies and communities, under full exterritorial autonomy, is a rightful and important step towards the full liberation of all in all respects. Any territorial monopolism obstructs that experimentation and learning process towards full liberty, rights, justice, peace and progress for all. – JZ, 31.3.12. – VOTING, DEMOCRACY, MAJORITARIANISM, TERRITORIALISM, MASTERS, GOVERNMENT, CHOICE, VOLUNTARISM

FREEDOM: To desire freedom is an instinct. To secure it requires intelligence. It must be comprehended and self-asserted. To petition for it is to stultify oneself.” - E. C. Riegel. – Merely to pray, hope or wish for it is useless. – JZ, 23.3.13. – INSTINCT, MILITIA, LIBERATION

FREEDOM: To destroy freedom of action is to destroy the possibility, and consequently the power, of choosing, of judging, of comparing; it amounts to destroying reason, to destroying thought, to destroying man himself.” - Frederic Bastiat, quoted by Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.213. - Freedom of action requires panarchic liberty, i.e., full exterritorial autonomy or experimental freedom for all volunteer communities. - JZ, 16.4.00. - FREEDOM OF ACTION, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: To do as you like, if you like to invade, is not equal freedom.” - Sprading, Freedom and its Fundamentals, p.244. – ABSOLUTE FREEDOM, FREE WILL, DOING AS ONE LIKES, VS. EQUAL FREEDOM

FREEDOM: To enjoy freedom we have to control ourselves.” - Virginia Woolf. - We have the choice only between self-control and being controlled by others. Under self-control we will tend to be respect the equal liberties and rights of others. When others control us, they will not be very considerate towards our liberties and rights and those of others. - JZ, 5.7.00. - SELF-CONTROL, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-GOVERNMENT, CONTROLS, RULERS, GOVERNMENTS, TERRITORIALISM, DEMOCRACY, RIGHTS, LIBERTIES

FREEDOM: To Helvetius, "the free man is a man who is not in irons, nor imprisoned, nor terrorized like a slave by fear of punishment." For E. F. Carritt, "a maximum interference with liberty would be imprisonment with manacles." - quoted in: Benjamin R. Barber, Superman & Common Man, p.39. - INCARCERATION, TERRORIZATION, FEAR

FREEDOM: To live the life proper to a man, one requires the highest feasible degree of freedom.” - Paul Lepanto, Return to Reason, p. 102. - MAN & LIFE

FREEDOM: To me, freedom is a state or condition of non-coercion. It is a situation, a condition, a climate, if you will, in which no one coerces you and in which you coerce no one. Anything more, less, or other than this, is not freedom.” - LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Winter 75. - What about the rightful use of some force, in self-defence, against those who try to coerce you? LeFevre would probably have condemned rightful and forceful self-defence as "retaliation". - Even that subject is still muddled up in most minds. - JZ, 9.5.00. - PEACE & NON-COERCION, RETALIATION, DEFENCE, SELF-DEFENCE, GUN LAWS

FREEDOM: To move into a free society is an evolutionary process, not a revolutionary one. (*) - Barbarians are not ready for freedom. Civilized people are. (**) Our task is not to impose freedom, but to encourage the advance of civilization. (***) Barbarism vanishes when there are enough civilized people who accept their own liberty and limit their actions to the areas of their own lives and properties, and hold their actions to the level of their own competence. - LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Fall 77. - (*) If one starts with a democracy rather than a dictatorship or a totalitarian State. Both of the latter tend to repress evolution rather drastically. - (**) Many people who are otherwise civilized are not civilized in this respect. - (***) If we want to survive territorialism and e.g. its ABC mass murder devices, then we may have to impose individual secessionism and exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers upon all territorial States. That could best be done by all resistance groups adopting the panarchistic framework against all aggressions by territorial States and thereby achieving sufficient unity among themselves and gaining many allies among the armed and unarmed subjects of such States. - JZ, 11.4.00. - REVOLUTION, EVOLUTION, BARBARISM, CIVILIZATION

FREEDOM: To propound the question, why are people asking for freedom - why are they not satisfied with things as they are? is to make it necessary, before answering, to ask another question: What is the chief end of existence? Philosophers have tried to answer this question since the beginning of recorded history - who knows if not earlier? It remained for Herbert Spencer (the great English philosopher, in his book Social Statics) to answer that question in a most comprehensive manner. He points out, in substance, that nearly all persons - including religious teachers and every writer on morality - teach that human well-being is the goal of life. He develops his argument at great length, and proceeds to prove that the only means for attaining that end is to allow every human being the greatest amount of freedom possible - that is, the greatest amount that he can have without limiting to a greater degree the freedom of others. From this conclusion he generalizes his famous formula for Equal Freedom: That every man may claim the fullest liberty to do as he wills compatible with the possession of like liberty by every other man.” - Clarence Lee Swartz, What Is Mutualism? p. 41/42. - That last part, "That every man …", is also quoted by Sprading, in: Freedom and its Fundamentals - and in: The Heretic's Handbook of Quotations.

FREEDOM: To renounce liberty is to renounce being a man, to surrender the rights of humanity and even its duties. For him who renounces everything no indemnity is possible. Such a renunciation is incompatible with man's nature; to remove all liberty from his will is to remove all morality from his acts. Finally, it is an empty and contradictory convention that sets up, on the one side, absolute authority, and, on the other, unlimited obedience. Is it not clear that we can be under no obligation to a person from whom we have the right to exact everything?” - J. J. Rousseau, The Social Contract, Great Books of the Western World edition, p.38/389.

FREEDOM: To repeat, when liberty prevails, all are free to bring things and people into workable combinations to the betterment of all, the policeman included.” - Leonard E. Read, The Love of Liberty, p.85. - TRADE, HARMONY, PEACE

FREEDOM: To some people freedom means the right to do with yourself and your property what you choose. To others it means the right to do with someone else and their property what you choose." - Franklin D. Roosevelt, who favored the latter definition. – SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 2/80. - The second part of the quote could use some re-wording. I suggest at least: "To another it means the right to do with someone else and his property what you choose."- JZ, 11.4.00.

FREEDOM: To some people, freedom is the right to take away somebody else's freedom without being interrupted.” – SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 1/76, p. 8.

FREEDOM: To this thought I cling, with virtue rife, - Wisdom's last fruit profoundly true. - Freedom alone he earns as well as life, - Who day by day must conquer them anew.” - Goethe. - If you really want to know what freedom means - don't ask poets! - Even prose writers have difficulties enough in expressing it clear enough. - JZ 12.4.00. - POETRY

FREEDOM: To those who think that freedom is a rich man's luxury, my answer is that it is the poor man's necessity.” - Lord Hailsham, with Mr. Whitlam, Sydney, 1974, THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 13.5.78. - LUXURY, NECESSITY, POVERTY

FREEDOM: To want to be free is to be free.” - Ludwig Boerne, Der Ewige Jude, 1821. - A bit of wishful thinking is involved here. Jewish people, for many centuries, loved freedom more than did their prosecutors. But did they get it, thereby? - However, if enough freedom lovers sufficiently explored, recorded and publicized all freedom options, facts, ideas, opinions, definitions, refutations and references, then we would soon get much closer to liberty at least for all liberty lovers - JZ, 24.11.02. - At most it is the first step towards freedom. - JZ, 15.4.00. – All too much wishful thinking is involved in this and similar remarks. – JZ, 18.12.08. – Another version: “To want to be free means to be free.” Boerne, Kritiken, 26: Der ewige Jude. - (Frei sein wollen, heisst frei sein.) – Soon but not immediately. The transition needs ideas, energies and money. – Bald - aber nicht sofort. Das Uebergangsstadium braucht Ideen, Energie und Geld. – JZ, 22.7.86. - WANTS, DESIRES & WISHES, APPRECIATION, LOVE OF FREEDOM, NEW DRAFT

FREEDOM: To win true freedom you must be a slave to philosophy.” - Epicurus, quoted by … - Seneca, Letters, VIII, page 46. – Even the best philosophers have not yet managed to enlighten and liberate us -sufficiently. – JZ, 23.3.13. - PHILOSOPHY

FREEDOM: Too many people are only willing to defend rights that are personally important to them. It's selfish ignorance, and it's exactly why totalitarian governments are able to get away with trampling on people. Freedom does not mean freedom just for the things I think I should be able to do. Freedom is for all of us. If people will not speak up for other people's rights, there will come a day when they will lose their own.” - Tony Lawrence - 12/28/95. – If people came to actually know and appreciate all of their individual rights and liberties, then they would tend to stand up for all of them. But where can they learn about all of them, when they have not yet been comprehensively, clearly and persuasively compiled and published, anywhere, to my knowledge? – See my digitized collection of over 130 private as opposed to governmental human rights declarations in PEACE PLANS 589/590, as a path towards an ideal declaration of individual rights and liberties. – It is reproduced on a disc which was put online at - RIGHTS, HUMAN RIGHTS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, DECLARATIONS OF …

FREEDOM: Total freedom: Unknown, feared - and absolutely necessary.” - Lorraine M. Valencia, in THE PHOENIX GAZETTE, 19 Jan. 82 & THE CONNECTION 125, p.98. – In the long run it is certainly absolutely necessary to avoid the threat of nuclear war. So far we were extremely lucky seeing the large stockpiles of nuclear mass murder devices and their readiness to use them by some territorial power mongers. – JZ, 21.12.08, 23.3.13. – Otherwise, if it is absolutely necessary, how did she manage to survive until then or anyone else? – JZ, 23.11.10. - TOTAL, ABSOLUTE, NECESSARY.

FREEDOM: Towards free men threats are ineffective.” - Cicero. - Yes, if they are ineffective threats. But if, e.g., your girlfriend, mother, father, wife or child are taken hostage … ? Free men ought to be armed, organized and trained in the defence of their liberties, with the special tactics, strategies and policies of liberty. Then they would constitute superior military power in most instances and would have not have to be afraid of defeat. - JZ, n.d. & 8.4.90. - THREATS & FREE MEN, MILITIA

FREEDOM: Treason to Freedom. The Greatest Enemies of democracy, the most violent reactionaries, are those who have lost faith in the capacity of a free people to manage their own affairs and wish to set up the government as a political and social guardian, running their business and making their decisions for them. This is statism, or Stalinism, no matter who advocates it, and it is plain treason to freedom.” - Maxwell Anderson, The Guaranteed Life, quoted in FREEDOM FIRST, Winter 1966.

FREEDOM: True freedom consists in the continual active consciousness of the position and responsibilities of a Free Man, …” - J. Toulmin Smith, Local Self-Government & Centralization, p.8. - There is to be some freedom, too, to give in to one's emotions, to play, to amuse oneself, to relax, etc. One cannot always think and act only about and for liberty. - The question is, rather, how much time, labor and effort should one invest, at least, in the liberty struggle, every week, until liberty is secured, at least for oneself and like-minded people? - JZ, 9.5.00. – Q., FREEDOM STRUGGLE, LIBERATION, FREE MEN, CONSCIOUSNESS & RESPONSIBILITY

FREEDOM: True freedom is nothing else than justice.” - Seume. - JUSTICE

FREEDOM: True freedom is to share / All the chains our brothers wear, / And with heart and hand, to be / Earnest to make others free!” - James Russell Lowell, Stanza on Freedom, 1843, 3. - Sharing chains would just multiply slaves. Cutting chains would reduce the number of slaves. Too many poets take too many liberties with freedom ideas. - JZ, 17.4.00. - SHARING, ALTRUISM & EGOISM, BROTHERHOOD, WELFARE STATE, POETRY

FREEDOM: True liberty is not a mere scrap of paper called "constitution", "legal right", or "law."  It is not a negative thing of being free from something, because with such freedom you may starve to death. Real freedom, true liberty, is positive: it is freedom to something; it is the liberty to be, to do; in short, the liberty of actual and active opportunity.” - Emma Goldman, The Place of the Individual in Society, 1930's. - What a pity that she never realized how many freedom opportunities would arise from the realization of full economic freedom, especially full monetary and financial freedom. - JZ, 16.4.00. - FREEDOM OF ACTION, OPPORTUNITY, CONSTITUTIONS, LAWS, LIBERTY, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS

FREEDOM: True, freedom is not man's goal, but without it man can never achieve his goals.” - Leonard E. Read, Then Truth Will Out, p.91. - The same could be said about much money. It itself is not a goal - but without it not many other wanted things can be bought. To that extent money might be termed "liquid freedom". - JZ, 15.4.00. - GOALS, ENDS, AIMS, PURPOSES, MONEY

FREEDOM: Truly, no man on earth is a free man.” - Euripides, Hekabe, 864.

FREEDOM: Truth" never set anyone free. It is only "doubt" which will bring mental emancipation.” - Anton LaVey. - Putting all libertarian truths together, in a Libertarian Encyclopedia, Libertarian Library, Complete, permanent and cheap libertarian publishing, in alternative media, in a Libertarian Ideas Archive, Libertarian Information Service, Libertarian Index, Libertarian Abstracts, Libertarian Bibliography, Libertarian Review Compilation, a Compilation of all Slogans for Liberty, an Encyclopedia of all Libertarian Definitions, would surely help somewhat to set us free, while continuing to doubt all this information or failing to compile it would not do anything for liberty. - JZ, 28.6.00. - DOUBT & TRUTH

FREEDOM: Try to see things, men and their institutions, not only as they are but also as they could be - under freedom. - JZ, 29.12.75. - REALISM, FUTURISM, PREDICTIONS, MAN & HIS NATURE, VISION, FORESIGHT, REASON

FREEDOM: Tyranny is always better organized than Freedom.” - Charles Poguy. - So why don't libertarians and anarchists finally get their acts together, outperforming those who are inclined towards tyranny - and seeing to it that only these statist fools are any longer exposed to it? - JZ, 28.6.00. – PANARCHISM, ORGANIZATION & TYRANNY, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS VS. TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: Tyranny must ever depend upon the weapons of tyranny, but freedom can be inaugurated only by means of freedom.” - Francis Tandy, Voluntary Socialism, Denver, 1896. – FORCE, COERCION, COMPULSION, WEAPONS & TYRANNY

FREEDOM: Ulrich von Beckerath underlined part of the confession of a 27 year old student, who had stabbed to death his father, mother and brother. He confessed that he had committed this crime because he was always treated by his parents, in spite of his age, as if he were still a child and was continuously supervised. He could no longer stand this treatment. - Clipping from NEUE ZUERCHER ZEITUNG, 12.6.1956. – Many others, much younger and not even students, managed to simply leave such a “home” and build an independent existence for themselves. – JZ, 17.12.08. – INSTINCT, INDEPENDENCE, SECESSIONISM, INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY RATHE THAN BLAMING OTHERS.

FREEDOM: Under every free system there will be abuses; but only under free systems can there be real excellence.” - Auberon Herbert, The Sacrifice of Education to Examination, p.194 in Mack edition. - Some great men existed and some great freedom writings were produced even under despotism, although, mostly only secretly. – Where, when and to what extent are we are free to do so, do we make the best use possible under present conditions, of all our freedom ideas, principles, definitions, slogans, texts, knowledge, references, resources and talents? - JZ, 8.5.00, 24.11.10, 23.3.13. - ABUSES & EXCELLENCE, NEW DRAFT, LIBERATION, ENLIGHTENMENT, WORKING TOWARDS FREEDOM OF ACTION FOR ALL.

FREEDOM: Under freedom a limitless number of different programs can be realized by different people. It is not possible to predict, in detail, where creative thinking and freedom of action will take them. We can only predict some likely developments, based upon past experiences and deductions from them. - JZ, 4/1976, 8.4.00. – So far, alas, we have only a great freedom to express ourselves and to read, not yet to act and experiment in all spheres monopolized by territorial States. Do we already quite systematically and sufficiently act to achieve that freedom as well? – JZ, 24.11.10. – DIVERSITY, ENLIGHTENMENT, EDUCATION, PROPAGANDA, PANARCHISM, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, EXTERRITORIALLY, WITH OTHER VOLUNTERS, UNDER PERSONAL LAW

FREEDOM: Unfortunately the notion of freedom has been eviscerated by the literary treatment devoted to it. … The concept of freedom has been narrowed to the picture of contemplative people shocking their generation. When we think of freedom, we are apt to confine ourselves to freedom of thought, freedom of the press, freedom of religious opinion. … This is a thorough mistake. … The literary expression of freedom deals mainly with frills. … In fact, freedom of action is the primary need.” - A. N. Whitehead, Adventure of Ideas, N.Y., Mentor Books, 1955, p. 73. - FREEDOM OF ACTION & EXPERIMENTATION, NOT ONLY OF EXPRESSION & INFORMATION, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

FREEDOM: Unless a man has the talents to make something of himself, freedom is an irksome burden.” - Eric Hoffer, The True Believer, 1951, - Another version: Unless a man has the talents to make something of himself, freedom is an unknown burden.” - Under freedom, for all who want it, even a lazy numbskull, but one able and willing to follow constructive orders, will enjoy a higher standard of living and more choice for his earnings than he otherwise could. - JZ, 20.11.85 & 17.4.00 - Is being putty or a puppet in the hands of others to be preferred? - JZ, 26.8.85. - Even the least talented and able can earn more under freedom than he can under despotism. - However, there is some truth in what Hoffer says - under conditions of monetary despotism. In that case only the talented has a good chance to be employed or become an independent contractor. Under that condition the limited abilities of others will suffer from frequent unemployment or low wages. They will be the last to be hired and the first to be fired and also the ones to be paid least. Under full freedom they will still be paid least but they could be sure of full employment and a relatively high standard of living - compared with people like them, living under some or the other form of economic despotism. - All the quotes on liberty ought to be corrected as far as necessary and possible. Too many of them are wrong or omit too much. - JZ, 8.4.00. - SUCCESS & BURDEN,  TALENTS & ABILITY, COLLECTION & CRITICISM OF ALL LIBERTARIAN DEFINITIONS

FREEDOM: Unless men are free to be vicious they cannot be virtuous.” - Frank Meyer. -There is no right to commit a wrong, no freedom to steal, rob, rape, murder. Freedom can only become a general condition without such a right or liberty to commit arbitrary and vicious actions against the rights and liberties of others. - JZ, 28.6.00.- VICIOUSNESS & VIRTUE,

FREEDOM: Until we are all free, none of us are free. – Emma Lazarus in  - While that is, largely, true under territorialism, under panarchism the voluntary slave, serf or subject can peacefully coexist with free people in the same territory, all of them under personal law and exterritorial autonomy. – JZ, 1.4.12

FREEDOM: Upon the back of industry has been the whip. Upon the brain have been the fetters of superstition. Nothing has been left undone by the enemies of freedom. Every art and artifice, every cruelty and outrage has been practised and perpetrated to destroy the rights of man. In this great struggle every crime has been rewarded and every virtue has been punished. Reading, writing, thinking and investigating have all been crimes.” - Robert G. Ingersoll, quoted by Sprading, Liberty and the Great Libertarians, p.278/79. - Now they are not any longer a crime and yet, how few use them for liberty? How many of the remaining freedom opportunities remain unused by most self-confessed friends and lovers, students and scholars of liberty? - JZ, n.d. & 11.4.00. – NEW DRAFT

FREEDOM: Upon the question: What is freedom? - one master answered: a good conscience. - Hippel. - You could have a good conscience but could also be an innocent person serving a gaol sentence or could be a political prisoner in a concentration camp or could be the victim of ethnic cleansing attempts. Your good conscience would not liberate or save you. - JZ, 9.4.00, 23.3.13. - CONSCIENCE

FREEDOM: Volumes can be and have been written about the issue of freedom versus dictatorship, but, in essence, it comes down to a single question: do you consider it moral to treat men as sacrificial animals and to rule them by physical force?” - Ayn Rand - VS. DICTATORSHIP & UNJUSTIFIED OR AGGRESSIVE FORCE, COERCION, COMPULSION, SACRIFICES, PEOPLE AS PROPERTY OR GENUINE SELF-OWNERSHIP OR INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INCLUDING INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM & EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY?

FREEDOM: Voluntary integration is the basis and essence of freedom - in the state as well as for spirit and soul.” - From Rudolf G. Binding’s diary: Ad se ipsum. - The voluntary segregation aspect of liberty, the withdrawal option, the minding one's own business, the doing-one's own thing aspect of liberty should not be ignored, either! - JZ, 4.4.00. - Especially not since it could give anarchists and libertarians as well their chance to do their ideal things for themselves, under full exterritorial autonomy for their communities, after their members had individually or in groups seceded from the present territorial States, together with all other dissenters, intent on doing their own things to and for themselves. - JZ, 8.5.00. - VOLUNTARY INTEGRATION, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT IN EVERY SPHERE, SELF-OWNERSHIPL

FREEDOM: Vows made in a storm are forgotten in calms.” – Old English saying – Where there ever times and places when and where basic liberties and rights were not suppressed or under threat? – JZ, 24.11.10. - IDEAS, PRACTICES & INSTITUTIONS SHOULD BE ESPECIALLY USED IN CRISIS SITUATIONS & SHOULD BE DISCUSSED & PREPARED FOR, IN CALM TIMES, CRISIS SITUATIONS

FREEDOM: Want of liberty, by strengthening law and decorum, stupefies conscience.” - Emerson. - LAW & CONSCIENCE

FREEDOM: Warren proclaimed the sovereignty of the individual instead of the sovereignty of the people. According to his convictions every man in himself presents a distinct and separate physical and psychical entity. Therefore each individual should be his own authority and his own governor. It follows that no one else would have the right to interfere with the shaping of his life. Where, however, the social relationships of men are concerned, they must, according to Warren's conception, rest on the just exchange of the products of their labor which will prevent any undue gain of one to the disadvantage of another. The prerequisite of this is that all natural wealth such as land, minerals, waterways, etc., should not be a monopoly of a small minority, but that access to the necessary raw materials should be open to every man under equal conditions insofar as these may be naturally produced without human labor. But every man is entitled to the full product of his own labor or to his share of what he produces together with others. This right to the full product of one's labor is for Warren the foundation of all personal freedom, the necessary condition of all social harmony …” - Rudolf Rocker, Pioneers of American Freedom, p.55. – Alas, neither Warren nor Rocker states here quite clearly what individual sovereignty would mean for freedom of association, namely the most diverse use of that liberty in voluntary communities and societies, all of them exterritorially autonomous. – JZ, 24.11.10. - SOVEREIGNTY OF THE INDIVIDUAL & THE RIGHT TO THE FULL PRODUCT OF ONE'S LABOR, SELF-OWNERSHIP, PEOPLE AS PROPERTY, SOVEREIGNT GOVERNMENTS VS. SOVEREIGN PEOPLES, ALL OF THEM ONLY VOLUNTEERS, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: wasn't it Lenin himself who said that freedom is precious - so precious it must be rationed?” - L. Neil Smith, Pallas, p.329. - Lenin's dictum was: "Freedom is so precious that it must be rationed". - Libertarians believe freedom creates peace and plenty for all.” - Dr. H. L. Soper, LIBERTARIAN DIGEST, Sep. 82.

FREEDOM: We all of us want to be set free. – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Wind, Sand and Stars, 1939, Penguin Books 1972 edition, p.176. – If only that were true! – Suspicion of, even fear of freedom, are still the norm and also ignorance of it. Ready access to all of its ideas, methods, references and resources is still too rare or incomplete, difficult or expensive and all too few libertarians work systematically towards it. Just another slogan, quote, joke, book, conference, seminar, lecture or discussion is by far not enough. Not even a comprehensive libertarian library exists so far – although, by now, it could be and should be provided - sized only like ONE book, on e.g. a 3 TB external HDD, which was here recently offered for only A$139. (Buffalo brand, sold at Officeworks. Less than 5 cents per GB.) Likewise on offer there is a 64 GB CZ Cruzer Glide USB flash Drive, at less than 69c per GB. – How many libertarian books could already be offered on that, in very small and portable form? - JZ, 19.2.13. – STATISM, FEAR OF FREEDOM, TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: We are all components in the two billion body problem.” - C. M. Kornbluth, The Syndic, Sphere SF, 1953, Faber & Faber, London, 64, p. 160. - The choice is merely between collisions, harmful to all involved, and freedom for all. - Each is responsible for steering his route so that collisions are avoided. - JZ, 3.4.00. – We do manage that, mostly, as pedestrians, as car drivers, with our reading choices, hobbies, sports involvements, recreation, insurance contracts etc. Why not also with the choice of whole political, economic and social systems, as long as we claim no territorial monopoly or compulsory membership for any of them? – JZ, 24.11.10. – COLLISIONS, CONFLICTS OF INTEREST, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY OR EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM VS. TERRITORIALISM, Q.

FREEDOM: We are all unfree but not equally unfree. - JZ, 9/72.

FREEDOM: We are condemned to be free.” - Sylvia Harper, 2008-2081. - Invented character in: - S. Andrew Swann, Revolutionary, Hostile Takeover # 3, p.310. - Rather: We have chances to liberate ourselves. - JZ, 21.4.00. – However small they are at present, they are not zero. Even some inmates of extermination camps managed to liberate themselves. E.g. from the Nazi camp in Sobibor. – JZ, 23.3.13. -  – LIBERATION, SELF-LIBERATION, RESISTANCE, REVOLUTION, SELF-ENLIGHTENMENT AS A PREPARATION FOR LIBERATION

FREEDOM: We are free to go where we wish and to be what we are.” - Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, p.77. - Immigration laws and hundred-thousands of other laws say otherwise. E.g. compulsory licensing for some trades. Just try to practise medicine without a licence, even if you are better than a 1000 licenced MD’s. - In Australia, if you were trained as a medical doctor or engineer in another country, you can't even freely practise your profession without compulsory re-qualification. "None so blind as he who will not see!" - There are also the private properties of others, which we may not freely enter or remain in, uninvited and if we are kleptomaniacs or worse, should we be free to practise such characteristics? - Should we take poetic or literary licence with the idea of liberty? - JZ, 16.4.00. - FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT, SELF-REALIZATION,

FREEDOM: We become fully humanized only under freedom. Power keeps us in barbarism. - JZ, 25.9.88. – If you doubt that consider the stockpiles of mass extermination devices. – JZ, 20.12.08. - HUMANIZATION & BARBARISM, MAD POLICY OF Mutual Assured Destruction, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, TERRITORIALISM, POWER

FREEDOM: We can be free.” - Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, p. 27. - As an advice this is no more helpful than saying, we can be rich, beautiful, wise, tolerant, inventive etc. - JZ, 16.4.00. – We can and should work effectively, individually and collaboratively, in sufficient division of labor, to become really free and thereby achieve peace, security, progress, prosperity and contentment. – JZ, 24.11.10. – LIBERATION THROUGH SUFFICIENT COLLABORATION

FREEDOM: We can change the world, rearrange the world, if you believe in justice, if you believe in freedom, let a man live his own life, rules and regulations, who needs them, throw them out the door.” - Graham Nash, If They Come in the Morning, on black power. – Are we as yet free to secede, to do our own things and to ignore those of others? – JZ, 24.11.10. – Read e.g. Herbert Spencer’s chapter “The Right to Ignore the State” in the early editions of his “Social Statics”. – JZ, 23.3.13. - SELF-RULE

FREEDOM: We can prove that all the ills which you ascribe to liberty … do not originate in liberty, but in monopoly and restriction.” - Gustave de Molinari, The Society of Tomorrow. - ILLS, ABUSES & RESTRICTIONS OR MONOPOLIES

FREEDOM: We cannot be free men if this is, by our national choice, to be a land of slavery. Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.” - Abraham Lincoln, speech, 19 May 1856. - Hyman, Quotes, 196. - Another version: Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves, and, under a just God, cannot long retain it.” - A. L. in Letter to H. L. Pierce, April 6, 1859. – Alas, the rule of territorialism, with e.g. tax slavery, conscription, education slavery and a monopoly for decisions on war and peace, monetary despotism, migration and trade restrictions has already lasted all too long, in all countries, for all populations. The wrongness of it is still not widely enough realized to get it abolished. – JZ, 24.11.10. – POLITICIANS, THEIR POWER ADDICTION & TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home.” - Edward R. Murrow. - Is there a single instance in all of history where freedom, i.e. all individual rights and liberties, have been consistently defended at home and abroad? Freedom works - but it has never been fully tried. However, to the extent that it was tried it did achieve the limited successes that limited liberties can achieve. - JZ, 8.4.00, 23.3.13. - DEFENCE OF FREEDOM, WAR & PEACE AIMS, DECLARATION OF ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

FREEDOM: We cannot fully love liberty until we had at least a chance to see all of it in all its aspects. So far, none of us has seen more than a few pages of a comprehensive encyclopedia, library or practice of liberty. Thus in our ignorance, we are all too often opposed to aspects of liberty. Instead, the many cases where freedom obviously works best should have given us the faith to believe that it would work best in the other instances as well. - JZ, 14.4.90, 17.4.00. - LOVE OF FREEDOM

FREEDOM: we could resolve our conflicts by defining limits to our own freedom, in other words, we could define the rights that people have. Property is nothing more than a socially recognized list of what people can do with things.” - Richard B. McKenzie, Bound to Be Free, Hoover Institute Press, 1982, p. 99. - ITS LIMITS & RIGHTS OF FREEDOM OF OTHERS

FREEDOM: We dare be free.” - Motto of the Sons of Liberty, 1774. – Oh, how limited is the definition of freedom that most of the freedom fighters and revolutionaries have! – JZ, 24.11.10.

FREEDOM: We don't educate for freedom.” - Ursula Le Guin, The Dispossessed, p.144. - EDUCATION

FREEDOM: We fight not to enslave, but to set a country free, and to make room upon the earth for honest men to live in.” - Thomas Paine, "The Crisis," no. 4, September 11, 1777, final paragraph. - The Writings of Thomas Paine, ed. Moncure D. Conway, vol. 1, p. 232 (1902, reprinted 1969). - WAR AIMS, LIBERATION

FREEDOM: we have a reason to live - to learn, to discover, to be free!"- Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, p.35. - SELF-DEVELOPMENT

FREEDOM: We have confused the free with the free and easy.” - Adlai Stevenson, Putting First Things First, 1960. - VS. FREE & EASY

FREEDOM: We have developed sports and games as a simulation of life, and they command a wide and profound interest from masses of men and women. But we are killing life itself by endeavors to control the outcomes of human activities. Now we have to return upon ourselves and ensure that life simulates sport and games, the outcomes of which we do not control but the playing of which is life itself.” - H. S. Ferns, The Disease of Government, p.125. – Territorial Statism is a drug addiction that by now even permeates sports and games. Compare e.g. the subsidies that even some popular sports receive. To that extent sports and games simulate life under statism. - JZ, 11.4.00, 24.11.10. - SPORTS & GAMES, FREEDOM OF ACTION, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

FREEDOM: We have nothing to do with a man's words or a man's thoughts, except to put against them better words and better thoughts, and so win in the great moral and intellectual duel that is always going on, and on which all progress depends. - Auberon Herbert. - DEFINITIONS & THOUGHTS, IDEAS, WORDS, SLOGANS, ENLIGHTENMENT

FREEDOM: We have tried so many things; when shall we try the simplest of all: freedom?” - Bastiat, quoted in G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.62. - Try freedom - and let others try it in their way! - JZ, 13.4.00.

FREEDOM: We have used up all our inherited freedom like the young bird the albumen in the egg. It is not an era of repose. If we would save our lives, we must fight for them.” - Thoreau. - Grow up and break the shell keeping you encaged. Under freedom you can fly with all your abilities like a grown up bird can with his. - JZ, 17.4.00. – Why should birds and even insects have more freedom on where to live and how to live than we have? – Explore your personal law or exterritorial autonomy options – and then work to realize them. JZ, 24.11.10. - FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM, TERRITORIALISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, FREE CHOICE

FREEDOM: We maintain, therefore, that man is free NATURALLY. That a condition of other-than-freedom, in which circumstances of slavery manifest, is man-made and perforce artificial. We maintain that men cannot provide freedom for other men, for the freedom is theirs to begin with.” - Robert LeFevre, March 24, 1956. In Carl Watner, LeFevre, p.58, motto above chapter 7. - What freedom lovers can and should do for other freedom lovers is merely to help them shift the weight of oppression from them and to try to do that not merely with "brute strength and stupidity" but with reason, using e.g. leverage intelligently and efficiently. - Handbooks on the machinery and processes, the tools, weapons and intellectual ammunition of liberty, its tactics and strategies, have still to be compiled and published. - JZ, 9.5.00. – We are still, quite unnaturally, expressed and exploited by the laws and institutions of territorialism. Let us abolish them first, via individual and group secessionism and then let each choose, and try to realize the ideals that he believes in, alone or in association with like-minded volunteers, always merely trying to set a better example to others, rather than trying to force it territorially upon them. If they should come to like it, they will come to adopt it. – JZ, 24.11.10. NATURAL FREEDOM, NATURAL PROGRESS, VIA INDIVIDUAL CHOICE, MAN, TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM, CHOICE, RIGHTFUL WAR AIMS & PEACE AIMS, SUFFICIENTLY DECLARED IN TIME, LIBERATION, SECRET ALLIES, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE, MILITIA, TERRITORIALISM, ENLIGHTENMENT, PUBLICITY, LIBERTARIAN PUBLISHING, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, SECESSIONISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, CONTRACTARIANISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS

FREEDOM: we must be able to understand the meaning of 'freedom' ('self-legislation') without having to appeal to any moral notions. This, unfortunately, is just what Kant's doctrine of freedom will not let us do. For freedom is for him a morally loaded notion, …" - Jeffrie G. Murphy, Kant, The Philosophy of Right, p.81. - For me, too. Why should "self-legislation" be separated from all morality, especially, when as reasonable people, we must concede the right to self-legislation to all others, too? - JZ, 8.4.00. - SELF-GOVERNMENT, SELF-LEGISLATION, LAWS, PERSONAL LAWS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE

FREEDOM: We must be free or die, who speak the tongue that Shakespeare spake; the faith and morals hold which Milton held.” - Wordsworth, National Independence & Liberty, London, 1802. - Hymans, Quotes, p.413. – Just see to it that you become as free as you wish to be and let all others remain as unfree as they want to be, as long as they are willing to put up with this and not prepared to join you. If we tried to push full freedom on all others, the present majority of statists, we would only have a good chance to end up dead. – JZ, 24.11.10.

FREEDOM: we must conclude that freedom is the very essence of man's progress. To tamper with man's freedom is not only to injure him, to degrade him; it is to change his nature, to render him, in so far as such oppression is exercised, incapable of improvement; it is to strip him of his resemblance to the Creator, to stifle within him the noble breath of life with which he was endowed at his creation.” - Frederic Bastiat, Economic Harmonies. - MAN & PROGRESS

FREEDOM: We must return to the broad highway of individual freedom where we, too, can pledge "our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor" to the purpose which inspired our Founding Fathers.” - Admiral Ben Moreell, The Admiral's Log II, p.111. – When and where did this broad highway ever exist? It is still to be built. Its name: Full experimental freedom in all spheres now monopolized by territorial governments. Exterritorial autonomy of volunteers vs. territorial authoritarianism over all too many involuntary members and subjects. - JZ, 24.11.10. - INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM OR CHOICE IN ALL SPHERES

FREEDOM: We must support the processes of freedom even when we cannot endorse every one of the products of freedom.” - Rev. Edmund Opitz, THE FREEMAN, 6/76, p.364.

FREEDOM: We need freedom because we are interdependent.” - Leonard E. Read, THE FREEMAN, 7/74. - INTERDEPENDENCY

FREEDOM: We need to be more aware than we are that freedom has no built-in preservatives of its own.” - Michael Dixon. – Full freedom would contain them but it is still largely unknown, or unpopular and thus unrealized. – Who really cares about a complete declaration of all individual rights and liberties or an ideal militia for their protection? – JZ, 26.12.07, 12.12.08, 24.11.10. – Q., RIGHTS, ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, STILL TO BE FULLY & OPTIMALLY COMPILED & DECLARED,

FREEDOM: We offer freedom, and the risks, the dangers, the uncertainties, the untidiness, but also the responsibilities and the opportunities which are inseparable from it.” - Enoch Powell. – He, too, did not advocate all individual liberties and rights but just his own selection. – JZ, 22.12.08. – He and his followers are entitled to them, under full exterritorial autonomy. All his critics and opponents should also have their choices, supposedly ideal or better than his, but also only at the own risk and expense. – All forms of liberty for all kinds of libertarians. All forms of statism for all kinds of statists! - JZ, 24.11.10.

FREEDOM: We seek peace, knowing that peace is the climate of freedom.” - Dwight D. Eisenhower, Second Inaugural Address, 21.1.1957. – Apparently, he did not seek it hard enough and persistently and thus did not find it. He remained even unaware that his position as a territorial leader was one major factor making for wars. I rather seek freedom, or peace through freedom, knowing that freedom is the climate or cause of peace. - Contradiction to nonsense spouted by famous persons in public ought to be much better organized, almost automated. One precondition for this would be e.g. the establishment of an ideas archive and an encyclopedia of the best refutations so far found to popular errors, myths and prejudices. - Another would be an ever-growing encyclopedia of all the definitions so far advanced for any significant term. Their very number already would tend to depreciate or cast in doubt any particular definition advanced, unless it has stood the test of time under continuous criticism. - JZ, 10.4.00. – PEACE, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS, PREJUDICES, , DEFINITIONS

FREEDOM: We should muster and mobilize all words for liberty. They are our most important weapons, allies, auxiliaries and resources in the struggle for liberty. With all of them readily on our side perhaps not much physical fighting needs to be done. - JZ, 4.4.00. – WORDS, DEFINITIONS, SLOGANS FOR LIBERTY

FREEDOM: We should not have to spend most of our remaining and all too little spare time and energy and funds (those left after our oppressors and exploiters have deprived us of so much) in educational, resistance and fighting efforts against those, who pose as our representatives protectors and saviors. Instead, we should properly and financially anticipate our future freedom and claims against all statised properties, which are to be liberated by us. That could be turned into the greatest tax refund and expropriation scheme ever, but one only directed against bureaucrats and politicians, and their "public property", not against any private property owners. The total fund claimable is all the capital assets they mismanage in our names. These assets, to be liberated, should be partly turned into our fighting funds, with us acting as trustees and brokers for this deal. "Credit is the present value of a future good." - The future good is here all the nationalized property. In Australia it comes to ca. A $ 1 million per head. The commission on the return of these properties to their rightful owners should be considerable and could, in combination, constitute an enormous fighting fund, in transferable securities issued by the freedom activists. - JZ 1.1.92. - For further details on this project see PEACE PLANS 19C: Let Freedom Pay Its Way. – It is offered digitized online, e.g. at  – JZ, 24.11.10. - FINANCING & ORGANIZING THE FREEDOM STRUGGLE

FREEDOM: We talk a lot about freedom these days. When you dig to the bottom of this talk you realize that, first, very few know what freedom is and, secondly, still fewer want it. The fact is that what is generally called freedom consists of increases in wages (or handouts), more profits (or subsidies) and a bottomless abundance of privileges. For such things we - particularly the more affluent among us - are ready to lay freedom on the line. The essence of freedom, which is an inflexible respect for oneself, is being bartered every day for such trifles.” - Frank Chodorov, Out of Step, p.200. – PRIVILEGES, WELFARE STATE

FREEDOM: We want freedom.” - YAF conference slogan. - Add: You can have your restrictions! - JZ, 16.3.75. – TOLERANCE, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

FREEDOM: We want to oppose the limitless freedom of the liberal theory in our economic lives by an orderly and planned economy.” - View popular among statists, especially state socialists. - The less people know of economics, a free market and capitalism, the more they do cry for order and planning. They are unaware to what extent all their current economic problems are the result of attempting to introduce one or the other kind of - "orderly" or centrally and exclusively "planned" and then enforced - economic system upon followers and dissenters alike. - JZ, 7.4.00. - OBJECTIONS: ORDER, CHAOS, TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: We've tried slavery - now let's try freedom.” - PROTOS, Nov. 70. - In Bastiat's Economic Harmonies there is a similar expression. - JZ - VS. SLAVERY

FREEDOM: Well, if crime fighters fight crime and fire fighters fight fire, what do freedom fighters fight? They never mention that part to us, do they?” – George Carlin – JOKE, FREEDOM FIGHTERS

FREEDOM: Were the practice of freedom totally abandoned, all would perish. Freedom is still practised to a marked extent despite all the barriers, but must wane and disappear eventually without a belief and faith to sustain it.” - Leonard E. Read, NOTES FROM FEE, 5/73. - SURVIVAL

FREEDOM: What are the primary values? They are concerned with pursuit and attainment of the good for human beings. What is the good? We are not sure. Of one thing only we are sure. The good of man cannot be coerced. Being certain about this, we say that freedom comes as close as it is possible to come to the unknown essence of the good.” - Quotation from MANAS, Dec. 19, 1965. – Let each choose, under full exterritorial autonomy and together with like-minded others, what they think to be good, at their expense and risk. Fully free enterprise and consumer sovereignty in all spheres now monopolized by governments. In the long run the best quality and most economic offers will become most widely made and accepted, via individual free choices. Have territorial governments ever made the very best choices for all of us? – JZ, 24.11.10. – EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL, EXTERRITORIALLY, UNDER PERSONAL LAW & FOR THE VERY DIVERSE GROUPS OF VOLUNTEERS ONLY.

FREEDOM: What article in the tariff law protects the poor?” - Frederic Bastiat, Economic Sophisms, p.101. - They have been fooled into believing that tariffs protect their jobs! - JZ - PROTECTIONISM & THE POOR, FREE TRADE, Q.

FREEDOM: What citizen of a free country would listen to any offers of good and skillful administration in return for the abdication of freedom?” - J. S. Mill, The Subjection of Women, IV, 1869. - What government has ever offered a good and skillful administration? - JZ, 17.4.00. - GOVERNMENT

FREEDOM: What do I mean by freedom? My most concise, and probably least understood, answer: "no man-concocted restraints against the release of creative human energy." The word "free" has so many different meanings! The Oxford Dictionary, for instance, uses over 6,000 words to describe its various connotations. (*) No wonder so few grasp what you and I mean by the free society! The conceptions range from being free of responsibility for self to being free to do anything one pleases, regardless of the harm imposed on others, that is, from slavery to anarchy - from planned chaos to unplanned chaos. We are faced with the old, old problem: not only political tyranny but, also, the tyranny of words! (**) - In any event, the aforementioned ambitious intellectual achievement can never be realized unless we come to some common and acceptable definition of "free". Perhaps it might help to return to the word's original spelling and definition, that is, to medieval English. It was then "freo" and was defined as "to love, to delight, to endear… Not in bondage to another." The freedom philosophy, when rooted in this meaning of "free" makes a great deal of sense to me. At least it deserves analysis and perhaps adoption.” - Leonard E. Read, Having My Way, 164/165. – Did he ever say a word against territorialism? – (*) On rights, freedom and liberty Google supplied me today with anything between 1.5 million and over 500 million references. How many libertarians would it take to browse through all of them, in the search for the pearls in this mud? - JZ, 24.11.10. (**) Already Confucius declare the confusion of terms to be our primary enemy and demanded enlightenment on this subject as a primary condition for achieving a free and just society. – JZ, 23.3.13. – MULTIPLICITY & CONFUSION OF DEFINITIONS, TERMS, WORDS, RIGHTS, LIBERTIES

FREEDOM: What do you suppose will satisfy the soul, except to walk free and own no superior?” - Walt Whitman. - For most, apart from fenced-in properties, there are little restrictions on walking. He took poetic licence with "own". As a rule, we do not own superiors. They rather own parts of us, of or our time and energy, by contract, however temporary. The terms "self-ownership" and independence do more clearly describe what he meant. Freedom requires better poetry, humor and prose. - JZ, 12.4.00, 24.11.10, 23.3.13. – SUBORDINATION, INDEPENDENCE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP

FREEDOM: What freedom does a starving man have? The answer is that starvation is a tragic human condition- perhaps more tragic than loss of freedom. That does not prevent these from being two different things.” - Thomas Sowell. - If he really has freedom, especially economic freedom, then he has many chances to feed himself – even if, initially, only on credit, to be repaid from his future earnings. – Under full monetary and financial freedom the tendency would be: more job openings than job seekers. – Just think of all the goods and services ready and waiting to be sold. They could be turned into purchasing power to pay wages and salaries with and to provide thus an every greater abundance of wanted consumer goods and services. - JZ, 27.12.07, 23.3.13. - HUNGER, STARVATION, OPPORTUNITIES, CHANCES, OPTIONS, , JOBS, MONETARY FREEDOM

FREEDOM: What freedom means in practice we understand well enough. But what its nature is, theoretically, we cannot even think about understanding it without arriving at contradictions.” - Kant. - Alas, most people do not even know what all liberties mean in practice. Many haven't even heard about many liberties, far less have they arrived at a sound knowledge of and judgment about all of them. - JZ, 8.4.00, 13.3.13. - THEORY & PRACTICE

FREEDOM: What gets me more and more worried is that most people worry less and less about the loss of more and more of their freedom. - JZ, 14.6.77, revised: 20.11.78. - INDIFFERENCE, APATHY, WORRY

FREEDOM: What gives a man a feeling of freedom … is the physical and moral space allowed him between himself and the outside world. The search for a zone of privacy, an individual sanctuary, is part of the search for happiness. And tolerance consists of recognizing each man's right to this margin, this girdle of individual difference.” - Ramon Fernandez, Spain, 1936, recalled in DEFENSE DE L'HOMME, France, 1965.

FREEDOM: What good does it do you to assert that you are a free man? Don’t you have to pay taxes punctually, although you are opposed to them?” – Wilhelm Busch. - („Was hilft es dir, damit zu prahlen, dass du ein freies Menschenkind? Musst du nicht puenktlich Steuern zahlen, obwohl sie dir zuwider sind?“) - TAXES OR TRIBUTES

FREEDOM: What good is freedom to an ox, an ape or a sheep? For these animals it is an obstacle. Why should it be forced upon them? After a short time they will anyhow relapse into their beloved dependence. – JZ, n.d. – STATISM, ANIMAL RIGHTS, HUMAN RIGHTS

FREEDOM: What happens when one man's freedom interferes with the freedom of another man? If freedom is to be subjectively defined by each individual, it is reduced to a meaningless abstract. As we shall see, the only way freedom can be rationally viewed is in its pure, non-compromise form: human freedom. - If we think in terms of human freedom, we must think in terms of all men being free. Quite logically, freedom then becomes an across-the-board matter. It means freedom for the "poor", the "rich", the "handicapped", the "oppressed", the "weak", the "strong". It means freedom for everyone.” – Robert J. Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.37. – Criminals with involuntary victims and other aggressors should certainly not remain free for further such actions or be set free for them. – JZ, 23.3.13. - HUMAN FREEDOM

FREEDOM: What I think is going to change the world is our long overdue acceptance of the true nature of freedom. First, you do what has to be done, and only then what you feel like doing. Ever since we evolved to consciousness we've been doing what we felt like doing and constantly losing our tempers when what we ought to have been doing, because it had to be done, interfered.” - John Brunner, The Stone that Never Came Down, p.202. - DUTY, RESPECT FOR THE RIGHTS OF OTHERS, TOLERANCE, EQUAL FREEDOM, SELF-CONTROL, NON-INTERVENTION

FREEDOM: What I think today under freedom is essentially being free of lies.” - Doderer. - Of lies that are enforced as if they were just and obvious truths. - JZ, 8.4.00. – TERRITORIALISM, DESPOTISM, TOTALITARIANISM, MAJORITARIANISM, PARLIAMENTARISM, LEGISLATON, REGULATIONS, BUREAUCRACY, GOVERNMENT, RULERS, STATISM

FREEDOM: What interested me especially is that during this period I have discovered scarcely a corporal's guard of persons who had any conception whatever of liberty as a principle, let alone caring for any specific vindications of it as such. On the other hand, I have met many who were very eloquent about liberty as affecting some matter of special interest to them, but who were authoritarian as the College of Cardinals on other matters. Prohibition brought out myriads of such, so did the various agitations about censorship, free speech, minority-rights of Negroes, Jews, Indians; and among all whom I questioned I did not find a baker's dozen who were capable of perceiving any inconsistency in their attitude.” - Albert Jay Nock, Memoirs of a Superfluous Man, Harper, 1943, p.314. – FREEDOM AS A PRINCIPLE, THE REMNANT, ENLIGHTENMENT, DEFINITIONS, IDEAS, POPULAR ERRORS & PREJUDICES, IGNORANCE, PUBLIC OPINION

FREEDOM: What is freedom, except having one's particular cage reach further than one cares to fly?” - Poul Anderson, The Day of their Return, p.137.

FREEDOM: What is freedom? Freedom is the right to choose; the right to create for yourself the alternative of choice. Without the responsibility and exercise of choice a man is not a man but a member, an instrument, a thing. – Archibald Macleish, 1882-1982, 12.4.37. – ANOTHER VERSION: What is freedom? Freedom is the right to choose: the right to create for yourself the alternatives of choice. Without the possibility of choice and the exercise of choice a man is not a man but a member, an instrument, a thing.” Territorial governments and compulsory militias, trade unions etc. restrict all too many genuine individual rights and liberties and thus their compulsory kind or even territorial status ought to be ended. – JZ, 9.1.13, 16.3.13. - & CHOICE, TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: What is freedom? It is the sum total of all our freedoms. To be free, on one's own responsibility, to think and to act, to speak and to write, to labor and to exchange, to teach and to learn - this alone is to be free.” - Bastiat, in G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone. – FREEDOM OF ACTION & EXPERIMENTATION

FREEDOM: What Is Freedom? There are practical tests of whether freedom (*) exists in a community, province, State or Nation. - Is there right of free expression of opinion? Have the people the right to turn out a Government and are constitutional means provided? Are their courts free from violence by the executive or the mob, and from all association with any political party? Will these courts administer open and well established laws? Will there be fair play for poor as well as for rich, for private persons as well as for Government officials? Will the rights of the individual, subject to his duties to the State, be maintained, asserted and exalted? Is the ordinary person free from fear of police organizations?” - From TORCHLIGHT, in PROGRESS, April 1966. – (*) SOME freedom! – JZ, n.d. – LEGITIMACY, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, LAWS, TERRITORIALISM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

FREEDOM: What is freedom? To have the will to be responsible for one's self. - Whosoever will be free, must make himself free: freedom is no fairy's gift to fall into any man's lap.” – Friedrich Nietzsche, in Sprading, p.539. , WILL, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, NOT A GIFT

FREEDOM: What is it that every man seeks? To be secure, to be happy, to do what he pleases without restraint and without compulsion.” - Epictetus, Discourses, 2nd. century, 4.1, tr. Thomas W. Higginson. - FREEDOM, A BASIC HUMAN REQUIREMENT

FREEDOM: What is liberty? It is freedom of speech and the press … but it is much more. It is the freedom of the individual to choose his own work and his life occupation, to spend his earnings as he desires to spend them, to choose the place where he desires to live, to take the job that fits him, whether some union official is willing that he get it or not…” - Sen. Robert A. Taft of Ohio, quoted in Dean Smith, Conservatism, p.93.

FREEDOM: What is my joy if all hands, even the unclean, can reach into it? What is my wisdom, if even the fools can dictate to me? What is my freedom, if all creatures, even the botched and the impotent, are my masters? What is my life, if I am but to bow, to agree and to obey?” - Ayn Rand, Anthem, quoted in an essay by Mrs. Young, Sydney. – VOTING, PUBLIC OPINION, MAJORITY DESPOTISM, DEMOCRACY, LEGISLATION, CONTROLS, BUREAUCRACY, POLITICIANS

FREEDOM: What is the basic, the essential, the crucial principle that differentiates freedom from slavery? It is the principle of voluntary action versus physical coercion or compulsion.” - Ayn Rand. - VOLUNTARISM, COERCION, COMPULSION

FREEDOM: What is the freedom of the most free? To do what is right!” - Goethe, Egmont, 1788, tr. Michael Hamburger. - RIGHTS

FREEDOM: What is the greatest gift of all? It is life itself. And what is life? The essential characteristic of life is the power to choose, to make decisions, to act. And that's another way of describing "freedom to", or freedom in action. We can say that the greater the freedom in action, the more life there is - or the higher the form of life.” - Andre Spies, THE CONNECTION 131, p.14. - FREEDOM OF ACTION & LIFE, FREE CHOICE, DECISION-MAKING

FREEDOM: What is to be done first? Give him Freedom, of course.” - Van Vogt, The Weapon Makers, p.85. - FREEDOM FIRST, WEAPONS, GUN CONTROL LAWS, VICTIM DISARMAMENT

FREEDOM: What is, anyway, this thing called freedom, which we in the West take so much for granted? It is not easy to define but one thing is certain, freedom is as indispensable to the life and fulfillment of the human spirit as is air to the human body. Denied freedom, the human spirit is stifled and in danger of suffocation. The old English definition of freedom as 'the power of self-determination' has the merit of treating freedom not merely as a condition of life (in which regrettably only a minority of the human race are privileged to live) but also as a state of mind for which each individual is wholly responsible. This was the point made by Vladimir Bukovsky, a leading figure in the Soviet Human Rights Movement who, on being sentenced by a Soviet judge on a trumped-up charge, proudly declared, 'Do with me what you will - my freedom is inside of me.'” - Winston S. Churchill, M.P. in: Freedom and National Security, p.103 of: In Defence of Freedom, ed. by K. W. Watkins. - INDISPENSABLE FOR HUMAN LIFE & A STATE OF MIND

FREEDOM: What makes a man human is his freedom from other men.” - Overton, quoted in THE DANDELION, Fall/Winter 1980, p.8.

FREEDOM: what man must do to save himself, i.e. how best to live the life he has come into, in this world, from birth to death. For this purpose it is only necessary to act to others as we wish them to act to us. In that is all the law and the prophets, as Christ said. And to act in that way we need neither icons, nor relics, nor church services, nor priests, nor catechisms, nor governments, but on the contrary, we need perfect freedom from all that; for to do to others as we wish them to do to us is only possible when a man is free from the fables which the priests give out as the only truth, and is not bound by promises to act as other people may order. …"- Leo Tolstoy, Letter to a Non-Commissioned Officer. - From: R. G. Davis-Poynter, For Freedom: Theirs and Ours, an anthology, p. 20. - CHRISTIANITY

FREEDOM: What most clearly characterizes true freedom and its use is the abuse of it.” – G. C. Lichtenberg. - Freedom does not include what is wrongly called abuse of freedom, i.e., the infringement of the rights and liberties of others. Freedom for all does not authorize such actions. - JZ, 8.4.00. - ITS ABUSE? ARBITRARINESS, WRONGFUL INTERVENTIONS & INTERFERENCES WITH THE LIVES & ACTIONS OF OTHERS

FREEDOM: What that energy which is the life of genius, above everything demands and insists upon, is freedom; entire independence of all authority, prescription and routine - the fullest room to expand as it will.” - Matthew Arnold, The Literary Influence of Academies, 1865. - The freedom struggle does also have its routines and all too many freedom fighters shied away from them and still do. We need more "clerks" for liberty - to produce all the necessary reference tools and publish all pro freedom writings and survey them and make them easily accessible in any significant segments. - JZ, 17.4.00. - INDEPENDENCE VS. AUTHORITY

FREEDOM: What then is freedom? The power to live as one wishes." - Marcus Tullius Cicero – Quoted by Stephan Forsetikrone likes a photo. – The Art of Being Free - Facebook, 11.9.12. – Mere wishes should be distinguished from genuine rights and liberties. – JZ, 10.1.13.

FREEDOM: What then is the answer? In one word the answer is FREEDOM. Freedom is the one essential requirement without which there can be no prosperity, culture, morality or peace.” - Progress Party, Platform, 1.3. - PROGRESS, PROSPERITY, MORALITY, CULTURE, PEACE

FREEDOM: What total freedom means and how SCIENTOLOGISTS achieve it."- From a recent Scientology leaflet. - There are many more wrong than rightful remarks on liberty. I have not the patience to collect and respond to all of them, which come my way. The Church of Scientology seems to make so much money of this faith that it could keep me on the mailing list for over 25 years - in spite of several requests to take me off it. Perhaps I should not blame it, for I have pushed the freedom of expression and information option offered by microfiche self-publishing upon demand, for almost as long - against ignorance, indifference and prejudice among libertarians and anarchists regarding this medium - and it has certainly not been a financial success for me. But I would rather lose some money in trying to spread some truths about liberties than getting rich by spreading some errors or lies about it. - JZ, 18.4.00, 23.3.13. - TOTAL FREEDOM & SCIENTOLOGY

FREEDOM: what was freedom if not the condition of autonomy, or controlling oneself? – View ascribed to Marcus Aurelius by Alan Ryan, Liberty, in: The New Palgrave: The Invisible Hand, ed. By John Eatwell, Murray Milgate & Peter Newman, W. W. Norton, 1987/89, p.189. – & SELF-CONTROL, AUTONOMY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-OWNERSHIP IN EVERY SPHERE, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

FREEDOM: What was the main outcropping of the Industrial Revolution, which brought in its train the greatest and most beneficial economic changes in the world's history? It was freedom, the freedom of anyone to be his creative self; the freedom to exchange with whomever he pleased; the freedom to seek his own gain so long as he did it peacefully.” - Leonard E. Read, Castles in the Air, p.114. - INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION, CREATIVITY, FREEDOM TO EXCHANGE, MARKETS

FREEDOM: What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; ‘tis dearness only that gives everything its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed, if so celestial an article as Freedom should not be highly rated.” - Thomas Paine, The American Crisis, No.1, Dec. 23, 1976. - Nevertheless, freedom opportunities that remain are often considered to be of so little value that they are ignored. E.g. the most common position towards the microfilm freedom of expression and information opportunities.  (Now also towards the use of floppies, CDs, DVDs & external HDDs for all freedom texts. – JZ, 23.3.13.) And while many individual rights cannot be freely practised, they could at least be thoroughly discussed. But such discussions are all too boring for most of those who could benefit most of them. We have rather to think and work ourselves towards liberty than shout or fight for it. - JZ, 13.4.00. - PRICE OF FREEDOM

FREEDOM: what we want is freedom. Just that, freedom. The right to be left alone …" - Glen A. Larson & Robert Thurston, Battlestar Galactica, Berkeley Publishing, 1978, 145.

FREEDOM: What, in the final analysis, can be said of any human being who would deny to others the fundamental freedom to BE.” - Butler D. Shaffer, Calculated Chaos, p.228.

FREEDOM: Whatever one's race colour or creed, one must admit the necessity of 'freedom' as the environment within which the ultimate social atom, the individual, develops to the fullest extent his or her potentialities.” - Graham Hutton, Agenda for a Free Society, the Individual and Society. - THE INDIVIDUAL'S POTENTIAL

FREEDOM: whatever stands against … freedom must be set aside, be it ritual or superstition or limitation in any form." - Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, p.83. - Are there really man-concocted restraints upon the freedom of seagulls - apart from the precautions taken near airports? So, why didn't seagulls develop indefinitely, seeing the freedom they enjoy? Only their flight and hunting capacities seem to have been developed to the utmost - and there they remained. - JZ, 16.4.00. – There are also e.g. freedom of religion and the right to make mistakes – at the own risk and expense. Not every one has to live under maximum freedom and maximum use of that opportunity. As little freedom as you want for yourself must also be an individual option – as part of the total freedom options sphere. – JZ, 21.12.08. – Not only e.g. for monks and nuns. – JZ, 22.11.10. - PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE

FREEDOM: Whatever the issue, let freedom offer us a hundred choices, instead of having government force one answer on everyone.” – Harry Browne. - Alas, to my knowledge he did not propose free choice for individuals between all kinds of governments and societies, all of them only exterritorially autonomous. - JZ, 23. 11. 06. - & TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENTS, FREE CHOICES VS. THE FORCE OF TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS, STATISM

FREEDOM: When a contemporary of Thomas Paine said: "Where freedom is, there is my country", Paine replied: "Where freedom is not, there is mine." – NATIONALISM, FATHERLAND, MOTHERLAND, HOME-COUNTRY

FREEDOM: When a country is well-governed, poverty and a mean condition are things to be ashamed of. When a country it ill-governed, riches and honour are things to be ashamed of. – Confucius, in THE WISDOM OF CONFUCIUS, translated and interpreted by James Legge, Axiom Publishing 2002, p.46. ISBN 1 86 476 171 7. – My version of it: When a country is quite free, then poverty and a mean condition are things to be ashamed of. When a country is ill-governed, i.e. territorially ruled, riches and honors are often things to be ashamed of. – JZ, 31.8.12. - & GOVERNMENT

FREEDOM: When a free man has freedom, he is in a situation in which there are other free men, and none of them violate the natural ability each of them has.” - LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, IV/2, Fall 1977. - MUTUAL FREEDOM

FREEDOM: When a person places the proper value on freedom, there is nothing under the sun that he will not do to acquire that freedom. Whenever you hear a man saying he wants freedom, but in the next breath he is going to tell you what he won't do to get it, or what he doesn't believe in doing in order to get it, he doesn't believe in freedom. A man who believes in freedom will do anything under the sun to acquire . . . or preserve his freedom.” - Malcolm X – What percentage of all individual rights and liberties was Malcolm X aware of? – JZ, 12.12.08.

FREEDOM: When enough of us can truthfully say - I relish the burden of freedom - responsibility for self - as much, if not more, than its countless blessings, the non-coercive society will be ours.” - From old reply envelope of FEE. – Another version: When enough of us can truthfully say - I relish the burden of freedom - responsibility for self - as much, if not more, than its countless blessings - the non-coercive society will be ours. Welcome aboard to anyone interested in this educational effort.” - FEE. - RESPONSIBILITY, NON-COERCION, EDUCATION, ENLIGHTENMENT

FREEDOM: When everybody is free then there will, obviously, be peace. - But what is freedom? Shall we make war to determine the correct definition? - JZ - PEACE

FREEDOM: When freedom prevails, the ingenuity and inventiveness of people creates incredible wealth. This is the source of the natural improvement of the human condition. – Brian S. Wesbury - INGENUITY & INVENTIVENESS, RICHES, INVESTMENTS, PRODUCTIVITY, TOOLS, MACHINES, FREEDOM AS THE ROAD TO WEALTH, PROSPERITY, CAPITALISM VS. POVERTY

FREEDOM: When human beings understand the joy and meaning and become unafraid of the bright and shining light of freedom, they will find a way to be free.” - George Boardman, KAPACO NOTES, Feb. 1967.

FREEDOM: When liberty is contrasted with tyranny, I find that I must seek a condition of freedom and not merely freedom for myself. Thus, in an effort to understand the full implications of freedom, it must be recognized that freedom describes a human condition in which there is no tyranny at all. It is tyranny that opposes liberty, not slavery. The slave is merely the victim of another's tyranny and the product of lost liberty. Without tyranny, there could be neither tyranny nor slavery. When this is grasped, freedom is seen as a condition in which no one imposes tyranny on anyone.” - Robert LeFevre, The Libertarian, p. 22. - TYRANNY & SLAVERY

FREEDOM: When men cannot freely convey their thoughts to one another, no other liberty is secure. – William E. Hocking, in  - True, but full freedom of action and experimentation is even more important, since mere wordings are too slow a means to convert majorities to some important truths. – JZ, 30.3.12. –  FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION & INFORMATION, CENSORSHIP, FREEDOM OF ACTION, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM & SOVEREIGNTY, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PERSONAL LAW VS. TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: When necessary, unity. When in doubt, freedom, but in all cases, patience.” - Meldenius? - (“In necessariis unitas, in dubiis libertas, in ominibus autem caritas.”) - caritas - patience or, rather, care? - JZ - NECESSITY, UNITY, DOUBT & FREEDOM

FREEDOM: When one says a nation cannot cope with liberty then this means: the great majority consists of scoundrels, fools and numbheads or someone knows how to turn them into such.” – (Wenn man sagt, eine Nation kann die Freiheit nicht vertragen, so heisst das: der weit groessere Teil besteht aus Schurken, Narren und Dummkoepfen, oder ein Einzelner versteht es, sie dazu zu machen.“) - Johann Gottfried Seume

FREEDOM: When power is concentrated, freedom is threatened. When power is used, freedom is curtailed.” - John H. Howard, THE FREEMAN, April 67. - POWER

FREEDOM: When the freedom they wished for most was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free.” – Edward Gibbon, 1737-1794. - When the freedom they wished for most was the freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free, and was never free again.” - Edith Hamilton. RESPONSIBILITY

FREEDOM: When we assess economic and political verities, however, we find that these are not rooted in tradition; indeed, they're brand new. Free market, private ownership, limited government concepts and the knowledge pertaining to specialization, freedom in transactions, the subjective theory of value, and competition and free pricing as a means of allocating scarce resources have come into a minimal appreciation only during the last six or seven generations. For these concepts and ideas to simply survive, let alone grow and thrive, in the face of traditional authoritarianism requires thoughtful and patient nursing.” - Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.96. - ECONOMIC FREEDOM

FREEDOM: When we lose the right to be different, we lose the privilege to be free.” - Charles Evans Hughes. – To be free is no privilege but a right – for anyone who respects the rights of others. – JZ, 18.12.08. - RIGHTS

FREEDOM: when we speak of freedom we do not mean merely freedom from restraint or compulsion but a positive power or capacity of doing or enjoying something worth doing.” - T. H. Green.

FREEDOM: When we talk of freedom and opportunity for all nations, the mocking paradoxes in our own society become so clear they can no longer be ignored. If we want to talk about freedom, we must mean freedom for others as well as ourselves, and we must mean freedom for everyone inside our frontiers as well as outside.” - Wendell L. Willkie: One World. - Seldes. - Compare how we treat "illegal immigrants" and "economic migrants" and even obvious refugees and asylum seekers in our times! - JZ, 13.4.00, 23.3.13. - Today I read that 2000 boat people have been in a concentration camp in the Philippines for 10 years - and the free countries are still not free enough to be willing to welcome them as people who could, as free laborers, help them to increase their standard of living further, e.g. by increasing the division of labor. But under monetary despotism our bureaucrats and politicians cannot cope with them and so keep them out using the navy to do so! - Freedom lovers should study how to provide full employment to millions within days, without depriving anyone of his job, using especially monetary freedom options, under all conditions except those of a raging war, civil war or natural catastrophe. - Start with PEACE PLANS No.10 (“Must Full Employment Cost Money? – It is, with the other 2 monetary freedom books by Ulrich von Beckerath online AT - JZ, 9.5.00. – REFUGEES, IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS, UNEMPLOYMENT, OPPORTUNITY, FRONTIERS, FOREIGNERS & ALIENS

FREEDOM: When you can't do as you would, you must do as you can.” - Anna Warner – How often and for how long has it to be demonstrated that we cannot get and keep all freedom writings in print on paper, we cannot even get all of them fast enough, if at all, onto Websites. But we could get all of them even on a single but powerful external HDD, 1 to 3 TBs. – JZ, 21.12.08. The latest 3 TBs one I bought was down to A$138 and 5 of them could come to contain as much in texts as is offered by the Library of Congress. I feel pretty certain that all freedom writings combined would not amount to 15 TBs. – OCR scanners have also become rather cheap and between thousands of libertarians they should be able to afford and operate one of the very powerful scanners, which Google uses, which allow it to scan an average book in about 6 minutes, by reproducing the text as images. – Should we sacrifice that freedom of expression and information opportunities in ritual obedience to temporarily legalized copyrights claims? Should any freedom-lover monopolize, with the help of the territorial State, what he has to say on liberty and rights? - JZ, 23.3.13. -  USE ALL REMAINING FREEDOM OPPORTUNITIES, INCLUDING MICROFICHE, FLOPPY DISKS, & TEXT ONLY CDs TO FINALLY ACHIEVE COMPREHENSIVE & LASTING LIBERTARIAN PUBLISHING, COPYRIGHTS LAWS

FREEDOM: Whenever I hear anyone arguing for slavery, I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally.” - Abraham Lincoln - VS. SLAVERY

FREEDOM: Where liberty dwells, there is my country. Give me liberty to know, to utter, and to argue freely according to conscience - above all liberties.” - John Milton, Areopagitica. – Why only this freedom of action? Today’s literati are too often still satisfied with it – while attacking other liberties. John Milton was a revolutionary, trying to establish liberty rather than expecting to find it or getting it as a grant. – JZ, 18.12.08. & PATRIOTISM

FREEDOM: Wherever public spirit prevails, liberty is secure.” - Noah Webster, 1758-1843. - Mostly, when "public spirit" is expressed in laws or in "public opinion" it threatens or suppresses individual liberties. A public spirit upholding all liberties does not even exist among all those calling themselves libertarians and anarchists. - JZ, 8.4.00. - PUBLIC SPIRIT & LAW, PUBLIC OPINION, POPULAR ERRORS, MYTHS & PREJUDICES

FREEDOM: Which is the more unspeakable, Jonestown or seeing our each moment die in unfreedom? - Quoted from: "Be Free", in THE CONNECTION 105, p.68, of 24.7.82. - JONESTOWN

FREEDOM: Which view of rights, apart from their similarities, should guide American law and culture: freedom from restraint, or adherence to moral law? If we're reasonable and honest, we'll probably have to answer, albeit grudgingly, "Some of both." Regardless of our own preference, we can hardly prevent people from committing offensive acts that do not involve others. Possibly we commit some on occasion ourselves. Thus, in the first sense, a person has a right - that is, freedom - to do wrong: he may curse his Maker…” - Charles Goodman, All these Rights, THE FREEMAN, 1/78. - RIGHTS, MORALITY, RESTRAINTS, MISTAKES

FREEDOM: While such rare stalwarts as Solzhenitsyn may keep a few sparks aglow, it is only when freedom's flame is high and bright - when millions are free to act creatively - that such miracles as tapping solar energy are possible.” – Leonard E. Read, THE FREEMAN, 11/74. - If you grow flowers in a pot or have a snack - you already do tap solar energy. - JZ, 15.4.00. - MORE SUPPORTERS NEEDED, SUN POWER

FREEDOM: While the State exists, there is no freedom. When there is freedom, there will be no State.” - Nikolai Lenin. - In his State and that of his successors, there was certainly very little freedom. They consistently strengthened the State rather than work to abolish it or make it unnecessary. - JZ, 5.7.00. - THE STATE

FREEDOM: While there are exceptions, few terrorists come from places where there is freedom and prosperity.” - Phil Trice, in letter to ANALOG, 9/99, p.139. - PROSPERITY & TERRORISM

FREEDOM: Whilst freedom is true to itself, everything becomes subject to it.” - Edmund Burke, Speech, at Bristol. - If only the lovers of freedom were to mobilize and apply all its ideas, then they would become invincible. In other words, they remain defeated because they do not love it and its literature enough not even enough to mobilize all of it in its cause, using all affordable and efficient alternative media for freedom of expression and information. - JZ, 10.4.00. - I suspect that complete liberty practised by some people somewhere for a minimum period will prove to be quite infective. - JZ, 9.5.00. - Not only tyranny is infectious. Liberty is strength but its full extent and strength is so far known to only a few. Most "freedom lovers" do not even want to bother to declare, optimally, all genuine individual rights and liberties and to mobilize all of their combined strengths. - JZ, 30.3. 99, 20.12.08. - FULL FREEDOM, THE POWER OF FULL FREEDOM, CONSISTENT LIBERTARIAN ISM, THE SELF-REALIZATION POTENTIAL OF FULL LIBERTY, FREEDOM, KNOWN & APPLIED, ITS POWER & STRENGTH, MILITIA

FREEDOM: Who overcomes / By force, hath overcome but half his foe.” - John Milton, Paradise Lost, I, 1667. – ENEMIES, FORCE

FREEDOM: Who stands if freedom fall?” - Rudyard Kipling, For All We Have And Are. - Complete section: “There is but one task for all - One life for each to give. Who stands if Freedom fall? Who dies if England live?”

FREEDOM: Who would be free, themselves must strike the blow.” - Byron, Childe Harold, II, 1812. - FORCE

FREEDOM: Who, nowadays has the right to sit in judgment on his fellow man? Who has the right to deprive another of his freedom?” - Solzhenitsyn, First Circle, p.372. - The victim against the offender. - JZ, 27.12.76. - All should be free to choose for themselves the constitutional, legal, policing, juridical and penal system of their individual preference. (Also the economic, political and social system, which they prefer for themselves. – JZ, 23.3.13.) They would suffer under no other, unless they interfered with the same choices of others. Then, in a way, each offender would have chosen his own judge - or arbitrator. (Or other system. JZ, 23.3.13) - A territorial government's judges are, indeed, so distant from our lives and thinking, our personal preferences and values, that we have often to question their authority over us and others.  - But that does not devalue every system of jurisdiction, particularly not for their subscribers. - JZ, 14.4.00. - JUDGING OTHERS, PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: Who, then, is free? The wise man who can govern-himself.” - Thomas M. Disch, The Prisoner, p.40. – Who already can, fully? – JZ, 24.11.10. - WISDOM, SELF-GOVERNMENT, SELF-CONTROL

FREEDOM: Whoever fights monsters must take care not to become a monster himself. For, as you stand looking deep into the abyss, the abyss is looking deep into you.” – Nietzsche – TERRORISM, RIGHTFUL WAR AIMS, WARFARE METHODS, RIGHTFUL PEACE AIMS, PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE FOR ALL TOLERANT ACTIONS, FREEDOM FIGHTERS, POWER & CORRUPTION

FREEDOM: Whoever was never in fetters knows nothing about freedom.” - Jakob Bosshart, Bausteine. - Whoever was largely bound, physically and mentally, does not know much of it, or enough, either. - JZ, 11/85. – But then even most relatively free people in the West still know and care still all too little about genuine individual liberties and rights. – JZ, 19.12.08. - BONDAGE, CHAINS, FETTERS

FREEDOM: Whosoever destroys freedom destroys the quality of life in its core.” - Erhard Eppler, Aufgaben der Zukunft - Qualitaeten des Lebens, Band 1. - THE QUALITY OF LIFE

FREEDOM: Whosoever understands freedom's opportunities becomes firmly addicted to liberty. - JZ, 20.5.76. - The fact that there are so few addicts to all of freedom's “drugs” proves that there is still all too little understanding and practice of freedom - even among the those calling themselves friends, lovers, students and scholars of liberty. - JZ, 11.4.00 & 9.5.00. - OPPORTUNITIES, UNDERSTANDING, ADDICTION, FAITH, CONVICTION

FREEDOM: Whosoever will be free, must make himself free; freedom is no fairy's gift to fall into any man's lap.” - Friedrich Nietzsche.

FREEDOM: Why argue? Whatever you want to do, under freedom you could do as you please - at your own expense and risk. - JZ, 23.11.75. - Concede the same right to all those who disagree with you and we can stop arguing. - JZ, 8.4.00. - FREEDOM OF ACTION, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PERSONAL LAWS, FULL TOLERANCE TOWARDS ALL TOLERANT PEOPLE

FREEDOM: Why don't we give freedom a chance? It never failed us; we failed it. Well, maybe it's too new and radical an idea for most people to understand. Collectivism, under whatever name, is as old as the Neolithic god-kings; while it was a mere two centuries ago that Thomas Jefferson wrote on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as being human rights.” - Poul Anderson, NEW LIBERTARIAN, May 78. - COLLECTIVISM

FREEDOM: Why give freedom to sheep? They only bleat.” - Stirner. - Let them freely choose their favorite dependencies or shepherds for themselves! - JZ, 6.4.00, 23.3.13. - SHEEP, MAN, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: Why is it," Jonathan puzzled, "that the hardest thing in the world is to convince a bird that he is free, and that he can prove it for himself if he'd just spend a little time practising? Why should that be so hard?"- Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, p.91. - It rather seems hard for adults to leave birds and children alone, to practise their strengths. - JZ, 16.4.00.

FREEDOM: Why not try freedom and, by so doing, harness the secrets of the Universe to the evolution of mankind?” - Leonard E. Read, Who's Listening? p.26. - Why Not Try Freedom? - Book title by Leonard E. Read.

FREEDOM: Why should a man born an Englishman be born with a financial liability round his neck? The only security the State can provide is that of the Prison; anything "free" must have restrictions to it. It is quite wrong for the whole community to be throttled in this way.” - Anthony Fisher, The Case for Freedom, p.58. - SECURITY, PUBLIC DEBTS

FREEDOM: Why should my freedom be judged by another's conscience? - Paul, 1 Corinthians 10:29. - CONSCIENCE

FREEDOM: Why? Freedom is the reason. Consider the alternative.” - R. S. Jaggard, JAG, Sep. 30, 73.

FREEDOM: Will it come, the hour of my freedom? Time, Time! - I call to it; …” - Pushkin, Evgenyi Onegin. - As if the acquisition of freedom required no thought and thoughtful action by oneself - but merely waiting and hoping! - JZ, 16.4.00. –

FREEDOM: With an incomplete or only fractional vision of freedom only limited objectives can be achieved and even these only with great difficulties. - The full vision of all freedom options, made easily accessible to all interested, could release almost undreamed of energies for their realization. Just compare how the misleading dreams of State socialism have misled masses of people for many decades. Then try to mobilize all rightful and sensible dreams for liberty. - So far we have not even put together a libertarian encyclopedia, complete libertarian library, bibliography, index, abstracts and review compilation, directory, projects list, resource survey, far less an Ideas Archive for libertarians, organized complete, permanent and cheap libertarian publishing, using affordable and efficient alternative media, and a libertarian militia for the defence of individual rights. - We have not self-mobilized all our strengths and largely wasted our energies on limited and costly projects and objectives and haven't even properly evaluated these, like politicians do their campaign efforts, especially when they have been defeated. - JZ, 8.5.00. – VISION, FORESIGHT, PLANNING & BLUEPRINTS FOR LIBERTY, A GENUINELY CULTURAL REVOLUTION, NEW DRAFT, MILITIA, DECLARATION OF ALL GENUINE INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

FREEDOM: With carefree tampons I can do whatever I like." - TV adv. 25.9.92. - As if tampons were the solution for anarchists of all sexes! - Another advertisement, addressed to tourists, ran: "Here you can do anything you like - even feed the kangaroos." - Such remarks are addressed by the supposedly better "educated" to the less educated of our "enlightened" democracy. - JZ, 25.9.92, 6.4.00. - KANGAROOS & TAMPONS. HOW FAR CAN & SHOULD FREEDOM GO? , ABUSE OF THE WORD FREEDOM

FREEDOM: With Herbert Spender and John Stuart Mill, we believe a person should be free to take any action, as long as it does not interfere with the liberty of anyone else. We call this point of view libertarianism.” - From a REASON adv. in FREE ENTERPRISE, 9/72. - To what extent has "reason" advocated individual secessionism and full exterritorial autonomy? After a few years it got so concerned, in the main, with relative trivia, that I could no longer stand reading all of it. - JZ, 8.5.00. - FREEDOM OF ACTION & LIBERTARIANISM

FREEDOM: With some, the word seems to imply passivity, and even supine surrender in the face of opposition. With others, the word denotes the concept of ultimate military might where freedom can be gained by defeating any power or combination of powers on earth who appear to oppose individual liberty.” - LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Fall 77. - PASSIVITY & MILITANCY

FREEDOM: Without all its parts functioning freely and in combination, as intended, how well would a car drive and a plane fly? And with them and other tools, systems and associations, we should be free to determine our routes and destinations, independent of any politician or bureaucrat that we have not chosen for ourselves as our own guides. – JZ, 19.12.08, 24.11.10. – PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, LAISSEZ FAIRE IN ALL SPHERES, LEAVING OTHER PEOPLE TO THEIR CHOICES & FREE ACTIONS.

FREEDOM: Without freedom of action, freedom of expression MAY lead to freedom but does not indicate freedom but rather oppression. People who disagree have still to obey the opinionated rulers. - JZ, 8.6.82. - "Say whatever you like - but obey!" – is ascribed to Frederic II, "the Great", who was not so great when he, a mercantilist, condemned an officer, who had advocated free trade, for this "offence" to lifelong imprisonment in Spandau. - Informant: Ulrich von Beckerath. - FREEDOM OF ACTION & FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION

FREEDOM: Without freedom we are walking dead - zombies, manipulated by others, no matter how much we try to forget it. - JZ, 27.1.89.

FREEDOM: Without freedom, no one really has a name.” - Milton Accorda. - Without freedom no one is really a person, a man or a human being. Freedom humanizes us, while oppression dehumanizes both, the oppressor as well as the oppressed. - JZ, 12.7.92. - MAN, HUMAN NATURE, INDIVIDUALISM VS. TERRITORIAL PUPPETS, COMPULSORY NUMBERS & ID CARDS FOR PEOPLE

FREEDOM: Without full freedom a rational being cannot fully enjoy himself. Then he can at best and only temporarily divert his attention. - JZ, 10.6.98, 6.4.00. - JOY, DIVERSIONS, DISTRACTIONS, TOURISM, CIRCUS PERFORMANCES, SHOWS, MOVIES, THEATRE, ENTERTAINMENT, AMUSEMENTS, SPORTS

FREEDOM: Yes, of course. All I want is the freedom to make money. Do you know what that freedom implies?” - Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, p.451. - Ayn Rand didn't either! - Making some government paper money in a market restricted by its monetary despotism, or even money in form of gold coins or 100 % redeemable gold certificates (which still amount only to a forced and exclusive currency), isn't the same and does not permit as many free and sound exchanges as would the issuing and accepting, earning and making money in a form of competitively issued money under full monetary freedom and even individuals would, who would be producing or issuing and accepting the own kind of money or clearing certificate, using a self-chosen value standard in a form of IOU in so efficient a clearing system that all of them would stream back to it, in payment for the goods, services or labor he or she has to offer. - JZ, 7.5.00, 23.3.13. – MONEY, MONETARY FREEDOM, FREE CLEARING

FREEDOM: You are free and that is why you are lost.” - Franz Kafka. - You are unfree and that is why you are lost! - JZ, n.d. – So much nonsense is spread in prose. Too many poets imagined they had to add to it. – JZ, 22.12.08. –

FREEDOM: You are Free. The natural liberty of man is to be free from any superior power on Earth, and not to be under the will or legislative authority of man, but only to have the law of nature for his rule. – Samuel Adams, quoted by Nizam Ahmad sharing Capitalism's photo. – Facebook, 17.3.13.

FREEDOM: You are not free enough if you don’t enjoy monetary freedom as well. – JZ, 22.2.03. - MONETARY FREEDOM

FREEDOM: You are the people … you are the will ... you are the government … you are the power … you are America … you are the free … no one … no one … has the right to take away your freedom.” - Zarlenga, The Orator, p.61. - That is true only for voluntary communities or panarchies! - JZ, 16.4.00. – For people free to secede and live under the personal law or exterritorial autonomy system of their own individual free choice. Without them it merely amounts to an incantation or word-magic. – JZ, 23.12.08, 23.3.13.

FREEDOM: You ask what freedom is? It means not fearing either men or gods; it means not craving wickedness or excess; it means possessing supreme power over oneself. And it is a priceless good to be master of oneself.” - Epistles of Seneca, No. LXXV, 18. – SELF-OWNERSHIP, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

FREEDOM: You bought a lot of oppression so far. Why not buy freedom now? - JZ, 12/72. - You could do worse than starting by buying some information on your microfilm and CD freedom of expression and information opportunities. - JZ, 8.5.00, 19.12.08. - VS. OPPRESSION

FREEDOM: You can have as much freedom as you can be responsible for.” - S.S.T. (Calendar proverb.) - Unfortunately, constitutions, laws, regulations, politicians, bureaucrats and policemen do not accept that principle as the a major one. - JZ, 10.4.00. – RESPONSIBILITY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, ASSOCIATION, SECESSION, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

FREEDOM: You can have peace. Or you can have freedom. Don't ever count on having both at once.” - Lazarus Long. – One of the fictional heroes of Robert Heinlein. There is such a thing as a libertarian road to a lasting peace in freedom and justice. But so far most libertarians have shown little interest in it, to my knowledge. - JZ, 28.6.00. - I hold that libertarian and panarchist ideas and practices offer the ONLY road to rightful and lasting peace in freedom, security and prosperity. - JZ, 1.7.00. –  PEACE, LIBERTARIAN PEACE PROGRAM, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: You can impose authority but you cannot impose freedom.” - Colin Ward, ANARCHY IN ACTION, 135. – You should not even try. Let each advance towards it at his own speed and as a result of his own free choice or free experiments. – JZ, 24.11.10. - FREEDOM VS. AUTHORITY

FREEDOM: You can only be free if I am free.” – Clarence Darrow. - Degrees of liberties and rights can also be won - one by one and step by step. If we made it dependent on achieving total liberty for all at the same time, then we might never achieve it. - JZ, 26. 11. 06. – FREEDOM IS A MUTUAL CONCESSION, OPPORTUNITY & RIGHT

FREEDOM: You can't be free unless you are willing to define your concept of freedom.” - David Duffy.

FREEDOM: You can't eat freedom! “- Yes, but you can eat better when you are free. - JZ 23.5.73. - How much about freedom, all liberties and rights, is taught in our schools and universities - or, rather, how little? And how limited is the treatment of these subjects in the mass media? But, instead of complaining, we should use the affordable and efficient alternative media for this job. Do we? - JZ, 11.4.00. – OBJECTIONS: HUNGER, POVERTY, Q., EDUCATION, ENLIGHTENMENT

FREEDOM: You can’t be a little bit free. A man isn’t free when he has even one foot in the dingo trap.” - John Laws, Book of Uncommon Sense, PAN, 1995, 293 - The abolition of the postal monopoly or that of the Department of Main Roads, would make us a little bit more free, as did e.g. the abolition of restrictive shopping hours and the reduced privileges for trade unions. - JZ, 18.4.00. – , FULL FREEDOM VS. BITS OF FREEDOM, AS NOW CONCEDED BY SOME DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENTS

FREEDOM: You can’t give freedom to people. … It’s something they have to earn for themselves. If they don’t want freedom enough to fight for it, they won’t value it. -  – Stephen Coonts, Hong Kong, ORION, 2000, p.146/47.  – Let us start by introducing free choice for all people regarding the political, economic and social system, which they prefer for themselves. That would make any fighting for any such supposed ideal quite superfluous. – PEOPLE, PANARCHISM, CHOICE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL

FREEDOM: You cannot say that you are free until you know all there is to know about freedom - or can get easy access to any part of that total knowledge. Otherwise, you are at best free only to some extent. - JZ, 23.2.75, 9.5.00. - KNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTANDING, DECLARATION OF ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

FREEDOM: You don't have to be a man to fight for freedom. All you have to do is to be an intelligent human being.” - Malcolm X, YOUTH, ADULTHOOD, INTELLIGENCE

FREEDOM: you have the freedom to be yourself, yourself, your true self, here and now, and nothing can stand in your way." - Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, p. 83. - Nothing stands in the way and can stand in the way? Why are so many freedom statements so far removed from daily experiences? - JZ, 16.4.00. - SELF, DEVELOPMENT

FREEDOM: You must do this for me’ has replaced ‘We should all be free’.” - Philip K. Howard, The Death of Common Sense, How the Law Is Suffocating America, Warner books, 1994, p.120. - NEEDS, WANTS, POVERTY, CLAIMS RATHER THAN RIGHTS, WELFARE STATE, SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES, TRANSFER SOCIETY, LAW, LEGISLATION, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, STATISM

FREEDOM: You say you want freedom now. - I wish I had your patience.” - Bob Black. – FREEDOM NOW!

FREEDOM: You should be able to be as free or unfree as you want to be. - JZ, 23.4.76. - FREEDOM TO BE UNFREE, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: You should not speak of American freedom. Freedom should not be American or European, it should be freedom. God is God. He is not the God of the Americans or of the Europeans. It is likewise with freedom.” – Lajos Kossuth, quoted in: Hans Habe, Leben fuer den Journalismus, Band 2, Meilensteine, S. 129. - GOD

FREEDOM: You want liberty? To a large extent it is still yours for the asking. But did you ever seriously ask for it? - JZ, 1965. - Only in the 80's did it occur to me that I have never seen e.g. a demonstration or a march demanding the abolition of "legal tender" and of the "central bank" or the introduction of "individual secessionism" and of "full monetary freedom". - Most people are simply bored by such topics or greatly misunderstand them still. Few stand up for unilateral free trade and migration, few bother to work out libertarian revolution and defence programs. Even the compilation of libertarian directories, bibliographies, abstracts, ideas, definitions, refutations, encyclopedias, or the work on producing an ideal declaration of individual rights and liberties does seems to be too much work or of no interest to them. They think they have better things to do - and engage in trivia, or confine themselves to a few authors and texts on liberty. - JZ, 11.4.00, 18.12.08. – STATISM, MOST LIBERTARIANS & ANARCHISTS

FREEDOM: You who have never tasted freedom, how can you tell if it is sweet? If you had known it, you would be saying to us now: 'Defend it to the last.'” - Sperthias & Bulis, Spartans, to Hydarnes the Persian Satrap. - Karl Wittvogel, Oriental Despotism, Yale Univ. Press, 1957-67, pages 448/9 (conclusion): "The good citizens of classical Greece drew strength from the determination of two of their countrymen, Sperthias & Bulis, to resist the lure of total power. On their way to Suza, the Spartan envoys were met by Hydarnes, a high Persian official, who offered to make them mighty in their homeland, if only they would attach themselves to the Great King, his despotic master. To the benefit of Greece - and to the benefit of all free men - Herodotus has preserved their answer: 'Hydarnes', they said, 'thou art a one-sided counselor. Thou has experience of half the matter; but the other half is beyond thy knowledge. A slave's life thou understandest; but, never having tasted liberty, thou canst not tell whether it be sweet or no. Ah! hadst thou known what freedom is, thou wouldst have bidden us fight for it, not with the spear only, but with the battle-axe.'" - Alas, Spartans, too, had very odd and incomplete notions of freedom. – JZ, n.d. & 23.3.13.

FREEDOM: You will either be free or you won't be. The modern mass extermination devices will assure that. - JZ, 20.5.76. – SURVIVAL, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

FREEDOM: Your freedom ends where mine begins.” - Slogans from the SPIRITUAL ANARCHY WEBSITE – EQUAL LIBERTY

FREEDOM: Your freedom to swing your arms ends where my nose begins.” - Quoted in READER'S DIGEST, Feb. 1955, p. 102.

FREEDOM: Your liberty goes as far as your self-control.” - Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach. - What if you are a very self-controlled slave, serf, political prisoner, inmate of an extermination camp or confronted by "ethnic cleansing" hordes or IBMs targeted upon you? - Isn't it deplorable how otherwise intelligent people are often blind to very large segments of freedom? - JZ, 7.4.00. - SELF-CONTROL

FREEDOM: Your survival chances increase with liberty. - JZ, 26.4.96. - See my ABC Against Nuclear War. - JZ - PEACE, RIGHTS, TOLERANCE, DEFENCE, WAR AIMS, HUMAN RIGHTS, SURVIVAL.

FREEDOM: Your yelling "Viva!" and "Down!" is not going to get you one step closer to your goal, Little Man. You have been believing that your freedom is secured when you "put people against the wall."- Wilhelm Reich, Listen, Little Man! p. 60. – REVENGE

FREEZE: But to whatever extent the freeze is enforced, it will do harm by distorting relative prices.” - Milton Friedman, An Economist's Protest, p.15. - PRICE CONTROL

FREEZE: Freeze Note Printing. - JZ, 14.8.74. - But only for monopoly issuers like the present central banks of legal tender money. All others should be free to issue market-rated and refusable or optional notes, value tokens, certificates, account credits etc., to the extent that they want to and can find voluntary acceptors for them. - JZ, 13.6.00. – For such monies cannot cause an inflation because stable value reckoning would go on in spite of any over-issue by them and very little over-issues of them could occur. Since the issuer would have to accept his own notes still at par with their nominal value, while others would accept them, if at all, only at their discounted market value, it would also be in the interest of the issuer not to over-issue his notes. Free market monies, being by definition without the issue monopoly and without legal tender power, are not the bad money that can drive good money out of circulation but, rather, the good kinds of monies, that drive the bad ones out of circulation. Which one would you rather accept, in your dealings? – JZ, 13.8.13. - MARKET MONEY, MONETARY FREEDOM & FREE BANKING VS. MONETARY DESPOTISM OR CENTRAL BANKING, LEGAL TENDER

FREEZE: Freeze taxes and the note printing press! - JZ, 8.6.74. - Only the note-printing presses of the central bank, not those of free banks! - Actually, under full monetary freedom the central bank's note printing presses need not be frozen but competition by better privately and cooperatively issued currencies would drive them out, out of their present monopoly sphere. Without legal tender and the money-issue monopoly, good money, market-rated as such, drives out the bad. – They could remain only in their limited sphere as tax foundation money, which means, for communities of volunteers, to which all should become reduced, contribution-based money, comparable to the clearing certificates which insurance companies could issue for their indemnification payments and to get their premiums paid with or the transport money, which railway and bus companies could issue, the electricity, gas-, water- and petrol money, which companies supplying these services could also issue, to the extent that they are readily accepted by their customers. - JZ, 24.6.00, 13.8.13. - PRICE CONTROL, INFLATION, GRESHAM’S LOW, MONEY ISSUE MONOPOLY, LEGAL TENDER, FREE MARKET MONIES, FREE BANKING, MONETARY FREEDOM

FREEZE: Freeze the money supply.” - Alan Reynolds, Ass. Editor, NATIONAL REVIEW, New York, N.Y., quoted in REASON, 11/73. - Add: "of the central banks, or, better still, put these suppliers out of business."- JZ, 12/74. – Or reduce their power to no more than that of a wanted and able business satisfying voluntary customers. – JZ, 13.8.13.

FREEZE: Freeze the note printing press - by repealing legal tender and the note issue monopoly. - JZ, 18.4.77. – It is not the presses of the central banks which have any power but the laws, which give the central bank the money issue power and legal tender power (compulsory acceptance at a forced value), which give the monopoly money and forced currency of the central bank’s note printing presses a wrongful, anti-economic and harmful power over the economy of the population of a country. – JZ, 13.8.13. - PRICE CONTROL, WAGE CONTROL, INFLATION

FREEZE: The only freeze which is meaningful is to freeze taxes and government spending.” - Manual Klausner, in REASON, August 73. - I would include government borrowing or the issue of governmental “insecurities” as well. They will, most likely, be partly to completely depreciated by current and future inflations or State bankruptcies. But perhaps their worst aspect is that they are, by their very nature, investments in tax slavery, morally no better than were formerly investments in the slave trade. - JZ, 13.6.00. Taxes are already as high that they have brought to us the present messes! – If these governmental insecurities are redeemed at all, then this can be done only out of future and even higher taxes. - JZ, 15.6.00, 13.8.13. – PUBLIC DEBT, GOVERNMENT SECURITIES OR INSECURITIES, TAX SLAVERY

FRENCH REVOLUTION: The "reign of terror" during the French Revolution was, in part, an unsuccessful attempt to enforce price laws. Shopkeepers and laborers were taken to the guillotine and beheaded.” - Committee to Restore Freedom, NTU, 1972 advertisement. - PRICE CONTROL, MAXIMUM, INFLATION, ASSIGNATS, LEGAL TENDER, ISSUE MONOPOLY, GRESHAM'S LAW, TERRORISM, GUILLOTINE

FRIEDMAN, DAVID, Efficient institutions for the private enforcement of law, JOURNAL OF LEGAL STUDIES (1984).  – I have not yet seen it or an abstract or review. – Hopefully, it deals with the enforcement of personal law as well. - JZ, 24.2.12. – POLICE MONOPOLLY, PRIVATE PROTECTION AGENCIES, LAW ENFORCEMENT

FRIEDMAN'S LAW: Friedman's Law states that anything that government does costs twice as much as if the same thing was done in the private market. I have seen a good many studies all of which tended to support that, if anything, … the ration is higher than two to one.” - Milton Friedman, THE FREE NATION, April 1980. - DAVID FRIEDMAN'S LAW, FREE ENTERPRISE VS. GOVERNMENT MONOPOLIES

FRIEDMAN'S LAW: Skeptical readers may want evidence for my claim that it costs any government twice as much as it should to do anything. A domestic example is the Post Office; private postal companies make a profit delivering third-class mail at half what the Post Office charges to deliver it at a loss. A foreign example is Russia's government-run economy, which invests twice as much of its GNP as we did at a comparable period in our development to achieve the same growth rate. Japan invests privately at the same rare as Russia and gets twice Russia's growth rate.” - David Friedman, The Machinery of Freedom, p.116. – How much more efficient and cheaper would private enterprise be if it were completely freed, e.g. operating under full monetary and financial freedom as well? - JZ, 13.6.00, 23.3.13. - GOVERNMENT COSTS, GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS & INSTITUTIONS, INVESTMENTS, EFFICIENCY, CAPITALISM, PRIVATE ENTERPRISE

FRIENDS: A friend is another self.” - Latin proverb. - (“Alter ipse amicus.”) – Another version: A friend is, as it were, as second self.” - (“Amicus est tanquam alter idem.”) - Cicero, De amicitia, xxi, c. 50 B.C.


FRIENDS: Be a friend to thyself, and others will be so too.” - Thomas Fuller, M.D., Gnomologia, 1732, 847. – Not always but at least sometimes - to often. – JZ, 22.12.08. - SELF-RESPECT

FRIENDS: Better to have wise enemy than foolish friend.” - Greek proverb, quoted in SOTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 8/76. – Better to have a wise enemy than a foolish friend? – J.Z., 23.3.13. - ENEMIES, WISDOM VS. FOOLISHNESS

FRIENDS: Beware against associating with one from whom thou canst learn nothing good.” - Ibn Gabirol, quoted in The Wisdom of Israel, p.271. – ASSOCIATES, BAD COMPANY

FRIENDS: Friends are family you choose for yourself.” - Jane Adams in NEW YORK TIMES. - FAMILY

FRIENDS: Friendship is a disinterested commerce between equals.” - Oliver Goldsmith, The Good-Natur'd Man, I, 1768.

FRIENDS: Friendship is a prize you have to earn. The incorrigibly hopeful expect it to fall into their laps; it never does.” - Dagobert D. Runes, On the Nature of Man, p.85.

FRIENDS: Friendship is almost always the union of a part of one mind with a part of another; people are friends in spots.” - George Santayana.

FRIENDS: Have no friends not equal to yourself.” - Confucius, Analects, IX, c. 500 B.C. - Compare: "Communication is only possible between equals."

FRIENDS: I never consider a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.” – Thomas Jefferson; - Merely different opinions, to some extent, may be quite bearable in such relationships but not, as well, quite different ideals regarding very fundamental problems and solutions. - JZ, 23. 11. 06. – The latter are, rather, good reason to spend less time with them. – JZ, 12.12.08. - FRIENDS WITH DIFFERENCES OF OPINIONS


FRIENDS: Nothing is so dangerous as an ignorant friend; a wise enemy is much better.” - Jean de la Fontaine, Fables, VIII, 1671.

FRIENDS: Now you love your enemies and hate your friends.” - Zarlenga, The Orator, poem: Fear of being good. - ENEMIES

FRIENDS: Our friends, the enemy.” - (“Nos amis, les enemis.”) - Beranger, L’ópinion de ces Demoiselles. - The French are said to have used the expression when the Allies entered Paris after the abdication of Napoleon in 1814. - ENEMIES

FRIENDS: Probably no man ever had a friend he did not dislike a little; we are all so constituted by nature no one can possibly entirely approve of us.” - E. W. Howe, The Indignations of E. W. Howe, 1933. - FRIENDSHIP, TOLERANCE & INDIVIDUALISM, HUMAN NATURE, CHARACTER, NOBODY IS PERFECT

FRIENDS: the most delightful companions are those who seek one's light or those from whom light is sought.” - Leonard E. Read, Who's Listening? p.178.

FRIENDS: There is no friend anywhere.” - Wilson/Shea, Illuminatus II, p.110. - Their own example refutes that! - A more sensible advice would be: Don't even trust your friends blindly in everything! - JZ, 13.6.00. - VS. SELFISHNESS, EGOISM, DEPENDENCE VS. SELF-RELIANCE,

FRIENDS: Treat your friend as if he might become an enemy.” - Publilius Syrus - More importantly: Treat your enemies in a way that they will want to become and remain your friends or at least cease to be your enemies. - JZ, 11.10.02, 13.8.13. - ALLIES, ENEMIES, WAR AIMS

FRIENDS: What is a friend? For some a partner for playing folie a deux; for others, a sympathetic but incorruptible judge of one's judgment.” - Thomas Szasz, Heresies, p.69.

FRIENDS: While your friend holds you affectionately by both your hands you are safe, for you can watch both his.” - Dr. Jamrach Holobom – Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary. – Rather, you are also holding both his hands! – JZ, 13.8.13. - TRUST, DISTRUST, CAUTION, PRECAUTIONS, CAREFULNESS

FRIENDS: Who are my best friends? A careful inventory revealed them to be those individuals, past and present, who were giving me light or the few who might be getting an idea or two from me; in brief, those in one's enlightenment circuit.” - Leonard E. Read, ABCs of Freedom. - IDEAS, ENLIGHTENMENT

FRIENDSHIP: A friend should bear his friend's infirmities.” - Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, IV, 1599.

FRIENDSHIP: A meeting of minds can be closer than a sexual union. - JZ, 20.11.99. - It also lasts usually much longer - and you don't need a shower afterwards. But you do also risk infection by false ideas, if you aren't careful enough. - JZ, 14.6.00. – LOVE, FELLOW FREEDOM-, PEACE- & JUSTICE LOVERS

FRIENDSHIP: All friendly feelings towards others come from the friendly feelings a person has for himself.” - Aristotle, quoted in FREE NETWORK NEWS, Nov./Dec. 89, page 9. - SELF-RESPECT A PRECONDITION FOR RESPECTING OTHERS, SELF-ESTEEM

FRIENDSHIP: But if a man will not be his own friend, how can he expect that others will?” - Samuel Smiles, Self-help, p.349. - SELF-RESPECT- SELF-APPRECIATION

FRIENDSHIP: But if you are looking on anyone as a friend when you do not trust him as you trust yourself, you are making a grave mistake, and have failed to grasp sufficiently the full force of true friendship.” - Seneca, Letters II, page 35. - TRUST

FRIENDSHIP: Friends are a second existence.” - Baltasar Gracian, The Art of Worldly Wisdom, CXI, 1647. - FRIENDSHIP LIBERATES & EXTENDS LIFE

FRIENDSHIP: Friendship always benefits; love sometimes injures.” - Seneca, Epistulae morales ad Lucilium, c.63. - I seek an English or German translation of this work, after finding many interesting quotes from it. - JZ, 25.6.00. - LOVE

FRIENDSHIP: Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, "What! You, too? I thought I was the only one." - C. S. Lewis, quoted in READER'S DIGEST, 4/80. - ISOLATION, ALONE

FRIENDSHIP: Friendship is the bond of reason.” - R. B. Sheridan, The Duenna, I, 1775. – Alas, not all friendships are based on reason: For instance, the comradeship of warriors and the team-spirit friendship of sportsmen and that of stamp collectors, artists and poets. – JZ, 22.12.08. – REASON,

FRIENDSHIP: Friendships multiply joys, and divide griefs.” - H. G. Bohn, Handbook of Proverbs, 1855.

FRIENDSHIP: I spoke with him for 5 minutes and already it was as if we had known each other for 50 years.” - Ulrich von Beckerath, 1882-1969.

FRIENDSHIP: I want someone to laugh with me, someone to be grave with me, someone to please me and help my discrimination with his or her own remark, and at times, no doubt, to admire my acuteness and penetration.” - Robert Burns, Commonplace-Book, April 9, 1787.

FRIENDSHIP: If you want to have a friend, be one.” - Quoted in a Primary School, Correspondence School, paper, Sep. 1976. - Even friendship is a trading association. - JZ, 7.12.76. - "Society IS exchange."- Bastiat.

FRIENDSHIP: Law and arbitrary power are in eternal enmity”. - Edmund Burke, Speech on the impeachment of Warren Hastings, Feb. 15, 1788. - Replace "enmity" by "friendship"! - JZ, 19.10.85. – LAWS, POWER, TERRITORIALISM, WARFARE STATES, WELFARE STATES, LEGISLATION VS. PERSONAL LAW

FRIENDSHIP: One has remained a boy in mind, while the other has become a man of high ability. How can they continue friends?” - Aristotle, The Nicomachean Ethics, IX, c. 340 B.C. – Q.

FRIENDSHIP: One measure of friendship consists not in the number of things friends can discuss, but in the number of things they need no longer mention.” - Clifton Fadiman, in READER'S DIGEST, 11/63. - COMMUNICATION

FRIENDSHIP: Someone dedicated to the sciences and living without friends is a scholarly werewolf.” - Frederick the Great to the Marquis d'Argens, 31.8.1745. (U. v. Beckerath marked this passage.) - SCHOLARSHIP

FRIENDSHIP: The condition which high friendship demands is ability to do without it.” - R. W. Emerson, Friendship, 1841.

FRIENDSHIP: The minimum mutually beneficial voluntary association or cooperation, separate from business and sex interests but not from common interests in the own affairs and those of the world. - JZ, 7.10.85.

FRIENDSHIP: The perfect friendship is that between good men, alike in their virtue.” - Aristotle, The Nicomachean Ethics, VIII, c. 340 B. C.

FRIENDSHIP: There is flattery in friendship.” - Shakespeare, Henry V, iii, c. 1599. - Need there be? - JZ, 25.6.00. – Isn’t genuine mutual appreciation and respect enough? – JZ, 22.12.08.

FRIENDSHIP: What men have given the name of friendship to is nothing but an alliance, a reciprocal accommodation of interests, an exchange of good offices; in fact, it is nothing by a system of traffic, in which self-love always proposes to itself some advantage.” - Jeremy Taylor, Of the Nature and Offices of Friendship, 1660.

FRIENDSHIP: When we lose a friend we die a little.” - Anon.

FRIENDSHIP: Without reciprocal mildness and temperance there can be no continuance of friendship. Every man will have something to do for his friend, and something to bear with in him.” - Owen Felltham, Resolves, II, c. 1620. - TOLERANCE

FRIENDSHIP: You can always tell a real friend when you've made a fool of yourself he doesn't feel you've done a permanent job.” - Source?

FRIENDSHIP: You can hardly make a friend in a year, but you can easily lose one in an hour.” - Chinese Proverb.

FRONTIERS: abolish national frontiers.” - Paul Goodman, NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE, 14.7.68.

FRONTIERS: An Old World Frontier is a bayonet-line that marks the geographical limit of a ruler's attempt to control individuals. The Government's actual use of force is stopped there, where the guns and garrisons of another Government face his.” - Rose Wilder Lane, The Discovery of Freedom, p.65.

FRONTIERS: As long as state boundaries exist, force will exist.” - Robert Hawkins, LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Summer 77. - (R. H. favors competing governments or panarchism!) - Robert LeFevre commented: "Robert Hawkins makes an excellent point respecting artificial political boundaries. Their elimination will not, however, eliminate the problem. Take a good look at a trade union. It is a quasi-government that does not seek to dominate a territory. However, force persists." - Unions persist because a) there is not enough competition against their "services", e.g. by various self-management systems and b) because due to monetary despotism not enough monetary demand can be realized for the services that labor has to offer, so that often free market wages, in that monopoly currency, cannot be paid and unemployment results or it has to be sold at "emergency sales prices" of wages, since these have to be contracted for and paid in the State's monopolized currency. Moreover, unions have to a large extent been granted special legal privileges and exemptions from common law. Thus they are as much the product of State interventionism as is the Mafia. Unionists, too, run coercive and monopolistic protection rackets, sometimes enforced even by compulsory membership and closed union shops. But the faith in their benevolence and effectiveness is declining and with them the percentage of the voluntary membership in unions. Under full economic freedom they would be reduced to a tiny sect, like the IWW is already now. - JZ, 28.3.80 & 14.6.00. – TERRITORIALISM, UNIONS

FRONTIERS: Borders are myths. Borders have lost all meaning. The French/Belgian border, for example, borders nothing, controls nothing. French Alsatian workers cross into German Switzerland and Germany itself to work each day by the thousands. French Basques cross into the Spanish Basque Country at will. State frontiers have not been around so long that we should consider them irrevocable. Hitler could have crossed the Swiss frontier any time he wanted to. It wasn't the frontier that kept him out, it was the fact that the German-Swiss were in very good shape. They controlled their own affairs and did not need any outside "help". He knew he would have no support there. The nature of the people kept Hitler out, not the frontier.” - Eugene Goyenneche, in: Michael Zwerin, A Case for the Balkanization of Practically Everyone, p.33. - Not only the German-Swiss were largely opposed to Hitler, but also most of the other minorities and the various local majorities in Switzerland. And they were prepared to fight for their liberties, so the conquest and occupation of Switzerland would have cost Hitler several divisions, which he could not spare. And if all Swiss had lived as completely free men he would not have dared any contact of his subjects with them. - JZ, 24.6.00. – BORDERS – What remains of borders and frontiers has still many negative and wrong meanings, in most instances. – JZ, 24.11.10.

FRONTIERS: Borders are not defensible. - JZ, 13.12.73, after reading: Anthony McDermott, in THE AUSTRALIAN, 13.12.73, writing: "totally defensible and secure borders are impossible.” - They can neither be defended on moral, economic nor political grounds. - JZ, 9/74. - International borders are defensible neither on military nor moral not economic nor political grounds. - JZ, 31.7.78. - BORDERS, TERRITORIALISM

FRONTIERS: But the Missouri-Kansas line is not an Old World frontier. No one guards it. No one wants to move it, because it is not the boundary of an imaginary control of individuals and an actual use of force.” - Lane, The Discovery of Freedom, p.68. - No, indeed not. But on both sides the citizens are victims of a major imperial force, that of the Federal Government, which has monopolized most but not all government interventionism. - JZ, 24.6.00. – State governments and local governments simply form smaller territorial empires. – JZ, 13.8.13.

FRONTIERS: Down with the artificial barriers which were forcibly erected by congresses of despots, according to so-called historic, geographic, commercial and strategic necessities.” - Bakunin, as quoted by Engels, in Democratic Panslavism, in Marx/Engels, The Russian Menace to Europe.

FRONTIERS: Enclosures of any kind are a fertile breeding ground for hatred of outsiders.” - Frank Herbert, Chapterhouse Dune, p.27. - Does that really apply to the small parcels of real estate held by private individuals or their coops or companies? - JZ, 22.6.00. - BORDERS, ENCLOSURES

FRONTIERS: From here on we recognize no national borders. All countries now belong to all peoples of this planet. No government has the right to bar anyone from leaving or entering any territory. TO PLACE RESTRICTIONS ON OUR FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT IS A VIOLATION OF OUR HUMAN RIGHTS. Passport visas, exist permits, residency rights - all these formalize restrictions on our freedom of movement across this planet which now belongs to all of us.” - F. M. Esfandiary, Up-Wingers, 1973, p.92. - BORDERS, FREE MIGRATION, FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT, ASYLUM, REFUGEES, FREE IMMIGRATION VS. IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS, TERRITORIALISM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES VS. POLICIES OF TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS

FRONTIERS: Frontiers are not important but freedom - within them and outside of them, is. - JZ, 15 March 1988. - FREEDOM

FRONTIERS: Frontiers establish inhuman divisions. - J. Z., 6.6.94. - The notion of "spaceship Earth" indicates the absurdity of these divisions very well. - JZ, 24.6.00. - HUMANITY

FRONTIERS: Geography - natural frontiers - is the most arbitrary of criteria and means only endless wars.” - W. A. Dunning, Political Theories, p.338, on Renan. – TERRITORIALISM, WARS

FRONTIERS: I'm all for the abolition of all unnecessary and unjustified borders but not, e.g., for the chucking of garbage over the fence into a neighbor's plot or for using it as a toilet for one's pets. - I would also like to see all those behind bars or otherwise severely penalized, who like to drop their rubbish wherever they go, e.g. alongside highways. - Maybe when DNA and fingerprinting and other identification methods are perfected we can respond to all persistent litterers with a high bill for all the clean-up and identification costs involved. Neither the air ocean nor the seas or water ways are to be any longer considered as public dumping grounds, least of all for radioactive garbage produced by government installations or “private” nuclear reactors, i.e. potential nuclear weapons factories. - JZ, 23.3.98 & 13.6.00, 23.3.13. - BORDERS, FENCES, LITTERING, POLLUTION

FRONTIERS: If one raises one's view one sees no frontiers.” - Japanese proverb.

FRONTIERS: It is a ridiculous justice that is limited by a river! Truth this side of the Pyrenees and error across it.” – Pascal, Pensées, Nr. 294, ed. Giraud. (“Eine spassige Gerechtigkeit, die von einem Fluss begrenzt wird! Wahrheit diesseits der Pyrenaeen ist Irrtum jenseits.“) - BORDERS, TERRITORIAL LAWS & JUSTICE, TERRITORIAL LEGISLATION

FRONTIERS: lines drawn on the earth make no boundaries and no defence.” - Ursula K. LeGuin, The Left Hand of Darkness, p.65. - But they can indicate and make possible much coercive and monopolistic interventionism, just like the "turf" which private gangs claim for themselves. - JZ, 14.6.00, 13.813.

FRONTIERS: National borders are irrelevant for free economic relationships. They are only important for anti-economic or neo-comic relationships, and monopolistic relationships between members of different nations, i.e. for coercive interferences by territorial governments with private, peaceful and productive and mutual benefit relationships. - JZ, n.d. & 24.6.00, 22.12.08. - BORDERS, ECONOMICS, FREE TRADE, WARFARE STATES

FRONTIERS: Only perhaps in the United States, which alone of countries can do without governing, - every man being at least able to live, and move off into the wilderness, let Congress jargon as it will, - can such a form of so-called "Government" continue for any length of time to torment men with the semblance, when the indispensable substance is not there.” - Thomas Carlyle, Latter-Day Pamphlets, no. 6, pp. 16-17 (1850). - Let people emigrate or drop out internally, like they do in the sphere of religion, establish their societies and governments based upon their faiths and convictions, just doing their own things among themselves, under personal law or exterritorial autonomy. - JZ, 11.10.02, 23.3.13, 13.8.13. - ESCAPE FROM GOVERNMENT, WILDERNESS, PIONEERING, EMIGRATION, TOLERANCE, DOING THE OWN THINGS

FRONTIERS: People within national borders remind me of penned-in cattle, contentedly grazing while being milked and waiting for their slaughter time to arrive. - JZ, 1.12.81 & 14.6.00. - Territorial nations are nation-wide prison systems and, at least to the extent of taxation, also forced labor camps. - JZ, 14.6.00. – NATIONALISM, TERRITORIALISM, WARFARE STATES, EXPLOITATION, TAX-, EDUCAITON- & MILITARY SLAVERY, MODERN FEUDALISM

FRONTIERS: Should nations be fenced in or should their members be free as nationals and human beings, all over the world, to live in their own way? - JZ, 4.6.86. - PANARCHISM

FRONTIERS: The border does not lie between right and left but between liberty and authoritarianism.” - Andre Siegenthaler, in ESPERO 4/5, p.9. - LIBERTARIANISM VS. AUTHORITARIANISM

FRONTIERS: The defence of freedom is worth the price of many lives, voluntarily offered, in the opinion of freedom lovers. The defence of a mere State border and of State privileges - none! - JZ, 20.9.88 & 26.6.00. - FREEDOM

FRONTIERS: The front is a line dividing right from wrong.” - Heinrich Gerlach, The Forsaken Army, p.326. - If that were really the case then no frontier would exist today for right and wrong can be found on both sides of all marked geographical borders. It makes more sense to speak about borders around individuals. Those around people acting only rightfully ought to be made inviolable. Those around invaders, aggressors, criminals with victims, ought no longer to be respected by anyone. By their actions they lost the rights of reasonable beings, at least to a large extent and for some time. What remains to them is only the right of animals, i.e. not to be killed or cruelly treated, unless this becomes necessary in self-defence. - JZ, 13.6.00, 13.8.13. - WAR, BORDERS, BOUNDARIES, RIGHT & WRONG, ENEMY

FRONTIERS: The new frontiers to be conquered are mainly in the convolutions of the cortex.” - Arthur Koestler - NEW ONES, IN THE MIND, BRAIN, IDEAS

FRONTIERS: There are no rightful, natural and inherent frontiers for States. They all have expansionary tendencies that can and have easily crossed oceans and mountain chains, not to speak of rivers. We ought to draw the line against governments somewhere else: mainly around individuals! - JZ, 28.1.77 & 14.6.00. - TERRITORIALISM

FRONTIERS: We mean to erase politically constructed national boundaries and bring to human beings the liberty to travel and trade where they will, at their own expense and risk.” - Roy Childs, Liberty Against Power, p.9. - To avoid misunderstandings he should have added: migrate, settle, work and invest. - JZ, 14.6.00.

FRONTIERS: We neither need weak nor strong frontiers but NO frontiers. - JZ, 8.6.91. - Already Pericles, when speaking about the defence of Athens, argued that the love of liberty among its people would constitute a better defence for it than the strongest wall. - JZ, 22.6.00.

FRUITS OF ONE'S LABOR: Proposition 1. Every man - so far as, consistently with the principles of natural law, he can accomplish it - should be allowed to have the fruits, and all the fruits of his own labor. … When a man knows that he is to have ALL the fruits of his labor (*), he labors with more zeal, skill, and physical energy, than when he knows - as in the case of one laboring for wages - that a portion of the fruits of his labor are going to another. (**) Under the influence, then, of this principle, that each man should have all the fruits of his own labor, the aggregate wealth of society would be increased in two ways, to wit, first ALL men would labor, instead of a part only. (***) - Lysander Spooner, Poverty, Economical Propositions, 7, 8. - In the production as well as in the exchange process all should be provided as far as possible with property and profit incentives, rather than merely a few. And that can be done via savings and investments as well as via the issue of financial securities, e.g. by employees, in a take-over bid for the enterprise they do work in - and in a variety of other ways, none of which need involve charity, gifts, compulsion or legal intervention, unions, government jurisdiction etc. - Many paths can lead to liberation at the work place or the introduction of free contract and free market relationships in this sphere. – (*) rather, the value that he added by his labor - (**) That is already a wrongful Marxist assumption! - (***) Here the notion of unearned income, apart from legalized monopoly income, plays havoc again, including the false notions of anti-interest fanatics); and, secondly, each man would labor with more skill, energy, and effect, than hired laborers do now. - JZ, 14.6.00. - RIGHT TO THE FULL PROCEEDS OF ONE'S PRODUCTION EFFORTS, RIGHTFUL EARNINGS, AS MEASURED BY A FREE MARKET, PROPERTY RIGHTS, INCENTIVES, SELF-MANAGEMENT, COOPERATIVE PRODUCTION, WAGE & SALARY SYSTEMS, EMPLOYER-EMPLOYEE RELATIONSHIP

FRUSTRATION: Do you want to arrive at total frustration? Then merely carry on as before. - JZ, 30.11.86. - STATISM, BUREAUCRACY, WELFARE STATE, POLITICS AS USUAL, TERRITORIALISM

FUEL ECONOMY: The federal Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards, enacted in the wake of the mid-1970s oil shocks, require each auto maker's annual output of new cars to meet a set fuel economy level. The current passenger-car CAFE standard is 27.5 miles per gallon; for light trucks, the standard is a more lenient 20.7mpg. Smaller cars, however, are less crashworthy [crash resitant?- JZ] than similarly equipped large cars in practically every type of accident. According to a 1989 Harvard-Brookings study, CAFE-induced downsizing has increased car occupant fatalities by between 14% and 27%; that translates to between 2,000 and 4,000 extra deaths a year.” - Sam Kazman, in an Atricle [Article] printed in the Wall Street Journal, March 12, 1998. - You can read the official report from the CEIhere – My small and cheap Hyundai Getz, my first new car, bought about 2 ½ years ago, has dual air bags. – A survey of unintended consequences of most laws is long overdue. - JZ, 4.1.08. - CAR ACCIDENTS

FULL EMPLOYMENT: A complete survey of all employment theories, proposals and attempts and all criticism of them would soon reveal what has not worked, does not work and never can work and what always has and will. – I know of no such attempt. – JZ, 21.12.92. – UNEMPLOYMENT, FULL EMPLOYMENT, FREE BANKING, MONETARY FREEDOM

FULL EMPLOYMENT: A minor suggestion for an initial a limited monetary freedom experiment with Christmas bonus schemes: Issue the next Christmas bonus or extra salary to employees in the own store currency or in the store currency of all employers doing the same. Employers would benefit by paying this expense in their goods and services - instead of having to sell these first for scarce legal tender notes. Knowing this, they might even be willing to pay a higher gratuity of this type in this form. - A fringe benefit would be that both, employers and employees, would become accustomed to dealing in private notes. - A single issue of that type, existing only temporarily, might altogether escape the notice of the authorities and thus legal prosecution. If not, then it would greatly reduce the penalties involved. - When an association of shops issued this temporary shop currency, the individual shop or firm would receive the notes as a loan from the issuing agency, to be repaid in goods- or service warrants (in monetary denominations) or in cash - in case, by chance or by insufficient competitiveness, one employer would not receive sufficient of these goods warrants back to repay this debt with them. - To escape notice by the authorities, they might make these loans or “payments” in form of transferable gift certificates obliging only the issuer or the issuing group to accept them at all and this at their face value. To offer their employees a wider shopping range, they might exchange their own notes or gift certificates with other such issuers, for their gift certificates, in accordance with the wishes of their employees, swapping sufficient gift certificates for this purpose, or, to achieve more privacy for the employees, without any blame for not buying with them in their employer’s store, in such transactions, they might establish a common and temporary exchange office for this purpose. - Such an issue might be considered as a pilot project for a monetary revolution, one to stop unemployment and end inflation - by paying all or as many wages, salaries and profits and other expenses, as would be required for this purpose, in shop currencies and by using a better or several better standards than the government's paper standard in the shop currencies and to express all prices, wages and salaries and other debts in them.  - JZ file: Unemployment incomplete comb of old files – Revised: 23.3.13. - MONETARY FREEDOM EXPERIMENT, WITH CHRISTMAS BONUS SCHEMES, A START-UP EXPERIMENT WITH MINIMAL TO NO RISK

FULL EMPLOYMENT: A quite free job market would require not only free wage rates and work contracts as well as alternatives to the hierarchical organization of production and exchange, free pricing and free trading, but, most important of all, that the effective monetary demand for labor services becomes free from the restrictions and mis-directions and compulsions imposed by monetary and financial despotism. (Central banking, combined with compulsory taxation and financial regulation.) It requires full monetary- value-reckoning-, clearing-, credit- and capital-transfer freedom. – JZ, 11.9.98, 27.9.08, 23.3.13, 14.8.13. - A FREE JOB MARKET, EMPLOYMENT, UNEMPLOYMENT

FULL EMPLOYMENT: All of us as producers, consumers, employees, employers, and self-employed tradesmen or professionals can only be fully free, economically, when our exchange options are also quite free. This requires that we can even issue our own kind of money or clearing certificates or accounts, alone or in suitable associations with others and that we are also free to accept a money of our choice in all our trading and use for this purpose a value standard chosen by us and our trading partner. Any imposed money, clearing certificate, clearing avenue and value standard would be wrongful and harmful for us and can cause trouble for the whole economy. – JZ, 21.12.92, 7.10.08. - ECONOMIC FREEDOM, MONETARY FREEDOM, FREE BANKING, VS. MONETARY DESPOTISM, FREE MARKET MONEY

FULL EMPLOYMENT: Allow everyone to issue as much private and standardized purchasing certificates valid against himself, in money denominations, as he is willing and able to give wanted services or goods, at market rates, in return. Allow people to thus transform their wants into effective demand. - Allow people to exchange, service for service and goods for goods, goods for services and services for goods, quite freely, using their own privately issued money tokens or IOUs or account credits for this purpose and allow them to locally associated for the issue private and competitive goods warrants and service vouchers, or clearing certificates and account credits, in monetary denominations, to allow a wider and easier use of them. Then as much useful and competitive labor could be exchanged as people would be willing to offer and acquire in this way. Involuntary mass-unemployment would be over. - JZ 26.3.75, 18.11.85, 23.3.13, 14.8.13. - JZ file: Unemployment incomplete comb of old files – MONEY ISSUE, MONEY CIRCULATION

FULL EMPLOYMENT: Any person free to pay his own way with his own IOUs, clearing certificates or goods warrants (covered and redeemed by his own labor, services and consumer goods for sale and those of his voluntary associates - in case he makes such issues in common with others), and who issues them with a sound value standard, as a sound money substitute, will, to the extent that he finds acceptors for them, provide himself with earnings or sales. Under present conditions a common issue with many others in the same position, who want to achieve employment or sales, would make such certificates more widely acceptable and perhaps turn them into a local currency, i.e. one that is locally widely acceptable. Such money substitutes might change hands several times before they return to the issuer or the issuing associations, thus providing more local sales and jobs. Individuals could also get their individual IOUs discounted by larger issuers, with the more widely accepted notes by the larger issuer, pay for their needs and then offer to work for either their own IOUs or for the local currency of that larger issuer. With the latter they could then redeem their IOU and repeat that process. Probably, the most readily accepted private note issues would be then be the shop currencies of local shopping centers, partly used for their expenses, but mainly used for short-term loans to employers to pay their employees with. Gradually perfect clearing systems might be developed that would make even individual IOUs of honest and capable workers possible and easy as means of payment for them. I was told that, once upon a time in French villages, where everybody knew each other and they, probably, still lived largely from their local labors and products, exchanging them with each other, they did largely manage to do this without any government money - by issuing personal IOU’s and frequently clearing them against each other. A single public account book, open to every villager, showing the debts and credits of each participant, might have served that purpose as well. But then there would be the danger that an official might get hold of it. I have never seen a report on this use of IOUs in French villages in writing or got a hint at the time period in which it occurred or in which provinces the system was mainly used. I assume also, that for tax and other reasons these peasants left no more a record of such dealings than they did of any of their black market deals. – JZ, 21.12.92, 7.10.08. – I got this report from Ulrich von Beckerath and he got it, probably, from Prof. Heinrich Rittershausen, who studied in France, upon a grant, exploring why there was then less unemployment in France than in many to most other countries in Europe. Apparently, part of this tradition was still alive then. If this is true, a record of this should be found in Rittershausen’s papers at the University of Cologne. (Köln) – JZ, 23.3.13, 14.8.13.

FULL EMPLOYMENT: Are the unemployed themselves to be partly blamed for the existence and continuance of unemployment? I can only offer a qualified “yes” to this question. Why? - In my whole life I have met only a very small number of unemployed who took a quite serious interest in the real causes of mass unemployment and in the real cures for it, namely the small group of unemployed in West Berlin, in the 1950’s, assembled in many small discussions around the main figure, then and there, Ulrich von Beckerath, 1882-1969. Most of the other unemployed are merely statists expecting from the very State, which had, by its wrongful but legalized monetary actions, policies and institutions, caused involuntary mass unemployment, those measures, which they believed it could and should use to end and prevent unemployment. They did not care what these measure were and how effective or ineffective they were by their very nature. The masses of unemployed are victims of monetary despotism but without being aware of this or wanting to know about it and what to do about it. They show no interest in such questions. Or are they interested in the right to supply themselves with work by undertaking themselves the monetary, financial and organizational steps required for this? No. Instead they expect the State or the employers to supply them with work, which is the right to work, as they perceive it. Are they at all interested in all their economic rights and liberties? Not as a rule. They are, rather, prejudiced against them. They distrust or even despise Property Rights, Free Trade, Laissez Faire, Interest, Profit, Free Pricing, Free Wage Contracts, Free Markets, Free Enterprise, Speculation, Stock Exchanges, Banks, Capitalism etc. They are statists and defend rather than attack its monetary and financial despotism, although they themselves are among the main victims of it. They do not believe in self-help actions in this sphere. They do not see the problem as an exchange problem caused by insufficient free exchange opportunities due to xyz governmental interventions with them. This in spite of their daily experience of their inability to exchange their ready-for-sale labor ability and willingness for those consumer goods and services, which they wish to be able to purchase, in free transactions, profitable to both sides. Monetarily and financially they are not yet emancipated and do not even wish to be. To that extent they can and should be blamed – just like all other who show insufficient interest in such questions and thus, ultimately in some of their own and most important economic affairs. – They do almost all grant the sanction of the victims to the very system that causes their problems. – I haven’t found sufficient exceptions to this rule as yet. Have you? - JZ, 21.12.92, 8.10.08. – MONETARY DESPOISM VS MONETARY FREEDOM & LACK OF INTEREST IN BOTH

FULL EMPLOYMENT: Consumers as indirect suppliers of jobs and employers as direct ones, cannot bear unlimited burdens and restrictions, taxes, red tape, regulations, record-keeping, and, worst of all, monetary and financial despotism, without this affecting the job situation. Full employment can only be certain and permanent on a fully free market, including e.g. freedom of note issue and free choice of value standards and the right to refuse to accept or to discount the government’s exclusive and forced currency as well as any alternative currency, privately or cooperatively issued, unless they had issued it themselves. – In short, free market relationships do need the monies, clearing and credit facilities of full monetary freedom and also full financial freedom, i.e. the very opposite of monetary and financial despotism, which is now everywhere legalized, e.g. through central banking on legislation on financing, which do no longer leave these very important spheres to voluntarism and sufficient publicity. – Bureaucratic controls are no substitute for free markets in any sphere. On the contrary, they are wrongful and very costly third party interferences with and obstructions to and tributes imposed upon free market exchanges between volunteers. They impoverish and prevent rapid growth and development. - JZ, 21.12.92, 7.20.08, 23.3.13,  14.8.13. – CENTRAL BANKING, MONETARY DESPOTISM, FINANCIAL REGULATIONS, ALL KINDS OF INTERVENTIONS WITH FREE MARKET RELATIONSHIPS OR LAISSEZ FAIRE ECONOMICS, ESPECIALLY WITH FULL MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM, I.E. A FREE MARKET CAPITALISM, BASED UPON FREE ENTERPRISE, FREE EXCHANGE & FREE TRADE IN EVERY SPHERE

FULL EMPLOYMENT: Employment means exchange of services against goods and services. Unemployment results when something gets in between those who could and want to exchange. This something is an artificially enforced shortage of exchange media. This shortage is based on legal privileges, coercively upheld. They prevent the potential exchange partners from obtaining or providing or issuing sufficient sound exchange media, clearing facilities and suitable value standards for themselves, as cheaply and effectively as possible. Yes, even by using printing presses. Or does anyone doubt that e.g. shares, bonds and other printed securities can have value through the rights they transmit, although their paper and ink value as well as the art involved may be of little to no value at all to the holders of these securities? Monetary despotism may be due to a powerful pressure group, a school of economists who have put their theories into legal prohibitions or certain institutions that have been granted, based upon wide-spread prejudices, excessive privileges that prevent all desired exchanges from taking place. A truly free market would make all mutually desired exchanges possible and profitable to both sides. It would not know unemployment. - JZ file: Unemployment incomplete comb of old files – MONETARY FREEDOM, FREE BANKING, FORCED & EXCLUSIVE CURRENCIES OF ALL TYPES AMOUNT TO MONETARY DESPOTISM, PRINTING PRESSES

FULL EMPLOYMENT: Free and full employment means being free to exchange (trade), under mutually satisfactory conditions, whatever one has to offer (labor, goods, services) with all others. This freedom, to be full and effective, must include monetary and financial freedom, free enterprise, free work relationships, free internal and external trade, and all other contractual economic liberties. - JZ 31.12.92. – FREE EXCHANGE, FREE BANKING, FREE MARKET MONIES, MONETARY FREEDOM

FULL EMPLOYMENT: Free the sound monetary demand for labor, service and goods by allowing any sound, optional, market rated, discountable and refusable exchange media to be issued and accepted in payment and any other payment or clearing method to be used, provided only its value standard is much better than the government’s is or it is even an almost quite stable one, like a rare metal weight unit, - to be used for this purpose, as long as it is acceptable to the contracting partners, especially the employees. Neither of such additional and freely competing free market monies should have legal tender power (forced acceptance at par with its nominal and exclusive value standard) towards anyone but the issuer. No legal tender power and an issue monopoly should be longer any longer tolerated for the existing government currency of the government’s central bank. (Such currencies have done all too much damage already to be furthermore backed by the law. They should become reduced to sound tax foundation money only, while taxation is still allowed to exist and the territorial States it is based on.) None should have a monopoly or compulsory acceptance except a contractual one in its own payment sphere. For instance, issuers might insist that their debtors do also accept their notes at par, since they can pay their debts at par with them. And if others pay to an issuing center or its associated members in other currencies than the own currency of that payment center, then a surcharge might be raised. I am also inclined to predict that under full monetary and financial freedom not only will full employment prevail but wages and salaries will tend to rise, while the prices for consumer goods will tend to decline. Labor will become still more productive and the emergency sales prices for it and its products, produce and services will disappear. As for the goods: More people being employed and also more productively employed, more goods will be produced and offered more cheaply for sale. Moreover, sound value standards, self-chosen, will introduce a relative stability in the price level. (Apart, naturally, from price changes coming from the goods side.) Inflationary price rises and deflationary price falls will then no longer occur. The price changes remaining will all mostly come from the goods side rather than from the money side. – Shorter working hours or fewer working days per week at correspondingly reduced wages or salaries will become optional. - JZ, 21.12.92, 7.10.08, 24.11.10, 23.3.13.

FULL EMPLOYMENT: Full employment and an economy without crises cannot be achieved through inflation and other methods of monetary devaluations. They lead, on the contrary, to unemployment and the ruin even of big enterprises. But they can be achieved by the abolition of all monopolies and privileges and all obstacles to exchanges.” – K. H. Z. Solneman, Drei Kernfragen zur Vermoegensverteilung, S.23. – A quite free market, including full monetary and financial freedom, amounts to the only rightful and quite economic and rational distribution system. – JZ, 22.12.08. – However, even it should not be forced upon anyone or any group of dissenters. They should be free to practise less rightful and efficient systems among themselves, at their own risk and expense, as long as they are still under-informed enough to believe them to be ethically or economically superior. – JZ, 14.8.13.

FULL EMPLOYMENT: Full employment by realizing the principles and institutions of monetary freedom, in combination with free pricing (for goods and wages and services) and unrestricted savings, investments and capital transfers. - JZ file: Unemployment incomplete comb of old files

FULL EMPLOYMENT: Full employment can only be achieved through full freedom, not through government coercion. - JZ, free after: U. v. Beckerath, Berlin Programm, S.16. - FULL MARKET FREEDOM, FULL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS AND LIBERTIES, INCLUDING MONETARY FREEDOM, UNEMPLOYMENT

FULL EMPLOYMENT: Full employment could be achieved within a week if only the issue and reflux process for alternative sound currencies, which could and should be issued and voluntarily accepted, were widely enough discussed among employers and employees, producers and consumers, businessmen and professionals and also within the mass media. (It could be introduced within a day - if the monetary freedom technique required were already generally known and understood.) However, it is unlikely that all of the public will sufficiently enlighten itself beforehand to make certain that the required monetary freedom steps can be introduced for all at the same time. Most people do not want to study and discuss monetary problems and their solutions at all. They still trust governments all too much in this sphere and do not want to be monetarily enlightened or emancipated. Thus monetary freedom advocates should only attempt to get the freedom for their volunteers to engage in monetary freedom experiments, at their own risk and expense and thus to demonstrate the potentials of their payment, exchange, clearing and value standard system. The same experimental freedom should, however, be conceded to other kinds of monetary reformers, even when sufficiently informed people would already foresee and could predict their failures. Such experiments would get even some free publicity from the mass media. - Everyone has the right to experiment at his own risk and expense. All such experiments will be instructive. None will be as disastrous as the gigantic and wrongful experiments of monetary despotism. – The successful ones will either be joined by many new volunteers or will find many imitators. - JZ, 21.12.92, 7.10.08. - GENERAL ENLIGHTENMENT OF FREEDOM FOR ALREADY ENLIGHTENED MINORITIES TO EXPERIMENT? CENTRAL BANKING

FULL EMPLOYMENT: Full employment is something NO government CAN PROVIDE. Not even a libertarian government could. - A libertarian government (severely limited government) would just leave the unemployed free to supply themselves with work - and to take all the steps required for this purpose. At most it would provide advice and would see to it that none of its own measures would continue to create and maintain unemployment. - Generally, governments cannot provide full employment. - Full employment sometimes happens, in spite of their efforts, when an economy has more or less adapted, temporarily, to past interventions. – Governmental “stop-and-go” policies make the economy fluctuate, most of the time, between inflation and deflation. Sometimes these policies do obviously impose both effects upon an economy at the same time: stagflation. - Their coercive, centralistic and monopolistic money, credit and finance policies prevent full employment. - Their trade restrictions and interventions, from price and wage controls, taxes, subsidies, quotas, to compulsory licensing and unionization, do also prevent full employment. - None of them leaves you alone - to freely produce and exchange, using your own means and institutions for this, as much or as little as you like. - - There exists as yet and there has never as yet existed a government so limited in its powers that it would provide a genuine laissez faire economy in all respects, a government that would let people freely produce and exchange. Sometimes we came close to such an ideal. (Seeing that there are always some dissenters, it could be fully realized only among volunteers, in a panarchistic society) - Full employment can only be achieved through freedom, not through government coercion. The full employment program of the Australian libertarian “Workers Party” did not spell out the details of monetary freedom, either, far less did it recognize how close the relationship between this freedom and full employment is. But this freedom is implied in its fundamental principle which insisted on: "no force, fraud or coercion." - JZ file: Unemployment incomplete comb of old files – PLEASE NOTE THAT, LATER ON, I COMPILED A LONG FREE BANKING BIBLIOGRAPHY & A LONG & ALPHABTIZED FILE ON FREE BANKING, BOTH STILL VERY INCOMPLETE, & THAT BOTH FILES ARE NOW ONLINE AT WWW.PANARCHY.ORG - ONLY THROUGH INPUT FROM MANY PEOPLE CAN BOTH FILES COME CLOSE TO COMPLETION. – JZ, 23.3.13.

FULL EMPLOYMENT: Full employment need not cost the taxpayers, the investors or charitable institutions anything. It can and should pay for itself and even be profitable for the formerly unemployed as well as his employer and for the consumers through more goods and services becoming offered at somewhat reduced prices. The expenditures for welfare payments would also be saved. The easiest way to achieve it fast would be by providing “cheap” but quite sound free market monies, using sound and optional value standards and being based upon ready for sale as well as wanted consumer goods and services, all priced out in sound value standard units. Then, under full freedom to issue and accept such local currencies, at par or only at a discount or to refuse them altogether, as many of them could be issued at any time as are needed and inflations as well as deflations would be avoided and reckoning in stable value standard prices would go on. Such issues would fast stream back to their issuers, the only ones who would have to always accept them at their nominal value, thus assuring their sales and they could be rapidly replaced by new such issues to the extent that they are needed and accepted at par with their nominal value. Apart from doing away with emergency sales prices or those of forced sales, such issues could even lead to a reduction of the prices for consumer goods and services, since more of them could then be produced and sold much easier than before – for a wrongful and mismanaged monopoly money, any force and exclusive currency which as such is without inbuilt inherent restraints and adaptability. – JZ, 21.12.08, 7.10.08, 14.8.13. – See e.g.: Ulrich von Beckerath: Must Full Employment Cost Money? – online at

FULL EMPLOYMENT: Full employment through a really free market - including a free market for exchange media, clearing options and standards of value. – JZ file: Unemployment incomplete comb of old files -  Revised: 14.8.13. 0 UNEMPLOYMENT & MONETARY FREEDOM

FULL EMPLOYMENT: Full employment through full monetary freedom. - JZ, 8.8.75.

FULL EMPLOYMENT: Full employment? Who wants full employment for politicians? – JZ, 29.9.76. – I for one don’t want full employment – for politicians. – JZ, 31.7.78. – Or for soldiers, criminals, tax collectors, drug pushers, priests, do-gooders etc. – JZ, n.d.

FULL EMPLOYMENT: Fully free and certified transferability for all owned assets, including especially the labor and service ability and readiness of the unemployed and underemployed. These victims of the present system should become independent of the forced and exclusive currencies of governments and free to achieve the sale of what they have to sell to others, especially employers, for other, sound and competitively supplied exchange media, all of them optional in general circulation and market rated, as well as clearing certificates and clearing accounts, which are using a value standard that is clearly better than that of the government paper money, especially when one is taking a historical view of the declining value or purchasing power of the governmental value standard unit. What they are paid with should be mutually agreeable between employers and employees, independent of the views of politicians, bureaucrats and their “tame” and compliant advisors, consultants and “experts”, who have often enough and for all too long demonstrated their ignorance, incompetence, errors, prejudices and vested interest in more of the same old monetary despotism. No third party should have the power to get between a willing worker and a willing employer to prescribe for them the rules for their exchange. Let them work them out by themselves. Freedom of contract, free associationism, free enterprise, free trade, laissez-faire, self-help options, in this sphere as well. The transferability of all values, including labor and other services, also of consumer goods, can be greatly increased if they can be offered in certified forms, in money denominations, clearing certificates and accounts, purchasing vouchers, goods warrants, service vouchers etc., in all kinds of “ticket” money for performances promised and delivered. If seriously tried it would not be difficult to deliver more and still quite sound and stable money, competitively, than territorial governments are able to supply, enough of them anyhow to make all desired exchanges possible with monetary means or clearing options, all soundly valued in alternative and optional value standards. In the absence of legal tender and an issue monopoly such alternative exchange media could not inflate or deflate prices and wages expressed in sound value standards. That is possible and habitual only for the governmental forced and exclusive currencies. - The same issue and acceptance freedom should exist in the market for optional and market rated-capital certificates. Governments, by their interventions, have messed up the financial markets as well and still continue to do so, as we are currently experiencing once again. All money and finance reformers should become free to opt out of the governmental monetary and financial system - to do their own things for and to themselves only. The successful examples thus set would rapidly gain more adherents or become copied by others and might even, in the end, be adopted by the remaining politicians, bureaucrats and their statist subjects. Experimental freedom for all in this sphere as well - instead of the continuance of territorial politics as usual, here with its monetary and financial despotism. – JZ, n.d. & 8.10.08, 23.3.13. – PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, IN ALL SPHERES

FULL EMPLOYMENT: Governments and law-makers and regulators should get out of the way. They cannot produce anything, least of all additional productive jobs, although, obviously, they can increase the number of unproductive and counter-productive jobs of bureaucrats and public servants. All people should be set free to try to provide more productive jobs and to take any monetary, financial and organizational steps they think to be required, quite independent of the existing laws, jurisdiction and institutions. This kind of experimental freedom is bound to be successful in at least some cases. From them these successful methods will spread by voluntary adoption. However, this requires the freedom of action, secessionism, voluntary associationism and full exterritorial autonomy that only panarchism, polyarchism or competing governance systems could provide. If limited to the monetary and financial sphere it would require the enlightenment needed to repeal all the contrary legislation and to allow full experimental freedom or panarchism at least in this sphere. Neither the minds of politicians or bureaucrats nor those of the dominant authorities and of the average voters are so far prepared for this. But experimental freedom for dissenting minorities would not require that the majority and the “authorities” change their mindset about monetary and financial reforms. They should remain free to remain stuck in the present system, without all its wrongs and disadvantages. At least that experimental freedom approach to full employment should be tried by enough of the dozens of millions of unemployed and of struggling enterprises and businsesses. – JZ, 21.12.92, 7.10.08, 14.8.13.. – On a small scale, alas, usually with flawed and incomplete hypotheses and practices, this is already tried, world-wide, in thousands of experiments, which, in most cases, are still so incomplete and insignificant that most governments do simply ignore them. Much sounder theories and practices for such experiments are required and all successful historical experiments in this sphere should be made known through websites or discs. – JZ, 23.3.13. – Three long but still very incomplete A to Z files on this subject are now online at 1.) One on panarchism or polyarchism in general. 2.) Another on free banking. 3.) Another in form of a monetary freedom bibliography. Much input from others would be required to make them complete and correct. Will it be provided, seeing that the individual rights and liberties of all are at stake, as well as our chance to finally achieve peace, freedom, justice, rapid progress and prosperity, perhaps even the survival of mankind? – JZ, 14.8.13.

FULL EMPLOYMENT: How could involuntary mass unemployment be overcome? Let me get one thing straight: I am not against all kinds of unemployment. I for one am not against unemployment for coercive politicians. Who would object to that? Perhaps this kind of unemployment should even be enforced against all those willing to work in these jobs (unless they do it panarchistically, i.e. exterritorially and among volunteers only)? - One of our "esteemed leaders", a few years ago, asserted that a little bit of unemployment would not be so bad after all. He didn't say whose unemployment would be beneficial. I would not mind if he were permanently unemployed. He would deserve it, for this opinion alone. I would gladly pay for him and his like a dole - at the ordinary rates. It would cost me much less than his rulership does. - Almost all of you either were once unemployed or are somehow afraid that one day you might be. - The government offers or rather promises you some security in this respect, in form of the dole, while free enterprise, the free market, private financing and banking and capitalism in general are often accused of causing unemployment. - The government is almost never accused of causing unemployment - in spite of all the evidence running against the government, in this respect, too. - We believe that almost all unemployment is directly or indirectly caused by government interventions and that it could only be fully overcome by a fully free market - a free market, which would also embrace monetary freedom or competing free market monies as well as a free market’s free choice among value standards. - JZ file: Unemployment incomplete comb of old files – Revised: 14.8.13. – UNEMPLOYMENT, FREEDOM, JUSTICE, PEACE, PROGRESS, PROSPERITY, EVEN THE SURVIVAL OF MANKIND, NWT

FULL EMPLOYMENT: How unfree need prices and wage rates be, how regulated must labor and businesses be, how high the taxes, how numerous and severe the monopolies (The worst of all is probably the central bank’s money issue and value standard monopoly.), how many the quotas, license requirements and prohibitions (of child labor) and how high the subsidies to unemployed and inefficient businesses, in order to create, maintan and prolong mass unemployment? – JZ, 21.12.92, 7.10.08, 14.8.13. – Q.

FULL EMPLOYMENT: In a consumer society there is always a readiness and willingness to produce more and longer in order to obtain more goods and services from others, to the extent that this is technically possible and to the limits of one's time and energy. One's dream of future riches constitutes an enormous demand for the labor of others for which, alas, one has to give only one's all too limited labor services in return. One's labor capability in the short run does always run far behind one's consumption dreams for today and for the future. In other words, freedom of exchange provides unlimited job opportunities for all. But it must be applied in all spheres, not just in some limited ones, as is all too often the case. - JZ file: Unemployment incomplete comb of old files. – FULL MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM VS. MONETARY & FINANCIAL DESPOTISM

FULL EMPLOYMENT: In a system based on the division of labor - as well valid for a Robinson on his island, who has to undertake a great variety of different jobs, at different time periods - the production of the goods required by the participants does constitutes an inexhaustible source of employment - provided one succeeds in transforming, in a free market economy, one’s needs into effective demand (which is supplied with means of payment). This transformation must succeed to the extent that needed goods are paid for with clearing certificates (in fractions like money) which the issuer has to accept in all payments due to him." – Ulrich von Beckerath. 24.11.53. - JZ file: Unemployment incomplete comb of old files – The cover and redemption fund for these competitively issued clearing certificates, ticket monies, goods warrants and service vouchers, in monetary denominations and with a freely chosen rather than imposed value standard, would consist in the ready for sale and wanted consumer goods and consumer services offered by the issuers and also priced out in a chosen sound value standard. – JZ, 14.8.13. - MONETARY & CLEARING FREEDOM OR FREE BANKING VS. MONETARY DESPOTISM, COVER, REFLUX, REDEMPTION, READINESS TO ACCEPT FOUNDATION.

FULL EMPLOYMENT: Is even one among dozens of millions of unemployed willing to make the “supreme sacrifice” and read a single truthful book on cause and cure of unemployment, like e.g. Ulrich von Beckerath’s “Must Full Employment Cost Money?” – JZ, 30.12.92. – It is now available on – Unemployment, inflations and deflations do inevitably occur if most people do not take sufficient interest in their own economic affairs but rather leave them to the ignorance or prejudices of the monetary and financial despotism that predominate not only in totalitarian States but also in despotic and democratic ones. That part of statist interventionism is quite wrongly and all too widely still perceived as part of a free enterprise, laissez faire and free contract and propertarian “capitalism” and of a free market economy - although in every respect it is quite the contrary of it. It takes monetary and financial despotism to make serious economic crises possible and to continue for all too long. Any imposed and monopolistic money, clearing, credit, value standard and capital market system, as well as compulsory taxation and finance regulation by governments can only cause trouble. However, various communities of volunteers should not only be free to experiment with all kinds of monetary and financial freedom or reform alternatives but also with those of monetary and financial despotism – at their own risk and expense. – It takes competitively supplied exchange media, other payment and value standards of free market monies and clearing, to do away with all the wrongs and harm done by any legalized monetary despotism. - JZ, 21.12.92, 14.8.13. – FULL EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR GROUPS OF VOLUNTEERS WITH ALL KINDS OF MONETARY FREEDOM ATTEMPTS & WITH MONETARY DESPOTISM – AMONG THEMSELVES.

FULL EMPLOYMENT: Job provision should neither be run at a loss, like a private charity, based upon voluntary contributions or as an official charity or Welfare State measure, at the expense of involuntary taxpayers. All jobs should be organized to pay for themselves out of the free sale of their products or services at market prices – expressed and paid in all the sound and sufficiently supplied exchange media and other clearing avenues and value standards that only a quite free market and quite free enterprise can provide under free competition for such supplies. Ultimately, all such exchange media, clearing certificates and clearing accounts must be based upon and redeemable in all the wanted and offered goods and services, including labor, that are ready for sale in a free market, but under voluntary acceptance for all free market monies, either at par or at a discount in general local circulation - for all but the issuers themselves, who have no moral or juridical, legal or economic right to refuse the acceptance of their own IOUs at par with their nominal value. By all means let some private payment communities even have legal tender laws for themselves to that extent - if private contracts and moral obligations and arbitration systems are thought to be insufficient by them. However, for incurable statists they should also be allowed to simply continue, but only among themselves, all forms of monetary despotism, always only at their own risk and expense. – JZ, 21.12.92, 8.10.08, 23.3.13, 14.8.13. – MONETARY FREEDOM VS. MONETARY DESPOTISM, PANARCHISM

FULL EMPLOYMENT: Men must not only wish for work but also seriously desire and push for the realization of all rights, liberties, actions, methods and institutions that would provide sufficient productive jobs for all able and willing to work, instead of ignoring or even opposing them. To that extent they should show interest for such possibilities and opportunities and inform themselves sufficiently on them, to enable them to keep an earned self-respect. They should not adopt the passive attitude of a slave on a slave block, waiting for a buyer to provide him a new master for his life support - in return for his work as a slave. At the very least one should demand of all that they do tolerate economic experiments among volunteers, including those experimenting with full monetary and financial freedom, experiments, which are intended to provide their participants with productive jobs without depriving anybody of their job opportunities. – JZ, 21.12.92, 8.10.08, 23.3.13. – MONETARY INTEREST & ENLIGHTENMENT

FULL EMPLOYMENT: Neither “employers” nor unions nor governments can provide jobs for the unemployed. That has been proven over and over again. They only hope for positive changes in the economy so that the job market, which their combined efforts have all too much restricted, regulated and monopolized, would come to offer more jobs. If you doubt this then you should contemplate the helplessness with which they viewed in Dec. 1992 the existence of ca. 1 million unemployed in Australia. – I did not hear or see or read a single sound idea or proposal from them on this subject. Did you? - JZ, 21.12.92. - Governments can conscript people into the armed forces, employ more bureaucrats, keep pupils longer in school, retire them earlier from their jobs, try to share available job opportunities, shorten labor hours so that more laborers need to be engaged for the same jobs, organize artificial make-work schemes which are unproductive and expensive to the taxpayers and also, indirectly, through these taxes, make more people unemployed. But they cannot create more productive jobs. Their unemployment insurance isn’t an insurance against an insurable risk. Building up emergency funds for expected unemployment could create some unemployment. If the funds are invested and then recalled to pay unemployment benefits with them, unemployment would also be caused thereby. Inflating the currency and thereby expropriating people accordingly, as creditors, among whom the most numerous are the wage and salary recipients, is also no genuine solution. More jobs require more sound exchange media, not more depreciated ones. And the central banks cannot supply sound paper monies except sometimes, for short periods, almost as if only by accident, not by design. – JZ, 7.10.08. – CENTRAL BANKING, MONETARY DESPOTISM, MONOPOLY MONEY WITH LEGAL TENDER POWER VS. SOUND CURRENCIES, GRESHAM’S LAW

FULL EMPLOYMENT: No one need become unemployed by technical progress if only he assumes that he could be owner or co-owner of the new equipment. If average citizens in relatively free countries were to realize and mobilize all their resources, they could easily become owners its productive capital, no matter how innovative it is. - Their bank deposits, insurance claims, social insurance claims, their claims against the assets now mismanaged by the bureaucracy, their future earnings potential, amount to enormous and so far largely unrealized assets. With these assets, once acknowledged and mobilized for this purpose, they would become the employers of machines instead of being, partly and temporarily being out-competed by them while, under full economic freedom there would be still plenty of productive jobs in other spheres for them. - The natural way for labor to become "redundant" is to become so productive with the help of machinery that the working time required to achieve a certain standard of living could be more and more reduced. Less work would then mean the same income achieved in shorter working hours. The desire for labor and its products does always exceed the supply. Every house and garden owner realizes this in his sphere. Who doesn't want much more than he could currently pay for out of his earnings, even if he were fully employed for 16 hours a day? - JZ file: Unemployment incomplete comb of old files – MACHINES, AUTOMATION

FULL EMPLOYMENT: One can express the full employment achievable under free banking as a self-help project for the unemployed: "In a system based on the division of labor - as well as for Robinson on his island - the production of the goods required by the participants, constitutes an inexhaustible source of employment - provided one succeeds in transforming needs into demand (which is supplied with means of payment). This transformation must succeed to the extent that needed goods are paid for with clearing certificates (in fractions like money) which the issuer has to accept in all payments due to him." – Ulrich von Beckerath. 24.11.53. – Free market monies in form of private and competitively issued goods warrants and service vouchers, or clearing certificates, or clearing account credits, in money denominations, which only their issuers have always to accept at par for their goods, services and labor, would monetize the readiness of the issuers to supply wanted goods, services and labor and would thus assure their sale through the reflux of these issues to their issuers, in payments due to them. For unemployed or underemployed labor it would mean the sale of the labor ability and readiness for this kind of alternative wage or salary payment. Naturally, they would have to accept these IOUs in wage and salary payments becoming due to them for the labor they supplied for such payments. They would, so to speak, get their wage payment or salary in advance, through their own note or clearing certificate issues. All they would have to do is it be able and willing to work productively for market wages and salaries. However, this is an extreme case. Mostly they could then be readily employed and paid in one or the other kind of “shop currency” with “shop foundation”, issued by associations of local shops. – JZ, 14.8.13.

FULL EMPLOYMENT: Perhaps the naturalness of full employment under freedom cannot be stated in too many different ways: Employment is merely a question of exchanging labor for the labor services and labor products wanted by labor in a system of division of labor and free exchange. Whenever labor is productive in the market sense, i.e. its services or products are wanted on the market at competitive market prices then, under full freedom, there would be no difficulties to arrange for the desired exchanges. When needs and wants can be transformed into cash or effective demand - to the limits of one's productive ability and readiness to thus cover and redeem one's issues, there will be no more involuntary unemployment. - Without fear of unemployment everyone would tend to move into jobs in which he would be most productive. All labor-saving devices would be used and they would greatly increase the standard of living. Labor ability and capacity, skills and talents, the scarcest natural resources, would no longer be wasted. - JZ file: Unemployment incomplete comb of old files, rev. 13.3.13 & 14.8.13.

FULL EMPLOYMENT: The jobless or under-employed should give up pinning their hopes on the jobberies of the politicians and bureaucrats, the union functionaries, the nationalists, racists and religious people and should, instead concentrate on what they could and should do themselves to supply themselves with productive and paid jobs, e.g. by arranging for quite free exchanges among themselves and with others, using their own or competitively offered means of exchange and clearing certificates and clearing avenues to become enabled to exchange their ready for sale labor for the goods, services and labor of others. Obviously, with the limited, monopolized, coercive and wrongful means of monetary despotism they, or those who could employ them and those, who would buy their output, once they are working again, cannot be supplied with all the necessary amounts of sound exchange media for whatever they have to offer and are willing to offer in exchange, namely their labor, or this would have happened. – That this task is not an impossible or impracticable one can be seen from the hypothetical case of a perfect clearing system. In it the unemployed themselves could also issue their own IOUs – to purchase what they need and would received them back in their pay packets. Then they could, so to speak, anticipate their wages or salaries and thus assure their employment and work income. They would get their purchasing power before they have done their week’s or month’s job. Thus they would have put into circulation the IOUs with which they could be paid even by an employer who had no other means of paying them. – However, did the unemployed ever organize their millions as a political force to push for full monetary, clearing and value standard freedom and the right to supply themselves with work by undertaking all the monetary, value standard, clearing and organization steps required to make that possible? They could do so at least within various experiments among volunteers, if they seceded and became independent under their own personal law or kind of exterritorial autonomy, of the existing monetary laws and institutions, those of monetary and financial despotism. – Have enough of them shown an interest in and studied their monetary freedom and financial freedom options, for their own limited and voluntary experiments and even whole monetary and financial revolutions? – JZ, 25.12.92, 8.10.08, 14.8.13. - SELF-HELP BY THE UNEMPLOYED – CLEARING CERTIFICATES ISSUED BY THE UNEMPLOYED THEMSELVES, Q.

FULL EMPLOYMENT: The main task consists in the transformation of needs and wants into monetary “demand”, of the hungry man into a hungry man who has money to still his hunger – because and to the extent that he was able and willing to give labor in return and that others are able to pay him for his productive labor – because they can sell his output or services – in a free market sufficiently supplied with sound exchange media and clearing options. - In a simple example, he would be free to issue his standardized IOUs and pay with them for his food requirements and a perfect clearing system would rapidly put these IOUs in the hands of someone who can use the labor of the now well fed man and who could return the IOUs to him in his pay-packet. - Anyone could supply himself with work to the extent that he succeeded in circularizing monetary demand for his labor in form of standardized claims against his own goods and services. Naturally, the more people associated for the issue of their clearing certificates, the easier it would become for them to circulate them. They would immediately appear as payers not as payees on the market - which would make a great difference for them and their trading partners. - Today the hungry and unemployed man has only needs and unsatisfied other wants - his hunger wishes and his unused labor. When his needs and wants are transformed into monetary demand, then he has not only hunger and wants but also money to satisfy them, - even if this money consists only out of his own clearing certificates or those of his private payment community. To the extent that he has thus supplied himself or with the help of others, in the same position, with useful means of payment or clearing, largely based on his ability and their willingness to work, these means of payment, IOUs or clearing certificates, when spent for his requirements, will automatically return to him or his circle in payment for his or their labor. Then the more he and they do spend in this way - in accordance with his willingness and ability to work, the more work they will get. - Instead of job-hunting himself, these certificates, in many small denominations, will go on the labor market for him and hunt up job opportunities for him. They will be quoted and may suffer a discount. But the greater the discount is and the more it is publicized, the greater will the incentive be, for those who could employ him, to acquire his certificates cheaply and to employ him. At the same time, an excessive discount would prevent him from issuing further such certificates. People would then refuse them unless they could still use them at par with their nominal value themselves or pass them on to those who could. Even the issuers themselves would be deterred from issuing their IOUs at an excessive discount. Who, for instance, would want to issue IOUs at 90% discount and thus obtain only 10% goods value for them, while he would have to redeem them at par? On the other hand, if they supplied him with work, which, otherwise, he might not have got, he might be willing to accept a discount of 20 or even 30%. - Such issues are not to stay at that individual level but should become generalized as far as is possible and desirable. To the extent that his labor (and that of his associates) would be available only locally, to that extent could his certificates have only a local circulation. - Perhaps one should consider each of his notes as an advertisement, too: I am able and willing to offer work, equivalent to x dollars and am willing to accept this advertisement in payment. – Those who consider individual IOU issues to be too fanciful and utopian to be practicable, should consider the experience of many English colonial officials, whose salaries arrived only at considerable intervals and somewhat irregularly, at least in the times of the sailing ships. In India for instance and in other eastern colonial possessions they were able to pay for their intermediate expenses in shops and restaurants largely by hand-written scrip. Such scrip was widely accepted of them and when his salary finally arrived, the scrip acceptors got their part of it and he got that amount only back in his own scrip. Some merchants had specialized on dealing with this scrip and did so quite efficiently and thus made even these individual IOU’s widely acceptable. Naturally, they charged something for their services. And that was done when there were no typewriters, pre-printed check forms or current bank accounts, photocopiers, telephones and computers. Only freedom and ingenuity is needed for clearing. Legend has it that in London not the bankers invented clearing but their bank clerks. Tired of running around to settle accounts with bags of coins and stacks of notes, they rather met in a centrally located coffee shop and largely settled their mutual accounts there, in relative comfort. If true, the bankers were probably ashamed afterwards and hushed up this fact as far as they could. - The technique of transforming needs into demand so that the payer is able to pay his way and the payee is as well or almost as well off as if he had received gold coins or a relatively stable legal tender paper money, or even better off, to some extent, ought to be extensively discussed. Here only the principle is indicated. - JZ file: Unemployment incomplete comb of old files – As Ulrich von Beckerath suggested: If thousands of attempts are made to describe the close connection of full employment with monetary freedom, then at least one or several of these descriptions might become popular and effective and cause one of the greatest social revolutions, quite peacefully and profitably to all involved in it. So I keep trying to add some more of such descriptions. I might have a better chance with such efforts than with buying lottery tickets, which I never do. – JZ, 23.3.13. - TRANSFORMATION OF NEEDS & WANTS INTO EFFECTIVE MONETARY DEMAND OR CLEARING CERTIFICATES OR IOU’S, INDIVIDUAL SCRIP ISSUES IN COLONIES, LONDON CLEARING HOUSE

FULL EMPLOYMENT: The unemployed can never have too many employers bidding for their labor and this with various and freely competing and soundly issued as well as soundly valued alternative currencies or free market monies – as rightful and efficient alternatives to the monopoly money and forced currency of the State’s central bank. These alternative means of payment should be optional, discountable by the acceptor and refusable by him, unless he has contractually obliged himself to accept them and this at par with whatever value standard they happen to use. In these exchange media and freed of the collective bargaining monopoly imposed by trade unions, emplooyees might also negotiate higher wage or salary payments for themselves, if paid in any of the agreed upon alternative currency. They might also have their wages or salaries expressed in other value standard units than that provided in the government’s paper money and contract that they would accept means of payment only at their market rate against that value standard. – Anyhow, both the employers and the employees, as well as the consumers and the sellers of goods and services should become independent of the money supplied by the government’s central bank. No more monetary crises could then occur for them, all caused by this kind of forced and exclusive currency, amounting to a monetary despotism. – JZ, 31.12.92, 7.10.08, 23.3.13, 14.8.13.

FULL EMPLOYMENT: The unemployed, the under-employed and those with sales difficulties for their goods and services, should all discard their slave mentality, illustrated by a slave on a slave market, waiting for a buyer with ready cash, to provide him with life support and slave labor or with the mentality of a serf in times of feudalism, who expects his feudal lord to feed, clother and house and protect him in return for much and long unpaid work on the fields of the feudal lord. Neither the slaves nor the serfs thought often enough about freeing themselves - because that might have meant starving to death. Nor did they often enough ponder how to set themselves up as free men working for other free men in free exchanges. Least of all did they ponder what they could and should do to provide sufficient sound exchange media and value standards for themselves and also for their potential employers. - (E.g. through a truck shop optimally run by themselves, as a consumer coop of the employees and issuing its own shop currency in loans to their employer, as a wage payment means. There they could have offered for sale not only the goods produced by themselves and their own employer but, by discounting the payment claims their employer had out of the goods produced and sold by him to wholesalers, they could have used these claims as means of payment to the suppliers of other goods and these would use them as means of payment, in clearing, ultimately against those wholesale suppliers, who had issued them to their employer as a payment promise. Thus they could have turned mere truck-shops, gradually, into general stores, run by themselves and finally into shopping centers with their own note issuing bank, for shop currencies or goods- warrants and service vouchers in monetary denominations. Precedents for the better employer run truck-shops are those in South- and North-American mining companies [See the studies of Timberlake on this!] and various canteen-money issues that occurred by large firms in the German industrial center in the Ruhr valley, during the inflation, when and where employees could not only purchase prepared meals with them but also staple food and other consumer items.) - Thus they could have assured themselves that their readiness and willingness to work would become fully utilized and that they could always earn money at least in the various monies of monetary freedom, which would tend to be sound ones, rather than being confined to try to earn enough of the money of monetary despotism, at best supplied e.g. in form of minted copper, silver or gold coins or in soundly issued tax foundation paper money, using a sound value standard and having legal tender power only towards the issuer. (Actually, such tax foundation money was and is already a part of monetary freedom and of free clearing and value reckoning. Only the forced and exclusive paper currencies of governments aren’t.) The current central bankers have forgotten about their best and soundest options and use only the unsound and wrongful ones. And most of their critics criticize them only in terms of continued monetary and financial despotism. The money of monetary despotism is almost always under-supplied, at least in some spheres, causing deflation, due to its monopoly status or over-supplied, causing inflation, due to the spending habits of governments and the difficulties in raising more money through loans to the government or through direct and indirect taxes, while the legalized inflation option gives them the inflation tax, seemingly easy, beneficial and harmless at first. The monies of monetary freedom do help to assure sales, at market prices, those of monetary despotism do not always assure sufficient and sound sales. The monies of monetary freedom emancipate us monetarily and increase our standard of living. The money of monetary despotism impoverishes us and makes us dependent upon those who issue it and who hold it. – Bidding and paying with the own and self-issued money in all exchanges puts one in a very different position from that where one has more or less to beg for a supply of the money of monetary despotism, or has to pay a very high price for it, or is being only allowed to sell one’s goods, services and labor for such monopoly money. - JZ, 25.12.92, 8.10.08, 14.8.13.

FULL EMPLOYMENT: To provide especially for full employment and an economy without crises is only necessary when previously the conditions of production and exchange have been thoroughly disturbed by monopolies and privileges and when one intends - instead of removing the causes of these disturbances - to retain the existing monopolies and privileges anxiously, against all reasonable arguments and the own well understood interest.” - Solneman, Drei Kernfragen der Vermoegensverteilung, S.17. - FULL EMPLOYMENT POLICIES

FULL EMPLOYMENT: To the extent that anyone can pay all his debts - for past, present and near future supplies and services - with his own clearing certificates (vouchers, warrants, notes, scripts, IOUs), to be redeemed in his own goods and services, at their stated values and prices and that he is not under any other prohibitions, he can supply himself with work. His expenditures, in form of these notes, would come back to him to pay for his products or services, i.e. provide employment for him. - Naturally, this process would be facilitated if an association of such issuers were established and they issued common notes or if an efficient clearing center for individual notes were established. - Individuals would also find it to their advantage to exchange their own notes for the notes of local issuing centers, by getting them discounted by these issuing centers. The essential and employment-promoting effect would be almost the same - if only they would have services or goods to offer that are needed or wanted and competitively priced. By issuing notes in association they would find it easier to get them accepted and to turn over what they have to offer between them. These notes would enjoy a wider circulation. - In other words, under monetary freedom they themselves would supply the demand, the purchasing power, for their own labors, services and consumer goods for sale by them, through paying with their own notes or the notes of their issuing-center, for their own expenses and requirements. Essentially, they would clear their own goods, services and labors, offered for sale on the market, against the goods, services and labors of others. - There is no reason or justification for any government to interfere with such transactions, such self-liquidating peaceful, free and honest exchanges. - If the participants in such monetary exchanges are sufficiently organized then they could, instead of notes and clearing certificates, use book entries only, whether in form of cheque accounts, passbook entries or mediated by credit cards, manual or computerized book-keeping. All these differences would not change the essential nature of this private clearing. Their exchanges would no longer be limited to those permitted to them by their allocation of central bank notes or by a credit system dominated and regulated by central banking. - JZ file: Unemployment incomplete comb of old files – Revised: 23.3.13, 14.8.13. - MONETARY FREEDOM VS. MONETARY DESPOTISM, SELF-HELP

FULL EMPLOYMENT: Under full economic freedom, including full monetary and financial freedom, which would bring about full employment, dissatisfied working people, instead of striking, would simply move into other and better-paid jobs or jobs with better working conditions. (Actually, anyone giving notice is on a "permanent strike" against his old employer but he is fair enough not to want to prevent others, who still might find his old job attractive enough for themselves, from continuing in it.) - The individual would become more independent from his employer and, lastly, also from his government, in his whole outlook, way of life and his actions. - What seems to be a contradiction and a flaw in capitalism and the free market would be revealed as nothing more than the result of wrongful and legalized restrictions imposed upon them. - The fully employed person would be much more likely to appreciate the morality and benefits of free market capitalism and would become to that extent immune to the promises of totalitarian revolutionaries. Dictatorships would, consequently, become harder to establish and to maintain. - JZ file: Unemployment incomplete comb of old files. Revised: 14.8.13. – STRIKES, UNIONS, GIVING NOTICE, CHANGING JOBS

FULL EMPLOYMENT: When all goods and services offered for sale can be expressed in circulating media and be used as liquid demand for the labor, services, goods and produce offered by others, then there can be no mass-unemployment, unless people price themselves out of the market. Overwork of all willing to work would be the more likely result. - JZ 21.8.74, revised 12.3.85. Somewhat corrected and revised: 6.1.04, 23.3.13. – From an old draft on unemployment.

FULL EMPLOYMENT: When consumers (or their agents, the employers) are only allowed to ask for labor and its products (goods and services) with the money of monetary despotism, with its issue monopoly, then some degrees of unemployment, deflations, recessions, depressions, bankruptcies, sales difficulties and business failures, also of inflations and stagflations, are the inevitable result, at least at some intervals. It would really be surprising if a single issuer could sufficiently supply the population of a whole country with all the exchange media and clearing facilities which they do need for all their millions of different transactions, most of them quite unknown to the central bank of issue as to quantities of goods, labor and services exchanged and their prices. It is also unlikely that a monopolist would always offer only a sound value standard with his monopoly money, especially if he has been granted legal tender power for it, i.e. compulsory acceptance at a forced value. Microeconomics are out for central banks. They depend on all the limitations and flaws of macroeconomics. Quite free exchange requires a competitive supply of sound exchange media, clearing certificates, clearing avenues and of sound value standards. – JZ, 21.12.92, 7.10.08, 23.3.13, 14.8.13.

FULL EMPLOYMENT: When there is no longer any coercive manipulation of exchange media, value standards and prices, then the people willing to work would always be fully employed - just to be able to pay for at least a fraction of their presently desired expenditures – not to speak of the almost unlimited expenditures they dream of for their future. To understand this, forget for a moment about the division of labor and assume that everyone would, just like Robinson Crusoe, work for himself only. Then, quite obviously, everyone would have unlimited work ahead of himself. Division of labor, the use of capital, tools and exchange media do just facilitate this task and allow a vastly increased standard of living. But they cannot, by their mere existence and functioning, make anyone unemployed or unemployable (barring accidents) i.e. unable to exchange his labor for that of others. On the contrary, when unrestricted, they facilitate this process, in the same way as roads and vehicles facilitated the marketing of produce and labor. - JZ file: Unemployment incomplete comb of old files

FULL EMPLOYMENT: Who wants full employment for politicians, soldiers, criminals, bureaucrats, drug pushers and do-gooders? I for one do not. - JZ, 29.9.76, 30.7.78 & 24.6.00.

FULL EMPLOYMENT: Work comes … not from Acts of Parliament.” – Ernest Benn, Honest Doubt, p. 206.

FULL VALUE FOR ONE'S LABOR: Justice could come only when men received the full value of their labor, instead of having to be a party to their own exploitation.” - Edwards, Proudhon, p.24 of his introduction. - The addition: "instead of having to be a party to their own exploitation" - is a highly loaded wording. It does neither clarify what exploitation is nor how it is made possible. The employer-employee relationship institutionalizes an antagonistic relationship, one of "class warfare", in which each side tries to exploit the other: The employees try to give a minimum of labor for a maximum in wage payments while the employers try to get a maximum of labor for a minimum of wages. (What H. Dubreuil called “an organized antagonism” and Marx considered to be a “class warfare” situation. – JZ, 23.3.13.) As long as the demand for and the supply of labor are quite free, a free market rate for each job could be determined, but it would be under the returns for labor that would be obtainable under self-management, which is another aspect of a fully liberated market. Under monetary despotism and financial despotism neither the demand for labor nor the supply of it are quite free. Nevertheless, monetary despotism remains the least discussed aspect of industrial relations. Nor are unionists and socialist minded people seriously interested in expanding the self-management options, for that would make both of them superfluous. Thus, what they attack as "exploitation" is largely the result of what they do, largely, uphold themselves. Nor do they bother to consider (beyond utopian and uneconomic schemes of legal wage fixing and collective bargaining and more or less closed shop and industrial warfare actions), that the  full value of one's labor input can hardly be measured more accurately and paid more certainly than under full free market conditions, largely determined by free consumers, voting with their (sound and competitively supplied) dollars for the products and services of those enterprises that serve them best. Furthermore, only by introducing free contracts and market relationships also within enterprises (e.g. by autonomous group contracting, productive coops, partnerships and significant employee shareholding, etc.), could output per man be maximized and with it wage earnings. - However, by the term "having to be a party to their own exploitation" Proudhon may have wanted to attack the result of nationalization for the workers. If so, he should have clearly said so. In the above short passage he does not. - JZ, 13.6.00, 21.12.08. - , WAGES, WAGE JUSTICE, EXPLOITATION, EMPLOYER-EMPLOYEE RELATIONSHIP, FULL FREE MARKET VALUE FOR ONE’S LABOR

FUNCTIONING: Leave us free to function…” - Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, p.989. - There are more legal, bureaucratic and juridical restraints upon the free functioning of the economy than anybody ever fully knows. There are simply too many of them to be still knowable. Even the enforcers do no longer know all of their rules - nor do they, all too often, greatly care about them. Their powers lead, inevitably, to abuses. - JZ, 15.6.00. - FREEDOM TO FUNCTION, LAWS. TAXES, REGULATIONS, PLANNING, CONTROLS

FUNDAMENTALISM: Having Fundamentalists in a nation is like having congenial imbeciles in the family - it's a calamity. Allow their mountebank, swindling leaders enough control over society and though religious faith would flourish fantastically, society would revert to the sheep-and-goat stage of culture … Wherefore it is perfectly irrelevant whether your Fundamentalist is honest or utterly hypocritical in his religious beliefs and "rattlesnake" rituals; it just doesn't matter. The question of his intellectual integrity will have to wait until he grows an intellect. …” - Clay Fulks, Christianity, A Continuing Calamity. – RELIGION, ZEALOTS, FANATICS, FUNDAMENTALISM, RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE, CHRISTIANITY

FUNDAMENTALISTS: Fundamentalists are mystics, dogmatists and fanatics who are fundamentally wrong on basic religious, moral, political, economic and social issues. - JZ, 2.3.95. - But no matter how wrong their views are, they ought to be set free to practise them among themselves, at their own risk and expense. - Full exterritorial autonomy for all of them - and for all of their opponents! - JZ, 13.6.00. – FUNDAMENTALISTS, RELIGIOUS & OTHER TOLERANCE & FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL, PERSONAL LAW

FUTURE SHOCK: Future shock is the dizzying disorientation brought on by the premature arrival of the future.” - Alvin Toffler

FUTURE: I have been over in the future and it works.” - L. Steffens, in The Peter Plan, by L. J. Peter, p. 54. - To each only the future he or she wants for themselves, together with like-minded people - and at their own risk and expense. - JZ, 13.6.00. – To each the choice of his own utopia! – JZ, 22.12.08. – PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, UTOPIAS, ALL KINDS, BUT ONLY FOR THEIR VOLUNTEERS! META-UTOPIA, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE

FUTURE: I hold that man is in the right who is most closely in league with the future.” - Henrik Ibsen, quoted by L. J. Peter in The Peter Plan, p.51. - As if "the future" were an already existing association and is if there were only one possible and desirable future for all. Let each be free to design and suffer his own kind of future or be "master of his own fate." - JZ, 13.6.00. – PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR VOLUNTEERS, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT & ASSOCIACIATION IN EVERY SPHERE NOW MONOPOLIZED BY TERRITORILISM

FUTURE: I will be more of a man: I will forget the past, and do better for the time to come. The future, the future is always our own.” - William Godwin, Caleb Williams, p.124. - Yes, if we are quite free to choose it for ourselves. But too often and in too many important respects we are forced to live in the nightmarish futures that other have dreamed up for ourselves within their territorial, exclusive, monopolistic, coercive and centralistic systems. We ought to be free to choose, to opt out, to withdraw, to secede from them. - JZ, 13.6.00. – And also free to do our own things under personal law or exterritorial autonomy. – 14.8.13. - SELF-OWNERSHIP, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTEERS UNDER PERSONAL LAW, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS & SOCIETIES

FUTURE: If there is to be a future for humans on this planet then you and I will have to work to help make and secure it. Are you ready for this task? Do you already know enough about it? If then, then let's discuss the problems involved - if there is a spark of survival instinct left in you. - If you are prepared to furthermore entrust your future and that of your children and grandchildren and friends and other relatives as well as of all of mankind to the tender mercies of territorial governments then you deserve to be their victim and are likely to die as such. - JZ, n.d. & 13.6.00 14.8.13. - MAN-MADE INSECURITIES & CRISES, WARS, CRIMES, OPPRESSION, PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY & FREE EXPERIMENTATION, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

FUTURE: It is impossible today to plan, build or save for the future. Without liberty there is no future.” - Rene Baxter, in introductory letter to THE FREEDOM FIGHTER. - We continue to live under bureaucracies, an avalanche of laws and taxes, inflation, deflation, stagflation, the threat of war, oppression, nuclear holocaust and numerous other threats, mostly posed by territorial governments, which endanger the futures of all of us. - JZ, 13.6.00. – Nevertheless, we do not even bother to sufficiently discuss individual and group secessions from territorial governments and the natural follow-up of new societies and communities, all only with voluntary members, under personal law and with full exterritorial autonomy – to do their own things for and to themselves. From this kind of experimental freedom even the ignorant and prejudiced would tend to learn very fast, for other, more or quite successful experiments by others would be all around them and they would have to pay for all their remaining errors and mistakes themselves. – JZ, 24.11.10, 14.8.13. - INSECURITY, INTERVENTIONISM, CRISES, SECURITY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR COMMUNITIES OF VOLUNTEERS, PERSONAL LAW ALTERNATIVEWS OPEN TO FREE CHOICE BY INDIVIDUALS, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, NO BAILOUTS, NO SUBSIDIES BUT EVERY SELF-HELP- & SELF-SUPPOR TOPTION

FUTURE: My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there.” - Charles Kettering.

FUTURE: The future always comes too fast and in the wrong order." - Alvin Toffler

FUTURE: The future as the space of all possibilities is the space for our liberties.” - Jaspers. - Obviously, we are not quite free now. But if we reasonably work for it, we might become free in the future. - Which are the most rightful and efficient steps? Which are the best ways to realize them? Such surveys have still to be made and discussed. - FIOT, PIOT, JZ, 26.6.00.

FUTURE: The future cannot be predicted. It can only be invented.” - Dennis Gabor.  - We already suffer from too many invented utopian and territorial schemes that are imposed territorially and legally imposed upon us. We ought to be free to liberate ourselves from all these inventions and to invent or adopt for our own purposes, only our own or those which we do prefer for ourselves from a very diverse supply. - We need to so liberate ourselves that, as a result, we do get a future, the kind of future we want for ourselves, independent of the votes and powers and institutions of all those who disagree with us. We should not longer be the involuntary subjects of the experiments preferred by others but, instead, have our own free experiments or loyalties or traditions, customs or fundamentalist changes for ourselves, without any outside interferences. - Free societies need not be newly invented. They should merely be released from their present fetters or obstacles. The territorial States ought to take their boots, taxes, laws and bureaucracies, whips, orders, commands, laws, regulations and rules off their involuntary subjects. - JZ, 13.6.00, 23.3.13, 14.8.13. – Futuristic and libertarian utopias and science fiction societies and communities  should offer more than a repetition of mere old “golden age” myths and errors. – JZ, 22.12.08, 23.3.13, 14.8.13. – FUTURISM, PROPHECIES, PREDICTIONS, INVENTING THE FUTURE, UTOPIAS

FUTURE: The future has no cure for the past.” - Author unidentified. - I would rather say: The future IS the cure for wrongs and mistakes of the past. - The wrongs of the past are much easier to bear once they have finally been ended. - JZ, 1985, 25.6.00, 22.12.08. – Or when each individual or group of volunteers is free to end them for themselves and to build another and better future for themselves. They have plenty of historical examples on what not to do. There is even much advice on offer, on what to do, when they are free to do it. – JZ, 24.11.10. - PAST, ERRORS

FUTURE: The future is not fixed.” - Brian Martin, Changing the Cogs, p.68.

FUTURE: You can live in the future. You can't live in the past. - JZ 25.5.91. - PAST

FUTURISM: I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past. - Thomas Jefferson, 1743-1826, quoted in C. Bingham, Men & Affairs, p.247. ISIL LIBERTY QUOTE LIBRARY 03. – UTOPISM, DREAMS, POSITIVE IDEAS, REFORMS & HISTORY

FUTURISM: If you do not think about the future, you cannot have one.” - John Galsworthy, quoted in ANALOG, April 86, p. 149. - Rather: you, and even we may not have one. - JZ, 28.10.02. - THINK

FUTURISM: Look to the future, because that is where you'll spend the rest of your life.” – Source? - FORESIGHT, LOOKING AHEAD, LONG TERM VIEW, TAKING PRECAUTIONS ETC.

FUTURISM: The current crop of futurism is certainly not all bad but what we need much more of is more non-statist futurism and one that does not all too uncritically subscribe to e.g. all of "nuclear science" and its products, e.g. nuclear "weapons" and "cheap" and “safe” nuclear power plants, not all of genetic manipulation of plants and animals or even of humans, directly or indirectly, and all kinds of chemical, radiation and sound pollution, advanced by some as scientific, progressive and "quite safe" or that expects everything in the future e.g. from bioengineering, nano technology and computers or computer-printed hardware goods. - No matter how advanced the weapons of a police State are, they are still oppressing us. No matter how advanced poisons are, they are still poisoning us. No matter how advanced torture instruments are, they are still torturing us. No matter how advanced and reformed taxes are, they are still extorting us. Big brother is growing and is growing more powerful and the freedom lovers have not yet bothered to get all their information, ideas, resources, talents and organization and communication channels together. - Uncritical optimism is as harmful as is uncritical pessimism. Even among libertarians and anarchists there are many of those who think that problems will go away or do not exist at all when they are ignored or denied. - JZ, 13.6.00. – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, LIBERTARIANISM, ANARCHISM, SELF-OWNERSHIP, INNDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, VOLUNTARISM, IDEAS ARCHIVE, NEW DRAFT, ENLIGHTENMENT

FUTURISM: The future is not only to be predicted and expected but to be made. - JZ, 15.6.78. FUTURISM AS MERE PREDICTIONS

FUTURISM: There was no golden age, say believers in the Look Forward vision. But there is a notion going around that we just might be able to build one, for tomorrow's children.” - David Brin, Otherness, 379. - PROGRESS, GOLDEN AGE, FREEDOM, FREE SOCIETY

FUTURISM: To each his own chosen future within the framework of his rights and what is scientifically, technically and economically possible for him. - JZ, 11.9.87. - PANARCHISM

FUTURISM: To truly exist in the present one has to be a contemporary of the future”. - Louis Pauwels, Aufbruch ins Dritte Jahrtausend, S.25. - As Goethe remarked, one has to be aware of at least 2,000 years of human history, otherwise one cannot count on one's mind. - JZ, 13.6.00. - HISTORY, LONG TERM VIEW, CONSEQUENCES, EXISTENCE, MAN, CONSCIOUSNESS, AWARENESS

FUTURISM: You can never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." - R. Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller - Facebook entry 12 2 12. Heidi Leigh Shaffer Madzar Makes me think of the Steve Jobs quote I heard this weekend. "The best way to predict the future is to invent it." Amen sista. Brother. Whatever. - Facebook entry 12 2 12.



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