John Zube


John Zube is the one who has saved the idea of Panarchy from oblivion and has promoted it in the most continuous and consistent way.


Essays on Panarchy

(1986) The Gospel of Panarchy [English]

(1986) Some Notes for a talk on Panarchism to Anarchists [English]

(1986) Further Notes on Panarchism and Anarchism [English]
(1986) Bemerkungen zu Panarchie und Anarchie [Deutsch]
(1986) Notas sobre Panarquía y Anarquía [Español]
(1986) Notes sur Panarchie et Anarchie [Français]

(1986) Anarchy, Panarchy and Statism [English]

(1986) The Road to Voluntarism [English]
(1986) Der Weg zur Freiwilligkeit [Deutsch]
(1986) Verso le comunità volontarie [Italiano]
(1986) El camino hacia el voluntarismo [Español]
(1986) Vers les communautés volontaires [Français]

(1996) Some Panarchistic Notions [English]

(2000) Panarchismus [Deutsch]

(2005) Panarchy. Described by the simple system of Aphthonius [English]
(2005) Panarchia. Descritta seguendo lo schema di Aphthonius [Italiano]
(2005) La Panarchie présentée suivant le simple schéma de Aphthonius [Français]

(2006) Notes on panarchy and post-territorialism [English]


Selected Thoughts & Quotations

(1972-2002) Thoughts for Liberty [English]

(1965-2009) Thoughts on Panarchy [English]

(n.d.) On Law [English]

(1982) On Tolerance [English]

(2004) A Selection of Unconventional Thoughts on Democracy [English]

(2010) Naming the Brainchild [English]

(2010) On Bureaucracy [English]

(2017) Tolerance and Capitalism [English]


Principles & Proposals

(2005) First Principles [English]

(2006) Proposals for a New Science and Practice of freedom, justice and peace [English]

(2010) Plans for Action [English]

(2015) Alternatives [English]

(2017) Panarchies/Polyarchies [English]



(2005-2008) On Diversity and Variety.

(2006-2009) John Zube's List. Some hints to electronic books and other important texts, libertarian & anarchist ones.

(2010) John Zube's Bibliography. On Monetary Freedom.

(2011) Towards a comprehensive encyclopedia on free banking.

(1973-2012) An Anthology of Wisdom & Common Sense

(2013-2014) On Liberty. Quotes, Notes, Comments & Slogans for Individual Liberty & Rights against Popular Statist Errors & Prejudices

(2015) Pan Directory (People & Projects)

(2016) Hyphenated Libertarianism


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