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Note by John Zube

The first batch of the following entries are all extracted from a Google search for: Libertarianism, how many different kinds are there?
This brought me 14,1 million results & I browsed only through the first 34 pages of them. – This brought me 38 different kinds, from the first 34 pages of this search. The over 14 million other Google search results may reveal many more – but I am not going to browse through as many pages in search for them.
Some more might be mentioned in the following 2 files, also mentioned there:

1) 24 Types of Libertarians vs. 24 Types of Authoritarians ...

2) Types of Pro-Free Market Libertarians

Some more results were added from a search for hyphenated libertarianism, with brought, with Google, on 4.3.16, 116,000 results. Too many for me to peruse on my own. I browsed only through the first 30 pages. – JZ.

Please, add whatever other such terms you found and send them to me. Adding a link would help. - However, I would prefer it - if someone else tried to make this list as complete as it could be at present.
Like my former “anarchist spectrum” a libertarian spectrum compilation would also make a good case for panarchism or polyarchism. So would a compilation of the diverse types of statism or governmentalism. But I rather leave this job to others as well.

JZ, 4.3.16,



Agorist libertarian

Anarcho-capitalist libertarians

anarcho-libertarians - hyphenated liberty (2010/11/03)

Antonio Gramsci Libertarians - Posted by bionic mosquito

Atheistic Libertarianism - Atheist libertarian - Crazy Atheist Libertarian

Austro-anarchist libertarian legal theory – august 23, 2013 -


Autarchy Libertarians: Autarchy Versus Anarchy (1965). By Robert LeFevre - Fortunately, there is such a word. It is autarchy. (¶ 33) - The prefix, auto, means self. Archy, as we know, means rule or ruling. Autarchy then means self-rule, or the act of self-ruling. (¶ 34) - Since I favor total self-control--absolute government of the individual over himself -- I believe autarchy more accurately describes, in a positive fashion, the kind of situation I consider most desirable. Some dictionaries define autarchy as a kind of tyranny or despotism, but of necessity it is limited to self-application. Thus, an autarchist may very well be a tyrant over himself, or he might appear tyrannical by refusing to admit others into the sacred precincts of his own mind, person, or property. But if it is tyranny to reject the sycophant, the panhandler, and the central planner, then this kind of tyranny is not reprehensible, to my view. – Robert LeFevre, Autarchy Versus Anarchy (On Rothbard and different kinds of libertarians)

Calhounian Libertarianism

Christian Libertarianism

Civil libertarianism

Consent requiring libertarians

Conservative libertarianism

Consumer sovereignty libertarians – for sovereign choices among competing governance systems, societies & communities

Contextual libertarianism

Copyrights & patents libertarians

Corporate-Libertarian-Technocratic State: Corporate-Libertarian-Technocratic State


Decentralist libertarians

Egoist libertarians or followers of Max Stirner, John Henry Mackay & Kurt H. Zube (K. H. Z. Solneman)

Exterritorial autonomy libertarians

Federalist Libertarianism

Free enterprise libertarians – for free enterprises in every sphere

Free market libertarians – for free markets in every sphere

Free Trade libertarians, for free trading in all spheres

Geolibertarians - geo-libertarians – see entry on anarcho-libertarians

Heinleinian Libertarianism

Illiberal Libertarianism

Incremental Libertarianism

Individual secessionist libertarians

Individual sovereignty libertarians

Laissez-faire capitalists


Liberal Libertarians

Libertarian anarchism

Libertarian centralists

Libertarian Christians -

Libertarian Communism

Libertarian Compatibilism

Libertarian environmentalists

Libertarian Feminism

Libertarian Municipalism

Libertarian Nationalism

Libertarian Parties

Libertarian partisans

Libertarian Paternalism

Libertarian Populism

Libertarian Republicans

Libertarian Socialism

Libertarian State libertarians, also called miniarchists

Libertarian Utopians

Libertarians against copyrights and patents

Libertarians for all genuine individual rights & liberties – JZ position.

Libertarians for different social contract choices, all only for their volunteers.

Libertarians for experimental freedom in every sphere

Libertarians for freedom of association in every sphere.

Libertarians for freedom of contract in every sphere.

Libertarians for Life - An Exchange Between David F. Nolan ...

Libertarians without a hyphen

Marxian libertarians – see entry on anarcho-libertarians

Militant libertarian - The Militant Libertarian: Why It Sucks to Be Just An American


Minimal State Libertarians

Modal Libertarians

Modern Libertarianism

Neolibertarians - Some celebrities that fit into this neo-libertarian category include talk radio personalities Larry Elder, Neal Boortz, and comedian Dennis P.J. O'Rourke.

Non-Austrian Libertarians

Orrin Judd’s Libertarianism - Libertarianism vs. Conservatism


Panarchist libertarians –

Patriotic libertarians: Libertarian Patriotism

Personal law libertarians –

Pirate Party - Formal proposal to rename the Pirate Party by 2018: Libertarian Left

Political Libertarianism

Polyarchic libertarians –

Postlibertarian -

Practical libertarianism

Pragmatic libertarianism

Pro-abortion libertarians

Progressive libertarians



Radical Libertarian: The Radical Libertarian -

Randian Libertarians

Real Libertarians

Reformed Libertarian


Royal Libertarianism

Second Wave Libertarianism

Small l libertarian

Stirner Libertarians, followers of Max Stirner's egoist libertarianism

Sydney Libertarianism

Territorialist libertarians

Voluntaryist libertarians


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