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FREE MEDICAL SERVICES: All of this very much resembles free medicine - getting treatment for free means that you get what you pay for." - from IZVESTIA, Moscow. - First truthful statement that I have seen from that source! - JZ, 28.6.00. – That is not always true. I am currently using the Mittagong Health Care Centre, which has, according to my experience, several excellent doctors. – JZ, 17.12.08, 6.8.13. - HEALTH

FREE MEN: Finding support for her views in the writings of Emerson, Channing, and Thoreau, Voltairine de Cleyre announced that the "triumphant word" of anarchism is that the moral feelings of the individual is a much more valid source of moral authority than man-made law can ever be. Whatever the mass of the American people may now seem to hold, she argued, the genius of American life is not centralized legal force but the ideal of a perfectly free man.” - Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.344. - INDIVIDUALISM, ANARCHISM, MORALITY, LAW & FORCE, AMERICANISM, INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, CONCIENCE, MORAL SENSE

FREE MEN: free-men take their stand, on every attempt at encroachment, upon the Fundamental Laws, and through the means afforded by the Fundamental Institutions, of the Land.” - J. Toulmin Smith, Local Self-Government & Centralization, p.10.

FREE MEN: One who never follows orders. Not from the devil, Not from God. A guy you've got to kill. Because break him is the one thing you can't do.” - Frank Yerby, The Old Gods Laugh, p.133. - Orders within a volunteer militia, sworn-in to fight for nothing but individual rights and liberties and those given by trusted officers for this purpose, are another matter. They can lead to great military successes and discipline, combined with freedom of expression even for soldiers - after a battle. Compare the example set by Cromwell's Ironsides. - ORDERS, MILITIA, HUMAN RIGHTS, OBEDIENCE, DISOBEDIENCE

FREE MEN: The free man who lives among the ignorant, strives, as far as he can, to avoid receiving favors from them.” - Benedict Spinoza, Ethics. - One should rather be selective in the choice of people one is prepared to receive favors from. - JZ, 6.4.89. - For sooner or later they would want to collect favors in return. - JZ, 22.6.00. - FAVORITISM, PRIVILEGES

FREE MEN: The free man will ask neither what his country can do for him nor what he can do for his country. - Milton Friedman.  COUNTRY, DUTY, NATIONALISM, TERRITORIALISM, COLLECTIVISM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

FREE MEN: The free man", wrote the French philosophe Helvetius, "is the man who is not in irons, not imprisoned in a gaol, not terrorized like a slave by the fear of punishment", and, he added, "it is not lack of freedom not to fly like an eagle or swim like a whale." - K. W. Watkins, ed., In Defence of Freedom, p.156.

FREE MEN: We are reluctant to admit that we owe our liberties to men of a type that today we hate and fear – unruly men, disturbers of the peace, men who resent and denounce what Whitman called "the insolence of elected persons" – in word, free men … – Gerald W. Johnson, 1890-1980, American Freedom and the Press, 1958. - VS. POLITICIANS, NONCONFORMISTS, DISSENTERS, ODDBALLS, REBELS, REVOLUTIONARIES, LIBERATORS

FREE MEN: You cannot break the spirit of mankind permanently. … Herdsmen win battles, free men win wars. … Free men fight on in defeat.” - Steinbech or Steinbeck? - quoted by Bob Howard in FREE ENTERPRISE, 2/76. - YOU check it, if YOU think it's important enough! - JZ - DEFEAT, SPIRIT, MORALE, FIGHTING

FREE MIGRATION: Coming to America: The Benefits of Open Immigration - - This is one of the best articles on free migration that I have seen. However, it still clings to a territorial monopoly for a limited government for the U.S.A. – Even a government so limited as many to most libertarians wish for themselves, should not have a territorial monopoly over the remaining present majority of statists and welfarists in the U.S.A. They should remain free to misgovern or let themselves be misgoverned, at their own risk and expense, as much as they like and as long as they like this. There is nothing holy, rightful or rational about a territorial State, no more so than the claim that a whole country or its population ought to be under a single religion, church or sect only. A monopoly for any political, social and economic system or a combination of them is still a wrongful and harmful monopoly. In so many private spheres we do act already successfully without any territorial borders and we could come to do so in all spheres, step by step, volunteer by volunteer, in numerous experimental groups, societies and communities of volunteers. The only borders and frontiers needed are those around individual people, their families, their friends, their work mates, enterprises, customers, clients, companies, etc. and their private, cooperative or partnership etc. properties, i.e. all their genuine individual rights and liberties, regardless of what use they make of them, as long as they do not infringe those of others. – JZ on Facebook, n.d. – ANY FORM OF STATISM FOR ANY KIND OF STATISTS, ANY KIND OF LIBERTY FOR ANY KIND OF LIBERTY LOVERS!

FREE MIGRATION: Economic migration has been a motive force of human history – and progress – since homo erectus first left Africa to see if the grass was greener elsewhere. It is what made the United States the wealthiest nation on earth. [One of the important factors, anyhow. – JZ] … During the nineteenth century, about 60 million people left Europe for the Americas, Oceania or Africa; … - Francis Wheen, How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered the World, Harper Perennials, 2004, p.257

FREE MIGRATION: Economically it makes no difference whether I deal with a foreigner across a frontier or with an immigrant in my country - except that in the latter case I save some transportation costs. - JZ, 14.6.00.

FREE MIGRATION: Every territorial frontier infringes individual rights and liberties. Property rights know no national borders. Territorial powers by vast collectives are wrong and absurd and ultimately self-defeating. You may not welcome me in your home - but your neighbor might and has a right to do so, if he wants to. And if you would not offer me a job or sell me some real estate for a residence or some business, your neighbors have the right to do so, if they want to. Nations are not to be treated as closed union shops. - JZ, 30.11.91 & 14.6.00. - FRONTIERS, BORDERS

FREE MIGRATION: Free migration is as much a right as freedom of movement within a national territory and freedom of movement as in sports, leisure activities and in work. If you do not have the right to migrate then you do not have the right to walk, or even move a finger or to breathe - for you might infringe some "frontier" or exclusive hunting preserve established by some ancient privilege granted by some overlord. Naturally, freedom of movement does not mean that you are quite free to move in, uninvited, into some private or cooperatively owned real estate or building, unless they are clearly marked as open for business with prospective customers. - JZ, 30.11.99 & 14.6.00.

FREE MIGRATION: How To Get A Second Passport by Mark Tier - - The fundamental solution lies in the abolition of all passports and visa requirements, in freedom to cross all State frontiers and to ignore or secede from all wrongful territorial laws, constitutions and jurisdictions, in choosing or establishing a personal law society system, one without any territorial monopoly, i.e. in genuine self-determination, self-government or self-management. - … acting within all one's genuine individual rights and liberties. - I know of no sufficient excuse for not at least trying to clarify and publish all these rights and liberties, at least not for libertarians and anarchists. See my attempt to anthologize over 130 PRIVATE human rights declarations in PEACE PLANS 589/590 (*) Which one do YOU fully subscribe to? – What amendmends do you have to offer, what better formulations did you find? - JZ, 30.7.11, rev. 14.3.13, on Facebook. – (*) This anthology is on a CD reproduced at  - So far, I believe, all of them are still incomplete and flawed, including my own contributions of this kind. – JZ, 9.1.13. - PASSPORTS & ALL OTHER INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, IMMIGRATION, EMIGRATION

FREE MIGRATION: I am not born for one corner, the whole world is my native land. – Seneca, quoted by Gian Piero de Bellis and Nizam Ahmad sharing Samuel Greenberg's photo.  - FREE MIGRATION is a basic individual right and liberty - and, like many others, not found in most governmental bills of rights. It is high time to finally produce a comprehensive declaration of all of them. Primarily, anarchists and libertarians should tackle this job. Do they already? I have seen no evidence of that in the present. My anthology of over 130 private human rights declarations, on is stills generally ignored - instead of being used to produce a still better one with its help. – Facebook, 22.10.12.

FREE MIGRATION: Is it right and useful for goods, services, information, ideas and capital to be moved freely all over the world, but not for people and their goods, skills, knowledge, ideas, services and capital? - JZ, 2.2.02. – The birds claimed this right for themselves. Why shouldn’t people do the same? JZ, 13.3.13. – Q.,

FREE MIGRATION: It does not mean that one has a right to join any particular local community. One may still be excluded from any or most local proprietary communities. Only communities of like-minded people would, mostly, welcome new members. Or one might simply remain member in the same personal law community – but merely may have changed one’s residence and job or one might start, in the new country, a new community corresponding to one’s preferences. – JZ, 2.4.05.


FREE MIGRATION: Man hath the right to dwell where he willeth to dwell.” - L. Neil Smith, Tom Paine Maru, p.154. - Well, not on all kinds of private property without the consent of the owner. - JZ, 22.1.02. - IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS, SETTLEMENT, RIGHTS

FREE MIGRATION: We are all migrants or the descendants of migrants. Earlier migrants had no more rights and liberties than have later ones. - JZ, 30.11.99. - Earlier migrants may rightly exclude, if they want to, later migrants from their private property but they are not entitled to gang together and claim a whole national territory or even a continent as their own and exclusive turf. - JZ, 14.6.00, 6.8.13. – NATIONALISM, TERRITORIALISM

FREE MIGRATION: While you are free to refuse to contract with a migrant, your neighbors are free to contract with them. Statist territorial borders are wrong, absurd and counter-survival. – JZ, 30.11.99. - Now they are even indicating attractive targets for mass extermination devices. - JZ, 14.6.00.

FREE MIGRATION: Why is it only right and profitable to trade with foreigners across a national border but not across a street? - JZ, 2.2.02. - IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS, Q.

FREE MONEY: Money is at present not a freely supplied and freely accepted medium of exchange and does not offer at the same time a sound value standard while e.g. shops associations and other enterprises are not free to turn - whatever they have to offer in wanted or needed goods or services - into their own kind of “shop-foundation” or “readiness-to accept” currency or clearing certificates, or clearing accounts, to assure their own turnovers – up to the limits of their goods-supply and service capacity, on any shopping day or within the very near future, corresponding to the cash holding inclinations of their potential customers. Most people will not wish to spend all of their wage or salary immediately but will spread their spending at least over the pay period. They may also want to save something and invest their savings. (When taking certain precautions this can also be done with shop foundation money.) – See the 3 books of Ulrich von Beckerath, dealing also with this aspect: - This kind of competitive turnover-credit money or clearing system could, apart from the small administrative costs involved, be offered interest free in short-term loans. However, knowing human nature, the repayment of these short term loans would be more assured when a high interest is charged for them, especially in case of late repayments. If the issuing center is a cooperative of shops and employers, then the excess interest income gained by this cooperative could be distributed among those members, who repaid their short term loans in time. An option for those believing in “interest-free” loans in the only sphere where they would be possible or almost possible, apart from small administrative costs and risk charges. The issuers would anyhow profit from their loans indirectly through lesser advertising costs and more assured sales. – J.Z, 20.11.97. - MONETARY FREEDOM, FREEDOM TO ISSUE MONEY, FREEDOM TO REFUSE TO ACCEPT IT, FREEDOM TO DISCOUNT MONEY, FREE CHOICE OF VALUE STANDARDS, INTEREST-FREE MONEY? DEBT-FREE MONEY? FREE MARKET MONEY, FREE BANKING, SHOP CURRENCY ISSUES IN SHORT TERM LOANS FOR WAGE & SALARY PAYMENTS

FREE OF CHARGE: instead of referring to freedom of access, the word "free" came to mean "without charge". - Robert Poole, Jr., REASON, 4/79, 25. - VS. FREEDOM OF ACCESS

FREE PEOPLE: Free people would all be volunteers only. All other "free people" entertain only illusions of being free and practise suppression or subordination, at least for numerous dissenting minorities. - JZ, 5.4.95, 6.8.13. – VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, FREE COUNTRIES, TERRITORIALISM, MAJORITARIANISM, DEMOCRACIES, REPUBLICS, STATISM, LIMITED GOVERNMENTS

FREE PEOPLE: lack of faith in the ability of a free people to rise from the ashes of past misfortunes to ever greater heights.” - Admiral Ben Moreell, The Admiral's Log II, p.35. - All people were never free, are not free now, nor do all of them want to be quite free. Thus we ought to be much more concerned with the minorities of those, who do appreciate at least some more liberties for themselves and ought to provide for them a more rightful and rational framework than the present and predominantly political, statist and territorial one. Groups of people who, at least among themselves, could and would apply ALL economic liberties, would then advance so fast and far that in the eyes of outside observers any previous "economic miracle" would be far exceeded. They could rocket ahead even further by the fact that the refuge capital of the world would be at their disposal. Late imitators of their example would no longer enjoy this extra boost. On the other hand, by then they would have many more trading partners than the first pioneers had and thus they might advance as fast or even faster. - JZ, 12.6.00. – PANARCHISM, FEAR OF FREEDOM, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

FREE PEOPLE: That great scourge of government, a free people …” - Craig Roberts, REASON, 2/78. - Where are they? Has anybody ever met them? A free people could be very effective against any government that dared to attack them but what we experience all too often are descendants of formers serfs and slaves - who still seem to love their chains or still imagine that they are enchained by invisible fetters and thus do not even try to think and act as free men. - JZ, 12.6.00. – PEOPLE VS. GOVERNMENTS

FREE PRESS: Of all times in time of war the press should be free. - William E. Borah - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. – These liberties are needed for the sufficient spread of quite rightful war and peace aims – if there are any or all of them. They are needed for all rightful governments and societies in exile, all only for their present and future voluntary members. – JZ, 24.3.12. - FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION & INFORMATION

FREE RIDERS: Free riding works only so long as it is practised by a small minority.” - Diogenes, THE CONNECTION, 86, 20.3.80, 11. - Known free riders could be charged a surcharge by all those who subscribed to the services, which the free riders used without having helped to finance them. It is e.g. not too difficult to provide cheaper services for club members than for outsiders or visitors. - JZ, 12.6.00.

FREE SERVICES: The first paradox, therefore, is that "free" services may be expensive. The second and related paradox is that "free services" actively deny the recipient freedom.” - Ralph Harris, in Dr. Rhodes Boyson, editor, Down With The Poor, p.11.

FREE SOCIETIES: A basic axiom of civil society, we have assumed, is that individuals should be permitted to pursue their own goals.” – Joseph F. Johnston, Jr., The Limits of Government, Regnery Gateway, Chicago, 1984, p.277. – Alas, he fails to apply this principle to the free choice for individuals between political, social and economic systems, including e.g, education and justice systems, police and defence services. – JZ, 2.10.07. - CIVIL SOCIETY & INDIVIDUALISM

FREE SOCIETIES: A free society allows the individual to reap the rewards of success in his own efforts, and to run the risks of failure. If you say that the individual is NOT responsible for his own failure and that "society" owes him a "just" standard of living regardless of effort, you will destroy the incentive to work and produce, as we have become bitterly aware through the workings of the welfare state in Britain. But you also will destroy something infinitely more precious: the whole basis of traditional morality and the family. The reason is simple. If you tell parents that it is not their duty, but that of "society" to feed their children, ensure their education and plan for their future, you remove the basic cement of family life. The end product is a degenerate species, that of Welfare Man or HOMO GRATIFICATOR, who believes that it is only "just" that society should supply his every want, and maybe even cater to his fantasies as well.” - K. W. Watkins, ed., In Defence of Freedom, p.143. - Compare: "Bread and Circuses", the ancient Roman doctrine to keep the plebs quiet and out of politics. – Sports as well as broadcasted, digital and other entertainment options do, largely, play the same role today. – JZ, n.d. & 6.8.13. - WELFARE STATE

FREE SOCIETIES: A free society can be created and maintained only by the individuals in it. Freedom cannot be legislated. Freedom is the natural result of collective liberty, not because laws have been passed to preserve it, but because the individuals in a society stop impairing the liberty of each other. Thus, we do not create a free society; we bring it into existence when we stop preventing it. And that is the kind of action every human being is capable of taking.” - LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Fall 78.

FREE SOCIETIES: A free society cannot be produced by human beings. Since liberty is a natural condition, we do not have to plan for or implement a free society. A free society emerges naturally when humans stop doing the things that prevent it.” - Robert LeFevre, LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Fall 78. - Are the discussions in my ON PANARCHY compilations really superfluous? Should the peace-promoting effects and practices free societies not be described, as I tried to do in PEACE PLANS 16-18 & 61-63? - Could individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy and consistent voluntarism just happen - or should reason be employed to promote them? - JZ, 12.6.00.

FREE SOCIETIES: A free society cannot be the substitution of a "new order" for the old order; it is the extension of the spheres of free action until they make up most of the social life.” - Paul Goodman. - In? - PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, FREEDOM OF ACTION, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEER COMMUNITIES

FREE SOCIETIES: A Free Society Is a Pluralist Society Without a Common Hierarchy of Particular Ends.” – F. A. Hayek, The Free Market Order or Catallaxy, chapter heading, in David Boaz, ed., The Libertarian Reader, The Free Press, 1997, p.305. – The same could be said of panarchism and polyarchism. They leave particular ends to their particular panarchies or polyarchies - in the same way as a general free society has room for millions of diverse particular societies. The difference is that the panarchies and polyarchies are not subject to central territorial control at all but exterritorially fully autonomous for their own volunteers, as long as they remain peaceful and tolerant, which under this condition is the most likely common outcome. – JZ, 3.10.07. - PANARCHISM OR POLYARCHISM

FREE SOCIETIES: A free society is built one by one. We build a free society largely by refraining from the actions which prevent it from forming.” - LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Fall 1976. - Ibid, Winter 75, heading: “A Free Society Is Built One by One.” - VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUALISM, SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM

FREE SOCIETIES: a free society is in the first instance an intellectual task: it presupposes that we do not only recover conceptions which we have largely lost and which must once again become generally understood, but also that we design new institutional safeguards which will prevent a repetition of the process of gradual erosion of the safeguards which the theory of liberal constitutionalism had meant to provide.” – F. A. Hayek, Economic Freedom & Representative Government, p.15. - Alas, he went never beyond trying to design an improved but still territorial "limited government". - JZ, 12.6.00. - PANARCHISM

FREE SOCIETIES: A free society is never fait accompli. It never arrives as a fixed or final condition. 10. The price of a free society is paid day by day by every individual in it who refuses to lose control of himself. When control of oneself is not enough and one seeks to control others, freedom is lost.” - Robert LeFevre, LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Feb. 78. – CONTROL, FREEDOM

FREE SOCIETIES: A free society maximizes all its creative and defensive energies while minimizing its aggressive and destructive ones. Thus it comes closest to peace, justice, progress and prosperity. - JZ, 10.12.93 & 16.6.00. - CREATIVITY, DEFENCE, AGGRESSION, DESTRUCTION, PEACE, JUSTICE & PROSPERITY

FREE SOCIETIES: A free society runs itself without central direction.” - Sheldon Richman, CHALCEDON REPORT, May 1997. - I find it always misleading to speak only of ONE free society. The future will have many and diverse ones. To speak of only one is like speaking of only ONE religion or ONE art or ONE fashion and excludes the most important feature of a or all free societies, namely, their tolerance of differences practised by other societies. By using the term "the free society" we support errors like the notion that direct or representative democracy or republicanism is the ideal for all, or that a single or many limited governments could be ideal for all, or a single or numerous anarchies would be welcomed as the ideal utopia by all people. The all-over society may not have any organizational form but it would have certain principles in common, like voluntary membership, exterritorial autonomy, individual secessionism, respect for genuine individual rights and liberties, to the extent that they are claimed by members of any volunteer community. Based on voluntary membership there may well be some societies, which do, internally, have centralized or delegated much or most of their management and direction. - JZ, 14.6.00, 6.8.13. –PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM,

FREE SOCIETIES: a society … that believes in man. And believing in man means believing in his freedom.” - Oriana Fallaci, A Man, p.57. - MAN, FREEDOM, FAITH, BELIEF

FREE SOCIETIES: A society where it is safe to be unpopular.” - Adlai Stevenson, The Wit & Wisdom of Adlai Stevenson. – “My definition of a free society is a society where it is safe to be unpopular.” - Adlai Stevenson, Speech in Detroit, October 1952. - Did he have only unpopular views or also unpopular actions in mind? Did he ever stand up for e.g. the right of individuals to secede and to engage with others in political, economic and social experiments, under personal laws or for other still unpopular individual rights? Not to my knowledge. - JZ, 4.4.89 & 23.6.00. - OUTSIDERS, UNPOPULARITY, ECCENTRICS, INDIVIDUALS

FREE SOCIETIES: a system which has never been fully debated, defended or implemented, but only been misunderstood, misrepresented and forgotten.” - Roy Childs in Liberty Against Power.

FREE SOCIETIES: A truly free society would rest on principles and institutions which are still largely unknown or unappreciated, ignored or maligned and which were, so far, never and nowhere brought completely together. - JZ, 29.4.93, 24.6.00. See: PANARCHISM.

FREE SOCIETIES: All human beings of sound mind must sign the Contract within six months of their 26th birthday - an arbitrary age; they can sign beforehand if they wish - or on their arrival on the planet. The Contract affirms the signer's right to pursue his own goals without interference from the government or other individuals. In return for a sum not to exceed more than 5 % of his annual income, this right will be protected by the agents of the planet - the police, courts, et cetera. But if the signer should inject physical coercion or the threat of it into any relationship, he must submit to the customary punishment, which we've already discussed. The Contract cannot be changed by future generations, thus we safeguard human rights from the tamperings of the fools, do-gooders, and power-mongers who have destroyed every free society that ever dared to rear its head along the course of human history.” - F. Paul Wilson, The Healer, p.96. - A SOCIAL CONTRACT, FOOLS, DO-GOODERS, POWER-MONGERS, CONSTITUTIONALISM, TAX LIMITATION

FREE SOCIETIES: Creating a free society is not a one-man job. – JZ, 2.5.87. – Nor is it a job for territorial political leaders. On the contrary. Neither is it a job for libertarians and anarchists only, especially those of the territorially intolerant types. – JZ, 29.10.07.

FREE SOCIETIES: For the more free the society, the better able all individuals would be to choose their own individual goals and run their lives accordingly. Hence, the happier they would be. Only a free society could maximize all individual utilities.” - Dave Osterfield, THE FREEMAN, 4/75. - HAPPINESS & UTILITY

FREE SOCIETIES: FREE, PEACEFUL, JUST, ENLIGHTENED & PROSPEROUS SOCIETIES? Is There Anything Marc Newson Hasn’t Designed?- - What is his design for free, peaceful, just, enlightened and prosperous societies?  - JZ, 29.1.11. – I for one recommend the variety of governance systems, societies and communities under personal law, which the very diverse groups of volunteers would establish and maintain for themselves. – JZ, 5.10.12. – The question on Marc Newson is as wrong as ascribing to Edison not only many but all inventions. Why do so many otherwise rational people engage in great exaggerations? – JZ, 9.1.13, 6.8.13. - PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, MULTIARCHISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, CONTRACTARIANISM, VOLUNTARYISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM IN ALL SPHERES

FREE SOCIETIES: her most striking contribution was her defence of individuality. She counted Stirner and Nietzsche as allies in her struggle for freedom and became convinced that "if society is ever to become free, it will be so through liberated individuals." As a woman, she had directly experienced the intolerance and prejudice of the average American, and consequently repudiated the "mass as a creative factor". She was also only too well aware of the readiness of the majority of people to become dependent on leaders and bow before authority.” - Source? Author? On Emma Goldman. - THE LIBERATION OF INDIVIDUALS, INDIVIDUALISM

FREE SOCIETIES: If education could be freed from the dead hand of the great corpse bureaucracy, there is no limit to what might be achieved, for there is nothing more productive, more innovative, and more diverse than the free society.” - R. W. Grant, The Case Against Public Education, a SIL leaflet.

FREE SOCIETIES: If freedom is to flourish the philosophic foundations of a free society must be kept a living intellectual issue and its implementation a task which challenges the ingenuity and imagination of the liveliest minds." Friedrich Hayek, The Intellectuals and Socialism. - It should not remain, for all too long, an intellectual issue only. Freedom of experimentation in the social sciences, confined to volunteers, should be opened up to test any kind of old or new hypothesis, theory, model or paradigm in practice. – JZ, 26.12.07. Did Hayek really know only one form of socialism? – JZ, 6.8.13. - A CONTINUOUS INTELLECTUAL CHALLENGE,

FREE SOCIETIES: If people want all the advantages of a free society, they must realize that they will have to put up with people doing things of which they might not always approve.” - World Research, Freedom to Choose, p.3.

FREE SOCIETIES: In a civilized community people should not be under orders; each should command himself. That is what I understand by a free society, a society which is not like a regiment or a school.” - Maurice Cranston, Political Dialogues, p.156. – ORDERS, COMMANDS, LAWS, LEGISLATION, REGULATIONS

FREE SOCIETIES: In a free society - i.e., a society based on individual rights - neither individuals nor government may initiate force.” - Neera Badhwar, THE FREEMAN, 10/74.

FREE SOCIETIES: In a free society it is the curtailment of liberty that must be justified, not the existence of liberty. - Marvin Moore, quoted by Anja Hartleb, Facebook 6.3.12. - & LIBERTY

FREE SOCIETIES: In a free society, it is necessary to spell out what people cannot do, while in an authoritarian society, it is vital to spell out what people can do.” - Eric Hoffer. - Quoted by G. Harry Stine, FAR FRONTIERS, Spring 86, page 208. - AUTHORITARIANISM

FREE SOCIETIES: In a free society, standards of public morality can be measured only by whether physical coercion – violence against persons or property – occurs. There is no right not to be offended by words, actions or symbols. – Richard E. Sincere, Jr. in  - RIGHTS, PHYSICAL COERCION & FEELINGS OF BEING OFFENDED BY WORDS, ACTIONS OR SYMBOLS OFFENCES, CRIMES, INSULTS, RIDICULE OF PROPHETS, GODS, BELIEFS, RELIGIONS

FREE SOCIETIES: In a relatively free society law is not maintained at gunpoint but by the moral conviction of its correctness as held by the majority of the population. Order is kept by self-discipline and the spirit of the law and not by the letter of the law. It is when laws proliferate and intrude on individual liberty that people no longer accept them and the need for a large state police force arises.” - Frederick Mcaskill, In Search of Liberty, p.73. - LAW & ORDER

FREE SOCIETIES: It is only within a free society that the crucial moral features of human life can be protected and preserved.” - Tibor Machan. - These "crucial moral features" should be clearly stated before one can agree with such a generality. - JZ, 5.4.89. - I hold that a) individual secessionism, b) voluntary membership, c) exterritorial autonomy, d) recognition only of individual, not collective responsibility, e) a much more developed and consistent declaration of individual rights, f) recognition of these rights for all individuals and their associations, which do claim them for themselves, even if one does not claim them for oneself, g) volunteer militias for the protection of individual rights, rightfully organized, trained and armed for this purpose and h) voluntary taxation, are all "crucial moral features" of free societies. Alas, so far no consent has been achieved among libertarians on these and other features of free societies and on their possible peaceful coexistence with statist ones that are confined to exterritorial autonomy for their volunteers as well. - In other words, a new science of politics, war and peace has either still to be developed or recognized, - JZ, 22.6.00, 6.8.13.

FREE SOCIETIES: It may be that a free society … carries in itself the forces of its own destruction, that once freedom has been achieved it is taken for granted and ceases to be valued, and that the free growth of ideas which is the essence of a free society will bring about the destruction of the foundations on which it depends." - Friedrich Hayek, The Intellectuals and Socialism. – While that may be the fate of even the best kind of limited but still territorial government, this would not occur in a really free society, in which there is consumer sovereignty even for political, economic and social systems. There will always be minorities, dissenters, non-conformists. Then they will be free to experiment, to fail or to succeed. Then the successful pioneers would be free to set shiny and very attractive examples that will be followed by more and more of the rest. – This kind of “frontier” should be opened and never be closed again. – JZ, 26.12.07. - TERRITORIALISM VS. EXTERRITORIALISM. LIMITED GOVERNMENT NOT LIMITED ENOUGH

FREE SOCIETIES: It was a free society where free people were permitted to enjoy the fruits of their own labor. In such a society the only way one can benefit himself is by serving others. He must offer for sale goods or services, which others want and for which others are willing to pay. And in such a society the route upward is necessarily open to all comers. …” Bertel M. Sparks, THE FREEMAN, Oct. 73. - TRADE, PROPERTY, MUTUAL BENEFIT

FREE SOCIETIES: Men will have a free society precisely at the point where they stop preventing it from emerging.” - Robert LeFevre, in Libertarian Handbook, 1973. - The main barriers by which they stopped it so far are: 1. Compulsory State membership, 2. Territorialism, 3. The outlawry of individual and group secessionism. Secondary barriers are: 1. The denials of individual rights, 2. Monetary Despotism, 3. Collective Responsibility. Many other factors are involved but if these six are no longer recognized and enforced or become unenforceable, then free societies would be well on their way. - PIOT, JZ, 12.6.00.


FREE SOCIETIES: no one may intrude on the judgment of individual citizens in a free society.” - Tibor Machan, Liberty & Culture, p.112. - SELF-RULE, SELF-GOVERNMENT, FREEDOM OF ACTION, RIGHT TO PRIVATE JUDGMENT

FREE SOCIETIES: Rothbard describes an anarchist society where "there is no legal possibility for coercive aggression against the person or the property of any individual." - Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, p.561.

FREE SOCIETIES: Societies without any imposed (by majorities or minorities) governments, where whatever subordination remains is by individual consent and can be ended by individual secessionism. - JZ, 16.4.93 & 29.3.94. – ANARCHISM, PANARCHISM

FREE SOCIETIES: The Constitutional Book Club is one of the manifestations of the New Right - "their emphasis will be on the moral and material superiority of the free society … the challenges to the left is one that they can no longer ignore.” - A. A. Walters in THE FINANCIAL TIMES, quoted in Dr. Rhodes Boyson, editor, Down With the Poor.

FREE SOCIETIES: The free society of the future, which is to replace government, will know neither taxes, nor penalties, nor jails, nor gallows. The judges will be private arbitrators. The courts, where any are needed, spontaneous juries of individuals; the only penalty to be feared, ostracism and boycott.” - John Beverly Robinson, International Anarchist Group of Detroit. - ANARCHISM

FREE SOCIETIES: The merit of a free society comes from the same root cause. Men do not create a free society by political action. A free society emerges when men stop preventing it. The constant foe of freedom is political action on the part of some who attempt to plan and enforce their plans on others. The "do-nothing" libertarian who minds his own business, and, in process, refrains from planning and dominating the lives of others, contributes to a free society by subtracting the injury he might otherwise impose.” - LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Fall 78. - A program to facilitate fruitful and independent collaboration among freedom lovers would hardly be a do-nothing platform and it would not be an imposition but a helpful tool or process. - JZ, 12.6.00.

FREE SOCIETIES: The new concept of a Free Society is one where everything is free - except people.” - J. Kesner Kahn, THE FREEMAN, Nov. 65. – PEOPLE, TERRITORIALISM, NATION

FREE SOCIETIES: The perfectly Good State, a perfectly free and just society, is not to be found in this world; but unless we keep in front of us a true image, against which policies and proposals can be tested, "progress" will be not just meaningless but as dangerous as a will-o'-the-wisp hanging over a marsh.” - Anthony Lejeune, Freedom and the Politician. - Under consistent experimental freedom for all experiments it would be dangerous only to some of the voluntary experimenters. - As a matter of fact, the notions on perfection differ, not only between the various anarchists and limited government libertarians. "To each the government or non-governmental society of his or her dreams!" - would come close enough to the various forms of perfection which different people want for themselves and thereby to the greatest all-over perfection or utopia, called a "meta-utopia" by Nozick. See: ON PANARCHY, in the PEACE PLANS series. - JZ, 22.6.00. – Also the A to Z compilation on panarchism at - JZ, 7.8.13. - GOOD STATES, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, RULERS, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PERFECTION, PROGRESS

FREE SOCIETIES: The rationale for the free society is not, as Mills implausibly urged, that it accumulates a greater store of knowledge or more effectively satisfies men's private interests. The free society is good as an end in itself for it is itself a social value! - Robert Paul Wolff, The Poverty of Liberalism, Boston, Beacon Press, 1968, see especially ch.5. – FREEDOM, RIGHTS, LIBERTY, AIM, PURPOSE, VALUES

FREE SOCIETIES: The society of the future will be one in which men themselves will fashion the relationships that are expected to satisfy their needs.” - Brian Summers, THE FREEMAN, 3/74. – In these very general terms he was then already, like many other libertarians, a panarchist. But how many of these “supporters” have been clear and consistent enough to advocate panarchism even for the great mass of various statists? – JZ, 21.11.10. – And how many envisioned it so far in the form of full exterritorial autonomy or personal law for societies and communities of volunteers, i.e. as an end to all forms of territorialism? – JZ, 7.8.13.

FREE SOCIETIES: The time will therefore come when the sun will shine only on free men who know no other master but their reason; when tyrants and slaves, priests and their stupid or hypocritical instruments will exist only in works of history and on the stage; and when we shall think of them only to pity their victims and their dupes; to maintain ourselves in a state of vigilance by thinking on their excesses; and to learn how to recognize and so to destroy, by force of reason, the first seeds of tyranny and superstition, should they ever dare to reappear amongst us.” - J. A. N. C. Condorcet, Marquis de, 1795, Sketch for the Progress of the Human Mind, quoted in Arblaster/Lukes, Good Society, p.50. - FREE MEN, REASON

FREE SOCIETIES: There are just two rules of governance in a free society: Mind your own business. Keep your hands to yourself. – P. J. O’Rourke. – in  - & GOVERNANCE, MYOB, HANDS OFF, NONINTERFERENCE, NON-INTERVENTION, NON-AGGRESSION, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS

FREE SOCIETIES: What a free society offers to the individual is much more than what he would be able to do if only he were free. - Friedrich von Hayek in  - Try to imagine how poor and miserable you would be if there were not even the presently all too limited degree of free enterprise and free exchange. How many of your possessions could you have produced yourself? Leonard E. Read drove home this point in two of his stories, one on the production of a pencil and the other one on a can of beans. I think the first one was headed “I Pencil” and it is online somewhere in THE FREEMAN of FEE. – JZ, 12.4.12. – INDIVIDUALISM, FREEDOM TO ASSOCIATE, VOLUNTARISM, DIVISION OF LABOR

FREE SOCIETIES: Without individual and group secessionism from the territorial State and from the future free societies and communities, all without a territorial monopoly, the best forms of free societies under personal laws cannot be freely and fast enough developed. Where would we stand now in the natural sciences, technology and in the arts - if free experimentation had been suppressed in these spheres during the last few centuries? All the atrocities and bestialities, all the legalized wrongs and crimes required the territorial suppression of free experimentation among volunteers in the political, economic and social spheres. We cannot afford this suppression any longer. The risk of nuclear war or of a worldwide despotism is all too large. – JZ, 6.8.04, 24.3.09. - PANARCHISM, TERRITORIALISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, DEVELOPMENT, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, WORLD STATE, WARFARE STATES

FREE SOCIETIES: Without monetary freedom, self-management and wide-spread ownerships of productive capital and without full exterritorial autonomy for communities of all kinds of dissenters, for all who claim this freedom to experiment, contract and associate, and without the voluntary taxation involved through such panarchistic communities, without free trade and free migration and without sufficient protection for all other individual human rights and liberties as well, all existing and merely territorial political systems are dangerous, and monopolistic powers, wrongful and harmful structures and systems built up a “foundation” of sand, false assumptions, flawed conclusions, popular errors, prejudices and coercion, ready to collapse any time, due to their inbuilt wrongs and flaws and burying in the process innocents and guilty alike. Alas, as long as territorialism still exists in most minds, only to be resurrected in slightly different forms and under other names, just like it happened under monarchism: “The King is dead! Long live the King!” – JZ, 30.7.96, 6.10.08, 7.8.13. – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, MONETARY DESPOTISM INSTEAD OF MONETARY FREEDOM & ALL OTHER INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES & PANARCHISM

FREE SPEECH: Free speech does not mean that anyone has to listen to vile personal attacks.” - Howard Rheingold, The Virtual Community, p.272. – INSULTS, SLANDER, LIES, PROPAGANDA

FREE SPEECH: Free speech for the people is more important than free speech for parliamentarians and bureaucrats. - JZ, 29.10.96. - POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS, REPRESENTATIVES, PARLIAMENTS, CONGRESS & CITIZENS

FREE SPEECH: Free speech is meaningless unless it tolerates the speech that we hate. – Henry J. Hyde, U.S. Congressman, Speech, 5/3/91 – Freedom of action and experimentation, under full exterritorial autonomy, is even more important. – JZ, 6.4.12. – HATE, UNPOPULARITY, TOLERANCE

FREE SPEECH: Free speech is the whole thing, the whole ball game. Free speech is life itself. – Salmon Rushdie  – Is he dead when he shuts up, eats, sleeps, fucks or merely writes? Such dogmatic and incomplete statements reveal a severe lack of knowledge of all those genuine individual rights and liberties, which other speakers and writers have already stated at some time and in some texts. A general and common declaration of all of them is urgently needed. However, even this primary job is so far not seen by enough people as a necessary and urgently needed or as a fully justified one. – JZ, 1.4.12. – How can one thus overlook e.g. freedom of action? Freedom of expression is also an action but does not include automatically freedom or information or of access to information. Freedom of action, which tolerates rightful actions in others, is a rather inclusive term for other individual rights and liberties as well. Or are there more exceptions to this rule as well? – JZ, 9.1.13, 7.8.13 - HUMAN RIGHTS DECLARATION – OF ALL GENUINE INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES SO FAR DISCOVERED & CLEARLY STATED – SEPARATELY & ALL TOO OBSCURELY. –

FREE SPEECH: He is a strict believer in free speech – like using friends phones for long-distance calls.” – Louis A. SAFIAN II, The Giant Book of Insults, p.165.

FREE SPEECH: If all mankind minus one were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind. - John Stuart Mill - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online.

FREE SPEECH: The right to free speech means that a man has the right to express his ideas without danger of suppression, interference or punitive action by the government. (*) It does not mean that others must provide him with a lecture hall, a radio station or a printing press through which to express his ideas.” - Ayn Rand, The Virtue of Selfishness. – (*) Or by anyone else or by any other group or association, unless it is done, without their permission, on their private property. – JZ, 7.8.13. - PROPERTY RIGHTS

FREE SPEECH: The right to speak your mind does not include the right to insist that anyone listen to you.” - Stanley Schmidt, ANALOG, Dec. 96.

FREE SPEECH: there are still, fortunately, a few places in the world besides our own country where free speech is allowed. Let us add to the number.” - Ascribed to Robert Trout by Max Herzberg, This Is America, p.298.

FREE SPEECH: Without free speech no search for truth is possible, without free speech no discovery of truth is useful, without free speech progress is checked and the nations no longer march forward toward the nobler life which the future holds for man. Better a thousand-fold abuse of speech than a denial of free speech. The abuse dies in a day, but the denial slays the life of the people, and entombs the hope of the race.” - Attributed to Charles Bradlaugh. - Edmund Fuller, Thesaurus of Quotations, p. 398 (1941). Unverified. Laconics of Liberty, p.41. (Sprading?) - The wider term is freedom of expression and it includes freedom of expression opportunities, i.e., affordable and efficient alternative media like microfiche, floppy disks and CDs. How many do consider it as comprehensively now, instead of being blinded or partly incapacitated by some of the mass media or the more popular media? - JZ, 13.6.00. – An Ideas Archive and Talent Centre would not only offer them free speech but also an opportunity to be publicly and accessibly register ideas and talents as well as searches for them, to bring demand and supply in this sphere together. All the other opportunities for them are still all too limited, especially for freedom loving innovators. As just a fraction of the multitude of Internet offers they can be as much ignored as they are in newspapers, bookshops and libraries. - JZ, 24.11.02, 7.8.13. - FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, CENSORSHIP, TRUTH, FREEDOM OF PRESS, FREEDOM TO PUBLISH

FREE STATES: Free States" are a contradiction in terms - as long as individual rights and liberties and those of minorities are still suppressed or outvoted in territorial States.” - JZ, 18.9.82, 7.8.13. – TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM

FREE STATES: I consider a TERRITORIAL "free State" to be a contradiction in terms. A private or cooperative real estate community, i.e. one with only voluntary members, clients or subjects, is quite another matter. – JZ on Facebook, n.d, revised: 7.8.13.

FREE TICKETS: I posses a printed ticket which says in the front: "This is a free ticket. It isn't good for anything. It's just free. - The Printcraft Shop, Cranston, R. I." - On the reverse it says: This ticket represents the old adage of getting something for nothing which any self-thinking person knows is impossible whether it be from the government or anyone else."

FREE TO FUNCTION: Leave us free to function…” - Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, p.989.

FREE TRADE: A moment's reflection reveals that this comparative advantage in trading, which rewards the most renowned specialist, also rewards in similar fashion every other party to such trade, down to the very least-skilled participant in the market. This is not to say that their gains would be equal; only that each gains from the trade more goods and services than otherwise would have been his. And what is true here of trade between individuals in a given nation is also true of international trade. However wealthy or poor and skilled or unskilled the respective traders, each finds a comparative advantage in trading - if it is voluntary.” - Leonard E. Read, Having My Way, p.82. – EXPORTS, IMPORTS, FREE TRADE,  LAW OF COMPARATIVE ADVANTAGE

FREE TRADE: A popular quotation, "If goods don't cross borders, armies will." - has frequently been attributed to Bastiat. That exact quotation does not appear in any of his writings. The sentiment, however, was clearly endorsed by Bastiat in several passages. As will be noted later, one of his chief arguments for the abolition of tariffs was that they and similar protective measures are a leading cause of war. He fully expected universal peace to follow the abolition of government restrictions against trade and travel among the people of different nations.” - Dean Russell, Bastiat, Ideas and Influence, p.7. - Freedom of international trade and freedom to travel are not enough. Free trade must also exist internally, at least among all those, who prefer it among themselves. Freedom to migrate to other countries, to settle and work there, must supplement freedom of travel. Naturally, they depends also upon freedom of contract with land owners, house owners, capital owners and employers etc. within the own country and in other countries. But no collective and coercive territorial barriers should be set against the movement and settlement of people, any more than upon goods and information. - JZ, 27.6.00, 7.8.13.

FREE TRADE: All the best arguments about Free Trade will not help sufficiently against prejudices, vested interest and established territorial powers, i.e., when those already convinced of the rightfulness and advantages of Free Trade are not free to practise it among themselves at their own "risk and expense". Naturally, protectionists should enjoy the same freedom to gather the "benefits" of protectionism - but also only at their own risk and expense. Free Trade for Free Traders! Protectionism for Protectionists. That would teach all who are teachable but who cannot be reached by reasons and arguments alone. The remainder would have to pay the price for the continuance of their protectionist religion and its rituals and sacrifices among themselves. - JZ, 1.11.92, 14.6.00, 7.8.13. - FREE TRADE FOR FREE TRADERS, . PROTECTIONISM FOR PROTECTIONISTS, PANARCHISM

FREE TRADE: All trade, production and regulation of economic matters to be taken out of the hands of bureaucrats and politicians. - JZ, 12.12.93. - They have nothing but failures to show, in these spheres, too. - JZ, 22.6.00. - LAISSEZ FAIRE

FREE TRADE: Allow people to individually choose for themselves all or any of the real or imagined benefits of Free Trade or of Protectionism. - JZ, 25.12.92. - PROTECTIONISM

FREE TRADE: Almost everybody favors division of labor INTERNALLY. Few favor it consistently in INTERNATIONAL economic relations, being confused by territorial nationalism and protectionist fallacies on balance of trade and payments, currencies and competition, employment and unemployment, exchange rates, devaluations, inflations, deflations and the money issue monopoly. - JZ, 14.10.98 & 14.6.00. - PROTECTIONISM, DIVISION OF LABOR

FREE TRADE: An advantageous trade (If it were not advantageous for both sides it would not be trade and would not happen voluntarily!) between two free beings, living at a distance from each other, remains advantageous to them and, indirectly and somewhat to all others, if such trade is multiplied by millions and whenever it happens to cross, without interference, some artificially set frontier. - JZ, 23.7.92. - Distance matters only through transport and communication difficulties. Otherwise it should not matter at all whether I trade with a Chinese, an American, a European, an Indian or an African living next door to me or in another continent and in another country. Neither mine nor his government has the right to interfere in any way with our peaceful trading. - JZ, 22.6.00.

FREE TRADE: An end to the endless debate: Protectionism for protectionists and free trade for free traders! - JZ, 25.2.86. – PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT

FREE TRADE: And free trade is impossible in a world of etatism.” - Mises, Omnipotent Government, p.6. - Therefore, free traders and other minority groups must be at liberty to opt out of any territorial State to do their own thing among themselves. - JZ, 23.3.86. – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

FREE TRADE: And if we seriously believe in promoting global peace, then we will ask that trade restrictions and tariffs, so stultifyingly crisscrossing the globe, be lifted so that humankind can get on with interacting.” - E. Scott Royce, LIBERTARIAN REVIEW, U.S.A., 3/77. - PEACE

FREE TRADE: And since trade has never been absolutely free, production has never been free. For interference with the market is interference with production. …” - Frank Chodorov, Fugitive Essays, Natural Rights and Unnatural Wrongs, p102. - And since monetary freedom has never been completely realized, we never had complete economic freedom. - JZ, 27.6.00.

FREE TRADE: As little intercourse as possible betwixt the GOVERNMENTS, as much connection as possible between the nations of the world.” - Richard Cobden, pamphlet, "Russia", published 1836. - GOOD GOVERNMENT, 8/77.– Not between “the nations” but between individuals and groups or companies or panarchies of volunteers! – JZ, 17.12.08.

FREE TRADE: Assume, if it amuses you, that foreigners flood our shores with all kinds of useful goods, without asking anything from us; even if our imports are infinite and our exports nothing, I defy you to prove to me that we should be the poorer for it." - Frederic Bastiat, as quoted by Christopher Mayer in "Free Trade and Flexible Markets", published in the April, 2000, issue of "IDEAS ON LIBERTY". - VS. PROTECTIONISM, DUMPING, BALANCE OF TRADE

FREE TRADE: Australia and U.S.A., united by the Pacific Ocean and separated by two tariff walls.” - Henry George, 1890, quoted by Dr. H. G. Pearce.

FREE TRADE: Bridging the gap between the haves and the have-nots, the knows and the know-nots, of the global economy requires not only access to new technologies, but also access to political freedom. So long as 80 % of the world’s population is denied access to a free press by their governments, the “information revolution” can only sputter.” - Thomas Larsson, The Race to the Top, The Real Story of Globalization, Cato Institute, 2001, p. 98. - Access to resources, goods, and services but also access to political freedom, and by this I do not mean political freedom confined to territorial majorities but exterritorial autonomy for all minorities as well, which do wish it for themselves, starting with free individual secessionism. - Moreover, unless monetary and financial despotism, of the territorial kind, are done away with, Free Trade will not be really free. – JZ, 28.9.07. - UNRESTRICTED GLOBALIZATION FOR THOSE, WHO DO WANT IT FOR THEMSELVES

FREE TRADE: But although the monopoly of money is one of the most glaring violations of men's natural right to make their own contracts, and one of the most effective - perhaps THE most effective - for enabling a few men to rob everybody else, and for keeping the great body of the people in poverty and servitude, it is not the only one that our government practises, nor the only one that has the same robbery in view. - The so-called taxes or duties, which the government levies upon imports, are a practical violation both of men's natural right of property, and of their natural right to make their own contracts. - A man has the same NATURAL right to traffic with another, who lives on the opposite side of the globe, as he has to traffic with his next-door neighbor. And any obstruction, price, or penalty, interposed by the government, to the exercise of that right, is a practical violation of the right itself.” - Lysander Spooner, A Letter to Grover Cleveland, Works I, p.42. – MONETARY FREEDOM

FREE TRADE: By transforming the British Empire from a Free Trade area into a private property protected by tariff walls, the governments concerned have made it absolutely certain that foreign hostility to the Empire shall be increased.” - A. Huxley, Ends & Means, 1937, pages 36/37. – ENEMIES, WAR

FREE TRADE: Can you imagine all nations only exporting and no nation importing? It is an obvious absurdity as a policy for all. Can you imagine one nation only exporting and never importing - but merely, instead, accumulating claims for payments against other nations? - JZ, 26.3.86. –

FREE TRADE: Civilization and culture, their maintenance and the prosperity of people demand the free flow of goods, services and labor as much as they do the free flow of information, art and literature. - JZ, 20.4.93.

FREE TRADE: Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto.” - Thomas Jefferson (1799) - FREE TRADE RATHER THAN POLITICAL ALLIANCES

FREE TRADE: Comparative advantages is simply the application of the principle of division of labour to foreign trade.” - Kenneth W. Ryker, Freedom in a Nutshell, p.42. - LAW OF COMPARATIVE ADVANTAGE, FREE TRADE, DIVISION OF LABOR, INTERNATIONAL TRADE

FREE TRADE: Competition is “unfair” only from the perspective of those who feel they have an unalienable right to rest on their laurels – even when that means crimping the choices and prospects of everyone else.” – Thomas Larsson, The Race to the Top, The Real Story of Globalization, Cato Institute, 2001, p.56. - “UNFAIR”, COMPETITION

FREE TRADE: Consumers of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your tariffs - and other wrongful and irrational restrictions. - JZ, 20.11.78, 17.12.08.

FREE TRADE: Each nation can produce something better and cheaper than the rest. Maybe it's by nature, climate, talent, or thrift. So why is it if I raise something and you make something that we can't make a trade? Why do I have to attempt making what you make, while you try to raise what I raise - maybe on land that's not suitable?” - Will Rogers. - FREE TRADE VS. PROTECTIONISM, LAW OF COMPARATIVE ADVANTAGE, EXPORTS, IMPORTS, INTERNATIONAL DIVISION OF LABOR UNDER FREE EXCHANGE

FREE TRADE: Embargoes, blockades, quotas, inflation, sinking of ships, all of the methods of war, have for their purpose the interference with the exchange of goods for goods. They are avowedly a denial of trade, and trade is synonymous with civilization.” - Frank Chodorov, Fugitive Essays, Natural Rights and Unnatural Wrongs, p.104. – All texts for free trade and against protectionism vs. and all significant discussions of these ideas and practices could now become easily combined on a single disk, after such a project is launched on the Internet, inviting input from all interested parties. Electronic “argument mapping” could be added as well, an alphabetical index and a search engine. Or should we wait for another 2 or 3 centuries until this debate becomes finally settled? – JZ 17.12.08.

FREE TRADE: Every human being has the same natural right to buy and sell, of and to, any and all other people in the world, as he has to buy and sell, of and to, the people of his own country. And none but tyrants and robbers deny that right. And they deny it for their own benefit solely, and not for the benefit of their laborers.” - Lysander Spooner, A Letter to Grover Cleveland, Works I, p.45.

FREE TRADE: Every import has an export order tied to it.” - Lord Stamp, quoted by Sir Ernest Benn, Murmurings, II, p.90. - That would be more obvious still, if all imports were to be paid for with standardized clearing certificates, in convenient denominations, redeemable in all export goods and services. Moreover, a time-limit for the validity of these clearing certificates would assure that the "balance of trade" and the "balance of payment" would occur sooner rather than later. - JZ, 22.6.00. See the writings of Professor Edgar Milhaud and Ulrich von Beckerath on this. - EXPORTS & IMPORTS

FREE TRADE: Every increase in trade facilities aids in the spreading of cultural values; and, contrariwise, every interference with trade results in a corresponding retardation of cultural progress. In other words, the freer the trade, the greater the advantage in civilization, and the more restrictions there are on trade, the surer will be the retrogression of civilization.” - Frank Chodorov, Fugitive Essays, Natural Rights and Unnatural Wrongs, p.102.

FREE TRADE: Everybody was in favor of free trade for all other nations and of hyper-protectionism for his own. It did not seem to occur to anyone that free trade begins at home.” – Ludwig von Mises, Omnipotent Government, p.237.

FREE TRADE: Everyone should keep in mind the limited free trade examples already set by duty free shops in all large cities - for international travelers - and the free trade and industrial free enterprise zones that governments except from at least some of their tax and regulation burdens. Free trade for some and protectionism for others works. They should both be practised via individual free choice, or voluntary membership, not through governmental licensing only. – In the long run this competition would, naturally, work in favor of Free Trade – always by individual choice. - JZ, 23.3.86 & 28.6.00, 22.11.10.

FREE TRADE: Export our politicians and bureaucrats. Even dump them on others or offer them as gifts. Then our internal and external free trade will be able to take care of itself. - JZ, 20.9.92 & 22.6.00. - Naturally, it would be more rightful, if they left us free to simply ignore them and mind our own business. But since they do not, their deportation would be the least violent form of resistance. - JZ, 22.6.00.

FREE TRADE: Fight hostile tariffs with free imports.” - Sir Robert Peel. - Penalizing retaliation makes least sense in this sphere, because it hurts the own side as much too. - JZ, 20.3.93 & 24.6.00. - UNILATERAL FREE TRADE

FREE TRADE: For example, when England, in the early nineteenth century (*), struck away its restrictions on trade, it began a dramatic move toward economic ascendancy in the world. When it began once again to impose restraints ever more vigorously in the twentieth century, it began its precipitate decline.” - Clarence B. Carson, THE FREEMAN, 7/76, 434. – (*) 1846, with its big step towards Free Trade, wasn't all that early! Not all trade restrictions were removed! – JZ – FREE TRADE VS. PROTECTIONISM, RESTRICTIONISM, ENGLAND

FREE TRADE: Free the market and no private trader will take the risk of doing business with Russia except at very great advantage to himself and therefore to his country.” - Anthony Fisher, The Case for Freedom, p.74. - Exceptions: If we supplied a regime like the Soviet one with weapons or other items of strategic importance. - JZ

FREE TRADE: Free Trade and the recognition of all other individual rights and liberties – to the extent that individuals want to practice them among themselves, under their self-chosen personal laws systems or exterritorial autonomous communities and societies of volunteers – would “unite” them or keep them harmoniously separated, all doing their own things only, than could any political, territorial and compulsory federation. – J.Z, 26.11.12. – VOLUNTARISM VS. COERCION, CHOICE, FEDERALISM, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, UNITY, COMMON INTEREST, PUBLIC INTERESTS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW

FREE TRADE: free trade carries with it an appreciation of the cultures of the trading countries, and a feeling of goodwill among the peoples engaged.” - Frank Chodorov, Fugitive Essays, p.333.

FREE TRADE: Free trade consists simply in letting people buy and sell as they want to buy and sell ... Protective tariffs are as much applications of force as are blockading squadrons, and their objective is the same - to prevent trade. The difference between the two is that blockading squadrons are a means whereby nations seek to prevent their enemies from trading; protective tariffs are a means whereby nations attempt to prevent their own people from trading." - Henry George, in "Protection or Free Trade?" (1886, reprinted edition, New York: Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, 1980), p.47. - VS. PROTECTIONISM

FREE TRADE: Free trade could be unilaterally introduced and then widely spread via the international clearing certificates, which were first proposed by Prof. Edgard Milhaud in several articles and books and then further discussed and developed in three books by Ulrich von Beckerath - that are online at - Such clearing certificates in relatively large denominations, could be issued by export firms and redeemed in whatever export goods they have ready for sale or can obtain within a very short period. They could be lent on short terms to importers, who would pay with them for their imports from foreign countries. Buyers with useful means of payment are always welcome in any country. If foreign governments have set up some legal barriers against such payments, the combined interests of its exporters could fast achieve the abolition of these barriers. Particularly when it is realized that use of such clearing certificates would in no way endanger but would always assure the trading and payment balance of any participating country and this in an obvious way, in combination with internal monetary and clearing freedom, practised among the internal traders. The exporters would merely have to fulfill the promises they made in their international clearing certificates, to redeem them in their goods or services, at market prices. Then and indirectly they would be paid for their exports by the importers to whom they had lent their international clearing certificates as international means of payment. Naturally, some of the exporters could also act as importers themselves. But in most cases division of labor would be here advisable as well. Both, e.g. mining or wheat or wool growing in Australia and elsewhere are highly developed and specialized business and so are the sales organizations for consumer goods. – JZ, 28.9.08, 7.8.13. - UNILATERALLY INTRODUCED

FREE TRADE: Free trade for all who have sense enough to already see its benefits - even without having experienced practical examples of it - and, at the same time, full tolerance for protectionists practising their faith only among themselves and at their own expense. - JZ, 23.3.86. - FREE TRADE & PROTECTIONISM, MUTUALLY TOLERANT, PRACTISED BY VOLUNTEERS ONLY

FREE TRADE: Free Trade is hard to introduce and to maintain without full monetary and financial freedom and the benefits provided by them. - JZ, 27.11.93. - Protectionism would have lost completely, long ago, if the Free Trade ideas had included these trading liberties as well, rather than leaving them to the "tender mercies" of ignorant, prejudiced and corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, addicted to the powers which protectionism grants them. - For instance, full employment and a permanent boom economy would have resulted, which would have prevented any pretenses of protectionists that they could provide more jobs and sales than freedom could. - JZ, 22.6.00.

FREE TRADE: Free trade is inevitably reciprocal trade.” - Mrs. Sheila Jones, Mosman Debating Society, Nov. 72. – Even if the ultimate balancing of trades is not done bilaterally but multilaterally. – JZ, 14.3.13.

FREE TRADE: Free trade is natural, protectionism is political.” - Frank Chodorov, Fugitive Essays, p.333.

FREE TRADE: Free Trade is such a simple solution for so many of the world's ills. … It requires only that ONE NATION see the light and remove ITS restrictions. The results will be immediate and widespread.” – W. M. Curtiss, The Tariff Idea, 1952, p.80. - But it is NOT easy to PERSUADE a whole nation or population to accept free trade for itself. Those within it, who are already convinced, ought therefore to be set at liberty to practise Free Trade among themselves and with all other Free Traders in the world, at their own expense and risk. Their example would help to persuade the rest. To suppress such a limited and tolerant liberation would, obviously, be tyrannical. It can be achieved much easier than Free Trade at once for all the people in one country. - JZ, 26.3.86 & 27.6.00. – The nation, society or panarchy, which unilaterally introduced Free Trade, including all the other factors that belong to a fully Free Trade, could jump even faster ahead of other nations and people than England once did. – Territorial governments are, usually, too dumb to understand that but at least the members of some panarchies would. Then they could simply bypass the ignorance, popular prejudices and burdens of territorial laws and institutions, which hold back the protectionists. – JZ, 17.12.08, 7.8.13. - PANARCHISM

FREE TRADE: Free trade is the free choice of free consumers and producers. Protectionism is the legal imposition of the self-interested, ignorant and short-sighted prejudices of a few governmentally favored monopolists. Territorial States do wrongly and coercively throw and keep these 2 antagonistic groups into one pot. - They do not permit Free Trade for Free Traders and Protectionism for Protectionist. - JZ, 20.4.93 & 24.6.00, 7.8.13.

FREE TRADE: Free trade means also free trading in private currencies - private exchange media and value standards, neither being exclusive or coercive, all being subject to free market rating and the right to refuse their acceptance - unless one has contractually obliged oneself to accept them. - JZ, 26.3.86. - MONETARY FREEDOM, FOREIGN EXCHANGE, FREELY FLOATING EXCHANGE RATES

FREE TRADE: Free Trade means protection for labourers and consumers and all men; … Protection is for the benefit only of the few.” - Franklin Pierce, in Free Trade Congress, 1908, p.408. – The introduction and spread of Free Trade would be very easy once Free Traders are free to opt out of Protectionism, as far as their own Free Trades are concerned. – As long as territorial governments are allowed to have any say in this sphere, they will always and sooner rather than later fall back into primitive protectionist ideas and practices. – Territorialism favors all kinds of popular prejudices, errors, wrongs and stupidities. - JZ, 17.12.08, 7.8.13. - PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

FREE TRADE: Free trade means that anybody in the world ought to be at liberty to benefit you - in fair exchange, while you are at liberty to benefit anyone else in the world - and make a profit from this. - JZ, 23.3.86. – Free trade is profitable to both sides or all sides participating in it. – JZ, 7.8.13.

FREE TRADE: Free trade on its own is not enough if e.g. internal costs, via taxes, union coercion and governmental restrictions and regulations, are excessive and prevent international competitiveness. - JZ, 19.5.86.

FREE TRADE: Free Trade or Protectionism? Give each individual a fully independent vote - for all his own dealings, with all his dollars, property, labor and services, together with his voluntary customers and associates. Only thus could each finally get rightly what he has the right to freely acquire by free exchanges. . – Protectionists would then merely postpone the realization of that option for themselves – to their own disadvantage. This they have the right to do, like any other spleen or error or mistake, at their own risk and expense. - JZ, 9.11.93 & 22.6.00, 22.11.10.

FREE TRADE: Free Trade will inevitably result and spread fast and finally become universal once it is left to the individual to decide upon whether to adopt Free Trade or Protectionism for himself. - JZ, 5.4.95 & 13.6.00. - FREE TRADE VS. PROTECTIONISM, SHOULD BE A DECISION OF INDIVIDUALS FOR THEMSELVES, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, TO EACH HIS OWN, IN FULL JUSTICE FOR ALL

FREE TRADE: Free Trade with people? Always. Free Trade with killers and despots? Never. The right to free trade between consenting property owners does not entail the right to sell bombs, missiles and truck factories to slave masters.” - Jarret B. Wollstein, Issues that Divide us, THE LIBERTARIAN FAMILIST, March / April 1987. - Governments are the largest arms traders and arms producers - and peace- and freedom-loving governments (if there are any such critters) are not their largest customers. - And the same mass producers and traders of military weapons have largely outlawed firearms for self-defence for most of their subjects. In Australia even some pocketknives are outlawed. Are our rulers as afraid of us?  - JZ, 14.6.00. - BOYCOTTS, BLOCKADES, INTERNATIONAL TRADE, ARMS INDUSTRY

FREE TRADE: Free trade would be a greater blessing to "the poor man" than all the devices of all the friend of humanity if they could be realized.” - W. G. Sumner, What Social Classes Owe to Each Other, p.139. - The same could be said of monetary freedom. Naturally, in a way it is just part of completely free trading - but usually it is not seen as such. - JZ, 27.6.00.

FREE TRADE: Free trade would spread and become most prevalent, approved by one individual and group after another, once the territorial monopoly disappears, which maintains protectionism and any other coercive system. - JZ, 18.7.95 & 13.6.00. – PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

FREE TRADE: Free trade, by individual choice, in all spheres, including government services, currency and financial services and institutions. - JZ, 30.7.98, 14.6.00.

FREE TRADE: Free Trade, like a Free Press, Free Love, Free Labor and Free Enterprise, will remain more or less restricted, i.e., un-free, as long as they remain dependent upon government decisions, laws, regulations, permits, and jurisdictions, instead of individual free choices. - JZ, 20.11.93 & 22.6.00, 7.8.13.

FREE TRADE: Free trade, one of the greatest blessings which a government can confer on a people (*), is in almost every country unpopular.” - T. B. Macaulay, On Mitford's History of Greece, 1824. ( KNIGHT'S QUARTERLY, Nov.) - (*) Do murderers and robbers confer great blessings upon me when they do not murder or rob me? - JZ, 25.6.00. - Governments do not confer free trade but can and should cease to suppress it. - JZ, 5.7.86, 14.3.13. - Since today neither the decision for free trade nor for protectionism is up to the individual, the only things individuals are free to decide about is the value of the pro and con arguments. Here, too, individuals can be easily overwhelmed by an avalanche of fallacies, popular errors, myths and prejudices, which we find nowhere systematically refuted by a wide-spread encyclopedia of the best answers and refutations. Experience with free trade opportunities is largely outlawed for individuals, apart from some smuggling opportunities. These are rather popular, if people expect they can get away with them. - JZ, 25.6.00. - The benefit, which governments could "confer" consists merely in getting out of the way of free and willing exchangers. - JZ, n.d. & 7.8.13. - ITS UNPOPULARITY

FREE TRADE: Free Traders are not really Free Traders, Free Marketeers are not really Free Marketeers, Libertarians are not really Libertarians and Anarchists are not really Anarchists until they do also advocate e.g. monetary freedom, free migration and exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers based upon individual sovereignty and individual and group secessionism. - JZ, 10.7.96, 7.8.13. - FREE MARKET, LIBERTARIANISM, ANARCHISM, PANARCHISM, MONETARY FREEDOM

FREE TRADE: Free traders should become free to boycott all protected industries and to shop freely, locally and also worldwide, only among free traders. Only protectionists should come to depend exclusively upon protected goods and services. - JZ, 20.4.93, 7.8.13.

FREE TRADE: Full and unrestricted voting for all consumers, world-wide, with their money. - JZ, 22.7.85.

FREE TRADE: Here the best-known proposition, voiced early in the 18th century, says that the expansion of commerce is incompatible with the use of force in international relations and would gradually make for a peaceful world. – Albert O. Hirschman, Interests, in: The New Palgrave: The Invisible Hand, ed. By John Eatwell, Murray Milgate & Peter Newman, W. W. Norton, 1987/89, p.159. – Provided it is QUITE free, even monetarily, financially and panarchistically, for all kinds of monetary, currency, financial and panarchic or polyarchic systems, all under personal law and working for their diverse communities, societies and governance systems of volunteers, all under full exterritorial autonomy. Most Free Traders were not radical enough to extend Free Trade, Free Exchange, Freedom of Contract and Free Associationism in this way. Some have not even extended it to include free migration, which means only choosing a different location for such transactions, international and internal ones. Consistency is still in short supply, even among freedom lovers. – JZ, 24.2.12, 7.8.13. - PEACE & HARMONY

FREE TRADE: Hiroko just got a note from economist Thomas DeGregori telling her that he will put the last words of her epilogue to our book ("Buy Globally - The Planet is Our Garden") on his office door. - Pierre Desrochers – Facebook, 25.12.12. - John Zube : Not a bad slogan for free trade. It is new to me.

FREE TRADE: I am for free commerce with all nations.” - Thomas Jefferson, Letter to Elbridge Gerry, 1799.

FREE TRADE: I believe the honest policy of trade requires no commercial diplomacy.” - Will Rogers. - DIPLOMACY & GOVERNMENTS, TRADE

FREE TRADE: I stand for unilateral free trade and free trade based on full monetary and financial freedom (including e.g. full freedom for foreign investments, too), as well as free trade that is combined with free migration, free enterprise and free trading in all other spheres, internally, an end to all the natural and legal monopolies, via voluntaristic open cooperatives (initially purchased by the open cooperators and later, when they have proven themselves, probably largely donated or opened for this kind of organization. Members earn in them according to their work and capital input.) and the repeal of all laws establishing legal monopolies. - JZ, 23.10.92, 14.3.13. - UNILATERAL & BASED ON FULL MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM

FREE TRADE: I would like to see surveys that would list the number of employers and their employees who are supposed to benefit from protectionist measures, as against the number of consumers who are obviously harmed by them. E.g., there are ca. 5,000 wineries now and ca. 5 million wine drinkers, and only a few thousand orchardists as well, as against 18 million fruit eaters. - JZ, 1.9.93. - Thus a politically feasible way to get rid of protectionism for a whole territory, rather than for protectionist communities, would be to subject each proposed protectionist measure to a referendum. Then, I believe, the votes of the "protected" or rather privileged producers and those of their sympathizers, might be vastly outnumbered, - unless the protectionists of all branches managed to pool all their votes in each of these referendum decisions. - JZ, 22.6.00. - FREE TRADE VS. PROTECTIONISM, REFERENDUM

FREE TRADE: If a person advocates free trade domestically, he cannot logically advocate protective tariffs and other similar measures that prevent goods and services from moving freely across national boundaries. It is simply not true that a nation and a people are made more prosperous by compelling themselves to pay two and three times as much as they need to pay for the goods and services they want. It just does not make sense to improve the means of moving goods from one nation to another, and then to cancel out the savings in transportation costs by passing laws to hamper the resulting trade. I am convinced that such contradictions arise more from lack of understanding than from evil intentions.” - Dean Russell, Free Trade: Domestic and Foreign.

FREE TRADE: If an exchange between two parties is voluntary, it will not take place unless both believe they will benefit from it. Most economic fallacies derive from the neglect of this simple insight, from the tendency to assume that there is a fixed pie, that one party can gain only at the expense of another.” - Milton Friedman – VOLUNTARISM, FREE EXCHANGE, PROFIT, PREJUDICES, TRADE, SELFISHNESS

FREE TRADE: If its realization is entrusted to politicians, their diplomats and international conferences and treaties, parliaments and their lobbies, then it becomes endlessly delayed or largely eliminated by "exceptions", "temporary measures" etc. and finally turned into outright protectionism. Thus, instead of remaining a subject for collective, territorial and governmental decision-making, it should become a matter for individuals and voluntary groups. That would mean any degree of free trade for any kind of free traders and any kind of protectionism for any kind of protectionists, always at their own risk and expense. Full experimental freedom in this sphere, too. - I predict that unilateral free traders, using also full monetary and financial freedom, will be the most successful and most imitated ones. - JZ, 8.9.97 & 14.6.00. - PANARCHISM

FREE TRADE: If rich nations trade freely with poor nations, both will become richer.” - LIBERTARIAN DIGEST, Sydney, Feb. 82.

FREE TRADE: If you won't even let people trade freely with each other, what other freedoms are you going to leave them? - JZ, 1972.

FREE TRADE: In every country it always is and must be the interest of the great body of the people to buy whatever they want of those who sell it cheapest. The proposition is so very manifest that it seems ridiculous to take any pains to prove it; nor could it ever have been called in question, had not the interested sophistry of merchants and manufacturers confounded the common sense of mankind.” - Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations. – The first part of this quote can also be found in: THE FREEMAN, 4/76. - COMMON SENSE VS. PROTECTIONISM

FREE TRADE: In order to be able to export, we must open our ports to foreign commodities.” - Sir Robert Peel.

FREE TRADE: International trade is purely the exchange of goods which one country is specially fitted to produce relatively cheaply for the goods which others are better fitted to produce.” - From PROGRESS, date? - COMPARATIVE ADVANTAGE, INTERNATIONAL DIVISION OF LABOUR

FREE TRADE: It is not intended to satisfy directly all internal and external producers but all internal and external consumers. - After all, the purpose of all production is consumer satisfaction and in a free market the ultimate judges of the value of an enterprise are the free consumers. - JZ, 2.11.92 & 22.6.00. - Full consumer sovereignty over "producer sovereignty" obtained only via governmental privileges. - JZ, 22.6.00. – Naturally, that consumer sovereignty should be extended also to all governmental “services”. – JZ, 22.11.10. – Just like the free enterprise supply of wanted services should be extended to governmental, societal and community suppliers of wanted services, now monopolized by territorial governments. – JZ,  7.8.13.

FREE TRADE: It is our true policy to steer clear of entangling alliances with any portion of the foreign world. The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is, in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connection as possible.” – George Washington. - Under panarchism one could have free trade or protectionism - all for volunteers only and also all kinds of political voluntary associations, communities and governments and all kinds of federations and alliances of them. Only the territorial, monopolistic, collectivistic, centralistic and coercive features of alliances are to be rejected. Also alliances of known aggressors are another matter. Territorial States are mostly somewhat aggressive and oppressive by their very nature and thus all their alliances are more or less suspect. - JZ, 25. 11. 06. - FREE TRADE BUT NO POLITICAL TERRITORIAL ALLIANCES

FREE TRADE: It might be easiest to free trade by freeing first the paying of imports with clearing certificates, in money denominations but redeemable only in the goods and services of the importing country. These certificates should be freely issued by the producers of these goods and services. Brokers and traders would do the rest, i.e., purchase them and put them into the hands of our importers. All such trading would be automatically and obviously self-balancing and should, therefore, be freed from all restrictions. These certificates would somewhat circulate, internationally, among wholesale traders, or their values could be transferred electronically. They would seek out buyers for our exports and enable them to buy our exports with them, without needing restricted "foreign exchange". Moreover, these certificates would allow us to appear first as valued buyers on the international market and free us from any dependence upon official currency restrictions. - JZ, 26.3.86 & 28.6.00. – INTERNATIONAL FREE CLEARING, MONETARY FREEDOM

FREE TRADE: it's a choice between free trade and mutual prosperity or rivalry and eventual war.” - W. R. Thompson, Backlash, in ANALOG 3/90, 137.

FREE TRADE: Let all goods, services, information and people travel as freely around the world as music, literature, paintings, sportsmen, tourists and artists are now. - JZ, 17.11.93 & 22.6.00, 14.3.13. – Let immigrants also settle freely on bought, leased or rented properties, work and exchange freely among themselves and with the “natives” and let them live under their self-chosen personal law system, if they prefer it. – JZ, 7.8.13.

FREE TRADE: Let every man practise the art that he knows best.” - Cicero, Tusculanae disputationes, I, 45 B.C. - By his own standards and those of his customers. - JZ, 12.7.86.

FREE TRADE: Let Free Traders trade freely and Protectionists protect themselves - each at the own expense and risk. Merely trying to further more exchange of ideas and information cannot sufficiently advance and protect the case of either party. Let each act on his beliefs - among and with like-minded people. Freedom to experiment, at the own risk and expense will teach them - even when nothing else can. - JZ, 20.4.93, 24.6.00, 7.8.13. - PROTECTIONISM, TOLERANTLY COEXISTING UNDER EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY & VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHIES FOR EACH

FREE TRADE: Liberation is a demand, which is being voiced today in every country on earth to counter the attempt to impose and maintain authority over free men. This is exactly why men who believe that a peaceful and free world must be built, know that that world must be maintained through the principle of FREE TRADE! - There is no other alternative to collectivism.” - Duncan Yuille, leaflet, "Free Trade". - Yes, there are, alternatives or, rather, extensions to Free Trade, if conceived only as free trading internationally, e.g., full monetary and financial freedom, individual secessionism, voluntary State membership and exterritorial autonomy, and self-management in production. – Naturally, in an extended sense they all do also amount “merely” to Free Trade but few Free Traders were consistent enough to demand these applications as well. - JZ, n.d. & 17.12.08.

FREE TRADE: Like any other trade, unilateral free trade would benefit all those engaged in it, on all sides of artificial frontiers, otherwise they would not engage in it. - JZ, 26.3.86.

FREE TRADE: NAFTA and GATT have about as much to do with free trade as the Patriot Act has to do with liberty." - Michael Badnarik ( 2004 Libertarian Party Candidate for President ).

FREE TRADE: Name one who would not welcome an order for his products from another country or county. Everyone favors exports. Imports? Favoring exports and objecting to imports is the same as favoring selling and objecting to being paid. This is an absurdity, not disagreement.” - Leonard E. Read, Having My Way, p.101. – EXPORT-IMPORT SPLEEN,

FREE TRADE: Nationalist sentiment will persist, as will the struggle between those who want to tear down walls and those who want to keep them up.” – Thomas Larsson, The Race to the Top, The Real Story of Globalization, Cato Institute, 2001, p.81. – All kinds of nationalism and statism, as well as all kinds of free trade and protectionist arrangements should all be confined to their volunteers only. Free Ports, industrial development zones and duty-free shops point the way for mutual tolerance and free experimentation in this sphere as well. With the supposedly harmful effects of Free Trade confined to Free Traders only – the Protectionists would have no right to complain and, with the supposed benefits and really losses of the Protectionists confined to the Protectionists only, the Free Traders would have no reason to complain. To each his own, at the own expense and risk and also for his own benefit only. – JZ, 28.9.07. - VS. PROTECTIONISM & NATIONALISM

FREE TRADE: No nation was ever ruined by trade.” - Benjamin Franklin, Thoughts on Commercial Subjects. - Not by free trade, but by foreign aid, the all too restricted trade remaining under protectionism, devaluations, central bank despotism and political and economic subsidies to foreign governments can come close to bankrupting a State. – JZ, 12.12.08, 14.3.13.

FREE TRADE: Nor do we think it would tend less to promote the ulterior benefit of our continental neighbours than or own, were Great Britain to refrain from participating in the conflicts that may arise around her. An onward movement of constitutional liberty must continue to be made by the less advanced nations of Europe, so long as one of its greatest families holds out the example of liberal and enlightened freedom. England, by calmly directing her undivided energies to the purifying of her own internal institutions, to the emancipation of her commerce - above all, to the unfettering of her press from its excise bonds - would, by thus serving as it were for the beacon of other nations, aid more effectually the cause of political progression all over the continent, than she could possible do by plunging herself into the strife of  European wars ... - To those generous spirits we would argue, that, in the present day, commerce is the great panacea, which, like a beneficent medical discovery, will serve to inoculate with the healthy and saving taste for civilization all the nations of the world. Not a bale of merchandise leaves our shores, but it bears the seeds of intelligence and fruitful thought to the members of some less enlightened community, not a merchant visits our seats of manufacturing industry, but he returns to his own country the missionary of freedom, peace, and good government - whilst our steamboats, that now visit every port of Europe, and our miraculous railroads, that are the talk of all nations, are the advertisements and vouchers for the value of our enlightened institutions. - In closing this part of our task, we shall only add, that, whatever other plea may in future be allowed to induce us to embark on a continental conflict, we trust we have proved, that so far as our commerce is concerned, it can neither be sustained nor greatly injured abroad by force or violence. The foreign customers who visit our markets are not brought hither through fears of the power of influence of British diplomatists: they are not captured by our fleets and armies: and as little are attracted by feelings of love for us; for that 'there is no friendship in trade', is a maxim equally applicable to nations as to individuals. It is solely from the promptings of self-interest, that the merchants of Europe, as of the rest of the world, send their ships to our ports to be freighted with the products of our labour. The self-same impulse drew all nations, at different periods of history, to Tyre, to Venice, and to Amsterdam; and if, in the revolution of time and events, a country should be found (which is probable) whose cottons and woollens shall be cheaper than those of England and the rest of the world, then to that spot - even should it, by supposition, be buried in the remotest nook of the globe - will all the traders of the world flock; and no human power, no fleets or armies, will prevent Manchester, Liverpool, and Leeds from sharing the fate of  their once proud predecessors in Holland, Italy, and Phoenicia.” - Richard Cobden, "Commerce is the great Panacea." (1835).

FREE TRADE: Now is the time for the complete emancipation of trade from legislative thralldom.” - William Legget, in the 1830's. - JLS, Fall 77, 320. – Nations and their leaders do not learn enough out of books and history. Let individuals judge and choose their own policy and systems for themselves. From their successes the better policies, methods, ideas and practices will tend to spread, relatively fast. – JZ, 17.12.08. – PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM.

FREE TRADE: Only countries clinging to a policy of unhampered capitalism, today generally derided as reactionary, can do without trade barriers.” - Mises, Omnipotent Government, p.267. – It is not necessary for a whole country or whole population to be subjected to capitalism or to any other ism. Let individuals choose the system they want to live under. – JZ, 17.12.08. PANARCHISM, CAPITALISM

FREE TRADE: Our interest will be to throw open the doors of commerce, and to knock off all its shackles, giving perfect freedom to all persons for the vent of whatever they may choose to bring into our ports, and asking the same in theirs.” - Thomas Jefferson, Writings, Vol. II, p. 240.

FREE TRADE: Peace, commerce, and honest relations with all nations; entangling alliances with none." - Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address. - PEACE, ALLIANCES, INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, FOREIGN POLICY

FREE TRADE: Perhaps the removal of trade restrictions throughout the world would do more for the cause of universal peace than can any political union of peoples separated by trade barriers."  Frank Chodorov. - PEACE, UN, WORLD STATE, WORLD FEDERATION, PROTECTIONISM

FREE TRADE: Politicians would have us believe that Free Trade is a matter of talks and agreements between politicians, as if they, their laws and institutions and the prejudices they do support were not the major obstacles to Free Trade and as if unilateral Free Trade, i.e., the absence of their interventions, were not beneficial for all individuals and groups that realized it for themselves. - JZ, 1.12.93 & 22.6.00. – INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, FOREIGN POLICY, INTERNATIONAL TREATIES, MONOPOLIZED BY TERRITORIALISM

FREE TRADE: Protectionism is a misnomer. The only people protected by tariffs, quotas and trade restrictions are those engaged in uneconomic and wasteful activity. Free trade is the only philosophy compatible with international peace and prosperity. – Walter Block, quoted by Ludwig von Mises Institute – Facebook 26 10.12. – Yes, if it includes free choice and free exchange even for all kinds of governmental services, now only offered monopolistically, compulsorily and territorially. – JZ, 26.10.12. - VS. PROTECTIONISM, FREE ENTERPRISE IN GOVERNANCE OR SOCIETAL SERVICES & COMSUMER SOVEREIGNTY FOR ALL OF THEM

FREE TRADE: Since Cobden, Bastiat and others introduced degrees of free trade and friendly relations between France and England, has there ever occurred another and significant military clash between them? Or were Cobden and Bastiat etc. right in assuming that Free Trade would be a major contribution to peace? Bastiat (is supposed to have) said: "When goods do not cross frontiers, armies will!" (Not necessarily in these exact words.) But I would deny that protectionism is the ONLY factor making for wars. - JZ, n.d. & 22.6.00, 14.3.13. – WAR & PEACE

FREE TRADE: Smashing Protectionist "Theory" (Again) - - What about a tyrannical regime or a private terrorist gang buying mass murder devices in an open market for them - even for such devices? – JZ, 19.11.11, revised 6.10.12. - Free markets only for rational and moral beings not for real or potential mass murderers! - No free trade in e.g. mass extermination devices! – JZ, 6.10.12. - VS. PROTECTIONISM

FREE TRADE: States should be small and we in England might well be better off with both Welsh and Scottish parliaments. Let trade be free and international frontiers will cease to be problems. Trade, exchange of services, creates friends; it is controls that breed enemies. Huge amalgamations of states offer tempting targets for the wrong type of politician.” - Anthony Fisher, The Case for Freedom, 72.

FREE TRADE: Support Free Trade - Smuggle.” - Dangerous Buttons, No. 55. - Also: Eric Lindsay, in GEGENSCHEIN, May 1981.

FREE TRADE: Tariffs are anti-consumer.” - Leonard E. Read, Thoughts Rule the World, p.17. - TARIFFS & CONSUMERS

FREE TRADE: tariffs neither create nor destroy jobs. As rapidly as they create jobs in one industry, they destroy them in others. The creation of employment in one area is concentrated and conspicuous. The destruction of employment in other areas is diffused and unpublicized. What tariffs do create is poverty by pushing economic activity out of low cost industries and into higher cost ones. …” - Jocelyn M. Maxwell, in letter to THE AUSTRALIAN, 9.12.77. – She lives not far from me but, alas, is no longer active in this sphere. – JZ, 14.3.13. - TARIFFS & JOBS

FREE TRADE: That complete freedom of trade should be maintained, for the safest regulation of internal and external trade, the most exact, the most profitable to the nation and State, results from complete freedom of competition.” - Francois Quesnay, 1694-1774, in General Rules for the Economic Government of an Agricultural Kingdom, 1760, point XXV.

FREE TRADE: That the only system consistent with personal freedom in the economic arena is one that does not interfere with free trade between individuals.” - Libertas Statement, Society for Libertarian Life. – Free Trade between e.g. corporations is also Free Trade. But I doubt that most trades and trade treaties between territorial governments deserve this term. – JZ, 17.12.08.

FREE TRADE: The “Free Trade Agreement“ came to 12 000 pages to free up trade.” - Prof. Jan Narveson, 25.7.04. – A single clause should have been sufficient! – JZ, 12.12.08. - GOVERNMENTAL “FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS”, REGULATIONS, PROTECTIONISM, TRADE BARRIERS, INTERNATIONAL TRADE TREATIES, JOKES, INVOLUNTARY ONES

FREE TRADE: The best way to compete with hostile tariffs is to encourage free imports.” - Sir Robert Peele, speech, 1849. – England once set a great example by unilaterally introducing a great degree of Free Trade. – JZ, 14.3.13. - VS. PROTECTIONISM, TARIFFS, IMPORT RESTRICTIONS

FREE TRADE: The elimination of friction by allowing the free flow of goods and services from where there is a surplus to where there is a need. The resulting interdependence breeds mutual respect. Since cultures follow in the wage of goods, free trade leads to understanding and appreciation, and a break in relations becomes unthinkable.” - Frank Chodorov, Fugitive Essays, p.349. - INTERDEPENDENCE, ECONOMIC INTERNATIONALISM

FREE TRADE: The interest of a nation in its commercial relations to foreign nations is, like that of a merchant with regard to the different people with whom he deals, to buy as cheap and to sell as dear as possible. But it will be most likely to buy cheap, when [with? – JZ] the most perfect freedom of trade it encourages all nations to bring to it the goods which it has occasion to purchase; and, for the same reason, it will be most likely to sell dear, when its markets are thus filled with the greatest number of buyers.” - Adam Smith, quoted in THE FREEMAN, April 1976.

FREE TRADE: The interest of all is to maximize the total goods available to the people of all countries engaged in trade. Trade in our goods will cease unless we are prepared to take goods from other countries in exchange for it.” - PROGRESS, 2/75.

FREE TRADE: The moral basis for free trade rests on the assumption that an individual has the right to the products of his own labor.” - Curtiss, The Tariff Idea, p.74.

FREE TRADE: The present generation of students has grown up in a mixed economy. It is a generation whose parents have transformed a nation of free trade into a nation of government force and influence peddling.” - Mrs. D. Young, in a paper on Ayn Rand.

FREE TRADE: The present modus operandi – endless negotiations over the swapping of crown jewels – muddles the waters, obscuring the fact that “free trade” is not a conspiracy of elites huddling behind closed doors but a matter of enlightened self-interest.” – Thomas Larsson, The Race to the Top, The Real Story of Globalization, Cato Institute, 2001, p. 56. - … of the majority vs. the special interests and legalized privileges of a few of the producers, sometimes very few. – JZ, 21.12.03, 7.8.13.

FREE TRADE: The U.S. and all other countries would gain from a reduction in barriers to trade, because that would promote the expansion of both exports and imports. It would enable all of us to enjoy more fully the advantages of the international division of labor.” - Milton Friedman, An Economist Protests, XV. - INTERNATIONAL DIVISION OF LABOUR

FREE TRADE: The value of money against goods is changeable and frequently varies. Laws and coercion cannot determine it and preserve it. If the State sets prices compulsorily, prices with which buyers and sellers do not agree, then the owner of money hides his money or the owner of goods hides his goods and trade is annihilated. … Thus trade cannot be calculated and brought under the laws. It determines its own prices and laws. Thus it was always and thus it will always be.” – J. G. Fichte, Der geschlossene Handelsstaat, 2, 6. - But Fichte, supposedly in this book, attempted to establish a totalitarian control of economics anyhow. - I am thus surprised that it contains such a passage as well. - JZ, 21.7.86 & 25.6.00.

FREE TRADE: The world, one market, one labor exchange, one residence, one investment opportunity - for all individuals who desire that freedom for themselves, no matter how many different political dances other people and individuals subscribe to and engage in, at their own expense and risk. Protectionism is to be freely practised - but among the protectionists only and at their expense and risk. Free trade is to be freely practised, but only among Free Traders and for their own benefit only. - JZ, 22.10.92, 4.1.93 & 22.6.00. – That is the most rightful and rational road towards Free Trade for all. – JZ, 22.11.10.

FREE TRADE: There is no other equitable trade but Free Trade. - JZ, 11.2.73.

FREE TRADE: To break off natural relations (i.e. free trade) does not mean putting oneself in a state of independence, but in a state of isolation. And note this: nations isolate themselves in anticipation of war, but the very act of isolation is a beginning of war. It renders it more easy, less onerous, and hence less unpopular. Let nations be permanent markets for each other's products. Let their relations be such that they cannot be broken without inflicting upon them the twofold suffering of privation and glut, and they will no longer need those powerful navies which ruin them, those large armies which crush them; world peace will be no longer endangered by the caprice of a Thiers or a Palmerston, and war will disappear, having no nourishment, resources, motives, pretexts, and popular sympathy ... - Trade barriers constitute isolation; isolation gives rise to hatred, hatred to war, and war to invasion ... - We are profoundly convinced that free trade means harmony of interest and  peace among nations, and we certainly place this direct and social effect a thousand times above the direct or purely economic effect. -  For assured peace among nations means disarmament, the discrediting of brute force, the revision, reduction and just distribution of public taxes; it means for the peoples, the dawning of a new era.” - Frederic Bastiat's Attack on "Economic Sophisms" (1850) - FREE TRADE VS. PROTECTIONISM, PEACE, WAR

FREE TRADE: To prohibit people from trading freely is a "violation of the most sacred rights of mankind" and it is also an utterly feckless policy. …” - Ellen Frankel Paul, JLS, Fall 77, 304. – PROTECTIONISM VS. RIGHTS

FREE TRADE: To those generous spirits we would argue, that, in the present day, commerce is the great panacea, which, like a beneficent medical discovery, will serve to inoculate with the healthy and saving taste for civilisation all the nations of the world.” – Richard Cobden, "Commerce is the great Panacea" (1835)

FREE TRADE: Trade Creates Wealth - - Self-sufficiency is INSUFFICIENT for a prosperous and free life. – JZ, 4.10.11, on Facebook. – VS. ECONOMIC AUTONOMY & SELF-SUFFICIENCY ATTEMPTS, WEALTH, PROSPERITY

FREE TRADE: Trade that is beneficial to the traders involved cannot be harmful to their countries. And there are few traders who ever or often trade to their disadvantage. - JZ, 2.11.92. - I do not class trade in mass extermination devices as part and parcel of "free trade" but as threats to genuine free trade in other goods and services. They are not goods, or services but ultimate threats to the survival of millions, even of mankind. To produce them and trade them is not more a fundamental right than there exists a right to suppress the rights and liberties of millions. - JZ, 22.6.00.

FREE TRADE: Trading between free people and terrorists or totalitarians or between terrorists and totalitarians isn't trading, any more than enslavement and slave trading is trading. - JZ, 18.12.82. & 26.3.86, 7.8.13.

FREE TRADE: Trading confined to the use of "foreign exchange" can lead to difficulties. Free Trade does require full monetary, clearing and financial freedom to function properly. Without these freedoms it simply isn't "free" trade. - JZ, 23.3.86, 7.8.13.

FREE TRADE: troops move when goods stop crossing frontiers.” - Quoted in THE FREEMAN, date? p.452. – “When goods are not crossing frontiers armies will.” – Another version of a remark by Bastiat. - PROTECTIONISM & WAR

FREE TRADE: U.N.O. and United Europe. No-one seems to be quite clear what these organizations are to achieve. Many times I have seen the word "multilateral" used in connection with trade within Europe or throughout the world. This is just another word for free trade, but there is much confusion over this point. If trade is to be free, why have we to be united - the freeing of trade will do all that is required in the economic sphere. Unfortunately, some of those who talk easily of a United Europe or World, think in terms of a huge area of planned economy. …” - Anthony Fisher, The Case for Freedom, p.71. – UNITY  & UNIFICATION SPLEENS OR POWER GAMES

FREE TRADE: Under Free Trade you are free to enjoy the advantages of every country. - JZ, 16.10.98.

FREE TRADE: Warriors and despots are generally bad economists and they instinctively carry their ideas of force and violence into the civil politics of their governments. Free trade is a principle which recognises the paramount importance of individual action.” - Richard Cobden – WARRIORS, MILITARISTS, ECONOMICS, INDIVIDUALISM, DESPOTISM, POLITICS, PROTECTIONISM

FREE TRADE: We all know pretty well, probably, that the primary reason for a tariff is that it enables the exploitation of the domestic consumer by a process indistinguishable from sheer robbery.” - Albert Jay Nock, Our Enemy the State. - VS. TARIFFS, CONSUMERS, PROTECTIONISM, IMPORT DUTIES, TAXATION

FREE TRADE: We have never had free trade, and I use that word in the sense not only of trade between peoples of various countries, but also of trade between peoples of the same country. We have never permitted the absolutely free exchange of productive specializations, free of political regulations, free of taxes, free of privilege. Therefore, we have never been completely civilized.” - Frank Chodorov, Fugitive Essays, Natural Rights and Unnatural Wrongs, p.102. - CIVILIZATION

FREE TRADE: We impoverish ourselves by excluding foreign goods as we would be by excluding all foreign ideas and inventions, all foreign literature, music, paintings and sculpture. - JZ, 20.4.93.

FREE TRADE: we should abolish protection for our own selves, and leave other countries to take whatever course they liked best.” - Richard Cobden, quoted in Hobson, Richard Cobden, p.41. - UNILATERAL FREE TRADE

FREE TRADE: We should hold to Free Trade as a principle of international morals, and not merely as a doctrine of economic advantage.” - John Maynard Keynes – MORALITY, ECONOMICS

FREE TRADE: What if we were totally free to trade with less developed countries, exchanging much-needed capital for inexpensive labor services to raise living standards in Third World countries, rather than watching Congress create "foreign aid" from tax revenues and public debt? Or, for that matter, what if foreigners could freely invest in the U.S. without the problems and restrictions of protective legislation?” - Carl Helstrom, letter, in THE FREEMAN, June 89, 210/211. - And if USA citizens could likewise freely invest in all foreign countries? Instead, the publicly preferred policy is: Rather official charity out of stolen funds than free exchange relationships between free people! - JZ, 24.6.00. - FOREIGN AID

FREE TRADE: What is prudence in the conduct of every private family can scarce be folly in that of a great kingdom. If a foreign country can supply us with a commodity cheaper than we ourselves can make it, better buy it of them with some part of the produce of our own industry employed in a way in which we have some advantage.” - Adam Smith

FREE TRADE: When attacking Free Trade within the world, it would only be logical to attack it within a Federation, as State, a town, a village, a street, a family and even within a person, too, for even there do free exchanges most of what is necessary to keep us alive. - JZ, 23.7.92 & 22.6.00. - FREE TRADE VS. PROTECTIONISM

FREE TRADE: when I say … I am in favor of free trade, it is because I am in favor of competition to protect the small man, the consumer, against the possibility of being exploited by either the tax-collector or a private monopolistic group.” - Milton Friedman in Australia, p.175. - COMPETITION, EXPLOITATION, MONOPOLIES

FREE TRADE: Workers, yours is a strange situation! … Oh, if all you needed to console you was a clamorous appeal for philanthropy, for ineffectual charity, for degrading alms; if only big words - ORGANIZATION, COMMUNISM, PHALANSTERY - were enough, people would not stint themselves on your behalf. But JUSTICE, pure and simple JUSTICE, that is something no one dreams of giving you. And yet would it not be JUST if, after a hard day's ill-paid work, you could exchange the little you had received for the greatest amount of satisfaction that you could obtain freely from any man on the face of the earth?” - Bastiat, in G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, p.112/113. , PROTECTIONISM, WORKERS, LABOR, SELF-MANAGEMENT, SELF-INTEREST, INCENTIVES, FREE EXCHANGE, PROPERTY RIGHTS, PURCHASE OF ENTERPRISES, EMPLOYER-EMPLOYEE RELATIONSHIP

FREE TRADE: World Peace Through World Trade.” - IBM motto, quoted in THE FREEMAN. - PEACE

FREE TRADE: You don’t need a treaty to have free trade.” – Murray N. Rothbard, quoted by Ian Geldard shared The Libertarian's photo. – Rothbard, correct as always. (*) For more visit - Facebook, 14.1.13. – (*) Even Rothbard was not always right. – His remaining errors etc. should be compiled and put online. He himself would not have wished the uncritical acceptance of all this statements, as if he were a divinely inspired prophet, talking to his faithful. – JZ, 24.3.13. - WITHOUT GOVERNMENT TREATIES ON FREE TRADE

FREE TRADE: Zonal, voluntarist, individual and unilateral free trade are the only hopes left for introducing it generally. Protectionists are generally too thickheaded and short-sighted to recognize the advantages of free trade merely by discussing them. - JZ, n.d. - And governments seem to be able to introduce Free Trade only partly and temporarily. - JZ, 27.6.00. – PANARCHISM, FREE TRADE FOR FREE TRADERS & PROTECTIONISM FOR PROTECTIONISTS

FREE WEST: intellectuals have only been able to arise as a significant force when they have been able to operate from an independent power base - an independent property base - separate from the apparatus of the State. For wherever the State controls all property, wealth and employment, everyone is economically dependent on it, and it becomes difficult, if not impossible, for such independent criticism to arise. (*) It has been in the West, with its decentralized foci of power, its independent sources of property and employment, and therefore of bases from which to criticize the State, where a body of intellectual critics has been able to flourish…” – Murray N. Rothbard, For A New Liberty, p.69. - Were they and are they really flourishing? - Rothbard did not consider that media must not only be free but affordable to all potential publishers, as are e.g. some of the alternative media, which he largely ignored: microfiche, floppy disks and CD-ROMs. All those somewhat successful with some of the mass media tend to forget about the role of the alternative, efficient and affordable media - and what their use could mean for the freedom struggle. – (*) to be publicly and sufficiently expressed! - JZ, 13.6.00.  – The mass media, to keep up their sales to the masses, will also tend to stick with popular errors, prejudices, dogmas and myths rather than confront them with enlightened ideas and opinions, even when the journalists, editors and publishers should share the latter. – It is obvious that anarchists and libertarians have not yet been successful in the West, except in sticking to many truths, not enough of them, even among themselves. – Thus the West is not really free as yet but only relatively free. - JZ, 15.3.13. - PROPERTY, DECENTRALIZATION, CRITICISM, AFFORDABLE MEDIA, STATE SOCIALISM

FREE WEST: The more we get to be like Russia, the less I like it.” - Mark Clifton, Remembrance and Reflection, Venture SF, Australian edition, August 65. - If we used proper descriptive terms then we would not be in the messes we find ourselves in. The way we abuse the language is among our most costly mistakes. - JZ, 3.6.00. – Russia and the Soviet Regime were never identical. The Czarist and the Soviet Empire embraced, coercively, at least 120 different ethnic groups, not to speak of all others, who neither thought nor felt like Russians and Soviets. Without such vast misjudgment, expressed in single words, we would never have arrived at the wrongfulness and irrationality of “nuclear strength” and other indiscriminate mass murder devices. Compared with them even the “ethnic cleansing” mass murders by Nazis and others were relatively discriminating in their mass murders. All captive nations, peoples and other groups of involuntary territorial subjects are our natural allies. We could turn them into allies, much against the will of territorial and despotic enemy regimes, by fully recognizing all kinds of governments and societies in exile, on the basis of exterritorial autonomy and personal laws – for all their present and future members. Neither our “policy experts” nor our “secret services” nor our military schemers have so far managed to discover and utilize this alliance potential and strength, which could turn most of the soldiers and the civilian victims of a despotic enemy regime against it, not only those, who so far managed to escape from its clutches. – The “Free West” will be a genuinely Free West only once it becomes a federation of all kinds of voluntary communities and societies, all only of volunteers and with none of them claiming a territorial monopoly. - JZ, 22.11.10, 15.3.13. - COMMUNISM, STATISM, DES., WAR AIMS, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE, WELFARE STATE, LANGUAGE, DEFINITIONS, TERMS, CAPTIVE NATIONS, NATURAL ALLIES, SECRET ALLIES, REFUGEES, FREE WEST?

FREE WILL: A man on the rack is not at liberty to lay by the idea of pain, and divert himself with other contemplations.” - John Locke, Essay Concerning Human Understanding, xxi. - That is one of the reasons why freedom is so valuable. - JZ, 5.7.86. – Un-free wills must become liberated, from tortures and all other restrictions. - JZ, 25.6.00. - TORTURE, FREEDOM, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, SECEDE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

FREE WILL: All theory is against freedom of the will; all experience for it.” - Samuel Johnson, in Boswell's Life of S. Johnson, April 15, 1778.

FREE WILL: But to use force on the Young Men was contrary to their whole philosophy. Free will is the primary good of the Cosmos. Shall we degrade, destroy, all that we have worked for by subverting the will of even one man?” - Robert Heinlein, Assignment in Eternity, vol. 2, p.58. - FREEDOM, TOLERANCE, NON-CONFORMISM, DIVERSITY, INDIVIDUALISM, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-GOVERNANCE, SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-FRESPONSIBILITY

FREE WILL: Determinism for the losers, and free will for the winners.” - R. Faraday Nelson, A Song on the Rising Wind, FANTASTIC, 11/74. - Do civilizations differ, to some extent, also by the degree to which they subscribe either to determinism or free will? - Have statisticians tried to deal with this question? - JZ, 13.6.00.

FREE WILL: Even if we had no free will, we would still have to think and act as if we had it, almost every time. - JZ, 26.4.83, 15.3.13.

FREE WILL: every man, the necessarian as well as his opponent, acts on the assumption of human liberty and can never for a moment, when he enters into the scenes of real life, divest himself of this persuasion.” - Godwin, On Man. - CAUSE, EFFECT, CHOICE, NECESSITY, FREEDOM, DETERMINISM, DECISIONS, UTILITARIANISM, DETERMINISM, PREDESTINATION

FREE WILL: Free will" - in the widest meaning of the term - is the doctrine that man is capable of performing actions which are not determined by forces outside his control; that man is capable of making choices which are not necessitated by antecedent factors. … Man's free will consists of a single action, a single basic choice: to think or not to think. It is a freedom entailed by his unique power of self-consciousness. …” - Nathaniel Branden, The Psychology of Self-Esteem, p.50.

FREE WILL: He who feels that his will is not free is insane; he who denies it is foolish.” - Friedrich Nietzsche.

FREE WILL: If we grant freedom to man, there is an end to the omniscience of God; for if the Divinity knows how I shall act, I must act so perforce.” - J. W. Goethe, Conversations with Eckermann, June 11, 1825. - GOD'S OMNISCIENCE, PREDETERMINATION

FREE WILL: In addition to yes and no, there's a maybe in the universe," he said. The maybe, he went on, is the consciousness of the observer (*). "Do I move my arm," he asked, "or does a law of nature move my arm? The only answer is that the I that moves my arm is a law of nature." - Robert Anton Wilson, Right Where You Are Sitting Now, p.45. – (*) and activist! - JZ )

FREE WILL: It is impossible for us to conceive not being free … we will always act as if we were free.” - Abbe Galiani, in Wilhelm Weigand's biography. – If only that were already true, in every sphere! – JZ, 15.3.13.

FREE WILL: It's the deep, fundamental bedrock of hypocrisy upon which religion is founded. Consider: no creature can be said to worship if it does not possess free will. Free will, however, is FREE. And just by virtue of being free, is intractable and incalculable, a truly Godlike gift, the faculty that makes a state of freedom possible. To exist in a state of freedom is a wild, strange thing, and was clearly intended as such. But what do the religions do with this? They say, "Very well, you possess free will; but now you must use your free will to enslave yourself to God and to us." The effrontery of it! God, who would not coerce a fly, is painted as a supreme slave-master! In the fact of this, any creature with spirit must rebel, must serve God entirely of his own will and volition, or must not serve him at all, thus remaining true to himself and to the faculties God has given him.” - Robert Sheckley, Dimension of Miracles, p.64. – RELIGIONS, GOD, WORSHIP

FREE WILL: Man is a masterpiece of creation, if only because no amount of determinism can prevent him from believing that he acts as a free being.” - Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, Aphorisms, tr. I. P. Stern. – Masterpieces are only produced by the own creativity, not by the puppets of any supposedly existing master. – JZ, 15.4.13. - VS. DETERMINISM, MAN VS. GOD

FREE WILL: man's free will precludes any inevitability.” - from a leaflet of the Committee to Re-establish the Gold Standard.

FREE WILL: Man's gift of free will makes him a responsible being.” - Edmund A. Opitz. - THE FREEMAN, 11/72. - Too often, rather, one responsible for irresponsible actions, based upon irresponsible emotions and feelings! - JZ, 13.6.00, 15.3.13.

FREE WILL: My first act of free will is to believe in free will.” - William James. - VS. PREDETERMINATION

FREE WILL: never sell free enterprise short.” - SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, Winter 75/76, 10. - Libertarians do this themselves while they continue to ignore their alternative media enterprise options. - JZ, 13.6.00. – And the monetary and financial freedom options as well as the panarchist ones. Is it really so difficult to see all of the major implications of Free Trade, freedom of contract, freedom of association, freedom to exchange, freedom to quit or withdraw? – JZ, 22.11.10. – Apparently, most people still need a clear guide to these rights in form of a comprehensive declaration of them. Not to provide it as yet is, probably, one of the greatest mistakes of most anarchists and libertarians. – JZ, 15.3.13. – HUMAN RIGHTS DECLARATION, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

FREE WILL: No one can rob us of our free choice.” - Epictetus, Encheiridion, III, c. 110. - Wouldn't it be nice if, especially, territorial governments, with their coercion and robberies, did not exist? - JZ, 25.6.00. - FREE CHOICE, , Q.

FREE WILL: Our wills are ours, we know not how.” - Alfred Tennyson, In Memoriam, introduction, 1850.

FREE WILL: Power over a man's subsistence is power over his will." - Alexander Hamilton. - MAN, SUBSISTENCE, LIVING & POWER

FREE WILL: Submit to the fate of your own free will.” - Marcus Aurelius. – After so many centuries this debate is still not settled. It could, probably, be also settled fast if we applied digital “argument mapping” to it, which was developed by Paul Monk et al and is described online. Millions of separate printed and oral statements over the centuries have not managed to settle this debate but merely touched upon it. – JZ, 15.3.13, 8.8.13. – ARGUMENT MAPPING, FATE, FREE WILL, SELF-GOVERNMENT, SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY etc.

FREE WILL: That our will is free is self-evident.” - Rene Descartes, Principles of Philosophy, I, 1644. – That debate has been going on for ca. 2.500 years. Isn’t it high time to finally finish it, e.g. via digital “argument mapping”, as recommended online by Paul Monk at al? – JZ, 17.12.08.

FREE WILL: That the mind is substantially free, at least in its normal state, must be assumed as a kind of metaphysical necessity, for if we argue that it is not free, then we argue that our opinion to that effect is not a reasoned opinion at all, but simply an inevitable product of forces over which we have no control, and which we can scarcely comprehend.” - Mencken, Treatise on Right and Wrong. – Alas, really free thinkers are still all too rare and not sufficiently in touch with each other. Nor are their best ideas, thoughts and wordings sufficiently archived, together. Even the largest libraries are largely only jumbles of their numerous contradictory statements, not sufficiently indexed, abstracted and confronted with each other. To escape out of this labyrinth, to refute on one’s own with the available resources all of the, probably, millions of popular errors, myths and prejudices, goes beyond the capacity, interest and patience of any individual. A suitable market system for such efforts has not yet been developed and widely used, not even on the Internet. A few and relatively short links lists are not enough. –  In public discussions of particular truths we are, usually, buried by avalanches of popular errors and prejudices, false assumptions and flawed conclusions and is not in easy and fast enough touch with the best replies to them. - JZ, 15.3.13, 8.8.13.

FREE WILL: The freedom of the ego here and now, and its independence of the causal chain, is a truth that comes from the immediate dictate of the human consciousness.” - Max Planck, Where Is Science Going? V, 1932.

FREE WILL: The power of choosing good and evil is within the reach of all.” - Origen, “De principiis”, II, c. 254.

FREE WILL: The premise of every action is that free will is possible. Otherwise only reaction and apathy remains. - Why bother to think and do anything when "what will be, will be"? - JZ, 13.6.00. - PREDETERMINAISM

FREE WILL: The will of a rational being can be his own only if he acts on the idea that it is free, and therefore this idea must, as a practical matter, be ascribed to all rational beings.” - Immanuel Kant, Grundlegung zur Metaphysik der Sitten, III, 1785.

FREE WILL: There's only one act of free will, they say here, a decision, which determines everything else: to think or not to think. Precisely, to engage in the formulation and manipulation of concepts: abstractions, generalizations. Mentation. Cognition. Remember how you had to force yourself to do that algebra homework? It was an effort of will. You can feel it operating if you give yourself half a chance.” - L. Neil Smith, The Probability Broach, p.263. - THINKING

FREE WILL: We have to believe in free-will. We've got no choice.” - Isaac Bashevis Singer, quoted TIMES DIARY, 21. June 1982.

FREE WILL: We have to believe in our free will. We have no choice in the matter.” - Robert Anton Wilson, Masks of the Illuminati, p.13, offered as Talmudic "trap". - VS. DETERMINISM. - Isn't it absurd that we managed to leave this question unresolved in public opinion for thousands of years? - JZ, 13.6.00.

FREE WILL: We see, then, that in almost all of the important actions of life we must respect men's free will, defer to their own good judgment, to that inner light that God has given them to use, and beyond this to let the law of responsibility take its course.” - Bastiat, quoted in G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.217. – God seems to have supplied many more errors and prejudices than truths, many more fools than wise people, many more people too lazy to think hard rather than eager thinkers. – JZ, 15.3.13. – Thus considered, his “creation” is far less than a masterpiece. – JZ, 8.8.13.

FREE WILL: Whoever believes in free will has never loved and never hated.” - Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach. - But one selects one's friends and enemies as well and is not selected by them, not does "fate" select them for us. - JZ, 1986 & 23.6.00. –  – Some sort of selectivity seems to exist already on the level where the human egg meets a swarm of human sperm. Some sperm are accepted, while most are rejected. – JZ, 22.11.10. –  Another view is that some resistance, like a wall, requires a mass attack to secede. The first bullet or cannon shot will not destroy it. – JZ, 8.8.13. - SPONTANEOUS DISCRIMINATION IN TASTE, IDEAS, PERSONS, SUBJECTS, FACTS

FREE WILL: You know that intangible will can affect the course of mass in the continuum. You experience it whenever you move your hand. Are you powerless to move your hand because you cannot give a full rational explanation of the mystery? …” - Robert Heinlein, Assignment in Eternity, II, 68.

FREE WORLD: But in the so-called free world, the chains of government are hidden but present to pull on the leash to demand obedience.” - Lawrence Samuels, What Is Libertarianism? - You Own Yourself. - DEMOCRACIES, GOVERNMENTS, TERRITORIALISM, LEGISLATION, GOVERNMENTS, STATISM

FREE WORLD: If the so-called “free world” were really free, then it would not have to be afraid of any dictatorship. – JZ, 14.9.04. – Then the conscripted soldiers of dictators would rather rise against them or desert to the free countries than fight them. Then they would also be welcomed with open arms and, in quite rightful and publicized war and peace aims, addressed as our secret allies and those who escaped the dictatorships would already be treated as such, through their own and diverse governments in exile. – 14.10.04, 30.10.07 - & DICTATORSHIPS, DESERTERS, REFUGEES, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE

FREE WORLD: there is no longer a "free world" in the Patrick Henry or Thomas Jefferson sense.” - Miller Upton, THE FREEMAN, 9/74.

FREE-FOR-ALL: When a democracy degenerates into a free-for-all stampede of citizens vying both for favors and for increasing infringements on the rights of fellow citizens, total collapse is inevitable.” – Robert J. Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.48. - POLITICAL BRAWLING OF THE WELFARE STATE, LOBBYING, PRESSURE GROUPS, DEMOCRACY, SUBSIDIES, PLUNDERBUND, PRIVILEGES, HANDOUTS, GOVERNMENT SPENDING, PRIVILEGES, FAVORITISM, TERRITORIALISM

FREE-RIDING: For example, if I catch my neighbor enjoying my beautiful rhododendrons, should she be forced to pay part of their costs rather than ‘free-riding’?” - Walter E. Williams, More Liberty Means Less Government. Our Founders Knew This Well, Hoover Institution Press, 1999, – p.249.

FREE: A final etymological note. FREE is derived from OE (Old English) FREON, to love (Sanskrit root, PRI to love) and is therefore related to friend.” - Herbert Read, Anarchy & Order, p.165.

FREE: Anything free is worth what you pay for it.” - Robert Heinlein, Notebooks of Lazarus Long. – What about free air, on Earth and free sunshine, free rain? – JZ, 8.8.13.

FREE: Anything you get free costs more than (it is) worth - but you don't find it out until later.” - Bernardo de la Pax, - a figure in Robert Heinlein, Expanded Universe. – Who paid for being conceived and born? – JZ, 8.8.13.

FREE: Be free.” - Leonard E. Read, THE FREEMAN, 8/73. - Much more than an advice or wish is involved. - However, there are often many more freedom opportunities than people know of or use. Micrographics, for freedom writings  and reading them, is one of them, Floppy disks and text-only CD-ROMs are two others. - JZ, 26.6.00. – Are by now all of his writings and talks online or on disk as yet? Somebody told me recently that FEE has finally got around to put all its texts online. – On a disc they could be a sales item for it. – JZ, 17.12.08. – So far only all issues of THE FREEMAN are online, possibly not yet all of its books, pamphlets and newsletters. – JZ, 22.11.10.

FREE: Countries are well-cultivated, not as they are fertile, but as they are free.” - Montesquieu, quoted in INDIVIDUALIST, 2/76. - Also in The Free Man's Almanac, Nov. 12. - FREE COUNTRIES

FREE: Everything costs. When it looks free there is always a catch.” - From series: The 6 Million Dollar Man. - Compare: “TANSTAAFL: There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.” – FREE OF CHARGE? – For you free air you need pay no more than engaging in the effort to breathe. Anyhow, mostly it would require a much larger effort not to breathe. Moreover, not only you heart and liver do not charge you any fee for the service they supply to you, as your biological slave organs.

FREE: Free advice is worth what it costs.” - Source? – Compare: Anything free is worth what you pay for it.” - Robert Heinlein, Notebooks of Lazarus Long. - Some free advice is at least potentially worth much more than very expensive and paid for advice. Compare e.g. the advice of governmental “experts” with that given by many libertarians. – As yet no special free market exists for ideas. As a result some of the best of them have still got no market value. The same applies to talents. – And yet this rather obvious omission is still almost generally overlooked. – If we were already aware of and appreciated the best ideas and talents, this world would be a much better place. It could be, soon, if only we do fully realize this and acted accordingly, establishing a free market for ideas and talents, which we do only wrongly assume to exist already and if we established full experimental freedom for them – already among their first volunteers. - JZ, 22.11.10, 15.3.13. – IDEAS ARCHIVE & TALENT CENTRE

FREE: I was born free - and if I can help it, I will die free.” - Ron Watson, 30.6.75. – The charges for pre-birth advice to the mother and for assistance to her at birth, are not cheap. – JZ, 17.12.08.

FREE: If you can't be free, be as free as you can.” - Emerson.

FREE: Men should be left … free to pursue their own affairs.” - G. C. Roche III, THE FREEMAN, 7/73, 397. - I left out: "largely" between "left" and "free". - JZ – Full experimental freedom for volunteers, in all spheres, always at their own cost and expense and for their own profit. Naturally, they should not be taxed and regulated, either. – JZ, 15.3.13.

FREE: no government service is ‘free’.” - Dean Smith, Conservatism, p.206.

FREE: None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1744-1832.

FREE: Not in bondage to another person.” - Concise Oxford Dictionary. - I would say: No in INVOLUNTARY bondage to another person. If you are in VOLUNTARY bondage, then, as long as you can stand it, you are as free as you want to be. - JZ, 26.6.00.

FREE: Not subject to an arbitrary external power or authority.” - Webster's New International Dictionary. – Being subjected to a territorial constitutional, legal and juridical powers, which others prefer for themselves, does also mean lack of freedom for individuals and for minorities, sometimes even for the territorial majority. – JZ, 22.11.10.

FREE: Reflect again on the word "free" in its original form, the medieval English "freo". Note that the definition went beyond, "Not in bondage to another" and included "to love, to delight, to endear." … These were family terms - parents to their children and vice versa - that is, to those not enslaved. They loved, were delighted with, and endeared to the few whose relationships were not dictocratic and, thus, not antagonistic.” - Leonard E. Read, Having my Way, p.167.

FREE: Something that costs nothing is usually worth the price.” - F. Paul Wilson, The Healer, p.106. – What about genuine love, fresh air, sunshine, natural health, oceans of water? – JZ, 17.12.08. - NULL PRICE, FREE OF CHARGE, HANDOUTS, GIFTS, TANSTAAFL,

FREE: The "everything for free" concept ignores the fact that human desire is limitless.” - Diogenes of Panarchia, THE CONNECTION, 119, p.69 of 29 April 84. - Well, not entirely limitless, e.g. regarding drinking, eating and sex. Even the desire to engage in sports activities is limited by exhaustion. - JZ, 29.7.89 & 26.6.00. - EVERYTHING FOR FREE: PROPERTY RIGHTS VS. COMMUNISM & SOCIALISM,

FREE: The absurdity of trying "to 'free' man by putting him in bondage." - Anderson / Miles, Constitution, p.23. – STATISM, PROTECTIONISM, GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, ANARCHISM, LIBERTARIANISM, PANARCHISM

FREE: The freer the food, the lighter the taxes.” - From film: The Incredible Bread Machine. – It should rather be: the heavier the taxes! – On the other hand: If the economy would be quite free then there would be no taxes. – Perhaps that was meant. - JZ, 17.12.08. - HANDOUTS, TAXATION, SUBSIDIES,

FREE: The price is concealed.” - Ambrose Bierce.

FREE: The worst things in life are also free.” - Heard on radio, 18 July 87. – Free in the meaning of being imposed, free of charge, like e.g. taxes, rape and governmental mis-education. – JZ, 22.11.10. – Death costs no other fee than one’s life. – JZ, 8.8.13.

FREE: There is always Free Cheese in a Mousetrap.” - Nelson A. Pryor, heading of article in SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN REVIEW, II/2. – Popular wisdom is so unwise that I myself learnt only relatively recently that mice do prefer bread to cheese. – JZ, 22.11.10.

FREE: We have confused the free with the free and easy.” - Adlai Stevenson, Putting First Things First. - Actually, a comprehensive freedom program, consistently applied, would make the attainment of liberty for liberty lovers and any degree of statism for any kind of statists relatively free and easy. Essentially, only the sufficient collection of all relevant information is required and then considerably re-thinking based upon sufficient references. That re-thinking might be painful or unattractive to some. Those finding themselves unable to adopt even alternative, affordable, easy and efficient media for their freedom of expression and information opportunities will find the job hard to impossible. - JZ, 22.6.00.

FREE: you only have power over people so long as you don't take EVERYTHING away from them. But when you've robbed a man of EVERYTHING he's no longer in your power - he's free again.” - Solzhenitsyn, First Circle, p.107. – His main capital and property, self-ownership, individual sovereignty, his own life, is still at stake! – He has merely no other property to lose. - JZ, 17.12.08, 8.8.13. – SELF-OWNERSHIP

FREEDOM OF ACTION: Now freedom and conscience recognizes our right to worship as we want. Freedom of assembly, our right to associate. Freedom of speech, our right to protest. Freedom of trade – freedom of economic enterprise – is as essential a human right as any of these. Freedom of thought and expression are prerequisites of liberty – but we cannot live by prayers alone. We need freedom of action, too. – Neil Reynolds, The Protection Racket, p.12, in: Vincent H. Miller, editor, Freedom In Our Time. A collection of Libertarian Essays, Libertarian International, 1984. - FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY & CHOICE

FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT: Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul, quoted by Afrikanus Kofi Akosah shared Natalie Fawn Danelishen's photo. – Facebook, 3.12.12. - EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS, SETTING A GOOD EXAMPLE, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM ETC. VS. COMPULSION, COERCION, TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM VS. POWER: If we can’t trust people with freedom, how can we trust them with power? - Philo Voluntaryist Rex shared V is For Voluntary's photo. – Facebook, 30.7.13. – TRUST, Q.

FREEDOM: [Freedom is] the societal condition that exists when every individual has 100% control of his own property." — Andrew Galambos – Ideas, wordings and designs are not quite original and cannot thus be exclusive property, not even temporary. They all depend upon the input of e.g. language and much knowledge of others. Even patent- and copyrights laws recognized that by putting time limits on them. All that can be rightly claimed is priority in making them. Even that is often wrongly claimed when precedents do become known. – Individual sovereignty means more than self-ownership and other property rights, e.g. freedom of information and communication, freedom of association and freedom to secede and to live under self-chosen personal law. - JZ, 9.1.13, 15.3.13. – & PROPERTY, PATENTS, COPYRIGHTS, MONOPOLY CLAIMS, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-OWNERSHP

FREEDOM: 1. Exemption or release from slavery or imprisonment; personal liberty. 2. Exemption from arbitrary control. 3. Independence; civil liberty. 4. The quality of being free from the control of fate or necessity; the power of self-determination.” - The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary.

FREEDOM: 1. Liberty is a natural condition. Every human being is born with the ability to act according to his own wisdom and conscience. 2. Freedom is a condition in which more than one person is present, but despite the ability each has to inflict a physical injury on another, there is an absence of such action. 3. Thus freedom is a natural state of collective liberty. It can be defined as an absence of coercion among human beings.” – Source? - NATURAL CONDITION

FREEDOM: 1. The rise of civilized societies is the result of freedom, and freedom is a state of affairs stumbled upon and, in no instance, a premeditated, rational design. - 2.  The explanations for societies in ascendancy have generally been false - the ascent has been attributed to organizational gadgetry rather than freedom. - 3.  The decline and fall of civilized societies has usually been attributed to some organizational error rather than to over-organization. Rarely has a lack of freedom been assigned as the cause. - 4.  To avert a decline and fall requires rational analysis and an understanding of what it is about freedom that accounts not only for ascendance, but for the maintenance of the ascendant position. Be rational in this respect or look for the cycles of history to repeat themselves - Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.9/10. - SOCIETY, CIVILIZATION, DECLINE & FALL

FREEDOM: 20. Freedom is both an end and a means. The end sought is the self-control freedom is. Once it is attained, it is the fundamental means to the attainment of all else.” - Robert LeFevre, LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Fall 78. – Part-freedom is also a means to achieve full freedom. - JZ, 27.1.78. At least for all  those, who desire it for themselves. I do not care about the others. Let them fry in their self-made hells. But deprive them of all hellish "weapons". - JZ, 11.4.00. - ENDS & MEANS, SELF-CONTROL

FREEDOM: 23. No human being is capable of providing freedom for another. The best each of us can do is to see to it that he does not destroy freedom for another. - LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Fall 98. - LeFevre did much more for liberty. He clarified some aspects of it, as far as he could and introduced many freedom lovers to many freedom thinkers. Once he even reproduced de Puydt's Panarchy article. Alas, he did not sufficiently discuss it - to my knowledge, in those of his writings that I have seen. - JZ, 11.4.00.

FREEDOM: 24. Freedom must be earned by each person for himself. 25. It follows that a free society will arise as a result of the forces of nature when human beings behave in harmony with nature and do not seek to impose their controls on others.” - LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Fall 78. - That's putting it in an all too abstract form, like Christians do with their "love command". In practice nothing else is required to achieve this objective than letting individuals secede from all institutions with compulsory membership and allowing them to associate in their own, under full exterritorial autonomy for their communities. Such guidelines are more concrete and much easier to understand, especially if one considers their extensive but under-reported tradition and their extensive practice in all spheres not monopolized by territorial governments. - JZ, 11.4.00, 8.8.13. – MERITED OR EARNED FREEDOM & CONTROLS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, LAISSEZ FAIRE FOR ALL TOLERANT PEOPLE IN ALL SPHERES, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, PANARCHISM IN SMALL PRIVATE AFFAIRS IS ALREADY TAKEN FOR GRANTED

FREEDOM: 57. Man, pursuant to his immediate existence within himself, is something natural, external to his concept. It is only through the development of his own body and mind, essentially through his self-consciousness's apprehension of itself as free, that he takes possession of himself and becomes his own property and no one else's. This taking possession of oneself, looked at from the opposite point of view, is the translation into actuality of what one is according to one's concept, i.e. a potentiality, capacity, potency. In that translation one's self-consciousness for the first time becomes established as one's own, as one's object also and distinct from self-consciousness pure and simple, and thereby capable of taking the form of a ‘thing’.". … Hegel, Philosophy of Right, Great Books of the Western World, 46/26. – SELF-OWNERSHIP, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

FREEDOM: A "lost post in the freedom fight" as Heine called himself…” - Hans Habe, Leben fuer den Journalismus, Bd. 4, 265. - (Ein "verlorener Posten in dem Freiheitskriege", wie Heine sich nannte, …) - FREEDOM STRUGGLE, THE REMNANT

FREEDOM: A caged canary is safe but not free.” – Walter Williams  - It is not quite safe, either. The house it is in may burn down. Its single owner might die and the death might go unnoticed for days to weeks, so the bird might starve to death. – Possible safety must become combined with freedom. when separated both become all too much restricted. We need the protection of clothing and shelters against the elements, in most countries. They are armor or prisons of a kind, but with the exit option. - JZ, 8.8.13. - SECURITY

FREEDOM: a condition of non-molestation among persons." - Dean Russell, in: My Freedom Depends on Yours, in THE FREEMAN, 12/67, p. 749. - On page 750 he wrote: "… freedom is a condition of reciprocal non-molestation." He made the same remark in some FEE publication already in September 1953. "My freedom depends on yours" is also reproduced in FEE's Essays on Liberty, II, 398-420. – NON-MOLESTATION

FREEDOM: A constitution of the greatest human freedom according to laws which permit the freedom of everyone to coexist with the freedom of others (not of the greatest happiness as this will follow automatically) is at least a necessary idea. It should not only be applied in the first drafts of constitutions but in all laws. What the highest degree of freedom may be at which mankind will have to remain … nobody can nor should determine simply because it is freedom which can surpass every indicated limit.” - Kant, Kritik der reinen Vernunft, Vorlaender, S. 320.

FREEDOM: A few men talked of freedom, while England talked of ale.” - G. K. Chesterton, 1874-1936. - A. Andrews, Quotations, p.151. - INDIFFERENCE, APATHY, BEER, ALCOHOL, ALE, DRINKS, TALK

FREEDOM: A free human being knows, appreciates and utilizes all his individual rights, i.e., all so far discovered. - JZ, 5.5.93. – But who can discover and optimally formulate all of them on his own, without the help of an ideal declaration of all such rights and liberties? – JZ, 18.12.08. – Alas, this aid is still to be provided and is not, not even by anarchists and libertarians, although it is much more important than e.g. all the foreign aid by governments and all the foreign aid provided by charity groups and all the “welfare” provided by Welfare States. – JZ, 15.3.13, 8.8.13. - RIGHTS, HUMAN RIGHTS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS

FREEDOM: A free man is a man who lives according to the commands of reason.” - Feuchtersleben. - (Ein freier Mensch ist ein Mensch, der nach der Vernunft lebt.) – Only as far as it is possible for any human being to do so. One does have one’s unreasonable moments, periods and actions. E.g.: Is the sleeping person unfree? – JZ, 18.12.08. - REASON

FREEDOM: A free man is he that, in those things which by his strength and wit he is able to do, is not hindered to do what he has a will to.” - Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan, xxi, 1651. - Quoted in: Benjamin R. Barber, Superman & Common Man, p.38. – By this definition Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and Mao were “free men”, at least whilst they ruled! – JZ, 22.11.10, 8.8.13. - FREE MEN, FREE WILL, ABILITY, REASON, STRENGTH

FREEDOM: A free man is someone who at least has become conscious of his lack of freedom.” - Laub. - He is then, not yet, a free man but, perhaps, on the road towards becoming a free man. - JZ, 9.4.00. - CONSCIOUSNESS

FREEDOM: A great danger that we face in our modern world is to get so caught up in the pursuit of the blessings that freedom has given us that we come to take freedom itself for granted, and thus fail to see to its maintenance.” – Robert Hawes - The all too limited liberties we do already or still enjoy, and their positive results, have deluded us into believing that they are all the liberties that we need or should be free to enjoy, and that we need to do nothing to maintain or expand these limited liberties to full liberty. - JZ, 25. 11. 06.

FREEDOM: a great number of our youth are unable to see the direct connection between criminality, drug addiction, moral degeneration, confusion in art and the loss of freedom.” - Hans Habe, Leben fuer den Journalismus, Bd. 4, S. 24. - With his term "moralische Verlotterung" (moral deterioration) he already introduces what he tries to prove. There may be direct links to the other points he claims but he does not make them clear enough. - JZ, 8.4.00.

FREEDOM: A life without free speech and action is literally dead to the world.” - Source? – Are all life forms dead, which live language and the ability to speak? – Why do so many people all too readily exaggerate in their generalizations? – JZ, 8.8.13. - FREEDOM OF ACTION & SPEECH

FREEDOM: A major problem is that each individual sees things from only his own point of view and does not appreciate enough the fact that freedom is indivisible. - "The media will fight if the freedom of the press is threatened; the law will fight for its independence; the businessman will fight for his right to exercise his initiative; the worker will struggle for his right to join or not to join a union; and so on, but few of them recognise that an attack on the liberty of any one of them is an attack on the liberty of all of them. - Once a determined government begins the process of eroding human rights and liberties - always with the very best possible intentions - it is very difficult for individuals or for individual groups to stand against it." (*) - E. G. West, in THE FREEMAN, 2/78, quoting Prince Philip. - (*) Here I would add: "especially when they are not free to secede."- JZ, n.d. - INDIVISIBLE

FREEDOM: A man can be free to direct his own life only in so far as others are prevented from molesting and interfering with him.” - L. T. Hobhouse, Liberalism, 1911, p.139. - SELF-DIRECTION, INTERFERENCE, MOLESTATION

FREEDOM: A man can be himself only so long as he is alone; and, if he does not love solitude, he will not love freedom; for it is only when he is alone that he is really free.” - Schopenhauer. - On political, economic and social matters Sch., as opposed to Kant, was a rather superficial thinker. According to Beckerath, who started as an admirer of Schopenhauer, Sch. was even dishonest in his criticism of Kant, e.g. in “quoting” him. Beckerath bothered enough to check out all passage of Kant that he quoted or said he quoted from Kant. - Are there many formulations of individual rights, which do not presume the coexistence of other people, with equal rights? What meaning have e.g. freedom of expression , freedom of information, freedom of press, freedom of association, free exchange and freedom of assembly - otherwise? - JZ, 12.4.00. - BEING ALONE, SOCIETY

FREEDOM: A man is unfree in behaving impulsively, not because he would necessarily have chosen to act otherwise, but because he did not choose to act at all, his behavior was really not his action at all, whatever the motive, causes, or origins of the behavior.” - B. R. Barber, Superman & Common Man, p.55. - This overlooks that freedom as a general condition can well prevail if people act irrationally - at their own expense and risk. There is not only a freedom to act rationally. - JZ, 17.11.76. - IMPUSIVE ACTIONS, WHIMS, EMOTIONAL DRIVES ETC., RIGHT TO ERR & MAKE MISTAKES – AT THE OWN RISK & EXPENSE

FREEDOM: A man should never put on his best trousers when he goes out to battle for freedom and truth.” - Henrik Ibsen. - BATTLE FOR FREEDOM, BE PREPARED

FREEDOM: a necessary safeguard against man's 'natural' tendency to abuse power.” - William F. O'Neill, summarizing Ayn Rand's philosophy. – Are all people really addicted to power or only to power over others or only to power over their own affairs? – JZ, 8.8.13. - MAN & POWER

FREEDOM: A part of Fate is the freedom of man. Forever wells up the impulse of choosing and acting in his soul.” - Emerson, "Fate", The Conduct of Life, 1860. – An internal revolution in one’s “soul” is not quite enough. – JZ, 17.12.08. - CHOICE

FREEDOM: A path for liberty." – (“An opening for liberty!” - “Der Freiheit eine Gasse!”) – Famous last words of a Swiss war hero in its war of liberation. Winkelried? - One path is not enough! All paths for liberty! - JZ, 1.8.82. – PATHS, LIBERTY, LIBERATION

FREEDOM: A person can't tune out on responsibility … It means being so devoted to freedom that you are willing to give up your own … be a beggar … or a slave … or die - that freedom may live.” - Robert Heinlein, Citizen of the Galaxy, p.252. – What percentage of the population has tuned out in this respect? – And do the rest proceed in the most rational and moral ways, providing and realizing, systematically, with enough collaboration when this is required for major projects, genuine blueprints for liberty? - JZ, 20.12.08, 15.3.13, 8.8.13. – Q, APATHY, LACK OF INTEREST BEYOND PRIVATE AFFAIRS, RESPONSIBILITY, FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM, MORALITY, ETHICS, VALUES, MERE VEGETATION OR ANIMALISM

FREEDOM: A person's rights in society, according to one view, should make him secure in a life of liberty and enjoyment of the fruits thereof, so long as he observes the same rights of others. But if ever he violates those rights, he makes, in effect, a public pronouncement that he rejects this rule. In rejecting it, he opens the door for others to treat him in like manner. His own conduct grants to other persons a hunting licence against himself and his properties. This is to say, 'Do unto others what you expect others to do unto you.'” - Dr. F. A. Harper, in Why the Hanging? A Pine Tree Feature. (FREE STAR, No. 37, August 1969.) – RIGHTS, GOLDEN RULE, TOLERANCE

FREEDOM: A philosophy based on the right of maximum freedom from constraint begins by denying the right of any man to impose truth or virtue upon another.” - Everett Reimer, School is Dead, p.90. - TRUTH, VIRTUE, VICES WITHOUT OTHER VICTIMS, FORCE, IMPOSITIONS, COMPULSION, TERRITORIALISM, INTOLERANCE, TOLERANCE

FREEDOM: A rational man would want freedom of choice, of action and experimentation, not only regarding sex, fashion, hair styles, foods, art, religion, expression and on election day - but in all his economic, political and social activities. - JZ, 10/72. - FULL, GENUINE, COMPLETE FREEDOM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, ALL OF THEM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, PERSONAL LAW CHOICES

FREEDOM: A recent showing of a WW II movie dramatized an episode in which Admiral Bull Halsey (James Cagney) said that there were three things he felt sure about: it's better to tell the truth than to lie; it's better to know than to be ignorant; and it's better to be free than to be enslaved."- Ruth Dazey, in THE FREEMAN, 9/77. (She was one of the founders of the Freedom School in Colorado and former editor of the RAMPART JOURNAL and LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL.)

FREEDOM: A sense of the possibility of a life at once orderly and free dawns upon the heart and mind.” - Ebenezer Howard, Tomorrow, A Peaceful Path to Real Reform, 1998, London, 2nd. ed., 1st ed.: 1902, Garden Cities of Tomorrow. - ORDER

FREEDOM: A single large HD could, probably, come to contain ALL freedom books and that comprehensive freedom library might greatly contribute to bring about a non-violent libertarian revolution. But we can't have that - some say, because that would infringe the copyrights laws!" – JZ, Facebook, 27.12.11, responding to Michael Morrison – What is more important: All individual rights and liberties, optional for all, or fictitious legalized and time-limited patent- and copyrights claims, which would also be optional under general voluntarism or optionality? – JZ, 9.1.13. – FREEDOM LIBRARY, DIGITIZED ON ONE DISC, COPYRIGHTS

FREEDOM: A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both." - Milton Friedman. – Quoted by Nizam Ahmad – Facebook, 19.3.13. - & EQUALITY, EQUAL FREEDOM, EQUAL LIBERTIES, EQUAL RIGHTS, NO MORE, NO LESS, FOR ALL SUFFICIENTLY RATIONAL BEINGS, UNLESS THEY DO MAKE DIFFERENT CHOICE FOR THEMSELVES & AT THEIR OWN RISK & EXPENSE.

FREEDOM: a struggle for freedom can proceed only from freedom and not through enslavement.” - John Anderson, AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGY & PHILOSOPHY, 1943. – A flawed or incomplete remark. If one does already have freedom one need no longer struggle for it. But one has and can struggle with some liberties, which one already, has for the whole range of them – if one does want all of them or just more of them. – JZ, 19.12.08, 22.11.10, 8.8.13. - FREEDOM FROM FREEDOM GROWS

FREEDOM: According to Aristotle freedom is the basis of democracy. As democracy is a principle of social order, freedom in this sense can mean only the relation of the individual to his fellows and to the social order within which he lives with the others. A freedom not applying to the individual, a freedom, which does not liberate the individual from the domination by others, is senseless in this connection. But when Cicero holds that freedom consists in being able to live as one likes, then this can naturally not be the freedom on which democracy is based. Necessarily, the unlimited freedom of the individual, whenever it prefers to live in groups of the species, must suffer the limitations, which follow from the conditions of life in groups. With a closer living together the limits of personal freedom tighten. There is no no-man's land left in between. Instead, the freedom area of one contacts the freedom sphere of the other. The freedom of the individual must end where the freedom of the fellow man with equal rights would be infringed.” - Karl Walker, Demokratie und Menschenrechte, S.38. - Alas, here he does not yet indicate the possibility that people with different ideas, interests and abilities could sort themselves out into their own groups, which could practise their common beliefs among their voluntary members - under exterritorial autonomy or personal law. Then the mutual interventionism via territorial political voting would be abolished and fighting reduced to infighting within groups of volunteers, with secession of the minority of dissenters always an option, so they might continue to disagree only about relatively trivial things. Larger disagreements would lead to peaceful schisms - i.e. new tolerant and voluntaristic experiments among like-minded people. - JZ, 8.5.00, 15.3.13. – DEMOCRACY, PANARCHISM, VOTING, PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, VOLUNTARISM

FREEDOM: According to G. B. SHAW, interviewed by E. Michael Salzer: 1.) What is your definition of the term Freedom? Leisure. We are not born free. We are slaves of Nature for 8 hours sleep, 2 or 3 for eating and moving, and the rest for the labor and service to produce our necessary food, clothes and lodging. - 2.) What freedom can the average man expect of life? A five day working week and 6 hours leisure a day are now probably possible. What the average man expects depends on his intelligence and character. - 3.) Is the (*) Russian meaning of freedom (ultimately) the same as that propounded by the western people? Freedom is the same everywhere. More of it may be possible in a South Sea island where food is nearly as free as air and clothing is not a necessity than in Belgium or in the Arctic Circle. But it means leisure and nothing else. - 4.) Has, in your opinion, science fostered human freedom? Political science can distribute leisure as it can distribute income. It can and at present it does grossly misdistribute it; but industrial science and mass production has greatly increased both. (**) - 5.) Is there a common denominator for the various interpretations of the term freedom as presented by the different political and religious creeds? I tell you freedom is leisure for all nations and all creeds. A spade is a spade whether it is called an agricultural implement or a bloody shovel. Freedom has only one reality: leisure.” - G. B. SHAW - So all who do support themselves by their own efforts are thereby and to that extent un-free - according to G.B.S.! - Moreover, those in prison, in their leisure time there, would be free, too! - If one is free then one has often leisure, too. But while at leisure one is not always free. Even under totalitarian regimes and in their penal institutions people do enjoy limited leisure periods. These do not set them free. – (*) As if among the more than 120 ethnic and uncounted other diverse groups in the Soviet Empire there had been only a single definition of “freedom”, namely that of the ruling territorial and totalitarian communists! – (**): Obviously, he did not consider economic freedom as a factor in providing more leisure and a higher income. - JZ, n.d. & 8.8.13.

FREEDOM: According to my observations, mankind are among the most easily tamable and domesticable of all creatures in the animal world. They are readily reducible to submission, so readily conditionable (to coin a word) as to exhibit an almost incredibly enduring patience under restraint and oppression of the most flagrant character. So far are they from displaying any over-weening love of freedom that they show a singular contentment with a condition of servitorship, often showing a curious canine pride in it, and again often simply unaware that they are existing in that condition.” - Albert Jay Nock, Memoirs of a Superfluous Man, Harper, 1943, p.314. - MAN, MANKIND, STATISM, OBEDIENCE, SUBMISSIVENESS, SLAVE MENTALITY

FREEDOM: According to the Continental theory of freedom, the "mere impulse of appetite is slavery, while obedience to the laws which we prescribe to ourselves is liberty." (Rousseau) - Dr. John O. Nelson. - There are many continental theories of freedom! – To each only the personal law system that he or she choose for themselves, even if these are authoritarian or feudalistic or monarchic. – Freedom also to be un-free – by free individual choice! Some people still do get married, or don’t they? And some still become and remain monks or nuns. - JZ – 22.11.10. – LAW, APPETITE, PANARCHISM, INDIVDIUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW

FREEDOM: Acton defines freedom as the opportunity for everyone to do whatever he considers to be his duty, protected against interference by the majority or the authority. The best sign for genuine freedom in a people is the safety of its minorities.” – Wilhelm Roscher, Grundlagen … , par. 88. - DUTY & MINORITIES

FREEDOM: All (*) free communities have both been more exempt from social injustice and crime, and have attained more brilliant prosperity, than any others, or than they themselves after they have lost their freedom." - John Stuart Mill, Representative Government. – Apparently even JSM believed in territorial political representation and that “free” communities already existed! – Brilliant prosperity - when there are still dozens of millions of involuntary unemployed and still many more inflation victims about? – Not to speak of the tax slaves, education slaves and military slaves and whole populations threatened by ABC mass murder devices. – JZ, 26.12.07. – (*) somewhat – JZ

FREEDOM: All authority is a delusion, whether in theology or in sociology. Everything is radically, even sickeningly, free.” - Wilson/Shea, Illuminatus III, 137. - What is sickening about it? - JZ – Are we already so free that we get bored with it or sick of it? – Do no wrongful and irrational laws and institutions exist any longer? – We need more than mere word-plays to become really free. - JZ, 17.12.08. – AUTHORITY, TOTALITARIANISM, STATISM

FREEDOM: All forms of freedom are interrelated. Together they all constitute a systematic and harmonious whole; there is not one of them that, when proved true, would not help to prove the truth of the others. - Bastiat, quoted in G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.58. - INTERRELATIONSHIP

FREEDOM: All freedom is "unauthorized". That is what is good about it. - JZ, 10.7.89. - AUTHORITY

FREEDOM: All freedoms are mutually supportive and necessary to each other. None, on its own, can realize its full potential. On the contrary, it tends to fail if forced to stand alone. The same is true for a sprinkling of free spirits among slavish men - if they do not link up, sufficiently, for communication, exchanges and mutual support. - JZ, 3.11.81, 11.4.00.

FREEDOM: All good men deserve liberty and the rule of their own lives without interference from government.” - Taylor Caldwell, A Pillar of Iron, p.77. - GOVERNMENT, INTERFERENCE & GOOD MEN

FREEDOM: All human beings are born free, that is not as property or slave of a person or corporation, not even of a State, and they can never become property or slave of a person or corporation. - From the human rights draft in PP 4. – Not rightfully, anyhow, unless they committed a severe offence against individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 15.3.13. - FREE-BORN & EQUALITY

FREEDOM: All it takes is Freedom.” – Vincent Miller, ISIL Pres., in Dec. 04 circular. – But it is not yet there for the taking or offered as e.g. an x-mas present. – One must at least make the effort to acquire the necessary enlightenment and take the required steps. - JZ, 12.12.08, 1.3.13.

FREEDOM: All restraint, qua restraint, is an evil.” - John Stuart Mill, quoted in: Benjamin R. Barber, Superman & Common Man, p.85. – Self-restraint and self-control are among the exceptions, also restraints upon madmen and upon criminals with victims and upon children endangering themselves and others. – But no restraint upon responsible and tolerant actions! - JZ, 18.12.08. - RESTRAINT, EVIL

FREEDOM: All that you need is freedom.” (*) - Title of a 60 minutes video, produced in 1977 by the totalitarian DDR (East Germany's regime), under the direction of Sabine Katins, but dealing not with the lack of freedom in East Germany but with the lack of freedom in Southern Rhodesia. - Well, I can only hope that some East Germans who saw that title did think of other instances, closer to their homes. - JZ, 17.4.00, 15.3.13. - (*) “Alles was Du brauchst ist Freiheit.”

FREEDOM: All too often the "freedom fighters" fight freedom. - JZ, 28.1.77. - Most "freedom fighters" are not freedom fighters: They fight against freedom. - D & JZ, 7.7.77. - Most freedom fighters" fight freedom - in many ways. - JZ, 15.3.78. - FREEDOM FIGHTERS

FREEDOM: All your freedoms, all the time!” – From an advertisement for Russo for President, 10.5.04. – For criminals rather than their victims? For politicians rather than their subjects? – JZ, 12.12.08. – Q.

FREEDOM: Already a little freedom goes a long way. - JZ, 19.10.73.

FREEDOM: Although man should have the highest feasible degree of freedom, this degree of freedom does not include the ability to harm others with impunity.” - Paul Lepanto, Return to Reason, p.105. - One should at least distinguish between doing someone physical harm, injuring them bodily and harming them economically, by free competition. In the latter case his rights are not infringed. Thus it would be better to speak always of not infringing the rights and liberties of others rather than of not "harming" them. - JZ, 13.4.00. – The ability and will to harm others with impunity might exist, through wrongful powers, but it is certainly not authorized by freedom for all innocent and rational human beings. – JZ, 8.8.13. - HARM, RIGHTS, ARBITRARINESS, WRONGFUL ACTIONS TOWARDS OTHERS, INFRINGING THEIR INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

FREEDOM: Americans have always been very willing to pay any price for freedom. If you don't believe it, look at the divorce statistics.” - Robert Orben, SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 12/76. - As exceptional examples one might also quote the costs of prohibition and the costs of alcoholic drinks under prohibition or the prices people are willing to pay for fashions or cosmetic improvements, which they think increase their personal freedom and well-being. But most Americans have, alas, not been striving for full liberty in every sphere, although some Americans have always advocated and tried to practise one or several liberties. - JZ, 11.4.00. – Presently, most of them are State Socialists and all too few appreciate all individual rights and liberties. Even its Founding Fathers did not. – JZ, 8.8.13. - PRICE OF FREEDOM, DIVORCE, SECESSIONISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: Americans have taken the position that government exists for freedom, and that freedom means individual freedom vis-à-vis government.” - Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.3, quoting: Saul K. Padover, The Genius of America: Men whose ideas shaped civilization, N.Y., 1960, p.14. - To be fully free individuals must be free to secede and to associate under exterritorial autonomy. In other words, only governments, which are exterritorially autonomous and do have only voluntary members - can harmonize with the full range of liberties. - JZ, 11.4.00, 8.8.13. - GOVERNMENT & INDIVIDUALS, PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE REQUIRES EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY OR FULL EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM OR PERSONAL LAW FOR VOLUNTEERS

FREEDOM: Anarchists to be free ONLY to do what they please with their OWN persons, property and communities. They do not have the right to be aggressors, coercers and expropriators of those who happen to disagree with them.” - JZ, 18.1.95. - ANARCHISTS, INTOLERANCE, EGALITARIANS, SOCIALIST LIBERTARIANS, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW FOR ALL, STATISM FOR STATISTS, ALL FORMS OF ANARCHISM ONLY FOR THEIR ANARCHISTS

FREEDOM: And according to this proper and generally received meaning of the word, a "freeman is he that in those things which by his strength and wit he is able to do, is not hindered to do what he has a will to do." - Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan, Of Commonwealth. – George Seldes. The Great Quotations. - Unless the necessity of the same freedom for others or the fact that others, too, have the right to be free men, is expressed, a criminal with victims might make the same statement. The actions ought to be confined to productive, creative or self-concerned ones. - JZ, 13.4.00. - SELF-RESPONSIBILITY

FREEDOM: And few tools, if any, are more important to the champion of freedom than a sound monetary system.” - Hans Sennholz, Inflation or Gold Standard, p. 3. – I would rather like to see several sound monetary and clearing systems in free competition with each other, also freedom in the choice of value standards. – JZ, 17.12.08. – It can be developed and maintained only under full monetary freedom. For voluntary participants there is more than a single sound money and or clearing system and also more than one sound value standard. There should be free choice among all of them, for all. – JZ, 8.8.13. - SOUND MONEY, MONETARY FREEDOM VS. CENTRAL BANKING & ITS MONETARY DESPOTISM

FREEDOM: And freedom is the essential condition, not only for happiness, but for achievement and progress. Its denial or curtailment is the precursor of social and economic stagnation, and often of personal degradation.” - Ralph Bradford, THE FREEMAN, 6/75, 347.

FREEDOM: And the words for freedom are prophecies.” - Father Peter Levi, Christmas Sermon from: Death is a Pulpit. – I do not know of any prophet who ever quite clearly declared at least some of the basic rights and liberties. – JZ, 21.12.08.

FREEDOM: And this freedom will be the freedom of all. It will loosen both master and slave from the chain. For, by a divine paradox, wherever there is one slave there are two. So in the wonderful reciprocities of being, we can never reach the higher levels until all our fellows ascend with us. There is no true liberty for the individual except as he finds it in the liberty of all. There is no true security for the individual except as he finds it in the security of all.” - Edwin Markham. - While you enjoy your panarchic full liberty, leave others in possession of the degrees of liberty and dependence or equality or whatever they do enjoy. There is not rightful and good reason to go to war against other people - as long as they do leave you alone. Freedom must be welcomed. It cannot be forced upon anyone. - JZ 12.4.00. – The natural way of progress begins with a few mutations or pioneers doing their things. From them their advances tend to spread freely via voluntary acceptance. If freedom lovers could enjoy freedom among themselves only once all the doubting Thomas types and adherents to popular errors and prejudices are persuaded to adopt the same practices of freedom and rights among themselves, progress would be greatly slowed down and stagnation might occur for all too long periods. – JZ, 8.8.13. – VOLUNTARISM, TOLERANCE, PROGRESS, EACH TO BE FREE TO DO THE OWN THING, HOWEVER BACKWARDS, FOOLISH & PREJUDICED – IN THE OWN AFFAIRS, FREEDOM IS MUTUAL, EQUAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM FOR ALL PEACEFUL PEOPLE, PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS INSTEAD OF TERRITORIALISM FOR WHOLE POPULATIONS, LAWS, UNITY & UNIFORMITY SPLEEN, EGALITARIANISM

FREEDOM: Another form of the propaganda of hope was the appeal to idealism. This was the war to end war. Only win this one, and - never again. - In the last war we had a belief in a new world order that would emerge from the wreckage of war. Who can forget the tremendous impact of President Roosevelt's eloquent words in his Annual Message to Congress, January 1941? - "In the future days which we seek to make secure we look forward to a world founded upon four essential human freedoms. The first is freedom of speech and expression, everywhere in the world. The second is freedom of every person to worship God in his own way - everywhere in the world. The third is freedom from want which, translated into world terms, means economic understandings which will secure to every nation a healthy peace time life for its inhabitants - everywhere in the world. The fourth is freedom from fear - which, translated into world terms, means a world wide reduction of armaments to such a point, and in such a thorough fashion, that no nation will be in a position to commit an act of physical aggression against any neighbour - anywhere in the world." - These Four Freedoms became part of the inspired Atlantic Charter. Such was the shining hope for which men fought and died. It was worth untold armaments to the Allied cause.” - W. Glanville Cook, Propaganda and War, in: Paths to Peace, edited by Victor H. Wallace, Melbourne U.P, 1957, p. 203/4. - I see in the "Four Freedoms" merely a shamefully limited view and misunderstanding of freedom and human rights. To what extent could full recognition of all individual rights on the side of the Western Allies have shortened WW II, and reduced the number of its victims, on all sides? - Admittedly, the ideology of Roosevelt was not of as low a “quality” as that of the Hitler Regime, Stalin's Regime and that of the Japanese Empire. But Western civilization should have been able and willing to produce something very much better. But, apparently, through its political process it couldn't. (*) Moreover, R. was also a war criminal, even towards his own armed forces. See the way he contributed to bring about the attack upon Pearl Harbor and prevented counter-measures from being taken in time and then hushed up his involvement. - JZ, 4.4.00. – (*) It also seems easier to indiscriminately bomb people rather than enlighten and liberate them. – JZ, 20.12.08. - FOUR FREEDOMS, OR, RATHER, AN IDEAL & COMPLETE DECLARATION OF ALL GENUINE INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES?

FREEDOM: Any friend of freedom is a friend of mine.” (“Un amigo de libertad, es un amigo de mi.”) – Quoted in THE CONNECTION No.? p.68. – Alas, we have not yet agreed upon how far freedom goes in all particular spheres. We have not even bothered to compile an ideal declaration of all individual rights and liberties as yet or to compile the other essential reference works that we need to promote freedom much better than we could so far. – JZ, 20.9.08. – FRIENDS, NEW DRAFT

FREEDOM: Any treaty, constitution, law, regulation, court ruling or administrative ruling or order may be morally breached - but only in favor of more individual freedom and without breaching time-limited contract obligations. - JZ, 29.10.92, 9.4.00. - LAWS, CONSTITUTIONS, JURIDICAL PRECEDENTS, TREATIES

FREEDOM: Anyone can begin the practice of freedom whenever he chooses to do so.” - The Free Man's Almanac, compiled by Leonard E. Read. - Anyone can initiate the practice of some liberties to introduce more and more of them and others. - JZ, 13.4.00. – A bit hard to do for those unarmed victims marched, under guard, into the gas chambers. – But most of us have still got some chances left – and can work towards increasing them. - JZ, 17.12.08. - INITIATIVE

FREEDOM: Anyone requiring persuasion to be free doesn't deserve to be.” - L. Neil Smith, Brightsuit MacBear, 137. - But we have only three options to spread or defend freedom: persuasion, example and force in its defence. Of these the easiest to attain and a freedom already largely realized, although not by using all the alternative media options, is persuasion. Or can we assume that without further persuasion or defence efforts we can already practise enough liberties among ourselves so that these examples will by themselves persuade others? - JZ, 16.4.00. – To each his own preferred degree of freedom and restrictions! – JZ, 18.12.08. – PERSUASION, PANARCHISM, PERSUASION LARGELY ONLY BY SETTING BETTER EXAMPLES ONESELF, NEW DRAFT, PERSONAL LAW

FREEDOM: Anyone who tries to put HIS ring in my nose and lead me off to HIS freedom pasture is an enemy of mine. Quite a few people are now hustling others in the name of freedom.” - Robert Sagehorn, letter to JZ, 10.2.80. - He led me, quite willingly, to the pastures of micrographics but was himself quite unwilling to be led by me to graze there himself, although he attempted to organize my own efforts better. He remained addicted to printing on paper. - JZ, 11.4.00.

FREEDOM: Are those suppressing freedom as alert as those who want to gain it? - JZ, 3.3.76. - Or are they more alert to their oppression opportunities than "freedom lovers" are to their liberation opportunities, even the few legal ones that still remain in their power? - JZ, 11.4.00. – NEW DRAFT

FREEDOM: are we being held in bondage, having lost control of ourselves, and our freedom of choice and action?" - Willis E. Stone, FREEDOM MAGAZINE, Spring 74. - How much are you, for instance, in control of politicians whom you distrust or dislike and of bureaucrats and their spending and restrictions, by means of the kind of vote that you are permitted to give and the taxes you are forced to "subscribe"? - Are you free to secede from these “representatives” or to sack them? - Have you seriously considered radically different ways of giving your consent, like voluntary State membership, paying for wanted common expenses via one or the other form of voluntary taxation or subscription, and of expressing your dissent not merely by protests but individual secessionism? - JZ, 16.4.00. - FREEDOM OF ACTION

FREEDOM: Aren't you scared you might loose the small remnant of your liberties also? - JZ, 10.72.

FREEDOM: Aristotle, for instance, defines politics as a way of life in which free men rule one another in turn; freedom is a matter of citizenship. The “unfree” are all those who are subject to an authority to which they have not given their consent. - The New Palgrave: The Invisible Hand, ed. By John Eatwell, Murray Milgate & Peter Newman, W. W. Norton, 1987/89, p.188. – While that is true to a large extent under territorial politics, it is not true for exterritorial politics, in which no attempt is made to rule dissenters, who are free to secede, but at most only like-minded volunteers, who do wish to do their own things among themselves, in any way that pleases them, leaving all others alone to do their own things. – JZ, 19.11.11, 24.2.12. - MUTUAL RULE, CONSENT, POLITICS, CITIZENSHIP, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, CITIZENSHIP, VOTING

FREEDOM: As a consumer, I choose freedom. But even if the coercive way had economic advantages, I would still choose freedom. There is much to be said for being one's own rather than somebody else's man.” - Leonard E. Read, Then Truth Will Out, p.73. – A truly free man would not only have a “limited” but still territorial government as his option. – JZ, 19.12.08. - CONSUMERS, CHOICE, COERCION, ECONOMIC ADVANTAGES & INDEPENDENCE, TERITORIALISM

FREEDOM: As a matter of fact, there are precious few people who are at all interested in the principle of freedom; and in my experience, those who profess and call themselves liberals are least interested in it and most ignorant about it. Such interest in freedom as I have seen boils down to a mere resentment of some inconvenience, usual trivial.” - Albert Jay Nock, A Journal of These Days, June 1932 - December 1933, William Morrow, 1934, 163. - In my village, Berrima, and in the nearest townships, Mittagong, Bowral and Mittagong, i.e., among about 30,000 people, I know not of a single person with an all-round interest in all aspects of liberty. Naturally, I do not know all of them personally, but if some others exist here then, after 50 years of living in this area, I should have come across at least one of them. – (Temporarily in the middle and late 70’s, just 10 were scraped together with at least some interest in liberty for the libertarian Workers Party. To my knowledge I am the last activist left. Most of the others even abstained from reading libertarian books as much as they could!) - My libertarian microfiche does also encounter almost a vacuum of interest world-wide, although it offers titles in several languages. - There are several anarchist bookshops in Australia but not a single general freedom bookshop exists. Nor a single large and public libertarian library, either! - JZ, 4.5.00, 21.12.08, 22.11.10. – Recently one libertarian has been pointed out to me in my neighborhood. He is an avid letter writer to one of the two small local papers but in the whole rather pessimistic regarding major steps toward liberty and rights. Moreover, he is going to move to New Zealand, thinking that the Australian system is already a hopeless case. – JZ, 8.8.13.

FREEDOM: As for freedom, men want the WORD freedom, not the real thing. Ask each man in a crowd if he wants freedom or slavery, and each will say 'freedom' every time. Spell out what 'freedom' means, though, and you've got a problem. Only a small portion of the crowd will agree." (08/23/02) by David Rogers - That would not matter if these few were free to practise their ideas tolerantly among themselves, while letting others do their own things among themselves. – JZ, 8.8.13. - VS. SLAVERY, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM

FREEDOM: As freedom is the only safeguard of governments, so are order and moderation generally necessary to preserve freedom.” - Lord Macaulay. - Freedom safeguards people against governments. But it is true that limited governments tend to be longer lasting. Order does not preserve freedom but freedom promotes order. Moderation in upholding freedoms and rights may lead to both being lost, for their enemies do not attack them with moderation. It comes too close to appeasement towards totalitarians. Do not vote, it only encourages them! Radicalism in the defence of liberty is its best defence. Any compromise with evil is itself an evil. - JZ, 4.4.00. – ORDER,  MODERATION, SECURITY, RIGHTS, LIBERTIES, COMPROMISE, RADICALISM, DEFENCE

FREEDOM: As freemen we live off slaves.” - Euripides. - Now, as "free" men, we (all too many of us) live off tax slaves. - JZ, 17.3.95, 23.3.99. - PARASITES & WELFARE STATES, TAXATION

FREEDOM: As Godwin observed, a person may advise others but he should not dictate. "He may censure me freely and without reserve; but he should remember that I am to act by my deliberation and not his." Public opinion would undoubtedly play an important part in an anarchist society in encouraging social cohesion and in dissuading 'wrong-doers'…” - Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, p.651. - ADVICE, DICTATION, DECISION & ACTION, SELF-OWNERSHIP VS. DICTATORSHIP

FREEDOM: As governments step up their attempts to defy nature and bring about equality, they find it necessary to employ force. And when force enters the picture, that means some men will come "under the control of power" of others. Exit freedom. - In other words, you may be surprised, after a little probing, to find that when people espouse freedom, often they are referring to their freedom, not yours. Worse, you may conclude that the gaining of their freedom necessitates the violation of yours.” – Robert J. Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.37. - EQUALITY, GOVERNMENT, FORCE & POWER, CONTROL, LAWS, LEGISLATION, TERRITORIALISM, UNITY SPLEEN

FREEDOM: As if freedom were not as good a religion as any other! … freedom is a new religion, the religion of our age.” - Heinrich Heine, The Liberation. - (Die Freiheit ist eine neue Religion, die Religion unserer Zeit.) Heine, Englische Fragmente, XIII: Die Befreiung.) – RELIGION

FREEDOM: As long as one man's freedom is not secure, no man's freedom is secure.” - Chuck Brooks, 9/72. - There are numerous sayings expressing the same idea. It is exaggerated but does contain a core of truth. - JZ 12.4.00. – One could also say the opposite, namely, that as long as one man is free, despotism is never quite secure and may be overthrown. – All liberties and rights are somewhat interconnected and so are all wrongful and oppressive actions, laws and institutions. - JZ, 9.8.13. - SECURITY & INTERDEPENDENCE, FREEDOM IN SOCIETY, TERRITORIALISM CAN BE UNRAVELLED BY EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY & INDIVIDUAL & GROUP SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: As long as we have the freedom to dream, we dream to have freedom.” - Sponti Spezial, Eichborn Verlag. - As long as we have the freedom to dream and think we can develop the blueprints on how to get there, fast and with a minimum or risk, costs, destruction and bloodshed. - JZ, 8.4.00. – E.g. through tolerance for all tolerant and voluntary or personal law organizations and actions, individual and group secessionism or full freedom of contract,  association, experimentation and secessionism. – JZ, 9.8.13. - DREAMS, PROGRAM FOR ITS REALIZATION, UTOPIAS, METAUTOPIA, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, SECESSIONISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM IN ALL SPHERES, VOLUNTARISM

FREEDOM: Aspire to an awareness of how the free market works its wonders and why. Embrace that absolute principle: freedom in transactions. In a word, understand and be able to explain why free and unfettered exchange between individuals - local, national, and international - is the way to an increasing abundance for all and, further, the way to peace on earth and good will toward men!” - Leonard E. Read, The Love of Liberty, p.125. , FREE TRADE, VOLUNTARISM, PROPERTY, CHOICE, CONSENT, ABUNDANCE, PEACE, FREEDOM OF ACTION, RACISM, FREE TRADE, FREE EXCHANGE, PEACE, JUSTICE, UNDERSTANDING THE FREE MARKET

FREEDOM: Assume England under panarchist conditions. Assume also that in spite of the differences of the Welsh, Scotch and Irish - and other local differences, they would think alike to wish to preserve "pure" Englishmen and their institutions in England and would exclude from membership, in their own exterritorially autonomous panarchy e.g. all Chinese. That would not hinder those Chinese (also a mixed "race", only with them it goes usually back much further), who wanted to live and work in England and under the English Constitution, laws, jurisdiction and customs, to do so, as a matter of their individual choices. They might then or might not exclude "pure" Englishmen from their English-Chinese system - or they might accept "good enough" English gentlemen as members and good enough other Chinese as English gentlemen in their English-Chinese society or might be quite cosmopolitan in their acceptance of other groups of people. Perhaps these English Chinese will become more English than the English - or, perhaps, they might come to make further improvements upon the English system and then exclude any English riff-raff from membership in their society of progressive English-Chinese gentlemen. That would be up to them. Each member of each volunteer community would only have cause to complain about the own mistakes within the own community - and about the few cases of individual aggressions against members of other communities, that might still occur, human nature being what it is. That they can get along with each other, they have long demonstrated in Hong Kong and in the former China, in foreign concessions under still unequal treaty status. But, under our assumptions, no one would have any good reason for being afraid of the other. Naturally, Englishmen should also insist upon equal treaty status for their settlements in China, as good and free Englishmen. Nor could the majority of Chinese rightly prevent Chinese minorities from doing their things for and to themselves, in England, China and in the rest of the world. How much would the anti-Chinese sentiment among native Englishmen be reduced if they would see millions of Chinese voluntarily adopting their system, living it, maintaining it voluntarily among themselves but, e.g., - without crowding Englishmen e.g. in their exclusive clubs? How long would their antagonism last if they would see that most of these Chinese would behave as better English gentlemen than most English natives would? One day they might laugh and shake all these artificial barriers off - but, those who wanted to, could keep them up indefinitely. How small racism becomes under the free contract system is already indicated by the non-Chinese customers of Chinese laundries and restaurants. - JZ, 2.5.00. - FREEDOM UNDER PANARCHISM, RACISM, ETHNOCENTRISM & NATIONALISM

FREEDOM: At all times sincere friends of freedom have been rare, and its triumphs have been due to minorities. – Lord Acton in  - & MINORITIES, MAJORITIES, LAWS, GOVERNMENTS, TERRITORIALISM, RIGHTS, HUMAN RIGHTS, VOTING

FREEDOM: At REASON Magazine, we believe in freedom for everyone.” - From REASON adv. in FREE ENTERPRISE, 9/72. - For tyrants, and for private or official and convicted criminals with victims? - JZ – And is freedom really the best present offer that we can make to statists, rather than allowing them to live in their own varieties of statist panarchies, at their own expense and risk? To each his own – is the path of least resistance, here, too, for freedom lovers who want to obtain full freedom for and among themselves. – JZ, 21.12.08, 16.3.13. – PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE EVEN FOR TOLERANT, I.E., NON-TERRITORIAL STATISTS!

FREEDOM: Bastiatinsisted that men were imperfect and unique, that freedom could be found only by protecting the individual's life, liberty, and property from the predations of other men, organized or unorganized. Thus he adapted a unique conservative-libertarian position, well-suited to a difficult transitional stage in modern history.” - George Charles Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p. 233. - Neither Bastiat nor Roche III have seen the full potentials of panarchies, i.e. volunteer communities that are only exterritorially autonomous. However, this framework does provide a rightful and peace-promoting form for freedom of action or experimental freedom for all kinds of faiths and ideologies. They, like all too many others, remained stuck in their thinking in territorialist models. - JZ, 8.4.00, 16.3.13, 9.8.13.

FREEDOM: Bastiat thus possessed a faith that "freedom works". He believed that no amount of propaganda could indefinitely keep that fact a secret from the men who compose society. Such a fundamental faith is more needed today than ever before. - G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p. 233. - Ignorance, prejudice and lack of interest have kept the faith in freedom rather restricted to all too few for all too long. But if these few had bothered to combine all their knowledge and make it easily, cheaply and permanently accessible to all, in all major languages, in convenient and affordable forms, also sufficiently sorted out in special reference works, much more could have been achieved than was by all the much less comprehensive freedom struggles so far. - JZ, 8.5.00, 16.3.13. - FREEDOM WORKS, THE MARKET WORKS & IT SHOULD NOT BE CONFINED TO ONE TERRITORY OR IMPOSED UPON INVOLUNTARY PARTICIPANTS, NON-RELIGIOUS FAITH, BELIEF OR CONVICTION

FREEDOM: Be free among the unfree - as far as this is possible. - JZ, 25.11.76. - Use all the remaining liberties to the fullest, to expand them towards full liberty. - JZ, 11.4.00. - FREEDOM, AMONG THE UNFREE

FREEDOM: Because freedom is a condition of human action as such, it is a condition for all human action. Indeed, the different rights, including the right to property and the right to liberty, merely specify different aspects of free action. The right to property is a recognition that man is not a disembodied spirit, that he lives in a material world and needs to make use of physical objects. The right to liberty is a recognition that man is not an automaton or an animal, that he must act on the basis of his reason, translating his ideas into reality. But the use of property and the use of the mind are not two different types of action; they are two different aspects of one type of action - human action. Each implies the other.” - David Kelley, THE FREEMAN, 10/75. - FREEDOM OF ACTION & FREEDOM OF MIND, PROPERTY & RIGHTS, REASON & IDEAS, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT UNDER PERSONAL LAW OR EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, WITH OTHER VOLUNTEERS

FREEDOM: Because Germans know that wild animals are free, they fear that freedom would turn them into wild animals.” - Friedrich Hebbel, Diaries. - Until individual rights and liberties are sufficiently known and appreciated, some will, sometimes, act like wild animals. - When the republic was declared in some factory halls in Germany, in 1918, there were cheers among the men: “Now we can throw the women out of the factories!” - Report by Ulrich von Beckerath. - Compare also what the "liberated" negroes often did to each other in Africa and the "liberated" minorities and majorities in the Balkans and the Middle East. - JZ, 9.5.00. – The fear of freedom and the resulting monopolism are greatly strengthened by the fear of unemployment and of sales difficulties, two risks that arise under monetary and financial despotism. The full employment and easier sales under full freedom will at least dispel this kind of fear of freedom. – There is also the fear of becoming outvoted by majority voting under territorialism. Panarchism would dispel that fear as well. - JZ, 20.12.08, 9.8.13. - FEAR OF FREEDOM, TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLISM, MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM, TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: Because I cherish my own freedom, I cherish your's, too.” - Richard Bach. (In Jonathan Seagull?)

FREEDOM: Because we are free we can never be indifferent to the fate of freedom elsewhere. Our moral sense dictates a clear-cut preference for those societies which share with us an abiding respect for individual rights.” - Jimmy Carter, inaugural speech, Jan. 20, 1977. - If only that had been true for him! Carter was certainly not for e.g. unilateral free trade and free migration, far less for full monetary freedom and individual and group secessionism under personal law choice for their alternatives. - All un-free people, anywhere, are our potential friends and allies. Freedom knows no State frontiers. Frontiers are restrictions upon liberty. Our concern for liberty should not be limited by them. We have friends and enemies everywhere. - JZ, 21.4.89, 8.4.00, 9.8.13. - INDIFFERENCE TOWARDS THE FREEDOM OF OTHERS

FREEDOM: Become freedom-oriented. Don't just adapt to oppression! - JZ, n.d.

FREEDOM: Before all else, is there not the freedom of every sentient being to uphold? I want to be where I can help, however little and mistakenly, toward those ends.” - Poul Anderson, The Avatar, - THE SUPREME VALUE FOR SENTIENT BEINGS, RATIONAL BEINGS, HUMAN BEINGS 404.

FREEDOM: Being free is trivial. Becoming is the problem.” - Pyrrho, THE CONNECTION 115, p.98. - I'd rather say: "is easy". - JZ, 13.8.87. - But not for the individual. Considerable collaborative efforts are required and they are too a large extent neglected by "freedom lovers", even when they are quite legal, without great risk and affordable, as are e.g. the self-publishing options in alternative media like microfiche, floppy disks and CDs. - JZ, 8.4.00. To that extent becoming free is still a problem – because so many of the possible solutions are simply ignored or not appreciated as yet. – JZ, 21.12.08. – SUFFICIENT COLLABORATION BETWEEN FREEDOM SEEKERS, NEW DRAFT, PROGRAM, LIBERTARIAN PROJECTS LIST ONLINE

FREEDOM: Being free, even while one is in chains, that is the true essence of freedom.” - Wide-spread view, confining itself to freedom of thought. - JZ - Do you enjoy full freedom of thought when you are a) separated from your library, b) far removed from a large public reference library, c) all too far removed, most of the time, from people with similar interests? - JZ, 8.5.00. – Or when all too few people share your special interests, which require extensive collaboration with others for their projects to become realized? – JZ, 9.8.13. – COLLABORATION AMONG LIBERTARIANS, FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION & INFORMATION OPTIONS IN ALL ALTERNATIVE & AFFORDABLE MEDIA, CHAINS

FREEDOM: Bentham makes liberty to consist in the freedom to follow 14 specific sources of pleasures, which he names. (Principles of Morals, vol. I, chap. v.) - UTILITARIANISM

FREEDOM: Better starve free than be a fat slave. - Aesop, The Dog and the Wolf, Fables, 6th c. B.C.?, tr. Joseph Jacobs. - Fat men are more common among the free than among the slaves. - JZ, 20.11.85. - Just look at the obesity statistics in the somewhat free and developed countries. - JZ, 17.4.00. - STARVATION, POVERTY, WEALTH

FREEDOM: Both, Mackay as well as Fromm, scientists, and each in his way, came independently to the same discovery, that man can became a human being only under genuine Freedom.” - MITTEILUNGEN DER MACKAY-GESELLSCHAFT, Nr. 5, Feb. 76. - How many others had made this "discovery" before them? - JZ, 16.4.00.  I would rather say, now, a mature and enlightened human being … JZ, 16.3.13. – Babies, madmen and criminals are still human beings but not all individual rights and liberties must be conceded t them as long as they are babies, madmen or criminals. – J, 9.8.13. - MAN, BEING HUMAN, HUMANITY

FREEDOM: Both, the more enlightened and the ignorant, misled or prejudiced, need not only freedom of expression and information to inform themselves or be informed sufficiently - but also freedom to experiment, among like-minded volunteers, or at least the chance to observe such experiments by others. - JZ, 19.9.94? 97? & 6.4.00. - FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: Bread is freedom, Freedom is bread.” - Georg Herwegh, Gedichte und Prosa, S. 91, Reclam edition. - NECESSITIES

FREEDOM: Briefly, the principle came gradually to be recognized that the individual should, so far as possible, be allowed freedom to do as he liked, the governing body existing merely to ensure that no individual encroached unduly upon another's like liberties.” - Henry Meulen, Free Banking, p.12. – LAISSEZ FAIRE, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, ASSOCIATION, ACTION, EXPERIMENTATION, TRADE, PERSONAL LAW

FREEDOM: but be honest, if you do what you want then you live dangerously." - Konstantin Wecker, Im Namen des Wahnsinns, S.102. - Freedom is not naturally dangerous, for it does not add to the dangers of nature. But politically it has been made dangerous in many cases for those who prefer it. However, there are still many unused or under-utilized freedom options, like e.g. libertarian microfiche or disk publishing, that are not dangerous and that can be or can become very efficient in promoting liberty. - JZ, 26.7.92, 8.4.00. - DANGERS, RISKS, LIBERETARIAN CD-PROJECT, LIBERTARIAN DIGITAL LIBRARY, IA, ENCYCLOPAEDIA, DIRECTORY

FREEDOM: But first we have to reject the life of pleasures; they make us soft and womanish; they are insistent in their demands, and what is more, require us to make insistent demands on fortune. And then we need to look down on wealth, which is the wage of slavery. Gold and silver and everything else that clutters our prosperous homes should be discarded. Freedom cannot be won without sacrifice. If you set a high value on her, everything else must be valued at little …” - Seneca, Letters, 104, page 194.” (as little? - JZ) – E.g. Google offers it now online but I have difficulties with passwords. - JZ, 16.3.13.  - SACRIFICES, PRICE OF FREEDOM, EFFORTS, LABOR

FREEDOM: But for actions, their result may be irreparable, and so we choose - to support beneficial acts, to oppose harmful ones. (*) - Remember, there are other values in the world besides free speech; indeed, the social utility of free speech is to give us a full opportunity to choose among those other values. (**) In speech absolute toleration is a social good. In action, the existence of values other than free speech demands we choose right over wrong (***) and respond accordingly. Free speech gives the citizenry the informational base from which they can then make social choices in action. (****) To limit free speech is to distort our capacity to make such choices. To refrain from making choices is to say that beyond the issue of free speech we have no substantive values, which we will express in action. If we do not discriminate in the actions we support or oppose, how can we rectify the injustices of the present world?” - Howard Zinn, Disobedience and Democracy, Essay: Nine Fallacies on Law and Order, p.15. - Such utterances are typical for most of our present academics of political science. They indicate that we need a new science of politics, one that considers the voluntaristic and exterritorial autonomy alternatives as well. - (*) Here, he, too, did not consider the option of freedom of action under full exterritorial autonomy, among volunteers only in their own free experiments or exterritorially autonomous communities, acting only at their own expense and risk. Territorial "free" actions of governments go largely at the expense and risk of dissenters. Look around you. Exterritorial autonomy for volunteers works everywhere, so harmoniously that we hardly notice it any longer. Only for political, economic and social systems is it still outlawed - and the consequences of this outlawry in these important spheres are catastrophic. -  (**) Only if we happen to belong to a majority, and provided at least majority voting has been achieved! - - (***) Nay, we may choose wrong - but only at our own expense and risk! -  (****) Only fully developed panarchism would give them that choice! - PIOT, JZ, 11.4.00, 9.8.13. - FREE SPEECH & FREEDOM OF ACTION - FREE SPEECH & FREEDOM OF ACTION

FREEDOM: But here, the closest word to "freedom" meant "ability to accomplish", and there was none for "love" at all.” - Poul Anderson, The Corridors of Time, p.131. – The right to try to be or to become a good speaker and writer belongs to everybody and everybody can accomplish something in this direction - but not everybody has all of the abilities to become a very good speaker and writer. – JZ, 9.8.13.

FREEDOM: But how will you survive the dictatorship that will come after? The freedom fight is the only issue worth investing anytime money or effort in today. If we lose it, we lose everything. Period.” - René Baxter, in the introduction to his 1st issue of THE FREEDOM FIGHTER. - The very notion that wealth will have to be invested in the freedom struggle prevents many people from e.g. exploring their self-publishing options on very affordable alternative media like microfiche, floppy disks and CDs. Some pro-freedom foundations may have an annual budget that is larger than would be required to finance a complete freedom library, one that could sell cheap duplicates of most of its texts, using the alternative media. Instead, they do largely waste their resources on an ancient medium, like print on paper, or on conferences, audio and video tapes or broadcasting, which are relatively expensive and have never as yet fulfilled their promises, hopes and expectations. - JZ, 16.4.00, 28.12.08, 9.8.13. – More freedom texts are out of print than are in print. – Digitized all could be permanently available and this very cheaply. - JZ, 16.3.13. – The information revolution will be completed only once all the alternative media are sufficiently utilized in their strengths. – JZ, 9.8.13. - THE FREEDOM FIGHT OR FREEDOM STRUGGLE, INVESTMENTS, WEALTH, PROPERTY, CULTURAL REVOLUTION, NEW DRAFT, ENLIGHTENMENT, ALTERNATIVE, POWERFUL & AFFORDABLE MEDIA

FREEDOM: But I can't help but think that the price of perfection is too high if it costs our freedom.” - Gary Alan Ruse, Nanda, in ANALOG, 8/72, 156. – As if perfection could be achieved or even closely approached without freedom. – JZ, 18.12.08. - Nothing is perfect without freedom. - JZ, 27.3.91. - Only freedom allows us to approach perfection. - JZ, 17.4.00. & PERFECTION, OBJECTIONS,

FREEDOM: But if it is true that God leaves us free, that nothing in the natural order can be shown to subject one man to another even apart from the revealed will of God, it may still be relevant to ask what positively makes us free, in what does this freedom consist? For absolute freedom has no meaning, it must be defined. - 'Where there is no law, there is no freedom'' (II, par. 57). It is the law of nature, which sets bounds to natural freedom (II, par. 8). … 'the Law of Nature … is the Law of Reason (I, par. 101). It is our reason, therefore, which promulgates to us the Law of Nature and it is our reason, which makes us free. We are born Free as we are born Rational (II, par. 61), and the liberty of acting according to our own will, never from compulsion by the will of others, is grounded on the possession of reason (II, par. 63). - But reason means even more than this and has further consequences for natural liberty and equality. Conceived of as a law (the law of nature), or almost as a power, it is sovereign over all human action. It can dictate to a man as conscience does (II, par. 8) and to more than one man in the social situation, since it is given by God to be the rule betwixt man and man (II, par. 172). It is a quality too, in fact, it is the human quality, which places man above the brutes, and when it is present to the full almost brings him up to the level of the angels (I, par. 58). … - It justifies in the first place the subordinate position of children, who though they are born to the full state of equality are not born in it (II, par. 55). They only attain freedom when they reach what we still call the age of reason. …" - From Peter Laslett's introduction to John Locke's Two Treaties of Government", Mentor Book, MQ 663, p. 108. – REASON, NATURAL LAW, MAN

FREEDOM: But liberty lies in the hearts and minds of the people. Americans are no longer free because they have forgotten what freedom is.” - Rene Baxter, THE FREEDOM FIGHTER, 17.9.75. – Did they ever fully know it and record it? – JZ, 21.12.08.

FREEDOM: But still, it cannot be doubted that freedom is the indispensable condition, without which even the pursuits most happily congenial to the individual nature, can never succeed in producing such fair and salutary influences. Whatever man is inclined to, without the free exercise of his own choice, or whatever only implies instruction and guidance, does not enter into his very being, but still remains alien to his true nature, and is, indeed, effected by him, not so much with human agency, as with the mere exactness of mechanical routine.” - Wilhelm von Humboldt, in Sprading, Liberty & the Great Libertarians, p.106. - CHOICE, SUCCESS, HAPPINESS

FREEDOM: But the valiant minority of authentic fighters is struggling against overwhelming odds and growing, very slowly. The hardships, the injustices, and the persecutions suffered by these young advocates of reason and capitalism are too terrible a story to be told briefly. These are the young people whom businessmen should support.” - Ayn Rand, The Sanction Of The Victims, p.155. of ??? - If these freedom fighters used affordable alternative media, then they wouldn't need support from businessmen and, nevertheless, they could, between them, easily mobilize all of freedom's knowledge, all facts ideas and arguments, all their combined resources, for an effective freedom struggle. But they still cling either to paper tigers or put all their hopes upon the future effectiveness of online media only. - Between them they do possibly spend every year more on the medieval medium of print on paper, to put a few freedom texts temporarily in print, than would be required to put all freedom writings permanently and cheaply onto microfiche, floppy disks or CDs. - Without using all affordable and efficient alternative media for the freedom struggle, they shouldn't expect to win or to win soon. These media do offer them the greatest freedom of expression and information opportunity that they ever had, and yet most of these traditionalist advocates continue to ignore them. None is a blind as he who will not see. - JZ, 25.3.99, 9.8.13. - The Internet has not yet sufficiently informed them on this freedom opportunity, either, but has rather, like print on paper and political voting, misled all too many of them. - How many complete freedom books are by now offered on the Internet? – Compare the still very incomplete list on: - A cheap HDD of 1TB, which, book-sized, could be on every libertarian’s desc, could cheaply offer more freedom pages than are contained in over a million books! - JZ, 8.5.00, 18.12.08. - FREEDOM ADVOCATES TO BE SUPPORTED BY BUSINESSMEN? CD PROJECT, DIGITAL FREEDOM LIBRARY, LIBERTARIAN LIBRARY, CHEAP, COMPREHENSIVE & DIGITAL AS WELL AS PORTABLE

FREEDOM: But then, individuals who value freedom - who really value it, even for other people - seem always to have been in rather short supply.” - Stanley Schmidt, ANALOG, 1/82, 9. – RARITY OF CONSISTENT FREEDOM LOVERS

FREEDOM: But what is Freedom? Rightly understood, a universal licence to be good.” - Hartley Coleridge, Liberty. - Liberty includes also the right to make mistakes at the own expense and risk. Since "goodness" is very differently interpreted, this kind of rule for all fits also more or less despotic States, of territorial, exclusive and enforced utopias. Thus it leads to intolerance, oppression and aggression rather than to the peace, tolerance and rapid progress of voluntarism and panarchism. - JZ, 6.4.89, 8.4.00, 22.11.10, 9.8.13. - GOODNESS

FREEDOM: Buy freedom. - JZ 10/72. - In the past many serfs and slaves bought their liberty. We could do worse than follow their example. Give all bureaucrats and politicians a golden handshake - and hire not a single new one! - JZ, 11.4.00. – Compare PEACE PLANS 19C: Let Freedom Pay Its Way.


FREEDOM: By and large, those in the world who placed freedom above equality have done better by equality than those who placed equality above freedom, have done by freedom." - Shimon Peres, quoted by: - William F. Buckley, Jr., Inveighing We Will Go, Putnams, 1969-72, 194. - VS. EQUALITY

FREEDOM: By liberty, then, we can only mean a power of acting or not acting, according to the determination of the will.” - David Hume. - POWER & WILL


FREEDOM: Can our form of government, our system of justice, survive if one can be denied a freedom because he might abuse it?” – Harlon Carter - This statement does already assume that our form of territorial government and its system of justice are genuine and high values that cannot be exceeded. The very fact that they can be and are abused, and this all too frequently, indicates that they are far from ideal or optimal. - JZ, 22. 11. 06. – ABUSES, POWER, TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: Can we abolish force by using it? Every step must be voluntary, accomplished by reason and persuasion. Every human being must free himself. Freedom cannot be thrust on him.” - Robert Heinlein, Assignment in Eternity, vol. II, 93. - Rightful resistance includes the right to use force, if necessary. One cannot always persuade an aggressor to give up his weapon and surrender. - By all means, attempt persuasion and nonviolent resistance, as far and as long as they do work, fast enough, and towards whom they do work well and work fast enough, e.g. in a life-threatening emergency. But do not always bet your life that they will work for you. Rather risk the life of the aggressor. - JZ, 11.4.00, 9.5.00. - FORCE & VOLUNTARISM, DEFENCE, NON-VIOLENCE, AGGRESSION, CRIME

FREEDOM: Can you solve all of your problems without full individual liberty? - JZ, 10/72, 16.3.13. – PROBLEMS, Q., SOLUTIONS

FREEDOM: Capability to initiate a new condition. - Kant, Kritik der reinen Vernunft, Vorlaender Ausgabe. – INITIATIVE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SECESSIONISM & VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATIONISM

FREEDOM: Capitalism & Freedom: Without one you can't have the other.” - Mark Tier, in THE AUSTRALIAN, Advertisement, 12.1.74. - Even totalitarian States have introduced degrees of free enterprise capitalism on a very small scale - and always upon the unsound foundations of monetary despotism. - In Formosa we had, for decades, large degrees of economic liberty combined with very little political liberty. (*) - Few statements on freedom cover all the facts. - JZ, 16.4.00. – (*) By now that is true even for Red China. – JZ, 9.8.13. - CAPITALISM

FREEDOM: Careful experiment will show us, provided we are willing to experiment. I conceive the wholly free society not as an absolute good we can have instantly for all time and free of any cost, but as a goal to strive toward, a direction for us to take. - If we do take it, my bet is that soon we will begin to see an explosive release of creative energy - and common sense - which will bring us a future more bright than we can now imagine.” - Poul Anderson, NEW LIBERTARIAN, May 78. - To get it we should promote the information explosion, especially on peace, freedom and justice knowledge. - JZ, 20.11.82. - The SLOGANS FOR LIBERTY file and the Refutations Encyclopedia aimed at with DIS NOTES, are is part of it. So is my Libertarian Microfiche Publishing (PEACE PLANS) effort, and its beginnings of a panarchistic encyclopedia: On Panarchy. - JZ, 12.6.00. - See also the panarchistic A to Z compilation on - EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, PANARCHISM, NEW DRAFT

FREEDOM: Causality of reason in determining the will.” - Kant. – Another translation: “Causality of reason in the determination of the will.” - Kant. - REASON

FREEDOM: Charles Dickens wrote in a letter to John Forster from America: '… I do fear that the heaviest blow ever dealt at liberty will be dealt by this country, in the failure of its example to the earth.' He was, in 1842, referring to the imminent War between the States, which opposed two absolutely intransigent parties. (*) Much the same phrasing applies to the war in Vietnam.” - John Wilkinson, The Civilization of the Dialogue, in: The Dissenting Academy, ed. by Theodor Roszak, Pelican, p.163. - And to all the other wrongs and mistakes following from territorialist principles and practices. The American Revolution stopped at a still quite insufficiently limited government and did not reach panarchism in theory or practice. - JZ, 26.1.02. – (*) Decision-making then and there as well as everywhere even today still, was largely monopolized by the territorial governments involved. None of them did or could represent all its involuntary subjects. In spite of all its other wrongs, the South did represent Free Trade while the North was largely protectionist. The Free Traders in the North were no more given their choice than the Slaves in the South. – JZ, 9.8.13. – TERRITORIALISM, SLAVERY, FREE TRADE, CIVIL WAR, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY, LIBERTY, UNITED STATES, CIVIL WAR, UNFINISHED AMERICAN REVOLUTION, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: Come on in. Freedom is fine! - JZ 2/75. – If we could really and freely demonstrate it, in our own lives and relationships, inviting others to join us would not be much of a job. Then freedom options would almost sell themselves to outside observers. – JZ, 21.12.08. – PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

FREEDOM: Compare and supplement the many definitions freedom in my SLOGANS FOR LIBERTY file:on - (It is somewhat expanded here. – JZ, 9.8.13.) The most comprehensive scholarly study that I know of, as far as the variety of definitions are concerned, is by Mortimer J. Adler, The Idea of Freedom, in 2 volumes. - JZ, 28.11.02. - DEFINITIONS

FREEDOM: Complete freedom means to do what is right, what is recognized as right, with all of one's capacities, without sparing oneself.” - Boros. - One extreme choice, in an extreme situation, the freedom to engage in self-sacrificing actions, is not all there is to freedom. - JZ, 6.7.92, 9.4.00. – SELF-SACRIFICES OR SELF-LIBERATION OR BOTH? SELF-ENGAGEMENT, SELF-LIBERATION, DUTIES AS REASONABLE & MORAL BEINGS

FREEDOM: Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.” - John F. Kennedy, quoted in ANALOG, Jan. 2000. - Voluntary conformity should be distinguished from enforced conformity. The conformity within an exterritorially autonomous community of volunteers, which one has chosen for oneself, should be distinguished from the conformity enforced, customary or habitual in a territorial State. - JZ, 18.4.00. – Panarchism offers the most diversified kind of conformity when it comes to political, economic and social systems. – JZ, 19.12.08. - CONFORMITY & GROWTH, VOLUNTARISM & UNITY UNDER PERSONAL LAW OR EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY – VIA INDIVIDUAL FREE CHOICE


FREEDOM: Countries are well cultivated, not as they are fertile, but as they are free.” - Montesquieu. - Even now this old lesson has not yet completely sunk in - although many modern statistics confirm it. - JZ, 8.4.00. - COUNTRIES, DEVELOPMENT & RESOURCES, CAPITALISM, ECONOMIC FREEDOM, LAISSEZ FAIRE, PLANNING, CENTRAL BANKING, VOLUNTARY TAXATION VS. TRIBUTE LEVIES

FREEDOM: create 'small worlds of freedom' within this impractical world." - Barbara Deming, quoting Paul Goodman, WIN, 15/12/72. - What does she mean by this world being "impractical"? – Does it not exist? – Perhaps she meant the comprehensive panarchistic demonstration of freedom options – in a world full mainly of territorial and other mal-practices, abuses and oppression. - JZ, n.d. & 21.12.08. – In all spheres which are not territorially monopolized by States, panarchism does already exist and is taken for granted. – JZ, 16.3.13. – ALTERNATIVE INSTITUTIONS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: De-nationalize and de-monopolize war and defence decisions - if you want peace and freedom. - JZ, n.d. - PEACE, WAR & DEFENCE, DENATIONALIZATION, MILITIA, DECISION ON WAR & PEACE, ENEMIES, ALLIES, SECRET ALLIES

FREEDOM: Dean Inge's, "Nothing fails like success", comes to mind. Two or three generations of affluence - temporary in historical terms - have the superficial earmarks of success. Most of those who live so affluently in these periods become insensitive to needs, particularly to a need for any more freedom than exists in their experience. Freedom fails to prevail at the hands of these "successes." - It takes intellectual calisthenics for one of these "successes" to recognize his need for freedom…” - Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.119/120. - Add to this that at least a part of their "successes" has been due to legalized monopolies, privileges or subsidies, which tend to turn these people into statists or advocates of a mixed economy. Moreover, they tend to ascribe the rest of their successes to their own cleverness rather than to whatever still remains still of economic liberties. - JZ, 14.4.00. – Most of the wealthy overlook many of their individual rights and liberty options and opportunities just as much as most of the poor do. Both groups do largely subscribe to territorialism, which keeps them in country-wide prisons, ranging from maximum security ones to minimum security ones. So far only the movement of ideas, opinions and news is relatively free but not yet free and complete enough. For goods, services and persons it is still all too much restricted, everywhere. – JZ, 9.8.13. - SUCCESS & AFFLUENCE, MONOPOLIES, EXPLOITATION, WEALTH, RICHES, POVERTY, FREE TRADE, FREE MIGRATION, MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM, SECESSIONISM, TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: degree of autonomy or independence in the taking of decisions.” - Prof. Kemp. - Exterritorial autonomy for volunteers maximizes self-government. - AUTONOMY & DECISION-MAKING, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: Depend upon it, the lovers of freedom will be free.” - Edmund Burke, Speech, 1780. - But only if they love it enough to mobilize all its ideas, resources, manpower, methods, tactics and strategies. - JZ, 10.4.00. – 228 years later we still haven’t done this – although by now all freedom writings could be placed on a single large disk and duplicated endlessly and very cheaply. – JZ, 21.12.08. – In many ways, libertarians today have only themselves to blame for their lack of successes, for they have not made fully use of all the opportunities they have now. See e.g. my digitized book, still only called “New Draft”, not online yet but available from me, free of charge, upon request, zipped down to 306 KBs, as an email attachment. – - NEW DRAFT TO ACCELERATE THE PROCESS OF ENLIGHTENMENT

FREEDOM: Despotism may govern without faith, but liberty cannot.” - Tocqueville. - But it needs faith in liberty, in man, in justice, in rights, more than any other faith. - JZ, 13.4.00. - FAITH

FREEDOM: Despotism sits nowhere so secure as under the effigy and ensigns of Freedom.” - W. S. Landor, Imaginary Conversations: Lacy and Cura Merino. - The number and kinds of despotic features remaining in democracies and republics, as well as in the few remaining constitutional monarchies, has still brought to the attention of most people. Some of them, like territorialism, monetary despotism and the monopoly of governments to make war and peace decisions, are not even recognized and criticized or questioned by most libertarians. - JZ, 8.5.00, 9.8.13. – DESPOTISM, TERRITORIALISM, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES, GOVERNMENTALISM, STATISM

FREEDOM: Distrust is the essence of freedom.” - Montesquieu. - Distrust towards the enemies of freedom - but also distrust towards all of its friends and lovers - or do at least some of the latter deserve to be trusted? - JZ, 13.4.00. - DISTRUST

FREEDOM: Do not surrender your freedom of choice and freedom to trade.” - Paul L. Poirot, THE FREEMAN, 5/74. – We do surrender them by not seceding from all territorial States whenever and wherever we do get the chance for this. – JZ, 16.3.13. – INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, CHOICE & FREE TRADE VS. TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: Do we conceive social betterment to be in the pitiless use of irresistible power? Or do we conceive it to rise out of the irresistible might of a body of free men?” - Candidate Woodrow Wilson, 1912, N.Y. Press Club Address. - POWER & PROGRESS, MILITIA, AN INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF PANARCHIES, INCLUDING GOVERNMENTS & SOCIETIES IN EXILE, AGAINST ALL TERRITORIAL STATES, WAR & PEACE AIMS, LIBERATION

FREEDOM: Do we really always buy freedom at any price, whenever, wherever and by whomsoever and under what circumstances whatever it is offered to us or remains as a loophole? - Be honest about this, with yourself at least. - Do we even take up all significant freedom opportunities that are still quite legal and affordable? - JZ, 12/72 & 11.4.00. - FREEDOM AT ANY PRICE? Q.

FREEDOM: Do what thou wilt.” - Francois Rabelais, Gargantua and Pantagruel, I, Rabelais to the Reader, ch. 57. - Only if you can do so at your own expense and risk and within your individual rights and liberties, respecting those of others! – JZ, n.d. & 16.3.13. - WILL, ARBITRARINESS, WHIM

FREEDOM: Do your own things, in your own time, wherever you please. - JZ, n.d., 1972? - Well, if you are a nudist and are invited to a dress-up party, don't! When you are among nudists, it is another matter. When you are on the property of others and implied contracts, including the rules of hospitality and politeness, are involved, you ought to be the gentleman you are expected to be. Politeness, even with its lies, does make life more bearable under trying circumstances. Uncalled-for rudeness doesn't. - JZ, 12.4.00, 15.3.13. - DOING ONE'S OWN THING, PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE TOWARDS THE TOLERANT, POLITENESS TOWARDS THE POLITE, BEHAVIOR AS LADIES & AS GENTLEMEN

FREEDOM: Does this action increase the liberty of, or even the opportunity for individuals and their volitional communities? If it does, I shall support it.” - Karl Hess, The Lawless State. - Back in 1990 I had once a chance to ask him whether he still upheld his support for the microfilm options, which he had mentioned in at least one of his books. He had by then forgotten all about this remark and this option! - E.g.: "The new technology, it has been exactly said, is neither labor intensive nor capital intensive. The storage and retrieval of information, so essential to a free society in which information is not hoarded but is disseminated, now give the capability of containing the information of the world's largest library in tiny microfiche dots which require less than a small roomful of file cabinets."- Dear America, 1975, p. 258. - Not that I can blame Hess in particular. My father, too, knew about microfilm options for decades - and never used it himself. Even I took about 30 years before I finally adopted this medium for my projects. I had always assumed that others would sufficiently use them and hand me the world's literature on a platter, on microfiche. - We have here an instance that important degrees of freedom of action can exist for a long time - without most people bothering to explore and use them in their causes. - JZ, 13.4.00. FREEDOM OF ACTION & MICROFILM & CD OPPORTUNITIES

FREEDOM: Don't blow your top. Expand your mind and your liberty - with sound freedom ideas and programs. - JZ, 18.1.95. - ANGER, FRUSTRATION, IDEAS, , RED.

FREEDOM: Don't demand more freedom for yourself than you are willing to concede to others. - JZ, 18.3.74. – MUTUAL TOLERANCE, PANARCHISTIC PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT FOR ALL, EVEN UNDER PERSONAL LAW.

FREEDOM: Don't love your chains and kiss your manacles! - JZ, 12/72, free after Eric Frank Russell, The Great Explosion, p.140. - STATISM

FREEDOM: Each man must be left free to determine his own destiny, to seek his own goals, to live his own life as he sees fit.” - Ridgway K. Foley Jr., THE FREEMAN, 4/74. . – To each his own utopia – at his expense and risk, together with like-minded volunteers! – JZ, 22.11.10. – SELF-DETERMINATION, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SECESSIONISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS

FREEDOM: Each man to be "free to follow the dictates of his conscience and to seek his own destiny." - Ridgway K. Foley Jr., THE FREEMAN, 11/73. – This is still expressed in too general terms for everybody to arrive with it at panarchism. – JZ, 22.11.10. - CHOICE, CONSCIENCE & DESTINY, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

FREEDOM: each of us must cooperate in maintaining the dignity of all." - Frank Herbert, Committee of the Whole, GALAXY, April 65, p. 22. - The dignity of criminals, of politicians, of bureaucrats and of rulers and of alcoholics and other drug addicts as well? Dignity is very much a secondary or tertiary value compared with freedom. A free man may be quite undignified and an unfree man as well as a dictators or authoritarian may appear to be dignified. - I never got much sense out of this notion. - JZ, 10.4.00. – All those who rely on mass extermination devices kept in readiness can hardly claim to be dignified people. I tend to get rather indignant about any such claims. – JZ, 16.3.13. - DIGNITY, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

FREEDOM: Each system is at the same time a system of freedom and of necessity.” - Hegel. - Is anything more necessary for living beings than freedom? - JZ, 6.7.92. Are totalitarian or despotic systems free and necessary? - A lot of nonsense has been spouted under the name of freedom and is still and all too often quoted without critical comments. - JZ 9.3.00, 9.8.13. - NECESSITY

FREEDOM: Each time I put our two-year-old on the closed front veranda to play, he objected violently when I locked his gate to make sure he stayed there. Then one day my husband put the youngster in his "playroom" and locked the gate, and for once he didn't scream, but played happily by himself. - My husband's explanation was simple. "I just told him I was locking the gate," he said, "so that you couldn't get in and bother him."- L. O. O., in THE READER'S DIGEST, Jan. 1971. - FREEDOM INSTINCT

FREEDOM: Earth holds billions of people who not only fail to comprehend what you mean by freedom but would not like it if you gave it to them.” - Poul Anderson, Conflict, p.177. – Also in his: Kings Who Die, in: Judith Merril, The Best of SCI-FI 4, 126. - Therefore, full freedom only for the most radical freedom lovers. Any degree of freedom or un-freedom - for those who like them! - JZ, 21.4.00. - Just think of how unpopular illegal immigrants are at present. Most cannot even conceive monetary freedom otherwise than as a condition of unlimited inflation, because they know only of legal tender monopoly money. Indeed, if everyone were free to issue that kind of “money” … - JZ, 6.10.01. – Territorialism should not be imposed upon immigrants, either. – JZ, 9.8.13. –IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS, PEOPLE, MAN, UNDERSTANDING, FEAR OF FREEDOM, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL, TO EACH HIS OWN, FREE MIGRATION, GOVERNMENTS & SOCIETIES IN EXILE AS ALLIES, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY AS AN OPTION FOR IMMIGRANTS.

FREEDOM: Earth holds billions of people who not only fail to comprehend what you mean by freedom but wouldn't like it if you gave it to them.” - Poul Anderson, Kings Who Die, in: Seven Conquests, 32. – Thus, to each his own choice, as much or as little freedom as they like for themselves. Laissez-Faire in this sphere as well. – JZ, 18.12.08. - PEOPLE, PANARCHISM, STATISM FOR STATISTS, FREEDOM ONLY FOR FREEDOM LOVERS

FREEDOM: Economic freedom is the implicit right of any individual to own any kind or any amount of property and to unite voluntarily with others for purposes, which relate to property in any particular. Impositions by any agency of force, regardless of the end in view, are essentially contrary to freedom. If one believes in freedom, one must believe in economic freedom - full latitude of choice in any and all economic areas, for each person. This can never be accomplished by any procedure, organized or otherwise, which uses violence (even the violence implicit in taxation) to take from one owner anything, which is rightfully his. Nor can one support arguments which are offered within a voluntarist framework which would lead to controls of an extra-market character imposed at any point of market participation. - Support of freedom is essentially support of self-government in all particulars. Freedom is autarchy - self-rule.” - Robert LeFevre, RAMPART JOURNAL, Winter 1965. - But each should remain free to restrict his own liberties as much as he likes, or leave them unused. - JZ, 4.4.00. – That falls also under the freedom or right to err or to make a mistake, at one’s own risk and expense. – JZ, 15.3.13. - ECONOMIC FREEDOM, AUTARCHY, PANARCHY, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: Economic freedom, in the American sense, is maximum freedom from government. Capitalism is fundamentally a system in which people as far as possible are free to mind their own business but not free to mind (*) other people's businesses.” - Harold M. Fleming. – (*) Otherwise than by freely agreed-upon contracts. – JZ, 16.1.13. – Maximum freedom from governments is only realized under free secessionism and personal law associationism, not when “limited” government is confined to economic freedom, instead of being extended to laissez faire as well when it comes to political and social systems for volunteers, under personal law or exterritorial autonomy. The usual “limited government” view of libertarians is still all too limited when it comes to all individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 9.8.13. - ECONOMIC FREEDOM & CAPITALISM, TERRITORIALISM, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREE CHOICE, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT & FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION IN EVERY SPHERE VS. LIMITED GOVERNMENT THAT CONSTITUTE STILL A TERRITORIAL MONOPOLY.

FREEDOM: Either be wholly slave or wholly free.” - John Dryden, The Hind and the Panther. - Or enjoy or suffer under any in-between mixture that you have freely chosen for yourself and as long as you are comfortable with it. - JZ, 2.11.82, 8.4.00. - SLAVERY, ABSOLUTE FREEDOM

FREEDOM: Either men must be free or society must be unjust.”- G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.58/59. – Here even he mixed up the territorial State with society and its numerous societies all only of volunteers. – Neither any State nor any society “must be unjust”. This is not a moral obligation or ethical requirement. - JZ, 16.3.13. – What adult individuals do agree to do voluntarily among themselves, at their risk and expense does not do them any wrong, even if they choose exterritorial statism for themselves, i.e. at their own risk and expense. –JZ, 9.8.13. - JUSTICE & INJUSTICE, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

FREEDOM: Environmentalism in favor of animals and plants is largely promoted by people who know and care little about the economic, political and social environment that is suitable for man. In these spheres they rather tolerate or promote or imagine to be rightful and necessary an environment quite unsuitable to men, especially free men. And most of their "measures" are territorial statist ones, based upon the suppression of basic individual rights and liberties - about which they do not care sufficiently, because they know all too little about them. - JZ, 13.4.00, 16.3.13, 9.8.13. - ENVIRONMENT

FREEDOM: Equal freedom is mutual freedom; absolute freedom is unequal freedom.” - Sprading, Freedom and its Fundamentals, p. 244. - Absolute freedom for one only is not absolute freedom. To be absolute, freedom it must be absolute freedom for all. And that absolute freedom finds its absolute limit in the absolutely equal freedom of all others. Should there be absolute freedom in our literature to use words carelessly and negligently? Should we be stuck with such abuse, without corrections and criticism added, for years to decades, or should they be freely added, in all reproductions on cheap alternative media? And should we compile all the revised wordings in special reference works? - JZ, 8.5.00. - ABSOLUTE, MUTUAL, EQUAL FREEDOM, Q.

FREEDOM: Equal liberty means that everybody will have equal opportunity in the quest for the things that bring happiness and that everybody will be protected in the enjoyment of those things once they have been secured.” - Schwartz, What Is Mutualism? p. 46. - EQUALITY, OPPORTUNITY

FREEDOM: Equal rights and liberties, not egalitarianism! – JZ, n.d. & 16.3.13. - EQUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES OR EGALITARIANISM?

FREEDOM: Especially when confronted with difficult or "impossible" problems, turn to freedom.” - Leonard E. Read, Deeper Than You Think, p.13. - And to all your already legal freedom opportunities, like complete, cheap, easy and permanent libertarian publishing on microfiche, floppy disks and CDs. - JZ, 8.5.00. - DIFFICULTIES, COMPLICATIONS, SUPPOSED IMPOSSIBILITIES

FREEDOM: Even a dictatorship cannot endanger liberty if it is practised upon the basis of just laws. – A popular error or prejudice, based upon the assumption that most territorial legislation would protect individual liberties and rights rather than infringing them. Sooner or later the lessons posed by the legislation, institutions and “policies”, including mass murders, of totalitarian regimes will be learnt. - The tyranny and totalitarianism of territorial institutions and laws, instead of exterritorial ones, for volunteers only, is best taught by the extreme examples. Mere moderation, e.g. within representative or direct democracies or limited governments, all of them still territorial, does not go far enough in liberating individuals and recognizing all their individual rights and liberties, their individual sovereignty, self-ownership, self-responsibility and self-determination and confines their self-control and self-government all too much and all too wrongfully and harmfully. – JZ, 7.4.00, 9.8.13. – LAWS, LEGISLATION, TOTALITARIANISM, TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: Even freedom is a delusion according to Herbert Read, quoting Stirner: "Who is it that is to become free? You, I, we. Free from what? From everything that is not you, not I, not we … What is left when I have been freed from everything that is not I? Only I, nothing but I. But freedom has nothing to offer to this I himself. Why not proclaim your own identity without further ado? 'Freedom' merely awakens your rage against everything that is not you; 'egoism' calls you to joy over yourself, to self-enjoyment. 'Freedom' is and remains a longing, a romantic plaint, a Christian hope for unearthliness and futurity; 'ownness' is a reality which of itself removes just so much un-freedom as by barring your own way hinders you. What does not disturb you, you will not want to renounce; and, if it begins to disturb you, why, you know that you must obey yourself rather than man!" – EGOISM, MAX STIRNER

FREEDOM: Even if we were surrounded by radical degrees of liberty that would not necessarily mean that most people would become conscious of the full potential of liberty. "The last creature in the world to discover water would be a fish." - Source unknown. - E.g. oxygen, as part of air, was discovered rather late by scientists. We are surrounded by and practise many private-life liberties in a panarchistic way - but very few people are able or willing to abstract from these precedents the panarchistic freedom in all spheres, especially the political, social and economic ones. So the old saw that "freedom is best appreciated when it is absent" is not fully true, either. It applies only to known and missed liberties. - JZ, 12.4.00. – Most people, so far, were not even able to conclude from laissez-faire in economics to laissez faire when it comes to political and social affairs as well and from religious tolerance to arrive at the conclusion in favor of the same kind of tolerance for all kinds of political, economic and social systems, all only for their volunteers, or from panarchistic and tolerant free actions in the private spheres that the same kind of panarchism could also be successfully and peacefully practiced in the public spheres. – JZ, 16.3.13. – TOLERANCE, PANARCHISM, LAISSEZ FAIRE, RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, INCONSISTENCY, SHORTSIGHTEDNES, INABILITY TO LEARN FROM EXPERIENCE

FREEDOM: Every generation must wage a new war for freedom against new forces which seek through new devices to enslave mankind.” - Platform of the Progressive Party, 1924.

FREEDOM: Every man has freedom to do all that he wills, provided he infringes not the equal freedom of any other man.” - Herbert Spencer, Social Statics, First Principles. - Also in chapter VI, par.1, with a "that" inserted between "provided" and "he". – JZ - EQUAL FREEDOM

FREEDOM: Every man must get to heaven his own way.” - Frederick the Great. - Every man must get to HIS secular heaven in his OWN way. - JZ, n.d. & 22.11.10 - TOLERANCE & LIBERTY, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: Every rightful and sensible freedom option encounters not just a few but a whole host of objections, myths, errors and wrong premises among the majority of viewers, listeners and readers, so that freedom of expression, without freedom to experiment, cannot get very far or fast. - JZ, 9.7.89. - OBJECTIONS, FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION & FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS

FREEDOM: Every tyrant who has lived has believed in freedom - for himself.” - Elbert Hubbard, The Roycroft Dictionary & Book of Epigrams, 1923. - I tried several times to peruse some of his many volumes - but for me his pearls are spread too thinly in his mud and shells. - JZ, 5.7.00, 9.8.13. – Who will extract them all, for this collection? – JZ, 18.12.08. – TYRANTS, ARBITRARINESS, WILLFULLNESS, ABSOLUTISM, TOTALITARIANISM

FREEDOM: Everyone gains through freedom.” - Read, Then Truth Will Out, IX. - Even if they are not aware of this. Then they should be allowed to live under the restraints that they prefer for themselves. - JZ, 14.4.00. – Well, the criminals and aggressors, i.e. the people with involuntary victims, do not gain their wrongful objectives whenever their crimes or aggressions are eiher prevented or successfully resisted and when they are held responsible, as far as possible, for their wrongful actions, via penalties, imprisonment or, at least, enforced indemnification claims, including all the costs of capturing and judging them and extracting the indemnification from them. – JZ, 9.8.13.

FREEDOM: Everyone may seek his own happiness in the way that seems good to himself, provided that he infringes not such freedom of others to strive after a similar end as is consistent with the freedom of all according to a possible general law.” - Kant. – In all too general terms he stood here for panarchism as well. – JZ, 22.11.10. - HAPPINESS & EQUAL FREEDOM, UNIVERSALITY PRINCIPLE, PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: Everyone wants to move FORWARD to freedom. - However, through muddled thinking and growing bureaucratic controls, we have been moving BACKWARD to the days of the Pharaohs. - If you want your country to move FORWARD … WHY NOT TRY CAPITALISM? - Discover the TOTAL meaning of freedom through Capitalism.” - From a leaflet by Joseph A. Galambos: Destination Freedom. – It does not stand, clearly enough, for panarchism as well, although the principle of “laissez faire, laissez passer” DOES. – JZ, 22.11.10. – The same could be said for “free markets”, tolerance”, “experimental freedom”, “free exchange”, “freedom of contract” and “freedom of association” – but how many do so far interpret these terms in the panarchistic way as well? – JZ, 16.3.13. – CAPITALISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, VOLUNTARISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: Everything depends upon what is meant by freedom.” - Mircea Eliade, Yoga, Immortality and Freedom. – Even the totalitarian communists claimed to stand for the “freedom” of the proletarians and for world peace.  – JZ, 16.3.13.

FREEDOM: Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.” - Albert Einstein, Out of My Later Years, 1950, p.7.– Was there ever one as yet who enjoyed full freedom? – JZ, 17.12.08. - GREATNESS, INNOVATION, CREATIVITY

FREEDOM: Everything that limits us we have to put aside” - Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, p. 76. - If we were to include all others, who are not aggressive, within this "us", then it would make sense. - Naturally, we should not consider the laws of nature as limits upon the liberty that should exist between human beings. Nor could we put them aside. –JZ, 16.4.00. We should start with the territorial State. – JZ, 21.12.08. - UNLIMITED FREEDOM

FREEDOM: Except in the case of actual encroachment, society has no more right to interfere with the morality of individual conduct than it has to interfere with the orthodoxy of individual belief. Neither comes within the jurisdiction of third persons except at the point where encroachment begins.” - Stephen Pearl Andrews, quoted by Rocker, Pioneers of American Freedom, p. 83. – Compare: “Vices are no crimes” and “Anything goes between consenting adults.” – VOLUNTARISM, RIGHT & WRONG, MORAL CONDUCT & ENCROACHMENTS, RESTRICTIONS, LICENSING, PERMITS, INTERFERENCES VS. INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

FREEDOM: Exemption from the stress of authority in a beggarly half dozen of restraint's infinite multitude of methods. A political condition that every nation supposes itself to enjoy in virtual monopoly. The distinction between freedom and liberty is not accurately known; naturalists have never been able to find a living specimen of either.” - Ambrose Bierce. - WHAT IS COMMONLY CALLED FREEDOM OR LIBERTY, TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: External freedom is the authority of man to do everything that he may do as an ethical being.” - Lefkovits. – ETHICS, MORALITY, RIGHTS, NATURAL LAW, INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

FREEDOM: F = E'+ P', i.e., Individual Freedom Equals Economic Rights Plus Political Rights.” - Prof. Larson, quoted by William F. Buckley, Up from Liberalism, p.162.

FREEDOM: Faith Works Miracles. There can be no turnabout from authoritarianism to liberty without faith. Let freedom reign!” - Leonard E. Read, Castles in the Air, summary of ch.28. – I do expect much more in “miracles” from reason, rationality, individual rights and liberties, especially full freedom to experiment, e.g. with Panarchies, monetary and financial freedom. – JZ, 16.3.13. - FAITH IN FREEDOM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW

FREEDOM: fertilize freedom, shed sunlight on liberty and watch it grow.” - Stormy Mon, in THE CONNECTION 122, p.67. – Most are so far only prepared to fertilize it by pissing or shitting on it. But, indeed, what makes freedom clear and valuable is, at least in they eyes of the somewhat enlightened, is, often and precisely, its absence. What it needs most under present conditions is ready access to all freedom ideas, arguments and facts, the secessionist, exterritorial autonomy and militia option for the protection of genuine individual rights and liberties – and these are still not optimally expressed and publicly, widely enough, declared. – JZ, 21.12.08.

FREEDOM: Figgis asserted that freedom is good because it enables people to develop their personalities to the fullest extent. "The theory of liberty", he wrote, "is always concerned at bottom with human character." - David N. Nicholls, The Pluralist State, p.17. - Aren't e.g. freedom of speech and association, as well as freedom of enterprise and free trade and monetary freedom, largely independent of the characters involved, apart from the requirements that most dealings must be honest ones and profitable to the participants? – Like religion, race and political ideology the personalities involved seem rather irrelevant to me. – Development of talents, on a free market for them, is another matter. - JZ, 8.4.00. – , DEVELOPMENT OF PERSONALITIES

FREEDOM: Figgis believed that the notion of freedom is intimately connected to a belief in "the spiritual nature of men".  The materialist doctrine that man is a complicated machine hardly has a place for the high doctrine of conscience, nor, therefore, for a solid conception of human freedom; why should too much fuss be made about civil liberty if the individual is simply a lump of matter moved here and there by a number of contending forces?” - David Nicholls, The Pluralist State, 22/23. - SPIRITUAL NATURE & MATERIALISM

FREEDOM: FIOT & PIOT: Freedom In Our Time & Panarchy In Our Time. – Especially the latter meaning of PIOT would also mean Peace In Our Time. – JZ, 16.3.13.

FREEDOM: First let's liberate the Earth - then on to the Stars. We may be the only ones knowing of freedom - in the entire universe. Even among us this knowledge is still all too scarce and not yet properly and efficiently assembled and available to anyone interested, far less fully realized. We mustn't let this spark go out or leave it to perish by man-made or natural catastrophes. – However, if and when we reach extraterrestrials with our freedom messages, their reply might be: “Why did you think that we are immoral and irrational beings and that thus the freedom and rights options might be news to us? For centuries, a few of our secret agents tried in vain, to spread it among you!” - JZ, 4.2.77 & 11.4.00, 21.12.08. - SPACE, THE UNIVERSE, EARTH, JOKES, EXTRATERRESTRIALS, ALIENS

FREEDOM: Five boxes preserve our freedoms: soap, ballot, witness, jury, and cartridge.” - Myron A. Calhoun, NRA Life Member and Certified Instructor for Rifle, Pistol, and Home Firearm Safety. Also Certified Instructor for the Kansas Concealed-Carry Handgun (CCH) license, in email received 31.10.07. He is also the unfortunate recipient of about 100 spam messages a day and thus often easier to reach by phone than by email, for he might mistake your message for spam. Oh the wonders of modern email! - JZ, 31.10.07. - He has put a long compilation of interesting quotes and extracts online:  - - RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS, EMAIL SPAM, GUN CONTROL LAWS, WEAPONS, FIREARMS

FREEDOM: For a man without freedom is less than human ...” - John Dalgleish, in Mises bibliography, p.111. – Less than a fully developed and matured human being, anyhow. – JZ, 16.3.13. - MAN, HUMAN NATURE

FREEDOM: For a nation to love liberty, it is sufficient that she knows it.” - Marquis de la Fayette, quoted in Rose Wilder Lane, The Discovery of Freedom, p.217. - A whole nation or population cannot love, know or act as an entity - unless it is entirely constituted of volunteers only, apart from babies, infants, children and mentally defective people, who should be taken care of by their guardians. Otherwise, only individuals can love, know and act in accordance with all freedom principles and individual rights and liberties. - JZ, 14.4.00. – Since no one knows as yet all of them and there exists not suitable guide to them, e.g. in the form of an ideal declaration of all genuine individual rights and liberties – what can one expect? – JZ, 20.12.08. – But at least all those, which were already discovered or formulated by some should be finally brought together in an as complete and clear declaration of them as could and should be compiled and published by now. – JZ, 9.8.13. - KNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTANDING, LOVE OF LIBERTY, NATIONS, PEOPLES, INDIVIDUALISM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, FREEDOM OF ACTION, MAJORITIARIANISM, DECLARATION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, HUMAN RIGHTS, NATIONS, POPULATION, PEOPLE, NATIONALISM

FREEDOM: For an unidentified benefit deceptively termed "freedom from fear" we are asked to surrender freedom itself.” - Clarence Manion, The Key to Peace, p.49. - FREEDOM FROM FEAR, HUMAN RIGHTS, WELFARE STATE, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS

FREEDOM: For by nothing is ripeness and capacity for freedom so much promoted as by freedom itself. This truth, perhaps, may not be acknowledged by those who have so often made use of this want of capacity as a plea for the continuance of repressive influences. But it seems to me to follow unquestionably from the very nature of man.” - Wilhelm von Humboldt, in Sprading, Liberty and the Great Libertarians, 106. - MATURITY, READINESS, PRACTICE

FREEDOM: for freedom is constituted in unrestricted power to exchange, which in turn means prosperity and peace. …  Freedoms may be numbered from four to forty but these are but branches of the trunk freedom, which is unrestricted exchange. Freedom, on the civilized plane, began with exchange and has expanded as exchange has expanded.” - E. C. Riegel, The New Approach to Freedom, pp 5 & 13. – Merely to hold on to one’s property, rather than exchanging it, is also a right. So is freedom to express and make accessible one’s ideas, observations and opinions, even if, for some time, no one takes notes of them and replies, i.e., exchanges views. That the option would be there would be sufficient. – JZ, 16.3.15. - FREE EXCHANGE

FREEDOM: For freedom there is not substitute; there can be no substitute.” - Rudolf Rocker, Nationalism and Culture, p.237. - Especially not if one also includes under freedom the panarchistic freedom to be unfree, i.e., for individuals the option to choose a condition of un-freedom for themselves. - JZ, 17.4.00. - NO SUBSTITUTE FOR FREEDOM! EXCEPT WHAT IS FREELY CHOSEN BY SOME INDIVIDUALS FOR THEMSELVES!

FREEDOM: For freedom to survive, free men and women must survive. The affluence that accompanies freedom is not a requirement, but a very pleasant side effect. Given freedom, wealth follows; take freedom away, and there will be wealth only for masters.” - Jerry Pournelle, in FAR FRONTIERS, Fall 85, page 10, commenting on: Vernor Vinge: The Ungoverned. - AFFLUENCE & WEALTH

FREEDOM: For freedom, as Mr. Graham Wallace has finely said, implies the chance of continuous initiative.” - H. L. Laski, in David Nicholls, The Pluralist State, 1975, essay: The Pluralistic State, p. 149. - The remark by Wallace was in an article in NEW STATESMAN, Sep. 25, 1915. - This requires individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities, no matter how often this option is ignored. - JZ, 8.8.86 & 17.4.00. – INITIATIVE, SECESSIONISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, INNOVATION, INVENTIVENESS, EXPERIMENTATION, TOLERANCE

FREEDOM: For freedom, in sound theory, is all of a piece. It hinges on properly limiting government. A society may be called free when its government does not dictate matters of religion and private conscience, does not censor reading material, curb speech, nor bar lawful assemblage. But mere paper guaranties of these important freedoms are worthless if there is governmental control and bureaucratic planning of economic life. The guaranty of religious freedom is worth little if the devotees are denied the economic means to build their temples, print their literature, and pay their spiritual guides…” - Edmund A. Opitz, in his introduction to Ben Moreell's The Admiral's Log II, XVI. – Any government or society, which is still only a territorial one, i.e. not selected by all of its subjects for themselves, is still not a sufficiently limited or free one. – JZ, 16.3.13. – INDIVISIBLE, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM, MINORITY AUTONOMY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE

FREEDOM: For Herbert Read freedom is "the value of all values". - Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, ch.3: Freedom and Equality, on the first page. - VALUE

FREEDOM: For him who knows the compulsory vices of the slave, freedom is the possibility of virtue.” - Michelet. - SLAVERY & VICE

FREEDOM: For how many more centuries are you prepared to postpone the introduction of peace, a just and free society, free trade, free banking, financial freedom, individual sovereignty, individual secessionism, voluntarism and experimental freedom in every sphere - panarchism, longevity, space exploration, intelligence expansion, complete libertarian library and information services and to tolerate the prevailing ignorance and prejudices, mass murder practices and preparations, bloody wars, civil wars, revolutions and terrorist actions, which serve no rightful and rational purposes, mass unemployment, inflation, tax robberies, bureaucracy, despotism, corruption, exploitation, monopolies and avalanches of oppressive laws and regulations? - JZ 22.11.93. - Shouldn't you at least search for programs that could achieve FIOT or PIOT? - JZ, 9.4.00. - ITS INTRODUCTION, EXTERRITORIALISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM VS. TERRITORIALISM, Q.

FREEDOM: For in the final analysis, according to Rocker, "Only freedom can inspire men to great things and bring about intellectual and social transformation." For "Freedom is the very essence of life, the impelling force in all intellectual and social development, the creator of every new outlook for the future of mankind.” - Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.482. - INSPIRATION, LIFE, REFORMS, PROGRESS

FREEDOM: For liberty is to be free from restraint and violence from others, which cannot be where there is no law.” - John Locke, Second Treaty of Civil Government, Sect. 57. - Did he ever consider "personal laws"? - JZ, n.d. - Full freedom cannot exist under territorial laws. – JZ, 22.11.10. - LAW & VIOLENCE,

FREEDOM: For Locke the state of nature is not a state of war, but a natural as opposed to a civil society, that is, a society in which men live together under natural rather than under civil law. Men who live in this condition are "in a state of perfect freedom to order their actions and dispose of their possessions as they think fit, within the bounds of the law of nature." This is a limited, not an absolute freedom; or, as Locke says, "though this be a state of liberty, yet it is not a state of license." The line between liberty and license is drawn by the precepts of the natural law. The difference, then, between natural and civil liberty lies in this. Natural liberty consists in being "free from any superior power on earth", or not being "under the will or legislative authority of man". Only the rules of natural law limit freedom of action. Civil liberty, or liberty under civil law, consists in being "under no other legislative power but that established by consent." It is a freedom for the individual to follow his own will in all matters not prescribed by the law of the state.” - SYNTOPICON, p. 994, in THE GREAT BOOKS OF THE WESTERN WORLD. – Civil society, civil law, civilization are only civilized enough if they do include also the personal law and individual sovereignty choices and options of Panarchies, Polyarchies and Competing Societies and Governance systems, all of them without a territorial monopoly and only for their volunteers.  – JZ, 16.3.13. - LICENCE & THE LAW OF NATURE, VOLUNTARISM, CONSENT, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-GOVERNANCE, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: For man must have every possible freedom.” - Robert Sheckley, Immortality Inc. – May have? Only if he chooses it for himself. He must not be compelled to live as a free man if he does not want to. Naturally, this choice, too, must be at his own risk and expense. Nor is he at liberty to force other to live like him in some degree of slavery or even of full liberty and practicing all rights.  - JZ, 14.4.00, 9.8.13. – PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE

FREEDOM: For Montesquieu freedom consisted in the security of rights which could only be realized by a class of individual judges.” - Sergius Hessen, Die Menschenrechte im Liberalismus, Sozialismus und Kommunismus, Um die Erklaerung der Menschenrechte, p. 141. - It would be nice if one had reasons to believe that most governmental judges had sufficient knowledge of and appreciation for individual rights. Like most lawyers they are rather inclined to deny them. - JZ, 4.4.00. - SECURITY OF RIGHTS, FREE JURIES, SELF-CHOSEN ARBITRATION SYSTEMS, COMPLETING JURISDICTIONS, PERSONAL LAW

FREEDOM: For some freedoms only money gives you the right, others are yours already by right and opportunity and for still others we have still to fight. - JZ, 17.6.87 & 17.4.00.

FREEDOM: For some people, like infants and the insane, as well as for some criminals, there can be too much liberty for them to be able to cope with it and for some there can never be too much. Others are already satisfied with a fraction of all liberties. Let all peaceful and productive people chose for themselves their own societies, communities, laws and responsibilities as well as ideological systems. And let no one impose his choice upon non-criminal and adult others. - JZ, 28.4.95, 6.4.00. - CHOICE, FREE SOCIETY, PANARCHISM, TOO MUCH FREEDOM?

FREEDOM: For the anarchist, freedom is not an abstract philosophical concept, but the vital concrete possibility for every human being to bring to full development all capacities and talents with which nature has endowed him, and turn them to social account. The less this natural development of man is interfered with by ecclesiastical or political guardianship, the more efficient and harmonious will human personality become, the more will it become the measure of the intellectual culture of the society in which it has grown. This is the reason that all great culture periods in history have been periods of political weakness, for political systems are always set upon the mechanizing and not the organic development of social forces. State and culture are irreconcilable opposites. …” - Rudolf Rocker, quoted in Horowitz: The Anarchists, p. 191. - HUMAN NATURE, STATE, CULTURE, TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: For the principle of Manchesterism is liberty, and consistent Manchesterism is consistent adherence to liberty … genuine Anarchism is consistent Manchesterism.” - Benjamin R. Tucker, quoted in: Michael Wreszin, The Superfluous Anarchist Albert Jay Nock, Brown U.P., Providence, 1972, p.4. - ANARCHISM & MANCHESTERISM, CLASSICAL LIBERALISM, LAISSEZ FAIRE SOCIETIES

FREEDOM: For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” ― Nelson Mandela – Quoted by Nizam Ahmad - I wish he had always subscribe to that principle and acted accordingly. – JZ, Facebook, 9.1.13. -  – When it comes to actions, he used to be a terrorist and much later he still remained a territorialist – JZ, 1.4.12. - RIGHTS, LIBERTIES

FREEDOM: For we mean by freedom the power and the faculty for every man or organic group of men to decide on such issues as are vital to his or its destinies.” - Salvador de Madariaga, The blowing up of the Parthenon, p.31. – Only societies and communities of volunteers can be considered as “organic” ones. – JZ, 22.11.10. – ORGANIC SOCIETIES, VOLUNTARISM

FREEDOM: For what avail the plough or sail or land or life, if freedom fail? - Emerson. - In Sprading, Liberty and the Great Libertarians, p.143.INVENTIONS, CAPITAL, MACHINES

FREEDOM: Four Boxes of Freedom: Soap, Ballot, Jury, Cartridge.” – Anonymous Compare: FREEDOM: Five boxes preserve our freedoms: soap, ballot, witness, jury, and cartridge.” - Myron A. Calhoun, NRA Life Member & Certified Instructor for Rifle, Pistol, & Home Firearm Safety. Also Certified Instructor for the Kansas Concealed-Carry Handgun (CCH) license, in email received 31.10.07. He is also the unfortunate recipient of about 100 spam messages a day and thus often easier to reach by phone than by email, for he might mistake your message for spam. Oh the wonders of modern email! - JZ, 31.10.07. - He has put a long compilation of interesting quotes and extracts online: -

FREEDOM: Free access to the world of matter, abolishing land monopoly; free access to the world of mind, abolishing idea monopoly; free access to an untaxed and unprivileged market, abolishing tariff monopoly and money monopoly - secure these and all the rest shall be added unto you.” - Benjamin R. Tucker, in a short set of quotations from him compiled by Joe Labadie. - FREE ACCESS VS. MONOPOLIES

FREEDOM: Free is only he who can do whatever he likes to do.” - Popular view. - According to this only while Robinson Crusoe was alone on his island, was he a free man. As soon as there are others, he can no longer act upon whims - towards them - without risking infringements of their rights and liberties. According to Kant right is the agreement of the arbitrary freedom of one with the arbitrary freedom of others according to a general law of freedom for all. That excludes the above definition. - JZ - FREE WILL, ARBITRARINESS, WHIM,

FREEDOM: free men and women will find their OWN ways to be free.” - Butler D. Shaffer, Calculated Chaos, 303. - Nevertheless, let us try to collect, archive and make accessible all rightful, possible and desirable ways to increase individual liberties. - JZ, 5.3.99. - Compare: Panarchism and its slogan: “To each the government or free society of his or her dreams.” – Later amended by G. P. d. B. to end with “choice” instead of “dreams”. – JZ.

FREEDOM: Free Men are bound by a thousand chains of conscience, love and duty; it is the slave to himself who stumbles through life unattached and careless, given to loose talk and loose thinking.” - D. Runes, A Dictionary of Thought, p.43. - One might even add: and to criminal actions, i.e., crimes with victims. - JZ - RESTRAINTS, CONSCIENCE, LOVE & DUTY

FREEDOM: Free men have no right to live and work in isolation if they wish to retain the bliss of their heritage. Rather it is their duty to crash into the lairs of the slave-makers and slave-holders, so that the rest of the world may become free and stay free.” – Dagobert D. Runes, A Dictionary of Thought. – It is also their duty to collaborate sufficiently to finish large libertarian projects as soon as possible. This would be facilitated by a digitized libertarian ideas archive and a libertarian projects list online. – JZ, 9.8.13. - ISOLATIONISM, LIBERATION, INTERVENTIONISM, RIGHTFUL REVOLUTIONS & MILITARY INSURRECTIONS, GOVERNMENTS & SOCIETIES IN EXILE

FREEDOM: Free men need not fear one another.” - LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Sum. 75. - FEAR

FREEDOM: Free men, defined as those who understand these distinctions, are the only ones who can rescue the indifferent and the docile from a growing serfdom. The burden is on them and them alone.” - Leonard E. Read, ISIL LIBERTY QUOTE LIBRARY 03. – The primary burden or responsibility of freedom-loving men is to set themselves free, as free as they want to be. They can most easily achieve that if they clearly proclaim that they want their preferred degrees of liberty only for their own kind of volunteers and are fully tolerant towards all kinds or communities of statist volunteers, doing their own things ONLY to themselves, under personal laws and exterritorial autonomy, until they have finally learnt their lessons about liberty as well. The freedom lovers would best enlighten them by setting practical examples of free societies – all only for their volunteers. In other words, freedom lovers should fully recognize the value of free experimentation and freedom of action – even for their opponents. On that basis they can even collaborate to realize and uphold, between them, exterritorial autonomy for all volunteers, with a hope to spread it, finally, individual by individual, to the whole population. Nature works in the same way with its developments, mutation by mutation. It does not try to change a whole species all at once but relies on xyz simultaneous experiments of e.g. slightly different plants and animals, down to microorganisms. – JZ, 10.1.08, 9.8.13. - RESPONSIBILITY & PANARCHISM, ANY DEGREE OF FREEDOM FOR FREEDOM LOVING VOLUNTEERS & ALSO ANY DEGREE OF STATISM, EXCEPT TERRITORIALISM, FOR ANY KINDS OF STATISTS, NATURAL DEVELOPMENT, CHANGES, MUTATIONS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

FREEDOM: Free people are not equal and equal people are not free.” - Lawrence Reed, essay in Seven Principles of Sound Public Policy. - FREEDOM VS. EQUALITY, EQUALITY VS. FREEDOM

FREEDOM: Free will is not the liberty to do whatever one likes, but the power of doing whatever one sees ought to be done, even in the very face of otherwise overwhelming impulse. There lies freedom, indeed.” – George Macdonald. - FREE WILL, REASON, MORALITY, ETHICS, RIGHTS, DUTY, RESPONSIBILITY

FREEDOM: Free will is the essence of man and reason and thought are his tools.” - Proverb. - FREE WILL, REASON, THOUGHT

FREEDOM: Free yourself first.” - quoted by Robert Baker in LAISSEZ FAIRE REVIEW, May/June 1974. - SELF-LIBERATION

FREEDOM: Freedom - I won't! … F = I.W. - Eric Frank Russell, The Great Explosion, p.133. Story: And then there were none. – NO! INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

FREEDOM: Freedom - I won't!" means passive resistance when possible, and death when necessary rather than surrender to the coercers. - John Fulks, THE CONNECTION 115, p.39. - There are many shades of resistance between passive resistance and fight to the death. - JZ, 8.4.00. – The slogan F-IW is one of the central ideas of Eric Frank Russell’s “And Then There Were None”, reproduced in “Freedom!” - edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Mark Tier.

FREEDOM: Freedom - the most powerful weapon - if it is properly understood and wielded. - JZ, 1978. - FREEDOM AS A WEAPON, MEANS, MACHINERY, TOOL, POWER SOURCE

FREEDOM: Freedom - the Only End.” - Title of a book by F. McEachran, Johnson Publications Ltd., London. Reviewed by J. A. French in PROGRESS, Oct. 1966. - ENDS & MEANS

FREEDOM: Freedom - the only road to any just equality. - JZ, 11.7.91. – EQUALITY, EQUAL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, PEACE, LIBERATION


FREEDOM: Freedom ... means action not motivated by fear of others and particularly the ability to choose action.” - J. D. Mabbott, The State and the Citizen, p.75. – Rightful or self-responsible actions. – JZ, 21.12.08.

FREEDOM: Freedom … world without collars … a world where men could live like men, not like the machine's cogs… " - Frederik Pohl & Jack Williamson, Starchild, p.138.

FREEDOM: Freedom (civil liberty) in a free society would be the condition in which every person enjoys without human interference, his right of exclusive control over his own person and property. It would be a society in which no person's right of ownership is violated by any other person. It would be the absence of coercion (ideally) in a social context.” - Sam Wells, Jr., OPTION, 6/77, p. 29.

FREEDOM: Freedom above all else.” - Dean Smith, Conservatism, p.63. - That is o.k. for those who love it most. Freedom lovers should let others have their own choices, even if and while they prefer something else to freedom, provided, naturally, they do so only at their own risk and expense. E.g. by outlawing communist practices in Russia, among its remaining communists, we do unwittingly drive them towards grasping for power, once again. Let them, alone, suffer under their chosen form of communism and let all others, around them, provide them with instances of free lives and their benefits - then the still all too large number of indoctrinated communists, State Socialists and Welfare Statists will tend to shrink, perhaps rapidly. In democratic Russia, too, still all too much of a coercive and collectivist, monopolistic territorial system remains and all its wrongful and harmful consequences tend to be blamed now on “too much” "freedom". - JZ, 12.4.00, 9.8.13. - PRIORITY, VALUES

FREEDOM: Freedom affords the only way to release the creativity of the individual.” - Leonard E. Read, NOTES FROM FEE, 5/73. - That of all individuals, instead of merely that of a favored, few in limited spheres, which are loved by their advocates. - JZ, 8.5.00, 16.3.13. - CREATIVITY

FREEDOM: Freedom all solace to man gives; He lives at ease, that freely lives.” - John Barbour, The Bruce, c. 1375.


FREEDOM: Freedom and ignorance are incapable of long coexistence.” - L. E. Modesitt, Gravity Dreams, Orbit, London, 1999, p.161. – IGNORANCE, UTILIZING ALL EXISTING ENLIGHTENMENT OPTIONS

FREEDOM: freedom and individualism, and their political expression, capitalism, have not yet been discovered.” - Ayn Rand, in PLAYBOY interview. - It would be more accurate to add: "by most people". And is capitalism the political and social or the economic expression of individualism and freedom? - She herself denied the political expression of free market competition, free enterprise, free exchange, freedom of contract, including capitalism, but also any form of socialism or other ism, in the form of "competing governments" or panarchies, which are communities, societies or governance systems of volunteers, who are exterritorially autonomous and live under personal law. She still favored an exclusive territorial government, for what she considered to be a rightfully and sufficiently limited but still territorial government - and she refused to engage in sufficient discussion with her opponents on this and other remaining freedom controversies, e. g. full monetary freedom and xyz self-management options. - JZ, 13.4.00, 15.3.13. - INDIVIDUALISM, CAPITALISM, LIBERTARIAN LIBRARY, IDAS ARCHIVE, BIBLIOGRAPHY, ABSTRACTS & REVIEWS

FREEDOM: freedom and justice do not contradict each other as much as has been claimed, because freedom in an unjust system is no freedom at all.” – Kim Stanley Robinson, Blue Mars, 150/51. – And “justice” in an unfree system is no justice at all. – JZ, 11.9.07. - E.g. “social” justice and the “justice” of State security measures. – JZ, 8.10.07. – JUSTICE, ORDER, CONTROLS

FREEDOM: Freedom and property are directly connected: one favors the distribution of wealth, the other makes production possible.” - Ch. de Brouckere, Principes generaux d'economie politique, quoted by de Puydt in: Panarchy. - PROPERTY, WEALTH & PRODUCTION

FREEDOM: Freedom and self-responsibility are interchangeable terms. Self-responsibility is impossible unless one be free and one cannot be free if not self-responsible.” - Leonard E. Read, Meditations on Freedom, p.12. - SELF-RESPONSIBILITY

FREEDOM: Freedom and solidarity are identical concepts. Since the freedom of each finds in the freedom of others not a barrier, as says the Declaration of the Rights of Men and Citizens of 1793, but a support, the freest man is the one who has the most relations to his fellow men, note, all volunteers. … Mackay says in his "Abrechnung" (Final Account): "You need the others. See to it that they need you, too. Otherwise you are finished." – K. H. Z. Solneman in: John Henry Mackay, the Unique. - SOLIDARITY

FREEDOM: freedom and union …" Gustav Landauer, in: Die Revolution, commenting on Kropotkin's Mutual Aid. - I would rather speak of "freedom and free association". This requires also the freedom for individuals to disassociate themselves or to secede, e.g. from territorially unified nation States and from any kind of trade union. - Freedom in diversity, rather than lack of individual and minority liberties and rights under "unity". - JZ, 7.4.91, 17.4.00. - Quoted from Rocker, Nationalism and Culture, p.488. - UNITY, UNIONISM, VOLUNTARY SEPARATISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY IN DIVERSITY, FOR ALL KINDS OF VOLUNTEERS

FREEDOM: Freedom as the ideal of that which is original and natural does not exist as original and natural. Rather must it be first sought and won; and that by an incalculable medial discipline of the intellectual and moral powers. The state of nature is, therefore, predominantly that of injustice and violence, of untamed natural impulses, of inhuman deeds and feelings. …  The perpetually recurring misapprehension of freedom consists in regarding that term only in its formal, subjective sense, abstracted from its essential objects and aims; thus a constraint put upon impulse, desire, passion - pertaining to the particular individual as such - a limitation of caprice and self-will is regarded as a fettering of freedom. We should on the contrary look upon such limitation as the indispensable proviso of emancipation. Society and the state are the very conditions in which freedom is realized.” - Hegel, Philosophy of History, Great Books of the Western World, 46/172. – BARBARISM, PRIMITIVISM, CIVILIZATION, SELF-CONTROL, SELF-GOVERNANCE, SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP, RATIONALITY, MATURITY

FREEDOM: Freedom based upon individual rights not only matters, it matters most. Without it we are not fully alive and grown up. - JZ, 10.6.98. – RIGHTS, MAN, HUMAN NATURE, GROWING UP, MATURITY, ENLIGHTENMENT, KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM

FREEDOM: Freedom begins with an exchange - you can't have it until you grant it. Your own liberty is measured by the extent you agree to grant it to others. Freedom exists to the degree exchange exists uninterrupted. It starts, proceeds and expands through exchange. All its blessings are derived from exchange.”- Joan Marie Leonard, THE FREEMAN, 3/77. - EXCHANGE, EQUAL FREEDOM

FREEDOM: Freedom breeds freedom. Nothing else does.” - Ann Roe, The Making of a Scientist, 1952. - That applies only for a scientific, consistent, systematic or encyclopedic approach towards liberty. All too many satisfy themselves with a small grab bag full of some liberties they do comprehend and mix it with numerous errors, myths and prejudices on others, if they do not ignore the others altogether. Naturally, with this limited approach only limited successes can be attained. It does not release, mobilize and organize, in a market-like and division of labor way, all energies, ideas, knowledge, talents and resources for liberty. - JZ, 4.7.00. – Do enough libertarians breed and enlighten enough libertarian children? – JZ, 15.3.13, 9.8.13. – Q.

FREEDOM: Freedom brings about competition, which in turn generates progress.” - Ch. de Brouckere, Principes generaux d'economie politique, quoted by de Puydt, in Panarchy. - COMPETITION, PROGRESS

FREEDOM: freedom by means of freedom …" – Friedrich Schiller, quoted in Arblaster, The Good Society, p.74.

FREEDOM: Freedom can be abused.” - Popular view. If it is abused in crimes without victims: sins or vices, then this is not the business of other people. The freedom and rights of others can only be easily infringed when these do not readily and ably resist such infringements. But, most importantly, freedom, as a general condition, never goes so far as to legitimize abuses, like the infringement of the freedom of others. It has its natural limit in the freedom of others. When people infringe the rights and liberties of others they are not authorized to do so by rights and liberties. - They can be blamed and held responsible for their wrongful actions - but not the rights and liberties involved. - JZ – Is anything as abusive than denying freedom to others? – JZ, 17.12.08. - ABUSES

FREEDOM: Freedom can be created only by freedom.” - Michael Bakunin, Critique of the Marxist Theory of the State. - Through some liberties all can be obtained. - JZ, 21.6.93. - Full freedom can only be established by retaining, understanding and utilizing the remaining degrees of freedom. - JZ, 14.4.00.

FREEDOM: Freedom can be lost - just as surely, just as completely, and just as permanently - tax by tax, subsidy by subsidy, and regulation by regulation, as it can be lost bullet by bullet, bomb by bomb, missile by missile.” - Edward W. Hiles (? Hiler, Hilem?). - Actually, most bullets do not kill anybody but any tax, subsidy and regulation has thousands if not millions of victims, in any large country. - JZ, 5.2.97, 22.11.10.

FREEDOM: Freedom can exist only in the society of knowledge. Without learning, men are incapable of knowing their rights...” - Dr. Benjamin Rush - 1786. – From what source can they learn, even today, about all their individual rights and liberties? – JZ, 20.12.08. – There are all too many wrongful laws and regulations and still all too few attempts to declare all genuine individual rights and liberties as clearly as possible. Even anarchists and libertarians have not yet made sufficient collaborative efforts in this direction or have show sufficient interest in the private human rights drafts that were already offered. My anthology of over 130 PRIVATE human rights drafts is online at but failed, so far, with its intention to stimulate more and better such efforts. Who or what is to be blamed for that? – Has Max Stirner’s all too limited and flawed view on rights captured the minds of most freedom lovers? – All too many of the others are satisfied merely with the USA bill of rights amendments or those of their own government, or with the UN’s declaration of 1948, in spite of their obvious incompleteness and many flaws. - JZ, 9.8.13. - KNOWLEDGE, LEARNING & RIGHTS, DECLARATIONS OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

FREEDOM: Freedom can mean nothing else but the authority to slavishly follow one's own nature.” - Rahel Varnhagen von Ense. - Only if one can do so without infringing the nature, choices, rights, and preferences of others. Otherwise freedom would mean giving brutes, bullies, maniacs, victimizers, sadists, criminals and aggressors their chance to do with others as they like. Actually, that happens, to a large degree in all territorial States, from the worst to the least evil ones. Their wrongful legislation and monopolistic jurisdiction and police protection as well as their penal systems see to that. - JZ, 5.7.92, 8.4.00, 9.8.13.

FREEDOM: Freedom can only be secured by economic means. - JZ, n.d., rewording: "And freedom can only be secured by political means." - Ron Manners, in bookshop notes. - However, the political means of individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities can be a key to all other liberties. - JZ, 8.5.00. – Economic means, in this sense, includes “competing governance”, free enterprise in  providing “government services” and consumer  sovereignty towards them, including competing governments in exile, with governmental “public services” becoming reduced to private enterprise offers to sovereign individual consumers and, more importantly, competing societies and communities, all only for their volunteers and under personal law or exterritorial autonomy. – JZ, 19.12.08. - ECONOMIC MEANS VS. POLITICAL MEANS, VOLUNTARISM VS. COERCION, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, ASSOCIATION, EXPERIMENTATION & SECESSION IN ALL SPHERES, PRIVATE LAW OR EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: Freedom can only be the whole freedom; a piece of freedom is not the freedom.” - Stirner, in: John Henry Mackay, Max Stirner, S.142. - While it is not ALL of freedom, it is still a PIECE of freedom. Even a piece of bread or cake is better than no bread or cake at all. Admittedly, we should never be content with having achieved just one piece of it or imagine that this would be all that could be attained. - JZ, 13.4.00. – Even free public lecturers do not, in person, lecture all the time. – JZ, 19.12.08. - All of freedom, at least for all consistent and enlightened freedom lovers, not only part of it, must be the ultimate aim. But in the meantime we ought to aim at retaining, expanding and multiplying those individual rights and liberties among ourselves, which we do already know and appreciate. All should be realized only voluntarily and to the extent that they are wanted by volunteers for themselves, at their expense and risk. - PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, META-UTOPIA, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, SOCIETIES & COMMUNITIES, EVEN STATIST REGIMES, BUT NONE WITH A TERRITORIAL MONOPOLY.

FREEDOM: Freedom can only be within the laws of the universe and man's and of man's own being, so can never be absolute.” - Anon. - A lot of confusion here, e.g. a mix-up with the natural laws discovered by scientists. Government laws do mostly not embrace but rather outlaw individual rights and liberties. As specific freedoms, as human rights and liberties, they are, natural for somewhat rational beings like human beings, capable of self-improvements but not of perfection. All flawed or nonsensical definitions of freedom should be fully exposed as such, rather than quoted and repeated over and over again. - JZ 4.4.00, 9.8.13.

FREEDOM: Freedom can only consist in socialized men rationally regulating their interchange with nature, bringing it under common control.” - Karl Marx, quoted by T. Machan, Liberty and Culture, p.85. - No wonder he understood so little of it - with THAT definition in mind. - JZ, 15.1.93. - FREEDOM ACCORDING TO MARX

FREEDOM: Freedom can't be bought for nothing. If you hold her precious, you must hold all else of little worth.” - Seneca, Letters to Lucilius, 1st. century, 104.34, tr. E. Phillips Barker. – On the contrary: Under freedom you can dedicate your time, talents, earnings, property and energy to those values, activities, institutions, aims and practices which are your highest priorities. You would value freedom only because it would give you that chance, while giving all others the same chance of doing their own things. – JZ, 9.8.13. - PRICE OF FREEDOM, OPPORTUNITIES, PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, ANY IDEAL, ANY VALUE, ANY OF ONE’S GREATEST PRIORITIES

FREEDOM: Freedom cannot be achieved through the LEVIATHAN. - JZ, n.d. – GOVERNMENT, STATE, TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: Freedom cannot be automated. It is not achieved, in the sense that a person arrives at a destination. Nor is it possible for some trick, political or otherwise, to provide other people with freedom. No manipulative legerdemain produces freedom for others. Freedom is something that is learned by each person (*), or it is not learned. It is grasped at last only by those who love it most. Each one must learn it for himself. (*) And the attainment is marked, not by a new political administration but by the high resolve of each individual who decides that from this moment forward he will never willingly or knowingly violate the freedom of another.” - LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Winter 76. - (*) The enlightenment process can be greatly aided and almost automated, for oneself and others, when particular "machineries for freedom" are cooperatively or in partnership assembled, especially those, which require much more than the labors, capabilities and resources of single individuals. Among these are libertarian encyclopedias, complete freedom libraries, bibliographies, alphabetical indexes, abstracts and review compilations, complete and cheap as well as permanent libertarian publishing, affordable in alternative media like microfiche, floppy disks and CD-ROMs, archives of libertarian ideas, directories to all libertarians, with their special interests indicated, complete lists of all definitions of aspects of liberty, public lists of all current freedom projects, the issue of speculative securities that anticipate the future privatization of all governmental assets. Perhaps most important of all would be a collection of all monetary and financial freedom writings, to distill from them the essence of monetary and financial freedom in form of guide-books. Among the libertarian encyclopedias would be one comprehensive one of slogans and aphorisms on liberty, one of the best refutations of popular anti-freedom opinions and one of the best wordings for launching pro-freedom views towards all kinds of people and at all kinds of opportunities. Also collections of flow-chart discussions. Such and other tools, all parts of a genuinely cultural revolution or of an automated enlightenment or education effort, one that sufficiently supplemented all existing tools in this sphere, could be made cheaply available to all interested individuals. However, to provide them would require the intentional and rational combination of the labors, knowledge, references, studies and patience of many freedom lovers - who have clearly seen the value of such reference tools or machinery and processes. Each, on his own, can only achieve so much. Freedom lovers who appreciate economic freedom do appreciate the value of division of labor and free exchange and of voluntary collaboration - but they have not yet applied them in the sphere or exploring, proving and applying liberty. They have not yet provided a well-published market for all pro-freedom efforts and contributions, goods and services. It would go far beyond of what one isolated individual could achieve in this sphere, even if he were a genius. - JZ, 11.4.00. – They have not even provided, between them, an as complete and clear declaration of all genuine individual rights and liberties as could and should be assembled and published by now. – JZ, 15.3.13. – See my 2010 digitized book manuscript on this, which comes zipped to only 306 KBs, is not yet online anywhere, although it is not copyrighted. It was once reviewed by GPdB at and presently is only available from me, as a free of charge email attachment, upon request. - JZ, 9.8.13.

FREEDOM: Freedom cannot be bestowed, it must be earned.” - Jack Williamson, People Machines, p.102. – I rather hold with inborn individual rights and liberties, corresponding to the capacities of human beings. – JZ, 9.8.13. - FREEDOM EARNED, FOUGHT OR STRIVEN FOR, NOT GIVEN OR GRANTED

FREEDOM: Freedom cannot be bestowed. It must be achieved.” - Franklin D. Roosevelt, speech of 16 Sep. 1936. He bestowed only the Welfare State and WW II upon millions of people - and those who wanted individual liberties and rights had to oppose his measures. Is it true that our children and grandchildren, once we have established liberty, will have to begin or continue the liberty struggle over and over again - or will they inherit a great deal of their liberties and will have only to apply them responsibly? – JZ, n.d. – Q.

FREEDOM: Freedom cannot be granted. It must be taken.” - Max Stirner: The Ego and His Own, 1845. - Seldes. - Genuine liberties are rights. Rights are denied by Stirner, as spleens, infringing the individual's self-assertion and his power. Moreover, freedom is not simply lying around, there for the taking. - While, indeed, individual liberties and rights are not grants by other men, they do inherently exist in the nature of men. Their suppression can either be practised, abolished or withdrawn. The withdrawal of suppression is not a grant of freedom but merely an ending of its suppression. - JZ, 13.4.00. – Can it simply be taken or bought like a consumer good? It must become realized and protected – at least at first, if not always, only among its volunteers. Leave other “free” to remain as unfree as they wish to be. Perhaps some people with a slave- or serf-mentality will always be with us. Trying to introduce it immediately to the whole population of a country, mainly made up of more or less ignorant and prejudiced statists, is the worst possible path. It might postpone its realization indefinitely. Thus it should be realized at first only in free experiments among volunteers only, leaving its opponents to do their things from then on only to themselves. One might even present it as an appeal to the masses to grant a few people the “fool’s liberty”, in which the libertarian “fools” would amuse the statist majority, at least at first. Clowns and other “circus performances” are usually readily accepted by the masses. No threat would be posed to their “fear of freedom”. Thus very attractive examples could be set relatively easily - almost anywhere and soon, in the easiest way to achieve a liberation or revolution – just for those, who do want it, not disturbing the rest of the population more than is necessary for this. From them it would tend to be copied and spread widely, by voluntary acceptance through individuals and, sometimes, whole groups. – Freedom to secede - and to reorganized tolerantly under personal law or exterritorial autonomy - would be the first steps of this approach toward full freedom, in the long run, for all, who would, sooner or later, become willing to accept it, if not now or soon then in a few years or decades. Just ponder the attractiveness of e.g. voluntary taxation and the positive consequences of full monetary freedom: no more economic crises, no more involuntary unemployment and no more inflations – at least not among the voluntary participants in these experiments. No one would be outvoted any longer. Each could still be as conservative or as “progressive” as he wants to be. – JZ, 9.8.13. - NOT GRANTED BY THE STATE, SOCIETY OR THE POPULATION. TAKE IT OR REALIZE IT ONLY AMONG VOLUNTEERS, UNDER PERSONAL LAW OR EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY.

FREEDOM: Freedom cannot be introduced by governments - except by their abdication. - JZ, 6/72. - Governments can offer freedom only by law repeals and abdication. - JZ, 31.7.78. - Some historical instances: The renunciation of feudalism by the French nobility during the French Revolution, the abolition of serfdom by the Czar, that of slavery (only towards the end of a bloody civil war!) by the U.S.A., and the Stein-Hardenberg Reforms in Prussia. None of them introduced all of liberty but just some liberties. - JZ, 11.4.00. – More accurately: They removed some of the legal barriers to natural liberty. Thus they had been called “Jacobins of the North”. – JZ, 19.12.08. – Even when England finally introduced unilateral Free Trade in England, it was not a completely free trade and thus it lasted only a few decades. – JZ, 9.8.13. -  GOVERNMENT, ABDICATION, INTRODUCTION, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM, SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY – E.G. FOR FREE TRADERS & FOR PROTECTIONISTS, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

FREEDOM: Freedom cannot be preserved unless we become our own head scratchers, ceasing the herd-like acceptance of the conclusions given by other people. We should spend fewer hours with the local newspaper or nightly TV news and concentrate more on studying the basics.” - Charles Heath, The Golden Egg. - SELF-THINKING

FREEDOM: Freedom cannot be promoted by first denying it.” - Francis Ellingham, MINUS ONE, Nr.30. - DEFENCE OF FREEDOM, SOLDIER'S RIGHTS, MILITIA

FREEDOM: Freedom comes, freedom goes - unless you hold on to it and make rational use of it. - JZ, 20.5.76, 11.4.00.

FREEDOM: Freedom compels a man to become responsible. People are opposed to this compulsion. This is their urge to be free.” - Ulrich von Beckerath. - (Freiheit zwingt zur Verantwortung. Gegen diesen Zwang sind die Leute. Das ist ihr Freiheitsbestreben.) - Freedom includes the right not to be free, to choose a condition of voluntary servitude, to follow any kind of leader to whatever extent one desires. It includes the right to shoulder individual responsibilities on others, the willing shepherds and leaders. The only condition is that this does not become permanent condition but that “the” people, even minorities and individuals, do remain free to withdraw from this servitude as soon as they wake up to their so far ignored freedom and rights potential. - JZ, n.d. & 22.11.10, 9.8.13. – RESPONSIBILITY, PANARCHISM, STATISM

FREEDOM: Freedom consists in the possibility of doing everything that does not infringe the rights of others. – Herr Traeger, West-Berlin, in the 50’s, one of the small group around Ulrich von Beckerath.

FREEDOM: Freedom consists primarily in not being forced to do anything that is not commanded by law.” - Montesquieu, Gesetze und Prinzipien der Politik, S.132. - Perhaps he was not free enough to speak up against oppressive laws or “positive legislation”, which positively and wrongly restricts individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 9.8.13. - LAWS

FREEDOM: Freedom creates this new world, that cannot exist half slave and half free. It will be free.” - Rose Wilder Lane, The Discovery of Freedom, p.262. - The old world has existed for all too long in a mixed state of affairs: mainly unfree and only in parts and temporarily free. - Since she wrote that, it has continued with this compromise, one rather unsatisfactory for freedom lovers. Panarchism proposes another, but "non-compromising" compromise: Full freedom for all those who love full freedom, no matter where they may live and work. Any degrees of freedom or un-freedom for all those individuals, who desire them for themselves. Let them separate their interests and activities like the different sports clubs, churches and enterprises do. What works best there and in all other spheres would also work best in the remaining three spheres where panarchic freedom has so far been outlawed by territorial and legalized statism, namely in the spheres of political, economic and social systems. - JZ, 14.4.00, 9.8.13. – EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL IN ALL SPHERES, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, GOVERNMENTALISM

FREEDOM: Freedom defined is freedom denied.” - Wilson/Shea, Illuminatus II, p.151. - True for most freedom definitions - but for all? Is there no truthful and reliable guide among them at all? You be the judge. Try to reduce all these definitions to just one or a few and then be prepared for the criticism of the choices you made. – Even the best definition should not be imposed and should, under freedom, always be subject to doubt and criticism. – JZ, 19.12.08. - DEFINITIONS

FREEDOM: Freedom degenerates unless it has to struggle in its own defence.” - Lord Acton. - Freedom itself does not degenerate, no matter how old it is and how often it has been used or left unused. Those who are free, or somewhat free, may or may not degenerate. If people under full freedom would degenerate remains to be seen. I guess even under freedom some people would, just like alcoholics, other drug addicts and over-eaters. - JZ, 13.4.00, 9.8.13. - STRUGGLE, EASE & DEGENERATION

FREEDOM: Freedom demands that we do not tolerate any rule over us that is contrary to our nature, knowledge or will.” – K. Z. – Not even if we are criminals with victims? – JZ, 20.12.08. - RULE & SELF-RULE

FREEDOM: Freedom didn't fail. It was never given its chance - because most men failed to fully comprehend and apply it. E.g., the market is not free under any kind of exclusive and forced currency. - JZ, 1973, 8.4.00. – Not even under e.g. the classical and redemptionist gold standard currency. – JZ, 16.3.13.

FREEDOM: Freedom does not abolish evil but it minimizes its effects. - JZ, 10.5.91. - Those now involved in attempts to minimize the harm done by drugs are setting a limited example for this. Alas, even they do often still fear the radical abolition of the war against all narcotic and addictive drugs. - JZ, 8.4.00. - EVIL

FREEDOM: Freedom does not always win. This is one of the bitterest lessons of history.” - A. J. P. Taylor. - Unless it uses all the tools, methods, resources, weapons and manpower of freedom. - JZ, 26.8.85. - That has never as yet been done. - JZ, 8.4.00. - WINNING, VICTORY

FREEDOM: Freedom does not guarantee masterpieces.” - E. M. Forster, Culture and Freedom, BBC broadcast, 1940. - Do despotism or totalitarianism guarantee them? Is art the purpose of freedom? At least freedom for artists assures that many serious tries can be made to produce masterpieces or at least works which the artist himself and perhaps some of his friends and relatives enjoy. And it does not force anybody to subsidize the junk art preferred by politicians or bureaucrats. - JZ, 20.6.92, 8.4.00. - ART

FREEDOM: Freedom does not mean license for bureaucrats and politicians but freedom of action for ordinary citizens. - JZ, 2/10/85. - FREEDOM OF ACTION OR LICENSE FOR BUREAUCRATS & POLITICIANS?

FREEDOM: Freedom does not remove prejudice. It simply makes the individual pay for bad decisions. Example: If I refuse to hire black basketball players, I will probably lose to teams without such a prejudice.” - Fritz Knese, THE CONNECTION 117, p.68. - PREJUDICE

FREEDOM: Freedom does not rule.” - Kalenda 1993. - (“Freiheit herrscht nicht.”) - Freedom will have to try to dominate those who persist in attacking it. It should also become the rule for the relationships between people who love liberty. And they should leave the communities of those alone, who do not love it and thus do their things to themselves, and only themselves. - JZ, 17.4.00. - RULE OR DOMINATION. PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE EVEN FOR STATISTS, DOING THEIR THINGS ONLY AMONG THEMSELVES

FREEDOM: Freedom does require breaking or repealing or ignoring many territorial laws but means also being obliged only to obey the law one has chosen oneself - or would have chosen if one were rational enough. - JZ, n.d. & 17.12.08. - LAW

FREEDOM: Freedom enables every man to work out his own good.” - Baron Holbach, according to W. A. Dunning. - He should have added: at his own risk and expense. - JZ, 9.4.00.

FREEDOM: Freedom equals chaos.” - Popular view. – Only in chaotic minds! – JZ, 17.12.08. - Compare that first assertion with Goethe's view, to Chancellor Mueller, in 1827: Freedom is nothing but the possibility to do under all conditions that what is reasonable.” - It was the power addicts, not the freedom addicts who have created most of the chaos in the world. - Free people, by definition, do not clash with each other. When there is a clash then someone exceeds the limits of his equal freedom or equal right at the expense of the freedom or right of another. "Single convenience relationships" do not describe a condition of freedom but excesses by one, while "mutual convenience relationships" indicate freedom on all sides. – Don Werkheiser introduced the last two terms in quotation marks. I can only hope that he has managed to finish his magnum opus or that it has been put online in the meantime, or at least preserved somewhere. I visited him in 1990. – In the first 60 entries under that name in a Google search today, I found no entry on that book. - JZ, 8.5.00. – Apparently, the manuscript was finished after his death in 1996 by his wife, but not published in print or online. Details at: Labadie Collection, Special Collections Library, University of Michigan – JZ, 9.8.13. - CHAOS, ANARCHY, DISORDER

FREEDOM: Freedom exists only where people take care of the government.” - Woodrow Wilson, speech, N.Y., 22 Sep. 1912. - No! See to it that no territorial government "takes care" of the people or can continue to pretend that it does. - JZ, 26.8.85, 16.3.13. - What would free people want with a government? Why should they take care of politicians, bureaucrats and policemen, who never fulfilled all their promises and the hopes and expectations laid upon them? - However, the still unenlightened citizens should be free to form or hire whatever government they like for themselves, at their own expense and risk, as long as they can stand it. - JZ, 8.4.00. – People should “take care” of all territorial governments like they could and should of any other violent criminal! – JZ, 21.12.08, 15.3.13. – Representative and direct democracy or republicanism of the territorial model does not “take care” of the government, by sufficiently limiting and controlling it. It is rather the other way around. The government oppresses and exploits the people, under the pretence of taking care of the people, in all their great variety, diverse minorities and unique individuals by the millions or hundreds of millions. – JZ, 9.8.13. - Q., DEMOCRACY, REPRESENTATION, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: Freedom exists there where every individual is sovereign over his body and mind and responsible only for those disturbances that he causes in the freedom spheres of others.” - Source? - SELF-RESPONSIBILITY & INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

FREEDOM: Freedom exists to the extent that a man can use his property (broadly defined to include his life, body, personal possessions, ideas or anything of value to him) any way he wishes, so long as he does not infringe upon the property rights of others. The only purpose and function of government is to protect these property rights. (*) Most of human misery can be attributed to the failure of government to protect or the actual infringement by government itself on these rights.” - Rod Manis, Manifesto, 112. - (*) The following sentence should have induced Manis to ask: Is even a limited territorial government a rightful and the best possible organization to protect property rights? What is supposed to make a territorial government efficient in this sphere when, obviously, it is inefficient in all others and when there is no precedent for a territorial and coercive government, with a monopoly and compulsory subjects, as an efficient protector of the property rights of its subjects and when all governments take more in taxes and liberties than all other thieves combined? - JZ 14.4.00. - PROPERTY & SELF-OWNERSHIP, PANARCHISM, LIMITED GOVERNMENT

FREEDOM: FREEDOM FIGHTERS: Federation of worse oppressors than the last bunch of oppressors.” – From film “Lord of War”, with Nicolas Cage.

FREEDOM: Freedom first. Peace, justice, progress, prosperity, even longevity and space settlements will follow, as fast as is possible. - JZ, 11.7.91, 8.4.00. - FREEDOM FIRST

FREEDOM: Freedom for a whole population is unlikely to become realized by a few large jumps by a few - but it has a good chance to be realized via many small steps by many different people. In other words, its realization is a self-responsibility that cannot be delegated to a handful of professionals and pioneering radicals. – However, the more enlightened should certainly be free to try to set quite attractive examples. - JZ, 30.3.89. – REALIZATION, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PERSONAL LAW, PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, SECESSIONISM

FREEDOM: freedom for all manner of people", a really equal society.” - A. L. Morton, ed., Freedom in Arms, Leveler Writings, p.12. – Rather as many different societies as unequal people want for themselves. – JZ, 17.12.08. - EQUALITY, EGALITARIANISM,

FREEDOM: Freedom for all who pay their way.” - Sponti-Special, Eichborn Verlag. - Should that be confined to payments with the money of monetary despotism or should we extend the ability to pay to the utmost by monetary freedom? - JZ, 8.4.00. - PAYING ONE'S WAY, ABILITY TO PAY, MONETARY FREEDOM

FREEDOM: Freedom for everyone is the smart way to achieve freedom for me.” - Mike Gunderloy, quoted in THE CONNECTION 117, p.54. – Confine all liberation attempts to freedom lovers. Leave all others undisturbed in their preferred messes! Under panarchism we could freely sort ourselves out in accordance with our individual preferences. – JZ, 21.12.08. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM OR PERSONAL LAW FOR ALL, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: Freedom for everyone to think his own thought, to say his own say, and act his own act, without fear of imprisonment or murder by intolerant tyrants.” - D. W. Brookhouse, in Bob James, Australian Anarchism, p.18. - FREEDOM OF ACTION

FREEDOM: Freedom for music means freedom to feel, and freedom to feel means freedom to think, and freedom to think means freedom to act, and freedom of action means the ruin of states. …” - D'Alembert, joint editor of the Encyclopedie, under: De la liberté de la musique. - Quoted in ENCOUNTER, 12/78, 45. – The sooner all TERRITORIAL States are ruined AS SUCH, the better for mankind. – JZ, 16.3.13. - FREEDOM OF ACTION, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENET, PANARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

FREEDOM: Freedom from any central body that is not responsible to the individual because the individual cannot opt out from its services and disservices. An end to compulsory membership and enforced obedience. - JZ, 19.3.99, 21.1.99. - INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM & EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: Freedom had its origin never in a government. It was always established by subjects. The history of freedom is a history of resistance. The history of freedom is a history of the limitation of government power, not its enlargement.” - Thomas Woodrow Wilson, in a re-translation from a German translation. – By now all rightful resistance should concentrate on the territorial powers of governments – and end them. – JZ, 15.3.13. - GOVERNMENTS, RESISTANCE

FREEDOM: Freedom has a thousand charms to show, that slaves, how'ver contented, never know.” - William Cowper, Table Talk, 1782, 260. – Its full charms can only be revealed in full “nudity” and public view – once volunteers are free to practise it among themselves: Panarchism! – JZ, 21.12.08.

FREEDOM: Freedom has all the answers. Just make them cheaply, easily and permanently accessible to all. - JZ, 20.1.91.

FREEDOM: Freedom has cost too much blood and agony to be relinquished at the cheap price of rhetoric.” - Thomas Sowell. – However, volunteers should be free to renounce as many of their own liberties and rights as they want to, for as long as they want to. – JZ, 23.1.08.

FREEDOM: Freedom has no fatherland.” - Oriana Fallaci, A Man, p.182. - FATHERLAND

FREEDOM: Freedom has no needs. But anyone who can think long-range will likely conclude, sooner or later, that "the need is mine". - Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.120. - There is all too much talk about "needs" today, mostly expressed in claims against others to fulfill these "needs". One rarely hears anyone complain: "I need freedom!" - JZ, n.d. & 14.4.00. - NEEDS

FREEDOM: Freedom has nothing to do with political power. Freedom makes concessions to the law, as a matter of necessity, but always with the reluctance of a child taking castor oil. The ideal of freedom is a social order without law, but since the nature of man is not prepared to live in so rarified an atmosphere, since he will on occasion covet his neighbor's property, which is a denial of freedom, it is necessary that the ideal be somewhat watered down with law.” - Frank Chodorov, Fugitive Essays, Essay: Freedom Is Better, pp 396/397. - LAW, SOCIAL ORDER & POLITICAL POWER

FREEDOM: Freedom has nothing to do with politics.” - Hans Habe, Aftermath, p.69. – Nothing with territorial politics but everything with exterritorial, voluntary and thus tolerant politics. – JZ, 18.12.08, 16.3.13. – POLITICS, PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS,

FREEDOM: Freedom has one enticing property. The more you have of it, the more you want.” - Galina Starovoitova, 1990. - In 1997 she was machine-gunned down, at age 52. - S.M.H., 24.11.98. - I wish there were really a craving e.g. for our microfiche freedom publishing and reading opportunities, which were large already for many decades and for our libertarian CD publishing and reading opportunities, having by now existed already for a few decades - and, nevertheless, they have not yet produced a hunger or an appetite for them. – But at least publishing upon demand and e-books have somewhat taken off. However, the possibility to publish a whole special library on a DVD and a comprehensive libertarian library on a large HDD remains severely under-utilized. - JZ 6.4.00, 21.12.08, 16.3.13.

FREEDOM: Freedom has the answer to every solvable problem - even if this is visible only after some persistent study of a new and comprehensive science of freedom. – Just consider how incomplete our record- and document-keeping and distribution still is, in spite of today’s affordable and powerful options. - JZ, 4/1976, 19.12.08. - ANSWERS, SOLUTIONS

FREEDOM: Freedom humanizes man. - JZ, 1.7.92. - Despotism dehumanizes man. - JZ 9.4.00. – Compare: “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” If there were an “almighty” being, it would be the most corrupt one of all. – JZ, 16.3.13. - GOD

FREEDOM: Freedom ideas are largely ignored or shunned, out of ignorance or popular prejudices. "Tain't what you don't know that hurts you; it's what you do know that ain't so."- Proverb, quoted by Theodor Sturgeon in: Case of the Dreamer, p.97. – IGNORANCE, KNOWLEDGE, PREJUDICES

FREEDOM: Freedom ideas do not age - even while they are out of fashion. - JZ, 22.10.94.

FREEDOM: Freedom implies that individuals, no less than their governments, are immune from external or foreign control, unless such control is exercised by an agency - a Federation or Confederation - in which they participate and to which they have given their voluntary allegiance.” - Lord Davis, The Seven Pillars of Peace, London, Green & Co., 1945, p.93. – Individual free consent to territorial power organizations is mostly a false pretence rather than reality. Consumer preferences in this sphere among the population of a whole country are much too diverse for a single “public” service supplier - or a few officially sanctioned ones - to be able to effectively cater to all or their varieties.  Free enterprise competition for “public services” and consumer sovereignty or free choice towards them are both still very far from being realized and not even imagined as yet by most people, especially conventional political scientists and practicing politicians and their voters as being possible, desirable, rightful and even obligatory. – JZ, 16.3.13. - VOLUNTARISM, INDIVDIUAL CONSENT

FREEDOM: Freedom in any direction implies the conception and the possibilities of alternatives. - Chapman Cohen, What Is Freethought? p.4. - ALTERNATIVES

FREEDOM: Freedom in every historical instance has been brought on by desperation; there simply wasn't anything else to try. And then followed the miracle which was attributed far more to organization than to freedom.” - Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.12. – Freedom needs exterritorially autonomous organizations of volunteers or full experimental freedom in all spheres so far monopolized by territorial statism in order to spread as fast and widely as possible. – JZ, 22.11.10, 16.3.13. - DESPERATION, MIRACLE & ORGANIZATION

FREEDOM: Freedom in its most abstract sense means the absence of external obstacles to the realization of desires. Taken in this abstract sense, freedom may be increased either by maximizing power or by minimizing wants. An insect, which lives for a few days and then dies of cold, may have perfect freedom according to the definition, since the cold alter its desires, so that there is no moment when it wishes to achieve the impossible. Among human beings, also, this way of reaching freedom is possible…” - Bertrand Russell, Skeptical Essays, p. 117, Unwin Books.

FREEDOM: Freedom in the natural state is simply the legitimate (but unguaranteed) claim that each man has a right to be let alone to do whatever he wants - subject, of course, to the limitation that the same right is extended to others.” - Jeffrie G. Murphy, Kant, The Philosophy of Right, p.126.

FREEDOM: Freedom in the social sense can have only ONE meaning and clear borderlines: Either my freedom is smaller than that of another, then I am not free; or, otherwise, it is larger than that of another, then he will not be free. Thus in both cases there is no condition of freedom. Such a condition exists only under equal freedom FOR ALL, under conditions where the freedom of no individual or group is larger at the expense (and against the will) of another individual or another group, depriving them of something that he claims as an extra for himself.” - K. H. Z. SOLNEMAN (K. H. ZUBE), Letter to Rudolf Augstein, translated by JZ - That was his kind of basic "proof" for ethics as the only rational choice. He has expressed that in dozens of versions, which I have not yet put together. - JZ – I think all of the rational attempts of this kind have still to be compiled, discussed and thoroughly criticized in an attempt to achieve a consensus. – JZ, 16.3.13. - EQUAL FREEDOM, EQUAL RIGHTS, FIRST PRINCIPLES, DECLARATION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

FREEDOM: Freedom Indivisible; Depends on Enlightened Self-interest. - But economic freedom is not that important, it might be said. Liberties of the mind, on the other hand, or liberties of the spirit, they must be protected. The intellectual must be free, but it matters little whether the businessman is bureaucratized or not. As a matter of fact, freedom is all of a piece, and if we fail to resist government encroachment into any sector of life because we deem that sector unimportant to us, then we will enfeeble our capacity to resist where we deem resistance vital.” - Edmund A. Opitz, THE FREEMAN, 10/75. - INDIVISIBLE, ECONOMIC FREEDOM & CLASSICAL LIBERTIES, INTELLECTUALS, BUSINESSMEN & BUREAUCRACY

FREEDOM: Freedom instead of unity. But also freedom to realize unity exterritorially or panarchistically, under personal laws that may restrict many liberties.” - JZ, 10.4.96, 6.4.00. – Unity is of optimal value only among volunteers. – JZ, 18.12.08. - UNITY

FREEDOM: Freedom is - no government.” - Dangerous Buttons, No. 262. - I would rather say: Freedom is the best government. - JZ, 17.4.00. – Genuine self-governance, self-determination, self-management, self-responsibility or self-control is the best governance. – Territorial government over any peaceful and involuntary subjects is the worst government. - JZ, 16.3.13. GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: Freedom is … not a political grant from government."- From GAZETTE TELEGRAPH, Colorado Springs, a freedom newspaper, masthead text. - GOVERNMENT

FREEDOM: Freedom is ... the possibility of acting.” - Bakunin, The Paris Commune and the Notion of the State, 1871. - I would rather say: of acting rightfully and rationally! Crimes with victims are possible actions, too, and happen on the lowest up to the highest levels. All crimes with victims are committed, legally or illegally, by “activists”. - JZ, 14.4.00. - FREEDOM OF ACTION,

FREEDOM: Freedom is a balancing act between individuals and their spheres of freedom. The simple rule involved is that no one has the right to claim more freedom or rights for himself, at the expense of others and that the others are not bound to recognize such claims. If they are rational enough to favor agreements rather than force, all will opt for equal freedom for all rather than more arbitrariness for some at the expense of the rights and liberties of others. - Your turn now, to say it more concisely and clearly! - JZ, 9.5.00, - EQUAL FREEDOM & FREEDOM OF CHOICE, EQUAL RIGHTS, TOLERANCE FOR ALL TOLERANT PEOPLE, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT FOR ALL KINDS OF VOLUNTEERS JUST DOING THEIR OWN THINGS AMONG THEMSELVES.

FREEDOM: Freedom is a basic human right which can exist only under a government of limited powers.” - Paul Blakewell: 13 Curious Errors About Money, motto. – That is a curious error about government. Not even the best territorial government knows and appreciates all individual rights and liberties and is able and willing to protect all of them. – JZ, 17.12.08, 16.3.13. - LIMITED GOVERNMENT,

FREEDOM: Freedom is a condition in which each being can exercise all its rights unhindered. It must not be mixed up with arbitrariness. Arbitrary actions even of a single man lead almost always to the infringement of the freedom of others. Arbitrariness has therefore nothing in common with a general condition of freedom. Right and freedom are closely related. The "law of equal freedom" is just another name for right. - From the introduction to the human rights draft in PEACE PLANS No.4. – This draft is among the more than 130 PRIVATE human rights drafts that are in an online anthology of them at - RIGHTS, ARBITRARINESS

FREEDOM: Freedom is a condition in which people are kicked and left to perish.” - Popular view. - Is there a right or freedom to kick people and a right and freedom to be kicked? [Apart from some unarmed combat sports conducted among volunteers.] - Kant taught: Do not become the slaves of men. Do not let your human rights be stepped upon. Guard them like you would your eyes. Indeed, some people do not know their liberties or do not appreciate them or do not know how to defend them effectively. One should not accuse freedom and presume it to exist in full when almost everywhere it is to a large extent suppressed. Similar accusations are wrongfully raised against anarchy, capitalism and the market. - JZ – OBJECTIONS

FREEDOM: Freedom is a condition of mind, and the best way to secure it is to breed it.” - Elbert Hubbard, The Note Book, 1927. - Freedom is much more than such a condition. It is the best relationship between people with minds. As such an idea it cannot be bred into one's children. All rights correspond to all our physical and mental abilities and options, e.g. economic liberties. - JZ, 17.4.00. - MINDS & BREEDING, CHILDREN

FREEDOM: Freedom is a condition without any kind of compulsion, coercion or force.” - Popular view. - As if a criminal, victimizing someone, could or should not be rightfully resisted or held responsible, with force if necessary. The criminal's life and limb's should be risked, in such cases, without invoking penalties. If that is too radical for some people then let these radicals opt out and practise their penal system among themselves and all aggressors against them. - JZ, n.d. & 8.5.00. – COMPULSION, , RIGHT TO RESIST, TO REVOLT, TO LIBERATE & PROTECT ONESELF & OTHERS, SELF-DEFENCE, RIGHT TO BEAR & USE ARMS IN SELF-DEFENCE

FREEDOM: Freedom is a drug, an intoxicant. People who get a little of it want more of it.” - Greg Sheridan, THE AUSTRALIAN, 17.8.87 (?). – If only that were quite true! How can one make it more addictive? In this better definitions and Slogans for Liberty could help. - JZ, 17.4.00, 21.12.08.

FREEDOM: Freedom is a duty, even more than a right.” - Oriana Fallaci, A Man, p.10. - The simple duty that is always involved with rights is to respect the genuine individual rights and liberties of others. All enemies of "duty" should at least concede that. - JZ, 9.5.00, 16.3.13. - RIGHT & DUTY

FREEDOM: Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction.” – Ronald Reagan. - Complete freedom is rather rugged and strong, stronger than the strongest despotism can be, provided it is quite firmly established at least in one small location. From there it could come to spread rapidly all over the world, through voluntary acceptance, liberating the remaining oppressed and exploited people everywhere. It is especially important in all wars, for all rightful defence efforts against despotic regimes. - JZ, 22. 11. 06.

FREEDOM: Freedom is a fundamental character of will, as weight is of matter. … That which is free is the will. Will without freedom is an empty word.” - C. W. F. Hegel, Grundlinien der Philosophie des Rechts, Einleitung, 1820. – WILL, FREE WILL, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP, VOLUNTARISM

FREEDOM: Freedom is a gain for which to fight; that is understood. Freedom is also, or can be, a weapon with which to fight...” - Tom Wintringham, quoted in: Peter Tatchell, Democratic Defense, p.145. - FREEDOM AS A WEAPON, DEFENCE & LIBERATION, DESERTION, REVOLUTIONARY WARFARE, LIBERATION, WAR AIMS, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARY TAXATION, UNILATERAL FREE TRADE, MILITIA:

FREEDOM: Freedom is a gift bestowed by nature even on the dumb animals.” - Tacitus, The Histories, Great Books of the Western World, 15/271. – Freedom of speech? Freedom of press? – JZ, 21.12.08. –  ANIMAL RIGHTS

FREEDOM: Freedom is a good that grows by its use and diminishes by non-use.” - Carl Friedrich von Weizaecker. - (“Freiheit ist ein Gut, das durch Gebrauch waechst, durch Nichtgebrauch dahinschwindet.”) - Freedom certainly needs education, training and practice to realize more and finally all of its potential. - Refugees from Soviet Russia often thought, at least for a while, that there was too much freedom in the U.S.A., while anarchists and libertarians in the U.S.A. complained that too little freedom was left. - JZ, 9.4.00. - USE & NON-USE OF FREEDOM

FREEDOM: Freedom is a living thing.” - Henry Hazlitt: Time Will Run Back, p.334. – Seeing how many people abort even their own children, i.e., kill them, before they are even born, we should not be surprised that so many do not love their own individual rights and liberties and prevent them from coming into wide enough practice among volunteers or into general practice. Even that kind of child murder or their own offspring they do defend as a “right” and as a “liberty”. We are still far from living in an enlightened and civilized age and in all too many aspects still too close to barbarism. – JZ, 21.12.08, 16.3.13, 9.8.13. – ENLIGHTENMENT, ABORTION, CIVILIZATION, BARBARISM, TOTAL WAR, MASS MURDER, NWT

FREEDOM: Freedom is a luxury which not everyone can afford.” - Bismarck. - As if the practice of liberties were merely an expense and not the greatest source of rightful incomes. - Perhaps, like G. B. Shaw, he equated it with idleness or leisure activities. - JZ, n.d. – OBJECTIONS: A LUXURY,

FREEDOM: Freedom is a necessary presupposition of all action as well as of all thinking.” - H. J. Paton, The Moral Law, p.42. - ACTION & THOUGHT

FREEDOM: Freedom is a possession that permits us to enjoy all our other possessions.” - Montesquieu. – As if we had it already. We haven’t and thus we may soon have had it. Our rulers’ stockpiles of mass extermination devices, kept in readiness for almost instant use, may see to that. – JZ, 21.12.08, 17.3.13. – NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

FREEDOM: Freedom is a possession whose existence provides less pleasures than its absence provides in pains.” - Jean Paul. - The purpose of freedom is not necessarily only happiness or pleasure or the avoidance of pain. - JZ, 8.4.00. – Compare the remark, probably by Georg Bernhard Shaw, on freedom as a responsibility and thus as something most people dislike. – JZ, 17.3.13, 9.8.13. - PLEASURE & PAIN, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, STATISM, DESCENT MOSTLY FROM SLAVES & SERFS.

FREEDOM: Freedom is a relationship. It is the product of retained sovereignty in a situation of more than one individual.” - Virginia DeCourcey, Learning, RAMPART JOURNAL, Fall 67. – INDIVIDUALISM, SELF-OWNERSHIP, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

FREEDOM: Freedom is a state of affairs in which a person is able to act on the basis of his own judgment. Freedom implies the absence or effective neutralization of aggression.” - Symposium: Is Government Necessary? p.411. - JUDGMENT, AGGRESSION, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY

FREEDOM: Freedom is a system of courage.” - Peguy. - Could one not say the same of e.g. militarism and blood sports? Is a well trained mountaineer free? One exposes oneself to many dangers and is, apparently, courageous enough to do so, if one submits to despotism. – But it can hardly be said that then one is free. – At most it can be said that then one is only as free or as unfree as one wants to be. – Alas, even in territorial democracies this is not completely up to an individual’s free choice. - JZ, 9.4.00, 17.12.08. – COURAGE,

FREEDOM: Freedom is a tenable objective only for responsible individuals.” - Milton & Rose Friedman, Freedom to Choose, 1979. - Compare the human rights draft in PEACE PLANS 4 & 61-63, with its notion that all individual rights are only for rational beings, i.e., beings rational enough to know and appreciate individual rights and to respect them at least in others. - JZ, 4.7.00. - RESPONSIBILITY

FREEDOM: Freedom is a vague notion.” - Bismarck. - It was, indeed, for this man of iron and bloodshed, in the pursuit of the vague and dangerous notions of national unity and territorial government powers. - JZ, 8.4.00, 22.11.10. – OBJECTIONS: VAGUENESS,

FREEDOM: Freedom is a very broad social value that garners considerable acceptance among people not only because of its intrinsic value but also because it leaves undefined what people can actually do with their lives. It is a framework for individual action – based on individual difference.” - Richard B. McKenzie, Bound to Be Free, Hoover Institute Press, 1982, p.82.

FREEDOM: Freedom is a world view but not a geographic location.” - Edward Coleson, THE FREEMAN, 10/72.

FREEDOM: Freedom is achieved not by submitting everyone to the same compulsions, but by securing for everyone the possibility of obtaining happiness and contentment in his own fashion. Not equality of men but equality of social conditions under which they live creates true moral unity. All ethical principles of religion, all rights, which the constitution of the State guarantees to the citizen, lose their meanings so long as men are forced to live under conditions, which give to some the prerogative of determining the fate of the others. Under such a condition the best ethical perceptions change into their direct opposite. …” - Rudolf Rocker, Pioneers of American Freedom, 1949, p. 75. – RULERS, GOVERNMENTS, TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: Freedom is all.” - Louis Charbonneau, The Sentinel Stars, p. 42. - There is a lot more un-freedom than freedom in the world. So, obviously, freedom is not all that there is, although, I, too, believe, that it is the highest value because it makes possible the practice of all other values. - JZ, 12.4.00, 9.8.13.

FREEDOM: Freedom is an indivisible word. If we want to enjoy it, and fight for it, we must be prepared to extend it (*) to everyone, whether they are rich or poor, whether they agree with us or not, no matter what their race or the colour of their skin. - Wendell Wilkie. - First of all, we must fully come to know it, as fully as a human being can come to know anything. – We should even recognize the freedom for volunteers to live with as little or no personal, economic, political and social liberties as they want to have among themselves. - JZ, 26.12.07. - (*) as a basic option, not as an obligation to make use of all of it. - JZ, 5.4.89. – TOLERANCE

FREEDOM: Freedom is as little lost in a day as won in a day.” - Jean Paul Richter, Titan, cv, 1803. How can we best decelerate its further loss and accelerate its gain? – JZ, 21.12.08. - LOSS & GAIN OF FREEDOM TAKES TIME, GENUINELY CULTURAL REVOLUTION, IDEAS ARCHIVE, SLOGANS FOR LIBERTY, REFUTATIONS ENCYOPEDIA, ELECTRONIC ARGUMENT MAPPING, LIBERTARIAN ENCYCLOPEDIA & LIBRARY ON DISCS, ENLIGHTENMENT, NEW DRAFT

FREEDOM: Freedom is but the possibility of a various and infinite activity; while government, or the exercise of dominion, is a single, but yet real activity. The ardent desire for freedom, therefore, is at first only too frequently suggested by the deep-felt consciousness of its absence.” - Wilhelm von Humboldt, in Sprading, Liberty and the Great Libertarians, p.110. - FREEDOM OF ACTION, GOVERNMENT

FREEDOM: Freedom is choice and the knowledge of choice.” - Source? - CHOICE

FREEDOM: Freedom is essentially a condition of inequality, not equality. It recognizes as a fact of nature the structural differences inherent in man - in temperament, character and capacity - and it respects those differences. We are not alike and no law can make us so. Parenthetically, what a stale and uninteresting world this would be if perfect equality prevailed. When you seek the taproot of reform movements you find an urgency to eradicate these innate differences and to make all men equal; in practice, this means the leveling-off of the more capable to the mediocrity of the mass. That is not freedom.” - Frank Chodorov, Fugitive Essays, p.397, Essay: Freedom Is Better. - EQUALITY & INEQUALITY, EGALITARIANISM, LEVELLERS, DISTRIBUTIONISM, COMMUNISM, STATE SOCIALISM, TAXATION

FREEDOM: Freedom is essentially the capacity to subordinate all arbitrary actions to the motives of reason.” - Kant. - (Die Freiheit ist eigentlich ein Vermoegen, all willkuerlichen Handlungen den Bewegungsgruenden der Vernunft unterzuordnen.) – REASON VS. ARBITRARINESS

FREEDOM: Freedom is everywhere largely outlawed, suppressed, taxed and regulated, if not altogether ignored as an option. - JZ, 5.12.92.

FREEDOM: Freedom Is Exchange.” - Title of essay by Joan Marie Leonard in THE FREEMAN, 3/77. Compare Bastiat's remark: “Society is exchange.” - EXCHANGE

FREEDOM: Freedom is for freedom lovers, not for coercers. - JZ, 8.1.84. - CRIME, EQUAL FREEDOM, COERCION

FREEDOM: Freedom is for society that what health is for the individual. Without freedom there can be no happiness for society.” - Bolingbroke. - Retranslated from a German translation. - Freedom is a condition for concrete individuals, not for abstracts like "society". The freedom of a "society" is merely the sum of the freedoms of its members. - JZ 8.4.00. - SOCIETY

FREEDOM: Freedom is for the individual who knows, values and works for freedom. It can not be found collectively, nor can it be gained by coercion and force.” - JAG, 28.22.73. - Should not minority members cooperate to gain freedom for themselves? Is there no right to engage in revolutions against dictatorships? Is tyrannicide wrong? Should aggressors not be resisted by collective defence efforts of volunteers? Is defensive force wrong? I can agree only with the first part. - JZ, 12.4.00.

FREEDOM: Freedom is for those who are fit for it. The rest will lose it, or turn it to corruption.” - Francis Parkman, Canadian Absolutism, ch. The Old Regime in Canada, 1874.

FREEDOM: Freedom is fragile and must be protected. To sacrifice it, even as a temporary measure, is to betray it.” - Germaine Greer. – Full freedom would embrace all the rights liberties and institutions required to protect it. With them freedom would not be weak but strong. But if it is in any way compromised and incomplete, as it is e.g. when only fractionally known, publicized and realized under territorial statism, even in its supposedly best forms of territorial limited governments or territorial kinds of anarchism, then it is, indeed, often and least for a while, weak when compared with militaristic and despotic territorial regimes – because it has then not fully mobilized its own strengths. That it requires exterritorially autonomous communities, societies and competing governments, all for volunteers only, as well as ideal militia forces of volunteers to introduce or maintain individual rights and liberties, wide-spread knowledge and appreciation of these rights and liberties, comprehensive peace, liberation and revolution programs and e.g. full monetary and financial freedom, to prevent most economic crises. These preconditions have not yet been recognized by enough people, not even among anarchists and libertarians. – When the present all too limited “freedom” is still deprived of many important liberties and rights, which are not even clearly seen and appreciated by most, then, indeed, it is all too limited and fragile and requires much protection or the remaining fractions of freedom will also become suppressed instead of developing and growing up into full freedom. – JZ, 4.1.08, 17.3.13, 10.8.13. - ITS REALIZATION, PROTECTION OR DEFENCE

FREEDOM: Freedom is good for everybody.” – Thomas Larsson, The Race to the Top, The Real Story of Globalization, Cato Institute, 2001, p. 98. – Objectively, yes. But it also falls under the subjective value theory. Moreover, in public education it has gained a bad reputation. Fear of many liberties is still real among all too many. [E.g. their opinions on Free Trade, Free Migration and Monetary Freedom.] Thus each should only get as much liberty as he wants and chooses for himself, in combination with all those rules and restrictions that he still prefers for himself, in his own community of volunteers. Under that condition more and more freedom will, gradually, become more widely accepted, individual by individual and community by community. – JZ, 28.9.07. – Is it good for criminals and other aggressors or is it the greatest threat to them? – JZ, 10.8.13. - FREEDOM IS GOOD FOR EVERYBODY

FREEDOM: Freedom is independence of the compulsory will of another, and in so far as it tends to exist with the freedom of all according to a universal law, it is the one sole original inborn right belonging to every man in virtue of his humanity. – Immanuel Kant in  - & RIGHT, INDEPENDENCE FROM COMPULSION BY OTHERS, SELF-OWNERSHIP, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PERSONAL LAW CHOICES, HUMAN RIGHTS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

FREEDOM: Freedom is independence of the compulsory will of another; and in so far as it can co-exist with the Freedom of all according to a universal Law, it is the one sole original, inborn right belonging to every man in virtue of his humanity." - Immanuel, Kant Science of Right. - INDEPENDENCE, SELF-GOVERNMENT, RIGHT, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, HUMAN RIGHTS

FREEDOM: Freedom is indivisible and freedom compromised is freedom lost.” - Carl A. Keyser, THE FREEMAN, 7/72. - Every contract contains some compromises - and no contract is eternally binding. Under freedom individuals can opt out of all contracts, even the implied ones with governments. - JZ, 13.4.00. – Freedom also to make those compromises that one finds acceptable. – JZ, 17.3.13. - INDIVISIBLE & COMPROMISES, SOCIAL CONTRACT, SECESSIONISM

FREEDOM: Freedom is indivisible. Even if merely one is enslaved then all are not freed.” - John F. Kennedy. Text translated from a German translation. - Freedom is divisible to some extent. While one remains enslaved the others can be largely but not completely free, for then their freedom is also endangered, no matter by what small degree. - JZ, 8.4.00. – Could we assume that crimes, e.g. sexual slavery, rapes and child abuse will ever be completely abolished or prevented or can we achieve only their great reduction? – JZ, 10.8.13.

FREEDOM: Freedom is indivisible"- like peace.” - Solzhenitsyn, interview, March1976, by Michael Charlton, on BBC-TV program PANORAMA. - Some freedom and peace are better than none, more are still better and all for all everywhere would be best. All forcefully upheld State borders prove how divisible the practice of freedoms is and how threatened peace still remains thereby and otherwise. Rather some limited peace, with a few dozen minor wars in the world, than total world wars. Rather some limited dictatorships spread over the world than a single and world-wide one. Full freedom and peace will have to be gained step by step - by those who appreciate liberties, and rights and the degrees of peace they can and should establish. - JZ, 11.4.00, 10.8.13. – INDIVISIBLE, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, DIFFERENT FORMS & DEGREES OF GOVERNMENTS, CONSTITUTIONS, BILLS OF RIGHTS, DECLARATIONS OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, SECESSIONISM

FREEDOM: Freedom is inevitable” said … - Well, not exactly … Because human history is one long lesson of the evitability of liberty. - Believing in the “inevitability of freedom” is both false and destructive. … is a major obstacle to the possibility of freedom.” - Michael Cloud, Secrets of Libertarian Persuasion, The Advocates for Self-Government, 2004, - p.232. – Its establishment and maintenance requires much rethinking and many moral and reasonable actions. It will not come to us if we just sit back and expect it to happen, inevitably. - Freedom is only inevitable if enough men continue to strive towards it. – JZ, 10.8.13. – APATHY, FATALISM, PASSIVITY, HOPE, PRAYER, FAITH, DETERMINISM.

FREEDOM: Freedom is informal. - JZ, 2.8.73.

FREEDOM: Freedom is invulnerability to coercion, coercion being physical violence initiated by other volitional beings.” - El Ray, LIBERTARIAN CONNECTION 15, p. 1. – If it were really invulnerable then no human being would ever be coerced. Only the right to or its objective value for human beings is invulnerable, just like a natural law. The practice of it is all too often all too restricted. – JZ, 17.3.13, 10.8.13. – COERCION, COMPULSION, AGGRESSION, MILITARY DISCIPLINE, POLICE STATES

FREEDOM: Freedom is like air, not so much an end in itself, as an utter necessity for accomplishing anything.” - John Harlee, SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, Sept. 81. - At least for anything lasting and really valuable. - JZ, 11.4.00. - But if you want to survive, better do not, e.g., totally and openly refuse to pay all taxes still demanded of you. Otherwise you will be dead or at best breathe only the air of prisons. - JZ, 8.5.00. – If its complete possession were an absolute necessity then we could not accomplish anything because we are certainly not yet quite free. – JZ, 17.4.13. - A NECESSITY, A MEANS & AN END

FREEDOM: Freedom is like health, it is taken for granted while one has it. One becomes aware of it when it has gone.” - Henry C. Wallich, The Cost of Freedom. – FREEDOM COST, FREEDOM LOST

FREEDOM: Freedom is like light and the sun; one has to have lost them in order to understand that without them one cannot live.” - Matteotti. - Man is so adaptable that he has even adapted to the darkness provided by authoritarian governments. So far more people are adapted to large degrees of despotism than to large degrees of freedom and few people have even envisioned, or tried to envision or collect and understand descriptions of all aspects of liberty. - JZ, 8.5.00, 17.3.13. - FREEDOM LIGHT & THE SUN

FREEDOM: Freedom is like love: the more you give, the more you get.” - Rowena George, FREEDOM MAGAZINE, Spring 74. - LOVE

FREEDOM: Freedom is living without government coercion. - Ron Paul – Quoted by Nizam Ahmad - Facebook, 24.9.12. – Private gangsters and mobs are also a threat to it. – JZ, 17.3.13. - GOVERNMENT, COERCION, COMPULSION, TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: Freedom is lost for all but the ruling clique." - Perry E. Gresham, THE FREEMAN, 6/73. - He applied it to Russia and China only - but it has a wider application. - JZ, 11/73. - The vast sphere for arbitrary or artificially legalized actions by ruling people should not be equated with freedom, which is always a social condition, extended to all rational and peaceful people. Rulers that must be guarded night and day (even the mayor of Detroit, I was told, has dozens of guards), are at least to that extent not free. They are threatened not only by revolutions but by putsches and, generally, any leash has two ends. - Tyrants of any kind are not free, either, in their security cocoons. - JZ, 12.4.00, 17.3.13. – Power holders are always threatened by other power addicts and those prepared to fight or otherwise struggle for freedom. – JZ, 10.8.13. - THE RULING CLIQUES, RULERS, POLITICIANS, TYRANNY, DESPOTISM, DICTATORSHIPS, AUTHORITARIANISM, POWER, GOVERNMENTS, THE ESTABLISHMENT, MAJORITIES, WARS, REVOLUTIONS, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS

FREEDOM: Freedom is more precious than any gifts for which you may be tempted to give it up.” - Balthasar Gracian. - But if you prefer to give away your liberty, or renounce the use of your own rights and liberties, do remember, you have no right to dispose of that of others, e.g. by a collectivist political vote. - JZ, 12.11.82, 8.4.00. - Most of us do not have an independent income. So we are under the necessity to sell many hours of our labor for our survival at whatever standard of living we desire or make possible for ourselves. Does that make us "unfree"? - JZ, 5.7.00, 10.8.13. - SECURITY, GIFTS, BENEFITS, VOTING, ELECTIONS, DEMOCRACY

FREEDOM: Freedom is more than a mere hope. It is no mere utopia, either. It is the basis for our existence.” - Uwe Timm, Warum ich Anarchist bin. – Since it is, obviously, not yet fully realized, we do not yet have a sufficiently sound basis for our existence. – Do I have to point out the continued existence of mass extermination devices in the hands of territorial governments, which are, at least thus, the greatest criminals of all? - JZ, 17.3.13, 10.8.13.

FREEDOM: Freedom is more than just a choice between alternatives; it is the right to determine the alternatives.” - Glen A. Dahlquist. - FREEDOM OF CHOICE, FREEDOM OF ACTION, SELF-DETERMINATION & ALTERNATIVES, SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

FREEDOM: Freedom is my motto. - JZ, 24.12.73. - Under present conditions that motto can confuse not only your enemies but also your friends! - JZ, 12.4.00. - MOTTO

FREEDOM: Freedom is necessary in all human activities.” – JZ, free after G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p. 60. - Only inhuman or anti-human activities can do without freedom or, rather, they suppress it. - JZ, 13.4.00. - NECESSITY

FREEDOM: Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction - we didn't pass it on to our children in our bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same ... We the people must unite, those who have been elected to positions of public trust must show leadership and political courage. My friends the time has come for a second American Revolution.” - President Ronald Reagan. - Partly quoted on Facebook, 22.10.12. by Nizam Ahmad sharing Capitalism's photo. - Nizam Ahmad : Freedom is naturally inherited. It is gifted by our creator but must be won by struggle. It is not handed over by a state or by benevolent madmen. – I deny that it is gifted to us by “our creator”, any more than e.g. the laws of arithmetic are. A right is just describing a balance between liberties. It is an equal liberty and as such a mostly rather obvious balance. – JZ, 22.10.12.

FREEDOM: Freedom is never real merely as freedom of individuals. Each individual is free to the extent as the others are free.” - Karl Jaspers, Rechenschaft und Ausblick, Moeglichkeiten eines neuen Humanismus, 2. Frage. - Otherwise you might have e.g. only one "free" voice and action among savages. – There was always a mixture, so far, of some freedom for some and much lack of freedom for many.  E.g. the ancient Athenians based much of their limited freedom upon the work of their slaves. – Our present rulers live off our tax tributes and bribes by lobby groups. – Are the slave masters and tribute leviers and other criminals with victims as unfree as their victims are? - JZ, 9.5.00, 17.3.13. - EQUAL FREEDOM

FREEDOM: Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” - Martin Luther King, Jr. - Why We Can't Wait, 1964. - He was still under the delusion that other people are able to dispense liberties like tap water and that those who demand them from others cannot realize and protect them among themselves. - Moreover, he was not aware that his kind of non-violent resistance, while it could be successful in a country like the U.S.A., would have little chance for success, in most cases, under a totalitarian regime. Furthermore, there were instances when oppressors formally granted liberties, even free of charge. Instances: the renunciation of feudalist privileges during the French Revolution, the Stein-Hardenberg Reforms in Prussia and the liberation of the serfs by the Czarist Regime. - Some liberties had to be purchased in the past. Usually that was cheaper than fighting for them. - With the purchase of enterprises and land, using their own debt certificates, self-managed firms could be relatively easily established and without causing the backlash to be expected from nationalizations, occupations, strikes, general strikes, sabotage and assassinations. Such purchases could have prevented terrorism and civil war in many cases. - JZ, 8.4.00. - I would have preferred it if in Montgomery he had organized an independent bus company, one more among about 10 million enterprises in the U.S., also one that would not have discriminated against blacks or whites. Insisting that others do not discriminate is wrong and a mistake. We live by discriminating and sometimes die by not discriminating enough, e.g. between edible and poisonous mushrooms. Indeed, we do make many mistakes in our discriminations - but we have a right to do so, at our own expense and risk. - Freedom has many self-realizing options ignored by the marchers, protestors, demonstrators, boycott organizers and strikers. - However, some boycotts are rightful and make sense, as a better direction of combined purchasing power. - JZ, 1.7.00, 17.3.13, 10.8.13. - DEMANDS, PRAYER, NON-VIOLENCE, LIBERATION, PURCHASE OF ENTERPRISES, MARCHES, DEMONSTRATIONS, PRESSURE, CLAIMS, ABDICATION, DISCRIMINATION

FREEDOM: Freedom is no problem. Its suppression creates many problems. - JZ, 4.6.82, 17.3.13. - And so do ignorance of it and misunderstandings and slander of it. - JZ, 9.5.00, 17.3. 13. – Suppression of individual rights and liberties creates problems not only for the suppressed but also for the suppressors. – JZ, 21.12.08.

FREEDOM: Freedom is not a choice but an (*) absence of a master.” - Motto of RED & BLACK, No. 12. published by Jack Grancharoff, Summer 1984. - Freedom to choose un-freedom for oneself is also a form of freedom - which only panarchism, polyarchism, competing governance and personal law clearly stand for, together with all other rights and liberties - for those who want them for themselves. - (*) the? - JZ 6.4.00, 17.3.13, 10.8.13. - CHOICE, MASTERS

FREEDOM: Freedom is not a living, thinking being and not like a plant or domesticated animal to be watered and nurtured and protected and propagated. Freedom no more has needs than it has eyes to see. Rather, it is an abstraction; indeed, it is not a thing in itself but, instead, an absence of some things: deadening restraints on creative action. - One may harangue businessmen about their "obligations" to uphold and maintain a climate of freedom, shame teachers for neglect of their "responsibilities", condemn the apathy of voters. But freedom does not need these persons or groups - or you or me. The concept stands, whether or not anyone supports it. The question is: Does the individual need freedom? And my answer is, ‘Yes, indeed!’" - Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.116/117. - But do they want freedom enough to be willing to undertake all the laborious steps required to mobilize and apply all freedom ideas, principles, experience and knowledge? That remains to be seen. - JZ, 8.5.00. - ABSTRACTION & NEED

FREEDOM: Freedom is not a luxury for a few wealthy nations; as many of our liberal pundits try to tell us, but a necessity for the poor and hungry. – Edward P. ColesonHowever, all those, who imagine that the restriction of their own individual rights and liberties could and would benefit them, should be free to experiment with all such restrictions among themselves, i.e. at their own expense and risk, as long as they are individually willing to put up with the consequences. Freedom to be as un-free as one wants to be and as long as one desires that condition for oneself. – JZ, 4.4.12, 9.8.13. – Experimental freedom for all! – JZ, 9.1.13. – A NECESSITY, A MORAL REQUIREMENT, NOT A LUXURY, THEY WAY OUT OF POVERTY TOWARDS PROSPERITY, EVEN WEALTH, RICHES, PROSPERITY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL

FREEDOM: Freedom is not a luxury that we can indulge in when at last we have security and prosperity and enlightenment; it is, rather, antecedent to all of these, for without it we can have neither security nor prosperity not enlightenment. - Henry Steele Commager (1902-1998), Freedom, Loyalty and Dissent, 1954, in  - SECURITY & PROSPERITY, WEALTH, RICHES

FREEDOM: Freedom is not a matter for a particular race, class or nation but the fundamental requirement of each individual human who is convinced of the necessity for freedom.” - LERNZIEL ANARCHIE, Nr. 3, INDIVIDUAL VS. COLLECTIVE FREEDOM

FREEDOM: Freedom is not a narrow idea.” - Jasper the Jester, THE CONNECTION 122, p.100. – It embraces all rightful and rational options for their believers and all wrongful and irrational options for their believers. – JZ, 21.12.08. – PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF ACTION

FREEDOM: Freedom is not a privilege that is granted but a habit that must be acquired.” - Henry George. - Text re-translated from a German version. - PRIVILEGE & CUSTOM

FREEDOM: Freedom is not a quality which man has as a natural being, but a task which he sets himself as a reasonable being.” - Larenz. – Lorenz? (Scanning introduces many new mistakes. – JZ)

FREEDOM: Freedom is not a state of rest, of least resistance. It is a state of action, or projection, or self-realization.” - Herbert Read, Anarchy & Order, p,162.

FREEDOM: Freedom is not an abstract right but the possibility of acting: this is true among (anarchists) as well as in society as a whole. And it is by cooperation with his fellows that man finds the means to express his activity and his power of initiative.” - Errico Malatesta, L'AGITAZIONE, June 11, 1897. - FREEDOM OF ACTION, FREEDOM IN SOCIETY, RIGHTS, COOPERATION, INITIATIVE

FREEDOM: Freedom is not an end to a great effort, it is the method that must be employed in all efforts.” - LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Winter 76. – What freedom was involved in the building of the Pyramids and that of the building and operation of mass extermination camps? – JZ, 17.3.13. – Q.

FREEDOM: Freedom is not defined by safety. Freedom is defined by the ability of citizens to live without government interference. Government cannot create a world without risks, nor would we really wish to live in such a fictional place. – Ron Paul, quoted by Nizam Ahmad likes a photo. – One of Capitalism – Facebook, 5.8.13. - RISKS, SAFETY, SECURITY

FREEDOM: Freedom is not empowerment. Empowerment is what the Serbs have in Bosnia. Anybody can grab a gun and be empowered. It's not entitlement. An entitlement is what people on welfare get, and how free are they? It's not an endlessly expanding list of rights- the ‘right' to education, the 'right' to health care, the ‘right' to food and housing. That's not freedom, that's dependency. Those aren't rights, those are the rations of slavery - hay and a barn for human cattle. There's only one basic human right, the right to do as you damn well please. (*) And with it comes the only basic human duty, the duty to take the consequences.” - P. J. O'Rourke. - (*) Within your own sphere of rights and liberties. The rights and liberties of all others set strict limits for you and your rights and liberties for them. - JZ, 30.6.00. – He, too, refused to define individual rights and liberties properly. – JZ, 10.8.13. - EMPOWERMENT, ENTITLEMENT, RIGHTS, LIBERTIES, DEPENDENCY, POWER, ARBITRARINESS, DECLARATION OF ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

FREEDOM: Freedom is not enough.” - Lyndon B. Johnson. - Not the modern "liberal's" or "democrat's" or "conservative's" kind of freedom, anyhow. With that most anarchists and libertarians would agree. Such critics do not know what full freedom means and what it can and will achieve. - JZ, 9.7.92, 8.4.00. – L.B.J. certainly wanted power over others, as well. – JZ, 20.12.08. – OBJECTIONS, POWER, WELFARE STATE, STATE SOCIALISM, SECURITY, STATISM

FREEDOM: Freedom is not everything - but it is the best game in town. - JZ, 24.8.75. – If only it were already an option for every lover of peace, freedom and justice! – JZ, 22.12.08.

FREEDOM: Freedom is not free and it must not be taken for granted. It was won through sacrifice and will be maintained only through sacrifice. It can be lost - just as surely, just as completely, and just as permanently - tax by tax, subsidy by subsidy, and regulation by regulation, as it can be lost bullet by bullet, bomb by bomb, or missile by missile.” - Mr. Ed. Hiles of Atlanta, quoted in THE FREEMAN, Sep. 1977, p.520. - Freedom can also pay for itself. It does not always require "sacrifices" or great risks. E.g. the use of microfiche or discs or free websites or email for freedom literature. Their use is legal, efficient, very low cost, easy and largely risk-free in many countries (the latter through its on demand only publishing aspect). However, indifference towards that freedom of expression and information option and this among supposed "freedom lovers" has so far assured that it is not yet profitably or widely enough used. – Great financial sacrifices were so far made by those who subsidized some freedom publishing in print on paper. These sacrifices have not yet achieved their objective and may never do so. - JZ, 8.4.00. – Full freedom will also be very profitable, to those, who gain it. Think, for instance, merely about the abolition of all compulsory taxation – for all who choose this freedom for themselves. – JZ, 10.8.13.

FREEDOM: Freedom is not indivisible. The more freedom the better, which means that some freedom is better than none at all, and more than some is better still.” – Bill Buckley, Up from Liberalism, 184. – Some freedom is good. More freedom is better. All freedom is best. – J.Z, 20.12.08. - NOT INDIVISIBLE

FREEDOM: Freedom is not just a matter of social structure; it is also a habit. (*) The concentration of power makes followers (**) of us all. …” - Howard J. Ehrlich, Anarchism and formal organization, p.104 of: Reinventing Anarchy. - (*) Here I would add and close with: "one that has to be acquired." - JZ, 13.6.80. – (**) Rather: subjects! – JZ, 17.3.13. - HABIT & STRUCTURE, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, CENTRALIZATION, POWER, GOVERNMENTALISM

FREEDOM: Freedom is NOT just another word. - JZ, 3/73. - MERELY A WORD? MERELY ON PAPER? –

FREEDOM: Freedom is not only good in moderation but even in extremes: E.g., it would be beneficial in the long run if at least some people would individually choose a condition of voluntary slavery for themselves - for a while, until they and others have become sufficiently enlightened about it. - JZ, 28.3.82. – Much more important and enlightening would be the experimental freedom of some enlightened volunteers practising all liberties among themselves. – JZ, 17.3.13. - MODERATION, RADICALISM, EXTREMISM, VOLUNTARY SLAVERY, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: Freedom is not only possible, it is inevitable.” - Central News Service, INFORMATION PAPER # 4, in THE CONNECTION 114, p.52. - But only when all is done that could and should be done for freedom, with all the tools, machinery and media that are now available for this. - JZ, 9.5.00. - POSSIBLE OR INEVITABLE?

FREEDOM: Freedom is not possible over a long period if it exists in only one part of the world.” - Glen G. Cooper, STRATEGY OF CONTEMPORARY REALISM, Sep. 1976. - But that has always been the condition of all liberties that has so far ever existed anywhere. Nevertheless, many of them have persisted, if not here then there. Freedom, one might say, has its own life force - or, it is so inherently attractive, at least in its more obvious or classical forms, that it will be re-discovered again and again and its final victory is certain - once a certain degree of enlightenment is widely enough attained. - JZ, 8.4.00. - FREEDOM IN ISOLATION? ENLIGHTENMENT, SETTING ATTRACTIVE EXAMPLES, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM IN ALL SPHERES

FREEDOM: Freedom is not possible under centralized authority.” - Miller Upton, THE FREEMAN, 9/74. - Not even if there existed only one government in the world, a limited world government? For me it would not go far enough - or, in some ways, too far, but the limited government advocates should be pleased with it. - JZ, 15.4.00. – It is not so much the centralization that is wrongful and harmful but the territorialism and its coercion and monopolism that are involved in conventional and imposed centralization. – Centralization on a voluntary basis is quite another matter. – JZ, 19.12.08, 17.3.13. – PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, TERRITORIALISM, AUTHORITY & CENTRALIZATION

FREEDOM: Freedom is not something that anybody can be given; freedom is something people take and people are as free as they want to be.” (*) - James Baldwin, Notes for a Hypothetical Novel, Nobody Knows My Name, 1961. in  - I would add: and are willing to think about, train and fight for. - JZ, 20.11.85, 17.4.00, 17.3.13. – Is that quite true for those wrongfully imprisoned, enslaved or kept as serfs? –  One cannot create, own it exclusively or give it to others, no more so than one can create, own or give natural laws to others - but one can try to end human oppression and suppression for one or for many. - JZ, 1.4.12, 10.1.13. - Much freedom is there for the taking, or affordable, e.g. many of the computer and Internet-options for freedom of expression and information - but most people do not bother to sufficiently utilize them. - Only those who know it and appreciate it would. - JZ, 1.7.00. – I know and utilize only a fraction of these options myself but at least do see the need of much more digital collaboration among many libertarians on many large libertarian projects. See my digitized “New Draft” book of 2010 on this. It is not yet online anywhere but, so far, only offered free, upon request, only by me, as email attachment. Zipped it comes only to 306 KBs. Anyone is invited to spread it, with his comments, in any way. – JZ, 17.3.13. – (*) An extreme case of wishful thinking, no more realistic than the wish to win in a great lottery or to have a God on one’s side, who responds to one’s prayers. – JZ, 10.8.13. - NOT A PRIVILEGE BUT SOMETHING TO BE TAKEN OR ESTABLISHED, REVOLUTIONS, REFORMS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: Freedom is not synonymous with an easy life ... There are many difficult things about freedom: It does not give you safety, it creates moral dilemmas for you; it requires self-discipline; it imposes great responsibilities; but such is the nature of Man and in such consists his glory and salvation.” - Margaret Thatcher. - I have long planned to compile all positive, neutral and negative terms commencing with "self", adding them up in 3 separate columns (those with positive, neutral and negative connotations), expecting the common language use still to be overwhelmingly "voting" for the positive terms beginning with "self". Perhaps someone else will carry out this project before I get around to it. - There is some under-appreciated wisdom built into every developed language, recording accumulated experience over a very long period. But one cannot read all meanings our of the word construction and its history. See e.g. the terms anarchy and panarchy and the numerous different definitions of freedom, socialism, self-management, revolution, liberation, peace. - JZ, 1.7.00, 17.3.13. - THE EASY LIFE, SAFETY, MORALITY, SELF-DISCIPLINE, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-GOVERNMENT, SELF-CONTROL, LANGUAGE, WORDINGS, DEFINITIONS, WORD INTERPRETATIONS

FREEDOM: Freedom is not the daughter but the mother of order.” - Proudhon. (Liberté non pas la fille, mais la mere de l'ordre.) - ORDER

FREEDOM: Freedom is not the mere absence of frustration of whatever kind; this would inflate the meaning of the word until it meant too much or too little.” - Isaiah Berlin. Two Concepts of Liberty. - FRUSTRATION

FREEDOM: freedom is not the right to do as one pleases but as one ought.” - Ronald Conway, QUADRANT, 4/76. – At least we ought to respect the genuine individual rights and liberties of others, to the extent that they have clearly laid claim to them. – JZ, 22.11.10. - RIGHT, DUTY & OUGHT, ETHICS, MORALITY

FREEDOM: Freedom is not the sole prerogative of a lucky few, but the inalienable and universal right of all human beings.” – President Reagan, in a speech to both Houses of Parliament, London, 1982. – Do criminals with victims still have the right to all liberties? – Only before they committed their attacks on the rights and liberties of others. By these they revealed that they are not rational enough to be entitled to all of them. They are meant only for sufficiently rational beings, e.g. those, who recognize and respect the rights and liberties of others. - JZ, 10.8.13. - AS UNIVERSAL RIGHT OF ALL HUMAN BEINGS

FREEDOM: Freedom is not worth having if it does not connote freedom to err.” - Gandhi, SATURDAY REVIEW, March 1, 1959. - Seldes. - Compare Goethe: “Freedom is the right to do that which is reasonable.” – Let them do the unreasonable things, too – to the extent that this can be done at their own expense and risk only. – JZ, 19.12.08. – FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, PANARCHISM, FREEDOM TO ERR & TO MAKE MISTAKES

FREEDOM: Freedom is nothing but an invention of the bourgeois.” - A Marxist notion. If that were the case then thereby alone it would already be superior to the "proletarians" and all their State-socialistic and class-conscious "philosophers". - JZ, 7.4.00. - FREEDOM A BOURGEOIS NOTION?

FREEDOM: Freedom is nothing but justice.” - J. G. Seume, Autobiographie, S. 96. - JUSTICE

FREEDOM: Freedom is nothing but movement - through energy exchanges. It is life itself.” - Joan Marie Leonard in THE FREEMAN, 3/77. - MOVEMENT, ENERGY EXCHANGES

FREEDOM: Freedom is nothing but the possibility to do under all conditions that what is reasonable.” - Goethe, zu Kanzler Mueller, 1827. Another translation: Freedom is nothing but the possibility to act rationally under all conditions. - (“Freiheit ist nichts als die Moeglichkeit unter allen Bedingungen das Vernuenftige zu tun.”) - According to this definition one would do no wrong if one were to force someone to do that what as a reasonable being he would do himself. But in this case one would certainly infringe his right to make his own choices, however unreasonable they are, his right to make mistakes at the own risk and expense. - Still, I would try to prevent a suicide if I could, under the assumption that in most cases there is no good reason for a suicide and the person making the attempt is not at his personal best but, temporarily "out of his mind". Thus I would not prevent him as a rational person. - If you feel uncomfortable with this kind of "rationalization" then consider the extreme case of suicides, made by children from the age of 5 years onwards. Would you let them go ahead with it, when you could hold them back from it? Would standing back be the correct libertarian behavior - even in this case? - If the person attempting the suicide had a good reason, he will, mostly, have many more chances to go ahead with it, later on, when he is out of your reach. Then, if you knew that reason and could interfere, you would not, and rightly so. - JZ, 9.5.00. - RATIONALITY & REASON

FREEDOM: Freedom is nothing but the possibility to follow the necessary laws of the own inner nature.” - Dr. Gotthart Guenther, Mai 1951, in comment to: John W. Campbell, Der Unglaubliche Planet.

FREEDOM: Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better.” - Albert Camus. - Or to DO better. - JZ, 2.7.00. - And to do better or worse, but always only at the own risk and expense. - JZ, 26. 4. 06. – A longer version: Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better, whereas enslavement is a certainty of the worse.” - Albert Camus. – And to do better. – J.Z., 6.4.12. – And to become better, by our own efforts. – J.Z., 12.4.12. - To be better or to do better? – JZ, n.d. - CHANCE, PROGRESS, BETTERMENT & SLAVERY, DEVELOPMENT, SELF-IMPROVEMENT, SELF-EDUCATION, OPPORTUNITIES

FREEDOM: Freedom is nothing unconditional but the excess over every set condition. - A rough JZ translation attempt of: “Die Freiheit ist keine Unbedingtheit, sondern der Ueberschuss ueber jede Bedingtheit”. - Pannwitz.

FREEDOM: Freedom is only (*) a "convenience" word (**) used to justify a thousand different violations of freedom.” – Robert Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.18. – (*) also? - (**) widely or commonly? - JZ - ITS VIOLATION

FREEDOM: Freedom is only for non-aggressive people, i.e., those who do not initiate coercion. - JZ, 6.1.83. - PRISONERS, CONVICTS, CRIMINALS, OFFENDERS, CRIMINALS WITH VICTIMS, COERCION, INITIATORS OF FORCE, ZERO AGGRESSION PRINCIPLE: ZAP

FREEDOM: Freedom is only for people who have at least freed their own mind.” - JZ, 2/75. – And who have sufficiently informed themselves.  Sufficient rationality, knowledge and appreciation of individual rights and liberties is required to make people abstain from criminal, invasive and aggressive actions against others. – JZ, 17.3.13. - FREE MINDS, SELF-EDUCATION, ENLIGHTENMENT

FREEDOM: Freedom is political power, divided into small pieces.” - Hobbes, retranslated from German. - Freedom is much more and also much less than the right to vote or to be voted for. It frees us from the power of others and their votes and decisions and it limits us to actions that do not infringe the rights and liberties of others. Hobbes seemed to have been blind, like so many others are now, to these aspects of liberty. Freedom cannot be rightly confined to democracy or republicanism and civil rights. The latter are all too often used to wrongfully restrict freedom. - JZ, 9.4.00. - POLITICAL FREEDOM

FREEDOM: Freedom is power over self. - JZ, 1/75. - Freedom is power of self over the own self. Or: Freedom is the own power over oneself. - JZ, 8.4.00. – POWER, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-GOVERNANCE, SELF-CONTROL, SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-OWNERSHIP

FREEDOM: Freedom is priceless - ask any refugee.” - SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, Jan. 84. - PRICELESS, REFUGEES

FREEDOM: Freedom is rarely taken from men and women who are jealous of it. Quite to the contrary - they give it away eagerly for something they want more.” - Allan C. Brownfeld, THE FREEMAN, 9/75, p. 517. - One might add: Marriage is the most common example - but only jokingly, since it is voluntary and divorce is hardly restricted nowadays. - There is so far no free choice for individuals among all kinds of governments and free societies, nor are there legal individual secession options from them. - JZ, 12/75 & 10.4.00, 10.8.13. – FREE CHOICE, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP

FREEDOM: Freedom is responsibility.” - Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach.

FREEDOM: Freedom is right. - JZ, 3/73. – All genuine rights and liberties in combination describe the total range of freedom – JZ 18.12.08. - RIGHTS

FREEDOM: Freedom is self control. No more, no less.” - From leaflet of Progress Party, Queensland, 1979/80. - "Freedom is … self-control. No more, No less."- From COLORADO SPRINGS GAZETTE TELEGRAPH, a freedom newspaper - masthead text, n.d. - SELF CONTROL

FREEDOM: Freedom is still the most radical idea of all.” – Anonymous – Provided one means by this ALL genuine individual rights and liberties, rather than e.g. “national liberty” or “territorial integrity”. – JZ, 12.12.08. - RADICALISM

FREEDOM: Freedom is that faculty which enlarges the usefulness of other faculties.” - I. Kant, Lecture at Koenigsberg, 1775, as quoted by Seldes. – Enlarges or releases the full capacity of all faculties? – JZ, n.d. - The same applies to the ability to pay. - JZ, 15.12.94. - ITS USEFULNESS, FACULTIES, UTILITARIANISM

FREEDOM: Freedom is the ability to act without hindrance or restraint. When embodied in a political principle, freedom as applied to individuals living in a society refers to the right to act or not to act according to one's own judgment, so long as one does not initiate force against anyone else attempting to implement the same freedom. - The Incredible Bread Machine, p.126. - OWN JUDGMENT, FREEDOM OF ACTION, NON-INITIATION OF FORCE FREEDOM, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: Freedom is the ability to choose among the possibilities available in one's environment without being the instigator or recipient of initiatory force.” - Jarret B. Wollstein. - THE INITIATION OF FORCE

FREEDOM: Freedom is the absence of aggression.” - SLL leaflet: Voluntarism. – AGGRESSION, ZAP: ZERO AGGRESSION PRINCIPLE

FREEDOM: Freedom is the absence of external pressure.” - Popular view. - One should at least add: pressure by other beings. For we live under air-pressure and even under light-pressure as well as gravity. – JZ, n.d. & 10.8.13. – PRESSURE,

FREEDOM: Freedom is the absence of restraint by others. Since this places everybody among the 'others', this indicates the imperative necessity for self-restraint and this means self-government and responsibility.” - George Boardman, The Essence of Freedom.

FREEDOM: Freedom is the absence of restraint. Government cannot give freedom, it can only take it away. The more power the government exercises the less freedom will the people enjoy. And when government has a monopoly of power the people have not freedom. That is the definition of absolutism - monopoly of power.” - Frank Chodorov, The Income Tax, p.87. - RESTRAINT, POWER & GOVERNMENT

FREEDOM: Freedom is the absolute right of all adult men and women to seek permission for their actions only from their own conscience and reason, and to be determined in their actions only by their own will, and consequently to be responsible only to themselves, and then to the society to which they belong, but only insofar as they have made a free decision to belong to it.” - Bakunin, Gesammelte Werke, III, 9. - Seldes. - INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, VOLUNTARISM, CONSCIENCE, REASON

FREEDOM: Freedom is the absolute right of all adult men and women not to have to seek other permissions for their actions than those of their own conscience and their own reason, the right to determine their actions only by their own will and, consequently, to be responsible, firstly towards themselves, then towards the society to which they belong, but only insofar as they gave their free consent to belong to it.” - Max Nettlau. - For me that is one of the best definitions. - JZ, 9.4.00. – Note that it is almost identical with a definition by Bakunin. See above. - JZ

FREEDOM: Freedom is the answer to everything.” – P. E. de Puydt, Panarchy.

FREEDOM: Freedom is the answer, not the problem! - JZ, 25.1.73. - Alas, still in our times, most people consider it to be a problem rather than the solution. - JZ, 11.4.00. – E.g. when it comes to free migration, free trade, monetary freedom and individual secessionism and associationism under personal law. Even the right to armed self-defence is still widely contested. A comprehensive and generally recognized declaration of all individual rights and liberties is, alas, still missing and there is not large-scale attempt to provide it. – JZ, 17.3.13. – Is it not of sufficient interest to most anarchists and libertarians? Then at least those anarchists and libertarians are not of sufficient interest to me. JZ, 10.8.13. -  THE ANSWER, NOT THE PROBLEM, FEAR FOR FREEDOM, DECLARATION OF ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, COLLABORATION AMONG ANARCHISTS & LIBERTARIANS ON THIS PROJECT

FREEDOM: Freedom is the authority of every man to do whatever does no harm to the rights of others.” - French Constitution of 24.5.1973 (?) (24.6.1793?), art. 6. – HARM, INTERESTS & RIGHTS SHOULD BE SUFFICIENTLY DISTINGUISHED

FREEDOM: Freedom is the authority, which permits every man everything that does not infringe the rights of others. Its foundation is nature, its standard justice, its protection the law. It has its moral limit in the principle: Don't do anything to anybody that you don't want done to yourself.” - French Constitution of 24.6.1793. – La liberté est le pouvoir, qui appartient à l’homme de faire tout ce, qui ne nuit pas aux droits d’autrui; elle a pour principe la nature, pour règle la justice, pour sauve-garde la loi; sa limite morale est dans cette maxime: “Ne fai pas à un autre ce, que tu ne veux pas, qui toi soit fait.” – Die Freiheit ist die Vollmacht, die jedem Menschen alles zugesteht, was den Rechten des anderen nicht schadet; ihre Grundlage hat sie in der Natur, ihre Richtschnur in der Gerechtigkeit, ihren Schutz im Gesetz, ihre moralische Grenze in dem Grundsatz: Tue keinem das an, was du nicht dir selbst zugefuegt haben willst. – Fritz Hartung, Die Entwicklung der Menschen- und Buergerrechte von 1776 bis zur Gegenwart, Mustersschmidt, 1954. – LAW, GOLDEN RULE, TOLERANCE, FIRST PRINCIPLES, MORALITY, ETHICS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBEDRTIES, HUMAN RIGHTS

FREEDOM: Freedom is the best cure for all the evils which freshly acquired freedom produces.” - Macauley. - Recently acquired liberties are not yet well understood and handled by the liberated. Schiller warned: “Beware of the slave when he breaks his chains.” But you have nothing to fear of a free man. The problems and evils involved consist in not respecting the equal liberties of others. - JZ, 6.4.00. - ITS PROBLEMS

FREEDOM: Freedom is the breath of life.” - Delp. - LIFE

FREEDOM: Freedom is the breath of progress.” - Unknown.

FREEDOM: Freedom is the by-product of economic surplus.” - Aneurin Bevan. - People still at the level of subsistence economy do also need freedom to gain at least the avoidance of hunger periods. Freedom is not an expensive luxury but pays for itself at every level. Only those people, who either do not know all their liberties or are not allowed to practise them, are in trouble. State socialists have difficulties in realizing this. - JZ, 1.7.00.

FREEDOM: Freedom is the capability to set oneself any kind of aim or end. - Setting one's end does not yet give e.g. the freedom to express it publicly or to act rationally and rightly towards the achievement of it or to make mistakes in one's experiments to achieve it. – JZ, n.d.

FREEDOM: Freedom is the capacity to determine one's own purposes arbitrarily.” - Source? – Naturally, only within the limits set by the equal liberties and rights of others to do their own things at the own risk and expense. – “Your right to swing your fist ends already some distance before it would hit my nose.” – Popular saying, in one wording or the other. Some jokes go too far an may end in an unintended fight. No hit may be intended, the move may be faked or play-acted - but it may be perceived as an actual assault, justifying defensive action. – JZ, 10.8.13.

FREEDOM: Freedom is the character of reason.” - Hegel. - (Die Freiheit ist der Charakter der Vernuenftigkeit.) – Beings have character, not concepts or ideas. –– Compare the remark – by Goethe? – that freedom ist he possibility to do under all circumstances that which is reasonable.  – JZ, n.d. & 17.3.13. - REASON

FREEDOM: Freedom is the condition in which every rational being can practise his individual rights unhindered. - JZ, n.d. - HUMAN RIGHTS

FREEDOM: Freedom is the emancipation from the arbitrary rule of other men.” – Mortimer Adler (1902-2001). – quoted on Facebook, 8.3.12, by R. Lee Wrights - VS. ARBITRARY RULE OF MAN BY A FEW MEN, TERRITORIALISM, MAJORITARIANISM, INDIVIDUALISM, REPRESENTATION, POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS

FREEDOM: Freedom is the fluid accommodation of all change - through exchange.” - Joan Marie Leonard, THE FREEMAN, 3/77. - The longer version follows: “The Choice of X-Changes. Authoritarian plans are solidified obstructions to change. Freedom is the fluid accommodation of all change - through exchange. And maybe we should spell that X-change, because X is for the unknown and freedom brings change in unexpected ways and in forms unimaginable by any one or group. - Joan Marie Leonard, THE FREEMAN, 3/77. - I think "any" or "a" should have been inserted before "group". - We have the freedom (apart from copyrights restrictions! – JZ, 10.8.13.) to make full use of e.g. microfiche, floppy disks and CDs to publish fully, permanently and cheaply all freedom writings in all major languages. No "fluid adaptation" to new changes is required. Only a change of our reading and publishing habits, using long available alternative media. Are we capable of that? If not, what are we capable of and what are our chances to change the behavior patterns of others, if we can't even change our own habits in such a small way? - JZ, 8.5.00. – While the copyrights restrictions remain, at least abstracts, bibliographies, reviews and indexes of copyrighted texts should be published. – I hold freedom texts to be so important that copyrights for them should be ignored. Upholding them would increase e.g. the danger of a general nuclear war occurring. It might be prevented, if all these texts became readily and cheaply or free of charge available to all interested in them. - JZ, 10.8.13. - CHANGE & EXCHANGE, CHOICE, COPYRIGHTS FOR FREEDOM TEXTS – WHILE E.G. THE THREAT OF NUCLEAR WAR PERSISTS?

FREEDOM: Freedom is the freedom from coercion by other men.” - Mark Tier, 12.10.74, in THE AUSTRALIAN. - If you manage to lock yourself out of your house or car then your personal liberty is temporarily also restricted - but not through coercion by others. – You do have the right to make such mistakes – but they are certainly not advisable. - JZ, 16.4.00, 10.8.13. - COERCION

FREEDOM: Freedom is the grand and indispensable condition which development presupposes; …” - Wilhelm von Humboldt, in Sprading, Liberty & the Great Libertarians, p.106. - DEVELOPMENT

FREEDOM: Freedom is the greatest possible restraint upon licence and violence, power and coercion, war and oppression. - JZ, 23.2.97. - Fully realized that full freedom does away with the monopolies of territorial governments and with all other monopolies so far legally upheld by territorial governments. - JZ, 14.6.00, 22.11.10. - FREEDOM THE GREATEST RESTRAINT - UPON POWER & MONOPOLIES

FREEDOM: Freedom is the independence of everybody from any foreign will.” - Popular view. - Should the criminal be independent from the wills of his victims? His victims should, indeed, be free from his will but he should not be free from their will - after he has committed or threatened to commit his victimizing act. - JZ - INDEPENDENCE FROM THE WILL OF OTHERS, , CRIMES WITH VICTIMS, FREE WILL, SELF-DEFENCE

FREEDOM: Freedom is the indispensable condition of successful cooperation; without it, cooperation is only a fine name for bondage.” - John Strachey? - Should one cooperate with authoritarians, tyrants, criminals? - JZ, 8.5.00. – COOPERATION, COLLABORATION, ASSOCIATIONISM, DIVISION OF LABOR, FREE EXCHANGE, VOLUNTARISM, FREE MARKET, FREE SOCIETIES & COMMUNITIES, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY & INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

FREEDOM: Freedom is the key to all these material things by which we live and prosper.” - Leonard E. Read, The Love of Liberty, p. 27. - It is also the key to all the immaterial things by which we live and prosper! - JZ 11.4.00. - LIFE & PROSPERITY, SURVIVAL, WELL-BEING, LIBERATION, MATERIALISM, WEALTH, RICHES, PROPERTY, INDEPENDENCE

FREEDOM: Freedom is the law of the validity of the idea.” - Bauch, cited by Haensel in: Kants Lehre vom Widerstandsrecht, S. 10. – The natural laws of the natural sciences are valid for matter, energy and their interactions but are not the equivalent to the natural rights laws and liberties between sufficiently rational beings, although they do respond to their somewhat rational nature and abilities. – JZ, 17.3.13. – Natural laws enforce themselves, automatically. There is no escape from them. One can only use other natural laws and forces to somehow counter-act them. E.g. flight. Should he have stated, rather, that it is the law of the ethical value or rightfulness of an idea? A bank robber may have “valid”, in the meaning of practical and realistic ideas, on the performance of his crime, just like a good safe cracker or pocket thief, on his chances for it to be successful, but this is certainly not an expression of freedom, liberties and rights but, rather, the contrary. Should we not be more careful when verbalizing and generalizing about such important subjects? – JZ, 10.8.13.

FREEDOM: Freedom is the legitimate daughter of education.” - Source? - As if all educated people in dictatorships were free! - JZ – As if all kinds of governmental education were genuinely enlightening rather than propaganda and indoctrination to achieve more voluntary victims. – JZ, 10.8.13. – EDUCATION BY GOVERNMENTS, COMPULSORY EDUCATION OR MIS-EDUCATION, INDOCTRINATION, ENLIGHTENMENT, SELF-EDUCATION, FREEDOM IN EDUCATION

FREEDOM: Freedom is the most contagious virus known to man. - Hubert H. Humphrey - in  – Yes, if it were full freedom – but that is still unknown and unappreciated by most people. That kind of virus has still to be injected into their minds and bodies. – JZ, 31.3.12. – If it were fully realized somewhere, then it would become very infective. – JZ, 10.1.13. - LIBERTY, RIGHTS, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM

FREEDOM: Freedom is the most expensive pleasure.” - Popular opinion. - Well, a slave has neither rights nor liberties nor worries about his own property. He lives completely at the expense of his master. However, he has to work “a little” for him. Is he free? - In dozens of ways freedom pays for itself. It can make those, who use it rationally, relatively rich. One simple reason for it is that it releases all creative energies, as Leonard E. Read says. - Another is that it would includes monetary and financial freedom and their rightful and positive consequences. It would means a world-wide free market and free trade and free enterprise and free migration and investments within it. All oppressive regimes lead to poverty except for the top dogs. - JZ, 7.4.00, 9.5.00, 10.8.13. – Freedom is, rather, the mutually profitable condition, i.e., it is paying for itself and its efforts. – JZ, 20.12.08. - FREEDOM, EXPENSIVE OR PROFITABLE? FREE EXCHANGE, MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM, FREE ENTERPRISE, FREE MARKET, FREE MIGRATION, PROSPERITY, WEALTH, RICHES, DEVELOPMENT, ECONOMIC FREEDOM

FREEDOM: Freedom is the most ineradicable craving of human nature. Without it peace, contentment, and happiness, even manhood itself, are not possible.” - General Smuts. - If you see your children and grandchildren grow up you cannot help but notice how early that craving asserts itself. As soon as they can manage to handle a spoon they do no longer want to be spoon-fed. Only sometimes, as a favor to mum or dad, and with a bit persuasion, do they still let them do it. - To mention just one of numerous little instances. - JZ 10.4.00. - If regular and good and balanced meals are better for children, should they have unlimited snacking opportunities in-between, i.e., should their freedom be restricted in this respect? - Perhaps we need safes more for sweets than for valuables? -  JZ, 8.5.00. – Alas, in many to most spheres this “craving” for freedom is not yet strong enough and in practice it is all too often suppressed by authoritarian parents – and territorial laws and institutions. – JZ, 19.12.08. – Moreover, freedom is not our only a craving: “As long as we treat eating as entertainment instead of as a health issue, no medical treatment will prevent our illness epidemic.” – Judy E. Buss, Lakeland, Florida, quoted in TIME, 15.12.08. – Our evolution has adapted us better to scarcity, limited choices and hunger than to full supermarket shelves filled with hundreds of-thousands of varieties of foods and drinks, snacks and sweets, all offered at competitive prices, with less and less of our earnings having to be spent upon our basic and necessary food intake. – Thus we see more obese than healthy bodies in the already somewhat free countries. In some respects, whatever exists already of capitalism or economic freedom, offers too many temptations and distractions to our appetites and senses. – JZ, 19.12.08. – Moreover, many liberties and rights are not yet obvious to the insufficiently educated and trained mind. – JZ, 22.11.10, 10.8.13. - FREEDOM, A CRAVING, SUGAR, SWEETS & DRUG ADDICTION, ABUNDANCE, TOO LITTLE LABOR OR EXERCISE & OBESITY, SCARCITY

FREEDOM: Freedom is the natural synchronization of interests in the movement we call simply progress.” - Joan Marie Leonard, THE FREEMAN, 3/77. - I would have written rather: rightful interests or rights and interests. - JZ, 11.4.00. - INTERESTS, HARMONY, PROGRESS

FREEDOM: Freedom is the negation of any kind of government.” - Pelletier, in LERNZIEL ANARCHIE, No. 3. – Freedom is also represented by “competing governance systems, which rule only exterritorially over their own volunteers, according to the degrees of freedom, personal law and government that they do want for themselves. – JZ, 17.12.08, 10.8.13. – PANARCHISM, GOVERNMENT, COMPETING GOVERNMENT

FREEDOM: Freedom is the only system we can trust. - JZ, 1.9.75. – Alas, most of us don’t. Most of us are not even aware of all genuine individual rights and liberties and not sufficiently interested to find out everything about them. – JZ, 22.11.10. - SYSTEMS, TRUST, PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, INDIFFERENCE, APATHY

FREEDOM: Freedom is the only thing worth fighting for. - JZ, 76. – By utilizing all genuine rights and liberties little fighting might be required. – JZ, 20.12.08. - FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM, VALUES, WAR AIMS, LIBERATION, LIBERTARIAN DEFENCE, MILITIA, REVOLUTION, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS, HUMAN RIGHTS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

FREEDOM: Freedom is the only thing you cannot have unless you are willing to give it to others.” - William Allen White. - I would rather say: unless you are willing to concede it to others or do respect it in others. For freedom is not a gift from others but a rightful entitlement, based upon the nature of man. - JZ, 9.4.00.

FREEDOM: Freedom is the opportunity to live your life as you want to live it. (*) - Most of the rest of the world will remain unfree during the rest of your life. Most people will continue to lead what Thoreau called "lives of quite desperation"- paying high taxes, bowing to social pressures, working long hours with little to show for them, never having the time to do what they want to do, resigning themselves to loveless compromises that masquerade as marriages. - Fortunately, that doesn't have to be your life. - Even in an unfree world you can be free.” - Harry Brown, How I found Freedom, in an Unfree World, p.18 & 151. - His view of freedom was criticized in REASON, 3/74, p. 27/28. - (*) Provided "opportunity" is not meant to include "sufficient funds". - JZ, 25.11.76. – But your earnings opportunities, expressed in competitively issued free market currencies, should certainly not be restricted by any government, taxed or regulated. – JZ, 17.3.13. - OPPORTUNITY, IN AN UNFREE WORLD

FREEDOM: Freedom is the opportunity to mind one's own business. - MINDING ONE'S OWN BUSINESS, MYOB

FREEDOM: Freedom is the option of succeeding or failing because we did or did not make a wise choice. No computer, guideline, or political system should dictate the choice.” - Ruth E. Hampton, THE FREEMAN, 11/75, 644. - Membership in a political system should also be a free choice - for individuals, not just for majorities. - JZ, 14.4.00. - Otherwise "consent" and "voting" become meaningless for dissenting peaceful individuals and minorities.  - JZ, 8.5.00, 17.3.13. – CHOICE, PANARCHISM, SUCCESS, FAILURE, PROFIT, LOSS, CONSENT, VOTING

FREEDOM: Freedom is the participation of man in the moral world.” - Fussenegger. - (“Freiheit ist Teilnahme des Menschen an der moralischen Welt.”) – MORALITY, ETHICS, HUMAN RIGHTS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, HUMAN RIGHTS

FREEDOM: Freedom is the possibility to do under all circumstances that which is right. One should add that one does not act wrongly if one restricts or does not utilize all one's rights. There is also the right to make mistakes - at one's own expense and risk. - JZ – HUMAN RIGHTS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, ERRORS, MISTAKES, REASON, RATIONALITY, MORALITY, ETHICS

FREEDOM: Freedom is the possibility to doubt, the opportunity to make mistakes, to search and to experiment. It is the option to answer "no!" to any authority, whether it be a literary, artistic, philosophical, religious, social or even political authority.” - Silone. - A mere protest is not enough to assure your liberty. You must be safe to say "no!" and must be free to act differently. - JZ, 9.4.00. - SAYING NO, ERRORS, MISTAKES


FREEDOM: Freedom is the removal of obstructions to the flow of energy.” - Edmund A. Opitz. - Leonard E. Read usually spoke or wrote of creative energies only - but destructive ones inevitably obstruct the flow of energies of others. - JZ, n.d. & 17.3.13.- ENERGY

FREEDOM: Freedom is the right to choose, the right to create for oneself the alternatives of choice. Without the possibility of choice and the exercise of choice a man is not a man but a member, an instrument, a thing.” - Archibald Macleish, in "A Declaration of Freedom". - There are many pro-freedom sayings, which do clearly indicate the rightfulness of exterritorially autonomous volunteer communities or experimental freedom in the political, economic and social spheres but few of those, who expressed them first or who quote them, do, in their minds, include these panarchic freedoms or choices as well. Most remain addicted to the territorial model for their limited governments or small anarchistic settlements. - JZ, 4.7.00, 17.3.13. – Freedom is the right to choose. The right to create for oneself the alternatives.” - Deaver Brown, The Entrepreneur's Guide, N.Y., MacMillan, 1980, 173p. CHOICE, PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM IN ALL SPHERES, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, CREATIVITY, FREEDOM OF ACTION, ALTERNATIVES

FREEDOM: Freedom is the right to live as we wish. – Epictetus - Muggers, bank robbers and rapists might adopt this “principle” by Epictetus. – JZ, 10.1.13. – ENLIGHTENMENT, RESPECT FOR THE RIGHTS & LIBERTIES OF OTHERS

FREEDOM: Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” - George Orwell, The Road to Wigan Pier, 1937. - It goes much beyond freedom of expression, namely to freedom to act responsibly and independently, alone or with like-minded people, under full exterritorial autonomy. Then people who will not listen to good ideas or read about them will soon be confronted with many successful experiments that demonstrate how particular liberties do work to the advantage of those who realized them among themselves. Then, step by step, even the most ignorant, prejudiced and dumb will tend to adopt, gradually, all those liberties which obviously pay their practitioners or all those they are capable of applying. Even dumb people can see advantages in electric lights and can turn on a light switch and can have them installed. - JZ, 8.4.00. - FREEDOM, CONFINED TO FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, FREEDOM OF ACTION, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM UNDER EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY OR PERSONAL LAW

FREEDOM: Freedom is the simplest answer to our problems and the most humane.” - Martin Gant, Queensland, in a letter to the editor. - SIMPLE & HUMANE

FREEDOM: Freedom is the societal condition that exists when every individual has full (i.e. 100%) control over his own property.” - Joseph A. Galambos, 1963. – Here he ignored the natural guardianship over children and incapacitated people as well as self-chosen guardianship conditions and limitations. Only in ancient Rome could fathers freely and legally sell their children into slavery, as if they were mere property. – JZ, 18.12.08, 10.8.13. – PROPERTY, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: Freedom is the soil required for the full growth of other values.” - C. Bay, The Structure of Freedom, Stanford, Cal., Stanford U.P., 1958, p.19. - VALUE

FREEDOM: Freedom is the sole touchstone of social progress: A Communism that requires enslavement in order to gain freedom is like virtue predicated on crime.” – Dagobert D. Runes, A Dictionary of Thought. - Also in his Treasury of Thought, p.48. - COMMUNISM & PROGRESS

FREEDOM: Freedom is the solution.” - Bob Howard, FREE ENTERPRISE, 2/76. – PROBLEMS, SOLUTIONS

FREEDOM: Freedom is the sovereignty of the individual.” – Josiah Warren. - SOVEREIGNTY OF THE INDIVIDUAL

FREEDOM: Freedom is the supreme good - freedom from self-imposed limitation.” - Elbert Hubbard, The Note Book, 1927. - What about limitations imposed by others, other than the equal rights and liberties of others? - JZ, 17.4.00.

FREEDOM: Freedom is the unknown ideal. - JZ, 1975, free after the book title by Ayn Rand: “Capitalism, the Unknown Ideal”. - It is largely unknown still or unappreciated even among libertarians and anarchists. - JZ, 8.4.00. – For instance: Even Rothbard knew and appreciated only a fragment of full monetary freedom and called all of the rest fraudulent! – JZ, 21.12.08. - THE UNKNOWN IDEAL

FREEDOM: Freedom is the unlimited chance of a person to be and to do whatever appears to him to be the best possible.” – Patrick Brooks. - At the own risk and expense! - JZ

FREEDOM: Freedom is the value upon which all other values depend.” - Ron Manner's bookshop notes. – VALUES, RIGHTS, ETHICS, MORALITY, HUMAN RIGHTS, FIRST PRINCIPLES

FREEDOM: Freedom is the very essence of man's progress. To tamper with man's freedom is not only to injure him, to degrade him; it is to change his nature, to render him, insofar as such oppression is exercised, incapable of improvement; it is to strip him of his resemblance to the Creator, to stifle within him the noble breath of life with which he was endowed at his creation."- Frederic Bastiat, Economic Harmonies, p.534. - Quoted in G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.165. - PROGRESS

FREEDOM: freedom is the very nature of his (*) being…" - Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, p. 83. - Rather, the precondition for the creative and productive use of all of our abilities. – (*) our – JZ, 16.4.00. – Alas, most people still show the territorial and statist and male chauvinist nature they seem to have been almost been bred into by thousands of years of slavery and centuries of serfdom and of family paternalism or male domination. – JZ, 22.11.10, 17.3.13, 10.8.13. - MAN, WOMEN, NATURAL FREEDOM

FREEDOM: Freedom is the will to be responsible for oneself.” - Friedrich Nietzsche. - Quoted in MINUS ONE, June 68. - Another version: “Freedom is the will to be responsible to ourselves.” - Nietzsche, Skirmishes in a War with the Age, 36, Twilight of the Idols, 1888, tr. Anthony M. Ludovici. – Wishes and wills are not always and easily transformed into achievements. Otherwise, e.g. most of us would be already millionaires and as free and secure as we wish to be. Rightful and efficient programs and techniques to achieve liberation, freedom, justice, peace, sound currencies, full and free employment, health and longevity are also required – and still in short supply. Most freedom lovers do not even seriously attempt to provide them. – JZ, 17.3.13, 10.8.13. - WILL & RESPONSIBILITY, PROGRAMS FOR LIBERATION, PEACE, JUSTICE

FREEDOM: Freedom is to be above, not under the law. - Or: Freedom is to be above the law, not under it. - JZ 8.8.72. - "Freedom under the law" - is a rather sick joke - if one takes the sheer number of laws, their pages and their quality or lack of quality into consideration. - Herbert Spencer's project to prove the impracticability of all legal interventionism from the historical tradition of legislation has still not been realized. Not even the proposals of Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson on introducing sunset clauses into all laws and regulations have been widely realized. Shall such proposals and personal law and voluntary taxation proposals have to wait for further centuries for their realization? - Let individuals secede from territorial laws, jurisdictions, constitutions, States, armies, unions, from all compulsory institutions, as long as they are peaceful citizen, just wishing to peacefully and tolerantly do their own things to and for themselves. - JZ, 11.4.00, 17.3.13. – LAW, LEGISLATION, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL IN ALL SPHERES

FREEDOM: Freedom is unreal for most - because they are not free. - JZ, 2/75. - UNREAL, EXPERIENCE, OUT OF SIGHT

FREEDOM: Freedom is very limited and precious today. Whatever we still have of it ought to be used extensively or to the utmost to set us fully free. Instead, most of us are wasting it e.g. on sports, entertainment, amusements, hobbies, alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and crafts. - JZ, 22.4.83, 10.4.00, 10.8.13. – Compare the concerns of most my Facebook “friends”, even when I clearly indicated that I am only interested in their freedom, peace and justice ideas. – For them friendship means largely merely socializing and communicating about the trivia of one’s life. - JZ, 17.3.13.

FREEDOM: Freedom is what many people want for themselves and few want for others.” - Thomas Szasz, UNTAMED TONGUE, A dissenting Dictionary, 272pp. LFB offered it for $ 15.95. - Alas, I have not yet acquired it. - JZ, 8.5.00. Still not! – At least a Kindle version is offered now. An advertisement for a free html version leads only to an offer of the printed version! - JZ, 10.8.13. - FREEDOM FOR OTHERS & FOR ONESELF

FREEDOM: Freedom is where you are at liberty to go away.” - Mario Pei, in THE SATURDAY EVENING POST, quoted in READER'S DIGEST, 1955.  – As if freedom to emigrate or to dissociate yourself from others were the ONLY liberty. – JZ, 17.3.13. – Would such flawed generalizations still be as common if a comprehensive declaration of all individual rights and liberties were compiled and sufficiently published.  For me it is incomprehensible that so many people, even among anarchists and libertarians, are not sufficiently interested in it to help bring it about. – JZ, 10.8.13. - WRONGFUL GENERALIZATIONS

FREEDOM: Freedom is where you make it happen. - JZ, 5/73, after hearing that the 3rd Sydney libertarian this year intended to leave for the U.S. - Compare the old saw: A: Where freedom is there is my country. - B.: Where freedom is not, there is mine. - But the idea that the greater the task, the greater the challenge and the honor, should naturally not induce one to attempt to establish freedom primarily using concentration camps as a base. Although, even in such places there existed an interesting resistance tradition and potential, which, all too often, has been ignored. - JZ, n.d., & 11.4.00. – Which population is now the most free one or the least suppressed one? – JZ, 10.8.13.

FREEDOM: Freedom is within reach.” - David Jenkins, Job Power, p.326. - Yes, like the 5 cent piece stuck to the Hume Highway, in front of the pub in Berrima, for the past few years. You have only to squat and prize it loose and then you have this tiny bit of "freedom". But what about all the rest, which you cannot pick up as fast and easily? I have seen it hundreds of times and it is such a trivial "freedom offer" that I haven't bothered to take it, just like I don't use the "freedom" of the territorial political vote. - But, indeed, there are some significant freedom opportunities that are within our reach and we should make the best use of them, like e.g. microfiche, floppy disks, CDs, especially for all freedom writings. - JZ, 9.5.00. - REACH, ATTAINABLE

FREEDOM: Freedom is within the reach of the stockholder-citizen. - JZ, 6.10.76. - Term used in ANALOG 8/76, p.108. - See also PEACE PLANS 19c. on a comprehensive privatization scheme. – VOLUNTARISM

FREEDOM: Freedom is worth whatever it costs.” - Arnold Glasow, READER'S DIGEST, 12/74. - If you give your life for your own liberty then your own liberty is lost as well. It makes only sense to speak of giving one's own life, by choice, for the liberties of others, while no one has the right to sacrifice the lives of some for the liberties of others. - And if one has to sacrifice one's fortune to purchase a few more liberties then one should also take into consideration the number of personal liberties one loses with the loss of one's fortune. - Dogmatism in the sphere of liberty is no more sensible than in other spheres. - Don't let mere words overcome your reasoning powers. - JZ, 16.4.00. – Imagine we “defended” freedom with nuclear “weapons” and arrived at a “nuclear winter”, ending the human race. Would that “freedom fight”, with its mutual mass-murders, have been worthwhile and a genuine fight for freedom? – JZ, 19.12.08. - COSTS, PRICE, RISKS, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, , GENERALIZATIONS, NUCLEAR DEFENCE, NUCLEAR DETERRENCE, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

FREEDOM: Freedom is your business. Nobody can be free for you. - JZ, 30.4.74. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, LIBERTIES, RIGHTS

FREEDOM: Freedom isn't escape. It's fulfillment.” - THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR, 14.4.73. - Freedom just provides unlimited (apart from the freedom of others) options to SEEK fulfillment. E.g. freedom of expression and of the press is not fulfillment of a writer but the printed publication and good reception of one of his essays or books may be. - Compare also G.B. Shaw’s remark that freedom is leisure and leisure time is mostly used as an escape or relaxation period from hard labors, in which one's fulfillment may consist. - JZ, 12.4.00. Or upon which the achievement of one’s freedom might depend. – JZ., 17.3.13.

FREEDOM: Freedom isn't free but lack of freedom is the most expensive way of living in real terms. - JZ, 11/72.

FREEDOM: Freedom isn't the ability to avoid cost or the ability to avoid the consequences of your actions. Freedom is the ability to decide which actions you will take.” - Robert LeFevre, Lift Her Up Tenderly. - COSTS, DECISIONS & CHOICE

FREEDOM: Freedom knows only pro and contra with no neutrality in between.” – Dagobert D. Runes, Treasury of Thought, p.48. - While this is true for absolute freedom, in reality we always lived, so far, in a mixture of despotism with degrees of freedom. Better some freedom, some liberties and rights than none. - JZ, 16.4.00, 17.3.13. – TOTALITARIANISM, TYRANNY, DESPOTISM, AUTHORITARIANISM, DEMOCRACY, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, ANARCHISM, LIBERTARIANISM

FREEDOM: Freedom lies in being bold.” - Robert Frost, quoted in TIME. - Seldes. - Hitler was bold, too, but hardly promoted freedom. Nor does a bold bank robber. - Many criminals are all too bold - but are they free and does their criminal boldness keep us free? - JZ, 13.4.00. - I also found it used in the film: Escape of the Bird Man. - JZ - BOLDNESS, COURAGE

FREEDOM: Freedom lovers, don't sit back resigned and apathetic. Remember, in the Kingdom of the Blind even the merely one-eyed man tends to become a king. He and we will become influential - unless we fail to make the effort required to utilize freedom options as our most precious tool. - JZ, 78, 18.12.08. – FREEDOM OPTIONS AS MAIN TOOLS & MACHINERY FOR FREEDOM, PANARCHISM, WAR AIMS, MILITIA, HUMAN RIGHTS DECLARATION, MONETARY FREEDOM, WEAPONS, STRENGTH, TACTICS, STRATEGIES, LIBERATION, REVOLUTION, CAPITAL, SPECULATIVE OPPORTUNITY, CHANCES FOR FUTURE WEALTH & PROFITS, RESOURCE & POWER, PRIVATIZATION, NEFW DRAFT, PP 19C.

FREEDOM: Freedom makes all the difference.” - Sir Michael Blundell, NEWSWEEK, 22.11.76. – Can make … - JZ, 22.11.10. – Those who know much about freedom, do love it and are sufficiently active for it, could make all the difference, if they fully utilized all their still remaining freedom options. – So far all the possible and desirable resource for the freedom struggle are far from being fully mobilized. I offer a long list of our omissions in my “New Draft”, a digitized book of 2010. - JZ, 18.3.13. – I still offer it free as an email attachment, zipped down to 306 KBs, upon request – but so far only few asked for it and no one has as yet put it online. – I blame myself for this, too, for there are some free website options. – JZ, 10.8.13. -

FREEDOM: Freedom man's most important tool; not a goal in itself but a vital means to each man's goals. Should one wish to be free of ideas? Growth? Never! Freedom from want, from fear, from competition examined. Fundamental is the freedom from restraint against the release of creative energy.” - Leonard E. Read, Then Truth Will Out, X, an abstract of a chapter.

FREEDOM: Freedom may lead to many transgressions, but it lends even to vices a less ignoble form.” - Wilhelm von Humboldt, Die Grenzen der Wirksamkeit des Staates, 1851. (The Limits of the Effectiveness of the State.)- VICES

FREEDOM: Freedom means a bowl of rice every day, a good woman, healthy children and the absolute right to live free from foreign rule, in peace and in the belief in Gods.” - Mahatma Gandhi. - Under native despots one could, according to this, live in freedom. Bachelors, according to this, would also not be free. And what is freedom for women, according to this definition? Are those without children thereby un-free?  Rather thoughtless definitions of freedom by famous men are numerous. - JZ – By now most Indians expect a little more – and some are prepared to work for it, as far as their government allows them to do so. – JZ, 21.12.08. Even some governments were, sometimes, involved in promoting freedom, but were the supposedly existing and almighty Gods - and their numerous prophets and believers - ever involved or even interested in all our individual rights and liberties and clearly demonstrated themselves as our guides and helpers, as parents would towards their children? How many of all individual rights and liberties have they ever clearly enough declared in their “holy” books? – Are atheists, rationalists and humanists any less free because of their lack of belief in a God? - JZ, 18.3.13. – BIBLE, KORAN, RELIGIONS, GODS, CHURCHES, BELIEVERS, GANDHI

FREEDOM: Freedom means absence of compulsion by others, especially being unhindered in one's self-enlightenment efforts.” - Source? – And in the practice of all others of one’s genuine individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 17.12.08, 18.3.13. - COMPULSION

FREEDOM: Freedom means diversity for all - according to individual choice in all spheres, including those of political, economic and social organization. This freedom in diversity can be fully realized only on the basis of exterritorial autonomy for all kinds of societies, communities and governance systems of volunteers. - JZ, 10.7.86. – FREEDOM FOR ALL & DIVERSITY, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, SECESSIONISM, MUTUAL TOLERANCE

FREEDOM: Freedom means equality of opportunity.” - Popular belief. - The talented and the rich will always have more opportunities than the dumb and the poor. Nevertheless, both could be considered free in equal rights. - JZ, 7.4.00. - EQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITY, RICHES, POVERTY, INTELLIGENT VS. LESS INTELLIGENT PEOPLE

FREEDOM: Freedom means inequality. - That's why so many hate it! - JZ - EQUALITY & INEQUALITY, ENVY

FREEDOM: Freedom means making your own fetters. (*) A free man circumscribes his actions just as surely as a slave. (**) The difference: the free man chooses his own yoke; the preceptor imposes a harness upon the serf.” - Ridgeway K. Foley, Jr., THE FREEMAN, 3/77. - (*) Are responsibilities and duties genuine fetters or chains? - (**) Doesn't he have a wider sphere for free actions? - JZ, 11.4.00. - RESTRAINT, FETTERS, EQUAL FREEDOM, RESPONSIBILITY, FREEDOM OR ARBITRARINESS OF THE INDIVIDUAL VS. FREEDOM IN SOCIETY


FREEDOM: Freedom means not being hindered. It is thus a mere negation. We remain at mere negations and get no positive notion of freedom. We do not even hear what is talked about at all, if we would not already know it otherwise.” - Schopenhauer, Kritik der Kantischen Philosophie, Ergaenzung zu: Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung.

FREEDOM: Freedom means not only the absence of shackles but also offers the keys to rid us of them. - JZ, 8/73. - Or files, hammers and chisels. - JZ, 8.4.00. – Most of the preconditions for fast and sufficient libertarian enlightenment seem still to be missing although now, electronically, they could be created fast with enough international collaboration and division of labor among libertarians for this purpose. – JZ, 21.12.08. Even the establishment of tens of thousands of libertarian websites and blogs does not do this job well enough. A market-like division of labor and free exchange is required in this sphere, too. Also the absence of copyrights claims. They seem to claim: You cannot use this easily and cheaply duplicated weapon for the freedom struggle unless you first get my permission for this or pay me for this. – JZ, 18.3.13. - SOLUTIONS, ANSWERS, TACTICS, STRATEGIES, KEYS, PROGRAMS, PLATFORMS, BLUEPRINTS FOR LIBERTY, IDEAS ARCHIVE, LIBERTARIAN ENCYCLOPEDIA, LIBRARY, ABSTRACTS, REVIEWS, BIBLIOGRAPHY, MEETING CALENDARS, ARGUMENT MAPPING, SLOGANS FOR LIBERTY, LIBERTARIAN PROJECTS LIST, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS, LIBERTARIAN REVOLUTION, LIBERATION & DEFENCE PROGRAM, COPYRIGHTS CLAIMS FOR FREEDOM, PEACE & JUSTICE WRITINGS, NEW DRAFT – A DIGITIZED 2010 BOOK MANUSCRIPT, TO ACCELERATE THE PROCESS OF LIBERTARIAN ENLIGHTENEMTN, OFFERED FREE UPON REQUEST AS A ZIPPED EMAIL ATTACHMENT OF 306 KBS BY ME: - Please, do put it online, before I get around to do this. It is not copyrighted. Add your criticism and additions! - JZ,10.8.13.

FREEDOM: Freedom means not only the option to apply all genuine liberties and rights, but is not an obligatory practice for all in their own lives. Those who choose a condition of no liberties and rights or only a few of them – FOR THEMSELVES – do have the right to do so and their individual choices in this respect should be tolerated by others, even if the others do not respect them because of this choice. To each the own system, even stagnation and retrogression instead of progress, in accordance with their ideas, opinions, convictions, faith, belief, interests and knowledge, however limited or irrational they may be, naturally, always only at their own expense and risk.Naturally, they do have to respect individual rights and liberties in others, who do wish to practise them. - JZ, 15.3.98 & 7.3.12, 9.8.13. – & TOLERANCE FOR THOSE, WHO DO NOT LOVE LIBERTY, PANARCHISM, STATISM FOR VOLUNTARY STATISTS OR GOVERNMETNALISTS, TOLERANCE FOR ALL TOLERANT PEOPLE.

FREEDOM: Freedom means nothing else but being free from unreasonable compulsion.” - Treitschke.

FREEDOM: Freedom means only the right of individual choice.” - Henry Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST, Oct. 64, p. 52. - CHOICE

FREEDOM: Freedom means only to be able to do at any time a) what is right and reasonable and b) what is irrational but done at one's own expense or risk. - It means that one will be held responsible for one's actions by others only when one has intentionally, negligently or accidentally infringed upon the equal individual liberties, rights and responsibilities of others. In other words, freedom needs no limitations except the equal individual rights and liberties of others. Arbitrary actions do need the same limitations. - JZ, 7.10.85 – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, TOLERANCE, FREEDOM OF ACTION, EXPERIMENTATION, SECESSIONISM, INDIVDIUAL SOVEREIGNTY, PERSONAL LAW VS. THE ARBITRARY DOMINATION, COLLECTISM, MONOPOLISM & EXPLOITATION BY TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: Freedom means opportunity, choice or capability.” - Source?

FREEDOM: Freedom means order and security for nations.” - Pelletier, LERNZIEL ANARCHIE, No.3. - It is shameful that such remarks are still allowed to pass without arousing contradictory comments. Or was this an opinion which P. attacked there? - JZ, 13.4.00. – He might have described the order and security between two police States. – Individual rights and liberties, which are not based upon “law and order” and territorial “security” notions, are quite another matter and can achieve harmony and peace and thereby order and security between various communities, societies and governance systems of volunteers. – JZ, 20.12.08, 18.3.13, 10.8.13. - NATIONAL, SECURITY & ORDER, PANARCHISM & VOLUNTARISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: Freedom means our capacity for self-determination as a people, the capacity to determine our own future as a nation.” - Santamaria, The price of Freedom, chapter XVI, p. 233. - One of the worst books on liberty that I have found. – JZ, n.d. Freedom and rights go far beyond the territorialist, coercive and collectivist notions of nations and “peoples”. – JZ, 18.3.13. - SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-GOVERNANCE, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-OWNERSHIP, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, VOLUNTARISM

FREEDOM: Freedom means that nobody may force me to act as if I could be happy in his fashion.” - Popular view. – As if happiness were the ultimate value and purpose of life. – For all too many it is. They may be successful habitual criminals or other aggressors. - JZ, 10.8.13.

FREEDOM: Freedom means the ability to act according to one's own will or discretion.” - Kuno Fischer. - Yes, if one respects the same freedom in all others with whom one might come into contact or conflict of interests. – JZ, n.d. & 10.8.13. - DISCRETION, WILL

FREEDOM: Freedom means the right to disagree, to act differently at the own expense and risk, after withdrawing, opting out or seceding from others and their groups. It means freedom to experiment with the own ideas, plans, systems, institutions and beliefs, or those adopted from others, even while the majority of other people and of the experts do disagree. The only agreement that must be reached is that all free experiments are undertaken at the own expense and risk. That is relatively easy. - JZ, 20.9.00, 30.1.02, 10.8.13. – DISASSOCIATION, VOLUNTARISM, SECESSIONISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM IN EVERY SPHERE, AT THE OWN RISK & EXPENSE.

FREEDOM: Freedom means to refuse absorption by ‘systems’." - Peter L. Berger, Movement & Revolution, Doubleday, 1970, quoted in a review in THE UNIVERSITY BOOKMAN, Spring 71, p.69. – Absorption in territorial systems. Absorption in an exterritorially autonomous system of volunteers, which one has individually chosen or even established for oneself, is quite another matter. – JZ, 18.12.08. – TERRITORIALISM, SYSTEMS, PANARCHISM, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

FREEDOM: Freedom means voluntarism in every sphere. Especially regarding State and community memberships, exchange media and value standards, the defence of individual rights. Even many still quite legal opportunities for voluntary and free actions have been left unused or underutilized, like e.g. the use of microfiche, floppy disks and CDs for ALL pro-freedom writings. - JZ 8.5.00, 18.3.13. – VOLUNTARISM, COMPREHENSIVE DIGITAL LIBERTARIAN LIBRARY, DIGITAL PUBLISHING & READING, CD-PROJECT

FREEDOM: Freedom means you are unobstructed in living your life as you choose. Anything less is a form of slavery. – Wayne Dyer in  – A professional criminal might say the same. This freedom, too, can be rightfully practised only at the own risk and expense and not at the expense and risk of involuntary victims. He should have added: As far as your own affairs are concerned. – JZ, 1.4.12, 18.3.13. – He might object that this is already implied in the term “your life” – but a habitual criminal would interpret this differently, in favor of his arbitrary and criminal actions. All the top criminals, in power over whole populations, manage to misinterpret that kind of statement in their favor, not in favor of their territorial victims. – JZ, 10.8.13.

FREEDOM: Freedom means you have to make your own choices.” - Kelvin Throop, ANALOG 8/85, p. 131. – But your choice might be to leave many choices on your life to others! – JZ, 17.12.08. – STATISM, DECIDOPHOBIA, CHOICE, FEAR OF FREEDOM, SUBMISSIVENESS, STATISM

FREEDOM: Freedom means you must be free to speak your mind or to keep silent, to act or to remain passive, to associate or to remain alone, to obey or to disobey, to progress or to regress - within the limits of natural law or individual rights and liberties. – JZ, n.d. & 10.8.13. - CHOICE, ORDER, PANARCHY

FREEDOM: Freedom means you've got to think for yourself, make your own decisions, and take responsibility for your own actions.” - Mark Tier, THE AUSTRALIAN, 12/10/74. - THINK, DECISIONS, RESPONSIBILITY

FREEDOM: Freedom means your solution proposal, too, can be tried out freely among volunteers. - JZ 28.4.76, 21.12.08, 10.8.13. - SOLUTIONS, ANSWERS, IDEAS, FREEDOM OF ACTION, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: Freedom means: Do your own thing, in your own time, wherever you please, but not in the home or business of others and with the property and lives of others! - JZ, 6.4.00, 18.3.13.

FREEDOM: Freedom merchants instead of freedom fighters.” – Michael Cloud, 24.7.04. – Freedom salesmen, freedom advocates, freedom brokers, freedom consultants – equipped with complete and portable electronic references. – JZ, 23.10.07. – Against fanatics, fundamentalists and other intolerant ideologues some fighting will still be required, just like some police actions against some kind of criminals with victims. – But with all freedom ideas and institutions properly developed and marketed - only a minimum of fighting will still be necessary. - JZ, 12.12.08. FREEDOM FIGHTERS OR – OR FREEDOM MERCHANTS?

FREEDOM: Freedom minimizes violence. The more social and personal freedom of the individual to run their own life, to establish their own balances, to adjust their expectations to others – in short, the more individuals can adjust their information and knowledge to achieve their own ends – the less violence. – If individuals cannot freely determine their own contracts, then whatever contracts are dictated must be held in place by coercion or authority … - -  Freedom’s Principles, Corollary 3. – Democracy with a small d., probably by Prof. Galambos,(*) THE REGISTER, 12.1.62, also in ON PANARCHY III, in PEACE PLANS 507 on online at - Naturally, freedom must be distinguished from arbitrariness, willfulness and whims. – JZ, 9.1.13. - (*) I am not so sure about that any more, for Prof. G. claimed copyrights to all his utterances. – JZ, 15.3.13. - & VIOLENCE

FREEDOM: FREEDOM MOVEMENT: So far, the freedom movement has done little more than serve as an underground information exchange. This is just how the first stage of a counter-revolution should operate.” - Sawyer/Wilshire, One Man Band, The best of Peter Sawyer, whistle blower, edited by Brian Wilshire, 1996, Brian Wilshire, PO Box 209, Round Corner NSW 2158, ISBN # 0 646 265117 2, p.83.

FREEDOM: Freedom must be absolute. Otherwise it is valueless.” - Popular opinion. It coexists with another popular opinion: “Total freedom means chaos!” - Are freedom of speech, press, assembly and association, freedom of trade and migration valueless if not accompanied by all other liberties? - "We look with deep aversion upon the way primitive peoples are attached to their lawless liberty - a liberty which enables them to fight incessantly rather than subject themselves to the restraint of the law to be established by themselves; in short, to prefer wild freedom to a reasonable one. We look upon such an attitude as raw, uncivilized, and an animalic degradation of humanity. Therefore, one should think, civilized peoples (each united in a state) would hasten to get away from such a depraved state as soon as possible. Instead, each state insists upon seeing the essence of its majesty (for popular majesty is a paradox) in this, that it is not subject to any external coercion. The luster of its rulers consists in this, that many thousands are at his disposal to be sacrificed for a cause which is of no concern to them, while he himself is not exposed to any danger …" - Kant, Eternal Peace, in: Carl J. Friedrich, The Philosophy of Kant, p.442. - Alas, this is a statist and legal notion of liberty too, not the best way to describe the opposite to the arbitrary freedom of savages: freedom among enlightened and civilized people with ideas similar enough for them to want to establish a voluntary community for themselves. - JZ 7.4.00. – The freedom, liberties and rights of the others do always indicates the limits of the own, even while greatly expanding our individual choices. – JZ, 19.12.08. – We cannot exchange much with people who are not free to produce and to exchange. – JZ, 18.3.13. - ABSOLUTE FREEDOM? SOVEREIGNTY, TERRITORAILISM, NATIONALISM, ERRORS, OBJECTIONS AND PREJUDICES

FREEDOM: Freedom must be balanced with freedom, and the greatest amount of freedom chosen.” - Bliss, in Encyclopedia of Social Reform, under Liberty, on: F. J. Stephens, Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity. - EQUAL FREEDOM & FREEDOM OF CHOICE

FREEDOM: Freedom must be discovered, recorded, read about, thought about, recognized, struggled or fought for and experienced to become real, appreciated, lasting and expanding. - JZ, 17.10.92, 18.3.13. - Then it puts us into a peaceful state towards others, provides harmonious or balanced relations with other people, promotes progress and prosperity and allows all to develop towards their full potential. - JZ, 9.4.00. – PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE, HARMONY, TOLERANCE FOR THE TOLERANT, GOLDEN RULE, JUSTICE, PEACE, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

FREEDOM: Freedom necessarily means that many things will be done which we do not like. Our faith in freedom does not rest on the foreseeable results in particular circumstances but in the belief that it will, on balance, release more forces for the good than the bad." - Friedrich A. Hayek, The Constitution of Liberty. – That is merely a utilitarian defence of liberty. I hold that freedom and rights are inseparable. Rights lead to freedom and freedom to rights. Often the same rights and liberties are just expressed in different words that mean the same thing. - JZ, 6.5.00, 7.4.00. - With his remaining territorial although limited statism and constitutionalism, it is no wonder that Hayek never attempted to draft a better declaration of individual rights and liberties. – Or will we, one day, find one in his papers? – JZ, 26.12.07. - FAITH IN FREEDOM, MORALITY OF IT RATHER THAN ITS USEFULNESS OR UTILITARIAN VALUE IN BALANCE

FREEDOM: freedom not only works, but is the only thing which works.” - Joseph P. Martino, Defending a Free Society, p. 131. - If he hadn't copyrighted it, I would have micro-fiched this work. How many other freedom writings are still unpublished or out of print because of copyrights claims? - JZ, 10.4.00. - Totalitarianism also "works", at least for a while, enough to keep totalitarians in the saddle, for all too long. The same can be said for all other kinds of territorial governments - although governments and free societies, which are only exterritorially autonomous, would work much better for all their members. - JZ, 8.5.00. – Alas, so far territorial statism is still all too popular, even in opposition parties and minor parties and movements. – JZ, 18.3.13. – Even most anarchists and libertarians have not yet rejected it. – JZ, 10.8.13. - FREEDOM WORKS, TERRITORIALISM & AUTHORITARIANISM ALSO LAST – ALL TOO LONG, BASED UPON IGNORANCE & POPULAR ERRORS & PREJUDICES

FREEDOM: Freedom of action and experimentation for volunteers, in all spheres, avoids conflicts about minority and majority aspirations. - JZ, 96, 99, 18.3.13. - It renders obsolete territorial election campaigns and parties, their politicians and territorial States, all too often Warfare States. It can assure peace, justice, freedom, prosperity for us, even life extension and intelligence expansion and the stars. But, do we bother to radically insist upon it and ponder and calculate its consequences and plan for it? Do we even bother to make use of all the powerful freedom of action opportunities that are still quite legal for us? - JZ, 8.5.00, 18.3.13. - FREEDOM OF ACTION, Q.

FREEDOM: Freedom of action for governments is not only very different from but opposite to freedom of action for citizens. - JZ, 26.1.99, 22.3.99. - FREEDOM OF ACTION FOR GOVERNMENTS OR FOR CITIZENS?

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF ACTION: Either freedom means freedom of individual action, or it means nothing.” (*) - Richard B. McKenzie, Bound to Be Free, Hoover Institute Press, 1982, p.67. - (*) Without freedom of action or experimentation in spheres, which are now still monopolized by territorial governments, it does not mean enough. Without this right and liberty, the full spectrum of liberties and rights cannot be realized. Too many individual human rights remain unrecognized, restricted or even outright suppressed by territorial politicians and bureaucrats, their constitutions, laws, institutions, regulations and jurisdiction. – JZ, 6.10.07, 18.3.13. – However, that still does not mean that e.g. freedom of expression and freedom of information are worthless. Most generalizations are flawed. – JZ, 22.11.10. - FREEDOM OF ACTION & EXPERIMENTATION

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF ACTION: Liberty of thought is a mockery if liberty of speech (*) and action is denied.” – Sidney Holmes - (*) Freedom of expression and information, property and exchange, self-help and self-defence and other individual rights and liberties, especially individual secessionism, are denied! – The term “and action” does not clearly enough indicate all the other liberties and rights required. - JZ, 1.6.01, 12.12.08. ). – An ideal declaration of all genuine individual rights and liberties is long overdue. However, who is interested to help bring it about? For many years I have tried, quite in vain, to raise interest for this project among anarchists and libertarians. – JZ, 22.11.10. E.g. with an anthology of over 130 PRIVATE human rights drafts, which is on a CD reproduced at - JZ, 18.3.13. - FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION & INFORMATION

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF ACTION: The limited definition of liberty attributed to Voltaire: "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." There may be some justice in expanding the scope of this phrase to include an unrestrained freedom of action as well as ideas, an effort that would pull the rug from beneath all collectivist systems. Let us, in other words, extend these sentiments to all men and women as they peacefully pursue whatever is of interest to them or provides meaning to their lives: "I disapprove of what you do, but I will defend to the death your right to do it." - Butler Shaffer, The Wizards of Ozymandias, chapter 70. – Has he, anywhere else in his writings, come closer to the panarchist point of view? – JZ, 10.8.13. - PANARCHISM, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF ACTION: When men could act freely, there was a terrific outburst of human energy, transforming the world.” - Rose Wilder Lane, The Discovery of Freedom, 1943. – Some men were allowed to act somewhat freely, to some extent or did so, anyhow. How many were there (or are there now), who knew and appreciated the full range of liberties and rights, which has not yet been publicly compiled and declared even now? – Even Rothbard argued against full monetary freedom – because he misunderstood it! - JZ, 19.12.08. – INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF ACTION: Where we are free to act, we are free to refrain from acting, and where we are able to say no, we care also able to say yes. – Aristotle, 384-322 BC. –  He was considered to be among the greatest human thinkers for over 2,000 years – and nevertheless, the freedom of action, which he already recognized, is still not realized today. That is, rather, a scandal for the whole human race. – JZ, 18.3.13. - TOLERANCE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM IN EVERY SPHERE, PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY

FREEDOM: Freedom of association requires not only that no man shall be punished for founding or joining an association, but that, in default of any special reason to the contrary, an association once founded should be recognized as legally capable of holding property, making contracts, and employing and being employed, buying and selling like any ordinary citizen. It should have the power of growth and change within a general continuity of membership and purposes.” - J. D. Mabbott, The State And The Citizen, p.23 - Why exclude full exterritorial autonomy for their voluntary members? - JZ, 22.3.99, 18.3.13. - FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION, ASSOCIATIONISM, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, FREEDOM OF EXCHANGE, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, FREE ENTERPRISE & CONSUMER SOVEREIGNY IN EVERY SPHERE, PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PERSONAL LAW

FREEDOM: Freedom of choice guarantees progress, but, as has been well said by G. B. Shaw: "Freedom means responsibility; that's why most men dread it." - Henry Meulen, Free Banking, p.315. - CHOICE & RESPONSIBILITY, FEAR OF FREEDOM, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, DECIDOPHOBIA, STATISM, SUBMISSIVENES, SLAVISHNESS, OBEDIENCE

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF CHOICE: A society based on the freedom to choose is better than a society based on the principles of socialism, communism and coercion.” – Milton Friedman. - Obviously, even he overlooked that full freedom of choice would include also separate panarchies for all kinds of socialists, communists and coercers, but all of them, likewise, only at their own risk and expense. That might teach them, if anything still could. - JZ, 23.11.06. - The remaining flaws in the teachings of all great men should become compiled and published, permanently, together with their collected works, as cheaply and accessibly as possible, e.g. on powerful disks and drives, even when one cannot as yet afford to place them on vast websites. - JZ, 26. 11. 06. – There seem to be all kinds of mental blockages against putting all freedom writings on a single large and affordable HDD and then offering them thus, as cheaply as possible for sale. If libertarians were really sufficiently interested in all of their freedom promoting opportunities, they would rush into participation in this project. But are they? – JZ, 10.8.13. - PANARCHISM, FREE CHOICE

FREEDOM: Freedom of conscience, of choice, of action, freedom to experiment in the political, economic and social spheres as well as in all others. - JZ, 30.7.98, 14.6.00. - FREEDOM OF ACTION & EXPERIMENTATION, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF CONTRACT: Once again, extensive legislative intervention with freedom of contract began to become commonplace, and much of it was increasingly redistributive in character. – P. S. Atiyeah, Common Law, in: The New Palgrave: The Invisible Hand, edited by John Eatwell, Murray Milgate & Peter Newman, W. W. Norton, 1987/89, p.76. – TERRITORIALISM VS. VOLUNTARISM, FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, LAWS, LEGISLATION

FREEDOM: Freedom of discussion and speculation was, as we saw, fully realized in the Greek and Roman world, and then an unforeseen force, in the shape of Christianity, came in and laid chains upon the human mind and suppressed freedom and imposed upon man a weary struggle to recover the freedom which he had lost.” - Bruce L. Richmond, The Pattern of Freedom, Ljus English Library, vol. 12, Stockholm, 1943, p. 59. - Not all individual rights and liberties were known and recognized in the ancient world, not even in Greece and in Rome. Compare the fate of Socrates. – See e.g. their practice of slavery. - JZ 28.9.07. - FREEDOM OF DISCUSSION & SPECULATION & CHRISTIANITY

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: A people which is able to say everything becomes able to do everything.” - Napoleon I, Maxims, 1804-15. - Alas, because they have some fine words for them, they also come to believe that they can successfully practise some unworkable schemes. Freedom of expression, e.g. by demagogues, should be kept in bounds e.g. by an encyclopedia of the best refutations and by freedom to experiment, which would or could demonstrate, daily and almost everywhere and through anyone, the falsehood or flaws of certain notions. - JZ, 21.1.85, 10.8.13. – Quite typical for a territorial ruler, he allowed them neither freedom of expression nor freedom of action. - JZ, 17.4.00, 22.11.10, 18.3.13. - FREEDOM OF ACTION

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: As long as I don't write about the government, religion, politics, and other institutions, I am free to print anything." - Pierre-Augustin Beaumarchais - Emailed in by C. B. – FREEDOM OF PRESS, JOKES

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: Democracies tolerate the expression of radical opinions in small circles but not their application among volunteers. - JZ, 29.12.86. - PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: Did You Know: Media Out of Control: A CNN journalist recently complained that a boy had gotten the recipe for napalm on the Internet, and that it was covered by the freedom of speech. He did not, on the other hand, point out that one can also get the recipe in print at the local college library, and could have for some time. Perhaps speaking the recipe (naptha and palmitic acid, from household cleaners) aloud should also be looked into.” - Secrets of the Sentient. – It is not the weapons or bombs that make people intolerant and aggressive and act in accordance with the wrongful “principle” of collective responsibility. – JZ, 19.12.08, 18.3.13. - INFORMATION, CHILDREN & RIGHTS & DUTIES OF PARENTS, CENSORSHIP?

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: Everyman who speaks out loud and clear is tinting the "Zeitgeist" (public opinion). Everyman who expresses what he honestly thinks is changing the Spirit of the Times.” - Elbert Hubbard, Pig-Pen Pete, The Bee. - Not only understanding, honesty, courage and accurate expression are required but also sufficient publicity. Otherwise, only one person's mind may be changed or those of a few, who are not, for the time being, the decisive decision-makers, outside of their still permitted own and small private spheres. - JZ, 1.4.99, 18.3.13. - HONESTY

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: Freedom of expression does not really exist as long as one group (e.g. the majority) can make laws to enforce the practice of its opinions. In “democracies” dissenting individuals and groups can only protest but have to obey the legally enforced opinions of the majority of others. - JZ, 8.6.82. – The practical realization of one’s preferences, at one’s own expense and risk, belongs to freedom of expression. – Just like full freedom of action belongs to freedom of expression. – JZ, 22.11.10. – JZ, 19.12.08. – LAWS, TERRITORIALISM, FREEDOM OF ACTION, NO TERRITORIAL MONOPOLY FOR PUBLIC SERVICES BUT FREE COMPETITION FOR THEM, BY GROUPS OF VOLUNTEERS, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW.

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: From a moral point of view, at least, freedom of expression does not include the right to lie as a deliberate instrument of policy.” - Commission on Freedom of the Press: A Free and Responsible Press, U. of Chicago Press, 1947. - Seldes. - Are immoral people entitled to hear all truths, if they could use them to infringe the liberties of others even more? - JZ, 16.4.00. - LIES & MORALITY

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: Give me the liberty to know, to think, to believe, and to utter freely, according to conscience, above all other liberties.” - John Milton. - From L. E. Read's The Free Man's Almanac, Dec. 3. – Another version: “Give me the liberty to know, to utter, and to argue freely according to conscience, above all liberties.” - John Milton. – Did he speak up as clearly for freedom of action and experimentation in all spheres, for volunteers? – JZ, 18.3.13.

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” - Attributed to Voltaire by S. G. Tallentyre (E. Beatrice Hall), in her book, The Friends of Voltaire (p.199), published in 1906, but later stated by her to be a summary of Voltaire's attitude toward De l'Ésprit by Claude'Adrien Helvétius. - I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” – Voltaire. - Ascribed to Voltaire but not found expressed in these words in his works! - JZ

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: I say there can be no safety for these States without innovators - without free tongue, and ears willing to hear the tongues.” - Walt Whitman. - Territorial States can increase their safety by converting to exterritorial States, formed by volunteers only. This requires no more than letting all dissenters secede and do their own things, under personal law or exterritorial autonomy. - JZ, 16.4.00, 18.3.13. – SECURITY, SAFETY, PEACE, HARMONY, PREVENTION OF WAR, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: If all mankind minus one were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be not more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind.” - John Stuart Mill, On Liberty, ch. 2. - Seldes. - CENSORSHIP

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: If there is a principle of the Constitution that more imperatively calls for attachment than any other it is the principle of free thought - not free for those who agree with us but freedom for the thought we hate.” - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., Dissent, U.S. vs. Schwimmer. - Seldes. - Was the U.S. constitution so thoughtless as to write of "freedom of thought"? - Freedom of thought is a rather thoughtless expression - since even dictators have difficulties in greatly infringing it, apart from killing thinkers or subjecting them to torture. - JZ, 16.4.00.

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all.” - Noam Chomsky.

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: Man has a right to think all things, speak all things, write all things, but not to impose his opinions.” - Machiavelli. - Theodore Schroeder, compiler, “Free Press Anthology”, 1909, Sec. III, ”Laconics of Toleration and Free Inquiry.”

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: One day posterity will remember these strange times, when ordinary common honesty was called courage." - Yevgeny Yevtushenko (1933-) Russian poet, 1969 - Sent in by C. B. - FRANKNESS, PUBLICLY, UTTERING ONE’S VIEWS, STANDING UP FOR ONE’S CONVICTIONS

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: Restriction of free thought and free speech is the most dangerous of all subversions. It is the one un-American act that could most easily defeat us all.” – Justice William O. Douglas. - The prohibition of free experiments by volunteers in the political, economic and social spheres, all on the basis of full exterritorial autonomy, has even worse results. For even the best words are rarely convincing enough for most people. Even when they do get through, it is often only temporary and all too many people, even highly intelligent ones, have relapses into their old errors and prejudices. - JZ, 22. 11. 06. - INFORMATION ARE NOT ENOUGH. FREEDOM OF ACTION & EXPERIMENTATION ARE NEEDED AS WELL, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: Surely the individual who devotes his time to fearless and unrestricted inquiry into the grand questions arising out of our moral nature, ought rather to receive the patronage than encounter the vengeance of an enlightened legislation.” - Percy B. Shelley. - Theodore Schroeder, compiler, “Free Press Anthology”, 1909, Sec. III, ”Laconics of Toleration and Free Inquiry.” – Let us rather try to keep legislators and governments out of all research – as penalizers and as patrons. – JZ, 24.9.08.

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: The dollar spent is for Friedman the highest form of freedom of expression. He compares "voting with dollars" to "voting with votes". Using the first, he says, the individual has absolute control over that spending whereas with the second, he may end up with a useless vote…" - NATIONAL TIMES, 3.1.77, on Milton Friedman. - Why shouldn't we also be free, individually, to spend our monies only on those governments and those government services that we do want and are willing to pay for? Milton Friedman has only limited governments in mind, which, with their compulsory membership (apart from free migration), universal laws and territorial rule are, to that extent, still totalitarian ones. - JZ, 13.6.00. - THROUGH FREE SPENDING, VOTING, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, CHOICE, SELF-DETERMINATION

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: The end? Clear as crystal: the freedom of everyone to express his uniqueness and seek his own gain.” - Leonard E. Read, THE FREEMAN, 2/74. - Logically, the "of everyone" implies the equal freedom of others. But misunderstandings are common and persistent. Too many still equate their wrongful powers over others with their own personal freedom. As long as this is the case all formulations of freedom should be made "foolproof". - JZ, 16.4.00. - As much or as little is the freedom aspiration and action of most people nowadays. They talk and read and write and protest a bit and they make some money, in form of government currency, for their private use - and put up with a lot, regarding all the rest. - Read favored even monetary freedom, shortly and all too general terms. But he wanted to limit political organization to territorial limited governments. On these two points he did not release his own creative energies but rather self-limited them. - JZ, 8.5.00, 18.3.13. – FREEDOM OF ACTION & EXPERIMENTATION

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: The most serious problems of freedom of expression in our society today exist on our campuses.” - Benno Schmidt, President of Yale University. - Government subsidies to universities and government sinecures for academics have unexpected and harmful side-effects. - The freedom philosophy is not taught in most universities but rather attacked or ridiculed in most of them. - JZ, 3.7.00. – That alone should disqualify most universities from receiving any governmental subsidies. But this and most other problems would sort themselves out once territorialism with its compulsory membership, subordination and taxes is abolished. – JZ, 191.2.08. - CAMPUS, ACADEMICS, UNIVERSITIES, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: The power of free discussion is the right of every subject of this country. It is a right to the fair exercise of which we are indebted more than to any other that was ever claimed by Englishmen. All the blessings we at present enjoy might be ascribed to it.” - Lord Kenyon. - Theodore Schroeder, compiler, “Free Press Anthology”, 1909, Sec. III, ”Laconics of Toleration and Free Inquiry.” – As if freedom of action and experimentation would not matter! – JZ, 22.11.10.

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: the rule of the majority is with us yet more tempered, less violent and unscrupulous, than it is in some other countries; but give their full weight to all those modifying influences, which as yet restrain our system of the conquering and the conquered races from finding its full development - still they do not alter the main, the essential fact, that we are content to live under a system that vests the rights of citizenship, the share in the common country, the ownership of body, faculties, and property, and to some extent, the ownership of mind and soul, of, say, two-fifth of the nation in the hands of the three-fifths. Such is the system in which we think it right and self-respecting to acquiesce - a system which, in the case of every two men out of five, wipes out at a stroke, so far as the duties of citizenship are concerned, and even to a large extent as regards their personal relations, all the higher parts of their nature, their judgment, conscience, will - treating them as degraded criminals, who, for some unrecorded offence, have deserved to forfeit all the great natural rights, and to lose their true rank as men. They tell us that nowadays men are not punished for their opinions. They succeed in forgetting, I suppose, the case of every two men out of five.” - Auberon Herbert, Mr. Spencer and the Great Machine, p.55. – MAJORITIES, VOTING, DEMOCRACY, TERRITORIALISM VS. MINORITY AUTONOMY & INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: Those in full agreement with the government may say anything the government wants them to say.” - Max Nomad, A Skeptic's Political Dictionary, 1953, p.61. - THE NEW FREEDOM, JOKES

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want rain without thunder and lightning.” - Frederick Douglas. , AGITATION, PROPAGANDA, ENLIGHTENMENT, CENSORSHIP

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: To silence criticism is to silence freedom.” - Sidney Hook. - CENSORSHIP

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: To speak his thought is every freeman's right, in peace and war, in council and in fight.” - Homer, in the Iliad, as translated by Pope. - C. Bingham, Men & Affairs, 196. - Well, at least some secrets, during some rightful defensive actions in wars, have to be preserved to save lives among these defenders. - JZ, 16.4.00. – On the other hand, quite rightful war and peace aims, liberation efforts, mass fraternization and desertion appeals to the enemy regime’s conscripts, require maximum publicity. – JZ, 19.12.08. – FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, LARGELY, EVEN DURING WARS – TO SHORTEN THEM, PUBLICITY, SECRECY

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: What is important is not so much freedom of expression but freedom after expression.” - Malaysian Opposition Leader, TV Report, 25.10.87.

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: When even one American - who has done nothing wrong - is forced by fear to shut his mind and close his mouth, then all Americans are in peril.” - Harry S. Truman, N.Y. TIMES MAGAZINE. - There was censorship involved in "Project Manhattan" but, I believe that it was partly justified, to keep at least for a while such devices out of the hands of even more authoritarian territorial regimes. - JZ, 16.4.00. – Truman, too, did not give his subjects a vote on taxes, conscription, war aims, international treaties, central banking, State membership and subordination. He did not concede to them the right to secede and live under their self-chosen personal laws. – JZ, 19.12.08. – Far less did he advocate this freedom for the victims of all other territorial regimes, e.g. by recognizing all governments and societies in exile, all only for their present and future volunteers. – JZ, 22.11.10, 18.3.13.

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: Where men cannot freely convey their thoughts to one another, no other liberty is secure.” – William E. Hocking (1873-1966), Freedom of the Press, 1947. – Where people do not have freedom of action and experimentation in all spheres, no other right and liberty is secure, either. – JZ, 18.3.13.

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: You have not converted a man because you have silenced him.” - John, Lord Morley. – CENSORSHIP

FREEDOM: freedom of men under government is to have a standing rule to live by, common to every one of that society ... as freedom of nature is to be under no other restraint but the law of Nature.” - John Locke.– Only personal law is in harmony with natural law, natural rights and individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 18.3.13. – PERSONAL LAW, GOVERNMENTS, NATURAL LAWS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES VS. MERE LEGISLATION, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRIOTRIAL AUTONOMY

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: freedom of movement for men, for goods, and for money." - Gustav Stolper, This Age of Fable, 1943, p. 21. - He even advocates a degree of monetary freedom in this book. - JZ – IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS, FREE MIGRATION

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: Man hath the right to move as he willeth on the face of the planet.” - L. Neil Smith, Tom Paine Maru, p.154. - Well, not through all kinds of private property and without the consent of the owner. - JZ, 22.1.02. – FREE MIGRATION, IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF PRESS: A newspaper might easily commit suicide by challenging the censorship of the print unions.” - David Astor, How the British Press Censors Itself. - Automation of newspaper production, micrographic and electronic publishing could make people increasingly independent of trade unions and their bias. - JZ, 4.4.89 & 23.6.00. – By now the Internet makes people largely independent of the mass media and turns all of them into at least potential writers and publishers. – JZ, 18.3.13. – UNIONS, INTERNET

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF PRESS: Freedom of press can only be achieved without the presses! - JZ, 25.8.85. At least the mass media presses are all too much under the pressure of people with the trade union and statist mentality. - The paradox is solved if one considers the alternative media options for freedom of expression, like microfiche, floppy disks and text-only CDs, websites, blogs and emails, media which almost anyone can afford for extensive self-publishing and reading. - JZ, 25.6.85, 17.4.00, 19.12.08, 18.3.13, 10.8.13. – ALTERNATIVE, POWERFUL & AFFORDABLE MEDIA

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF PRESS: Freedom of press presupposes privately owned presses (not to mention a free flow of newsprint). - John A. Davenport, THE INTERCOLLEGIATE REVIEW, Spring 73, 149. - Freedom of press, in our times, does not confine us any longer to paper, print and presses, which tend to be capital intensive. – Associated with this came the print upon demand option, meaning, mostly, printing and binding only small batches of the same book or pamphlet, in response to demand for it. – I did this also, for a quarter of a century, with my batches of duplicates of my PEACE PLANS series. - JZ, 16.4.00, 10.8.13..

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF PRESS: Freedom of the press is one of the great bulwarks of liberty, and can never be restrained but by despotic governments.” - George Mason.

FREEDOM: Freedom of self- and utter personal responsibility for self.” - Robert Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land, p.359. & SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-GOVERNMENT FOR INDIVIDUALS, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

FREEDOM: Freedom of speech and press, or religion and economics, means that other people will say, print, believe and produce things, which we might find distasteful. Freedom doesn't come cheap; it costs, and those unable or unwilling to pay the price will never achieve freedom, nor will they retain the freedom they now enjoy.” - Rev. E. Opitz, THE FREEMAN, 7/75.

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF SPEECH, PRESS, EXPRESSION & INFORMATION: The freedom of speech and the freedom of the press have not been granted to the people in order that they may say things which please, and which are based upon accepted thought, but the right to say the things which displease, the right to say the things which convey the new and yet unexpected thoughts, the right to say things, even though they do a wrong. – Samuel Gompers, 1850-1924, Seventy Years of Life and Labor, 1925. – Can thoughts do wrong? – JZ, 5.4.12. – One old objection: What about shouting “fire!” in a crowded theatre? Nor does incitement of a mob to commit a murder fall under “freedom of speech”. – JZ, 18.3.13.

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF SPEECH: All talks in Parliament should be fully on electronic record, accessible to anyone and open to comments, added by the public. But this freedom will have optimal results only once it is practised by Panarchies, which still do have parliaments. Otherwise, potential readers and commentators to such records will simply be swamped by the masses of texts thus offered by all too interventionist territorial governments. From a public gallery, in parliament house, one can only watch and listen, but not offer comments. The comments option should also be open for laws already passed, so that the criticism of them would be open to the public and as comprehensive as possible. - Freedom of speech is all too much monopolized by these “representatives”, rather than realized country-wide. – Mass media reports on parliamentary activities are all too incomplete. – I also found most sessions that I heard all too boring and got turned off from listening to them. Most of the speakers do not really know what they are talking about and are all too full of popular errors and prejudices or party spirit or concerns for the outcome of the next elections. – The parliaments and other talk sessions of communities of volunteers would be quite a different matter. – So would be the discussions among local militias of volunteers for the protection of individual rights and liberties. Only very rarely have territorial parliaments become enlightened from the inside, by their own debates and discussions. – Even then it took much time, effort and talent. Compare e.g. the limited free trade that was introduced in England in this way, for all too few decades. - JZ, 19.12.08, 18.3.13. – PARLIAMENTS, CONGRESS, HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, SENATE SESSIONS, SUB-COMMITTEE SESSIONS, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF SPEECH: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” - First Amendment to the United States Constitution. - One petitions masters, not servants! - JZ, 23.8.02. - RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF PRESS, FREEDOM OF ASSEMBLY, POLITICIANS, PUBLIC SERVANTS, CIVIL SERVICE, PETITIONS

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF SPEECH: does not demand that private citizens provide a microphone for the man who advocates their destruction.” - Ayn Rand.

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF SPEECH: For the average American, freedom of speech is simply the freedom to repeat what everyone else is saying and no more.” – Gore Vidal. - All the more important would be an encyclopedia of the best refutations, one of "Slogans for Liberty" and one of jokes at the expense of all of liberty's enemies. - Add libertarians songs, poems, plays, utopias, SF stories and movie collections, if you like. - JZ, 23. 11. 06. - & OTHER EXPRESSIONS, FREEDOM OF INFORMATION, PUBLIC OPINION, POPULAR ERRORS, MYTHS, PREJUDICES FALLACIES & PROVERBIAL "WISDOM", NEW DRAFT

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF SPEECH: Free speech does not live many hours after free industry and commerce die.” - Herbert Hoover, speech, NYC, Oct. 22, 1928. - ECONOMIC FREEDOM

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF SPEECH: Free speech is to a great people what winds are to oceans and malarial regions, which waft away the elements of disease, and bring new elements of health; and where free speech is stopped miasma is bred, and death comes fast.” - Henry Ward Beecher. - Theodore Schroeder, compiler, “Free Press Anthology”, 1909, Sec. III, ”Laconics of Toleration and Free Inquiry.” –  – And yet, there is so far only one open air free speech center in all of India. I doubt that one exists in all of Russia, even now, or it would have been reported in the Western media. There is certainly none in all of Red China. The degrees of economic liberties its victims have achieved during the last few years are certainly not liberating enough. – JZ, 18.3.13. – OPEN AIR FREE SPEECH CENTERS. 

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF SPEECH: I favor freedom of speech every day of the week, e.g. in THE DOMAIN, in Sydney, why don't you? (*) I favor freedom of speech anywhere, on one's own private property or on property in which one has a share by it being still public property, like most present roads, plazas and parks are. Naturally, that does not grant the right to obstruct traffic. Do you want this freedom of speech or do you oppose it? Do the present restrictions go on with your consent or in spite of your opinions on the subject? – (*) It is still confined to Sunday afternoons! – At least it should have been extended to Sunday mornings, as free competition to the church sermons. - JZ, n.d., about 1972, 19.12.08, 18.3.13. - OPEN AIR SPEAKING, SPEAKERS' CORNERS

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF SPEECH: The First Amendment forbids any law "abridging the freedom of speech". It doesn't say, "except for commercials on children's television" or "unless somebody says `cunt' in a rap song or `chick' on a college campus.” - P. J. O'RourkeSwearing and cursing isn’t polite or sensible but hardly an infringement of freedom of speech.JZ, 18.3.13.

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF SPEECH: The freedom of speech and the freedom of the press have not been granted to the people in order that they may say things which please, and which are based upon accepted thought, but the right to say the things which displease, the right to say the things which convey the new and yet unexpected thoughts, the right to say things, even though they do a wrong.” – Samuel Gompers (1850-1924), Seventy Years of Life and Labor, 1925. - Can thoughts, opinions and ideas do wrong or only wrongful actions based upon them? - JZ, 26. 11. 06, 18.3.13. - PRESS IS FOR DISSENT RATHER THAN PRAISE, Q.

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF SPEECH: The right of free speech does not mean that others must provide a man with a printing press, a publishing house, a newspaper, a theater or a television studio through which to express his views. It means only that others may not use force to stop him or those who agree with him from earning such facilities by their own efforts through the normal process of free trade.” - Ayn Rand, Freedom of Speech, LOS ANGELES TIMES, December 2, 1962. - She, too, failed to recognize the potential of alternative and affordable media, in which each person could publish more than they could manage to write or speak themselves. - JZ, 24.1.02.

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF SPEECH: Who ever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freedom of speech; a thing terrible to public traitors.” - Benjamin Franklin.

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF SPEECH: Without free speech no search for truth is possible; without free speech no discovery of truth is useful; without free speech progress is checked and the nations no longer march forward toward the nobler life which the future holds for man. Better a thousand fold abuse of free speech than denial of free speech. The abuse dies in a day, but the denial slays the life of the people and entombs the hope of the race.” – Charles Bradlaugh. - Theodore Schroeder, compiler, “Free Press Anthology”, 1909, Sec. III, ”Laconics of Toleration and Free Inquiry.” – Freedom of speech does not clearly enough express all other forms of freedom of expression, research and information. – JZ, 22.11.10, 18.3.13.

FREEDOM: Freedom of the individual - youth and health.” - Jean Sibelius, Finnish composer, when he was close to 90. - Maybe, at that age, he had forgotten about all other rights and liberties - if he ever knew them. – But then – who did ever know them all and express them clearly? If anybody did know them all, he would have owed us his complete declaration! – A few made incomplete attempts. I collected them in a digitized anthology of over 130 private human rights drafts, all that I could find so far. They are on a disc reproduced at - If you know of other such declarations, please, do point them out to me and if possible, send me a digitized copy. - JZ, 22.12.08. –

FREEDOM: Freedom of the person on the basis of economic freedom, freedom to produce, own and exchange. - JZ, 26.10.82. – We need all individual rights and liberties in the political and social spheres as well, quite independent of territorial governments, especially experimental freedom for volunteers, with all kinds of alternative laws, systems and institutions. – JZ, 18.3.13. - PERSONAL & ECONOMIC

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF THOUGHT & ACTION & EXPERIMENTATION: If there is any principle of the constitution that more imperatively calls for attachment than any other it is the principle of free thought – not free thought for those who agree with us but freedom for the thought that we hate. – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., 1841-1935, U.S. Supreme Court Justice, United States v. Schwimmer, 1929. – Typically, even he omitted freedom of action and experimentation. – JZ, 18.3.13. – EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF ACTION

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF THOUGHT & ACTION: There are two good things in life – freedom of thought and freedom of action. – W. Somerset Maugham, in 

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF THOUGHT: a man need never be other than free in his own mind.” - Robert A. Heinlein, Citizen of the Galaxy, p.128 in ASTOUNDING SF, 10/57. – He could have that “freedom” even when alone and confined in a prison cell. – JZ, 18.3.13.

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF THOUGHT: Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Thought: People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they never use.” - Soren Aabye Kierkegaard. – Most people simply prefer to hear themselves speak or see their writings in print rather than engaging in the hard labor of original thinking and correctly expressing an unpopular truth or principle, right or liberty. – JZ, 4.1.08, 18.3.13. - FREEDOM OF SPEECH, PRESS, INFORMATION & EXPRESSION, RED.

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF THOUGHT: In any society freedom of thought will probably be of direct significance for a small minority. But this does not mean that anyone is competent, or ought to have power, to select those to whom this freedom is to be reserved.” - Friedrich Hayek, The Road to Serfdom. - Some freedom of thought exists even under a totalitarian regime, in prisons and extermination camps, while one is still alive. Only freedom of expression and information and publication are largely missing in that situation, apart from freedom of action. In “free societies” they are still all too restricted, and be it only by copyrights, or all of the existing, very powerful and affordable technological options for these liberties are simply still not fully utilized. – JZ, 26.12.07. – Full freedom of action and experimentation in all spheres does not as yet exist and cannot exist under territorial governmentalism. – JZ, 18.3.13. - EXPRESSION, INFORMATION, PRESS, BROADCASTING, FREEDOM OF ACTION & EXPERIMENTATION FOR VOLUNTEERS, EXTERRITORIALLLY, VS. TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OF TRADE: While landed aristocrats and intellectuals have always sneered at people “in trade” because tradesmen are motivated by the vulgar desire to make money (as against taking it from foreigners by force), the freedom to trade is actually far more important to the overwhelming majority of people in any commercial society – which means in any civilized society – than, say, the freedom to make speeches in Hyde Park or write letters to the editors of newspapers. Indeed, were it not for the wealth created by trade, there would not be any Hyde Park or any newspapers (and, certainly, not intellectuals.).” – Joseph F. Johnston, Jr., The Limits of Government, Regnery Gateway, Chicago, 1984, p.107. - COMPARED WITH FREEDOM OF SPEECH & FREEDOM OF PRESS, FREE TRADE

FREEDOM: Freedom on this earth is not given to all men, but only to those who will actively seek it by fighting for it.” - OPTION, 10/76, paraphrasing a remark by Ayn Rand. - The terms "given" and "fighting" could and should be improved upon here. – JZ, n.d.

FREEDOM: Freedom only for the supporters of the Government, only for the members of one party - however numerous they may be - is no freedom at all. Freedom is always and exclusively freedom for the one who thinks differently.” - Rosa Luxemburg. - Another version: "Freedom for supporters of the government only, for the members of one party only - no matter how big its membership may be - is no freedom at all. Freedom is always freedom for the man who thinks differently.” - Rosa Luxemburg: Die Russische Revolution, quoted in Paul Froelich's biography of her, London, 1940, Seldes, The Great Quotations. – The above continued: “Not because of any fanatical concept of 'justice', but because all that is instructive, wholesome and purifying in political freedom depends on this essential characteristic, and its effectiveness vanishes when 'freedom' becomes a special privilege. …” - Rosa Luxemburg, pamphlet, Die Russische Revolution, written in 1918, published in Berlin, 1922, quoted in: Max Nomad, Apostles of Revolution, p.124. - Rather, for the man who who wants to ACT differently. – JZ, n.d. & 10.8.13. - FREEDOM FOR DISSENTERS

FREEDOM: FREEDOM OR CHAINS? Better to die free than to live in chains!” – “Will you stop the nonsense! Better to live in chains and learn how to get rid of them. That way you end up alive, free rather than dead-free, a much more attractive state. – Harry Harrison, Death World 2, 1964, in Sphere Books edition, 1973-1991, p.30/31.

FREEDOM: Freedom outside of society does not include the idea of security and security cannot be understood without freedom and without society.” - Rivarol, in: Franzoesische Moralisten, p.336. – However, a single territorial society or State can neither provide sufficient security, peace, justice nor freedom for its very diverse individuals and their different groups. That requires individual sovereignty, competing governance systems and societies, all for voluntary members only, under personal law or exterritorial autonomy, with individual secessionism from or consumer sovereignty towards all of them. – JZ, 18.3.13. – PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SOCIETY & SECURITY

FREEDOM: FREEDOM PARTY: Be a party to freedom. Join the Freedom Party. - JZ, n.d., ca. middle 1970’s.  A territorial freedom party is not the optimal tool for libertarians, either. Libertarians can set the best examples only once they become exterritorially free to do and demonstrate their own things. The libertarian Australian Workers Party, later Progress Party, never became as radical. Nor did any other libertarian party or any of the Tea Parties become as radical and consistent – to my knowledge. – JZ, 18.3.13. - LIBERTARIAN PARTIES, WORKERS PARTY, PROGRESS PARTY, TEA PARTIES

FREEDOM: FREEDOM PARTY: We are a freedom party - and we mean it! - JZ, n.d. & 26.6.00. – Perhaps nothing destroys delusions faster than participation in any territorial political party, even if it is a libertarian one or a libertarian organization, institute or movement. – JZ, 22.11.10. - LIBERTARIAN PARTY, WORKERS PARTY, LIBERTARIANISM

FREEDOM: Freedom permits variety; while the tyrant makes an outlaw of all who think differently.” - Leigh H. Irvine, What Is Americanism? p.16. - Rather, who express themselves and act differently. Even tyrants, so far, do not readily know the thoughts of others. - JZ, 6.4.00. - VARIETY

FREEDOM: FREEDOM PRINCIPLES VS. MERE SYMBOLS, LIKE E.G. FLAGS: No free people can lose their liberties while they are jealous of liberty. But the liberties of the freest people are in danger when they set up symbols of liberty as fetishes, worshipping the symbol instead of the principle it represents. – Wendell Phillips, 1811-1884, in Liberty and the Great Libertarians. (C. Sprading)

FREEDOM: FREEDOM RATHER THAN GOVERNMENT: Not in government or force, not in slavery or war, but in the creative, and thereby spiritual, power of freedom, shall our inspiration be found. – F. A. Harper, founder Institute for Humane Studies – However, governments reduced to their remaining volunteers and merely exterritorially autonomous, should be tolerated, too. – JZ, 6.4.12. – STATISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, TERRITORIALISM INSTEAD OF PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: Freedom rather than unity or equality! - JZ, 5.10.92, 9.4.00. - UNITY & EQUALITY

FREEDOM: FREEDOM REFERENCES: No more gaps in our freedom knowledge. Make all freedom references cheaply and fast enough accessible to anyone interested - through affordable alternative media - JZ, 20.6.01. - COMPLETE FREEDOM PUBLISHING, NO MORE GAPS IN FREEDOM KNOWLEDGE AND ACCESS TO FREEDOM KNOWLEDGE, LIBERTARIAN ENCYCLOPEDIA, ELECTRONIC LIBRARY, IDEAS ARCHIVE, SUPERCOMPUTER PROJECT, ENLIGHTENMENT, NEW DRAFT

FREEDOM: Freedom releases the maximum of creative energies. - That is true only when all creative energies are properly marketed. Otherwise, they will, all too often, be ignored, perish, remain unknown, underdeveloped or utilized all too late. See under IDEAS ARCHIVE. - JZ, n.d. & 8.5.00, 10.8.13. - CREATIVE ENERGY

FREEDOM: Freedom requires morality" say some (M. Magrath) whilst others reply that "morality requires freedom" (Bob Howard). & MORALITY

FREEDOM: Freedom rests upon understanding.” - Feuchtersleben. („Auf der Erkenntnis beruht die Freiheit.“)

FREEDOM: Freedom rests, and always will, on individual responsibility, individual integrity, individual effort, individual courage, and individual religious faith. It does not rest in Washington. It rests with you and me.” - Ed Lipscomb, quoted in THE FREEMAN, 7/72. – Also in THE FREE MAN'S ALMANAC, compiled by Leonard E. Read, entry under April 17. - Even while individual secessionism and panarchistic communities are suppressed, we are responsible for this situation to the extent that we do not even question and criticize this condition. – JZ, 18.12.08. – RESPONSIBILITY, PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: Freedom shows not only the ideal to be attained but also the ideal way to reach it. - JZ, 1978. - Naturally, this required that all aspects of freedom are discovered, publicized, understood and applied. - JZ, 13.4.00. - WAY TO FREEDOM, PATH TO FREEDOM, FREEDOM'S METHODS, TACTICS, STRATEGIES, DEFENCES AND LIBERATION OPPORTUNITIES

FREEDOM: FREEDOM SPECTRUM: I favor the whole freedom spectrum. You seem to favor only a small fraction of it. Why? - JZ, 26.7.01, 31.1.02. – RED., Q.

FREEDOM: Freedom suppressed and again regained bites with deeper fangs than freedom never endangered.” - Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 B.C.), De Officiis, 44 B.C., 2.7.24. - Shouldn't all doubts about liberty have been fully settled by sufficient discussion after 2,000 years? Apparently, sufficient discussion has still not taken place! - JZ, 15.4.00. – History is not a favorite study for most. E.g. fashions, sports and betting or gambling or various poisons or drugs are more interesting to them. – JZ, 21.12.08. - SUPPRESSED & REGAINED, APPRECIATION OF IT, ARGUMENT MAPPING

FREEDOM: Freedom through freedom for others! Your rights are only assured when they are likewise assured for others! - JZ, n.d., note to some quotes from the output of the MACKAY GESELLSCHAFT.

FREEDOM: Freedom through proprietary service.” - Title of a 47 minute, 35mm color slide film, with sound track, offered by J. S. Snelson, L.A. - PROPERTY & SERVICE

FREEDOM: Freedom to act creatively as one pleases.” - Leonard E. Read, The Path of Duty, p.85. - "… each citizen free to act creatively as he pleased, …" Leonard E. Read, in THE FREEMAN, 11/74, on the American Dream. - CREATIVITY

FREEDOM: FREEDOM TO ACT: you will not make people wiser and better by taking liberty of action from them. A man can only learn when he is free to act. It is the consequences of his own actions, and the consequences of these same actions as he sees them in other persons, that teach him." Mack, introduction to Auberon Herbert, The Right & Wrong of Compulsion, p. 125. - E.g., sound ideas on monetary freedom will become wide-spread only under its free experimental practice. False and stupid ideas on money flourish under monetary despotism. They will become self-limiting under full monetary freedom. - JZ, 8.5.00, 19.12.08. – FREEDOM OF ACTION, CONTRACT, ASSOCIATION, EXPERIMENTATION,  SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: Freedom to differ. – Josiah Warren, True Civilization, p.118. - Supplemented on p.412 by: Here we have the "umpire of peace", the "last appeal", and the "end of disturbing disputes". - Ibid, p. 143. - DIVERSITY & PEACE

FREEDOM: Freedom to do as we please, so long as we all agree with each other and remain in a state of harmony with the cosmos, is no freedom at all. It is little better than a religion in which faith in a deity has been replaced by faith in some supposed truths of the human spirit. It is a single-party system that is as superficially benign, yet as subtly authoritarian, as Disneyland.” - Gregory Benford, Reactionary Utopias, FAR FRONTIERS, Winter 85, p.227. - Freedom means: I won't. It means I may make another choice. It also means that I may make mistakes. It does not exclude voluntary associations and voluntary communities in which all decisions are made by unanimous consent. Disneyland is not imposed upon anybody, except, to some extent, upon parents wanting to spoil their children. I may enter it, upon paying its price and if I did, which I have never done, I may freely leave it at any time. Does despotism grant such liberties? - Religions, to the extent that they have recognized and respected the faiths of others, or their lack of faith, by subscribing to religious liberty or tolerance, have actually set an enormous example for panarchism: volunteer communities that practise their own political, economic and social systems under full exterritorial autonomy. - Instead of being no freedom of all, this is the greatest degree of freedom, which human beings, as they are, with all their flaws, can attain for themselves and can wish for themselves, as rational beings. Only in ignorance or upon prejudices would they reject this kind of freedom for themselves and for others. - JZ, 17.4.00. - CONSENT, IDEOLOGIES, INTENTIONAL COMMUNITIES, UTOPIAN COLONIES, PANARCHISM, OBJECTIONS, RELIGIOUS FREEDOM OR TOLERANCE

FREEDOM: FREEDOM TO ERR & SIN: dare to give the Indians the freedom to err and sin. For it passes human comprehension how human beings, be they ever so experienced and able, can delight in depriving other human beings of that precious right. – Gandhi, in: William L. Shirer, Gandhi, A Memoir, ABACUS, 1981, p.59. – Freedom is not worth having if it does not connote freedom to err and even to sin.” – Ibid, p. 66. – However, freedom to sin does hardly include e.g. the right to commit murder or rape. - He, too, did not distinguish between errors territorially imposed upon whole populations and errors individually chosen under individual sovereignty, personal law or exterritorial autonomy, after individual secessionism. – JZ, 1.9.12.

FREEDOM: FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, AMERICANISM, DISSENT: America was born of revolt, flourished on dissent, became great through experimentation. – Henry Steele Commager  – Quoted by Nizam Ahmad on Facebook, 13.10.12.

FREEDOM: FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, CHOOSING THE OWN PATH: There are many roads through the jungle. … If we all took the same one it would become very crowded.” – Wilbur Smith, Monsoon, Macmillan, 1999, p.80.

FREEDOM: FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT: How can one make the solution to political, economic and social problems as efficient as good cooking recipes? Not merely by freedom of expression and information. They must be combined with freedom to act and experiment. - JZ, 14.2.99. - We have recognized that in science and technology and in our private lifestyles, so much so that we take it for granted. Now we must extend this freedom to tolerant, voluntary and thus harmonious, or peacefully coexisting diverse actions into the last three remaining and very important spheres, where it has so far remained outlawed, the political, social and economic spheres, which were so far mainly preempted by territorial governments, as their "royal prerogative", their monopoly, their exclusive i.e. territorial decision-making power. - JZ, 28.1.02, 10.8.13. - PANARCHISM, FREEDOM OF ACTION VS. CONFINEMENT TO FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION & INFORMATION, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENTS, STATISM

FREEDOM: FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT: Since there are, probably, hundreds of depression theories and “cures” for them offered, their adherents should all become quite free to compete tolerantly with each other in their attempts to realize their solution ideas as far as they can, among themselves. Free experimentation will settle the question, who among them is right about this subject as well. – JZ, 30.3.84, 18.3.13. – ECONOMIC CRISES, DEPRESSIONS, INFLATIONS, STAGFLATIONS

FREEDOM: FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT: The country needs and, unless I mistake its temper, the country demands bold, persistent experimentation. It is common sense to take a method and try it; if it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something. The millions who are in want will not stand by silently forever while the things to satisfy their needs are within easy reach.” - Franklin D. Roosevelt, governor of New York, Looking Forward, chapter 2, p. 51 (1933). - He did not allow the millions to undertake their own experiments freely, at their own expense and risk, but forced his own, wrongful and flawed experiments upon a whole nation and it has still not recovered from them. - JZ, 14.10.02. – NEW DEAL, LEADERSHIP, NOT FOR TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS BUT FOR ALL VOLUNTEERS, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, POLYARCHISM

FREEDOM: FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT: We have to live today by what truth we can get today and be ready tomorrow to call it falsehood.” - William James. - EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, TRUTHS, ERRORS

FREEDOM: FREEDOM TO FAIL & FREEDOM TO SUCCEED: There can be no freedom without freedom to fail.” – Eric Hoffer (1902-1983), The Ordeal of Change, 1964. - Both do ultimately require panarchic choices as well - for individuals, minorities and majorities. - JZ, 23. 11. 06.

FREEDOM: FREEDOM TO FAIL, ERR, EXPERIMENT, RIGHT TO MAKE MISTAKES: There can be no real freedom without the freedom to fail. – Eric Hoffer, 1902-1983, The Ordeal of Change, 1964. - in  . – Freedom merely by the book, the regulations, permits, licences and laws is no real freedom. – JZ, 31.3.12. – SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-GOVERNANCE, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, LEARNING BY ONE’S MISTAKES, FAILURE, SUCCESS

FREEDOM: Freedom to get away and start fresh, … “- Poul Anderson, The Avatar, p.97. - Without having to emigrate, leaving family, friends, jobs and many possessions behind, and having perhaps to acquire a new language in another country, i.e., by individual secession and new association with an exterritorially autonomous community of like-minded volunteers. - JZ – EMIGRATION, PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, FREE MIGRATION, IMMIGRATION


FREEDOM: Freedom to him was not the result of established laws of the State but an attainment of the ethical consciousness in men. It is not what we force on others, but always what we attain by effort proceeding from our most individual convictions that will persevere. The expression of free opinion is a necessity, and a right we refuse to grant to our fellow men can never become our own.” - Rudolf Rocker, Pioneers of American Freedom, p.40.

FREEDOM: Freedom to live includes freedom to fail.” - Ridgway K. Foley Jr., THE FREEMAN, 4/74. - FAILURE OR MISTAKES, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-GOVERNANCE

FREEDOM: FREEDOM TO MAKE MISTAKES, TO ERR: Freedom is not worth having if it does not connote freedom to err. It passes my comprehension how human beings, be they ever so experienced and able, can delight in depriving other human beings of that precious right. – Mohandas K. Gandhi in 

FREEDOM: FREEDOM TO MAKE MISTAKES: If you are not free to choose wrongly and irresponsibly, you are not free at all.” – Jacob Hornberger (1995) - FREE CHOICE, FREEDOM TO ERR, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM TO ACT

FREEDOM: Freedom to produce, own and exchange. - JZ, 2.2.90. - That is the essential meaning of the ancient saying "laissez faire, laissez passer!" - ECONOMIC FREEDOM

FREEDOM: FREEDOM TO REFRAIN, WITHDRAW, ABSTAIN, SECEDE: The basic test of freedom is perhaps less in what we are free to do than in what we are free not to do. It is the freedom to refrain, withdraw and abstain, which makes a totalitarian regime impossible. - Eric Hoffer, quoted by Anja Hartleb, on Facebook, 9.5.12. - SECESSIONISM

FREEDOM: Freedom to starve". … the 'freedom-to-starve' argument rests on a basic confusion of 'freedom' with 'abundance of exchangeable goods'. The two must be kept conceptually distinct. Freedom is meaningfully definable only as absence of interpersonal restrictions. Robinson Crusoe on the desert island is absolutely free, since there is no other person to hinder him. But he is not necessarily living an abundant life; indeed, he is likely to be constantly on the verge of starvation. … Yet there is an important connection between the two, for we have seen that a free market tends to lead to abundance for all its participants, and we shall see below that violent intervention in the market and a hegemonic society tend to lead to general poverty. That a person is 'free to starve' is therefore not a condemnation of the free market but a simple fact of nature.” - Murray N. Rothbard, Man, Economy, and State, p. 290. – However, the full realization and utilization of all liberties in a society is also the natural and rightful road to wealth or at least prosperity and an end to hunger for almost everyone. – JZ, 21.12.08, 10.8.13. - HUNGER, OBJECTIONS, STARVATION, POVERTY, WEALTH, ABUNDANCE

FREEDOM: Freedom under territorial governments isn't and cannot be genuine and complete enough freedom. - JZ, 21.12.93, 18.12.08, 22.11.10. - TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: Freedom under the law is an ideal that is nowhere realized. In practice, our liberties are restricted by numerous laws beyond the influence of individuals and scarcely subjected to the influence of the masses, laws to which numerous people never could or would have given their consent. - JZ, 15.10.53. – LAW, LEGISLATION, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY, TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: FREEDOM VS. ARBITRARY POWER: Freedom is the emancipation from the arbitrary rule of other men. Mortimer Adler, in  - TERRITORIALISM, VOTING, DEMOCRACY, MAJORITARIANISM, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY

FREEDOM: FREEDOM VS. ARBITRARY POWER: This, then, is freedom in the external life of man – that he is independent of the arbitrary power of his fellows. – Ludwig von Mises (1881-1973)

FREEDOM: FREEDOM VS. GOVERNMENT MEDDLING: only free men can solve the problems caused by ineffective government that meddles in everything and understands nothing. - Piers Anthony, Bio of a Space Tyrant, VOLUME 3, Politician, p.141, Grafton Books, U.K., 1988.

FREEDOM: FREEDOM VS. MERE SECURITY: A caged canary is safe but not free. – Walter WilliamsA competitive supply of security services does also provide more security than a monopoly supply of them - under territorialism. Naturally, competition in this an all other spheres, combined with consumer sovereignty, does also supply more freedom, more choices, all only for volunteers. – JZ, 4.4.12, 18.3.13.

FREEDOM: Freedom was always a much too serious matter to leave it in the hands of the followers of the State.” -  LERNZIEL ANARCHIE, Nr. 3. – STATE, STATISM, MAJORITY DESPOTISM, VOTING, DEMOCRACY, TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: Freedom was the right of an individual to dispose of his own property, time, and reputation, but "at his own cost". - View ascribed to Josiah Warren by E. M. Schuster, Native American Anarchism, p.96.

FREEDOM: Freedom we call it, for holier / Name of the soul's there is none; / Surelier it labors, if slowlier, / Than the metres of star or of sun; / Slowlier than life unto breath, / Surelier than time unto death, / It move till its labor be done.” - Swinburn, "To Walt Whitman in America".  - Does poetry add anything to whatever clarity about freedom has been achieved by prose? The only advantage that I can see in poetry is that it does, sometimes, make memorization easier. - JZ, 15.4.00. - POETRY

FREEDOM: Freedom will cure most things.” - A. S. Neill. - Even cold- and cancer cures will multiply if we achieve e.g. full freedom for cancer research and for the publishing of all of its findings. We could even expect the cure for aging and colds to come much sooner - as a result. - JZ, 8.5.00, 18.3.13. - CURE, SOLUTION, ANSWER

FREEDOM: Freedom will ultimately make all men rich; it will not make all men equally rich. Authority may (and may not) make all men equally rich in purse; it certainly will make them equally poor in all that makes life worth living.” - Benjamin R. Tucker, in a short set of quotations from him compiled by Joe Labadie. - RICHES & EQUALITY

FREEDOM: Freedom will win out - if we practise it enough. - JZ, 2/1/74. - And if we fully utilize the remaining liberties and freedom opportunities to promote all liberties. - JZ, 11.4.00. - VICTORY, D-DAY, NEW DRAFT

FREEDOM: Freedom with strings attached doesn't interest me.” - Armando Valladares, Against All Hope, p.328. - WITH STRINGS ATTACHED

FREEDOM: Freedom won't come through love, and it won't come through force. It will come through the imagination.” - Wilson/Shea, Illuminatus I, p.62/63. - LOVE, FORCE & IMAGINATION

FREEDOM: Freedom won't fix everything immediately. But given time, with freedom, people will work out their own solutions, and our own solution will work far better (for us) than any imposed solution could ever hope to.” – John Singleton with Bob Howard, Rip Van Australia, p.112.

FREEDOM: Freedom won’t come free,’ she told me. ‘It never does’.” – Jack Williamson, Devil’s Star, p.451, last sentence, in “Freedom!” - edited by Martin H. Greenberg & Mark Tier, Baen, 2006.

FREEDOM: Freedom works better than any alternative you might care to name. - JZ, 4/76. – If you doubt this, restrict yourself as much as you like, together with your fellow travelers, and suffer the consequences. – JZ, 19.12.08. - FREEDOM WORKS, PANARCHISM FOR STATISTS, TOO, BUT CONFINED TO THEIR VOLUNTEERS & PERSONAL LAW, I.E. WITHOUT A TERRITORIAL MONOPOLY

FREEDOM: freedom works better than restraint in a significantly greater number of cases. - Ridgway K. Foley, Jr., THE FREEMAN, 4/73. - I would want it, even if it didn't! - I want to practise certain things although I do know that all these things could be done much better by others. In spite of their greater abilities, they can't live my life for me. Moreover, my freedom requires, among other things, a maximum of restraints upon e.g. the production, storage and use of ABC mass murder devices. - JZ, 16.4.00. - PRACTICABILITY, USEFULNESS, IT WORKS, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

FREEDOM: Freedom works for the benefit of all who have something valuable to offer. Its contrary works only for the benefit of moochers, exploiters and oppressors. - JZ, 27.7.75. - VALUES & EXPLOITATION, STATISM, TYRANNY, DESPOTISM, WELFARE STATE

FREEDOM: Freedom works its wonders simply because the generative capacity of countless millions has no external force standing against its release!” - Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.37. – RELEASE OF GREATIVE ENERGIES

FREEDOM: Freedom works, only freedom works - and yet people still ignore or doubt the evidence. - Much of the evidence is still largely hidden, remaining either unpublished, out of print or un-translated. No one has ever seen all of it working and not many people have seen much of it working or, wherever it is still working, they have not understood it as such. Just like they see computers functioning, without understanding electricity and electronics or all the software involved. Even the understanding of free markets, free enterprise and of laissez-faire capitalism is still very limited. – But they usually do recognize and use many of their particular bargains, when they see them. – Thus the successful panarchies will spread their systems – by voluntary acceptance of them. - JZ, 13.12.76 & 11.4.00, 18.3.13, 20.8.13.

FREEDOM: Freedom works. Nothing else does as well for as many. - JZ, 24.4.76, 18.3.13. - So why remain so many people blind to the solutions freedom has to offer? Freedom lovers have never offered all their solutions together, fully developed, with all the proofs, references and refutations. Now, with alternative media at their disposal, quite legally, they could and should - but haven't done it as yet. - Why not? You tell me! - JZ, 11.4.00. – CD PROJECT, LIBERTARIAN LIBRARY, IDEAS ARCHIVE, ABSTRACTS, REVIEWS, BIBLIOGRAPHIES, NEW DRAFT

FREEDOM: Freedom works. Only freedom does. But let everybody be free to find that out for himself - if he risks nothing but his own freedom in his experiments, together with some like-minded people. - JZ, 23.2.75, 18.3.13. - EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: Freedom works. Only freedom works well enough. And it can provide paid work, earned prosperity for all, even peace, security, order and justice. When will you be prepared to give it its chances in every sphere? - JZ, 15.8.95, 6.4.00. Even mere re-reading of a quote, some time later, by the same person, suggests often already some possible and desirable improvements. Each or the freedom quotes here should be read and improved by thousands. – Thus a new and better kind of public opinion might come to be formed, gradually. - JZ, 6.4.00, 19.12.08, 18.3.13.

FREEDOM: Freedom works" as A. S. Neil said - but mostly it is not allowed to work. - JZ, 11/72. - "Freedom works."- Roche III, Bastiat, 233. - FREEDOM WORKS

FREEDOM: FREEDOM WRITINGS, FULLY & PERMANENTLY PUBLISHED: Modern powerful, efficient and cheap media would make it possible to publish all freedom writings cheaply and permanently, at least for all those, who are somewhat interested in them. Why don't we organize ourselves to do this? For an individual the job is too large. A Wikipedia-like group could do it fast and easily, without too much of a burden for any participant. – JZ comment on Facebook, 20.12.11 to: The Market for Literary Products - – NEW DRAFT, LIBERTARIAN LIBRARY, LIBERTARIAN IDEAS ARCHIVE, REFUTATIONS ENCYCLOPAEDIA, ENLIGHTENMENT

FREEDOM: Freedom, … What atrocities are committed in thy name! ... It all depends on what is meant by freedom.” - Eric Frank Russell, Dreadful Sanctuary, p.40. - ATROCITIES

FREEDOM: Freedom, alas, is more often given away than taken away.” - Allan C. Brownfeld, THE FREEMAN, 9/75. - Instead of complaining about this, we should work towards panarchistically institutionalizing the option of giving away one's own freedom, as long as one can stand it, by seceding and joining a no-freedom or little-freedom society of one's own choice. Naturally, the other side of the coin is to let all freedom lovers secede as well and join free societies of their choice. In this case one has neither to win an election nor a revolution in order to get what one wants for oneself. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, THE FREEMAN has never clearly advocated this option, since it remains addicted to limited governments, still unlimited in their territorial form, with an exclusive monopoly for that territory and all its inhabitants. It took this stand in spite of its comprehensive attack on all other monopolies and forms of compulsion. With some the love of freedom goes a long way but not all the way. - JZ, 14.4.00. (*) – We are not born into a condition of full freedom and thus adapt all too much to the lack of it. – JZ, 20.12.08. – (*) Finally, under the new editorship of Max Borders, it has published some panarchist articles by him, e.g. one in the November 12 issue. – JZ, 18.3.13. - FREEDOM, GIVEN AWAY RATHER THAN TAKEN AWAY, PANARCHISM, FEE: FOUNDATION FOR ECONOMIC ADUCATION, POLYARCHISM, TOLERANCE FOR THE TOLERANT, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY TOWARDS ALL KINDS OF SOCIETIES, COMMUNITIES & GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS

FREEDOM: FREEDOM, AMERICANISM: The American experiment was about freedom. Freedom to be stupid, freedom to fail, freedom to succeed. - Glenn Beck - FREEDOM - AMERICA - STUPIDITY - FAIL - SUCCESS

FREEDOM: Freedom, as decentralized as possible, is the best option, including the freedom to choose a condition of voluntary slavery for oneself. - JZ, 1990. - PANARCHISM, DECENTRALIZATION, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM & VOLUNTARY COMMUNITIES

FREEDOM: Freedom, because each dependency of an individual deprives the community of a corresponding energy. Equality because freedom cannot exist without it.” - Rousseau, in: The Social Contract. - Presumably, he meant only "equality of rights". - EQUALITY & DEPENDENCY

FREEDOM: Freedom, grandest word that I know of.” - Mr. Darby, 9/72.

FREEDOM: Freedom, if used, would work much better.” - JZ, 6.9.89.

FREEDOM: Freedom, Immortality, the Stars.” – JZ, 23.4.77. - Read somewhere? - T. Leary? or Robert Anton Wilson? - IMMORTALITY & THE STARS

FREEDOM: Freedom, in a political context, means freedom from government coercion. It does not mean freedom from the landlord, from the employer, or freedom from the laws of nature, which do not provide men with automatic prosperity. It means freedom from the coercive power of the state - and nothing else.” - Ayn Rand. - O'Neill, Ayn Rand, p.46. – What about freedom from the coercive powers of a church, a union, a criminal gang or a local war-lord? - JZ, 8.4.00. - Alas, she did not want to destroy the power of territorial statism but merely reform it towards “limited” government, while trying to ridicule the very idea of “competing governments” which she had, obviously, not understood although many of her own statements should have led her in this direction. – JZ, 26.12.07. - FROM GOVERNMENT & STATE POWER

FREEDOM: Freedom, invention, change, all depend on the freedom of the individual to stand on his own feet.” - THE FREE MAN'S ALMANAC, compiled by Leonard E. Read, published by FEE. - INNOVATION, INVENTION, CHANGE, INDIVIDUALISM, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP

FREEDOM: Freedom, it has been said, is like a seamless cloth. Those who point this out have been most often inclined to argue that you cannot have freedom of speech, press, religion, and political activity without the corresponding freedoms entailed in private property, trade, enterprise, and managing your own affairs. The theory supporting this view is well established, and much historical evidence can be adduced which tends to prove it. But there is another aspect of this principle, which is not usually noticed. It is that partial liberty tends to degenerate into license.” (*) - Clarence B. Carson, THE FREEMAN, 9/78, 548. – Although all rights and liberties are somewhat interconnected, one cannot automatically conclude from the concept of “exchange media” that there should be freedom of issue for them. Nor can one automatically conclude, from the concept of “sound value standards” that there should be free choice of value standards for individuals and groups. The important truths are often hidden in generalities and not yet clearly enough spelled out in the necessary details. – In one of his monetary rights explanations Ulrich von Beckerath, 50 years ago, listed 18 specific monetary rights – still only recognized by very few people today. – See PEACE PLANS 589/590. – If the “seamless interconnection” is not quite clear and understood by most people, then it should be made very explicit on every aspect of a right or liberty. - JZ, 10.12.08. – (*) When freedom and rights are still all too incompletely realized or appreciated among a few, should it be blamed for the remaining chaos, crises, corruption, suppression, exploitation, ignorance, prejudices, popular errors, wars, crises, poverty and insecurity? I rather hold that even fractional liberty tends towards its completion, order, progress, enlightenment etc., rather than licence, disorder, arbitrariness and corruption? What evidence did Carson have in mind for his assertion? It is much more true for e.g. wrongful powers. – JZ, 10.8.13. - INDIVISIBLE

FREEDOM: Freedom, like character, is easier kept than restored.” - Elizabeth Link, National Headquarter, Liberty Amendment Committee, 1972. - If full freedom options are known and rightfully and skillfully used against its enemies, then and then only could freedom and security for freedom be relatively easily established. It becomes difficult, however, if one claims e.g. only freedom of press or freedom of speech or various non-violent protests as one's only freedom fighting method. - JZ, 8.5.00, 18.3.13. - CHARACTER, KEEPING & RESTORING FREEDOM, MILITIA, HUMAN RIGHTS DECLARATION, DEFENCE, LIBERATION, LIBERTARIAN REVOLUTION

FREEDOM: Freedom, like peace, is a necessary condition for all manner of other goods which are themselves indisputably positive and substantial.” - K. W. Watkins, ed., In Defence of Freedom, p. 159, essay: The Philosophy of Freedom. - PEACE

FREEDOM: Freedom, morality, and the human dignity of the individual consists precisely in this; that he does good not because he is forced to do so, but because he freely conceives it, wants it, and loves it.” – Mikhail Bakunin - MORALITY, DIGNITY, GOODNESS, INDIVIDUALISM, BY CHOICE RATHER THAN BY COMPULSION

FREEDOM: Freedom, or liberty, as Proudhon and all anarchists use the term, means precisely what Professor F. A. Hayek means by it, that is, a relationship of men to each other that permits the individual the greatest possible room for privacy and initiative in all undertakings. The primary thing that has limited individual freedom in all ages, according to both Proudhon and Hayek, is coercion exercised over the affairs of some men by their fellows who have succeeded in putting themselves in places of power…” - JLS, Winter 80, p. 87. - I doubt that most libertarian socialists and communist anarchists would agree with this definition. - At least they want to restrict freedom of action in economics.  - JZ, 11.4.00.

FREEDOM: Freedom, rather than State "welfare" or "charity": freedom to produce and exchange, and thereby to support oneself and one's dependents independently, without let or hindrance except that of free contracts, the equal rights of others and, in practice, the consumer sovereignty of others towards one's own goods, services and labor. But one should never overlook that to be quite successful the system of economic freedom must be complete enough. Primarily, for sufficient division of labor and free exchange society, this requires monetary and financial freedom not only a “free trade” confined by monetary and financial despotism. - JZ, 4.5.91, 8.4.00. - VS. WELFARISM OR CHARITY

FREEDOM: Freedom, the capability of pure reason to act for itself in practice.” - Kant, Metaphysik, p.14. - ACTION, REASON

FREEDOM: Freedom, the unknown or misunderstood or insufficiently known ideal. - JZ, 21.4.89, 23.11.10.

FREEDOM: Freedom, those who challenge it today should understand, has never been taken away, except for a "good reason". - Allen C. Brownfeld, THE FREEMAN, 2/74. - A good reason, a false pretence, a prejudice or wrongful motive? - JZ, 16.4.00.

FREEDOM: FREEDOM, TO BE GIVEN OR TAKEN? It’s better for people to be take their freedom rather than be given it. – Ken Follett, Triple, A Signet Book, published by the Penguin Group, 1980, p.37. –

FREEDOM: Freedom, to George Boardman, was the "absence of restraint from others", with universal application, and himself becoming "one of the others", in turn.” - GAZETTE TELEGRAPH, 22.4.69. - RESTRAINT

FREEDOM: Freedom, to Nock, was the only goal worth fighting for: "There is no compromise with freedom. If the principle of freedom be nullified at any point … Freedom … is either a principle, or it is not." - Michael Wreszin, The Superfluous Anarchist Albert Jay Nock, Brown U.P., Providence, 1972, 59. - COMPROMISE

FREEDOM: Freedom, with the passing of the years, transcended the mere freedom of my country and embraced freedom of man everywhere and from every sort of trammel - above all, it meant freedom of the human personality, freedom of the mind, freedom of the spirit. This freedom has become a passion of life and I shall not see it compromised for bread, for power, for security, for prosperity, for the glory of the state or for anything else.” - Jayapraks Narayan. - Typically, the role of economic liberties in serving all other liberties and rightful aspirations is not recognized. Such freedom lovers are, in practice, often enemies of economic freedom and thereby obstruct the achievement of all their other aspirations. - JZ, 3.4.00. – ECONOMIC FREEDOM, MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM

FREEDOM: Freedom: men have to find their own freedom … or they won’t appreciate what it is to be free. - Colin Wilson, Spider Word. The Tower, Grafton Books, 1988, p.347. – The degree of all liberties and rights, which suits them, as well as the way to realize them. The realization of panarchism would open that road for all. – JZ, 1.9.12. – FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: Freedom: one of the most precious treasures of imagination.” – Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary. - (From the German translation: “Freiheit: einer der kostbarsten Schaetze der Vorstellungskraft.”) Direct from his The Devil's Dictionary: “Liberty, One of Imagination's most precious possessions.” - VALUE & IMAGINATION

FREEDOM: Freedom. The Best Investment.” - Rene Baxter, Tax Revolt, in FREEDOM TODAY, p.10. - Who is going to invest with me some thought and work towards e.g. in a libertarian encyclopedia, a libertarian library, complete and permanent libertarian publishing, in affordable alternative media? Aren't these more worthwhile speculations than speculations merely upon riches through Internet stocks in Internet innovations? - JZ, 10.4.00. – INVESTMENTS, COLLABORATION, NEW DRAFT, ENLIGHTENMENT, LIBERTARIAN RESOURCE BUILDING, LIBERTARIAN LIBRARY, ENCYCLOPAEDIA, IDEAS ARCHIVE, REFUTATIONS ENCYCLOPAEDIA, DIRECTORY, BIBLIOGRAPHY, ABSTRACTS & REVIEW COMPILATION

FREEDOM: Freedom’ has no meaning of itself. There are always restrictions, be they legal, genetic, or physical. If you don't believe me, try to chew a radio signal.” - Kelvin Throop, III – Apparently, it had no meaning for him, not even as an aim to be striven towards. – JZ, 18.3.13. - RESTRICTIONS, LIMITS:

FREEDOM: Freedom" does not mean "the ability to do things". If this were "freedom", then there could be no such thing as "complete freedom" or ''absolute freedom" short of omnipotence - a goal not yet reached by any person. "Omnipotence" in this context means "the ability to do anything". A pretty remote goal, wouldn't you say? Only a few Galambosians might advocate such a goal.” - Sam Wells, OPTION, June 1977. - He got mixed up freedom from the laws of nature with freedom from wrongful restraints by men. - Liberties and rights are usually not defined as liberties and rights to do anything but just particular and very important things, like liberty of press and freedom of association. As for ability, only sufficient rationality is required. Omnipotence is not claimed for human beings, and won't be for a long time, even on our road to become "supermen". - JZ, 10.4.00.

FREEDOM: Freedom" or "Liberty" is … rigorously defined in such a credo as: the absence of invasion. A man is free when he is not being aggressed against; and all men, or "society" is free when no aggression or invasion is being committed.” - Murray N. Rothbard, For a New Liberty, p.8. - AGGRESSION & INVASION

FREEDOM: Freedom" or "liberty" is the banner waved over a good many of the more ridiculous plans put before us. But what does it mean? Well, as a word describing a morality (according to both the dictionary and that Enlightenment philosophy which brought the morality of freedom to prominence) it means the absence of aggression or threatened aggression by another person. (*) … What do politicians mean by the words freedom and liberty? What they like, of course. Professor Dahrendorf, who gave us the 1974 Reith Lectures, is even so bold as to give it his own definition: "The new liberty, then, is the politics of regulated conflict." - Terry Arthur, 95% Is Crap, 2. - (*) I would add: "or organization". – JZ – Genuine individual human rights and liberties, by their very nature, do not conflict as a rule but supplement each other. – JZ, 19.3.13.

FREEDOM: Freedom", says Kant, "is independence of the compulsory will of another; and insofar as it can co-exist with the freedom of all according to a universal law, it is the one sole, original, inborn right belonging to every man in virtue of his humanity. There is, indeed, an innate equality belonging to every man which consists in his right to be independent of being bound by others to anything more than that to which he may also reciprocally bind them.” – Great Books of the Western World, Syntopicon, p.997. - INDEPENDENCE & INNATE EQUALITY OF RIGHTS

FREEDOM: Freedoms are not lost, they are given away.” - Nadia Weiner, 17.10.87. – Their practice is often taken away by law-makers, with the consent or upon demand by the majority of territorial statists. – JZ, 21.12.08. - LAW

FREEDOM: Freedoms or liberties are those spheres of action of other people that you ought to leave alone - unless you want your nose punched in. - JZ, 11.4.84. – INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

FREEDOM: From a wise and respected friend I accept the only definition of freedom I have found which says to me what I mean by the term: "Freedom is the absence of restraint by others." - To insure precision of meaning, I insist that 'absence' be total, that it and 'restraint' be judged by me, and that 'others' includes any one or more of all living humans for all situations concerning my freedom; and I make exactly the same meanings applicable concerning the freedom of each one of those others, in which cases I am included in 'others' to him.” - W. F. Gavin, The Trouble with Freedom, RAMPART JOURNAL, Spring 1967. - I would still try to restrain some people from thoughtless suicide attempts, assuming that they are temporarily out of their minds and that I would thus represent their rational nature against their temporarily present and predominant irrational nature. Afterwards, I would expect their rational nature to thank me. Alas, there are sometimes rational motives for suicides. Should I, unintentionally, prevent a suicide in such a case, then I and the "victim" can almost always console themselves that there will be other opportunities. - JZ 3.4.00. - RESTRAINTS

FREEDOM: From all this can easily be deduced an appropriate definition of freedom as related to the social realm: no man-concocted restraints against the release of creative energy. Freedom, as thus defined, is all-important to man's highest goals, to his progress. Freedom is neither ‘narrow’ nor ‘limited’. Freedom is fundamental.” - Leonard E. Read, Then Truth Will Out, p.96.

FREEDOM: From the Hive Manual: Freedom represents a concept that is tied inextricably to the discredited abstract of individualism/ego. We sacrifice none of this freedom to gain our more efficient, reliable, and convenient basic human stock.” - Frank Herbert, Hellstrom's Hive, A Bantam Book, 1974, p.303. - I would reduce and change that to: Freedom represents a concept that is tied inextricably to the unpopular reality of individuals and their egos. - JZ, 26.4.00. -  EGOS & EGOISM, INDIVIDUALISM

FREEDOM: From the viewpoint of the barbarian freedom is the same as isolation; the one is most free whose activity is least restricted through the activities of others. Thus the existence of only a single individual on the whole surface of the Earth would convey the idea of the greatest possible freedom. From the social point of view, freedom and solidarity are identical expressions, since the freedom of each does not find in the freedom of others its limit, as the Declaration of the Rights of Men and of Citizens of 1793 says, but its support. The freest man is the one who has the most relations to his fellow men.” - Proudhon, Confessions of a Revolutionary of 1848, 15. - Translated from a German version. - ISOLATIONISM, BARBARISM, SOCIETY, DIVISION OF LABOR, FREEDOM OF EXCHANGE

FREEDOM: Full freedom is the absence of restraints, other than natural ones, on the actions of all individuals. - Free after Paul Lepanto, Return to Reason, p.101. - The original: “Full freedom is the absence of restraints, other than natural ones, on an individual's actions.” - FREEDOM OF ACTION & NATURAL LAW, RESTRAINTS, RESTRICTIONS, LAWS, REGULATIONS

FREEDOM: Full freedom knowledge knows not only what is to be the extent of future liberties but also how to achieve full liberty, i.e., it embraces all rightful and effective freedom tactics and strategies, defence-, liberation-, revolutionary, as well as enlightenment efforts and methods. - JZ, 9.9.86, 8.4.00. – Much of that knowledge could already be expressed and combined in an ideal declaration of all genuine individual rights and liberties. – I do not know why almost no one seems interested in trying to contribute towards such a declaration, using the best of all previous private declarations of human rights as starting points. – JZ, 17.12.08. – Especially seeing that e.g. through snail mail or email almost everybody interested could contribute towards such a draft. But all my appeals fell so far upon deaf ears or blind eyes. – What I could find of private drafts of this kind I combined in PEACE PLANS 589/590, later somewhat enlarged and digitized, over 130 drafts of this kind. No one showed any interest in taking it further from there, towards an ideal and agreed-upon draft of all genuine individual rights and liberties. No wonder then, that they are not widely known and realized as yet. - JZ, 23.11.10, 10.8.13. - KNOWLEDGE OF FULL FREEDOM, HUMAN RIGHTS DECLARATION

FREEDOM: Full freedom won't make much progress in this world until more people take a serious interest in it. So far many of its choices and opportunities are neglected even by those who think of themselves as freedom lovers. - JZ, 2.4.96. - APATHY & INDIFFERENCE, LIBERTARIAN IDEAS ARCHIVE

FREEDOM: Full freedom, including the freedom not to be free, according to one's choice, is the only road to real peace. - JZ, 75. – PEACE, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: Funny thing about me - I like to make my own decisions.” - Free after film: Wagons West, which has an "us" & "we" version of this saying. - JZ, n.d. - Unfortunately, on all too many important subjects, e.g. on taxation, currency questions, war and peace, and membership in States or free societies, too many people have not yet insisted on making their own decisions. - JZ, 8.5.00. – DECISIONS, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: Garrison like Proudhon perceived in the freedom of his fellow-men not the limitation but the confirmation of individual freedom. "Enslave the liberty of but one human being and the liberties of the world are put in peril." - Rudolf Rocker, Pioneers of American Freedom, p. 36. – One criminal can enslave a few others – but not everyone one Earth. However, when they are the Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler or Mao type, then they can get away with it towards millions and this for all too many years. – We need an ideal militia force, a federation of many local militias of volunteers, all only for the protection of genuine individual rights and liberties, to the extent that they are claimed, to resist the beginnings all of enslavement attempts by all kinds of power addicts. - JZ, 23.11.10. – The basic right to be protected is always the right of individuals and of minority groups to secede and to join or establish alternative societies, communities or governance systems for themselves, under personal law, i.e. without a territorial monopoly. – JZ, 19.3.13. – SECESSIONISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, RESISTANCE, LIBERATION,  MILITIA

FREEDOM: Generations of people wasting their lives away buying crutches because they'd been brainwashed into thinking they were cripples.” - James P. Hogan, Code of the Life Maker, p.85. – Territorial governments are very expensive and inefficient crutches. – JZ, 23.11.10. - FEAR OF FREEDOM, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENTALISM

FREEDOM: Genius can only breathe freely in an atmosphere of freedom.” - John Stuart Mill, On Liberty, 1859, 3. - As if freedom for creative activities were not also of great importance for people with minor abilities or talents. Many genies have largely flourished even in times that were not free. They were lucky to find sponsors. How many more perished, or never fully developed, before they were successful, we may never know. Even under the totalitarian Soviet regime great scholars and inventors - as long as their scholarship and inventions did not threaten the regime, lived a privileged and subsidized existence. And how many people with genius have recognized the full range of liberties and appreciated them, at least intellectually? An ideas archive and talent registry could establish an essential market for ideas and talents, one that would bring demand for and supply of them systematically together, in a special and world-wide market for them. This opportunity they have never had so far. - JZ, 5.4.89, 7.4.00. – The supposedly already existing “free market for ideas and talents” is more of a myth than a reality so far. – JZ, 19.3.13. - GENIUS, , IDEAS ARCHIVE & TALENT CENTRE

FREEDOM: Genuine merit consists according to Sybel in full opportunities for all people of talent and merit. This overlooks that this is at least as well possible in a good monarchy as in a good democracy.” – Wilhelm Roscher, Grundlagen, par. 88. - Is there such a thing as a good monarchy or a good democracy? - Only if all their members were free to choose it and if their choice applied only to themselves. - JZ, 4.4.00. – OPPORTUNITIES, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM

FREEDOM: Give carte blanche to freedom! - JZ, 25.9.75. - Carte blanche to freedom! - JZ, 31.7.78. - CARTE BLANCHE

FREEDOM: Give freedom a go! - JZ, 10/72. - Give freedom a try! – JZ, 15.3.13.

FREEDOM: Give me liberty or give me death!” - Popular slogan (by Patrick Henry, speech during the American Revolution), out of ignorance of the life-giving and defensive powers of liberty and of the nature of liberty. Liberty is not something that someone else ought to supply. A declaration that one is prepared to risk one's life to achieve liberty is quite another matter. But this kind of self-sacrifice would rarely be required. What is needed now is largely only the readiness to do some patient and largely unpaid clerical work for liberty. Alas, more people are prepared to risk their lives for very incomplete freedom programs than are prepared to do some clerical work to assemble a complete liberation program. We need more "freedom fighters" prepared to use their pens and keyboards in order to assemble all the required blueprints for liberty. - JZ, 7.4.00. - We need more "clerks" for liberty rather than more great prophets and leaders or actual fighters for liberty. The old saying: "To many chiefs and not enough Indians!" indicates the same kind of omission. - JZ, 8.5.00. - DEATH

FREEDOM: Give me the liberty to act according to conscience, without depriving anybody of the same freedom. - JZ, n.d., in extension of Milton's saying on freedom of expression and information. - FREEDOM OF ACTION

FREEDOM: Give men freedom, and they may not build Utopia; they may be decadent and foolish in the eyes of some. But whatever the disadvantages of liberty, the alternatives are invariably terrible and horrifying. A society without freedom soon becomes brutalised, corrupt, inward-looking and intellectually stultified.” - Quoted from the English FREETHINKER in the N.Z. RATIONALIST & HUMANIST, Aug./ Sep. 1973.

FREEDOM: give the individual the freedom to do with his resources what will best meet his own goals.” - R. C. Batten, THE FREEMAN, 3/73. - Replace "give" by: "leave"! - JZ – Societies of volunteers should have the same right, under full exterritorial autonomy. – This freedom can hardly be rightfully ‘given” but it can be rightfully taken, in a genuine revolution, which leaves all its dissenters to go on doing their own things either for or to themselves. - JZ, 22.11.10. - FREEDOM OF ACTION

FREEDOM: Give us back our freedom.” - Stanton A Coblentz, The Man Without Shadow, in SF ADVENTURE CLASSICS, July 72. - Freedom can't be given - but it can be taken. It may be suppressed to some degree or not. But, inherently, every rational being owns it. Only its suppression can be withdrawn or diminished. - JZ, 10.4.00. – We never had full freedom, i.e. the absence of all wrongful restraints upon it – although, in some respects, we had more than we have now, e.g. with freedom of migration and much lower taxes and, for long periods, no inflations, before WW I. – JZ, 21.12.08, 19.3.13.

FREEDOM: Go back onto the road to freedom.” - Jack F. Kemp, N.Y. Rep, speech, 14.4.76, THE ANSWER, IV/76. - Are there sufficient road maps to freedom? Are all of them sufficiently correct? - JZ, 13.4.00.

FREEDOM: God has given everybody his freedom, nature has made no man a slave.” – Alcidamas, fifth century B.C. - NATURE & SLAVERY

FREEDOM: God wills man's happiness. Man's happiness can be produced only by the exercise of his faculties. Then God wills that he should exercise his faculties. But to exercise his faculties he must have liberty to do all that his faculties naturally impel him to do. Then God intends he should have that liberty. Therefore, he has a right to that liberty.” - Herbert Spencer, Social Statics, p. 69. - "God" could easily be replaced here by "nature". One might add: Rights are the only conditions under which he can obtain that liberty. - JZ – “God’s will” does not seem to be very strong in this respect. – JZ, 21.12.08.

FREEDOM: Godwin's position resembles Spinoza’s description of a free man as one who lives according to the dictates of reason alone. Bakunin went even further to argue that the idea of absolute independence from natural law is a "wild absurdity", the brainchild of metaphysicians: "absolute self-sufficient freedom is to condemn oneself to nonexistence." As with Marx and Engels, freedom for Bakunin involves control over ourselves and over external nature which is founded on a knowledge of natural law.” - Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, p. 37. – NATURAL LAW

FREEDOM: Government and law, in their very essence, consist of restrictions on freedom, and freedom is the greatest of political goods. (*) (I do not say freedom is the greatest of all goods: the best things come from within - there are such things as creative art, and love, and thought. Such things can be helped or hindered by political conditions, but not actually produced by them; and freedom is, both in itself and in its relation to these other goods, the best thing that political and economic conditions can secure.)” - Bertrand Russell, quoted by Krimerman & Perry, Patterns of Anarchy, p. 491. - (*) Note that he does not consider it as the greatest of economic goods. Even at the end of this passage, he assumes that "economic conditions" secure freedom, not that economic freedom secures better economic conditions. Based upon the same error many communist anarchists have assumed that e.g. equality of incomes would assure "freedom" and a high standard of living to all. All too many "freedom lovers" are enemies of all too many individual liberties and rights! - JZ, 4.4.00, 10.8.13. – ECONOMIC FREEDOM OR LIBERTIES

FREEDOM: Government cannot give man freedom but can only take it away from him.” - Robert Charlton, FREEDOM MAGAZINE, Spring 74. – But a panarchistic, voluntary or competing government can arrange for its volunteers the freedom to practise among themselves as few or as much individual rights and liberties as they want for themselves. – JZ, 17.12.08, 24.11.10, 19.3.13. - GOVERNMENT, PANARCHISM

FREEDOM: Government seems to operate on the principle that if even one individual is incapable of using his freedom competently, no one can be allowed to be free.” – Harry Browne - AS SEEN BY TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS

FREEDOM: Happiness is freedom; freedom is courage.” - Pericles, as quoted by Frank Dupuis, PROGRESS, 11/75. - For the sake of completeness he should logically have added: Courage is happiness or: Happiness is courage. But how much definitional value or proof lies in such assertions? Many un-free people and cowards seem happy enough. Many unhappy people are relatively free, many courageous people are rather unfree or make other people unfree. I would go no further than asserting that freedom can make people more happy and their courage can help them to become more free but neither will necessarily do so. - JZ, 10.4.00. – Another version: “There is no happiness without liberty; and there is no liberty without courage.” - Pericles. HAPPINESS & COURAGE

FREEDOM: He alone is free who lives with free consent under the entire guidance of reason.” - Benedict Spinoza, Theologico-Political Treatise, 1670, ch. 16. – George Seldes, The Great Quotations. - One should also be free to live out or practise one's own errors, false ideas and stupidities - at the own expense and risk. - JZ, 8.5.00. – There is also such a thing as a fool’s freedom. – JZ, 19.12.08. – All too many people seem quite happy without straining their potential to reason. – JZ, 23.11.10. - CONSENT, REASON, CHOICE

FREEDOM: He had come from a society which laid on each man the obligation to decide things for himself.” - Poul Anderson, The Long Way Home, ASTOUNDING SF, Oct. 55. - DECISION, SELF-GOVERNMENT

FREEDOM: He is free … who knows how to keep in his own hands the power to decide, at each step, the course of his life, and who lives in a society which does not block the exercise of that power.” - Salvador De Madariaga, NEW YORK TIMES, Jan. 29, 1957. - Who is so lucky? – JZ, 5.1.08. - SELF-GOVERNMENT, SELF-DETERMINATION, Q., POWER & DECISION-MAKING

FREEDOM: He is free who lives as he chooses.” - Epictetus, Discourses, Bk. iv, ch. 1, sec. - Epictetus, Discourses, Bk. 2. - Seldes, The Great Quotations, p.370. - Not the one who interferes as he chooses.” - JZ, 30.3.99. - What about the choices of others? May a criminal ignore them in asserting his freedom according to Epictetus? - There are too many careless definitions around - and false ideas have consequences in actions. - JZ, - Would it not be nice – IF all possible rightful and reasonable choices were already on a menu, for all people? – Many people have only so few choices in mind, that are already open to them, that they feel they are free. – Well, they are, to the extent that they want to be free. - JZ, 17.12.08. – CHOICE, FREE CHOICE, FREE CONTRACTS, FREE ENTERPRISE & CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY IN EVERY SPHERE.

FREEDOM: He is free who lives as he wishes to live; who is neither subject to compulsion nor to hindrance, nor to force; whose movements to action are not impeded, whose desires attain their purpose, and who does not fall into that which he would avoid. – Epictetus (ca. 55-135 A.D.), Discourses, ca. 100 A.D. -  - FREEDOM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIALISM, AUTONOMY, LIBERTY, FREEDOM OF ACTION, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT

FREEDOM: He only has freedom, who ideally loves freedom himself and is glad to extend it to others. He who cares to have slaves must chain himself to them. (*) He who builds walls to create exclusion for others builds walls across his own freedom. (**) He who distrusts freedom in others loses his moral right to it. (***) Sooner or later he is lured into the meshes of physical and moral servility.” - Rabindranath Tagore, in: Gollancz, From Darkness to Light. - Seldes. - Has? How does he get it? How does he extend it? - (*) Why not rather release them? - (**) Even if they are the walls of his own home? - (***) So, crime victims should trust criminals with victims? - With such sayings on liberty we can hardly proceed from darkness to light. - JZ, 13.4.00.

FREEDOM: He was dismayed that most Americans had no conception of, or even desire for, freedom, but wanted only comfort, profit, and elementary amusement: "Our present population demands but little, and in consideration of that little will cheerfully barter off its major rights."- Michael Wreszin, The Superfluous Anarchist Albert Jay Nock, Brown U.P., Providence, 1972, p.81. – For all too many people their striving for more money, property and creature comforts takes the place of a reasonable and dutiful striving for freedom, individual rights, peace and justice. – Many to most would rather love to be rich than free. - JZ, 19.3.13. - RIGHTS, COMFORTS & AMUSEMENTS

FREEDOM: Hegel is supposed to have said that freedom is "submission to the State". - This is probably just another mix-up between the territorial "State", wrongfully seen as an ideal, and the ideal of a free society. If one would thus rather say: Freedom is the submission to the conditions required for the existence of a free society, i.e., one which brings about the maximum of freedom for each of its participants, then such a remark would make some sense. - The own arbitrary actions towards others have to be submitted to their liberties and rights. Liberty isn't license or arbitrariness towards or power over others  - JZ 4.4.00, 23.11.10, 19.3.13. – STATE, TERRITORIALISM, POWER

FREEDOM: Herbert Read distinguishes between "liberty" as a political ideal, which is expressed in social organization, and "freedom" in which man achieves spontaneity and creativity."- Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, ch.3: Freedom and Equality, on the first page.

FREEDOM: Herbert Spencer … There is a summary of adequate scope for our purpose in the four essays, which he collected and published under the title of The Man versus The State (1884). After nearly a generation had passed he re-examined in these essays a warning he had published in 1860 on Parliamentary Reform: the Dangers and the Safeguards, a subject, which had interested him from his youth. The thesis of this essay was that, unless due precautions were taken, increase of freedom in form would be followed by decrease of freedom in fact. He found on review that nothing had occurred to alter the belief he had expressed; the drift of legislation since that time had been of the kind he anticipated; dictatorial measures, rapidly multiplied, had tended continually to narrow the liberty of individuals. Since he wrote there has been an acceleration of this movement with ever-increasing momentum.” - S. Hutchinson Harris, The Doctrine of Personal Right, p.124. - No institution, not even parliaments, courts, police forces and, least of all, territorial governments, should be granted a monopoly for the preservation of freedom. - JZ, 3.7.92. - FREEDOM IN FORM & FREEDOM IN FACT, DEMOCRACY, VOTING, PARLIAMENTARISM, FORMALITIES, PROTECTION, TERRITORIALISM, POLICE, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY, LAWS, GOVERNMENTS, MILITIA, TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLISM

FREEDOM: His war on the Hegemony had been a fight for Democracy, which to him had simply meant freedom, and now he knew that the deepest meaning of freedom was not freedom from any particular tyranny or indeed from tyranny itself, but freedom to. And for men to be truly free, that "to" had to be open-ended, had to refer to every possibility that could ever exist. Freedom was the right of every man to fulfill his own private destiny, and there were at least as many destinies as there were men. Freedom was infinity. And only the stars were a concrete form of this theoretical freedom. In an infinite universe, Man would have the room to become infinite himself, and, being infinite, perhaps immortal. And he himself, personally, beyond the Hegemony at last, would at last be able to breathe free - not in some distant dream, but right here, right now! …” - Norman Spinrad, Agent of Chaos, 168/169. - As if the diverse options of freedom could only be practised planet-wide! That is one of the many wrong assumptions in most SF novels. - JZ – Neal Stephenson, The Diamond Age, is a recent exception. According to Gene Callahan, The Right to Exit, An Apologetic for Panarchism, in “Panarchy – Essays in the new political philosophy”, Dec. 2008, p. 37, it is, probably, the first panarchistic SF novel. – PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SCIENCE FICTION

FREEDOM: History as progress in the consciousness of freedom.” - Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, according to Knauer's Lexikon. - "The History of the World is none other than the progress of the consciousness of freedom." - Hegel, introduction to Philosophy of History, 1832, tr. John Sibree. - HISTORY

FREEDOM: History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid.” - Dwight D. Eisenhower.However, the weak and the timid can become strong through the practice of all their individual rights and liberties. Through them they can even become the strongest force on Earth. – JZ, 19.3.13. -  DEFENCE, LIBERATION, RESISTANCE, REBELLION, REVOLUTION

FREEDOM: How can a populace, unaccustomed to freedom in small concerns, learn to use it temperately in great affairs? What resistance can be offered to tyranny in a country where each individual is weak, and where the citizens are not united by a common interest?” - Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America. - This problem cannot be solved at once, collectively, but only gradually and individual by individual. Allow all those volunteers, who think that they can handle more freedom, in small or large affairs, do so at their own expense and risk. Let individuals secede and recognize and respect their secessionism. Then, gradually, via rightful one-man revolutions, voluntarism and exterritorial autonomy, alternative institutions will take over, each as fast as it can, in accordance with knowledge and abilities of its members. One can never rehabilitate or reform all, instantly, forcefully, from one center, against their will and contrary to their errors and prejudices. We have seen what resulted when e.g. communist fanatics tried to make atheism compulsory. Even where atheism was optional, its progress has been very slow. But there it did progress, rightfully and rationally. – Anarchism any kind, like atheism, only for its volunteers. Likewise, any form of libertarianism and of statism only for their kinds of volunteers. - JZ, n.d., 8.4.00, 19.3.13.

FREEDOM: How can one persuade people, who distrust it, to come to trust in freedom? How could I give you confidence that you, too, could live as a free person in every respect - if only you are not aggressive or dishonest? Perhaps the best approach is to admit my own ignorance and that of most people on most of the complicated activities of a modern civilization. Instead of further discouraging us, this ignorance should encourage us. For under the system of division of labor it is not required that everybody become a "know-it-all". What is required is only that you remain free to pick and choose your job, your goods and services, your supplier or cooperator, your consultant or expert, all at fair, that is freely and voluntarily agreed-upon market prices. This rule applies to all services, including all public services. All you really need is the ability to recognize a bargain when you see it, or freedom to be advised on it, and the freedom to accept it. Neither you nor I could run a post office or a railway. But both of us know that there are some people in this country who could run either of these services better than they are run now and also competitively. Good postal service is not impossible, it is merely outlawed. One has to stress that there are among us many people to run such services, not just one. It would be as wrong to give any of them an exclusive monopoly to run such a service as it would be to give a monopoly to any incompetent person. No, let us have, instead, free enterprise and free consumer choice in everything. - JZ, n.d. & 10.4.00. - Well, not for the supply and use of ABC mass murder devices. But where would the customers for them be, how could they be safely constructed and maintained, when the territorial targets disappear and government financing and protection for them? - JZ, 9.5.00. - IGNORANCE & TRUST IN FREEDOM, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, DIVISION OF LABOR, PRICING & PANARCHISM, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

FREEDOM: How can so many people with false or incomplete notions of freedom get away with them, not encountering sufficient criticism of them for years, sometimes centuries? Because no comprehensive effort has been made to sort the wheat from the chaff in this respect. - JZ, 6.4.00, 19.3.13. - FAULTY NOTIONS, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS,

FREEDOM: How can they be reconciled? By not trying to reconcile them at all; by letting each party govern itself - in its own way and at its own expense. Theocracy, if you want it. Freedom should even extend to the right not to be free and should include it.” – P. E. de Puydt, Panarchy, 1860. - PARTIES & PANARCHY, RECONCILIATION,

FREEDOM: How I Found Freedom in a Six-Foot-by-Twelve-Foot Prison Cell. - Book title proposed, with many similar satirical ones, by L.A. Rollins, Lucifer's Lexicon. – A send-up on Harry Browne’s bestseller.

FREEDOM: How many had the chance to know what freedom was really like?” - Louis Charbonneau, The Sentinel Stars, p.44. - There are all too few instances of full liberties around us and nowhere has all the literature on liberty been put digitally together and made thus permanently, cheaply and easily accessible. - JZ, 12.4.00. 19.3.13, 10.8.13. – to get to know? – JZ - KNOWLEDGE OF FREEDOM, LIBERTARIAN LIBRARY ON A LARGE DISC OR HDD.

FREEDOM: How to obtain freedom has been, and is, mankind’s most important quest.” – John A Pugsley, introduction to "None of the Above". - If it really had been mankind's quest, with the same intense interest that people show in sports, fashions, hobbies, crafts, tourism, entertainment etc., then it would have been introduced long ago. My otherwise intelligent oldest granddaughter told me recently: "I don't read freedom books!" - Well, what percentage of mankind takes its "most important quest" at least serious enough to read some such books? - JZ, 25. 11. 06. – MANKIND. Q.

FREEDOM: How wonderful this earth and this life could be - for free people. - JZ, 7/82. - LIFE

FREEDOM: Hume did not make the error, later so common, of confusing two senses of freedom: that curious sense in which an isolated individual is supposed to be able to be free, and that in which many persons collaborating with one another can be free. Seen in the latter context of such collaboration, only abstract rules of property - i.e. the rules of law - guarantee freedom. – F. A. Hayek The Fatal Conceit.

FREEDOM: Hume noticed clearly the connection of these doctrines to freedom, and how the maximum freedom of all requires equal restraints on the freedom of each through what he called the three 'fundamental laws of nature': 'the stability of possession, of its transference by consent, and of the performance of promises' (1739/1886:II, 288, 293)." – F. A. Hayek, The Fatal Conceit. - Freedom =/= arbitrariness or whim. - JZ, 2.8.92.

FREEDOM: I agree that freedom is not a panacea. Nothing is. But freedom is an essential ingredient, which is rarely thought about until it is being lost. Perhaps that explains my constant emphasis.” - Robert LeFevre, LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Fall 78. - If freedom is seen to include the possibility of voluntarily chosen degrees of un-freedom, or of panarchism, or personal law, voluntarism, freedom of contract, freedom of association, freedom to experiment, in every sphere, then one comes to appreciate a framework, which embraces all options that are not victimizing involuntary victims. Within it all subjective and objective panaceas or utopias or ideal societies would be included, as options for individuals. But full freedom (without the un-freedom option for individuals) as a prescription for all people, as they are now, is certainly not a panacea but, rather, quite unrealistic, even for the better freedom lovers. For thereby they provoke maximum resistance against their freedom ideals. If instead, they advocated them only as free experiments for themselves, at their own risk and expense, they would minimize resistance against such experiments, since they would not attempt compulsory participation in them by all people living in a territory and most of them still being statists, fear freedom for themselves. - JZ, 11.4.00, 19.3.13. Tolerance for tolerant statists will tend to make statists tolerant towards the experiments tolerantly practised among all kinds of libertarians. – JZ, 19.3.13. - PANACEAS, PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT FOR ALL IN ALL SPHERES

FREEDOM: I always prefer to do the things I want to do. - JZ 27.11.75. - There are numerous things that I want to do and have not as yet done - although for many of these, I did have the freedom to do so. - JZ, 10.4.00. - Many of the projects that I like are of a kind and size that it is unlikely that they could be completed by an individual. An individual could not, on his own, build a large steam ship or jet plane, or, not even, as Leonard E. Read pointed out, produce a can of beans or a pencil. Market-like and business-like national and international cooperation and division of labor among libertarians are still sorely missing. With them each need become involved only at the level of his primary interests and he would be able to do many other things as well, instead of having to dedicate his whole life to one important project only. - JZ, 8.5.00, 18.12.08, 23.11.10, 10.8.13. – Many other things that I would like to do or see done by others, are outlawed, e.g. individual secessionism, free migration and full monetary freedom. – JZ, 19.3.13. - WANTS, PANARCHISM, IDEAS ARCHIVE, LIBERTARIAN PROJECTS LIST, LIBERTARIAN DIRECTORY INDICATING SPECIAL INTERESTS, GENUINELY CULTURAL REVOLUTION

FREEDOM: I always prefer to do things my own way. – COMMON SAYING

FREEDOM: I am a fanatic lover of liberty, considering it as the unique condition under which intelligence, dignity and human happiness can develop and grow. …” - Michael Bakunin, in writing on the Paris Commune. - INTELLIGENCE, DIGNITY & HAPPINESS

FREEDOM: I am convinced that a great future is in store for them provided they continue to be allowed to breathe the bracing air of freedom. and, indeed, is it so difficult to permit men to experiment, to feel their way, to choose, to make mistakes, to correct them, to learn, to work together, to manage their own property and their own interests, to act for themselves, at their own risk and peril, on their own responsibility? Do we not see that this is what makes them men? Must we always start with the fatal premise that all those who govern are guardians and all the governed are wards?” - Frederic Bastiat, Economic Harmonies, Van Nostrand, 1964 edition, p. 382. – Did he really have even competing panarchies in mind or only the still all too limited economic liberties? – JZ, 22.11.10. - EXPERIMENTATION

FREEDOM: I am for freedom - without exceptions - and this excludes, inherently, license for anyone to infringe anybody's freedom against the will of his victim. If he does, he does not favor freedom and, according to his wrongful choice and action and my principle, he must suffer the consequences. - JZ, 11/73, 19.3.13. - Imagine that for the last quarter of a century thousands of libertarians had systematically collected all sayings on liberty and added their comments. To do this they would have to go through about 15,000 books of quotations, between them, and, naturally, through all other texts that contain some freedom notions. For an individual - an impossible job. For freedom lovers it should have been a labor of love, long finished by now. - Not to somewhat participate in this job and other important libertarian jobs, is, in my view, an almost criminal omission or failure to act. – Freedom, peace and justice and their firm establishment are at least to some extent the business and duty of every rational adult. - JZ, 11.4.00, 8.5.00, 19.3.13. - CRIMES WITH VICTIMS, DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES OF RATIONAL BEINGS, PEACE, JUSTICE

FREEDOM: I am free only in so far as I recognize the humanity and respect the liberty of all the men surrounding me.” - M. A. Bakunin, Dieu et l'état, 1871. - Even if they choose for themselves quite different principles and institutions to live under! - JZ, 12.7.86. – As long as they do this tolerantly, at their own risk and expense only. – JZ, 19.3.13. - HUMANITY, RESPECT, RECOGNITION, TOLERANCE

FREEDOM: I am free only when all human beings around me - men and women alike - are equally free. The freedom of others, far from limiting or negating my liberty, is on the contrary its necessary condition and confirmation.” - Michael Bakunin, The Knouto-German Empire, 1871. - What good is freedom to exchange for me if no one is around or reachable with whom to exchange? What good are freedom of speech or press when there are no listeners or readers around or easily enough reachable? - JZ, 9.5.00. – However, not all need to be equally free - if only that is done by individual choice. One can still somewhat trade and communicate with people who have chosen less than full liberty for themselves. – Actually, these are all the kinds of international trades and communications that we have now and have had for many centuries. – JZ, 23.11.10. - EQUAL FREEDOM

FREEDOM: I am free to do what I will, but I must not abdicate my own liberty.” - St. Paul, Corinthians, The Bible. - One should add: or disregard that of others. However, one may temporarily, until one learns better, abdicate one's liberty by joining e.g. a communist community of volunteers. - How can e.g. 1/3rd, or less, of a truth pass as the full truth for close to 2,000 years? - JZ, 4.4.89.

FREEDOM: I am free to do what I will; yes, but not everything can be done without harm. I am free to do what I will, but some things disedify." - St. Paul, Corinthians, The Bible. Even 2,000 years later many people still insist on not doing harm rather than not doing wrong to others. If I am better than you in a race or in a business and I win the race rather than you and you lose some or all customers to me, then I do you harm, by preventing you from being the winner and the vote of your customers goes against you - but neither I nor your customers would do you wrong. Must another 2,000 years pass before that kind of mistake is finally omitted? - JZ, 4.4.89 & 7.4.00. - HARM & SINS, WRONG

FREEDOM: I am free to do with my life as I desire, without individual or group interference; I may maim myself or destroy myself.” - Source? - The last two liberties are perhaps the least important ones. What other liberties did the author of these remarks enjoy? - If a freedom lover gets suicidal then he should take at least one of the oppressors with him. - JZ, 12.4.00. – SUICIDE & TYRANNICIDE

FREEDOM: I am free, no matter what rules surround me. (*) If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. (**) I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.” - Robert Heinlein’s character - Professor Bernardo de la Paz, in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. – Is one responsible for all actions, which one cannot freely refuse but is, instead, ruthlessly compelled to undertake, unless one is ready to quite uselessly let oneself be murdered? - (*) I wish that were true. But some of the multitude of laws are actually enforced, like e.g. tax laws and money monopoly laws and laws against secessions. - (**) I wish that were as free and easy as he here pretends it would be. In this novel the “moonies” had actually to fight for their liberty. – JZ, 4.1.08. - RULES, LAWS, LAW BREAKING, DISOBEDIENCE

FREEDOM: I am getting or suffering all too many things, conditions or “services” that I do not want or need and I am also forced to pay for what I am not getting and do not want and even for what I consider to be disservices, while I do miss all too many genuine individual rights and liberties as well as exterritorial autonomy actions and institutions, which I do want and need – but they are still outlawed or not expressly recognized by territorial governments. – JZ, 5,10.12, 9.1.13, 16.3.13, 9.8.13. - & RIGHTS VS. LEGISLATION, GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM, TAXES, BUREAUCRACY, PROHIBITIONS

FREEDOM: I am impatient for freedom because I am not immortal. - JZ 3/73. - Even if I were, I would rather spend an eternity in freedom than in slavery. - And who likes to see his children and grandchildren grow up under all too limited liberties? - JZ, 11.4.00. - IMPATIENCE FOR FREEDOM

FREEDOM: I am in favor of freedom for all but not necessarily in favor of a free-for-all.” - Michael Green, 18.12.90. - FREE-FOR-ALL

FREEDOM: I am no longer so enthusiastic about the wonderfully beneficial effects of obstacles.” - Frederic Bastiat. – OBSTACLES, LAWS, REGULATIONS, TERRITORIALISM, PROHIBITIONS, LICENSING, PERMITS

FREEDOM: I am not certain that so-called libertarians have even agreed on a definition of what freedom is. If they haven't as yet defined their terms, it is predictable that they will not agree in other particulars. To some, the word "freedom" seems to mean a centrally-administered code by means of which all men shall be free; to others, the word seems to mean the absence of any centralized administration of any kind.” - LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Fall 77. - DEFINITION, CONSTITUTIONALISM & ANARCHISM, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, CENTRALIZATION

FREEDOM: I am not free as long as I am forced to avoid government coercion.” - Fritz Knese, THE CONNECION 135, p.47. - COERCION & GOVERNMENT

FREEDOM: I am truly free only when all people around me, men and women, are as free as I am. The freedom of others is far removed from being a restriction or a denial of my own freedom. On the contrary, it is its necessary precondition and confirmation … My own personal freedom, in this way assured through the freedom of all, stretches into infinity.” - Michael Bakunin, 1814-1876. - He, too, omitted here to consider the option to choose a condition of un-freedom for oneself. - JZ

FREEDOM: I believe all people ought to be free.” - From film: Peace for a Gunfighter. - Freedom may be a moral duty for a rational man but it is not a duty that can be rightfully enforced. - JZ, 14.4.00. – People have also the right to live as un-free as they want to be. Let them try to find shepherds for themselves and bow to their commands. – JZ, 19.12.08. - FREEDOM FOR ALL OR ONLY FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO BE FREE? PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, MINORITY AUTONOMY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM,

FREEDOM: I believe in you - or your freedom potential, even if you do not. - JZ, 15.3.87, 17.4.00. - HUMAN POTENTIAL, MAN

FREEDOM: I bet only on freedom. - JZ, 5.3.75. - BETS, GAMBLING

FREEDOM: I blame Rousseau, myself. "Man is born free", indeed! Man is not born free, he is born attached to his mother by a cord and is incapable of looking after himself for at least 7 years (seventy in some cases).” - Katherine Whitehorn, How to Survive Children. - BORN FREE

FREEDOM: I can't back any restrictive measure on the freedom of anybody but an apprehended criminal. Read history. It has taught me not to meddle, it has taught me that no man should think himself clever enough or good enough to dare it.” - C. M. Kornbluth, The Syndic, Sphere SF, 1953, Faber & Faber, London, 1964, p.158. – MEDDLING, WRONGFUL INTEREFERENCES, AGGRESSIONS, RESTRICTIONS, PROHIBITIONS, LAWS, LEGISLATION, REGULATIONS

FREEDOM: I do not challenge the dedication and sincerity of those who disagree with the freedom philosophy and confidently promote government solutions for all our ills. I am just absolutely convinced that the best formula for giving us peace and preserving the American way of life is freedom, limited government, and minding our own business overseas. – Ron Paul  - Alas, only rarely, so far, has Ron Paul gone further in the right direction than to merely to limited governments, that are still operating upon the essentially totalitarian principle and practice of territorialism. – JZ, 4.4.12. – It is bad enough to keep people in nation-wide cages or prisons, called nation States – but keeping BIRDS in cages and this as pets – is in my view really atrocious and unnatural. By all means, be a bird lover, feed, them, observe them, photograph them etc. – but let them fly! And do no longer confine the freedom of peaceful people to move all over the world and to settle, by free contracts, anywhere. – JZ, 12.4.12. - FREEDOM VS. STATISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, TERRITORIALISM

FREEDOM: I do not choose to be a common man. It is my right to be uncommon - if I can. I seek opportunity - not security. I do not wish to be a kept citizen, humbled and dulled by having the state look after me. I want to take the calculated risk; to dream and to build, to fail and to succeed. I refuse to barter incentive for a dole. I prefer the challenges of life to the guaranteed existence; the thrill of fulfilment to the stale calm of utopia. I will not trade freedom for beneficence nor my dignity for a handout. I will never cower before any master nor bend to any threat. It is my heritage to stand erect, proud and unafraid; to think and act for myself, enjoy the benefit of my creations and to face the world boldly and say: This I have done.” - Dean Alfange – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY VS. WELFARE STATE, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

FREEDOM: I do not know the origin of this idea that mankind loves liberty above all things, but the American revolution of 1776 and the French revolution of 1789 apparently did most to give it currency. Since then it has done yeoman's service to an unbroken succession of knaves intent on exploiting the name and appearance of freedom before mankind, while depriving them of the reality. Such is the immense irony of history. The goddess of liberty, as she lay in the arms of de Noailles and Lafayette, was a beautiful and alluring figure; but after she had been passed on to the arms of Mirabeau, then handed on to the embraces of Danton, Robespierre, Saint-Just, Marat, Barras, Carrier, and finally Bonaparte, she was left in an extremely raddled and shopworn condition. …” - Albert Jay Nock, Memoirs of a Superfluous Man, Harper, 1943, p.315. - Was she ever complete, untouched, virginal and understood, right at the beginning or did already the popular slogan, "liberty, equality, fraternity" indicate several misunderstandings, that have still not been sufficiently cleared up? - JZ, 6.5.00, 23.11.10. - FREEDOM, USE & NON-USE OF FREEDOM, DOES MAN LOVE LIBERTY? Q.

FREEDOM: I do what I want to do, and I don't give a damn what you think.” - Wilson/Shea, Illuminatus I, p.257. - Quite o.k. - as long as you do it with your life, your property and that of your followers only. - JZ, 13/10/78. - WILL, WANT, NEED, POWER

FREEDOM: I don't have all the answers - but free men have.” - JZ, 10.12.75. – Or they will find them. – JZ, 17.12.08. – ANSWERS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM, SOLUTIONS, IDEAS, PLATFORMS, PROGRAMS, TACTICS, STRATETIES, LIBERATION

FREEDOM: I don't have answers for every problem. No one has. I know only that freedom has the answers for everything, simply because it liberates the creative energies of all. I merely know some of the numerous answers that are based upon freedom. – However, a complete libertarian encyclopedia or ideas archive could come to contain all the answers that freedom has to offer. - JZ, 25.9.90, 19.12.08, 19.3.13. - ANSWERS, SOLUTIONS & CURES, LIBERTARIAN IDEAS ARCHIVE

FREEDOM: I feel that it does not behoove slaves to reason about freedom.” - Noam Chomsky, For Reasons of State, 172. - They ought to reason about it even more so than any other people! - JZ, 16.4.00. –  What is the percentage of correct statements by Noam Chomsky? I believe that they are, rather, rare. – However, mostly he seems to have public opinion on his side. – Laotse took pride in stating: To be appreciated only by a few does belong to my value! -JZ, 10.8.13. - SLAVERY,

FREEDOM: I hate anything that stifles freedom and anyone that stifles creativity.” - TV-Show FLAME, 25.10.82.



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